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ha they made that arrow is pointing that it is not central but eccentrically located kind of look maybe that arrow removed it looks like real popcorn I don’t know now the radiological appearance in the figure what do you see you find in the hilar lymph nodes which are showing calcification which is what what is the only calcification of hila is not examiner will ask ignition the calcification and the sarcoidosis silicosis there are multiple process for eggshell calcification now doctor on mammography you found the one small yet Duchenne can see firing areas in the breast so what does they indicate they indicate any post-traumatic fat necrosis post-surgery or idiopathic fat necrosis will lead to the actual calcification on mammogram it is not indicated of fiber adenoma is what need to be remembered now the genital examination is showing absence of that test this onion decide indict estes the other side justice is there so what are the three types of discus undescended testes retractor justice ectopic testes Jo method Tommy were ectopic Jolla techni hey what is that undescended or retracted in the third type three different types of testes other they are but a day a letter there other there is undescended look you design a one letter they are Jo retractor hey Joe but idea he topic he is a type of testers so a method may male are today and Nesta say he attack their undescended testes that’s what you need to remember and it can be the source for say me Noah is what need to be remembered now you have been shown a condition of pancreas which is swollen Partha Tidus is there but it is typically surrounding the deodorant hence it is an example of annular pancreas what are all the conditions associated with annular pancreas doodle atresia Down syndrome take a snippet of fistula etc etcetera then what do you see here pirate loss insist what are the most common location for thyroglossal insist it is typically infrahyoid it is what you need to basically remember know what they are finding is a testicular mass actually unless you feel it you could you cannot say but yeah you can also say sir I thought it as hydrocele instead of a mass or there so yeah that’s fine so in a patient about 50 if there is a testicular mass what is it most likely to be about 50 it is most likely to be MIT’s secondary tumor so the testes are common than primary if it is more than 50 now the hands are typically showing diffidence contracture same time if you look at the penile shaft it is showing an abnormal curvature so such as normally curvature shaft of the penis there there is a fibrosis of the penile fascia along with the the Titans contraction is basically called the Peyronie’s disease is what need to be remembered so the variance contracture can be associated in a pain dysfunction connected there can be a chronic inflammation of unique albuginea is what you need to remember so some of you in future are going to be talk you know this and management of the male sexual organ you must be working like vishwakarma with the miraculous hands to once more restructure the entire vasculature and solve the problem impedance is what you should ask my fur a miss MCH urology huh the it’s a jingle to listen last before week only one of my friend finished his there MC hit urology at the age of 42 thank God he is saying after passing out of exam another seven to eight years we ourselves are vulnerable for benign prostatic hyperplasia before they’d only we got the mga urology at least he did he MBBS

Ram shipment a Miss from Judith he was a top consultant surgeon but his passion for urology has made him to leave all the practice and join MC hitch at the Oblivion of life if at all we call it has oblivion so at 37 he what topper entrance exam at forty he finished it with three sweet daughter sending then ecologist wife was saying oh my god she’ll fought the IMA like still going for a gram by Burroughs blah blah blah huh so this reason enjoyed this part of life in anticipation what we get it tomorrow anyway you will get them SMD take it granted everybody will do ma 71 other day everybody will marry everybody will produced children everybody buy a car everybody will fight it with the spouses all in turn they in a package deal given by God if life exists right there so that’s the reason enjoying because getting into a mess I still remember that filament he got the emergency surgery in Jaffa big celebration right there so the all fact that the problems are all the world the problem started right so that is the reason we should enjoy while preparing for entrance because after you get them s there is a different enjoyment you are entering a different cohort now what is this pancreatic Legion which is being shown classically the pancreas is having a bubbling appearance and there is a sunray pattern of calcification sundry pattern of calcification a lot of times Ames PJ and other exams this question was asked couldn’t literally bubbly appearance with a sunray calcification means everybody you still reflects the answer seer assisted in OMA of pantheous but if a real CD of the bubbling pantry yes with a sunray appearance shown that time you are the cognizing is all