Pokemon Light Platinum Walkthrough 47: Rocky Road Ahead!

this up guys is MIA Raisa welcome back to a new episode of Pokemon like plot them in the previous episode we start off her new journey in our new region of Lauren and in this episode hopefully we’ll be able to take on the new gym leader and exe suppose or she’s supposed to be in this in this route in the city so yeah also in the previous episode we hit 21 likes which is awesome if we can hit that like goal again not 21 likes but let’s try to hit the light goal of Australia 25 likes by the next episode if you guys can hit 25 likes on the next episode that would be great you guys hit 25 likes by the end of today which would be tomorrow at Thursday exactly 250 p.m then I will upload another episode the day after so if you guys can hit 25 likes before tomorrow that would be awesome and I’ll be able upload another episode of like platinum right away so yeah let’s write it that like will also answer the common question of the day which will be in the layout and yeah so let’s go ahead and start this off awesomely I guess I don’t know bye oh yeah also I’ve totally forgot to add that we got a new team member in d watt and hopefully we’ll be getting a samurai soon so yeah let’s go ahead and continue on there’s a cave over here not sure if we’re supposed to go in there but let’s go in the gym first oh there’s someone blocking it off let’s see what he has to say the bolita rogue shale is at the mines go there okay let’s go the mine off to the mine I’ll probably be exploring the theory I guess the city and going in every door and asking people like you know if they have any items of course and I’ll do that all off-screen and I’ll tell you guys in the next episode probably what we get so let’s go and switch out to t-rex and we can go ahead and probably use some sub stuff these crunch see how much that does oh they did a lot o go then did a lot let’s go and crunch again and D walks up the little 25 and he’s gonna learn water pulse was this 60 this does 40 so let’s get rid of water again and there we go go ahead and continue on super potions that’s kind of useless whatever I’ll take it and mop up on fine gravel errs in here let’s talk to you it’s gonna walk because we have a less lesser chance I guess of finding wild Pokemon so yeah I’m a champ champ what’s gonna fly but yeah how’s your guys’s day been my day’s been pretty good just got back from school recently and um yeah as you guys do know I do I have like a lot of work to be due to be done sorry I can’t really think right now I’m kind of just like trying to focus on this while talking about other stuff so yeah but as you know I have been pretty busy with school recently which is why I haven’t been able to upload consistently but there is there is something and good to be said about what’s happening right now which is that school is basically going to be ending from you soon it’s not really it’s not going to be over you know like I still have to go to school but like how I handle like my class schedule is that in my school you essentially complete an entire year’s worth of school classes whatever in a semester so I since this is my senior year in high school I decided to take upon myself to get all the hard classes out of the way first so I did that and right now I have all the hard classes that I supposed to do to graduate right now which is the reason why I kind of been sort of slow with the uploads and I apologize for that whoa a shelf also okay I’ll take it um hey I apologize also for the dog in the background my dogs kind of going crazy I know but yeah so after this semester basically I’m going to have all the pushover classes like I’m actually taking imaging to improve my you know my skill at the photo shops and hopefully I’ll be okada that wall climb I have to have rock climb to have rock climb please tell me I have pokken or I have the team for rock climbing or something oh man okay so I’m guessing that can be obtained somewhere in the city so I’m going to go ahead and check that real quick but I’m yes so pushover class I’m taking imaging to improve my skill at the Photoshop hopefully I’ll become a little

bit better at what I do also what else do I have I’m a teacher I’m going to be a teacher’s assistant teacher’s assistant I’m gonna also take weight training because you know I don’t got a pump that I got to become a strong boy you know gotta lift them weights becomes swollen like that and I got team 49 that is rock boom just like that I didn’t even realize that this is actually supposed to be the place to go but whatever we got it we got the tm4 rockslide let’s go ahead and use that boot it up and what he learned it though I do it do I seriously have rockslide already on Pokemon what the hell I do have rocks like what the fluff lip lipid he knew what the flip let’s go back over there ah well that that’s a little embarrassing either okay so yeah I’m taking weight training I’m taking I’m becoming a teacher’s assistant I’m also going to what else am I going to do I have another class oh yeah I have a free period which means I get to essentially just leave early from school so basically the only legit class I have to show up for is basically a imaging which I actually want to do actually rocks can be climb can I use what the hell what do I have to do rocks can be climbed what the hell these rocks can be climbed that’s very descriptive dude can I like I thought rock climb would work but I guess not what the hell what the flip to it I can can you move step aside lady Jesus Jesus okay well I think I think I’m in a dilemma right now this is not good I’m guessing okay then there has to be an answer I may have to pause the video just to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to do this game is quite confusing sometimes it pisses me off of occasionally I actually got a comment from I think it was peanut gaming 13 shout-out to you homie you’ve been a subscriber mine since like the beginning since like before I even hit a thousand subs which so thank you for being such a loyal follower um he told me that I can actually catch all the some of the legendaries already so I plan on doing that sometime soon I plan on doing if you guys actually want to see me catch the legendaries if you want to see the see me catch the legendaries leave a comment down below because I want to get you guys’s take on this because you know some people don’t want to see me catch all the legendaries and stuff like that so who knows who knows maybe you guys want to see me catch little engineers I don’t know but I do not know any of the legendaries that can actually be caught at the moment I only know that there can be legendaries that can be caught that’s that’s about it and okay so was I not even supposed to go there is this the chick I’m supposed to talk to oh my god this is this just yeah what’s the hell’s this why the hell is this thing orange okay anyway spiral fossil code talk to you hey kid hold on a second I’m using this machine to pull minerals out of the ground what was the part of job done X again I’m Michelle leader sorry I had to go back to the refine right now okay okay so I wasn’t even supposed to go there Jesus okay I’m glad I came down here gonna talk to you what do you want he gave me something cool thank you for the fossil I keep getting fossils and I don’t know what to do with them maybe I had to go in here just somehow revives the fossils oh wait she said she had to go to refinery right so I’m guessing this is where she went I’m not sure though she said something about a refinery I’m not sure though let’s go and see let’s go up here to talk to you people that are important you look important now by you oh hi arise oh I’m doing work here in the refinery what you want me to hurry so that you can challenge me at the gym yes hold your horses I’ll be back at the gym in a minute what hold your horses I’ll be back in gym minute okay so if I go if I leave this room I show probably should always be at the gym already right she better be what the hell what up now she’s in the mind what did the hell are you talking about kid am I in a glitch in line the glitch that I can get out of you have to leave and exit and then re-enter and something stupid like that I’m doing some work here what want me to hurry is they each other then yes what

if I say no are you kidding me are you kidding me you have to say no that’s so stupid oh my god this games so stupid sometimes you have to say no so like what if the dude doesn’t even freaking know that you have to sing knows you just at the way go fricken it’ll do we’ll be wandering for hours upon hours it’s a safe no that’s so stupid oh my god this is the same gym concept as before oh my god what is this a rock gym okay I’ll put I’ll put my friend venable up front and we’ll go and give him the lucky egg oh man I mean I don’t want to go on a rant about this game because I don’t think this game is that bad of our romhack it’s just that it’s a little bit too confusing on what it wants you to do so you can get lost in this game very easily is this a is this a ground of rock Jim oh my god either way I’m guessing that this isn’t Oh ground Jim or rock Jim because we do have a marowak in here so if this is a ground gym then I’ll be sure to his turn oh my god I really wish I could use my faith one of my favorite Pokemon jaws right now but I did substitute him for a deal wat and deal what’s not going to be able to do anything so Oh can any of my other Pokemon Oh weights do I have ice beam do I have ice cream on you do I have ice beam on you oh I do okay okay welcome to the club welcome to the front of my team I hope you enjoy your stay there so yeah let’s go ahead continue on and boom ride on what the hell I thought this was a not is this an I is this like some kind of weird weird some something weird something weird is this something weird that I don’t know about cuz isn’t it right on like okay steelix okay so is this what the hell is this a Rock Gym is this a Rock Gym this is a ground gym what the hell is this supposed to be what is this supposed to baby I don’t know do I keep leveling up thank you um we beat Jorge Thank You Jorge and I guess we can just battle the gym leader straight away he’s got an era dactyl so this is a Rock Gym finally got that straight okay cool let’s go ahead and battle her right now Rochelle what you doin route shale welcome to the Rockefeller city gym as it’s later I use the strongest boss to pull them out of the fetus okay so this is a fossil gym is this what it is supposed to be I don’t know but I like that sprite she’s got pink hair and she’s got an arm Aldo so we are actually really underleveled but luckily it doesn’t really matter let’s go nice being you our model shouldn’t be able to take actually it should be able to take this pretty well yeah took it took it really well I’m gonna go ahead and how about let’s outrage you and see how much dad does see how much that does that should do more oh we almost knock that ancient power that should do a bit that should do a bit Oh God oh okay not to me about Jesus and it got all those frickin bumps and the speed bumps I don’t know what the hell um you and okay so I’m I might actually be in trouble for this Jim hello uh let’s go ahead and faint attack it well you should be able to knock this thing I don’t know why I’m so addicted to pressing the speed-up button I don’t know if you guys are when you guys are playing emulators but like seriously I’m so addicted to freaking holding down that spacebar but I gotta get over that bastard on oh my god how am I supposed to do this without Leviathan I can’t I wish or I mean I’d be able to handle this thing if I had frickin Feraligatr but no I had to be smart via I want to try new Pokemon no habla god dammit uh okay let’s go check the venom I think Venom’s got a good ground type move I think Basti Oh Don is steel rock hopefully i’m toefl in door using door okay please I don’t remember what typing this thing is okay good knock it out oh it did a decent that did a decent there you go we are faster because vent scolipede is freakin fastest dude this thing gets access to speed boost as well as look I checked out its on smote on and this thing is freaking epic Aerodactyl okay so I can’t do anything to this thing oh my god no Leviathan I need you to be alive right now oh this is not good okay let’s switch out to okay I think I’m gonna have a

sacrificial lamb here I’m gonna let venoms sacrifice itself for the better cause of the team I’m sorry or deck or I’m sorry scolipede but we don’t even have any okay good I have I have eight revives okay I’m good so let’s go ahead and heal up Leviathan you can take one for the team why ancient power super effective the hell okay I’m not going to question anything I’m not really that great with Taipings that much anymore except for the obvious types you know let’s go ahead and ice beam it Oh scary face why would you scary face me you’re already faster than me I don’t know I need to harshly rage or lower my speed whatever I spew it kill it kill it kill it please ah damn it oh god oh my god you literally just sealed my victory with that second scary face you could have at least made it interesting by attacking a lion but whatever whatever man you can go ahead and lose peace peace out this was an easy gym battle pushover she’s the definition of a pushover Rochelle you are a pushover I see a brilliant future for you keep getting keep on getting stronger now that you’ve been now that you’ve beaten me I’ll give you the first batch of the Loren League the mineral badge so you got the mineral badge cool cool cool cool so now we can use team 39 rock climb outside of battle and did we get robbed climb again did we get rock climb again we have two rock climbs what the hell what the hell is the point of that guy then giving me that suit couldn’t you give me a team that I huh this game gives me headaches Oh rock climbing rocks I’m so stupid I’m so stupid I’m so stupid I’m so stupid this just – I’m so stupid Oh God the comments that can racy the comments right now you’re an idiot it says rock slide not rock climbing you idiot dumbass you stuff like that yeah yeah yeah I know I’m an idiot no yes okay I don’t want to teach rock climbing anybody here but I guess I’ve had to teach it to someone I would teach it to you venom because I mean this moves that’s not that great I’m not really a big fan of double-edge so let’s Garrett double-edge i’m not really a big fan of recoil ease unless they have that ability which prevents recoil damage alright so let’s go ahead and leave I’m gonna go and speed the substance I can’t run in the gym doesn’t I never I never understood that why you can’t run in certain areas never understood that but let’s go ahead and heal over pokemon um good talk to Nurse Joy give me my Pokemon back damn bimbo alright let’s go ahead and I guess got to go up here now since we now have access to TM 39 drop climb not rockslide e let’s go ahead and continue on though so mm geodude’s dude you need to get out of my way and not full fini get ya get out on my uh-uh man stop running in the gravel errs and geodude’s and heroines although I really do like Aaron actually made an awesome competitive team so far for my you know because I like to do a phase speaking of which a couple of guys have been asking me to do some like Wi-Fi battles and stuff like that and I actually plan to do Wi-Fi battles sometime in the near future probably wants to get my capture card though I mean I can buy the capture card right now but I’m not sure if I should gasps Trudeau no oh no no no no muddy water this up in a ditch outraged I Andy what’s it too low 29 go and continue on but yeah I’m not sure if I should buy yet I mean because I really want to get I mean I don’t know because it’s been a while since the 3ds has been you know released and you never know these days when Nintendo’s gonna announce that next handheld device so I may wait till then to get a capture card but I’m not sure yet I may just end up getting it because you guys really want me to so you know I may just end up getting it I don’t know oh my god a rival battle no no no no no I did not want these this has done to I do not want these no no no no I do not want this in my life all right I think we’re ready to just go ahead and take them on head-on finally we meet for a battle but do this yellow

yay yellow looks exactly like me got luxray okay that’s pretty cool i really like luxury i was surprised to find out that this was nu tear and I mean this pokemon is like one of my favorite electric types ever I just looks awesome just look at the lungs array just look at it it looks sick it looks sick you cannot tell me this thing does not look sick please please please please please oh no no no no no no no no no Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick stop it just just dialogue sorry I do not want you here right now cuz you’re a threat I don’t appreciate people that are threatening blaziken oh I actually made a competitive place akin yesterday and it was pretty it’s pretty sick I know it’s I know it’s good words but like it’s safe Pokemon I really like enjoy Blaziken what the hell is it how’s the boys kiss yeah sorry I just brain farted this okay that’s enough venom and oh my God look is that spread from Blaziken that looks super sick he imagines they had Megas in this game I wonder what they would put the sprite for mega Blaziken oh look like uh let’s see how much earth Pig does it’s probably gonna kill me here butch blaze kick yeah I’m definitely dead I’m definitely dead oh he took it he took it oh it’s probably because of the rain it’s probably because of the rain lowering to blowing down the fire type attacks probably the only reason why venom survived that either way we’re gonna knock it out get out of my house Blaziken oh my god surviving that 119 HP that’s awesome you’re a little trooper you know that venom you’re a trooper here a trooper that’s why I have you on my team and my father is calling me so I will be right back ok we’re back sorry for that I had to help my dad with the computer he is having some issues but now that we are back and up and running where’s my mouse there’s my mouse ok so now that we are up and running we can go ahead and travel on to the next city I don’t know how long we’ve been recording for but I was gone for a bit maybe like five minutes so I will subtract like five minutes from it so I’d say we’re around like 20 minutes something like that something like that and we’re in this cool little city this is a cool design oh I’m out of breath cuz I had to run OH so let’s go ahead and actually you want to just you know I think I feel I feel like ending off the episode here so we’re gonna go ahead and do that exit the Pokemon Center real quick and my arm hurts for some weird reason we’re in skiner city anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the episode please remember to leave a like rating if you enjoyed let’s try to hit 25 likes by the next episode if you guys can hit 25 likes by tomorrow I will have an episode of Pokemon Life platinum up for you the very next day which will be Thursday so let’s try it that like I’ll answer the comment question of the day because I do read all your comments and with that being said guys I will talk to you guys soon peace

More Secrets of the GameCube GBA Link Cable | Punching Weight [SSFF]

Video game peripherals, it’s just useless junk to get you spend more money, am I right? And Nintendo, they’re one of the worst! Donkey Kongas, the N64 Expansion Pak, the DS Expansion Pak, the Wii steering wheel, I definitely got a Balance Board in storage somewhere, [CRASH!] but who am I kidding, I’m not above throwin’ money at this kinda thing, but who am I kidding, I’m not above throwin’ money at this kinda thing, I love this kinda stuff, and besides, sometimes you find a peripheral that really cuts through the hype and is truly something special! The Gamecube Game Boy Advance Link Cable is maybe Nintendo’s most successful peripheral after the… Rumble Pak?! This little guy connects your Game Boy Advance to your Gamecube controller slot, works with either the Gamecube or the Wii, and is the key to unlocking an incredible amount of bonus content! It’s compatible with just shy of 60 games, which is pretty amazing, considering the Gamecube was a bit of a flop for Nintendo, selling less than both the original Xbox and the previous-gen N64 I guess more developers were banking on their customers owning a GBA than a Gamecube, which was a safe bet! I’ve previously talked about the games that require the Link Cable to play, but in this episode we’ll be talking about the Gamecube games featuring extra content unlocked with just a cable and a GBA system, no extra game required! Not everyone’s got time for double games, Nintendo! Welcome back to Punching Weight, the show that celebrates the weird, ambitious and unnecessary, and I’ve dug through my Gamecube collection, and I’m ready to show you what kind of secrets are hidden behind the Gamecube Game Boy Advance Link Cable But first, keepin’ fresh is a challenge in the hot, sweaty summer months I’ma spare you the details, but when it’s hot outside, when it’s humid The Swamp is a problem, ya feel me? Manscaped got me set up with the Perfect Package 2.0 kit, it is a packed kit with lots of products to keep you fresh, like the Lawn Mower 2.0, which is 100% waterproof, wire-free, and includes replacement blades to keep the family jewels full ‘o tude and nick-free, which is VERY important! 20% off your order, plus free shipping and plus, a free travel bag, which is actually the perfect size for games AND all your grooming stuff too! And that’s when you use the promo code “SSFF20” All Manscaped products feature a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try Manscaped risk-free, that’s 20% off, plus a free bag, with the promo code “SSFF20” And now… onto the show! Gonna link up! Link time! Get linked in! Wait, can’t use that one! First off, we gotta start with one of Nintendo’s best and most innovative games of the era: Animal Crossing Seriously, what a unique gem of a game, there was just so much you can do! Plus, it worked with just about every major peripheral Nintendo had at the time! It came with its own memory card, supported the e-Reader, and of course, the Gamecube Link Cable About the only thing it didn’t use was the broadband adapter and microphone, which, of course, would be implemented in future releases You can actually do quite a lot with Animal Crossing by hooking up a GBA! The most major thing you can do is access the island: At the bottom of your town will always be a dock, usually a good place for fishin’, but with a GBA plugged in, Kapp’n shows up and offers to take you to a special island where it’s always sunny and summer! Oh hey, it’s been 68 weeks since I last went to the island Wait, 68 weeks, that’s not right, we just played this like a few months ago for the e-Reader video [♫ Mr. Resetti’s theme ♫] [inhales sharply] Whoops! [♫ Mr. Resetti’s theme ♫] Anyway, the island has exclusive fruit, fish, and its very own villager! You can’t do much there, but when you leave, you can keep playing on the island with your GBA! If you remember to leave treats and tools there, you can boss your villager around and have them do stuff for ya! Yeah, chop that tree! And that tree too! Now relax and do some fishin’!! I got a little bit too into it and poked them too much, and they got sad and the music slowed down But I gave ’em some fruit and that cheered ’em right back up. Sorry, buddy YEAH, MORE FISHIN’!! There’s a lot you can do on Animal Island, it’s apparently how you farm certain rare things like the NES games I mean, I have no idea, I just used the cheat codes. C’mon, man If you hate your island, or want a new islander, or are really impressed with your island, you can trade islands with a friend through the GBA Link Cables! Man, can you believe this game existed without the internet on the Gamecube? It’s always gonna be so impressive to me how many really creative ways Nintendo got around that There are a few more features in Animal Crossing though, like designing stuff on the GBA instead of in-game, which actually saves you a couple hundred Bells! Nice! But the thing that I had no idea you could do is you could download and play NES games on your GBA, which means that not only is there an NES emulator inside of Animal Crossing, it’s also, like Well, it’s like a Russian nesting doll emulator situation, right? Like, there’s a game with a game, and then shoved into another game system! Like it’s awesome! The only problem is that all the two-player modes have been removed, and Excitebike does not have the option to save your tracks, which actually makes sense, the NES games can’t stay on your GBA once you turn the system off anyway

