TerraTech #5 – Drill Tech Gets Big Bucks

welcome back guys to Terra tag this is episode number five today we are going mining we are going to get a lot of money a lot of big bucks a lot of Terra tech bucks whatever the BBU stands for did they ever tell us what that stands for they probably did and I totally overlooked it wasn’t paying attention always looking at a different section of the screen anyway okay so today we are going to go mining but first before we go remember this is an early access game so expect bugs to be part of the experience last time we came back to our base after going going traveling and all the stuff in these silos had disappeared and I had wanted to keep a copy of each tech we use and to kind of have like a big garage full of these things to show our progress and the different things we came up with but I’m kind of worried if we go off again stuff we’re going to come back and stuff’s going to be missing so I want to save my creations and so I’m going to snapshot this and we probably I want to distinguish this from all the other ones I made so I’m going to put zlp for my Z stoves let’s play and then we’re gonna name them after that I’m going to put a number so we know the order I made them in is gonna be very organized so when we look in the list they’ll show up in the correct order I think they’ll show up alphabetically maybe they won’t maybe this’ll totally backfire maybe they show up based on their size or something anyway okay so we’ll call this the laser blaster whatever save good I really wish they would get rid of the Twitter integration I find that to be a little bit just a little bit too much to ask people to integrate their social their social media I remember when Facebook games became a big big thing and everybody’s everybody’s um what do you call it your your homescreen or whatever where you get all the notifications it would just get flooded with Facebook game notifications and that was kind of annoying I hope they get rid of that anyway okay so this guy let me hope hopefully I remember oh it’s saved I was gonna say hopefully I remember the exact syntax I used so I can just change um alright we’ll call this the Z Stowe’s let’s play Oh to tech there were things we made in the first couple episodes we just won’t count those things okay cuz I didn’t save them so it’s too late um and I wish I could move the camera I don’t think we can can we oops crap uh what did I dang it but I don’t know if we can get rid of these either I would really like to be able to edit this I don’t think you can at the moment um so you just end up with a huge list let’s see if they showed up in order anyway oh they did okay um so Z Stowe’s let’s play Oh – oh it didn’t have a name Z Stowe’s let’s play oh one laser blaster so the text doesn’t quite wrap properly they need to do some work on the menus I guess this one cost 4038 big bucks this one cost 15,000 yeah that’s that got to be a little bit more so we’ll just call that Oh – that’s fine I guess that’s not a big deal I was gonna call it the booster blaster or something I don’t know but they don’t really matter doesn’t really matter hopefully at some point we can rename them or like get rid of old ones we don’t want on our list anyway we are going mining today with this guy so let’s save him as well let’s get to a nice screen shoddy area and then we’ll charge up is I think the battery’s about to go out I guess that’s okay so this guy’s got a bo3 and we’re gonna call him the the driller that’s not the best name but okay it’ll work it’ll do okay so we got this guy I set up and his job is to go mine stuff and for it to be automatically refined in these things let’s get the name L is a refinery I was pretty close and then shot off by the delivery cannons without ever having to come back to base and now that I’ve got these things let’s just let’s hover over them to learn the proper names wireless charger I no longer really need these repair bays that I had been using up to this point now we can have a much more compact system where we have a few solar panels and some I forgot the name already wireless chargers and they can just charge up our batteries and we can have repair bubbles on the things itself III don’t have shields on this thing because it has no capability to fight any way if it gets in a fight it’s going to be in trouble hopefully you can repair itself as it escapes so here’s the basic design we’ve got drills on the front then we’ve got these wireless receivers why I say wireless they’re just called receivers

we got these receivers to pick up the items that the drills drop on the ground after we break a tree or something and then those get taken to this the conveyor and that goes in the direction of the arrows and if an object is capable of being picked up by the refinery when it’s going down the conveyor it will and so that’ll happen it’ll get refined into an or and then sold by the delivery cannon I’ve tucked away some batteries a radar that the cab is right there we’ve got repaired bubbles and we also have some boosters now I made it quite short you notice it the wheelbase I could have made it way longer I did that on purpose because watch if I try to go up this hill I might even get stuck with this design now we didn’t we went right up it if the longer you make the wheelbase the easier is going to be for you to get stuck because these low hanging drills on the front they’re going to dig into the ground you won’t be able to move so that’s kind of important and just because that makes us kind of slower because we only have four wheels instead of six something like that put some boosters on it who doesn’t like boosters so we can go a little bit faster so let’s give this guy a test we’ll get a bunch of money