Minecraft Xbox – Quest To Kill The Wither (4)

hmm it’s been a very quiet morning wonder why that is anyway hello this is stampy and welcome to episode number 4 of our Chris to kill the wither as always in the Quest series I am going to be joined by hi I’m fighting some faker calves squid rabitor I’m speaking to him on you walkie talkie which is Jake’s yesterday read some of my roses okay come on Dobbs I’m on my momma bridge before my broke dude my really good walkie talkie sound effects by squid ah shoosh shoosh shoosh okay here where where are you squid over um I’m in the nether Roger over Roger Roger over than ever who’s Roger over and it’s this gasps chewing me Roger over right okay Roger I try and take over take out Roger over take over Roger over Roger over okay over where do they still in me never basically in the last episode I told him that he’s not allowed to join up in the overworld until he has got 36 levels and at this very moment he has 35 30 35 how tense how exciting how exact means I’m gonna do the flushing and stuff by myself it won’t be this time why don’t you leave all the stuff till when I get back and then we can do the more quickly you just carry on what you’re doing and then when we get reunited we can do them all together we can we can pretend like it never happened okay well I just flushed anyway but we did we do it again do it again what one flush one flash is not enough as my mum used to whine I use ash to Rugel them all what flash is not enough don’t think about that too much anyway I’m gonna go under shear some more of the the sheep to get more red walls I’m hard at work building my chili slug and then I’m gonna go in to begin work building the big egg big egg New York has the Big Apple we’re gonna have the big egg no expense bed in the quest series I’ve got to tear I got more sheep in Saigon I got 5850 oh what did I just put my chest oh I’ll just put away my picker let me take that back he’s the cherry my package you silly chest you’re doing through my chest oh yeah so once those last levels he can come and join me and I might set you off sheering I’ve got I could have I got probably just about enough wall baby need a tiny bit more but from the front it’s already looking a bit more like a sign up I’ve done more work than you did in the last episode let’s just put it that way at least I wish you could see like how under attack I am here now what about before those ages ago but literally there’s fireballs over my shoulder every time I stop moving we just remember the last episode and what happened to me in the never and I lost all of my levels so it’s cred carefully young squid nugget tread carelessly but if you could see this there’s like a stop like a second there’s one two again it’s to bring with car over with we’re cutting over to squid nugget cam now free gusts shooting up me it’s like a war over you start this fight I feel like a real news reporter well I stopped me there’s fire everywhere I’ve tried to get some quads it’s absolutely destruction everywhere I’m going back two steps go back to you over a big big chili slug has just emerged on the scene we’re not sure the the officials seem to be arriving there hoping to deal with the chilly slope we’re not sure what the chili slugs intentions are going to be but so far it’s peaceful quite a crowd it’s covered you can see Timmy and Raph talk over there watching on from her from a distance back over to you in the the never squid mug it was what serve any update since our last chat well there’s now four guests coming towards we stopping fireballs everywhere I’ve on 35 and a half levels and I’m on fire Oh God for heart somebody snaps at me I repeat I’m running over oh ok but why are you running over and debt they’re never quite Roger other you’re running Rogers never quarts over I’m yeah anyway on the calendar dude don’t run over is never course sorry much yeah oh you can watch of his never course for another cause I’m not coming in without a bow again I refuse this is this is not even funny I’m gonna need you to come and rescue me stamps I need I needed to – I don’t know I need you to yell do you remember what happened last time I was in the never squared if there’s someone who you don’t want to be trying to rescue you it’s someone who tried to go there last time and jumped look Jim I didn’t I didn’t fall I wasn’t pushed I jumped into a pool of lava I wasn’t looking where I

