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are hiding de Loup reflection from curved surfaces reflection from curve yeah this section may come following a spherical mirror some never they go to the plane mirrors of embodying a spherical mirrors ticket Casa Bonita they are cases small militia they do not even case a benaiah things fear achill mirror LEDs do system alcohol spherical mirrors daughter a.k.a concave or ache convex so Donna following sada important e-ticket Jochen important a a s Li a yogi East Valley make out the object Co Allah Alex Jay Garrick napur image Allah Allah Jacob Anthea convex may of jet Co Allah galaxy garrison a / amidst o Allah galaxy’ gaben eggy lakyn image can nature hamesha iki jessa rahaga is case may object to allah galaxy Arachne per image Caniggia or size Allah Galaga easily years are the importantly Google variations other ticket to the cause of civil a mirror Vinay case is a hollow sphere Sunnah I can be hollow sphere even there is a collie other Anna other hum a glass glass block tochka hollow sphere lay thickest on deep schwate radius cars are hollow sphere logo – Cayuga chota saga bali radius co hollow sphere logo – Cayuga blaga Anna quake hollow sphere Leah Glasgow cars Camilla bakes active are piracy or thinner both in viscous Centuri hatha yoga or radius stock which are hoga thicker of hunger girl thing huh miss cone Isaac are death and there was a CEO loose fear ahem nice classic rd I see mr. Isaac be a part to Olive okay Hatari high school for a suitable a partly happen so you through developer hey good Easter egg our Hawaiian II who I see the record but I see spherical party is part cougar may half urban out 3s of a nega nega me a glass Kavita me CR per day exact oh hey Kenny up is me Doty’s intersecting 80s escape under valley surface co polish car day or do three T’s yeah escape bahaar Valley surface co polish carne toe edge of a Navajo actor of Polish okay to do three the rocks a reflection on a shrew Vega to mirror when again yellow mirror hey it’s my bark eater of polish who year the reflection Keith Ursula undersea to yellow jaga concave mirror Hindi metal button or is made under say polish oh yeah – yoga bars reflection or jagged scope ongoing a convex mirror make Hindi you do my best

rigueur don’t hear too much male translator on Jana they said a balloon Cosco Indian and Athena I Asami quit out TK so any done okay bar mm Pauling convex cave RL or concave give our Amity Carlo copy see evil apart overly over Dec away first a witch’s glass a hollow sphere like anime SK Ethne Part C Agoura mija sale a Korea harthacnut car they – ethan efforts a mcquewick armenia anna a mister of congress party is parts here – man luma a similar key background is four bars a polish guardian the america saga concave mirror agha a jeju mirror a yekke see sphere capita anna to either sphere thha is fearing a good center oka having some ganga this actually this mirror is an arc of a sphere and the center of the sphere is this point and is point go I am denote curve a scene am see or is C comma the center of curvature CU r v8 ture center of curvature here a kick term delirium change the wattage center of curvature it is the center of the sphere of which this mirror is apart give mirror this is fear cup part a whose fear case center kakaka a center of curvature quit out I asked so much my egg jeans do three T’s they go here in the mirror I di s mirror Jessie J the mirror he smell a gooey Center okay having okay say yeah Bruce Kodaikanal yoga yoga they say I got to mirror sa man on a hopper percent Ryoga Yu Jiang Yaga center of the mirror head is coordinate curtain a P words or his Pico getting a pole TK I a so much main pole up they Co mirror cases fee Raquel mirror a curved mirror pike center lay I am whose case intercom nakaka pole P fear case intercom nakaka see center of curvature other hum pole or center of curvature coach Jordi v8 lineman Adi so a line is sphere radius a to s KO hum captain radius of curvature this line go is lines see Pico bulky cadeau to CP he length go CP hero lengthen would let you be radius to ik length with you beginning edge aligns CP hey yella and

