V.M. Kwen Khan Khu: Incógnitas Develadas sobre el Camino Secreto // Entrevista N11 (con Subtítulos)

Welcome to all lovers of Gnosis Welcome to all those restless Spirits in search of the Path and who seek to clarify the doubts entailed by a Teaching like this, the gnostic Teaching For that, we are fortunate today, to count on the V.M. Kwen Khan, who is going to delight us with his knowledge, with his wisdom, and also with the experience of having been able to live the path and, thus, knowing the details which can help all of us in our process and on our own spiritual Path Therefore, we are going to offer all of you today a new interview with the Master Kwen Khan, which we hope to be an interview that will help you have a more profound knowledge of the Teaching and solve the esoteric doubts you may have Welcome, Master Thank you very much. Welcome to you, too We are once again very glad to have you here, and we are going to take advantage of the minutes we have in order to ask you a series of questions The first of them would be the following: We always tend to speak about slightly negative aspects in which we, the missionaries, tend to fall as the years go by, as time goes by, and we perhap start making mistakes in the mission We know that it is important to speak about these things precisely so you can illustrate them to us in order for us not to fall into negative aspects that can draw us away from the Path But in this moment, for this first question, we would like you to speak to us about those missionaries that are working well, about those missonaries who go to the missions you send them, who do good missions, who leave good groups, who have a beautiful and nice relation with the groups and who, ultimately, are doing a good work, a good effort. At esoterical level, how are these missionaries developing their spiritual process? Yes, well, I will gladly try to answer this question Firstly, I have to say that the missionary has a duty to his mission That is to say, a normal and ordinary person, who does not know the gnostic Teaching, is fairly normal not to know what a mission is, and also not to know what being a missionary means In this regard, we must speak about two types of missionaries: the one who has missional vocation and the one who does not Almost every time the missionary who has missional vocation

already brings from other existencies the Permanent Centre of Gravity in the matters of the Essence That makes this person to be born with great restlessness, enters Gnosis, and rapidly the yearning of becoming a spokesperson of these Teachings for mankind emerges; this is the vocational missionary There is the other missionary who does not bring this vocation and who runs the risk of entering Gnosis out of curiosity He remains a few years within the Teaching , and out of curiosity becomes missionary, but not because he feels this in the depths of his soul These are two things which we must understand because they are different Currently, both tendencies exist in our institution: there is the vocational missionary and there is the credential missionary This is how I name them The vocational missionary gives his life, his entire life, for Great Work of the Father, for V.M. Samael’s work and for serving the Institution that is the representative of the Teachings I have to say that a great part of the missionaries as I have already said in the previous interview- are not vocational ones So, for this reason, although the current Gnosis, the Gnosis presented by AGEAC, is of high quality, those type of missionaries do not succeed in realizing what they are receiving: in terms of doctrine, juridical assistence, economic assistence, etc But there is also – as I have already said- a reduced group of missionaries who are truly doing an extraordinary work Missionaries who are outside their countries, fighting against economic adversities; missionaries who sometimes, for various reasons, we could not succeed to finance themselves but they continue, waiting for Father’s help and they receive it; missionaries who do not fear destiny, who do not fear “tomorrow”; missionaries who work exclusively for Father’s work even if they do not have employment to allow them to sustain themselves economicaly, missionaries who are often single and are alone in far away countries… We do have such missionaries And I have to say that I am most pleased with this small group of missionaries who are delivering great work for their Real Being, for the V.M. Samael and for the Great Law Unquestionably that if those missionaries continue on this revolutionary, permanent, perseverant note, then, undoubtedly, these persons will advance on the Path from an esoterical point of view Some are already advancing I have to declare, even if I am not saying their names, that in AGEAC we already have missionaries who have awaken the Sacred Fire, who are raising their first Serpent of Fire, or their second one, or their third one… And I have missionaries who are amidst the fourth Serpent of Major Mysteries I have not made it public because it is not correct I have not received this order from the White Brotherhood, but of course that I am giving them my assistance internally and physically Then we would say, as the Christ said to his Apostles: «The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few»

When it is talked about the harvest it means wheat, crop The crop, meaning the Teaching, is great and unfortunately, as always, the workers who are giving everything for the Father, are few in this harvest And our institutional role through the Missionary Courses, well, it is precisely intended to send out a call to those souls, so they can find the Way back to the Father, because they are people with vocation Therefore, everything is not lost. There is fruit who is starting to germinate If things continue developing in the same manner these persons are expecting missional successes I apologize but at this point I am tempted to ask you, but if you cannot answer it is fine About how many missionaries are we talking about? Missionaries that have the fire awaken? Well, unfortunately, if we do the maths, it does not reach 10 people But I repeat, it is better than nothing These missionaries, Master, are missionaries that somehow comply with the efforts done by V.M. Samael Aun Weor? They comply with them halfway, because what was expected of this last effort made by the V.M. Samael for this humanity, before it is destroyed by cataclysms, what was expected was a bigger harvest, and it is still awaited. It  may also be the case that people with vocation deepen their efforts, their conscious sacrifices and voluntary suffering, and suddenly become suitable for the development of the inner Fires So actually we cannot say that the V.M. Samael is satisfied with what Gnosis has managed to achieve in the twentieth century and in this century so far, because in reality it is little But there is always the hope that at the last minute the Father, the Real Being of people, will operate miracles from within, and there may be people that all of a sudden feel a superior impetus and give a superior tone to their missionary work Master, are there people with the potential to reach a certain level on the Direct Path and on the Nirvanic Path? Yes Does everyone pertain to the Direct path? Or to the Nirvanic Path? No. Up to now what I’ve seen belongs to the Nirvanic Path, except for one or two people who follow the Direct Path Therefore, Master, this would mean that at some point these people that have developed their Fires and can keep rising them, at some point on the Path, by their own dynamics or due to their own personal tone, they will lean towards a more nirvanic Gnosis Yes, exactly. And it is their responsibility to follow the Nirvanic Path or abandon the Nirvanic Path and switch to the Direct Path At this time, in my personal opinion, it seems more necessary than ever That a Master like you is with us, because if these people, knowing the history of Gnosis and knowing that

even if a person has the Fire awaken, all the Ego is still within and the whole Beast is within, as has already happened in the history of Gnosis, it could happen here in the future. Which means that it is essential that you can guide these souls, these people who are now starting a path so tough and so dangerous as this Yes So that the same mistakes of the past are not committed again Yes. At that time – I am speaking of thirty or forty years ago – Master Samael got to the point of saying, while developing the Fifth Gospel, that Latin America would make a great harvest of Hanasmussen And that was prophetically fulfilled Many people awaked the Fires and lifted up to seven Serpents of Fire, and then, because they did not dissolve the Ego and did not work on thoroughly, they became demons, abortions of Mother Nature, traitors of the Avatar And that was precisely the cause of a kind of involution  experienced by Gnosis for years, and now Gnosis is just recovering from this involution  That was the great harm of not having done a complete and thorough work That, Master, could happen again to us when these souls, due to its natural tendency within the Gnosis, create nirvanic trends? Yes. There is always the possibility that on this Path, which is the double-edge razor, these things may happen That is   why you will have noticed that I am sending many messages always insisting on the necessity of dying, because we do not want to repeat The episodes of thirty years ago, which were catastrophic for the dissemination of the Teaching If these episodes had not happened, I would say that more or less twenty-five years ago Gnosis would have already spread throughout the whole world And only five years ago we have been able to reach countries like Mongolia, Vietnam, Seoul, South Korea, etc. We have covered Europe, Latin America was covered for a while, then it was burnt , and we are now returning to sow Gnosis as a new seed, That is, with the same Teaching but with the sights set high And our hope is that we can again convert Central America and South America in a flowery field, representative of the Teaching of the Christ of the Age of Aquarius Venerable Master, one of the successes of AGEAC, apart from your personal success in the Work, on the Path, having managed to complete the Work, it is precisely that you have risen and followed the trail of V.M. Samael Aun Weor The  loyalty to his work, to his line of work, to his Doctrine, to the way that Master Samael wanted Gnosis to be taught, and Missionary Courses to be done, and an institution as AGEAC to be managed, it has really done that today, fortunately, missionaries and members who know the Gnosis in AGEAC, are able to receive a clear Gnosis The question is: If all these people who are able to develop an esoteric spiritual life, work together, being either of the Nirvanic Path or the Direct Path, working in the same direction,