Some games like Wario’s Woods don’t work at all, because it was a late era NES game, and is physically too big for the GBA’s memory Also, did you even know Wario’s Woods was in here? Man, Animal Crossing is so cool! VILLAGERS: “Animal Crossing, for Nintendo Gamecube!” ROB: “I just been fishin’, ya know?” DEREK: It’s time to talk Zelda! Now, we’ve already covered Zelda: The Four Swords Adventures, which was basically the flagship Gamecube Link Cable game It came bundled with one, and each player requires one of their own for multiplayer But it wasn’t the only Zelda game with this compatibility: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker has the Tingle Tuner This is a 100% optional item that basically turns Wind Waker into a co-op game! Maybe it’s just me, but I was kinda shocked at how well-advertised this little inclusion was, because no-one I knew ever talked about it, and it feels like no-one talks about it now, but it’s really amazing! Getting the Tingle Tuner is itself a bit of a sidequest: You actually need to release Tingle from his jail on Windfall Island, and then he gives you his GBA Or… I mean, sorry, “Magic transmitter”? Wait a second… if Link got a Not Game Boy Advance, then why the heck did Luigi get a Not Game Boy Color? Hang in there, Luigi! I got stuck with my brother’s hand-me-downs too, your year will come, don’t worry – “ルイジ・イア?” DEREK: So, the Tingle Tuner lets Tingle act as your Super Guide: He has flavor text and info for just about everywhere you can go, and gives you fun little minigames around the world, like for example, I had to find all the benches in Windfall Island It’s not exactly riveting stuff, but y’know, it works! He also finds you hidden rupees, which comes in handy with the items he can buy to help Link, like balloons to walk on the air, bombs and whatnot! These items ain’t cheap though, and the trailer itself admits that there’s nothing really to stop your GBA partner from dinglin’ up the Tingle Tuner ANNOUNCER: “Choose your friends wisely…” DEREK: It also has its own sidequest: Using the Tuner you can uncover five Tingle statues, and if you get them all, you’ll rescue his brother Knuckle who will upgrade the Tuner The Tingle Tuner was a super-fun little extra that was unfortunately cut in the Wii U HD remake, which I guess they did because they wanted you to have access to the map on the Wii U GamePad at all times? Even though it would’ve been perfect for the Tingle Tuner! So, uh, instead it had the Tingle Bottle, which was actually a really cool idea, but no longer exists due to Miiverse dying That means the Tingle Bottle messenger was only available for four years Man, the Wii U was a weird system GIRL: “Find secrets with the Wii U GamePad!” BOY: “And did we mention, togetherness?” – “Just check out the simulation.” – “Yeaah, look like I’ve been upgraded!” “Pow!” – Alright, so that’s a couple ‘o Nintenda games, how ’bout we switch gears and talk about Sega games? During the Gamecube days, Sega had just left the hardware business and had really hit the ground running! And it shouldn’t really be a surprise that a company that loved making peripherals and add-ons as much as Sega would go a little bonkers with the Gamecube Link Cable Is it still… oh, it’s loading GRACE: God, it lost… it wants to, just a minute DEREK: Hold on, hold on – The Gamecube Link Cable, Sega. ‘s Sonic Adventure now GRACE: [laughs] These load times! DEREK: Several of Sega’s Gamecube and Game Boy Advance games had Gamecube Link Cable support, and they all mostly center around one thing: CHAOS! Oh, sorry, not chaos, Chaos! These little Tamagotchi-like creatures were first introduced in Sonic Adventure, and one of the coolest things about them was you could carry them with you on your Dreamcast VMU! Well, maybe you can, I can’t, because my VMU batteries have been dead since the Clinton administration A bunch of Sonic games for the Gamecube and GBA featured a minigame that utilized the GBA, called the Tiny Chao Garden Here’s how it worked with Sonic Adventure DX: You can go to the Chao Garden, plug in your GBA, grab a Chao, and then go to the GBA kiosk From there you can transfer your buddy into the Tiny Chao Garden, where you can feed them, play minigames and level up your little guy’s stats Being able to take them on the go with the GBA emulates the Dreamcast VMU, see, I don’t even need new batteries for that thing!! But if you turned off the system, or the batteries died before transferring them back to your Gamecube, you’d lose all the work you did. Forever! However, Sonic Advance 1, 2 and Pinball Party for the GBA all have the Tiny Garden minigame too, and you can transport and save your little Chaos there as well! We don’t actually have any of these GBA games, but it didn’t matter because, and this is maybe the coolest thing, you can use the Tiny Chao Garden to transport your Chao into other games, which is how we got this adorable Tails Chao! You see, Sonic games didn’t have the market cornered on Sega Link Cable extras There are minigame extras in other games too, like my favorite Sonic Team series, Phantasy Star Online, or PSO The Gamecube version featured a four-player splitscreen couch co-op, which I played for dozens of hours in college, it’s still one hell of a great game, and Oh god, if I don’t get back on track I might get addicted to this game all over again anyway! There are four downloadable GBA games in PSO, and the easiest one to access is the Tiny Chao Garden, similar to the one in Sonic DX, though it’s hidden away and extremely easy to miss: On the mission The Fake in Yellow, after you finish the quest but before collecting your reward,

warp back down to Forest 1 and walk up to the waterfall, and surprise! It’s a Chao! Now head back up to Pioneer II, and the same GBA kiosk from Sonic Adventure DX will be there It’ll only be loaded with Tiny Garden, but you’ll be greeted by a Tails Chao After poking and feeding him for a little bit, I put down my GBA, turned off PSO, booted up Sonic DX, went to the Chao Garden in the hotel and transported Tails off my GBA and into my Gamecube, and boom! My sweet prince had arrived! I then tried to feed him Dark fruit, hoping to turn him evil, but it turns out Tails is just too pure Also, I don’t know anything about how Chaos work But what about the other three unlockable Sonic Team minigames in PSO, Chu Chu Rocket! Challenge, NiGHTS Score Attack and Puyo Pop Endless Version? Unfortunately the Tiny Chao Garden is the only GBA minigame attached to an offline quest To get access to the other three, you need access to the online quests, which means you’ll have to do one of the following: Get your Gamecube online and on a server, which you actually can totally still do today, thanks to some awesome fan communities, and complete the missions, or get a copy of PSO I & II Plus, which has all online-only quests available offline, but that game is rare and kind of expensive, or you can just play them all in Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg! Yeah, when was the last time you thought about THIS game?! Big Boy Billy Hatcher was basically Sonic Team’s last big new IP before diving full-tilt into “Sonic! Sonic! Sonic!” And it’s a pretty cool game! It has five GBA minigames that you unlock by hatching special eggs in various levels, and three of these minigames are the exact same as the ones tied to online quests in PSO! It took some doing to unlock them, but let’s run down them by starting with Chu Chu Rocket! Challenge This is a 24-stage challenge mode, with a good variety of stages, it’s a really solid demo! However, they are the exact same stages found in the GBA version, just with way, way worse music GBA Chu Chu Rocket! is a great port of a great Dreamcast game, except the lack of buttons on the GBA makes the time-based stages extra stressful and… well, challenging Really, the highlight of that port is the crazy amount of chill puzzles This minigame is all time-based, all the time, plus there’s nothing really exclusive about it, so for me, it was a bit of a letdown Contrast that to the Puyo Pop minigame, which is probably my favorite one: This is basically just the Endless mode from the Puyo Pop GBA game, with the same two sub-modes: Task mode, where you play until you run out of time, and Normal mode, where you play until you reach the top and die And I mean “die”, you can’t pause and quit to the menu, and you also can’t turn off the system or you’ll lose your scores? The controls feel kinda stiff, but otherwise this is a great get! I mean, it’s classic Puyo Puyo, one of the all-time great puzzle games! It’s nuthin’ you can’t find in any other Puyo Puyo game, but it’s probably still the best minigame on either Billy Hatcher or PSO But probably the most important minigame in this package is NiGHTS Score Attack NiGHTS is definitely one of Sonic Team’s most important games, and it still blows my mind that for such an iconic Sega character, he’s only had, I guess, four games, and one of them is a minigame locked away in Phantasy Star Online and Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, makes me wonder if there ever were plans to make a full GBA game Overall, this is standard NiGHTS fare: Collect all the gems and loops before time runs out It’s got great music, of course, and it looks pretty sharp! It’s too bad there’s just not much to it: There are only four stages that loop, and like the name implies, it’s a race against the clock to get the highest score possible It’s pretty hard! It wants you to hurry up, but also not miss anything, which is pretty tough when your character controls with the grace of a whale! Still, it’s a neat little bonus for NiGHTS fans out there! Of course, Big Boy Billy’s got his own exclusive minigames: Billy Hatcher Hyper Shoot, which is sort of like a bowling-billiards-shooter kinda game that I actually really liked! Might go through the trouble of playing more Billy Hatcher to unlock the Hard mode version! To unlock all these, you have to play through a large chunk of the game, it took me about, like, I guess six hours to unlock them all? Though that’s maybe because it was my first time playing in, like, forever And there are worse ways to spend your time! Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg is rough around the edges with its controls and camera It’s also a pretty weird concept, but it’s still pretty charming! It has great music, and is one of the last flashes of that classic creativity from early 2000’s Sega It’s kind of the end of an era, and could use a remaster, I’d recommend it on its own merits, as well as for these minigames And speaking of ends of an era, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc! This game with “HUGE FEATURES” also includes some pretty sizeable GBA connectivity, giving the Gamecube version an edge over the others! It’s one of those rare games that has compatibility both with and without a corresponding GBA game, so I came prepared! I got both the Gamecube and GBA versions, only I accidentally got myself the PAL version of the GBA game, and turns out you can’t cross those streams But I was still able to go Seattle’s Pink Gorilla and exchange it out for this lil’ pink buddy over here Thanks, Kelsey! And actually, some of Rayman 3’s GBA connectivity isn’t all that much to write home about There’s 2D Madness mode, which is a fun throwback to the series’ roots, it’s kinda like a Rayman remake, but it was also featured in the PC port, so it’s not exclusive

There is an exclusive minigame called 2D Nightmare, which was supposed to unlock when you beat all the levels in the GBA game, but there’s a glitch that makes it so the GBA never registers the final level, meaning the only way to play this game is with a cheat device Turns out that doesn’t matter all that much, because there are minigames you can play without the GBA game! And the Mad Trax mode is probably the best example of multiplayer Gamecube-GBA connectivity, and straight up one of the coolest co-op games I’ve ever played! Here’s how it goes: The player on the GBA lays down track in Tetris-shaped chunks, dodges or blows up asteroids, while the Gamecube player attempts to drive on that mess they’ve made The pressure is on! You have a limited time, and pieces disappear only a few seconds after being laid down It’s fast-paced, and the driving controls are a little rough, but I think it adds to the madness of the whole thing. It’s super fun! In terms of how to unlock it, I’d never actually played Rayman 3 before, and I gotta be honest, I was grumpin’ hard on the way it controls, especially the camera, but I called in for some backup, I gotta give a shout to Nitro Rad for givin’ me some emotional support and telling me about this secret room on the first level, with that I was able to very quickly get the 20,000 points necessary to unlock the Mad Trax mode There’s also a four-player version called Wheelis, which puts two people on GBA’s, and that sounds amazing! But that unlocks at 350,000 points I had to decide for this video if I wanted to play a ton of Rayman 3 or Billy Hatcher, and no disrespect, but I went with Big Boy Billy BILLY: “Good morning!” DEREK: If we’re talkin’ games where you don’t need the GBA to have a good time, then my absolute favorite on this list is the legendary er, Dakar 2 Yes, Dakar 2: The World’s Ultimate Rally, a forgettable sequel to an I-don’t-know-I-guess-fine quality racing game based on a baller-crazy real life race It’s a game I never thought twice about, and I’m gonna guess neither had you, but it has one of my all-time favorite bonuses: A full, unreleased GBA game, with 12 maps, complete with four modes of play and four vehicles God, I love this stuff! It’s not a bad-lookin’ game, though there’s no music, just engine noise but the four vehicles all feel vastly different to drive, which to me feels like Acclaim spent a lot of time on this game! What I can’t understand is why this wasn’t released on the GBA, I mean, everyone was makin’ games for that thing! Was Acclaim THAT broke in 2003, they couldn’t afford to release a GBA game?! Anyway, this mode is not even hidden, it’s right there on the Extras menu However, the other 11 maps need to be unlocked in the campaign mode, and you can only download one map at a time, which… eh, makes sense, the GBA only had so much memory I guess each map is smaller than Wario’s Woods Unfortunately for all you cheaters out there, the Unlock All Tracks cheat does not open these maps up, you still need to play it and finish every level But it’s almost two full games in one! That’s a hell of a lot to chew through! Man, first Top Gear Rally 2, and now this What is it with forgettable rally racing games and having amazing special features?! Like I said at the top, SO many games support this thing, which means you’ll find Link Cable capability in the weirdest places… like a demo disc! The Gamecube was not Nintendo’s first disk-based system, but they somehow still did not understand the appeal of demo discs in the same way their competitors did The Gamecube Preview Disc is one of the very few demo discs released for the Gamecube, and it was sold – yes, sold in stores, and was also a North American exclusive And it’s actually a pretty feature-filled disc, including a bit of Link Cable support! I mean, if you’re only gonna make a few demo discs, you might as well go big, right? It’s got some playable demos, trailers, a couple of which show off Link Cable capabilities, and two downloadable GBA games! We got the NES version of Dr. Mario, a classic! I’m not sure why exactly, but… eh, whatever It’s like the Animal Crossing NES games in that it’s the full game, but only one-player I even tried downloading it to two separate GBA’s and linking them together, but nope. No multiplayer The demo disc also has this mouthful: “WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames Trial Version” It’s a trial run of the introduction stage of the very first WarioWare game, except it doesn’t have the boss stages like the full game, and it starts to change games into fun advertisements I love this series, and actually, this demo is also downloadable on the Wario World Gamecube game too The actual weird thing though is that you CAN’T get this demo on the actual Gamecube port of the GBA game, but it DOES have Link Cable capability: It lets you hook up your GBA and use it as a controller, so [laughs] You got controllers, but no demos?! Wario, why are you so inconsistent and evil? [Wario cackles] Wario, why are you so inconsistent and evil? [Wario cackles] And one last thing: For this video we actually used our Wii as our Gamecube, and our Gamecube running the GBA Player and, well, did you know that the Link Cable is also compatible with the GBA Player? Yes, you can use your actual GBA… with the GBA Player, like, how amazing is that! Like, think about that: So, if you have a GBA, a GBA Player, a Gamecube, a Link Cable, but not a Gamecube controller, you can still enjoy your GBA games on the big screen for however long your battery lasts By the way, the Link Cable covers up your charge port, so good luck with that

But actually, it’s maybe not as dumb as it sounds, the Gamecube’s D-pad is so frickin’ small, playing off of an actual GBA doesn’t sound so bad The Gamecube GBA Link Cable really is one of the greatest little gadgets released in this console generation With cool stuff like this, it’s sometimes hard to remember why the Gamecube was such a bust financially for Nintendo But from this device, you see the ideas that would grow into the DS, the Wii and Switch Man… no-one fails better than Nintendo Thank you so much for watching, if you have any unnecessary, weird or ambitious games you’d like to see on Punching Weight, let us know in the comments below, join the family at the Patreon, the specialest, specialest of thanks to all our Patreon supporters, and also, hey! Don’t forget, all of our Stop Skeletons T-shirt and pins, our merch is 50% off right now, link… all that links in description below, thanks so much for watching, and we’ll see you again real soon!

Retro Gaming: Pokemon Gelb – Durch Wände gehen / Fliegen OHNE Gameshark [Ep19]

hallo und herzlich willkommen zu einer brandneuen episode von retro gaming ihr seht wir haben uns wieder in pokémon eingefunden ich habe da was schönes entdeckt das konnte ich einfach nicht vorenthalten und jetzt möchte ich heute zeigen und ich hoffe wir kriegen es hin im ersten versuch was wir genau machen wollen ich möchte euch zeigen wie ihr ohne einen game show oder ein anderes chip modul fliegen könnt bzw durch wände gehen könnt ja viele kennen das wahrscheinlich mit hilfe eines games mann heißt ich wende geben kann wo man eigentlich dann an dinge heran kommt wo man einfach nicht hinkommt weil weswegen auch immer ja ich denke es eigentlich klar wie alle anderen tricks funktioniert das natürlich wie gesagt ohne game check und ihr könnt es auch wenn jetzt nicht an muratow computer oder sonnen zu spielt natürlich auf eurem geld zu hause nachmachen alles wie immer so was wir brauchen oder was wir eventuell naja wenn sie es geht schon los das chaos geht schon weiter ihr benötigt ein pokemon das schlaf bruder kann nachts nicht schlafen geht pudern ich habe hier mein smet seht ihr preußen oder ein gift oder das ist sehr wichtig und ich empfehle euch dadurch für ein bisschen hin und her fliegen müssen wir müssen nämlich um diesen trick zu absolvieren sage ich mal müssen wir in dieser position das heißt teil dieses tricks ist unter anderem der glitch city trick wir gehen allerdings nicht nachgetestet sondern wir nutzen diesen trick nur dafür wenn ihr versteht das heißt ihr braucht auf jeden fall nachher ein pokémon das fliegen kann deswegen müsst ihr auf jeden fall schon fliegen dabei haben die tm die vm ganz wichtig ihr braucht viele viele motions also heiltränke denn wir fangen uns ein vergiftetes pokémon was nicht sterben darf dazu gesagt durch aber nachher später mehr also ich hab zwar pokémon zweitens mit meinen pikachu allerdings werden wir gleich erstmal die anderen pokémon ablegen denn wir brauchen nachher nur das vergiftete pokémon im team das ist sehr wichtig aber dazu kommen wie gesagt nachher wir fangen und jetzt ein habitat prinzipiell könnt ihr das mit jedem anderen pokémon auch machen dadurch habitat allerdings fliegen lernen kann und wie gesagt nachwuchs city müssen lohnt es sich mit ihm einfach es lohnt sich einfach es bietet sich an ich glaub ich muss mir anfangen hier skripte zu schreiben dem werde ich sage nicht so viel chaos aber hier ist schon unser habitat level ist absolut egal wichtig ist dass ich wie gesagt vergiftet ist und deswegen wenn wir auch direkt zu unserem smith boten wechseln und wir dürfen das nicht sterben lassen wir fangen jetzt erst mal nicht alles auf einmal hier die bude wunderbares vergiftet jetzt fangen wir uns dass die haben ganz viele master bälle von unseren vorherigen episoden daher sollte und das habitat nicht entkommen natürlich nicht gefangen wunderbar pokédex eintreffen einen namen geben so wie gesagt euer habitate darf nicht sterben deswegen braucht hier richtig richtig viele pushen ich habe hier 90 dabei seht ihr schon ein bisschen annehmen runter achtet darauf regelmäßig putzen zu gehen wenn ihr geht es darf unter keinen umständen genauso wenig dürft ihr euer pokémon als euer habitat im pokémon center hat das extrem ich wir brauchen den gift status so wie ich wahrscheinlich mein glück kenne werde ich gleich sterben lassen deswegen werde ich hier ab und zu immer wieder angucken 13 das ist noch gut ich will nicht ihren zwölf haben ja 90 90 auf jeden fall aus ihr braucht allgemeine so viel wir hatten von den ganzen glitsch kämpfen natürlich sehr viel geld deswegen einfach mal raus geworfen bekommen sonst nichts was wir jetzt machen wollte legt alle pokémon ab die ihr dabei hat außer das vergiftete pokern das heißt unser coach muss jetzt zum ersten mal auch auf die bank und unser butter free so wie gesagt habitat kann fliegen lernen bringt es ihm dabei denn wir müssen jetzt in nachwuchs eine city wir müssen in dieser formation um

den gilt city tricks anzuwenden so david arquette fliegt gelernt weiterhin laste es nicht der schaut regelmäßig auf die hp benutzt oceans aber das sieht gut aus so wir fliegen nach seiner city wir haben nur das habitat dabei was wir quasi machen wollen ist wir werden jetzt den funktioniert die trick also den traditionen trick anwenden und ja warum wir so viele porsches brauchen ist da wir nämlich dann mit diesem vergifteten harvey tank diese 500 schritte die man ja in der safari zone hat die man jetzt müssen wir natürlich gehen denn wir wollen natürlich wie gerade der trick anmelden den lake city trinkt und 500 schritte tut natürlich so level 8 habitat sehr weh das wird auf keinen fall überleben und dann einige porschen und ich habe mich im falschen weg gegangen verdammt 16 leben sieht gut aus jetzt gar nicht immer ein hp abgezogen problem ja oder 10 nein 8 jetzt muss es acht haben indem wir es doch mal ein päuschen wunderbar pro piepen ein hp das kann sich schon merken für nachher so wir gehen rein wird in safari sohn trägt noch nicht kennt ich erklären euch noch mal fix wir gehen quasi die safari zone reingehen einmal wieder nach draußen und sagt dann der nette her ob wir denn wirklich schon verlassen wollen dann sagen hinein während zurück reingeschickt speicher das spiel ab und können dann raus gehen so lee nein für manche die vielleicht noch nicht andere episoden kennen und hier frücht dabei sind ich benutze die englische version nur weil bei einem trick den ich zu einer folgen episode gezeigt habe der ausschließlich nur für die englische band funktioniert hat leider aus meinem wissens kenntnissen weil ich nicht warum aber jedenfalls seitdem habe ich einfach nicht zurück gewechselt war ich einfach zu viel so wir haben informationen trägt jetzt angewendet wenn jetzt wieder rausgehen können wir können herumgehen wenn jetzt erst gefragt ob wir die safari zone wollen vorher gar nicht also von draußen kommt dann bekommen wir ausländer vereins ohne das heißt das hat schon mal geklappt wir wollen nicht rein und der schickt uns nach draußen ab jetzt ist er ist dieser funktion immer noch aktiviert das heißt wir müssen jetzt 500 schritte gehen allerdings müssen wie gesagt auf unser habitat achten und wir müssen jetzt um den fliegen trick beziehungsweise den trick dass wir durch wände gehen können zu aktivieren nach catania city fliegen ein schritt haben wir schon gegangen sind wir schon ein paar mehr und was ihr machen wollt wenn ihr jetzt hier raus gekommen hat ihr wollt unbedingt hier an der seite entlang gehen demnach her müssen wir über diese mauer da springt einzelheiten erkläre ich euch gleich was jetzt wunderbar ist der safari zum trick ist permanent aktiv wir möchten jetzt hier solange entlanggehen bis uns der wächter ruft das wir fertig sind also dass wir wieder zurückgeschickt werden halt wie ihr den safari centrica kennt allerdings ist wichtig dass wir unseren letzten schritt bevor uns der pr ruft also der wert über den zaun also über diesen berg nach unten machen quasi diesen sprung ihr kennt das tier dann meistens immer die abkürzungen dass man nicht nur gras gehen muss und deswegen ist wichtig dass wir wirklich im richtigen moment nach unten springen das gute daran ist wir können dem moment nicht verfehlen wir können ihn natürlich verfehlen aber wir speichern mittendrin das spiel das heißt der trick wird nicht unterbrochen wenn das irgendwie sinn macht so ein bisschen ich versuche das jetzt mal hier wie gesagt 500 schritte das kein bisschen dauern und dabei darf natürlich nicht unser tag sterben jetzt sind wir ja noch relativ am anfang das heißt jetzt werde ich noch nicht speichern aber wenn man so lange in richtung ende hin bewegen es war natürlich auch speichern so ich habe ein bisschen country und pink speed hierfür benutzen aber ich habe das gefühl er sonst bisschen lange dauert wer jetzt schon mal speichern hier natürlich auch falten emulatoren spieler ein safe state machen aber speichern geht genauso gut es unterbricht den