CP puri extended I guess it was a E&E sir of CP hogar de kado ski length ka re radius of curvature linear align the gai-li in to extend occur the apana SI Purina is line kana Mota principal axis the principal axis model of line joining the center of curvature and the pole of the mirror is called principal axis he get radius of curvature alisande whose fear car ideas mirror disc apart a poke at their radius of curvature quit out de Carranza the Cusco orbit aqua de auto he can go in now copy girl Oh take away 2 X center of curvature a principal axis radius of curvature or pole yet cheesy I’m a Padawan easing he didn’t enable temple as he exists girthier a cordial tea of focus so now Mohammed cuthbun III asleep my focus F any inbuilt to the focus of Nakuru benaiah to focus given appalling heavy bars maple Ezra Whitney Chisholm he cannot to take away its center of curvature público other who is circle Leah jive or circle say Kobe line as a garage I just yes a circle gate center circle villainous a si si te line KO ta kau tak Agatha is line cook so Katherine a line SE riser of Katniss line hook naive Tackett is Ranko agar centre sake line si grazie kay Agatha’s line co-repressor Ichigo Thea circle make tangent dou T a you say a tangent o ji give another a quantity square theo tangent give perpendicular recline OTA yogi hamesha centre safe Oscar ta was like okay Agatha Aslan yoga got a normal cat a harsh line go Kathy Anna normal he get too much la vieja key other center of curvature say mirror cake Pacific point brake line grazer to Voland kog mirror Kelly a normal hoagie Higa though he is Cola clue a line is drawn if a line is drawn from the center of curvature if a line is drawn from the center of curvature to any point of the mirror then this line will be this line will be a normal to the mirror then this line will be a normal to the mirror I asked much way other center of curvature sake wavy line mirror kcv point Berger eyes I the war line miracle a histogram groggy normal guy actually queue my a Pierrot took a reflection henna to kisi point per incident ray Akita Greg whose point per septum angle of incidence Nikhil okay so angle of incidence incident ray or normal kovitch katana so of the echo normal Michael negik bilko simple pair iike kisi bhi points ager normal like a Leo to kya karu whose points say center of curvature goes over TV Klein monado he line to normal a herring he gave me AB dijo yet over Mirage IVA object though 30 k keeo determine of

that the corn consider 3 Kagan the real o virtual two tiga or doe 3 is a classified era point or extended Anna other real object giveth Korea virtual giveth Korea let’s say though extended V was a tower want to be OSA 30th so hungy occurring a point object give occurring of an extended object Keyworth occurring in other object point to to image V point winning other object extended ho so image V extended over meth lab other objetivos length movie so image kaku’s length oven Avvo length objects h virtuosic ta believethey a para ver o sathya just plain mirror madama Java robbery o TV again ik SMI Bethenny coyote 0.02 length ya go to math Lavinia again he will point to the lengthening to subsidise I am playing a point of shaped Thea heading down low if if a point object is placed at the principal axis of a concave mirror Caja other a point object Co mirror K principal axis for he can hear ideas a chimeric is acti center of curvature gave Erica is at the center of curvature guess Ravi rock is acti Keegan to ake mirror hey or is malaga center of curvature mundo you have been here Jay Paul head his center of curvature a yes a line joining Hawaii to align kansui principal axes away Tigana as a $80.00 Magna jab bhi kabhi thumb as a cartoon soul to hamesha object k ya image k coordinates lathe you think the coordinates is plus minus thumb locate the original managua the original commission you pull origin is always pool togar pole origin hey to pull say 8 plus x axis ho jayega ik minus x axis Vijaya but the pool say yogi of na plus x axis yoga minus x axis is it as a yoga + y axis yoga – YX s TK episodic oh yeah hey origin to d3 register of ano KO me- Hana a Geneva s telephone give Akane Oh see there is sa y axis when we were positive ey+ Oh County Leo XIII Stefan Jankel a by negative over ticket so lik loss of civility a valid diagram oh no Sofia diagram or fairly clue in case of reflection through curved mirrors in case of reflection through curved mirrors we will always take the coordinates of object , image , center