as you have done with the Avatar, then logically the successes of Gnosis in the future must be marvellous… That is right What can you say about this? We have now an extraordinary platform didactically and dialectically, because the Missionary Courses which was done thirty, thirty-five years ago, could not offer to students the teaching materials we give today It did not have at that time the means available today Today we give plenty of material in the so called CDs, small disks containing a number of things inherent to missionary life. At that time the ones taking notes had it, but the ones who were not writing would lose those explanations Today we have a logistics service that corrects spelling errors and horrors that existed previously in the works of Master Samael Now that department polishes the books, fully respecting the entire contents of each book of the Avatar, and we offer them at an outstanding quality that the works of the Christ of Aquarius never had before Today missionaries have a place of pilgrimage -the Summum Supremum Sanctuarium-, a House of the Pilgrim where they can stay and a Mausoleum where we honour the memory of that who is saving our souls in this very Kali Yuga These things did not exist before Today missionaries are assisted in clinical emergencies, legal emergencies, in economic emergencies, by a Missionary Fund At that time there was no Missionary Fund In such a way that the platform is already done, what is lacking is the response of the people If people value what we have now and understand it, then the path of Gnosis will be successful from now on If unscrupulous people continue to come out, as we have lately detected, people that come to our Missionary Courses and then engage in denigrating Gnosis because certain personal whims were not satisfied, because they thought Gnosis was a fantasy in their mind If there will be more people of this kind in the future, we would have to go back to the struggles we had thirty years ago with the consequent moral pain for all the brothers in general Master, you have fulfilled gradually, over time, all the plans that the V.M. Samael Aun Weor had The question is: are there more things to do? Are there more plans of the Master to accomplish here in the physical world before all this comes to a total decline? Well, personally, I have always had the goal, since I was a simple Second Chamber member, to fight with all the strength of my soul to bring out the image that corresponds to this Doctrine, seeing the sacrifices that the V.M. Samael had to face for this Teaching to arrive to all of us When I had to live directly the sufferings of the Avatar, which I did not see in its entirety but I saw much of it, my soul was cringing And I always swore to myself: “If one day the Great Law puts in my hands

a Gnostic Institution, I will not hesitate.” And I have not hesitated in giving it the tone and the image that Gnosis deserves as the only Regenerating Doctrine that exists. To that I have devoted my life, and I do not regret it at all On the contrary, I feel terribly pleased with myself, infinitely grateful to the Being, infinitely grateful to the Great White Lodge, to our Guru who has supported me and supports us all, to the Great Law for having mercy and for giving me things that were never given to others That is, I am not talking about personal things, the blank checks were given to me to be used in favour of Gnosis. And so they’ve been I have not used them for my benefit, I have used them so that the World Salvation Army can have a definite shape someday and that the Teaching is recognized worldwide as something serious, profound and far-reaching Master, according to your point of view, do you think that the World Salvation Army is being formed? Well, to form an army is not easy, not even an army in the physical world You know that to form an army in military academies, it is necessary to discipline human groups, sometimes over four intensive years, day and night morning, afternoon and evening, so that they become real soldiers If it takes four years to form a simple marine, let us say, to defend a country, then to defend the Soul, what needs to be done is even more demanding thing to do Unfortunately, a missionary is not formed in a Missionary Course That is something both you and I say In a Missionary Course we deliver the essential tools so that every person who is doing the Course, as they move on, as they try to walk the Path, they will become missionaries, ascetic persons, they will become stoic, they will turn into paladins, right? And then from paladin one can become a Master So we cannot, spiritually speaking, set a number of years to say: “Now the World Salvation Army is ready”, especially in a Kali Yuga, in which people’s longings are directly or indirectly bombarded by the Antichrist Then clearly, it is like a person on the battlefield and at a given moment is grazed by a bullet He is not killed, but grazed and so he falls to the ground, and with difficulty the blood dries and he gets up again and keeps going forward. Now if he is a clever soldier, perseverant, if he takes precautions and is better prepared before fighting, of course that will allow him to keep going upwind or downwind And that’s what we expect of our soldiers, that they are not put down by the early blows of the combat, but that they are brave, and get up, heal their wounds and return to the battlefield. Because it is normal, this is a battle although we are not using guns, rifles, pistols or grenades. It is worse, it is an invisible battle, because we are attacked in what animates us, which is the soul Then of course, the effort becomes double: physical and mental

It is very different to fight on a battlefield, where the one who has more resources always wins, than to fight on an invisible battlefield in which we do not know where or by whom we will be striken. Then we have to strengthen and amplify our weapons, which are: self-observation, meditation, discipline, runes, etc., so that we can strike back wisely You often said, Master, that to rise in a Kali-Yuga is not easy That is right I imagine you are referring to all this that you are talking about, right? Yes. One thing is self-realisation in a Golden Age or a Silver Age, even in a Copper Age, because in those ages light still shines In the Golden Age light shines in all its splendour Wherever you go there are Mystery Schools, Temples, Masters, risen Angels helping people, etc In the Silver Age light decreases, but there is still a lot of light Civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, civilizations such as the Mayans, belonged to the Silver Age. They were extraordinary civilizations In the Copper Age light becomes obscure already, but even in the times of ancient Rome, which was the Copper Age, or of Greece, people saw on the streets apparitions of Goddess Diana, or Goddess Venus, or Mars, etc., with the eyes open This means that the Darkness had not filled everything, it was beginning to fill The Iron Age means the absence of the Gods, the twilight of the Gods It is the famous apostasy of which St. Paul spoke, the negation of Divinity. Nowadays speaking of God to people generates a reaction of mockery towards whoever mentioned the word God, right? They say sarcastically: “You still believe that aircrafts lay eggs…”. Things like this The unvenerable is venerated, perdition is venerated, everything that is degrading is venerated; it becomes a totem Then of course, to make the Philosopher’s Stone in such an environment where religions are attacked, or the very religions destroy themselves, is not easy, I tell you it is not Because one has to fight against personal and external darkness It is a double fight And one needs to have morale to persevere and not bow before the Antichrist How much time, Master, approximately – we always like to know more or less the time necessary for the being able to do the inner work-, of how much time are we talking about here in this physical world? Look, to start with, if the person, any person, was not born with the internal Bodies because he has never worked in other existences in the lit Forge of Vulcan, in the mysteries of the Tantra, then this person has to take the effort of working in the Forge of Vulcan for twenty years Twenty years to create the internal Vehicles Then another twenty years to make those Bodies shine like gold – that already corresponds to the Second and Third Mountains- In total, forty years The average life expectancy today in Central America and South America is sixty or seventy years. In North America is eighty years In Europe is between seventy five and eighty years But of course, economic deprivation increases each day; the diseases increase each day; each day

stress destroys people’s health; each day cancer and strange diseases increase… Thus, if we need forty years in total to do the Great Work if we do not have the Bodies created, it means that the time is very short for us The ones who have the internal Vehicles created, they have to dedicate twenty years to death and to inner development, that is, to the First mountain, the Second Mountain and, if time is enough, the Third Mountain. But as things stand today Of course, I hope everyone gets to know the Three Mountains, unquestionably, but it is not easy. But if someone creates his Vehicles, awakens the Fire in those Vehicles and gets the seven Serpents of Fire out of this life, I would say that he has already done well, because in the next existence he can continue with the values that will protect him since birth Everything you are saying, Master, is truly a very valuable information, and we thank you a lot Now we would like you to talk a bit about communication Yes The V.M. Samael Aun Weor is a natural communicator, because, with very simple language, he has really managed to convey an extraordinary Teaching Those who are seeing these videos and already know you, know that you are an extraordinary communicator: clear, precise, and furthermore very easy to understand As missionaries, our job is to communicate, to communicate in a simple manner the Doctrine of the Avatar What advice could you give us on communication? How should we communicate the Teaching? Yes What keys can you give us to try to be good communicators of the Doctrine? Yes, that communication is the basis of progress of every project and every institution Where there is not communication, there is failure; that is true Master Samael spoke, for example, very clearly to Gnostic students because that is a faculty that he has always had since ancient times When he was Julius Cesar, people loved to listen to the Caesar because his speeches did not use bizarre or strange words that no one understood, but went straight to the point So the Master was a great communicator and always wanted the Gnostic people to know how to communicate. That is why he wrote works such as Fundamental Education, where there is a chapter called: “How to listen”. For good communication it is necessary to know how to speak and how to listen If both ingredients are not there, that is not good communication In our studies, we have unfortunately seen that people misunderstand the psychological work, sometimes, and commit errors that lead to communication problems. Why? Because a missionary who wants to show that he works on himself, when there is a problem, he spends the whole day quiet, without saying yes’ or ‘no’, without giving ideas or opinions… And he calls that “not identifying himself.” That is a serious mistake, because he is comparing apples to oranges One thing is a charlatan who speaks without being asked anything

