How To Solve a Podcasting Pain Point with Zapier

As a podcaster I know that there are a lot of pain points that especially budding podcasters suffer through when they’re getting their show up and running and getting it out to the masses well my name is Ileane I’m with I’m your digital media tour guide and today we’re going to talk about podcasting and I’m going to help you relieve some of those podcasting pain points thanks so much for joining and for watching if you’re here live I really appreciate you and I am always over in the Facebook groups there’s so many Facebook groups about podcasting that you can join and one of the constant complaints that I hear from folks is that you know they just struggle with the whole process of getting their show up and running knowing when to promote where to promote and all that so of course I do have a few videos here where I talk about promotion and so I will definitely link some up in the card here for you to check out the past videos but today I want to talk about a tool that I started using and I’ve never talked about this tool before and you may have heard of it before and not thought about using it to promote your podcast and that tool is zapier they beer xaviar is an automation tool you can use it for so many different things for example when a student signs up to my school I have an online school at once they sign up they automatically get added to my email list and so keep that in mind because email list is something that you should have if you want to solve some of your podcasting pain points so the and I want to say hi to everybody who’s here if you get a chance oh I see that Larry is here and Tish Rosales is here I’m using a different platform this morning guys so I can’t post the comments up on screen I will do a screen share later on as a fat matter of fact let me pop out the chat now so I can so don’t forget to do it that way the old-school way haven’t done it that way in so long I’m usually on ECAMM but today I wanted to make sure that if anybody wants to join me on cam I sent the link out where you guys can join the on cam and Larry and Pam and Tish I posted that link over in our Facebook group yeah Facebook groups are wonderful thing aren’t they but let’s just get to the Zapier demo right now so I can show you how you can integrate it with your podcasts now Zapier is a tool that works with triggers you set up an action that happens and then you want something else to happen as a result so as a podcaster you have this wonderful tool called an RSS feed and in Zapier you can take that RSS feed and publish it different places there’s just so many different things you can do with it I’m not going to go through all of them because there’s just too many let’s just stick to podcasting so let me do a screen share here guys so this is the back end of my Zapier account and actually I have a couple of zaps already set up and as I mentioned if you join my teachable school it’ll automatically add you to my Aweber then this other one I just set up this morning because I was thinking about this you know your pain points keep me up at night all right so I was trying to figure out what’s a good way that we can use a beer to automate promotion so I have several podcasts but one of the podcasts that I have on anchor is called the anchor show so I set this up using buffer so that every time I publish a new episode it’s going to post to one of my Twitter accounts which is called free podcast host so as a matter of fact let’s go and open up my Twitter account I was going to come back on screen while I’m doing

that I think I’m going to come back on screen yeah I just noticed that I’m actually wearing the same shirt that I have in my profile pic time for me to update that profile pic by the way so let me go to Twitter and I have an episode that’s already in the queue to publish over on the the anchor show and it should automatically post over on the free podcast host Twitter account now here’s the thing some of your hosting providers have that already established you post an episode and it automatically goes to your Twitter but what happens when you have more than one Twitter how about Instagram you know I know podcasters love Instagram we love Instagram Instagram is my favorite well it’s one of my favorites I love Twitter too and with Instagram there’s very few podcast houses in fact I don’t think there’s any that will automatically post your Instagram now you need to have an Instagram business account but with zapier you can automatically post to your Instagram every time you publish it episode by way of buffer the buffer app okay so that just expands how many accounts that you can post on and so really quickly I’m going to bring my attention back to the comments in a second but want you guys to see how this is set up and say beer I might call is a beer I might call is a beer either way I dunno once you set it up it’s called a zap alright so let’s take a look at the zaps again alright so here’s the process I already have this one turned on but let’s just take a look at it alright so of course I had to connect my accounts so then I entered the new item which was the RSS feed and when you enter the RSS feed and here’s my anchor RSS feed for the free for the the anchor show and you know if I needed to have a password an arrow put that in there but of course I didn’t need one and there’s a couple of other fields but they’re not mandatory so I just had to put the one in that’s required which is the RSS feed alright and then you can test the run a test on it to make sure you know that that’s working then you connect buffer all right I’ve already done it I’ve already connect at my buffer account ok and then once you add to buffer it’s going to give you the option of all the different buffer accounts that you have all right so I have gone in and already and some of these are you know my Facebook page if I wanted to go to my Facebook page but I can already do that on the say if I was using Lipson it could already post to my facebook page but with anchor it doesn’t do it automatically so this eliminates a step what about Google+ yes some of us still use Google+ so if I wanted it to post to Google+ I could post it there now I want to tell you it just reminded me that with Zapier you get three zaps for for free let’s say that three times fast you get three for free then after that you go move up to their paid plan so I’ve already used to the one from Teachable to AWeber and now this one from my RSS feed on anchor over to my other Twitter account see this is the the other advantage the extra flexibility especially if you’ve got more than one Twitter account you can automatically and I recommend you know have a Twitter account that’s just for your show or have a Facebook page that’s just for your podcast that may be separate from another business page that you already had established even before you started your podcast you know or you just have different topics so you have these different pages so you have one set up let’s say you’re using Lipson or Spreaker you have one that automatically posts there and then you use this zapier integration to post to the other one because hey have you may have different audiences and some people especially with Facebook may miss it in one place or the other and like I said with Instagram this is beautiful because none of the hosts are integrated with Instagram but you do need to have an

Instagram business page so now I’m going to take a look at some of the questions that we have over here let’s get that screen share going give a shout outs to folks oh okay guys there’s a bunch of you here I love you guys to pieces and Capone is here and I already mentioned Pam from Oh! naturalaromatherapy Tish Rosales and House hashtag I mean morning Fame and then Larry says the PPP that’s right the podcasters pain points and then zapier is as in happier yes we can all be happier once we connect zapier okay and other Ant Cappone is here and Andrew hatchett hello the zoom master is in the building and also fabulous with Alice hello hello if anyone is interested in coming in let me know and remember I mentioned that Andrew is the zoom master and right away here is Zapier has 43 zaps already set up for zoom yes so all of you guys who are using zoom for live streaming or even if you’re not using it for public live streams you’re using it for your group or or whatever know that zapier works with that as well so that’s one of the pain points that I wanted to talk about so what we’re gonna do here we’re actually going to publish an episode this is the power of RSS feed and I don’t know how long it takes for that episode once I publish it it should go over to that Twitter account in a reasonable amount of time but remember this is the Internet okay so so there’s that so let’s give it a whirl guys so oh I have to screen share I’m going to screen share from my phone this time alright let me get that all situated and Shardful gaming is here hello my dear how are you today on this beautiful beautiful Sunday morning and I’m gonna go over into anchor re so in fact we’re gonna talk about some of these pain points some of these pain points that I discussed in this episode of anchor so I have everything all set up all ready to go so I’m going to say safe and then I’m going to say publish now when you publish on anchor you have the option of publishing everywhere or just publishing strictly on anchor and because I want to do it just a little test here guys I’m just gonna publish this on anchor right now all right but either way it should be working off the RSS feeds a beer doesn’t know about this whole publish everywhere thing that anchor has gone so let’s see what happens I’m going to publish it and say I don’t have published everywhere toggled on all right so it is published all right let’s head over to Twitter all right get me in between and let’s see what’s going on over here on the free podcast host and we’ll give it a minute cuz it didn’t post over here yet so and if it doesn’t then we’ll go back in and publish it everywhere so what’s anyone planning on coming in with me I know that Pam said that she would however I don’t see you coming in Pam and let me you know what I’ll do I’ll make sure you guys have the link I’m going to post the link over a Facebook and the facebook messenger for patrons so if any one of the patrons wants to come and join me and then I’m also because Pam had and I had already talked so I’m also going to share it with Pam and also Andrew if you want to come in I think you are in that patreon messenger group over on Facebook yeah we have to work all these platforms together guys to get our stuff promoted

