Stream Easy: Make a Custom Overlay in Photoshop

hey guys it’s alex and i’m back with another twitch tutorial first i just want to say i checked like my subscriber count because somebody told me to and I was like that’s that’s a lot of subscribers so thank you guys for subscribing even though it was all probably from one video because one video has like 50,000 views and some have like eleven but whatever anyway so I’m back with another twitch tutorial this one it’s not very widely requested but I actually I don’t know I kind of assume that people want to know how to do these things so this is how to make an overlay for your stream I’m not gonna go too in depth because that could take forever and like there’s like I’m not I’m not the best person to teach you how to use Photoshop or any kind of other photo editing software but I’ll kind of show you a couple tricks and in this case I do use Photoshop so I apologize if you don’t have access to that but I think that with what I show you here you’ll kind of get an idea of you know what you need to do to make your own overlay and you can kind of adapt it to whatever resources you have available to you okay so I’ll just start off by showing you a couple examples of some overlays that I’ve made now here’s one that I used for Wii U games this one is splatoon when I was playing that the obvious advantage to an overlay is it sets you apart from everybody else you can easily find an overlay online there’s hundreds of them out there that you know if you just type in twitch overlay or you know League of Legends overlay or whatever there’s a ton to choose from but it’s just kind of nice to make your own and I’m gonna teach you very basics of that this is my first overlay that I made right here which was for Minecraft and so I think I’ll probably teach you how to do something similar to this today and then you guys can kind of just play around from there if you do want to see some more in-depth stuff you know like I can recreate one of those other ones or something just let me know and I will be drinking water during this video because I don’t know how long it’s gonna take okay without any further ado the first step in creating your own overlay is going to be to go in game and get a screenshot of the game so I really should have done that in like the first three times I tried to make this video um but I’m just gonna Google one real quick in the correct resolution here okay this one has a big watermark on it but I’ll go for it okay so the reason that we want a screenshot in game there’s two reasons for it first of all it’s going to give you it’s gonna show you what you need to cut out of your overlay and everything like that where you want to add you know something to like if you want to add your webcam in here or whatever you want to do the second thing it’s gonna do is when you go in and you’re in full-screen it’s gonna give you the correct resolution so we don’t want to spend two hours on an overlay you know which I’ve done before I’ve spent like two hours on it overlay but you don’t want to do that if it’s going to be the wrong size for your game so you always want to make sure that you’re starting off in the correct resolution so in this case I am in 1920 by 1080 which happens to be what I stream in if you don’t know what you stream in here’s how you gonna do it pull this down OBS go to settings right here and when you go to broadcast settings or actually it’s gonna go to video here it’ll show you that you stream in 1920 by 1080 right here your base resolution so that’s what you’re gonna want to check before you do anything else once you know what size you you stream in go ahead and pull in your little screenshot here from your game and this is where we’re gonna begin okay so the first thing that I usually do is start a new layer because that way you know we’re not editing on top of this we can remove it if we want to all that good stuff and we will want to remove it at the end so start a new layer the question that I got today that made me make this video is how do I add a border to my gameplay so that’s actually really easy once you have your new layer just go ahead and hit ctrl a which is gonna select your entire thing here go to edit stroke inside stroke I’m gonna go with a pixel width of 10 click OK boom you have a border there that’s it’s not gonna do much for your overlay but it’s it’s a

start ok so the next most important thing when you’re streaming is probably a webcam because people want to see your face not just the game because it is about the personality behind the screen so the way I do that you again go into your OBS settings I’ll show you here one more time go into your settings sorry not here you’re gonna want to go into your webcam settings properties and it’ll show you the resolution of that your web camera chords in so mine is 1920 by 1080 again so here’s what you’re gonna do you’re gonna go to the shape tool which is right here that opens up a bar up here select the rectangle tool and then go to geometry options and you’re gonna want to select proportional to whatever your resolution is so if it was 1280 by 720 and that’s what you’re gonna want to put in there 1080 1920 there we go okay so we’ve got a proportional and so what