Dhimmi conference Sam Solomon, Andrew Bostom, 2009

welcome it’s a delight to be here the subject that i’ve been given is the treatment of non-believers according to islamic theology you see the worst in its sophistication believes that it may be a one verse here one verse there and we can come to some kind of an agreement with the muslims and if those verses were taken out there would be no problem so we create a topic like a treatment of non-believers according to islamic theology meaning if we find these paragraphs we can omit them later we know that it isn’t a verse or two the whole islamic system is the most sophisticated barbarism the whole of it there’s nothing in it not your this voice well i don’t know do we have a technician here who knows how to because the sound is very high the barbarism isn’t about one verse it is the whole part of it and to understand the nerd treatment or the treatment of the non-believers in islam we are talking about life and religion therefore we need to understand some basic principles about it in islam the known islamic view of life is this that’s online and to us as westerners religion is a tiny witty part of it that is why we have free democracy we have the religious rights we have the right to preach to believe to be atheists to be christians buddhists whatever you want to choose who you marry how you eat where do you go when you sleep everything is not regulated but it is a personal individual choice the islamic view however is that one is no longer life but it is replaced by political religious system thank you can you put us down on it yes just a sound so that political religious system declares and dictates everything in their life so life is no longer the central concept of reality religious political system is which is governs every aspect of that life therefore the treatment of non-believers in this if you are an unbeliever you are again under that system so islam isn’t really as a religion it is an all-encompassing system it is not a religion in a western sense of the word it is not a faith it is a system is socio-political socio and religious education of judiciary legislative militaristic system global and garbage religious terminology that’s what islam is now that you have understood something about its system then let us consider the non-believers first of all who are the non-believers in islam or by islamic terms and its theology why are they regarded as rebellions what have they done and their treatment therefore you could follow naturally in our session the islamic theology the treatment what is its purpose and the inner and outer display of their displeasure forcing them into submission so a few first few remarks about non-believers warn unbelievers non-natives are not only jews and christians but non-believers are oh buddhist we don’t have the time to categorize different people in uh you know into his people or ethnic categories and uh professor batur foreign the believers have only those who believe in allah and in his prophet they never doubted and they have supported or have declared jihad

with their finances and with themselves a believer a non-believer in islam is anybody and everybody who does not accept the finality of muhammad and the abrogation of all other religions that came before islam who does not believe in allah and what allah has given as a commandment they are actually the opposite completely opposite of the muslims they are the ones who command vice and they forbid virtue these are non-believers everything this parliament does is a vice it’s anti-islamic everything that a muslim does is a virtue so according to surah 3 verse 110 uh please give me a bit of sound because i’m putting strain on my throat thank you officer you are the best of the people brought about to mankind you command good you command virtue you prohibit once and an unbeliever is a contrary to muslim and according to surah 9 verse 29 which most of you know it very well those that do not believe they don’t believe in they could be jews they can be christians they can be buddhist they can be anything but they do not believe in allah and his messenger they do not forbid what allah and his apostle has forbidden therefore they don’t go by the sharia if they don’t go by the shiver then they are non-believers this is a man of course these are very few marks of an unbeliever they fight they struggle they make effort they pay everything for the sake of allah all the enemies they are their companions of satan they are satanic therefore allah has declared that there must be that concept and of course it is a commandment is being prescribed as a duty now i don’t want to divert islamic treatment there are two forms of islamic truth one is an inner treatment whether he is a moderate or none that’s not my business as long as he and she’s a muslim they are the dna is instilled within their hearts to do something inner even if they don’t lift up the soul this is the inner emotion conscious theology is instilled in a muslim and there is an outer form of course after the danish cartoon you sow what happened to the danish embassies across the world what happened to danish products to your commerce to your universities and to your nationals that’s an outro let’s take a tackle the inner world first some of the only very few i can give you enmity all muslims islam is not believed or based like the teaching of our glorious lord jesus christ we said love your enemies no there is nothing called that forgiveness do not take my enemies allah is saying my enemies and your enemies as your protectors your friends pay them any allegiance and show them no love

