Four smart little creations 聰明四小物

that’s wrapping that if he’s be with y’all I answered anyway does that one say may God’s grace be with you all should I thought yeah if I’m en si si Jin Jin me if I miss you say that serum um God’s blessings are truth oh god um words God’s words is written in the Bible and it’s also found in nature from somewhere in 1 10 th sister and in countries of a new one okay that I’m and alliteration there’s a Chinese saying that you can learn a lot from by observing nature for your so it’ll fall creek and bushes here it is RK can you should see you can you can learn about this entire century from looking at a sand particle and you can also observe you can not woman linnea samsung’s home dominated observation men often study can learn a lot from animals woman trainee on some a young face i can come we learn how to fly from observing Birds a woman should meet Sammy on outside Heidi the situation interest rate we learn how to swim in and observe the marine world from no DOM washer don’t see I’m shiny palmistry but there are a lot of other things that we cannot learn moto you again tomorrow long as I Fatah’s ok show you know so I went sounds like Raja and Auntie no cuz I see more unafraid a zone and the ocean me there’s a special kind of feather on owls that can block all all it some other sound that is making so when it preys at night it’s special this special feather can prevent its prey from hearing it it okay that’s all the way Tina Chad’s up alone anymore some widgets are not that however we cannot unlock out the noises made by our airplane mom didn’t see a light can sister Tommy in the shuttle in person and this afternoon we like to learn about for smart animals creek on sun yendo tion shoot something let’s turn to proverbs chapter 30 it’s onion sons its own proverbs chapter 30 so yeah I songs it’s not associate proverbs chapter 30 verse 24 he’s on your shitty I Michelle oh she sends home something also teasing your sis on crenshaw don’t worry I haven’t saw me here is that there are four things on earth are small but they’re extremely wise hamdullah it’s home time and variation and so we we’re going to learn from them I’m Knights home safin Auto series on T Torah and I say Tata type i stir something chimpanzee so first we like to learn house little too Coney’s can make their home in the crane measure my you tamils i see on TV video shoot and then we’ll learn about how ants can store their food and summer home nights here fungus homes on the unfamiliar to and how low kids can advance together in ranks unless you so going to me on to that one goalie and how lizards can’t find in King’s palaces Omega you got thumb what I shaky and so these are the four creatures will be learning today because your time to usher deal with you let’s first look at first 26 softener shirt run roars relate sure as I punishes on someone 26 Coney’s are creatures of a little power yet they make your home in a crack in the self I know just a shunt year to young as I see okita-san mahadji yeah so your job T 20 conies are like rabbits but and they have the little hoot like horses how decisive OB do I done they’re larger than where’s that your time under Trudeau appeared why month but then they travel slower there’s some fine ship I when is it the edicts a fine Theresa is a high sure that you server in town dec so it’s a fun Patterson some poeple quiet doesn’t wait oh gee Coney’s are known to hide themselves I’ll show you taught on that’s a Punisher downs on some phones so they are able to make home in a keg I swear here in either so anti-porn exactly a to Panama qui Li tough it out you’re totally tough at all

time at the park why that’s not on thurs I pine city man cell phone yeah it’s the top of downtown so even though it’s not able to escape from the hunters and run as fast as the rares but they’re able to hide themselves in the crags to avoid any trade off its agricultural munteanu on the to John Cena would go beep be waiting then some yeah and so this tells us that we have to make sure that our shop our homes are built our well sheltered homes oh my can somebody shot you John um let’s turn to 2nd Samuel Chapter five dow down with a man cheetah by Nick gone shot arrows on another CRO and here talks about how David conquered Jerusalem Ian and Delta’s dummy soother granny and now coming to the negative on Sammy and find once just an uncommon Eva teachings and God ok Sammy infants under certain uncommunicative answer a time I saw no shots again chase like answered if Anna dear enjoy Kombucha naira and so their enemies were very very strong and and so they appointed blind and mega dicen de cerveza mukula so I Tom enjoyed that we end up with you know and the place was fair um was fairly strong and sheltered and so they they’re not there they’re not easily attacked sorry Tommy Joe pie shots again she’s like so I’m sure that your boy 20 and so they appointed um blind blind and lame to guard the city whole 80 insomnia at opposite of me in comment on Street Cohen song so he goes and she contacts against it and so David being very tact tactful he actually attacked the the city from from trenches that’s a whole page open up a lot and he was able to conquer the city can the jonatha body tho Xin Jie lets up the phone to Cyrus age download our shows Wakanda fo Shan Tung Chung freako calm down watching