that’s gonna allow you to do is you can click and drag a box so you can make your you know however big you want your webcam to be and it will always be proportional to your actual webcam size so like if you want let’s say you want your webcam to take up this area right here okay in between or you know what do they usually do I think it’s over here now that I think about it so if you want your webcam to take up this space here you click and drag and this will be the proportion it’ll be proportionate to what you need okay so let’s move it right down there and then usually what I do or let’s just continue from there so we have that the next thing you want to probably do is like add in your name and stuff like that or you want to add in your chat and everything if you want to create borders for your chat you can just use the shape tool but let me just show you so this is very basic most of the cool things that you can do are actually outside of photo editing but I’ll show you just a couple of things so we’re gonna go ahead and rasterize this layer you right click hit rasterize that allows you to do like basic edits to it I don’t know what the actual word means I probably should have learned that a long time ago but I didn’t so sue me so next thing you select both your layers here when you’re using a computer just hold ctrl and it allows you to select multiple things I will usually merge these layers and then we can add what’s called a stroke to it so that will kind of let’s see so the stroke if you can’t see L good get rid of this here right click blending options stroke so you can add different colored borders that’s basically all it is is it’s like an extra little border there what the stroke allows you to do is it allows you to kind of like get a bevel and emboss if you wanted to do that see like an outer bevel that kind of thing looks cool sometimes you just play around with it like I think the stroke and boss looks pretty good but it allows you to also kind of create color harmonies and/or like color contrasts and stuff like that like let’s say you’re playing a really dark game if you’re playing a dark game like this and you want this to show up a little bit better you can go on your stroke and make it white or you know it depends if you want your overlay to blend or if you want to create some contrast but let’s just I’m just gonna create contrast for now just to give you guys an example now another cool thing that I like to do is add gradients I think that because this is all one solid color right which is nice but you can see in my very basic minecraft one I have like kind of a range it goes from the light blue to the to the dark blue there so the way you do that is there’s actually a tool for it in Photoshop it’s right here it’s the gradient tool you can select whatever colors you want so in this case I have the basic gradient that it gives you is gonna go from your two color selections here so if you wanted it to go from green to like mm to like lime green or something and then go in here that’s actually a pretty nice-looking gradient there so what you want to do is you can kind of you get this little crosshair tool and what I do is I hold shift that way the gradient is straight up and down and you kind of just like you know move it so hold shift if you don’t like how much green showed up or whatever you know you can hit ctrl Z and give it like a smaller stroke the green will start basically from where you pull from where you start and to where you go to the bottom it’s basically the starting point is where your blue starts and the end point is where your green starts and it’ll just fade really nicely in between so once you close that you can kind of see it fades into green there you know if that’s not the kind of thing you wanted you just hit control Z or if you want to undo multiple things hold ctrl alt and then hit Z that’s like a

multiple undo but let’s say you want the green to be more in my case I kind of want more blue so I can start the blue down a little bit further again wherever you start is your start point that’s where the first color starts and wherever you end is your second point that’s where the green starts so there you have it so like I said I want more blue I’m gonna probably leave it something like that okay whoops so that’s what we’re left with right now that’s pretty basic but we can mess with it from here so let’s see what else do we want to do here mmm with League I mean it’s such a nice looking game on its own that you don’t really need to add too much but here’s another thing that you can do let’s say one thing that I did in the Minecraft one then I’ll show you is you can go to like the shape tool let’s say and well you can make your own shapes or you pull things online whatever you want to do but let’s say that you wanted to create your own overlay over this thing here okay mmm start it like that whatever okay so let’s say that you don’t like you know what league did here with like the rocks and everything and you want it to be you know this shape and you want it to blend in to your webcam or whatever the case is okay so if we were gonna do that here’s how you do it basically you need to go with your selection tools there’s a ton in Photoshop for