Sack Time – Homebrew Wii U running Gamecube Tutorial (plus bonus collection footage!)

oh we’re leaving this okay so this evening I’ve been screwing around with us all day long and I I finally got a really good example in sort of lowdown on how to get GameCube games on your Wii U so it’s kind of a lengthy process but we’ll make it nice and easy for everybody just we can there’s a couple things we’re going to to presuppose which is that you have the homebrew channel on your system and there’s a whole process to this I’m not gonna tell you guys how to do that I’m not gonna be responsible for you breaking your wheeze or whatever it is but what we’re gonna be doing right now assuming you have the homebrew channel installed it’s up to date you get all the way the stuff you just need a 2gig SD card and you can you can do this with a whole bunch of other stuff USB drives or larger SD cards of course but we’re gonna go ahead and take you through the process I’m exactly what it’s going to entail to get GameCube games running under Wii U now you are going to need a normal game not GameCube well a Wii as well because we’re going to basically be utilizing this as we’ll call the catalyst that allows these games to play it’s kind of complicated but I’ll explain hopefully pretty simply so grab your SD card throw in your computer I’m going to throw it in as hard as I can that’s where this is going now I don’t know if you can see this very well here’s our computer the the link that was provided on go to Nintendo I’ve actually provided that down below in the links we have something called the GC devil which from the website 4d evolution is provided it just called GC Devo zip okay and what we’re gonna end up doing is popping open the the devil file and you decide to see a folder called apps go ahead and actually computers being local we would just copy that straight into your your the root folder so the only applications currently in there is GC dev oh now I found something else earlier called cleaner of also provide a link for that below and this is what we’re going to be using to grab the files from the the GameCube games go ahead and just pop that open to clean rip stick it in the same app folder see I think we might be under apps apps okay so I’ve already messed everything up we’re going to go ahead and actually pop this set of apps out on to the desktop and stick them in the correct folder so it’s not apps apps because that doesn’t work so your card will be the root folder and then apps and then clean rip and GCT you go these only two things you’re gonna need for this entire process mmm now take your card out right yeah go ahead and grab securely your regular we just take the card inside okay so what that does and you can go ahead and focus on the TV for now that pops us into our main screen I recognize there’s an SD card and we’re gonna pop over to the homebrew channel coming here to start and keep in mind this is this is really weird the way this has to work is your system has to pair a remote and the remote is going to be basically your ambassador between both of the systems now what I mean by that we’re gonna go over here to clean rip and you go ahead just start this up as normal go to load and we’re gonna take kind of a small disc today listen to me the Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest so there mmm everything’s a whole mess because we’ve been doing junk all day long stick the disk like normal and here we and we’re going to go ahead and do is disclaimer off there is not responsible for any damage that could occur I haven’t come across anything detrimental today that’s fine proceed to continue and we’re going to be using the front SD card slot you can’t use the USB so can use this insert an SD fat32 formatted device we’ve done that already make sure yours is formatted appropriately press a this says read dump dad found I’ve found download them now I’m not sure that means so the thing about this is I don’t have super tech savvy when it comes to a lot of this stuff I just go ahead and say yes and it seems to be fine so it’s going to initialize the network okay network initialize my my PE downloading some crap saving whatever downloading whatever this is amazing technology is incredible it’s only to tell you right now invalid zip file down and that comes up every single time I don’t know if that means insert a disk okay now we’re ready to start ripping the actual files from the disk we’ll just say hey be

