Bitki Doku Kültürü için Kendi İnkubasyon/Geliştirme Odamızı Yapıyoruz -1

Hello Friends, A few time ago, Approximately two months ago, right here, there was a cupboard thrown into the basement We took it, repaint it, covered the inside with a reflective material, We got her to light up and enabled humidifaction and have added a fan for ventilation and a heater for heating and have designed a micro-controller device for controlling environment inside even to control lighting periods temperature and humidity for day and night and finally have built a perfect plant growing room without a differences when compared commercial equipment very smart even than me 🙂 working perfect! there was some difficulties it tooks ~two months because I have spared only my weekends for this job I couldn’t share new videos in this time In Fact, I was planned to built this at the begin of winter I was planning to use it in winter but almost winter has gone while I built it February passed today is march one but we could just finished it but it was worth our labor I haven’t fully edited yet we have 5 shelves in the cupboard Covered with a material that reflects light We have a fan for ventilation We have heaters on the inner surface of the cabinet behind refective material and we have a humidifier, but then I can add another moisturizer For lighting we use a full spectrum power led Then I’ll add a cool white fluorescent inside also Because, The full spectrum led is very useful for germination time but white light can be more effective in the development stage Yes, it is a very nice hardware working perfect would you like to see How it made? lets get watched Yes, Friends We left behind summer days slowly winter is coming We will break up away from the comfort of summer months in our plant tissue culture studies 25 degree temperature and 70% humidity will not be easy to provide also adequate illumination will not be easy to provide therefore I’ve decided to build a culture room I’m gonna use this cabinet for this job I will repaint first, I will cover the inner surface with a reflective material

I will add glass shelves I will enable lighting and ventilation Later, I will add a micro-controller to control environment inside it will keep as optimum and control continuously the temperature and humidity and lightingt for me I will divide the cabinet into two separate sections I will use one for cultures that need to be kept in the dark But it will use the same ventilation, heat and humidification environment The top of the cabinet will be illuminable for desired periods such as 16 hours light 8 hours dark I hope to make a nice growth chamber from this closet we will build it together this may give ideas to you for built your own growth chambers Lets Build it I will use this underfloor film heater to heating our culture room this equipment is used for heating rooms from under carpets I will use this power led to illuminate our culture room a 100 Watt full spectrum power led This led are plugged in a CPU cooler which 24V fan supported because it gets too hot I selected 24V fan because my controller device will have 24V input So I can feed the fan from the same input source a thermistor is connected with a red cable to power led thus, micro-controller will be constantly measuring the temperature of the power led the micro controller will run the fan when power led heated if led overheated, micro-controller will shutdown the lights for safety These LEDs have powerfull illumination lets try first, This flickers is caused by the camera I am covering inside of cabinet with this reflective material Our heater is here, it will be stay behind of this material I’ll add the fans and the controller after the covering is completed

This is the lens of our lighting equipment a 120 degree lens therefore I plan to get maximum illumination at the side edges of the cabinet yes, we installed the our ventilation fan it seems lovely lets test it works fine and very quiet perfect! our work still continue I made a hole in here for LCD display

micro-controller will show us information about inside environment such as temperature, humidity, temperature of lighting equipment I will also add some leds to here, to show status If the blue led is on, it will mean cold inside If the red led is on, it will mean overheat of inside I haven’t planned yet. But I’m planning this is the schematic of display panel of our culture room Display panel will communicate with micro-controller with a flat cable there will be, a lcd display, eight leds, a thermistor, to get outside temperature an infared receiver and a buzzer to get alarm Now I make connections and prepare pcb at the last it will be like this this will be a green led and it will show that everything is ok inside this will be a red led and it will means there is some problems about inside environment inside is cold, or overhot, or unsufficient humidity…etc this will be blue and it will mean inside is cold this will be red and it will mean inside is overhot this will show that heater is online this will show that light is on this will show that humidifier is online and last one will show for ventilation status there will be an infared receiver for remote control of micro-controller We’re getting close it took to long than my estimation a few times, I made pcb’s from start over this is schematic of our micro-contoller

I will use an Atmega328p-pu micro-controller In fact, this is an Arduino I choiced to make my own arduino because I didn’t want to deal with modules modules are good for prototyping but not for product state there is a rtc over it. to get time of day there are three relay for on-off lighting,heating and ventilation there will be two switch for 24V via controlled by mosfets One of them for humidifier, because it is 24V other is for power led cooler this is DHT21 for get humidify and temperature inside this is pcb of our micro-controller circuit it will seem like this I added pin-sockets also for expantion If I want to add some features in future I will add new layers over this circuit there will be a connector layer on top to communicute display panel here is connector layer, Hobibotanik culture room anymore what will I say ? Let’s not say anything Yes, Hobibotanik culture room will like this

Let’s find a nice name for it we are getting close to finish it We designed this circuit but, everyone not have to know electronics if any one thinks “How I will Made” you no need to design it This is an Arduino basicaly and some I/O modules What is these I/O modules ? we need a relay shield with 3 or 4 relay this circuit can be made by installing required modules piece by piece an 2×16 LCD display required (I2C supported) a DHT21 module to get temperature and humidity I will share schematic of this circuit as arduino based you will not to design a circuit like this but you can build you own device by modules with and Arduino Uno or Nano or else other these are not expensive things total cost will not exceed 40-50 USD you can make device, will provide same functions I will also share control software this is my first prototype I had planned to use Arduino Nano at the first I made and run it but, relay module is seperated, Real time Clock is also seperated, finally I decided to make it all in one These were a little warming works for me This is my second prototype. it is works also but there was a problem on pcb. tracks were broken I preferred to upgrade it instead repairing as a result, this is a fun for me

enough for today That’s enough for today, we will continue tomorrow Our micro-controller circuit has come final state Now we will print it by laser printer later, we will transfer design to copper plaque by heat and we will etch in acid and will get pcb circuit this is acetone our copper plaque is ready to transfer ten minutes later

we are peeling paper by water thus, toner will remain on copper plaque our pcb is ready seems good there is olive oil in here I will clean from paper residue between tracks by oil help I have to pay attention to especially thin tracks The tracks may be stuck together like this

if I have been not see, the circuit would not work seems OK we can etch this to be continued

Thorn Automation Limited 0-40v , 0-50A Linear power Supply Tear Down Part 4

hi everyone this is hopefully the final part of this power supply teardown so what we going to do I’m into the front panel section as I was talking before and then we got the front panel bits and bobs here so let’s stop it taking get these things out nope always either too big or too small I was the case and in this case is too big let’s see if I have anything that yep every up so what we have if they stupid camera focuses we are so doo dolls and the rest of the stuff so you got here these are like I’ll put this down it would look here so you can see and then you can lock it so then you won’t be able to turn the knobs yep high quality same thing again this is for the overvoltage stat let me see your funky rackets you got this and then we have these this one keep using that stupid screwdriver which is broken so this is the actual switch that turns the power supply on it’s quite a BP switch sound right so you can see it it’s like to switch stuck together and we have yeah that’s weird I think if these are the build with built-in fuse a thermal fuse so obviously if it gets warm or anything like that overcurrent you will wear you will shut itself of its like these are the kind of switch kind of fuses that they are used in the main electricity at home at the actual mr. point the distribution point where it said chris is coming to the house so I believe these are those type it does feel like it’s something at the back that makes it that flip down so yeah this must be those kind of a fuse and switch inside this but anyway not with that now we got this up I got a toggle switch go meet in England it doesn’t have fire arrows switches probably expensive high quality switch made in the UK 3 amp at 240 volts visible there we’ve got three amp 240

volt it’s got really nice although it’s very old just got very nice feel to it very solid switching I stepped so we got the film cap no I’m pointing up so got fill cap there and then we got our rotary pot made by spectral 10k pot and this is a why Brown wire you know ten turn part where I’m round potentiometer now why did these ones are not don’t break on me now there we go this potentiometer if you will be good yuba gamera so we got light on SWA servo teach Nick so a technic made in west germany oh you don’t see that every day 10k point one percent Oh see that kind before usually is point two five isn’t it linearity let’s see yeah see we go linearity 0.25 % and this valley near it is point one percent left bloody camera choose properly damn camera there we go linearity point one percent 10k and it is point one percent as well so 10k point one percent this one is 10k point five percent so these are much better quality hmm so these are one percent for the in geometers I never seen something like this before no good stuff now this one yep similar yes that one was 10k this one is this 800 oh I believe we’ve got 800 own I think because there yeah 800 on same thing you get 1% and point one percent linearity so these must be some special then geometers okay what is this I have no idea what this is it’s kind of like a meter but it’s got some weird no not really managing this well using the tiniest news wash it there oh my god this is reading wink go away the hell is this oh no idea what this is

this is some fun of her some type of meter got the four connections at the back it’s kind of like a happy face it’s got two eyes and now he’s on a happy face but this thing in the middle you can see it’s kind of a it’s a meter so no idea what this is never seen Amita like this before full scale of 1 milli amp lot lo hee Lee meters must be some form of a measuring something Scott Walt an amp on it so then always used for and we got a relay this pink is got 20 different screw sets and washes all around so we got a very dirty relay consider God chunks and everything everywhere and we got the capacitors e ro brand your do euro your d maybe OD is hard to damn camera and we go that your deal with that ero leaving might be d oh I don’t know but yeah and then we got this relay there so we got the footprint and the silkscreen for the capacitors on this side but then the caps are connected on this side I go that’s funny okay now what we got nice hopefully nope we cut the meters see what brand meat they are so we got this is the amp meet with the amp and here and this is the back can’t really read what brand it is it’s I believe the person who wrote this must have been a doctor because this is a doctor’s handwriting Lee the wine writing they can never read so either I’ll show you must be some form of a high quality meter then we’ll use the cheapest meters in this kind of equipment but yeah anyway that was the

amp meter and this is the voltage meter if we can open up yep same brand meter again probably doctors associated Oh doctors Corp idea high quality again high quality meters not much left thank God for that from this section we just got the one panel bulbs then we have the light indicator the third one indicator which is helped by this little metal brackets a relief yes it can you want to larrya and that’s the little no light able to write for the on run indication when this is the front panel easily couple of kilos at least it weighs so that goes into the bin we gotta pull back to our this it is the flaw this is the control circuitry and quickly going to take apart and then we can go ahead and examine it off the camera man have to be like that doesn’t it it’s always one screw that likes to there we go let’s go around nothing like to open up and as I like to cooperate but we will get them so just take these boys off yes the first pulled out oops and do the same with these okay so there’s nothing left except there yeah put collectors which are not really that fun and we got the control circuitry so we’re going to do gonna put it down we’re going to zoom into it and now we can see so we got our

connectors here we are with our connectors coming in then we got some trimming potentiometer let’s see our power resistors and capacitors and some ICS and opera thought that they’d be using discrete to make the power supply but as you can see here they got dedicated power supply i sees 73 usually these are in the old path of life these to use them a lot back in the days so yeah what they doing they using these for the power supply if they’re basically a one-chip and all you need is this and few other bits and bobs and then pass transistors and you got yourself a nice stable power supply and I wonder if these have the wrong voltage reference or they are using something else as a voltage reference I don’t see any Zener here for voltage referencing I receipt adduci diet but I don’t see any Zener diode full voltage reference we do have diodes of it they’re here do have tired I’m going to got tired of it there I’m go another died of it there but these are for signaling I don’t mean these are for ax is it not the zener diode and we do have again fast switching diet and stuff but no and this is a this is not a diet this is a precision resistor so is that one as was indicated with an R so we don’t have any Zener diodes here for the voltage reference so it might be on the second board wonder what these are trimming we do have a previous might be op amps sfc 741 so yeah these are probably the 741 op amps yeah this must be the famous 74 10 pounds and this is the back you can see how there are tying the capacitors down if I was back in the days none of that silastic gunk that they use these days you should just physically time them much better so if you want to repair this or you good they just break this do you repair and then just there do you know maybe use a wire to just tie them down again what these days when a fixer power supply you got all that elastic or that glue crap which doesn’t come on you know you can’t break him easily and it’s just it’s just a mess it’s just trying to make it hard and harder for us to fix things they just want you to something breaks look at it our crap I’m just going to get a new one that’s what they want wasting your money anyway this is the second board with some way to the king take it away here well if that’s the transistor is a transistor but the heat sink is wait it’s got a little screw and top let’s see well actually unscrews let’s not screw it essentially what’s inside wow how weird is that I never seen that before there is the transistor there let’s clean the gunk out of it yeah so we got the bx 85 BF x 85 and then you got this weird package for the heatsink and then you got this the thing that screws on top how cool is that there we go how nice is that anyway we do have a diode here it looks different from all the other diodes i wonder if this is the reference oh maybe this doesn’t need a reference maybe these ICS had their own reference these maybe they have their own reference one hundred percent sure if they needed a Zener diode or not but this is in there is a diode here it does look like Xena it’s got 15 on it is hard

to see because the info is all the way at the bottom so you have to just unsold it that to find out exactly what it is we got another diode over here which is different from all the other ones that might be a diode zener diode nope that’s a 1 and 75 to other if this is the end diet we got another one over here actually same kind of thing as the one at the bottom here yeah same kind of packaging and we go over there and it’s next to the transistor so wonder if that is the voltage reference none of these are tabs are marked so I want to know what what so here you can see look you got the mod number and then we got all this numbering over here so number seven is left out so is that how they distinguish what mod this is so mod 7 is that what it means Oh what wouldn’t you have to all the numbers and then just circle around the number but then again circling with their with any marker might come off so this way at least you know that this is mark 7 model walk seven no idea no no this one is at seven the M is missing that’s weird ought then we got cross on number one so is that how they no idea someone must have been drunk when they were making this but if you can see how they used to make PCB back in the day look at this little shape over here then we got the Miguel yo funky shape over there I can see how funky the whole PCB design is but yeah note that this power supply was very expensive when he first came out yeah totally tuck is this too little tiny board to control that giant beast of a power supply that I just took apart in four videos yep this must be the the biggest the video that I’ve done the longest broken into four parts but the only reason is because the whole thing was too heavy and taking apart wasn’t easy but anyway yeah this what was inside the power supply I hope you enjoyed it up I haven’t seen anyone taking this kind of power supply apart on the YouTube so hopefully it might come hand it to someone want to see what’s inside it before you purchase it or anything else but yeah I didn’t I didn’t want to tell it on because I have no use for something this big Issus is huge I mean it’s very heavy it’s very big and there I don’t need that kind of voltages so that’s what took it apart I go forward them so I got three more to take apart which should take a while but anyway hope you enjoyed this teardown of thorn power supply big ass power supply huge power supply anyway I hope you enjoyed the video and you had any question leave it on comments and yeah if you like the video like always please give a thumbs up and until next video goodbye

Review of 1200W 20A DC Input 8V-60V Output 12V – 80V Boost converter – Robojax

Hallo, willkommen zu einer Produktbewertung von Robojax. Mein Name ist Ahmad Shamshiri und ich bin Präsentation dieser Bewertung aus Kanada. Im In diesem Video werden wir die Überprüfung durchführen und Test dieser 1200 Watt 20 Ampere Power Boost Converter Modul mit einem Eingangsspannung von a bis 60 Volt und Ausgang ist 12 bis 83 Volt. ich werde Testen Sie das so, dass wir uns bewerben unterschiedliche Spannungen am Eingang und unterschiedliche Last am Ausgang, damit wir können Sehen Sie einen anderen Strom, wie viel Leistung die Lieferungen (zur Ladung). die Eingangsspannung wird auch Hier wird die Ausgangsspannung angezeigt wird auf dem Bildschirm angezeigt Fangen wir damit an der Artikel ist eBay Ich habe gerade 1200W 20A Boost eingegeben Hier ist was du bekommst. Es zeigt sich herum $ 14 mit dem Versand und anders Preise, wie Sie sehen können, haben sie alle Beschriften Sie das mit diesen Werten nicht wahr Spezifikation: Gesamtleistung 1200 W oder 20 A, Eingangsspannung 8 V bis 60 V, Ausgangsspannung 12 V bis 82 V Lassen Sie mich jetzt das Modul erklären, wenn Sie Kaufen Sie es, sie werden es so versenden eingewickelt in eine Blase Kunststoff. Wir haben Eingangsanschluss wegen der Strommenge, die sie an den Stecker anschließen für positiv sind diese positiv für die Eingang und dies sind die negativen Anschlüsse für den Eingang können Sie also zwei Drähte verlegen und zwei Drähte. Dies ist für positive und Das ist für das Negative und dann für uns Hier haben sie zwei 15-Ampere-Sicherungen setzen 130, aber ich weiß nicht warum, aber sie Setzen Sie zwei 15 Ampere und dann haben wir diese zwei Klemmen für den Ausgang a etwas dicker und es gibt einen Shunt Widerstand, um den Strom so alle zu messen der Strom fließt durch dies und das ist ein kleiner Widerstand, der die Spannung ist gemessen, um die Strommenge darzustellen Und dies dient zur Auswahl der Konstante aktuelle Strommenge, die Sie können Grenze. Und dies ist für die Auswahl der Ausgangsspannung. Sie werden die Ausgabe anpassen Spannung dieser beiden oder Multi-Turn was bedeutet, dass Sie es als diese drehen müssen fünf bis zehn Umdrehungen, bevor Sie eine sehen Wirkung zunächst oder am Ende einmal die Veränderung zeigt sich dann ist es sehr Genau wie Sie sich drehen, werden Sie sehen die Änderung. Es gibt ein anderes Terminal hier für den Fall, dass Sie eine Verbindung herstellen oder Verwenden Sie es für Batterieklemme dann für Batterieeinstellung oder Batterieschutz Wenn die Spannung reduziert wird, kann dies Arbeit, die ich mir nicht ansehen werde weil es nur als Boost verwendet wird Konverter. und wir haben hier einen großen MOSFET darunter werde ich öffnen und Zeigen Sie, was das Datenblatt so das Haupt Induktor ist dieser, das sind die vier Kondensatoren für den Eingang und diese sind die drei Kondensatoren für den Ausgang und wenn sich die Ausgangslast plötzlich ändert ändert dies, was dieser Kondensator handhaben wird diese kleinen Stacheln, die sich plötzlich ändern so wird dies liefern und auch das gleiche Weg für die Eingabe so macht es das stabil. Der Kühlkörper ist relativ groß, aber wir werden sehen, dass es heizen wird schnell hoch gibt es ein terminal für die Lüfter für den Fall, dass Sie Lüfter anbringen möchten kühle das dort unten das Terminal so wir kann es verbinden. Öffnen wir das Modul und siehe den Chip darunter Jetzt wollen wir sehen, dass wir Hitze haben Transferblatt für diese vier Komponenten Um sie zu lesen, muss ich sie biegen MOSFET NCE60H15 Dieser NCE60H15 ist der von 150 Ampere MOSFET und Kanal MOSFET mit erweiterter Betriebsleistung B30100G, wenn diese beiden genau die sind Gleich ist der 30A100 30 Ampere hundert Volt

Diese 30 Spannung hundert ist also ein Strom Dies ist eine Barriere Schottky Gleichrichter zwei davon oder parallel Das ist in diesem Gerät verwendet, wir haben zwei des Todes tatsächlich und das ist die größte NEC85H21TC NEC85H21TC ist die Hauptleitung Regler, die verwendet wird und dies kann handhaben bis zu 210 Ampere aber das Problem In diesem Fall brauchen wir einen riesigen Kühlkörper Ich werde Ihnen den Link dafür bereitstellen ist ST Halbleiter 358 und das ist dieser Chip und das ist der TL494I one t das ist PWM (Pulsweitenmodulation) Steuerkreis und das ist XL7005A Dies ist ein 80-V-Buck-Gleichspannungswandler Ich werde Ihnen auch den Link für zur Verfügung stellen Verkabelung erklärt Und hier ist die Verkabelung und Einrichtung, die ich habe erledigt. Dies ist der positive Eingang direkt an die Last angeschlossen ist das Minus durch den Shunt-Widerstand kommen, dass kann bis zu hundert Ampere messen und das ist auf diesem Display von verbunden separates Video, in dem erklärt wird, wie es geht Verwenden Sie es (der Link befindet sich unter diesem Video) und Negativ wird mit diesen kommen zwei Drähte, so dass diese beiden für eingegeben werden negativ und diese beiden sind positiv Eingang und Ausgang ist verbunden mit elektronische Last auf meine Rigol elektronische Last Dies ist die elektronische Last dl 3031 und das sind die beiden Terminals, die von Die Schaltung wird hier angeschlossen und wir werden die Spannung hier und die sehen Strom Dies ist die Ausgangsspannung von Wie Sie sehen können, sehen wir das Eingangsspannung und Ausgangsspannungen hier angezeigt und dies ist die Eingabe Strom und das ist der Ausgangsstrom Wenn ich den Wert ändere, wird das angezeigt Strom hier Eingangs-, Ausgangsspannungstest Lassen Sie mich jetzt zuerst den Eingang anpassen Spannung und sehen, was wir an der bekommen Ausgabe. lass es mich reduzieren Der Eingang ist also 8 Volt und der Ausgang Sie Lesen Sie es hier, lassen Sie mich es im Uhrzeigersinn drehen es erhöht jetzt die Spannung 53 Volt jetzt 55 65 also bekommen wir 77 Volt nicht mehr mit Mit diesen 8 Volt kann ich den Eingang erhöhen Spannung und sehen, was wir bekommen Die Ausgabe ist also stabil und ändert sich nicht gut. Zum Einstellen der maximalen Stromumdrehung dies im Uhrzeigersinn bis zum Ende, damit wird Stellen Sie Ihren Maximalstrom (CC) ein, bis Sie hören klicken Ich kann jetzt einen Klick machen Lade Test. Eingangsspannung: 9V, Ausgangsspannung: 12V jetzt dann Pause Pause ist neun Volt die Ausgang ist 12 Volt Sie können es sehen verbrauchen im Moment 60 Milliampere Auch wenn keine Last angeschlossen ist, bin ich Verbinden Sie es mit 10 Ampere, so ist dies Sie können sehen, dass jetzt 10 Ampere gezogen werden der Eingangsstrom hier 15 Punkt 8 4 Der Ampere-Ausgang beträgt 12 Volt Erhöhen Sie diesen Strom bis zur Spannung fällt mehr als 0,5 Volt ab, wenn dies wird 11.5 verging noch ein Tag aber wenn es so ist wird 11.45 oder so was ich anrufen werde

es scheitert und das ist der Strom, den wir haben siehe es wird so unten scheitern das wäre Gut, also erhöhe ich jetzt den Strom von hier und Sie werden es hier sehen 11 Ampere 12 13 14 15 Ampere, wie Sie sehen und seine setzen können fünfundzwanzig Punkt eins drei oder ein Punkt fünf bis 25 Ampere als Eingang Das Gerät wird sehr heiß. Der Gedanke nicht extrem Gastgeber, aber ich kann es ein wenig halten Denken Sie daran, diese beiden sind 15 Ampere verwendet von 30 beeinträchtigt und insgesamt und los geht’s Sechszehn 17A Wie Sie sehen können, ist 17A ausgefallen und die Spannung fällt 16A ab, so dass dies aber stabil zeigt stetig abnehmend mal sehen und wie du kann sehen, wir bekommen 28 Ampere an der Eingang 16 Ampere am Ausgang und am Die Ausgangsleistung beträgt 250 Watt Lassen Sie uns das Wärmebild überprüfen Dieser Bereich ist mit 85 ° C der heißeste Bereich Lade Test Jetzt sind die Eingangsspannungen 12 Volt und Ausgang ist 15 Lassen Sie uns mit einem 10 Ampere gehen Lass uns mit 10 gehen also 10 Ampere, wie Sie den Eingang sehen können Strom ist 14 Ampere und das ist eine Leistung Sie teilen dies auf den Wert, den Sie erhalten diese Effizienz und lassen Sie uns jetzt erhöhen it 11A, 12A Ich erhöhe es 13 14 Lassen Sie uns 15 Ampere gehen und den Eingang sehen Strom ist 21,89A und das ist die Ausgangsleistung, wie Sie können siehe 224 geteilt durch 266 ist 84% 0,84 Effizienz weit über die Kapazität hinaus, weil sie behaupten, dass dies jetzt 1200 Watt ist Erhöhen Sie den Strom zu sehen und wir werden Beobachten Sie die Spannung 16A, 17A, die Spannung fällt ab Das kann also nicht funktionieren, wie Sie sehen können Überstromschutz wird nicht aktiviert was bedeutet, dass der Strom nicht gewesen ist dadurch begrenzt, dass es nicht mit 17A umgehen kann Wieder 16 Ampere, das sind jetzt 16 Ampere jetzt ist die Eingangsspannung von 12 Volt Ausgang 24 Volt lass uns mit 10 Ampere gehen Wie Sie sehen können, beträgt der Eingangsstrom 23 Ampere und wir bekommen 10 Ampere bei Ausgang die Spannung wird noch mit a studiert 12 Volt Eingang 24 Spannung am Ausgang Kopf der Macht lasst uns die erhöhen Strom, 11A wir achten darauf, wenn es fällt mehr als 0,5 Volt wir stoppt 12 13 14 15 Ampere 6 und als Ich habe vergessen, auf einen Eingangsstrom zu achten, der über 30 A liegt Sie können sehen, dass die Sicherung durchgebrannt ist Also sind diese Sicherungen durchgebrannt, weil Eingangsstrom hat sich also beide erhöht

Diese Sicherungen sind durchgebrannt Ersetzte die Sicherung zum Glück hatte ich zwei 15 Ampere Sicherungen Jetzt ist der Eingang 12 Volt. Der Ausgang ist ein anderer Standardspannung 36 Volt mit 12 Ampere links schalten Sie es ein es ist über der Grenze so wie Sie es für Temperament sehen können Das Modul zog 40A Strom. Das Modul stirbt, weil die Sicherungen, die ich eingesetzt habe, nicht durchgebrannt sind. Ist nicht meine Schuld. Es sollte keinen Strom über 30A zugelassen haben im Moment zeigt es hier einen Kurzschluss und die Spannung am Ausgang fällt ab vollständig Kaufte ein anderes Modul, dessen Erhalt insgesamt etwa 40 Tage dauerte. Hier fahren wir mit dem neuen Modul fort. Das Ersetzen des MOSFET war fast der Preis für neue Module, also bekam ich das Modul Lassen Sie uns 8A Dämpfer setzen und wie Sie sehen können Der Eingangsstrom beträgt jetzt 28 Ampere und Das ist 30A, also könnte das sein in der Lage, damit umzugehen, aber es wird sich erwärmen Sie jetzt ist der Eingang 12 Volt und die Ausgang ist 50 Volt lassen Sie uns mit 5A gehen 5A Wie Sie sehen können, beträgt der Eingangsstrom 24 Ampere Lass uns gehen 6A wir werden sehen, wie dies sicher geht es überschreitet 30 Ampere nicht, bevor es 30 ist 30 ist der maximale Strom Sie und put ist jetzt 12 Volt Ausgang ist auf eingestellt 60 Volt und lass uns mit 3 Ampere gehen. Eingabe ist 17 Ampere. Lass es uns erhöhen, wenn ich mache Bei diesen 4 Ampere ist der Ausgang 23 machen Sie es 5, 30 Ampere, das ist das Maximum könnte die Sicherung durchbrennen, aber lassen Sie uns überprüfen der Wirkungsgrad 305 ÷ 375 = 0,81 oder 81% so Effizienz hat etwas abgenommen Sie Sie Eingang ist 12 Volt Ausgang I eingestellt 80 Volt lassen mich zuerst mit 3A gehen Wenn 80 Volt von 12 ausgegeben werden, erhalten wir 24 Wenn ich jetzt gehe, glaube ich, dass es springen wird deutlich sogar 32, also lass es uns schaffen 3.5A so viel Kraft wird es zerstreut gibt keine 80 Volt lasst uns das drehen aus fünf Volt Abfall nicht akzeptabel gibt nicht Sie 80 Volt

lass es mich reduzieren Jetzt gehen wir für 75 Volt mit drei Ampere am Eingang, 3,1 A also bei uns Wenn wir 22,96 A (am Eingang) erhalten, gehen wir mit 4 Ampere für den Ausgang Der Eingang ist 30, daher ist die Spannung gesunken inakzeptabel Also machen wir es 70 Volt 12 Volt Eingang 70 Volt Ausgang 4 Ampere am Eingang Wir bekommen also fast 30 Ampere die Eingabe. Lassen Sie uns die Effizienz sehen 282 ≤ 364 = 0,77 oder 77% Der Wirkungsgrad muss um 77% gesenkt werden es war 83% Versuchen wir nun einen neuen Spannungsbereich 15 Volt am Eingang Ausgang der erste Standard Industriespannung 24 Volt habe ich gesetzt es bei 4 Ampere, also lasst es uns erhöhen Wir beobachten, um sicherzustellen, dass dies überschreitet das Ampere wegen der nicht Sicherung 6 Ampere, also erhöhe ich es hier Sie werden es hier und ich auch sehen beobachte also 8 Ampere 9 Ampere lass uns 10 gehen elf oh sorry, 20 14 und Eingang ist 15 Ampere die Spannung hat fallen gelassen bekommen wir keine 34 Zweites Modul verwenden Beginnen wir nun mit 15 Volt Eingang 24 Volt die Industriestandardspannung mit 10 Ampere, also haben wir 10 Ampere an der Ausgang mit 24 Volt Eingang ist 17 Ampere Lassen Sie uns den Strom langsam erhöhen Beobachten Sie diese 12 13 14 15 Sechszehn so die sechzehn war Okay, aber wenn ich 17 gehe, fällt die Spannung ab denn intern hat es auch eine grenze und ich setze dies auf ein Maximum so das Strom wird hier maximal gesagt und kann liefern nur eine Leistung von 16 Ampere bei 24 Volt lassen mich auch dort einstellen Ich versuche jetzt, die Ausgangsspannung zu ändern. Schau nur ein wenig setzen so geraucht Durch Ändern der Spannung stieg der Strom auf 60A an. Sehr schlecht. Auch die Sicherung hat das Modul nicht geschützt. Dieses Modul benötigt eine schnelle Sicherung Sie

Ihre beiden sind gerade gestorben, als ich es war Den Test machen und es ist nur eine Verschwendung Haupt der Haupttransistor der Haupt-MOSFET Das ist nur ein Tod, mit dem dies verkauft wird Ein Versand um die 8 Dollar, aber das Ganze ist $ 17, also warum würde ich nur die kaufen MOSFET also warum nicht dieses kaufen ich gewonnen, so geschah es, als die zuerst verbrannte ich wähle diesen und Jetzt ist dieser gestorben. Ich werde ihn nicht kaufen ein anderes (ich habe das 3. Modul vergessen und gekauft), also präsentiere ich nur das Ergebnis. Zum Schluss könnten wir das sagen das ist mir definitiv nicht vertrauenswürdig Ich weiß, schlagen Sie vor, dieses zu kaufen Die Strommenge ist erheblich verringert, insbesondere wenn die Eingabe sind Immer Spannung zum Beispiel wenn der Eingang ist 10 Volt, wenn Sie 60 70 Volt wollen wird wie zwei oder drei sein oder vielleicht maximal fünf Ampere, das kann also nicht Behandle ihren höheren Strom und nur 16 Ampere war möglich, wenn Sie 12 bekommen Volt bis 15 Volt, die der Eingang und Ausgangsspannung sind sehr nahe das ist kein gutes Design nicht vertrauenswürdig und das ist es Ich möchte meinen Gönnern von danken Sie Vielen Dank fürs Zuschauen, wenn Sie gelernt haben etwas und fand dies bitte nützlich Daumen hoch 👍 Bitte blättern Sie nicht nach unten, da Ihnen das Modul nicht gefällt. Dein Like und Dislike gefällt meinem Video. Wenn ein gutes Ergebnis präsentiert wird, dann Daumen hoch. Vielen Dank Wenn Sie Kommentare zu unserer Frage haben hat eine allgemeine Fiktionsunschärfe gepostet, die ich versuche Antworte auf das Spiel und abonniere damit du kann Updates meiner kommenden Videos erhalten

*Updated* How to Import Pokemon into ORAS via Browserhax [9.9-10.1]

and what’s going on guys Jota here bringing you a tutorial video this time we’re talking about how to import your Pokemon from the smoke gun website as well as from Pokemon showdown into your mega Ruby upset our X&Y game files for those of you who have seen this already my my old video that I uploaded a few weeks ago that was using the tube hacks method and in case you guys haven’t realized the two packs method is no longer working they patched it just today they had you had to update your YouTube app and it no longer works so I’m gonna be showing you guys a new method that is actually I found out easier to work with than anything else so whether you’re new to this process or you tried to hacks before you should be fine either way so I’m going to teach you both or both both groups how to do this so this method is called browser hacks and it primarily involves using the internet browser as well as a link that I’ll put in the description of course with how to do that so basically what we’re gonna do is you would want to start by downloading the Dropbox link that I have again it’s the same files I had before if you’ve already got the 2-packs stuff from before you don’t have to download it but it’s these four files right here the 3ds folder the save data backup folder the boot dot 3d sx and the game config folder and you want to take all of those and have them ready to stick on your SD card on your 3ds before going any further so it should have the Nintendo 3ds folder and then all the other folders should be outside that folder but on the SD card that’s the first thing you need to do before you do anything else once you have that ready to go if you don’t have a 3ds obviously if you don’t have a SD card of some kind this is gonna be a little difficult for you you need to either have a three an SD slot on your computer or you need to have some kind of adapter like I’ve got up I don’t want to pull it out because it’s plugged in currently but I’m gonna go ahead and take this down so this is the method that we’re gonna be using I’m gonna go ahead first thing you want to do is if you did use the two packs method before is go ahead and set your dns back to Auto config if you didn’t if this is brand new to you don’t worry about that step it doesn’t mean anything so now that we’ve got that done we’re gonna go into the internet browser and the first thing that you want to do is make sure that if you have used it a bunch that your your cache your cookies everything like that’s all reset to default you should have the default screen when you pop in we want Google to be the search engine because it’s a joke and let’s go in to the browser you want to go to URL and in the URL this URL will of course be in the description but the URL you want to go to is HTTP colon slash slash why LS eight dot M V all dot-com and by the way shoutout to the 3ds hax subreddit those guys are awesome they’re definitely the reason I’m able to figure out how to do this because they had it written out basically part of the reason I made this guide was so I could help out those who were struggling to figure it out there as well so 3d s browser hacks OWS er H ax dot PHP PHP is what we’re looking for so you click that and it should take you to a web page that looks like this and I’m gonna bring up the web browser here because this is what I poke not that the web browser this is what it looks like on the actual web browser as you can see here you’ve got a QR code if you want to try and do it but basically what you do is you click on a supported browser you can go here and do that on either the old or the new 3ds I specifically am going to be showing you guys the old 3ds method because I have an I have two old 3’s excels that I’m using I don’t have a new 3ds if any of you guys want to show click this with a new 3ds and just tell me what happens in the comments I can go ahead and annotate that and you guys will know what to do but for the most part I think it actually might be easier with the new 3ds you might just be able to click it go but with old three with the old 30s you have to use a I guess a technique what’s called slider hacks which is what I’m going to be showing you so go back to the go back to the 3ds where it says you can go here we’re gonna click on that and this part is very important you’re gonna see a slider pop up right on the window you’re gonna zoom in as much as you can so when you zoom in it should look like this you just have a little slider on the left side and what you’re going to do is there’s a little boundary as far right as you can click you want to click right here except on the slider itself and then right as you click it it’s gonna try and freeze your 3d s but what you’re going to want to do is as soon as you click the far right end of the slider you’re gonna press a a bunch of time you’re gonna repeatedly tap it if you did it right your screen should turn yellow and when it’ll do that it’ll go into the humber Channel so we’re gonna do it real quick I got my a button ready now and it might all

obviously mess up a couple times as you can see it did with me just now so we’re gonna pop back in okay and we’re back so what I did was you can swap out the 3d s browser hack stop PHP if you are on an old 3ds and you can just type in slider hack stop PHP and it’ll take you directly to this screen what I’m gonna do real quick is I’m gonna add a bookmark so in case I mess this up again we can just go right back to the bookmark and try again so here we go again I’m gonna do it with there we go so it went yellow so it works this time as far as I’m aware maybe give it a minute a minute give it a minute yep there we go and we get the same exact screen we used to see when we got the 3ds to pax method to work so this is the home bridge launcher this is where you’re gonna be doing all your save data manager stuff for your pokemon file or for your Animal Crossing file or whatever other whatever the games are trying to edit here so if you successfully put the save data file or save manager on to your 3d S and got all that taken care of before you should have this little app on the bottom here the save manager if you don’t see save manager you didn’t enter all the files in properly you forgot to save the save manager it’s kind of hard to do you just kind of hard to get to this screen while forgetting that but if that’s not there that’s what happened so we’re gonna click on save data manager and now we have the option of picking the game that we want to mess with so I’m gonna pick Oh Sonic yeah let’s mess with the sonic boom demo said no one ever so we have the Pokemon Omega Ruby game I’m gonna click on it and it’s gonna take us to another screen another screen where it’s gonna have backup import or exit so you’re gonna want to press a to backup that’s how you actually back up your game B to import to pull and finish save data that you’ve already edited in PK X and X to exit out so we’re gonna press a and what I just did is once again for those of you’ve seen the old method this is nothing new but if you’re brand new to this what I just did is I basically took the file that’s in the cartridge or the game and I forced it to back up on to the 3ds so now on my SD card is a main folder that we’ll be using a main file to get this to work so I’m gonna cut away from this for a minute note that I am using I am gonna be using my other 3ds for this so I’m just gonna show you the steps here my SD card is too big on this one to fit in my adapter because I don’t have an SD card slot so just know that I’ll be using it’s the same result you’re just not gonna see the exact Mon that I create in the game you’re gonna see one that I already created with the exact everything good to go so don’t worry about that so anyway we’re gonna pull up PK but before we do that we’re actually gonna pull up smog on there’s two ways that you can get your files that you need for making your Pokemon that you want to make the one way is in Pokemon showdown which I showed you guys in the last video but an easier way believe it or not is to go straight into showdown and I honestly was kind of it was kind of silly that I didn’t touch on it before because it’s the exact same it’s actually more efficient so basically what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna make it Infernape here y Infernape and burn it to my favorite Pokemon why the hell not and we’re gonna go down and I want to make a choice scarf set with blaze jolly nature you turns donut earthquake close combat flare blitz excuse me one or the other with full investment in attack of speed as well as a tiny bit in special defense so easy way to jet you just click export and voila you have the set all ready to go and for those of you who watched my previous video note that there’s no extra spaces on this one so you don’t have to worry about a glitch which I’ll touch on that more in a minute here when you create your Pokemon in show down for those of you know how to do it in showdown it’s really simple in the team builder section you’ll often find the moves will have a bunch of extra spaces on the end of them when you have your import/export lines ready to go so to do that you literally just gotta delete those spaces before you copy and paste everything otherwise you wanted to UM unhandled exceptions when you are actually making the Pokemon is not what you want so we’re gonna open up PK X and note how this is exactly the Infernape that I’m going to be trying to make it’s already on my game but know that we’re gonna be making the exact set so I’m gonna take I’m gonna press ctrl click on species here and it’s gonna pop up do you want to import this set I’m gonna show you guys what that looks like real quick so it should look something like this do you want to import the set yes absolutely and then we go ahead so we go over to a blank box or the blank box here we go box one you have keyboard shortcuts that you can utilize when you press shift click you will automatically drop the infer neck or whatever pokemons right here in this set

you will automatically drop it into the box I can do that as many times as I want if you press alt click you will delete and if you press ctrl click and you can’t really tell here but if I click ctrl click it’ll pull up a different a different set it’ll pull up whatever it’ll pulls up whatever set you clicked on so I want to do ctrl click on Infernape while we’re editing him here so now that we’ve got the Infernape that’s already you can tell it’s already good to go from the from the the IV’s and v’s are all set properly the relearn moves are already set properly you don’t have to do this part but generally if you’re switching Pokemon like if you pull up a Gardevoir set and you’re editing it to be Infernape or something like that you generally want to take the relearn moves and just wipe them clean because if you have a relearn move that the Pokemon can’t learn you’re gonna run into all kinds of problems so basically we’ve got that set I’m gonna click on PP ups here that knocks it up to 3 PP up so you have maximum pee pee on your Pokemon if for any reason your IVs are all screwy like you click randomize Ivy’s and they’re not perfect all you gotta do is click control click on randomize Ivy’s and boom they’re perfect and on ot this is where you’re gonna enter your trainer ID if something random some random trainer ID and you want to make it your own you just control-click ot that still worked you just click on you control click ot and it’s working and it just brought me right back to my trainer ID that’s on the game and got the tech we’ve got the stats we’ve got the met condition this parts important so and I think what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you guys how to do it with legendaries as well just because I was gonna I actually had finished another video for this but then this happened so I figure I might as well combine them into one video there’s no point in making two videos so before we finish with Infernape here I’m gonna go take I’m gonna go grab Cresselia there’s Priscilla we’re gonna go grab Cresselia because it’s a no legendary and we’re gonna go grab Gengar because it’s an event so I’m gonna show you guys how to do events and legendaries all the same time so granted not all of these legendaries and not all the events will be the same but this is kind of the basis that you’re gonna be working with so let’s start with Infernape first basically when you make your met conditions fern Infernape you want to make sure that anything that can be bred you might as well say you bred it it just makes it that much easier to just say i mean if you’ve read a pokemon that was 6iv it’s a lot more legit than if you caught a pokemon that just happened to have 6iv like come on that’s like you won the jackpot and you know casino or something like that that’s a little ridiculous so what you want to do with your Infernape is you want to click where it says met dates you set that to today there’s a pop-up menu that doesn’t show up here because of the capture software you want your found in a pokeball them at level one and you want your origin to be whatever game you’re playing and then wherever the daycare is or not the daycare actually yeah there’s the daycare is about our resort now run wherever the daycare is located so in this case would be the battle resort that’s just an easy place to do it you can in theory put any met location if it’s bred but it’s usually just easy to do that and then for the egg met conditions you can put today but then go ahead and subtract a day or two just to make it that much better you can probably do the same day and it wouldn’t matter but that’s just an easy way to do it so this will not cause any problems when I use this in kearney but will not have any problems wonder trading it will not have any problems battling battle spot none of that it will it will be detected in the game as a legit bred Pokemon so I’m gonna give it its nickname Tyson this is awesome mines nicknamed got my region everything here is good to go just making one final check they tax didn’t EP up for some reason and this didn’t say if one’s gonna fix that real quick and the OT is there everything’s good to go so once you have your set generally you want to re-roll the Pokemon tidy a couple times is to make sure it’s totally random click shiny if you want it shiny and shift-click it into the box so there we go we have our shiny Infernape named Tyson and that is exactly what we’re trying to achieve here so I can make as many Tyson’s as I want with that exact set I’m only gonna make one I already have it ready to go I’m just showing you guys how to make it too as well so next is Legendary’s now Legendary’s are slightly trickier obviously especially if you’re trying to make it a 6th Gen 4 with Priscilla I’m not even sure how to make it a 6th gen I’m not trying to make a 6th gen so you could tell here this one doesn’t have a pentagon but to get Cresselia to be 6 IV for long this one doesn’t have a nickname I wanted to Chris so we’ve got our completely battle-ready like let’s pretend you already copied in the set from showdown that you want or

from some oguns website that you want it to be so you’ve already got the Ivy’s V’s all ready to go you’ve got your tax all ready to go you’ve got your ot all ready to go everything’s good to go but what was important here is the met conditions especially on a legendary because if you get this wrong if you say you caught it in a way you can’t catch it it will ding it as a as a phony as a legit and you won’t be able to use it you won’t be able to want to trade it or anything like that so with Cresselia and you can look these up individually for each Pokemon basically go to their bola pedia page and just check and see how you find them in at one level at what level for instance like if you found a thunderous it would say alpha sapphire and level 50 soaring in the skies that’s how you find it now with Cresselia you could go platinum pokey transfer cotton a master ball that seems pretty legit level 100 and at whatever met date you want to be just make sure it’s after the game came out that game so you don’t you don’t say you met even though it came out platinum you don’t say you met it in like 2005 cuz it’ll pay me on that you don’t want that so we’ve got that taken care of so Cresselia is good to go here basically what you need to do is you just need to make sure you understand the correct meet conditions for each one and you can find them all on there bullet PDF pages that’s generally the easiest way to do it so it doesn’t really matter the only thing important here is don’t have your if you find it in a different game actually know now that I say that it’s perfectly fine right there it’s got the it’s got my horas original trainer yet it was found and platinum and the game doesn’t detect it as any as any problem it doesn’t care as far as its concerned I had a platinum with that exact trainer ID you’ve got to make sure when you have a legendary that came from a different game that you have latest not OT handler right in here as your current name it doesn’t really matter as long as this isn’t blank it doesn’t detect that it’s phony it detects that it did pass from one trainer to another and that’s what you want so now that we’ve got that we need to look at the legendary or the event which is this gang gar right here so this is the Halloween X&Y Gengar from or not X&Y the Halloween Gengar from October 2014 and that’s the one that we’re gonna be looking at basically the trainer ID for this one has to be one oh one three four shiny IDs zero zero five two four with an O true OT of October 2014 that just shows that it’s the exact one that was given out by the giveaway IP address when you originally got one for your Game Stop or whatever the end up to be ending however you got it so with this game guard this Gengar has to be shiny and it has to know Shadow Ball sludge wave taunt it doesn’t bond when you find it if the moves don’t really matter as much just make sure that sludge wave is a relearn move and astonish can be a real earned move as well just because that proves that it was the event set and not anything else if you try to make an event Pokemon that is not having all the criteria to be that event it will still ping in as Iligan so you got to be Rex to careful about that somet conditions with this one XY on my groovy alpha sapphire I think it has to be X or Y specifically because Omega Ruby came out later that and I think it came out next month so met condition would be a lovely place found at a dust ball at level 25 not as an egg obviously and found on during the period that the event was going on so you don’t want to say you caught it after the event happened because that’ll ping it and you don’t want to say it happen before the event happened without paying it as well and it was a fateful encounter if it’s an event make sure you have fateful encounter if you ever received it from a like a mystery gift or something like that so with this one I just realized it’s IVs aren’t set or it’s you can set whatever it’s a 250 to 252 and oh look that’s a 7 oh there we go that was beautiful so let’s just go drop it in place so now you understand how to get your Gengar working are your events working your Legendary’s working and your breatheable is working Breda Bowls are obviously the easiest so if you run into problems it’s probably because you’re trying to do it with a legendary or an event and you’re doing it wrong but if you are still having problems with just breathable x’ leave a comment and I’ll try to help you guys out just like I did with the last video I will try to respond to as many comments as I can but if this if this blows up obviously I won’t be able to do that too much so anyway now that you have your party filled out here what you can do is you can mess with your boxes your items anything like that your wonder card anything you want while you’re here just be careful to not do anything that would make it an illegal game file or anything like that just don’t mess it up basically if you’re gonna do it make sure you do it right and then once you’re done you’re gonna go into save and exports SAV but before we do that if you want to save any of these sets that you’ve built you just click on let’s say the Cresselia for instance you click file here and obviously there’s a pop down menu that you can see the capture software and there’s a save as option and you can save it as a pk6 file for your computer so if you put a different game in like say you don’t at Polk a bank if you put a different game in and edit the main file on there you

can just load the pk6 file and have that Pokemon in that game as well that’s another thing you can do so now that we’ve got this going we’re just gonna hit export SAV and we’re gonna save it over the main file in the SD card now note I’m not actually going to be do I’m not actually going to be saving it just because I already have the homebrew software here I’ve already got those Pokemon made I just did it because I don’t want to have to deal with two different DSS due to the duel my SD card being bigger but now we go back down to save manager so you’re gonna do the exact process that you just did which would be steps four through nine to get you back to the homebrew menu you go to the save manager file you go to Omega Ruby and where it says where it says backup save data or import save data you’re gonna import this time so you press B I’m just gonna press X because I’m not changing anything and then your should be good to go so I’m gonna press Start reboot back to the main menu of my 3ds and I’m gonna open up Oris just to show you that it does indeed run this is what the end result should look like so give me one second we’re gonna fast forward alright so as you can see here this is the Cresselia that we went to create this is the legendary Cresselia obviously it’s not the exact one I made it’s not the exact file that I made but is the exact same set all of the stats are exactly the same I just didn’t you know like I said it was just convenience thing we’ve got the event Ganga right here and we’ve got the Infernape that we created before if you did it right your Pokemon should pop up in the box that you put them in so obviously I didn’t do it with this file there’s nothing here but it should go into box one if you did it right if you drop them into your box one so with that in mind this that concludes this tutorial just know that if for any reason the home the browser hacks gets patched or anything like that I don’t know how they’re gonna do that probably a full system update but if they ever do that I’ll be working as best as I can to find another method because you know I don’t want I don’t want homebrewing to die I don’t want you guys to be able to get your pokes the way you the way you want them so with that I will conclude this tutorial here if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment like I said before I will be answering them as fast as I can and with that I will see you guys in the next tutorial video this is Jonah signing out and I’ll see you later bye bye