instance here’s like a square selection you want to select the area that you want to see kind of like that and then you go back into this layer and you delete that’s why we have to rasterize it so it’s editable there you go you delete it and so now it’s gonna show through you said I mean so let’s see in this case once you once you select like let’s say it’s a button that’s all the same size you don’t want to you know create a new box every time because that’s just gonna keep messing with the size so you can just move it over and you can even move this up and kind of align it and then delete just like that okay you I’m clicking this little box here it’s like a little eyeball that’s going to show it visible and invisible so you move it to the next one make sure it’s selecting everything show it again you know if you want to move it over you can then delete whoops but I deleted it from that first so always make sure that you’re selecting the correct layer when you’re deleting like that but as we can see here it’s not really working out the best because the buttons are a little bit closer that like you if we had wanted this to work out where we didn’t have to you know go in and delete all the space in between then we would have wanted to make a smaller selection here but anyway I’m just gonna go ahead and delete everything in between so go into here delete that okay anyway so you would do this for everything that you want to do I’m just gonna say screw it let’s select this entire bar like so you know whatever just just for an example because I don’t want to take too much time but you can select the entire bar there and then you can go back and you can select this on its own or whatever you want to do all right go in here select that what other information do we want from here health and mana so let’s grab this whatever you know I’m not gonna make it perfect right now but you guys get the idea hopefully so you go into this layer delete that so now it’s gonna show you how the mana through it and we’ll even have it delete off of there I think that’s that’s okay I suppose it’s not that important whatever anyway you guys get the idea so Lego saying so let’s say you know you want to make it all custom whatever and that’s when you can go to this this shape here mess with this you can add a inner shadow or whatever the heck oh that’s not the one this one here right click blending options is your friend drop shadow if you want you can add an outer glow like that whatever you want just just mess with it you’re gonna have textures patterns stuff like that now blend mode is one of the ways that you can kind of make things your own so like I can choose the pattern of these bubbles and then just like kind of flip through the blend modes until I find one that I like you know if I actually liked any of these you can also load in other

patterns online which is like a really cool way to kind of customize and things like that but again I’m just showing you really basic you can do gradients if you wanted to you know whatever you want to do you can just mess with it but let’s say that we were happy with it how it is you know great beautiful so we’re done here okay so what you want to do once you have it exactly how you want it all the information that you want shown for your overlay and you can see the difference you know here’s let’s see here’s how the game looks without it here’s how the game looks with it you know it’s not great but you get the idea so once you have it done you’re gonna delete your screenshot go to file save it as and you’re gonna want to save it as a dot PNG file the reason for that is because it keeps the transparency and that transparency is very important so we’re gonna save it and windows 10 I don’t know how I feel about it like some of this it just seems slow sometimes anyway okay so now here’s what we’re gonna do all the OBS stuff so I’m going to go we’re gonna right-click in our sources go to add image this is gonna be our overlay browse to the desktop or wherever you saved it and here’s my new League of Legends overlay so you can see that when you add it in it’s all transparent if we saved it as and this may happen to you so pay attention if you save it as like a JPEG or don’t want to save it as that if you save it as a JPEG overlay JPEG whatever this is what’s gonna happen to you we right-click we add a source of an image you go overlay to select the overlay hit OK it’s gonna keep all that transparency is gonna turn white which we don’t want so that’s what you save as a dot PNG image okay so we have our overlay and now this is kind of where you can get fancy with it like in my case when I went when I went did this screen you know I added a gif you can add this right here let’s see this thing that’s highlighted in red that is actually my my twitch chat so that will if people are typing in chat that I’ll actually show what it is and then you know you can add your name or whatever you want to do I had a bunch of stuff here but anyway so we can kind of add to this now so we have a spot for the webcam so we can go ahead and move this the important thing is that your overlay is gonna be above the game but most likely below everything else depending if you’ve done it better than I have