The end to intergenerational poverty in Australia (Rosemary Addis and Jane Vadiveloo)

okay good evening everyone my name is Paul Gerber on one of the directors of the castle Center for Human Rights your who’s organized this event tonight I’d like to thank you all for coming along I would like to begin by acknowledging the traditional owners of the land on which we met there were other people of the Kulin nation and pay my respects to their elders past and present a little reminder for those in the 21st century that we are tweeting and these are technology this event tonight so if you want to tweet the hashtag is CC kids and I’d encourage you all to do that so I’m really delighted that we’ve got this event tonight and I would like just begin by sharing with you a bit of the background of how this came about I teach children’s rights at once University in the graduate program and as part of my teaching i organized a symposium on children’s rights last year and one of the speakers was one called Vanessa Zimmerman who spoke about sort of the corporate sectors responsibility for recognizing and I quality children’s rights and we got very well again we had luncheon and she said oh you really should make this up friend of mine froze me out I think you do we have a lot in common and I usually take those sort of things with a grain of salt about she said no no you know with you so I I set up lunch week with rosemary to that we did have quite a bit in common and we are both SUVs the from the big law firms Rome it was a balance and I was at allisons we both survivors of practicing as attorneys in the United States referring to the New York Bar Exam under the California Bar Exam and we both a really passionate about creating positive change and I try and do that through to our working in human rights and rosemary does it through her commitment to social investment initiatives so where we had lunch and concessions were donated by talking about children’s rights any particularly start sharing with me some information about this initiative that she’s working on called children’s ground and I immediately thought this is something really exciting and that we should share it with the casting center community so that’s how tonight came about and it’s now my my absolute privilege to introduce our two speakers that we have tonight so Rosemarie is currently the social innovation strategist for the Australian Department of Education Employment of workplace relations i think that’s their name this week where she works in the field of social investment seeking to breathe out strong social and cultural positive changes and outcomes she she leads a team that’s working to achieve breakthrough solutions to some of us challenging social policy issues that we are facing as I mentioned in a previous life she was at Alan’s he also worked with partner premier cabinet and the Smith family and random array consultancy I might while I’m up here save me breaking the flow of the discussion that we’re going to be having tonight also introduce our second speaker Jane better blue she is a CEO of children’s grout she has a master’s in forensic psychology and a 20 year history of the uniform and service provision in communities experience extreme disadvantage and crawler she reads the North territory 15 years ago and has a long history of working with the indigenous people including in the town camps in Alice Springs she’s been involved in found in the first organisation based on indigenous knowledge systems in the area of health and well-being and she is currently on the board of the Northern Territory Council of Social Services she is leading the overall design and development of the children’s ground community engagement process learning platform services and programs for each critical phase of delivery and also the research and evaluation methodology so the format tonight is set up road we will give you a bit of a background about the structure and initiative and then I think Jane will cause more detail on the ground women returns browse among the Mexicans up your phone no but you like we are recording so i might just

get rid of all that i think that works welcome everybody and thanks for your interest hearing from us tonight like at my acknowledgement to that of the fish miners of Atlanta between the pay my respects to their elders past to present as you’ve heard from a pall over my role is the social innovation strategist at dealer and in that role I work to the Secretary of the Department and run a small team and the way I describe our work is that as an innovation group it’s not so much a role to change government as it is our oil to use position in government to work with people across sectors and across boundaries to create positive social change one of our that the initiative worked on has been children’s ground and it has been a unique collaboration and I am really delighted to have the opportunity to talk to you about it a bit tonight I think as many of you will be aware of the work you do an interesting in human rights that there are communities in Australia where the circumstances for the children and the families are not good enough where people are are experiencing entrenched torment and disadvantage for their conference this time last year and some inspirational social leaders was you know in the satire there’s really no choice to get to collaborate and I think in Australia we have a lot of areas where the stakes are quite high life that we really feel driven or get to that point lower so this is no choice but for some of these communities right here in our country actually the stakes are really high nur and we have taken an approach which I’m going to describe in terms of children’s room and its potential to transform the outcomes for these communities where we try to respond to that challenge how can we take quite a different approach so turns grout is the product of a unique collaboration and it hasn’t been developed as a government program our involvement came because some very experienced people from within government knew Jane and Europe her work and when she was pulling together a proposal that really built on years and years of wisdom on the ground combined with some directions that best practice internationally is heading recognize that this goes something that was out of the stream of business as usual approaches as usual and created a space in government for us to listen and really when I first met Jane about two and a half years ago and William Tell mother who is the chair of children’s ground we said about a fundamentally different way than working together driven not only by responding to the rights of the people communities but also by asking some different questions it’s not like anybody hasn’t tried to do good things in changing the circumstances it’s not as though the people in these communities don’t fundamentally different outcomes for themselves and for their kids of course they do so it was a pretty daunting task sit down and say well how are we going to try and set up about doing something that might creating different outcome and so it started with the conversation in August 2010 where some very senior and experienced peoples that are having listened to German what she had to say in the experience from the ground people familiar with their conditions in our most disadvantaged communities in Australia including indigenous communities people with some experience of early childhood and economic development and we centered that conversation around the question what would actually take what would it actually take to make a difference and we suspended disbelief for half a day and we had a very robust conversation a lot of which was listening with a different ear to what don’t had to say and some of which was asking what I think was a pretty tough questions and each time I go back to those questions I don’t know about you they’re still pretty pertinent and they still the questions we test ourselves against as a result of that conversation we decided that there really was something here that deserved to be given every chance to be tested and it was agreed the person that I was then working with Robert crew who some of you will know is very experienced Jimi Kim government that will be great space within my team to try and incubate this approach so we set out to save enough on development as a government program and there was a large degree of consensus among people that if we set up to do that that we would start from the beginning that what we needed to do is create a space where