and to keep our community together because that’s what it’s about for me it’s all about having this wonderful community that’s up let’s see what happened here it did not post yet on Twitter so maybe I do need to publish it everywhere in order for it to kick in let me just go over into zapier and make sure yours app was turned off oh my Zap was turned off because I made a change my fault I didn’t see that little thing up at the top of the screen okay I blew it there guys I was supposed to leave that turned on a test to buffer was sent okay my fault I turned it off by mistake when I was in there looking at it and that’s in a way that’s a good thing that zapier has that set up that if you go in there messing around with it it turns it off you have to make sure that it’s back on so I’m not I’m not upset with his appier at all that was just my and I knew that because I did it earlier that was just me user error as I’ve been known to say okay let’s let’s just look at it one more time and we will publish it out to everywhere but we have to and the only thing was I did not fill in a description for this episode so that may be something that I want to do okay let’s publish it everywhere for now I can go back and fill in the description later so okay so now I see at least Pam says she can’t pop in Alice are you what about you and Larry oh this folks I said they want to come in earlier they changed their mind okay Larry says five minutes all right great that’s probably how long it’s going to take for this thing to post because I kind of flubbed it up that’s okay though least you guys can see and what I’ll do is I’ll show you the one that I did earlier this morning as I was setting this up all right let’s do that okay so let’s make sure we got the free podcast host Twitter account there so here’s the one that I did earlier today and I have this as my pinned post here you know guys I am such an advocate of podcasters so I have this thinking about starting a podcast whether it’s for the very first time or you want to test out a new idea for a second show you can dip your toe in the podcasting waters for free and then I found this little gif that drops the mic and so this was the test that I did earlier see that was like three hours ago where I post my last episode as a test so it did work unfortunately user error on my behalf I turned it off at the wrong moment sorry about that got a little distracted going over to my Twitter let’s see who’s talking about me over there okay so guy is here and I’m so glad you’re here guy because one of the things that we do here in this YouTube community is let me demonstrate is when you’re on YouTube and in the chat room you see the three dots there you click on those three dots and you go to channel and then you go to everyone’s channel and subscribe to their channel it doesn’t hurt it’s free it doesn’t shoot a penny and so yeah that’s what we do that’s why sharp foal is saying yes he subscribed to Andrew and Sharpeville has also subscribed to guy and very very cool thank you so much sharp oh I appreciate you you always get all the love here because I love how you are such a community guy and Sharpeville has no school on Monday she’s what what Oh Monday they must be celebrating the holiday where you are I don’t have that advantage at my job I have to go I remember the days though

and I used to work in the banking industry we would get of that holiday off on Monday so good for you have fun and I know you’ll probably be over here live streaming on YouTube I don’t have three dots is that only on the phone I am on Firefox on desktop if you’re I think this would be something that’s even on Firefox let me just demonstrate it one more time guy because I don’t think Firefox would eliminate the option for you to you have to go to someone’s comment and then go all the way over to the right-hand side of their comment if you’re looking at the screen right now you’ll see there okay and look in the chat box on YouTube you click on those three dots and then go to channel now you’ll have less options than I have here alright so that’s how you do it and you should be able to do that even on Firefox hey Patricia if you wanted to join me on cam I already sent that link over there in the Facebook group okay so let’s talk about some of the other pain points you know a lot of folks are very critical Oh fabulous with Alice’s she’s on mobile and she just clicks the name you’re an Android aren’t you Alice I think it does it works different on on iphone I believe oh I have it have to do it in the comments yes and it’s actually chat just so you’ll know when you’re live these are actually chat comments they’re not comments that remain on the video they remain as live chat option YouTube is maybe a little confusing when it comes to that but it’s not actually a video comment it’s a chat comment so it’s two different places that you can talk to me and talk to each other right now only the chat is available when the video is over the chat will be there for people to see but you’ll only be able to comment in the comment section which are under the video and yeah that’s probably a whole entire video in itself but I just gave you the Reader’s Digest version thank you guys thank you so very much okay Oh fabless with Alice you are on your iPhone good good good good good good oh we do have one join us so Pat I don’t know if you saw what I was talking about topo they huh just out here okay I was talking about a tool called zapier that you can use to automate posting to different platforms when you have something that’s published from your RSS feed what’s I can write down that name oh okay don’t have to worry about that it’s za p oh i ER zip beer or a zapier thank you okay and you know what let’s just go back over into the zapier interface guys so you can see oh there’s so many things that you can automate with zapier and so I just talked about the podcasting and the RSS feed but there’s a whole lot more going on over there so let’s just take a look move some windows out of the way okay guys so let’s do that first put the air server and alright so now we got say PR alright so let’s go over to the home page I’m gonna I’m gonna focus on that window there alright so let’s just go over to oh it says apps I’m not sure if it’s the difference between the apps and the integrations so I’m just gonna click on the apps because that was the first thing so you’ll see very popular things that integrate with the beer and like I said this is an automation tool Katie hi dear how are you and guy has mentioned IFTTT zapier is very similar to IFTTT but here’s the big difference and I’m actually going to come on cam because I want to make sure that you guys understand the difference IFT tt does do some good automations with social media but they also do things like turning on your lights before you come home or turn your heat up or your your heat down depending upon

it automates those kinds of things however zapier is focused on business business tools so that’s the distinction between zapier and IFTTT okay but IFTTT is very cool and I know you can definitely use it for a lot of social media tasks but just so you’ll know and you’ll see when we go over to the apps that these are business-related you won’t see things here to turn your lights on and off and stuff like that okay so these are the popular ones up at the top Google sheets and Gmail and and slack and Twitter and MailChimp you know your Facebook’s go Calendar Google Drive asana helps by all the major email marketing services are connected with this you know the box Evernote which I know a lot of people love I’m not a great huge fan of Evernote Salesforce I know we even use that at work and you have to have premium in order to integrate with that and Infusionsoft which is another one that is very expensive shall I say very custom enterprise a level email service provider and they also I think have CRM yeah they do have CRM really foo foo foo is easy way to create and manage HTML forms so you can probably set up Bob those forms to grab people’s information or get them to sign up or else okay a lot of these tools I have not used myself but I do know what most of them are Mannie chat okay you want to do your mope what is it called messenger marketing aka Facebook BOTS okay and so that’s what an Oh congratulations Sharpeville is one sub away from 70 subs and Katie says she loves IFTTT fabulous fourth Alice just started using IFTTT don’t have it and fully integrated yet but it is user friendly yes it is it is and your if you’re using mani chat now I don’t know if many chat works with IFTTT but it definitely works as you can see here with and it’s not on a premium level so this may be a way that you can to all-in-one messenger marketing platform so just so you guys know they have to make it sound less I don’t know less cold instead of calling it a bot they’re calling it messenger marketing I notice a lot of people using their terminology but we know for real it’s about blue beg your pardon I like to move your list I like that oh okay want Wunderlist oh okay where is Connecticut Oh are you using that yeah on my phone oh cool and Robert Louis is here hi Robert thank you so much for coming Katie the first three zaps are free because Katie wants to know if they are free so yeah the first free the first 3 say that three times fast are free so right now I have two in there I can get one more in there under the free plan let’s just go here and see what the pricing is just you know I got a feeling somebody cares about the pricing say whoa huh $90 billed annually Grayson okay but that’s the professional plan why’d you go to the hottest one was a big number that’s why yeah because but remember I said it integrates with all those enterprise software like Infusionsoft Infusionsoft itself is like five hundred a month huh so we’re talking enterprise level stuff here Salesforce I know we use that at work it’s probably a few thousand dollars a month for the way we’re using it but let’s look at the start of prices okay 1375 you’re billed annually so I don’t know it’s probably comes up to like $15 if you just want to do it for one month okay I don’t know I’d have to do the math all right mm-hmm but yeah so oh the other thing that I found out this morning watching some tutorials preparing this for you guys is