and speaks only nonsense, and another thing is to know to speak when we must speak and to know to be silent when we must be silent In Gnosis, the people, the brothers in the Second Chambers, the missionary brothers, we need to learn to communicate, to use the verb properly: without irony, without lies, without double sense, with harmony, with sweetness… but communicate, talk And the Master says: “It is as bad to be silent when we must speak as it is to speak when we must be silent.” It is an art, it is part of the awakening of the Consciousness. We can not solve the problems of Gnosis without speaking If the Master had not given the warnings he had to give in his time, Gnosis would have been burned forever But in his Epistles, even though he was terribly harsh, there had been people who learned and took precautions not to be carried away by the storm that a few were causing Why were they not carried away? Because they received the communication, they were warned by Master Samael The same for us. We need to stop using the pietistic pose, the prudish pose – supposedly – of good inner work, when inside we are possibly devouring others with our inner language Thus communication is not, or is not based on silence It is not an attitude of an awaken Being to be always without expressing their opinion That is not so Master Morya is a Master of Force, and in 1950, when the last judgement of this humanity of nowadays was made, was the one who stood up and said: «This humanity is failed, we have to destroy it». He did not remain silent after the Judges of Law issued their judgment. He stood up and spoke. But also V.M. Samael stood up and spoke and he said: «I am asking for a last opportunity, and to allow me to work, so we will save, even if only the drowning man’s hat» And Master took upon himself that responsibility, with great enthusiasm, with great tenacity, with great fidelity towards Christ, and Gnosis was born or Gnosis reappeared But if the Master had not spoken for formality’s sake, or for not contradicting Master Morya, then we would not be here, in Gnosis Therefore clearly, the art of communication is indispensable, and is part – I repeat- of self-observation V.M. Kwen Khan, does Gnosis run the risk of entering into involution? Well, all doctrines that have existed on the face of the Earth are subject to the law of evolution and involution What happens is that unless someone disrupts them, deforms them, then evolution falls directly upon the doctrine and then, upon its followers Let us take an example, with no intention of hurting anyone, but Islam is a religion, it was created by an awakened man named Mohammed Mohammed left a very beautiful doctrine, but the caliphs have been removing from the doctrine its original purity and have been adding things from their own harvest Nowadays, precisely a doctrine so profound and so beautiful as Islam

has been broken in two pieces: the Sunnis and the Shia, and both are Muslim and hate each other to death. Previously, they were not killing each other, now they are, they go against each others This is due to the adulteration of the doctrine, and out of that adulteracion appeared factions that ended up in bloodshed all over the world. This is very serious, and this proves that if we are not alert with ourselves and with the ideologies, everything in this world of relativity is subject to evolution and involution: worlds evolve and then regress, the human body evolves and then goes into involution with old age, universes evolve and then disappear with involution… Therefore, doctrines make no exception Not allowing the doctrines to go into involution and die is the reponsibility of those who control them. The Gnosis that Master Samael left is a hyper-transcedental, hyper-profound, hyper-logical doctrine It is the only doctrine up to now that offers answers to every physical or spiritual phenomenon that the human being brings up Other religions do not have the logical explanations that Gnosis has, they do not have them. I challenge people to tell me who answers to things the way Gnosis does, there is no one Those doctrines are stuck into some pontifical dogmas that a few, some, established as in the case of Catholicism Starting the year 300, after the death of the Great Kabir, or after the crucifixion, they decided to modify the original body of the doctrine. And nowadays, practically, people laugh at the catholic religion or at the christian religion And they laugh because the ones who carried the weight of that doctrine ended up degenerating They themselves ended up not believing in what they were preaching to date The Gnosis faced that risk thirty years or thirty five-years ago when an unbelievable internal war between «Masters» – between inverted commas – Persons who reached Mastery without dissolving the animal Ego, and due to their fault Gnosis almost dissapeared Fortunately, the Great Law gave us the means to retake what was left of the Doctrine and its image, and because we have found the early texts written by Master Samael, the first editions of the books, etc., and because a servant knew the line used by Master Samael and what he wanted to do, we were able, with the good grace of heaven and with the support of all missionaries we have at present, to revive the Doctrine and not allow it to end up in the cemetery, not allow it to degenerate If we had not done this, if we had not done it, believe me that nowadays, generally, Gnosis would be a story, something that existed somewhere during the sixties and whose author was a Columbian, a writer, who started doing things, opinions about the cosmos, the nature, the man…, but, finally, it was a story. This would be the concept that people would have today about the Gnosis And fortunately, although, sadly due to many false preachers of the Gnosis this Doctrine got a certain bad reputation, very much in spite of that, we are standing with a very well-established Institution,

with a well-formed body of missionaries and with a didactic material exclusively made for maintaining the harmony of the Teaching And this has saved Gnosis from involution, but everything has cost great sacrifice, many voluntary sufferings and many conscious sacrifices, and here it is the fruit Now, Master, you talked in the beginning of this beautiful explanation that you have given us about the Arabs, about the Muslims… These days, we read in the newspapers that one of these Imams has prohibited to play chess Yes Therefore, it is what you are saying. During centuries these people had been prohibiting and mutilating the teachings of Mohammed, in this case, and Islam remained as what it is today Always the human factor that intervenes in the destruction or the reconstruction of an ideology And many caliphs had taken out things from Islam and had added things of their own as, for example, that permissiveness that Coran has today for a man, as long as he can economically speaking sustain various women, he can have even up to seven women And what about Alchemy? What about scientifical chastity? What about ethics? What about responsibility towards society, towards children then? How come that a ploygamous father has children spread out whom sometimes he does not even know? This…, this makes no logical sense. But this is the fruit of the animal mind infiltrated into sacred things Here, in Gnosis, there was a man – I am not going to say his name- who reached Mastery and then lost it because he betrayed the Avatar But this man intended to establish horrible dogmas within Gnosis, absurd, ridiculous dogmas, such as: that people could not wear perfume because perfume contained alcohol, and alcohol was related to what Master says in The Mistery of the Golden Blossomabout the demon Algol, who is the demon that liked alcohol, for example Then people stopped wearing perfumes, which have nothing bad, on the human body That man also came to say that no woman could dress in red, because it is the colour of lust… That only in his mind Nobody said that colour red is the colour of lust What it has been said is that there are two spectrums of colours: the ultraviolet spectrum and the infrared spectrum The infrared corresponds to the inferior dimenssions of nature The ultraviolet corresponds to the superior dimenssions But only this. But nobody said that colour red is the colour of lust And so on… He established an endless number of parameters from his own crop that have nothing to do with the message of the Avatar of Aquarius Likewise, who said that a chess game harms the soul? The ancient Initiates and Kings of the old Atlantis played chess in order to unravel society’s problems Chess is a game whose archetypes are in the Causal World It is not a game of chance, it is not a game bound to seeking wealth fortunes, etc., etc., not at all. It is a didactic game that serves the Consciousness This is what happens Thank you very much, Master. Changing a bit the topic, Master Samael tells us that all of us have a mental dispersion The question is: the mental dispersion and the dispersion of forces, not even spiritual ones, that we have , or in our centres, contribute to being unable to crystallise Gnosis within ourselves?