continued initializing disk and what it’ll do is it just starts ripping it I believe that’s all there is to it for now so let’s go ahead and let this do its thing copy cancel I’m going to get a an extra time on accident okay disk let it go okay make sure no cats are for ants you’re touching buttons on the controller so its might take a little bit for this to download the file to your drive there’s a couple other things we have to do after that which is moving the files we can rename them appropriately and I’ll show you this is going to be completely uncut because I’m recording on an iPhone it’s the only real device that I’ve got for recording video and it doesn’t play friendly with premiere so when I can edit the file in the meantime let’s go ahead and talk about pre-fund and this is a printer that was released by Sega and you could actually get up to an AV input this is totally unrelated hook it up to an AV input and sticks a sort of photo paper in there and add some little ink cartridges and you could print screenshots from video games or have paused movies from replay games which is my very first job retail location locally owned store actually my first job ever unless you count me kissing the ladies so bad oh yeah we’ve still got a couple like a couple minutes so it’s we’ll do like a quick history tour of everything that’s going on because I’m not gonna cut this 6:32 keeps shifting around alright we can talk about the sake of pico sega pico was a system released by Sega that was basically a children’s learning device it had storybooks of sorts that you could let me see this people should be a lesson let’s take a peek oh they’re doing this correctly you know watch me just folly and fumble my way through this whole thing that’s Spanish for delicious there we go hold that thing in right so you haven’t ever to use this because I collected and this came with a Richard Scarry book and it was like an interactive pen tablet kind of thing hook it up to your TV play some games cook some some goods with some pigs I feel bad because um anybody who’s watching this you can probably fast-forward this video by about six four minutes at this point five minutes we’ll say and and all of this in fact I’ll try to make some cool exciting huge hand motion on the thumbnails below when you’re scrubbing over the video feed to let you know that you should probably stop so you couldn’t look at the rest of this video you’re talking about the game calm the Vitara supervision the Gameboy Advance SP paper promotional item when I was working at you be used to make noises a good pop up and it would make the Gameboy turn on just cat hair all over it and cool got a bunch of green consoles over here green PSP green DS Lite ninja turtle van Mario vs. Donkey Kong sealed Majora’s Mask fans once your stuff up here maybe if I have enough people interested Allah will go through the whole thing we’ve enough time right now man colored 64 I don’t know do you have any suggestions get behind the camera nope nothing all right let’s keep doing this how about the Mario Artist Series for the 64 disc drive came out in Japan it has a mouse and it’s basically a very deluxe Mario Paint this one in particular there’s a couple of polygons editing studio there’s a sound editing studio this one came with the mouse this one has a audio captured cartridge and video capture so you could make sweet videos on your 64 in Japan we’ve got brain dead 13 on the 3do we’ve

got a copy of jam with the band that you got so BAM brothers the Japanese release from the UK fantastic little game if you get a chance import a copy in fact maybe we’ll start selling them online in our art shop um copy of a ties for the NES copy of ducktales to Phineas copy of Bowser bobblehead for the shelf copy a guitar for the stand um a Miyamoto signed a gameboy that was pretty exciting I know I’m very thrilled but back in you three 2005 you get a chance to meet the guy and my competition espying that was maybe the best moment of my life talk about Neo Geo X the 3do the CDI copy device let’s see how this is 2 minutes left ok cool making good time Reggie sign this game here this is a device for the Super Famicom and you can you copy games to floppy discs this one’s not going to eject yes you guys have to play this game forever whatever it is this is more of a clickable anyway I don’t even have any floppy disks but you would stick a cartridge in here and you could copy several files until like the 3.5 millimeter for some inch floppies and play them later and you know back in like the mid 90s this is probably really cool and that’s collectible it’s kind of neat but obviously it’s tremendously impractical and nobody actually wants to use one there does mgh means innovation if their slogan on top of the product suppose is good with the Nomad back Famicom 3d system glasses Virtual Boy give me people entertained chase McCain sitting next to a Sharpie I feel bad this video is gonna be an extra just seven minutes long for no reason other than that we have to wait I guess I don’t have to you but like you know I want to show everybody exactly what’s going on and make sure that like the major steps just aren’t missed because it’s a it’s a process man took a lot of trial and error today to figure things out and get things ready and what’s cool about it though is that we will get a chance to show you some of the controller nuances and why the the classic controller Pro for the Wii U is terrific one thing is it’s extremely sensitive and oh we can actually go into a quick quick rant right now because I was playing f-zero GX earlier today and you can use the you can use the pro controller which is terrific fantastic device what they did though whoever invented this did not allow for a customizable button set which in most cases is fine for an adventure game Mario Zelda whatever not going to have any problems for f-zero it remaps b/2a why to be X to Y and a to X so it’s for an adventure game where you can just press whatever it’s not really a big deal but for f-zero you have to press B to boost or beat as your normal gas button and X is your boost now so it makes a little bit tricky on the fingers when you’re playing and Lennar seem to work just fine the control stick however is unbelievably sensitive and for certain games aiming or driving you are going to go nuts trying to to steer because on some Wii U games are the slight dead zone for the controller up here but for anything you’re playing on the Gamecube I’ve noticed there is not and you will just overall I will oversteer all over the place I don’t know which is me or can you unlock the rest of the racers that I normally use bio-rex and stuff like that but this thing is tremendously sensitive whatever the case alright it looks like we’re we’re ready here in just a couple seconds to to figure out exactly what’s going on okay so there also there’s a step by step copy completed nine minutes press a verify this is blood result or Karina okay so the the readme that comes with this whole thing is gonna be pretty