that you can also add in something called a delay so let’s just say for example when I do a YouTube video when I do these YouTube live videos sometimes it takes you to blow along to get my thumbnail and code in there okay so if I was to say tweet this out immediately you have the wrong phone now hmm okay and not the greatest-looking the thumbnail either it’s okay nothing that actually gets people’s attention I could put it on that delay say even though I wanted to go to tweet it out automatically I could put it on that delay to say you know wait for a few hours or maybe even I could say twelve hours because that would give YouTube more than enough time to encode the video and all that and and let me upload the thumbnail because like for example with this broadcast that I’m using right now I’m using the old-school hangouts on air I can’t upload a custom thumbnail so if anybody was to tweet this video out right now it will not have a custom thumbnail and you’d have to do it afterwards after it’s encoded it’s not even just after the video is over you have to wait for it to encode anybody else who tweets it out like for me I have the image so I would just upload the image to Twitter or whatever but for any if anyone else tweets this out it’s gonna have the wrong image so I you know it’s not the end of the world it’s just least a person still sharing it for you there is still an image it’s just not the one that I have as a thumbnail for the video hello mr. snow how are you yeah how are you good let’s talk about your usage of zapier I use it to spy on people and what way I mean how does that work I track people on Twitter by hash hash keywords their Twitter handle geolocation as well and location so when the Zap finds this person or this keyword or whatever what does it do email you know yeah there you go I have to remember to use I’m sorry say that again Pat I’ll have to remember my hashtags on Twitter I keep forgetting yeah that’s me especially since you know by you being doing local stuff you definitely want to you should local ashtec Pat will get you together but but got good news though what’s that I got my Ethernet cable hooked up right now and I did my first full city notes on ECAM this morning yay and you know what now that you say that your picture is coming in a lot more the quality is higher than it usually is and I know I mean I never thought that there wasn’t it you know yeah now I can see that there’s more pixels a tan than there or something so ijen it’s always better than Wi-Fi go well it depends upon your internet and I guess in your case that seems to be the case yeah so it went without a hitch and yeah so I think today’s my seventh day so tomorrow I’ll be purchasing he can using your what’s that word affiliate affiliate link name to me I’ll have to look for it but yeah I think he’s named it to me I mean yeah I both send it to you again don’t worry and and just so everybody knows what we’re talking about the software that I usually go live with it’s called ECAM life but ECAM life doesn’t integrate with hangouts on air and the only way I can bring my friends on spree is with Skype but today we’re having a little issue with that anyway so oh you didn’t you didn’t figure that out with the audio problem no I know I figured out that there is an issue I just don’t know if it’s ECAM is the issue or if skype is the issue no because I couldn’t figure out how to send a Diagnostics and I wanted to go live on YouTube so I didn’t even most attention because I wanted to use ECAM for my TV Skyriders show okay let me explain pay Pat I am on the beta version so my experience is not going to be this as yours your that that’s why I’m not upset or anything that is not working

because that’s the whole thing of being on the beta version you’re like the crash-test dummy that goes out there and tries to break it and then finds all the holes and all the things that could possibly go wrong with the software and goes back and tells the developers and then they fix it and then once everything is all fixed they release that to everyone else we go to the next round and we start asking for more stuff and we’re we we’ve got just about everything I think the one thing that I would love to see them do instead of Skype to integrate with another tool but yeah that’s another story you know a lot of people will have those issues about but I don’t know if he cam so far and Robert is asking only for Mac yes Robert it’s only for Mac and they do not do PC development so it’s not coming to a PC unless there’s some PC guys out there somewhere that can just say you know what we should just make that for PC because everybody wants it nice to me I broadcast to my Durham skywriter page and then when it was over I remember to delete it but it’s saved to my computer automatically I’m going to delete that though but what surprised me was that it asked me if I wanted to share it on YouTube and it only took five minutes and it uploaded to YouTube I haven’t checked it out yet but that surprise never listened expecting that but why is it that you want to delete it it takes up space it takes up no I mean but here we’re talking about podcasting today so here that would be a perfect way for you to take that file convert it and upload it to your podcast because you got an anchor podcast oh then you can delete it that’s why you miss Eileen you know I want to see you guys get your message here to as many people as possible and because if you’re gonna be doing this now that you’ve got ECAM and you’re gonna be doing these more regularly then you should start turning that into a flash briefing and for now I bring up my friend mr. Larry snow Larry snow hello yes the flash briefing yeah what about that do you have that Larry I’ll emote oh yeah he knows how to do it and so because what you’re doing with your bull city notes and for those of you who don’t know Patricia’s is in Durham North Carolina so she’s talking about local things local events what’s going on maybe maybe there’s an event or there’s a traffic issue or actually with the bull city notes I try to keep it to five minutes basically it’s simply a list of what’s happening today in Durham I give also give the weather report and also if it’s something really special like like for example scholarship fair I’ll give some hints to the students as to how to present themselves or whatever glean from the article that that’s in the Durham sky writer as well cuz I’m all always trying to direct people even though they’re watching the show I want to always direct them to my newspaper girls got it so that’s why I signed up for the flash news I haven’t been accepted yet but I thought that would be kind of helpful for people to to be able to listen on the Lexus so when you applied for it didn’t you have to give them your RSS feed of your show cuz if I’m not mistaken you have to have at least five items in there isn’t that correct Larry oh I did it prematurely then I don’t have five yet I don’t see from right Larry does that make sense I was curious to why why you say you haven’t been approved yet so you’ve you’ve already so the process is to sign up for free through the developer account and then go through the process of connecting your RSS feed to the a word briefing the flash briefing okay so you need to have an you need to connect it through I believe its Alexa sorry I had to use the a word sorry Lexi and and then get approved that way so you have to go through a series of steps so okay the last step is to get the approval but how many but my question is and that feed how many items have to be in their feed to get approval for it to even work is that barb

dramatic entrance hi barb all right your own cannon barb well actually your horses are in camp oh that was dad was Pat okay about turning my mic on yeah and Pat had to turn hers off that was not fart sound how are you barb I’m totally frazzled and I have to go you know to the Cancer Center here in in Novak I do my math 45 minutes so I can’t stay long but just wanted to check in see everybody was doing yeah I appreciate you for checking in and you know I know that you’re taking care of your friend and helping him do so we’re all sending out our prayers mm-hmm you know so thanks for taking the time to pop in and say hi so we were talking about zapier and you know really we’re talking about podcasting and podcasting pain points and one of the pain points that I know that podcasters have is with promoting everybody wants to know how do I grow my show how do I get more of an audience and you’ve gotta use social media and I know you know especially the budding podcasters are the ones that are just getting started like I don’t use Twitter I don’t use this and I lose that if you want to grow your show social media is a really good way to do it and if you have a following on any of the platforms especially if you have like a facebook business page or Instagram those are great ways for you to promote your podcast and as well as Twitter I got it go so I’ll see you later okay that must’ve been a hot phone call all right yeah all right okay all right keep us up to date appreciate you for stopping in okay okay all right so barb are you I know right now is a trying time but when things settle down if it when they settle down are you going to continue with your podcasting or what’s what’s going on well I’ve always seen podcasting as the alternative opportunity to live communication and particularly I think you know that my interest was drawn to it as a result of the anchor FM app and so I continue to watch that and my purpose in actually you know keeping up with it at all is I see the change and what is going on online and the Boomers as you know in the Gen Xers have more time to put into communicating and we’ve also had the life experiences of oops maybe I screwed up I need to re-evaluate the situation and god I hope my kids and grandkids know all about this before I’m gone yeah yeah and so it’s all about the story yeah and I guess II it’s a great way to capture legacy quickly you you know have to worry about you know getting all prettied up for the camera or or whatever the case may be some people are camera shy and it’s a great way that you can just use voice and get that legacy captured so I just really want quickly want to share folks over in the chat and then I’m going to since you talked about anchor I’m gonna go over and look at anchor for a minute so here we go yeah there’s Robert Louis and Robert I think and Andrew you guys probably need to connect if you haven’t connected already all right and what what other things can you connect with zap your okay we’ll go back to the zap your piece really quickly then almost everything I think yeah there’s thousands so you know just so you’ll know uh-huh we’re not going to go through them all cuz there’s like thousands of integrations at this point because and a lot of them are tools I never even heard of before so I was on the Apps tab so let’s just go over to integrations tab cuz I’m not sure what the difference is so let’s just do it anyway so those are popular ones we already saw those let’s look at recently added okay so there’s some stuff that like I said stuff I never even heard of before you know all fiedler got to look into that one because I don’t know what’s going on with that these beta