Unquestionably, yes. We have to keep in mind that everything is reduced to energies, everything: creation, nature, space, the human being…, everything If we are told that in order to create the soul we have to avoid losing our creative energies, to be able to create inner life, to be able to create the Vehicles of the soul, we do not do anything in this sense if, although I do not lose my creative energies, I lose them through inferior emotions the whole day, having the mind set to five ot ten things at once, with a disordered motor centre which can have various origins, with an uncontrolled instict which is turning me into a fatty, for example, or a skinny individual but full of gluttony All these dispersions of energies do not allow the soul to crystallise And what is the soul? An set of forces, powers, faculties and energies that form a whole, and that whole is represented by the internal Vehicles When somebody has the internal Vehicles created it is said that the person has a soul, not part of the soul: he has a soul. But if that soul, in addition to being a soul who wants to associate himself with the divine Spirit, the Being, then has to make other efforts to live more interiorized and spend the minimum of energies twenty four hours a day And there, then, the self-observation – we are talking about it again- is the effective tool for us not to be dispersed If we are doing something, it has to be only that thing If I am drinking water, I have to know that I am drinking water I cannot drink water and think about my desk being disorganised, about having to take the children to school right now, about having to wake up tomorrow at a certain time…This is dispersion And there is where the energies from our transmutation go Then we are never awakening our Consciousness because the “I ” is sabotaging the work we are doing by transmutating So, we need to be specific and focused on what we are doing so that the energies are not escaping Then we will be gaining inner strength, the result of those transmutations will be solidifying and we will have a soul If that soul, I am repeating, wants to awake his own spiritual faculties and transform itself in a Diamond Soul, then it has to increase the control of the five centres of the physical body, and of the emotions, and feelings and thoughts of his psychic part for going, heading towards the kingdom of the Being This is the issue Thank you very much, Master When a person, for example, from a gnostic group, either a member – a member of the Second Chamber – or even a missionary, for whatever reason makes a group burn, destroys it, or makes a group lose its harmony, what repercussions, from the karmic, esoteric point of view, would the person live? Well, the repercussions would be very serious, and range from physical repercussions to repercussions on the soul Right now I know cases of «missionaries», in inverted commas, who entered Gnosis and right now those persons have spent approximately forty years in Gnosis Forty years during which they have dedicated themselves to dishonour girls, using the story of Alchemy, lying to their groups,

working with the groups when they pleased, not in a disciplined manner, transforming texts of Master Samael, making brochures that were not legitimate according to the Doctrine of Master Samael, working with the people according to disorganised schedules, etc Nowadays, these persons have complicated diseases It is the result of their behaviour. They live a disorganised life, they do not have a legitimate marriage, they are not legitimate from the marital point of view, they have not succeeded because of their own disarray This causes them not to be able to move with their spouses where they want to go, because they have various spouses and none of them has been recognised And the children are all confused about who is their real father… All in all, these people’s lives turned into a chaos, materially speaking Spiritually, even worse, even worse, because everything they have done for forty years was to attack Gnosis because of their whims Then, the one who wants to play with Gnosis it is better not to do it because, as rightfully says our ceremonial of entering in our studies: <> But here nobody will pursue anybody because they abandon Gnosis We do not have mobster clans to send them to eliminate somebody because they had betrayed us, no! The Law takes care of supervising what we are doing and, based on what we are doing, it charges us or it honours us Then, the Law is very wise and knows to contain a person at the right time charging what has to be charged, and, if it is necesarry, sending them to the Infernal Worlds because they had betrayed a Christic ideal This is what happens Then, this shows the impressive supervision of the Divine Law If there is an institution that is being watched closely at present by the White Brotherhood is the Gnosis, it is the Gnosis, but extremely watched People do not even imagine how the Elder Brothers are informed about everything that is happening within the bosom of Gnosis Does this mean, Master, that even the little details of our daily life are observed and this impacts our spiritual progress or our spiritual delay? are observed and this impacts our spiritual progress or our spiritual delay? Unquestionably, yes. There are people who,if today do not feel like it they do not give conferences, and the group attends, makes the effort, they take the trouble to go to receive the Teachings and find that the Association is closed… The next day, when they return, they are told: << No, it's just that I have cancelled the conferences on Mondays, I will only give them on Fridays>> And the person is not ill And if the person was to be ill he would have the responsibility to inform the group, the Congregation, of what is happening to him in order to reach an agreement with the Congregation, isn’t it? The very fact, seemingly unimportant, that we receive the souls in a state, we would say, of abandonment, wearing indoor sandals made of fabric, without having showered our body, without taking care of our appearance…, the Great Law observes all these. And if the people end up burning themselves because they start distancing themselves due to the state we are in, a chaotic state, the one who will be charged will be the person who has created that state of affairs In this situation, the missionary – him or her Why? Because he is in entropy But the problem is not that he is in entropy with himself, the problem is that he is burning the Gnosis with his entropy, and this is what the Great Law does not accept Well, Master, there are many cases when the missionaries, all of a sudden,

leave, travel, and perhaps do not leave somebody in charge of the group, and the group, well, simply remains without Gnosis for a while Of course! Or other missionaries who get tired of being in a certain place, without informing anybody, they leave, close the group, and leave the souls there, abandoned, we would say, and go to another place Yes This must have a terrible repercussion, isn’t it? Very serious. There are others – adding to the cases you have mentioned- who take the right to tell to other fellow missionaries: << We must not take Gnosis so seriously. From time to time, leave the groups, close the Association, go with your wife for two months to the Seychelles Islands or to Bora Bora, or the Himalayas, and after two months you will continue to teach Gnosis>> Without thinking whether the group will disperse or not if it is abandoned All that, even if it seems that we do it without any bad intention, it is greatly punished by the Great Law, because, basically, we are throwing them in the street Instead of taking the souls in we are throwing them in the street And this is very serious. Those persons, unquestionably, I am telling you right now, after ten years will be saying that the Gnosis has not borne fruit for them, that the Gnosis is not true. But they have not thought on what they had been doing during those ten years: only nonsenses And the Law will not pay for nonsenses. Why to pay a person for the nonsenses he makes? It makes no sense So, based on what you are saying, Master, it is coming to my mind, in these moments, not in AGEAC, these serious cases that I am going to comment upon But, in Mexico or institutions in Mexico, there are groups that have certain leaders who, practically, make their missionaries sell, and who do terrible aberrations within their institutions, isn’t that so?, with the people, with the groups, with the missionaries, on behalf of Gnosis, or with the exscuse of Gnosis Yes I am imagining that you know what I am talking about Perfectly Then, what can you say to those persons of this type of Gnosis who may listen to us, from other groups or from other institutions, regarding what we are talking about? The only thing I can tell them is that the Gnosis is a divine aspiration which has manifested through an angel who, being fallen, has risen and afterwards he has christified himself: he is Master Samael Aun Weor This Teaching has its origins in the Hierarchies of Fire Who are the Hierarchies of Fire? All the solar Men and Women who form the Conscious Circle of the Solar Humanity Every individual or every person who will try to attack the Hierarchies of Fire will be burnt There is this kind of persons, of whom you are telling me about, in Mexico, for example, whom internally are in the Abyss. But, here, in the physical world, certain “I”s of those persons continue to speak as if the soul would be here, continue to commit monstrosities There is one of them who has around twenty wives He takes advantage of women’s innocence with the story of self-realization, for leading them to cheap Alchemy, meaning to distorted Alchemy, to adultery And, of course, these persons transform themselves into black tantrics And every black tantric is connected to the Abyss And those persons will be involuting and they do not even know Worst of all is that there are many lost sheep behind these false leaders, and those sheep, they either realize where the leader is taking them or they will go with him in the Abyss, also So there is an order, even if we do not see it, which is fulfilled to the letter

above anyone. The Law has no favourites, no untouchables Therefore, Master, let us return a little to what you were telling us in the previous interview Honesty is fundamental here because if the person does not strongly feel to continue, or he is tired, or he thinks that no longer has aspirations, or his physical body gives him symptoms of exhaustion, it is better for him to be honest and step aside, or to relax his missional work, in this case, but to burn nobody, isn’t it so? Undoubtedly Everybody has the right to take a break in his life if he wants it or needs it. It is better to take a break than, imprudently continue commiting outrages This is very serious, this very serious So the Kabbalistic proverb says: <> Obviously, because one can fall due to an unwanted error, and the mercy of the Father and of the Great Law is very large and gives the fallen an oportunity to rise But he who, intentionally, knows that he is acting badly and falls, and continues to do wrong, that one will not be given opportunities because they are called <> And a lost case is this: a case nobody looks after Master, in one occcasion, you have told us that one person, a missionary – man or woman – who does not do well his work and who, somehow, is the cause for many souls to abandon the Path, perhaps for that missionary it will be very difficult to find the Gnosis Yes He will find it complicated, they will make it complicated for him Difficult They will make it difficult Unquestionably, yes, because the Fifth Gospel can be attacked directly, by blaspheming against it or indirectly, by attitudes of indolence, of laziness, of greed, wanting to convert the Gnosis in commerce, trafficking the Teaching… Then, even if we think we are missionaries, in doing all these nonsenses, the Law is not a fool. The Law takes into consideration that we are hurting the Fifth Truth, and that the Fifth Truth is the only alternative that humanity has left And if we want to attack it, directly ar indirectly, we will be equally sanctioned by the Great Law Master, and what can you tell us about that tendency, which some missionaries can have, of, somehow, wanting to programme our esoteric life? In other words, well, somebody can say to himself in his mental planes: <> Lastly,…<> In other words, how do you see the idea of programming our esoteric life? Yes, well. Firstly, I have to say that it is not ourselves who do the Great Work, the Being is the one who does it, firstly This is in first instance, therefore nobody gives us the title or the right to affirm that in such moment we will have finished this work, in other moment we will be in such phase of the Work…This is an illusion Then, the Path is nothing but the unveiling of the Misteries of a Being, or of the Being. As it is the unveiling of the Misteries of the Being, it is the Being