of curvature and focus jitney which is a method of D u sub K set of coordinates in XE i hearing digna the same Alleluia mirror Capulin a car their object is through fake unit to a aqune eternia – one hour guys i also a taqueria qunit to a agnya a plus one is so much way matlab key hamesha cagin ID coordinates linear objects Kekaha jockeys mirror the radius three units a three meter or mirror se a radius crystal I carnage ie astrologer Nagina to u3 9 UK – 3 again mirror I see a cow toys Caritas crystal-like Auriga either like Auriga so a minus 3 near either K plus 3 is watch me Melo coordinates linear hermitian or as much me TK we put out a object either kakihara cover the object principal axis behind be rec then solarek dife Oh Rico Nikolaev el gouna he got a nickel or a go-go a Cray to CDJ legal over yeah SH anyway so just see these I go Cassie I see the opposite QC diva beside yo quiero CP hey here the normal n so a normal or a BSA Daria the angle of incidence gettin over zero the angle of reflection a reflection get Onaga zero he can to malaria Raya save up his load I do serie de casas ieaving kami killer go mr. celery si si two other rhea sh alleyway the pellet we have for the medic nevada angle of incidence kitten eye angle of incidence technically a realism and normal banana colleague or normal banana Govinda casa his point is a kokoro a Kleinman or the center of curvature with you where is the normal I play nice points a Klein home diamond i se the yay normal a kanay of a point this point per rate occur Rea who score Nam division X non-genetic x wu point a point of incidence t x ck normal Yana gambling death a KO x a incident ray Oh X and a cxk normal – yo ni angle of incidence is Theta the angle of reflection gamma G ETA honest EA mclubbe career jayegi reflected as if I get theta angle pay s any tigey my normal c’est si la se the load taking me Sonia I asked so much when I we shake e ex Malo is point which I get a cry of dignities acreage selected Reyes AR EA or a cliff like today sa re Tony attack Iranian to a point yoga image the meeting point of the reflected rays is the image figure yeah Kalwa the hey i xj BK i reflected here what is

I point image thick up there going object cup pole sacred origin and origin polt origin the object is like Iraq mullah object coordinates k1 is a a negative on hae thick Tom Kelly Thank You mondo object casual distance a distance yeha say voy a couch you take an image or pole image bestir of like area so image he coordinates the energy positive or negative negative so image couple distance dick there male American distance is a V or a guru chika center of curvature to center of curvature costura like array instead of to center of curvature in coordinates Kyung a negative okay Ana to center of curvature or polka VEISHEA distance here Oreo hair length radius K vajravarahi ma Pattaya Hannah it’s an awesome ajami iya metal of the hue cheese peloton is diagram so we care so much Mary kiyah D object principal axis / Rococo so image be principal axis / Heba Nagy together the view object principal axis / of the dermis Sutra combination of image Abhishek are managing principal axis for bernie is Imagi main takeaway of the who objects Israeli clip of categorizing or a kiss gigantic rival expert Ukraina X Y our pi/2 x or PK beach car distance ja da musica or ho septa X or B gave each car distance come Malaga ray yah hah sanic Alocasia heater karate to a point x Coolatta an ax or point or PK which medicine schemata who septa ray bill cooling autocracy so his point of vicki visual distance or week ago java– MATLAB Joe incident ray it can strike far away from the pool or near to the pole kick away TK Joe ray pole say ba do Jakarta karate who’s ray Konami booth ahead marginal ray liquor if the incident ray if the incident ray strikes the mirror at a point far away from the pool from the pole this ray is called this ray is called marginal ray M arg2 a marginal ray thicken or agar gear a polka pasta cry tow is reka namitha Hey Kella Hawaii PA are xil pair axial paraxial ray thicket to lick low if the