ones I would probably avoid right now just give them some time to come out of beta okay unless you’re like me like Andrew said earlier beta testers you got to have a good stomach for things to go wrong there’s hellobar which I know a lot of bloggers have used for a long time there’s numbers let me think let’s see if there’s anything I know that Robert is into mortgages and real estate let’s see probably I would need to search under finance maybe I don’t see anything with finance why don’t you give me an idea of an app Robert and bolt will type it in and see if it works with Sofia how’s that that’s probably a better way to do it cuz there’s just so many you know like I said when there’s thousands I would just be randomly throwing out names and not know if you guys even care or not so why don’t you just tell me like what’s an app that you use regularly that you would like to automate like if you really think about it it would be great if you could just automate that you know and this is especially good for someone hi I am Jason Allen this is especially good for someone who has multiple social media accounts this is to me the quickest easiest thing that you can integrate alright so like for me I have three Twitter accounts so while I’m attending to my Aileen account I can have this automation going on over all free podcast hosts or on my basic blog tips account where I don’t even have to do anything I just push it out one because of the RSS integration you know I don’t have an extra posting to worry about and this is all true if we use happier is that yeah I showed it earlier oh yeah ah don’t worry yeah really quickly because you’re not the only one who just got here I’ll just show it really quickly again here I don’t mind at all let’s just go over an air and get it set up before I start showing it so zapier is a competitor too if this than that no they actually serve two different purposes a PA or business related they work the same but that the tools that you can connect with zapier are business like for example one of my zaps is teachable to a weber you’re not gonna find that in IFT t right IFTTT doesn’t integrate with any of the email service providers that i know of there may be a MailChimp integration I’m not sure but any of the others no and it definitely does not integrate with teachable so when if someone signs up for my teachable they go into my Aweber Wow that looks cool and I can tell you firsthand I’ve never been able to get the IFFT thing to work right for me yeah I don’t I personally do not use AF TT but really quickly one way that I think is really good for people who are never heard of it before like what is that for when you want to when you post something to Instagram and you want it to post to Twitter like if you just use your Instagram app it’s going to post without the image there’s gonna be an Instagram link it’s gonna be boring nobody from Twitter is gonna quick click on your Instagram link really seriously can you use with your new use that beer with Instagram yes but it has to be a business pic that the integration is through buffer ok route buffering so it needs to be a business page ok thanks but with IFTTT you can use a recipe and I don’t think you need a business page for this that will go from Instagram to Twitter and bring in the image I keep telling my daughter she needs to do that cuz but she doesn’t care about Twitter but her stuff goes to Twitter all the time like well we have really nobody’s gonna pay your Twitter any attention you never post an image but but that is one way that I had thought about integrating with IFTTT but I rarely post to Instagram most of my postings are their stories and so it’s not a big deal for me I like I’m a post to Instagram once every three weeks so we’re still big deal for me to go ahead and share that on Twitter you know what I mean I don’t you know it’s not really saving me time but for somebody who’s prolifically posting on Instagram all the time posting images and just don’t want to think about okay I need to post this on Twitter too

whereas with me Twitter is more my primary and then other things are secondary so okay so I think guy is that IFTTT is free and zapier gives you three free zaps i think it’s better for the purpose defined bye for now thanks for taking the time alright guys thank you pre app 100 three online application tool application comes in and I use a beer to start a drip I have setup in Salesforce yes zapier works with Salesforce so but I don’t know what pre app 10003 so I guess you’re saying that that you already know about that being a zapier integration Robert I’m assuming that’s what you’re saying to me I just went over there and searched for it and I didn’t see it but I never heard of that before so there’s so many cool tools out here yeah I don’t that doesn’t seem to come up but I do know Salesforce because I showed that earlier Salesforce is definitely connected with it and I guess there’s always like a third party that you can go from here to there and back into can I can I I think drip is definitely connected to it let’s see drip is one of the integrations so let’s take a look at that okay so here’s the drip integration and these are some of the other things that commonly are connected through drip as I’m scrolling through here I I’ll just call out a couple things Google Forms HubSpot slack schedule once zoom the Salesforce Shopify PayPal Sam cart Squarespace okay so there’s there’s a hundred of them so I’m about done with saying you just have to go over there and look mr. Robert I’m so sorry I didn’t see your thing right away oh can you come on yes I posted the link over there and working focus I posted the link and working focus please come on yes I would love for that for you to do that okay sorry guys I should have put my water away from the mic all right so now we can talk about anchor because we really I want to talk about podcasting even though I’m definitely willing to take other topics as they come in and some other things that podcasters pain points that are being solved by anchor that I kind of wish some of the other podcasting hosts would pay attention to and integrate them with their platform and the one that latest one is this cover art you can update your cover art right in your anchor dashboard using their integration with unsplash okay and so here’s the cover art that I have now I can download that I probably already downloaded it on my computer anyway but this one more time why not okay and then if I want to update that I just go into cover art here I can search for a photo I can go ahead and upload an image or I can have anchor choose one for me but I thought this one was so appropriate when I realized that not only is it a boat because I’m your digital media tour guide right helping you navigate through the waters but when you increase the size of that image you’ll see here that you can see the anchor right in front of the boat so when I saw that I was like okay that’s the one I’m going to stick with at least for the next couple days all right so I don’t want to change it but if I wanted to have a go in their search for art and you can type in a keyword and it will bring up and then you can add your text on top and there’s all kinds of fonts and everything in there for you to use as well so for me this was a big deal because like I said I know this is a pain point for a lot of podcasters because I see the questions coming up and every time somebody goes out to a designer and they’re like which all right should I use I use this one this one is I’m this like it’s not the series just pick one

don’t get me wrong guys I’m not trying to you know people are very picky about their branding and all that and when it comes to a YouTube thumbnail super super important to make sure that you’re attracting that click but pretty much when somebody wants to decide if they’re going to subscribe to your podcast or not they’re not gonna really care about your thumbnail and we’re they gonna see this thumbnail I you know it’s not like they’re in iTunes or sorry Apple podcast looking oh I can’t figure out what podcasts I’m going to subscribe to today let me just go buy the cover art if you have those kinds of listeners good luck with them you know your listener is someone who is interested in your topic and what it is you have to say and hopefully once they listen to your podcast are gonna resonate with you your personality your your guests that you’re bringing on your style and all of that they are not going to determine if they’re going to subscribe to your show or not based on your cover art now that’s my opinion and I’ve never subscribed to someone based on their cover art but when you share that out though doesn’t it capture the person’s attention if they see an image out on social media that’s the truth that’s because the picture will relate to the topic absolutely you know and that’s why I like the fact that I can just change it you know I can easily just go in there and just change it I’ve already changed it four times now I haven’t changed the one on my lips in because now that’s for me that’s a bigger production I have to get my artist to give me a few samples and I say hey like this one I and I thought about it I’m like why do I even go through all that it’s not that serious it’s just you know like change it up every now if you want but if you don’t you don’t have to you know some I even heard one of the podcasting hosts say that don’t put your face on cover art it never and I’m like what why not my podcast even has my name in it like why would I not put my face oh my god art right especially if your if your podcast is it has nothing related to Aileen Smith the person but if you put your picture on there people say oh this is Aileen Smith’s podcast thank you thank you Larry so I would just tell that podcast those he doesn’t know what he’s talking about gonna get me in trouble but it’s okay alright so Robert um is there a problem with the link or anything you said come on and I have not seen anything else is everybody still there in the chat guys got quiet over there just type in the chat and row if you’re still there just type in here um Eileen I was just can I interrupt just real quick yeah sure I would you know how I am I use I stream out to other sources so I can get things done while I’m listening in and I had to run back over to my system because I heard this thing about the cover art and what the podcasters were telling you and having art in my blood since childhood the thing is is that and being involved with the technology revolution one thing I noticed about these podcasters the early adopters all primarily introverts so putting their face on anything is a challenge period so you’re just gonna take it as a grain of salt and being here in the now a whole different ballgame and I agree with what Larry had to say and so it let just put that down and move forward because this is the now and you’re onto something with an anchor so thank you yes ma’am your your support and you know guys oh hi Juan Carlos Juan Carlos is here thank you so very much for coming and you know guys what you gotta understand about me and you know some people say well you’re such a big advocate for anchor I am an advocate for you as a podcaster I want you to get your voice out I don’t want you to have all these barriers about oh my god RSS feed what is that oh how do I submit my podcast to all these different places when you have this app that’s saying