for another chance Tom so your show a short time out in your shadow charity opponent anoche is your j9 da way to type on Sunday cable tension enjoyed our journey that will John need warrants always with chants in duty Georgia verse 9 David then took up residence in the fortress and call this the Akali the City of David he built it up and the area around it was sorry Tom Ervin Tommy Patton that Isaac attend kooldaddy vanish and stuff i’ma say I took a Chanku daddy found 10 funds so of habits involved so David being very wise took up this adults his um his city in this very well Charlotte oh jung sure so I’m saying similarly we have to learn to know th enzyme or should pipe down and control the chains ivanhoe especially when it’s closer to the end of days there there’s a lot of natural disaster airport asuka heiser semester del mundo cheetah so we all know how jokes the children died its income from hong kong in trade I performs a traitorous guy to ya Salam they died from a storm that basically destroyed their home in turn out Union as a junior notes babita and now it’s a good idea doc easy there’s a an earthquake in Heidi Hayden Haiti and Chilean chili nah needs arnica to eat ice ready on gender and Heidi’s possible and then and there in Chile the chile earthquake on there were only two thousand dead but then in the Heidi 200,000 there’s 200,000 don’t waste ammo Tapia to mcdonough what accounted for this Heidi the funds coming gandhinagar earthquake building called Yun hye-jin ha kanji fountains was a genuine took a qwerty osseo son don’t change room so your country phones and socialite in solder in Heidi there were only three on three buildings that were built according to the earthquake building code outside Syria you might have an asset eats a dire so a tumblr funds it was a country funds and also site soon but in Chile because it’s it’s in this earthquake earthquake prone region I’ll most the majority of its housing were built actual meows resale fun don’t good SIA promises on Jan well so we have to learn from Kony’s to build a safe home in Craig generic h-bar a woman look I

rent I phonemes of America’s Army Santa um about last July or August there is a tornado in yo yo yo yo ma I wrentham entire email warning upon me and ah I really Irene Irene perform your gun down powerful chillin da and I nagar it’s a very huge Huracan sounds I daddy says also letting down wouldn’t boom boom boom yonder it was a very huge hurricane and I could hear the noise that it was made a bonus amazon inna and then I was asking my wife what was happening Oh miss Mona that’s a song called yo John I doesn’t mean that and my wife replied it’s just um uh raisin cones falling from trees are you cold pinecone for sure why don’t we check what we do not eat dinner I’m Tawna suits girls I want me talking Sami and then the next morning I found this large brat tree branch that crash into my health oh wait I got two cheese altoids all and I took a walk outside I mean those suits suit out shall I on una piña de fondo Jesus and Owen details at all the soil and everywhere I saw there were trees um basically torn from its roots I’m not even on TCM this has the GSA and there are a lot of just water flooding or flooding in the basement see oh my god Jessica she di’int in a 2g I ought to be a absolutely so especially now because of the natural disasters and we’re coming we have to make sure that our home well that is the one day seen Jana Cardozo saw or mitosis or meiosis and so it turns out of funds and similarly convergence wasn’t on duty a in current first Corinthians chapter 3 it says that our faith should also be built well we are the house we’re the forgot where the house built by Kalia so Tito chosen a girl like a girl gia and Lauren jesus is our foundation not canto shamballa what I out under jessica kanji Sammy until she turns up gentlewoman a senior and so I’m Paul Walker Paul the chief worker has to know how to build on this foundation no Daniel tiempo y de amor ET SI tiene que si enough answer some people people we use different material building material to do some dirty inbox your machine yet put the city on the cloud Allah see you yes your basis is yo pense wait so that’s virtually impossible so so um so sometimes still believing in Jesus is not just to enjoy and and have fun but we should also bear the cross and then and then go through harsh no tampoco th as a whole i do i saw the other don’t a good light enzo just jump out window yeah hey and grandson use this to peel if you use hay and grass to build and you will not withstand fire sweety nanna woman yes the Uptown there pacinian tonight ties it up and she’s um yeah so we have to know how to build our faith on this foundation come on apprentice honor sure Dolph as you so mucho la piscina did I siphons Punisher tambien none so what let’s turn to Matthew chapter 27 verse 24 7 verse 24 so mucho Sebastian yes I appreciate shamiana and what does it mean to build our faith on foundation or surety a verse 24 show you one thing gia cho qua cho chi shield up hope you get so miram performance a guys I position oh sure you did fine form sweet songs I dolphins that pharmacist on put on that you may I can see these I punctuation as vo feinting gia was a la position the hoppy got was it again powerful the guys I saw to shop I was a cheap this race home phone switch phones and iPhones it fast your town holla pinch it out our entire territory thought oh and so be above father’s yes I sought answer me so we all know not to build our house on sand anything about do that passes onion we have to build it on rock somebody opium Heinz’s i Mena so what does it mean to belong o king j anto yeah don’t you panache in hula up joseph j’ai pensé asami we act out the truth that we here where’s almond tellin da da da dee yeah so we hear a lot of mutual i ah we’re not able to carry it out and so the asada foley duit Raya that’s Troy eating with Honda um the water will flood and the wind will blow no it is it’s me some kids on lie down the rain rain comes