who is going to self-unveil himself and not ourselves For self-unveiling he will use us as instrument And it is him, not us, who has the authority in front of the Great Law to say: <> An he is the one who negotiates, makes arrangements with the Archons of Destiny, with Cosmocrators, with Angels, with the White Brotherhood, for us, here, to have the doors open and for our work to bear fruit In conclusion, the ones who affirm: <> -the I-, <>, they are simply mythomaniacs, they are megalomaniacs These are persons who feel super-transcendental but they are ignorant, basically they live off dreams which they create themselves And those dreams produce dreams in the Astral World which they also believe… But the truth is that it is nonsense for us to claim we are programming our spiritual life as if we were the owners of our destiny. We are the owners up to a certain point, the other part the Law holds it in its hands I can do, I want to do seven things, but if you think it will happen, you have another thing coming And the Law says: <> That is how the Path is. This Path is not of mental speculation, is not as a material company in which I enter as a office boy -the one who carries and brings the post – and afterwards I will be secretary and afterwards I will be Deputy Director Later, over the years, I might be promoted to General Director Later, I could be promoted to manager From manager they send me with the group of futuristic planning of the company, etc. This is very good in the material world, but in the spiritual world this does not exist, the dreamers can forget it The Father is the one who commands It is him who says: <> And who says – because it can happen -: <> And who can, who can contradict the Father? Ourselves? This is a laughing matter, isn’t it? The father, as a Spanish proverb says, <> That’s why, well, personally, personally, I give you testimony of this because I have seen it a thousand times, haven’t I? My previous existence was in Mexico – one of my previous existences – I knew V.M. Samael when he was part of the Dorados of Villa We met, he was living in Sonora and I was living in Sinaloa We hugged because we recognised each other Both him and a servant were fallen, but we had a percentage of Consciousness that allowed us to keep in tune and recognise each other But I did not go to a revolution, it was the first time in my existences that I did not go I have always liked revolutions. Why did I not go? Because I did not want? No. I wanted, but the Father did not allow me And why did he not allow me? Did he tie my hands? No He made me live the entire existence, absolutely the entire exitence, in tears Because he was afflicting me through the Kaom by bringing me memories, and memories, and memories, of very old misdeeds whom a servant had committed, very serious ones, and those had me crying every single day I had a little child,

because my wife had abandoned me, besides, the Law produced this for me And I died crying. And I could not do anything for the Path even if I wanted Master Samael was fallen, who is our Guru And the Father only wanted me to purge. And thanks to that, mysteriously, when I have had this existence, I was born with the Centre of Gravity in the things of the Spirit – I was already bringing it – but I was born with a terror towards commiting unhealthy things with sex, because the Kaom had taken care of reminding me the entire existence from Mexico, twenty four hours a day The Father is like that. He is like that. When he wants to do an antisepsis, a cleaning, he does it thoroughly and puts us as cows are put a hot iron to be marked with the owner’s acronym, he puts us a hot iron, who is the Kaom, which burns our flesh so that it will be well engraved what he wants In these circumstances, what free will do we have to manage our destiny? So the Master says: our free will is represented by the space that exist, comparatively, between a violin and its case Is it more or less like this, isn’t it? Venerable Master, how many years did you live in your past existence? Well, there is one thing that I cannot comment, and it is the interval that I had between the existence that I had in Mexico and the present one I had a short existence that lasted fifty two years, for example, isn’t it? I am not going into that existence because it is related to certain things that occurred to this humanity and, for now, I am reserving the right not to talk about this because not everybody would understand In the previous existence in Mexico, well, I practically reached sixty years Therefore, you had been suffering for sixty years Yes Or rather, paying moral grief for all you have told us that the Kaom activated in you Yes That means that this really has been as a preparation for this life, by order of your Father, for the plans your Father held… Yes Being able to start the Path… Yes Transferring this to us would mean that we, really, having known the Gnosis in this life, maybe not having had that previous life of moral grief, of payment of moral grief, it is logical that in this life, well, even if we got to know the Gnosis and we were missionaries – men or women -, we will go through some years with no fruits, during which what we will be doing is paying, cleaning, maybe working for humanity, but what we are really doing is paying Yes We are not doing things, let’s say, really within the Work itself Yes Is this correct? It is absolutely true. We have to start from the premises that the Great Internal Work starts, as I have said before, when the Father wants And if the Father wants but the Law does not let him because his Human Soul has pending accounts and has to pay them before, the Father has no choice but to resign and, at least, bring his Soul to the Science of the Path, which is the Gnosis, bring it so it becomes impregnated The Father is aware that, probably, in this existence his Human Soul

will not get to rise the seven Serpents, but he will only awaken the Fire, maybe, and he will get to awaken the Fire. And, now, the Father will be straight away planning the future existence of that soul in a good married couple which will serve as parents, so that he does not lose that Fire that is awaken The Father is a great mathematician, is a great geometrician and mathematician, everything is reduced to calculations, but divine calculations, not mental calculations of the Earth Then, we have to be resigned, we have to be obedient with the postulates of the Path, we have to be perseverant, and, within our limits, to do all we can with regard to self-observation and elimination If the Father does not give us, because the Law does not permit, a husband or a wife to work in the Misteries of Vulcan, then we shall become hermits, we shall make ourselves a spiritual shield based on a discipline that will lead us to practice at all times Pranayama, which shall make us gnostic gimnasts, meaning people traind in Runes, in the work with the planets, with the constellations, and we shall get the Doctrine into the forty nine levels of the subconscious, the Doctrine. That for sure we can do Then, it will appear that we haven’t made the most out of our life, from our point of view, but in the eyes of the Father, the Father is rubbing his hands because he is says: <> Then, this is the secret dynamics of the Path that we have to understand Everything has its time. That’s why an axiom of Kabbalah says: <>. Meaning, the things are good when they are well-seasoned, in culinary terms, and the things are good when their time comes And this is what we need to understand Not everybody will reach self-realisation in this existence No, because we have three thousand cycles, each cycle of 108 existences Every effort we make now is not wasted effort, it is not, because it remains inside, it remains. And with that guarantee, well, the only thing left for us is to be in the service of the Being and work, and he will give the gifts along the Path Venerable Master, what does it mean in this historical moment in which we find ourselves, in the seventh Sub-race of the fifth Race, in the midst of Kali-Yuga, to abandon Gnosis? Moreover, having this opportunity of having known the Doctrine of the Avatar of Aquarius, isn’t it so? Yes What would it mean to distance ourselves from the Path in this moment? Yes, well. I do not want to scare anybody, but it will be something very serious and I am going to explain myself why Everybody needs to know that each planet gives seven races This is written by the Gnosis, by the pen of Master Samael And on all planets during the fifth physical race the return to the divine