Junior Pro Espinho – Day 4

hola good morning to all welcome to Surf Pro HP know hello good morning to all welcome to Surf Pro HP new finals Day from the junior men’s and women’s Pro we had a really slow morning in the day my name is Joe petrosino I’m here to with the only lonely the looks good morning everybody bonjour talking of this upon the conditions that we had in the morning a really slow morning you due to the high tide we have to done several calls until now but the good news will be starting in under five minutes we going on in five minutes we we going to be some changes on the format of the Canto yes but we’re going to talk later of that before you going directly to the highlights of the of yesterday was a really good day of contest or have them call your friends telling them that we’re going to be on pretty soon so welcome to sbcu for the third day of competition of this Surf Pro HP you we will be starting the day a little later than we would like to because of very heavy fog early this morning it’s a good thing that we started with a little later because the title is a little too high and it was a little bit long for dish but for the short board nations are County fast from the French Polynesia in rare one of the

potential were contenders for the title it’s like my chin in what a good day to us known as short but good yeah it was a hard day yes let’s watch the five best waves of yesterday because that’s what what a good day to was known as short but good yeah it was a hard day yes let’s watch the five best waves of yesterday because that’s what we have in you know for you just before we start the five best waves of yesterday go ahead he’s not from yesterday is all whole event event event you have team from the file with an Android 6 twice both with an eight point five point let’s find out let’s check this one this is the Van de Ville so 9.6 new new world class wave wave world-class surf or to this was two days ago this is a .83 by Cowley fast from French Polynesia tidy what I can one of the contenders for yes he’s actually the European Championship European champion this is the second wave 877 877 of no Guilherme I believe yeah this is helium River 8.5 know this is a jean tools no no no this is The Empty Bottle he’s riding her are you this is a funds okay the 8.5 of course really nicely done tons no no the heat is on yeah the we by changing the format of the competition there’s the heat on your on your screen email in Peru Zuniga in red Paolo Georgie in blue gear here by and at this stage we should be on men on men Heats yeah but because of the fog yesterday we have to redo the the draw I mean adapt to the redraw for four men Heats all the way to the final and that way we can keep 30 minutes men’s and women’s men’s and women’s souls are no men on men no no if I think we cannot have jet skis assist with for maybe they know with for normally if I have three years yeah but for now it’s it would need 65536 you have to have a redundant one that’s it for after you for for the

yeah when the set can is just an amazing wife I think it’s my belief today the lineup is not right by the Rocks it’s closer to the center of the bike definitely yeah only one we’ve ridden and it’s not going to count in the end by peruzzo from Scotty Scotty so those three surface you can see peddling their the one closest to the start of the wave would have priority and well let’s see how this we have the very very unfortunate news this morning now nobody died think God but a function to news on is free surf on the other side of the contest area apparently hurt apparently her attorney I don’t know the details yet yet but it’s sad to lose a Now 26 minutes one one wave written in the first four minutes you have to be patient and you have to be very selective you have to catch waves with some potential you can’t just catch anything the period is Big so it’s one second larger than yesterday that’s why there are the energy energy you 1000 kilo joules it’s good for surfing is good for combination of quick Maneuvers the way that it’s all ours your to serve because you digest the energy that’s it it that’s true so as you can see all the for Surfers a lot of longboard is in town already I saw from early this morning there was not too many waves the tide was really fat but I saw a lot of people training already this morning looking good officially the girls walking those boards board also the only one for this year for this not-so-famous ear of to 2020 so we’re going to Crown for Champions European Junior of servicemen and women and European Junior longboard men and women us today we should do the for the surfing and by Sunday afternoon we should be good said we had already we have already a one-way of served my producer this means that there is now going to be an early start though we cannot afford any restarts and look no need anyway I mean somebody started already no only with ten minutes go by and looking sharp looking good on that way still yeah that tells lad was good connecting to another snap he’s trying to finishing the wave and yes okay best when the judge is yesterday there was a momentous moment in vodka and webcast occurs for a full 25 25 work our King they are on being fair and it was really great so if if you didn’t listen to that interview go to heat 7 of yesterday and oh he

got he got in this is a it was a good effort a Belgian tear was a bit late on that last section and unfortunately I have a bit of a bitter tasting the judges eyes or mouth to at the end because it could have finished a lot better waiting then for first of blue if you prefer as second yes we were waiting for giddy items and Danes waves yes and as you said Paula Georgie has the the priority for all Georgie is a typical Italian name but these various from the Canary Islands that’s that’s true so it’s coming from Canary Canary that’s so true the Italians are all over the place and they have already some really great Surfers 517 for Gilliam in blue and the 417 for Dane in white and they take first and second place immediately now waiting for first wave of Paulo to you know how hard is it should be for the Surfers and for the judges to be on the first hit of the day especially when we have a low started a little start like today it’s a little bit like a big train to you know takes a little while to the start but once you’ve so I think it’s difficult to be a judge on you especially are starting to the day in sheet of paper or with a clean slate and and now you know you’ll have these these waves will be the waves that will become a benchmark yeah The Benchmark I was asking these no no because normally the Surfers are able able normally the judges see the free Surf and they starting to put the scale before the they started they didn’t have that that sentence yeah so that’s why it should be really difficult to put the scale in the first seat of the and I was so scared that we were gonna have another foggy morning today but thank God I was wrong wrong laughs in the friendly city is stoked watching now the the start of the event rumor has it that our president who also love surfing is a body Surfer himself Michelle is going to be passing by later in the day really Professor Marcelo yeah he’s probably coming by by cool chance that he’ll come over and take a few selfies with the boys I would love to see you interview mr president I watched him get out of the water we got to start to engage issue well meanwhile nothing happens so long periods but still not with the Laureate yeah the boys are being a bit too too greedy sitting that far out they should be closed as well look at Gonzales so she’s okay I’m sorry he set a little bit further to our left to the middle of the bay and he got for sure because this wave was really well she let’s me well to the south of those three servers Highline bottom turn top

to bottom felt good look good in felt good I’m sure another another and he’s going to be the first one to hand on next Heat we will be seeing Germany French Polynesia Portugal in France yeah he’s going to be a great evening I mean team Helton ripping all the week called the fastest call Avast ye the European Champion joking Sharkeisha is is so definitely the the so waiting for that second score oh we’ve got it already it’s in it’s actually it’s better yeah 683 wow almost a good wave almost maybe I didn’t look at the first one the way I should have looked or the second one I know it was it was at the secondary it was shorter but yeah but we’re in a nation and what are you doing here man judge number one gave him a 7.5 the seventh 527s as into statistics 5 as you know we throw away the highest and the lowest score we have the three intermediate scores and then divided by 3 that’s why we get funny numbers like 683 that’s it say average plus the head judge yes well the hedges and not score that’s it just you know it just sort of veers the surface of the he looks after the the judges but let them have their own mind unless there is a very big discrepancy then he asked why whatever you seen different from the rest of the crew that’s really like replay assistant so they get to watch the waves in our life you know and that’s the first impression and then if there’s any doubts with the first in the second replay they try to get it as much spot on his pursue be as Fair as possible 783 is the requirement for for and this is the infant over land the airplane Riding High sometimes you risk it you risk a little too far and at the other they have the wave have a little more energy it they we go watch this again the first maneuver is really really cool check this out as a lot of intent a lot of commitment there and then it goes in the gets Airborne especially two-thirds of the board I think we’re going to see these a lot today yes the boys have to bring out there are game you got if you have power when I love to play for the energy I love to see functional layers because they are difficult and they are very very spectacular but I don’t like to see people jumping for nothing yeah tricks we don’t like tricks like a moody hair love to Jump by a trampoline or or go kite surfing because because no and you’ll be risking your is a lot but still you know just like L rollers in bodyboarding in the 80s know it’s interesting because

yesterday I was talking with a friend 2.5 only for that failed attempt because that first maneuver is yeah definitely that’s all the all of that is there and 2.5 yeah and still for now it’s good as a backup because how but look at him it seems like a statue yeah they are huge friends Peru Zuniga and apology they are traveling together yeah that’s one of the great things of this sport for 25 minutes or for 30 minutes we we don’t act as friends but immediately after unless there’s some bad blood you you know where you are you know like cousins or brothers or you know in the same tribe ho ho ho this is again Guillermo Heba Ed we’re providing nice floats over there bottom turn nice better uh so I’ve point and releasing the fins on the last seat getting stuck unfortunately it’s not gonna change anything I think but it was a good effort he maintains occupied and yeah win-win situation even if that doesn’t go any stop to the two friends are having a shocker heat yes yes Guillermo ready serve three wives then have already served two waves and Paul were none and Peru only one point six seven so he’s hit as and sudden as well nice turn there and the connection was really good was that he should be childish yeah it’s going to be in white and it’s the one in the foreground there 10 minutes finals day here that speaking we have a beautiful day ahead so yeah is not a strong pulse of surf we’re not going to be able to use the last three hours of daylight because the tides going to be too high yeah so by 4:30 we should be finishing the way we shorten the the number of Heats by amassing the men on men heatsink to for heat well we might be able to do both five months it’s NH to go we are looking at a low tide at and that’s why PPM and that’s why we can afford an extra five minutes instead of 25 and then we have to use yes look no no for me it’s my personal opinion but I prefer to have four guys in the water with 30 minutes it then having 30 minutes with two guys maybe well a local communities stress so much that they didn’t want men on men Heats you know and we had to go into the overlap hits but still why is so many different during the several years that the contest you know why would a big difference there the entire Iris cradle of surf no no and and then you know they have good waves between the months of November and February and then they get 60,000 Surfers coming over yes to either surf or watch the surface yes to and and man you know I respect

that it only goes around so much what I was about to say is I that’s the in before eight there’s no contest the contest can only study dates or the local 6:00 in the morning until eight it’s the locals and from 4 o’clock onwards it’s for the kids who just left school and they need to serve these for locals yeah they should yeah but but I do not like using every Beach there’s a new best waves of the year you know with two men Heats itself in the all events of the World Tour they should do that because we of course we always say thank to the locals yeah but sometimes the locals don’t don’t this is Jim Holt er sorry this is why is the mecca of Surfing I mean Peru Zuniga with this second wave and still with priority Paolo Georgie from the Canary Islands is with priority the only needs a 5-2 advanced well I was let’s see what this gives whether no he needs he needs a 6670 it’s a 3.8 takes you need to 667 Paulo If you are although yes but of Peru with this 2.8 is only chasing a 3.88 so the requirement it’s really low but but five and here we go talking about Dean he complies and he gets the next wave with priority and the treats it really all any waves by by 2.5 that’s true unfortunately the wave where now Zuniga and Georgie this is the first of Georgia we will have to see the entirety of this of this yet was I yes it fell off so it’s not committed no no no no no you know what it is new new you are waiting for so much time for your wife when the wife can watch over everything you over am am and Wendy’s replay it’s with a little better than his first wave of a 4.7 worry fell off on the last movie yeah the first turn was actually it came out came out very close to the first Four Points East was still needs and so things are looking not so Rosy for the surface in green and red because they need a 537 Peru needs a 537 to go from third to Second it can be then of course there’s Talent there all he needs is an opportunity but he’s going to have like second priority so do do anything can happen so yes there could be a buzzer beater but the priority is with that’s it Noodle and Guilherme is not going to settle in the mid sit in the middle of the road who’s going to sit with the rest of the Kruger today using the priority priority and we want to thank everybody those

of you that were patient yesterday waiting for call after call after call because of the fog fog you are now I hope you’re back with us and you have told your friends that we are on just a little message or a phone call Team Hell with the Khalifa’s tricky shops in self-pity they’re just waiting for their lift to depart and waiting for the two minutes are exactly we have activities it’s that fast what can happen if they they go nothing nothing before we used to scold them and and then usually they are smart enough not to hamper anybody’s right here we go he had his priorities and here we go Oh What a Beautiful figure eight ER that was cool but too far back and then he let some of the wave run away from but but you know I mean yeah but the to writing is it’s another level of the forces at work and they are positioning this is a yeah but one minute who drowned our scat back with the goods on the Facebook new version will perfect really some people now say that the best maneuver is an aerial but I sorry I was born in 52 yeah well the last I’m not I’m not from 52 but definitely I prefer Carville I like nice try to go to okay I’ve been riding again last 10 seconds this debate with Wicked wicked it is what it is and I’m not going to change as I can SSH Keys push push there’s the results on your screen and we will after this this is official results we can revive and inventive all advanced advanced that’s right boys were here with the tour and covid rep Rob guinan Rock can you explain as what’s that title covid and to rap now yeah well I’m the tool manager for the European region and now with the covid come on they need a person also responsible on-site to manage all the protocols for the covid so that is added covid manager at what’s left but what are your thoughts on this event yeah no it’s been very good the protocols have been stuck to and we followed it quite closely and the surface understand the new the new way of entering each contest side with the script temperature screening and hand sanitizing cetera and the staff members as well and a lot of registering beforehand worked quite well and as for the father competition today last day of the junior event what are the conditions we’ve changed the format can explain this a little bit more about it yeah well yesterday with the fall we didn’t get as much contest done as we wanted to and then this morning with the high tide it was quite slow and it wasn’t really breaking so we are waiting for the tide to drop what’s through to the final which saves us eight

Heats which then puts us in a position to finish the finals with the tide coming in at a good time of the day and in the best conditions still sodium in it hits right yeah by reducing the format to for Surfer then we can increase the time of each heat so it is a little bit slow when the set surface and each heat but they’ve got 30 minutes to catch their wives so we’re going to grown European Champions today yes men and women so the trophies are there ready for handing out so we’ll see who wins and the the weekend will have to the the long part of events yeah which is looking quite good we’ve got 21 Men and eight women in the event they’re going to be similar to today it’s a bit around lunchtime start each day and then surf through the afternoon with tide going out tide coming in and with the point break either way it is the moment the length of right it’s going to be a it’s going to be very good for the longboarders let’s wait and see first we have the junior events and the the crowning of the Champions so thank you Andy Gill thank you Rob Rob is our tour director and covid I thought it was a joke but no no there’s no joke became a joke about this good okay we let slip that’s the heating the water yes we have a Carla vests in Blue Team melted in red is rocking shelves in white and sympathy in green we have a Portuguese Portuguese Surfer he is rocking and we’ve have one wave Rhythm so actually three but only one is a keeper that second one of Co leave asked from the Tahiti from the French Polynesia and reigning European Champion world champion is European Champion sorry you have the five they happened during the interview with Rob getting and Miguel so Tim as also have from Deutschland in red is also have okay so now we have Guilherme everybody was going to be interviewed and it’s up to you guys go get them that’s right new know we have here William little stream or should I say Guilherme he by the winner of the previous hits Liam congratulations how are the conditions first heat in the water you I thought that yesterday I was gonna go to the water but it changes today today so yeah so the conditions this morning with the little bit slowly but I knew that the the waves gone we’re gonna come and yeah I did my it and stuck to the past to the next round do the waves still have some punch I’ve to get longer yeah that I’d still a little bit high so with the path of the day the the thighs going to get low lower so yeah we’re going to have great conditions in these finals Diane can’t wait semifinals one hit to the final how’s it going to be yeah they change they change the format so well good luck and congratulations

yeah boys back to you William little stream is here smiling thank you thank you Miguel and he has a good reason to smile the x-rays so well and I’m really happy we have a Portuguese in the 6570 how is this working chefs let’s see if and the priority is there’s no first priority so she working is going to take it on his back and I didn’t see him looking to his left hand side to see if anybody else was and yes this was a it was too good to be true I guess and now read this is Tim Tim is a the best we saw just prior to the start of the event we saw the five best waves of the whole event and team team it’s a good good way to start the heat yeah 21 minutes remaining and Peter with really good attack fantastic back and attack those were really really good-looking re-entries on his back end you this is the replay of second wave of DTaP tear this MPT MPT Tas is father and now I think we’re going to see the 883 that actually the last time we were prior to that interview interview water in the air and she in he’s a strong guy yeah I got this you can apply that pressure on the tail end of the rail yeah it is nice it vertical in there goes that rooster tail shape shape Koli is now looking for to better for a wave to better five point which is his backup this last wave of Team altar from Deutschland from from Germany sorry was a 0.63 so I throw a actually it still counts in his best to because he had a 0.4 earlier earlier to be computed and I’m curious about the waiver from us and then there’s coming somewhere in high school yeah look at this excellent there it is 8277 it’s past excellent or excellent starts at 8:00 very well Sam didja view for mwah mwah for you for a at the end of The Wave in Haleiwa in ali’i but alii beach park and it’s a section they called the toilet bowl and he went so big floater that he and yeah we have the the and there you go let’s hear about boys were having a ball this hits and we have a lot of guests and one of the main guest is the president of the New York in pain temporary here with me good morning mr. president the the i guess the the question everyone wants to know is it is and the crowning of European Champions jr. and longboarding here HP no good morning to you all it’s a huge breath pleasure to have you was this during this event I think that we have made a huge name during these years we

we organized this during seven years and we achieved to do this with all the credibility with all the confidence and all the security that it is need to do all the competitors and to all the stuff that is with us this during this event and for the cherry on top of the cake we have great great conditions summertime great waves it’s a pleasure the natural conditions that no other in Portugal has so today it’s most important day the most important day for spin you because we were able to do this event with those conditions of pandemic conditions respecting the security measures all to do better than this so WSL could or can have the most important confidence on us because we are able to do better and how can we can do better what’s the next step the next step is going going is the need of money we need financing from the government how to do it we have the will to do it but we need the money from the tourism of Portugal thanks a lot mr. president enjoy the rest of your day and guys you heard it first maybe the will is there in these confident he has the know-how and the conditions and looks like at least all is waiting for is some by the young pt7 pity but definitely is being a needs a more championships in this way because it’s a powerful wave it’s a it’s a friendly City and I think Turismo of tagal May invest here inch being with us I’m I’m Ellie what some some municipalities woke up a bit late for the the capacity that they do have in terms of qualities I’m not saying you’re spinning woke up late because I used to come and be contest here 30 years ago we could have here Liga male 1 yeah it was the amazing definitely so so have a few foggy days and a few we need one windy afternoon you know this is going to convince Liga mayor which going to convince two reasons to go out it’s going to convince people that they should invest more here you know because definitely it is a friendly City they have the know-how we have an amazing wishes yet it’s an amazing way it’s a world-class world-class days and imagine a city here with the like 15 days of period you’ll be amazing ways these kids he said we’ve been organizing progenitor for the last seven years this is the seventh year these kids they go back and they talked about this you know and this time they’re going to go back and they say I surfed the best waves and competition you’re gonna see Polynesian Polynesian people making a q to the airport yesterday to great surfing my colleague we have joking shaves the Portuguese in this heat it has a two point three he hasn’t studied this heat yeah but is still 13 minutes and

because the 2.3 in this league it’s enough if he doesn’t go 8 or above or 700 vote is not in and it looks at that what I’m talking about the rooster rooster tail design on the water the water being sprayed from his surfboard superpower Callie vests yeah maybe a ten who knows who knows it’s a dead it doesn’t night-night its not Japan it’s not your time but we’re well into October yeah could be the first and of WSL in the year ooh what an honor to have the first end of the year in Espino amazing about events all over one of our main organizers let’s let’s watch this wave again was I could tell it was going to be in the excellent area but for judges judges it was amazing it’s a joke it’s as being ironic only incredible serving a fantastic European Champion Junior in in the Olympics and now some PJ’s is in Cumberland female clearly 2535 and joking 598 598 there’s no better no better feeling than you are outside in a contest and you’re here last way is a 10 yes I actually got to comment the first 10 of girls Maria Tavares in South and we are lucky to be here and now seeing that end of the Kali vast thank you Colleen forever we won’t forget your is the first time I know that now you’re a NE for me is the first time I am here watching a guy it’s 10 minutes remaining perfect score for Kelley West 88th go down in history and the spin you will be linked to this fantastic moment forever in Khalifa’s life life the that think that covid-19 but maybe for that den of colleagues activists even the the waves are stopping because of the tank it’s so funny how water molecules transmit energy from one to the other and then the Contour of the bottom of the ocean makes these amazing momentary monuments called waves waves first priority with red team German Surfer looking for a six to five yes a 063 I was being a bit harsh I was telling you it was a zero three three but and rocking chairs also has has yeah it’s just having fun right now is just going to tell you are seeing I think with sample data there he is letting

up the Dance Floor now doing is is funny steps this is a a yeah it’s a 0.9 case is playing safe and he has to do something like to build up its back really strong now you see that 625 625 the chance to see more of zucchini because he suffered really good in the last round so we’re working on ways for 72 and Cowley vast that 360 sideslip maneuver of is Saint Peter death does get as a five five yet there you go the last of Sam was a 513 so it saves it email to enjoy working in convalescence they need 13.4 fill too little to wait sorry at him we didn’t get the chance to see team already has raised a bit elizabeti not finding the Rhythm makes it and you can get very lucky with his wife picking his wife tries now you guys one of the last time the next week next week yeah we are Nestor Garcia Danny Garcia’s boy son son shrieking might as well have fun on the next wave because he has a priority right now yeah yes priority and it should pick a good one to at least leave a good impression because in our with five minutes they’re still mathematically there is time for two ways because it needs two ways to get a second but but they are paddling joking has a priority to help you get to see him surfing I’m this wave yes there you go there he is and it looks like a good one buddy cannot maneuver in the first part of the wave yeah he said he told her thank you he condemned oh my God yo for a second and this guy oh no oh oh oh maybe I don’t know it’s gonna be a high score because those three Maneuvers were betcha Perfect Picture Perfect you waited long enough he did not waste oh I might have to dissolve yes meet – I think you’re going to see me drooling over the interview next Wow holy vast Yoda now I mean couldn’t work yeah another wave okay here comes another 10 yes or no

there’s no no wait that’s from the previous wave that’s when previous wave at one point right but comparing this way with the other with the other 10 it’s if there is a second 10 this is a story yeah I mean but let’s not get carried away talk to you earlier but this is Art it’s okay let’s let’s wait for that score those three maneuvers were perfect for in my book it for Dan’s 5 stands champagne it’s a perfect 10 here’s a live look in your screen perfect and forego leave Oz weight a girl Kali oh boy I think I’m going to end this course I’m going to have to go I have to bow bow just for you know being fair I would have called it attentively to me to it look look oh boy oh boy oh boy everything is perfect right there the bottom turned the time savior savior felicitous young polynésie française Route 80 year and a half on the track on Temple Cowley proved fruitless salivate it’s party time in across incredible wow it’s actually almost already tomorrow there yeah I would love to be in the speaker announcement just to party all this dead weight look at this this is so pretty you are probably the young the announcer who’s got to announce to 10 in the same same the Saint Peter is surfing you know really well but I’ll tell you what this is this is gonna go down in history I don’t know how long much longer I’m going to live but I think I’ll remember this car totaled when I was your age I used to say okay this is the last wave of jerking shops unfortunately ends up in fourth place everybody has their their and

and I have here with me the Ogle and those are the official scorers so with 20 points perfect score for kalavati Advanced with some PT with a 1344 the semis and this is the new this this is the introduction of the new it Louise Alamelu in red has a boo-boo fear from Morocco so yeah Maria I was outside on my break and seeing this amazing it this is history at the pro junior is the first perfect score in a finals day ever since the beginning of this European tour yeah and when it’s pumping when you have guys like Kali fast in the water this can happen and it happened today I will tell you how I won’t forget this day ever so it’s a perfect score two tens me and Donna were like what to happen I was telling to new on the first on the first hit that but it was worth the waiter yes and when the set he was coming when you see the potential of the way he the petition or the potential of the way and you see that the direction of the swell today even with low energy because the energy today is around 600 and 700 the direction of this world is so is was training this morning at prai Azul on the floater I was talking to him and his father on the floaters and it was a it was a hard landing and right now he is deciding to go yeah yeah was clapping Khalifa’s because easterly might look this is how good our sport is fair play Above All and yes sampat a also it was congratulations Karly in after the tens because the guys on fire yeah this is live action Maria this is but yeah talking about called avastin the phone so one of the contest to of the contenders for the first ones to go and his parents doesn’t want him to go so it’s a hard decision because yeah I know it’s in European title that it’s another game I told but he was like he barely could walk walk this is real to be here you would imagine to see called

avast’s doing at 20 but he’d score it really wants to go but we have to we have to go step by step you cannot forget that old folks who is the leader of the national champions so it’s a hard hard decision it’s a hard decision only a father can take that decision so we hope for the best for him and we are just waiting and to see floor for so is going to the water or not this is Nestor it’s the water I’m on my pants but I think I’m going to change it to your shorts because it’s really warm yeah you can trust the day so we have interview ready with the man of the contests aggregate of is score is 20 points I cannot remember one heat ingenious with two tents and I take my hat off to you sir it must have felt as good as it looked yeah I feel super good because we had really really really good condition and really good so we had a long right and yeah I was super stoked I got my first one and I got my first and after the my first one and yeah I was like I need to serve and I was like oh I want to surf right now so I took all the waves and I got the prai you and I got another one one I’m sure it’s in the middle of the night in Tahiti but there will be a lot of people watching you want to say a few words to your friends and family at home yeah I know my dad my family and I’ve been super super junior so we are we are watching the replay again of the two tens by Khalifa’s look at this Earth all top to bottom tons of spray hidden pockets of water the TV yeah you are no no no I see it live and it was really impressed look at this way I so we are back live last of blue it was a four point eight three bye Killian Gardiner but yeah I think Maria this is this is going to be a viral movie on the social media without without of that we will be because first epic score should be new on the first it’s a message for all the other competitors golly is here to win is the European champion and is here to be again European Champion so the other guys some pity function 2 News whoever whoever is going to pass on this it they have to to oh going to be two to go against against and he was super happy

yeah you were saying about the waves that the bank is incredible and it is everyone was talking about maybe this day we will be small and it won’t be so good but they’re there you are you have to perfect tense so that’s right makani yes this is this is one of the good calls for today 30 minutes eat they deserve they are not going to serve men or men or women on women so 30 is 30 minutes it is definitely a good decision for a four-man heat and if you give them the option to choose we really don’t know the schedule yet we don’t know if after the last Heat of this court is if you go to the women’s division or we stay at the man’s but stay tuned because today is definitely finals day so we’re going to crown a champion in women’s and in good it is Maria to have these conditions on finals day it’s like the the the cherry on the top of the cake yeah you know I was talking I was hurt hearing the mayor of speaking and he was talking that we need more contestants being and I was saying no no why don’t we have a legal mailings people since both really close yeah yeah yeah you can have speaking of and you can have pride resin also and mayor was talking you need more money to do more events here so I hope we have more events here because this is a world-class way and I would say that fits really well a queue has ear like 3,000 do this event and three three days four days and imagine you have like more time yeah normally a6000 you have nine days of a window or eight to nine days you could be even ten but back back oh he’s ripping three snaps already another off dilip trying to finishing this wave maybe he’s he’s look at this it was kind of a half a turn but this one was good this one yeah the connection investment yeah the previous one I think you have the words it seems really big for the for the conditions but it’s really sad to see called avastin this is the replay of the last of white Nestor Garcia we are still waiting for the score of Nestor this is the replay of the last of white Nestor Garcia we are still waiting for the score of Nestor the heat is on and is completely on fire nice exchange by these two Surfers Nestor Garcia and new a before he know know

you have long periods of time without waves because the period is 1 second higher than yesterday the swell is almost the same but the bit more from the Northwest so for each pin you is the perfect well for spin you its not North Northwest North north and the last of green was a 5.83 and still waiting for the last of red and look at that it’s a 7.10 seven is seven point one seven and this is up in driving again Neal a boofie ha yeah oh nice wrap off the top phone climb climb point you have boilers you have saffy all of those waves are all point breaks that these young kid is used to serve oh Killian Guerra throwing the fins out trying to go to the are amazing effort just in front of the card you can see all of those footages normally in the highlights of the day until the end with this last wave wave and again the tries the same trick twice the first one was really good but the second one maybe you should to do another one yeah just a quick snap or a quick off the top will be better for the score but yeah definitely but we are still waiting for the really nice effort by Neil Abu firas the previous 1583 was a provision we are waiting for the score for the this year requirement to go first at 5:00 so virtually is in first position and for Louis we’re gonna see some action really soon there’s a pedal for Louis Alum hello nice-looking wave he’s up in riding bottom turn nice nap of the top connecting to a nice and vertical hit hit everyone that must be watching they were like man I wish I was there because you thrill to Surf I mean even if Wilson Tunisia forces fighting with a knee injury but he really wants to go to the water let’s hope that that knee can handle these beautiful waves that we have in front of us so so get the idea you know led to see the last the yesterday’s heat with the two twins to yeah to brother well lady and he’s

brow his brother Thomas Lady it’s going to be a really really interesting hit with nikolewski Maximilian last of green was 6.57 are the Waverly was a 2.6 he’s now in second so we have green and under 10 minutes remaining we yeah I think we are going to the girls because they are also in the quarterfinals right the girls yeah quarterfinals no no actually the girls are semi-finals we change the formula for men or women or men or women on women and it’s finals we are aiming to finishing the the competition today before the high tide Maria so I’m having to do the finals like 3 o’clock in the afternoon you think it will be the best time to do it the best time is now now NG Nestor Garcia is chasing 3.9 went to go second I forget to mention that the last of green was a six point five seven and the last of white was a five point eight seven also Louis a llama Louie read it he have done for the scores he can’t be a heat the situation can change a chain forth so so this is the PC of our coordinator and media systems now is not media system what’s the name normally it’s it’s under my tongue I mean Portuguese the city of the printer there it goes priorities with Killian so last of mr. was 3.5 so it was not enough he did improve we go to third but it was it was not enough to go second this is live action with Louis Alum hello nice nice yeah not too much over right they are catching like smaller waves into the previous heater but it is chasing a 5.23 to go first but this is going to be better than his actual back up it’s better than a 2.6 that you already have let’s look at this I’m and connecting with a couple of snaps and finishing with good of the lips so that’s a backup he’s already gone it changes for the 4.17 go ahead

Maria with Nestor yeah here it is Nestor Garcia first round the house and then yeah it’s a good way for a national Garcia I think is going to be his best wife yeah of the heat so far this is chasing 6 now he’s chasing his 5.48 wow this is going to be interesting to hear the scores from the judges you have seen also killing guarana wife so look at this this yeah and the combination between Maneuvers was really impressive it’s not a big wave it’s like a much smaller but he destroy it yeah you went over the moon on that after leap and then again on this floater and he managed to put another move just on the last part of the wife that in blue is a fossa to lose he’s walking is a good it’s a good sign for him he’s going to face a really hard hit but that’s one of the thing I loved one of the things that I love in our sport is the fair play between Surfers they are just like a big family and it’s a lot together they they they and it’s good to see these young kids already with this message it’s really interesting but yeah look at this kid what is going on on that head it should be harder but I mean Maria decision it’s hard but it’s part of the the near event of the year is so important for him this is what is being training for so his goal is not the legal mail I know is important for him to but his goal is competing with the best in the world so yeah that’s that’s for sure but it would be interesting also to be national champ oh it’s like following the steps you know it’s a natural thing but back to live action oh what a turn by killing gonna connecting with a good of the lip snap playback is chasing a six point five seven four second meanwhile the last of Nestor Nestor going to look amazing efforts finishing with the snap playback or a lie back snap really nice effort by killing Guerra under the two minutes so this is an important score we are waiting arms of the guys they are all really close Anything Can Happen one minute and 30 seconds you have kneel in first we have Nestor Garcia and second second let’s go to analyze again the last wave of blue Killian geta let’s watch this Highline bottom turn look at this front side Carver tons of water and then this combo to the off the lip releasing the fins this is the I’m not a

judge but this is really this was a really good 30 seconds there’s nothing coming so this is really important for kiddie I get her 5.2 5.2 oh we are still waiting for scores last time Zach was a 6.2 he’s chasing a five point two oh my goodness Nestor Garcia it should be like nerve-racking fall it is over we are still waiting for the last last welcome back everyone we are live from surf film from spinning for the surf pro HP know welcome back everyone we are live from surf film from spinning for the surf pro HP know those I’m sorry but this is it number two quarterfinals we are looking for the official results of the Heat number three not eat number two and it was a buzzer-beater Killian Guerra on the last wave of the heat he was chasing a 5.6 and he got a 5.9 so really well done so so for the same ease and fortunately Nestor Garcia and Louis alamelu congratulations for those guys also buy that much yeah well your nails okay here’s the heat currently in the water we have Maximilian nikolewski from Poland Poland and then from sentence is in in white and finally in green we have no way lady one of the lady brothers from France yeah they’re siblings and yeah I didn’t know where they are I thought that it’s almost what a bit older but they are siblings yeah you mean twins twins not seen sorry sorry fourth function unfortunately this morning on warm up a floater where is back with you know got thrown away from the board he you know is his front knee is left everybody’s asking if also not to hurt himself and stay look at him there he is the first opportunity I’ve been riding it was supposed not to you know not to Surf according to Doctors Orders and and parents are others but it’s it’s not going to happen whoa and this is still a false one tune ripping yeah it’s been on ice and probably and easy easy it is we think of the rest of your career you know but it’s stronger than him him

pumped so thrilled to go to the water with these conditions it’s you know it’s difficult it’s a difficult task mom asked daddy asked Uncle new no asked and here’s what happens you know he just goes and he’s like no no this is this card when I got when I got when when he is still riding will be waiting on scores there for a van so in for my Marco Marquel we just call it Marco yeah yeah yeah these car when I got a million fish car when and you had to see this missile is can I spit on you nice combo all unfortunately it was too much he tries to release the things out and this is also the replay of Maximilian nikolewski sulfur from Poland is not really this is probably there it’s but you know yeah he lives in the states it could be yeah we will have an interview with our representative of the kingdom of Morocco Alma grave Neil will be being interviewed very soon and let’s see let’s see what is your impression is on this country this we are neighbors neighbors it was Markel again yes but you mentioned the the kid from Morocco Neal he’s been ripping during the whole week Morocco is one of the countries that the surf scene is growing up so fast yeah and due to its vicinity of Europe it counts it’s Ramsey book yeah I’m serious will become carrying the flag in the Olympics on the only pink snow important is that for the country I believe you tried quite important and and Morocco is putting a lot of Veteran on the surfing so they’ll nail will be interviewed just now for the the you get inspiration to in your heat yeah yeah he searched really good before heat but when we got in the water the waves got Chris Lowe I found my to first wave so I was pretty stressed but I did the job so yeah I’m stuck what were you thinking about the decision of not running the men and men and still maintain the 30 minutes it just gonna do thanks Neil thank you very much you’re very stoked for our Moroccan viewers in family I will let you announce the last wave of a function to enforce and to ensure it was supposed to keep his priority and stay on the outside at least that’s you know what three or four people told him and he goes in he pulls an eight the competitive side of the Anthony family is in the blood yeah as you are was one of the best Surfers in Europe for so long let’s watch that eight point eight three eight point three three with a bum knee this is you you know but you can notice that he’s not 100%

I know phone so since the is taking it easy oh yeah not putting up my not right especially on that front knee yeah yeah yes you can see that it puts more emphasis on the back leg than on his front leg that’s it it well nice normally from Poland we have good snowboarders not good Surfers knows he’s a good snowboard maybe nose like you’re good and the I used to be I used to be so amazing heat ahead and do the water morning swell is a little better than yesterday but still you know a little weak for the high tide but ever since we’ve had two tens come on for me you know it were attending an 11 it was the best morning of the week so so if you could have seen seen but whoa this is looking good no always having fun now the wave starts getting a little less interesting so he has to cut back in Bank off the white water and now there’s hardly nothing all the way to the inside so he’s going to kick out we work at this again sometime very good boo very nice good work there another one this was a bit more vertical and finishing with this the wife started getting yeah that’s so he has to do this and look the leash is on the front foot you see the lesion of your wave with a leash in the first between your toes yeah yeah and this is a blue up and writhing guess who the man who has is internal ligaments of his left knee but he’s not Forum Florida this so for the rest yeah let’s hope for the best so for the best because this is this is not good news that front that front knee felt weird again they look at the like yeah he’s feeling it it’s trying to not use them still has you know it still has a semi in probably now he’s going to get the backup after an eight point three minutes you know to tell me one thing how are you going to say to a kid with 17 years old with this with this served at the already have to not go to attack like it’s like talking to a wall it’s gonna probably Nothin say yeah yeah yeah’ old that’s why that’s why I used to say you know in my early 20s my late teens I used to say I’m not going to go past Thirty with a live the life I lead and the sports I do I’m not going to go past 30 well I jinxed it so far so I think for more waves no actually everything else is in there so we’re waiting for always ladies it is waving this is life still waiting for the

okay we’re talking about the surfer who has all senses were cases good certainly has he’s going to be really interesting to see them it’s even better than his first wife the last two scars of the jumped to second if not the first it depends on how good was yeah he’s gonna be a good fight between backups so first off no way it’s a five point five so we still waiting for the last of blue in the last of the they’re in a way I think he felt stuck but then he tried to to go go so it’s gonna be really interesting to see waiting for scores nice-looking wife you know yes this is just perfection this is Piña As Good As It Gets well actually we don’t have a mirror on very and a half on top a lot better I know I know from experience there there to steal going to the to the next part of the web and we will will be on waiting for scores and untuned as wave has just been put in its or 4777 because of that crash at the end of the wave and GT let’s wait for know as Novelli days second wave I I have a feeling feeling yeah the judges are probably looking at it again on the on the real upstairs they have a totally independent set of camera plus an operator basa but from The Basque country is operating NY tapping riding let’s watch medical Markel this car when I gotta that’s looking good nicely done there connecting to another good CERN I wonder where make you comes from which one of the prophets as git push okay so that will be so that will be this guy yeah okay he is vizcaino be skeino nice-looking wave no no and he’s got to be his best to have so far is trying to change it to point O and this is better than a two point O therefore 3 3 and deeper of new LED is 7 7 .0 so what a heat what is in this last of Market is going to be a keeper to because he’s going to throw away two and then you know a 2003 that on his next chance but the to is gone we just face see two or three years ago from it was yesterday knowing it also teaches I

remember when I was a kid that age you know Christmas and my birthday they would take so long to happen you know and now you just get you know absolutely but the lights for scores really interesting he said 503 last of my and now he has to get rid of the two or three is currently in fourth place and looking for a tall order and a seven-point eight to get a second Maximilian is the man in second looking for a five seven eightt to go to and to function to it’s don’t know yeah but we just don’t know over how bad say to me that is going to surf this wave yeah it’s pedaling and is up and riding look at this bottom turn boom over the moon with that makes them section up and now he’s in the middle of the way and you still attacking that lip right now injury I that he can survive Maximilian this is McCluskey answering back to a false one turn is the first two guys in the head completely smashing no no we are being attributed to a day of Surfing please do call your friends if ook at this one and look at this Quick-Step last maneuver is humongous oh no yeah that was the last end this was the extra million ghosts I think that lip like wow like a charm to and technically very good for police Surfer yeah better but still very first course and we are going to let the judges doing the world of forms two batters is 477 and we know that Maximilian most probably better this 5/5 and I would say no I would say nothing yeah just waiting yeah yeah that’s their job but this 584 to go to 2nd but probably it’s going oh yeah look a function Tunes again in the excellent range 8.13 let’s wait for last of red and let’s see what kind of distance Maximilian puts between him and no Ali they which is was really close okay let’s watch this last of red red tonight’s spoiler – yeah again again another excellent right yeah it’s his is is other ideas of 7.35 in now Noah is no way in green has priority needs an eight point eight three boy did they push that scale these two in the front yeah and marky’s in the component race with one lap behind the rest of the final you know I was wrong the judges preferred it was was maybe the speed the speed of Maximilian you know and the fact that you have no long section to deal with yeah and the finishing was better yeah yeah although I like that from climbing semi floater coming back down you know one cannot to do with that phone climb we as a surfer know that that that we have a let’s play Truth or we have an intruder here this point on you yeah and

this kid has a great future and his father is a national coach and his mother is a great Surfer some commentators Maria’s go yes girls we going to have Team under seven minutes anything can happen right now in the lead is a fortune to news with third priority in second place we have Maximilian be koloski with for priority in third place we have no lady lady to kill be scary when I gotta who has to drop a 5 in the tube that’s it he has to get rid of both those waves that’s it no no just to get out of competition of and it’s possible we’ve seen it happen today twice I was I was I was thinking about it we have seen the five best waves of of the contest today like and and now four of the four of the five best waves are from Khalifa’s 210 yes 18.8 3 and white point seven seven three only Dean wonderful have a nine point six Carly was in in no no that’s CT level now is the is your knees particularly focused and that’s why I wanted to do a very brief short interview so that it keeps that degree of focusing because that’s very important for the semis coming up so that’s it after we have the girls quarters the girl semi sorry yeah the a and one more from the English caddy with the Basque country in Spain and and then one French goal on that very first semifinal well good great surfing speed you should be very proud somehow the gods of Surfing or further Portuguese Neptune decided to give us some great moments in in this in I believe it’s the first time we see on the same heat in junior he’s going to turn viral on I’m going to bet you with you that WSL already put on the on the Instagram yeah yeah and and immediately after after so that’s Merkel Marco Marco pantani asking two minutes 45 seconds and to nourish with the bus knee that he injured this morning on the floater on the next beach beach play Azul

blue Beach and this man with already an 8.5 in the 733 and Strider was it looks classy loose Kill Ya but strategy published right let’s try this parents come from Poland Poland so he’s going to be he’s going to be interesting to see the million was chasing us almost a night to be able to top that first place of to injury now you have the girls paddling out or walking out there they are what a beautiful picture ha ha ha what a beautiful picture unfortunately this it but you’re going to have next one on the next one curliness onto from Frost from first world is going to be up and riding watch this this is life this is really important yeah he’s chasing an eight point eight three oh yes and usually on his way if he keeps going like that it’s possible then then your attention to know led because this could maximilian’s this is a senior leader function 2 news with a bum left knee and still having fun look at him trying to kill have ages coming tree but it’s not going to do anything more so we asked them not to serve the doctor asked daddy asked Mommy asked I asked and he’s told us all well okay I’ll I’ll we are still waiting for the really important score reality all the day that could be a buzzer beater yeah yeah let’s wait Maximilian must be very interested in listening to that score definitely look he’s in pain killers probably so let’s see that last wave of green again no way lady because it could be an upset wave for Maximilian Noah needed a tall order eight point eight three but he really tried hard yeah well let’s check this our broadcast broadcast here we go here we go here we go watch this last of greens second attack really fast to the first wave as you carve away top for the wave to stand up hits it at the right spot there you could not hit the lip otherwise you would have gone on the other side now a little bit further up and this is humongous welcome back dear Spectators welcome back to the