you will not find anyone who believes in allah in the last day will show any affection would show any love towards those who provoke who resist the apostle of allah meaning muhammad even if they be their parents their kinders their brothers or their kinsmen so the resistance is all family ties everything breaks down once a man or a woman becomes a muslim never believe that dane when he has become a muslim that he’s okay because he’s danish he’s got a blonde hair and his little blue eyes no way he’s a muslim that’s it it’s contaminated they must not imitate an unbeliever in any shape or form you mustn’t dress why where are all these go to surah 60 for instance you’ll find that verse verse 4 they said now we declare us an enemy enmity and hate has started between us forever and ever there’s no end to that because they will be in hell fire forever and ever and ever therefore there must be a covered and over war with them for that war we must prepare us every kind of preparation to fight to cast fear terror into the hearts of your enemies and my enemies for losses and of course the whole world is saturated with the concept of hate of non-believers now that concept the outer form the first before war starts is to cast terror terrorism is an islamic doctrine you may not believe it but it is allah inspired the angels and said to them go and consolidate my believers for i will cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers so you drop their names off their towers would protect them from allah but the wrath of allah came to them from the least expected quarter and caster into their hearts so islam will have to cast terror into the hearts of every non-believer this terror can take a variety of its forms one let me come bring it home immediately if you find them and if you subdue them take them as hostage ransom them unless if it is good for islam in good for name islam would god wants love then release them without their answer but it must be according to the shuttle or and then humiliate them until they have converted after the danish country any danish man or woman was traveling with a danish passport be an arabi whoever if they said are you a danes loyal to your government against or for the cartoon i i can’t make the decision the cartoon

is free in my country i’m a danish he has the freedom and i have no opinion i can’t give you my opinion officer take him to prison my esteemed brother here friend colleague sharif at that time he was in the middle east so did they imprison you because of the danish cartoon any pains and that one must not escape your mind if you are abducted at the pyramids you will be a hostage they in each government will be attacked your place will be attacked your commerce is under attack and you are going to be weak because that is an islamic sharia this isn’t with your the chest and the hearts of the believers that is the command of allah you wanted to know what islamic theology teaches you’re not before a muslim and you are terrified in your chairs as you sit there when you see them you will know what the reality is victory and healing destroying their economy must be fully destroyed you think what is muhammad that supposed to be oh yes it’s in the open mind fifteen answer let me tell you the story behind it so that you relate to the incidents muhammad was in hyper was a jewish rich oasis was a fantastic oasis in the middle of the desert he besieged them by now he had got rid of a whole jewish tribe and slaughtered 800 of them and he had come now there was a over 20 days plus and he came up with an idea he said you know why they are in these towers and in this siege and why we are in this position it’s not because of anything but because their hearts are entangled with the palm trees because of the fruit because of their commerce because of their prosperity whatever you left behind was with the permission of allah whatever you destroyed was with the permission of allah natural disasters attacking your resources is an islamic principle so for instance uh man is now in prison enjoying his lead he issued a he said the government will be weakened because egypt depends on the commercial income of the of the tourists and so it’s a simple thing tourists update their buses shoot them you don’t have to kill all of them four or five will do and when 20 tourists were hurt buses were abducted fire machine guns were used to risk disagreement the egyptian economy collapsed what’s the weak link in so your economy is not how we are gonna treat we are coming here free press conference we just want an intellectual talk we then feel gratified we think we are capacity has been stimulated what a fantastic afternoon nope that’s not my aim i’m going to give