trick halt nicht so ich habe wirklich tricky wenn wir neue herzstück dürft ihr ab einem speicherpunkt von neu machen aber es lohnt sich halt kein game show hat das knapp 9 sprich wird noch mal wichtig ist halt das spreche nicht nur das habitat stirbt also dass wir uns qualitativ sichern und halt die schritte noch an sondern auch wie gesagt wir wollen ja genau einen schritt bevor uns der pr ruft also der zoowärter wollen wir wie gesagt den sprung nach unten machen und nicht unseren seitlichen weg frisch sind so ich glaube ein bisschen dauern wird deswegen werde ich euch einfach aber ich sagte ich habe auch gar nicht zu quatschen deswegen will ich einfach mein mikrofon newton und euch mit dieser wunderbaren wer tanja city music bis es soweit ist alleine lassen also bis gleich das ging schneller als der portland das war natürlich viel zu langsam eltville resetten wir sind kurz davor das ist sehr gut ich habe das spiel gerettet wir machen jetzt trägt weiter durch nicht melden so schnell ich glaube so viel konntet ihr glaube ich die musik auch gar nicht genießen oder finde ich das spiel schneller gemacht habe ist mir egal ihr müsst ihr allein nicht ich versichern kommenden rennen näher die nur speichern jetzt einfach jedes mal wenn ich den burschen einsätze speichern wir sehr sehr knapp davor da ist es wetten wir wollen wirklich den einen schritt machen denn wenn wir nämlich gleich hier runter springen zählt als zwei schritte zu schnell ging schon okay machen so hier nochmal speichern ich glaube dann war es das gleich direkt schon und noch eine jawohl wunderbar ist noch zwei schritte ich spreche mich hier noch ein ich bin einfach nach unten ihr seht schon genau perfektes timing visegrad mitten in der luft warum das so ist obwohl mitten in der quali mitten im sprung zurückrufen werden ist sobald man halt über dieses ding überspringt zählt das als zwei schritte für das spiel und deswegen denn du für zwei schritte über sind bzw die zwei schritte gemacht haben ist unsere zeit abgelaufen und unter pr ruft uns also der zoowärter oder zur farbe werther die romanistin deutsch also wir wären zurückrufen und schon hier unten sind kleine schatten und was jetzt achte darauf was passiert wenn wir jetzt in dieser farbe zone zu kommen mein gott wie fliegen es sieht so aus irgendwie wie umgedrehte 6 1 oder 9 und soll wahrscheinlich die schatten der füße darstellen für den sprung und jetzt sind wir gelandet aber wenn wir jetzt mal nach rechts gehen wir gehen durch wände das spiel denkt immer noch dass wir in der luft sind obwohl wir gerade quasi gelandet sind und können dadurch jetzt quasi durch wenn nun als gunther trick ist quasi jetzt aktiviert und jetzt kommt endlich unser hd tag ins spiel denn wenn ihr mit diesem trick wahrscheinlich kennen dass einige auch die dagegen wand geht trick über game schadcodes und ähnliches gemacht haben ab einer bestimmten sache sobald man hat

einen bestimmten schritt macht crash das spiel einfach bzw wenn man halt aus der emotion heraus geht also wissen was ich zeige euch das einfach mal wieder mal hier raus ihr seht das spiel greift ganz einfach und um das zu vermeiden und trotzdem natürlich da rauszukommen wir sind ja in diesem haus in dieser geschlossenen umgebung verdammt noch mal um das halt zu vermeiden da wir halt in dieser geschlossenen umgebung sind haben wir unser vergiftetes habitat dass wir jetzt endlich sterben lassen jetzt darf es sterben denn dadurch werden wir automatisch durch wer keine benutzbaren und lebenden pokémon mehr haben werden wir automatisch ins pokémon center zurück teleportiert oder forst pokémon center ein verbleiben und können dann fröhlich herum fliegen force pokémon center was glaube ich so nah kommt stirbt stirbt stört damit schlimmer noch 312 3 so zeigt eine puppe mit und werden automatisch vor vor dass prozent und jetzt könnt ihr fröhlich durch alles hindurch gehen was die hand der wand trick ist quasi jetzt aktiviert ihr könnt ihn frei überall benutzen wichtig ist was ihr nicht machen wird ich wollte nicht in türen reingehen denn darf kann das spiel genauso kräftig aus gebäuden rausgehen und wie gesagt um crash zu vermeiden wollte nicht zu weit in die welt gehen wo eigentlich nichts mehr ist sprich jetzt zum beispiel wie hoch könnte das spiel kreischen und andere dinge erlebt wie ihr seht ich dich über wasser das spiel denkt liegt nicht in der luft das heißt man das technisch gesehen nicht im wasser und daher kommt dann auch keine wilde pokémon es gibt zwei dinge die ich eben zeigen möchte die man halt mit den trick entdecken kann zum ersten ist da es gibt ein ich habe mal ein gerücht gehört dass man halt irgendwie weil man ihr seht ihr hier sehr wirtshaus und es gab mir ruhig dass wir diesen garten hier oben reingehen kann richtig könnte mit dem bringt einfach hoch aber hier hinter ist nichts das war ein kindheitswunsch das haben wir noch so ihr kennt ja alle den mond berkum am anfang des spiels um nachher zu the city zu kommen wo wir hier gerade ihr wisst ja dass die extrem lang ist und für viele leute auch sehr nervig wenn man nicht direkt in weg kennt und von innen erscheint riesig tausende millionen möglichkeiten um durchzukommen aber wie sieht jetzt ausgang liegt das links sieht er aus als wir den berg darauf hören wir jetzt mal nach links gehen der durchhänger seht ihr hier ist ein gang vom montag von hannah der city das heißt der riesige berg ist eigentlich nur hierüber könnte ich klettere erhält auf jeden fall viel einfacher gehabt ja aber das war es quasi auch schon mehr wüsste ich jetzt spontan nicht was man euch zeigen könnte hier mit was ihr nicht selber entdecken könnt oder irgendwas besonders erwähnt bares oder eventuell ich glaube ich weiß nicht ob die aus pokémon geld weg zwar ist die das stück ist es nicht hier und hier kommt man ja technisch gesehen nicht hin denn ihr wisst das hier ist ja dieser durchgang also um den wert einer weit kommt allerdings kommen wir hier gar nicht raus warum haben die hier die pokémon also hier das graf gemacht denn hier denn auch kommt wilde pokémon dass keine tote stelle oder eigentlich sollen hier würde poken kommt aber natürlich jetzt bei mir nicht doch das kommt man niemals hin haben sie trotzdem gemacht kann sich die entwickler dabei gedacht haben aber so ist es nun gut jetzt wisst ihr wie ihr ohne cheats und ohne game schadcodes herum teleportieren könnten durch wände und alles möglich und ja das war es eigentlich auch für diese episode ich will noch einen kleinen crash machen gott wo bin ich hier ich habe angst kaufmann rechts

frankfur bin ich hier sieht aus wie ein berg und wir sind gecrasht keine ahnung wo ich gewesen nun gut ich hoffe euch hat dieses video gefallen ihr auf jeden fall hilfreich und hoffe ihr werdet vielleicht nicht nachmachen wenn euch eins davon zutrifft durchs gucken – videos und wenn euch einfach nur gefallen hat gibt doch bitte den daumen nach oben favorisierter für abonniert den kanal teilt das video mit euren freunden auf facebook wenn ihr facebook habt oder freunde man weiß es ja nicht oder es einfach um freunden zu hause oder euren haustieren gut das war für diese episode wenn ihr irgendwelche wünschen fragen habt könnt ihr auch wie immer in den kommentaren lassen und dann würde ich sagen wir uns zur nächsten episode tschüss

SAIYANS OF TIME! PokeBall Z: Dragon Ball Z Team Training (Rom Hack) – Episode 6

all right so what is popping everybody welcome back to pokeball za k Dragon Ball Z team training firearm hack Dragon Ball Z characters was poppin I did exactly I told you guys I was gonna do I was gonna grind up and I did I did exactly that freezes action katehis a most powerful form he is here the freezer seven freezer for and I think this golden Frieza I’m not sure in this game I don’t really know how far this goes up to but at the same time before actually I do either look up look up look above me above me right here this little like sentence right here all this right here do that and you’re fine anyway um I also went ahead and evolved as race 13 into super Android 13 and um yeah we are late so we are lit we are late and I also have the slave because I’d rather get in this new area and I don’t know what there’s gonna have so I want to put coke up in the front and have him ready to fight everybody it was him again I wonder where can you find gain you I want to know is getting like a round here somewhere I wouldn’t I don’t know I like you knees around attack will what whatever it was I never lose okay have you so confused no no no yeah saw that there has to be something in here nope great job amazing job amazing job amazing job and over here about of these guys on this battle leather jacket bottle there you go see that right home I got a dragon ball man man dragon ball home late we got seven star dragon ball okay so we have three dragon balls out of the seven no no no when have we have dragon ball 6 7 3 CI three out of seven which is okay I saw outdoors older we have a lot of got the entire region to go on to go through so should be Gucci right it should be fine one of the girls said Kaioken liking the naylet ah there you go I actually didn’t survive that white or he did survive that the [ __ ] 3 in their way I think we’re almost stares like the Ascension of Goku though King cold Jesus Christ wait a minute so they’re all in um they’re all in a they’re all in cerulean cave which I’m in this far I guess I guess it’s okay I mean cerulean cave is a place where like all the strong monsters are so I feel like a lot of them will be in there plus I know that like the legendaries are replacing this game also I remember somebody telling me that in the comment section like somewhere somewhere I’m not sure how a section or Twitter somebody was like oh the legendaries are like all the movie characters and [ __ ] I’m like what how like really I think I think Articuno is like rojak or switch like down I’m not sure I’m not sure I have a look what the order is I’m not sure like how it’s supposed to go I don’t know if they’re like I don’t know if um this goes up to the Battle of the Gods or jagged more super characters I’m not sure I don’t know where this is at but it came out like two three months ago and that’s when huh No a cigar let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go home but not when he was telling me that uh shouts we might be strong because a lot of the fighters in the game are fighting

tight I can see I can see chances being strong with definitely not in this game that we’re not I probably might I think now I’m we check up in here yeah I’m sure announcer Yamcha cell no way come back career okay no no no get in there sets out there goes 10 go home I did that job okay piccolo come out he’ll come out and then you fight these [ __ ] I know bidding them on you’re gonna be able when I try to even catch them so there goes buck sale a biological project dr Darrell can absorb energy people are using his tail okay and the hiccups you get in here thank you he’s young saying it needs to be a great fighter okay there you have it these are the new people so now with that being said we have more sand just great so now I can um now I can opt out uh what’s his name was ro with a kick Gohan or teen gohan best character one of the best characters in Dragonball history right here Liz you know boys and girls even though he is a little fighter it doesn’t really matter cuz I know um I don’t know because I cells here and if cell can evolve then we have cell imperfect cell than perfect said he doesn’t probably come back to level 36 probably over 36 problem and I know um go home probably has the same effect as his daddy where 11:36 is never gonna be the one that we looking for because of the 36 this seems to be best one hopefully I’m not sure I’m not sure cuz I’m but he evolved misty a super super Gohan they’re super saiyan ssj Gohan probably I’m not I’m not sure um let’s go see what Evie is looking like in this area I want to like Rio I’m like changing the team every single time I suck at a fan favorite of mine let’s go Steelers I borrow doctors looking like okay so we can’t go up in there which is all weird just definite what’s the purpose it is I understand the [ __ ] mrs. P logs game oh [ __ ] this is P law yeah this is pilaf stang okay okay so now what if I’m doing well [ __ ] this is East or okay missing overhears I’m like the big [ __ ] comes out matter fact me going here switch you Big Daddy well man that funny was over here sixteen oh [ __ ] actually we have Android 18 and 17 now so we’re good where 16×16 out here I’m like he’s not here but whatever um oh [ __ ] mistake oh let’s get it family right now a sinker right now that’s not going to kill that’s not killing and we gotta gotta kill yourself though thirty shot I was [ __ ] levels and those guys Jesus Christ yeah over here no not even a dragon blood okay hey hey we fly yeah okay now we can get this money everybody else can fly now everybody can

fly actually yay Cale Kenan Freeza can fly she would start taking fly I got fly Estella’s flying-type moves I mean why not waiting here I really care I don’t really wanted to be age not those got you got 17 and 18 now which is fantastic you are know we got to do here we have to go cut and then battle the Giovanni so hopefully whether the gym leader is here we can just go storm through a fast hopefully that’s the case let’s get Gokul over 30 states real fast go out of the gym later right now and go battle on peel off or whatever cuz I don’t peel I was gonna be in here I’m just spazzing out like ah how dare you join me in a name okay pilaf is great good job go let’s go over here madami yeah well once all these androids OBO Jack gave sadly moon Raddatz and then like kale can’t rush is gonna be like the least one over using a lot now this kid come but the matter just seems to be doing a lot more damage so I guess great you know I guess it’s fine okay is that the [ __ ] is that who the [ __ ] is that little cook is that kind of a girl who that is battle me right now welcome my name is boma I’m leader of West City bomber bomber oh [ __ ] what was it gym leader oh this is Lewiston woman looking like nasty I thought you were gonna go with the MILF look I guess not whatever um why I got a dive huh everyone give me your energy duh hmm dizzy punch you want to focus whoa [ __ ] okay so here’s perfect cell you love right now I’m Emily he has my spear bomb too okay oh no children ages am i like oh please don’t do this no no no no I wish [ __ ] listening all right [ __ ] fly Shelby that ass come on nope oh my god cannot beat this man Frieza death beam okay Jesus Christ hey oh my god let me fly Rho Phi Phi actually go back real fast real quick quick over here over here it’s not suppressing you so fast oh thank you sir talk to you these aids are still around here somewhere no sir would they be at though although you’ve captured all of the pokémon will be getting I think I want to go back over here to Pewter say in Rome to go capture toilets in a bar dr. lists and everybody else in here give me journalists I’m not

sure let’s where you have there you go let me um catch you again like I said I really cared about goodbye Harrison now you have all the sands I don’t even care I just lost seven years and I don’t care let’s go back to to West City okay so now that one cities here go back and we can go and fight peel off and hopefully peel off isn’t on a dick hopefully only probably will be but I need to get you up 36 I’m going to volve you than focusing your son sounds a next way right now you know you’re something like this over here I’ll get to the coin cage look I want to see if they have here who they have here you know thank you sir Tao ginyu Bardock Future Trunks go change flash attack messy hi dragon okay so they’re looking like is this I might have my be right back everybody be right be here everybody um I just want you guys to know I went ahead and I used some cheat codes because I still wanted to be able to see the characters either I didn’t want to use them so here are go tanks Future Trunks ginyu and tau so and here are the team right here I got uh SS super saiyan Gohan I’m here I here and I think um that’s pretty much it for his evolution line so now this is the sell side the one I can go huh Goku the UH what it was it was a cell or doesn’t heal Scott I do when we actually give them am i doing let me Taylor [ __ ] that [ __ ] let me get out of future chunks real fast even though he’s gonna be weak as hell he’s my favorite character in the game so nice join me in Super Saiyan trust closed Friday Mandor its head leaving just one HP um this puts chunk is he have always liked that he evolved into that look at his sprite his sprite his dope is fog he has the sword look he has a sword right he has a sword on a sprite on the background you see that that slope is full okay so now thank eyes on the side um I need to go in a battle of matter of fact [ __ ] that [ __ ] let’s use um teen gohan a suit Englehart right now if you keep go through in the back excuse let’s keep let’s keep those two in the front teen gohan in a super teen Future Trunks was like the god so whatever it’s fine um talk to you right here I’m kinda supposed to go air else I’m not worried about you bro what types of that energy plants normal familiar fly melee okay I feel a little bit doing damage freezer freezer peel off hideout which might be discovered I get it to the boss who literally just doubly discovered it okay nice and to go up in this [ __ ] pilaf okay I remember how this entire thing went so this shouldn’t be as hard as I think is going to be matter of fact wait a minute before we do anything here before you do anything here I want to go and go so you don’t go hunt down on an 8 so humble heart good go ahead down those professor okay’s that were over here somewhere our village hold on the fastest I know you’re probably over here bro okay there’s one Vermillion has one to the red ribbon base let’s go so we have forgot we never went over here what’s over here yeah we’re weak as Monster we don’t need to talk to our fight actually all right I got you

however officials educated are supposed to give you a ward and trust me with the radar for uses okay so the radar helps me hidden items okay that’s great this can be the only aid though can it because there’s the one that there’s one there’s another a that’s down there next to the next diffuser that I have to go to so we got a set set for this one that radar the wait a minute hold on the dragon radar jeez and it moves on I’m only looking around a lot because I know there’s I am there’s probably like a Dragonball around here I’d be my school lets go wrong why do you have sands hello what does it look like all right the Z drink holy [ __ ] how much help that uh things like [ __ ] does clear that way that way I just go down a little bit more to the basement area to fight whoever that is down there about are you clear great caps also great so great ball it’s a great capsule yeah you holy water that’s a red candy okay that effect holy water hello come here Future Trunks right here hey huh what are you involved into what the [ __ ] all the super sand chunks oh my god holy [ __ ] air slash is more damage than bleed you let’s fine it is time I found the new main character yeah by me he’s up here hey hey stress come out air slash right now oh my god how much damage that she does what the [ __ ] you the strongest and and the strong is not

the strongest villain I need to actually ever mind I have never mind I got set in the background to [ __ ] I was saying I have the song as I have everybody look at this hold on let me say let me say let me say I’m gonna say oh let me show you what I’m talking about huh your [ __ ] face kinda itchy and sit the hell down like I have to fan like facing I like add me and sit and it’s just like [ __ ] with my skin a little bit I know why like it tickles as we definitely gotta go to the basement floor that’s nice I like that it’s a reversal though that’s reversal I think it’s reversible we have any ethers do oh no no never why there you go okay so now Nicholas peel off Freddie let’s go let’s go so I must say I’m impressed you got here I need the Dragon Balls to reach my purpose and I won’t let a kid stop me for your insolence you’ll okay let’s go let’s get it if we peel off let’s go tan bear that’s nothing khmer there you go okay Dan I did nothing holy [ __ ] wait a minute on elite carstache piccolo why does he have piccolo uh I don’t want to do this pic alone finish up off and then my boy went for that’s not doing any oh holy [ __ ] okay kill him right now kg piccolo damn nevermind what the [ __ ] never mind what the [ __ ] is going on you’re gonna child Rene Scott okay but alright now let me um there you go alright so now with that being said I think it’s time to do this cuz I’ve been waiting this for a long-ass time and this is perfect this is perfect let me get perfect cell and switch it with you there you go all fathers’s just go now I already need them anymore I really don’t so we have like I said we have the strongest characters we have the song as villains selling perfect Frieza a perfect selling freezes I need to change chunks real fast and we should be fine alright yeah and when they end up sort of right here we got enjoy like comment subscribe if you did and that’s going to be a saucy guys later bye