View Press kits and there you have it on your screen that very last wave of welcome back dear Spectators welcome back to The View Press kits and there you have it on your screen that very last wave of no LED was short by half a point to go to to go to to the you know to second place so congratulations and if he defeats what what a weird morning today huh what weakness yeah what a way to wake you know we will let’s watch who’s in this heat press the semi-final for the girl we go we’ll see you Machado in Canary Islands she wearing the blue singlet we have also January González echevarría wearing in up and Rising we saw first first so one Surfer from a friends together Windsurfer with three Surfers coming from different regions of Spain yeah there are done are it I’m not sure exactly which area of spent but I’ll bet you from the north of Spain yeah Billy you serious Astoria Schism around there then we will see a Machado from the beautiful Canary Islands not sure which island but probably the less they’re not going to Connecticut in the leaf that’s why most Surfers of the bus country in the north of Spain we have the first scores available only to surface have served so there is not first and second priority yet and Lucia had a 067 opening righteous and in and out and then the 3.33 a better score which is the biggest score so far in the heat because Sarah the French goal goal repetition out their scores are reflect exactly that taking a look at the previous it we had four waves higher than eight points yeah even the 20 point that we have today actually was a lot of 20 was a twenty eight point eight three if we went back into the day where the three best place called out of 30 possible points Cowley scored 28 points by 3:30 in in Australia once they are the one of the few like a historic 30s we had even I haven’t right now for for these for these repetitions we saw we saw plenty there after that sorry but I will go alone I think it was the last the last Destra with the scrub they went too deep in my brain be kept on riding this is Johnny Ray Gonzales it shabari The Basque going she’s probably one manoeuvre I had of herself the way she’s looking in our body reacts she is looking great good partner check what she’s looking at you like you’re saying you

just staying really composed and anticipating what’s coming our way yeah and that really nice flow good transition transition every place that she saw she could eat she could hit she did hit it you know the wife was offering her a lot of opportunities yeah I like her interpretation because when I dream I dream in color I don’t know but we have to keep in mind he’s under 18 these are girls surfing and yeah how much level has progressed when we talk about flow that’s what I love about the girls and I think that’s where there’s less spread they don’t get with a lose focus after a good maneuver in an hour they used to you know I it’s smaller it’s a smaller up and riding now it’s first one for net area and ideas on air we will have an interview congratulations on the winning tell us what happened in the morning I was doing a flower and when I landed on a flat my back foot came off the board and when the explosion came up the word was going with the explosion in my front legs got stuck in the in it’s really good the waves are planting and I can wait for the next seat okay I’m gonna let you rest put some ice on your knees and looking forward to seeing the next month thank you boys thank you very much boys and it’s amazing I could tell you is taking his weight of of for he paddle out just to ask him how he was feeling and I asked him not to serve it was really mature I said for your future but it’s it’s like talking to a wall yoga put it right he’s a warrior you know yeah yes kids and you were 18 my hat is off to him you know you were eating before yes we were talking about subjects very is it because I’m here in pink opens up with a 717 in this is life for Lucia Machado Lucia throwing buckets but getting stuck yeah you have to be aware that if you go too far up then you get hung up and if you don’t go I remember you think that a lot of times in competitive this year let’s replay red done in yellow green green green grass was green that is very good surfing a you see her gaze looking at the wall of the wave and how she finishes each maneuver and keep sergei’s you know well a good 10 feet ahead of herself so she knows that her memory in their muscles will pull pull in so far stoned or some sort of Sonic that here we go that’s life life getting a little bit too late to the other the or too early

actually you’re so that will be a second score that you will better hopefully but she will take the lead again because she only needed 0.332 regained the leave from Sarah can I speak up to the 7/7 here’s the replay once again little yeah getting a little bit stuck on that first turn losing a little bit of my mentor actually worked worked nice for her because she was dressed just in time for that second section and now she’s looking way further ahead on the wave and then do go for the turn just a little bit a meager that was not half of liter of water that hit her in her bum and legs there was ten liters or 15 liters of water throw an she’s back in the lead of course mr. Fixit done by could be committed and it’s a lot of so Johnny D Johnny D Avari back in the lead in red with the 7.17 in a four point one back up second place are holly Saga from friends in white she she then Lucia Machado in blue in third place looking for a 4.18 to go to Second and area Donna Donna Rae going for a 4.9 if she wants to go to Second both asada and Lucia that 4.5 for Sarah and the 333 my work as a backup for Sarah invited Lucia in blue Mary O’Donnell so far a 2.6 a good thing for today on is pretty clean we had to wait a little bit in the morning to start a competition because of the time he’s totally gone because of the lights if for those who have just arrived on this for those who have just arrived on on our broadcast welcome to us being welcome welcome is the official language of the Ws L will tour and although no second name is Johnny and mine second and his Prescott we’re full born Portuguese yes pardon for our accent yes do please forgive us those of English language forgive you know here and there we going to you know we’re going to kick that beautiful language but we’d finishing their scatter in French in French and Italian in Polish if we could but you know well get you know get used to English it’s the the lingua Franca in surfing of course in the world yeah this is replay of an an 67 that goes together with 2.60 no improvement snow on it is so far she’s still in third but she still needs the same score for a second you jump 2/3 because you see I still like you got a backup as well she has a 3 while actually a good wife she has a 3.33 now priority we do see a Michaud wind blew her second wave of 1.13 so everything still open for second place Johnny Lee Echevarria I’m not going to say safe other hand the surfer who lost in third place on the previous sheet for the boys division she’s lost with the night so yeah yeah he’s felt so you only need the less than half a point more to be able to cook the way with the latest know where I live they lost with a night two three and a seven yeah yeah but you know you only needed a night six seven seven in the the Polish and the French menu and the above 15 points on the top three of the previous it really good level hours I’ve been working upstairs at the beach announcer as well no no and one thing is for sure all the churches and the head judge they’re very impressed

let a level menu and say congratulations David but of engineering yesterday to you and demystify the work of the judges for most of our audience was a fantastic job my hat is off to you sometimes we do have small interviews with a with a with a head judge but that was an in-depth interview and and that was very very good for the sometimes it’s people think from what reality is happening in reality and for the surface and for the viewers and and it was it was great I had a chance to go back home yesterday and watch it all over again during Kids Stuff I Must on behalf of the tribe thank you no no coming from you I around the our six go to our six oh two six hours to minutes and you have access to that full interview with mica and I just want to add that that’s showing how much of a team we are upstairs in our days you know Miguel when I approached him and I’m an announcer where people think we’re different things but everybody works works open up because we’re never closed yeah but trans wanted to see yes very important and you guys you and Miguel have helped a lot for people to you know believe in that you know we want to be to have transparency that was our goal and I’m really happy to hear you say that and thanks to Michael and his generosity he to our Channel I said earlier the are some of the international media yeah we’ve been realizing that a lot of people don’t have a clue of the Dynamics inside of Judges Tower and the information is in their best they have no agenda let go if they have honor honor in what they do they prize their private of their play a lot of Pride there for their job and what Sada honor that’s her fourth wave already she’s trying to improve on a 3 this is a really nice to almost losing her balance she kept composure no no yes she did that but now he was a little late for the rest of the party but at least the turn was a complete one yes yes definitely definitely it was driven have she it was so dramatic that I think that’s going to almost help her we discovered she was you know she had that commitment yes yes yes so for something you know it even though she lost her balance for a split second there I think the judges will give her a good price no I think even that little loss of balance only shows that how difficult and how critical the turn was and first semifinal I’m pretty sure the girls when I was already dead we change the competition format if you just joining us we went from a hit with two competitors in the heat as the score arrives for this last one of Sarah it’s a five eight three four satellites Yaga 583 it’s now her best wave the 4.5 becomes a backup if you want to attack second place you need to get the best way of the heat a 766 yes yes tall order and are donated the diary and Machado and we’ll see any of the seven yeah to take a second place away keep in mind that the General Gonzales she’s being very very conservative in this it’s not losing a lot of energy only to observe gladly going to work beautiful day today there’s a little more interval in this well so it one second extra and that second is having I’m going to say yeah I mean it’s in between sets

pretty much but it’s a clean as it gets early in the morning and and apparently last night everybody followed riding see it my shadow Lucia is looking for a seven but this wave only allows her that much well she’ll be leaving for the less than a seven after this one I think it’s definitely advise direction if this is their best wave she will she will need need less so we started the day we had to wait a little bit bit but tomorrow we do start the only stop on the European tour of long board this year getting spin was well we had already some longboarders practicing I will be should have a collar around 10:00 or so is that I died this morning following for you they all have would happen before it happened I know I saw the girls I saw a couple of goals you know doing ballet on this or Sports so Sarah was trying to improve on your phone we’re still waiting on Lucy as last week we’ll see is going to lead now around the for around the four five something like that she gets her last is a four five seven four nine seven actually the new 497 lat now she jumped the third place and not chasing a 4/5 which chasing a 537 to a sec detect a second place of so that’s the Sarah’s wave is already in yes it’s only a two point eight three there’s nothing to improve on our total two satellites jacket there’s a huge difference yes that was a gutsy move no no I wish sorry about this I wish it was me Kyle sitting by my side like you to answer this question but I want .5 doesn’t look like much but the 1.5 between the 3 5 and a 5 it’s one thing 1.5 between a five five and a seven I think it’s a whole different deal so she was I can only love to you and say yes but that was a short ride by Lucia she was trying to get rid of a 3.33 I don’t think it happened just we will see ya ya you know what the 497 as well we only saw the end of it it’s a 657 and she goes to first she was born now we will see four five minutes ago yeah and now we’ll see the replay of last year we only saw the last maneuver we didn’t see this is for scarf or this really nice that’s the more even this this I’m still first echevarria who was you know feeling comfortable and laid back in first place now finds herself in second Lucy was fourth place in the heat five minutes ago 497 and 657 so Johnny Ray she was pretty safe with at 717 needs 47 actions but she needs to work on the 4.1 no no because it’s a delicious yoga is the one who’s being left behind when all of these is never aired on air she was leaving at 7:00 now she’s needing an eight point six because the top three girls like Sarah still has a Sarah still has a chance because she needs a 545 she still has a chance to make it to into into the final but for net area denied it’s going I said I hope is the last thing to go out the window are still six minutes and 20 seconds she has second priority 98.6 could could happen well she can go there on two waves as well a couple of 6s will be enough for ya got true true true true true so second place as a total of 11 27 that’s that’s to see more than enough but it’s definitely enough time for her to get a couple of opportunities to score 6 points rights she actually needs a six five and five five that will be something above a total of 11 .27 and like that good book The Art of War says a

battle is not won on the first move exactly many not supposed to cut the jugular of your adversaries thank you read between the lines to be responsible to read between the lines not trespass them we will degrees your little you so much oh I did that’s kidding about the definitely taking advantage of strategy we’re talking about strategy not tactics in about you but not technically we’re talking about strategy and tactics and the five minutes and boy this heat look at those Turtles 11:54 11:27 10.33 and denied age well Johnny Lee has first priority in second place still trying to replace that 4.1 a low back up a 437 for the lead so Shields and I see how far apart the girls are true true so you can see on the right side that’s Surfer in red janitor Gonzales uh a body that I be telling me is going to be it’s that just took first place she stayed you know almost halfway to the line up in the middle of the bay to catch those reforms they’re generally started with a really good set wave that believe it when I was seven seven one seven so right now and sometimes it can work against you although she should be that’s too insecure relaxed a little bit and she’s waiting for another one just like that one might arrive with my not but and she has first priority but keep in mind that if she does a mistake yes they sent what I’ve beat there’s probably between each one of the Surfers satellites Yaga is kind of biting her ankles right now you you know 545 so Johnny Lee when the set comes in she has priority she look at this and unfortunately she does not finish that wave like she should and this is your X leader now second place but back on the way to first place if this comes no to fruition I was going to say well she was aware that started took the previous wife she Lucia my charity your Heatley they’re really nice first third and only turn only turn but a beautiful one yeah it’s not going to top of 497 Idol that was never aired on are unfortunately not find a way it’s a lot of potential there’s two minutes remaining there’s no priorities yes those were short rides by Jenna and and those are girls from the prefer the next seat paddling from the sandbank at the end of the pier go to the lineup yep we’re using kind of a different system here we allow Surfers to Pedal out by the Deepwater Channel by the pier five minutes prior to the end of the start of their heat but even if they don’t peddle they’ll get they’ll get washed out exactly by the rip and and we will see January 1st well still well I think I think now this is a seven months seven this is a seven one seven so we will see the best waves in the heat so we’ll see the best wave of Lucy has now her 657 and I hope actually what we saw no was a seven point eight Ah that’s more no this is not lots of 657 now this is glad you’re right so that’s one point eight of janila Gonzales pretty much closes the

door yeah for the rest of the heat to take I need takes first place again and put the second place we’re still waiting for scores on the last wave of Lucia the one we just saw the replay but it was only one manoeuvre she might better a 497 you know by that much but it will not be enough to go to First pleasure okay this did she will this counts this counts apparently unless I am wrong but this is counting that’s for the first place that’s decide judges already have the score on the yeah 5.4 so she did better afford a single turn with that single turn and now this last one is you have to be computed so we’re waiting for scores maybe we go to that commercial break and then come back once is for sure Johnny let your body and Lucia Machado qualified for the next round and we are back life and back in the beautiful Bay of of spin yo they are the results of the previous IT generally González echevarría really good heat a total above Fourteen Points the winner will see Ann Machado they are the results of the previous it generally González echevarría really good heat a total above Fourteen Points the winner will see Ann Machado advancing to the next round as well finishing in second place 1197 then suddenly theogony in white finishing third and Larry had on are in a green finishing fourth place we’re going to say goodbye to Sarah and it’s an area and expecting to see great presenting friends to Surfers from France also Julia come in red then the Portuguese Surfer wearing blue is curl in a sense they will be joined by one of the surprises of this competition I think she serve really good in it he says well that’s Rachel press T wearing the white singlet coming all the way from Germany it was born a welcome we’ve been joining me me what are they what are they yeah I have the pleasure to announce I’m still a little bit emotional we do have a lot of fun Michael the head judge yesterday I was asking you what you need to be a good hedge a jdbc a good judge using a lot of things being fit focus a laughing and at the end he said and have fun yes we have to find him a really hard time not kind of called Avast and so the first 883 see the second way we say that that was an 8 a 3 this has to be at that I was gonna get a 9 5 and 10 and then you see the second wave of golly and I think this has to be attentive so we have we have a story and we have 23 yes it’s very emotional times to see that happening and stoked stoked after yeah shell abnormal year for everybody and the video have at least 15 years here commenting a common you know doing this works half the time maybe you have only

three times that you have the beach and answer pretty much three times you did a few doing broadcasts on the world tour you know Buzz for fuel TV for first time on the engineers definitely was my first time you know and it’s good to see it’s very good to see any TR third time in your career that you has to be have a 20s which announcer is yeah yeah it was amazing really remember the guys who did the other two but was my third that’s to know we have lots of potential in the water yes David last year you know won this competition Rachel it aside as well she came with her family last year and this really support her they live in United States States go for it too no sorry Annika is congratulations in your scatter your language fantastic heat will know manga fantastica twisting premarital montón de Tiempo displays pasta sunde Peru Bolivia Primera parte phenol durability stay have you have fun see you later PCA that’s why some weird ideas spread of an well for a while I was worried because there was some lack of waves but I enjoyed myself a lot and I’m quite quite happy Munna final Kayla said wasn’t important to Carrera que es una una final important it’s going to be a very important final it’s my first final she says so I’m gonna give it all I’ve got so congratulations again again so your neck and back to you guys in there Thank You hitters get us busted match and I think you so much no no a very very happy janitor Gonzales you could tell on her on her face for the first time reaching the finals of a jewelry event of the world sir flick yeah and he enjoys being everybody’s watching all over the world and it’s going to be very important for a for sure and we are having great wave ceilings being it over again we’ve been waiting for this for a while you know yeah the judge is the announcers the Surfers everybody and then being having these opportunities and being presented by Mother Nature after yesterday was a pretty hard day yeah a lot of them are going on holds of yeah the fog we have to go on hold for at least like half a dozen the times it looks really well with a loti looks so much fun look at this is building their way one of the most important suffers in the competition for sure and a pretty there’s definitely ways with a lot of potential out there but it where do you have to pay close attention and have to watch the previous hits nowhere to sit we’re seeing some Surfers most of the hits the surface finishing with a point rights but there’s some surface finishing on force and yeah shoes as well they had Express Edition themselves exactly in the right right have to choose well they have to pay attention to the ocean and look the signs adapt there’s one thing exactly as well as well most of these Surfers I should say like the vast majority we have a surfer from Nicaragua and went from Morocco on the boys division as well but the remaining Surfers all come from Europe those three meters between low and high tide which means that every half an hour the same things are changing I wouldn’t change we

think because believe in Portugal that the tides are the same all over the world they’re not where I come from the storage is half a meter sometimes on big times 1 meter between high and low tide and Portugal we cannot have no big change a big changes we have to go all almost to 6 meters in spring times and autumn times here in Portugal well where was the main take off spot on the previous sheet half an hour ago might be like the new primary the glass pot 50 meters further down the beach further up the beach so even throughout the heat you have to stay with also the backwash of course the video also the backwash because as well in spin you here in this why and suddenly they’re gone through we have that situation happening a lot the day before yesterday I had a chance to ask review some of the Surfers because most of them were not being able to finish that last turn and product as well everybody was getting stuck everybody was falling down on the last turn talking with the locals they end of the right and makes a little bit of a cross one crosses the other yeah and the last section has a lot of power but there was the backwash issue like you just said do they have a collision of the to situate has to use the backwash it was very hard to time where to land that last turn have to it was although Michael was explaining yesterday the head judge that all the focus but all but most of the focus is outside on the First turns yeah when they realize the radical yeah more vertical short break to have you section to finish the wave yeah they put emphasis on that as well yes still pretty difficult and so that might work as a backup he knows pretty well the spot here Rachel she’s a very experienced competitor she competes in United States legal fix was only for me that was a surprise right surprised everyone think that’s right now I know for sure I mean a little bit away from the from the Juniors this last level I really just have a you know but talking about Rachel There She and technique exact look at his re-entry here the re-entry was really well done by Rachel here’s a great technique I learned well as yoga yeah smaller wave and she’s down to turns that’s one of the things that judge is pay pay she was a little worried moments ago after the injury of order the wheel or I know I know every playoff original pressing and I left her composure on this last turn there goes a snap but I’m turning going for it bending your knees thing really low to the board and I style nice composure and showing the judges I have everything under control on the opposite side a a so far with the 17 minutes remaining if you just join us it’s not the mistake we are on semi finals and it’s true there’s four girls out there we have to change the format yesterday we had a very hard day due to the fog we went on hold for at least a good half a dozen times this morning we were expecting a little bit more pushing the smaller in the morning we have to wait for the tide to go lower and at the end we start watching the clock and saying if you’re going to stay on man on man I mean two

surfers only to surface in the heat which or we have to cut the it’s like time in half instead of half an hour and 15 minutes and we surf option to enter it’s the 6i 3 scores are in already it’s a six a three for their surprise the Rachel look at this setup turn getting some speeds I like the second one especially I like the Finish look at harm she going to pick the energy with that left arm and the connection between the second and the last third was a very short one technique straight from a snap into a front side bottom turn Ali planning really low and the showing the judges a lot of composure and confidence that was really nice finishing turn 683 so she takes the lead with one wife Rachel presti Calvin Ascension for a three the Portuguese Surfer now in second place but still it first priority Kalina Juliet Lacombe love phones in red in third place she has a three and one so at this stage he’s chasing are sitting on a single right Colleen only we have 43 as soon as Karina gets his second wife requirements will hire for Juliet and Iowa for the moment Julia chasing 184 she wants to actually replace both of our waves she has a three and one same situation foreign policy egg sitting on a 233 and 057 057 those are throwaways and she’s chasing it 2.51 but keep in mind as soon as Catalina last turn was incomplete one chasing a 184 I and she is now in second place already she was chasing 184 although the last turn was incomplete One chasing a 184 I think that’s more than enough for Juliet to advance to second place and now we have the prior with Rachel that she’s in first and the second prior with Carolina Calvin is going to drop to third probably after last one of Juliet but again yeah carlino oh yeah the board was going on one way the board was going one way and her her so Juliet take second place with 3.33 curve in a sense drops two thirds only needing one point five so and with the second prion so if she used the prior oh she can have a really nice ride it was sometimes the waves when they come with the sets they are much much and that what works for curling I think that Karina and Rachel are the only surface in the seat that they want to keep their waves that 683 in the so that’s beurling that nose of a surfboard she should put more pressure on their back foot but on the other hand they do it was so fast yeah could actually be to the first and the second thing that’s really hard to adapt but the she went for it and like you said just a little bit too much weight maybe on her front foot and the the seven four one third for a single term which is a really good score for sea otter 417

power and technique on that first one so if she stuck that second turn will be looking to score of six points already for sure right now she’s in first first and we have Juliet lakum she needs a 7.67 is it is flying away a little bit from the rest of the rest of the competitors yes and we have in third position I know Alice Iago from France she needs a 3.6 no big deal for her and we have Carolina the Portuguese competitor she only needs one point five uh you know a do although those are the requirements but the four point four eight free that’s the second best way of the Heat and she’s chasing 015 on the other hand surf in second place is Juliet like home she’s far from safe she’s sitting on a couple of three-point rights and I know let’s jog in third place on a couple of 2.5 so although can win is in fourth place I think virtually she’s in second place more in second place than Juliet locker and she she has the prior and she has the priority and there’s 10 minutes and 15 seconds remaining but that’s what’s the screen showing if you look to the numbers on a look on the Friday and yeah the fear realized that Catalina has the second best of the heating 1 Point 5 second and third sitting on a pair of threes and a pair of two’s you go nowhere on a pair of Threes on a semi finals same on a pair of Leona semi-finals so and we go and we are going to the side here today who’s going who’s going to be the European Champion so I know what let’s see a guy with a green shirt say probably she will improve as well as Surfers has more surfing in her it’s more than enough for 1.5 that’s kind of a little bit of safe Surfing by Kurt Weill about glamour but that’s why the way doesn’t cover much more opportunity you know she’s chasing she wants that 43 has to become a backup that’s her goal for sure improve on that 43 leave that 43 as a backup she’s going to jump now to second place she was chasing 2015 a 1/5 I shall press the third party goes to Juliet lock on and Juliet I’m going to see some action from Juliet pretty soon Juliet wanted his wife but she had yeah because the priority was on Twitter so Catalunya uses very well her prior here Juliet we’re going to see some action from Joliet prison although she’s with third party cuz she second and she’s aware that Carolyn had just served and she’s down there and she’s down in the last third so she’s not going to do much for Juliet let’s watch the score Carina if curviness wave comes around the five judge is still watching replays and comparing as you see Saint Peter warming up for a semifinal number one for the men’s event it’s so much fun fun watching Sam’s reaction after the second 10 of Kali fast she’s just he just now the question this is Juliet the answering trying to answer two to Koreans look how she waits there and now she’s putting some speed on her wave some turns I’d love to see Rachel press in places like sunset or honolua engine qualifies you know that Rachel she won’t won’t well she made Easter in Portugal she reminds me a little bit on what happened with Joe and Affairs well back in the deck let’s

watch this situation it was a leaf this one this is the replay off the wave just remind me if it was the blue part it was a blue priority yeah it was Catalina had the prior we’re still waiting for those sports car of Carolina Carolina that means that Juliet drops to third needing a 533 and the last of Juliet La cama 2.53 so now what we’re seeing on our screens relates a little bit better to what’s happening in the water is actually add two drops a certain place now Catalina has still lacking a high score that 43 of Carlina her high score I still think it’s it’s a backup at this level 3 3 as a backup 43 as a nice course you will want still on a couple of Threes And I know what I say again now with first priority the surfer in Green in last place chasing a 593 now scores are coming in for the last just the two more judges to score we have seven point let’s wait the Vite we cannot replace make here some Temple for people watching at home yeah have access to all the scores so although we don’t have the final score for each oppressed if we stacked and see some scores that that going to be around a seven the average for Rachel this is Juliet laughs come on a very strong attack to the second place of Congo we’re now down to the last five minutes and that was a very strong she knows that she made the claim she’s confident right now yeah that’s right now she’s confident her last wave she wasn’t confident she she Rachel press Discord the 683 so we had already three judges on 7th the two remaining judges scored around six points so the final average high 6 6 a 3 for Rachel Presley so XI equals equals none of them gave it the same score although the final average the final score comes the 683 both for wave number one and wave number three of which are price T of the five judges all of the five gave different scores just average comes out exactly the same judge one of the judge give a 6-5 and that is seven one judge give a seven-five than a 6 to another seven and a seven to a 7 & a 7 3 is 6 5 and a 6 3 so some one is the third one yeah exactly the same yeah no we’re still waiting for scores scores I know a so far sitting on a couple of tools I think this this is judges still checking replays we’re still waiting no indication whatsoever regarding the scores of Juliet Lacombe so none and comparing these last one of pink I wow not delivering on that first part of the way now really nice one but down against she’s losing her Focus here well there’s no cigar last minutes of the current heat Carolinas and she might still keep second party let’s see because there was no second third party when she only 140 140 now this is life I know let’s jog oh she got a 273

while we’re still waiting for scores actually on a previous one and now getting better and better and well as she is nice but over there it’s he released the tail tail one I don’t think this is going to be an important wife but the one before that’s it into one with that I’ve seen sporting one its priority goes to kill me now everybody served soccer win on the last 20 seconds as party now Mexico be on standby the semi finals for demands will need scores to see it will be over in 3 seconds but far from than you do important score still to come in we’re going to cut to commercial pretty soon but I asked are directed to let us stay until we have scores of the last of pink it’s the fight for second second chasing a 593 so if Carlina doesn’t improve and Juliet doesn’t get enough to move to second place a 593 the last of inoa there’s to score still missing in green but while and we’re back with the scores and results from the previous heat we and we’re back with the scores and results from the previous heat we were waiting for the very important score for Juliet lock on and she gets a 533 exactly the requirement she was chasing to get second place and 533 and she moves to Second Place leaving curliness Santosh in third place we’re still waiting for don’t know what is Yoga on the previous sheet with that 533 Juliet No overseas to second place and the requirement of a no less yoga goes higher she was chasing a high five now she’s chasing a high six a six to seven we are still waiting for score so the next seat seat number first semi-final for the men’s hasn’t press T will will Juliet was chasing a 533 and she gets exactly a 533 let’s watch the replays of the best waves of the heat for the very powerful server and

winner Rachel presti she finished with a couple of six eight threes the exact same score on both her her top waves but like announce before and demonstrated that reading the scores from the judges she did very well in the desert in the surfing Capital she was kind of a known to me but I believe I’m realizing I’m the only one she’s kind of getting well known throughout the world 397 the last one of Julia come girls on Juliet stop too so that puts the requirement for analysts Yaga even higher now a six to seven scores are coming in final analysis Yaga it will will anywhere is fine oh she’s a voice in fourth place semi hasn’t started yet actually it’s not the last of Iowa it’s a 3.1 and now she’s chasing a 5 9 and we’re still missing scores for the last of Juliet Lacombe and the last of I know Alice Yaga so it still stands suspense it’s still not over now we the three one that goes on I until the last two minutes sitting on a couple of tubes a to five and a two five three yeah something’s score a seven on her last one and she moves from fourth to second place on their last year of on your screen that there is no results you can tell you can see no and Rachel Advanced leaving Juliet and karolina out I know you can the boys semi we’re going to say thank you very much David present you so much and welcome the opportunity new yoga sorry for this free seminar seats but I had to deliver to an interview with the winner and you go it’s up to you so we are we are with a first of the last it Rachel Price to use started with a 6.83 and you finish with a 6.83 was your goal six point eight three four days hit not exactly but I’m happy with that it’s it’s here this year what you think it’s going to be more challenging for you to have the first position at the end of the competition I’m not really thinking too much about it honestly the last couple contest dropped my confidence down a bit so this contest I’m trying to just have fun with it and of they finish bingo I love this way they should have q s event here but I’m I’m just really happy that it’s here in the waves were pumping so okay so thank you very much Rachel so I wish you all the best for the rest of competition last year you were with your family with your mother and now we are with other members of family this this it’s really great to so okay so we couldn’t have better publicity hinge pin or Rachel prices she knows what she’s saying so back to you guys thank you Eduardo and thank you Rachel congratulations Rachel actually started really well in Insider but she didn’t make it to the and here’s the line events on your screen for this first semifinal you have Guilherme have been raised in front of oil in blue Kali fast in whites and some potato in green and this is already the man himself the 20-point rides and in the hand Callie Calla is the European champion in the junior European

champion and is trying to be and they start again I score already yeah yeah he’s going to save he is trying to stretch it I wonder if there’s anything else left in this way for him to score run but one last re-entry just a few more decimals yeah measure yeah and and new new does the changes shape least yeah we wish for sure but with the change of the change of the format in the morning you can have we have you eaten for guys so we’re going to have a final offer guys so you can have to Portuguese in the water in the final what was the MV but now by making it less Heats eliminating the men on man hates we could keep the 30-minute Heats and definitely you just heard the Russia Rachel say that it’s a bit slow out there the 30 minutes must be very welcomed by the surface yeah we still have that long period is this is yours first wave of the embassy Ballroom dalarna Dalarna roundhouse kick it back with the hand on the Waterhole more buckets yeah this kid has been ripping also so nice exchange exchange by Khalil Italian very shortly I believe it’s because Kali really killed that first wave to yeah and there he later that first way so so dropping and no no he’s gonna be huge they are there they are probably excellent for thole and very close to excellent for Gilliam let’s see the judges have been on spot maybe our what directories in there will give us that first wave of Koli we got to see first wave of glare now we’d love to seek cowley’s Cowley’s at but no no I have to say again well done by the judges he’s not he’s never easy to give a 20-point a perfect score Heat today and Kali absolutely deserve it because he smashing all the wave all those two waves until the end was a really nice effort by the tycion surfer and of Wight County fast from France French Polynesia 8.57 totally agree one point of the ocean ocean again another one and another one through a combination of three Maneuvers the wave run really fast we have a semifinal win over here yeah completely completely I completely agree with you know no and Dean Thunder Valley hasn’t started this game yet yeah and the highest scores of the contest so far with the nine point six years really nice style for some people it’s not a Christmas present yeah deserve that that’s that’s for sure and this wave of sympathy although it was just a three Heat Wave it does those two heats the first one and proving us that is not here just ships go by 5.67 on his opening right Force MPT nicely done and now priority with the inventor Vela and he’s you know just probably being cautious with this first wave and when you have a priority it’s like you know the last coca-cola yeah tithe is

now totally down I guess and we have probably the tide turning and the ocean is a little bit wishy-washy wishy-washy we’ll Dean from Belgium how cool is to have the not ambrosial por la belgique Doom is onset of Yen how good is to be to have eleven countries here at his progeny it’s great I mean we wish there was more but you know there are are in this event and due to either you know cautious Behavior or to themselves being sick they didn’t make it yeah okay let’s go see again why we wait for more waves will watch again the best waves so far in White County fast with an 857 Cowley in front of The Rock still goes off the top there he is show the fins to the boys back there again throwing lots of water water very good surfing extremely good surfing excellent surfing 8.57 the Portuguese really you know it’s a totally different stance is facing the Wave is a natural foot whereas the Polynesian Surfer as serves in back end but it’s equally beautiful and a lot of water flies in the air 7.5 no no you probably know why they call goofy footer you feel of the cartoons yeah Disney Cars yeah it has nothing to do with that it’s just goofy is a left-hander if you you know it kalavati the leave ganga River with a 7.5 in second place we only had three waves read and so far the the man closest to the rocks is the man with priority yeah in wonder Vale the V sounds like an F that’s that’s true no have you been in Belgium before it’s an absolutely amazing and beautiful Gallery say that that’s where my family comes from the late 18-hundreds I didn’t know and and I’ve only landed in Brussels Brussels that’s beautiful it’s all universities yeah there’s Bruges and there’s another one that’s also very known for its universities again no no I remember some of my my but I think it starts with an L but I’m not sure I’m so please forgive me I’m gonna help you I lived through the 70s so I’m not sure it’s for the 60s 60s and 70s young chicken in the 60s it’s oh

yeah live yes you were looking for the other it is liege no no no universities in in entropia Antwerp but anyway this has got nothing to do with surfing now we Ethan was a five six seven of us MPT in this wave totally missed the boys on the line upper it just went by that the tide is definitely pushing in already the tides have been smaller tights that is why he’s so important for the tides the moon when we have new moon or reform on the gods are really big without the Moon that would be a lot of difference on this planet yes you know yes yes our satellites our main satellite meanwhile respects in Vive La différence my respects to all the meanwhile Dean is still waiting for surfing his first wife is probably going on Desperate by now and yeah almost we’re just facing but going back to the Moon thing it’s very funny how the tides are different around the world the world because places like the Bay of Fundy like friends like Portugal here we have okay we’ll go back to surfing again to the replay of those three waves yeah you guys are probably going look at this this was the first and yeah this is the piece was the first wave is on is on my wish list this is the 7.5 by Guillermo Rivera from Costa da caparica one of the goddesses some caparica sorry sorry dude but he’s one of the best Surfers of is generation is the same generation of oh after driving it yeah we stopped for Dean because this is live action and he has probably done one or two Maneuvers prior to you know as finishing that replay and we’ll see the waving its entirety hopefully very soon the boys in there are getting but this is life Cowley vast wave number two yes oh yes oh yes it’s looking good this kid is on a mission no not really he’s ripping it was glowing on that interviews and one luck every he won every single bat hits on this country yeah exactly through the final I mean loser the finest through the seven this quarter’s this is have ghost men’s final Indian woman’s value we going to alternate will have not bought we started with to allow rest period for whoever comes from second semi-final that’s it this is some pretty Saint Peter with his wife number two a 517 on his first in this one is looking equally good and now he has a new section of the wave and he treats it well yeah

yeah and these well body is body language is Body Talk now scores for everybody coming in it will be only the first four Dean’s undeveloped Thunder Valor and we will have the second score for everybody else second this course this course are dropping or is is cool because a lot of people spend most of their lives waiting for nothing but no no Luc the scores are dropping but meanwhile he there will be brighter who is trying to increase is is a second place in needs a good bakery well then clay build oh that was a claim he tried not to raise his arms he did wonder but this is Dean wonderful our funder Villa again and this is even now he claims now let’s wait let’s wait for sewer system he was a Core is coming I hate scores are dropping for the second wave for Cal and they speak or display of waves and animals do I know it’s the second wife for Clear are you sure yeah I could almost say that he’s waiting on his third wife: the first the first guy is called Avast and the second place is not just taking their time to look at the way you one by one one point a slightly they are we to play there he puts a 70 point for overall score yeah aggregate score 17.4 out of 20 it’s an know we so so lucky this is the replay of that eight point eight three and meanwhile we already have and this is the 8.8 3D these days I mean I don’t have any any more words for these kids because Carly I think he has both feet in the final yeah yeah definitely site after another eight an eight five seven EV by 1893 if he’s very final so we put the second one is not coming second of Guilherme is quite important as well last of green 6.83 in moves to the second second you see to 857 look Saint Peter is in combination in combination so Gilly are now goes to second with a 7.9 you also improves at he needs a design point five it’s not a combination but it’s close yeah but the thing is new to advance you only need to be the in the second suit yourself also to go to Second and then we are still waiting for the score of the last letter of the the most important seven minutes of they have to play the game of the priority now and you know really make yourself bigger than you are but look at these new no look at the face of this kid look without without a stick come on that’s why it was not a night but he was a 7.9 good surfing good surfing we are extremely blessed thank you wish Pina and thank you you think you saw the article I was one of the best contest of the year so far well there weren’t too

many right but anyway we anyway good karma yeah that’s it it for real word no waves that the week of the contest yeah so we have been six months waiting for this is the next the next Heat the next semifinal and Tunas will be in white but Rocco Portugal friends and vast country here what a good you know it’s all the decks in the cards point three so sorry it’s a six point eight so it’s now chasing an eight point six thanks to the as a couple of Judges who probably would like to give that wealth to the second tenor yeah in one it’s happened before in Telugu yeah we you know somebody throwing and attend you know and then it was yeah kinase London yeah Gordon hey Scott and raised in Korea and Kobe won Eco Bianca Quran but it wasn’t like would win yeah if they did was back in 1998 gentleman’s it’s actually the first big event in interpreting yeah I I got lucky to see it in 2003 I believe and it was one of those years so good it’s also an amazing I’m in the final only one person that one with with Andy known but it happens twice to CJ actually actually I can’t remember his name I can see his name written and I cannot say it but it would be interesting this interest Australian goofy foot that then came back to compete to really you know really you know to to reclassify in the competing and feel like it has like 35 or 36 still in a super-strong goofy foot nice and Edge if you said it I’m I am sometimes I don’t remember who I am Nathan nicely done but I’m expecting for the next year because you’re going to have girls into Oppo so he goes that here that we’re girls that are really oh yes my dear – my dear friend yeah that they were a bit spooked yeah there were girls and Patricia lops from Portugal was that the only the only one the Daredevil she was a daredevil she had a know she surfed Waimea with yeah that’s a remember yeah that’s a remember yeah she was eleven time National chair was a lot of girls in that year that we’re taking off on the very last section you know first Portuguese woman competing competing splattered in the world tours she was a pioneer but Direction and she used to be my only Portuguese companion on the yeah yeah yeah she was the first one yeah I was occur of course I was not competing I was only announcing but she would be the only other Portuguese on to her then later came the the