that will go try to get some more parts once we have some money to do something with these basic rocks usually don’t have much sometimes there will be an ore inside them like it the gray the black or seat this one right here case in point that is car byte and that’s going to get refined and that goes turns into let’s just put it down here so we can read it before it gets gets rid of car be us brick okay and now I don’t think that can get refined again but hey let’s let’s just find out I don’t believe it can I’ve never tried though I never tried to put two refiners back-to-back yeah it’s just going past all them so let’s just sell it there we go and those sell for 8080 big bucks okay that’s about middle of the road there’s an enemy over there there’s actually three in close proximity I wonder if that is a base okay I noticed a seam here I don’t want to get into a fight though so I want to keep my distance this is plum bite maybe one bite oh I remember the name look at that and that’s gonna probably turn into plum bite brick if Can I grab one before it gets sold one by Columbia ingot okay so that’s metal okay let’s sell that those sell for 36 not as much I do also want to get into the crafting eventually we’re going to take it one step at a time and just get a bunch of money at first there’s also I also got a scrapper which takes the GSO blocks which is the original block type all these gray and white ones with the red highlights it takes those and it breaks them down to their component or is it basically does the reverse of crafting them we did a little bit of crafting I think we made a light and maybe a radar from we just experimented with a few different possibilities of things to put in that fabricator we got a light and a radar and the the scrapper thing basically reverses that process gives you the ores and then you can sell those ores the ores and alloys and stuff like that that’s a really good way to make money as well but yeah we’re just going to do it one step at a time we’ll start with this basic mining because I wanted to show off at least it for one video how you could make pretty good money just running around bulldoze and stuff and not getting into fights of course fighting is like the big fun part of this game and getting new blocks that’s like that’s the whole theme so we definitely want to do that but sometimes just rolling around and breaking Brock blocks like making money they can be fun it can be relaxing there’s there’s some green stuff in here this is going to be I can’t remember okay oh and it’s okay the label is getting in the way Road ight getting in the way of the thing luck side shard so previously previous patches the game the refinery thing it looked different it was the basically the same shape as the delivery cannon so you could just make a rose you could have a row of delivery cannons a row of refineries and then you could actually fit more but they change the shape so you’ve got this sort of L shape for the refinery now and this is the this is the best design I could come up with to fit as many refineries and delivery cans as possible yeah and you end up with like a diagonal system just so that you can is like you’re playing Tetris so you can stack those refineries eventually will will make a bigger one there is a bad guy there he’s kind of in between where I guess we’re gonna have to go around him but it’s getting dark and I don’t use lights in this game

because the game like seriously gets laggy at night if you have more than three or four lights around I guess if you put them on your tacking it can be okay but I’m gonna do some mining while it’s dark and in the daytime I think we’ll take our Z cos let’s play tech number two out and try to find some new parts all right made about $10,000 in one night that’s pretty good pretty good great so we could replace one of our Tech’s if we lost it without too much trouble that way this right here this object I don’t know if I show this last time or if I got it off camera this is the scrapper smashes up blocks and reduces them back to their component resources it’s a gso scrapper though I seem to remember and I’m not sure if this has changed because I haven’t tried it yet in this patch but it used to only work on the GSO blocks the gray and white ones so the the venture ones and the the Geo Corp or whatever those will not get broken down maybe they’re planning later parts that are harder to get because it would be a lot more expensive you’d make a lot more money I’m seen you found that enemy base defeat the Guardian and any harvesters to claim the base oh I already found these guys yeah I defeated I think this is uh the map is a little bit glitched out because I defeated a few things and I couldn’t find all the Guardians and so it never awarded me everything and the base itself it blew up or I don’t exactly remember so I think those are just artifacts on the base there on the mini-map all right here’s a guy and what direction is he faith doesn’t matter you’re dead oh don’t get too close that’s too close I don’t want to blowing up on me you have any weapons fellow so this guy right here would be a good a good type of tech to use the scrapper on but mostly I just want to go out and get new parts right now and that music is loud I’ve noticed the music can be super loud and the sound effects maybe they just haven’t finished all the sound design elements because for instance there’s no drilling sound that I can that I can notice a lot of like breaking stuff kind of sounds there’s there’s weapons sounds but it seems like a lot of there’s a lot of sounds missing from the game here’s another guy over here man these boosters are the best thing ever we’re getting around I’m just gonna charge right at him he’s