states begins. And life begins its return, its reabsorption, little by little, to the original starting point which is the Mental World The Okidanokh ray crossed the Cosmos and afterwards, the physical world, spread the seeds of life and the Protoplasmatic race was born Then, came the Hyperborean race. Then, came the Lemurian race Later, came the Atlantean race Now we find ourselves at the end of the Fifth Race. And the Law has already sounded the trumpet blast to return to the Superior Worlds, as it happens – I repeat – on all the worlds. What does this mean? It means that during the Fifth Race the ones who will continue in the Sixth Great Race and the Seventh are defining themselves And afterwards, as the Nahuas say: <>, angelic beings with their wings open, isn’t it so? And the ones who in the Fifth Race, the present one, do not define themselves for the Spirit they have no other choice but to involute. They will involute in the Submerged Worlds, in the avernus, or the tártarus of the Greeks or the Romans. And the ones who will fight to create their souls, those will leave the ones who will be condemned, and are, or will be, the seed of the Sixth Great Race and afterwards, of the Seventh Great Race. Afterwards, they will ascend together with the re-absorbed life by Okidanokh, who takes them back, and will get into the Mental World and afterwards, get into the superior dimensions of the space Then, Master, in these moments humanity is being defined The humanity is being defined and our Soul is at stake in this game… Absolutely. That is why Master Samael, in works such as The Aquarian Message, The Revolution of Bel, says: «Right in this moment, thousands and thousands of souls are entering in the entrails of the Abyss». Of course, he experienced it, he saw it and he was constantly experiencing it. And the evidence could be seen by observing the current humanity What conclusions can we draw? The humanity is completely divorced from the Spirit, it does not seem to interest them, there is no interest However, on the other hand, they are interested in sadism, sadomasochism, lesbianism, homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, competitions…, all the mundane things, and we can see that on football fields which attract people in frightening numbers And all that represents the Spiritual World is object of laughter Therefore, humanity has casted its lot So it is a real blessing to know Gnosis, to know the Avatar´s Doctrine, from the blessed and sacred Master Samael Aun Weor, and also these explanations that you, blessed Master Kwen Khan, are giving to us at this time Because this is…, this is something very important for all of us to know Rightly so In all interviews there are always some questions made by some missionaries related to the couples, to marriage. This is a recurring topic And it affects many couples, many people who have relationships, right? To what extent can a missionary delay their spiritual life due to a bad recurrence with a man or a woman? Well, by touching the subject of marriage or spousal union, we have to define three types of relationships There are one hundred percent karmic relationships, there are semidharmic

and there are dharmic relationships A one hundred percent karmic marriage is the most common in our days. Why? Simply because the human being has lost its capacity to love, which is one of the things the humanity used to have; now it is lost Now we do not have the capacity to love, but the capacity to enjoy sex, which is a different thing Sex is a function added to what we call love But, nowadays humanity fails to perceive what love is, they are filled with demons, with I’s. The I does not know love and it is not interested in that The I knows pleasure and it fights tooth and nail to defend it Whereupon, the vast majority of marriages are karmic. Why? Because everybody has accumulated a lot of karma on their backs due to the bad actions undertaken in previous existences The Great Law is fair, it will not give to a karmic person full of karma, an Elemental of nature, because that would be unfair, right? It is not fair to a pure Elemental, an elemental creature, a nereid, a nymph, to get married with a pervert and a wicked man; there would be no Law So what does the Law do? The Law plays with our karma And for us to pay our debts, the Law makes us meet other people full of karma so we can awaken ourselves, observe ourselves and die; or we will end up pulling our hairs and the marriage separates or ends up into a tragedy. Today is very fashionable a man killing his wife and then shooting himself We see this incessantly as a sort of epidemy, especially in Europe This is the fashion, to kill the wife while she sleeps, with a hammer, or a knife, or a gunshot And then, they kill themselves so the police would not chase him or her To sum up, that is how it is The second kind of marriage is semidharmic. In this case, the couple has karma but also dharma So there are cases of marriage, or couples that meet and are intellectually, emotionally, motorically, instinctively and sexually in tune, and this will help them join into an union that will last till the death of the spouses, right? Semidharmic, ok? There is another kind of marriage which is the dharmic marriage but this is very hard to find nowadays, very difficult Why? As I said before, everybody is muddled in karma Unfortunately, this kind of marriage exists more often in romantic novels than in reality, where he meets her and since they met they are very happy, they have very rich parents who give them a house with a garden such as the House on the Prairie, and they have children that are like angels, not karmic children. Anyway, that is what would be an idealized marriage Given these three categories of relationship, now we can go to your question. What was your question? Your question was: Is it possible that a relationship or a person with whom we are united ends up bringing us karmic consequences? I guess that was the question, right? So, of course, the answer is clear: Yes. In these days of Kali-Yuga it is very hard for a couple to find its other half, its ancient partner from Lemuria and from other existences

It is hard because each one has gone astray and has taken the wrong way, committing barbarities and getting a lot of karma. Whereupon, it is a gift when a person finds another person of the opposite sex and talks about Gnosis and the other one accepts it. That is a lot, speaking clearly. If we do not take care of the marriage because we do not do the psychological work, as it usually is a karmic marriage, the results become evident: failure Thus, many couples in Gnosis complain about the husband or about the wife, but they do not want to realize that we are reaping what we sowed At this point we cannot demand the Law to set us a fine table with cups made of fine baccaratand wine of love of the highest quality This is something very hard to get, it is difficult in Kali-Yuga We must get used to what we have and try to feed this marriage with inner work, so it changes from karmic to semi, semi karmic and it becomes more manageable It will not become dharmic, because it is difficult, I will not lie, but at least it will be semikarmic. And when a couple is semikarmic there are quite a few possibilities Many couples, Master, use Gnosis itself to attack each other To attack each other. Perhaps the wife attacks the husband and vice versa Yes There are insults, strong words, or hard things that someone does or says And when the other reacts, they say: «Do not react because do not identify yourself with that», right? Yes In other words Manipulates the other with the Doctrine itself With the Teaching itself Clearly Is this…? This is a lack of understanding of the Gnosis and a lack of understanding of what a relationship is No one can set themselves up as the judge of the other spouse, and those who carry on with this obsession destroy love, they destroy it They destroy it with good intentions, because the spouse can say: «I do it for your own good. You are a glutton. You are this You are that…», without realizing that this constant attack of the other spouse kills the little flower of love And when Cupid is gone, it is difficult for him to come back In some couples this has been a constant, with wives saying to their husbands: «I will teach you what psychological work is», and they are seriously engaged in pointing out their defects from morning to night Of course And husbands also do it with their wives. It is a terrible mistake However, no one wants to assume the task to work on themselves There is a problem. In Gnosis we have mistaken self-observation with the observation of others, and for that we have the psychologists. Psychologists are experts in seeing the defects of others, but not in seeing their own defects And we are not here for that, we are here to become auto-psychologists, which is different It seems valuable information for the couples what you just told us about a marriage that could be karmic, and by doing the inner work, it could turn into a semikarmic marriage Clearly Thus, this is a coexistence that can be undertaken perfectly, especially when both are in Gnosis Exactly. Right Thank you, Master Another question: What happens to a woman that has had an abortion once or many times before entering in Gnosis? How is the Path for her

after knowing the Doctrine? What things can she achieve on spiritual level or how does the Law see her once she enters in Gnosis with these karmas that she already has due to what she has done? Yes, well. In this subject we must consider many things First, if the abortion was intentional or unintentional There are women who have aborted unintentionally and they suffer a lot So, it can be a health problem, this can be due to the Law of Accidents In this case, there is no karma for her, ok? Intentional abortions are something different, they are a direct crime against the Divine Mother and against her spouse, the Holy Spirit Between them, they create a new life in the woman’s womb and then the baby is born A baby, unquestionably, is an opportunity of a physical vehicle that is offered for a soul to come into existence, or to accomplish a mission, or to pay karma, or to receive dharma, etc If we, intentionally, deceitfully, with premeditation and malice, for a moment of sexual pleasure, take contraceptives of any type so that the creature that should come does not come, we are having a direct confrontation with the divine: we are confronting God We are challenging him: «You will not forbid me to enjoy sex in my own way!». And to keep God’s hands out, I fill myself with defenses – dark defenses in this case- and I do and undo, believing nothing is going to happen to me But fornication is already a crime of which the Great Law takes note And the stronger the fornication and the more increments it has, stronger will be the karma and it will las for longer Then, of course, this should also be considered However, a person who has intentionally had an abortion and then enters in Gnosis and realizes the tragedy she has committed, and recognizes the tragedy committed, and wants by all means to come to terms with the Holy Spirit, with the Divine Mother She accepts the Arcanum A.Z.F. and asks the Holy Spirit for forgiveness, and probably the Holy Spirit, in order to pay the abortion debt, sends her a child to maintain and raise In this case, it is possible that this woman can not only be forgiven, but also completely absolved because now she has paid for her crime with her own work: a baby, right? Another case, could be – this is why I said that there are cases and cases – that this person enters in Gnosis, knowing that she has committed a serious crime but feeling no profound remorse Yet wanting to live Gnosis, finds a partner, and practices the A.Z.F. Arcanum. Year after year, after year after year, and this person does not awake anything even if she does not fornicate. What is happens there? We have to ask the Divine Lady. And what would she say? “You have to be thankful to me for not taking your physical body If I do not give you what you are spiritually coveting it is because you do not deserve it. Right now, I could charge you