WSL wsl II still have difficulties to say the blessing actually it’s the the same Mo you know modus operandi is but of course more up-to-date more you know the the given the association yeah you too you know because without PS was was the first ASP iips what IPS yeah Randy rarick & the okay back in the 70s up and riding is some pity on his last chance under under this wave could be a Bitter End he knows it he knows it he says give me the score please call Eva’s Destiny vest coming in just coming in but also you know this season go we are most probably you know having a party in his head already already one from the hexagon as we call it Mainland the other one from French Polynesia time so let’s watch this new to this is the most important way of of the heat so far nice turn off the top another good / turn well that’s another another wired it’s in the judges hands come on it’s been a very exciting day but but we’ll take meanwhile no no meanwhile I think Guilherme Earth Caught a wave because you are still waiting for scores from Germany where will it be something that will 7:5 if it’s higher than then seven five it will make the requirement higher than 8.5 stand there plus wave of cold avast’s he is trying to get rid of 8.57 8.57 welcome back everyone we are live at the surf brush being you this welcome back everyone we are live at the surf brush being you this it on the water is on standby we are still waiting for scores of of last of white and last of of so this is official results called Avast advance to the final with Guillermo Hebrew and some pity just become a bit short he was aiming oh he was chasing 8.57

and he got 8.17 whoa I was really really really almost there semi finals Heat number two introducing the seat from Morocco Neil abou fira from France Killinger hung from Portugal a function to news and from Poland Maximilian McCluskey and back back once you’re on the beach and I don’t know did you girls just yeah just on the brake I just did the girls that was so much but I’m happy for letting people it please yeah we are all happy for you hear me where is a Portuguese sir Fernandez came from a a and now I’m just I want to know who is going to join Cal avastin glare will be Neil Albufeira will be kill Ian Garrett will be a function tuners or Maximilian mcclewsky I know that too we cannot say this but I hi have again kuqali fast from the French Polynesia he won this semifinal and he is in the final congratulations you are the European champ so you feeling in your shoes quite well congratulations yeah my goal was to to for the final and yeah I’m stoked to be in the final I I can only imagine that you will remember is being you for the rest of your life yeah that’s my that’s the last progenitor for me and I am always loved this place and yeah it’s good to be in the final four my last one okay I massage for the definition as stop it so what do you yep it was really happier yeah this is this right is is perfect for his Surf and Callie vast is on fire we already have some waves forever sentence we didn’t see you while it was during the interview have you yes if also has here at cheerleaders check yeah let’s let’s let’s wait and see how he’s going to work that injury injury we have a faucet tuners in white Neil Abu firas in red killed in Gaza in blue and Maximilian McCluskey in green so we are at semi-finals it number 2 right next your gonna have the final of the ladies with giannini González echevarría Lucia Lucia it’s good yeah and until the last minute I know I just did any seven points and it changed the situation and went to second I’m so sorry for karolina because Carlini looks a

girl’s been in the last minute it came from second Force I know what to all the fasts now waiting more 25 minutes minutes to decide who goes to the final against Cowley and Guillermo this is Killian ghetto a terms of speed nice and big floater floater this pumping over the leap I really like to see so the tides is amazing so faster yeah and he’s if you waves are still good yeah the waves are still we still have like these 23 minutes I have and then one hour to go he’s going to be just tight because the tide tide so we are aiming to finish the contests I mean in one and a half hour so like 4:30 in the afternoon right after this we’ll have the big final of the girls right yeah right after this are going to have the big finals you going to be it’s going to be you and a do here outside yeah and then after those two finals you have the prize giving awards so stay tuned send a message to your friends saying that we are alive and we are finishing the contest it was a great week of Surfing With Great who have to do some some calls until we started at 11:30 and but right now we have plenty of time steel to to do the both finals with amazing conditions I mean we already have to die a a was really amazing and I think that we have done some history I think it was the first time in a junior European European so let’s watch and see the wrapping around nice section good off the lip waiting for the lip again nice nap he also has a style really similar to his father is dead but he looks good I know he doesn’t look injured at all and look the death and the interests of our cheering our first judge this is you won’t want to ingest the Enterprise as Wells as well yeah as you want to jumpity new and young age whoa look at this this kid has been ripping during the whole week it’s Neal Neal paddling it’s it’s a false it’s a fun sentence Portuguese Portuguese his first wave was a 633 this was the reply of

this trying to getting new school tricks this is live this is a maximally Amica live ski ski trying waiting that are attempts for a from suit was it just one point and scores are dropping for Maximilian nikolewski and also for Europe that’s it we are almost done for this contest we still and we are going to crown okay last first of red and again the interest of of a function tunes yeah for Zhang Zhang marion222 jump so seven minutes to 17 minutes ago it’s been kind of a slow start look at that wife for at the scores are dropping for Maximilian McCluskey you going to be a good score yeah and 6.57 the same score that new Abu firas a fossil to this still in the lead because of and for those three Surfers priority with the phones second priority with 16 to go plenty of time with I told maneuver than a good round or scarf and nice passage for the leap and trying to finish here you got a bit right but he managed to do it this is a function to Loser answering why nicely done there there so let’s watch the replay this is a phone so nice there again another one really good one this was just a phone climb and the finishing

and he’s going to put some good scar here in the back of peak is going to replace the one point he has so yes but I’m actually a so also getting a three point three three maybe it was yeah it was a wave surf during the replaced but this is is Lacey Lacey she’s going to be with the Late Show Rachel presdient Lucia Machado and Janet have you seen Johnny he’s surfing in the first big final she served really good I was yeah we have the last of white here a full sentence is 783 it’s the best wave of the heat so far and we totally agree with that and the last of Revit was her at 5.5 so situation 13 minutes and 10 seconds remaining we have a full sentence in delete he’s chasing a 7.6 in 30 green needs 5.5 and in blue kidding I get her needs a combination of 1207 1207 so let’s wait and see what an interesting heat that we get so up and Rising it’s Maximilian War wow nice I’ve always loved to see a good round or scarf wedding on the phone another good turn the Polish Surfer wants to get rid of that 3.33 and I think I think the he already got got this is so good to have the best UGA Euro Junior Surfers installations and in this kind of conditions really really good this is Killian Guerra trying to do something on this work or what was that that he was showing a finger and maybe this one is also this is going to be the best wave of the heat so far Killian Guerra surfing so well Flo power speed variety of Maneuvers good bottom turn wow this is just to to to finish finish Ford kill you Gahan but I didn’t understand that attitude but maybe I was just for here we do was just it was not for four judges or four coaches or nothing it was just a claim you know just to get rid of those that pressures yeah sometimes you as in force so the game he was in Cumberland yes but he’s going to he’s going to be out of that combination of course yes so still waiting for the last of red and last of green it would last through souls he has to agree was a 5.1 so it was not enough to go to second place

Russian in first the first one to knees in second me LaBeouf era in third place Maximilian McCluskey and in fourth place killed here geje scores are dropping last of blue 8.03 best wave of the heat so far so could that could happen or anything can happen on these lasts 10 minutes we are under 10 minutes right it’s going to be really important is this girls the guys need three needs a 5.5 5.5 but this is a fun certainty he has the priority he had a prayer use it and he’s a good-looking guy I’ve nice wrap of the top another snap connecting to a total release and another one oh yes I don’t know if it’s better than a 6.33 you got to stretch underneath in the morning so I’m glad he’s not 100% but he’s still trying to go to the final this is the answer by new we are still but if you look at fans to serving you so seven minutes it’s your back it’s his backup wave best wave is a 783 now Neil above your eye and read needs and 866 so really high score 866 to move to first green Maximilian it’s a 5.5 and Killian in blue and you have to choose the very good the wave because in the set I think is the second wave is the best when I was up there I I was I was looking at that weapon riding again on a smaller wave this way I’ve got some good good potential and it’s finishing oh and this is the replay for the last of the Kilian get really

important wavy needs just a 4042 to to be second so judges are analyzing this four minutes and 30 seconds so under the final five minutes scars are dropping for Killian get her he is chasing a 404 to go second Neil Abu firas chasing an eight point six six to go first Maximilian nikolewski chasing if you needs at 4:04 404 yeah situation for Apple fear that he’s going to change the heat situation and there you have a five point nine three so Killian get her moves to second place in this is Neil answering back my oh-ho trying to releasing the fins but unfortunately he fell off fellas off the board this is live this is live action with Killian Guerra so each each they are watching to the phone to see the results checking checking this this is the replay from the last of red you just fell out yeah last of who read 363 doesn’t change nothing but pay attention to the last of blue it’s he just needed a 7.2 to go first and so it was so close last of blue was a seven point seven point points you need to 7.2 7.2 effort for Maximilian McCloskey is chasing chasing and finishing well is going to be for me it’s the best best web server for him do maybe there’s something coming or not it’s a 5.33 a lot of the last of Maximilian nikolewski he’s not going to change anything again he’s looking at the back seat 30 seconds and if 15 seconds and I think we can celebrate because we have another Portuguese in the big final he will join Glen Murray by Doe and Callie vast and it is over bear the heat heat

these wife before the horn so he’s chasing a 8.46 I would love to see a replay of this wave to try to analyze well this wave but if also is already in the final in his he got a bit light on that section and this is a good snap nicely entry over the top with the hair drop nice car over there and a good finishing I don’t don’t Janet Lee Neal Abu firas and Maximilian michalowski on okay hi everybody and thank you for being with us for this first final of the day it’s the ladies first ladies okay hi everybody and thank you for being with us for this first final of the day it’s the ladies first ladies final and Lucia Machado representing the Canary Islands journeyed González echevarría for The Basque Country Rochelle welcome to Espino world-class wave in a friendly town and here it is this all ready to wave surfed we will get that first wave of Lucia from the Canary Islands she opened up with a six and she is wearing blue blue there you go Lucia with a six-point ride with a very good stance taken advantage of surfing with her back to the wave really hitting that leap okay with me my name is Luna Johnny it was out of the barn a is I’m just going to thanks voice I’m just going to be quick to let the false arrest for the final phone soon still nice conditions what a great cheat congratulations again tell us about how was out there it’s

it’s still good but it’s harder now because of the low tide it’s the ties really low and the wife are some some chops and some Cuts there are are let you rest congratulations again and good luck for the final yeah back to you boys thank you thank you very much both phones to and yoga from suicide I totally believe in short interviews when the boys are at this stage of the competition they need to keep their we are in the ladies final we have seen already Replay for that first wave of Lucia my Shadows of the Canary Islands and that was best right so far as 6-pointer Jean Edith from The Basque country in red in pink she has had only a 1.5 I know Lacey Agha from friends from apparel day in the north part of the Basque country but naturally under the flag of friends she is currently waiting for a first wave we should have first and second priority they are very we do I know as priority in green green so first final four today after this we’ll have the boys final the young men’s final this is I know our first wave of Idaho and she’s down sure that wave ran away from her so after these final we will see is going to be we will know it’s going to be the then we would get then we will have a very low-key ceremony for the price of words for because normally when you get to the end of the contest you ask the people from the PA from our beach and houses and asked to to have lots of people come over see our champions from clothes in all that well not anymore given the situation we have a closed area yeah well it’s not by the public it’s very far from the public and the police is going to be demoting people from making groups of more than 10 people yeah but people are are very committed to the yes I see everybody with masks hardly anybody without on the street walking on the on the beach front and keep a safe safe I’ll still throw their hand when they see a friend they haven’t seen for a while and then you just bump Knuckles or yeah or l.length second but but still you know it’s sometimes it’s stronger than us and as Latins it’s very very hard not to give the girls to kisses are ahead or no no I think oh we could have now a word for our viewers that are with us thank you very much guys to be with us it’s really good to have you here we know that we have some guys from Italy oh yes well you don’t you think to the fact that the Italians in their beautiful language language be experienced domestic competition at the junior prom spin yo-yo achieve a more symmetrical components repeal the Super Junior a quest moment of semicolon finally femenina it opal masculine the me party for 12 from my side my English for Alessandro Deanie who’s one of the first Surfers of of Italy I sent him a big hug from HP new Portugal but I hope

okay thank you for this was a little bit of thanks to our viewers and Italy of course we have explained that the lingua Franca the and the language for surfing in the WSL is English we are in Portugal we would love to be doing this in Portuguese and sometimes same time you know here in Portugal a lot of people speak more than two languages yeah it’s like oh speak quite well the French so you can say some words in French is here to the respect that Terror française de langue française de polynésie française be ensure see Mercy the cola one I do believe ASL version core restavek noodman studying Arabic I know you can speak in Portuguese let’s watch this wave of I know a lacy Agha oh yes good much better than the first and she’s in second position yeah because she has have my to now this one will be be of the Canary Islands first wave of six points and we need to see you Rachel pressed a and Janine Gonzales come on girls well they’re still eating and a half minutes to go the waves you have to be quite choosy quite picky about the waves you get as they are then they’re not bunching up by the Rocks yeah then it was some are playing it safe for closer to the middle of the bay and I think that’s the place to sit now as the tide keeps coming in there will be more chances a little bit to our left hours of our screen you see two goals to the right of that but thus well there’s a new pool pulse of Swell this morning so we went from 11 seconds period to 12 and there you go in the middle of the bay was somebody thanking off and on the outside okay I believe this is the outside for blue-white I good turns and finishing well because re-entry very sure you’re back in the very strong yeah now while we see the final re-entry by Lucia Lucia Machado now in blue and as the sun goes over the ocean and makes makes yeah this is the replay of Lucia Lucia Lucia Machado the Canary Islands too bad she didn’t finish that wave properly but but still she’s going to add something to that 6 and it’s going to be you know slightly if you go look at the girl in yellow or green or so far I know I has only two waves in the air both twos A2 A3 and A2 now second wave of Lucia was a 3.17 which is a low score but she

yeah who knows well but she only have the one point five into the first so shaky but you know the goalies first and she needs ask 7.67 reminding you that now the requirement the requirement is offer first nobody wants this to be second yeah the rest of the event until the final we give the Surfers and with a red jersey Channel she needs a eight it’s and the judges must be watching those waves of Lucia and Rachel very carefully because it’s taking a while okay here comes score close to good for Rachel presti I see the first scores yes it’s going to be actually in the good area above 6 or 6 it’s a 6.1 yeah Michaud has in blue so now Rachel owning only needs a free 07 know you don’t know but you don’t we don’t know if a little more because we are way cuz it for this car yeah oh I stopped over 3.17 here we go I was just with what is true five minutes ago may not be true now yeah but we just don’t know yet whether unless there is no third wave of Luci and Michelle then we’re talking no but there’s the third wave of you too much I just want to put in your son do you know to pan sear on the real world into the day my you know I get more tired living my old age then before when I was younger and it’s hard to retain in a wall the waves but and in the the file of the guys will come next we have to Portuguese yeah we have Glencliff identify one sentence against Carla fast he’s very strong yeah he’s being very strong and killing us watch Gahan let’s watch the replay of that wave that we were missing for Lucia unless we’re going to see the replay over first first the third wave of Lucia well if they taking so long that I’m starting to doubt you and my impression that there is a third wave up and riding what you watch this this is now this is happening it’s for sure this is the girl from The Basque country Geneva Johnny are making a couple of good turns Jabari Jabari Gonzalez achieve it shabari that was the the fans on the boardwalk given her some kudos I’ll probably the competitors as well we are

leaving here oh yeah yeah and applaud The chatter yeah it’s really good it’s really good to see that actually won right why when you are as a commentator in my Professional Event and you hear the competitors area clapping or you know shouting whistling then you know it was a good wave because those guys know what good yeah Johnny Depp Goes To Third with that wave a seven-point right it becomes the best wave so far of the Waves we know and you know what I think we’re on a wild goose chase with that with that third wave of Lucius has probably there’s no third wave yet yeah it is so you saw there is okay okay okay point six seven two point six a lot of change a big doesn’t change her back go riche be resting does any of the three oh seven inches in second Johnny Ray’s just leapt enormous steps towards the the top spots with that seven she now only these it 217 she’s in third yet she needs less than the second to go to first he has second people through seven she needs a 217 and I know her Lacey Agha of friends she needs a 634 but she has only waves waves to go away away the first three positions are very very close up and riding this is Lucia all either that way for ran away so in fact the free first score a score of very close I need it don’t follow she’s been served has been surfing like a goddess today I’ve had the pleasure to interview her a couple times that means she won two Heats already and we there’s wave she goes very very close to First spot with eight minutes and 20 seconds remaining this is this is live this is live live sorry sorry okay so we’ll wait for this live wave we just saw and and keep you updated but it’s becoming a nice final look at those highest scores of the three girls in a lie up and driving this is the brave dragon German Surfer wow she’s she’s putting every year very strong yes yes Rachel Rachel will be happy with herself now because she is just jump to First but we’re waiting on last of blue to see it now we’re waiting on last of janeers last of Rachel’s Lucy has lost her first place to Jan you in pink Johnny González echevarría I would like to see the recap of this one of Rachel she has lay hint Asuna engineer might see the way so it’s first turn here yeah lots of spray okay and come short this way way the her tail releasing the tape will and now she’s also the 4.51 actually we gave you that for last information prior to one score being dropped because Lucy Machado she score a free 17 Rachel now needs she needs a four point five one one because no generic sorry General Gonzales car took the lead as a free point six so now she jumps to First Lucy Machado now in second and she needs a hood I don’t think she’s in second anymore after last of Rachel’s yeah she could be in second or even third if Rachel takes the lead from from Jenny so Lucy Machado right now in second but we are waiting for the last night car I love uh that wave was yeah until I write Rachel’s car comes out out yeah so we have an interference here oh no No that don’t tell me it was that person that was looking all over

pressed event held a family conference here here was was it a priority interference sort of pedal interference Reggie we’ll be on standby I have to wait who’s far more was an interference call if it’s a penalty interference it’s one thing if it was a priority interference it’s a lot more serious because it takes a whole way exactly exactly excuse for this moment of uncertainty from our part but we are like the wrong husband sometimes where the last ones to know about about the hearings I’ll try to listen to the announcement to the beach yes anyway Rachel Rachel Rachel’s will last wave where she could have gone to first place was valued zero points XI because it was a priority interference because whoever was to write have priority paddled for wave for the wave and Rachel should have veered to the beach or come out of the wave because it was not her priority this is what happened right now now too bad the right presti she’s currently in fourth place and and unless anybody know she could cannot be well Junior Champion anymore because January has a 10 point 6 and 10 aggregate of two points and or if even if Rachel gets a 10 she’s only counting on one wave so she will not be she can be rather up still because second place as 9.17 Aggregate and that’s Lucia Machado of the Canary Islands too bad for Rachel yeah yeah I’m sorry so sorry but she should have he has so many of jump tyrion’s I don’t know yeah should have jumped off her board as soon as she saw the other girl that have priority pedaling for the same life even though she was further down the line no too bad I am so sorry it would have been a 6 it would have been a situation she would be in first yeah if it wasn’t an interference maybe it’s the anxiety here for the German company so sorry I feel so sorry for Rachel presti she and now we have a very she was not very lucky in Eddie side a week ago she didn’t find waves in there semi okay watch this this watch this white takes off Rachel presti but priority belong to this girl you’re going to see now in green yeah and and Rachel should have kicked out and she stayed in the young Ed and as green you know was in a position where she could have taken of and she did not take of so should so she wouldn’t hurt the surfer in white she would not cry to the left or too bad too bad oh Rachel must be kicking yourself yeah if she she understood what she must be kicking herself and boy now it’s like she needs a ten point six but there is no such a thing in one school and I know Al I see a girl with a green jersey she she will grow he will probably go first she will go stir that least if not second with a good wave she needs a seven point seven seven four first and it’s still possible for inoa Inoa hello bunker I know that that’s good supposed to do it’s possible dream dream dream one right now with the prior we had a Lucia so let’s see Lucy has priority second priority we hire yeah sorry Lucia has to play well with the prior here one minute of this 50 seconds watch this wave wave nobody goes at least in this section of wave that we go see needs a 4.10 what is this is Rachel Presley yeah again yeah yeah even if even if she gets a 10 in this way if she will not win this event at feel so bad and she was definitely one of the best Surfers in the water all contests contest long definitely a contender for the title but but this is a look at this finish here yeah I think it was like I know I know Alice Yaga uh-huh so she will jump to she will lose the turbo at least let’s watch this again we’ll probably see Rachel’s the last wave that she can only better a 6 because she’s not counting our entire second wave it’s a zero if it were only a pedal interference she could lose lose half of her wave but it was an interference of priority so copper-based like kaput

against against kaput Alles kaputt it was not Touchin Uber Alles this time we have I know Al I see again for the wave okay 30 seconds ago and the leader now this is the voice for sorry this is not in the same final now we’re back in the coming back to the final I know a lacy Agha Agha I know I have to work till the end this way yes 777 to win she dares only potential on that waiver seconds to go let’s see what she’s going to do in the last here’s the countdown finishing we have a chance 1 0 we have a champion well done go well done 15 year old has only 15 15 year old New York really came here to tell us unreal congratulations hello there in the Basque country where are are extremely happy for you congratulations at relations we are very any for Janu and for her family or country or friends well done and looks like I get to interview her again maybe who knows would be my third interview with this beautiful 15 year old from The Basque country we are giving them a little while to get out of the company and area are we right now a man’s final Jenny seven yeah let’s watch the seven-point right again so there ya go first turn here yes he’s fun the glory of the Basque flag is flying I I they’re a Korean sorry well then well done good surfing that was the 7i her bad cop was only a 3.6 but it was enough to beat lufia Machado of the Canary Islands congratulations to the Canary Islands also Philly City journey is a Canadian has pushed a nice Lobby say comme vous NE and we are waiting for the score of finalized diagonal yeah let’s see if she goes to Third are you cause Rachel’s only counting on what if she needs about two point something something to go to third I know yeah so waiting for Source course still and that’s I know on the beach waiting for that score it’s a 427 and she does go yeah I know in third she is runner-up number two for the title I know Lizzy Agha Felix Cassio of homes with solicitation to Le Français right and here attention to the start of the men’s final in five four three two one one it it’s on the final is on on save your name okay thank you so much his Waterloo thank you I don’t you all go for the men’s final now we going to see who’s going to be with you for the long board it’s going to be fun that is the alignment for the final it is the final you see to Portuguese Flags to French flags and it’s going to be fun to watch the Tide is coming in there’s less and less waves on the outside but this is going to be a great great event for sure stick with us it’s another 30 minutes and we’ll find out who is going to be the European European Junior champion this year so looks like it was always going to intro I don’t know if there’s going to be interview now or only at prize award ceremony yeah maybe later we do the all the interviews with the winners right that’s one of the amazing performance no no yes she’s just a young girl 50 years old it was not the best final you’ve ever seen yet yeah yet with all those those with in the water she got the most points so she is the European at 15 years old great okay here she comes out and and yeah I need but but unfortunately

for her child press you on that situation is always hard to get to be giving an extremely sad for her although it’s the the beach is so steep that she’s not on people’s shoulders should be yeah should be on people’s shoulders 15 year old girl she’s so light it’s she’s a light year as they say in South Africa and I have to say one thing he has debuted the most beautiful word on the contest he hasn’t it Carina and yeah The Basque flag yeah so congratulations to Basque country I think is the first European Junior from country be could we will find out later or those of you well go to Google it yeah yeah Google it and and right now in how ahead the hell are the smiles behind the mask on the contest contest area and noodles we finished just we’ve just finished the final and now we have to Portuguese on the boys final yeah that’s that’s the true end for me the best best for Surfers of the competition are in the final it could be debatable but then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder so that’s so true but but but no no definitely I will always I always say like this nobody got carried to that final there as in my eyes not only in yours yeah inhale know that’s what it was books like that yeah but but yeah I was saying that situation with Rachel Presley Solis – so no worries she was right in a recital yeah she also she couldn’t find a waves in her semi yeah and here she was looking like a contender and she she forgot to you know if Daniel was worth at the beach or just throw herself in the water and and lat pink or green go if there wasn’t an interfering with official would be in first and she would have that Suite 600 hard sometimes the surf oh well but it is what it is and the rules were made to be broken to be followed and sometimes broken rules are made to be broken so good look at that smile from ear to ear I’m watching through my door here I’m watching little Johnny here she’s due to get interviewed by I believe Miguel today now he’s got to be Maria oh Maria oh that’s even better but he is so much prettier than me yeah I agree with you so right now we’re in our hands we have called if asked DMV very first sentence and okay kill them get up once again it’s a great pleasure to be with you all at home we have a final in the water the men’s final but I’m going to throw it to Maria outside with Junior our new European Junior champion go ahead Maria wow congratulations you needed that was in the last minutes was so you were so nervous right yeah I was like wow she’s gonna do she’s gonna do it but finally I was also super happy you you serve like really good our contest was amazing to see did you have some fun in shipping yeah I actually I have never competed with so good so good ways but super happy and Texas Pina you want to some words to you guys about home let’s go to grad school I need I wouldn’t last a day off okay I didn’t understand a word but that’s congratulations and that’s with you guys that was thank you very much to the viewers and I’ll see you soon so congratulations once again goes to John Deere and thank you Maria for your great work and this beautiful interview you could see happiness in those phases but especially on the left hand side okay we are going to watch five five opening right by Khalifa’s this is the band’s final or the boys final it gets Man Group good-looking wave nice first turn nice second one but he gets a little turned up a little stuck and now he goes for the money turn but but that was okay even more hang up yeah so we keeps trying to you know make us forget for his mistakes back there yeah one bigger than the other and this reentry yes but yeah know this wave had potential the Georgia the judges are playing it cool and safe with a 500 yeah because the wave

has potential for more yeah and those if you haven’t have those two little mistakes we call them mistakes yeah maybe because we’ve seen a couple two waves too many when the think the interesting thing is they don’t get they don’t be penalized for for the verbal exam we get awarded a prize they get a prize for what they do right they don’t get the motive but human nature says that if you finish a wave well there’s more will to give you good points then if you fall off or if you leave the way we got control that’s true so a 0.5 was done by the French Surfer in handy huh yeah Kara and that’s only the is only right for once you and Gilliam the to Portuguese they haven’t touched the ball yet it yeah this is a soccer team soccer slang slang that’s true but no no what an amazing event that we had during the whole week yes is the last Heat of the event men’s final tomorrow we have more but it’s gonna be yeah it’s a different ways longboard yeah it’s a different kind of contest gonna have a longboard contest yeah but talking about this week the waves inch being you yeah the commitment of the Surfers the perfect heat of cover everybody was so hungry for for competition yet the best thing is we have the best European Junior Surfers on the best waves of the week we had real a really good forecast a really good swell we have a few too many hours of fog we have one afternoon from like two o’clock onwards with a little bit too much wind crush on but but other than that we have the best waves of the year in any contest that I have seen this year year yes yes and I have to to say stoked for a spin you and for the quality and I have to say you lations to Gonzalo penis graduations to all the organizers well the organizes thank you to the sponsors thank you the sponsors the team was really great and they welcomed us really nicely it is it is a friendly town called leaders for foreigners for for Portuguese too for me it was a huge pleasure to be here for the first time we owe our feel sorry I didn’t come all the other years because you know maybe 25 years ago was my last time York announcing but well this time I’m going home With My Heart full me also this invest in belly this was an effort by kill younger huh nice first turn but then the wave fortunately I was doubt yeah so so that will probably keep him in second place we don’t know yeah but look at this turn nice wonderful that will put him maybe the wave just doesn’t allow for another move so he does one of those goofy goofy dives no arms in front Okay let’s wait for that score but reminding you that Kali vast our men of the 20 points in the quarter finals quarterfinal final three 174 Killian so it’s still called Avast in Delhi and New Media arm and a phone so they don’t even have priorities yet because because no as there’s only two ways to read about three waves reading by two different surface so there’s still no first and second priority whoever is closer to the start of the wave will have priority that’s it noon it’s not attributed until three Surfers have one right at least yeah and the quality of service that we have sometimes I thought that I were commentating them world rarest kinds of dolphins coming visitors really short news though oh yeah I look at this this is Guillermo garibai the first drive of the final nice bottom turn smashes the lip drifting detail and some brakes on Guilherme yeah recover their good snap is going to a re-entry more windscreen wiper behind up and riding is the one and only the of the Portuguese league of Surfing of the grown-ups there is and tuned also do not have false false and our the beach is with him hello and the pier is see them the

interaction of this rounds are there yeah there’s about four or five of them yeah you will want to enjoy the second drummer Ian turns the first time first time my brother John Patterson you and Zhang catch if you say is a nobody nobody is not yet yet it’s a local well Gibbs is shown get surface from the north of course it was national champ back in 2009 and now a big wave surfer another day that’s true and the very good friend of mine too now it’s an excellent Surfer inside such an amazing person yeah all-around good person yeah including a bit because I think it was the last national champ from Port do you think is put his vest you hang his vest for no no no but it was the only one from Puerto to win a National champ okay and that’s your first kiss a so-called you fast : is oh boy this wave is taking a beating Koli saw those first waves of the Portuguese and he’s saying now boys it’s not going to be that easy I know I’m in Portugal but any starving for a win you know last year you lost for the two of us went to knees I guess if I survive on the semi-finals let’s watch this again again so first we’re going to Let’s watch you want to get a natural I have full sentence again this is then you’ll see ya this is we will travel to the end taraj nice yeah way to go whoa that’s a good wave that’s a good one that’s why Kali applied so much pressure on his last one he saw this one from behind I kept seeing him coming and look at that ha ha ha mom is not their mom you know I’m going to say I need to see the replay of gold Avast ye and the replay of Gilliam rebar but I would say that this wave of a function is the best wave of the heat but I’m just it’s just my opinion he’s just my opening title to it I I really loved the first two terms of a foursome and the wave was big so yeah it’s going to be very well chosen one yes so he’s he’s going to be but making do so so let’s watch from called Avast this one also yeah but by comparison there was actual and better chosen wave times of spray beautiful turn the about this is good surfing anywhere in your home look at that spray no no yes yes yes definitely we’re watching monsters I have on stairs I mean I right now I don’t know we we watching monster so I asked for the replay and you know what it’s going to take a good five minutes until we get yeah yes yes but meanwhile I just had their work cut out for that the first of Guillermo Rivera but it was a four point eight three yeah and I don’t know big yeah because he had a hiccup in the me look wait look at this wife no no this is going to be an interesting Way for helium get huh nicely done there oh yeah yeah the wave the wave around the ran away from him Clarity with Gilliam William Ribeiro William Creek you remember William Tell yeah he told me so let’s see what Gilliam is going to do with this turn turn to shine and tunes the second priority and are still on standby for last of rev last first of the white and I think we have already lost of of Killians no still waiting oh no no it’s a 2.57 yeah you’re right sir 257 but no no these is why I never want to be a judge yes you have to be some lovely to be here right now remembering every move yeah oh now it’s comparing comparing comparing I’ve been riding this is life Killian get high again it was just one heat yeah yeah that’s not going to make it and let’s see we cannot even give you positions now now it does we know that cowl Avast is in the lead because he has two waves that’s that’s that’s for sure that’s for sure but we don’t know how much the second one was it looked like a lot better than a 5/5 the first of all funds is a very good wave but he only has one

he is now is now with second priority with minutes and 6 seconds on our clock well done by a phone so on the first one well then by Khalifa’s on the second one so for me no no and again is just an opinion golly and the folks who were the best two Surfers on the contest during the week it’s not easy you know when I first got here he was wanting I thought that was it a false was totally out of the picture I told him don’t surf yeah yeah that’s true that’s true has an uncle I told ya answer but it’s it’s it’s not is this is the first wave of this course that dropping no no yeah and we are watching this too too so we’re waiting for a lot of scores use deal yes we watch for his life those 2 so 8 points for the funds would Tunas on this wave and wave of Gully is just one point better 9.0 7 that was the replay that’s the replay that was the replay of a van Serena hate points and this is the replay of Kali on the 900 we have le site like that and no no I’m going to say one thing spotted by the judges well judged well-judged I have nothing to say but I mean don’t get me wrong to say this but Cowley was in the on the beginning of the custis of the the contest it was the the the leader because he was European Junior champion and a force who was the second highest ranking Surfer so it’s come to fruition that’s it really that’s it but there are still 11 minutes and 15 seconds to go the backup of the tuition Surfer in red is a five something so so it means that the phone so requirement it’s a 6.5 so it’s very achievable yeah there was the French Surfer know Killian Killian yeah and the other two are in Cumberland yeah yeah no Killian kinsella doesn’t need the combination it’s a nine-point yeah for yeah killing welcomes all release Guillermo William William Creek creek so under 11 minutes almost that there’s ten minutes and it’s totally opened yeah he’s totally open anybody’s game still yeah working for last of gay rounds now there’s a 1.5 there all the scores are in and it is read first with white second white hair second priority third place is green Killian Gala looking for 14 points points he needs a combination first so he has to drop both his waves and since the Portuguese in fourth place is only one wave 483 at that he needs a 974 to take the lead away from Cowley but Crowley is bound to Better is 5 5 back up oh boy what are they my my throat my vocal cords let me shut up but but it’s worth it it’s magic you know I have to announce I have to announce such a fantastic such a happy days here in espanol and you know forgive me sometimes pulling this Benicia it’s just absent-minded lives of my part but the spin you is a world-class wave in a friendly City our our Reggie is asking you for our volume is okay yes it is but our our you know we are getting tired and our voices are starting to feel I think the getting locked if so important wave 6.5 wait for a phone soup is what he needs hit that wave probably is going to come in a little more more and one more flow it couldn’t complete that floater it was defending is it was defending himself but look at your own my own told him go and then his mind are you crazy but yeah see you we have seen the reaction of your own Tunes yeah totally was like oh you can do it yeah it would be stupid to aggravate ligament

is still is still have in two weeks the national competition yes yes where is defending the the leadership so it’s not in two weeks it’s in one week in this is the next weekend 15 15 16 and 17 even worse and in engaging shoe or character fellows of all places and just to explain to the guys he in at home we are mentioned this because he’s the leader against Fredrika Mariah yes that is a world to search for him and and wash kriwer does European Champion I mean I won’t work Champion for the juniors in the WSL wsl yes so last wave of our full suits only 2.63 you seek it it was a six five yeah but you think it was a bad choice for the fossil going on that wave definitely it was but you know as the time progresses there will be less and less waves like the first one you picked yeah there you know it might not you might not see another one of those waves during this final with such such a potential we must have thought like you know I better go on this one in possible they only need the 6.5 so and he’s trying to hang on to runner-up spot yeah because he knows that 3rd place needs to waves but his fellow countrymen Gilliam Revival needs a 974 to first so he possibly possibly needs he possibly needs High seven to go to sue to second place that’s now a full in different fonts you cannot win win okay let’s watch this wave of the eight points right and that wave is so much bigger and better than the wave on this second attempt this was excellent sir good surfing throwing the fins out hit man it’s located he was already surfing in mom’s belly no no natural to him I remember the phone sweetie this is a 907 so this is minus 7 call the vote look at that no no this is this is excellent sir this is this is the so much commitment and intent and and vitality in his moves the variety of Maneuvers tons of spray what what being beckoned and these waves of this size was an advantage is an advantage yeah back in you generate more power and more Jesus and you can go more vertical yeah of course and then you always higher on the wave you know so you get more momentum yeah five minutes 15 seconds we’ve seen the 906 we’ve seen a an eight the the other two competitors have nothing to vote for 4.8 in the case of Guillermo Rivera who’s still waiting for his second wave get here yeah there is still on one holding on priority for so long are you might take it to the podium with him that priority doesn’t hurry up you have priority on the podium with a yeah yeah yeah but he can you cannot do killing Agera and he cannot do and if he gets it in he cannot do do Khalifa’s out sir surfing the Tide Is Coming really fast so the for I think we’re going to have one more set and until the end that’s and that the tide is already you know when when they interview the phones to after his second semi-final at first was a bit off the reality because the tide has been coming in since like it was me I was just like wondering you know the Lord says that tooth p.m. but I did private check on it I didn’t say anything because the kid was concentrated for the final it was not the right moment to tell him you’re that’s it just go rest you have a final to do so I apologize rated I actually said here well done short interviews for these guys because you don’t want to have to really concentrate jinx them more eat them you know get out of the the constant out of their zone there’s are there in his own yeah and that sound is precious that’s you don’t want them out

of that that’s it who is coming something go leave are studied by 3.94 which doesn’t say much yeah it’s the importance is what other Surfers need to leave and and to ensure as fourth priority I doubt it that it will find a wave still it was final and we saw him in this mountain is board didn’t fell off it didn’t fall off it just dismounted because he was going to get his aggravate his injury injury yeah yeah again again we cannot forget what happened in this morning with the phone sir and we cannot forget what has happened this morning with Kali one of them perfect tits were driving check this out its alien get is going to get out of combination hopefully 457 will get him out of combination nice then yes I think is going to get that at least they’re really nice really a lot of combo and with a stronger third place let’s see let’s see how close he gets to a a false he’s going to be really close close and the two minutes he’s going to be really close under two minutes he’s going to be really close it was a really nice effort by killing garage and we cannot forget that killing guy in the semis it was a buzzer beater he’s in the final with a buzzer beater oh using his priority Guillermo Rivera with the mistake that’s so that’s fun for priority with the with the heat leave unfortunate and second by are indeed the second place without being being it’s unfortunate I won’t say another word because I feel like the choice would be another word but I don’t want to get too vulgar look at these new I love this I love this this well looks like those they are showing respect to each other yeah bye RT is Cole is and a function is get that’s just a second that’s it and the weirdest away with Priority One a half a point right and no no heat wheel is a win got a 6.5 killing guy and he got closer to a false but still third yeah and he need element in a final in a family we just want to go to first yeah yes so I think we’re going to see a big hug in in 35 seconds yes they are uh friends they’re not going to surf again to surf another wave and less a very good wave they’re not going to look ridiculous surfing anything they’re just going to go with a big hug out there yeah and covid yeah friends they are colleagues colleagues they 15 seconds they this they are both from Quicksilver yeah ten seconds look at that and they’re already looking at it’s okay get this for four three two one watch these two guys I’m gonna clap my hands for both amazing effort amazing contest to two men for both Tyreke putting up with us I know that sometimes we go off the wall we apologize and of course those are the English language language we for our mistakes but believe it we’re loving it and sometimes we get carried away and I mean new new two waves for the phone so two ways for Carly Kali take it an advantage with a night owl Heavens to every time Junior European champion coming from the Pacific French Polynesia islands and but still and European champion if we we took that French possession away from the picture then and tunes with the be the European champion but it is what it is it is regulations to Coley fast and thank you everybody for watching this so they are racial results called avastin first constitution is in second Killian Guerra insert and we are required to enforce a phone so 2 two two years three times oh thanks Nico is scary times 2/3 3 times European Jews or even repeat it repeat yeah thanks Nico thank you it serves to go on the shoulder yeah come on somebody grabbed this guy put it on the shoulders there they all we’ve asked what a win what a smile and congratulations congratulations a poopoo and Applause for this kids from Tahiti he deserved it

I’m European champion and he’s not going to be he’s not a thief is when you going to the wct oh of course I mean this kid has got quality surfing definite congratulations in this is a steep hill they’re going by now yeah it’s a very steep Beach there yes we lost him by the tans but but you can see Cowley vast coming too ya interview good job good job good job in our lunch every single Heats of the contest yeah and killed every he too was in it was the the winners yeah are you sure I think you got second in now that was a fun scene also got second in any you can even view even even stick to us join us after the break we’re going to be really short break damn it English in English too many hours here’s the interview with a winner the whoa that’s right boys we are here with Carla vast new European Champion well knew third time European Champion come on congratulations how hard was this final yeah it was it was her iPhone so is a really good Surfer and I can get into and Guillermo to they’re really good Surfer and and we had waves and that was the hardest part to Surf with those guys in good waves that was a was hard and and no I find my good my to good waves and at the end they were nothing and I want to know stoked well what was the best part for you winning another European title another European Junior title or the two points you did in the quarter-final I think is to win the third time European title because that was this is my last progenitor for me and in Europe and I was like fine I need I want to win I want to win and I need to win for my last one would be great and

I did it that was my goal for the beginning and yeah I’m happy well what’s next for Khalifa’s the qos what going to do after this I’m going to back to go and I’m going to go home back home and have school because I’m continues cool I’m in school and yeah continue to train with my coach and stuff and to be ready for the Q Aces maybe next year will be on and yeah my main goal is to be qualify and yeah I’m going to try for it well we’ve seen that you too cancer-free really good big waves small waves with surfing like this you will win the quest next year know no I will try but it was good to serve those those those conditions today because yeah like I said this morning and yesterday I surf on the height I was really hard on my last I want yeah and to be in that window water right now with perfect conditions and is those was really good such a lovely contest to really good life some start to win right perfect contest perfect waist perfect people thank you so much and thank you sp know hopefully God thanks Colleen oh and congratulations once more thank you back to you guys thank you Miguel pride thank you Carly vast what an amazing performance by this young Surfer three times world European Junior champ he’s got a great future I have to mention also also force want to know and it was a warrior doing three hits today with an injury on the knee it was just an amazing performance and also Killian Guerra what an amazing performance by him in the semi-final he had a buzzer beater and congratulations also to Guillermo he viral reaching his first Final in a European Junior Championships oh congratulations congratulations to all the was a huge pleasure to be here with among these Surfers there are already men’s surfing not only men’s and women’s I have to say congratulations also to January 15 years old and already a European Junior champ so it was a really huge it was really a huge pleasure to be here among these Surfers and they have a brilliant brilliant future future ahead every and each of one so congratulations again we’re going to see some highlights and some the some of the best waves of the contest during the entire week so I’m going to try to commentate over the waves this this this is cow liver kala fast it was a hate Point point hate how sharp it was during the whole event really nice this is is another wave from called Avast it was a 8.5 this was this morning so look at the quality of the waves this kid was completely destroying smashing gold ellipse lips since the beginning of the constants C1 every single heat of the contest so congratulations again again Kali this is is a ten-point drive all that for I’m speechless almost because this is perfect this is a it was a perfect hit that was the first 10 and this was the second time I’m just going to shut up and just let you guys enjoying this top to bottom surf this is what I mean this is World sir quality quality this is going to be these this kid is going to be a huge threat when it comes to wqs is and world Championship to this was the 9.0 7 of the diurnal with this wave he win the contest carry up in the shoulders he is really happy three times European Junior champ so call Avast congratulations congratulations I think we are ready to go I’m not I’m not sure what I’m going to say but I think we’re going to go live with the prize-giving a words and meanwhile

let’s gonna watch Johnny D’s waves and the all the Heats from January January until final sheet has only 15 years old and he has already she is already European Junior champ I think is the first European Junior champ for The Basque country I’m going try to check that this is a seven points by General look how sharp he was with a beautiful board by the way it was nominated by me as the most beautiful Board of the contest this was her using his priority priority this was a 7.17 7.17 and I have to say that was a huge pleasure to see the girls surfing they they improved so much since the last year year he went fast on that and that was the the best waves of January from the finals day so so right now this is a false one tune is living out of the water received by his girlfriend via and now he’s going to be interviewed by are TP radical Vision put together the the television de Portugal television unfortunately a phones who had an injury warming up the beginning of the day so we are still waiting for the prize-giving a words so let’s say let’s let’s check some highlights and some waves just from a phone too tarnish and he is nice really nice effort I have to remember all of you guys 3 3 it was an eight-point point 3 3 and that’s in semi yeah who I believe yeah and this is already in the final seven point four no no final was a hate points this 7.40 wasn’t in the semi-finals and so the other one we saw him in blue was in the quarters yes that’s it sorry I have to mention this again and again a force who was injured on the finals day this is a seven point eight of again on the semi-final good surfing very good surf you will see during it has a busted New Year was just a warrior I’m so proud of him right now but this could I I don’t know I just hope eight points now yeah this is the hate bunch of the final moment yeah but I I mean yeah I’ve been said that for the entire week I’m just really proud of him we are just waiting him him to go to the a prize giving a word I think we are going to transmit the price giving awards yes I believe we do and this is 8.1 in the morning on the quarterfinals you can see the light that was the light and this is the money this was the interest of of so maybe we do a short commercial break before we going to the prize giving awards and then we go directly to the prize giving awards it’s okay okay so we’re not going for commercial breaks so we are just going to stay here waiting for the prize giving awards I think is going to be the David Prescott that is running he’s going to run the the prize-giving the word and actually we’re going to lose our team again we are going to lose our TV will have no monitor soon see but can a machine Pantera or and we going we yeah yeah thank you once again we’d like to thank everybody that

watched from the start of the event some of you were extremely patient on those days with the The Fog definitely do ya the right thing but it was one of those events that will go in history because we had such good conditions and the kids surf so well through the girls had a fantastic first day and well people can only be proud proud vice personally I I’m proud of this event you know and at the ripe old age that I have there I am now in our remember this for a while so I’m going to ask for John John to come here again because we are we have our screen again and we need it to can run this show until the end this is all the show we are just waiting for the prize-giving the word and I know that in home have all the image but in here whoo yeah we’re completely look like it’s a black cat TV yeah and we’d love to see the prize award ceremony as well as ourselves because after all this is a great place to watch it from yes and say that’s true they’re talking about safe food no no again again congratulations to all the organizers organizers with all I remind me of protection I remind our Reggie that we have no TV we have no image on TV went out but the Project’s talking about safety on this contest we had the covid port we have been in a bubble you have been protests or tested everything the the Civil protection I don’t know if you say that in English but it’s the the relation from protests and civil in Portuguese it’s the the they have done an amazing work even the firefighters in the jet ski so congratulations to all but yeah we are so cheek was not the name was Europe no not anymore not the name was Telly not anymore Stella so we are going to a short commercial break break and join join us after the break we should have be really short break come with well no no that’s a wrap it was an amazing pleasure in the huge pleasure to be here with you with a do with Maria with me Kappa Ryder and with the David Prescott yes when everybody else we have the prize-giving a words almost done and almost ready to go yes after all after the prize-giving a word we we all come back with highlights of the day and that’s our colleague the be praetorians Prescott sorry so my granddaughter called him sprocket so Phi by 2 whole thank you so much for being here all the best to guys and don’t forget the eye lights after the prize award ceremony okay and supposing the same canoodling with afternoon everybody welcome and thank you so much for being here for the presentation of these a junior spring whoopsies which their commitment ceremony piece of reconsideration consideration if he

does anybody know if it was very hard to put on this event the whole time and we got some good comments and beautiful wives thank you so much lesser than solve interrogate them appear in some community tax bill vegetabies I’m going to communication either use it reach condition quickly Consulting of being a working fire higher energy meter regards but again symptomatic what wrinkles if you have a subpoena for the summer even so the vatican’s congregation oh my camera guy goes out himself well first of all I want to thank to dr. recent speech is the men of the Cities the men of the spring surface in ocean and we are really happy for the d’alessio SEL have the creditability for we do the dissidents and we do do I think when best and when stoic final of Europe I want to thank you first of all to our staff our staff is amazing big big plus for our staff because it’s really really hard job that Mike at this face vase we start like 6:30 and finished like 12 o’clock or not it’s a midnight every day we are really happy for the surface coming and thought of this kind of surfing this wave we have there the best waves that we can have for the this champion and we fight like seven years karev the this bigger big contest and and one thing that we say all the time we don’t tell the the we don’t tell any wire or wires about the wave we just talked about the truth and and speaking of one of the best moving each girl is the best weapon in the North we want to do more events we want to have the tourism of Portugal that’s come to us and vaginas to make even more events and the bigger events than the / Junior and the one God we we want to thank to come and see topspin for all the work that that have done with us thank you so much guys thank you you I’m sorry thank you sir you fish be 54 National Red Cross wife and you have any doubts guys it was a world-class why throughout the whole week he says he’s a white for much more than a jewel we do hope that this event is going to grow and grow too often exhales thank you so much once also thank you so much Bill and thank you so much to the mayor and to the city of school we’ve been selling them for the methodological signals lavish trips you’ve optimized expectancy is the McDonald’s is that will repair that is because some is weak which may be valuable attached we want H to use whatever forever so thank you so much to McDonald’s perish because in some ways be and also like to thank some of the companies who have worked with locals will progress with amalgams opposed to buying the product rather that we have a custom will search WP crucial your question or not students comes out started from respect to establish image itself itself end consumer Tech we got two tubes are sneaker sense of South Korean capital letters in the mail today you had a 20 please keep a distance and and we’re gonna change these out

out let’s go need Lucia I know and Rachel please come to the stage please one big Applause to these girls girls it’s this what is this put it on easy Alice Alice I like the get into the story of the computer to him screw at the a computer pyre and we are start pretty girl girl pretty premium version my daughters are crisp crisp the Sportage ping so in fourth position from Germany it was Rachel presti thank you we are waiting for the trophies you can go and get low Rachel presti there congratulations rest Rachel you want to say some words yeah here we go how was being a during these days it was super fun the waves are humping so I was stoked what do you think about the decision of putting the girls in the one of the best days that we had I think it was a great decision that doesn’t happen too often I mean feel like the guys are always getting the better way of course the girls get some good waves every now and then but it was nice congratulations Rachel now going to the the third position sure let’s go to deliver this price will call Francisco net eyes from McDonald’s thanks McDonald’s for being in syrupy and in third position from France I know Lacey Agha congratulations I know I’m sorry girls they don’t watch the Heat congratulations I’m going to ask some words also congratulations I know thank you I’m so happy to be here because otherwise in espanol we have really good waves and we can have so much fun together congratulations being all these frankly governor’s license I know and the second second I will call a beautiful guy to one of the men of this amazing show here it is and in second decaying she came from Kennedy has Lucia my shadow shadow we’ll see ya congratulations you want to say some words thank you so much the waves were really good this year and it was really fun okay congratulations let’s see on my channel and now we are going to the champion of this event and she was really nervous in the last minute she was she was saying to me I’m my heart was like exploding congratulations to the champion of this event event from me yeah I need a chair buddy for delivering this is president to the current sports team congratulations your needs fantastic events she was on fire on the first rounds and having so much fun he’s peeing thank you so much this video where waves are pumping so super happy and see you next year I hope to see you soon congratulations congratulations you need now the you can take some pictures and I and the other girls can go only you need stays

here yo congratulations once again a big Applause for these four girls and for Yanni big Champion and European Champion also let’s go okay girls get you can go only you need to stay okay okay thank you sweetie and now for the boys I’ll leave you with the David David Dempsey Tokyo complaining thank you so much already got married here comes in town for a simulator more intriguing premise is cleaner I’m gonna call the four finalists to the podium please then provider killing us please join me for the presentation and the round of applause please for the four boys I’m going to close to work for Slaughter so they’re out thank you so much boys boys even though the initial signal just so much cleaner cleaner – going to this to clean up to make people start to smell same film much money greed evil to famil team won Junior this is important work emotional component sultanas stopped pointing the the direction of three-dimensional biceps evil for continuance Casey job reassuring in third place a survive France Billy I speak I’m going to ask you pretty much the same we have been a very very tough year and then getting presented on the first chance to compete internationally with waves like this must feel good yeah it’s been a long way it’s not Jersey on Sophie’s get your copy it in good ways and bumping me spin you like never seen that so what’s called a nice week and yes your next race pinion thank you so much a round of applause killing your cauliflower third place thanks for the god Eco moving to Toronto and Chicago Sports renal corpuscle that’s being built or if he’s in pain pain toward award the award to the winner and the winner of this one I have to say a few words Kali a couple of years ago I went with your coaching panting he told me watch this kid is going to go really good next year went into the tohoku it to the main event and Kali they did a 21st something to Round of Applause for Kali phos the wheel of the Soviet regime before I ask you for a few words we don’t have to thank you we loved surfing and obviously you have some good waves throughout the week that more than of this event is a world-class wave and what a better way to show it’s a world-class wave with 20 points actually twenty eight point nine three out of 30 points if you go for three wives you must feel really good and it must this is going to stay in your heart and your memory forever I’ll bet ya cuz this is the that was the last progenitor for me and especially to come back here for for them

and for junior was good to be in the final to win so yeah thank you thank you everyone thank you as being you know and that was a great time thank you hope you feel after the treaty I have to ask you this when you heard like I had a first I’ll attend and then you hear the pan again how do you feel about what’s your first 20 no I already had a 20 in the final I was lucky to find two good ways and xhosa core and yeah to be able to surf perfect with this morning with a only four guys out out was it a dream especially here because today was really fun like really perfect waves and yeah to be to be able to serve and enjoy the way it was a was good and I got to 10 so I was talking everybody having fun thank you so much Holly fossen we know this one one nope use these respective is chiefly in that kuchma yards long these Juniors Europeans around this Parish was unique as Provost one in Portugal Para encontrar screams – Enos a longboard open itself subtitle selfish pindos Millie’s into the size of one’s YouTuber in the price of the year my sweety sound quality that V12 push pins our destination numerator seniors on this Portugal Portugal