from above it was messengers awake test moments and work your major cultural so God will test us oh hi as long as its own tambien lighter and when will blow us total organ you like a man coughs you know and um people around does well so test us we chose the song sharmion lighter and water will fly from below I said what we whip on the whole way along Charlotte Norman Neal bombards I need though one and the devil will pull our legs so so we can no longer stand still is it a woman bicycle funds seal off on the chance at Ganges capensis a me touch it but I seem to lie so if we were able to build our house on the strong foundation and carry out his the truth know what you don’t kneel or me or just single dotn on when we when we act out the truth will experience God when does a 20 huh nice amount I pharmacy need a coyote canyon SMP the question jewel appearance how could you um can you hey um how do you feel comfortable that are you comfortable having your kids leave you someone inside you to function when will you stop worrying when do you feel comfortable to let them go look at wave function doesn’t needs lots a good hider Pamela Courson come walk was it your only comfortable to see you to let your kids go when you know that they’ve experienced God that’s no sense of twins anger and your kids will know that God cartoons you for me saying course eat you and are saying it’s an integral quota and your kid has been blessed by God pattinson are too don’t I to you except without the audience and God will not shame of the kid while the kids just seasons I’m doing she had to do cheat or too light now until they cannot sense in de San singing social issues and I sends an insane Shane and God has fulfilled his promises on this kid Lugo tanzania modo cell if this if your trial are truly touch gone just a chance a phone system its own your dish in gaudy and it’s a recipe at each end up as a zombie enough and and your child is um build this shelter on the strong so missing young up without a woman King doubt it into a sauce since I whoa woman dowdy chocolate or shall I so no matter how much truth we hear the most important thing would be acting out the gentle mission young to mrs. Wong anybody or what I teens Antonio you not omniscient made his emotional mere woman go d your door shall pass in the wash since I mature ones on the most important thing is to act out that to live out the truth so yeah I’m to the yelping about she saw far not by senior the phones since I sometimes I’m IC incisor the punches on me so we have to learn from coneys to build foundation on the to build a shelter on the phone strong foundation the continuance on your jaw no Georgie let’s trim back to proverbs chapter 30 oh yeah shyness is done told you proverbs chapter 30 verse 25 my be too late sure it’s I shall tell you baby I’m sure to go answer creatures of little strength yet they store up there food in the stomach mines and Amelia an etl hey Tyson Taj eats it up without me from you know tight on time when I thought I thought it’s Ernie answer creatures of little strength and it’s easy to kill them no comment on that eh equate sai sha tin Chi Chi I’m sure but you’re able to take the they know how to the opportunity and then take the office I say no Jocelyn daughter ya na and you know cheek when Sam I don’t watch okay wait so they say that um lazy people should observe ants and learn from them yeah you guys helping out at Uncle sorry I’m sure there’s a fairy tale shotgun on my toes are you so she dances and some people get like there’s a fair child that says that ends store up there food in the summer because you prepare for when you’re Tom Shelton just watching some good and grasshoppers would enjoy their summer so I thought about it see them up we only bay and the the grasshopper would not care about saving up food don’t man I lie about the upnp she died when a winter comes maybe I yield only hate sir um ants worship were able to eat in the winter Salman Taj Osceola the grasshoppers died took a Councilwoman to get sewage is a young woman don’t go way home or just a dongha ransom we also got shy there is the way light up so here we here we have to learn from ants in that we plan for our war stays for running days to come home what you and I go into you from this end zone I diagram you go chiva so have any of your ancestors not our ancestors Oh Anna ancestors of faith huh I tell you I’m