we’re gonna submit it for you you don’t have to do it amen it makes it easy so go for it and you know you can always always always always keep your content don’t we know that well barb and Larry I’m sorry I know I was just saying keep your content download your content people I nap it that’s why I almost got upset with Pat earlier when she said I just delete it no keep your content if you don’t have enough storage on your computer yeah Google Drive get Dropbox get an external drive whatever it takes keep your content because when somebody goes away over one of these places goes away it could be Facebook just imagine all those images that you’ve uploaded to Facebook or Instagram you know those the co-founders left right so people may or may not know whether that’s gonna make big changes for Instagram or not we don’t know we’re on one side we don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors we could speculate until the cows come home or total horses get out the stall but I’m I’m just saying to you as someone who has been through this before have your content one in your somehow so that yes these places can shut down in the middle of the night and when they do yes you might shed a tear but yes you will keep it moving because you still got your content they can’t take it away from you I got a run all right my dear you barb here all right so let’s see and Capone I see you posted that little thinking emoji what’s up with that overwhelm not include oops I mean buenos tardes mine oh okay I’m here but not presentable okay no problem Andrew I just wanted to make sure you guys were still in the audience and and I guess you’re just thinking about what it was I said any videos download those lives yes and videos down yes keep your lives well this is one thing I love about you cam because when you use ECAM life it makes a copy of your video you never have to download even though I downloaded from YouTube anyway just in case I don’t know and then the other day I actually said you know what let me compare these two files let me see if there’s any quality difference from that YouTube live video now I know there would be a quality difference from the Facebook video because Facebook first of all is only 720p but let me just see if there’s any quality difference and mainly I was thinking about audio with because I was gonna repurpose something and I was like they were the same I lined them up in a couple of different tools and I’m like they look exactly the same to me you know maybe there is some little slight difference somewhere that I wouldn’t be able to hear myself but mr. Robert Louis yes I need to look up I apologize about the sporadic typing I was trying to drive but oh I was asking the question what zapier if you could digress this for a moment yep and maybe this gentleman online might know a little better but some of those that pre-op 10:03 that’s a avocation that I use it’s an online application tool and what I’ve been trying to figure out is make some of these things that aren’t in the same ecosystem communicate for the purpose of automation and cutting out some tasks that I have to do right so it’s just called 10:03 pre pre app PR e a PP 1003 that’s what it’s gonna I didn’t see that and that’s I I’m searching for it again now and I don’t see that so it has to be within that group in order to use in their list or it could be that there’s something that integrates with pre-op let’s just say it was I know this isn’t the case but let’s just say it was buffer because I don’t know what you use pre-op for but let’s just say it was a buffer type of tool that integrates with pre app and even though pre app doesn’t integrate with zapier buffer integrates with zapier and so if you know what I mean it would be through a third party so you would have to find another tool that does integrate with pre app do they have any integrations with because you mentioned Salesforce yeah if they don’t necessary and that’s what I’m trying to find that Jason mentioned to me

something called Janus a I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but J and us Janet was a ji it might be genis j i na s r AI but anyway it’s kind of like the the Middle’s type software that allows some of these things that are associated to talk and so he’s working on some stuff with Manny Chad I know you mentioned that earlier but basically all I’m trying to do is you know application comes in and I have a bunch of videos and things of that nature vs self for some bomb bomb in a drill and instead of having to go over there and manually do it I wanted to see if there’s a way hey I got your name you know the certain things that kind of like puts it in a forum for lack of a better term puts him in a certain group and then boom that drip turns on without me or somebody having to go do that now are you sure it’s not Jiro J IRA I said it was Jim Janus and maybe J a in is outside find it before you get off here and put it in or just go over there and search it go over to JPEG calm and search for but I dunno JIRA I saw JIRA and I know we use that at work that’s a news platform they’re using to simplify some of what workflows the IT folks I’m not on JIRA but they are and I was like the first time I heard them say that I was like sure I never heard of it well you spell that and now I see I’m just noticing it right now that integrates with this so this is enterprise that well this is geared toward business oh and there’s another thing you can submit requests to zapier hmm you can submit requests to them and say you know my tool isn’t on here and I don’t know exactly what the process is that happens next they may have like a list of potentials and then they say oh that moves that one up on the list or they may have to actually reach out to the janus janus people and find out I’ll put it over to somebody yeah I did see that yeah I don’t see I don’t see that on the zapier website so sorry about that keep working Robert I’ve been on the pre-op website and they have an integrations page okay like a good way to start with what can you integrate with zapier and I was just going down through the list and one of them is listing booster that connects with zapier and that’s that’s I’m sorry what’s your name sir Larry Larry oh I’ve slept since then we I’m a moving man I apologize but yeah that’s a that’s another little marketing type thing and I have some of the integrations you know we call it lol own originating software system and those these two things integrate I was just trying to get more on the marketing side and I heard miss Eileen speak that speak to zapier being more of a business type solution so then I technical enough I was just look for that middleman that handshake to get to applications that aren’t in the same ecosystem for lack of a better term communicate yeah yeah what I would do is go figure out or just contact pre-op done that no I have yeah I would just contact pre-op and say listen guys this is what I’m trying to do what can you do for me cuz you are paying customer of the application so and Andrew over is and Chad is also reminding me that if you don’t have an app you can create your own and they did show a YouTube video and it did look pretty simple using that JSON stuff that and I know Larry works on creating apps to write Larry you never know you might be able to find a developer to create something for you very affordably I just subscribe to mr. Laird’s channel I speak out whatever language that is you were speaking I mean I’m here yeah because you’re talking big bucks here when we talking about Salesforce and all these other platforms so you know really it’s not like I’m just trying to get my stuff posted on Twitter you know you’re talking about mortgages and real estate yeah we making money over there talking Inc we talking you know why if another one this is what zapier caters to they cater to businesses people that you know or making money not just people who just want to post from Instagram to Twitter so that’s something you do right Larry you code you write apps I write web apps

not like highly detailed native apps so I’m probably not the guy for you but there are tons of those guys out there and gals of course yeah because actually they have a YouTube video on their website I mean when our YouTube JP ER does it didn’t look like it was that difficult but when I see cold I automatically know I don’t want to have anything to do with it but then I saw that it was JSON was one of the in area immediately came to mind when I saw that because I was like oh no Larry has did that with the Lexi still right briefing yeah but I just I grabbed it from Amazon right it’s on one of those things that you can copy and you get the code and copy and paste you just gotta know where to paste it about that Lexi thing not to say the name in case you have one of those I’m not really uh you know I’m I don’t need to talk to something me there’s enough inclusion into your privacy but for other people what does it call skills is that what it’s called I Elena skill okay if you want to have your voice on the app so that let’s say you have a podcast or whatever yes it would be a skill or it doesn’t even have to be a podcast it could be some other skill could be a game or something like that you have to and you can go through the LexA skills library just to get an idea of they may have some real estate applications out there and then once you have it on the app then you your people can talk to the app and say hey what’s the mortgage rate today I’m sure I can ask her that but I’m not going to ask for that that’s not the Savior could that’s how somebody could possibly use eight years that would you say no I I don’t think Xavier would work with that integration okay no okay but then again that’s a good question something there I would have to look into yeah I don’t know if a peer connects to it but you can you know you can skill up you can put in those skills like Eileen was saying and and you could certainly if you find the right programmer or teach yourself how to use the skills element of Lexi you know people who are looking for real estate mortgages lending opportunities anything like that you can build your own skill and have that available for free through the Lexy devices echo devices and you could even do video echo show you can video show on mortgage and real estate and so the sky’s the limit with that stuff I started exploring it for awhile I fell off of it for a while because it was Justin takes up a lot of my time to discover how to do these things and then I did the flash briefing for a while there’s just voice and and we weren’t get in the audience so that’s something to keep in mind you could build something but unless your audience is there you know you just wasted effort right one last question if I may miss Eileen Larry mentioned it’s when I was driving dig into that geocoding thing so I have a local office right how are you tracking these people with zapier what are you how are you using Xavier to capture information use use using a geo code through Twitter I’m using the geolocation that Twitter provides not everyone has geolocation turned on on Twitter but one of the some of the tools that zapier so zapier will capture that geolocation of that particular person who’s tweeting and I can do a radius so I can do 10 miles 50 miles 100 miles and there are some other tools that you can use to do that outside of zapier but zapier I felt was granular detail like I could do not just if this than that but if this than that if this than that if this and that so I could say if this person is tweeting this hashtag and is in this geo location within a certain radius and his name is truck then send me that message and it will send me that tweet so I could get really down into the details for that type of thing gotcha gotcha so I’ve had a coffee shop if chuck is in three miles of the car the shop hit him what a 10% off a lot say whatever all that stuff they drink