it to you as it is it will be isolated united states of america the bastion of democracy we have an american community no undue respect not a single newspaper in the united states of america published the danish cartoon in britain not a single newspaper published the danish cartoon in belgium not a single newspaper was published by political parties one or two on the net on their own magazines not in any user the western powers isolated denmark and said that is a danish problem is any other not religion religion is a mistranslation of the world system philosophy ideology apart from islam will not be accepted of him here and in the life after will not be accepted if it means he mediated with the third fifth second class citizens etc etc allegiance it isn’t when muslims will be majority no allegiance is a concept if you want to be a citizen of europe a citizen of denmark your allegiance must be to the danish people to the danish government and to the danish parliament and its laws does not allow them no and refutation that by the sharia declares that nobody no muslim can give an allegiance to a catholic to an unbeliever his allegiance is to allah and the prophet so if the danish are so sophisticated it’s so technologically advanced that they become super humans and they say a danes can be anything and the muslim dane would be elected as the prime minister if he had the nuclear buttons he would press it against his own people i will trust him that’s that serious islam teaches that allegiance must be allah and his apostle only a there is no allegiance to a non-muslim this is an islamic theology and we have not talked about implementing it the allegiance can come in increments will never do that foolish send it back wherever he came from well i’ve got bad news for you bad news your allegiance today in this country because you don’t think in those terms all of you are eating halal meat chicken there is no other meat no chicken except halal in them because of your tray you have to have it there are so many products is run in this country by islamic sharia so the nation already submits to islam partially in increments when it comes to the final push you will be so far out that you won’t realize that you have a problem see i used to do it this way i can do it now this way your allegiance will be to islam but no muslim would have to give his allegiance to a muslim never so this concept of allegiance my time is going just for two or three minutes let me just show you this verse this is what i already recited and the issue of captives ransom execution it’s all important your fellow citizen here lived through it suffered through it

and was a guest the generous hospitality of an islamic country’s prison as far as things are concerned it is not their treatment to you but it is your treatment to yourself the ultimate question is not how islam treats the non-believers but do you have that moral courage do you have that stamina do you hold on to something the judaio christian heritage the freedom that their forefathers gave you fought for it and earned it in a hard way it’s telling me i’m two minutes ahead so my time is up the question is what are you going to hand over to the next generation are you the champions as your forefathers wear they run the world and they almost conquered it denmark was no little country he made me smoke today it was small then but the danes spread its ideology across the world are you made of the same stock do you believe in the freedom that you eat you breathe you’re coming today you wouldn’t be able to breathe literally breathe or eat a crumb of the without bread permission of an imam unless you rise up unless you understand and it is no good giving a barbarian like me 20 minutes because i’m not used to these 20 minute sessions you need to make time you need to organize seminars appropriate seminars ask me hundreds of questions and i’m prepared to invest in you mr chairman this is a fantastic society you’ve done a great job and i extend to you my warmest thanks ladies and gentlemen thank you uh i i want to thank uh my intrepid friend boss headed guard and the uh the danish free press society for the gracious invitation to speak to you uh it’s an honor to be joined by esteemed colleagues such as sam and patrick stoopdale and i’m truly elated and humbled by the presence of my inspiration the most generous mentor and dear friend pacquiao absolutely here here here this uh this relatively brief presentation uh is unsparing of germane details which pertain to islamic doctrine in history you may find the material somewhat dry when it when it is not disturbing i ask your indulgence i urge and i urge you to bear in mind albert einstein’s admonition if you’re out to describe the truth leave elegance to the tale a very dear catholic neighbor well aware of my writings on islam was kandi trying to lift my gloomy spirits of late so he sent me some hackneyed jewish humor including