DRAGON BALL Z: TEAM TRAINING | #6 | Babidi el psíquico y edificio de Capsule [Gameplay comentado]

y sobre todo eso la visita del bienvenidos y la vez más saldrá con bolt en training vamos a avanzar en esta serie haciendo lo que habíamos acordado último episodio que es básicamente derrotar a baby de buscar otra zona otra ruta u otra ciudad que será básicamente la de sabrina luego la que constituiría la locación de sabrina y digo esto porque vais a ver acontece una cosa muy curiosa y quizás si nos da tiempo va iremos a la central eléctrica vale si no está tiempo no lo sé pero a ver si es posible digo esto porque vamos a entrar en este gimnasio vais a ver lo que han hecho con este hack vale efectivamente han cambiado la zona de del gimnasio este es el de sabrina realmente que no debería parecer en esta ciudad sino el de coca con lo cual han reemplazado uno y otro y también lo ha hecho con el edificio de cápsula el que vimos en ciudad en west city es donde está metido cuando están ya giovanni y dónde está ahora mismo pilas vale lo cual en fin es un hack que además de cambiar a los pokemon por luchadores lo que hace es reemplazar mapas y eso mola bastante la verdad así que cada vez encontramos el camino hacia para vivir vamos a ver aquí está estamos frente a family vamos a enfrentarnos a él o por lo menos a intentarlo así que venga allá vamos empezamos el piso de fuerte minuto y medio y estamos ya contra el líder de gimnasio venga a por él fue baja un simple chico como tú se atreve a desafiarme para vaciarlos lo que es el verdadero terror luchadora y seréis absorbidos por la oscuridad de acuerdo vamos a ver para vivir quiere luchar el mayor que tendrá algún osama abu palabra aparece y evidentemente es el primero claro nivel 37 % está a punto de colisionar vais a ver no solamente en este episodio bueno seguramente no seguro vale frase tag tiene más nivel que yo eso es un problema no con pulpo y porque es un rival de mierda pero como tenga un boom forma perfecta que no creo estoy muy en la mierda voy a ir con goku porque no me fío un carajo de lo que esté pasando aquí y más vale asegurar por otros con el líder vale enviada ahora evidentemente sí vamos a cargar fraser simplemente para que suba de nivel está a punto porque no también por cierto ya alcanzará de la evolución un par de veces evolución nivel 30 para convertirse a la forma perfecta nivel 39 machos que estamos ya en una posición un poquito desventajosa parece hacerlo ha hecho el tema del fantasma ahora va a aparecer voy a hacer también cuidaba porque por lo menos si no ahora sí le doy y lo dejó a me ha paralizado su hijo de la gran puta si cabrón vale vale vale necesitamos curar algo q lo primero que creo que tengo usted tendrá una cosa para curar para 200 uf no no debería pero necesito des paralizarle me da igual que mantenga piccolo de hecho no me da igual vez el de 66 para que aunque me golpeó mucho me deja tres locos dejamos a tres me refiero metra tico lo puedes curar a piccolo venga no está muerto haga lo que haga con lo cual más me vale aprovechar esta oportunidad para es paralizar a un estadio para que esta a goku y me hago el mata piccolo me da igual tengo perfect el que se ha convertido en un luchador bastante potente pues con un came 4 came y a tomar por culo la wta y ahora es el que va a ser complicado abrirse la ma jin wook o pu directamente va lavallén wood lo que no cambiando este último ya es bueno parece un nivel 43 madre mía pero que estaba haciendo con mi vida va a ser complicado este líder va a ser muy complicado en wada o intentar paralizar leyó a él pero no sé si aguantaré un hit asia abuelo sean confundidos con esto en fin para más paralizado que quieras que no es bueno porque tenemos el stuttgart ahora pero la tarde cedric vamos a hacer algo q evidentemente porque está en la mismísima me mata me da igual que me mate a la wta vamos con perfect el que tengo para curarme también hemos con el camel usado irá es que queda muchísimo el gran festival elegante 66 está confundido se viera a sí mismo vamos a cuernos otra vez came a me venga came a restaurar todo este de mierda digo esto empieza a recordarme un poco a la realidad porque

monde fue la orden en pokémon tonalá que vamos a ver busco el came un 66 y la otra vez joder es que se confunde pero aún así no se da casi nunca tiempo vale otros 66 joder con la puta mierda de la ira está paralizado vamos con el came came madre vi a un ataque crítico pero qué cojones me estás contando el loco dios está tenso estoy venga ya estoy paralizado es agua freezer saco a goku paralizado qué cojones hago pues tiene una cama e intentar aunque pierda un turno vengamos a por ello tiempo está paralizado me cago en la puta vengas para atrás venga ya somos subnormales ok su perspectiva su vera costo lo matara al puto valle muy joven ha estado tenso esto madre mía madre mía aparecen en pole on esto vamos a ver no sube el nivel agua pero no subiremos ahora mismo en cualquier combate hernando y ya está más demostrado tu valía obtén la medalla ma jin 420 al ciento no está mal con la medalla ma jin la defensa de tus luchadores se incrementa hasta prevé utilizar a sur fuera de combate eso me interesa muchísimo porque podemos ir ya a la ciudad del plane es la canela es la canela pero según sean aquí que no lo sé cómo es y toma además esto mt 23 steele por bueno te deportes en la puta mierda venga como salgo de aquí o con temor puede hacer de aquí creo pero quiero gastar eso a ver si tengo una cuerda de habilidad ese es el fin yo pues venga usarme vale pues primera parte del episodio completada hemos derrotado a baby dee tenemos la medalla ma jin y podemos hacer surf lo cual está muy muy bien muy bien pero extremadamente bien de hecho y vamos a ir a la ciudad que se ve comentado antes no por aquí no es por dónde es vamos a ir volando que cojones porque ya estuve ahí vale vamos con one fly si estamos en lo que sería ciudad claro conocen obra de mismo tema da igual estamos en sun city la ciudad de satán que es donde debería estar el edificio con giovanni pero la plaza lo ha movido al west city ya está ahora mismo es otra zona distinta que la gira que tendrá algún tipo de coño vamos a ver subnormal de cádiz súbete sube sube ya está ahí dentro se supone que está en ir y vale pero como no sé cómo podía llegar ahora mismo porque han reemplazado las zonas esta es la zona de los programadores del juego básicamente ha cambiado de localización en el edificio de este ballet lo cual es curioso porque no sé por qué lo han hecho pero si no es porque tiene más sentido que si derrotamos a a giovanni o en este caso a piedad dios se mantenga la misma ciudad si no se cambia otro sitio vale pero bueno vamos a ver a quien los tanque por aquí lo sé todo vale un bajo cero es un test hay 30 mts además 7 m2 vale para no me dar ningún luchador entonces no le interesa esto va a darle a todo simplemente por si de repente vale no no me han quitado el luchador entonces para de la ciudad vale me da igual walesa no me dan bien este juego o sea y viva otra versión dragon ball de podían darme a uno yo que sé como luchador o alguna mierda de estas el vil tenemos un gimnasio de lucha por cierto y esto está cerrado hasta que derrotemos imagino a a pilar y el líder está tan en serio vaya tela tras ataque es un link ya fin de cuentas claro tiene sentido parecemos

curado pero que sí vale vamos a subir de nivel a freír sería one vamos a ir a cualquier ruta de entrenadores a cualquier zona con ahora aquí mismo para subir de nivel a estos dos campeones y que sean ya automáticamente los siguientes niveles que es importante vamos a ver tenga una más y se acabó destacó ese nivel 34 vamos a verle evolucionar sí señor eso que quería para poder ir al líder de tipo lucha básicamente vamos a ver que encontramos en el gimnasio a ver si también estamos como el viejo y con chango sus digamos traslación es el universo dragon ball que no pueden ser honestamente se lo quitan los gemelos estos del torneo no tengo ni puta idea vamos a verlo ahora mismo pero bueno con es un super saiyan 2 a nivel 34 deportiva a nivel 32 creo que es pero bueno lo estaba cancelando para que lo viera jce en directo por motivos evidentes porque siempre voy a ver las evoluciones y todo aquello y ahora vamos a hacer lo mismo con freezer vale porque honestamente freezer este de nivel 3 es bastante malo la lancha siempre te lo intenta en el episodio le fallado los últimos dos pero aquí vamos a hacerlo de forma completamente mika vale venga va a costar un par de términos más pero no pasa nada aquí está freezer 3 a nivel 32 va a evolucionar a todo en 2 tal pero vamos a ver ahora la forma final del freezer bueno final no es porque realmente a nivel 50 evolucionan golden freezer así que eso convierte prácticamente a este luchador en uno clave y decisivo del equipo de cara a la liga de luchadores vale pero bueno ya creo que freezer está bastante es bastante clave entre el equipo de igual que célula y al igual que goku los tres restantes los tengo todavía un poco si temblando se picó lo honestamente me hace un buen servicio ahora mismo pero ya veremos bastante si no lo hace y estoy pensando me tiene ágil llegar en el equipo porque evoluciona nivel 50 no tengo el 25 ahora mismo y honestamente me interesa me interesa porque llevo la wta porque me permite hacer parálisis y eso es clave ya lo habéis visto con comba jin wook pero no sé ya veré lo que hago llegar quiero que puede ser un luchador bastante de putísima madre así que ya veremos cómo va la cosa de hecho ahora mismo cómo voy a ir directamente a por el líder en el gimnasio vale del gimnasio de tipo lucha hay que decir nada medalla ninguna vamos a cambiar a este hildegard y uno por la brand aquí tengo el equipo anterior tengo a neil tengo a killing tengo h tengo a alvear cif con corte y tengo al otro que tiene sur porque es el único que puede aprender lo cual es un poco lamentable pero en fin te dejará aquí porque es un luchador que puede venir muy bien si lo sube de nivel ahora mismo está un poco en la mierda pero pero bueno está curado fildear o no lo tengo en la segura automáticamente cuando sea ya se ha ido al pc vale sumario oscuro fanta va a decir porque realmente si se anticipó lucha que son siempre así no me compensa mucho llevármelo pero de igual vamos a ir y que sea lo que dios quiera vale vamos a ver el gimnasio qué ocurre vamos por aquí y nos vamos para dentro vale mediante ese nivel 31 tengan ver como los huevos o igual no madre mía freezer tienes una mierda de defensa loco la lancha venga vamos a cara es con hildegar vamos a ver si lo subimos a nivel 50 en este episodio no creo además es de 50 dejado para hacerme con lo cual tampoco me interesa mucho subirlo pero igualmente moscón fireblade que metió una buena caña crash venga tampa bay pero te la creas a la mierda hemos pasado a hitos y vale jacqueline madre mía madre mía pero como es tan obviamente horrible freezer tienen muy muy poca defensa dios vamos con lo que mejor porque hildegard ya lo es ya no subirá de nivel fuera de cámara que era cierto a ver si llegamos a nivel 40 por lo menos es el puto cultivo además evoluciona con con la estéril super saiyan 4 y no sólo que se consigue por cierto porque en la wiki del juego hay información muy muy limitada y no explican dónde consigue los objetos por buenos llevará visto si no me deja moverme sabes ya no tengo ni calor con el que no me vale no sabía es popovich o el otro tío es que sabía que iba a ser uno de esos dos no vehiculado en serio el zone vale

vayamos a la cárcel vamos con caminar igual como de los dos y me parece quiero a llamo os quiero es popovich no sé si prefiero coger la his montero no sé los motivos que más tenemos el otro imagino que no se podrá conseguir si no es con intercambio alguna mierda con lo cual la escucha es algo de completar si no uso algún truco pero a ver qué cojones ya motivó saber de la nivel 30 creo que es 25 vale do goberno sumario vamos a ver quique expida doble clic y agua sigue vale pues muy bien de acuerdo pues nada el líder derrotado y ahora deberíamos seguir a hacer el tema de la torre para conseguirlo grabaste erbol la parásita pero llevamos 16 minutos con lo cual creo que lo más conveniente puede ser ir a por la bola dragón que os comenté el otro día que sí que le ha vuelto a ver y intentar ir a por el que sería exactos en el juego mal tenemos ya surf con lo cual es una buena una buena opción vamos a ver pues si tino tenemos que ir creo que eran más que ottawa creo que más que tanto para que está por aquí arriba si ahí está acabo de ver ahora mismo aquí está la bola de dragón veis sabía que había visto no había cogido a posta pero bueno está aquí la bala 7 perfecto cuando las tengamos todas por ciento podemos intercambiarlas pons el ron ya que es un luchador del juego lo cual es bastante absurdo a la par que ético y lo dicho vamos a ir ahora mismo aunque tenemos un muy poco nivel y no tenemos ningún luchador que tenga skills decentes para capturarlo por a por el de la torre eléctrica tío la central bueno es jodido porque no tenemos estaremos a la hora nivel 40 por ejemplo para paralizarlo automáticamente y empezar a atacarle vale pero tal como está ahora mismo pero vamos a pasar vamos a ir directamente a hacer lo que hay que hacer vale que es el tema del web aquí el tema de la master ball o lo que sea aquí que no lo sé y que está aquí el este de caps o el vale pues él está esta zona completa creo que es un poquito complicada porque van a tener niveles altos y pilas va a ser jodido seguro pero pues interesante puede ser muy interesante vamos para allá y que si vamos con here le ganó por cierto lo cual es bueno así que veamos pues vamos allá hay que ir a la planta número 4 cine para la memoria vamos a intentarlo efectivamente planta número 4 si no lo han cambiado y que pueden haberlo cambiado perfectamente y si lo han hecho para han cambiado la a cambio de las plantas en serio a partir de nivel bajo es lo bueno lo verás tú que han cambiado las las posiciones clásicas del mal hay hijos de la gran puta acción el cuarto hostia pues esto es complicado porque si me cambié las rutas que no esté aquí cuáles estadios el 5 valor han cambiado del 4 al 5 vale no pasa nada vamos a curarnos muy rápidamente y vamos a hacer esto bien vale ayuda al 53 porque ha subido un piso pero bueno da igual vamos a curarnos es que no saliste más habitualmente estoy un poco confundido del buen a dewalt aquí está el rival y además de la fsa es un cúmulo de combates bastante épicos vamos a ver vale piso 59 sí vale que pasar a través de tras este dios saltar aquí dar la vuelta y considera o no hacen luchar bien de eso me gusta hemos encontrado la llave magnética perfecto no me gusta esta gran lucha perfecto vale abrimos abrimos otra vez y ahora creo que

siempre desde la izquierda ya abajo vale que luchar no pasa nada es condenable y quita bastante más que el otro día mantenga que no se diga chicos que no se diga vamos a hacer bastante en este episodio dos gimnasios aunque uno no sea realmente tal cosa vamos a curarlos aquella que estamos vale perfecto por aquí aquí puede evitar luchar contra ese no me ven siempre esté donde esté vale hater vamos allá adiós también me la pela un bulldog paralizado pero bueno récord ahora mismo venga otra vez aquí perfecto bueno se puede hacer bastante bien todo esto estamos muy cerca de que aparezca el rival es la siguiente sala no sé si está aquí sí aquí es efectivamente el tipo está diciendo me tiene que narra la brass o su versión pokemon como digo siempre vale pegamos con freezer para el team pilar no se ha ralentizado hablarlo es el mismo diálogo que siempre únicamente cambiando el centro que expira vale tiene 5 pokemon son luchadores en este caso tiene cooler supremo lo lee bueno contaba con esto no contaba con no tan tan tan leve de ado de seguro tendría el veintitantos en el tema freezer me la pela me da pena porque como ya es tarde pero tiene más mucho más nivel del que yo creía hasta donde estaba un evoluciona a la versión vale vale con el camel bombela pela bastante en los aros de toda la vida vamos a intentarlo con cómo llegar viven 35 las aguas fire red hemos quemado super cetera zeus el cabrón ya tiene posiciones finales hijo de puta vale vale vale el sol también lo que quita él supera el 13 igual si le compensa meterlo en el equipo igual de me compensa de imagine belleza ma jin vegetable ser alguna piedra o algo porque ma jin benita no es una evolución natural es como que llegaron que aguantará seguro y vamos a curar a goku por si acaso el zeta train venga sentado a la mitad de la vida se me dan bien este pico porque será para aumentar de ataque para pasar a davos congo q un cambio a la mierda ma jin belleza para el rival derrotado así que estás listo para el jefe pilas sobre igual no pero el dragón lic a los cuatro casos que imagino que serán a cayos invitó a esta gente vale c 16 la de verdad mera en esta puta basura estaba programada drago copera le preocupes le reprogramado y ahora parece a su entrenador vale vamos a ir atrás para curarnos con la chica estaba aquí porque pilas puede ser un jefe o bastante el realidad de ahora de hecho bastante bastante bastante así el rival tenía estos luchadores imaginaos en el otro tal vez para luchar contra este tonto la escanda belgique a ver cake perfecto gloria me la pela todo es la de la pela es la ctc a vivir un momento muy guay que es que bloquea tu ataque lo cual está bastante diego igualmente ya está en la mierda vamos a ir rápidamente a la dragón 5 para todos los caps corporation serán míos la cual está en cápsula de cinco estrellas también deja de intentar destrozar mis proyectos míos vale perfecto me envía garlic evidentemente vamos con double click y lo hemos dejado bastante la mierda porque es súper efectivo contra él lo sé qué tipo de verdad pero súper efectivo

tan varín tan varín con perfect él podría ser una forma bastante fácil de mandarle al hoyo no podría y esa absorción que vale vacilamos psicólogos médicos la cola donde mete un café o los cafés hoteles cafés y a la mierda perfecto y color además de bombeo de como el huevo izquierdo ver todo el boss pilas hay partido otra vez que el doctor 4100 pagos para esto para su venganza efectivamente se comete en el octavo líder de gimnasio ya lo sabéis la letra con 5 he cogido y que me den la golden cup yo quiero la master vol efectivamente que utilizará seguramente para capturar a al que serían u2 en el juego que es otro que se parece estéticamente un huevo no voy a hacer pero bueno ya lo sabéis seguro así que nada nos vamos aquí que no se diga ya no hay entrenadores con lo cual estamos bien la curandera sigue aquí todo perfecto y ahora si no aspiramos al centro pokemon a guardar partida para curarnos vale y con estos chicos concluye el episodio de hoy porque realmente ha sido bastante completito no os podéis quejar hemos hecho esta zona además hemos completado lo que viene a hacer la mierda está de la masters vol hemos derrotado también al líder de al líder falso del gimnasio de lucha hemos vencido a baby y en el siguiente episodio despertaremos a satán y seguramente vayamos ya a por plane el líder del gimnasio de tipo fuego que no sé quién es en este en este juego pero lo veremos muy muy pronto joder va a ser guay va a ser guay va a ser guay va a ser muy guay así los chavales si os ha gustado el vídeo reconozco que 150 likes tendremos otro episodio y se les ha gustado pues un de stake así que dicho esto hasta la próxima adiós

[110] NO DEFENSE!!! (Pokemon Black 2 Randomizer VillainLocke)

apparently I’m like that trainer from two years ago loot oh yeah the trader from two years ago that’s literally how long ago black happened oh I thought I could sneak my way up this cliff but I can go down the waterfall so in black you kicked that person’s book too now is there anything worthwhile down the waterfall I mean it’s here so I’m guessing yes well that was funny when I played black too because my character had flashbacks in black I had made up female and like to i made a male so he had clutch bags before in the gender change apparently hey there’s another hidden cave I knew it there were three nth there were three places on that first cave and I was wondering how to get to the third one just like a secret area was looking very secret area to me versus the way I’m supposed to be going and I just totally gone the wrong way for side loot who that is a force double battle are we ready for another one maybe you can get a butter for Metapod again now what is Riddler have I was gonna check that synchronized passes a burn poison across the foe for some reason I thought he was immune to ground attacks no it looks like it you just assumed that because it’s floating yeah I mean seriously you’re a psycho toy be shed levitate what does wham have well guys monster same thing I can never forget that super luck multi type synchronize huh alright who should I have going up against this when I go wem and cheetah alright guys you’re between me and loot I’m gonna have to kill you there’s no way to single battle them bothered all come all the way here reward the hard work so I am out of the beaten path so this is this is not the way towards the elite four right I have no clue it’s the only thing like everyone is sitting there and you know like when you’re playing a game you don’t want a map that leads you directly out because it’s kind of fun to explore but I kind of want a map that tells me which way not to go for completion I wouldn’t know because I actually never beat walk to if it was too much similar to their original with no new pokemon or anything like that so I ate my HD kicked and I just never finished okay so i have a slow king and a venusaur to fight so I think what I’ll do is I’ll bounce the Venus or I switch opean show no actually man chose fast i’m gonna you turn the slow king and then i’m going to psychic the Vita’s or not sure depends on what comes in for the Venus or since luckily when went first oh I don’t get to see not alone alright well something obviously that’s not gonna be threatened by the slow king so your scarecrow no no because it has power gym it could empower Jim lizard aha your psyche doesn’t affect me and it sent out a munchlax which is going to get hit so hard with a high jump kick so yeah it was good getting at me in shock because he was going for it and then I’m gonna volt switch into the slow King much likes you snatch Oh steals your item temporarily because it’s a player battle right yeah I believe it’s an item it could be the steals off always oh yeah yeah yeah never mind that’s what

it’s doing it’s the buff I think we don’t went over this last time and I totally forgot so that’s looking as psychic trump card psych it’s dad’s I don’t matter so you would have been fine switching in the bird and munchlax goes down which means they have one more pokemon it’s lizard and cheetah fighting side-by-side a semi-sheer so lizard actually doesn’t want to be in samee seer fighting or no it’s just fun it’s pure fire but it has fighting moves so I do you can’t remember so i’ll switch women and then i’ll do a it’s fire I can stone edge oh no I don’t have any fighting type news now Flame Burst fury swipes Lincoln Lee literally full set all right um I jump kick I guess and doing it Flame Burst ow ow oh [ __ ] and it the flame does a little bit of damage to the Pokemon next to him too oh that it half damage to cheetah holy crap yes she does not know tacky type faster defensive you man geez that’s what I mean hey I’m tired I told you cheetah is very glass cannon ii alright well luckily this is why we bought all of those wonderful wonderful where my max potions go here’s a max potion where’s the hyperbola rare alright well just give you a hyper potion and everyone else is fine kind of burn denied promotions uselessly but they don’t make it like an intermediate ocean super potions aren’t good enough no I walked over an edge I didn’t see that was a Ledge oh there was loot back there yeah but you made it sound like you just I missed loot it is the end of the world yeah but it’s better missing the loot that is to miss the program there’s two trainers over here and I is there any loot over this way I need to get something to make up for that mistake how did I miss this puzzle coming in which would have let me have a way back not sure and there’s a there are a lot of back ways into this place all right I’ll fight the trainers who’s brought me this far well Riddler’s been with me since near the beginning Jamie sent out a Blastoise solid pokemon very solid drain punch feels pretty right here iron defense oh my god stop defending its like the damn Wartortle that iron defensed all right well at least I made the right choice I was gonna do bounce but bounced would have given them another turn to iron defense so I like the fact that it says Blastoise that’s doing the iron defense when it was a war total before it’s like it was revived okay the drain punch is actually doing very little so the iron defense is actually a pretty smart way to go I felt but it’s just funny because Slade copper holy [ __ ] well cheetahs dead in one aqua tail holy [ __ ] side yeah she just died she did not have defense I mean immediately was a rain dance taqwa tail from a Blastoise but damn well that’s another death him and I like that drain punch big root combo yeah sadly they were on my team too short a period of time for me to really grow too attached well looks like the strings were