incident ray strikes the mirror close to the pool close to the pole then this ray is called paraxial ray chicken or hamari syllabus may serif yeh paraxial marginal rate hamari syllabus many thicker ml of genomic derivation I am Karina Aggie was subset of paraxial ray Akili occurring a methyl of shochu a garam Pelle a carrier so derivation per se illegal agreeing it to methyl about your X point a PK past no hana GA suru no GU past so much guy a banana is diagram Co a mirror a gay principal axis or EF neck x-axis y-axis an object in Hawaii Kai a Cray gray lapis vessel Audrey a Cray a Segway we ha are Melvin Ali upon a of reflected ray you see angle give up easily jaha Purdue no reflected Ray’s Millie whoa jaga koe image over arise emerge me objet cut distance principle a pole cases kitna you center of curvature the distance pol ii i are or image cut assistance polka circuit knife v TK it nam nick earlier or above maybe so much guy here is your x point a scope EK bill cool parsonage i watch i take ta I am a XC kaguro is the principal xn I act perpendicular grass is a perpendicular or is point phenom there is no X – x – ticket or angle theta theta – semoga is angle collated echo alpha this angle call is a beta what is angle khalifa gamma TK a big triangle Emma Reapers a triangle had triangle Oh see X the cry o CX is triangle mae-yi angle alpha Y angle theta or egg baha’u’llah angle beta Hannah – Yigit Naga 180 minus beta 2 mile exact count K alpha plus theta plus 180 minus beta is korabl VJ discover our when it Tigger on a sum of all the angle 180 quit out vanity vanity Kenzi logia so alpha plus theta get Naga be tag of robber mclubbe he taketh Naga beta minus alpha a robber a core triangle is ether as a triangle I see X I see X a triangle I see x IC x jo I see XL is maybe the routine angle do make beta ik theta or ake gamma I got ela angle gamma they you allocate ANOVA 180 minus gamma to home like a nearby triangle I see X make either the Ajay so beta plus theta plus

180 minus gamma is equal to 180 so beta plus theta plus 180 minus gamma is equal to 180 cancel CagA gamma is equal to beta plus theta ya v theta is equal to theta is equal to gamma minus beta of a kinase estimate theta given amela beta minus alpha do syria has a key the nomina gamma minus beta donno guevara Vergara due to que Haga beta minus alpha is equal to gamma minus beta beta HL agait alpha does Araya the beta plus beta 2 beta is equal to yes one maya kyoko Pisco 2 beta is equal to alpha plus gamma e relation Bala important actually Monica Aki Amira emka Timothy taco 1180 Guru Gita wahdahu theta gamma Natalia to alpha beta gamma is a relation Mallika to Cairo copy eval apart Ella here triangle ocx can we copy Avella triangle ocx el agua que given ROV Aloha diamond on the SATs a copy gardenias cello Cal Carlo copy Plus on the triangle ocx the vorlix acne triangle OC x joseph push me yeah the alpha plus theta is equal to beta can you get theta other beta minus alpha a to Anna up kyoko pika I say give a like earlier triangle I see x12 the Ocoee finally hammock care elation mil Gaya girl Oh Aram zocalo copy which are leaning so Agia to beta is equal to K alpha plus gamma up pair XE allure marginal um Nakata daughter aguirre so Thea or hum sir of Keeler derivation curtain sorry / XZ alkali metal average of X point a X point PK bill could pass on acharya bill coolly past Oh Jo yeah X or a happy a gamma is X cook pasla either way angle get my here angle alpha if there is a beta or gamma via says a karate NATO agree X point passage I alpha 0 MATLAB computed I ago the SX bilkul PP Nia here bilkul Gerasa do ray so alpha bachata hatha yoga beta B bachata hiya or gamma V watch o tyaga Hawaii sir as methyl of agar sir of paraxial rays ki bath hooray you so alpha will be very small beta will be very small and gamma will be very small or other T no angle show T the koi be angle to tau to Scalia limit like fear