a short summary of every jewish holiday they tried to kill us we won let’s eat but the next example was more opposite to what i will discuss this afternoon jewish telegram begin worrying details to follow the only marxist philosopher i appreciate groucho once observed beside a dog a book is man’s best friend inside a dog it is too dark to read now i will cast light on subject matter long relegated to silent darkness dutch parliamentarian here wilders brief powerful documentary film fitna simply holds up a mirror through islamic societies by including examples of how various quranic verses are used by muslim clerics and political leaders to incite muslim populations to violence and fidna is entirely faithful to classical mainstream islamic exodus on the quranic verses cited in the film regardless of what cultural jihadists and their winning or unwitting apologists and eventers may claim perhaps more disturbing than the images of jihadist

carnage and their quranic incitement portrayed in fitness was an example of how even young children are implicated with these genocidal beliefs and coached to repeat them for additional public consumption fitna included a may 2002 segment broadcast on igra the soy satellite television station which claims by the way at its website to quote highlight aspects of arab islamic culture that inspire admiration to highlight the true tolerant image of islam and refute the accusations directed against it unquote iqra is the muslim woman’s magazine program featured an interview of a three and a half year old quote real muslim girl about jews when the little girl was asked whether she’d like to she replied no asked why not she replied that jews are quote apes and pigs unquote the moderator then asked who said this and the child answered our god where did he say this ask the moderator in the quran this three and a half year old mural replied at the close of the interviewer the interview the moderator said approvingly no parents could wish for allah to give them a more believing girl that she may allah bless her and both her and her father and mother tragically this three and a half year old girl’s quranic reference is accurate quran 560 refers to the jews as apes and pigs quran 265 and 7166 as apes only these verses and both their classical and modern exorcists by the most authoritative muslim quranic commentators are meant to insire sacrificed jew hatred for over a thousand years since its founding in 792 ce alizar university in cairo egypt has served as the academic shrine much as mecca is the religious shrine of the global muslim community al-azhar and its mosque represent the pinnacle of islamic religious education a front-page new york times story published saturday january 10 2009 included extracts from the friday sermon of the day before at al-azhar mosque pronounced by egyptian government appointed cleric sheikh ida muhammad youssef referencing well-established anti-semitic motifs from the quran i’ll give you the citations below sheikh youssef and tone the following muslim brothers god has inflicted the muslim nation with a people whom god has become angry at quran 1 7 and whom he cursed quran 578 so he made monkeys and pigs quran 560 out of them they killed prophets and messengers quran 261 312 and sowed corruption on earth quran 533 564 they are the most evil on earth quran 562-63 indeed the koran’s overall discussion of the jews is marked by a litany of their sins and punishments as if part of the divine indictment conviction and punishment process the jews ultimate sin and punishment are made clear they are the devil’s minions quran 460 cursed by allah their faces will be obliterated quran 4 47 and if they do not accept the true faith of islam the jews who understand their faith become muslims that’s quran 3 1 13 they will be made into apes again 265 7166 or ace of swine 560 and burned in the hell fires quran 455 529 986 and 58 14-19 the quranic curse upon the jews for primarily rejecting even slaying allah’s prophets again 261-312 including isa jesus or at least his body double this is a complex motif perhaps adapted from gnostic uh christianity is updated with perfect archetypal logic in the canonical hadith following the muslims initial conquest of the jewish farming oysters of khaibar one of the vanquished jewishes reportedly served muhammad poisoned mutton or goat which resulted ultimately in his protracted agonizing death and even seer account the seerah the earliest sexualized biographies of muhammad if it’s seer account maintains that muhammad’s poisoning resulted from a well-coordinated jewish conspiracy it is worth recounting as depicted in the muslim sources the events that amputated muhammad’s reputed poisoning at kaibar muhammad’s failures or incomplete successes were consistently recompensed by murderous attacks on the jews the muslim prophet warrior developed a penchant for assassinating individual jews and destroying jewish communities by expropriation and expulsion for example at the bottom of my dear or massacring their men and enslaving their women and children to bother for racism just before subduing the medieval jewish tribe bonaparesa and orchestrating the mass