Faeries and Fathers (Ep. 13) | The Unsleeping City

– We find ourselves opening night Misty Moore, Lady Titania, and the Seelie Dance Fighters take the stage – The show must go on! (laughing) – You will be making death saving throws with your performance checks – What the fuck do we do? – Let’s kill Titania – I’ll become a brown bear I would like to throw Steven Sondheim at the pixie – I, Titania, command that you kneel You “Dragon Ball Z” jump into the air (imitating machine gun firing) Titania crashes out of the sky with you on top of her – That is a nat 20 (cheering) – Titania has been slain You wear her shoes, you hold her crown, and your ritual was a success – I mean, who am I to refuse the crown when it’s placed to deftly upon my head? (upbeat electronic music) – Welcome, one and all, back to “The Unsleeping City” My name is Brennan Lee Mulligan, these are our intrepid heroes Say hi, intrepid heroes – [Group] Hi, intrepid heroes – You gotta make the impression of 20s on your thumbs, otherwise the luck doesn’t happen – That’s the dream – I do it on my pointer fingers – Ooh, mixing it up – Ooh ‘Cause you roll like that – Keeping it spicy – Gang, last we left off- (dice clatters) – Fuck – Come on – Oh, no – Oh, no – Where’d it go? – Ill omens Last we left off, our intrepid heroes had just slain Titania, the Queen of the Seelie Faeries, on stage at the premier of “Midsummer Nights”, starring Misty Moore- – Who’s she? I don’t know who that is – Who the hell is Misty Moore? Misty retreated to her dressing room, where she is enveloped in a cocoon of light, and the rest of our gang we left on stage, after their holidays and varies adventures in Nod and beyond You all are on stage, the audience is being let out You see the critic from The New York Times going, “A smashing success Perry, you were a vision.” You see Perry looks at him going, “(chuckles angrily) I’m so glad you liked it.” You see that Em, the angel of Bethesda Fountain turns over to you and says, “Wow, I can’t believe it Does this always happen at Broadway shows? I don’t make it out a lot ’cause I live on a fountain.” – Yeah, I think so – I’d assume so This is my first one, too – I’ve only been to a couple – Absolutely not, no (laughing) Something else is going on – I have to agree with Pete, no – Well, I agree with Kug, so, you know? – Two, two, and two, so (laughing) – I’m gonna have to say that I think this happens a lot – It’s three to two – Okay, well – Ricky, put your pants back on, damn (laughing) – “Well, listen-” – Or don’t – “I got a lot of free time ’cause the fountain’s still broken, so if anyone wants to come to Washington Square Park and get coffee, you know, talk to me.” – Yeah, that sounds great – “I hate to do this,” and you see that Esther’s over in the corner cleaning some blood off of her magical silver bat She’s like, “I heard you saying that you were going to go out for coffee with Esther I don’t wanna be a third wheel, but if I came by and got coffee-” – Oh my god, no, you should totally come – “I would love that That would be so fun.” – Yeah – You see that she- – Oh, my god We should start our own First Wives Club – “I would love that because I don’t ever get a chance It’s kinda been fun, a little adventure around the city I’ve been off the fountain for a while When they fix the fountain I’m gonna have to be kinda stuck there again, so if we do something there, that’s fine.” – Oh, yes, so just come while you’re out – “Yeah, I’m happy to host when I’m back at the fountain, so just like-” – Okay, awesome I love that – She gives a little (kisses) kiss and takes off flying You see that Esther and Wally both walk over You see that Steven Sondheim at the edge of the stage turns to you all and says, “Incredible work You’re all heroes, heroes of New York.” (whooshes) Vanishes – What! (laughing) – Oh, my god, I didn’t even get to do my Little Red Riding Hood for him (laughing) – You see Esther gets Don Confetti She looks at you guys and says, “I’m gonna head back to the Clinton Hill Chantry I’ll see you all there I’m gonna make sure that he I’m gonna put him in a Magic Circle, basically.” She vanishes – Awesome, bye Oh (laughing) – Wally goes, “Wow, dad, this was the best show ever I didn’t know it’s like an open mic where you can jump up and do stuff.” – Yeah Wally, you gotta be careful We both got knocked out there for a second, huh? – “What?” – We almost died – “When?” (laughing) – All right, bud I just pat him on the Good show, man – “Oh, it was great! Where’s Ricky’s dog?” – He’ll be back He’s gone right now- – He died Someone killed him immediately – Pete – What? – But it’s okay when he dies I learned that the hard way- – He’s made of light – Because I tried so hard to defend him- – [Ally] He’s an adult – And then he just disappeared and no one really cared – “Oh, okay He went to a farm Upstate.” – A farm made of light, yes You’ll see him soon – This technically isn’t a lie – This is really sad – “Okay Well, I’d better go back to the apartment-“

– How old are you, Wally? – “Huh?” – How old are you? – “I’m 38 years old.” – (laughs) Okay, great This is I mean, okay, great – “Yeah, I’m 38, I work for the MTA.” – Cool, that’s cool, man – Pete, tell me how to deal with this (laughing) – Yeah – What is the right way to navigate this? – I think it’s just honesty Right, guys? – “I’d better go take care of Dad Bye, guys – It’s his other dog – What? – It’s his dog I gave him a dog – Wait, what? – He named his dog Dad, after me – All right Actually, maybe you were handling it right – Yeah, yeah, yeah – You were probably handling it right All right, I’m sorry – So, it’s just basically the five of you minus Misty that are left on stage right now You see Alissa, kind of concussed, wanders off to go to Misty’s dressing room – Oh – Oh – What do you guys think’s going on with Misty here? ‘Cause that was weird – Yeah, she’s definitely got some explaining to do – Yeah, she was saying there’s a lot that she hasn’t told us, but that it was really important that the show went well, so I think everything was fine – Well, I do think that we helped the show go well – And everything is not fine, people got very hurt – Should we go bang on her door? – Yes, we should – We could politely knock first – Nah, I’m- – I think we can bang – I’m with this, let’s let- – let’s have a vote on a politely knock- – Let’s have Kugrash approach – Yous can bang, I’m gonna politely knock while you bang – You can check the knob first and then you can bang on it – I’m gonna politely knock – Right So, we’re gonna have a three-step process – Gotcha (laughing) You guys walk up and see Alissa already politely knocking on the door Alissa cannot see it, but you see that just light, pure golden light is like, (pulsing) – I rush up and get Alissa to stand back Sorry, clear the way, I’m a firefighter – “Oh Is there’s an emergency? Do you need water, coffee, or-” – We’re good, I just need you to stand clear And I check the knob (laughing) – The knob is a little bit warm, but not dangerously so – Great So, can we bang now? We’ve done the other first two steps – Yes, we can bang – Let’s kick it down if we’re gonna do anything – What? That was a hard 180! – What if she’s- – We kick it! (laughing) – What the fuck? – Rad You guys are- – So Jersey – Go ahead and give me an athletics check – Yeah, that feels right – From politely knocking to kicking down – Yeah – I got a 12 – Bang! You kick the door open (booming) As you turn around you see, Misty is hovering about three feet off the ground Light is oozing all around her She has stripped herself of her skin and is just down to this platonic primal form What does Misty, all the glamor stripped away, as her raw Faerie form, look like? – Just sort of an uncanny valley version of a human Just everything is a little too big, a little too spiky- – Huge eyes Long spiky ears – Yeah Places that should be thin are too thing Everything’s just a little off, too much – She’s like an anime character? – Yeah, or like a video game- – Oh, my god, she’s beautiful (laughing) – Misty, you’re deep in this extremely vulnerable process and your door to your dressing room is kicked open – Excuse me! – Let’s close the door Ricky, can you pick this back up? – Pick the door up – Can I stay and watch? I know you like an audience – As you see the door open, you see that your magic. (sputtering) Hold on one second – Oh, no! – 100% of you are (whooshes) sucked into the room in a swirl of light. (sputtering) – What? – And you guys (whirring) and (imitates crashing) you appear Pete, you immediately are able to protect everyone because you guys are zapped into Nod. (snaps) (soft classical music) As you appear in the Sixth Borough, you are very close to where Broadway is You guys are near the old FAO Schwarz building that was shut down But you see here in Dream, this giant toy store is there Misty, you feel all of the joy and passion and love and adoration that you’ve harvested is now filling your body You’re in a volcanic state, but you are somewhat settling So, you’re kind of making your new body, but you’re in Dream, so it’s a little bit chimeric still And you appear with all of your friends, as you look around and see little sprites and nixies and grigs and pucas and brownies, and little fair folk all in the Dream Realm, kind of rushing over to FAO Schwarz and doffing their caps and waving and bowing as they walk by you All of you are here in Nod together – Do you want some privacy? – What is happening here? – What’s going on?

– I mean, look, I didn’t that that Hi, guys This was supposed to be a private little thing that was happening to me anyway, and- – In our defense- – It wasn’t really anything – We did help save your life – Yeah, look- – Is this like that movie, “Cocoon”? – (gasps) Or “The Fly”? – No, it’s- – Is this like that show, “Wife Swap”? (laughing) But you’re both wives – That is the No, this is what I do every 70, 80 years, I come back Although this time, ugh, I just have never had to deal with the DMV before- – You sound younger – This has never been Yeah, I just every 70, 80 years, I just reincarnate my body into a younger form and then I start over – But you sound younger, like a young person – Yeah, ’cause I’m in a young person’s body – As you say that, you see that your body does start to It gets a little bit taller, though you’re still quite short – Mm-hmm – Your skin begins to coalesce, it’s young and vibrant All of your skin (sucking) begins to move up into your body, your cheek bones raise up, your eyelids and lips, and everything becomes a little bit plumper and more moist, and just natural vibrant color begins to flow into your skin, in the Dream Realm, but your hair and eyes are shifting colors here And you begin to feel all that tiredness and liver spots and the shifting of the hips and everything like that, your body feels good again – I’d forgotten what that felt like to not have that ache- – Sorry You’re still Misty? – This feels great Yeah, I’ve been Misty this whole time But before I was Misty, I was other people And then before that, I was living in Faerie – Wait, so is this like Misty Moore, my favorite Broadway singer and star, just die? – To the outside world, yeah – Oh, my god – Wow – Oh, my god – You’re gonna fake your own death? – Oh, my god – Hey, gang This episode of “The Unsleeping City Chapter 1” is brought to you by our friends at Roll20 This is a service that we endorse so hard that we actually use it in our games It’s not even We straight up use this stuff Roll20 provides the tools you need to game in person or online for all your favorite TTRPGs We’re talking clickable character sheets, 3D virtual dice, awesome maps, tokens for PCs, NPCs, characters and creatures of all types It’s the stuff you need to play the games you love You wanna know how cool Roll20 is? We partnered with them to make all of our amazing battle maps for this current season of “The Unsleeping City Chapter II”, currently airing every week on Go to and create your free account today for all the tools, tips, tricks, forums and community you need to make your games better, easier, and more fun And now, back to the show – Oh, my god – Well, I mean, the body that I was living in, I mean, it is kind of like a rebirth, so it’s not a faked death exactly – You guys look back through this sort of, pulsing, this sort of after pulse of the teleportation that brought you here, and you see, you guys are all gone, but you see that Alissa peeks her head around the partially open door, and sees Misty’s body on the floor, and goes, “Ms. Moore! (screams)” And screams, and goes over and she says, “Oh my god,” and starts doing CPR But you see that Misty’s skin is flaking off into just leaves and birch bark, and she goes, “Oh! This is so bad! This is so bad!” – I mean, Alissa was really dumb, but I feel bad for her right now – Yeah – This is- – No, she was bad at her job and now she’s finally doing something right I don’t see what the- – Oh – Wow – All of you guys are taking this very poorly This is cool – No, you’re right, you’re right – I just did a very cool thing – This is not cool – You’re right It’s only because I loved you as Misty Moore, but you know what? Now I’m gonna know you before you were whatever you were, so that’s very cool – You brought someone from the Fae into a populated Broadway show- – No, no, no, no, no, that was not me Somebody else put that mirror on the stage – Well, did you know? To what extent Why couldn’t we get anyone out? This thing happened Did you think it might happen? Did you know that Tatiana was after you? I mean, those When we were in the Fae, when we were in that bar in the Fae- – Yes So, Robin Goodfellow did send me the mirror that Titania and I may have had a few words – What haven’t you told us? It feels like it could fill a book – No, no, no, no (laughing) I mean, look, should I have written my autobiography? Perhaps – Oh, my god I’m gonna kill you – People were- – I hate how attractive you are now – I would’ve bought it – Ugh! – It’s only gonna get worse Now she’s young – As I’m telling everybody this, I’m just gently touching everybody- – Don’t fucking! Don’t touch my heart like that – Stop, you can’t- – Please don’t touch me – We should all come clean, right?

– Yeah – Yeah – I have something (laughing) – Yeah, come clean – I fucking doubt it – Is it that you have a crush on Esther? – On Esther – I should tell you guys that – No, we know – Yeah, no – We know – I appreciate it – Esther knows – You know what? I’m actually pretty I’m probably gonna become really good friends with Esther, so I could try and put in a good word for you – (stammering) If it comes naturally – Oh, it will come naturally – Okay (laughing) Don’t force it, or whatever Anyways I just wanted to be honest – You begin to hear the chiming of the big floor piano over at FAO Schwartz and the ringing of bells You can feel a little tug on your Fae heart strings of some kind of conclave, or something, being called over there And you see, creepily floating through the mist, their black eyes wide open, is Nod, who (whooshing) floats through the mist and goes, “Hey, Pete.” – Hey! – “The conclave.” – What’s going on at FAO Schwarz? – “Oh, the conclave It’s-” – What is? Oh – “It’s a Fae conclave being called because on of the monarchs of Fae has been killed.” And you see that Nod looks down at the crown in your hand and says, “I’m afraid only Fae and the friends of Fae are welcome to come, but that might be all of you guys.” – I don’t know, I mean, you seemed pretty mean to I’m just kidding, you can all come (laughing) – God, I hate you – I love bits! – Incredible – Oh, this new body loves bits This is fun It’s like finding out new things (laughing) – An exuberant Misty, for the moment, walks by You see the beautiful courtyard You look at it and see a whole row of wintry trees, ash, and birch, and rowan, out in Central Park You walk to FAO Schwarz, you walk in Huge toys everywhere and jangling things You see that the Faeries have kind of set themselves up into little minor courts here and there There’s a couple of very bashful-looking members of the pixie mafia who are looking around kind of scared, not having heard from their Don and knowing something’s gone very bad – Where is Don? – I just point threateningly at one, but just keep walking – “Look, hey, it’s no problem Hey, I don’t got no beef with you I got no beef with you Go ahead Come on, hey, you’re a rat, we’re pixies, we’re family.” – I just start kinda pushing Kugrash more, like come on, come on, come on, man – Yeah – I’m just- – I just walk- – He’s not worth it, dog – Creepy little rat point – It’s okay – Unblinking – It’s all right, we’re okay – Waving at people I know so many people here, it’s been such a long time It’s like, oh my god, how’s your cousin? Oh my goodness (squealing) Oh, my god – Everyone’s being It’s of course your big day, so everyone’s being very deferential – Wait, so she’s young and she’s gonna become a queen now? Misty just rules (laughing) – Well, that’s what you get for a whole fight of me forcing you to make death saving throws and you rolling a nat 20 You guys see that there are also a little patch of gross little sewer goblins, but then there are also neon, you see there’s neon butterfly winged Faeries flitting around and spreading neon light everywhere You see, standing by this giant teddy bear, kind of leaning against it, smoking a little thing of purple smoke out of a cigarette in his long camel hair coat is Bobby Goodfellow – Bobby, darling – (sighs) “You look great What should I call you? Do you want a second to figure it out?” – No, I’ve been thinking about it I was thinking Rowan – Oh, that’s- – That’s such a hot name Oh, fuck! I hate you now! Can I cast Minor Illusion to make you like like you used to? – I cast Counterspell on your Minor Illusion – (yells) Fuck you! – I’m burning a 3rd level spell to get rid of your cantrip – You see that Bobby says, “You look fuckin’ good, babe.” – Darling, you look good – “Hey, so, we should get drinks after if you want.” – I would love that – “I’d be happy to I mean, I’m here for business right now, I’m sort of envoy of the Unseelie, but we’ll talk later.” – I mean look, business and pleasure, that’s what we do – “Hey, business is pleasure.” – The business of pleasure – I’m gonna barf Can I peel off? I wanna check out something else – Sure, you can peel off You see also that all- – Can I come? – Yeah – All by themselves is Nod, who is seated on a little cushion by themself – I’ll leave you be – Sort of as their own court, but kind of looks up at you and waves You also see the last little court that appears is a little jack-in-the-box, opens up, and a bunch of little wind-up toys and chattering teeth come out, and a bunch of the clock gnomes come out- – Oh! – And all gather You see Bilbry goes, “Oh, hey there, friends How’s it going?” – How’s that oil, Bilbry? – “Oh, it’s much better now.” You see that High Priestess Hib-Hob comes out She’s got a huge priestess hat, but it’s just a bunch of clockwork and gears all kind of stacked on, and one of those little water dipping birds is on it Goes, “(laughing) Yes, drinking a lot more oil Kingston, you’re right, I do feel a lot better.”

– I’m glad – I wonder if they have your motorcycle – How’s the motorcycle? – Oh, or mine (laughing) – You see that Bilbry looks over and says, “I was thinking about an initial design of an Oh, here we go over here.” And he says, “So, most motorcycles have wheels, right? But I was thinking, why not mix it up a bit? It’s a pogo stick motorcycle! So, it’s a pogo stick on the front, and a pogo stick on the back.” – I love it – Yeah, I mean, yeah – I like that Can I have a special request for mine? – I’m gonna die – Could mine, instead of wheels, have arms, so it looks like it’s a person crawling? – “Now, is that arms on the front and arms on the back, like a four-armed, no-legged monster nightmare?” – Yeah – Yes, I will get to work on that right away – I just made us a new friend, and I feel like it’d be a really good impression to show up to her place for the first time on an armcycle – “100% More of a quad, really, it’s like an ATV, but instead of wheels it’s arms.” – Yeah – Nightmare Imagine reversing, it’s like (laughing) – Sounds like a Miyazaki creature – Yeah, fully – You guys see that Pete, did you want to peel off and do something else, or? – There is something I wanna check out Can I do an insight check to see if this is just a crowning ceremony, and- – Sure, yeah – Eight, no- – Eight? 11 – 11 You don’t think it’s necessarily a crowning ceremony It’s probably that, in addition to some other stuff – Oh, okay, cool I think I wanna talk with everyone I wanna go and check out I might have some new spells, so I wanna check out that weird thing at Hell, the Hellmouth that you guys found – I would think that’s fine I want to interrogate I wanna go meet up with Esther at some point to interrogate Don Confetti, but I’m thinking that won’t happen any time soon – Yeah, maybe we can do both – Stick around – Yeah – Yeah, let’s see what’s going on – Cool So, who’s gonna go peel off with Pete and who’s gonna stay with Rowan? – I’ll peel off with Pete – Okay – Cool – I’ll chill – Sofia and Pete peel off, the rest of you guys remain here – I’ll be the muscle – You see that Nod stands- – I’ve been working out – Nod stands and says, “The conclave is now called to order As a neutral party and monarch of the Realm of Dreams, I invite our Faerie guests here to witness the rebirth of Ms. Rowan.” – Berry? – “Berry And the creation of a new Fae realm.” You see that Nod looks to you and says, “As you have defeated the Lady Titania with the assistance of your heroic mortal friends, I would offer to you that your new position is yours to make The courts have assembled, and ask, on behalf of what they represent, for the right to petition you and give council before your decision is made.” – Sure Speak out – You see that a tiny little neon Faerie, (buzzing) these little buzzing wings says, “Um, hi, I’m Aquamarine, and um, as a representative, um, uh, as a representative of the Seelie Court, I uh, bow to you as the one who has defeated the former queen of the Seelie.” – Just to be clear to everybody here, she attacked me, this is not me attacking her I didn’t want to kill her, but she was very actively trying to kill me and all of my friends – “Um, straight up, no hard feelings because I will be very honest, and I’m not-” – Oh, no, we don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, but also, we’re among friends – “And it feels really hard to say this because obviously, I respect Titania so much-” – Oh, I respected the shit out of Titania – “And all she’s accomplished, and this is a thing that gets said about a lot of powerful female spirits and forces of nature-” – Shrill She was very shrill – “She was very hard to work with She was very hard to work with.” – Hard to work with Just like, my way or the highway – “Yeah, and there’s just no room for talking about things and other ideas ‘Cause like, my whole thing is like, anyone in the room could have the idea.” – Right? – “Exactly.” – Delegation is so important in leadership, I feel like, and she made so much more work for herself by being like, “I only have this one idea.” – “It’s so amazing that you’re this beautiful and so down to earth.” – Stop – You see that Bobby Goodfellow goes, “All right, all right, I gotta My name’s Bobby Goodfellow As the representative of the Unseelie Court, I come from Lord Oberon with his-” – Is he bad? – “I mean, I’ve heard things about-“

– ‘Cause it’s not like he didn’t cheat You know what I mean? It’s not like a marriage that was good Again, I don’t wanna speak ill of the dead- – “Listen, they opened it up hundreds of years ago-” – Right, right, but what she happy about that? – “I don’t know, I think it was one of those things where it was kinda like, we either open it up or we end it.” – Right – “So it’s like, that’s not fair, right?” – Yeah – “That’s why I’m never getting married In any case-” – Hey, Kugrash, what do they mean by “Open it up”? (laughing) – I explain it for a long time (laughing) – You get deep into compersion – I might as well explain it to both of you And I take Wally and Ricky aside – Wally’s here? – [Lou And Ally] Wally’s here? – I don’t know, is he? – No, Wally is not here – Okay, just Ricky then – You see that Bobby Goodfellow says, “We would ask that because the Unseelie depend upon the Seelie to both define and oppose ourselves, we would ask that you return the crown to us, and in exchange, we will acknowledge and recognize the sovereignty of New York as your own realm, and Lord Oberon would be willing to grant you three boons.” – I’m sorry, mm Let me get this right You want me, a person who doesn’t believe in the monarchy, but is still of the Seelie, to give the crown over to the Unseelie Court, and then I just get three favors? – “I mean, they’re full boons, so, you know.” – Yeah, no, I hear you, but I, again, am an immortal being Three for a lifetime doesn’t seem like that many – You see that Bobby says, “I personally question whether you are fully Seelie or not.” – Well, I question whether you are fully Unseelie – You see that the Seelie Faerie speaks up again, Aquamarine, and goes, “Um, I just, again, wanna say that So, our offer would be that you keep the crown and just refound the Seelie Court here in New York as its queen and sole monarch.” You see that Bobby goes, “Let’s make it clear, Rowan Berry is a vampiric entity She feeds off of the hope and joy and passion of the worship and adoration of mortals She’s Unseelie if anything.” – Oh, please I give people hope I gave people courage I lift people’s hearts when they live in darkness That’s the most Seelie thing for somebody to do – You see that Nod stands up at this moment where you say this, and Nod looks at you and goes, “You’re right Ms. Berry, I’m not Fae, but I would like to show you something if I can.” – Mm-hmm – And you see that Nod says, or Nod goes, (whooshing) and magic courses from their hands And they say, “To rebut the words of the honorable Bobby Goodfellow, I dispute the claim that Rowan Berry, or any of her former incarnations were parasites or vampires.” And Rowan, you see visions from all over the world of young kids in their bedrooms singing into the mirror with your poster up – I do it for them I do it all for them (laughing) – You see girls in the back of a minivan on the way to a summer camp asking their mom to put the CD of the original cast recording on I don’t know if Rowan or Misty actually believed that line, but you see incontrovertible proof that you have not taken more than you’ve given And you look out and you see that Nod speaks and says, “It is true that, like many entities, Ms. Berry has sustained herself on worship, but it is a cynical and small soul that believes that worship diminishes the soul of the worshiper All of the people who have loved Misty Moore, and who will love Rowan Berry have had their hearts and-” – We’ll see (laughing) – “Have had their hearts enlarged and their lives enriched through the act of their devotion It does not diminish a soul to give worship or adoration And everything that has sustained Ms. Berry has been given back tenfold to sustain those who found their strength through her.” – I stand up and give a slow clap

(laughing) Nobody else? No? Just me? All right – Nod looks over and says, “I believe the clock gnomes have a rather intriguing offer as a third option.” – Wonderful – And you see that the High Priestess Hib-Hob says, “Well, if you want it, we would be happy to take the crown, and if you wanted a Fae realm of your own to shape it into something more to your liking, if you wished.” – Why are we talking about what I want? This is America, this is the land of hope and dreams of democracy, and we’re coming here and saying that I get to create a court, and I’m leading this court? No, absolutely not The will of the people must stand – All the Faeries look around, there’s a big hubbub You see that there’s one weird pile of leaves just literally going, “Hubbub, hubbub, hubbub, hubbub.” (Zac softly yells) (laughing) (Brennan groans) – You see that Nod stands up, raps their fist on this little table next to them and says, “Then let there be a vote.” (whooshes) And a bunch of little wisps of paper and a little sort of ballot box in the middle open up You see that there are three options on it One is to return the crown to the Unseelie, the other is to wear the crown and become monarch of the Seelie here, and the third is to found a Fae court with the blessing of Nod and have the crown reshaped by the clock gnomes into something else You see that Nod distributes ballots to Kugrash, Kingston, and Ricky – I have a question about this Hi, I’m Ricky I’m not sure what any of this is (laughing) When you say reshaping it into something else, what does that mean? – Like a gun, or a watch, or a bicycle, or really sort of anything you want – But could it be a democracy? Or does it have to be a- – You see that Bobby Goodfellow speaks up and says, “The Unseelie and the Seelie have been monarchies forever because that is the nature of how they were created If you were to found something new and to found it as a democracy, that’s the business of this new realm, whatever it would be.” – Okay, thank you (laughing) – “I don’t wanna go too fast for you Does that all make sense?” – I think so (laughing) Bobby? – “Bobby, yeah.” – Ricky, sir – “Ricky, how’s it going?” – Also, I just wanna say, whatever happens, I just wanna still be an actor I love the stage I don’t wanna Whatever situation that we find ourselves in, I don’t know if I wanna do that forever I mean, maybe I could pull a Glenda Jackson and be in politics for 20 years and then leave and go back and do “Lear” – You see that Aquamarine says, “Well, if you were Queen of the Seelie, we would kinda need you to be queen.” And you see that Nod says, “I don’t have any input on what the shape of the Fae realm in New York would look like after your decision.” – Install Wally (laughing) – I’m so glad you’re not really here right now (laughing) My inner Sofia is whispering all of the worst advice in my ear – Wally for Queen of the Fae (laughing) – Cool You see that the Faeries start putting their votes in the ballot box – It seems to me that the suggestion to build a Fae world of our own, it worries me that I’m the only arbiter, but that could also be a democratic process – You see that Nod affirms that, and they say, “Being the founder of something is a manifestation of the powerful magic you’ve created, but being the founder is not the same as being a leader You could create something and step away from it, if that was your heart’s desire.” – Wally World (laughing) – That’s a real place in Holland – Oh, really? – Let’s just make sure we don’t split the vote I feel like right now the third party candidate is making you the Queen of New York, and we don’t want this crown to go to the Unseelie, so maybe we should all get on the same page here – Yeah Go ahead and let me know how you guys vote

– I’ve generally found the relationship to the Fae as it has been to be beneficial for New York, so I will vote in favor of giving the crown to the Seelie – Cool – That’s option two? – You mean to the Unseelie – No, to the Seelie – That would make her- – So, their option is that you would become queen and rule the Seelie here So, that’s option two – And would you have to live in their realm? – Yeah, pretty much – Kugrash votes to give it to the gnomes – Same with Ricky – Ricky votes for the gnomes, you vote for the gnomes – How does Misty vote? – I mean, I’m gonna go gnomes – You see (whooshing) the ballot was created You see that Bobby Goodfellow says, “Hey, it was worth a shot I’m staying at The Plaza, so-” – Yeah, no fuss, no worry – “No worries.” You see Bobby- – I respect your hustle, Bobby – “Hey, you know, I gotta make moves while I can I’m not in New York for that long.” (laughing) He goes over You see that Aquamarine flies over to you and gives you a little kiss on your ringed hand, sort of crying “Well, I don’t-” (whooshing) the ballot comes out and the clock gnomes start celebrating as the clock gnome option wins You see that Aquamarine kind of cries a little bit and wipes some tears away You see that she looks up at you and says, “Um, I understand why you made the choice you did.” – Aquamarine, I would love for you to come and be a voice in the formation of this new Faerie I think it’s really important to have all of the voices represented, not just the voices of change, but the voices of stability – You see that Aquamarine’s eyes light up and she says, “I will serve you May I ask a favor of you in exchange for my service for as long as there shall be time?” – Oh, a Faerie asking a favor Sure Just this once, go ahead – You see she says, “I will gladly serve you The favor I ask, if you have taken the Lady Titania’s crown, as is your right, if her shoes could be returned so that they might choose a new leader for us in the leader’s absence.” – I’m so sorry You are asking to create a second monarchy within Faerie I think that we did not vote for that – Can I do a perception check on her? – Yeah, do a perception – Okay, nat 20 (cheering) – Okay – Okay – All right – Another day, another 20 – You see that there doesn’t appear to be anything foul or wicked happening around here You see that Aquamarine says, “You’re right, we didn’t vote on it, but-” – Are you worried about what will happen to the Seelie place? – Without a monarch, there’s nothing to protect us from the Unseelie, and I know it’s sneaky, but you did give me a favor.” – Mm, but we didn’t agree that we would, dah, dah, dah Fucking Faeries – You begin to feel the magic of Faerie closing in on you – Shit God, these fucking people Here is what I will agree on Fuck – Give the shoes to Wally (laughing) – God damn – You’re not here – Why is the only thing that I can think- – We’re at a coffee shop – Is the bad ideas that Sofia would have – She’s the leaves – Yes (laughing) – Tell you what While I am the leader of the court, I need the shoes in New York – “If you get something to replace the shoes and don’t need them anymore, then a deal’s a deal How does that sound?” – On the other agreement that the leader of the court in New York is the leader of the court of Seelie, and anybody who sets themselves up as a leader of Seelie is a pretender – “Okay.” – And they are committing an illegal act – “Okay.” You see that she says, “I’m just not gonna see my people destroyed because both their artifacts are gone That’s all.” – I get it. I get it – “And I know that I’m like, small and cute, but I’m not a pushover and I’m not a dummy, so.” – Look, please, hey, look You think I haven’t been ignored ’cause I’m small and cute? – “You’re small?” – In comparison to these humans, absolutely – She shrugs and says, “Okay, so, take whatever time you need, but let me know when those shoes become free.” And you see that she flits off

You see the clock gnomes come over and say, “Well, let us know what you want us to shape the crown into and we’ll be happy to do it.” – Oh yeah, no, I’ll have a little thought How about, ooh – “No rush, take your time, take your time.” – I just don’t want it to get passe, you know? I want something that has some lasting oomph to it – “I understand.” – You know, like what if you get a snap band and then snap bands aren’t cool anymore? You know what I’m saying? – “Snap bands will always be cool,” snap – You know, you’re right – Yeah, do a snap band – Snap bands, they will always be cool – You guys walk from this place as the conclave ends, you bestowed with this new power – Can I have a look at this crown? I don’t know what it does, except for- – It doesn’t appear to have It doesn’t have a trigger on it to shoot spells out of it – Bang – Pew – It does kind of just have the power of that station, of being a lord or lady of Faerie – We’re gonna cut over to Sofia and Pete You guys are dipping out into Nod What do you guys do as you go out into Nod? – I mean, I’m in general just kinda like, acting aggressive (laughing) – What? – ‘Cause I’m your escort – What the fuck? – I’m your escort – Oh, ’cause you said you’d be my muscle – Yeah – Sofia, I’ve been working out a lot, okay? I even worked out with Ricky once – I know You look awesome – And it was a nightmare Thank you – I honestly want to join you guys It sounds super fun – You should definitely come – I used to do Zumba and then my favorite teacher left ’cause she had a kid – It makes all the difference who’s the teacher – Yeah, exactly, yeah – Absolutely Okay, I wanna check out where that growth is that Kugrash told us about – You see it spreading throughout the city, but you can follow it to the heart of the infection And yeah, you see it spreads from the Golden Door hanging over the city, that sort of rectangle of golden light – Cool – And you see that this weird sort of suspended in plasma and blood crumpled and strung out dollars and cents, (squelching) sludge of money moving throughout the Dream Realm But yeah, you arrive at the heart of the infection near the middle of Manhattan – Cool Can I do an insight? – Yeah, go for it – Great, that is a 22 – Awesome What is Pete trying to glean? You definitely see it in its fullness, so you’re using your Vox Phantasma authority to look through the Dream Realm and see all the places that it’s going – I wanna see who put it there and what purpose it’s serving – With a 22, you can see that people put it there It does not appear that some single malevolent force created this, but rather some malevolent forces have taken advantage of this being here and propagated it In other words, it is this weird psychic growth on top of this dream of the Golden Door In other words, it’s not like, oh, the Dream world was great and lovely, and then some evil money thing came and made there be a money infection It’s like, no, this poison has always flirted around the edges of what this dream meant, but rather than forces creating it, you can see that there are forces tapped into it that are siphoning energy and power off of it, and there’s a couple throughout the city, but a bunch of the deepest, most powerful roots are way downtown – Where Moses is – I wanna take out, I have a lip gloss that’s almost done, so I just wanna scoop up the very last of it, put on a layer, and then I’d like to scoop some of the sludge into my lip gloss vial – Cool – So that I have a little bit of it – Yup You get a nasty little vial of this toxic money sludge – So, this is running money to where and from? – Yeah, exactly It’s basically this thing Before when we were talking about the rat race that you guys found in Hell, basically what this is, is it’s like The archetypal dream here is prosperity, happiness, thriving, a home, a this, a that, all this stuff that people want, and then this infection is like, oh, you need me to get that, and then eventually blinds and corrupts people where they’re like, forget the thing they were getting money to get, right? So, like- – Can I see what happens if I shoot it? – I was gonna say, maybe we should eat a little bit – What the fuck? – Just a little bit, a little taste to see if it has an effect – That’s too scary for me, but go for it if you want I’m gonna shoot it and maybe a slice will-

– Let’s shoot it first I’ll Mage Hand it, you shoot it, we’ll see what happens – You go to shoot some of it with your gun, and- – Jesus Christ Don’t eat it, I have a much more sensible idea, I’m gonna shot it (laughing) – You see, by the way, that as you go to collect some, you see that some of this stuff is coming out of you You look at your backpack and see all the bricks and stuff that you re-upped from 53V3N, and a strong- – This is capitalism, so it’s just, I’m seeing a physical manifestation- – Is any coming from me? – Of capitalism – There’s a tiny little thread or tether going to your purse, but it’s not any There’s a thick, nasty root coming out of the block You got a 22 on your insight, right? – Mm-hmm – You look down at it You see that some of the- (Ally gasps) – Sorry, go on – No, no, no You see that it appears to be connecting to some of it more powerfully than others- – The cherry tomatoes – There’s a little bit, there’s some of the weed in your bag has a very thin little trail, there’s a thicker one You see the cocaine and the heroin have these thick rooted things And as you look down, you take out your gun, (gunshot) blam, blast one of the thick arteries, and you look down and see a wall against a warehouse somewhere, someone being pushed up against it and being shot in the back of the head, as you can see that they were dragged out of a Jeep for trying to escape from this cocaine harvesting operation – Great Okay, yeah, fully late capitalism – Right, yeah, yeah – Okay, cool I found what I want – Did you wanna go do something? – That’s okay Go ahead a wisdom saving throw for me real quick – Great What do I add to that? – Two – Okay – So, 16 – 16 – 16, cool You see that this fuckin’ brick of shit in your bag The thing you’re seeing is not unrelated That’s the history of this brick of cocaine is like, oh, someone made this, tried to escape, and the people- – They were forced to scrape plants, and they were, yeah – Yeah – Fuck – And then ran the fuck away and was shot and killed for trying to escape What’s going on with Pete right now? – I’m bummed (laughing) My life choices I’m confused and I’m also really bored ’cause I haven’t been high in a really long time (laughing) – I mean, I’ve got, honestly, a lot of nips on me if you want something – I would but I just am like, am I bored or am I running away, you know? – You’re right Sometimes you need to be bored to figure out what’s going on – It’s true Thank you Do you have a Malibu Rum, though? The alcohol content is so low – I do, I do – I would love just a sip – A coconut one It’s pretty much coconut – It tastes like sunscreen Oh – What was the revelation Pete had a second, it looked like Pete recognized something You went like, (gasps) – Well, yeah, it sounded like some of the stuff that 53V3N got was infected – Yeah – So, was this a specific thing, or was it just tied to the cocaine because that’s the least ethically harvested and bought and sold? – It seems like that’s the thing you’re seeing And you see it, also, as you’re just looking through Nod, you see it coming out of some forms of retail stores, it’s attached to fuckin’- – Slave labor – Yeah – Can I take off- – It’s the ethics – You see there’s a diamond- – I was gonna say, I have some diamond earrings that I swear to God they’re real diamond Can I hold ’em up and see? – One of them has a thick nasty root of evil There’s a diamond on your ring that has a thick nasty root of evil, and then your two diamond earrings have got nothin’ – Oh, so I guess some diamonds are bad, and some- – You look and see- – Some diamonds are real (laughing) – Oh, my god – Yeah, you see two pieces of glass – Your ear is bright green (laughing) – I thought that was because the diamond was just- – Diamonds don’t do that – Casting a green- – No, no, diamonds don’t do that – A green kiss of the real diamond – The green kiss of a real diamond? Is that what you were just saying? – Yeah, that’s the thing we say in Staten Island Eh, okay (laughing) Let’s head back – Cool You guys head back As you guys are catching the L train back out of Nod, headed towards, I presume the Clinton Hill Chantry where Esther is – Yeah – Go ahead What do you guys say when you meet up at the train station? – What happened? – Wild day – Oh yeah, how did it all go? – So, I think that we’re gonna instigate some kind of Faerie democracy We’ll see how it goes I don’t know Sometimes you instigate a democracy and it goes well, and sometimes it doesn’t – Yeah, the gnomes are doing their work – Yeah, I like the gnomes, they seem pretty stable – Can I roll to hide how big of a crush I have on new Misty? – Yeah, absolutely – What would that be? Deception? – That would be deception – 18 – 18. Cool Go ahead and give me an insight check, Ms. Rowan Berry – Do I get advantage on seeing other people’s deception

