START YOUTUBE NOW & Avoid These Mistakes New YouTubers Make

– So one question that I get over and over again is, “When should I start my YouTube channel?” And the answer is right now So I teamed up with a group of awesome creators and in this video, I’m gonna be going through some things you need to think about when you start your YouTube channel but also we’re gonna be going through our mistakes that we made starting out so that you don’t make those same mistakes on your YouTube journey So I just wanted to start this video off by talking about kind of the main thing that you need to do right now before you even press record, and that is research You’re gonna wanna shoot videos in a particular niche You hear this all the time: niche, niche, niche Yes, you do have to put your videos in a certain category The whole reason for that is you wanna shoot for an audience If you’re shooting videos all over the place, then you’re not targeting one specific style of person and that will basically spread your channel and you’ll never actually grow So the first thing that you need to think about when you’re starting your YouTube channel is come up with an idea of what it is that you actually are interested in; what are your passions, what do you care about, and then think about is this what you wanna do a YouTube channel about If it is, now I want you just do research and figure out what’s already on the platform and what people are making that’s similar to the type of the content that you’re going to make All right I’m gonna hand it off to my buddy Aldryn from here who’s got a mistake for you and also a tip on how you can avoid it on your channel – How’s it going everyone? My name is Aldryn Estacio and I have a channel called FlytPath where I do a lot of drone and tech reviews And thanks Jeven for having me on here One of the biggest mistakes I would say I didn’t do when I first started YouTube is really listening to my audience Now when you first start YouTube, you definitely want to just keep producing content, learning as you go, better editing skills, lighting, and things like that, but one thing I didn’t do as much that I should’ve done in the beginning is really asking my audience, especially, even if it’s small, what are some things that they want to learn from you Because when you start focusing on a specific type of niche, you’re gonna start attracting certain types of people that are really interested in it, that you wanna connect with them a little bit more and you want to ask them, “How can I help you?” And by doing this, it really gives you a list of types of videos that your audience wants to see And then when your channel grows in size, when you get to that 1000-subscriber mark, you’re able to have a community tab where then you can actually ask questions to your audience through a community tab on YouTube Also add some polls and some videos and descriptions on there If you wanted to communicate a little bit more with your audience So I think the biggest takeaway for me was not connecting with my audience a little bit sooner That way you’re able to connect with them, interact with them, and bring them along with you on your journey And also, they give you a lot of ideas of types of videos that they wanna see and it gives you more ideas of what you wanna make and how you can expand you and grow your channel – So I 100% agree with Aldryn on this You’re gonna wanna look to your community for inspiration, ideas, just anything because like I was saying at the beginning, you wanna be creating for an audience And if you can create your videos for an audience then there’s more opportunity for you to find success and grow faster That’s what all of us want We wanna grow a YouTube channel So to do that, you need to connect with your audience All right, next, I have Dee Nimmin, and he’s gonna give you his biggest mistake starting now – Hey Jeven, you know when I started my channel I’d made a ton of mistakes just like everybody else does but there’s one mistake that if I could go back in time and correct it so it never happened, it would be fixing the mistake of thinking that everything had to be perfect before I started making my videos And what I mean by that is I spent a lot of time getting my set together I spent a lot of time choosing the right light bulbs for my set I spent a lot of time coming up with the right graphics that I was gonna put on top of my video Should I have an intro, should I not have an intro, what font should I use for my logo, or what font should I use when I display the graphics on my screen I spent a lot of time trying to figure this out and these things are important but it shouldn’t come at the expense of not making your videos and that’s what I did And I hope you don’t make the same mistake because I wasted a lot of time when I should have been making my videos What I should have done is grabbed my phone like I’m doing right now, and went outside or opened up my window so the natural light can come in and light up the set and just started practicing and telling my story, and practice becoming a better communicator and sharing my message because that’s what matters on YouTube And in case it’s your gear that’s holding you up because you think you need to get bigger and better and more expensive gear to make YouTube videos, this is where you are making a mistake right now Grab your phone, get outside, and start making those videos – If you don’t know me my name is Jake Sloan I’m an Alaskan-based videographer and photographer who creates content for solo creators like me who are out there creating content on the go and by themselves One of the big mistakes that I made that kept me from starting on YouTube for a long time was thinking that I had to have the right gear to tell a good story or that I had to have better gear And the truth is that while I really like gear, I like new cameras, I like testing different pieces of equipment and seeing what it’s capable of, the truth is that the ability to tell a good story is not dependent on your gear; it’s more dependent on you and your skillset I made the first bunch of videos including one of my highest viewed videos using this,