execution of their adult males muhammad invoked perhaps the most striking quranic motif for the jews debasement he addressed these jews with hateful disparagement as for you brothers of apes unquote subsequently in the case of the kaibar jews muhammad had the male leadership killed and plundered their riches the terrorized kaibar survivors industrious jewish farmers became prototype subjugated dimmies whose productivity was extracted by the muslims as a form of permanent booty or spoils and according to the muslim sources even this tenuous vassalage was arbitrarily terminated within a decade of muhammad’s death when kalikumar expelled the jews kaibar thus maimonides who died in 1203 the renowned talmudic philosopher astronomer and physician as noted by his historian salo baron emphasizes the bellicose madness of muhammad and his quest for political control muhammad’s mindset and the actions it engendered had immediate long-term tragic consequences for jews from his massacring up to 24 000 jews to their chronic oppression as described in the islamic sources by muslims themselves and here is baron’s summary of maimonides conception following an apparently prevalent usage maimonides calls the founder of islam a madman and the hebrew term is meshuggah with both religious and political aspirations who failed to formulate any new religious ideas but merely restated well-known concepts nevertheless he attracted a large following and inflicted many wrongs upon the jews being himself responsible for the massacre of 24 000 following his example the muslims of the subsequent generations oppressed the jews and debased them even more harshly than any other nation unquote muhammad’s brutal conquest and subjugation of the medinan and khaibar jews and their subsequent expulsion by one of his companions the second rightly guided caleb uma epitomized permanent archetypal behavior patterns islamic law deemed appropriate to muslim interactions with jews george by this seminal analysis of the anti-jewish motives in the hadith and i was privileged to bring this magister of work from 1938 into english for the first time it’s in my compendium the finest seminal analysis of the hadith remains the definitive work on this subject baidu concluded that according to the hadith stubborn malevolence is the jews defining worldly characteristic rejecting muhammad and refusing to convert to islam out of jealousy envy and even selfish personal interests led them to acts of treachery in keeping with their inveterate nature sorcery poisoning assassination held no scruples to them these archetypes sanctioned muslim hatred towards the jews and the admonition to at best subject the jews to muslim domination as demis treated with contempt under certain humiliating conditions two particularly humiliating vocations that were imposed upon jews by their muslim overlords in yemen and morocco where jews form the only substantive non-muslim demi populations merit collaboration barack and jews were confined to ghettos in the major cities such as feds since the 13th century called melos salty earth which derives from the fact that it was here that they were forced to solve the decapitated heads of executed rebels for public exposition this brutally imposed humiliating practice which could be enforced even on the jewish sabbath persisted through the late 19th century as described by eliezer bashan and used his description in the 1870s jews were forced to assault the decapitated heads of rebels on the sabbath for example berber tribes frequently revolted against sultan muhammad the 18th in order to force them to accept his authority he would engage in punitive military campaigns among the tribes with a musa located south of marrakech in 1872 the sultan succeeded in quelling their revolt and 48 of their captives were condemned to death in october 1872 on the order of the sultan they were dispatched to rabot for beheading their decapitated heads were to be exposed on the gates of the town for three days since the heads were to be sent to fez jewish ritual slaughters of livestock were forced to salt them and hang them for exposure on the sabbath despite threats by the governor of prabat the jews refused to do so he then ordered soldiers to enter the homes of those who refused and dragged them outside after they were flogged the jews complied and performed the task and the heads of the rebels were exposed in public unquote yemenite jews had to remove human theses and other waste matter urine which failed to evaporate etc from muslim areas initially in summer and later in other communities such as shivami irene and damar decrees requiring this obligation were issued in the late 18th or early 19th century