harshly – that is the case sometimes – for your abortions, or the abortion. And if I have not done it, it is due to charity But do not come asking me to turn you into an Archangel just because you are on the Path of Gnosis …” So, these people have their progress quite delayed Why? Since they did not have their physical body taken by a cancer, and it was given to them the opportunity to enter in Gnosis, and the opportunity to work in the Arcanum, at least they have something, right? That is why I say that this is a very delicate material which has its particularities in each case Master, in this case, what if the woman becomes a missionary? It is the same She dedicates herself to teaching Gnosis It is the same. In this case, not only would she have to teach Gnosis to humanity, but also insist to every woman not to commit this crime This will give her credits before Law because she will convert herself into a spokeswoman of the Straight Path and will salve other souls from getting the same karma she has But I am equally sure that her spiritual progress will be very slow Not due to anyone’s bad will, but the Law is the Law Master, when can we be sure that a marriage is in accordance with the Law? Or someone who has met a woman or a man at a certain time, man or woman, is the same, and without asking anything or doing any practices to know if the person corresponds to them or not, get united? Perhaps it was just a recurrence, or something that was not transcendental for his or her life, or it was How can we certify that this marriage is in accordance with the Law or not? Is there any spiritual progress when a person gets married with a woman or a man which is not in accordance with the Law? Look, Master Samael used to say in his days: «Marriage and burial clothes descend from the skies» In the book we published with many quotes of V.M. Samael, called The Apology of the Eternal Feminine, the Master said many things about marriage He said: “Nowadays, the girls become desperate when they turn twenty three, thinking they will never get married They do not know how to wait for the Law of Destiny There is a man for each woman and a woman for each man I believe in the Law of Destiny even though humanity tells me that there is no Law of Destiny”. Ok? First thing Second, I know some cases – I will not give names – when a person met another one of the opposite sex and they «were in love», between inverted commas because our current humanity does not know what it means to be in love, they know what is to fall in love, which is different Infatuation has much lust, subtle or grotesque, but it has But to be in love is different; humanity has already lost it And if they get married or get together and begin to face misfortunes, one after another, over and over again… The relationship does not get to consolidate because this happens or that, here and there, no matter where they go… These things are telling them that this marriage is not in accordance with the Law But if they do not want to see it because they are infatuated in a mental idea, in a mental idea created by him, or by her, or in a lustful image that he has of her, or she has of him,

then they will keep taking a beat, again, and again, and again, because it is not in accordance with the Law And if they do not want to realize it, it is their problem, right? The Law is just beating them up Thus, we have to be consistent with ourselves and realize that if since the beginning there were too many obstacles coming up again, and again, it was clearly speaking to us in silence, but speaking Once I asked Master Samael: “Master, while we do not have the Serpent of Causal Body arisen, the Fifth Serpent of Fire, we do not have direct contact with the will of the Father, thus we have to grope around a little, right? We have to walk in the dark. So how can we do the will of the Father despite this state? Is there a way?” And he said: “Yes, there is a formula If you keep yourself within the straight manner of feeling, straight manner of thinking and straight manner of acting, even if you do not have the fifth Serpent of Fire arisen you are doing the will of the Father.” Therefore, I bring up this conversation with the Master for this topic If we guide ourselves on good thoughts, good feelings and good actions, probably we will see that these do not fit in with the chosen marriage Thus, there is a conflict between divine and human interests Well, this is a very important guideline, Master Rightly so Thank you for this orientation I am going to ask you another question a little bit different now, because we received some questions from missionaries, ok? So we will seize this opportunity to ask you personally What are the consequences for a missionary, someone who became a missionary and is also carrying out his mission, if he or she keeps playing lottery games? Yes A missionary who still continues with these habits Well. Unfortunately, there is a curious phenomenon that happens to many people and it is as follows: between knowing Gnosis and really becoming serious in Gnosis sometimes there is a dead period, a time when we are still in Gnosis but living it as the horizontal life, even when we are missionaries. This is very serious And that absurd combination is born from a missionary who keeps inside the developed seed of his or her past horizontal life Thus, they are neither one thing nor the other, neither living fully the horizontal life fully, nor living entirely the mission He or she is an ambiguous person We are in ambiguity This ambiguity maintains us in the addictions of when we did not know Gnosis And there are many addictions. There are ten thousand I’s and each I is an addiction, thus, there are ten thousand addictions One of these addictions is greed Greed can, perfectly, make us involute Greed is related to the accumulation of treasures and money And there is a specific demon in charge of supplying the greedy, it is Lucifugo Rofocale, the maker of money. It is a demon, this demon exists. It can be summoned in the Inner Worlds and it answers

or we can visit it in the Inferior Worlds and there we see it in its environment If we, as missionaries, are firing one shot at the government and another at the revolution, we are lost, because one of the two will answer one day and maybe hit us and put us down on the battlefield What does this mean? That one day, Lucifugo Rofocale, the manager of money, offers a good deal to those who deal with slot machines or bet at the lottery and tells them the number of the fat lottery prize in dreams, and this stupid person remembers the number and buys it If one buys the lottery, he pacts with Lucifugo Rofocale, he becomes a slave soul for Lucifugo Rofocale And what does it mean to make pacts with demons? That we will self-realize? Or that we will go down? Of course we will go down, it is obvious And the person will be filled with malignant ecstasy due to the immense sum of money he has won, but does not realize that he is losing his soul At best, he leaves Gnosis because he surrounds himself with so much comfort that he says: “I do not need God. I have it all: four cars, I have travelled around the world seven times and I still have millions in the banks.” This is how we sell our birthright for a lentil plate This can happen to any missionary I mention a case of a missionary I met, that one night, in the Inner Worlds, someone came to him and said: – You always have economic problems, right? And that missionary, naive at the moment, told him: – Yes – I can end your economic problems – How? – I will tell you the number of the winning ticket of tomorrow’s lottery And he told him: – What is the number? And he gave him the number The missionary, in astral, noted it down But then, fortunately, the missionary had the wits to ask that man: “What is your name?” And that man answered him: “Lucifugo Rofocale” Of course, when the missionary woke up in the physical world, he said: “Vade retroSatan, I do not pact with you.” And it was a close shave, because he did not use to bet, did not have the addiction of playing with the wheel of fortune But we are saying this to prevent all those ambiguous people that are in Gnosis but are not in Gnosis Master, is it correct that a missionary pressures a student to do the Missionary Course with the excuse that, well, we are in the times of the end, Hercolubus is coming, the Apocalypse, and all that? Well, the categorical answer is no! No, because we have already said it before, in a similar question to which we answered, that the mission must be something vocational We cannot instill everybody to become missionaries. There are people who do not have vocation for that But that does not mean this person has no possibilities of Self-Realization, because there are many ways to serve mankind One of the those is to become a missionary,

but a true missionary, with renunciation and sacrifice These are the classes of missionaries that can self-realize A person that does not become a missionary but visits hospitals, helps the ill people, comforts them, buys them medicines, helps them at home if they do not have families This also is sacrifice for humanity. And if he gives these people the teachings even though he is not a missionary, at the end, he is serving as a vessel for superior forces to deliver relief to this poor humanity Therefore, we must not be dogmatic. Let us not fall in the temptation in which the Catholic Church fell, saying, in the Middle Ages, that he who became a priest would go straight to heaven. No, because we already know, with Gnosis, the path that leads to the Father, and it is not something to be done in two days, it is not a children´s game. It is a very delicate subject, very steep, full of dangers inside and outside, and not all Spirits are sufficiently hardened to face all the adversities on this Path In the end, if we push a soul to become missionary saying that like this he will be safe from Hercolubus – which is not certain either –, we risk to traumatize this person, or that, with time, this person, seeing that he does not get the results he expected, is disillusioned with the Path, is disappointed with Gnosis, abandons Gnosis and, consequently, abandons the Path. For this reason, it is not correct to push people to become missionaries Thank you very much, Master What happened with those first disciples that V.M. Samael Aun Weor had at the Summum Supremum Sanctuarium in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, in Colombia? Well, effectively, in those days – talking about 1949 -, when the Master took residence in Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia there he dedicated himself to healing people, because the Master was a man, at the time, very wise in what we call today Elementotherapy As the Master had contact with the Elementals of nature, they revealed the formulas, the mantras, to heal people with their own nature, with the plant And that gathered many people, and among those people, disciples that started to take the first steps in Gnosis With time, those disciples became servants of the Great Cause, and the Master called them: the group of Sierra Nevada. Those people were married, they practiced the A.Z.F arcanum with their spouses and worked for humanity aiding Master Samael and carrying the good tidings for all those surrounding villages. That is how the Fifth Gospel began to expand from that mountain With time, Master Samael abandoned the mountain on instructions from the White Brotherhood, because his life was in danger, since the Catholic clergy and the official doctors wanted him dead So that was when he began a terrible journey through the whole Central America, crossing the mountains, because he had no papers, with a woman and two children who were born during that crossing