you go to you on there’s any of your answers you were o our our ancestral faith not experienced famine yeah Brian here you go to you one has Abraham experience famine hmmm yes yo man yo soy chai tea today yes I am a coach eva has Isaac ml experience yo r sways and shut up y’all shaji today so that’s why he didn’t go down yeah good you make what’s be fun no what about Jacob you are yes so i can add itt chill out do that so that’s why Jacob migrated I gendell you don t want to go so much emotion Cena so every generation has experienced famine the coastal Mental yesterday it’s good to get in jisuk a psycho you’re so how there is your so we’ll pull out there is it and so this shows how are the prosperity of the world cycles economics asad khan honk meccanica yessir the cydia send out your email joseph na naman tian shi mian the phone and so weekends at Chinon of only did you seek a cycle just like how Joseph he he interpreted dreams where there’s Sam a seven years of prosperity and seven years of famine sergeant buns a poor job puts his senior no table and some tape or sister much time no see I’m and Daddy I’ll make what’s a poor kind of which other kind of the alien Tinian look at CC going so just took a gingy japan i just take a psycho then take a cycle Tony totes honestly catchy i just want you in a suit since i sat down and puts it out that suits and so only god knows how long does aren’t out economic downfall well and zambia so how there is lon is some neat ocean san marcos touch the choir and to put on resume I’m ebi shy there is a lie I so we can’t be like locusts and in person we can’t be like grasshoppers and just enjoy our days while we still have my guesses anatomia captain the side Tynan phone and Dan’s amna boreanaz upon GTI so Joseph B was very wise and storing out all the food during the years of prosperity hop on follow John Doe someone do you know how much he’s saved for the Pharaoh how about I to the team Dodge on the front trunk Valhalla he saved up all the cool the Earned awful film oh he earned all the pressure all the gold and silvers mhm ajanta myeongseong Maya because during the years of famine all the people lacking food would offer up their their silvers and and cheese I’m gonna pass abort mission some company bound Antonio’s la la botella ET de niro and home runs on that and and Joseph you want all the Carrows been please change for full Egyptian you start to exchange for now Triana new young male is one banner tazo brand young woman shanty don’t get it out ND can even kill me I me me me or usually it’s like a candy do to someone and when the people used up their their cattles and shapes they then offered up their lands in exchange for food candido big boy out tonight I’m enhance this is my bad and so after they’ve given up all their lands Thomas up on Tiana oh my my Cantina me coming al Jazeera sorry qin AI de ren depends and voila the new arena um the people offered themselves to become slaves for the Farrell’s so him kinda good listen Pat donors iphone it is Oh Bianca an aggressor I trejo wait Thomas is a Jonathan search engines yahoo so by storing up the food during years of prosperity joseph then gained on the entire world for the feral chisel machine jihad jung tae-hun some justice audi so food in spiritual are so silly under the truth huh so the sorting the man the spiritual food is the truth my super I saw signs I’m define CA let’s turn to Hebrews chapter 3 verse 13 when we held them that I see on Tina yes I don’t die she invested in dimana Hebrews chapter 3 verse / gotta learn how to prepare for speaker food in a good time huh chapter 3 verse 13 Sonia turns I or change TNT MPs and San check in then I’m Antonio Rampage way I mean watching a choke Canyon be courageous but courage one another daily as long as it is called today so that none of you may be hardened by as long as it is called today it’s an IO cheat engine interior Oh me out on the pn can be such an we have to we have to encourage each other every day yes o sortin gaming el coyote san Giacinto swing jolla an jesus said that um we have to Tina I get

welcome jolla um that today and that we work for today and tomorrow and on the third third and fourth they would castle the third day everything will be done huh gong cha cha Chi su lado mio comes okay to Allah so much in Kenya power teen energy way so we have two grasshopper to you today mr. Cody samasource a chignon the don’t care now when will the winter of a feed call d coach is on the shunt English at all uh when we’re sick that’s a nanny so teaching in that I it’s on face off when i send up in last year after returning from Africa I got sick miss amina Sony’s an encore now party lights on the party later sensing or jealousy o Shabaka in the cinema and it was very tiresome for me to come by to to worship God and hymns and also military tomasini Simeon ddm but without all these praises and worship without the world without words and I felt very empty ah thank you swapping co teenage Italian general could know that one yet but thank God I i was able to store up some words of wisdom in me what Kings aren’t Billy’s just girls I will know that one year I memorized some hymns that’s why I sent punk with us all I mean asuka joy is it son so in times when when I got sick I had like playbacks of all the hymns that I remember briones Lakota just a bit okay tell me so there was no need you grab aren’t you a hymn book I could you know it was him someone down to Lydia no it’s okay don’t Iannetta so well ed anche singur tell ya kun kun Shu and so I was able to injure the winter of my faith with all these hymns played so much do you notice all