and yeah you could certainly find an audience that way for sure appreciate you use you don’t have to even use zapier for that you could use Twitter and you could use TweetDeck TweetDeck has a a filter in place where you could do a geolocation that way and do the radius and anyone who’s tweeting about coffee or talking about coffee in that radius you can get those people and you can tweet to them directly we’d love for you to do a video about that Larry I have done a video on tweet deck you did about the geolocation part yeah okay what we gotta get that link did something with Twitter area did you do anything with that what was that it’s an app called query it no I did not get all right no idea what that is so you just have to refresh my memory and everyone else’s memory about your Twitter search because Twitter search I think is something that a lot of people overlook the powers of it including myself and because of location you know like my daughter has this conference coming up right the women in real estate summit is coming November 2/3 this is the second annual one by the way I gotta give her a shout-out and that may be a good way for her to promote that event even though she’s almost sold out so she probably don’t need to know much but so a good idea cuz she and she has a weekly mastermind every Wednesday night they we they meet for the mastermind for the real estate league and so that may be a way I might be able to actually get her interested into Twitter what’s the demographics for Twitter I mean is it still an older type you know folks I got some money or are the kids still using it do you guys know I do know that there’s not that as many young people on twitter twitter is never really attracted that younger demographic because i know from my work we try to go after college students and even a lot of them may use Twitter to monitor but then there are counts are private so they wouldn’t show up in any of the searches and all that kind of stuff but yeah I definitely feel like it’s folks that have money mmm you know or it could be a wide range and what you can do is go into your Twitter analytics and see you know they they try to estimate your your followers income levels and all that and really quickly just to go back to what we were doing here with zapier my tweet did go out finally I just want to show that it did go solving the podcasters paying points from the anchor podcast and that went out forty-seven minutes ago so I just probably needed to wait a couple more minutes and it showed up so so we know doesn’t go out immediately but it takes a while for the Internet to send it from the RSS feed over to zapier over to buffer and then for buffer to post it out there that was a nice picture too by the way thank you thanks to Chanel the this is a repurposed grant is that what you call no actually that would be Tish who is the price tag ologist but my daughter she had a graphic designer at one time her name is chanel now we have Breanna but she now made this piece of art for me for a different project back in 2016 mmm and that guest author one day I went to go publish his post and I guess he says she’s taking too long to publish my post I’m taking it off her and published in somewhere else it was going okay uh-huh well that’s a good piece of art though I’m gonna hold on to it so I finally got a chance to repurpose it so it’s the pod cast iron is also the cover art for this YouTube video gotcha I mean what is a peer like you were saying miss Eileen I’m cuz I’m kind of slow and I’m on a bunch I’ve been no more zone type stuff and you know with the webinars right but I agree with you about you know from blab and just a little rabbit sure I hadn’t really found that black thing I really loved that because we could do stuff like this but anywho I agree with you about saving us your content that way if they shut something down you’re not up the creek you know what I mean that’s right and believe it or not storage especially Google Drive oh and and Amazon AWS is so cheap

that you know it’s cheaper than even buying the device to have that external drive you know like I have an external drive that I’ve been using for years now and I probably paid about 30 or 40 bucks all those years if I would everything that I have on that drive if I will have instead stored it on Google Drive or AWS it probably would still be cheaper than the 40 bucks that I pay for that external device because they literally store your stuff for pennies like I have extra storage on Google Drive it cost me $2 yeah you can’t beat it and it’s there I do like that you know your per you know stuff you need I always had a physical copy maybe you could pick up a roll with it if some happens but yeah I could say you can’t be done yeah you know and podcasters need to be aware of that too and I know this is this is kind of like one of the fears that people are trying to instill about using a site like anchor and I get it I understand because it is painful when a site shuts down overnight not saying an anchor staying down overnight I’m just saying this is the fear that’s being put out there but what what I want to say to you is I’ve had sites shut down not anchor not just blab I mean but blip TV when I say up I it started podcasting in 2009 I was using blip TV I actually had a video podcast and they decided that they didn’t want to do it anymore and so they shut down okay hey but it’s not the end of the world that happened back in like 2011 did that stop me from podcasting or youtubing Hecky no and it’s not gonna stop you either if you if you guys and when I say you am I talking to you Robert I’m just saying anybody was listening to this don’t think that a site shutting down or something goes away or your RSS feed breaks it is not the end of the world that’s why it’s important for you to keep your content and just keep it moving you know move on to the next and and use YouTube right because they have an app they’ve never said that right Amazon aw could lose your account though you can lose your account – because they can block you yeah you are stupid claim that YouTube shut them down without any warning even though I don’t believe them but let’s just say it happened it could happen you haven’t been checking your emails and you didn’t know you had all these copyright strikes and then all of a sudden your YouTube get shut down what that ever happened to someone like myself who uses ECAM I didn’t even have to go and download my stuff from YouTube ECAM saves the video now this video right here I’m not using you cam I need to go down when we’re done here I’m gonna download this and put this on Google Drive or whatever or on my computer I just think with the ease of everything even myself you know you got to be taking serious and a lot of things out here now you know even from blab and like you said no disrespect to anybody that’s the last time I put that disclaimer out there so y’all go back and listen to it but deal is this you know it’s hard working dedications anytime you make it trying to make a dollar period and because you can go on and get a free gmail and things of that nature it’s just you know just the time I have seven I was going through and moving I got a gmail account so I’m like I was tripping I’m just Gmail everything you’d understand he saw the convenience is is is costly in that uh you know you don’t necessarily consider the cost of these things when you’re going through that makes sense so oh so you are you in a new location now I’m yeah we move it so so good I’m getting this one ready I only look kind of bearing hollow but I needed to take a break but I’m getting this one ready to rent we gonna rent it out but um good for you and we have to compare notes because my house is getting rehabbed and remodeled now and I’m gonna be a landlord yeah hopefully before the end of the year what do you daughter gonna get you write all them classes you bet y’all been going so you should be read tea actually yes my daughter of course but Ashley being underneath mr. Rodney and seeing all what happens with his land his landlord tenant situations has really given me an education not saying I’m totally prepared cuz you never once you you don’t know until you actually do these things okay to watch somebody else when it is not your money and it’s not your property all right when is your property you know it’s a whole different game and it’s a