– No, I don’t think you do – Insight? – Insight – 21 – Pete is hornt up – So stupid – What’s the height difference? What’s the height difference? – I take Pete’s cowboy hat and I put it on – Stop it Give me that back God, you’re so dumb! – Doesn’t it suit me? Don’t you think it looks cute? – Pete, why do you think she’s dumb? – I don’t know, it’s weird when your friend all of a sudden is completely different – Ricky, put some clothes on – Yeah, Ricky, you were naked in that whole judge- – Okay, okay, let him come around to it on his own time – I keep forgetting, sorry (laughing) – You keep forgetting – Yeah, you’re fine – Oh, I forgot – Lovely You guys get to the Clinton Hill Chantry, you walk up – “Oh hey, Ricky, how’s it going, man? Frank.” – Hey, Frank, how it’s going? – “Ah, good, you know? You can’t complain Getting pretty cold out here, little frosty on the old knocker, but you know, it is what it is.” – I said I’d bring you a sandwich, didn’t I? – “Ey, man, it’s not a problem, you know.” – Next time I come, I’m bringing two sandwiches I’m sorry about that – “Aw man, see, this is why I like you, man, you’re such a good guy New York’s bravest, man, I love it It’s great You know, it’s funny, the other day I was talking, they had a different-” – Yeah? (knocking) (coughing) – Keep going, sorry – (whooshes) Door swings open You guys walk in, see that there’s a large room in the chantry Esther’s moved one of the tables so that in the center of the floor there’s this runic magic circle, and Don Confetti with his hands tied up behind his back is sort of sitting kind of in the middle of this little circle, very unimpressive looking now that he’s not surrounded by his pixie mafia He looks at all you guys as you come in He goes, “I’m not talking to nobody, I’m not saying nothing without my lawyer.” The door closes and he does, “I will fully cooperate with everything you wanna do I will spill all the beans Please, please help me.” (laughing) – Darling, I’m so glad that you’re being sensible about this – All I wanna do, I regret my life of tiny crime – Can I just cast Zone of Truth on him? – That’s a good call – Oh, yeah – Sure – That’s a good start – Yeah, I cast Zone of Truth – You feel him fail You feel the spell come into effect So, Ricky, you stand up and sort of command this zone of honesty around you What does Ricky creating a zone of honesty look like? – How big is the zone? – It’s a 15-foot radius – Are we all in it? – We are all- – Oh no – I try to back up a little bit – Oh no – I’m gonna need some wisdom saving throws from you guys, actually – Oh, god – Oh, no – Oh, I got a nat 20 – Ooh – I’m all good, 22 – Yeah, I’m good, 21 – 21 – What a waste of a nat 20 – A 19 – I wanna say, roll with disadvantage ’cause you’re rattled by Rowan over here – Goddammit 14 13 – 13 Pete, you fail (laughing) You fail the save – Rowan, are you gonna start studying? – I scratch the bag of your head – Stop Are you gonna start studying acting again, or what’s your schedule gonna be like? – I don’t know Isn’t it so exciting? – Don Confetti! – That’s so exciting – I love it so much (laughing) I cast Minor Illusion so we all look like the really ultra hot DAs from “Law & Order”, just really well fitted lawyer suits – Oh, my god, cool – Yeah, yes, sir So sorry – I command you to tell the truth! – Did you get Southern all of a sudden, Ricky? – To tell the truth – (laughs) You see- – He is but a humble Southern lawyer – You see he- – Got suspenders on – He looks at you and goes, “I don’t know if you’re speaking on behalf of the fire department or if you’re legally allowed to make these demands, but I accept, I submit to your authority, and I agree What is it you wanna know?” – Ducky, what’s going on? – “Okay, here’s basically what’s going on So, I was sent here a long time ago by Titania to basically oversee some Faerie business here in the city You had run away and you were here with the shoes and that was the thing I was maybe supposed to consider, you know, looking after But when I had got here, very quickly Robert Moses, he was, at that time, not a businessman, he was actually the head of a lot of civic organizations It had to do with infrastructure, and he was responsible for building all the major highways in New York.” – See, the banality of evil That is so goddamn boring – “Yeah, he got a-” – Of course the most evil guy is the guy that built the highways It’s so dull – “Yeah, he’s real bad But he built the highways, and pretty soon, the highways made it so that Titania and people like that couldn’t come here, you know what I mean?” – Mm-hmm

Potato, potato – “So, you know, when the cat is prevented from accessing you because of a series of highways in the shape of a hex, the mice will play So, you remember how we are Faerie pays a tithe to Hell About 10% of what Faerie makes has to be paid to Hell, part of an old agreement I stopped paying my taxes to Titania when the highway hex was finished, and Robert Moses found out, and they did me for tax evasion Can you believe it? Me, a mafia boss.” – That’s (stammers) I get it So, you were working with Hell because they had something on you? – “I was working with Hell because unlike Faerie, they had somebody on the ground here in New York.” – Who’s Bob Moses? – That’s Robert Moses – Who’s Bob Moses? – “Isabella Infierno, who was working for Bob Moses So, that bag I gave to your brother, that was them The Bicicletas have been ferrying my tenth, my tithe, to Isabella Unbeknownst to me, I found this out in the last day or two, she wasn’t giving any of that back to Hell.” – What? – Where was she bringing it to? – “Well, a lot of this magical stuff and ritual gear and yadda-yadda-yadda-” – She was just spending it on herself – “On herself and on Mr. Moses.” – See, this what you gotta do You go in, you get the gig, you say, “Pay me half as a check,” and then you get half of it in cash, and then you pay the taxes on the check – You’re kinda sounding like you’re old self again (laughing) – It sounds like Robert Moses is trying to play both sides, and then protect- – Really, he’s just- – He says- – Working for himself – He’s just trying to create his own realm that he has ultimate control over – And stop Hell and Faerie from getting in here so that he can kind of rule everything, or rule New York unopposed – King of New York, huh? – “Looks like it.” – I don’t like it – So, then that would put you against him, probably – I mean, I’ve been against him Oh, I should tell you, he did come and visit me on Christmas day – What? – For what reason? – Just some real big boy, “I’m the boss around here,” kind of moves, nothing solid, he didn’t say anything real – We should go visit him – Wait- – “But you are right Robert Moses didn’t try to play Faerie and Hell against each other, he successfully played Faerie and Hell against each other.” – How does Heaven factor into this? Is Robert Moses playing them at all? – “No, not that I’m aware of But,” you see he says, “that was the one kinda hole in his plan, was the idea of, he knew how to play these games with Hell and Faerie, but you can’t sell your soul to Heaven They won’t buy your soul So, basically it’s, he had to find some way to square his soul with Heaven that wouldn’t have to do with-” – The Bethesda Fountain – The list – Or the list – “Oh! Yeah, that’ll work Yeah, for sure.” – Damn – Do you know where the list is? – “All that stuff that we took went to Moses.” – Oh, so you did take that – “The list we took.” – And the pixies that went down for that, was that just a favor? You just threw those guys under the bus? – “They’ll be well taken care of on the inside Sometimes members of the family gotta take the fall for the organization.” – What about the clock gnomes? Was that you guys, too? I pull out the little baggie of pixie dust – As you pull out the pixie stuff you can automatically see that it sort of sprinkles off – Oh yeah, no, this looks right – You see he shrugs and says, “Moses wanted the Big Book of Bits and Bobbins – The what? – Moses wanted the Big Book of Bubs and Bauble? – The Big Book of Bigs and Bubses? – [Brennan] “Are you making fun of my speech impediment?” – No, it’s called- – The Big Big of Big Bida – It’s called the Big Book of Bits and Bobbins, right? – “The Big Book of Bits and Bobbins.” – Yeah, the Big Book- – The Big Book of Bits and Bobbins? – Big Book of Bits and Bobbins – The Big Book of. (laughs) We all know about the Big Book of Bips and Bobbers – We all know what it’s called, and we all know how to say it – “Yes, exactly.” – Wait, so, he has everything now, right? He’s got the list, he has the ability to make a stone- – Has the key to the city – Key to the city – Has the key to the city – The Time Stone – He’s got the Time Stone – Where is he? – “Your guess is as good as mine He doesn’t give me his location We had drop off points.” – Do you know what he’s- – Esther You got a read on where he might be? – You see that Esther shrugs and goes, (sighs) “I wouldn’t know where to start looking for him, but,” she goes, (sighs) “if only we still had it, but it’s been missing for years.” – What? – “The Sardinian Eagle.” – The Sardinian Eagle? – I like that – “The Sardinian Eagle is an artifact It’s an extremely powerful artifact that (Lou chuckles) it can help locate and find areas of extreme magical importance If we think that there’s a chance that Moses is going to do some kind of ritual or cast some kind of important spell, then the Sardinian Eagle would be able to help us find that location.” – What’s it look like? – “I believe the Sardinian Eagle was-“

– Look like a bird? – Was it up someone’s- – Was it in someone’s ass? – Up someone’s butt – I know where it is Y’all ain’t gonna like that Y’all ain’t gonna like where it is, but I know where it is – “Why? You know the Sardinian Eagle We need to get our hands on it as soon as possible.” – Oh, we don’t wanna get anyone’s hands on it – I think we wanna cover it- – I’ll put my hands on it – Grab it as soon as we can, what are you talking about? – No, nobody wants to put their hands on this with where it’s been – Oh Can I ask a question? Where’s Bob Moses from? Which realm is his like, where he’s from? – “From my understanding, Mr. Moses is a powerful form of undead.” – Wow, but he’s not a vampire ’cause I can see him – So, the undead aren’t necessarily from Hell, that’s kind of like, their own breed – “Exactly.” – They’re from our plain, right? – Oh- – “The undead-” – Perhaps they’re creating an undead realm – “You might say that the undead are more committed to being from Earth than even the living are They sure have a hard time letting go.” – Mm – Yeah – Hmm – That’s really insightful – Look, no judgment (laughing) – “I wanna point something out-” – No judgment on that – “I know that I got clowned pretty hard in the last fight I’ve been running a very successful mafia organization for decades.” – Look, darling, no judgment – You threw your daughter a beautiful wedding – “Thank you.” – It was very pretty – “I actually put a lot of thought And she’s my fifth daughter to be married and we didn’t skimp on expense ’cause every-” – It was really beautiful – You could feel that when you were there It didn’t feel like you chose favorites – It was truly magical – “I am a bad man I’m a bad man-” – Oh yeah No, I think you’re a fuckin’ piece of shit After this I am going to beat you up – “I am a piece of shit and you are welcome to beat the shit out of me.” – Yeah, I’m going to – “I can’t stop you.” – I got a fuckin’ spell slot left – I’m like, hey Come on, Sofia – “Every woman should feel like a princess on her special day, and I believe that 100%.” – That’s great Okay, so, Bob Moses really wanted me to work with him Should I pretend like I flipped? Should I go meet him? – Ooh – I can also get the Sardinian Eagle – Yeah, let’s get the I think trying to trick some kind of crazy primordial being is just gonna blow up in our face – The amount of knowledge that he knows about us, he probably in some way knows that you just said what you just said – Pete, you can’t even hide the fact that you’ve got a crush on Rowan – I fucking don’t! (laughing) – What? – What the fuck? No – No, Pete would never – Hey, you’re under the Zone of Truth right now (laughing) – I – Can I text- – I do I do – Somebody in clerical stuff- – I have a huge crush on you – At the hospital to get- – Who are you? – Fine, you know who I am – To get Lowell Masters’ address? – You shoot a text over to Emiko, Ricky’s sister, and she texts back and says, “Yeah, he hasn’t been in in a while Why?” – Fuck – “Are you worried about something?” – Yeah, based on our last visit I just wanna check up on him – He probably lives pretty close to the location of your hospital, right? – Yeah, well, I just wanna get his address – I have a spell – Yeah, I have the Bagel – I can text somebody and get an address real quick – Yeah, you get, yeah – Or we could use magic – Nobody needs to use- – you know? – We don’t have to use magic- – We can use magic- – But why wouldn’t we use a magic Bagel? – We can use magic all the time – Okay – I cast Hellish Rebuke on Don Confetti – We can use magic – (yells) “Stugots! Bada-boom!” – Oh wait – Oh no – Do you know- – Okay, we don’t need to beat up every- – It was just a bit – Who was it that took care of my friend Sofia’s husband? – That was Isabella Infierno who did the deed – Yeah – Did she kill him? – Do you want to know? I Mindlink with you privately Do you want to know details? – I’m pretty sure I know the detail I suppose when I saw his spirit it was in tact, and so perhaps that gives me the illusion that he had a sort of, peaceful, honorable death I guess if he was put through a garbage disposal I don’t wanna know that I’m gonna take five – Cool, I’ll walk with you – [Emily] I walk to the bathroom – We can go get coffee, or something? – Esther, you wanna grab that coffee? – Esther nods and says, “That sounds like a good idea Let’s do that It’s also very late You have all just been through a knock down drag out fight Maybe we do tomorrow we’ll grab a cuppa Joe and you can rest? We have a bed here if you wanna crash here.” – Yeah, do you wanna snuggle and watch “Killing Eve” on a laptop? (laughing) It just sounds really soothing right now – She says- – I’ve heard about “Killing Eve” – “I wanna be very clear about something Sandra Oh is the most underappreciated actress of-” – She’s fucking amazing – “Why is no one We’re gonna watch ‘Killing Eve’, I’m gonna run down to the bodega, I’m gonna grab a pint, and then What’s your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s?” – Oh, I thought you were talking alcohol – Ricky loves “Killing Eve” Weren’t you just talking about that? – I love it I haven’t seen it, but I love it (laughing) – I look at you like, you fucker – I don’t wanna make a big deal out of this, but when Sandra Oh was very young, she did take a workshop with me, and she already was incredible – That is so interesting Tell me everything – Yeah – You see that Esther looks over Don Confetti says, “It seems that my business here is concluded.” Esther turns and says, “All right.” Lowell Masters’ address pops up on your phone right away You have a little nurse app on there that you can pull up the Emiko sends the records to you You see that Esther turns to you, Kugrash, and goes, “But wait a minute, does Moses have everything he needs? Because-” – Wait a second – “Because Nod still, the door can’t be opened

It’s locked without a lock on it, so even with the key, there is no locked-” – What about the book- – well, but isn’t he trying- – That’s the Time Stone – Create a lock? – The Bits and Bobbins? – You see that Esther goes, “No, Nod has forbidden a lock to be created-” – But what about, go for it – If the lock was created on Earth and not in Nod, Nod wouldn’t have jurisdiction over it, would they? – You see that she says, “To my understanding, Nod, they have also barred the entry of a lock into-” – But Sinatra’s Law – Yeah – Mm-hmm – Yeah, Sinatra’s Law – That thing you explained to me – If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere – You see that Esther looks over to you and says, “Sinatra’s Law?” – Yes – You see that she says, “Right An object…” She goes and gets the big tome down and she goes- – I help her – She goes, “An object that is barred or abjured from being conjured, created in a given locality can be conjured or created in that given locality if it is first conjured or created within the five boroughs of New York Sinatra’s Law, the imperial axiom If you can make it here-” – You can make it anywhere – Oh, no – So, they’re gonna make it and then bring it to the door – Or they’ll make it here and then they’ll be able to make it in Nod – Yeah – You see that- – You’re so smart (laughing) – We all figured it out, Pete – God – Just so I have a clear visual of this, how tall are you, and how tall are you? – I’m 5’9, pushing 5’10, actually – I’m like, 5 foot 1 and a bit – Oh, I thought pixies were like, two feet tall – No- – Oh, that’d be hilarious – Misty was like, 4’10 and Rowan’s like, 5’1 and a half – Okay, cool, cool – Awesome – Pixies are small, faeries are a little bigger – So, you see- – Fuck – You see Esther says, “That’s so bad The imperial axiom, of course All right, coffee tomorrow Kingston-” – I’m gonna go now – “All right.” It’s late at night, so rolling up at Lowell’s might be a little tricky at this time of night- – No, I’m going (laughing) – You guys head off, cool – Is there a way to find out what was in the Big Book of Bits and Bobbins that they need to create this stone? ‘Cause maybe that’s a process that they’re in the middle of right now – Materials? – Yeah – Yeah, maybe there’s something – You see that Esther says, “Do you wanna hit the books with me here in the chantry?” – Sure, yeah – Oh, I’ll hit the books That sounds good – Yeah We can just put on “Eve” in the background, you know? I’m not gonna watch, I’m gonna be working – It’ll be a rewatch for me, so – Cool – Esther’s gonna give the Help action to you Go ahead and make an arcana check with advantage – Cool (Brian laughing) – Two nat ones What the fuck? That’s insane! – That is a one- – That’s really bad – In 400 odds to roll two nat ones on a roll with advantage (Ally laughs) – You’re just so hot now! What? – Make a wild magic check for me – 13 – Okay – Oh, if only we could’ve kept it going – Incredible – Maybe I could step in with my arcana to help (Ally groans) – No, with two nat ones, nobody can step in with any arcana – Jesus fucking Christ – Esther immediately regrets her decision Pete tried to do this “Sorcerer Supreme” research shit (laughing) – You burned a library – The whole point of sorcerers is they don’t read books (laughing) – Incredible Eventually, you’re also just exhausted Pete, you pass you Esther snuggles up with you and you end up watching this – Hey, girl – I’m just so confused (laughing) – You see that, yeah What do Rowan, Kugrash, and Ricky do? – I’m knackered, I’m going home – Kingston, you’re going tonight? – I’m going tonight – You don’t wanna go tomorrow? – I don’t wanna wait I mean, this seems important With all of this that’s going on- – All right I’ll go with you then – All right – Cool – I guess I’ll go, too I feel weird here (laughing) – Oh, you can watch “Killing Eve” – It’s okay, I’m gonna go with the boys (laughing) – All right, little boys’ adventure? All right – Yeah – Are you sure? – It’s fine – I wake up and go, “What the fuck?” – You’re a couple episodes in – Seriously, step in – I think. (sighs) – I can walk you through what’s happened already We’ve got a snuggle going – All right, I’ll stay (laughing) – Fine, I’ll go and do the chore I’ll go with you, but I have to say- – Old people crew, what’s up? (Ally laughs) – Great So, the old people crew Ricky, are you staying? – I’m gonna stay – He’s snuggling – Cool – Yay – On the bed that has Sofia and Esther there, go ahead and make a flat charisma check – To find out which corner of the bed you sit on

– That would be, oh Oh, 17 Wait, saving throw, or just check? – Just a check – Okay, then 13 (laughing) – Cool You- – The corner – Lie down, fully hanging off a side of the bed so you’re not making body contact at all (laughing) – And I have one foot on the ground – You also can’t really see the laptop – Just not complaining about it at all, just tolerating it – Just so uncomfortable, but you’re like, “I am here.” – This is At least I’m- – Am I asleep on a couch somewhere with my cowboy hat over my face? – Yeah, you’re (snores) snoozing over there – What’s that character’s deal? (laughing) – You say that with every new character – What are they doing? Oh, that’s what they were doing (laughing) – Wonderful Wonderful, wonderful Cool, you guys head all they way Uptown Lowell lives Washington Heights Train immediately pulls into the station, you go through the turnstile – Oh wait, wait, wait, there’s a great tamale lady right here that we just (mumbles) just get a couple for the road – No, thank you – I never come to this neighborhood Come on, Kingston, please Please – You are more than welcome to go, Ms. Berry, I have no interest (laughing) – Kingston, you’re so boring now Fine, we’ll go and do the chore – You guys arrive at a little apartment building, this little six unit, three-story apartment building, Washington Heights As you arrive there you see a little thing on the buzzer that says “Masters” on it – I press it (buzzing) – Pause (crackles) “Hello?” – Hey, Lowell? It’s Kingston Brown from the hospital – (crackles) “Hey, Kingston (stammers) Can I help you? Is everything all right?” – Yeah, the city is in danger, Lowell, and I believe you’re on the few people who can help us – (crackles) “I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life.” – All right, buzz us in – “Come upstairs.” You guys are buzzed upstairs You arrive up at the sixth apartment all the way at the top, little marble stair walkup It’s one of those marble staircases where the marble’s actually sort of buckled a little bit, it’s been walked on so many times You get to this door, you knock on it, it opens The rich smell of spices and incenses, and an unmistakable plastic smell of lube (Emily laughs) wafts out of the apartment It looks like a wizard’s incubation chamber Every square inch of the apartment is dangling gems and a Balinese demon mask, and his tall standing suit of armor and a little pile of gold It’s like the inside of a dragon’s hoard, if it was all glued to the inside of a little two bedroom apartment Lowell opens it, you see he’s wearing a little blue button up short sleeve shirt and some khakis He looks sort of a little bit wet like he just showered – Oh – He goes, “I’ve been waiting for this day a long time.” – Well, I’m glad These are my friends, Kugrash and- – Rowan – Rowan Berry – I love your place So eclectic – He looks at you and says, “My god, I’m sorry it’s a little bit messy right now Did I see you in an episode of ‘Law & Order’?” – No, I get that all the time, but no – “You’re great, are you This is a crazy thing to say Are you represented? ‘Cause my cousin is a-” – Oh – This is happening already? (laughing) – Lowell, this is not the- – “I’m sorry, crazy.” – Saving of the city we were talking about – This is not why we’re here – “You’ve just got such a look Do you do modeling?” – I’ve been thinking about it, actually – “You should get headshots.” – I mean, maybe I’m too short, but maybe that’s a thing – No, I think- – All right Lowell, how you been? You good? – “I’m good Actually, the past month has been the best month of my life, and I owe that to you, Kingston.” – That’s good to hear Oh, stop, you don’t owe me nothing – “Come on in, take a look around.” you guys see this place is just filled with this incredible artifact You see that there’s a jade statue of this ancient emperor king There’s all this crazy stuff There’s a box of Spanish doubloons with a gilded dagger on the top of it All this wild shit is here – Can I turn around real quick to these two? Don’t touch nothing, it’s probably been in his ass And then turn right back (laughing) – “So, what can I do for you?” – Have I removed an eagle, or a bird from his asshole? – You have removed- – Okay, great – A bird from his ass – Hey, Lowell, on one of your appointments, I believe there was a bird that needed to be taken care of? Do you still have that bird? – You see he goes, “Bird?

Oh, the bronze eagle I found?” – Yes, I believe so – You see he goes, “Hmm You guys want anything to drink or anything while we’re here?” – Earl Grey tea – You see he goes and makes some tea, comes over and goes, “Hmm, bronze eagle Hmm, take a seat. (groans)” – What’s in your butt? – (strained exhaling) “I’m good.” – No (laughing) – You see he says, “I found a very old granite pentacle, moss-covered The circle is not part of it, so it’s just a five-pointed star.” – Oh So, the texture of granite and moss, and it’s a pointed star? – “I’ve developed quite a thick interior hide.” – So, you showered before all this? (laughing) – “You think I’m gonna put an incredibly potent religious relic in my asshole without being cleaned up first?” (laughing) – You’re right- – So, you shower at the beginning – That is respectful – You shower at the end – Respectful – Hey, I stand corrected – Anyway, it’s good to hear. (laughing) – You see he looks and takes out a little notebook and seems to write some notes in it, puts it down and says, “I know about the eagle, the Sardinian Eagle.” – Yeah – “When you gave me that talk, I actually discovered that I’m more magical than I originally thought I have the power to basically identify these magical objects.” (Emily laughing) – So, do you, hold on- – Could you stick this crown up your ass? I take my rat crown out – Spiky fuckin’ crown (laughing) you see he takes it and says, “Yeah, I’ll need about a day and a half.” – Also, wait, real quick What is that? – “Hmm?” – This man, what is this man? – “He’s a rat He’s a rat man.” – Oh, you see this rat man? – “After you gave me that talk, ’cause I was finding these weird artifacts and I was seeing things out of the corner of my eye and stuff like that, but yeah.” – So, you have the ability to cast the Identify spell with your rectum? – “That’s about the size and shape of it, yeah.” – I actually don’t wanna think about size or shape when we’re talking about- – “The important thing is this, I already sold the Sardinian Eagle.” – No – To who? – “I sold it to a collector.” You see he, “Hold on one second.” – I think I know who he sold it to – Yeah – Mm-hmm – You’re killing me, Lowell You’re killing me – You see he goes- – Cher – He says, “I told it to an elemental named Buddy.” – Oh! – No, what? – The shit guy! – No, you didn’t Okay, Lowell – Which guy? – Your buddy, Buddy (Ally gasps) – Make a history check for me – Great Nat 20 – Nice! – Wow! – You have a text on your phone from Willy about the card game tomorrow night He sent you a list of who all’s gonna be there Buddy is gonna be at that card game – All right, fantastic – Whoo! – I know where to find Buddy But Lowell, it’s good to see you’re doing well, man, and really nice place It was good to drop by, good to see you – “Good to see you, too My life is turned around, and you’re a decent man Enjoy the tea, take a look at any of the wonders Oh, let me show you this.” you see that he takes this, reaches up onto a shelf and takes a full kind of Russian czar’s mink coat and says, “This is actually something very interesting, maybe for you, Kugrash If you wanna go ahead,” and you see he hands it out for you to handle – Yeah – “That took a long time That was a while.” (laughing) – Sleeve by sleeve – To get a, okay – “But you probably don’t get that cold I know you sleep in the sewers So, it’s not that magical, I just thought you might want a warm coat.” – Yeah, yeah, sure Thanks, appreciate it Just put on this ass jacket (laughing) What do you think, Kingston? – I mean- – Hey, guys, I kinda cover up you two – I think it’s cool – Get off of me Get off of me – You smell better now, honestly – Lowell says, “Can we not be children? Everything gets washed.” – Yeah – I mean, yeah, of course it does – I smell like lube now instead of trash – All right (laughing) And in that way, it is an upgrade – Wonderful So yeah, you know where Buddy’s gonna be – I think I will I think I’m actually gonna need that crown, so I’ll keep it for now, but we’ll link up at some point – “Hey, got your back, Kugrash.” – Appreciate it – “All right, you guys, thanks for coming by Have a great one. (groans) Oh no, oh no Nope, we’re good We’re good.” (laughing) – Oh no? Oh no – You guys head out

The next day, you guys wake up in your various places Some belated gifts with a little note on them that says, “Sorry I couldn’t get it in time for Christmas,” arrive to some of you guys Kugrash, your apartment with Wally, you find a lovely little watch, a fuckin’ dope Rolex, which you haven’t had since your businessman days, appears in a little Christmas gift for you – Hell yeah – Haste Oh, that’s sick – Kingston, we already know what your gifts were Rowan, you actually probably have to crash somewhere else that night because Rowan doesn’t have the keys or anything, but you swing by your lawyer’s office the next day, deal with all of your inheritance, and you arrive at a freshly-cleaned and wonderful penthouse And a little Christmas gift is waiting for you You see- – You know, Long Island City is the new place to be living – It has a Tiffany’s wrapping on it And you feel it has a similar arcane energy to Titania’s shoes on it, this beautiful silver necklace – Do I still get Irresistible Dance? – You do not get Irresistible Dance with it – Great Begone, Irresistible Dance, I resist you – Ricky, you wake up at your home and see, with a giant bow on top and Ox in the passenger seat, a fire engine red Maserati- – Oh, my god – Oh, hell yeah! – Jesus Christ – Why was I even trying to help you get laid? You got it under control! – Oh, my god ‘Cause Esther is definitely gonna be impressed by a car – The suicide doors open up – Suicide You see Ox goes, (barking) “Wow, what a cool car.” – This is dope as hell – And Sofia, you wake up in the chantry, and next to you all packaged up are a pair of red Louboutins – Oh, my god, are they real? I bite it (laughing) – You bite it? – Bite it like an old fucking prospector Cool So, the next day’s happening You know where you’re gonna see Buddy So, that day, let’s just go around real quick and see what y’all do that day Sofia, you wake up in the chantry, you see the awesome red Louboutins, and- – I think – Oh, yeah, what are you gonna do? – Well, I was thinking maybe I would just do some Krav Maga – Cool – Just keep fresh – Yeah, there’s plenty of room There’s some dojo spaces within the chantry for the wizards to practice You practice for a while Your Louboutins allow you to spring huge distances Incredible distances After a little while, you see that Esther walks in – You wanna spar? – You see she says, “Sure, I’ll spar a little bit.” Go ahead and give me just an athletics check You gotta beat a 20 – I did 23 – Yeah, you see that Esther is pretty cool as a martial wizard caster She takes out her bat, blocks some stuff with the bat, and does a lot of stuff to throw up obstacles and wards, she’s very good at putting these Tenser’s Floating Disk shields around – This is the perfect sparring partner for me – It’s awesome Esther’s like, “I can’t believe that it’s taken us this long to hang out I mean, it’s been a crazy month, but-” – I know Well, honestly, I was kinda going through something, and then I came toward some sort of closure and it just feels When you were nice to me in that fight, it just felt really nice to feel like someone wanted to be my friend, and that meant a lot – You see she smiles and says, “This is a hard city, and I don’t think you can get through it without having some pals Wanna go get that coffee?” – Yeah – Cool You guys head out to go get that coffee Kugrash, we’re actually gonna cut over to you real quick What do you do? You wake in Wally’s that next day, Dad is there – Dad the dog The game is tonight, right? – Yes – The poker game? Okay I wanna have a little talk with Wally – Cool – Around the breakfast table What do we have for breakfast? Cheese? – String cheese and hotdogs – String cheese Another breakfast of string cheese and hotdogs – Gross – Hey, Wally, so, before you and I started hanging out, who were you hanging out with around here? – “My friends at work.” – Your friends at work, cool Generally a kinda happy guy? How are you holding up, Wally? Do you ever get lonely out here, or? – “Yeah, I guess sometimes.” – Yeah? – “It’s hard.” – Uh-huh – “It’s hard to meet people sometimes, too, you know? I work for the MTA, and, you know, I tried to make one of those OkCupids,

but it’s hard ’cause it’s hard to meet people sometimes I got a busy schedule, and stuff And I asked David for help with it, but me and David don’t get along sometimes.” – Why don’t you and David get along? – You see that he looks at his phone and he says, “He’s actually on the way over today He yells at me a lot, he worries about me ’cause I live by myself, and he, you know, he’s worried ’cause he thinks I shouldn’t have two dogs ’cause he thinks I’m not gonna be able to take care of them both.” – But you have a job, you can do it You can- – “No, I know I think he just thinks I’m a little dumb.” – Oh, you’re not dumb, Wally – “Thanks.” – Yeah You’re a good guy This OkCupid stuff’s confusing I’ve heard a little bit about it I haven’t really used a computer since the 80s, but maybe you and I could figure it out together – “Yeah! You wanna do that?” – Yeah, let’s figure it out I don’t know what the fuck’s going on either – He pops the laptop open Give me a flat charisma check to try and help him make an OkCupid profile (Ally laughing) – I’d like to really focus on non-flashy stuff He has a job, he’s a good guy 11? – (laughs) Cool So, he says, “Okay, job Work for the MTA Interests.” – You like movies “‘Die Hard’, ‘Die Hard 2′, Die Hard 3’.” – Well, you don’t have to get that into it Why don’t you say you like action movies – “Action movies.” – Movies in general – “Movies in general.” – You like the, (laughs) maybe we delete movies in general Get rid of movies in general We like “The Lion King” – “‘The Lion King’! Hobbies, Mufasa, Simba-” – (laughs) No, Wally Wally, those aren’t hobbies, those are characters in the movie – Hobby, no, ’cause they’re like a Like hobby – Discussing film – “Disgusting I don’t like a gross movie I like it when it’s nice.” – Wally, Wally, let me type I write “Discussing film.” – “Oh, put down ‘Falling in love with a lady.'” – Falling in love with a lady Looking for something serious Let’s put that in the appropriate section – “What, like serious, like not funny? I like jokes.” – I know you like jokes – “Put joke books!” – You know how David has a serious relationship – “Yeah, he’s not fun at all.” – He’s not fun at all I start laughing hysterically David’s a fuckin’ ball buster I mean, he should be, I ruined his life – You hear a bang, bang, bang on the door as you say that – Oh, god Fuck – You see Wally gets up and opens the door David comes in David has an immediately kind of haggard look He goes like, “Hey, Wally, how’s it going? Got you some bagels and some food and I got you some just cleaning stuff and paper towels.” And Wally says, “Oh, yeah, I forgot to get that stuff.” Are you Wild Shaped right now, or no? – Oh, god He’s probably gonna fucking think I’m a giant rat and try to kill me if I don’t try to see something Yes, I’ll Wild Shape into a dog – Roll initiative for me – 13 – David spots you before you can change – Okay – He goes, “Oh, Jesus Christ, Wally! What the fuck? You got a fuckin’ rat in the middle of your fuckin’ house!” – He doesn’t have a rat! I cast Dispel Magic on myself to try to break the arcana – The Umbral Arcana – [Brian] Yeah – Yeah, I’m gonna say 3rd level or lower (whooshing) You appear to David He goes, (screams) – David, it’s okay! (breathing heavily) Okay This a lot to unpack here, but I’m sort of a shaman type deal I can do magic, you don’t know who I Let me just, magic is real I do a couple cantrips So, just right off the bat, I’m not a rat I am your father I didn’t run away, I was cursed by a witch who turned me into a rat You know I’m a rat, you’re a ball buster, you can kinda believe that, right? Magic is real I show (laughing) a little- – You see Wally goes, “Also, I don’t have two dogs One of my dogs was dad who’s a rat, and he’s not Jesus.” You see that he David goes catatonic, he passes out As he comes to, he’s kind of in a fugue state – You know what?

I have the Bagel of All Things that kinda lets me do divination I wanna try to help give him some kind of connection to this other world I wanna just pop off a couple poppy seeds in his mouth while he’s knocked out – He takes it His pupils dilate so much that they disappear and he only has irises So, his hazel eyes have no pupil, he’s just gazing straight ahead, whole universes are appearing to him Wally goes like, “That’s a good bagel.” – Yeah – After a few minutes, you can start You pick up explaining, and he needs you to repeat things over and over again – Right, I think I also bring up, I know some real people saw the bugs thing, so if there’s any conspiracy websites or something, I’m like, here’s proof that it exists, blah, blah, blah – Yeah After a while, he’s got a blanket around him, he goes, “Okay, so, you’re a Okay So, you lied? You lied, ’cause you did run away.” – Yes I know you think I ran away to a tropical island, and that my life ruled or something, but I’m a rat, and my life sucked until very recently when I moved in with Wally here – You see Wally goes, “Yeah! It’s better now he’s with me.” You see David goes, “Shut the fuck up, Wally So, what is it you’ve been doing for the past 20 years, 30 years.” – Well, for the first few years, I pretty much just hid out in the subway tunnels feeling sorry for myself and blaming the person who cursed me But after a while, it gave me some perspective, and in the end, I wish I had been the type of person who was naturally empathetic, but I had to have something bad happen to me before I could learn to help other people – “And are you still helping other people?” – I’m trying to, yeah – Here’s a question for you, Murph Has Kugrash been attending to his duties with the homeless since he’s been with Wally? – Probably less so – Probably less so, cool You have a very high wisdom I think it probably occurs to Kugrash that that is the truth – Yeah, right – You see that David looks and goes, “All right, okay Magic’s real, everything I know’s wrong.” – Well, not David, do you know Robert Moses? – “Yeah, power broker?” – Yeah – “Yeah, I know him, yeah.” – I’m actually going after him at the moment because part of the bad side of all this magic is being controlled by him – “So, you’re asking me for a favor?” – I would like to help you if I can Honestly, David, the reason I came to Wally first is ’cause I think Wally needs me, Wally likes having me around, but if you don’t If you want me around, I’d like to have a relationship with you I don’t wanna be selfish about it Don’t do it for me But I’d like to I don’t want a favor from you, I wanna work with you – He looks at you and says, “If Wally needs you, he can have you.” – You don’t have to forgive me, but I’m sorry for- – “I don’t have to forgive you? I don’t have to forgive you? Oh, that’s nice to hear That’s nice to hear There was a time in my life when I needed you That time’s gone And for you to waltz back into my life now as a rat wearing a cape, I don’t give a fuck I don’t give a fuck I don’t think that you’d be talking to me or Wally if it didn’t help you Have a nice rest of your life, you fuckin’ rat.”

And you see David walks out of the apartment Wally’s just crying He looks over and says, “David’s a J-E-R-K sometimes I’m sorry, dad.” – You spelled it correctly J-E-R-K, you said?” – “Yeah.” – That’s good – “He’s a real jork.” (laughing) – You got it wrong in a different way that time No, he’s not Look, Wally, you’re just exceptionally You’re doing me a favor that you don’t need to do, and David is within his rights to be mad, and that’s okay for him, too – Wally nods Yeah, I think Kugrash, you actually feel maybe a little It has been Christmas, and there’s probably some homeless and people that need attending to out in the world Wally says, “I’m gonna talk to David It’s probably a lot for him I have a hard time understanding everything right when someone tells me, and probably David is the same way.” – Yeah Cool, yeah Wally, you go talk to your brother, I’ll go, I got some things I gotta do – Kugrash you go hit the cold streets, tending to people that need food and care and going back to your duties as a caretaker of the dispossessed Sofia, you, Esther get together at a little coffee shop, it’s lovely, you see that Em shows up outside, waves – Come on, in – Huge statue angel comes in, goes, “Oh, my god, I’m happy to chip in, I gotta pay in quarters and pennies and things that people throw in the fountain.” – That’s so off-putting Let me just get this (laughing) – She nods So, you see Esther sits down with you and goes, “Yeah, Sof, thank you so much for suggesting this It feels nice to have someone that’s just a friend and someone that’s not gonna be talking to me about arcana and wizardry and yadda-yadda-yadda Nice to have someone just to bond with as a pal.” – Yeah – “How are you holding up?” And you see that she just, very tenderly, reaches out and puts a hand on your arm as like, you’ve been going through a lot of stuff – Yeah, I’m blushing (laughing) Sorry, Ricky, she touched me! – I’m not here – I’m holding up You know, I mourned him leaving me, now I’m mourning his death I don’t know, I think it’s all I guess maybe at least now it feels like more closure, and I burned my house down – “You are fuckin’ wild.” – You know, what can I say? And honestly, it kinda felt good to get rid of that and just close a door And I don’t even know what my fuckin’ future is, but, it’s whatever right now – Esther’s eyes go wide and she says, “Yeah, the future is whatever.” – Why? what’s going on? – Yeah, make a little insight check – 15 – Yeah, you see her eyes kinda go wide as she looks out, and she says, “Yeah What do you think about Ricky?” – Oh. (clears throat) I think he’s just the greatest guy ever Any girl would be so lucky to have him – You see Em goes, “Oh, my god You’re looking out like you’re performing for a packed theater.” – No! I’m not, I’m doing a good job – You see that Esther laughs and goes, “I I took Ricky to see my mom and grandma at the holiday.” – Ugh, family and the holidays – Em says, “You’re not even dating That feels fast to meet family at Christmas.” You see she says, “No, not like that I am My family’s been cursed for most of the history of New York I am meant to become the third of the Furies of Tompkins Square Park We, not we, not me, I found Alejandro because I wanted to study magic to find a way to break this curse, and the truth is that I don’t need to study magic,

I am magic, but the part of me that is innately magic I’ve never tapped into because once I do, I can’t go back.” – Oh, my god But if we could remove this curse then you would have access to a whole wealth of no longer cursed energy – “Yeah.” – Who cursed your family? – “Powerful spirits a long time ago It’s back, early 1800s It goes in order My mother is the current Fury of Rage, my grandmother is the Fury of Despair, and my mother…” Kugrash, you’re walking down the street and going from garbage to garbage and finding people You come outside of this coffee shop and overhear this conversation happening You see she says, “We change into the Furies if we ever experience our emotion powerfully enough My mom wanted a better life for us and she tried to leave the Unsleeping City She swore off magic, she entered the waking world, she became a business woman, and she started a financial company, basically a hedge fund with this rat bastard piece of shit who sold her out and destroyed their company to profit himself, and it ruined her, and she fell to her curse She reached in for that magic and I lost her.” You see she looks like she’s about to cry and then quickly a little cantrip ticks on herself and she (sucks) gets it back – I reciprocate the tender touch – She’s like, “Oof, I need to be more careful talking about this because of my curse.” – Would you say that’s why romantically you have to hold yourself back? – You see she says, “My curse is sorrow, and sadness, psychologically speaking, is the experience of loss And so, I’ve studied magic to find a way to break the curse and I’ve lived my life under the presupposition that you can never feel sadness if you never have anything to lose.” – I am honestly not the girl to be talking about this right now because I am currently trying to follow your path a bit if I’m being honest But, we’re gonna find a way to get rid of that curse – You see she smiles and says- – You got Sofie You got Sofie Bites, AKA Sofia Lee, no longer Sofie Bites, I have disowned my family, Sofie Lee on the case – You see that she smiles and says, “Well, shit, that’s been my holdup this whole time Now it’s all engines go.” She smiles, she says, “Cool Well, if we keep talking about the sad shit I’m going to turn into a literal monster, so let’s not.” – yeah, yeah – You and Em and Esther have a lovely time, and Kugrash, you hear all that out in the street – I just go to sleep in the trash (laughing) – Cool, Kingston – Mm-hmm – It’s the card, it’s card night over at Willy’s – Oh, finally – Who all Obviously you guys have been hanging out for weeks and days and stuff Who all would show up to the card game? – I would definitely – I mean, I feel like- – Pete would definitely be a gambling- – I definitely would – Sofie, hell yeah Sofie, Pete, Kingston, cool – I know it’s gonna come down to rolls, but I feel like Sofie would be really good at cards – I think Ricky will go just to see what a card game is like – Oh, Rowan’s definitely going – Ricky will be- – Strip poker? We mean strip poker, right? – What? No, what? – So, you guys go over Willy, being made of- – No – Brick, actually has a very nice apartment- – Can I actually, I have a spell called Conjure Elemental that I really wanna use, but it’s a casting time one minute Can I bring a plus one elemental, too? ‘Cause I can’t do it in- – what kind of elemental would you like to bring? – Oh, man I guess Kingston, what do you think would be most appropriate? – Like for Willy’s place? I mean, I don’t know, earth maybe, something stone, cement, I don’t know, that’s kinda his vibe, so – All right I find some dirt and rocks – Cool You create a big earth elemental out of stones and earth from one of those tree planter places You guys head to Willy’s in Brook Opens up, he’s got some very old phonograph playing,

it’s got some great jazz Little klezmer notes in there (Emily gasps) You see he goes, “Kingston Brown Finally we see you at the game again.” – I know, it’s been a while, it’s been a while And I brought all my friends – You see he goes, “Come in We’ll set up two tables.” – Right – I bring in two six packs of PBR, ’cause when in Williamsburg that’s what you drink – Exactly, you bring some PBR You see Willy has snacks laid out It’s got a very old world, there’s cigars in ashtrays and the chips on the felt tables – Ricky, did you just bring boiled chicken in a Tupperware? – It’s a party, right? (laughing) – Gross, man – So healthy – Willy sets up some tables He says, “You gonna take all of our money again?” – Okay, all right Well, let’s not start from that place, all right? Everybody can win – You can see that he says, “Go on, take a seat.” He looks over at the earth elemental that you’ve brought and goes, “Why, hello, hello, hello there My name is Willy (Emily laughs) Pleasure to meet you Enchante.” Kisses her The earth elemental just kind of like, (groaning) (laughing) – Can I give him just a hard elbow that like, I just actually need to put force into – Yeah. (laughs) Boom, brick, into his body And you see he goes, “What? You see what I see?” – Okay, okay I thought you were about the Statue of Liberty? – “Oh, listen, that’s on a back burner I’m playing the long game.” – Oh the long? All right, Willy – You see he goes, “Listen, this, your woman, she’s something else.” You guys sit around You sit at the table, there’s a couple other people here, you see Buddy the shit elemental is there He sits next to you, Kugrash “I need a lawyer.” – Yeah I’m sorry, I was tied up – “Oh, no worries.” You see Willy says, “Okay, we start to play Anyone at any time can feel free, here’s the Febreeze, you can just hit Buddy with that if the smell gets too much.” There’s some other people here You see that there’s a stained glass saint from a church, looks like he’s jumped out of a window, he’s just going, “Fuckin’, I can’t get any more into the house, I’ve lost so much fucking money here.” And you see that also, at a nearby table, Willy says, “You remember Green and Red, right?” And you see that there is a little green stick figure made of light and a red hand both sitting in a chair And you see they both go, “Hi, hey, how’s it going? Kingston, good to see you, hello.” – Good to see you, Green, good to see you, Red – You see that Green looks up and says, “By the way, we’re not doing tournament style tonight ’cause I actually have to head out a little bit early.” You see that the hand says, “You’re leaving early? What the fuck? I thought we were staying? Can you not stay for longer?” And you see that Green goes, “I gotta jet, I’m sorry, I gotta be somewhere.” You see (laughs) that- – Brennan – You see that (laughing) You gotta forgive me – I love it. I love it – Cool So, you guys start to play some hands of poker Go ahead, everyone, and just make a I’m gonna say this is just a flat intelligence check – Oh, no – Oh, no Oh, dear – I was gonna say- – I got a four – A four, cool – I got a nat one – Three – Six – Six? – Jesus Christ – Fucking six – Nine – Wow We’re getting taken – You guys are getting taken – Ricky- – Is this worth using a luck point? (Lou laughs) – Can I- – Let’s wait till the stakes are up, maybe – Do some real fun card tricks, though, while we’re playing and I’m having all of my money stolen? – Yes, you do some very fun You’re great at dealing Willy is cleaning up You see Willy has this big cigar, and you see it has to work really hard He vents the cigar smoke out of swiveling bricks in the side of his chest He goes, “Listen, poker is not only a game of chance, it’s more skill You’re playing the player, not the cards.” – True – Buddy is looking hurt He coughs a bunch of shit-covered coins up onto the table You see that Willy kind of polishes and cleans them off to put them into the center pot Another hand comes around Are any of you going to use any magic or abilities on this card game? – I mean, I will absolutely do deception-based performance checks since we’re playing poker – Yeah, you can go ahead and make a bluff check Go ahead and give me a deception roll in the next one – Great – Can I cast Enhance Abilities on myself to give myself advantage on intelligence checks?