the challenge is what you need to remember if 60 year old has got a maroon colored stool per rectum suddenly you are thinking of connector meant to decode was given to you into the eco body shown is a severe aortic stenosis left ventricle Toyota virtually the path is blocked by the traumatic aortic valve and if severe addiction oasiz reflected on doclet so what is the 10 today there you have maroon color bleeding per victim along with are your fiction OSes combination those who are having lower GI t vascular malformations will end up in GI bleeding commonly they have an associated a s is what you have to basically remember now the intraoperative finding of the gut they showing pouchy appearance multiple purchase has seen you thought it is normal dead to which is being swollen like hurry no no self so you are also having the pochi appearance classically when you did barium so they have digital diverticula fundamentally so one of the common presenting feature of the digital diametrically so there will be an activity a strict issue which will show bleeding is a common presenting feature in addition to being a symptomatic malabsorption etc etcetera sorry this was not really um no didn’t well no Jude Nell that’s what least likely because alien metals diverticulum leading to bleeding that is common so asymptomatic can be their malabsorption can be their abdominal pain but no active bleeding from activity which is more a feature not meckel’s diverticulum okay then how do your world recurrent abdominal pain intermittent diarrhea constipation and thin built and you know they find right in lower abdominal mass but before that what is the abdominal area happy showing it is showing multiple calcific mesenteric eccentric lymph nodes which are calcified and along with that there is a fat stranding of the mesentery along with the lymph nodes are elliptic area so all these favor possibility of tuberculosis fundamentally so what is in general if TV is the option TV is the answer is the general rule fo ptosis is

the option epitarsis is the answer no one you see here excoriated skin excoriation of the skin is what you are seeing what were you thinking you are thinking of snow capital mountain or something else is coming to mind this is skin that is excoriated in the middle there is a granulation tissue I don’t know how clear is the image for you so our mouth is silly be ordinal fistula contain lot of digestive enzymes there is a reason whenever deserve the officially is there the amount of skin excoriation is highest is what you have to basically appreciate now you have been shown a sinus which is very AnnaLynne location what is this basically called this pilonidal sinus so what is a wrong statement about either needle sinus just you need to review the literature now very early there is an abscess which is typically shown for the commonest organism ecoli is the most common organism for a period elapses now there is a herniation which is Thunder to the metals diverticulum such a type of herniation is called little hernia is what need to be once were classified Shailaja swellview’s nerds all these things have Nia means you should have me at your brain with knowledge and otherwise one is taking very common topic is equal to going 500 ranks behind it and generally if you are fit enough in preparation you do even involuntarily also you won’t do common mistakes see you should be brimming with that natural confidence doctor by the time it is January January December you must be ready with that normal confidence level vagina I don’t do mistake if it is TV based a question I won’t do mistake if it is based on oncogenes I don’t do mistake if it is heppa ptosis like that you should have your own strong with the range of common high-yield e topics really if you ask some dick endure thumb syndrome nobody will ania answer so don’t worry about that now 34 year old came for workup of infertility and ultrasound they showing multiple cysts most likely diagnosis pc body to diagnose pc body what is the criteria and last ovaries echogenic stroma peripherally iranian illegals less than 10 mm and and because they are all around here in the periphery they look like the string of perils right there all the important sonographic criteria and tomorrow is gynecologist day in and day out have had to give a diagnosis of PCOD don’t expect your son ologist will come and do the an ecologist sir only phonologists also write that so you yourself must know how to do the ascetical alder saamne now there is a variant mass one of the criteria to say that a ovarian mass is malignant sighs more than four not less than for all the remaining are also necrosis scepter thickness wall thickness there all the criteria to call it as malignant now there are few questions which are theory in the middle interspersed formerly held for embalming what percentage forty percent though they did up to seven years after date blend remains fluid wherever septicemia CO poisoning hyper fibrinogen emia they are the cause of the death the blood remains fluid then local transfer line by stratified squamous epithelium what is the cause of the hoarseness in a elderly man of more than three months duration I mean hoarseness of more than three much duration Indian English not elderly man more than three months cancel Eric’s