your soul makini me or anybody about it up when we grow older our hearing me feel on me engine I me about ocean Gina and our Wi-Fi will be made for a week so I mean the cathode he doesn t enjoy the sochi she all right okay tiny be another solar me undo or your chin chin chin look at one in essence and the don’t enough and so all the truth that and all the words of wisdom that we stored up during our youthful years well it would eventually be of comfort she was no no more need arises an incall sansui i’m straight a song does it also mean assaulting down is an awesome cool so we know that it’s hard for to raise two to three year olds while listening to a sermon I mean I tell y’all a futon no no no Joe teg our tongues i’m told me about things in fear because you have to follow these kids around and you’re not able to concentrate on thank you sir so your son also changing Toby boo ha even milltown hating me about in dowdy and it may be frustrated for for these parents because they can not no wonder how does the GCL individual only to go Nia pay bunny do ghosts here is so we have to store up these truths when we have the time to listen to these truths holy dog and into the song became a champion when I was in Argentina once told me mistletoe cha we are we tend to talk on Zoe talking a bunch are so easy to eat by John Sarah admits latoria horse and Michelle’s achoo inca shells even happened okay tell sue the whole I wouldn’t do it again shall i wasn’t ourselves oh sorry Mario chill i saw oh yeah sitting up a tree uh my sister once told me that she she didn’t feel that it was worth it you travel three hours to church and then only half of mine our service cuz i smite you better you don’t not one to the toilet I said w.e college eyes at a school to another but no matter what happened she was still able to go to church listen mom why was that what is all about without you know about each other to the team Bisons in gonda dilay were dangling 1lg because she said when she was back in china mainland she knew then that she has to no matter what happened she has to go in so intelligent to endure shot ians watch with negative evilly dianna night hours ago ed Tosh young man kate is he doesn’t let her a thousand a 10-ton item by seven so all the energy and spiritual energy and spiritual food that she stored up back in the mainland was able to support her while she immigrated to argentina i can t sonic etomu let’s look at the third creature so you shine shoes on or 42 proverbs chapter 30 verse 27 door Chitti a funnel told me Arjuna wanna check for them to a little Lucas without a nobody home gentlemen Sonya sighs I don’t like a

cheesy okay um so locus okay locusts have no pain yet they advanced to be either in rex one song on it’s a it shot you is analogous to be honest it’s a it charged you isn’t a music CD on it’s very easy to kill locus ah that’s not what I itch in this opponent when I it’s in China’s are 20 degrees since I’m so dear so what’s a nap India deauxma funds on kites and he said I don’t come without he said that huh but when they come in in millions is hard to kill them just like how what is described as one of the families in Egypt I think it shall I know it’s all the goodies on a patina don’t meets iguana and so so so that’s that’s what happened in Egypt yes I’m gonna go after they come and they left there’s no more green leaf right no that’s why you’re so sick 22l I don’t honey yes I do your items ax and so these locusts they can advance together in right that’s cuz moment in a woman’s that evo similar tales I know me out on the phone calls and so and so this tells us that we have to cooperate together Kim workin so Emma and it’s very important to have teamwork because I’m Ortiz your dishes I’m sure you see it second samuel chapter 10 chapter 10 verse 11 and 12 verse 11 12 so much easier shots easier to see it is song dear I’m adult why to ranchi photo show Tommy diesel engine and this is two brothers talk to each other when they first enemy CTA we are doing a piece a su saw Eleanor chango war in July boundary Emmanuel Chang Gwon e 0 chi Fong fooey charge a memento Duncan’s a weapon Gordon incursion that’s an ego doesn’t fool you ain’t joking pal eaters Oh new ottoman watch a more time I know what will happen to me what does anyone you’re a party to a bunch of war here the two brothers are encouraging each other saying that whatever happened whatever happens I’ll come and support you I sway Tommy’s on the phone watch ogt in wars I’m gonna tell Donna and so they were able to cooperate to face life jacket on y’know Sam’s an economy and a consequence wanna get your parties y perdóname okonomiyaki more new apartments and lagoons order and just like how we have teamwork is very important when completing a 10 million dollar project you can destroy sorry man i’ll see us watch I shall put me out to another team project no it’s he granted torn your sheets America and Jessica at all and also um little kids they would have fun there there will be assigned group projects so then they have to learn how to cooperate with each other so you can make a cuoco talk with the dropbox was a solid run to y’all come to a 30-yard chica enjoy your party the colony way tense officials ago eating algae answer da et al banco de because in times in times like this nowadays is very important to have teamwork uh Nick