little bit more emotions and everything involved and and you know bringing this back to the content piece down I’m telling you guys about you know you gotta keep that in mind I don’t think that I’m taking things lightly when I say so what does platform shut down so what that I’m not taking it lightly but what I’m saying to you got to have thick skin cuz any of these plants just shut down I mean really talk about YouTube and we talk about Facebook but you just never know cuz when these governments they all got lawsuits coming up the wazoo you just you know they’re not trying to leave you an alert because you are the product they’re making money off of your content you know yeah you we’ve always been but more so now cuz I could I’m talk you are feeling I’m in taxes layer I don’t know where you are Larry but you know hey we don’t need all these middlemen anymore so yeah you have to to your point you have to take this serious and if you can harness and utilize in my opinion the technology at hand you you can you can you can concede go ahead there I’m sorry no I have this really great comment I want to share actually my friend reg is here to coffee black in the house and I love Andrew is saying yes I remember I was online before prodigy or a AOL I’ve learned so see those platforms that we think are so big and so powerful and so almighty now they’re they can come down to like you always said that’s why you know your blog on your website I’m starting it takes me a while to get it but you know that’s your that’s your real estate that’s right no it’s as close as you can get on the internet because you need you need to have a domain you need to have you need to register that domain so you know hey it was domain registrar’s can go away too look guys all you gotta have a back-up plan mm-hmm okay and once you put your online presence out there and this is why I support folks using anchor if they were otherwise to say I’m just not going to start a podcast because once you have a podcast even if they shut down nobody can ever take that away from you that you are a podcaster I don’t care if they shut down or not but if you never start who cares that you were like well I was thinking about being a podcaster that don’t really count for anything a billionaire but you know take it to the bank ya ain’t miss Eileen cuz you know get to talk too much anymore but uh how do you do all those videos on Instagram and well I don’t have to just do 30-second clips what happens that – are you oh there’s some kind of app I don’t know I don’t use it okay I I forget what it’s called Larry do you remember the name of them no you can search on on the App Store and now I got you you know I I like to go to the to the so yeah no I I like my 30 second cuz I’m used to it now and that’s one reason why haven’t been using IG TV because I’m like well this video is going on too long after this little vertical thing here ya see the Padres if you watch it you stole my idea but just cool your Florida he took my little walking wisdom and put some high cards and stuff on it but it’s all good Padre oh no I’m just see you out there Florida man it’s all good yeah cuz you’ve been doing effort a couple years well yeah yeah but it’s all yeah but you know fryer has um has a Facebook group now I haven’t got a chance because when fryers walking I’m literally driving to work yeah you know by the time I get to work I had time to watch the replay because I’m at work now um reg is one of our experts on apps and he says yo clips for iPhone works well Oh Clips you something with the Apple clips and clips also I have to say hello to my friend Maria oh my gosh strong body strong soul is here and we had an interview she just published on her podcast so I highly recommend in fact I’ll give you guys the link to check out the interview that Maria and I Maria has this really clever way of conducting interviews and see this is what I mean

you guys think outside the box people anger has a tool that you can record with friends but it cuts out a lot but they do have a messaging tool that’s very stable so Maria came up with a very clever idea to leave all her questions as messages for the person and then you answer as messages back to her so that’s how this interview was conducted she asked the question this and place my answer then she asked next question as she plays my answer very clever I love it and a great workflow completely stable we never lost anything you know and her audio is good my audio is good and it’s a great episode I must say so myself so thank you thank you Maria I can publish clean on both stations – that’s right that’s right and you know so she thought outside the box cuz I didn’t even think of doing it that way she I know this wasn’t the first interview mine’s wasn’t the first one she’s been doing it this way for a while because she got frustrated with those pain points of being on a call and it would drop out you’re halfway through a conversation with somebody or you lose the stream but the messaging system inside of anchor which is one of my favorite features is very stable you might lose every now and then just no more than losing a piece of content on any other site but for the most part it’s pretty stable on a anchor but that record with friends feature where you got both people on the line sometimes there’s other things that can come into play with as far as internet and all that that cuts the call off so yeah someone to give her a shout out and oh you can’t post a link Maria so I’ll do it I’ll find it yep so guys I definitely like I said I you wanted to definitely give you some pointers and some ideas of ways to automate your process so you won’t have to suffer through some of these pain points so zapier is one way anchor has this tool where you can create your cover art you don’t have to use a banker if you don’t want to but you might as well come but you can go in there change it up anytime you want and just add that text and I always recommend when you’re making any kind of cover whether it’s any piece of art you’re just putting it on Instagram you’re making a YouTube thumbnail always keep that contrast in mind you don’t want to have type that’s dark on type of on top of a dark background because then people can’t read it you know what it says and you think it looks nice but people can’t read it so you need to have contrast so you will use a light background with the dark text it’s nice and chunky not that handwritten stuff that looks so pretty until somebody else has to try to read that handwritten thin scraggly looking text so keep it bold keep it contrasted nice bright colors and I think you’ll be pleased with with the outcome I like just one minute – so Maria IG TV I’ve been doing quick live on regular igt saving and repurposing all over that’s now if you’re gonna use a GTV that’s the way to do it repurpose those videos so that you know if they don’t get that kind of exposure because I gotta be honest with you guys I thought I GTV was going to be really very part of my workflow but I don’t even watch IG TV when they put that Knoll thing up at the top of I close it out I haven’t watched IG TV video and I don’t know three months or so how long has it been out it’s been out for four months I haven’t watched a video in three months and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything either so yeah it’s just my that’s just me but I watch a lot of video I consume a lot of video and I find that I really do prefer the landscape video the vertical video is just not it’s just not my cup of tea you know I guess because I’m just so spoiled by YouTube thank you YouTube what about you Robert do you watch those IG TV movies I’m with you I’ve watched a couple but it’s it’s I thought I was gonna watch or consume a lot more but something about when I guess that you know I’m not really feeling that too

much myself oh I got an app for you it’s called cut story for Instagram story and so let me see if I can get thank you and I and I had heard about that one before – I was I just went over and I typed in Instagram stories in the app store and I said well whatever it is it’s going to you know resonate with me and sure enough I saw one and I’m like okay I think my daughter used it like one time and then that was it okay let me see if I can just go ahead and bring it up so if anybody’s watching this don’t know which one I’m talking about oh thank you so there it is cut story for Instagram it appears to be free I know it says in app purchases so maybe you can upgrade it I’m actually going to install it and see if we have time to do a little demo of it before so it’s installing now so I dislike it when people go horizontal on IG TV Gary Vee is doing that a lot but it’s confusing Oh Tish is saying she watches IG TV yeah I don’t follow Gary Vee sorry what how dare you Gary Vee is about hustle and my daughter Nicole pervy wrote the book the anti hustle you go to the anti hustle book calm you have a link for that now I will say I listened to Gary’s crushing it book on audible and I enjoyed it it was different people coming on just telling their stories about how they were able to you know use social media – yeah so it wasn’t so much of him and it wasn’t he wasn’t cursing me out cuz I don’t like nobody to curse me out I don’t care if you knew he’s Gary or not that’s my only problem that I have with Gary you know he probably has some good advice he’s inspired a lot of people and I know a lot of podcasters offer an anchor there was even a station one time called the Gary Vee fan show or something like that and you know you can’t knock him for the positive things and how he inspires people but me personally my cup of tea I want nobody cursing me out ya know shape or form that’s just how I am and sometimes when you’re listening to his diatribes those f-bombs just come out and come to me supposed to be harmful but that’s just not the kind of talk I like to listen to that’s all that’s your thing go for it I had a few ex-boyfriends like that though I asked me their names cuz I remember 7-footer came and visited you from across the pond yes phrasing Ramsey was in Philly he came and did a US tour he was in Florida he was in DC he was here he was in New York and so he his podcast is going beyond borders and it’s a frazier ramsey going beyond borders at heart song live dot co dot uk’ and yeah we went out for lunch and it was nice it was great seeing you know it’s great when you meet people in person that you talk to online for all these years very good and so if I knew you guys come to Philly we gonna holla yeah like one podcast it was here and i got to see sevilla she’s in our group and you know just a bunch of folks that I see online all the time and I got a chance to meet Mike from anchor and listen to his presentation and it was very interesting just the whole dynamic of the podcasting space and you know for me it was it seems like to me that it doesn’t make sense to divide podcasting up into well these are independent podcasters but these are all the podcasters that are