Those disciples helped V.M. Samael night and day making chains of protection for him, from six in the afternoon till six in the morning, nonstop That went on for three years, not even stopping Saturdays nor Sundays, in groups of three that were taking turns Undoubtedly, when the Master reached Mexico at last, the White Lodge, told him: “Stay here. Here you will be protected” He kept in contact with those disciples And those disciples went on trying to realize the Three Factors of the Consciousness Revolution Some of those disciples soon began to betray V.M. Samael We must say that when Master Samael made contact with his Inner Christ – 27th October 1954 – at the entrails of that Summum Supremum Sanctuarium, there were, approximately, thirteen Bodhisattvas of Masters, no? Some of those, with the passing of a few years already left Gnosis. Others betrayed Master Samael wanting to destroy his work Others were able to self-realize to a certain point, up to the seventh Serpent of Fire, as is the case of mister Joaquín Amórtegui and mister Julio Medina Vizcaíno Joaquín Amórtegui was the Bodhisattva of that who was later called Master Rabolú And Julio Medina was the Bodhisattva of Master Gargha Kuichines Well, apart from those two Masters, there were people who stayed in Sierra, very loyal to the Avatar. In these moments, I remember an ancient mister called Don Marquitos, because he was someone from there, from one of the lands close to the Summum where coffee was grown. That is, he owned coffee plantations, as did mister Joaquín Amórtegui And that gentleman died with a certain percentage of Consciousness gained and being loyal to Master Samael Also there remained Pedro López Lindo and his brother Celestino López Lindo Those two were the ones who greatly supported Master Samael when the Summum Supremum Sanctuarium was built in the innards of that mountain And don Pedro López, I would say, took with him several Serpents of Fire, but was not able to make contact with the Intimate And Celestino López did encounter the Intimate and his Intimate was the Master called Kristón Sadly, in those lands, people had already begun drug trafficking And that turned those lands dangerous places. Once, it happened that the drug dealers mistook Celestino for a man that owed them drug money Fortunately, Celestino told them: “Before you kill me take my ID and you will see that I am not the man you are looking for.” And when they saw that, they let him go But on another occasion, other drug dealers showed up and also mistook Celestino with that man who owed them money And even if Celestino explained them, even then, they killed him with a shot to the head. And he bled to death in the mountain, because, on top of all, it was raining Sadly, humanity could not enjoy that Master who

Master Samael was going to present publicly as such, no? Apart from don Marcos Hortúa, Celestino López Lindo, Pedro López Lindo, practically the rest have disappeared, betrayed the Avatar or abandoned the Path; just the three remained With their deaths, a horrible fight arose between the family of Joaquín Amórtegui and the family of Julio Medina Vizcaíno, which led to gunfire and all those things And those two Masters also betrayed the Avatar, resulting that all which had blossomes in Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, in Colombia, was lost, no? This is the sad story of it. At least don Pedro López, don Marcos y Celestino lost their lives being loyal to the Avatar Master, we already are at the final questions We know you are working on a book regarding some letters that V.M. Samael Aun Weor wrote, at that time, to the Sovereign Commander for Latin America, the mister you have just named, Julio Medina Vizcaíno. What will this book bring us? Well, with much joy I have to tell you all that approximately fifty four letters which the Master sent and got from this Bodhisattva – the Bodhisattva of Master Gargha Kuichines–, whom Master Samael had named Sovereign Commander for Latin America, came to our hands They are personal letters, however, related to the Institution And in them many events are told, and procedures that the Master dictates to Julio Medina for him to apply in order to save the Institution There are unusual stories that are told in those letters There are cases of truly staggering things Well, it will be somewhat a report of the things that happened at the beginnings of Gnosis, because there, through those letters, the traitors are exposed And apart from that, surprising things that the Master sets out for the good marching of Gnosis at that time It will practically be, if God helps us, something new filled with many stories that the missional body deserves to know, to know all the “behind the scenes” that happened in the beginnings of contemporary Gnosticism If God wants, I will end this book, more or less, by the end of this month of January of 2016, or in the middle of February of this same year. And then we will have to assemble it, edit it, print it, etc., no? This is what we are doing Would it be a book for, due to the information it contains, the general public, or for…? It will be a book exclusively for missionaries, because there are very delicate issues there, treated by Master Samael that the public would not understand. Those are things related to the metaphysics of the same Doctrine It is wonderful that you have thoroughly strived so that we can know well the path of the Avatar Now, apart from what you have already revealed and explained about the Doctrinal Body in general, but even more now, how the beginning of the very Avatar, his work, his Path in that time It will be a document of great value. There is an institution in the United States called Gnostic Teachings who published some of those letters, but in the form of a pamphlet, and the names of the people commented in those letters were printed only in initials without complete names In my case, I did not put initials, rather, complete names,

so the people can know whom the Master was referring to And the cases are widely narrated, not only for the letter that was hand written by the Master, which is difficult to see sometimes, but because I transcribed the whole letter on the other page and added a commentary But it is not a commentary made out of the blue, not a made-up commentary, but based on facts that humbly, the Great Law and history have allowed me to know Everyone knows, Master, about the immense loyalty you have always had and still have for V.M. Samael Aun Weor, but, on top of all, something that touches everybody is the infinite love you have for him. It is something that sprouts in your words, in the love you place on the Avatar´s Doctrine, in explaining the Master´s Teaching For example, in this interview, no? How you strive for us to comprehend well the Teachings, the Doctrine, the Path And with all this hard work so that, well, the work of Master Samael leaves a mark in us. It is an example for us this huge tenderness you have towards him, which, I imagine, has come from the night of the centuries It is correct; it is a very old, mutual, reciprocal tenderness Destiny has awarded me with meeting this Great Being in many existences. And from the Avatar´s own mouth, one day I heard the following words, he said: “Every time we meet, you and I, it is for gigantic things”. And, well, I took it with much joy But with time, afterwards, the Father has permitted me to remember other encounters, in other existences, and this encounter has been vital to me, because in this encounter we found him Self-Realized It is said: “The one who stands close to a good tree, is sheltered by good shade.” And yes, thanks to that friendship that has united us throughout time throughout millennia, I was awarded with the best of this great Being That is why my eternal gratitude, which I cannot define in words and my eternal affection to the end of times, to him who is my spiritual Father and the Father of all who reach self-realization in this Mahavantara Do you know, or can you tell us, since when does your…? Since the ancient Earth-Moon, since then comes our friendship Some time has passed, no? As they say in Spain: “It has rained a lot.” Master, we are at the end of the interview. Would you like to add something for the friends that are watching us through this video, this interview? Something you would like to summarize as a last point? Yes. To all, I want to tell them that Gnosis is the biggest gift the Great Law could have bestowed upon us Gnosis is a verifiable path, it is not a theory It is much more than a metaphysical religious doctrine: it is the presence of God in our lives I want to testify to all who are watching this video that only Gnosis, of all the things I’ve known in this existence in ideological, religious or metaphysical matters, has shown me that touching the Kingdom of the Heavens is possible, that it is neither a chimera nor a concept: it is a living reality as it is existence itself So, I invite all to live this Teachings

and to witness their own achievements, because it is not exclusive to one, or two, or three people to testify about Gnosis. Gnosis is open to everyone who, with burning longings, wants to practice it, and everyone who practices it will certainly find, or many treasures, or at least, one part of the great treasure that is Gnosis These are my final words So we cannot add anything else to these beautiful final words We thank all for the attention paid to this video We thank you, Master, once again for this huge, huge flow of wisdom you have given us in this interview We want to thank you for always being willing, as you have done all your life, to guide us on this Path We want to thank you as gnostic people, for being here, helping us, guiding us, and for continuing so firm on this Path, giving us so much information and assistance at physical and spiritual level Nothing else, I just wanted to simply thank you in the name of all the gnostic people of this world. Thank you Thank you very much. And I thank you all for the effort you have done to make this possible I thank you, I thank your wife, the efforts of the brothers who have done this filming, to all AGEAC team And that God allows us to enjoy these exchanges So be it Así sea