an iPhone 6s, a RODE VideoMicro, and a cheap little Manfrotto tripod phone clamp Not only is it one of my highest viewed videos filmed with this setup right here but some of my favorite videos were filmed with this It was me exploring Alaska where I live, filming with this setup right here, but showing some of the most amazing places that I get to explore on a daily basis So rather than thinking that gear is the limitation and will keep you from starting YouTube, think about the story that you can tell regardless of the gear you have If you’ve got a phone, you can tell a great story and the story is what counts in the end Gear is not something that should limit you Yes, you can upgrade down the road Yes, you can buy better cameras and better lenses and better lights but really, if you don’t have a good story to tell, it’s not gonna matter what gear you use So don’t let gear be the limiting factor that’s keeping you from telling your story here on YouTube Get out there, create some great content, and tell a good story Thanks Jeven, back to you – So there’s nothing holding you back Perfectionism is like the Achilles heel for YouTubers If we get into our heads too much and just think that we need to have everything perfect, then we’re not going to create And you basically wanna get yourself onto a schedule, a rhythm You wanna produce maybe one video a week, maybe two videos a week, maybe one video every other week, but you wanna get on this schedule, this constant rhythm of producing content and putting it out there because if you’re not uploading new content, A, you’re not gonna learn what your mistakes are and you’re not going to grow from those, but B, you’re also not gonna satisfy your audience And I found that weekly is something that’s tolerable for most of us Shooting on a schedule where it’s daily or even every other day is pretty hard to do; however, if you really have the motivation and the kind of content you’re producing makes sense to do more on a daily-style schedule, then go for it and see how it resonates with your audience But when you’re creating your videos for YouTube, you really want to focus on your title and your thumbnail You’ll hear this time and time again from any YouTube educator that you follow, but your title and thumbnail is super important because if somebody doesn’t click on your video, then it doesn’t matter if you have the best-looking video, the most exciting story, the most awesome video in the world If they didn’t click on it, they’re not gonna watch it So your title and thumbnail are super important and you really wanna pay attention to your click-through rate because that’s gonna help determine how much exposure your video gets down the road Just something to consider I wanna put these things in your head because these are things that you’re gonna have to pay attention to as you’re building out your channel All right, I’m gonna send it off to Luria She’s got a big mistake and it’s one that you really need to hear – Oh yeah, I have made a ton of mistakes as a video content creator since I got started in 2005 By the way I’m Luria Petrucci and my channel is Live Streaming Pros Nice to meet you So one mistake that had the biggest impact on me later on down the road was the fact that I actually started out using an alias And at first, it honestly seemed like no big deal, harmless, but over the years, Cali Lewis, the alias, became this bubble that was carefully crafted into this perfect personality Human but perfectly lovable But then 10 years later, I was 34 and it was time for me to fricking grow up as a person but I couldn’t I couldn’t explore new facets of myself I couldn’t change, as we all do as human beings I couldn’t break free from the alias’ character, if you will and I found myself in a really miserable place; alone, hiding the real me that wanted to come out so bad Pushing away any thought or feeling or new hobby idea that threatened to break that perfected bubble And don’t get me wrong, the alias actually had this huge benefit because the concept of an alter ego, it allowed me to be somebody who that super shy and timid Luria didn’t know how to be without massive fear And Cali Lewis, well, she was fearless So that was the great thing about the alias but at the same time Cali had become inauthentic in a lot of ways over the years So really, the lesson learned: stay true to your uniquely you self and do not, and I repeat, do not allow yourself, your audience or anyone else to become a character And I know that may sound silly right now but it’s a lot easier for people to do that than you might think, alias or not So when people react positively to you because they see who you are on camera, they actually want that experience to last And it’s hard for you to change that experience on them So as you grow and as you change and you adapt to your world over time, don’t fear changes in your content or in yourself but instead, bring your audience along for the journey of your growth