this work could develop and where we could bring together a robust program that could be something that government and philanthropy and the communities themselves could engaging in to take forward so we provided what you would recognize from some other settings of the incubation type environment in which we asked hard questions but we also created to support not only through the resources we could make available but also through creating networks and links and other things for Jane and others involved in the process to engage it we tested the ideas that give us the International evidence base we brought together the International evidence based on the experience of others to say how are you actually going to draw from a range of fielding experience and how can we build a model around this that not only has the credibility of building on that experience from the field and from what is available in each national is because we all know that not everything that works has actually been researched to a gold standard but that has sufficient combination of strong governance and flexibility and longevity but also the ability to adapt to the needs of particular communities that you’re actually going to be able to take it with crew ability to these communities that have suffered such trauma on actually meant to be Asian by of a different point so this is an innovation story and it’s in it that’s a story about long-term change and I’m going to tell you a a lot more about what children’s man actually is and how it works and my model involves but what I want to emphasize is that this came about through quite a different type of working relationship and a different kind of engagement with an openness to learning between government and joining the team which we’ve now had to extend to governments at the state level and to the philanthropic sector and to the corporate sector and of course to the community itself and of course we’ve tested the work that we did so we went to Murdoch Institute is ever driving to take a look at at least the early stages of the work that we’ve done and review the approach against some of the international literature and what they came back and said was that this approach is supported by a strong rationale and program logic as well as a powerful competence of various strength of the evidence and for the most disadvantaged communities in our society it represents the best chance of achieving a better future what they hoped us to do is to tell a story that says yes there’s no gold standard because no one’s actually done this yet but it’s where all the evidence points us in somebody’s going to go into the territory were all the interns pointers so this reflects the fact that the tombs ground approach uses common senses of these ambitious when we are on the fundamental principles that ground it things like start early and stay for the long haul work with individual kids and families in the community but work with enough of them that you’re actually getting pretty cool nice to create challenge people recognize this as the fundamental common sense principles of what they know worked on the ground particularly people have a lot of experience but it’s very hard to bring together and it’s particularly hard to hold that space and one of the challenges I’m sure to ever talk about them herself and the toner hope is holding that space where you’re making effectively a 20 or 30-year plan you could have put a good day for a very bad day into that kind of context to say are we making progress here we tempted what we wanted to try to be able to make available to these communities of real agency with a governance models that could also get people involved and be confident to give the kind of funding that it will take and to feel that there was the proper stewardship in place without creating layers and layers in between the work in the community I’m sure we believe you experienced firsthand limitations of the system in actually be able to see what works or seeing that we see what works and we applied only to little bits and it’s hard to bring the whole together so what we try to do here to create the fabric for change is really to move beyond those goals that seem always that fit out of reach and bring together the whole picture so unless edits as common sensitive they’re vicious trying to create that scaffolding that will help the communities may change themselves the fact that it was recognized by some people who’ve been around the stuff in government for a really long time to create the space to allow that to happen has been a major change in itself and in order to be true to the original intention that this wouldn’t be aimed as a government program what we did was we once we’ve