was going and nearly lost everything and did lose all my levels which was the purpose I went to than ever you don’t want me squid you don’t need wow I just need someone there like an airport sign you know like stamps out squid no get just holding a sign there for me and I cool there that’s where the exit is I can get out of this place I don’t really know what I am to be honest I think I suppose even find the nether fortress I can trace my steps back from there because that’s where the pole is I feel like you’ve gone on on quite a journey I feel like you’re gonna come out of there never a different squid and yeah a new perspective on life well maybe want a bit more flame-grilled and scared of a ghasts a slightly more sims squid yeah no that’s just made me hungry oh wow 36 levels I’m coming on I got jump in lava squid yeah I do what the castelo and steady slow and steady squid nugget I’ve got I’m holding down the fort here it’s okay as long as you’re up as long as you’re back in time then that’s alright so just don’t die any time and why is there why is there a pig in with the Shiba I do you think we don’t know that you’re a pig do you do think that you’ve just got it every time we come in you dyke your little head down and we don’t realize that your thing like we don’t mind you being here it’s just we’d rather you not be so secretive about it okay don’t don’t don’t don’t be like that I don’t try to eat you nestled in with the others oh let him be a pig Stubbs yes I was a promise then if I come down here and try and shear him an accidently snip off his little curly tail he’s gonna be the one honking all about it and getting all up there well is this not awful if he’s gonna merge of all of the sheep like that you know like you don’t see me jumping into the ocean and making squid nugget noises do you going like I’m one of you guys aren’t I let’s all hang out and I don’t know do what squids I don’t know to what or you’ll paint quiz I do I don’t know what do what – squids do and when your days off days off days off fair no yeah go to the local squid nugget bar and drink some I don’t know Inc some some pure fighting why did you think that’s like that’s what comes out of you why would you truly you’ve got enough of that I will show you don’t need to go to the hole like why did why do vampires drink blood no they’re made of blood you know it’s not you know you don’t think it is you know you’re right this is just the same kind of thing yeah exactly that doesn’t make sense apologize stamps apologize right now sorry squid I never fought about it in in that long anyway it’s okay it’s okay so wait right I found my way home I’m coming through the nether portal don’t think I’ve ever had such a great sense of direction in my whole entire life this is quite whether the the ceremony for your return is almost complete with we’ve really pulled out all the stops here spared no expense um yeah you get zeros well actually paired no expense lit literally done nothing to pay for your return oh oh I’m like a ho I’m jumping oh this is a good stance well the in good news the the Chile slug is almost complete just a few more finishing touches and then we’ll have a review for so they’ll get ass your that’s what I’ve been doing for a year I’ve built you as a present a chili squid a chill wit as has ever done before no stubs probably good reason for it but we’ll see but now you have your very sis your own pet you can name it I’ll let you name the chili squid I’m not too scary much leafy little chili slug authority like I said with your break what it’s so easy a chili slitaz chili squid or a chili slug which one is it it’s the slug but I keep saying squid okay just just so I know yeah cause I’m sure plenty of people pointed it out in the comments Beaufort don’t worry use it to read through that right rhyme we’ll see a ladder on the slug yeah well I needed access to the the head so I knew I need to build the head over and there are a few gaps I need to I’m gonna like um splodge is splodge a good word splodge it up a bit it’s a bit too neat online ID so I want to splodge it up a bit and make it look a little less neat you know I want it to be flying less logic yes so I need to do add a bit more detail about being struggling haha oh we can do the M we can make the sword we can make the sword yeah and we want to wait until the the Chili’s done and then we can do it no no no do it now no now right okay we need to UM we need to work out where we want the door to be um think about here would be where we want to get in here this is this can be the entrance I’m going ladders Tom as you are it’s because you’ve built it on a raise that’s why it’s cuz I’ve build it just around an actual blacksmith’s that I haven’t touched the original blacksmith that’s all still here are we only changing the interior Stubbs over that is literally Hanukkah I like it’s like it’s like the the slug just like ate a blacksmith and we’re just

going in to tell you to get inside oh I know I forgot to get lava you didn’t get what you said you found lava I got one bucket I gave you that Nate didn’t I oh yeah that’s good whether they go oh that’s the start we might only need one anyway so that that’s good right you need this is I’m trusting with these these are the two best swords we app so that’s the one that you want to duplicate to make it so this one has the same enchantments how do i duplicate yeah let me explain it’s very technical and very difficult okay you’ve come over to the Sun Ville and you place them both in and then that’s it wow the work Wow thirty-six levels do I want to do it as a tough one Oh course you don’t hug it I did it any where’d you I heard you cling crying away down there getting to a brand new sod and I have no levels left yeah there we go to subscribe brand new sort of looting to so I think here is I just basically send you all that way just to like just do your day with your new sword yeah yeah hey guys donate alright you’re a true how is Lulu look because it’s night we can go to sleep within in the morning we could do a lot morning rituals yeah right yeah that’s got to bed quickly it was perceived feel we’re doing it sank in this woods isn’t it yeah maybe we should do it everything backwards okay you’re gonna do the entire beginning ritual but you can only walk backwards okay are you joking good good ideas squared I’m glad you came up with it right let’s go to bed you know back when some stars famous to do it all yeah everything everything backwards alright there we go well we should have done asleep then I can open lets day waking up I lay on my back in bed so I guess that count I’m gonna cross open this door whoa steady steady right I knowing throng go I’m going to the M oh no as if I didn’t know that was gonna have a ride I got an enderpearl I’m gonna try to ender pearl onto the toilet okay so we’re not doing everything backwards you just walking backwards yeah walking back with are you doing in like the normal order but just walking backwards have you fallen down as well yeah yeah kind of Jason oh okay I learned it I’m in the toilet I’m in the toilet alright where are you ah let’s see this right let me team it yes I can see you you’re doing good if you go in like third person is easier everybody squid is about to fall oh oh he did it impress you can normally not do it forward how you doing it backwards why this is the tricky bit now though can you actually get on to the toilet there we go right now we need to have our first backwards flush if you can come this way I’m gonna press I’m gonna jump backwards okay jump backwards am I gonna eat for the dollar all we’re getting trapped in no I’m not I’m not oh right here to kiss smooch with a kiss and quits backwards right let’s get in where is he where is he smooch as a barriers here he is OOP ah whatever then kiss the back of my neck right ice cream parlor if we can how do we hit the door I’ll stop it charlie I get the cows our stand on it hey go through right yeah ice cream parlor let’s go wow it’s weird walking just staring yourself in the face it’s like walking around holding a mirror arm’s length that’s like what it is man okay then soon as we’re doing everything backwards oh it’s a long time again yes these we’re doing everything backwards I think we should do the ice cream okay we can walk forwards again now but we have to like and so how committed by so we need basically how would we do the entire thing in Reverse so we can speak forward but do everything else in reverse so you need to kind of come in and give me ice cream and is it okay you’re coming in to sell me ice cream then I guess would be the the best way to do it without work at all what I try to think how a normal exchange in an ice cream parlor would work if it was backwards I go away in I today we need to get ice cream and we need to melt it and put it back into the cow right you’re a get earth guy this is me oh good bye just spreading dirty ice cream Oh goodbye sir how do you enjoyed your ice cream it’s right next to you and goodbye haha my mind got wet this it was too is too computed but mm-hmm I’m gonna do it from the beginning stubs and their what from additively until one