microphones on windows which is a position you can occur on neo you a good team central y por ti por thi-thi d mega powers eyes and bow high chance in portola important site actually treating said no teaching reading said and so when the locusts advancing in in ranks they come one after the other please link mostly show me your soul eater sitting me out on there so young I ports are open to a chuci but her once and and so on likewise we have to do the same okay yeah good yeah good to share fungal something let us turn to Jacob yeah good as a chef on its own no Jacob cousin from the spirit of locusts not on the wouldn’t play Virtua Jay Cutler from the spirit of focus guys once is he’s on shoes on chapter 25 34 of Genesis TT sorry shiny show John Genesis chapter 32 how could I old I stood by good night are you a cook really nice i’ll holla when Jacob’s brother um came with four hundred men Jacob thought that um his brother was there to kill all the time so Joseph employers wouldn’t answer and so Jacob divided up his household got it yes in rank top was it fun fellows who she thought I was it windy roads was researching and he advanced he divided of his house ranks to events and beg for forgiveness from his brother you know cousins Abadi who wins a nice and oh yeah he divided up his gifts in three I’m like I / our John chapter 32

I’m sure I should see two thou should George good verse 17 to 19 Sasha atrocities Udacity your full attention toward a shore guy you saw easy any rush or when you saw is not y’all either you or 93 niche and also here’s to say that spot yet 18yo soldiers an apparent yogurt she don’t get water rainy so del u consoles years ago beer so Georgie night your own food year tese an ETA can change you don’t show me ETA Esau the Shah jaan say I’m Verdasco a nice acquaintance who by was the doggies honor you are so here don’t what santos odio gass and also what you a job i was at all jacob is sending 550 um goats and sheeps and I wrong with your data animals to to his brother it’s a so long go go go shing shong jealous open it’s a song so um he didn’t want you give all this um gifts all at once no it won’t deal because because I’m his brother make don’t get along so couldn’t we were too so here he’s learning from Lopez and he give his gifts in in several times oh IDK either so I you sound to it I just miss isaiah i’ll just say to out there are as I say that you are so in the first wave we saw would receive the gift and say and then be happy how am i huh just give me they say yeah touch it he goes on you say that and then he saw would ask these servants um who are you give me y know who are you always give belong to come to us all doesn’t either pure yoga deliah some great honor to release aunt Ella and so the servants group I owe these gifts are from Jacob shoo esab you’re from your servant Jacob to his master to his mask he’s to his master install well jess2010 yo yo bunny says the Nagila Paulo Coelho’s own sister can I think this is a very good tactic and we can learn to conciliate every customer eh uh with responsible with your spouse the LT does only oh yah and so I’m open in tights you know by what authority someone to move you have to make sure that the gifts that you give is about it’s very expensive hey now Deacon an attorney to earth now some attached on corey agreed upon naughty lakini la pachanga Johnny Jose Cano for John to Sony puran papa de la some gay papa de to remodel ah so first you can um you can get your son to give some chocolates to the mom and say this is from your servant Papa to to master mama now that helped put him on some solo yo threat and sunday shows a source I saw me Suzanne and then after three hours Johnny done you know she is so neat aha make way wha ask your daughter to give a bouquet of roses yo genigan mom I John doesn’t need a / in pop are they also me that’s remember Magdala so this is from your servant Papa to to your master mama now I’ll take one Sangha shots put a marsala solo some of my son tre and then after another three hours yes wait so Mon so it’s in that your fans ago mercedes-benz today also mhm you just give the mama the king so it doesn’t need Putin papa yeah so many thoughts about it so this is from your servant Papa to Lord mama you gotten took us a long awful high poison she I bet you’re a while to condemn boy since you know oh I bet your wife will be very happy after this circus leaguer you don’t get dancing that’s the way it goes out divide and conquer to support you pour that is it wouldn’t we are to that doesn’t the way and this is the wisdom of locusts to divide and conquer you gotta go do peito about took a convincing so idea just like how is just like how a young ancient Chinese ah ancient chinese leader in invited there hey that’s my person huh her son to kumon what it’s a Petula yang said was right Santa’s a tree hey it’s a good call me in to get a couch all that he paid he paid that smart um fat genius three times three visits and eventually he was able to UM hired circuit is a wooden toy her to watch it’s a tree yeah OGE on sites Iassogna and so you have to be able to divide and conquer that’s a good almost