got to a sufficient point of development and that’s always a delicate balance to make the judgment of when’s the right time to move from planning and strategizing to doing we effectively spoke the model out into its own organization so he created a nonprofit organization which is not over control of our government has a very streamlined governments which is the company limited by guarantee and it now operates independently from us and the way we keep the connection into government to ensure that we get in the learning is through a community of practice between established with people from across government who can gather at regular intervals listen to join one what’s happening on the ground and actually see how we might build that into other practice and already we’ve had areas from within the department actively looking from the community engagement process you think about other things that we do and people are actively engaged in saying we want to talk more about place-based approaches we want to talk more about this kind of governance we want to talk more about outcomes based approaches and they will come to me and say can you invite some of our colleagues from this area or this area across government so that they can be part of this conversation and we can have that conversation with them in a way that we’re not time to actually navigate the principles at the same time as we’re trying to get a particular initiative through and so it’s created quite a different space for that conversation even though it’s early days this is going to be a journey and it’s a journey where we are all learning along the way for Jamie she’s running a small start-up which have a terrific need for resources a lot of energy around it and we’ve been able to demonstrate from quite early on the potential of getting what we’re calling our collective investment model of having the Commonwealth state philanthropists the corporates and really significantly the community itself actually have some skin in the game but it’s small steps and there’s a lot of work with bringing people on the journey and a lot of people are impacted by the experiences they had previously of working in these areas and the things that they say haven’t worked so well and so there’s a whole process of filling trustee in the way of doing something different than healthy people so poor that Kim doing journeys brought incredible visions this but also I know it takes very seriously the stewardship and custodial role of the accumulated wisdom of many people it’s been hugely professionally and personally humbling lead to more cognizant few members of that team and we’re still at the very early stages but I was delighted to hand over to join returning more about her children actually ears enter trailer film and then we both you really have I question manage the technology firstly I’d like to acknowledge their elders past and present traditional custodians of the land we welcome to country recognizes the First Nations people is from the land of like relationships responsibilities in law created Ron castings respect to the culture at all justice and their drugs there’s some of most significant post-colonial year awards in Australia and it isn’t actually an honor to speak at the center tonight so like the painting watercolor I’d also like to recognize in honor of the sender all our brothers and sisters of all cultures and lands we did I continue to fight for their fundamental rock to rip out and we suffer humiliation for Magennis on living without a future that surviving emerging which many people here in their lives china bowl so i started my professional life is a forensic psychologist worthy of entry prison knew that before with a culmination center you know 20 years ago when i was a very rich rich learning growling practice or policy rights brutality and humanity what we consider in an overlord be contributing to social good safety injustice he’s as we know another decided on policy platform that incubator injustice and our sins forgiven all the territory for the past 15 years and had similar experience Australia should celebrate as from democracy and we should celebrate a relatively among its

growth into a multicultural society protected by robust system of rewards and rights and that robust system should also give us a strike that we feel us in our pursuit absolutely equity in high school because we can achieve that in country unfortunately we do continue to perpetuate outrageous human rights violations in this country and childrens grand emerged from the context human rights violators a norm it’s accepted as a matter of course in the system aspire to injustice but equally talking stratus company pointing stuff strength and ability and possibility and an energy and wisdom of many many people and ambition at the most people for a committed to changing a future so two of us crown is not about a people children and families is about altering the families what is needed for our First Nations communities is no different promote all communities to enjoy respect dignity and section it was designed to work with communities in Australia are suffering very different and very good and we dare to expect the very best for all commercial families for ensuring their local culture and sensibilities and the heart so what I’m going to do now to take you through a little bit of a journey of children’s rather more tanky through the model of children’s ground a small video community is very very hard to encapsulate something is in many senses very simple with Row 3 is identified and another way we are very complex and ambitious but all I can say it is absolutely no drop of science to these we know that the challenge of addressing the global world is how to read redress entrenched intergenerational disadvantage so torrents gun was designed not just in relation to poverty but when you walk through places like Alice Springs or places within you toria you know that there are places where there is father you know within that those places there are places where there are people who are so silenced looking that that they are missing the budget here and that’s what Wilkins grounds designed to reach to those people those families who are the quietest the most silent within the system that we have created so far we’ve achieved so much in this country but it is at the fringes for those people who requires that we really struggle to achieve absolute change and really to critique that change requires absolutely systemic reform we know that people do not want to live in history do not want to live in poverty and we also know that what we’re doing is not working many of you here would be cognizant of the dramatic statistics that face those who live in economic equality and for indigenous peoples in our country the current service system that we deal with and then I’ve been part of as I see myself in the sector person working at the grassroots for many many is is that it’s reactive and overburdened it has a short-term focus and as a result as a result of short-term funding it focuses on people as problems it doesn’t focus on people as dignity it’s fractured it’s just you know there’s silo silo silo silent because of the demand we don’t stop to aspire excellence because was just trolling to find the money to pulling the car take the kids to school all the buses or the transport service and get that little bit of money are heavy and so there’s not a lot of time in that favor system status is not good enough it’s historically monocultural service remarks and there’s not a lot of space innovation because people are just working part to get the job done the services are rarely provided in people’s first language and I’ll just give you an example 15 years ago when i went to the Northern Territory over 100 languages were interpreted in the Northern Territory just fantastic but not one was religious it’s changed but that was 15 and there’s a absolute lack of voice and agency so often the system is unjust and is underpinned by either current law or policy that fails in a basic test of equity dignity or from practices that are become entrenched because of history of our own policy life Awards lifestyle generations which created services infrastructures approaches that have determined the way we work and it’s not to say you know the people in the sector for my colleagues are incredibly brilliant varies wonderful people for a decade but it was very hard to stop and change the system in a way that the current girlfriends so our development