and reintroduced in 1913 yehudi yehuda nini reproduces an 1874 letter by a yemenite jew to the eliot’s israelite in paris lamenting the practice there’s a quote from that letter it is 86 years since our forefathers suffered the cruel decree and great chain to the nation of israel from the east to sundown where in the days of our fathers 86 years ago there arose a judge known as katy and said unto the king and his ministers who lived in that time that the lord blessed be he had only created the jews out of love of the other nations to do their work and be enslaved by them at their will and to do the most contemptible and lowly of tasks and of them all the greatest contamination of all to clear the privies and streets and pathways of the filthy dung and the great filth in that place to collect that all is left of that dung made your honor pardon the expression and when the jews were perceived as having exceeded the rightful bounds of this subjective relationship as in mythically tolerant muslim spain the results were predictably tragic the grenadine jewish beziers samuel eva ngrella and his son joseph who protected the jewish community were both assassinated between 1056-1066 and in the aftermath the jewish population was annihilated by the local muslims it is estimated that up to four thousand jews perished in the pogrom by muslims that accompanied the 1066 assassination this figure equals or exceeds the number of jews reportedly killed by the crusaders during their pillage of the rhineland some 30 years later at the outset of the first crusade the inciting rationale for this grenade and pogrom is made clear in the bitter anti-jewish oath abuishak a well-known muslim jurist and poet of the times who wrote quote bring them down to their place and return them to the most abject station they used to roam around us in tatters covered with contempt humiliation and scorn they used to rummage amongst the dung heaps for a bit of a filthy rag to serve as a shroud for a man to be buried in do not consider that killing them as treachery may it would be treachery to leave them scoffing unquote abu ishaq’s rhetorical incitement to violence also included the lying quote many of highest muslim is in awe of the vilest infidel hate my book moshe perlman in his analysis of the muslim anti-jewish polemic of 11th century grenada notes quote abu ishaq used the epithet 8 profusely when referring to jews such indeed was the parliament the moroccan cleric al-makili who died in 1505 referring to the jews as brothers of apes just as muhammad the sacralized prototype had addressed obamacare who repeatedly blasphemed the muslim prophet and whose overall conduct reflected their hatred of muslims fomented and then personally led a muslim to grum in about 1490 against the jews of the southern moroccan oasis of tawa plundering and killing them on mass and destroying their synagogue and neighboring commander an important muslim theologian whose writings influenced moroccan religious attitudes towards jews into the 20th century almaguilly also declared in verse love of the prophet requires hatred of the jews here is but a very incomplete sampling of barely known for drums and mass murderous violence against jews living under islamic rule across space and time all resulting from the combined effects of jihadism general anti-dimmi and or specifically anti-semitic motifs in islam six thousand jews massacred in feds in 1033 hundreds of jews slaughtered in muslim cordova between 10 10 and 10 15 four thousand jews killed in muslim riots in grenada which i mentioned earlier in 1066 wiping out the entire community the berber out the muslim al-maha depredations of jews and christians in spain and north africa between 1130 and 1232 which killed tens of thousands while forcibly converting thousands more and subjecting the forced jewish converts to islam to a muslim inquisition the 1291 pogroms in baghdad in its environs which killed at least hundreds of jews the 1465 could run against the jews of feds the late 15th century paprum against the jews of the southern moroccan oasis town of kawaii the 1679 pogroms against and then expulsion of 10 thousand jews from sana yemen to the unlivable hot and dry plain of tihama from which only one thousand returned alive in 1680 90 having died from exposure recurring muslim anti-jewish violence including the grumps and forced conversions throughout the 17th 18th and 19th centuries which rendered areas of iran for example to priests jude and i the 1834 pagram in safat in the galilee where raging muslim mobs killed and grievously wounded hundreds of jews the 1888 massacres of jews in istahan and shiraz iran