right then mass word Antrim lateral surface of the temporal bone what is it surface marking McEwen’s triangle is what you need to remember IPA tympanogram is normal yes is a shallow term of ODIs crosses ad is a deep curve of ossicular chain disruption b is rotated is mediates and you station to blockade different types of impediments one of the images will definitely come in exam simply saying the sea is not enough next time we will show real sea be sure exam that can be too practical which we are not today I do clinical features what do you see recycle at lesions on the external year what I eat is her fish I mean van Schaik hunt syndrome is what need to be remembered so all the if you recognized on say hunt there are four five points that you need to remember about wrong say hunt no doubt that during palpation of habit of the ordinal recommends a pulsation is felted dorsal to the right of the common bile duct then what is it likely to replace the what is it likely to be so hepatic transplantation firstly liver transplantation was Manya General Hospital dr. Madhu is a from mother college only kakatiya Medical College chief of surgical gastroenterology what a prodigious movement to do a liver transplant which otherwise cost thirty forty lakhs whether patient dies our lives is done in a dormant setup is a miracle so some of you are going to also become such miraculous surgeons in future so a replace rate high by the country is a very common anomaly which can which is the most common variation of the hepatic arterial and enemy is what need to be remember go there a battalion what a normal function absorbs water it absorbs sodium chlorine and it’s sacred H+ ion and it has nothing to do with bile acid absorption then black pigment versus brown pigment what conditions lead to black pigment any hemolysis it can discuss with cirrhosis but brown pigment spaces infection of the bile need to develop and on brown pigment stones is what I want to underscore to all of you then it is not a feature of the gallstone disease out of all this there is hyper echoic in television spectacle three solar happy criteria hyper echoic in terminal focus shadowing posterior to that focus not enhancement a caustic enhancement is different shadowing this different right then moment of the focus with the change in the position of the patient is of the three important ways by which you will realize other sound is typically showing what is it showing gallstone so patient is asymptomatic then what he want to basically do observation a symptomatic cholelithiasis management so they are no surgery is controversial in fact when you become a senior that then you will have your own personal guideline whether to do surgery or not for a given patient and then for acute cholecystitis what is a very ugly diagnosis you will do Heda Pepita are the two types of radionuclide scans so hidden scan technetium-99m technique in a scan he is the one which we will use once one of their dog stones by the two stones gall bladder carcinoma : geo carcinoma this my six topics and their clinical management clinical presentation or everything you must wash the linen and come for the next math test okay so dr Dalton has taught very well in the online a man Anatomy to medicine got come video library on all the gastroenterology topics if you if you really can’t sit half an hour and read in belly and low within 15-20 minutes you can finish it in by listening the video but eight to ten points about each

of them you should have a hold then dr six-year-old alcoholic man 24-hour history of nausea and vomiting and he underwent the abdominal perennial resection there is a distinctive diffusely tender Tim phonetic abdomen what are the possibilities he may not the whole pattern ideas may be there with Ilyas he having had undergone surgery he can have a tissue bowel obstruction and he can have because of the compression of the underlying underlying the rectal cancer anything is possible but not ascites is least likely possible is what need to be remembered then a 26 year old portable abdominal mass increase pigmentation of the lips and palms how so many clues have been given to you and still if you don’t do you know maybe look at image also it should be pewds again with intussusception we are giving him annually for our satisfaction how do you know it is interception bubble within the bubble appearance partridge sign is what you are typically seeing then doctor a fifteen-year-old lower quadrant pain is his only complaint he has undergone appendicectomy in the past and upper GI radiograph is being shown to you which is typically showing the narrowing of the bubble so what is the best of step in his management so you need to do a segmental resection whenever there is a infirmity bubble leading to cicatrization of the bubble which is transmural in pathology you need to basically do the resection but the point is the section will it bring cure informative oral disease is a autoimmune phenomenon so if you show you a reminder on the end organ which is burnt out are you solving the underlying pathophysiology leading to that berming after boosah escape internal