they will limit the so VI a limit sine theta 1 theta 1 o ty time 10 theta upon theta one oath I mutter love yet etheta they would tend to zero Mella bow to tau so tan theta upon theta G value one you Athiya this divided by this one tubby one air the SQL your SQL you see mo the wheels do no value divided country into Vanaja medulla agar theta watch you tau 2 tan theta if theta 10 to 0 then 10 theta will tend to theta the theta watch Whataya p though the gear happen book pair xzl race Kiba 3 Hannah heck any thought too beta is again yell exacto is equal to alpha is again gamma is again tan gamma ayah so when Maya of the Hawaii 10 alpha 10 meter tan gamma G the hookah value of a 10 ilaha illa allah wa u triangle any X X – OH X X – Oh a over tan alpha X X – upon X – OH again here X X – upon X – OH Driscoll expected to X X – upon x / o is equal to tan alpha the tan beta is IR YouTube xx – upon X – C and a 10 beta is equal to tan alpha gamma X X – upon X – OH Plus 10 gamma Kathina X X – upon X – I a couch cancel Oh guys message numerator my they were sorry xx – xx – a common Q laner has he got to do with money they will again give Ethan a boost and worry he kotnala charu thicken tae – Kara 2 upon X – C is equal to 1 upon X – o plus 1 upon I asked so much me Bulo yeah I get ortho I am so much way of they wear x-rays see console ain’t a EAX – Orsi Armenia are – PC hey an ax X – Syrian lakin hum neo-gothic ER jo x point F of P cable Kohlberg LM a Yaga ha de cada – they go other X X point Yahoo Yahoo Tom on low to charisma perpendicular Grasset the veto by X – Milton other way – algorithm is a perpendicular karaage we have a hi guys – hi Annie bluegolds became a girl in our a or gospel is o X school so PK Bill Goldberg alma bill Cooley Vogel my ago methyl of extra – OH extra – C X – I cows eyeing it bo p CP i– he get Mahamaya get sucked in here yella connect a bond kiss other yeah if raise our other raise / XG l ho so X – point P equal ten degrees I any extra –

point picot tentacle Jaya okay sir so Jota is Jo equation of Machpelah cada X – C X – OH X – I will call they are gabbatha the two upon PC is equal to one upon is make without both away heck without dismay Chiana – ethnic ah pgoj skip bother yourself they’re good but I need a I hope you gonna go home it scares us either lignite Singapore della Casa de kapeniak yet I cannot move on he’s in heaven together I am someone mayor is Aashish to never cope in here the giver wala Sandeep them they say kidney alone together who pitch libido copy shallow jinn kinivo bad miquelina he was interline III give me so thin July Nobita virtual tolucaville Barney recognize it simple here then alpha 10 Vita a Yeti so enjoy it Roberta hyah AB de veau Yvonne PC Kiba querido Pete okay hey pol a DOS Milano me about Carreras seek higher PC distance on the veto giris iike John pyaar ki baat karu to you but the rare object ahoy or the Pik Boscarino he was Greg image kind a manic I get Kavita male lengthening Lanie Kamisha Callan eye coordinates yoga Cody a tuple am Kathy object k Center K or image key callate coordinates late that he get to they go object cut distance here yaja seeketh nada you to is Scalia cow X or Y you Gerda hijae xql you the – use egg or YK lu k oj e zero the object coordinates are the a coordinates they were german derivation coryza the BM kiss vodka Heinrich Nike I put distance near Akana Chiara conic coordinates so jumps of all arranged the BM is vodka 300 kinky RJ women a derivation key aha so many kisses conduct a derivation Giada coordinates recursive algorithm B correct Nagar a coordinates tequila retina s an ETA plus a minus here couch ragna hammock coordinates reckoning instead of I – – ester of i2 + as a center of curvature boohoo yes enter of curvature is car distance music at night distance-r a the coordinators ia minus R comma zero or image contestants get my two minus V comma zero up then we have both current to upon PC to to upon they was a on Donna uncial yeah Lika PC here mclubbe upon us elect I go PC length keepeth Karen they can go bath Kara here PK respecta Masika hi he get well as CK coordinates lucky piece even the CK coordinates care without exhale you 1 upon P oh my club ok coordinates P i but love I give coordinates some of the row Masonic e+ – aggro methods object coordinates mozzie I have economist agar quick plus a 2 plus AK data are musica got nada