probably quick though is I can knock his wheels off though gosh he’s too quick okay boosters don’t fail me now he’s trying to spin around me he’s can definitely move around quicker than me um great how are we ever gonna hit this guy I need to make a ship okay next guy we’re making is gonna be able to fire basically in any direction cuz this is definitely a limitation of this vehicle and I’m gonna be out yeah my booster ran out oh now you’ve done messed up okay he might he messed up momentarily I didn’t I think I knocked off some of his weapons now see he’s got several cabs on there and I seriously doubt we’re gonna get any cabs the only way to get those games probably gonna be to find them in a a little the little objects that give you a free item that are these denoted by these little yellow pins on the map we also never went to pick up the plane I realize that when I was editing previous videos okay this guy is awesome against big slow guys and I’m noticing he’s not so good against these fast little guys oh I knocked off on his wheels now how are my batteries doing my batteries are fine he’s not hurting me we’re just kind of in a stalemate here where he can run circles around me and I can’t really hit him so I can’t turn around fast enough every once in a while oh he hit my wheel and it got repaired okay yeah next next vehicle is either going to be able to shoot in all directions or it’s gonna be able to turn around a lot better or maybe both okay I hit him a little bit there oh come on dude venture rusher yeah no kiddin oh and I am taking damage oh did he lose wheels or something what happened to him he lost wheels yeah we got him now nothing you can do okay can i hmm yeah the cab’s blow up let’s see did we get I think we already have that booster and we already have these l-brackets yeah those are the l-bracket there’s a number of different brackets in the game we have all those my vehicle is doing fine my batteries are okay your live thing yep I believe those are just the developer streams that pop up there you want to see what they’re working on I

guess I’ve never actually watched one okay here’s some this guy looks a little strange he looks fragile looks like he’s made of bunched brackets you are fragile fella oh there’s another one okay I think I did some damage but he’s still moving around he’s still moving around this little guy I’m not worried about a little guy you’re dead little guy and these lobbying weapons they’re not very good for pin part pinpointing a foe either was that guy still alive the heck and we need to recharge as soon as this is done this fight if this guy’s okay next enemy we need to pick our targets a little better next enemy we fight needs to be one of them big slow Phil’s come on guy maybe if I use my boo strike key I can spin around faster and then I spun around too much and I was like way over there well this guy’s gonna blow back up when the cab’s blow up they can do a pretty decent amount of damage and he’s going to go around this way right into my open he stopped oh I knocked a wheel off I hit him okay you’re way over here come back hey he’s running away you get stuck up you’re toast you’re toast I think I already have this puppet blew up I think I already had that spoiler though uh and I’m I’m looking before I do more damage I’m bad shoot I was like looking for more parts mmm okay I don’t think we got anything new there we can go look over here as well but I don’t think so get out of my way tree okay what do we got we’ve got l-brackets we’ve got little pieces of tree shrapnel we’ve got the push plow thing which we already had that’s a cab wait what is that a cab no that is a tractor pad thing okay let’s let’s I don’t want to get too far from my base because I don’t want stuff these spawning again we do need to recharge let’s just go in a circle around that green biome there is another one of these guys he looks like the same design in fact oh you come in for us no you’re just sort of doing circles because this you’re kind of this is like Chihuahua I just sort of like lights to run around and Yap but doesn’t really pose much of a threat you know oh oh no now he’s toast you’ve got okay let’s see ah drag things what is this oh crap blow up blew up too quick okay we’ve got wheels and blocks this oh this front spoiler I think this is no front spoiler for like a little racecar maybe we should make a racecar for exploring like some super fast thing it’s like all boosters and fast wheels and spoilers and stuff okay let’s uh charge up a little bit and then we’ll head off oh there’s a big guy over there in that direction that might be a Geo Corp guy I could use some more geo Corp stuff for future super huge drilling units drilling Tech’s the the Geo Corp guys they do have drills for sure so we can make short work of stuff and there’s an even bigger heavier heavy-duty drill that I don’t have are not drill wheel so we could pack more of those let me see if I remember they refiners and delivery cannons I’m starting to get it we could pack a lot more of those if we had the bigger wheels and the better drills I definitely had to pause a few times during the night while I was drilling because I just I had so many objects in my system that I couldn’t pick up anything else and let’s see do we see the Sun I’ll see it we probably still have time I’m seeing a guy way over there maybe even a few fellas a few fellas and then a guy over there I guess that hopefully this will be in the right direction and we might get in several fights in a row so we should be prepared maybe I should maybe I should have two solar panels and two of these little recharge wireless chargers they are wireless chargers what else I called something else Wireless I called the receiver Wireless no the charger is Wireless because no wire required doesn’t have to be connected and three two one good enough okay let’s go so we’ve got a big guy there oh maybe some of that stuff I saw in the distance might have been trees possibly but this guy looks