the 1910 agram and shiraz iran the pillage and destruction of the casablanca morocco ghetto in 1907 the pillage of the ghetto of fez morocco in 1912 the government sanctioned anti-jewish pogroms by muslims in turkish eastern thrace during june july 1934 which ethnically cleansed at least three thousand jews and the series of pogroms expropriations and finally mass expulsions of some nine hundred thousand jews from arab muslim nations beginning in 1941 in baghdad the murderous farhood during which 600 jews were murdered and at least 12 000 pillaged eventually involving cities and towns in egypt morocco libya syria hayden bahrain and culminating in 1967 in tunisia that a company that accompanied the planning and creation of a jewish state israel on a portion of the jews ancestral homeland unfortunately contemporary manifestations of the jihad against israel linked intimately to islamic jew hatred and deemed radical for example hamas doctrine are entirely concordant with the views espoused by the most authoritative religious educational institution within sunni islam al-azhar university in cairo egypt consider a fatwa written january 5th 1956 at the height of so-called secular arab nationalism by then grand mafia egypt and signed by the leading members of the fatwa committee of al-azhar and the major representatives of all four sunni islamic schools of jurisprudence this ruling elaborated the following key initial point that all historical palestine having been conquered by jihad was a permanent possession of the global muslim humor community so-called faye territory booty or spoils to be governed by islamic law the january 1956 al-azhar fatwa language and arguments are indistinguishable from those employed by hamas for example in its covenant revealing the same conjoined motivations of jihad and conspiratorial jew hatred and i’ll read from that father muslims cannot conclude peace with those jews who have usurped the territory of palestine and attacked its people and their property in any manner which allows the jews to continue as a state in that sacred muslim territory as jews have taken a part of palestine and they’re established their non-islamic government and have also evacuated from that part most of its muslim inhabitants jihad to restore the country to its people is the duty of all muslims not just those who can undertake it and since all islamic countries constitute the abode of every muslim the jihad is imperative for both the muslims inhabiting the territory attacked and muslims everywhere else because even though some sections have not been attacked directly the attack nevertheless took place on a part of the muslim territory which is a legitimate residence for any muslim everyone knows that from the early days of islam to the present day the jews have been plotting against islam and muslims and the islamic homeland they do not propose to be content with the attack they made on palestine and al-aqsa but they planned for the possession of all islamic territories from the nile to the euphrates unquote at present the continual monotonous indication by al-azhar clerics of anti-semitic motifs from the quran and other foundational muslim texts consistent with the published writings and statements of sheikh muhammad syed khan tawi rand imam of this preeminent islamic religious institution since 1996 tantawi’s case illustrates the prevalence and depth of sacralized normative jew hatred in the contemporary muslim world arguably islam’s leading mainstream cleric granby mom sheikh zantawi embodies how the living legacy of muslim anti-jewish hatred and violence remains firmly rooted in mainstream orthodox islamic teachings not some aberrant vision of radical islam tantawi’s phd thesis which translates as jews in the quran and the traditions was published in 1968-69 and republished in 1986 two years after earning his phd sheikh khan how he began teaching at al-azhar in 1980 he became the head of the tafsir or quranic commentary department of the university of nadena saudi arabia a position held until 1984 sheikh tantawi became grand mafia egypt in 1986 a position he was to hold for a decade decade before taking on his current post first assumed in 1996 as the grand imam of al-azhar my book the legacy of islamic anti-semitism includes extensive first-time english translations of tatawi’s academic magnum opus tatawi wrote these words in his 700 page treatise

rationalizing muslim jew agent the quran described the jews with their own particular degenerate characteristics killing the prophets of ottawa again around 261-312 corrupting his words by putting them in the wrong places consuming the people’s wealth frivolously refusal to distance themselves from the evil they do and other ugly characteristics caused by their deep-rooted lasciviousness only a minority of the jews keep their word all jews are not the same the good ones become muslims quran 3 113. the bad ones do not unquote tatawi was apparently rewarded for this scholarly effort by being named granby mom of alazar in 1996 a position he still holds these are the expressed carefully researched views on jews held by the nearest muslim equivalent to a pope the head of the most prestigious center of muslim learning and sunni islam which represents some 85 to 90 percent of the world’s muslims and sheikh tantawi has not qualified such hate-mongering beliefs since becoming the grand imam of al-azhar as his statements on dialogue in january 1998 with jews the jews as quote enemies of allah descendants of apes and pigs april 2002 and the legitimacy of homicide bombing of jews also april 2002 and clear tantawi’s statements on dialogue which were issued shortly after he met with the with israel’s chief rabbi israel mayor lau in cairo on december 15 1997 provided him another opportunity to reaffirm his ongoing commitment to the views expressed about