attached to it yeah I know cheetah was good i really liked it well now we could bring in the monarch are you really gonna put it in now okay um oh right it was the result of volts which there was a learned move in the middle there’s I’m like what the hell am i doing again a Landorus really the hell’s a lander it’s gonna have at 55 mom and what’s good against a Landorus round flying ground flying really i don’t have the ice moves well i got surf on web or Cronus’s waterfall what little Chronos Landorus what level 50 earthquake rockslide is power city 52 earthquake peroxide with powers and sources that’s gonna hurt a little bit oh god its swords dancing kronos kill it quickly oh I don’t think it’s low enough that I could kill it I don’t know it’s only a ground-type so you think extreme speed would kill it at yellow HP like quarter health from a crumb from a art art man well extreme speed is an 80 power with stab it’d be about 120 and he is faster than me he doesn’t have high defense he’s only about a 90 physical defense I’m gonna get hit either way but I might well I get hit first if I used waterfall so if i do extreme speed there’s a chance i won’t get hit like go with extremes and i can use extreme speed again to guarantee kill him next turn I’m sure you’ll wreck them with extreme nope tiny bit of HP here comes the earthquake that’s been Swords Dance twitch hopefully I can tank whoo Thank You Kronos and then extreme speed guarantees the kill Oh my reliable pokemon brought me this far yeah you’re landorus is pretty reliable too but it’s dead now so yeah I want to call it reliable all right well as much as I’d like to just keep healing and keep going i’m actually down a pokemon so where the hell are my escape ropes i think that is enough adventuring in victory road for one day geez and then we go check out the stats on monarch and lay to rest cheetahs now there is monarch in the PC ah we’ve almost filled an entire box that is a lot of dead Pokemon holy crap that is 27 deaths in this nuzlocke run all right now who are we gonna replace them with so we have psychic we have we have two dark Pokemon to psychic pokemon one fighting and then one normal type so literally anything but psychic and dark will benefit this team I’m thinking bring in Cthulhu hmm actually could so doesn’t have a water move yet check them loose on the meta palm oh yes let’s take a look at the stats well i only have pardoned oh so it didn’t even get the moves um it has a up speed nature so you know that’s good well what evolved into butterfree it’s I’d be persistent so I think that means it has good defense IVs I don’t really know but there’s the

monarch Wow thumb monarch will have to eventually evolve monarch and then go get hit a movie learner to get everything back so who do we want we don’t need another fighting type we already have one fighting type on the team I think that was the mistake that mean to we could go with muck and get poison type because we do have the black sludge which means that muck would actually heal every turn we have Cthulhu which I could teach either surf or waterfall which would actually not be a bad one because I’m gonna have an ancient power rock blast and that but I do have to water pokémons I don’t really need the water coverage so much so I’m thinking maybe Zeb striker get a little bit of electric coverage and then thrash I need a water counter you know Izzy’s ninjas you don’t have a bug-type better be my third Dark type on the team Ninjask is flying Oh ninjask I thought you said shiftry sorry ninja ask has X is ur Swords Dance agility in Baton Pass with speed boosts that gm’s in my case yeah it’s got a Down speed nature and it still has a hundred and seventy-one sweets yeah they’re fast that’s why i was thinking them and in Baton Pass wouldn’t be bad cuz any speed buffs it has when it switches out would let me give it to oh yeah it has speed boosts that’s one of the most common competitive setups yeah okay let’s take a bug-type and it’s part flying which means i have some ground immunity just make sure to keep it away from rocks alright so let’s see if we can teach it one other move instead of agility I kind of like the swords dance because I can use it to buff and then switch so i could probably teach it fly but don’t I have something better I have acrobatics which I don’t want to use sky drops of to turn so i might as well teach you to fly if i’m doing that struggle bug is [ __ ] huh i thought i had a better flying moves i guess fly it is its physical right uh nan chest yeah he is a superfood I’m apparently it’s unable to learn fly hmm Oh makes sense flies used to carry you around I don’t kid ingest carrying you true acrobatics is only 55 power but it is double if I don’t put anything on it plus you get stabbed this guy drunk its straps guy drop is a to turn 60 power so acrobatics yeah it’s it go with acrobatics it’s better than mutton um Edgar can’t you learn how traumatic Seether dear God Edgar shadow claw move I wouldn’t get stabbed before that can’t learn sky drop either certain anything you can learn maybe I need to go movie learner at minwu all right let me heal up and I’ll go fly to the moon relearn and see what we can do about it I think it can learn is aerial ace apparently nothin there are losses in the horrible and balloon i’d say it’s worth a hard skill if i can get it that was just the only move it could learn flying-type wise oh no apparently air cutter although isn’t that special um I don’t know let’s see all right oh no you know you’re the leader I don’t want you to delete moves before I can learn one all right Edgar let’s see we can turn

you into a killing machine bug bite scratch harden leaf life’s and attack fury swipes mind reader double-team fury cutter screeches / damn i’d probably get it / I mean it’s still a normal-type move yeah but it does give me extra crits I don’t know what can I learn hm wise Oh probably part may be straight I know it’s me maybe there’s a move tutor in here that are you a tutor wonder what hidden power whim has when would be a fighting type hidden power interesting if you Pokemon to start your journey put my stuff with you now my pokemon that I started the journey with died you can learn roost if you have that team it’s not bad for it ooh I’d give it you turn if you have that team too um oh you turn actually no cuz I brother baton pass them you turn well maybe not well I’d kit you could keep both well did I’d have to get rid of swords dance hi-c yeah whoo swords dance it in speed boost and then let’s switch off to another Pokemon with the Dantas well that would that would risk it though I don’t really want to use it like it’s a nice if I get the benefit of some conus speed when I switch it I have x-scissor or now I don’t have Exeter’s TM okay what pokey centers cell power up items I’m just going to go to one by one while we look it up or I mean empower about hm’s TMS because I missed buying a lot of TMS at the Polka centers on long the way and I’ve got the cash to do it because I’m not having all the options i could oh look nope this guy is just selling the balls kind of a sidetrack from victory road but still an important thing well that was brilliant just gonna just probably around the block scarecrow just fly around the block ah mr. Alton city’s street shimla city Alec unos the town all right mr. Alton I do have X’s are already on it too so it’s actually has some power hail sunny day rain dance sandstorm I’m gonna pass on those because that’s our [ __ ] there is stration city st RI AP owen and then luck lucky know so ok Lochie know so i have i have opioid locking is some good yes I mean I can’t get the striations that’s possibly for content so it’s locking us or nothing mombasa I don’t know Oh name bossa has something yep can’t they just put these in the department store Oh as apartments or anything good I don’t even see it a lizard Thunder Fire Blast grabber mall just because I don’t have that much money i mean i could buy them all but I don’t have anyone I want to use them on

immediately you missed the acrobatics TM because the item randomizer yeah I was hoping I’d get something decent out of these but route 9 shopping mall nine don’t know what we’re that’s supposed to be thunder wave which i bought jar ball light screen reflects do you have stone edge I do okay so you probably visited that TM store and you can see you never know where the [ __ ] is route 9 yeah it says route 9 shopping mall 9 I was wrong you don’t get stone edge there you find it so you got lucky ever found the stone age TN somewhere else yeah and that looks like all the places you can buy them huh this place is still frozen it’s winter no from the attack like it didn’t fix even though he defeated the Pokemon huh even froze the shopping mall uh-oh can I not get into the shopping no no it’s just an icicle puzzle um okay I know how to do this I see okay i need to get to there I’m really held uh I can do this oh maybe I can’t do this Mombasa city has thunder wave there’s these the shopping mall off limits now I doubt they’d lock out feels like that I can’t go into the southern grass to get the other oh no no no there we go okay I see how you do it you do this go up here you go down into this little hole which lets you get down below here which let you get over here which lets you get up this little hole over Andy and that was a tricky i still love a nice puzzles there we go all right now there’s trainers in this mall so where is the TM seller I’m not sure it just says shopping mall mine technical machine Department all right they have hyper beam and get impact that’s it i think i bought the other ones giga impact would actually be kind of vicious on Arceus and this is just the pokeballs what does this shop or down here that is all potions actually I’m gonna buy some more repels cuz I’ve been going through those things like mad chop off our supplies and some protein people huh and then those are vending machines so yeah kind of stuck so what is the best thing I have left but I can teach Edgar so he has something did he have any flying-type moves no that was a little issue the only thing he can learn is aerial ace and I don’t have the aerial HTM bulldoze

oh yeah TM 40 azaria ways he can learn dig do not have dig you turn I actually don’t have user neither you really can’t learn that many feels low he learned shadow fall I know but shadow ball doesn’t help he’s a physical attacker alright I guess we’re going to teach it what was it strength you’re doing yeah but it’ll stab a big impact the law ehm that can learn is by which one bite cut cut oh I’d recommend probably giga impact if you’re gonna go with something like that or now I can teach it / which i think is better than giga impact it’s 140 damage across two moves because it’s not a strong enough Pokemon to be able to sit with a turn weakness so yeah I think that’s what we’ll do good news we’ll reteach it / yeah I know bites not an HM that’s what I heard so I didn’t mean to make whim remember something Ninjask isn’t the best pokemon but it’s eid is outrageous its base speed ghost 160 alright get rid of agility because it obviously does not need agility area so i can use either x-scissor or / so i have a little bit better variety on top of that you got the time pass after one turn yep so if you know you can survive against some use Swords Dance the dog pass out to a physical attacker and then just destroy the whole team that will come in handy and they’ll eat for alright well playing this is a good place to save I’ll continue hitting the victory road next time and hopefully you’ll manage to get through without killing more Pokemon now see you next time on villain luck

Let's Play Pokemon Gold: Part 2 (Gameplay Walkthrough)

what’s happening everyone its Silk Spectre here back again with my pokemon gold let’s play this is part two in last episode we got our starter Pokemon we chose chikorita who we named Littlefoot and we made it past new bark town past Cherry Grove City and now we are at mr. pokemons house because that’s our Elm sent us here for some strange reason that we do not know so he says hello hello you must be silk professor Elm said that you would visit this is what I want professor Elm to examine soph received the mystery egg let’s throw that egg in our bags so that it can you know break and stuff I know a couple who run a Pokemon daycare service they gave me that egg I was intrigued so I sent mail to Professor Elm for pokemon evolution professor Elm is the authority even Professor Oak he recognizes that if my assumption is correct professor Elm will know it now this is amazing professor oak is in Johto like as a kid this blew my mind aha so you’re su I’m oka professor a pokémon researcher I was just visiting my old friend mr. Pokemon I heard you were running an errand for professor Elm so I waited here oh what’s this a rare Pokemon let’s see hmm I see I understand why professor Elm give you a Pokemon for this errand to researchers like Professor Elm and I Pokemon are our friends he saw that you would treat your Pokemon with love and care ah you seem to be dependable how would you like to help me out see this is the latest version of the Pokedex it automatically records data on Pokemon you see no cob it’s a hi-tech encyclopedia encyclopedia jeez so we got the Pokedex and it’s updated and that means it’s going to have all 251 pokemon pokemon in it providing that way complete it but it has 251 slots they’ll meet many kinds of Pokemon and complete that pokedex but I’ve stayed too long I have to get two golden round for my usual radio show so fun counting on you so now we know that Professor Oak is involved in Jota he’s got a radio show what’s he doing he’s trying to take over here you are returning to Professor elm here your Pokemon should have some rest Danna I’m depending on you all right so we are officially dependent upon and now the phone calls begin the downfall of pokemon gold and silver hello so it’s a disaster um um it’s just terrible what should I do it’s Oh No please get back here now uh-oh sounds like there’s an emergency back to the lab we got to get going let’s go boys how do I get out of here trying to find the shortest grass root I don’t know if this is it let’s see yeah we good we made it so now Pat oh let’s see if these people are still battling up here yeah they are so that roots blocked off probably at least until we find out what the heck is going on at the Pokemon lab but what comes to mind is that strange red-haired kid that was standing right beside the lab looking in the winter and window so Littlefoot is at full health just in case we need to do any type of you know maybe Oh battle for instance I forget what voice I did for this guy you got a Pokemon at the lab what a waste a wimp like you don’t you get what I’m saying well I too have a good Pokemon I’ll show you what I mean I like that one nice decent so now we are battling the strange red haired guy look at him go look at that I love that character design question mark wants to death what’s the battle question mark sent out cyndaquil cool so there’s a cynic well first time we’ve seen one of those of course and now let’s see what we can do seems to be awfully reminiscent of the rival battle back in pokemon red and blue okay that’s who that tackle does decent not bad not bad now he’s gonna use leer so he’s gonna be lowering our defense so once he starts attacking if he ever does that means it’s actually gonna do quite a lot so we got to get him down quickly let’s see we can do ooh here comes the tackle okay not bad not bad a little foot we’re gonna go that defense though so yeah of course the first battle is always going to be a tackle fest oh there’s a critical hit no way I think we still got this we got a little foot on our team come on we can’t lose come on come on come on oh boy okay ooh oh we are so lucky we did it we won our first official trainer battle and we grew to level seven sweet Oh almost the way geez seven and a half

question mark was defeated huh are you happy you won 300 pokey dollars for win any sweet my name is what my name is question mark I’m going to be the world’s greatest pokemon trainer whoa that guy is intense I’m going to guess that he has something to do with the Pokemon lab whatever’s going on there some emergency type of thing so now of course we can use these ledges to get tot get by we don’t have to go through the grass up onto all about here I think maybe we don’t even have to know we don’t have to do it at all sweet so we got a quick route back to the Pokemon lab I keep wanting to say Pokemon Center and let’s see what is going on here uh-oh looks like the police are here I heard a Pokemon was stolen here I was just getting some information from Professor Alvin apparently it was a young male with long red hair of course we knew that what you battled his trainer like that did you happen to get his name and in honor of the manga and everything else the official story I’m going to name him silver because that is his name just like we named blue blue in Pokemon rainbow okay so silver was his name thank you for helping my investigation and off he goes and yeah they’re probably never going to apprehend him sylph this is terrible oh yes what was mr. pokemons big discovery and we give the mystery egg to Professor Elm and he goes who I am backwards they could just hit him or something this but is it a Pokemon egg and it is it’s a great discovery what Professor Oak give you a pokedex silk is that true that that’s incredible he’s superb it’s seeing the potential of people us Pokemon trainers why house so you may have what it takes to become a champion you seem to be getting on great with Pokemon too you should take the Pokemon gym challenge the closest gym would be the one in violet City sylph the road to the championship will be a long one before you leave make sure that you talk to your mom sounds good and can we take this please come on come on come on ah this guy will change this guy every time I think he’s gonna rob us use these on your Pokemon quests and receive the pokeball cool did we just get one it says singular pokeball check that out okay ball yeah and love pokeball maybe just gave us one what a cheapo let’s see no give us five I thought so weird weird weird weird one-second going to change the text speeds so that it’s super fast there we go that’ll help us along and throughout the long run so now we are on our way to violet city where we are apparently going to take our first gym challenge and this guy stops us he says I’ve seen you a couple times yeah we need to walking back and forth like crazy how many Pokemon have you got would you like me to show you how to catch a Pokemon I think we are okay for now but I have a feeling you’re going to show us none to us anyway if you want to catch pokemon you have to walk a lot okay yeah that’s that’s cool what whoa what did that happen what I didn’t even click the keys on there I wonder why that happened so now we’re at full house so we might as well do a little bit of training and kill this Sentret I mean knock it out sorry peih-gee oh ouch critical hey that’s not fair are you dude this to us centric one more tackle should do it since it’s pretty cool I like the fact that every generation has this kind of like rodent Pokemon through a data or Sentret or Zigzagoon Bidoof you get the point something is going crazy with my controls here guys I’m gonna have to see what’s I’m gonna just speed this up a little bit and see what’s going on okay we’re back to normal yeah I don’t know it yeah yeah we’re back to no that’s all good no we’re not what is going on here what on earth is happening pigeon let’s fast-forward through this I had to figure out what’s going on here okay yeah we’re back to normal it’s a little bit kind of laggy ish but I think we’ll be okay yeah it’s fine don’t worry what do we got here another piggy many piggies are there level 4 that’ll give us some good experience I’m gonna speed through these battles a bit I know you guys don’t want to see me battling wild pokemon and grinding so I’ll speed those up razor leaf sweet we got raised early that’s amazing that’s a good move to have early on although given the I’m not

gonna spoil anything but given the first Gym Leaders type not the best all right so we made it back to Cherry Grove City and we’ve been all up in here let’s see if we can buy anything from the pokemons mark it’s just gonna say when I was walking in the grass about Pokemon poison my Pokemon I just kept going but then my Pokemon fainted yeah so this back then in this game let’s see what we can buy here oh we can punch the pokeballs actually you might need some that’s by five well that way we’ll have 10 we’ll get a couple potions maybe three or so perfect yeah so back in Jen’s one and two and maybe three I think they might have fixed in three and maybe not I don’t know but in Jen’s one and two for sure your Pokemon faint if they get poisoned and you walk too much they will instantly faint which is different than current Jen’s Caterpie we haven’t seen that before very cool yeah and current-gen Zika I think it brings you down to one HP if you walk too much and then afterwards it doesn’t oh whoa I’m tripping out I thought that was where the battle was taking place I think that’s where we have to walk oh there’s gonna be trainers here now aren’t there everyone’s having fun battling you should – uh-oh so here is our I guess it’s a second trainer battle but our first one besides our rival oh boy look at those shorts youngster joy so this is a callback to the first game youngster Joey he’s got his rat aside yeah look at that see continuity folks continuity and he has I think he’s become a worship trainer than he was actually I think it’s right at I was higher level back and ready blue just kind of ironic oh we forgot to heal we should have healed the cherries oh I wonder if we’ll make it we do have our potions though so I’m not too concerned we’ll be okay we’ll do it raises leave so in my first playthrough of silver way back when isin great – I chose totally lost my starter actually so I had a Feraligatr by the end of the game I can’t seem to remember anything else that I had like any other Pokemon that I had in that game mmm I would like to say an Ampharos but probably not oh you know what I had an errand act though I don’t know how I would have gotten that I remember I had an area doctor who knows maybe there’s some way to get one later on that I’m forgetting about but that would be spoiling it actually you know what I think there is but you never heard me say that so yeah this is going to be for certain purposes gold and silver are longer games than red and blue so my red and blue let’s play was about 36 I think there’s exactly 36 parts and gold and silver I’m going to assume is going to be more like closer to about 50 so this is gonna be a long let’s play and I am going to have so much fun with it because this is such a fun game and I know a lot of you guys have wanted this so let’s do it I’m so excited and I’ve got my team all planned out so you guys are gonna see how that unfolds which is always exciting I love watching Let’s Plays and trying to figure out what team the person is going to have that – playing through it but yeah I’ve got it all figured out I think you guys will like it it’s going to be it’s going to be kind of fun it’s going to be very useful as well because all of the pokemon that I have on my team if you look the trainer in the honest be prepared to battle ok he’s not a tourney she’s not a trainer yeah if you look at my team it has like all the HMS that we need can go on to the Pokemon that we’re gonna have which is always good because in less place you don’t want to be shifting back and forth from the PC because I know you guys don’t want to see that let me know sure this guy is he’s like a little but catch your dawn wants to battle you must be really really young but you can only get your Pokemon once you’re 10 so that is a very short tenure this tackle ah how did we miss no fair and as always sing with my pokémon red and blue let’s play this is going to be about twenty minutes each episodes gonna be about 20 minutes let me know if you have a problem with that but I think that should be fine that’s what most people preferred back when I was doing my red and blue let’s play not too long not too short but yeah let me know what you think if you like that and if enough people want to change it to something else I don’t know what you would change it to maybe 15 this is too long I don’t know it’s hard to say because I’m playing through it I’m having the time of my life here playing the best game ever but you guys are just watching it

