SONIC BOOM Rise Of Lyric patch version 1.1.0 part 5

here’s a bounce pad hey over here I need your help can you help me I can’t cook without ingredients I can’t get ingredients if robots are attacking and stealing my food supplies you follow I need you to head down to the food supply area and destroy all the robots in a chef who can’t cool a chef that can’t cook isn’t that called a waiter I hurt you you big red brick red lobster I meant I need food to cook not that I cannot cook ah look at me I’m explaining myself to these creatures are probably live off chili dogs please go save my food who burned his toast haha good one how’s that feel do you Booya just taking these for science not too late to run away argue there’s enough for everyone nice work Amy the robots are all cooked you did it my food is said thank you I want to give you something I thought I

want a medal for my cooking sake it was not I do not know what it is actually I found it yeah that doesn’t make it any less special as a reward here take they’re excavating a giant robot I would love to see it up close but the scaffolding isn’t done I wonder if there’s a way for us to help them out the big improvement looks like we can climb up there now anyone want to try it no but I assume we’re gonna try okay let’s work our way up there better be something up there I feel like a pinball wait there’s something up here why don’t they use some dynamite it appears that they’re out of it I think we can help him out boom goes the dynamite it is great let’s go I can do this all day the fathers are taking out to the road look I made a road whoo mine carts can never grab too many rings falling rocks ahead sweet boost pad and I’m awesome built for speed whoa almost there great job right bad ok

that is cool these crystals are pretty cool knuckles approves you there will you be willing to help out an old lonely sailor I see you’re in the market for a boat well I am in no position to sell you one however what I can do is offer you a deal this board isn’t working it needs parts and there are a lot of spare parts around here if you can help me collect them or let you take my boat to you all right we have a deal oh you want to fight Julia found the first one I’ll make this quick this has a familiar ring to it one more to go this should put that old vote in working

order calls for a spin dash the boats be fixed she be seaworthy take it easy on her journey safe you you oh okay stay calm no need to panic just a little water this is amazing I think I’m getting the hang of this we know where we gotta go water cannon nice what is that thing over there we’re firing straight at me do something more really let’s rock this all right any ideas I didn’t shoot these guys down come on guys you I think I need to invent autopilot Oh knuckles are you even steering alright

incoming you see that I shot a tree timber you auto pilot standstill I can’t take you never wins man he tries I’m trying this isn’t easy stop shooting at us you always miss stand still I can’t hit you knuckles are you even steering knuckles are you again steering yelling annoying Oh I’m trying and it isn’t easy can’t catch me now here I am I’m out of here Here I am I need to invent auto 5 I have you now dodge this take that chuckles fly straighter get some glasses no now excuse me you’re scaling itself I’ve got good news and bad news you don’t seem to be holes in the map and now that we got the bad news out of the way the good news is I killed our mortal enemies sonic Addis stupid friends I expected you to fail doesn’t matter my drill Oh worms are hard at work searching for crystals will have the first one soon you I see a road ahead that means speed awesome huh well road roads are usually safe look there is a bounce pass if Donna take me someplace cool rings are life baby um we go

looks like the road has obstacles Oh found it this is what speed looks like hey we survived that nice last one to the bottom is a rock man yeah cowabunga yeah I don’t like getting wet Master knuckles booster up and over nice job big blue do it right keep going built for speed oh yeah it’s like these tracks were built for me pad yeah all right can slow sonic down you that was incredible did you see us in action yeah you guys were a great supporting cast Thanks what I think we all contributed oh sure I’m just saying I’d probably contributed a bit more unbelievable yes I was thank you you