and childrens grand came from the voices and experience that both fabulous people everyone or people in our spring center Australia in the top end voice is an experience of a non-indigenous people living with high disadvantage and we want a better future for their kids people that I worked with at printer was 20 years ago if I had a phone call the other day by a young man who’s next generation is going to court who support you know if it goes in the flows and flows and they’re not saying family has gone to the third generation of that family and the issues aren’t dissimilar to those that are facing many births nations communities it comes from first knowledge systems for First Nations knowledge systems and looking at Rosie sent the international or national evidence practice spanning a number of things pedagogy across opera learning including including immersion schools Hawaii New Zealand places order at the forefront of some of these learnings bilingual education which is been practicing on territory for many many years early childhood maternal health feeling mental health and public up innovation in 21st century education and learning systems community development and social and economic inclusion we’ve looked at some of the systemic pro approaches around the world some really fantastic dynamic approaches such as the Harlem Children’s Zone and looked at some key principles that incorporated throughout our community change the Finnish education system which is chatting amongst the world we’ve looked at national policy and global imperatives and combine those into children’s ground to ensure that we can meet those things because many of those things come from a fundamental aspiration for rights and outcomes of people and our human rights convention should own the library thing to do so our vision is for families and communities experiencing the greatest disadvantage to realize their aspiration for an it for their generation of children with their agency what I’m going to do is just move to a short film to break the fold it can give you a little bit of a context of what you might look like on the ground will come back and look at some of the form for leaves or destruction 7.5 go three years to deliver a new system of learning while being in development their children investment funding through a range of sources being delivered complete system of high-quality serves children families are the mountain they need much so how to go on the ground first the way nation by society organizations in homes and communities where they live in my wife’s best friend secondly when we do the program on Monday to Friday evening as a critical time was a form strong words from my block in language night they also wanted to enjoy an approach is designed so that children graduate Piero cool we are fully integrated right across three years learning well-being development knowing we must work across all three areas to create sustainable change we have a number of teams that work together our learning team with a focus on my own childhood learning develop literacy language university culture making sure the characters are engaged and mainly the individualized learning plans with their child 21st century learning principles approach specialist in ten surabaya linearity all the extra criminal activity is

critically important outstanding work without specialists to provide comfort mostly with health promoting outreach to open this team war effort and provide linkage primary secondary and tertiary of providers so we’ll work with our well-being Huntington will deal with the green hornet Association as well as supporting families with authority in child development and nutrition special books and food security group supporting nutrition and health eating program together the team for what other providers in the area of alcohol gambling suicide and other prevention I working together for the community they handle in a critical 13 this will allow for fun change we will know if you see when the next I so that the King gives you a little bit of an idea about what it might look like on the ground the critical work that we did incubating with dealer was providing the foundation on the structure and strategic platform to achieve that so it’s very simple in many ways but it’s very difficult to deliver that across the board in a community over 25 year period so there are eight key principles underpinning the children’s ground level starburns start with little kids start an early intervention let’s stay for the long haul so we hear about silver bullet responses often in these communities you know whether there’s forging the Silver Bullet responses or mining syllable responses or whatever they might be but there is none this is about long term each generational challenge and it must work at a critical mass so what we’ve seen for years is we have some fantastic programs on the ground and there were a few people here or a few people there or keep people there for a period of time but we’re talking about a level of disadvantage that these community wide so if that community is going to have an opportunity then equity and excellence and quality resources must be afforded to every single child and family over here for 25 years and it’s based on us human and recognizing ability I have never come across anybody that wants to live in a situation of economic poverty where their children struggling and a lot of the things that you’ve heard up there today what people want what every single component of children’s ground has come from the voice of people at we’re talking German struggling to keep their pitcher or you know we really want strong culture enough that you know the kids need to learn a faulty further later we want our kids strong both ways one of you to get to university with what’s called people we don’t want to be sick too much sorry business all that stuff has come from years and years and years all I’m as rosy as a custodian of lots of other people’s knowledge and I’m bringing it really as a vehicle into this is tammy market change deliver the whole mother bits so part of this this stuff is working already a little bit here a little bit there but it’s not packaged together so where we’ve learned from the ground and some of the key approaches that have worked on the ground are these intergenerational learning centers for example we have