so let me know feedback is always important so we’re almost getting the level 10 here which is exciting are you too strong actually well I like that okay I think we should be whoa whoa that was weird that pokeball seemed to appear out of nowhere so our mom is calling us hello Syl told you guys I’m not doing that voice Elm that you went on a long trip I wish you could have told me what about money should I save it yes that’s always useful except she tends to spend our money on stupid stuff but saving it is kind of useful okay I’ll save your money so keep it up I’m rooting for you baby baby babe I’m rooting for you alright so that I thought there was a glitch cuz we froze for bitten and that pokeball appeared and there’s a what is going on no see what we find ooh Bellsprout there’s a little bits of variety in the Pokemon that we’re finding now I don’t want to battle because I’m scared we’re going to lose here’s we have 7 HP left those this guy say dark cave Pokemon could light it up I’d explore it oh yes so this is dark cave rule item the antidote so this is dark cave and I believe you need to have flash in order to complete it well you don’t have to but you’d be kind of oh you could see it when you left you’d see a little flashlight yeah you kinda need flashed if you finish that it’d take too long otherwise another item look at us Oh a Pokeball that’s useful good good good good good sooo this for this looks like an octopus from behind okay gotta punch your Pokemon let me battle with you let’s battle this octopus fin tuna done lost another one of these guys jeez look at how many Pokemon he has oh my gosh Caterpie level 2 we can crush this kid I’m not racing we’ve I’d like to see how much bravery does actually now if I remember correctly pokemon gold and silver is about where the game shark came out for the Gameboy and I remember my daycare this whole let’s play is gonna be about my daycare because my day care leader was the one who brought me through gold and silver she was awesome and she had a gameshark that she brought in one day and all the kids got to request what pokemon they wanted so yeah I I chose that level 100 Tyranitar which is pretty awesome cuz I don’t think many of us knew how to get Turin Tyrannosaur and i won’t spoil that for those of you who haven’t played through his game but it’s pretty tough to get a Tyranitar in this game so we didn’t really know how to do that but it was my favorite Pokemon I think probably from a trading card game or something we are very close to being killed I’m going to potion us up here which I believe will restore 20 percent 20 HP and up percent sweet look how close we are to level 10 it’s like touching what what that’s gotta be one experience point off so yeah level 100 Tyranitar that would be quite useful right now level 10 sweet and one more Pokemon Caterpie should be two hits nice Oh critical head one head awesome Littlefoot is tearing it up here but Quecha wade was defeated ah so got 32 pokey dollars for winning and we sent some to our mother who seems like this and what does this guy have to do hunger yeah huh I walked too far today looking for Pokemon my feet hurt and I’m sleepy if I were a wild Pokemon I’d be easy to catch that’s hilarious is a fruit berry tree bitter berry okay so yeah there are different types of berries I was wondering because everything had said just berry up until now Chikorita used a berry we gotta bury this guy gave us a berry but didn’t say what type of berry so I never know what to think but there are different types of berries good to know not that we’ll ever use one okay what I feel we are almost at violet city stop running away from me I found a good Pokemon in dark cave I’m going to raise it to take on Faulkner he’s the leader of violet city’s gyms so now we know the gym leaders name is Faulkner this is route 31 cool cool cool we are about to enter violet City was this guys saying hi guy I’m gonna use that from now on hi guy did you visit sprout tower no I have not yet blue hair mistress I came too far out I’d better phone home cool the useful information that these people tell us I swear so we have

arrived in violet city as you can tell by the awesome music so we are approaching actually we’ve exceeded 20 minutes so I’m gonna cut the episode off here and we will return to violet City next time please be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed this episode make sure to question answer the question of the day in the comments below and if you enjoy my content feel free to subscribe so you get updates when I upload more videos and you can join the Silph nation no kid I’m not gonna make anything cheesy like that but I would really appreciate if you could subscribe and trying to reach a thousand subscribers and that would really make my day so I’ll see you guys next time peace out

[Pokémon] #18 – Version: Eclat Pourpre – John Cena & Mew Shiney Vs Giovanni Panzani ! (HD)

et il y eut tout le monde c’est coco j’espère que vous allez bien et si ça n’est pas le cas j’espère pouvoir changer cela durant cette vidéo aujourd’hui on se retrouve pour la seconde partie de l’épisode 17 on va l’appeler épisode 18 juste pour faire bon genre donc on va reprendre exactement là où on s’était arrêté la dernière fois donc on va pénétrer dans le repère principal de la team rocket où vous le verrez on va avoir énormément de difficultés à passer les énigmes avec hugo et là où on va rencontrer le grand le magnifique giovanni n’est pas gagné c’est parti donc cette plante là bon on a on a atteint on est déjà à 50 minutes de vidéo bon allez ça va être une vidéo un peu spéciale aux plats à bâle on peut pas les suivions les acteurs non mais voilà c’est anormal au la situation attention par contre assez pointer chaque fois qu’il ya de mieux sharp et d’optique ou non ils sont pas ils se battent à quai boudreau se déliter holcim fois à l’essayage que durera le grelot cas qu’il a compensé la poule déjà c’est parfait ça je peux pas courir encore c’est bizarre c’est parce que tu es dans le vrai je suis dans le costume je pense je peux pas courir en costumes aussi du latex il va se casser direct sigaud ont besoin tu peux lancer je sais pas si le soldat visite est et est vrai si c’est à dire que le sol ne craint pas le holà aux moeurs entités du diable 81 e sata tueur on part sur soyaux qu’une oie je le cherchais de jeu trouvait pas c’est une merde allez hop là alors la base égalise jour en voir voilà 85 tu as bien une aurions fait pas attention tu vois bien s’allument on a gagné contre hollywood c’est ça c’est ça on n’a plus fait gaffe à voilà on est rendus sur wow une petite un petit peu trop d’accord a eu le temps allez ça dégage bon on va ré du tout le monde l’a alors y’a des téléporteurs je passe là bas mot non plus sur un lien qui mène à un truc à la con tu genre pas là où je veux c’est un truc à la con hein droite ou gauche peut-être que la halle et moi je parie sur mios bon je prends le grand attaquant vient nous voir et vas-y revient voir ce qu’ils avaient à gauche c’est un cul de sac ah non ça ne mène juste à l’autre côté en fait voilà qu’est ce qu’il fait lui on regarde par eh ben on voit les affronter ça fait un peu xp ainsi qu’aux plains pas je n’ai pas tué je pensais vraiment j’ai lu que le gros problème c’est que métallos c’est sur le plan physique et psychosocial est malheureux c’est ce qu’ils vont te promener ici tu cherches le mot de passe j’en prenais un mais comme je vais te taper dessus un peu forte aura du mal à l’entendre d’accord donc le mec qui sait quoi quand même on voit carrément il s’est pris pour john c papaux l’opo par tata ont réclamé très enfants ouais il s’est pris pour à oka bonjour très bien dans les galipes et motifs fleuris one shot ok très bien aux critiques m’ont clairement haima tête je crie pas les masses un mentor 1947 alors 1947 mons avant de ressentir c’est l’année de la révolution française c’est sûr bien sûr j’ai fait certains j’ai une licence en histoire ouais c’est ça la boucle olalala galipeau le pokémon casse-couilles bonjour au bon on est sur un des molosses voilà on allait on va c’est sur un penalty offert à thé karaté je me suis écrasé comme une merde pour vous régaler qui lance un couple qui se fait ailleurs tu sais que là comme le net le mec se rattachent à cookies face à thau rien n’est pas avec moi c’est parce que je pensais moi je pensais aux gars qui chute dans un ballon sauf qu’il sera hélas terry dessus il explose roger pas mu a déjà vu la censure en ce sens elle est super drôle et j’ai des genres il il a un petit peu d’embonpoint tu vois des gens qui rate le ballon il à télé ti foot avons clairement j’ai soigné tout le monde mais on n’y était pas je pensais qu’on arrivait une sorte de finish ok c’est pas le sait pas le bon combo halle all bâtard gwyneth base y doucement d’accord moi je

les tente un rush de demuslim et à dos aux météores nous on respecte mes toiles aux promoteurs nous restait à aller ça qu’on veut on veut voir jouer non respect ici à l’ap la broye psycho il est quoi déjà lui je sais pas je m’en fous les morts c’est quoi il est mort c est le principal c’est ce qu’il faut retenir alors lui je voulais jouer qu’un tour sur deux pieds voltige il est normal il est il normal mecs m’ont foule je prie le premier qui venait alors attends on est rendus ou là un téléporteur bon on va butter lui aux attaques nous broie les lasers glace on s’avoue faire une vidéo d’une heure je crois que c’est la première vidéo d’une heure que je fais là à huile est clairement c’était pas un bon plan à temps il est gla seul tu peux lui faire un seul pays au monde à votre façon non je suis pleurs vide et c’est le hub dessus qu’une merde je crois que tu es vraiment inspiré hockey lnb la saison contre quoi il est mort on est là et tu vas voir que qu’il est au bord de l’agonie mais ça va je suis tu es joueur tu tapes dans le dos d’un timbre pokémon ça c’est pas très grave lucas long terme et sans passer par ce temps on a bouffé comme des gorets du coup moi je suis plaint du coup je fais que rod et voilà donc si vous m’entendez désolé mais moi j’ai pas entendu dit toi c’est quoi non non non habilitées lèvres je suis bête bas avant de regagner dans les glaces ténèbres il s’éprend quatre fois pieds voltige il se prend quatre fois les morts c’est tout ce que l’on retient alors bon aller mieux j’aurais pas du milieu ouais abbassi puisque le regarder sur un ordinateur un code pas très bien où ça va où là oppenheim a dit kim a dézingué matete mec il a l’impression 1947 et 1400 combien santonja double pas je crois qu’il n’y a pas de faire la mise en scène les rues et à résoudre raison pour ces noms au lavage à je pense et si le prêt franchement plus mal classés retrouvera aussi mais en fait vous pas en fait c’est vachement plus un labyrinthe que ce que je pensais ça devient relou la cristallerie ouais on va mettre bull bah ouais quoi que il n’ on attend immigrés aux glaces mais la situation reste tout à fait raison filochard est la seule la seule autre allégation de suffocation ok bon ok but 82e rockeur bon mec là franchement ça devient randonnée l’été et portait un vêtement la terreur coule au amènera et non mais tu prends nommé tu prends deux fois le même tu comptais les porteurs tu reviens de suture est à l’étude croix revient à temps là le danger c’est le bacon tu le prends au permis dangereux hyper peau du cou brest et rentable à temps là on est rendu où on n’est pas testé ça la vie ici ou là certains seraient illégaux donne faim doré c’est mon seul gros exploit ségalis affaires au gabon ça le faisait legault locaux il est vraiment cool hein ah bon là on revient en arrière parce qu’à l’arrière on est rendu ici donc lequel on n’a pas fait non les a tous fait si on les a tous fait donc c’était pas ici à bien des revenus celui-là on vient de là un nom visant celui du milieu où on en vient de celui de l’art je crois qu il va dedans on verra bien et si ici on l’avait enlevée pcda combien la bague correcte ok donc là on n’a pas fait ce qu’auteurs un nom la 11è ce nouveau hockey ici on connaît pas valable tu as déjà compte et non lui c’est un jeu nouveau ça c’est nouveau on va regarder ce qui à l’avant pour que ça a l’air d’être loin je le centre a on revient on revient quasiment haut débit crurent le paseo et au milieu quand on à bourbourg où ses clientes dans la bonne direction non c’est quoi ça s’il est juste aveugle il est juste long à la détente comme braga des gages à l’est non mais moi j’ai embauché un peu plus loin ou alors ça fait quoi si je marchais là dessus auo lalalalalalalalala aux ça va être chiant ça roule un gars je sais pas ce qu’il ya là qu’est mais ses intérêts de leurs le cloud en europe est effectivement mais c’est trop tard je suis lancé là à merde un petit but attends je vais résumer un peu tout le monde match parce que parce que là clairement on est on est sur une pente glissante et je commence après avoir été

témoin mais c’est vrai que ça donne et plus avoir dirigeons non plus perdre combien trois groupes d’eux mêmes ils dressent des hivers potions ou les potions max un peu ouais il est court il est brave c’est un truc c’est bon mais dehors j’ai plus haut ouais c’est là ok ils les combattants qui craint le combat et aux milices dans mad je me suis cramé comme une merde plan de ténèbres tu peux y aller à coups de feu ouais et le dernier annulant avec 2 ok alors attendons à regarder parle on a regardé par là et là y’a quoi bon là je pense qu’on s’est tapé tous les dresseurs de la salle comble 3 c’est fou comme on va prendre les téléporteurs aux pêcheurs pour les biens là on est ramené au début celui d’anglet enfin il est trop simple d’accès doit quoi annoncer un grand hockey ah oui c’est vrai c’est vrai certains moments alors celui-là lui normal s’est emballé ah oui non c’est oui trapu temps y en a tellement bon on tente ce pas celui-là mais au moins ce qui est bien c’est que ça nous mène pas dangereux ouais bon matin en ouverture on l’a pas testé à droite c’est le seul qu’on n’a pas testé dans mon coeur donc c’est forcément un en bas âge eux c’est celui qu’on n’a pas testé tu l’as dit si on avait testé ou milan ac est derrière par titre oui on l’a testé à jour celui-là on essuie là à temps ah bon il manque un dresseur ok on la suit là je te conseille way balance une colère colère y’a que ça je me rappelle et je pense qu’il y avait un champion mais le jeanjean oui la championne d’arts and dragons là sont hyper wailea telle un dribble au bien joué mais d’abord je tiens tout sauf à bas du cou bonjour je respecte en rien à une si les glaces dans nos lits aux îlots glace on a des pokémon or là il me semblerait métal j’aurais même pas tu le retires ressortant à 19 heures vont donc ça va agent du maître une guérison sur aube et adopté le projet total 120 cdi sont là ou là parce que là je sens on se rapproche d’un truc la boîte hockey aux îles des sables mouvants fallait des pièges quoi c’est quoi sa boîte il ya eu un sommet qu’un aux juriste est un truc légendaire ouais ouais ouais je peux le fuite et oui ça a fait un bruit j’ai passé une ligne sur laquelle je suis obligé d’être agressé je pense alors à temps on va passer par là peut-être là annonce était ici que j’étais tombé en un rapt un bon du coup là on va ça ouais c’est ça on se fait attaquer pas du coup je vais me faire ré attaquer ouais je sais voilà cas brut ça devient long cette histoire alors on continue tout droit du coup est-ce qu’on tourne à droite on va jusqu’au barils ou pas moi je dit la droite monte monte monte monte monte haut à droite ou à gauche gauche a fallu faire l’autorail tarder à passer par le développement n’en ignore ok donc en fait tout le tour et lui de grandes écoles alors en eau en haut à gauche non médaille depuis en avoir la bonne santé oblige passé en bas oh je suis pas quoi faire de révolte a songé plus de pépé sur rien alors ok france 3 qui en a plus j’espère sinon c’est vraiment rien fait tapie dit ça vaut 2 aura un il y en a bon goût mais on sait que on sait que le chemin est tout droit quasiment donc la première mais là elle a la garde au alors à temps où ses complices est tombé là c’est possible en bas j’espère que c’est fini dwayne de bateaux droit mais je crois à mon avis va nous faire faire le tour tu crois pas je commence à voir la mondialité l’âge que je commence à dater du développement la chine voulait vraiment c’est de l’anti jeu je ne veux pas couvrir en plus mais

votent peu accéléré sa chute en main j’ai cru que j’allais tomber bon j’suis belz et je me suis dit il va le faire un butin là c’est ma faute c’est ma faute de temps pour moi ok alors attends c’est devant le baril donc fronton le baril comme ça là tu veux tu vas se rend demain le dessin ben voilà comme ça au quai pinon connais pas tu veux pas taper une petite fille après voir avec la raie manta et sauf si les méritons de hop là tu peux regarder mais je suis un gars m’a tapé de péter monsieur malaisie tentant qui tient le coup muta loges le garde le célèbre ans à l’état à l’esade mais qu’on arrive quelque part hop là je prendre la m allez allez je te laisse la manette c’est parti c’est hugo qui gagne mais là bon allez c’est parti comment comment ça marche de saloperies que tu as ensuite comme ça c’est comme ça c’est maintenant fait le tour le tour c’est obliger m c’est obligé je suppose qu’à gauche à gauche un repas donc à bruisser bloqué wichita tir en fait fait le plus de chemin possible à falker fallait faire le temps c’est obligé je commence à les voir venir voilà donc fut le tour c’était je suis tombé fait comme ça ici et là à droite non non non tu es à droite et là du coup passée par là d’ici là ouais t’es un tout-droit bois ici je me colle au dresseur pas eu non fait comme ça avait un mec direct matin ouais et monte à this way je le sentais l’a6 ou non oui c’est superman a par contre il ya les noms métal aussi tient le coup bon ok il n’a pas toujours su qu’ils n’ont pas et gagne pas égalisé jeudi on entend allez au kef il avait suivi mais que fait le tour comme ça gg je le sens a dit fait le tour de l’école navale troll n’inventons quand notre nain quatre là tu es obligé de jeter obligé de prendre le chemin de l’asie frein à gauche non à gauche on va aller la mecque fut bien le tour c’est bien le tour georges je descends 2 1 je vais à droite ah ouais limite à grenon et 6 pistons wata ouais c’est pas grâce à l’entente comme on l’avait fait là là toujours comme ça à la nuit tombante est une recette non ouais on retrouve là la vas-y vas-y elle montrait la direccte adro le retour du baril voilà la refais tour ah bah non c’est quoi le 8b accélère à fond séisme ce qui s’est dit à défoncer voilà ce qui s’est passé c’est du canon s’est passé ça s’est pas passé comme prévu ouais ouais à peine sa visite maintenant au pire encore une fois c’est pas très passionnant mais bon hop là vas-y alors fait tout le tour comprend crise à gauche à gauche à gauche mais voilà là tu suives asus est bon jusque là tout va bien jusque là tout va bien mais il continue continue staff donc descend du coup à gauche encore encore monte encore à gauche nantes à n’en fallait tout droit ok on va y arriver ok voilà c’est pas compliqué voilà j’ai encore c’était quoi descente en décembre là et en droit la nageuse et là tout va tout droit vers la gauche puis la lumière t’as vu ça le chemin de lumière entre les deux matches entre les deux avec syfy ah ouais ouais il ya une pokéball et où celle attrape nigaud ça ok l’attrapé nigaud de base à plat vas-y tant que bon ok watts mais qu’on peut pas passer là à papa papa au nom t’es sérieux bas oha les ff6 attend mais celle ci mais t’es sérieux que faut pas me prendre faut pas me prendre pour un con moi j’espère ça va pas faire glitch à faut pas me prendre pour une banale un temps mais non mais sérieux comment tu passes la normalement mais il était convenu non je les fais exprès mais oui mais il faut que je remette le glisse du coup n’ont pas s’ils n’ont rien bon je place de pokéball sent pas les couilles à temps mais je crois on est censé faire comme ça mais quand on est censé faire comme ça alors on est censée activer le glénan je crois qu’ils l’ont pas fait exprès je pense qu’ils ont ils ont pas fait attention ils ont dû être qu’une case sans faire exprès bon allez vas-y descend fait le tour je le sens bien

ah non pas du coup je suis obligé de battre je sais qu’on va le laisser hop hop hop save pour le beach vas-y fais-le temps était un coup mais t’es un abruti consanguins sa veuve possible au lavage le sommeil c’était j’oublie mois avait fait le tour voilà d’un attentat shit j’écris 17 au mon pauvre je vais suivre les indications je vais être juste ton poignet en fait on savait tout c’est aussi ça roule vas-y shop là tu es passé par uta leur semble à tout droit va tout droit voilà chocolat va tout droit des 100 royaume uni voilà au flon la zale lô il est spectre je crois donc un petit surf voyager plus de les perdre bon il va être dorénavant sur les petits détails mais a parfois paraissent pas normal c’est vrai on a bien joué j’ai pas regardé les dictionnaires corinne sûr nicalis bon passe à droite du couple ce qui te laisse pas le choix ok si oui quel else is what’s up lapolla pokéball protein ça sert à quoi attends ago la voilà c’est une lutte unique en fait la force du bourg insert études ou surf à chaque fois sur saint lazare compétitif à l’inflation à un pouce de d’aider ces jeunes baby tu te fais tu as fait pour rien quoi ça va on a plus de gros pépin de lucasfilm que plus aussi testé le show il à finir la redescendre doucement ohata tatatata temps on n’était pas inquiet même s’il veut sac alors total sont déjà pour un rappel il y aura plus d’un an ba voila un rappel cours et hypertension y faire pression pour metal os et guérison on aurait pu à on utilisait un total sont pour rien oui mais non mais on a plain total dont on n’a fait que de guérison ouais mais il va falloir deux vipères se faire pression pour soigner une guérison n’a pas d’autres dont on entoure sa démarche et ma position ok bon à temps sai baba yves si je me sens pas tant on avance tellement près d’un an maintenant c’est le peuple avait son regard dans dark souls ouais c’est ça ou dans aua des dégâts et pour ceux qui faisaient alors feu à gauche ne va pas à droite tu le sens pas où il réside et sein des appareils moi ce que je ressens pas c’est de commencer avec metal hausse ah ouais moi je dis on va garder la valeur sur moi braderie gagner même si la pâte ou ctv il va faire le taf allait enfin aller lui parler tarifs 6 e vez temps on est on a tellement bien réel on avait sonné la team basé non pourquoi ouais ok bon parlons pas le mec qui tient le côté marc bravo mais bravo moi je joue très souvent ça se voit silver oh non pas toi c’est vraiment pas le moment pour que tu viennes m’embêter j’ai un compte à régler avec le vanni pousse toi pas moyen il est à moi cette fois je vais pas te laisser me mettre des bâtons dans les roues amène toi attend si je m’attendais à temps c’est un scandale au bout de tout ça de tomber sur lui comment il peut ne pas nous coûterait disent qu’on est un peu bon tu vois à passer tous les pièges ça doit faire trois heures qu’il est là et il reste devant le téléporteur et d’avoir pu lui c’était un mail et le pire c’est pas ça à mes bras et gally mais le nose les voleurs on va commencer par un petit pied brûlures je pense boom on va commencer on va finir et le gros lot cote si nous mais bien avoir égalé à gagner paris-nice pays le niveau 80 cents à 86 et là c’est mon plus haut niveau en grand et gally et c’est ne pas mon starter ursa ring au quai voltaire je pense qu’on est d’accord paul gillon tout à fait tiens c’est ok pas c’est quoi qui expirera abbaoui ac c’est toi qui joue maintenant c’est moi poke experts disent aux kings piège à picot âgées plus tp non il révolté il va surtout par sadisme colère il ya plus de surf il va se noyer le séisme aussi manger vos colères financeurs gfr bavaria ok je te propose il a je sais qu’il a tonnerre mais il joue son physique donc si la tonnerre et vaccaro petermann au ou un pps basée à dire il vaut mieux peut-être un gorille à laser classe à leurs racines leur nom mais non on ouvrirait un boulevard à la capec est inquiète voilà maintenant ça ok c’est le fait souvent du ectoplasme 1 à mâchouiller métalos métallos si vous tirez nocifs je décide aidé à lotir nocifs bachar nocifs une petite majorité famille empoisonné bien sûr au one shot il aura compris la liga tueurs du but on est d’accord on souvient les flyers enfin tester ça a une petite que bordeaux pour qu’ils fassent de dos j’ai raté mon état qui fait un point glace c’est pas grave j’ai vu c’est un brigand de la société générale de gauche à doite arrêter