okay that’s bright so edit your scene go to your webcam let’s see edit scene and you can kind of edit it you see position in size reset size okay way too big so when you’re editing on OBS you don’t want to hold shift like in most programs because that actually undoes the constraint or portions but anyway so as you can see what we did here you know the little outline for the for the webcam that we made in Photoshop fits perfectly if we were to load up that league image here go ahead and add image the you know but in this case it would actually be your game play if we were to load this in and then move this down you can see that you know it fits everything works and so like now while you’re playing you have your kind of overlay obviously for some games it’s not the best but let’s say you did add this border and you can see how it kind of cuts into like you know all this other stuff we can actually let’s see it might not look the best but you can actually change the size of league you can just edit the scene whoops see make it a little bit smaller and then move it back into place on your overlay the only issue is you can probably see some of the buttons are like really close now just because whatever size you make your overlay in if you’re working off of a game screen you’re going to want to keep the game that consistent size or else you’re gonna have some inconsistencies with your overlay so that’s why if we let’s see position fit to screen for for league let’s see position fit to screen this is how we made our overlay so you kind of want it to be full screen at all times

but you can you can see that it is cutting in two leagues own overlay so you want to be conscious of that when you’re making it for whatever game you’re choosing but anyway so like I was saying this is where you can kind of play with stuff so like let’s say you want to add a chatbox let’s see edit scene so my chatbox like if I was you know playing league let’s say I want it over here or something you know so now I can move that there and I’ll have I’ll now have like you know you can people can see your messages on there we’re gonna add image if you have anything else they’ve made for yourself in Photoshop and things like that like I believe I do let me see I should have like a frequent section somewhere in here twitch twitch okay so let’s say you know where do I have it life and pixels some nails nope dude I’m so unorganized League overlay nope icon I forget it let’s just say he was just gonna add so to it anyway so like my new follower like just whatever you wanted to do if this was your name if your twitch name was new follower you could add that there all that other stuff just just mess with it you can add in like text if you wanted to throw that in like all the empty spots so edit this move it over here let’s see what else do we got follower alert overlay I mean that’s that’s pretty much all you need to make your own overlay I feel like there’s so much more I could teach you guys in this video it’s not over yet you know I mean for example how I made this one like you can just go online let me just go ahead and do this real quick so let’s just go with like Google sorry Twitter mmm logo right so you go in here you find the Twitter logo like if I wanted to use this one just view it save it whatever okay and then we’ll go ahead and add this back add in image Twitter okay you know what this is messing us up isn’t it because I need to take off this image here here okay so like you can go in right click you know add image just like we have been the whole time but like you can you know if you wanted to plug yourself or whatever the case is just go ahead and like put this down here go ahead and add some text and text Twitter here whatever you want to call it Twitter handle life in pixels and pick a nice font for ourselves like Microsoft Jing hey you I you know it’s pretty standard stuff go ahead and put that there you know whatever you want to do if you have any other questions I mean I feel like there’s I mean it was a basic tutorial like I said you know but I just think that there was more we could have covered so if you guys do want to know anything that you saw that I minded that might not be screaming out to me that like you want to be able to do out of any of these things because it’s all honestly really really basic but you can see even my terrible photo editing skills are enough to kind of give me I think somewhat of a clean look you know you just got to play around with color play around with options and don’t be afraid to get weird with it too it’s like let’s go let’s go here let me move this up so I’m going to take off the overlay let’s take off Twitter I don’t do that take off the overlay okay and the current time we don’t need that because it’s not even working right now darn you Windows 10 okay don’t be afraid to get weird to fit like you can add in if you don’t want your border to be like a normal border let’s go back to the shape tool or you can go to the pen tool you know like whatever you want Photoshop has a ton of cool pens and stubble let’s say you want your bottom border to be grass you know I mean add some grass who cares it’s your stream it’s nobody else’s but of course we want to be working on a new layer here new layer bottom border is now grass how cool is that right just choose whatever colors you like it’s always gonna go based off of these two colors so choose the first primary color and a secondary color go with that boom