oh is that her is that like a drag racer what’s over here hey little guy look at this guy with his big wheels on the back he’s like a go-kart oh he’s like those go-kart racer things and he’s got some weapons on okay he looks cool I think we have all those items I’m blowing up anyway oh oh come on I guess getting right up in his nose doesn’t work that well with it with my current tech because I’ve got all these lobby things on the top okay give me that I dragged it we learned it they turn a tree anyway I do have some forward facing forward firing weapons but most of my firepower are these mortars on my back I’m taking damage but I’m healing it basically instantly yeah okay next redesign more mobility and more angles of attack for when things get behind us I think that’s gonna be important I had a lot of trouble with these little quick guy I think we had so much success with this guy last time because we were fighting the big geo Corp stop which is just slow it’s designed for like moving around and moving around slowly and drilling stuff and that’s about it okay and I can’t really out turn in so I’m gonna have to try to trick his AI like that okay I got you oh now you’re dead and dang it that piece right there I never managed to grab it in time I grabbed something but we already had that ok batteries are fine do we lose anything I don’t think so I could do this we could just put a little addition on here no reason why not okay that we’ve got an object over there looks like another venture Cove guy I was hoping to find some geo Corp guys but we haven’t seen any we haven’t really learned anything new I do have plenty of parts though to make a guy like this I I had no most of these parts oh did I get him oh I got a lot of his stuff Oh give me one of these I’ll take 20 here Oh dig it pick it up what okay good all right let’s see we can turn around on him nope okay if I do this did I hit him a few times Oh got him a few times in the wheels get him get his wheels I knocked off a wheel excellent that’s we want yeah I think chasing around in circles only works if you’re the faster guy so you kind of had certain point you got to stop and like reverse and like confuse his maneuvering a little bit and then you get like two little shots off him you got to start over there’s a big mountain right there hey hey stop doing that sit still sit still and let me hit you at least these um I don’t know what they’re called but those machine guns we got from the venture stuff they are firing backwards which might be a something to consider when we oh crap invasion okay invader is coming prepare yourself I want to kill this guy first though my batteries are getting low oh I think he’s toast is he toast yet 17 seconds he still got a few wheels yes kill him I can’t grab the the cab okay let’s get out of range let’s get out of range and see we’re up against cyclone from payload Studios okay finally let’s see if I can get any charge left or if the Sun has gone down okay we can charge up a little bit cyclone from Palos studios challenges you how do you reply I reply verily I accept the challenge as soon as we okay there goes the Sun a signal as soon as we charge up that’s all the charge we’re gonna get he is a he’s a Geo Corp guy though so he’s probably gonna be slow ooh what is that what shoots the green stuff oh I want one of those okay we might get a new object that looks awesome just need to get in range of lava Adam he’s made of like ten million different blocks – oh and I was moving oh that I don’t want this Oh is he using the the forward-facing coil lasers is that what shoots the green maybe already have those but now that I’m noticing that I’m shooting the little green lasers – he doesn’t have many lights or lights and I mangle ice but either than many wheels left so now we just have to get to his juicy new Gaddy Center and drag any blocks that

might be new I don’t think I don’t see any new stuff what is this right there it’s just a block iron just the base one by one we got this and I’m not sure if I have that or not BAM we defeated sweet all right anything new we really need to make a system where we can break these blocks down and sell them because we could be making all kinds of money doing that I could sell all these I could break them down into ores and sell them and but I think we only got one new block this whole time I think we got the front spoiler I believe that’s new and I think that’s the only new thing we got okay well we were successful we made a mining ship which will at least make us money we can continue getting money like that and next time I think we’re going to try out something that’s going to be a bit faster it can fire in multiple directions so we’ve noticed some limitations with this guy’s design lots of firepower if you can hit a sitting duck but besides that possibly has its flaws okay but that’s gonna be it for this episode hope your and whip up and looks like oh no oh it did not crash we just have a tech with an obsolete part kind of freaked me out it’s a similar message that happens when when the game crashes you get a similar message like that looks like do we get a block here what is this Oh filter conveyor awesome so we can make conveyors take certain objects off a conveyor belt and then send those to refiners and then to fabricators so we can like set up a system where certain objects get made the way we want them up now it did crash great okay that’s the end of episode hope you enjoyed it see you next time bye bye