maintenant descendre salopette promis donc allez on prend le risque de faire pour 2 voilà ça c’est bien ça la ligature s’endort hallegatte young hérisson c’est oh oh oh on prend chez un humain ou bien vu plus un vrai but bus un vrai but bon d’accord donc clairement il est remonté il a vu le jour avec des niveaux différence par m e but ça laisse un bref ben ali on peut prendre le risque du but est bien sympa mais qui quand même choisi on va pourpier voltige mec tu vas canicule aegerter mon attaque je me suis fait bien mal et je suis mort bon feu ténèbres de ténèbres petm regroupe taper allez un petit rigolo scolaire parce que il va venger son ami je ne peux que c’était mort parce qu’il est pas content ahola la guérison ttc comme nous travaillons au comptant abbas a longtemps ça manifestants ont fait mal aux pattes elle peut être autant en dégage on sait pas tu es vraiment une gangrène toth gangrène il a passé gangrène le garder j’étais sur le point de régler mes comptes et tu viens tout faire foirer allez dégage j’espère que giovanni que mettra en pièces pour ya peu de chance je pense mon partir des rappels sur des dépositions des cinq jours qu’on est d’accord si jamais ça foire attend on sème là on va ça y est je sais aller voler en bas et sur le téléporteur mais dans le cas où est le problème tu peux vous avez sauvé la team hm wes ici au maire c’est des aléas du direct celanese a annoncé en direct c’est pareil ouais on va tabler parce qu’on a plus beaucoup de percussion enfin de guérison jauzion on va les viols et les superpositions elle a la roma face à soissons les à la fin on à la fin donc un total soit visitée att dessus tout autant pour moi tient aussi c’est bon un petit rappel apple c’est dommage ni les huiles ni les rappels mac sont en vente ouais c’est vraiment vraiment chiant c’est dommage important pour heavy rain on va le mettre sur le set non tu en penses quoi je pense qu’on va plus avoir de snowtown ouais mais au cas où je suis pas j’en sais rien et on s’en fout j’ai tellement eu de problème mais c’est qui ce petit vieux os bonjour la mi-temps la baule en la baule si un déficit cheveux ça pète un câble super mon temps on en a plein automne à elbeuf rien gauche rien mais c’est le gamin 2 de la centrale comment vas tu omets attends je me souviens ce mec c’est un groupe psychopathe ton souviens c’est le gac attend comme tu viens sans doute pour voir le spectacle de giovanni à offrir bon on s’en aperçoive accepte aussi tu vas pas idiot tu vas pas est coupée je vais te faire disparaître ce vieux rictus de ton visage à temps plein le mec qui vient plomber l’ambiance loi laisse moi faire pierre-yves cette fois on n’a pas le choix et il vaut mieux que ce soit moi qui m’en charge tu as plus important à faire je sais bien je pars de vent en voilà qui promet d’être intéressant je n’aime pas vraiment les combats mais j’ai ici une opportunité en or de me divertir j’accepte le défi allons nous battre ailleurs nous sommes un peu allant à l’étroit ici à coulonces aux calendes donc nous on se fait un vent un vieux et un pdc ça mais le mec que tu te souviens pas c’est le gars qui dit ouais moi je ressens rien du tout attention pas il le disait lui et ses espèces de psychopathe de l’ain bon mètre à l’elysée c’est peut-être possible c’est qui c’est qui se bat on l’a déjà combattu froid je crois que je crois mais regardez qui va là c’est notre jeune de rester en national tu t’es remis à ta défaite de notre première rencontre ah oui c’est dans les bois mais que ciel qui nous éclater les d’un froid on va arrêter un monde d’adultes de bas étage de toute façon ce genre de truc nous nous mènera nulle part et nous feront perdre du temps si on expédié ce combat que je puisse enfin mettre mon poing dans la figure de ceux giovanni ah c’est toi qui disent en fait se mobilisa mais on dirait que tu a mûri quoi qu’il en soit je ne peux pas me permettre de te laisser rencontré le boss si facilement amusons-nous termes réels et de zelda facilement 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messieurs je vous laisse giovanni haut ils se font arrêter tous au yes on semble pourquoi et vous appeler les flics j’ai pas encore fini avec ce type si pierre-yves c’est fini à temps simo série la justice prendra les mesures nécessaires tu n’as pas à en faire plus tu ta baissera au niveau de ce monstre qu’est ce que j’en ai à je compte en rester là je me fiche de ne pas va de ne pas vouloir mieux je serai satisfait seulement quand je considérerais qu’il aura assez souffert pour ce que j’ai enduré désolé on ne peut pas te laisser faire ce que tu projettes mais nous comprenons ta souffrance et ferme ta gueule vous comprenez à rire du tout vous ne pouvez pas vous pouvez pas imaginer une seconde ce que je ressens ministres où est il où est il qui à part des sbires personne n’est sorti du bâtiment tu rigoles abonnés plutôt grand dès que tu comme une merde un costume noir comme spiderman désolé nous surveillons l’entrée depuis un bon moment et personne n’est sorti non non non rien ne se passe comme prévu je suis désolé on ne peut pas se permettre d’aller plus loin si tu as besoin de moi tu me trouveras au laboratoire de boue rivière désole pierre yves j’espère que ton à nice en est sorti on ne peut pas m on peut pas mettre à on ne peut me donne en danger et j’espère que tu comprendras on amène giovanni pour le juger et le condamner au revoir la plus abrupte reste new me regardait avec cette pitié je supporte pas ça on rentre obtint ses jets régionaux tu l’as là ou pas plusieurs imams le garder ivan ils veulent le prendre décidément nos chemins seront destinés à se croiser fréquemment pirée dans le temps s’ils restent plantés max à la sortie mais comment ils et comment les flics l’ont pas choper type à jeudi des pervers derrière un mur et un bus à toit ça veut dire que mist oui tin oo tu n’as pas vraiment l’air au courant cet individu est décidément encore plus cynique et sur moi que moi qu’est ce que tu racontes tu comprendras en vieillissant et en nourrissant les gens n’affiche pas toujours ce qu’ils sont réellement et mista fait partie de cette catégorie et n’a jamais été à de ton côté tu étais juste une marionnette entre ses mains il avait un but il s’est servi des toits il s’est enfui avec ce qu’il y avait longtemps en partie grâce à mon aide l’entraînement d’hier qui s’est servi de moi pourquoi devrais te croire et de toute façon comment sais-tu autant sur lui nous avons un peu discuté après notre combat combat que j’ai perdu il m’a expliqué une partie de ceux qui projetaient de faire dans l’espoir d’obtenir mon aide il a eu la suite des événements promet d’être intéressante petit job de famille parcours où est il qu’est ce qu’ils préparent bon sens tu est décidément bien remonté par contre toutes révélées ne serait guère amusant je vais cependant de donner une information des plus utiles il y a un grand amateur de piano notamment des nocturnes de chopin qu’il apprécie particulièrement des connaisseurs se rendent au manoir des valses et gas si mes souvenirs sont bons tu pourrais y trouver des partitions si ce n’est déjà fait qu’est ce que tu veux que je fasse de cette information c’est là tout l’intérêt de l’énigme que de le découvrir au revoir nous nous reverrons sans doute a donc l’histoire n’est pas du tout finie il ya encore vraiment pas mal à faire le mieux mieux mais mieux au style et là on en a gardé new donc donc on a un bio donc donc donc probable c’est du lourd on aligne origines il est obligé de rester dans l’équipe a mais la muse shan à ce que je te propose c’est d’aller dans l’est le maître des capacités du set pour qu’ils nous apprennent justement ce que mios actuelle on verra ça en fera sans en private vous ne verrez pas se fier à leur abonnement en au nous attend mais qu’on n’a pas visité la grotte les carrément on n’a pas vu on a peut-être comme you see est retranché du tout je vous dis ouais à temps parce qu’ils disaient qu’ils avaient un pokémon légendaires là dedans en fait d’un groupe cristalline attentats temps on est rendu à combien de vidéos l’apd on va se calmer non je sais pas du tout j’ai pas compter du tout cas on va mettre un maquereau pouce parce que je sais qu’elle est par contre on a vu que les niveaux commence heureusement augmenté je te conseille de faire x pm poté bravo 90 alors là on est fier blu à watch and on peut descendre oui on peut descendre on peut descendre normalement calé à oui il ya un petit chemin là je vois au y des fossiles en bas vous les voyez mec faudrait pas que ce soit des hawks his own des météorites ça va durer et des météorites à tin tin tin tin tin tin tin tin t’attend on y arrive m j’ai reçu giraschi olalalala les amis ya du lourd je suis là entendu c’était oui oui c était lui ont le teint autant attend les météorites tu croyais un truc dessus semble provenir de les mecs mec c’est pour les six pour des os 6 c’est pour des aussi c’est obligé il ya la forme attaque défense vitesse est normal mais il y en a 4 ans fait donc ça marche pas ton truc attaque défense

vitesse normale ah ouais si bon on tente je crois qu’il va se barrer je le sens aucun nom ok or n’a pas sauvegardé il est tellement innovant on says ouais tu sais qu’il est du même type que métal aussi assis psy donc son double type peut très bien sauf que lui normalement il a dit filtration donc il n’est pas le seul ça veut dire que sa seule faiblesse c’est le feu le mec au c’est violent donc je fais pas peu et je fais très haut niveau ce sont dix tranches optique bas 30 l’antique c’est une boîte 7 assaillent la gironde mais on fire alors on s’est fait deux épisodes d’affilée où ses 1001 mais y’a que ça commençait du légendaire jack de légendaires les amis c’est du lourd action à messi du long j’ai gardé le meilleur pour la fin quoi une fois qu’on la torche et un peu l’histoire principale la au plat alors 3,53 vol en plus ça doit le faire à chaque fois à chaque fois on est un petit espoir que ça passe du premier coup alors en plus en plus la cave elle n’est pas très grande on les eaux direct cost et claf puis il pas passé par quatre chemins qu il ait avant tout défoncer pas minimes alors troll amis les plus endormis de wii u est là pour le coup on a plein de paix on a bien fait de passer par le centre social club alors où mais qu’attend je rêve où il m’a tapée quand ils étaient endormis pourquoi me dis pas qu’il a déjà rodé sera ou non il a fait rigoler et oui il a fait ricou yamini là comme si les vies il a fait rigoler m mais ça veut dire que tu on est dans la merde bah ça veut dire qu’il faut avoir de la chatte en fait précis en appréciant ça c’est pour ça qu’il m’a tapé oui parce que même quand ils étaient endormis après science ça tape au dodo donc là il va me taper voit la prescience montage sac mon buzz favorable à chacun sait que 11e temps 15 giraschi shiny au calme je serai pas que peut-être ils enjoignent à la la ça ne veut pas ça ne veut pas olabe a fait 2-2 blues n’ont pas de pas de groupe 1 ouf aïe ses plaies sont frappants c’est pour ça qu’il est mort à damoclès d’un mot classe battant j’ai encore plus de chance de l’avoir du coup enfin plus de chance oui tout est relativement bas aller 2 blue plat au moins aller le deuxième bloc on y croire voilà le deuxième boucle le deuxième se réveille vent cib annoncent une autre voilà qu’il faut tenter une bolée norris paneque une bonne du non-respect de la baule du non respect olala c’est lui qui ne respectaient pas bon alors on attend 5 rappelle j’ai pas que ça passe ouais j’ai peur qu’il se fasse une dame en classe la résidence mais ça échoue car dans le cas de sa échoue ça échoue bataille lors de son audience ok alors là on est au plus proche est ce que je tombe je commence pas à attaquer les chronos vol non non non on n’a pas fait recette au fond on a un passé un bon l’attendent une drôle allez une chrono bol en plus elle est jolie un gérard meylan ça me revient en europe y est d’accord il semble pas les steaks on va revenir sur les hyperboles il est vraiment plus rien d’incroyable et 70 101 non mais vous aviez rêvé alors on peut pas faire on peut pas faire plus proche là on le tue sinon même l’usi vas-tu et je pense au temps du superbowl pardon du chrono dès qu’on arrive à 30 ans à combien on n’y a pas loin au maire je crois qu’il a lancé son truc match non il a fait voilà qu’un arrêt 4a d’accord à gré allez encore trois bols olala non mais c’est incroyable non halal et non mais c’est ouf on n’a jamais vu ça alain un nom bon alors il se réveille en pouce au smic et tente une tente une une chrono à jijé plus que j’ai pu 3 p e alexandre ses choix il faut passer une chrono allez une chrono on y croit ohlala miss liberty ait pu les voleurs j’avais quand même on peut on peut même pas le choper en chenille du coup puisqu’on a sigh pendant qu’on y est on peut balancer ça pour le voit les tranches par contre si il fait ça par exemple libre à cf sa fuite nos élèves boeuf bike 6,9 maintenant mais on va plus avoir de slots un nom mais je le veux en plus il est trop shopi métro shopping il nous faut une faute sur la croix en plus si tu rates il le sait c’est stratégiquement en plus il est pertinent

ah oui puisqu’il est aussi bien que métalos voilà pour 9,6 à mes pauses et 9 12 voilà il va avoir inquiète dans le machin bande de bras cassés c’est clairement ok là là on est bien là c’est comme ça s’il tape un peu voilà genre là parfait ne bouge plus l’ami alexandre aulas bon c’est deux heures et demie les gars c’est ces deux heures et demie du matin alors on est un peu fatigués on est on est ok là on est dans le mal dans le mal à les attend juste pas mais je m’en fous pays mais si tu veux qu’ils se réveillent aux îles scrutin mais quel abruti consanguins s’est rendormi tant est qu’on va passer une demi heure sur la vidéo qu’on va mettre un faux lent dans la prescience dans la vo pendjab oh je le rate ça fait deux fois que je rate un mètre à la lampe pedro dont on est tendu l’un 3 public eye on n’a pas droit à l’erreur il se réveille en plus à l’est où le 11 pdb orgas yes yes yes i ainsi naissent ou bon voila voila j’ai acheté un pack de réaliser tous les voeux il ne reste éveillé que 7 jours / milan ce qui est un bon ratio vous le voulez bien nous sommes ainsi fallu trouver un nom un lion gira chier facile et acier acier giraschi graphique chez soi dans la mise en scène avait fait un jeu de mots latine en alors la shoah alors c’est vraiment trop long mais attend on va mettre un on va mettre à il est déjà présent qu’est bon y’a rien à faire là des hawks et ça sera peut-être pour une prochaine fois ouais bof sachant qu’il est pas du tout intéressant hoymille style et les potters il estimé bon les amis ou en vous aura fait traîner déjà menacé faire encore je dis ça mais c’est parce que nous en fait on a les cordes la vidéo en un coup donc elle fait deux heures c’est la ouate quoi ça ouais tu as non faut que je passe à droite donc ouais nous elle fait deux heures la vidéo sauf que pour vous pour votre bien-être je vais la couper en 2 donc là normalement vous êtes sur la fin de la deuxième partie qui doit durer aussi une heure je pense à un truc comme ça donc on est rendus sur quelque chose d’assez équilibre finale voilà voilà on va aller au centre pokémon on je pense que les flics nous empêche plus de passer du coup je pense qu’on peut monter à tanger cible oui je vais tester un truc hop comme ça ça vous indique à un petit peu ce qu’on fera la prochaine fois tu en es kembo la femme on passe à vis vraiment bas ah je peux pas courir en costume comment on enlève aux héritages ne sort plus rien attends que j’enlève le cautionnement edward hopper à l’atelier utilisé bon je sais pas comment dans l’est mais j’peux pas cool alors c’est relou et je peux pas utiliser vol bon je me renseignerai comment on l’enlève ice est barrée voit là il s’est barré attend ça peut lui légendaire ça non j’ai vu sa légendaire tue pas non non seulement aux maisons de monstres le thème aussi le thème du début bon eh bien vous savez quoi les amis on va se laisser sur ça parce que ça c’est beau c’est magnifique voilà j’espère que l’épisode vous aura plu encore pas mal d’aventuré je pensais qu’on était vraiment vraiment au bout quand on touche est vraiment but donc entre l’épisode précédent et celui là on a énormément de légendaires on a énormément davanture on a eu beaucoup de choses qui sont passés j’espère que vous prenez toujours autant de plaisir à écouter voilà hugo était là pour cet épisode là j’espère qu’il sera là sur le prochain aussi parce que on sert on s’éclate mieux à deux allez donc donc voilà en attendant vous portez vous bien bonjour je souhaite une seconde fois la bonne adf ce cadeau c’est gratuit voilà et puis on se retrouve dans une prochaine vidéo ciao école

Pokemon CAWPS – Episode 4: Pedo Has Candy .. DON'T TAKE IT KIDS!