movie hello there God sir okay there’s your ice cream well thanks stamps no y’all just say which float down oh you say what flavor you one draw prayer what flavor would you like I’m okay thank you how are you hi hello there welcome to the shop oh look a customer looks like they’re coming that was pretty good that was pretty pretty pretty pretty that was awful wasn’t it right the chili the chili slug um right you sir please how can you go get some more sandstone just that we got that and easy food our care and easy I should have you ice cream I just gave you ice cream if you want look look look it squid nugget it’s good nugget look come in look at this look at this row of lockers ah fellas just smash them all up put them in the water and then just swim in them just swim in the melons backstrom nom nom nom nom yeah I’ve got our own Sun stove here I work fast have you okay is that just the one you grabbed from that chest yeah okay well we need to go we need to start thinking of egg designed then what shape should it be and don’t say eggy I was too quick I was too quick for you I saw where it was going like how we don’t even think about egg well what you do is you start with a small egg and then just like add on to it I need a big egg okay you want a I’m gonna give me a practical example okay okay so this is squids example right so what you need to do is you need to make a bit like this right and then you need to make a little bit like this and then it comes out a bit don’t know that’s wrong that that’s wrong then it comes out a bit like this and got it like this like this and then you got to get in the egg otherwise you know you won’t be able to build or cause you won’t be born yeah exactly you will go boom reborn oh all right so this is this is a this is an example of a small eggs time scare small one is that an example did you say that squid ah excellent example I’m example hey girl that’s an egg this is see you like squid nuggets see this is an egg you see and I’m not done yet another sub jumping the gun stance I’m not done but don’t don’t forget though we know chatter stops stops I’m not done just come down and I know I’m just thanking our mind it’s just just just just calm down can I can I just can I just know they just stopped I’m finishing the end shut up and fill my shop leave me like shut up and she gonna say she’s mad you tell me to do every dinnertime all I wanted was was to remind you of the mechanical aspect of the egg the eggs purpose in life that you say poop egg eggs great that’s the mechanics oh yeah no good all over coquetting squid you’re forgetting that I’m an expert okay ah the egg yolks hey hey this is cramping the brain right um is it ever dangerous there’s too many there’s too many pawn opportunities with eggs anyway oh yes I don’t forget that it needs to be filled with lava okay and it needs to have a gap with no this one getting serious now squid this is I’m serious so it also needs to have a gap at the the top and bottom four blocks wide okay okay stamps yeah because for for the mobs to fall in yeah so like right when you’re looking this is squids example of an egg behold now the top is a lot more better than the bottom the bottom should be stairs as well you can see how curvy is yeah it reminds you of a catalogue of models doesn’t it very clearly hey Megan easy the longer but you know what’s good I’ve looked at your design yes and I was using this as a way to assess your ability to build a net and I must say squid to be honest that um I think I should build the egg Wow it’s my is Michael after looking at your your example not example your head great left to a chicken therefore I must build the egg we build we build it together we build it to ever and then we try and get the liver which is actually what we’re supposed to be doing why why are we how’s the egg helping us kill the wing it doesn’t does it this is just kind of something we’re doing as well yeah this is just a side project is still a quest and where there is an aim one girl we kind of like sidetracking is what we do best but what we’d do is we’re tag-team okay

so no dishes yet we got we got enough stuff to do with building an egg yeah we’re going to kill the wither we carry this is our method for doing that we’ll have one person in the never trying to get the the wither skulls and then what happens you do that because I’m more of a warrior you’re more of a stay on cook cook scribble build a big egg person yeah make an omelet yeah okay so yeah I send you off to thee than ever and you try and get the wither skulls and then are build a big egg that is the plan for the next episode and I blowed will be online next Monday there’ll be a link in the description to it if it’s the next Monday already and you’re inside of a time warp and a time paradox oh my god you’re a time traveler but I think there’s anyone hanging what I were talking and we will see you later Oh oopsy-daisy sorry