created hubs of intergenerational learning based on culture in some of the hardest communities so in Alice Springs your girls going through there are Springs what else princess town council jokes other times has particular town councils very very very compromised for many many 12 13 years ago is the only time capital expectancy in out Springs was where all the stiffest converted it was 3 4 5 6 year olds in perpetual generations of people dead from all sorts of violence and try those kids were in garbage during school the local everything on school the best place is filled with those kids so replacing intergenerational learning center in that community at the request of those children wasn’t somebody else’s to find answer it was there’s over 15 years and within that town pan there was a particular group of films who had the lowest you know that the quietest voice who has struggled is strong for many years over 15 years of the intergenerational center where adults came kids pain flexible learning and responsive community respectful of culture those kids engaged the families engaged they took agency across social culturally home knows those kids hit benchmarks that was similar to any kid any country school and all transferred it to Cronus fought with Avery outcomes every single one you dropped out the hospital so what we know is it we’ve got bits right but we’ve never been performed first champions will never be an extended into the seminary school so how we all of these pots of gold and make the systemic structure and if we can’t do it in children’s probably not worth doing investing a lot of money for bits and pieces because that’s already there so part of the ambition are our children’s bands putting it all together as a whole systemic for over 25 years to make that the life cycle of that child innovation and new ones you know thinking outside of the box and that really some the 21st century send your education started to me that’s really rotating wheel back to these indigenous knowledge systems that reflective of what we will innovation today expecting deliver the best 10 years I watched that’s okay it doesn’t matter it’s clear about that what’s not good enough what we’re delivering is just knowing ingre it is not good enough that kissed a girl child in a motor Spanish communities in our country it is not learner that they don’t have access to adequate help but fundamentally it must be led by beauty so what we did was redesigned on those principles five God yep five or six key systems governance services evaluation workforce investment in community engagement I’ll serve the community engagement because that’s what that’s critical so in any community we go to so in Western we’ve been doing this for last six months six to eight months we walk and talk with the community we spend up to 12 months walking talking with every family is this what you want is a somewhat review we know in places like I was spring that is because that’s that’s the voices to learn a lot of insurance people enhancement every every two miles please but going to wear some is the right shape for its own mother is walking and talking developing relationship is irritating with is there a plan so that’s the place that we’re now that we were starting almost finish the community engagement plan but it’s a very critical process but we learn along the way to it what we’ve learned in this process it’s not enough to walk and talk because it is tension between we need to be consulted but we don’t want to just talk about City action so we have to plan an act in a way that’s respectful not going too fast too slow and getting that right and some hot booty so your family by family and bringing the community together in terms of governments the biggest changes we will all be used to governance system hunter around committees the other Western governments assume is that committees and elected representative soon but when you take that down to those who have a quiet voice they’re the ones are always miss out on committees cuz it so that I get on that under their voice them they often feel the salute so the very things that we think is with government helped invent something of it speaks collision and where we’ve seen the best governance for communities of gross disadvantage of heights voice is where the daily users dictate the direction of service so you kept you in the goal every day what do you think about me I didn’t throw ideas about people talk about your capture if you’re older you take it you have committees advise your communities cultural community check them out but you make

sure that you are actively engaging avoiding people and you also look at your community go through i’ll be hearing from all about it so you’ll see something about a curio we can learn a lot about a lot from over than many years and the cultural governments so in aboriginal community elders are you governors by old way ours friend you never asked them to come to you you go to their our way is very quiet Western ways lowers voice kisser so if you come from a different culture system where the most senior people are quietly spoken and you must listen to come to them most of the time their voices and Ferb so a redesign governments to make sure that it’s fit sort of both ways the generational approach that’s really thailand stage one rather do everything at once we start with little kids it’s generationally and perot the system up over the life course of a child and you’ve heard the where your family is country for when all year round the learning will being development platform and how that translates into services so innovative copy will based learning environments family health and well-being in first language very simple but it doesn’t currently exist economic development you go to any community you know the economic opportunities employment opportunities are there’s so many of our power station for being our exercise their rights into those so how do you develop a learning system that allows people strong be strong both ways we make sure you build it in so the content of this school and in a child instance they know what their culprit mysteries from their coffee perspective they’ll know the history since colonization to understand why things are the way they are at the moment that people don’t have access to it now lower the opportunities are in their local environment and will provide a loan at an innovative learning platform that allows of development skills so they can exercise your right to access local economic opportunities will know it’s working by community live research-driven articulating approach all the time the children has embedded in it with the resources it’s very expensive because we said from the beginning we need a research director made up I think we need to track stuff for me to do it from a community perspective and we need to look at things from the child the family and so I have I put identified headline indicators with community that will trap critical is this economic and workforce strategy there are a lot of people here you know people well it’s just brush it’s about creating an environment that people want to come in too so our workforce platform which is similar where I worked in the town cares if you don’t make a professional rebase there’s an you exclude employee that doesn’t have every so you work from a strength of community if you have an early childhood program they’ll be an early childhood western speciality but there are also the early childhood procol specialists recognized for their cultural expertise not needing a piece of paper to legitimizing and they’ll work together to provide strong platform both ways to children and that goes all the way through hell for being with them so this is an hour example of how the labor force increases over time it will vary from day one local surf fishing positions in green start from day one team creating an economic platform for people and already in West are never seen young people to talk what do you want to do if they school because I know it’s a place they can come work now you expected in order to be secure and in overtime of training to us positions so hopefully the major economic base and employment basically sustained in that community for generations with funding exchanging a platform of silo driven is an example of your probably beautiful they manage 70 different funding grants for short-term program outcomes understable what we’re looking at doing is going outside of governor for our core funding so if I innovation we are controlled by policy government agenda but we share the space of government we’ve got a fantastic partnership but everybody in the government space agree that that can be strangling either subject to financial control so the innovation really in Australian is not full high scale philanthropy so we all work really hard we’re going to draw it really hard for collective investment model saying that all those people who give so much rather