damn Daniel back at it again with the white pants are Hey alright before you actually get into this though that voice bang oh [ __ ] alright we ask you get into this time I want you guys to know some did you know that um zangoose comer fury cutter but can’t learn cut i sat here another how how how but i don’t know i don’t know but let’s go up in here though this is where we have to go in the first place what’s up buddy it’s a suit you belong to some old man before you croak before you cope this is not a joke this is i don’t know what is that the government gave the property to police I don’t know what we’re gonna do with it but I’m chilling here right now if you really boring around here you can release the bullet out front okay then what is awesome needs to know how to use it gonna drive you to do food where auto tries just to do for hey not bad what the [ __ ] okay but now we gotta we I think we finished up everything in rustboro I like how this game is it really like isn’t really focused on like the whole gym badge saying you just kind of just go with the focus cos are you there you men’s dewford town leaders who ever remembers having a porn job to do buddy okay let’s go explore my handsome couch with these people though ah dude super duper sexy just telling you how I feel about your sexiness to congratulate I give you gifts okay oh right get masked by way you have Mack rolling around here [ __ ] what Oh much is right here and everywhere no no no okay okay okay well you bother you bother to cross the street just do for it damn but police bother to check our city you’re really struggling kid a word yeah that sucks I’m sorry like that’s coming here and you know do my thing no I like what’s hip happening in trendy I’m always checking it out listen have you heard about this new overwhelming nap damn straight you know it I mean she’s over warming nap it’s better than chocolate ball sauce overwhelming nap is the biggest thing on the block right now right bud uh yeah yeah that’s corny alright how many times you going what’s up [ __ ] a woman nephew is my wet dreams okay Camila’s bombs at the peak it okay you just gave me sludge bomb bro thank you hello I’m setting up an the hip and shitty alarming Navin is true okay okay know what it’s open available not brilliant on TV hop across the sea is overwhelming not be more popular what the [ __ ] y’all title overwhelming NAB [ __ ] y’all talking about I like the official overwhelming nav official merchandise the [ __ ] is happening no to be honest I give you this overwhelming dick [ __ ] that so check it out minutes are over what the [ __ ] just happened alrighty so over whelming nap is a thing although the [ __ ] that means but alright then hey [ __ ] over here excuse me officer a couple of prisoners have escaped we put him they can’t have gone far I hate bring a damn prison guard okay nobody’s allowed to pass here other than the officer okay okay so it turns out we actually have to go wait a minute oh hey all right guys you got a Pokemon back it broke out of the prison what you need to do is get off this damn Island my Pokemon little Serb but it needs teachers how to swim come on what the [ __ ] holy crap you’ve been covering a cop don’t worry guys I had this no problem alright [ __ ] if you can beat that ass boy probably we’re trying to Nick that’s a Ponyta enjoy it with a pony Tom died next sanjaya deep waters it was a horrible death what the hell is wrong with you killed make take to himself I hate the police so that much I’ll kill you all all right already so uh already alright next she’s gonna kill herself too Wow Ted I need to kill themselves I can’t believe that that one cop could be both ones wait a second you look familiar you’re the same cop who arrested me in my home damn you I’ve gotten way stronger you punk I’ll

get my revenge alright let’s go let’s drag a little bit easier hello that was splash my dear you making strong with splash my dear Julie just let me do this what’s wrong with you really – let me set out that’s stupid no matter you won’t be able to arrest me this time I’m a great swimmer you can’t swim officer that’s too bad alright Michael stuff so steroids all right then I guess that’s pretty much dad all right I guess that’s today a woman nap all this other [ __ ] let’s go over here hello right now all the weight I’m finna go back in that battle okay sanity was problem with this little sound oh you police officer visit different enough rather than the prison of Lourdes we have problems here what’s the problem what are the problems I don’t know I have the great Raleigh Raleigh is a powerful and almighty we need human sacrifices too broadly of Clark the [ __ ] is happening the thing is not the most horrible what is wrong with y’all get enough Sun that’s what that is go over here so as popular broadly hey I got cult following the [ __ ] what some call a dead body the volley killed these [ __ ] what the [ __ ] he’s happy there like dead bodies on the floor did you meet him passing through me okay killing up thank you my next Raleigh’s right here who the hell you go girls are let’s try one sure not with the movement that I am and very ass good-bye Riley’s right here it wasn’t probably got Colts ready for it go I am broadly almighty leader of Duke but if you wish to challenge me for a gym badge eating human no he wants to arrest me for my crimes hahaha let me show you my power you more the weakling the flood now this air but this man is talking about well hopefully he doesn’t beat my ass he’s gonna be my ass anyways from deck that’s bad okay next is monkey we hit her we catch that really good kid okay they go he’s gone yeah all right well that’s never happened before this is awkward very awkward okay look guys I really wanna go to prison north of here how about I give you a bribes let me go no seriously like what the [ __ ] already gave you a chance to murmur and now he’s my Maximizer red candies you pay for what you’ve done wait a minute bro we’re not supposed to take the bribe with the focused and I hate them [ __ ] hey I got the bird there you go what no wait brother foots arrested okay and put the pheasant eggs anchors tag Veronica Billy destroy him sing what happened Bradley’s followers were angry and tried to attack [ __ ] Angus destroy them okay so are they dead so we had to kill Brawley we had to kill Raleigh that’s crazy um did they give us one over here he was a cannibal now Raleigh is definitely gone Abby all right so brawly’s gone now and I’m guessing I gotta go report back to the people up north and then tell them that they gotta go or that they the prisoners that escaped died or killed themselves rather yah well criminal gets arrested in the hole and he sends her child of question is guilty finally pulling away from their sentences secure prison every prison guard okay so you guys don’t say anything to me at all all right so I’m messin with that zipper over here end up in here still Oh he’s been alone we left after after that that’s Isis Isis better you gotta stay

awake you know damn well Jose you’ve done very well but it’s probably time to get the hell off this island but where – there’s what a slave poor obviously let’s go hey hey finally made it we finally made it start from the bottom now we’re hey alright so we see a baby as phenomenal Oh [ __ ] Rosie’s like Cooper sounds like lasagna hey you’re that girl damn Daniel back at it again with the white pants or please battle with me okay really really what the [ __ ] you could eat okay pick another party beach house ourselves little pop some beer cans yeah okay what the [ __ ] bro what the hell got lemonade on degbrend what the [ __ ] hey kids God says you can let’s cut roll roll these are children bro we gotta catch a predator in the making mozzie you know he’s arrested you don’t want history can I tell you that that’s not it’s not but with these Lele I’m sorry wait your flashes whatever so I’m sorry wait a minute I can’t I can’t [ __ ] there’s 20 people here what that was happening here I can legally I can’t legally sell beer that police officers do you want to be on the show – no too bad if you’re really poor at a party beat something on an officer okay I knew that was gonna happen but wait wait a minute wait bro ah okay so I will be right back okay alright so I don’t know what the hell is happening right now but uh everybody welcome back and uh hmm obviously please help us as gangsters call okay so there are they having a gang war wait what the [ __ ] the hell is happening a zoo and a Zoomer and a dusclops Dan that sucks alone the matter of fact let me go back down there and get this [ __ ] thing I don’t I got some lemonade some stair like something let me get some from you bro I think it’s time from you bro let me get some from you brought a go cuz gosh this is popper the hell gotta put okay the I think is half so strong I put the other officers out that’s crazy hold on one time a team magma members to my home and demanded to sleep with my daughter I crushed that fool my steel

legs damn Reliance I investigate the museum in the harbor I bet this from activity there to my blog probably publishes dealt with okay there has to be something here that you really need help gang violence killed a lot of people at workers here right away pop what’s our what do y’all doing but they’re killing people from working here the [ __ ] is happening right now [ __ ] bro what the leeches are this combined entire it [ __ ] on the last ATM [ __ ] I probably did pick the wrong didn’t come here do you think is there ask me out there out here trying to fight bro they don’t care it do days don’t give a [ __ ] at all while all the police officers are sitting them round we have to help what are y’all doing I hate saw these it is a fighting that’s it a little girl hello goes over there huh I will kill all you [ __ ] right now everybody’s catching today : await a minute everybody’s catching dick who wanted little girl come here I’m really scared there anything okay they’ll never find me here okay oh you won’t stay right there okay I got your guys real fast so I gotta find whoever’s doing this justice as it is in the original row okay I don’t know they took away the pokey my slops Alexa so we’re not even close to being I gotcha they’re actually like they’re actually just running around right now I think it’s dead what the [ __ ] is going on there’s the last place hey that’s my [ __ ] over there about to end this I gotcha oh [ __ ] everybody’s dead they’re all dead so for you want to die – okay I guess I’m looking good ass I’m not these thing as we killed why I’m the main [ __ ] hair you’ll catch this dick you don’t catch this [ __ ] dick yeah a [ __ ] well I ask you uh so you’re a cop you’re gonna arrest me now pass here wait you leave it whatever go up in there now Alexa come up in here now hopefully we can agree you love Bobby Marco I won’t go come here now we’re gonna go that’s what you love – I got a [ __ ] burn on me I don’t know why I burn away that’s he going he was going down hello I think I said eight to four wait what am I missing I’ve talked to everybody

they’ve already killing each other they’re not even close to the fight again gun fighting am I missing anybody else right now what else am I missing I don’t understand who else or what else yo wait a minute I might leave the team up what we’re still in the submarine why cuz little stop list you do what you want but what the [ __ ] just Nagar I hate those photos you killer but also a chance against Oh what the row that’s so much chaos happening right now now we got to go up in there now they’re funny oh my god what she little girl about you though this world is insane hello there officer what business do you have a team aqua today you wants to leave slave-boy sorry but we all stay pouring we don’t give up well of course our hand Brom will be all you [ __ ] Lola wait a minute where’s the other with that come in okay tomorrow Ziggy let’s punks who kill our crew members revenge time alright whatever Oh No what do you do I come on my god come on what the [ __ ] come on thank you Jesus crying our next where’s it where’s this guy out okay what a mess I’ve to clean it up okay so you’re sick Shelley right Shelley is that you babe my god honest I think Sully got the best low up in the games Dolores this is life wrong I’m one starting everything that’s good no let’s Joe this line is right now hello catch – catch – they go everybody it the [ __ ] out please here you just killed it oh my oh you’re gonna arrest me never mind I finish off the mango in Pikachu with lemons Don’s so both sides lead okay okay so we diner or we die redone okay so now I think we’re done with everything you need to get done with right and I hear them one they’re gone yay you know there’s nobody here there’s no full-time whatever whatever alrighty so I’m guessing we’re done here ladies not here either all right then I guess we’re done here for sleep for it all right though all right so that being said I think that I never start off right here this game is crazy I don’t know what the hell is going on but oh my god I’ll see you guys later hope you guys enjoy bye

SECRET CAVE! – Pokemon Rejuvenation – Episode 17

all right so let’s popping everybody signified over here and welcome back to put one rejuvenations you’re under the deal everybody liked the video be sure to like this video remember like the video and that’s pretty much it you’re supposed really appreciated thank you so much also go check out last the last episode because that episode was actually really crazy and basically we found we got abducted and Aleta was taken away in a legit day day long as they killed that they killed her they damn near [ __ ] like her entire soul is gone she’s like a lot of lifeless Dombey her hair was all straightened [ __ ] I was like Hello kinda bad though we gotta check it out though also we found out that um teams n are the same people that are [ __ ] with us I mean pretty much knew this you pretty much could tell that everything that we get into this game is teams n thing so that’s whatever is fun but now we have to go do flower duty I think I don’t know if we’re really in prison right now he’s crazy it’s sad it’s worse because they have us in a prison cell and they took our pokeballs away but they have a way that they can do anything I wanted I wonder if um I wonder if this little like pokeball defect signal thing works on their pokéballs too that’s why they have weapons instead I did what you asked me to well of course you did so I heard hmm why is that girl so special what does that give you me why are you torturing her oh that her father was a traitor she deserves it are you that cold-hearted I am when I had to be I don’t enjoy torturing people teenagers for that matter you think I enjoy her pain it sure seems like it what I don’t what torturing isn’t me when is what Anastasia says goes why torture her and not her father her father has been dead for ages is that so how would you feel if I talked to your daughter if I hated you watch it girl I enjoy your presence don’t speak out of line my apologies I just meant I know what she meant to answer a question I’d kill you slow so if you’d understand the love of a father for his daughter why the whole reason I’m here is because I love my daughter I joined this team because of her I’m confused why would you my answer stops there one last day why are you just saying the signal of their pokéballs when they make more sense to just confiscate them curious little less a it’s to have their pokemons because Madame X wants it that way technology can failure you know the moment that signal goes out of the game over for this place you’re correct but it doesn’t matter if this place ends are in the right or not but get me wrong this we’re trying to prevent that at all cost forever if it comes we’ll just happen okay why is he so so cold-hearted bro you got a [ __ ] you so basically fortunately later I can’t go that way what oh yeah I gotta go to west ring I’m sorry I do it elastic hey I’m saying I’m just really I I thought this might be like a big ass like story thing happening over here and I’m probably gonna miss it or I’m probably gonna go way over my head I’m not sure probably so but [ __ ] it why not right reverse candy okay okay and I’m guessing we’re how long this is a big-ass island Jesus Christ hey I got a pearl send it to the Pearl is a busy those several flowers are growing on the north I don’t know what’s going on here I don’t need if you keep repeating same [ __ ] over and over again I’m pretty sure I’ve been over okay I could have just skip that entire thing with it whatever [ __ ] I hire pushes on deck okay okay yo oh my god finally battlenet I’m both got assigned stuff on the East Wing so they won’t be here for a little while okay so at first we didn’t really trust you at all you weren’t sure if you were a spire what you tried to her for me about how the signals worked in the most subtle way possible we get stuck but we suck at being subtle as you possibly could have guessed you already know how the signal works we tried to find our area where the signal couldn’t read to get a sweat we talked did you see this

little opening here there’s a passage here right but you can actually right through that tree only valid I and Adam and I said essential someone knows what to say here so there aren’t any antennas back here so when I saw just use our pokeballs here I understand way we’re gonna use our pokeballs here yeah what the [ __ ] body everybody in this [ __ ] especially that whole ass now I’m about to cast me a [ __ ] teddiursa I don’t care I don’t give a [ __ ] I do not care I want that one’s head here sir I’m boss having some nice power some of the blow that [ __ ] back that yo he’s go he’s about to get blown the [ __ ] back today us again that pokeball for me if you don’t get that [ __ ] pokeball [ __ ] you’re gonna die it I’m not gonna be you’re gonna die it and I’m not gonna be the reason why you die I’m gonna catch you getting this [ __ ] pokeball one two three thank you so much is it female 2 I’m missing my mama bear I’m I’m a bear why not than anything else here I can use dog please I didn’t know Stover’s gonna be I just I’ll you know I’ll just take I’ll just take Teddy or Cindy I’ll take it I’ll just take it I will take it I’m gone goodbye listen to someone right braixen get your ass over here son sake do you have to yell out to stay incognito thank you you’re a talking Pokemon oh hey or something oh yeah I think I forgot to mention that Braxton was a talking Pokemon yes you special – just look at that fur I’d have third why are you looking at me I’m in like I’m an idiot I mean I don’t I know I am but damn the whole no signal thing I know what you’re thinking why don’t we just send our Pokemon back here retaliate if you were thinking that and you’re not gonna survive in this world and long people who go in guns blazing always dying eventually lose because they’re not prepared we’ve come we’ve all come to a unanimous agreement to not act this way and to have a surefire way of the same in a signal and as a whole we are gym leaders but that’s just a title ordinary people can be just as strong as us I mean you’re right I’m right here this not a stranger they’re cool no worries I asked Val and Adam they’re both side it was said it was okay I guess if Val and Saki choice – I will – anyways braixen God died with us – but Valerie was smart and she threw a poker while I backed it as soon as she was taken it was a good thing – the guards so she’s not even though she doesn’t belong to a traitor they didn’t even need the water and can enter the Caterham okay [ __ ] my life man so they they’re planning on retaliating they just can’t especially the warden I thought the war is about to blow us all the way back they were just waiting for it now you know you guys everybody up in the dining area I guess where the [ __ ] are where does she go waited like Lily where does she go maybe some acid assails I don’t know I love messing my hair I’m so I apologize I just don’t know where the [ __ ] should have winds okay so we’re pretty much asked out and I have no idea where oh there they go let it go there they go there goes it’s just over there okay I’ll get again it so confused alright what’s poppin yo I’m sorry miss

black miss blackery there’s black UE and Nick where are you – you were just by the ab sauce that so I couldn’t read what it said but it looks pretty are you sure about that how comes to you guys a while to get to this post end you came from the other direction as well listen no one in question is your life choice asylum I do not question mine I’m warning you miss blackery stay out of trouble I want you to in my view at all times got it yes understood I will blow you to [ __ ] back we did I’ll blow you to [ __ ] back [ __ ] you talking about wait that was too close for comfort I thought they were going to search the area for blind spots well it would have been really bad see every needless to say that they prepare okay so my thing is this you have these tall ass watchtowers and yet you can’t see an open area with the [ __ ] house and then you have people in that house or in those watchtowers I can’t see us what I’m so confused I don’t want to stick here whatever man whatever say she and I are good we go way back where the [ __ ] is she going she’s super weird hey I have an idea wants to talk to her neck maybe you find that something about her okay so I don’t know what the [ __ ] you expect me to do I am NOT a psychiatrist [ __ ] I don’t know yeah let’s probably girl there’s something once for me well we’re just gonna stand there and stare at me then do it from a distance I want to speak to you Nick wait stop I’m Foster this is one of nez cronies I didn’t nothing Nick approached me not vice-versa I don’t care who started way you’re deplorable Dana I don’t approve of what Ned is doing if that’s what you’re wondering I’m here because I want to play I need a place to stay I could I would have cared I wouldn’t care if you had a gun to your head I suppose it’s just as bad as never then now that I are nothing alike I wonder though you both show a little mercy for enemies you lose your temper you sound on tend to me I’ve done speaking of you damn I’m nice speaking with you today oh yeah let’s go Nick look around a little bit here now we have a PC and a couple you [ __ ] bag I don’t [ __ ] care about money you [ __ ] bro you’re all getting [ __ ] Jew bodied I want you to notice right now so I want to know who’s better nd palm better or is there a certain better it’s penny Palmer is doing with Amy Palmer it seems and calm her sory nice they’re both are you poking at the same time it’s my god hey I have pickup it I don’t really need I’m pretty some fun it’s whatever it’s fine so in reality we can’t really um okay so cuz there’s a mouth that’s why I can’t see us so my question is yo what’s good yo yo the nerve of that girl I don’t mami I’m just whining to myself as usual sake told me that she spoke to Braxton surprising ya or surprising right sake created a machine for her that allows her to speak to our language our language she’s really talented oh that’s right it’s like you told me she would distract the guard a bit we need to speak the brass in a bit more before we need to start looking for us again okay I got it I got struck out struck out struck out struck out struck out struck out I got two I have you I gotcha let’s go I’m sorry I was doing good okay let’s go oh look at me I’m a double security outside of Nora the Oh No excuse me Maybach over there look I never noticed his cave back here then I might have a lady gonna ask a guard for him in the supply corridor I’d be suspicious he vote for Monica’s they’d

be better in glass yourself so there is a [ __ ] cave around here and apparently nobody knew it existed the exact same way nobody knew that the house existed either right okay this game is so [ __ ] sketchy but it’s crazy because it’s like something like Walking Dead [ __ ] like if you watch these videos and like some like in like in like anime fashion or like Walking Dead like just been binge watch this [ __ ] you really do get a sense of story progression and I know somebody was telling me um you know Nick if you could like put the border for the face cam we know the FaceCam border at the top right instead of the bottom right the thing about that is um you can either miss out on the text or you can like miss some of the sprites because a lot of the sprites because this is a really small screen that a lot of the battle sprites you know get covered up by the webcam and I was trying to prevent that because that’s what I used to do last time gonna make it too small oh gosh that’s the Chinese food eight-ten it again I don’t want to UM I don’t want to just have that out there you know I don’t want to have that be a thing where it’s like oh I’m you know I’m blocking out certain things I’m blocking out a spider – I don’t want to be that guy you know I don’t know it’s one of those things where it’s like ah you know No but then if I wasn’t reading so fast you’d probably understanding some of the story also so I can’t really be mad at you for you know like first saying that cuz I’m like reading really fast or tended to be really fast I’m just stumbling over words you know so it’s really not you know in like to play like I can’t read or not uh I mean I could read is just like really slow you know it’s really slow I really like casual but you know just to get for the sake of keeping the video not specific length or a specific timeframe it’s just really hard to read everything so fast and have it to where like oh god it’s like a pasty oh [ __ ] you know it’s like a certain type of dialogue but it’s whatever that’s totally fine I’ll just try to work on me reading at a casual pace and forget you know the whole time another thing while still keeping the time limit true if anything it would allow better better what’s the word what’s the word was aware was worth time restraints I guess I guess it’s a type of word I cliffhangers I guess I don’t know I don’t know I’ll let me know dressing better conversation below I’ll just keep I’ll keep on which myself I’m sorry then we um alright I gotta go oh so you’re able to get your hands on a mining kid great job Nick now this is take a second but alright that’s it a little longer than I hope it’s done nevertheless ovalle those two guys are really nice is that mom not even I know what she’s playing with trust why do you try to so much these days if I remember correctly you and then they lose why you worry about that I really can’t fix it oh [ __ ] you’re so boring I forgot you’re even here you could have slipped away just now you’d be free we’re home free well you’re too stupid for that right well that was quite rude Anastasia Anastasia I’ve never thought you act this way oh please don’t act as if that has feelings this is a good joke anyway if she can’t face we’re gonna have to find other ways around her problem I knew I know that has the frost last and we could okay most of my mind playing like we’re getting a new recruit today they don’t get a new recruit all the time true but this one’s already being promoted an executive what’s their name can we leave your smell is hoarding here she’s right for once we could talk about this later mom come back mommy

[ __ ] y’all hoes Mama’s here there’s so many like I will blow this entire [ __ ] island off the face of the planet if you [ __ ] don’t get back my mom is that serious it’s that [ __ ] serious well it’s just like the stage that chick says this machine is suffering from major heating issues I wonder why is it well let’s see that click over there this one yeah that one canceling signal this signal machine controls the antennas that’s what I thought but you could click the icon on the top left that’s just show decoding oh right look at that the code is absolutely disgusting it’s all over the place I guess the person who created this machine wasn’t really a hotshot programmer I’m so sure what do you mean I’ve seen Saki mess with coding the class before the one thing to mess up is code ok the Kota suppose every time they’ve seen to do multiple tasks at once on the one generator that’s trying to do so much the little powering started to overheat dude this thing is – oh [ __ ] well the good that’s good isn’t it this thing knows that we’ll be able to use our Pokemon everywhere yes but it’s also destroy the whole island say what now this machine requires our crap to a nuclear power if it overheats on the South it will catch fire and once the fire reaches its core there’s no telling what could happen it could explode implode on itself nickman deliberately did this to destroy the island I don’t think she knew that her child would be on this island with her no no no no no this isn’t good we’re gonna have to find one to stop this well here’s an ID see those pipes I think they’re filled with wires that connect the antennas with a bunch of and we could sever these pipes all the antennas could go offline this’ll be doing it this way could eliminate the possibility of having the signal turned back on okay if we can cut out the signal the alarm should think that everything is going according to plan well good can’t you burn the pipes yourself are you nothing I’m a fire-type and what this fires generate heat this place is already hot as enough as it is adding more faster flame will make it worse this machine will blow a sky-high let’s take take cares of his one job another day and we’ll be free I wonder there was you please sake didn’t these job already so we’re good fine I’d help you look what the whole Pokemon thing really is exactly right now for me right you have to move quickly if I don’t get every looking for the antenna data what’s her name oh [ __ ] Jesus Christ this isn’t good man this is not good at all and I think we’re gonna end up set up right here cuz a lot of [ __ ] just happened and I’m trying to think right now I will see you guys in the next step was so like I’m subscribe if you enjoyed we have to find the antenna and then we have to take off the pokeballs be whoever’s ass we have to beat and get our mom bag then dip out go back to the [ __ ] town get our gym badge and we’re good so I’ll see you guys later like the video that’s gonna be it bye