watching something so it seems awake I you know it’s a title attorney cheese sure show your sincerity ones and over and over again no and javis enjoy bonita kyla so as long as you’re able to assure sincerity over and over again you’ll eventually conquer one you can trace opposition to kodama and that’s how Jesus wants us to pray Hickock wahoo to join up with everyone it’s a bleep atty the ansible dying senses hey quantify stock anything Champa um how the widow pleaded unceasingly to the chewy unrighteous judge and eventually she was able to adjust intelligence uh no ippo J people and this is just this unceasing persevere can you know women to us i’m going out don’t jinx it so likewise we have to have this one weird i’m conducting holy work I’m not gonna mark over in yours on CTA methyl roughly no you’re too long let’s turn to mark chapter chapter 6 47 mark chapter six verse 7 mark of windows on GTA mark chapter six verse 7 yo Dom Chiti a ESO jajaja mon Dieu lights I gentlemen Bianca Bianca ditucci yes to get her mansion being so vulgar calling the 12 to him he sent them out to buy cheering give them authority over evil yes yes I can function well yesterday angorian good to eat jong-seong vegeta would enjoy hurts hula so here Jesus is learning from wisdom locusts he’s sending his 12 disciples to my 213 a woman come on the chaff way okay so um that’s all I made the convo passio dimensional food sir so I can do damage on our food sir they got Tommy in jolly to rent I would want me as a good interior too long so um actually when we’re doing ministry during the South American ministry and we’re also dividing up to pastors by two pastors your age come to a hard for each contractor sir 18yo on the divan jaunga chatting some dents on the corner from dokay so you and Regina said so we can learn we can actually apply this wisdom to overcome a lot of life harshest in that country home joonyoung’s is not my fancy let’s turn to proverbs chapter 30 verse John shahbazi hey pastry proverbs chapter 30 verse 28 a lizard can be taught with a hand Oh can be caught with a hand yet is found in King’s palaces lately but I’m young eleazer ken Ken like with what’s always it eleazer can grip with hand ok but can be hot with him get your talent Oh Sam home this is what you’ll watch oh ah chances in india now Lisa can use his hand to crepes time signature to that one goalie men today by here live in Paris similarly sadad sudama somebody so calm you guys don’t know what this is hard hey nice ocampo changsha so come to see Tom to drag me know p hula tomatina Annika shop we opposite our watches it’s on PS alumna it’s a it’s a it’s kind of like a chameleon that eats mosquitoes that’s a good it’s a good ok that’s a good don’t wanna tell ya just one way passing notes or that without does and it’s able to break its tail when you grab onto a in order to escape myself so shy Tina sauna aryana good don’t want any forms of them end up where Beijing doc so on during rainy day when it’s raining you can’t really catch it and took a Thai fans demand on top wedding Dahlia and it’s a boat’s you just stay stay inside a house and and not be wet oh sorry Madonna khatami walked on that’s all come how the two javon’s enjoy sensual so animals are able to seek a good shelter for survival it’s all a Tony anti jealous all can like a video clever I’m just like the east east asian tsunami tsunami I saw a video clip I’ll video case I get going any miracle recreation center a monopoly Oh Tatiana se dice Ankara take something out i’ll call me and uh huh um there’s there’s elephants that were employed to to guide tourists around and they were in there actually shelter in the recreation I shut the door and honest nah me neither sought I don’t think that doll and so um elephants were able to hear the coming of tsunami because dancing in my house Shindo Tommy our kingdom awesome so tall dog collar diwanji and elephants porcina Larry had a good heart so it it didn’t escape quickly how’s the bombing oh yeah I know cheese dog panting opposed to something

that its owner cuz I take off laughs maybe I know it is also out there somebody else raja puti male cat guy okay the water hey who do this once I’m in zona bikini dolla so after a um here’s the the coming and tsunami and then it it once the it felt that the tourists is on riding on its neck it then no longer listens to the tours guide it then just basically takes off and then tries to find a good place to skate ya know you can W on the tongue that’s how come out of an GI chua so manchu um know how to find a good shelter Moyes mopar ah come on darling why do we come to Canada oh boy Johnny Morris morrow whatever some atomic watch it just sure that’s a good deal fun bigger cheeway without Rio I just be jumpin what I generally tell how I don’t know about you but the reason why I chose to immigrate you the states was because I feel like it’s a very it’s a free country or there’s good place for me well you know getting chicken dijon to make an AMD so much I seen him in the courtyards it tells you I adore when I went to Argentina I commented about increased number of cars in the Argentine yeah I’m integrity ponder and doodles omega also some are cheap I yea Sheila and I’m inside the SEC Adama yo possible Adam how I knew you were chula it’s in the seal IC by honeypot I’m going over your dog and Akira so um actually a lot of people in Argentina right now have were once European that is that um to just get from economic crisis in Europe since I tell me okay though I can’t even chew that and so now they settle in Argentina