than one person people little bit to this program some of your program let’s collectively combine that poor great impact in the long term over time what we hope to see with our outcomes is to see the social cultural economic outcomes that will leave policy change so maybe we’ll come into children’s ground will offer any different locations over a 25-year period and we’ll bring those learnings together for our comes I want to take you now to the Northern Territory which is where we are operating and before we talk about what children’s Brown is doing in West Arlen I just want to give you a little bit of a context so seventy two percent of the territories of your population live on our land outside major towns one three-quarters of indigenous people in an old territory speak in every language in 2003 eighty percent of people offended whoever needed work everything ninety-four percent of remote communities denied increasing fifty-four percent of remote communities end-stage renal disease of the national average hearing loss remote I immediately after seventy percent compared to five attend the general population almost eighty percent of every or people in the central region that income less than twenty my thoughts what we know today is sixty-five percent of kids this is today though several time and everyone women can be 80 times will likely be hospitalized a Microsoft but we also have a philosophy from any future and my life you know the many people i know is is so much of what I’ve most people walking through that fourth and I get phone call ditch work and this with a phone call from all 10 known for 20 years this in the example which other than history when she was a child to put him in carpets or animals to stop it for my soul she’s a grandmother I think we talked because I’ve worked with their 20 years ago when her grandchild hood mixed up around the ranch shop and that other grandchild is now health with her shoulder and she smells still living in trauma or Nash’s of the rid of her mystery but what is also true people are incredibly strong and they are alive in their culture they are a live resurrection they are alive in their ability and the founders won’t challenge so what are we looking the grassroots so this is just having a little very quick look until some of what we’ve done the last 15 years which is informed towards them here there is a place of copper knowledge systems it’s an intergenerational cultural center it’s been operating for 15 years I’m going to read this out because this is part of strategic planning work with support of them doing at the end of last year which comes out for 15 years of work young people need to learn what the land is called governor how they are related to the left what they are to the late what the land is to them the dream for that place which skin group there who is the owner of the land keeper of the land we’ve got to tell the right story it is important to get it right it has to start builders and if you don’t do it now or we lost now that can be seen as a complication that is the learning platform for other people those kids don’t know that and it’s not embedded in their learning platform then the impact on their identity their future that sense of belonging is seriously compromised so I kept a peculiar elders have a very important place we talked about governance elders make students all the way they communicate directly the others we’re going to sit down with it there were teachers and professors people practice Colton life every day in an altar collecting medicines for pairing medicines thank you they provide to the community they create enterprise they have there are doctors may be healing is also many years they have five learning platform to sri LAN story of making some

deaths they bring together families they ensure the men can articulate their role there are four on making money and they’re looking at all way to newark how you create economic sustainability viability young people want ever and then we’ll be all 50 of them stipper and that’s the reality of a context and it’s often the reality that’s not seen in the Western domain so what we’ve learned is that is critical to create places of inclusion based on respect that delivering anyways interracial environment is necessary volvo knowledge of practices that many synergies with what people can be considered to be innovative learning practices today call from knowledge systems a sophisticated and they’re critical to creating and delivering systems at irrelevant delivery community agency support identity places along inner child engaged community we bedroom and their boundaries and they are necessary starting point for any effectively being government in the hearings we work with what we also know people want me his trombone plays the best potential over the next 20 years these communities articulated clearly that a child’s community should be a children’s ground safe exciting full of life fun carrying out powder their children where kids know that I’ve fallen where they going healthy happy and strong both ways no more sorry business normal family arguments a job less comes up bro gambler enough money to go around and strongly comfortable resting life with a community that has respect to notice compliments history and has a soda pop my life think that’s all people when we started doing some of the work and our screens around fool around this is how formal grammars representing this is how is painted so the strategic stuff you’re saying painting this one painting the things a circle and their children in the middle learning as groups per half circles with the elders or anathema circles the next round of circles are the families the kids coming in and out of the children back to their homes the kids sitting down with their family and their elders around and the footprints moving between families and communities strengthen community all the time walking in and out the half circles here that affect our supporters and the funders you don’t have their back out of disrespect that have their back because they’re supporting them but not dominating in control and these are the opportunity for prints out opportunities the global world universities creating your own family Economic Opportunity always coming back to the heart and soul of community and strengthening community so now this is going to move quickly to where we are afraid when she’s toured around the Sun which is very exciting there’s some of the board will enjoy be able to a corporation which is a partner organization Yvonne Margaret the top left-hand corner he’s an incredible woman who’s forth a very long fart around her land she has arranged Iranian line on the country she would prefer to have from that comes a whole lot of economic income which day is tributing across the region and they’ve created a social trust in the interest of the reading they’ve just renegotiated a new agreement and the social trust has made a decision to have to lose ground party a strategic platform so rather than trust that’s going to do a little bit of program here a little bit of program then they will give 25 future families now that economic base to do it even though that sank you know basis course and pain come if start a social portal if I’m perform them selves before to run sparkling a system structure in place to get the skull discussed it’s like our region’s located in kakadu national park for some there are 30 and our stations so geographically pretty challenging little family see if it groups of families there and you get to the publishers geographic issues there are 17 plans groups the mirror is one plan we need to dilute to 17 plans there’s three language groups the jab is looking at funding half of the cost of children’s down into that region and we’ll be looking at raising the other half through both government and collectively we’ve been doing the