– Yes, absolutely – Great – I’m going to I know Kugrash doesn’t have the best luck, and Ricky’s a lot luckier, too I’m like, eh, I’m out, I’m gonna go sit with the kid And I put my hand on Ricky’s shoulder and I cast Guidance, a cantrip – I’m just gonna also cast Minor Illusion to make my breasts slightly bigger (laughing) – So, you can roll a D4 and add it to- – You see that- – She’s stupid – An ability check – You see that Green looks over at you as you do that and kind of quickly looks away, and you see that Red turns over and goes, “Wow, really? Okay.” – Things are really bad between them, but I don’t have the heart to say anything (laughing) It’s like, really bad And we can all see it, but it’s like, we’re friends with both of them, so it’s like, I don’t know which one I talk to – I’m just gonna play this straight up ’cause I have a ton of money from selling a lot of my cocaine to children today It was a rough day – Cool – Can I cast Unseen Servant and have them go around and write down what other people have? – (laughs) Yes, you can Go ahead and give me your guys’ rolls – Just one more roll? – One more roll – Four – Oh my god – Seven – On advantage I rolled a one and a three – Three – 21 – I rolled a 12 – Jesus Christ – Maybe I’ll just use a luck point on this – Yeah, go for it – Go for it? – Yeah, go for it – Don’t you get something with Guidance? What does that do? – Yeah, he added it – Yeah, he got a D4, he added it – D4 – Yeah – Cool Go ahead and roll – Oh, that’s a 20, not nat – 20, not nat – Oh – Cool – Ricky, you go in Ricky, you go out and clear a bunch of people out of the round early on before the flock – I have huge sunglasses on (laughing) – Where’d you those, dude? – Kingston- – Found them – Cool – It ends up just you and Buddy before the river Buddy’s still in, you’re still in You see Buddy, you have a bigger stack than Buddy right now – Mm-hmm – Buddy goes, “All in.” – Oh, now, Buddy, buddy, that won’t do You’re gonna have to match all of this I push mine in – He goes, “Oh, it’s gonna be like that, is it?” – I mean, hey, you’re the one who called – You see he goes, looks around, he sweats some little weird poop oil – Ew – Oh, no – Buddy, I know that you’re a collector, aren’t you? – “Yeah, I collect stuff.” – Okay, why don’t you put one of those on the table? – Go ahead and make a persuasion check – Great Persuasion, there it is And I have advantage on these, thank God That’s gonna be six plus, so 13 – 13 You see he goes (groans), (imitates vomiting) and a bronze eagle thunks into the table – Now, that feels right Doesn’t it? Doesn’t that feel right? – “Well-” – Do you even want that, man? It looks like shit – You see he says- – Come on Come on, Pete (laughing) – This thing is a piece of shit You’re a collector, right? – “Oh, I am a piece of shit.” – Can I do an insight check on Buddy to see if he’s playing straight? – Yeah, make an insight check – Great – I also wanna send my Unseen Servant to spy on Buddy’s hand – 16 – 16, oh 16, you think he’s playing straight He coughs the eagle up Kingston, what kind of cards do you think Kingston’s holding? – Pretty good, but not like a definite It’s like, you know – So, you throw down like, a 10, king, suited of hearts – Yeah – You see that Buddy throws down pocket aces, and there’s already an ace on the board He goes, “Looks like some bad luck.” You see Willy turns over the last card, and it comes up Jack of Hearts – Oh, I’m sorry, Buddy – “No, you gotta be kidding me!” – You’ve been having a rough month and I hate to do it to you, but that’s the game, Buddy That’s the game (laughing) Somebody give me a damn hose so I can clean this eagle off (laughing) – You see that Willy laughs and claps He gives you a cigar and lights it for you – All right, now, you know I can’t be smoking this Come on – He goes, (groans) – I’ll smoke it – Cool – [Brennan] Wonderful You’ve got your bronze eagle – Wanna share it? – Great You clean out at the poker game Esther grabs the eagle from you after the poker game and says, “Great, I’m gonna get to work on this right now This should be able to find Moses for us We should be able to get Robert.” – Oh, right Now I get it – Damn, Pete – It was ugly as fuck! – Okay – It was a gaudy eagle statue

I was shocked – It is the morning Esther goes to work on getting the eagle functional It is the morning of December 31st You- – 9:00 a.m – I’m making deliveries all day – All day Just fucking hustling You’re probably with Jackson and doing stuff And Esther also comes and checks out the monastery as well – Oh, sweet Do you wanna go get New Year’s Eve dresses after? – You see she nods and says, “That’d be great.” – [Emily] Or pantsuits – “Yeah, I’m more of a pants person, I don’t really rock a dress.” – I’m honestly, these days, yeah, me too Let’s get pantsuits – You see that, Pete, you’re making deliveries Kugrash, what are you getting up to on New Year’s? – What am I doing on New Year’s? Seeing Wally Wally, what are you doing? – Wally’s working, he’s working the MTA He says he can take you around the trains and show you his job – Yeah Follow Wally around – Cute – Rowan Alissa shows up New Year’s Day and says, “Hi, uh, (exhales) are you Ms. Berry?” – I am You must be Alissa – “I am I’m just here to drop off some stuff from the late Ms. Moore.” – Oh, that’s so nice of you Do you think you could go to the DMV for me? Is that how that works? – You see she looks and says, “Well, I-” – As a last favor I’m sure Misty would’ve wanted that – You see that she looks and says, “Sure, I’m unemployed at the moment, so I have time.” – Oh, great Oh, I mean, oh no Oh Wow – She’s such a bad fucking person (laughing) – You’ve got a bunch of fucking cartel cocaine in your bag – You’re selling drugs to children – I’m selling drugs to literal children and still you are a bad person and I should not like you – Incredible Yeah, she agrees to go run to the DMV – Great Oh, and before you go, who was it that told you to put the mirror on the stage? – “Oh, one of the benefactors of the theater It was from the Robert Moses Foundation.” – Of course it was Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – You see that she- – Alissa, I can offer you a job, but just so you know, if anything like that ever happens again – You see she says, “Oh, I learned my mistake It will never happen.” – Never again – Aren’t you like, younger than Alissa? “I can offer you a job.” – Look, money’s money (laughing) – Ricky, what are you getting up to? – What a nightmare – It’s the 31st I guess Ricky’s at the fire station just- – Doing his thing? You see the Questing Blade says, “Sire, this new Maserati is extremely dope What swagger in this vehicle.” – What’s wagger in the vehicle? – “No, I’m saying what swagger, as in remarking upon the swagger.” – Oh, yes, it is full of swagger I feel honestly terrible for driving it (laughing) – Kingston, that morning, Claude actually asks if you can take your niece and nephews They have a project over the holiday He’s working, but they need to do a report on the Met, and so, they need to go to the Met and be shown around, basically – Yeah, let’s do it – Fun – You go the Met, they’re walking around Your nieces and nephews are having a ball You see that your niece looks up, Eliza, and she goes, “Uncle Kingston, we had such a fun time at Christmas How long is Pete gonna be staying with you?” – Well, Pete’s in between, I guess places in his life right now, which is something that adults do And so, until he figures himself out, you know, he’ll probably be crashing with me – Nods You see that Jamil and Cooper both go, “Oh, look at this!” And they run off towards the Temple of Dendur – Okay, no running, no running, especially toward that thing And I follow – You see there’s a bunch of kids and families in here You’re kinda looking around This is where you had your climactic battle all those years ago where the mummy of the Met said those words so long ago – Yes – You hear a voice next to you go, “I love places like this, where you see a little bit of old history.” And you see Robert standing beside you as your niece and nephews run around He goes, “Good looking kids Not yours, of course You know what I mean.” – What do you want, Mr. Moses? – Well, I thought I’d take in the museum here on this special occasion Vox Populi, that’s a rough gig.” – I said, what do you want, Mr. Moses?

– You see he says, “Oh, I thought I’d come talk to you because you’re the reasonable one of your companions.” – Fine, then speak on it – “Things are gonna change in this place This city’s gonna change I know that you are gonna go down with the ship I know that about you You love these people, the populi of which you are the Vox, but there’s a version of New York without them 150 years ago, none of these people were here and this city was still New York, and 150 years from now they’ll be gone and it’ll still be the bricks, the buildings, and the roads I know that you value people over things, and that’s not a delusion that I’m here to cure you of However, if they don’t leave, I’m gonna kill the kid I’m gonna kill Sofia, I’m gonna kill Ricky, I’m gonna kill young Ms. Berry, and your little rat friend, too.” – When you say leave, what do you mean? – “I mean leave New York I am not presuming to ask you to abandon your position, but none of those people need to suffer the fate that awaits them if they try to get in my way.” – Well, I hate to say, Mr. Moses, but they are all free-thinking adults who can make their own choices, as is every person in this city Well, not every person, but every adult – You see he says, “You think people make choices?” – I do – “No People think they make choices They think they’re gonna steer right or steer left, but they didn’t build the roads The big choices already got made for them a long time ago.” – Well, Mr. Moses, how about this? How about you have a choice right now, where you can leave this city, you can walk away, and I will not come for you You can choose to stay here You can choose to continue on this course of action, and me and my friends can choose to stop you Clean and simple And that’s much easier than me trying to get the five of them to go one way or the other – He nods “It’s your message to give as you wish You have a pleasant day.” – Take care – “Give my regards to Liz.” – Oh Can I slap him? – Yes (laughing) Make an attack roll – Great I don’t have it It’s just plus strength? – Strength and proficiency, yeah – That’s gonna be a 19 – You front hand, pow! And leave a singed hand mark of ash on the side of his face You see he goes, “Check your phone, Mr Brown,” and he walks away Your phone blips It’s a text from Emiko saying, “Need you at the hospital.” – Hey, kids, I’m sorry, I know you’re having fun here at the museum, but we have to go – You head out Normally you would, I imagine, escort them all the way back home, but Eliza’s old enough that she can take Jamil and Cooper back to the place She knows, and she looks up at you, and you see a little flash of something that was in your eyes as a child as she goes, “Uncle Kingston, I can do it I’ll take care of it.” – Thank you so much, Eliza – She takes off You rush to St. Owen’s You arrive at the intensive care unit You see Liz in traction on life support, black and blue, unconscious, breathing extremely shallow, and you can see bits of umbral arcana off some of the wounds that are clearly claw and fang marks – Emiko, who brought her in? What’s going on? – “911 picked her up

She was in the neighborhood with family She got jumped in the street We didn’t get a description of the attacker, she came in like this Police are investigating right now, but it looks like they’ve tried to kill her We’re trying to keep her alive as much as we can, but her lungs are filling up with blood.” – Can I do a medicine check to see- – Yes – What is possible? What can I possibly do? That’s gonna be a 27 – Jesus Kingston, you immediately go, you see that you can heal the broken stuff, the stuff that’s most immediately medically, you start going to work You see that other doctors know your history with Liz, and everyone is like, you’re not supposed to be doing this, and they’re looking You see that the head medical guy, Dr. Simms comes over and says, “Nurse Brown, I’m gonna need you to step away.” – Hey, I’m sorry, that’s not gonna happen That’s not gonna happen today – “This hospital, we have-” – I’m sorry, you need to step back, friend, you really do – You see that he looks, and your voice reverberates through the hospital and though he can’t tell it’s happening, is just moved out of the room You take her to a point where she is not stable, but no longer in critical condition There is some piece of necrotic undeath magic that is worming its way from her injuries slowly towards her heart With a 27 medicine, probably a few hours away, maybe eight or nine hours away – Would something like Death Ward or Greater Restoration do something for this? – Yeah, potentially You’re not sure It might be something bigger like a break curse, something like that Greater Restoration might do it But you’re not sure because this thing is a tangled little piece of magic, and it appears that someone’s actively concentrating on it from a distance – (sighs) Can I text the group and say just a, hey, I feel like somebody is trying to attack me They have attacked my ex-wife And then kind of just a little bit about that, there seems to be some kind of spell that somebody’s concentrating on somewhere else in the city I don’t know what to do – Where are you? – Is it a curse? – I am at St. Owen’s – I fly there on my Maserati – Peel through the streets – Peeling through traffic – Yeah, I’m gonna- – You arrive up Yeah, your sister is there She says- – Firefighter on duty Let me (laughing) – Ricky, what the hell are you doing? Where’d you get a Maserati? – No time to explain Where is Kingston? – You rush through to find Kingston – Please park my Maserati – What? I’m on call, I’m here at work – Whatever – I think I take a Bird scooter as fast as I can from wherever I can (whirring) It’s really not going that fast, but I’m like, Kingston! I’m Mind Linking and I’m like, I’m coming, man Do you want any food or soup, broth? – No, there’s no need – I’m bringing you broth – I’ll run into the room wherever Kingston is – Yeah, I’m gonna gypsy cab over there Having lived in New York for such a long time I can just spot from 1,000 yards away the fastest, most crazy driver out there and I’m like, we’re going – They’re like, one eye – Follow that cab! That’s not actually what it is – A guy pulls over and goes, (inhaling) “Hi!” – Hi! – “I’m the cab driver of this car!” – Yes, you are We’re going to the hospital! – “We’re gonna take the river!” (laughing) – You see it just peels off – We’re gonna take the river. (laughing) – You peel out of there You guys arrive in the room with Kingston As you get there, this message appears from Esther You also get messages from some of you saying, “Shit’s going down,” in a story, you get a message from Ana and Amelia like, Someone’s attacking the old bodega.” You get another message You see Esther appears in your small nurse’s office and it’s her literally like, flying through the streets as a vid screen of magic gets her face You see she says, “They’re attacking the library I just got word from Alejandro Listen, the eagle The eagle got back to me There’s a spell happening tonight at the Stock Exchange That’s where Moses is gonna be That’s where he is.” – Okay, I’m gonna go immediately that way – Yeah – Before I leave, I’m going to touch Liz and cast Remove Curse on her – Awesome (whooshing) You cast Remove Curse Go ahead and give me a flat medicine check

This is a powerful curse Remove Curse is going to have a chance to get rid of it, but I want you to roll just a flat medicine check – I’m gonna cast Guidance on him – To add a D4 – Yeah – Can I also cast Guidance on him? – Yes, you can add two D4 – I’m gonna very flirtily say, “Ricky, we believe in you.” (chiming) – Hold on – And give him Bardic Inspiration – That’s a D8? – Yeah – Okay – Shit – All right – Two D4s, a D8, and a D20? – 18 plus five, 23 – 23 You, (whirring) cast Remove Curse And you feel the Questing Blade shines bright, and you hear a voice in your ear And you see a flash of Yankee Stadium for a second, and have this sudden urge to go to Yankee Stadium But it goes away for a second You just hear a voice saying, “Champion, holder of the Questing Blade,” and you see that Liz’s heartbeat settles a little bit – They want you to go to Yankee Stadium? – So- – It was a momentary blip of something that doesn’t necessarily feel urgent, but you just got a vision of Yankee Stadium for some reason – I can’t explain it, but I just saw Yankee Stadium – Do you guys think there’s any chance that that wasn’t really Esther, or we were getting- – Oh, like they were sending us- – I’ll text Esther- – You know what? I’m gonna- – A selfie of Nevermind, I don’t do a selfie – I’m gonna use the Bagel of All Things and ask New York- – Where the person cursing is? – Where the person Although, I wanna know if we’re being set up I think the Stock Exchange is the place we wanna go anyway, but I’d like to ask if that was really Esther – The Bagel confirms that it was Esther – Okay – Can I Is there any way to use Locate Creature to see who it was that cast this spell? ‘Cause if this happened locally, this person’s still pretty close, probably – Potentially, yeah You can cast Locate Creature – Okay – You get a faint sense of them leaving the area of your spell very briefly but Mm-hmm? – I’ll cast Divine Sense as well – Undeath is the nature of the curse – Okay, yeah – But the thing you detect is a vampiric magic and something fleeing – And they’re going south? – They’re heading south, yeah – Well, I think the vampires are at it – Let’s go to the Stock Exchange? – Let’s go- – Can I We can we just? – I don’t know what else to do – Trying to think of what would happen at Yankee Stadium – I know – Wait Can we check her for bites? – She’s been clawed – Yeah it was claws and- – Yeah, it was claws and- – Claws and bites – Oh, so there were bites? – Yeah That’s the other thing you see, is the reason this is so complex is this is a trace of vampirism within – Yikes – What could happen at Yankee Stadium? – So, should we split up a little bit, or? – I think that’s- – I think Yankee Stadium might be for another day, maybe I don’t know, what do you guys think? – I mean, I’ve always just been a Mets girl myself, so – Yeah, Yankees are trash – Maybe we just call Could call the front desk of the Yankee Stadium – Of Yankee Stadium Excuse me, is this Yankee Stadium? – Okay, I’m on the phone – That blip, that disappears from you after the moment you felt it It doesn’t feel like a pressing urgent thing within you It feels instead like something that just occurred for a moment and then went away – Sounds like- – Maybe eventually we should go to a ball game, I don’t know – Yeah, maybe Maybe it’s the Curse of the Bambino, but that’s not here, that’s in- – What do you guys do? – What’s the level on Liz? ‘Cause I’m not 100% comfortable leaving, like- – That last thing where you all joined forces feels like she is partially stable – For now? – For now That you at least have until, maybe 12 hours She’ll be good for a while She’s gonna remain stable for at least another- – You said that you felt him going south? – Yeah, maybe we can text Em, have her come have a look at her – Great, whatever – Watch over? Yeah – Yeah – That’s great – Cool – I wanna get there, and I wanna get a look at Robert Moses I wanna see- – Yeah – Yeah, let’s- – Of them congregate – Right when I get to the New York Stock Exchange area, I wanna cast Jump on myself – Cool, you cast Jump – Oh wait, is that only a minute? – I wanna conjure my elemental again when we get close ’cause it only lasts for an hour – Let me double check – You conjure your elemental – Nevermind, I don’t cast Jump, but I do create an Unseen Servant – Can Misty ride in my Maserati and get the benefits from that? – Can’t bump over 20 – Okay Gotcha – Conjure elemental – Oh, it’s a charisma thing? – Do we see Robert Moses- – It’s two charisma – When we get to the Stock Exchange? – I’m already the most charismatic I can- – Hold on one sec, guys Let me narrate what happens

You guys get there There’s an express Harlem to Wall Street (whirring) You arrive, you rush up, you go to the Stock Exchange Kugrash it’s been a long time since you’ve been here You walk in, it is about now, after all the running around and Liz and everything else, it’s about seven, eight o’clock at night, which around this time of year means it is pitch black You walk up, the doors open for Kingston, even though they’re normally locked at this time Nobody perceives you, all the guards are looking the wrong way to notice you guys walking in You get to the floor of the Stock Exchange Kiosks everywhere with the screens and the ticker Up in the balcony with the bell, you see Robert looking down at you – “Welcome I take it that Kingston’s offer was either not given or rejected.” – You son of a bitch! – You’re going to Hell! – I’ll kill you! (laughing) – I point at him, too, and cast True Strike – Ooh, I cast True Strike also! – Roll for initiative – Great – That’s all for this week on “The Unsleeping City” Tune in next week as a battle of high finance where the stakes and stocks couldn’t be higher – Oh, god – Money, money, money Money, money, money ♪ Money, money, money, money ♪ – Money – Later ♪ Money ♪ – Robert Moses is here concocting a ritual on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange – We’re gonna burn it down! – [Brennan] Those are vampires piloting kiosk mechs – Incredible, but I’m so mad – He reaches out and sucker punches you in the stomach and you are paralyzed – Are you enjoying this? – “Take it easy, Ms. Berry.” – You stupid mother fucker! (laughing) You come for my family, you come for my friends I will fucking drop you – “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

Stream 162 – Configuring a Codespace dev environment for our project Trivia

whoa yeah no it’s visible well so i had the camera had to move it this way a little bit in order to not have dark behind me so you might have to do some different cropping hello hi hey hey how are you you just assist as a jason is trying to do a takeover of my channel and hiding me putting stuff in front of me let me try to move things around i know we don’t go very long in that view but we’ll come back at it anyway so where are you chat pixel webcam can i i can crop it so let’s do a transform from the left let’s crop 300 that looks better it’s better you look your mic look in front of me but uh let if i take 500 you can probably cut that mic off because i’m never going to move that that close that way i think that’s good and then i could move you over there and i look i look bigger you may look fat i can zoom in okay cool excellent he’s lacking your stream frank exactly exactly pascal is here he’s invading your personal yeah no kidding right did you see it with the screen and everything damn it i have one goal for every friday morning and that’s just that one like pixel by pixel how are you everybody nope i may i’m sure we’ll hug him when we meet again in the real life because i will be so happy to see him in flesh but kissing not sure not as we’re both american so shouldn’t happen does my camera look so red yeah there’s gonna be lots of hugging for me when i come out of lockdown yeah i will try to your sounds for me sounds low jason my volume’s a little less oh that was better i don’t know i’m not sure if it was just you were closer i will lower my my music at the same time yeah your music seems a little louder than usual well you know when i’m alone yeah exactly that’s why i always have to readjust everything before we get going here because i’m like the last ah person was so happy i like i have um a duck station and it’s like a targus or something so like it’s it’s kind of uh you know universal stuff and i successfully managed to make it work with my surface microsoft surface laptop it was super thrilled because now i could have three computers on the same screen like with my good keyboard my good mouse the camera like the good mic and everything it worked for two days and suddenly yesterday i’m sorry i touched my mic suddenly yesterday screen just start flicking and like nothing works so i think that usb port it’s too much traffic on it or i don’t know so um sad yeah and i order like a usb splitter and hdmi hdmi splitter so we’ll receive that today and probably won’t be able to use it but maybe i could just use two pc instead of three like the the other one just a powerful machine so sometime when i do video editing i like to do it and then let it run on that machine and switch and i still have a very powerful so i could even do another video editing while the other one is rendering so that’s pretty cool because on my surface laptop it is a very powerful pc but not for video editing like for compiling or like you know data stuff but for video stuff not really today yeah i’m starting to think multiple computers is necessary for just some of the stuff

yeah trying to do yeah totally so anyway so i will try to see like otherwise i could bring back my it’s just like right now i like it because i have this setup and i have another set up somewhere else and i’m using my surface duct because the surface dock works right just like one thing but i like those big screen so and like i i don’t own like 50 screens so anyway today i’m wearing my new t-shirt that i receive oktoberfest 202020 202020 octoberfest 2020 very happy about it i received that this this week took forever to get in but got all my stickers like that one i don’t know why it’s just a kind of a white laptop but it’s cool have a new github i never saw that one with the ice cream i think flavor of ice cream of course there’s the that one will probably go on my laptop really like it mm-hmm the big dev a few others that i don’t know circle ci mm-hmm and uh this must have been all i like that name cockroach cockroachdb maybe we could look at it like i just because i like the name yeah it’s becoming a popular database oh yeah do you know what cockroach i’ve never used it i don’t know about it so of course the shark and tell that little spaceman from open source and i think i did the tour of all the stickers so yeah i’m pretty happy with all those stickers i like stickers excellent and i got my uh i got the huge one but i’m not sure it will show very well on uh that will be hard to to show on the screen it’s a little hard to see white yeah it’s white on maybe like that yeah oh yeah yeah okay i like bones yeah it’s bones it’s a arterix logo oh yeah yeah and it’s huge yeah that’s more for like back of your window in your car or my cac i don’t know the thing is sticker on kayak they don’t stay they don’t look good very long really really because the water and pulling on the sand and everything what did you say so that looked more like a um like kind of a nylon um or not nylon vinyl like sticker that’s actually meant for windshields or not windshields but just any kind of window it’s true yeah no but i won’t put that on my truck because i don’t like my truck that much got too much trouble with it not the model or the brand they are good i’m pretty sure i just think i got the limit yeah that’s a bummer you know bad luck so many but this this winter it’s good but last winter was a nightmare but this was this winter it’s good the car start you know no no no special trouble with it that’s good i haven’t driven mine enough to even know if i have trouble with it well no place to go well i i use it for when i do the grocery i prefer that since it’s a back door like a what’s the word for that shortcut like it’s a kind of a jeep right it’s a suv it’s not like a pickup truck it’s a suitcase so the door open like it’s a big space so to go to the grocery pick up the grocery it’s easier than to then grab the bags from inside the a more car kind of trunk definitely and i use that also when i go cross country ski i don’t have any rack for this key on my roof so i could just you know hold this key in the behind and it’s good i can go ski and i’m looking for this with this this weekend to go ski try my new jacket my arterix jacket that is warm so i’m ex i’m hoping for cold temperatures i could test it

it’s super cold here today see what it is nine degrees no that was earlier it is currently two degrees fahrenheit feels like negative 10 so here it’s let’s go and fahrenheit for you mister so here it’s a minus 3 fahrenheit i feel like minus 17. and then celsius is minus 19 feel like minus 28 i didn’t go yet outside i think i’m staying indoors this weekend yeah i was chatting with uh rory in his uh he’s in south africa this morning and he was like yeah it’s kind of cold this morning like it’s 20 and i was like yeah put a minus bi b in front of it and that’s my temperature and i was like are you joking i was like nope 66 fahrenheit that’s not cold a bit cold yeah he’s in the south america so today friday learning friday like those learning friday even if it’s a bit um no i’m past that uh sentiment where like can uh share better where is my english today did i drop it somewhere i lost my english it froze i think i’m past the the feeling or being scared that i don’t know stuff i think i think now it’s clear that friday are there to learn we have fun and stuff like that so i’m very looking forward to it today but uh we have a good challenge today um so we want to work still in the scope of the triavia project and last time we tried quickly to have a json environment to work and it was not working obviously you know like when it’s working on a machine it’s classic that it doesn’t work on another machine and we thought you know we could containerize the stuff but then like you need to have docker and like it could be you know so we say oh maybe we should leverage code space and it’s somehow the same thing right it’s content you just don’t need to own sorry yeah no you’re right i’m sorry i didn’t mean to interrupt you i just you made me laugh out loud because i realized you know like we are the perfect scenario of of that meme picture where works on my works in my uh machine yeah problem now and like for my whole life that’s just how we’ve dealt with it is like it didn’t work i don’t know what to tell you like it doesn’t work you know well it works on my machine no it doesn’t work look here’s not working well i see i didn’t i didn’t accept that as an answer it’s so nice yeah but i didn’t uh i didn’t accept that as a as an answer so we’re we’re fine with that so yeah so codespace it’s uh i don’t know if you know codespace so let us know in the chat if you don’t know if you are expert please stay with us because we’re definitely not an expert um so code space how would you describe that uh jason codespace is github’s slash microsoft tool that’s going to give you a container to uh basically set up your dev environment but primarily you’ll just get uh what looks like vs code so it’s pretty st you know it’s pretty basic out of the box vs code but already um in your repo like already inside the repo to like make the changes so it’s got like this built-in relationship with the repo and vs code plus any extensions you want to bring in including themes and colors and it’s like taking your whole development environment via code development environment anyway locally and then putting it in a container so that you can use it anytime you want right from the interface in github yeah was it the plan also to make it work with visual studio ide i’m not sure yeah i’m not sure either i mean i’m not sure if it was just people hoping for that or like if it was part of the like i’ve been wanted to play with that but uh you know now that uh like that’s why i was so happy to jump on it when you like you had issues i was kind of even happy you had issues so we’ll say yeah we can do that now yeah i’m not sure about the run times that go in those containers you know we were playing

around and what we’ll play around more with today i’m sure is just trying to get like node to run and install in a container yeah but if it’s you know i don’t know what the limitations are to be honest as far as what we can put in into those to compile and build software yeah well i think even since there’s a dog like we’ll we’ll get in the details later but let’s say you want to run it locally since there’s a docker file hidden somewhere in the configuration i’m assuming you could even run it locally if you want that dev environment i’m assuming just like you know like the image right the container image would have to be yeah some place where we can pull it down a registry yeah it could probably be yeah anyway so that’s the thing so we want to work that but before we go there there’s a little bit of work to do on the app itself because you know what let’s share my screen so if i go in here maybe i could realign also this screen i don’t need to see all my monitor let me crop it just a little bit uh crop left let’s crop 100 or maybe 300. that’s good that’s good yeah good enough i see your bottle but that’s fine she’s floating just beside the yeah okay now she’s like i don’t mind seeing it it’s just like she was outside of the the cloud you know she knew the floor it needs a floor it’s not a she in english right um okay so yeah so the code if i share the code last time we have an api so if i look the the api we had an api a new function we created right get question category we were trying to have a get category and i’m jumping one step here the project is frank start with the basic we’re working on trivia it’s a github project it’s there it’s open source it’s a game multi like we’re building and we are at the beginning and we are learning new tech so it’s a low process but feel free to join us in in this game if you want it’s a game it’s a trivia game and yes triadia it’s a typo uh we just kept it because we thought it was funny but it is a trivia game multiplayer that we want to use to play while streaming uh we have big hope for this project and uh we’re just at the beginning right now but we had like a few brainstorm we have now a ci cd where the stuff is deploying automatically in azure at every changes and that’s what we are working on so it looks right now the current look will change it it looks just like this so uh like you have question you answer it go higher with your score and currently we’re just using a open source api called open tdb for triavia database and we fetch questions we’re trying to have a little bit more dynamic and try to understand so we followed a tutorial done by thomas on youtube and we built that thing that looked exactly like the thing he built and it was perfect because we were learning but now we’re trying to make it a little bit more us what we need in the future where we are going on so we know or probably want to have dynamic category so people could say hey i would like to have five questions and specify the category of those questions so we created a new function so this website is hosted in a static web app in azure and the backend the api is hosted in an azure function so very very cost efficient it will scale also very well and last time we did and that’s here what i’m showing we did a get question category and it return like a list of category and those are exactly matching the category from in fact

what we do is querying that open tdb api say give me the category and this is the result right now we’re kind of still using that in the future we will change those but for now that’s the plan so we did that part that part is even i think deploy in azure but now what we need to do is in the code we need to build the code so last time we created a category list kind of object but we’ll need a category yeah so we created that should we uh i’m thinking frank we’re gonna go back and fix the code first right yeah so the goal today is really to work on that um code space but right now the the code is broken so before merging and everything i would like to at least patch it so the like the app is still running so if we try because right now if i try to run i will i will have an error because they don’t like you know there’s this code doesn’t compile yeah i think we want a good experience with code spaces yeah so we we could just comment everything and jump right away we want to do that we could just comment stuff and go back come back later and work i was just thinking i would update the to-do list um with the things that we know we want to go yeah fix our code we’re going to i think you know what i think we’ll comment it let’s let’s go as quick as possible to code space i think okay um so to do had uh and thank you by the way for remembering me the to do things uh to do add uh add broken code hide broken code that’s using my um build a working code space environment and if we have time do you see from ins or from inside code space i want to say like fix the broken code from i need to say inside codespace you’re going to fix it from inside from the container inside yeah that’s what i want to mean okay from inside code space environment cool so here why didn’t show up it was too long oh i asked you the submission point oh as you say something seems wrong with the drop games i wonder if there’s something weird going on with oh it’s not working oh i think i i know what it is let me do that where is it pixel parachute no it’s there try it again it’s not working well let’s fix that maybe i just need to reauthorize my uh my stuff logged in boom twitch hmm

oh score in the chat is not there why oh grandchat permission there it is you oh yeah but i don’t want the background there it is cool it’s working so yeah so now we need to authorize access to the chat that was the problem okay cool okay so now let’s go back oh let’s start by uh let’s start one to do start one so how was your week cloudies was it busy was it a busy week was it a crazy week was it just a chilly week undefined processes landing yay cryptographer i really need to spend some time and improve cb like what what do we need to do i would like him to um what like i would i would put him in the loop instead of having the message in the chat or just the message in chat i would show cb like maybe looking at a clock or like having something say hey look there like it’s time to add the time thing uh when people are talking like if you say attention right that i would instead making like maybe wave and something like that and it will be a bubble with the text instead yeah yeah uh i would love to have him creating the followers and do even something more special when like a subscriber writes something in the chat yeah cool so yeah like there’s there’s so many things but right now i have a bunch of stuff i have a

i think i i shared that with the chat wednesday not sure you were there when i say that in the audience i mean um there’s uh i want to do a migration i have a blog in french that is running on dot net stuff ym and cake as a build engine and right now it’s running in azure devops and it’s broken because multiple version and stuff like that so i want to upgrade the version and that thing is is running in a static website but in azure storage with like a cdn and found like a way more complex that it can be now because now we have static web app so i think i want migrate it to github and then use the static web app instead and like upgrade change whatever framework they are like of cake in ym i think why i’m now the new version is not sure i can use it so i need to search that but right now they kind of rebrand everything about ym and now it’s uh static so i okay so i want to do that to migration and i think i will do it wednesday so i have that to work too but i need to clarify before if i could use static or if i keep ym okay okay so i think so where is the errors so unexpected token here yeah so what we could do is just do this and it should be fixed all right if i type script compiler no okay i think it’s time for me to get a new chair frank i can’t i just can never get comfortable oh yeah i haven’t bought any chair in probably 10 years or more it’s time yeah it’s definitely time i need to start like everybody has any suggestions on a good chair i think i’m there i’ve at least determined though because this is a standing desk but if i stand too much that hurts my back too so i gotta like split my time now well i saw a tool that is that has a unstable base so you could really just use it and you can still move kind of around so the the base is like a sphere that is cut so like it moves a little bit so it’s like you’re still in mo in movement but it’s not like standing it’s was tempted to uh to try that but um and throw them yeah we had some in a previous company i worked at they were just kind of like stools you know like a bar stool but it was on a like a spring and it kind of like rotated kind of swing or move move around in different locations different directions so it’s fail so it’s still see that interesting i thought i will skip it because of i put comments i could just then do this maybe uh yeah that should fix our problem so now if i do why it’s not working oh can we um

no 10 p.m start no it’s npm start mix all those commands these days so that should fix our problem like not fix it should hide that we are not there yet and we will be able to focus on the code space thing yeah quick question what are you using your key mapping to do the comments to like comment out a big blocker control forward slash is that a default vs code thing uh it is uh i think it’s a default vs code thing and it’s uh context-based so it will comment base on the language you’re in nice i’m going to try it out cool so it’s it’s still working so now we have an environment that works cool so i will push it like that and we’ll be able to oh and i didn’t have my get kraken started uh so we’ll be able to then um start working on codespace any um win of the week any wins of the week yeah good moment like victory uh my my parents got their first vaccine shot i think that’s big that’s cool that’s really cool yeah they’re excited um yeah i don’t know it’s been a busy week i feel like there’s a lot of little wins we’re making progress on our big project i guess we can tell people about it now we got the green light yeah you wanna you wanna share it give me two seconds there it is we’re going back to side by side and gotcha um it’s an announcement it’s worth it oh yeah this is where we’re gonna spill the beans yeah frank and i um well previously we had a show called all around azure where we did it twice a week and it was just the two of us and then that was gonna change into being more often with with two other hosts it would be four times different time zones you know growing scaling the usual the usual plan but then after talking to it over with our team we decided to pivot a little bit and go daily which isn’t too far from what we were trying to do anyway um with a single host who owns like a certain day so i’m gonna be monday frank’s gonna be thursdays that may change we’ll probably swap in some different hosts along the way but we’re gonna have a daily show on learn tv uh and it’s only 30 minutes long so it’s gonna be like rapid fire stuff and conversations and faces and um yeah should be fun but it’s been hard work getting it all like coordinated and ready to go yeah so for us it’s start next week because all the preparation the dry run like make sure every animation video bumper whatever is ready for the show but for everyone the show will be live for the first time on february monday february 22nd yep and it’s titled not all around azure anymore we are hello world and it will be on learn tv so i’ll put that in the chat it will be in english pretty exciting yeah start off in just english start off really just kind of catering to the pacific time zone really but uh but we’re going to be scaling it out i think we’ll it’ll be airing multiple times each day like you know i think twice so for me it’s at uh 1 30

piece uh yeah 1 30 p.m east time and uh half an hour bunch of segment like a segment highlighting some project in open source mvps people of microsoft some events coming up uh there’s a segment about those ticks and tricks on like all the uh let’s say um office 365 kind of area or azure area they will have challenges that would be cool like we’ll ask people to do it and like the next day we check the the challenge completion or like the best not the best that you know we’ll pick some answers and uh and do that so that would be cool so and challenges are not necessarily code could be how do you do a minecraft logo in excel did you see that video did i share that video with you no i haven’t seen that that sounds fun yeah it’s gonna be good i mean there’s you’re in charge i shouldn’t say in charge but like you’re helping pull together a couple of them the open source projects um and then uh we’ve got scott hanselman’s gonna be part of the show donna sarkar is gonna be part of the show this week on channel nine now is one segment so uh with christina yeah so um yeah it should be i mean it’s an experiment for sure it’s the first ever live show daily show on learn tv and uh we’re figuring it out as we go but i think it’s gonna be i think it’s gonna be a lot of things but fun is one of them challenging care so the guy is doing it in like two minutes it will be building up it will be building that logo that’s cool with excel in two minutes and honestly i watched the video and i could do it like it may be less pretty than him but i could totally do it i just say hey like this is like i want between those two colors hide that do this oh man maybe we should do this for our triabilia logo what it would be wait wait wait wait how did you do that part ah you need to watch it how do you get the angles like that what is that there’s a there’s the shape you could the the huh like when you have a no you could go and have this did you see it you know what i do yeah like when you go format picture you could have here the the preset and you could move it you know excel i use excel i abuse excel in a lot of ways and use it for things it’s not supposed to be but graphics editor is not one i’ve ever thought of i never thought about that but um i i watch also i there’s a youtuber that i really like because he’s so creative and his name is jazza so j-a-z-z-a and he used powerpoint to create animation he did art inside word 3d 3d art and stuff like that the guy is a real artist and he’s just like say hey you know what challenge let’s do animation in powerpoint so kind of a fight with the uh how do you call that like uh stick man whatever fight yeah i know you know so i put the link if you’re interested to see the full video in the chat it will also be in the show notes so now it’s time to go back in code space let’s make a little bit bigger and hopefully you like my dark scene oh i should change my um wait did i did it build locally yeah after you figured out which command run i was not paying attention okay yeah i was playing and failing answering all the questions that was pumped to me so gotcha two done for one and lot to do starting two and now

what’s let’s define what’s code space so code space it’s available from github so you have access to it directly from github or you could go at but not directly to get up what i mean is directly from your repo or you could do github slash codespace just like that i will also put that in the notes is it code space or code spaces code spaces sorry about my english sir i just want to make sure the url shares right in french we don’t pronounce the ending s’s and it’s really hard for me to not say it that’s easy it’s to remember i need to say it i always forget yeah it’s kind of an automation i don’t say that sure so when you go at code spaces or make a an effort you will see all your definition of environment dev environment you have oh see that’s the one from last night right no no but i mean like visual studio 2009 oh yeah message there so isn’t it crazy can i dig in just to see yeah cool so in your environment you could say i want to connect to that oh okay it’s in preview right now so maybe i heard about it from microsoft or from mvps who are trying it or something like that because those are the people i would be exposed who had access like i’m not exposed i don’t before i used to work with clients and like some clients are super heavy on the stuff then like of course they have access to a preview oh yeah that’s cool i’m happy that uh it also comes to the full visual studio but we don’t need that for today today code vs code is perfect for us hey and also something else that i think’s cool about this whole thing is that now i can and anybody can um code straight from like an ipad or a tablet you don’t have to like have any powerful machine because you’re just doing it through the browser oh yeah it’s true was it uh scott anderson who did that on uh ignite or build or something like that probably oh no actually i thought abel did one about code spaces but um i thought it was on the keynote and it was not able not sure oh really yeah anyway it’s super i mean it’s i don’t have an ipad i have a well any i mean anything you can get to a browser you can do it from your phone you can do it i mean it’s a little harder from your phone obviously but no kidding the point is you don’t need local processing really you know as long as it can run the browser you’re good oh yeah well maybe i could try on my uh tablet i have a seven inch five inch you know like a five by seven kind of tablet android but it was a cheap one so the processor is very slow yeah and the other day was like uh maybe i could buy a new one then i was like i don’t use that a lot can it run chrome or edge or one of those okay yeah yeah it’s it’s just slow like i’m right now i’m using it for and like my debate in my head was like i don’t use it much but then maybe if it was more powerful i was i will be using it more because right now everything i’m trying to do is kind of i need to think in advance i make sure there’s like all the time to load and like get set up and stuff and like because i’m using it to read the newspaper and uh comics book comics like a graphic novel i think that’s the word in english yep like spiderman or other things like that just shared a link to the uh visual studio code spaces docs also cool let’s get some good stuff in there so yeah so if you go to codespaces you will

see the list of your code spaces and yesterday jason and i kind of poke the beast a little bit so we had fun try to create one here that you can see and and now if i want to jump in i just click on that it will reopen that so i have my my configuration everything is there i wonder did it keep my oh is it still running yeah oh i didn’t delete it if it’s still there yeah it’ll go away after a while but if it still shows there it’s still there atai will be stop but like the definition will be there um it’s probably not running yeah but you can just yeah if i click on it right like pick up right where you left off basically okay so anyway so we did that but also what you could do is from any repo on github i don’t think you need to enable anything now because from from github it was announced to the github event i forgot the name of that event do you remember the name of the github event uh universe is that github universe i don’t remember i forgot like their major event they do once a year or once or two times a year it was announced so now it’s included you so you should already have that so right now there’s the code and that’s where usually you go to clone it and stuff like that but now you have you know like the clone was was there before like the open it would get up this top was there like open with visual still is there for a long time same for download zip i was there for a long time but now the new one is open with codespace so if i go there now i could just create a custom codespace if i do that it will ask me the size i want my uh i can infrastructure behind it like if i’m i need more cpus and memory and things like that i’m assuming in the future we’ll get charged for a different one but right now i’ve there’s no fee and i could just create a new code space if you do that what we discover yesterday and i think it’s pretty smart it will use whatever branch you are currently in so right now if we look i’m in main so if i’m clicking that button here to create a new code space it will create a new code space and clone inside that environment my branch main if i want a different branch i could just pick my branch and right now we were working in a feature category because i could do that and now if i click here my new code space it will create my environment using that specific branch the experience is a lit is similar when you go at the and codespaces that url but the fact that let me just remove that voila so now if i do new code space it’s asking me which repository because right now i’m not in a specific repository so it is asking me which categories i could pick triavia and now it’s asking me which branch now i could pick whatever branch i want and then click this what what did i say what make you smile i was covering up the new code space button so i was trying to move oh oh yeah no there it is like that’s all good stuff and i think my new cable just arrived so yeah so you have two experience to create what you want if you do that i will create an environment i’m assuming there’s some kind of check to see like you know like here get up knows that my environment is mostly typescript and like css and things like that so i’m assuming because of that it pick try to do his best and pick what we need so if i do that it will just bring a dev environment with node that’s pretty cool magic yeah but

trying to see the official documentation because yesterday we found a blog post i could search again to find it it was uh i think i put it in my notes did i yeah but uh from cloud right yeah cloud guru did i remember his name correctly yeah alvaro noes alvaro uh and he’s explaining a bunch of stuff and like how we mentioned behind the scene github is hosting a docker container and manage it for you so you don’t even need to have docker you don’t even need to have resources that’s why like json was mentioning you could run it from even a tablet so there’s way to configure your environment and since we we will be deploying a static web app we need also azure function and to run an azure function we need the uh the azure function extension and a few little things and this project here that shared that blog post because you know it’s still very irrelevant so now it’s in the chat and it will also be in the note uh is sharing bunch of stuff he’s building uh an environment where he’s uploading images to azure storage so he’s using a static web app for that and an azure function and he needs sas key so it’s a little bit different than us the structure of his repo like all the code is in a repo where is it it’s here here on this repo so like that’s his own code so i’ll explain okay like for hat for this to work i will need this this this this for us we need definitely the azure function core tools and i think like we think we also need the live server to have like the static web app to run i don’t think we need everything else no and here he mentioned this repository and i was hoping to find some official documentation about that that’s why i was digging into the documentation jason so we should go back to that after but okay in that repository here so i will put that also in the note because it’s i think relevant but i wish there was from that create new codespace environment a link to that repo or something like that um vs code dev container repo yeah so that will be i think some oh iks vs code so in that repo what it what it contains it’s all the documentation so you could add a specific environment for example so what you need is to go in the containers and then pick the environment you need so for us it’s the azure function node and inside of there we need to copy that dot dev container congrats grover grover zarus and copper bird to batsu land an undefined process and jeff hat so everybody except you jason something’s weird is happening here and clip cryptographer too then everyone everyone wait until uh frag bird is here and then like maybe you will you will land it’s getting chilly the coffee is effect is

going down so yeah so if like us you want to have different setup what you could do is use a specific environment and what you need is had this dev container and i already did that so instead of you know going in this interface i will go in visual studio code i’ll close those two one and i need to be at the root because that folder need to be at the root and i will change that environment here i’ll make it red perfect so see now i have this dev and environment container and that’s what we need to add to configure our dav environment inside codespace so if i expand that i see now that i have a dev container json document and a docker file see that’s where i thought maybe this could be used but i there’s nothing in there so i’m not sure anymore okay because like if we look that docker file is just it’s just doing this which is really just making a certain version of node available yeah there’s no like there’s no for example um volume mapped or port open port and stuff like that so there must be something else that you know this file the dev container jason do you mean install recon extension for not not the tasks do you want to install the recommend extension for what is it oh it’s the remote containers yeah sure got a lot of downloads folder contain uh dev container for conversion reopen the folder to develop in a container or clone the repository interesting let’s not do that for now let’s experiment later well that’s cool it means i could run locally working remotely in that container in azure and github space code space interesting seems handy so right now i we start working on that based on alvaro blog posts and that’s pretty cool but i think today i would like to find more details inside like the native documentation but what we have now it’s what we had from this blog post so let me do a quick tour of what we did so docker file we didn’t touch anything in there except yeah we didn’t touch anything we just copy whatever was inside that environment where it is where it is here in the vs code dev container for the azure function node because our project is in node we we use that oh i think we need typescript was it one typescript ah we may need drive but we didn’t need it last night when we ran it i guess i was just assuming the node all the node stuff containers dapper typescript node so what we could do is it the only one there’s two apparently typescript node so let’s just dig into let’s see what’s in there uh just in case so in the docker file it’s type typescript node so we could look into that one see what’s the um they’re also using