jews in his phd thesis here’s what he said anyone who avoids meeting with the enemies in order to counter their dubious claims and stick fingers into their eyes is a coward my stance stems from allah’s book the quran more than one-third of which deals with the jews i wrote a dissertation dealing with them the jews all their false claims and their punishment by allah i still believe in everything written in that dissertation unfortunately tantawi’s anti-semitic formulations are well grounded in classical mainstream islamic theology however understanding and acknowledging the quranic origins of islamic anti-semitism is not a justification for the unperformed unrepentant modern endorsement of these hateful motives by huntawi with predictably murderous consequences within days of the netanya homicide bombing massacre on passover seder night mark 27 2002 for example sheikh tantawi issued an abhorrent sanction on april 4th of that year of so-called martyrdom operations even when directed at israeli civilians and during november 2002 consistent with his triumphant denial sheikh tantawi made the following statement in response to criticism over the virulently anti-semitic egyptian television series called horsemen without a force based on the bizarrest russian forgery the protocols of the elders of zion here’s what he said suppose that the series has some criticism or shows some of the jews traits this doesn’t necessitate an uproar the accusation of anti-semitism was invented by the jews as a means to pressure arabs and muslims to implement their schemes in the arab and muslim countries so don’t pay attention to that michael last january 22 2008 it was reported that tantawi canceled what would have been an historic visit to the rome synagogue by the imam of rome’s mosque the punitive excuse for this cancellation was israel’s self-defensive stance or blockade in response to acts of jihad terrorism rocket barrages attempted arm incursions etc emanating from gaza the italian newspaper to its credit guardian de la commenting aptly about these events observed observed that the consolation proved quote even so-called muslim moderates share the ideology of hate violence and death towards the jewish state unquote al-azhar coriano delasara further argued which constituted a quote vatican of sunni islam had in effect issued a kind of fakwa the paper concluded by noting that quote what the cairo statement really means is that muslim dialogue with jews in italy is only possible once israel has been eliminated unquote syrian psychiatrist wapa sultan’s riveting new book and i urge you all together as soon as it comes out we have a few weeks a god who hates includes her written exchange with an iraqi judge who she characterizes as broad-minded and cultured thus waffle notes her surprise when this man warned her against discussing the israeli-palestinian conflict lest she be accused of conspiring with jews and zionists waffle sultan wrote back to the judge quote thanking him for his advice still declining to take it and explain to him that i was utterly convinced that the reasons for the conflict were religious and stemmed from prophet muhammad’s hostility towards the jews unquote she continues in one of my messages to him i reminded him of the quranic person

she refers to quran 564 and here’s the arbury translation god’s hand is scattered the jews have said god’s hand is better fettered on their hands and they are cursed for what they have said nay but his hands are outspread we have cast between them enmity and hatred until the day of resurrection as often as they light a fire for war god will extinguish it they hasten about the earth to do corruption there and god loves not the workers of corruption so waffle continues i asked him is that reasonable what do you tell your son when you read that verse to him and parenthetically this verse was cited by the so-called moderate palestinian president mahmoud abbas uh and it was during a speech in the west bank and it culminated in a call for the palestinians to aim their rifles at the israelis so she asked him is that reasonable what do you tell your son when you read that first to him how can you convince him that our problem with the jews is their occupation of palestine rather than islam’s attitude to them 14 centuries before that occupation began and why islam’s general attitude toward the jews helped muslims construct their conspiracy theory and use it as a weapon against anyone who tried to cast doubts upon the credibility and morality of islamic teachings with the aid of this weapon they have been largely successful in attaining their objective platform let me conclude by saying the intellectually honest assessment and understanding of islamic anti-semitism and the anti-jewish violence it begets must begin with an unapologetic analysis of the motifs of jew hatred contained in the foundational text of islam the quran hadith the serum while identifying those like the sunni muslim pope who continued to preach and sanction this religious religious bigotry regardless of dispatch thank you very much directly um uh