community engagement period phase and we’re about to implementation in around july this year and they’ll be very exciting it will include to family community centers in home our country all year round as we discussed early child we’re going to have outreach programs that are seven incredible incredible women who used to write a play group too stations that program stopped because I was no more honey they’re not employed they’re experienced they’ve excited and they wanted to do it again family health team we’ve got partnership with the school that are published with the health clinic after school recreation and it acts the artists have created the arts the community center has an arts hub so we ran some a few programs over the school holidays and continued and there’s a lot of energy in action happening a dancer and economic and employment opportunities so in the end children’s ground is a model for flipping input everybody worked together their systemic white called a long-term primitive impact it was developed with and by people in the extreme disadvantage incubated by dealer social innovation and the incredible vision or grocery and it’s currently funded by the Australian Government congenial to a corporation the Northern Territory Government and philanthropist and business it is how we bring our collective s to the long term proven by community engaging the social sector supported by the business sector and supported by government so just end with the United Nations declaration okay very sobering also stimulating presentation from our two speakers my to keep start with some questions yes you decide really optician took me applying here to that sort of cleaner Larry comes about my husband bye so happy are they up there and if not how he meant I mean a lot of this is about agency in commercial so you know in a town can we talk about before you couldn’t have downtown having more about more attractions but always getting up from your school because we create an environment for towns going to be so often the debate gets reduced to people drinking alcohol and therefore these issues at me and for a long time well we are back we my days at an injury you know where were the president’s two things about my drug program program very few of our program that we deliver talk about music most of it was about the system to create that and so then each of that agency it is about control it is about pregnancy function and what we’ve seen is when we’ve created those places where people feel they belong I’ve really clear all about respect safety people come because people don’t actually want to leave you chaos this room my alcohol if you look even the steps and everything communities half less everything people prefer my other people’s country and yes those a drink then a superb almost done it’s not an easy fix but i’ll give you an accessible example of one else brings and one time you have to worry this town can grab the new air streams will free up help outlets into quarters and we were running five when I feel sale working with the town camps I knew the town camp and the legend

and they apply to come to our community and reject and it was rejected partly from the police and partly from the confusion so we went like a campaign to change that what was happening was a temple getting alcohol drinking in the reader they won’t make it in that community is there water to employment law in our Springs and we had a very relationship to the place place with Riaan say no more about too important to be a little more and almost got mopped up because health care so we would go in a five house South camp to up to 35 people per house then no time can be safe and fun and it wasn’t created by the people and it was prayer father dreams we did manage to get a dry add the request of community but all we didn’t have as a backup support we thought it was legislate then it would mean the systems and structures we have to come and support Italian to keep it that way so often the National about people not taking sponsibility around that is not my eyes certainly we have conversations across to include more teenager and when they are all instructional springs the town camp communities on whatever that’s the worst regulation but their voice is important so my responses were all my people streets and was within its not to live with at home it’s a live freaking out pretty much warmer when people are intelligent enough to know what that means but it really is about Korean being a resource in the right way but then access them to create change so in this community center speaker college day whether at the community center creating armed with their families of teaching or their family so when the kids come with it now there’s something it’s fun it’s very simple that we often complicated but it’s actually a reason that’s how we escaped another that’s the cops a lot I mean do you make that helps the community centers no I yes they just sit down with the community people so all’s you want ah my decisions out there absolutely just help us to around from me and you talked about no no hunting at all tied to specific outcomes make a change yes right question I mean in a sense the communities has committed 25 years because it’s their generation life and those outcomes are the ones so we’re looking at 25 year at home so ideally you’d have the majority of hits in a strong learning or being economic opportunities cultural strength eventually all my things and then we track those back near one year three five and seven to make sure that we’re progressing but it’s really informative community undertake that evaluation for ourselves so they can question this is more right is it delivery what we want so to always come back that agencies community not outside the validity of what we do we will have outside partners but yet static associated with aspects of the online from the social about on what basis do you funded because of James it so I’m mentally don’t start recording Belmont the feeling of havoc but it’s also needs to be corrected model to that funny nope it’s taking a lot for instant oats you know it makes the challenge particularly in the conversations in government to be honest really quite keeping gender how you achieve it because the reality is that in this you could get something through the specific watch these have outlines and so I’m taking people on their journey into step that’s also what troubles will have two men come back you and they’ll have those conversations and quite frank conversations and city staff foreign governments angle we could send to experimental anxiety we’ve done this much or we can actually say we’ve starts at the it’s going to be a range of conversations someone which are going to be hard but that’s what grown-ups direct conversations very excited to have you guys have come