Don’t just spring it on them, I lost two million followers that way It’s not fun, I promise you that. (laughs) So if they are the right audience, they will celebrate your changes, they’ll go through that journey with you, and they will still connect to the new you Go be you – The biggest mistake I made starting as a YouTuber, well, let me give you some context I used to be back behind the camera and one day I decided I was going to come from behind the camera and start a YouTube channel and I walked from behind the camera since I must know all about all this, and I started making the biggest mistake I’ve ever made which is called acting My early videos were so cringy Just don’t act Get out there, put your face on camera Just relax, just be yourself Some people will like who you are and some people won’t, don’t worry about it As you do this more and more and more and more and more, you’ll become more relaxed, you’ll become more relaxed on camera, you’ll fiddle with your lights and your lenses and stuff like that Just take a deep breath and relax and be yourself and talk to the person on the other side of the camera – Hey, my name is Steve Yalo, I make travel videos and when I first started YouTube, I think one of my biggest mistakes was not being me And when I say that I mean not being my true authentic self Talking to a camera is not as easy as you may think it may be It takes some getting used to and definitely takes practice to just feel more natural and let it flow Some of the YouTubers that I really liked and admired were super energetic and that was their thing and that was their personality So I thought I had to be like that And it’s okay to take inspiration, it’s actually really good to take inspiration from other people but do it in your own style Put your own spin on it and be you, because ultimately people will like to watch your videos if they can connect with you on a personal level And they can tell immediately if you’re not being real or true or genuine – Just be yourself, you’re gonna find an audience for it Don’t worry, it will happen So one thing that’s gonna really help you grow is paying attention to your audience retention So your click-through rate is how someone clicks onto your video, audience retention is how long they’re staying through the video YouTube wants people to watch the entirety of your video and then go on to another video So pay attention to your average view duration because it’s gonna help grow your channel All right, I’m gonna send it off to my buddy Drew He’s got an awesome channel and he’s gonna go through one of his biggest mistakes and this is a super important aspect of YouTube – Hey my friend, Drew Canole here, FitLifeTV My biggest mistake that I’ve made filming videos over the past 11 and that is not having a hook or something compelling to grab the viewer within the first five seconds It used to be 15 seconds, I think it’s much shorter today So having a clear and concise thought about what you wanna talk about Doing the SEO and the research behind it, how to actually structure the video, using Story as I’m sure Jeven has explained to you guys The hook is the most important thing ’cause if you can’t get your viewer in the beginning emotionally and logically engaged into your video, then they’re not gonna watch the whole entire thing So I remember times when I would just grab the video camera and not really have a plan in place and I’d end up rambling for the first two or three minutes Not really talking about anything specific to what was in it for the viewer So the hook is generally something for me that works well is what’s in it for the viewer, what are they gonna get in the next five minutes from watching the video, how is it going to improve their life, what are the benefits what are the takeaways, and what you can expect from me in this video is So it would sound like, “Hey there, Drew Canole “I’m excited to share with you the tried “and trued toothpaste “that I actually used to whiten my teeth “using ancient Ayurvedic superfoods, “one of them known as turmeric “and I’m gonna show you how to make your own toothpaste “from home costing less than a $1.50 “and how that can absolutely transform your life, “and well, your teeth right here, right now “In the next five minutes you’ll have the recipe, let’s go.” So they know specifically what they’re getting from me and I think that video, it’s a short one, but I think it’s got seven plus million views now So knowing what you’re gonna say in the very beginning, grabbing them right from the beginning, knowing your hook, that would be my thing Hopefully you enjoyed it – Okay, I’m gonna pass it off to Kitty because she’s got a mistake that you guys really need to hear – Hmm, one thing to check is always make sure there’s nothing up your nose or in your teeth, that’s for sure Hi everyone, for those who don’t know, my name is Kitty and I run the atola visuals YouTube channel I’ve been doing YouTube for quite some time And I believe I’ve made many mistakes but the one I wanna talk about would definitely have to be once you put out enough videos you’ll see what is doing well and once you see what is doing well,

you should take those and capitalize on them because people found you through those videos For instance, you may have known me from such works like the Ronin-S review or the WEEBILL LAB review but what I didn’t do was go deeper on that content I went wider and tried to get as many gimbals as I could get and review as many as I could But instead, I should have focused on maybe more gimbal movement tutorials or how to balance or set it up So that’s definitely one piece of advice that I would give you Go deeper on your content instead of going wide – I completely agree with Kitty on this On my channel I’ve tried to do all these different things and when it comes down to it, you really just need to pay attention to what people actually care about and what they wanna watch So you really wanna make sure that once you have a library of videos, you pay attention to what’s working and what’s not and then double down on what’s working It’s a pretty simple idea but it works super well because your audience is telling you what they wanna see by all the