dumb enough to use a free podcast those and I’d take it personal I don’t like that like that and I get I got that feeling and you know I those folks that I didn’t like I thought that they was the they were being brought street bullies and by that I mean because when Michael from anchor gave his talk there the room wasn’t full at all like when all these other podcasters gave their talk the other podcast so the rooms were full standing room only but not that many people came to the anchor talk but lo and behold in the back of the room were these other podcast hosts literally sitting in the back of the room which to me reminded me of elementary school and I thought you know you guys are all competitors and you’re all friendly like this is a person here and he’s also a podcast host why can’t you talk like why are you sitting in the back of a row like fifth grade that’s just my opinion and like I said there’s nothing that I wouldn’t say to somebody’s face cuz I already called my boy Street Bullies I don’t know if they know what that meant but it’s all video legacy for those that don’t know what the boys street bullies are that’s what they used to call the Philadelphia Flyers back when they used to just literally knock people’s teeth out when they were fight you know the Flyers games there were so many there were so many hockey players with missing teeth and a lot of them were caused by the Broad Street Bullies so that’s how they got that name those Chiclets in their mouth yeah and so it there’s nothing like even though I’m not a hockey fan right there’s nothing like the Broad Street Bullies nowhere and not to go okay so now Oh author Moorhead is here hello offer and then ridges my guru is folks like Miss Eileen thank you I don’t like rules like Gary Vee or self-help people yeah I know there’s a lot of people that want to be self-help and I’m like well I don’t feel like I need that but there are some people that do need it there are millions of people that need it I’m just not one of them you know and it’s good and it takes all kinds of make a world and that’s why it’s great that we do have all these different mediums now to get our message out there you know a lot of people because people listen someone listen to my podcast and I said it’s not my cup of tea but I would still like to have her interview with you and I’m like okay I guess not a cup of tea and I know I’m not everybody’s cup of tea I’m not trying to be everybody’s cup of tea right because his podcast was not my cup of tea so I’m kind of glad we didn’t had interview yet not that kind of synergy there okay so um pro basketball is a blood sport and meaner than boxing oh you know I was talking about hockey hockey ice hockey author and I’m talking about ice hockey from I believe the Brochu bullies got that moniker back in the 70s maybe eighties but I’m yeah way back in a day it’s nowhere near as brutal as it used to be but still being you is being fabulous Thank You Alice that alice is probably one of her tag lines because she is fabulous with Palace so she says being you is being fabulous hockey – yes yep and Maria I know she has some gripes about anchor and so she says maybe if anchor communicated with their users better enthusiasm of its own users would improve and we brag about them I think that a lot of people are still bragging about anger they really are you know because getting that voice being able to have a podcast and not really wanting to spend that money because you’re not really sure if you gonna be good you you know a lot of people have impostor syndrome they have these really great topics did you guys know Kim Kardashian was interviewed over an anchor yeah there’s a girl and I um it’s not my kinda not my cup of tea okay because the first five minutes of the interview and I guess this girl is some kind of celebrity who interviewed her and the first five minutes with us I’m going to try to listen I know this is not really my topic but seriously that’s all they did was talk about each other’s boobs no

exaggeration and how good they look in their clothes and I could take about a minute of that but not five minutes so by the time I got the five minutes I was like this is not my cup of tea and they may have went on to talk about solving World Peace I don’t know go and check out the podcast I know but I’m gonna give her a shout-out because she’s still she bought Kim Kardashian over to the platform was it the facade podcast huh was it called the facade no oh it is called wait a minute because she’s on the homepage because you know that if anchor is featuring her which I don’t blame them pretty big deal with Ashley Graham stone as anybody is interested in that kind of content I hate me I’m just saying I’m gonna show you guys cuz you know and she’ll probably interview some other celebrities as well and hey go for it Ashley Ashley Graham pretty big deal and she wants to be Kim Kardashian she looks like Kim Kardashian yeah I think she’s not as small as Kim I think she may be like one of those models that is not with you to size model but she says she’s gonna talk about culture beauty business and owning who you are okay of course I’m not gonna play it because god forbid that gets me shut down so anyway I just think it’s great for podcasting because you know there’s a lot of people who never heard of podcasting before and now they heard of podcasting because of anchor because believe me anchor offered her some money or something or they helped her out we’re getting that podcast up and running yeah cuz they’ve been doing that they’ve been approaching podcasters and saying yes we can get you a sponsorships and all this other stuff which it’s not my you know I’m not going to judge I’m not going to judge them they got to do what they got to do they want to stay alive they want to they don’t want to shut down in the middle of the night so if it takes going after big-time celebrities for them to do that hey thinking outside the box that’s what they need to do just like this artwork thing now in the 14 years since podcasting has been around or 14 or 15 how come nobody else or none of these other podcast hoes ever thought about a way for you to make your podcast cover art for free or if they did let me if I stand corrected let me know because I never heard of it I never heard of anyone else doing that and they give you a tool to edit your podcast and they give you a tool to what else listener support now piping has it piping has something very similar to patreon but the way anchor has is integrated in no matter what app you’re listening one nobody thought about doing that before you’re listening on Apple podcast app if you’re listening on the overcast app you see that link there that you can click on for listener support it could have done it they just they’re not thinking about their thinking about something else advertising I guess and speaking of that we’re gonna have a lot of ads on this video so let me pause for one right now oh my gosh well guys thank you so much Maria from strong body strong soul said boots getting this is even without visual yes I wouldn’t be surprised if she being featured over there on a podcast Larry Larry dropped out okay Larry thank you alright thing I’m an artist what all right thing hmm talking about the pie oh he’s came back talking about when you say an anchor and how the other podcast people hadn’t thought about thought about you getting your art your podcast cover art they don’t provide tools for that mm-hmm they don’t provide and most of them with

the exception of Spreaker actually pie bean has one too they don’t give you a way to record your podcast and like I said Spreaker does Spreaker gives you and you can live stream your podcast which I’m hoping that comes to anchor too but you can actually livestream your podcast on Spreaker which I absolutely love and I’ve done a few times but they don’t give you a way to edit it an anchor gives you a way to edit on your phone you can edit your pot and I’ve done it and it’s easy and it works great it didn’t crash my phone or anything it just worked it’s like it’s not rocket science okay why is nobody else doing this I don’t know I really oh so I just hope that it’s like a disruption they’re being they’re disrupting the industry the fact that it’s freeze neither here nor there because I wouldn’t pay $10 for all these features you know and ready just saying I love anchor and Spreaker and regice and will brag for the both of us maria reg has the coffee black show in case you ever want it check him out over there on anchor and thank you for your support your listener support reg very much appreciate it okay guys I think I’ve been on here for about two hours before you go one of the things I wanted to mention is Adobe spark like if you don’t have anchor and you’re looking for podcast covers and stuff or any other type of cover Adobe is connected spark is connected with unsplash as well so you can use that service for free yeah there’s a few apps that have that unsplash integration I don’t know about others that are on mobile but there’s seems like to me there’s another one just canva have that as well I don’t I think canva has something because they do offer a copyright free to use with $1 so they give you a license for $1 to use their images and I think what part of the the what makes it special that anchor is doing this is because it’s right inside integrate yeah yeah and you know for someone like you or myself or if a robber who’s tech savvy who’s got an app for this and that for that and we pop around like it’s no big deal but then there’s so many users that are just like they got that one app or they got a couple apps they’re just like learning about podcasting and trying to understand like what is an RSS feed and you know they’re not thinking about I’m gonna use another app to to integrate in with my podcast cover art but you’re right there there’s a few ways that you can make your cover art for free and this is just another one of them that’s right there inside the app that just takes away that pain point oh and Maria’s over there saying that’s me no techie Marie always says that she’s not techy but she’s always coming up with some super techie solutions for things so I just think that Maria you don’t like Tooting your own horn so I’m going to brag about you because I think that idea you came up with for interviews is absolutely brilliant so you’re more techy than you claim it’s okay though alright I just used my photos for cover simple simple yep use your own photos oh yeah I got so many photos on my phone okay guys I so appreciate each and every one of you and as I close off just to say that if you do want to support the show you can go to my listener support which is Eileen dot link slash support or come and join the patreon community which is slash eileen alright you guys have a wonderful day thank you so much Robert thank you so much Larry and thanks everybody in the checked bye