eginning RI so much me kissy Cove it out or I render of there was sub K – – a great again to carry a 1 upon u plus 1 upon V is equal to ESCO home Kathy mirror formula or um Quadra finally seraphim booyah dragna or a gigantic Nike Ju hais VA or RA put distance near Akana you have a character you McCallum object a coordinate second a vimana image K coordinates Regnier our Muslim center of curvature coordinates at Nia or origin Amisha caja Parana je Pole Iowa so much may mm TK as a compared to someone we are again here a polka Opie koala diagram to the Ocoee yellow Gator boa a basket a focus focus a gas each is a do up in Arabic this ëthey mani Asik I get to make this curve together actually the focus is based on an observation of make observations occur I am naked Iike by a Greek mirror hair or uske principal axis a or yes enter of curvature or Malu a create object on how I both do for infinite distance infinite distance so Java Haase queer AIE AIE see they I give akka oh so now lucky infinite distance series at the end a parallel a–they the surah Sakura Nia Thea and I see Adhikari a TA a name of year a I am only happy to cry kiss reiki Bhaskar ‘him / Xillia marginal pear exilair marginal nominee Paulo he get shrub para is really the X point is speak about personage I thickener to makanga by object ricotta infinite distance to but Olivia the object coordinates take a China to yet origin a instead of object ricotta the object coordinates cow a – V sorry minus infinity sorry minus infinity thicker so U is equal to Abbi I toke a giriboy angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection the pelvis point bearing normal 9 normally get 7 attain even at a young girl ova Kuzma Lupita cello Courvoisier v3 Tavia observe a guy who s easily jayegi maybe three Tuareg or a crazy are Yogi’s say stressing the Viet agraja Vegas is ie basically I take ray s AI for a crea Saito image commonly Giovanni I hear tohe making a jab kabhi v hooey object mirror say infinite distance duro type so Java has a raised RT hair or

mirror set a crappy high to a principal axis / kisi point for converge ot he get this point per image Bonnie jab object rack how infinite distance whose point gap pole-sitter distance oh time bhagavata focus well of focus is a point on the principal axis focus is a point on the principal axis Li ho focus is a point on the principal axis such that rays of light coming from an object which is placed at the rays of light coming from an object which is placed at infinite distance from the mirror it is placed at infinite distance from the mirror converge at the at the focus converge at the harm below infinite distance from the mirror converge at the focus forsake bar below the focus is a point on the principal axis such that rays of light coming from an object which is infinite distance from the mirror escape us together after reflection infinite distance from the mirror mirror Kabaddi sign learn a low or lindo after reflection no reflection he baths converge forgive Parekura converse design mirror given the cleaner after reflection converge at this point here at the focus but club geek is re resign man Louis II agree re here so a ray V reflection witha focus pigeon ticket lakyn chunky focus hominem and Ayana Anna the lens muthoni wa nyah ah sorry is mirror Nathan even aya tamerica are Metamorpho cos Jeremy hamesha Manu someday but lucky it is not necessary for me to obey or focus to other Mary pass a Cray yeha Mariah what a craggy to my guru renews his point of a converse guru maha converse Caramba men merely care I may mirror movie anna agar a grey saig tomorrow Seder converse Karuma from negativa cara do some converse recipe arrogance en marginal dominance a cacophony Matloff focus pair XZ Alcala goethe marginal kelly a a la gota leg in kooky hamster avoid early raise Lathan’s yogi principal axis key both pass passing Tilly Amara focus egg pointed out that someday mclubbe a chisel aglow focus can be different for different rays focus can be different for different rays it is different for marginal and for paraxial rays focus can be different for different rays it is different for marginal and for paraxial rays muslim marginal rays Janek do volley raise the Wyeth of a hog into crying paraxial buggalo valley yanagita grimy to its diagram can have the Kiska focus Giada hey Margie Lucca appearing zebra Peres yoga he gave me yeah dragna li clue for pair axial rays for paraxial rays focal length is more than four for marginal rays ticket