analytics that you get in the YouTube Studio Take those into consideration, make more of what works, and if something isn’t working, maybe try it a little different or it’s maybe not a subject that you should cover on your channel All right, I’m gonna pass it off to Pierre He’s got another mistake that you guys really need to hear – Hey, what’s up? Pierre Lambert here, and my biggest mistake when I started YouTube was my lack of consistency in terms of topics It is so much easier to pick a topic, pick a niche that you will consistently do content about At the beginning I was kind of going all over the place, trying too many things, trying too many styles of videos, too many topics and no one really knew why they were subscribing for and what they would get from me The most important change I made was picking a niche, whether it was on the Travel channel or now the photography channel and doing just photography People no matter where they are in this world, they can watch this content and they understand that we’re gonna be talking about photography, they will wanna watch the next videos It makes it a lot easier for people to want to come back and keep watching new content I hope that helped It really helped me tremendously in my life Now, good luck with yours – Thank you Jeven for having me Hi, my name is Craig from Craig’s Tech Talk My biggest YouTube mistake is not understanding the platform and what my audience was looking for YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world next to Google That’s important to think about because people come to YouTube to search for information or entertainment For my genre, tech viewers are looking to learn about tech and how to use it If I’d really understood the platform and genre, it would have helped me position my videos better to be found Like using better titles and picking topics that people were actually searching for Next, I was not thinking about what my audience was looking for Sometimes it’s a tutorial or learning about a product, but at the end of the day they were looking for information I needed to provide that information to provide value, not telling some long-winded story about my day or going off on tangents I started learning if it didn’t add value to my audience, cut it I’m not saying stories don’t add value but if they don’t, cut it Reactions and humor can add a lot about you but if they don’t, cut it My biggest tip would be it’s all about the viewer Help them find you, know your genre, and give them value Thank you, Jeven for letting me share my mistakes – I can’t stress this enough Pick your niche and serve one audience If you’re trying to serve all these different people, you’re never gonna grow Unfortunately, there’s only a few people out there who have the personality that can captivate a huge audience Most of us are gonna have to focus or channel down and really target one audience and once you can master that, you can start expanding out and finding similar audiences to that But you really need to start with just one audience and really focus in So I’m gonna pass it off to Tommy and he’s gonna give you his biggest mistake that he made on his channel – Thanks, Jeven So I think my biggest mistake when I started my YouTube channel was not staying within a single niche It was not even a niche, I didn’t stay in the same genre I just needed videos about everything and anything that I wanted to and that hurt me super early on I think my fourth video went pretty viral at least for me, got like half a million views and I got my 50,000 subscribers off of it, problem is I didn’t wanna make any more videos about that topic and so anytime I published a video after that, anyone who was already subscribed to my channel but clicked on the video, it wasn’t about something they were interested in and then they would leave right away, so my watch time was down to like seconds And so I had a very low subscriber-to-view ratio and algorithm would never recommend it because it had very low watch time And so I’d say my advice to any new channels, new creators or people that are having trouble with their own channels, just pick a genre and stay within it and then also become a master of a particular niche within that genre Now my genre is filmmaking and I make a lot of videos about filmmaking stuff but I try to focus on lighting, because to me, lighting is my niche within the filmmaking genre

And on top of that, you’re a lot more likely to get sponsorships or work with companies that make the products that you like to play with and use in your videos or make videos about if you have a history of working with a lot of similar products For example, if you make outdoor films and you love kayaks and you talking about kayaks and you make videos about kayaks and how to kayak better If you approach a company about working with them on a sponsorship for a kayak, they’ll probably just send you one for free so you can use it because you have a history of working with products like theirs and an audience that’s probably interested in it One of my second biggest mistakes was trying to promote myself on Reddit I’m pretty sure my channel is banned from most subreddits, definitely r/slash videos I posted a ton of links to my new videos that I thought were amazing at the time, they weren’t If you try and post your own videos, the internet knows and they will hate you for it Plus, Reddit is not even a very good source of traffic People only watch your videos for like a minute and a half So that’s my advice, pick a genre, try and stick within a niche in that genre, and then don’t try and sell from Reddit Back to you – I have another video for you where I teamed up with an entirely different group of YouTubers and we go through more mistakes that we made starting out on the platform