useful – let me check the disk just halfway for now because I’m gonna be using it in a second now pull your SD card out let’s go pick another computer shot over here okay let’s pop open and I actually made a very cute little folder called GCN and game few games Jayceon Wii games cuz we’re gonna be doing some other stuff and we’re going to open up the mash request folder that I made Ocarina Master Quest folder just so that we’ve got a place to put this now what it does when it rips all the files it gives you pretty much everything you’re going to need all in four different things the GC dat the dump info the actual ISO itself that’s the only real important file we’re going to need and this other BCA file so go ahead and grab all of those and pop them into a folder if you want to make a backup for yourself sorry that’s gonna take a second again but that’s that’s life there’s there’s no way around it we’re uh we’re being cautious here okay from that guy hmm seventeen percent complete okay when you copy to a USB Drive it goes a little bit faster but this is this is just take precautions so what we’ll end up doing is while we’re waiting for this let’s go ahead and focus back on the TV we want back on and you probably want to have a classic controller because a lot is functional you can’t do with a Wii Remote alone so it’s going to need the classic controller so let’s exit out of this someday it’ll exit for some beyond the actual remote yeah okay so now we’re back here to our home rule screen where we’re waiting for the SD card that’s in the computer so hold on a second it’s at 54% um it’s something I can show you the world nope that’s it like it can’t expect any more than that I am the wind I am son and one day we’ll all be one we’re gonna make everybody on the internet mad mad at me Mad Men MADtv Madness okay so this is almost finished now now we’re not done on the computer just yet because what we’ve got to do pop over here now once again on your SD card the only way the GameCube games can read is from a folder called games so just make sure you have a games folder on here and okay everything’s all finished copying I’m going to go ahead and delete everything except for the ISL let’s go ahead and rename this to Zelda Ocarina of Time – MQ okay let’s go and throw this in the games folder and that is enough to shift anything alright time to remove the SD card slot remove the SD card from the slot go ahead and stick this back in your original wheat and boom everything pops back up on the homebrew channel now we’re over here to devolution and we’re gonna press a and load it all up now this is actually the spot where it begins to to move the buttons around and it’s right now reading off of a file where you can connect a playstation 3 controller the Wii U classic controller or you can use just the remote and the normal class again for right now which I’m gonna recommend so in order to mount from the SD card let’s go ahead and if you look why over here is gonna back you out and B over here is going to accept I believe a is going to do the USB Drive so let’s go up and hit X and it brings it up in and says here select game okay cool so we’ve got a zelda oot master quest by yourself now what you’re gonna want to do is hit the beam but normally if you have other games you can cycle through them and just can be the ISO is all in the one folder but right now we just have Zelda go ahead and get B it’s going to load that resizing the memory card file and it will load up here in a second watch something bad happen okay

now the way this is going to work is I mentioned that this is going to be the Ambassador between the two systems what it does is it utilizes the volatile memory inside the Wii Remote to basically allow a Wii U to recognize that this game was able to be plays it’s hard to say why there has to be some sort of authentication I don’t know the long and short of it but that’s just the way it is so look over down here at the weave and what’s trying to do is it’s trying to load up the game and what it has to do first is authenticate the disk this is almost like some sort of weird DRM the disc right here is taking halfway out of the system while the drive flash is that you’re trying to read the ISO but it’s going to need this so we’ll go ahead and grab the disk let’s take it back in the system and this is where it begins to authenticate okay now we remote light is going to stay on and then it’s going to turn off or should turn off and it’s going to start flashing now what you’re going to do here is if you press Start it’s going to cycle well gonna turn back on again okay we’ll wait for that okay so now that it’s authenticated by the remote being on you can see up here on the TV everything is good to go now here on the Wii Remote your lights gonna start flashing and if you press the start button it’ll cycle between players 1 2 3 & 4 meaning you can actually this is idle mode that it’s a in right now which is kind of cool because we can use this idle mode to pop over to another controller if we had another controller Wii Remote or if you want to turn this thing on oh this is actually synced to the regular way so we’d have to resync this to the current wheat but it can do that I’ll show you here a second for the time being we’re just gonna go ahead and stick with this now once you press the home button it’s going to accept that as the slot that you are currently using so now we can go ahead and rumble feature sure but it’s making only this Rumble because this is never Rumble built into it it’s reading the virtual game disk well with the normal disk inside ok memory card slot is crossed and formatted I’m just gonna say now we’re not gonna save yes ok cool that’s totally fine alright so now we’ve got a curative time I’ll load it up running through the we off of the disk ok when you hold the power button it’s not gonna turn off the system it’s going to boot you back to the Wii Menu entirely it’s gonna long video isn’t it cool ok so to double check and make sure that everything is authenticated go ahead and eject the disk put this back in the case I don’t even or the case is ok whatever here alright put it back in the case throw it on your mom’s fireplace where your a fireplace whichever and just to test everything you know let’s uh snap the a button and pop over to devolution again go ahead and load as you would and go ahead and mount your whatever you’re going to be doing we’re doing the SD card the X button so game Zelda Ocarina of Time of course is oh it’d be to start so it’s going to check a couple more time then once this thing is verified as being on it will say oh we recognize this Wii Remote let’s go ahead and start the game press the home button so the light stays on we should be good to go so there’s Nintendo ok progressive-scan now that this is here I think actually takes a little bit longer to load Master Quest from from the SD card but see we’re good to go everything’s all set there’s no disk in there and we are now loading up either of the games based off of our SD card so now if you want to go ahead and do this in Wii mode a little bit tricky but it’s the same sort of basic principle we’ll turn this off take the SD card out okay now go ahead and pop this into your Wii you see that that’s the Wii U okay now we’re gonna do this with the with the pro controller because that’s way cooler so take the TV remote I’m going to pop over okay now for whatever weird reason the Wii U just today it loads up neither that’s still the same tiles that you