we actually like defect is key s malarkey he sleek the he be spherical mirror is tamale he is nothing he har jagah is multi-ethnic parabolic mirror who up here ethnic syllabus meaning ASA the bath ro may or yellow children yet a skate defect to Thea is defect coca Hakata spherical aberration John barnacle I marry a via via Chavo he gave is a set of simple Javad if I focus cones upon totally raise I infinite distance due to reflect on a kabocha Athiya egg point per whose point okay got a focus I asked much may quit out Kega curly agape yeah Joe hum focus ki baat karu hey was serif concave are my red pair exile parasitic a power x0 dear we’re here Samanta gala so we are talking only for paraxial rays those Ocho a cheese other you key value minus infinity ho jaaye mullah object infinite distance do rock how to Joe image I give a copper I focus P I give my love week is evaluate f ke raba Rosa focus equal to negative was acting ever over Lumia 22 I point a giri’s are like ortho negative either like ur so positive he got Xavier image cut image coordinates Siham nakaka deco is case may jump object – infinite distance duro so image common Thea focused one Vienna to any give V any image coordinates Calvillo jiangha to focus coordinates set who they nearly a club via so much we are a yeah the object in finite distance dude hey to image coordinates vo dang another focus key coordinates a male with Bonnie give occur speak to V equal to F above v- f p- v+ to F be positive arrived in May Callie came formula mirror formula 1 upon V plus 1 upon u is equal to 2 upon R I’m Nika you throw me Pattaya instead of it from the you go to Lydia V or R upon a subsidy healing Adobe sign aya so 1 upon V key gigantic DF cool cool but they hope F hum a beer actinic algorithm – aya totem sahaja Yogi’s traffic mister of it agree plus I adopt near summer job history of it is rough so no I mean I got case a is my hoga ki k make a carnage athomie actually enough focus Co are key terms within a chakram by kyoki are they go over mirror s Eric how to our negative Eau de Vega again mirror se acabó are positive way of awakening he get to my f KO are key terms medina sir 1 upon F plus 1 upon u k– is again our area se acabó are is thorough in the s arigato our ticket are can be positive or negative it is of the govern upon infinity yogya 0 to 1 upon FK Agha mclubbe FK Agha oh yeah fr by 2 and the symbols about their radius of curvature agha odd how focus considers Kelly a paraxial k-va-t a set of paraxial can be marginal Killiney of the continuum Karen inner positive yoga negative yoga youkai other are positive to F be positive other are negative 8 o F be negated someday again why Sarah how to our negative area be negative energy s Erica R positive area FB positive energy I have so much mayonnaise is he TK quit out tiga ugly

glass me H is magnification namkyu T Bo Pelini TA or sawal curry tick or react to the power carnival to get a cast or behave a logic formula Anna when upon V plus 1 upon u is equal to 2 upon R either both these are the important or H is or they could just assume they like Anna F is equal to R by 2 the 1 upon F is equal to K Omega 2 by ro chaga up to Lake today 1 upon V plus 1 upon u is equal to 2y r na 2 yr key like Alec do you be ozitag I a so much way widdout kick away a chapala can i scope ugly glass way magnification or sawal the ugly glass MRI a lens’s Val apart cata Mariah the official opening refract refraction