grass borders let’s say you want to have a tree I don’t know if I can do a tree right now but you can find a clipart tree I’m gonna do it for you right now a tree clipart let’s go if this guy cool you image holy that’s a huge image save full this thing in here now that’s the Twitter logo where was the tree okay tree for some reason way above the Twitter thing let’s say you want a tree as your other side border boom you have it you know what I mean like don’t be afraid to do whatever you want let’s say you want you to chat to be out of a tree like if this was literally your and let’s put the tree below below the grass you know boom but if this was your your your overlay I don’t think people would even be upset they’d be like and that’s a cool overlay you know let’s see let’s put the tree above it but then put some grass okay and then you know what maybe you have your chat inside the leaves of the tree or you can put your webcam there or whatever the heck else you want to do let’s move this over yeah like okay let’s say let’s say this is going to be it right and then what else do we have let’s get a let’s get a cloud up in here or better yet I’ll just like let’s see let me duplicate this and then we’ll take this and we’ll spin it right and then we’ll make this blending options color overlay whoa oh sorry I saw this as like part of it which we don’t want okay so I deleted it now blending options color overlay let’s make this puppy white and we’ll go with like I don’t know yeah let’s just make it white whatever or we’ll do a gradient you know what gradients are cool gradient let’s reverse this and go what delete that much more white much more light no all right we’re gonna have a great cloud okay it’s a stormy day on our stream so let’s say this was your thing right so you save it or you could even do let’s see you can go to your selection tool go to fixed ratio of 1920 no that’s not gonna work forget a fixed ratio fixer size 192 I don’t know what I’m doing guys forget this business you don’t need to do that anyway hey okay actually I’m going to do it so let’s go back to our shape tool go to the let’s see go to the rectangle proportional to 1920 by 1080 that was our webcam size select this area and then what you’re gonna do is select rasterize this select it delete it go into your tree or your cloud delete it you can go like with a blending option of inner glow or something and then let’s increase the size then it go just a little bit okay whatever let’s just say that that was I think file save as PNG yomama dot PNG just to show you that nobody cares what your what your overlay looks like you know like you can get crazy as you want alright click Add image oh I should be showing you how to do that sorry OBS it’s the the issue with two monitors and streaming it’s like I can do whatever I want but then you guys can’t see it overlay okay overlay 221 process browse rather okay yo mama overlay click boom okay and then like you take your your webcam move it up into the clouds instead boom I’m like the weatherman you said I mean and now it’s like if I’m playing a

game here like let’s see steam Windows 10 is weird guys let’s let’s play transform nice play are you gonna be mad that I’m playing transformice in a cloud are you mad I don’t think so and let’s say that I like I was saying I would maybe but you want your chat in the clouds here make sure that your overlay is below it here okay so we want here’s what we want we want our webcam to be underneath the overlay so we get that nice border on it but we want the chat to be on top of the overlay in this case because I didn’t make it cut out for it right so that’s where my chats gonna be or whatever the case is it doesn’t look perfect but like it’s just an illustration guys come on give me a break we’ll have you know current time up here somewheres current time that’s right underneath the chat or you can have your name there whatever you want you know whatever dude and Here I am playing transformice in the clouds and it’s beautiful and glorious yeah so I’m sorry I’m gonna end the video here I maybe you had a little bit too much fun with that one so yeah leave comments if you have any extra questions always save it as a dot PNG file make sure the background is transparent if it’s not transparent select all the white or all the background color and delete it and that way you’ll get you know what you need here that’s all I got guys that’s all I got in the grass if you don’t want to don’t want to waste any space go ahead and put your put your Twitter handle down here boom birds in the trees you guys oh there you go Twitter handle down here you know whatever I don’t care you don’t care and then put the text down there whatever I’m sorry okay I’m gonna leave now leave a comment leave any questions thank you guys for subscribing because there’s a lot of you now more than I thought because I like haven’t posted a video in two months or whatever and if you want me to post more in-depth things I’ll do it for you good luck you