just saw mine in particular just don’t have any text there’s no text for some reason okay so now we’re gonna have to resync the the controller because this is the one this is again visit our ambassador this has to communicate back and forth between both systems let’s go ahead and get it ready to read let’s go ahead and press the button on here and hopefully in just a second did a little synchronize will be funny if it doesn’t make this process take extra long you know actually might have to resynchronize on the main menu and out in the homeroom menu so let’s uh resync out here and we should be good to go we these are picky so this is a little more troubleshooting and I’ve had to endure our lots of today but I can be figured out in most most situations okay go ahead and start the syncing process sync up the controllers and once these two have communicated they’re good to go okay I thought oh man this isn’t reading his controller – that shouldn’t be a problem pop over again to our homebrew channel and my my blank options are gonna pop up they still function the same for me it’s about a rare Oh devolution yeah we’re good to go I’m not sure what the deal is with that but I’ll figure it out at some point okay so we’re gonna go ahead and say load and now what I want to go ahead and do we’re gonna hit this which tries to load up this is slowly goes up as player two so it’s synchronizing to this that’s good to go and this actually is now under player three which means it still is trying to it’s it’s reading it’s communicating with a device so we should be good to go however this one over here this is unnecessarily complicated this is not even supposed to be on but now we’re gonna go ahead and mount from this side our time at request we’re pressing the X button let’s go ahead and hit B to start it okay so what it does at this point it D syncs all the controllers once again so just for the sake of getting a nice order set up here we can turn this on press the start button to cycle between all four okay and boom because this thing isn’t now attached it recognizes here over on the Wii U that we’re ready to start we hit the home button ready here it splits this is player controller one screen is set to progressive scan bada-bing the acronym time with the pro controller on the wheel so you are still gonna have to have the we set up because anytime you want to add a new game you’re gonna have to synchronize it with your main controller and just sort of keep that again as an ambassador between the two is a rumble feature and boom reads the game disk we turn on operative time and visually it’s not very much of a difference from the Virtual Console version it’s literally just you know the same game corrupted that formatting okay saving yeah that’s fine that’s fine and I believe it just because raising the SD card which has been in and out all day long lol and so boom yeah we’re good to go and this will work with pretty much any game anything that we’ve found so far unfortunately I can’t do an example with this because the way this game is emulated but if you have something loaded up like timesplitters we throw on there or the wind waker there are a handful of commands that are included in the the faq the little one readme file where if you press the home to put the controller to standby mode you can hold select and press left and it’ll shift the game into an actual wide screen or recalculate polygons and it’s very impressive it looks kind of cool you can actually go into extra live screen at 0 because already has a widescreen option but this will super widescreen it makes it look all weird you can also hold select and press down to do things like reset the system hold select and press up to have it switch to different ISO is if you’re doing the can multi disc game such as metal gear or resonable for select and right I actually can’t remember there’s a handful of other commands selected be if you want to like turn on an automatic screen dimmer for whatever weird reason things of the sort so basically that’s kind of it that’s the long short of it there’s a lot more in terms of nuances that you can do such as you know throwing on your own USB hard drive same kind of principle but I’m not going to go into that I just wanted to show you how this works why it works and just a couple pointers to look out for in terms of getting this to work relatively easily so if you follow those instructions you should be pretty good to go again I’ll have the links down below and

you can go ahead and you know let me know if you’ve any questions in the comments if I can help it anyway I certainly will I’m still learning a lot about this so if you guys know of things to do to make this easier or better for other people by all means let me know until then I’m gonna keep tweaking this and working on this and loading stuff up and hopefully they’ll be at least a better GUI for the entire thing it’s kind of unattractive being just a bunch of crappy dos fonts but um functionalities functionality stuff the bottom line other than that I think we’re pretty we’re pretty good to go for the evening try it out with you know a couple games I’ve already put about six or seven on there and everything seems to work well so far so if you guys could run acrost and compatibility issues everything else let me know and we’ll see you next time on sack time