14. we were going with 12. but we wanted 14 in it it was failing we did yes that’s correct but maybe the azure function doesn’t support 14 i don’t know so we may need to have to do our own stuff like i’m not sure but it was i think it was working anyway so that’s cool so there’s some typescript there like what’s in the oc based docker file i’m not good enough to under like it’s installing module and stuff javascript node interesting i think it was working like you said it was working yesterday but yeah part partial remember it remember we could see it and then it would like crash real quickly we just assumed that that was because of the thing that category thing that you just commented out cool so the thing is so it’s there it’s there we could totally sold you do that and then you need to push it on of course you add those files and then you need to commit push it so it’s in github and it is right now so if i go back in my code space here i could open code space so let’s do that yeah container was definitely stuck and it’s good i need to to understand a little bit more how it works make sure okay so here it is we are now in codespace we are in a web browser whoops i’m in a web browser that’s my url look like visual studio and it’s our project it’s loaded download everything everything is there and i’m in my branch even here we could see like i’m in my branch feature category just like we thought to run the project since the beginning like to debug it what i was doing is i was always opening the project directly from triadia api or directly from web app right from the root of those directories yeah opening visual code here so like that folder was the root so i could just f5 and things were working the problem now is or maybe we could try to fix that locally jason so like we know we are like it’s not uh um how can i say that it’s not like a code space issue so that it only works in code space is it let me see well now what we need to do is if i look in those folder when i click f5 what happen is vs code is going into that folder and using the task.json and launch.json file to know what it’s doing but right now when i’m at the root there’s no there’s no such folder and everything so right now if i do f5 then like it doesn’t know what to do so i think we need to move that folder up and probably change some path so we could try to do that in codespace or we could try to do it locally just to remove code space of the equation right now that’s what i was trying to do well if we move it if we move it up and we and um we kind of put it at the top level what how does it know how to distinguish between the

triavia api and the trivia trivia web app if we try to run f5 from the root yeah that’s that’s the problem we need to solve today okay so that’s you’re thinking that that’s the same problem i’m thinking yep like they need to know where it is what to do how to do it and stuff like that um yeah okay i’m gonna grab some more coffee and be right back yep so that’s the question of the day and apparently coffee effect is not done yet because it’s getting hot in here or maybe it’s just my brain so we need to add a folder or vs code or it’s there but it’s empty and i will need to specify a few things so visuals zoo code docs uh or is there a plane or something on your side or it’s my music no that’s the furnace it’s really cold here and uh yeah so the furnace keeps kicking on wow that really sounded like you know a big plane just like yeah yeah it’s the uh mixture of the pilot light the uh the propane gas and just the furnace well like it was just a one-time thing so i don’t know what maybe yeah i’m picking it up i’m surprised you don’t hear it more often because it kicks on all the time especially when it’s this cold i got a lot of room down here in the basement but i also don’t have like you know anything between me and the noisiest components of the house i have my furnace also it’s a but it there’s doors and stuff to uh like my business like my basement is all finished so like it’s in kind of a little room so what i’m doing right now jason just like i went to the visual studio code documentation page and i i think we need to understand that lounge configuration thing all right i’ll create a lounge jason uh yeah that json file or we can cheat and see if it’s working um so one thing we could do is if i go here in my codespace environment right if i cheat and do um yay if i say i want to add another one and i do cd src and then i do triavia api if i do f5 here see now it’s not working yeah no it’s not working i thought it was working

if i go back in here if i go in cd and src triavia and then web app if i do i should oh yeah but i didn’t do the npm 10 pm install you must do that first right so that long that one is kind of long i wonder if i can switch it’s way slower than yesterday okay now it kind of kicked off okay so i was there so now i could do uh npm start right so i don’t hear your music today is that why you playing very low i could i couldn’t make it louder let me do this oh what oh huh interesting we didn’t do a fetch so it doesn’t have our changes can i do a fetch um down in the bottom yeah here you mean well that would be the sink i was looking for a fetch i could type get fetch though fetch all well let’s do a sink so now if i go in source we have a web app and the uh not this one in src component uh this one okay now this is all commented so if i try again however i’m not sure we opened the uh the port 3000 cool does it have to be 3000 yeah that’s the part or app is working you can see it oh right also it’s right right right here yeah so it’s working but since the azure function is not running it should fail right now so if i opened uh not this oh that’s ah that’s why because i did now so but it’s failing because the azure function like is is not working right so it’s not like it’s not an error it’s me who didn’t do a good job so here i think it was host start that’s right i remember that last night npm install do i need to do that okay and if i do now hosts start doesn’t want to do a start and f5 is not working yeah it’s asking me oh yeah remember i know i did i need to do no it was supposed to be yeah so we need to configure that that’s the point we need to have it should be running i don’t know another oh yeah okay that’s what that’s what we found yesterday so let me stop the website is the function extension have we looked at that yeah it’s there it’s there and it’s already like looks good the only problem is our structure like you know we are like deep so we don’t have any comment at the root so it’s asking like hey like how do i install stuff and things like that yeah yeah so we need to fix that that’s where we were yesterday

so we still need to move the the vs code extension to say okay when you’re running the live server because one thing also that alvaro is doing in his blog post where is the blog post here like we’re installing the uh funk start or is it fun start maybe it’s fun start let me try that just for fun i say i see a thing and i do something else hey that looks it looks positive well there’s some error here how are you tbd we’re having fun with codespace today well right now having fun is maybe a strong world word but we’re trying to make sense of it so there’s some invalid script file name configuration script file yeah i think that script file is part of the react typescript config because we don’t have typescript installed i think okay that makes sense but i look definitely missing files yeah so that’s why but but is it running our service is running on port so if i do something like api and then get category question category doesn’t work i don’t think i need to do that because the port is here just in case yay yeah i don’t think i haven’t even come close once today i didn’t either if it can uh ease your pain so yeah okay so it’s still not working so let’s stop it and um i think part of it is because we are missing some configuration but also where i was going soros proxy no where is it in the package remind me what we’re looking for i i can’t i didn’t say it yet i’m having issue verbalizing what i’m looking for remember when there’s some in azure function there’s the cores that give you access and like there’s configuration i forgot where we put that

yeah yeah okay i think it was in the local json file so that’s why it’s not yeah local settings that’s why it’s not there it’s like that file is not push in is it so what was in that file so yeah we could try to add that what i was trying to call it directly and it didn’t work oh okay well we’ll probably need that anyway later like that was that was the coding local host i’m just configuring the course so of course or for a cross i forgot request service call whatever so you can from this url call the azure function it’s a security thing so what we need to do now we need to configure stuff i think right now one of the problem if we go in in the api so right so i’m in the folder of the api if i look in vs code we have this this is good the launch is this so it’s pre-launched task we do this and then and the settings that’s just color stuff so we don’t care about that and the tasks are defined here so i think we need all that and like you mentioned we’ll need to kind of double sum because when we say f5 like run we need to start both the add the azure function and the website right by the way coors um is short for cross origin resource sharing that’s it our region i was looking i was like i only had object and i was like it’s not that so yeah so we need to play with the update and also i we may need to it’s not there where i was complaining of script there’s no script file right the error ah okay you know if you read the error message let’s say we do that can determine the project language from the file please use one of the c sharp javascript typescript java python powershell custom just need to add the flag okay so we could try again with typescript function start typescript maybe let’s try that funk start hey oh looks good yeah no same but it was there also so invalid script file name configuration the script

file property is set to a file that doesn’t exist a bad path somewhere or we actually just don’t have the file i don’t know like script file if i try to find that oh here yeah so that’s pointing to a file locally it’s not yeah because okay so okay so okay our code index.ts it’s in typescript correct we are coding in typescript and we need typescript to be compiled to generate node file correct so now it should run and go into a new folder called distribution like if i go in function it should go in a folder called distribution and then have our output name but that thing is not here now do you see it like it’s not there right because uh but do you have a in your if you pull up vs code locally is it there is it maybe just being ignored it’s not part of the repo i think if i’m running so right now i’m in the web app let’s open the uh oh is it still running no it’s not running locally yes it is yes what is like the folder here okay because that’s when it’s compiling it’s compiled with the function that are detailed in vs code like in task like the npm build and like stuff like that yeah it gets built on on demand okay so that’s why we need those files but i would like them but here i’m in the good folder i’m in the same folder right and when i’m here there’s a folder vs code so when i run the command but maybe it’s contextual so it’s trying to build at the root but like i thought that would be the root but apparently it’s the root of my project so we need to have a via a dot vs code folder at the top root and then have like specification for hey like start things down below in this order yeah that makes sense so we have a vs code thing here i’m thinking we could have a task we need to learn how to specify the the path i think so even if i create a task.json file at the root so here create a file name it task.json and now let’s say i copy everything just to go fast let’s i don’t need this oops so here the label npm build it should be like function

funk or a z funk i like a z funk like i think we need to specify where it is and that’s like those three things i want them for the uh or that one doesn’t have a label maybe it’s not required i doubt it but well it’s one that seems like the ones of shell type maybe have to have it but a funk type it doesn’t i don’t know oh yeah since it’s funk it will be automatically for the funk so we need to understand npm build like in the sub folder so let’s let’s google that 10 pm build sub folder that’s not what i’m looking for i hate when they do that is the second time it happens like there’s an article looks super awesome on medium but then you need to uh subscribe like you need to uh get a be a member yeah kind of frustrating i guess medium is gonna make money also it’s not all medium articles though no probably just really good ones npm build a project path maybe yeah cool i think that’s what i want prefix so let’s try that so it’s dash dash prefix whoops fix is it big enough i could go bigger boom nothing fun prefix and then i need to specify src this so command here will be npm run build here npm like that and now i need to change that depends on here npm install it’s not npm install anymore it’s easy it’s that one here i have it depends on so i did the so npm build now it’s easy i’m renaming the the thing because when we double for also start the web api i’ll have like maybe twice the same kind of command but the dependency will be different you understand that part yes

so right now if i go back to root so that’s my stat my task but i don’t have a launch and also i’m not sure about the host start i think we need also to specify the project path of that just one second that encounter with somebody inside you can eat let’s copy sorry about that that duty daddy dude yeah daddy jason you may land uh may not it’s the best shot i’ve had all day though you came cross so yeah so let’s see the host funk hosts start come command and that one we also need to kind of customize it i think so let’s say funk o start project pad yay ah script root fail update funnel okay script root okay so apparently it’s script root check yeah guys i would like to have documentations that that’s like 2d i want one level higher than that let’s try just to improvise this move handling of typescript and prefix oh environment directory maybe it’s also prefix oh so that is that flag just saying um the next address or the next location listed is where to find it or where the route is i think it says where it is i’m just not sure maybe it’s prefix that’s why i’m saying like that thing was a little bit too specific an option to specify script root for function o start action this will allow running the function os from other

directory yeah so script fruit option oh start okay yeah i mean that makes sense i think it’s it it’s that i wish i had like a documentation page like that’s oh maybe here work with function tools dash dash script script root used to specify the path to the root of the function app excellent so script root or prefix is also used so maybe we could use prefix to be uh like consistent with the other one sure yeah they both do the same thing oh i maybe there’s a different difference i mean this is used for compile the project at the generate project into a subfolder for example when you build a c-sharp class library oh json local blah blah blah in a root sub-folder like in this case set the prefix as oh okay yeah okay so it’s the same i just wore i just saw the word prefix and i assumed they were making a distinction but it is like script root or prefix so just to be consistent with like prefix everywhere i will still use prefix future frank and jason will be happy about that less confusing yeah okay so now that’s task we should try to bring now lunch here new file and it’s lou nch.json boom so attach to the node function type node request attach port pre-lounge tax func os start so i feel like this will try to find this so i think we should replace like that and now we can try it and do a f5 could not find the task okay configure tasks okay so if i do this so the task oh start it’s not there but here it was okay you know what i will just compare from what i have locally because the f5 work locally just to make sure just in case something didn’t got didn’t get pushed or something like that right so here like oh start is here that’s my command oh did we save the file maybe yeah i was saved right yeah but we’re we’re using funk start not host start i guess you do have post in there and oh start and now it’s host prefix

right that’s what i have locally here and that’s what i’m trying to use right now specifying that folder or maybe because i have in here i have stuff i could delete that folder here let’s delete that folder or rename it oh yeah rename could be better and here what do i have same thing let’s rename that one too okay and i have another one here so many vs code because i open it i open it at many different one okay and even that file here i’m pretty sure we don’t need that but anyway okay so package lock sorry yeah the package i think always figure like yeah those files seem to me like they can remove them but i’m always worried i’m afraid to yeah i think that one can be move remove or we’ll keep it for now since we’re not working on that but we should definitely try once we have it checked in push commit it’s working everything we’ll remove it and see if it’s still working um right okay so i launch i put back the o start we’ll see what it says so now i f5 again and it’s not doesn’t found the task fan or start is it oh start and then dash dash something no it’s a prefix right in this case the prefix as blah blah blah so funk start oh so it’s after on coast start about the funk host start yeah so fun oh start and then dash dash instead of just host star so here all right hey thank you for the following jake jay crow welcome aboard nice to see you very appreciate thanks for joining us yeah thanks for joining us so what if i do this not sure do i need to reload to refresh the environment don’t think so but i wouldn’t think so okay funko start is that pre-launch task supposed to have the colon

after funk that’s what i have here right if i look in my um lounge setting had extension maybe i need that also oh that’s a recommendation settings maybe i need those things like azure function deployment sub path um yeah i could see that being helpful um i wasn’t setting the json settings but jason so let’s go back in here let’s add a file set things dot json i’ll put this let’s remove all that so the subpat now it’s not the root it’s src slash triovia api and the post deployment task is npm prefix prefix that and i’m assuming npm prune should use also prefix okay so we still need to understand that pre-lounge thing so let’s just see if we’re lucky okay debug anyway will fail do you think that in the pre-launch task we need to use the prefix i did try that and it was not working i dropping with oops girls over grover’s arrest again oh don’t don’t leave don’t be mad at me it was an accident even if i’m happy about it uh okay so we need to understand that launch.json file oh look i miss a game still ring it just need you need to practice more dbd that’s it that’s the only thing do you know like did you play with uh visual studio code and stuff maybe you can help us if you know because i’m most of the time when i play with the visuals to code my project is always at the root and now the project is in a sub folder because we’re running inside codespace so i’m trying to launch the azure function on the project but from the root and the project code is in the sub folder and we’re trying to understand that lounge stuff and i’m i’m bad at understanding like so right now in the lounge it’s looking for a task here and i was assuming it was looking for that maybe i could put a label can i put a label i have label let’s try that it will be azo start right so now here can i do this

i should definitely look yeah it doesn’t find the task okay and if i do this and now yep okay i’ll just just say is it supposed to be capitalized i can’t remember if you did a z with a capital a on the actual thing it’s not working okay so let’s remove that line oh my understanding was that the lounge is the lounge configuration when you hit f5 so the task is where things okay unfortunately i avoid using this code yeah okay that’s fine it’s totally legit and i i’m with you with that like that was also me spend more than 15 years in visual studio but um i like to try vs code 2 okay so here there’s something but why it’s working from here right here there’s only one where is that thing that’s fine just in this file okay you know what jason i think it’s it’s time we need we need to look in the dark it was about time let’s close a few times yeah we got like 20 minutes right what time fly okay so um oh maybe we need some variables and alvaro stuff in the blog post i closed it i think i did i think he was adding some variables this task will run webpack then we need to edit the o start task which is one that azure function core tool where is that thing so then we need to tell vs code out to start our project usually we hit f5 and it’s blah blah blah so in vs code json add this the tasks well oh yeah and task not lounge so type shell i think we had that right the run build npn run build and task

yeah here npn ram build that’s our version because we don’t have the web pack because we don’t need access to the storage like him at least not right now so if i go back so that’s so that’s oh start yeah we did that so this task will run our webpack command and saying timeline so now make sure then we need to edit the oh start task which is one of the azure function car tool let’s make it depend on our web web app task so yeah so like it just depends on that one maybe maybe you know what maybe we don’t need to uh no we we did try it right like here if i remove that right what if i remove that it was still failing so is there a task labeled funk host start if there’s a task no in the task.json do we have is there a no there’s a task type funk and the comment is all start i could add a label and call it like try different variants but i did try to match and it was not working yeah i’ll just think of the error show the error when you hit f5 it’s like it’s returning the text that’s in the launch dot json file yeah but i did try to match those and it was not working okay i just don’t understand why here when i’m doing f5 it’s working it’s executing npm install and then npm run build and hit start executing func os start so if i search everywhere for funk o start it doesn’t exist if i search for this this is the only place where it’s defined maybe i need the extension inside vs code but that’s a recommendation

launch like i copy that so it should be working that we brought that deployment task npm install task he did npm build oh is it the first and pim npm install so see like even if i say you know what like run say command is npm build but it depends on npm install so he did npm install so like it should all work uh if we search for the error it was cannot find it was exactly that right or it was with with without this let’s uh f5 again if i if i say configure a task then it’s it’s asking me what do you want to configure oh so npm build this build that okay can i say distant ah i’m stupid jason i’m so stupid you know what’s my problem i did my specialty can you see it i’m not stupid but no that’s not stupid everybody does that damn it damn it i need a sad trombone nobody watching caught that either yeah it’s all your fault i can totally own it oh damn it okay but is it task or tasks tasks okay so it’s task is the real thing so i think now we want the prefix so i need to have the prefix here too i think with a label it will be much simpler but let’s try that it’s looking good go back to a working state just before we had to leave awesome like unknown argument prefix okay attach air could not connect the debug target from us was cancel okay that’s the part maybe we need to open it like port this we need just to put that in our uh container environment thing 92 20 tasks our dev container file yeah yeah and prefix doesn’t look like he liked it so ports credential timeout use cert

so is it start is it is it okay let’s close that ctrl c any key okay so let’s add the port to our container thing for forgot forget whoops it was 92-29 right and now uh so like that prefix flag i did that i closed it i think i don’t okay so function start okay so it go after the start then it’s not it’s not the parameter of hosts if i go back in so that should go here and in my task here let’s try again maybe we’ll complain again for the the port over but there it is it’s working it looks like yay fantastic look at that nice from code space but that was not too bad like once you understand uh how things works well now we don’t have to do that as often either it’s not like it’s a every single time but we still need to configure now so the website is starting mm-hmm we got about five minutes right so yeah yeah well i don’t think we will do it today well we can have a look quickly but if i go back in my environment so let’s stop it so if we look inside this one that’s my uh web project in vs code that was just settings with colors but i think i never did the f5 here i always started with npm install so we might need to anyway understand how to start it and we want to start it using the that live server thing the extension that alvaro’s is talking about so we’ll probably need to have a task that executes some like some calling some reacting but like i’m that’s cool because worst case we could start that one like manually and then have it right ah that’s good i’m happy that’s nice will you len jason no did i nope you land in the middle of the screen last chance everybody i think we’ll wrap up yay

i think we’ll wrap up that’s cool so now we need to um push the changes setting the code space there it is boom and push you want to try one more oh it’s still there feels just like we’re feels like we’re just in a regular old vs code yeah so how can i close that now close folder you can close folder but it’s not really going to kill the container or shut the container down or maybe here code space suspend the current source that looks right okay so now it’s shutting down that’s so i know it’s shutting down like i don’t want to burn some resources if i’m not using it right so shutting down is good okay so cool i don’t need that don’t need that don’t need that so let’s see if we have any live coders or if cloudy’s you have any suggestions or no or just five today so i think we’ll just end up like that so let’s see who’s the winner scores jason han would have zero but you’re not alone in the zeros tbd is also there i’m in the middle coming in last just coming in last is the same odds as coming in first yep well i used to but like you need to have a score like there’s a classif like there’s a score like you know oh i forgot you know what i did forgot to do is take notes of the new follower so it was g8ro crow underscore i need to do note new follower i need to do that to remember so now it’s time to stop cb so generate all the notes excellent excellent so that was cool that was a good friday do you think i’m happy totally yeah and you just pushed that into the same branch right we’re not back in the main no we’re not in maine because main is working and our version is half broken but when we’ll be done with it dude that would be awesome like you clone you don’t need to go in a sub folder strange just it have five everything will be working that would be awesome yeah feature category just push less than a minute ago make it really yeah those that when we can finally start to go work from coffee shops or something i can just like take take my laptop don’t care about having the computer you’re allowed to go in coffee shop in your area here i’m in lockdown so i could start working in my car in front of a coffee shop if i want but the wi-fi places they’re really bad there’s some places that are open i haven’t gone anywhere but you can you can go to some places well like here if i can do or like you cannot it’s only takeouts so i went to the because i was returning a package i ordered so like i was going to ups and just beside the ups is a starbucks so that would be cool i will you know take a latte so i could go to the store but it’s only three clients and it was already three people inside so i was like i’ll take my car and just like go to the drive-through

so that’s what i did i was like the first like there was no one i was lucky usually there’s always people but there was no one so i just went to the drive-through got my cough my lati and uh drove back home but yeah so like you cannot be inside more than just to take your order and leave and it’s like very limited people inside any any stuff so yeah yeah the places that are here they’ve got a limitation 25 percent maybe capacity 20 yeah it’s not lovely people not a lot no cool well do we let’s see we didn’t really do the third thing on our to-do list but um still in progress or the second one but i feel like we’re close like it’s gonna close that that way anyway it’s the notes are generated now so yeah yeah let’s do it so claudias i would wish you a good weekend have fun i will see you on wednesday wednesday i’m working on my migration so if you’re interesting about uh like ci cd deployment while doing a migration from azure devops to github not because azure devops is not good no no no it’s because i want to deploy an azure function azure static web app and right now if you want to use that is true github so that’s the reason why i want to migrate to github and it will be net so cake and uh ym or the new version of why i’m called static so if you’re interested join me on wednesday otherwise have a nice weekend and the word of the end from jason enjoy your weekend stay warm crank bye everybody see ya

Super Mario Maker- Ep. 3- Sonic Boom! (No, not that one!)

no new corset earrings really huh also where is my level I guess I have to go to course world hmm okay now this is online stuff keep doing your exercises up ah well I wait what is that ok well I’m going to go and see what is wrong and why don’t have my stuff and I will be right back I can’t I can’t figure it out i’ve been trying to look and I can’t see anyone else with this problem I don’t know why hold on hold on hold on ok so this guy says he updated Mario maker to one point 0 1 which is what i have and someone replied saying ignore it they didn’t update the prompts and then he tweeted later he said oh wow you guys were right got the next delivery today it seems like you have to use all your new pieces you have in your inventory so let’s oh wait no there was more there was more in addition to spamming blocks over time of course still nice you don’t have to wait multiple days okay if we just keep making then we should be okay and then we should eventually get our tools so is there anything new nothing happens when we shake that ok um well okay um how do I choose which one I want which costume I want how do I do that I don’t is it just random every time no I know I know there’s a way to yeah I know there’s a way to hmm hmm yeah I don’t uh what why is it this is not my level excuse you low Oh load okay yeah I don’t care okay let’s just I mean we can continue trying things don’t really know what to do and I think it turns out i think that you have to wait to unlock Mario’s trail the little ghost thing so yeah dear person mowing their lawn stop hey you want to stop mowing your lawn god it’s so loud okay you can go you both walk off um what if

it’s just that do you still walk off yes great um oh ok I see um multi grab mode well you can select ok no I don’t need that ok and then copy mode you have to hold it ok uh what is it oh that’s the underdog ok scared of them I don’t really know what to do with this level hey no i did not only grab Mario there we go yeah I’m not really sure what to do with this level I’m not the creative type maybe I shouldn’t have gotten this game cat you have to be good at this game oh my god I don’t know why this makes me so mad like I am getting really mad at this I thought this was oh my god I’m resetting I hate this if I could figure out how to choose what amiibo costume I want yeah now let me have to shake it what do i do I do yeah you tap it okay wonderful let’s make a sonic level why not it’s move Sonic in there um um I’m hmm I don’t know what to do let’s put a spring there let’s put a piranha right there oh okay um move you and then erase that block there we go grace let’s give these guys wings and then let’s put some coins over them alright cool let’s make a staircase let’s put nope let’s put those right there in case you fall oops being sick is fun because I just want to enjoy this game

but I can’t because I’m sick excuse you get out all right so can you get out of that if you fall somehow oh right alright so let’s put you right there yes okay hmm what the what’s the point of shaking a Goomba all right okay red Cooper’s don’t walk off okay let’s move you back like way back okay ya goin no okay um nope go in there you go let’s put a red coupe in there give him nope give him wings what happens then ooh and then he goes down yes okay how do you change the hand color 2 now Lou I know there’s different options for that but that’s not important real let’s put some coins over his head all right go down oh ok all right so about right to the middle okay so what do I want to do for that what’s here let’s put some trampolines and then I don’t I’m really boring okay dear person mowing the lawn you better stop let’s put those there I guess and then i’ll put a sonic and each one well now i’ll take that out and then put Goomba in there so that’s fine sonic there you are nope don’t need a Goomba all right so he’s gonna get sonic and then all right so let’s try this ok

uh you know what let’s swap the two how about that make it a little easier cool okay stop who no I mean you don’t you don’t need sonic but uh he’s a cool i have all right so yes right there no yeah I’m really boring i’m not creative I guess that’s the end of the level and then I guess just put that right there no then I guess put that there we can try that no here you know what let’s wrong thing save it I guess yeah sonic sonic what sonic boom this is not a good level upload because we have to beat it before we can upload I try to like leave a little Sonic influence in there with like the Piranha Plants because they’re the closest thing to fish God closest thing to fish we have right now man that death takes a long time really all right well we don’t need Sonic it’s just ooh is that jump possible did I make it 1-1 too far away hmm there we go isn’t a cooper supposed to come out of that who that is okay that that one is too far away let’s get this nope I’ll wait edit alright so this is too far to building right that’s okay nope let’s try it this time save and no not load go back to sonic upload X try let’s try it again all right sonic boom ooh let’s try that

again if it doesn’t work then I’ll push it one over again Sonic hmm I should change the title to sonic boom no not that one okay did not even get there just try that again no no I give me something yeah I did it mm-hmm yeah that death is way too long no why now we have to go through the super long death oh ok well I know it’s possible because I made it to the end so that is great news and that took me like less than 30 seconds so uh that’s good haha yeah cuz sonic levels are meant to be fast you’re meant to speedrun them so let’s try to recreate that feel so a sonic maker would be super cool no ok I have an idea for another another course but I want to finish this one first all right ok great blah blah blah blah sonic boom no not that one no not that one there we go if you want to play my sonic boom level let’s a share this to twitter so people can play it right now all right login to twitter yes I know what Twitter is and what it does and the

terms of use blah blah blah all right play my awful level awful hold on bursts level there we go it’s done all right so that is one course done

Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 Video Tutorials – 82 Setting Up The Character

welcome to the tutorial setting up the character to use ik for animate pro a second video will be made on this topic for animate users so the first thing we need to do is go into our library and if you remember our karate rabbit library is located just below the animate pro library so from a karate rabbit library let’s grab our karate master template go to the network view and then click and drag and drop the karate master template into the network view then let’s connect our coterie master template to the composite and then if you want you can always delete this extra module or leave it it’s up to you so the first thing we have to consider when using ik is how our character is rigged as I mentioned in the previous tutorial if you use the basic rig this will not work at all if you’re falling along the tutorials and using all the sample material from the previous tutorials your character is rigged using the hierarchy method and if we enter our module you can see that it’s rigged like this if you have a mixed rig which means that maybe there’s a hierarchy chain along the limbs to the legs and the arms but nothing for the body the I case should still work it’ll make connections between hierarchical chains so to begin let’s click on the ik tool button here in the tool tools bar and then let’s click on the master peg so you can see the skeleton so wow that’s a little bit scary that’s just a mess of red lines a little bit hard to decipher but I’ll take you through this step-by-step so the second thing to consider after knowing that your character has been raked properly for ik is that we need to eliminate some bones as I explained in the previous tutorial there is a bone that has been created for not only a drawing object of a body part such as the hand but also for the hands peg as well as if there are any patches for the hand so there’s essentially three bones though that you might not necessarily so in order to select bones here accurately I’m probably going to use the timeline and the network view because it’s hard to get on in there and pick a bone individually using commander control and clicking because I don’t really know which one I’m selecting so what I’m going to do is create a new window or a new place for the network window like that and I’m just going to focus on the tool properties panel here I’ll try to make them about the same size that’s not bad so when looking at ikay you have to think about which parts or which bones you would like to keep in which bones are unnecessary so not only our extra bones for a drawing object unnecessary so our detailed bones you don’t need bones to move the eyebrow eyes nose and mouth for example these type of facial features you most certainly do not need bones for so those are going to ghost out for sure and that’s a term that we use ghosting out when I was describing the three parts that might exist for any individual body part the one that you actually want to keep is the peg and if there’s a higher level peg you want to keep the most top level peg in the group so let’s look at the shin for example it probably has a drawing object a patch a peg but then there’s also the lower leg peg which is the peg for the shin as well as for the slit so controls both of them so when deciding to get rid of the bones for the tibia here I’m going to go for the lower leg so I’m going to ghost out all three other parts so let’s begin may be going from the bottom upwards so I’m going to look for the foot first of all and you can another way you can click back and forth if you can’t select a redbone directly in the camera view zoom in like that is you can actually toggle back and forth using the transform tool so I can select this foot in the transform tool we’re not sure if it’s the drawing object the peg whatever but at least we know that it’s in the domain of where we like to select then I can click in the network View window and then use the keyboard shortcut Oh to bring me to which module or which layer which body part has been selected in this case it’s the actual TVG for the foot so this I would like to ghost out for sure and actually let’s look for it here as well so i can i can click on the central

selection button and there it is right there so we can follow along as well in the timeline so the way to ghost this out is to select the inverse kinematics tool in the tools toolbar then over here to make sure that you have the ik manipulation mode on and then to click on this button here that’s called exclude from ik so this is how you go something up you don’t like that automatically we see that something has changed you in the camera view this bone has now become a little bit more obvious in to where its placement should be closer to the foot so let’s use the keyboard shortcut be to go up the hierarchy chain and let’s use o again to find out where we are so here’s the foot peg in this instance like I said for the lower leg there’s a lower leg peg but the highest level on the foot as we can see here is the foot peg so we’re not going to go this one out we’re going to leave it as is after I’ve gone through the entire skeleton and go said everything I want then I will go to the third part which is to actually position these bones properly so for now let’s leave this as is and one thing that i realized that i forgot to mention is that after we fix up the skeleton you’ll be you able to use it for all three views so for the three-quarter profile view and for the profile view this shouldn’t be a problem but there will be a few bones that might be a little out of place so if you know you’re going to animate mostly in the three-quarter view it might be best to set up the rigging in the three-quarter view it’ll still work through their two views at least all the alignment will be perfect for three quarter view otherwise you’re going to be dealing with a skeleton that’s slightly off as you animate so now let’s go up the chain into the tibia here so I’m going to select this find it here in the network view I’m also going to try to find it here in the timeline view so we see the tippy here actually as a patch and that’s what I’ve selected so I’m going to go down one to the tibia I’m going to ghost this out so I’m going to grab my ik tool and then ghost it out here but I’m also going to go up the higher you change the patch go that out and then I’m going to go up the chain one more time to the tibia peg and go stand out one more time the only thing I’m going to have left to represent this tibia so this bone that will represent this drawing object right here the shin or the tibia will be represented by the bone that’s on the lower leg peg and it’s also where our little crosses if you can see and so if you think about it if you remember the way that this network view is structured we had a sort of central vertebra going down it’s all in capital letters for the most part and it represents all your major pegs so the upper body peg the neck peg the head peg the facial features peg so most of the time you’re going to be ghosting out up until one of these drawing modules that have been converted into pegs usually that’s your top layer there’s a few that are exceptions such as the foot we went up to the foot peg which is this green peg but if you can go up as high as this it’s usually the best thing that you can do I’m going to speed up this video at a certain point because it’s going to be a very repetitive process but I will be sure to slow the video down and make comments anywhere where I see is necessary you you

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so you’ll notice with the facial features I kept going all the way up to the facial features but not ghosting them out so I would do the pupil of pupil peg the eye and then stop at the facial features and I keep going through the various I parts of the eyebrows nose mouth all the way up to facial features and now that I’m sure that everything beneath the facial features in terms of hierarchy have been ghosted out now I finally go sit out the facial features this peg with capital letters that controls all the facial features is an exception to the rule I told you before about following the ghosting up to this backbone that we’ve created for the karate rabbit because like I mentioned before you really don’t need any type of ik movement done on the facial features okay so you’ve made noticed I got rid of

the hips I go set up with the hips and the hip peg because I consider the lower body peg the only bone that I would need to control the lower body the tail to me was like the hands and the feet where I just kept the top green peg but I got rid of the drawing object and the upper body was the highest level I had for this section here so I got rid of the body the body peg the torso and just kept the upper body for this section and unfortunately unless you’re using our rig to follow along kind of have to make those decisions for yourself but the good thing to know that you can always play around with it you can always go something at an unco stitt if too much of the body disappears or if it looks wrong so nothing is permanent so don’t worry about making mistakes one thing that I do just to double check that I ghosted everything up properly is I actually right click on the timeline and say collapseexpand expand all and then if you just maximize the time line just for a second you can see that the entire timeline layering stack has been expanded so it’s quite extensive and then what I do is I scroll to the top and I go through each and every layer one by one and make sure that it’s either go sit up as it should be or not go stood out as it should be so I’m sure that I’ve checked everything because as you may have noticed as I was doing the face there’s a lot of things like you know the eyelid with the eye with the pupil and they all have pegs there’s lots of little details that have details embedded inside of details and sometimes you miss them so I do that to make sure I’ve gotten absolutely everything that I want to get I’m not going to do that now but that’s something that you probably should do the next step that we should do this with the third step is to adjust the bone so that they fit properly over your character so what I’m going to do is zoom in again actually I’m going to collapse that for a minute so if a few that we see that are obvious here like the ears for example so the function that you need selected right now is the bone editing mode it’s good to find the body part in the timeline so let’s use the transform tool again to select this ear and then go in the center on and then press on the center on selection button to find it in the timeline so we know that even though the drawing object is selected here we really want the peg and then let’s click on the inverse kinematic tool again so then if I grab the bone for that year and pull it I can position it properly over the ear so that sort of takes up a median amount of space so even though it doesn’t follow exactly the drawing if I move it because it’s centered almost in the middle the whole object will move with this bone so let’s do that for this for the other ear as well so something like that is not bad so let’s look for the tail and you want the tail tag and we can move this roughly to where we think the tail should be over here same for the hands their current let’s do it for the feet as well

so this middle piece over here is actually connected to your master peg so we’re going to leave that then lastly I’m not really sure what this is so I think it looks like it’s coming from the mouth somewhere it’s odd see if we can see what’s going on there I wonder if this is something to do with it color override the cutter the mouth the mouth peg definitely something in the face Newark uh-huh there’s a head patch oh right for the mouth so let’s go sat out as well as its peg so that’s what that was over there so like I said if you had actually gone through these layer by layer like I suggested we would have found that a bit sooner but that’s not really a problem so it looks like everything is well in positioned one thing we do want to do is Mark the master peg as being something that we want to be able to translate it at the top of the hierarchy so let’s go to the top and select the master peg this one right here and let’s click on that and as you can see the X is now formed on that bone that right presents the master peg and if you actually follow it up it does go to the center of the body or where the belly button is and which is probably where the pivot point is for the master peg so last thing we have to do to complete our rig is actually set the minimum maximum values if you have animate pro you don’t necessarily have to set the minimum maximum values you really have to consider your own character carefully and decide whether you need this or not for example when I was moving just this foot around you might have noticed I did something like this okay the rabbit leg would never move like that it’s not a horse it’s knee does not bend backwards this is a very unnatural pose for the rabbit looks like its leg is broken or something so in order to stop this from happening you can set a minimum maximum value but the only problem is is that if you change views like I said so see the skeleton fits pretty well when you go to the profile you have this bone because it represents the foot number one over here that’s being hidden that’s was talking about earlier as well as the ears you can’t adjust the skeleton for the profile view it’ll still animate it’ll still work but it’s not going to be overly properly on this and if you add constraints it’s a little bit worse because something that you might want to constrain here you might not want to constrain here but you’re going to be using the same skeleton for all three so I’ll set one minimum maximum value on a appendage with you but you have to be aware that sometimes you just have to deal with not using minimum maximum value if you think it’s going to hinder other views that you’re going to use you if your other views are separate templates completely so if you hadn’t used your master peg and you individually done the skeleton for the three separate views and there’s or there’s different layers for the three separate views you then could set minimum maximum value restraints because they wouldn’t affect one another so let’s zoom in to this leg and then let’s be sure that the Edit min max angle mode is on and then let’s select the tibia here by selecting the transform tool and selecting it and I’m just going to double check it’s the right piece by using the central selection mode so in fact the patch which we don’t want we want the lower leg peg it’s going to go up the hierarchy and then we’re going to click on the enablement max angle

selection and then this strange spiral with two handles appear you might not be able to tell their handles but one is a red handle with a green square thing and the other one’s a red handle with a red square at the end and the Green Square denotes the minimum angle while the Red Square denotes the maximum angle so you can never have a maximum angle of smaller than the minimum and vice versa a minimum angle that’s larger than the maximum and if you actually bring them too close together they end up spinning together so you don’t wanna do that either so what we’re looking for and think is to have maybe this be the maximum angle so it can never spin maybe beyond that point let me actually just test it out using the ik manipulation mode so if I grab this and move it around now let’s see so it can bend pretty far it can still bend the wrong way so don’t think I did that right so let’s look at it again it’s getting pretty weird and stiff here okay there we go so it can’t go past this right now but it’s going the wrong way can bend this way but I can’t bend the other way so that’s not what we want either so let’s try one more time seems like I probably want to change in this a bit I think this is what I want ok so it’s bending this way which is good but it seems to not really been too much past this i want to be able to get a straight leg ah there we go ok good so I can go straight but I can’t go past straight but I can bend completely all the way which is good ok so that’s what we want and let’s just go back to see what I did so it looks like where you see this curve denotes where the curving is allowed so this product is blocked off there’s no red line or red curve on the side means that this piece cannot rotate this way it can only go from this minimum which it is right now is straight leg and then as it rotates upward and folds completely in line with the thought that’s its maximum value so that’s how you would set something like the min max value ok so just realize that i created a keyframe here which is not what we want we really wanted to have set that on the first keyframe here in the row so what I’m going to do here is just clear all key frames or delete key frames rather if we scroll across you’ll see that this remains the same the min max value so we can leave that as is because the last thing we need to do is create a template for rik skeleton so i’m going to go into the library and we’re still in the karate rabbit library which is an animate pro library and what i’m going to do is right click on it and say right to modify so i can add templates to it and i’m going to collapse this entire thing fear the karate master and i’m going to rename it karate master underscore ik and then actually because I should do this to the network view I just realized I’m going to open that up and i’m going to copy this and then i’m going to paste it in the library and so i’m going to rename it underscore ik i’m going to rename it karate rabbit master ik let’s say ok and there it is right there so that’s it for the tutorial setting up the character to use ik for animate pro stay tuned for the next tutorial animating with ik