economic situation in Greece pan are not too good right so they are getting more and more people in Argentina rail so against it out to me another one ginger jar so cool yeah and so this just shows how men knows how to find a better shelter for their when going to thought it one goes I Nadia so then gender one comes out and enjoy it or a deeper than our yeah so what is the most wonderful place in this world I contingent them but all milk in zile Argentina’s not bad no no natural disaster natural disaster let’s welcome the Young Turk I tell sue the horn is he done it’s awesome hey an image as macabre Ariana quality area I hides it and when one brother who opened up a supermarket in argentina had a moose a symbol no signed up supermarket well no night’s young on your bar where you know what isn’t yeah I’m Pat you down young vampire who da who da choppah well I Aparna Gerda and so they had to they had to protect themselves from gangsters hey yo Joe no it’s a gentleman gianna mrs. yo sorry champion money challenge I oh sorry and you saw me akins I desigen hotel she was all so in Argentina even though it doesn’t have any natural disasters but they also have but it has a lot of manmade disasters like gang gangsters and fight I’m so charts all came out how to the house in coover hot too huh may say that California or Ben Cooper it would be a good place to live I said John so you have detail meant well without a meal yo but um there a California both California and Vancouver are built on the earthquakes johnson Johnson a hole wasn’t one composition with Romeo and California is also known for its wild fires forest fires oh my don’t go Oh smoke one man you gotta cuss old tjs I’m about them uh don’t worry okay so here in the eastern part um we have a very beautiful season result even though Oh mr. ocean though your shot huh Oh what’s emerging cha cha cha cha Gor Hajus a certainty Putin no no so attending the Kaiser condoning assassins i would soooo negative manner but then I always dread the experience the bag spear since I had during winter days because I used to have a very back car can I start can I break not apply to break up yeah also yes sir I thought I gentian of Hong Kong’s an area Hong Kong Xin ru know so whereas about the palace inn in this work on earth ok you’re so sweet sunshine see let’s turn to efficient chapter is born chapter one was 23 verse 23 usually sunshine CA efficient chapter one generalitat accordion something so no Santiago a certain orientation out on manager short home and teaching door uh which is his body the fullness of him who fills everything in every way should y’all do what he wants your man church

is she’s body does it shall we just 11 the wrong with uni dome dojo way Houdini Jenica Cordia new Joseph to that one the palace communal one coming in the church is the palace I don’t know how I guys who saw Samuel does it be inserting that so here um pouco Peggy in Boca panga inside that church will give us peace how will give peace at this place huh God will give please you gonna make a sort of 1-10 dere na consent on your real that’s awesome not yet i was like a pinto go chini kingdom to don’t go I’m King Solomon prayed to God so that the church he builds would give peace to whoever that comes and worship any kind of problem anybody come and pray man you give them peace on it Phil same conditions in sickness or motions yeah can so God um appear to Solomon pedazo or the scene or DNT borsig enjoy downside up classes that my heart and my eyes are with her so it shall we just one corner you went down hygiene 381 some boughs are not even subpoenaed even Jesus and the job way so the safest place the palace in this world is church I’m to this mo eating out some fun fun throughout to go on going even though we have to make sure that we get enter into this safe play dungeon and done no do you all know 10 there are a lot of many wonderful place to visit on earth but this one place you cannot but to visit in the input of which i need e altri the defunding with Rosalind Janet yo wait there’s one place that you cannot miss is church now Dante home does she want to go down that you know I’m gonna me and cheer but finally we we have to make we have to hope that we can enter into the intern we can I so go home so so I’ll talk you through our doors are so gonna like a lizard hey I’m so gonna get all goes up how much can can you hold Louise desserts how much can Lisa hold how much kickin loser who then I solo my shower never a small hands right me neither so technical engineer que la casa so how much can you grasp and in this world doctor does a comb doula everything is um empty don’t last breath I’ll trilling goat cheese you can’t follow someone let me see them how much can you hold where you take your last breath I so you owe me the art thought so you horny that younger one mommy n so we have to enter into that internal stricken palace yeah George Bush a church sure naanum Stephen chalks given job Stephen je t’adore now the video everybody like I pop heard that were they everybody like I product that was you’re not still Steve Jobs a new jobs where is he now Jeremy brave Danny Green that’s right say let me know so dr. McKenna me up yesterday insulin and so one day that’s how we’ll end our earthly unless you’re in yahoo so calm so we have to learn from lizards to live in the palace