really are actually operating me yeah it’s it’s great to be it’s challenging life has not been as challenges and you know when you at some point down the track we don’t tell 15 is an attractive yours there’s a very important story to tell about dementia community and the challenges internally in humans because you’re interest history which is has pain so whenever but in saying that in a short time within the local governments structure from yeah the people we’ve got all the people with experience and two weeks ago I went to Wigan fantastic partnership starting with General Marion school social events for long we were charter schools and States we could believe really openly a possible to correction will need to see education structure but what we’ve been up in your room is delightfully the job oh area school is totally on the same parts we are they’ve got them testing leaders want to do differently no I recognize that approach what we do as the gym in the mainstream school so we’ll set it up so if first people from go we can be independent but what we can have a strong partnership we will so they they are inform two weeks ago when i’m doing i was a 37 being which is a few people across the region from all different our stations again a lot of people within walking and talking with and so through them more than ours we now have a corporal advisory community so they’ve got a limited funding to establish that this year in a comedic filter and we’ll continue this emotional with the funding Jane but they can see children’s realm as an approach that is supporting one we’ll have funding for support of that to be able to continue that agency for people so we’ve got really clear identified beating people with great leadership and inspiration we’ve got people like the seven women who don’t wish harm and stuff in a redditor tomorrow pick up the retail value stuff I think Mike and I was concerned that local workforce stuff because it’s really critical mass of thing but I mustn’t worry anymore they’re getting good people with and work alongside in a respectful way because you know sometimes we say the moment you’ve got a Western odd fellow instructional tackle you don’t help you around the outside we want to check that around so we start with this great elders mayor mark nengo provide a lot of story we want to teach the kids of my stuff and what’s beautiful about those any people as we mourn our Springs see people there it’s always reconciliation or peace and so what’s beautiful system at all and allow everybody access to this cross-cultural rich environment so although things are learning at health system what’s happening we doing with the school and the health system is they’re excited about I in the resources of the Promotora and being the flexibility we have the innovation to do things differently because are so tied to what they deliver through the hull structure in it and the education structure so that i can see you know partnership we might be able to do things differently so there for example else has got a little bit of money for early child which is my favorite parent their education system a bit of shopping for a car here and then and then we don’t have resources and together we will see it as a joint a collective delivery of blessings so yeah what senator it does if I come basically inch modular rankings Ordinaries project and one thing that although it creates a great positive practice change one thing that but where else in here yet sorry bestie

Oh actually finish your point I just want to eat this part of the aim is to raise awareness of Jordan Strauss was friendly way that rosary I would never heard about it I read about it anywhere in fact the things that you read about solving indigenous education problems at least two players been to take indigenous children out of their families attempt to boarding school so these are Tupac wishes what do you think of that approach and is there a plan to try and really spread the word about children so firstly spreading the word around the natural gem yes we need to do it but I’m very aware this it needs to prove itself cleaner awesome never mind if money but I probably a pretty intense but you know it early that’s the situation so we need to add the money and we need to prove ourselves before we can really celebrate it now I feel confident because so much of the model we’ve practiced and we know Israel but I need so yes we need to spread the word we even cautious about effective nobody globally and you’re dressed and trench disadvantage if we get it right this has no momentum equations my sister-in-law and then we’ll get one from Barrow Alaska they do this in a sense those particles in question they have messy organisms 30 years ago she helps Australian teaches the mines the conversation is why don’t people learn my advice 30 years ago all their battles effective audiences they come back what’s our essence bills all the SAP social issues no language culture really compromise struggling financially and they’re just out of the immersion school they’ve got prelims big flirt and that’s where her child will go to it is not the answer for our communities to remove them then we are a living example of a rich community with dr. may opportunity and still their second here in Australia the cost of tools down to that 50,000 volts the shop but her family sorry from a flowchart down for this it costs about that to put a child voice for Australia will you remove your child in the community and not shifting the quality of opinion so what were saying if we got people for 50,000 all of the year that whole community will have an opportunity for challenge so now I don’t think the community for some kids they do want it and families to watch it so it’s a bit it’s a choice thing although you’re imagining will feel very privileged to learn about children in structure and interesting yg me so please join me in thanking our fish