inflammation cubed on ahead you may need to give an anti-inflammatory and bring them with inflammation not showing your anger on a burnt or to bubble because of that information so but still if complications arise cross being transmittal it can lead to a colon recycle fistula intestinal obstruction etc etcetera then there is an indication for surgical resection is what you have to basically remember when we are undergoing an trick t’me for build raw patient has developed the brain loop syndrome which is basically caused by the bacterial the conjugation of the bile salts which is leading to steer Torreya the pathophysiology which you need to be very sure 62 year old who has got abdominal pain in Waycross there is an abdominal imaging which has been done you find lot of metastatic lesions to the small bowel so the question comes here is what is the likelihood that can undergo metastasis multiple metastasis in this given scenario so basically the common metastases are all melanomas which will cutaneous melanomas whose they is the most common extra abdominal source of metastasis that go to the small girl is what you have to basically remember a 54 year old who has got the dominant pain CD showing several Americans and there is a mass in the middle iam that means it is consonant so how does confluent basically present to taneous phenomena like crushing etc etc are the things that are known to lead to carcinoid syndrome is what native unless it goes to liver next if it is sitting only kneel IAM it does not lead to syndrome only when it go deliver Mets are they then the serotonin end products become released and that lead to concentrate syndrome of flushing etcetera etcetera is what name to be remembered known identify her with abdominal pain tachycardic colleague uric and the abdominal radiograph what is it showing it is showing gas pattern into liver bile duct by a biliary system gas in biliary system in the liver along with industrial obstruction what does it make

you remember a stone in the gallbladder traveled to the bile duct it entered into second part of the ordinal gone to the ileum and led to heal obstruction within a lumbar I was customary so how is it basically managed you need to enter out the me and removal of the mass is considered me the management of the gallstone ileus this what need to be driven by then there was a incision having a repair which is being done because previous is aaron has led to incisional hernia during that you found the 60 centimeter lesion from the ileocecal valve you don’t need image for that already you know only 60 centimeter length to make Arita meckel’s diverticulum mikelis is a true diverticulum with all the three layers of the in the cell wall is what you have to basically remember 54 year old to man history of abdominal pain with weight loss is there in lower endoscopy was done which is normal and there is a lesion which is being shown in a frozen section this is the classical appearance of their of them carcinoid so what is a true thing about contouring the prognosis is related to the tumor size the location and the histological pattern is the point of interest here then okay here you are being shown a anomaly of the of the pancreas what do you find those doctor hey Andrea scan that dr. Hajra thing elder brother younger brother divided hokkaido O’Hara Veneto pancreatic division is what need to be remember any failed effusion of the mental and dorsal pancreatic ducts will lead to pancreatic division there you are having when those so that and one more ventral duct failure of the fusion of the to lead to pancreatic division is what you have to basically live Baja then doctor if you don’t maintenance cleaning what is the best time fundamentally to identify down send the entity or since theories as Buddhists again deep it is downs but not for me relative defects neural tube defects they they chemically they clinically a first a brain cap our mission on a hosta mr. Micawber was Prime Minister Methot who you you really can’t appreciate the neural tube defect so Hoss finish cleaning is as good as second foil bounce is what need to be basically remember regarding the pregnancy and dating of the pregnancy when it is very accurate dr. Aldus on dating 7 to 11 weeks of pregnancy is the most appropriate time is what need to be basically remembered so be careful next time when you ask a date of a gynecologist because he has already lot of dates so yeah are you need to be careful because she is good at remembering dates so you dated but you didn’t attend that day evening means you are smashed yeah Krishna rightly says rigorous triad the Radiological science of intestinal obstruction very a purplish around the bowel wall industrial perforation where you find bubble wall like a to conclude wall and all those radiological signs they will have the all the discussion in the radiology fold that fatty arcs radiology we will review it is an indirect revision of I hope all of you are getting your wats up messages of what is the today’s class tomorrow’s class in the Monday to Friday if not please register your whatsapp so that you will get what is the online class etc if you miss it also you say we’ll have it in video library now doctor a 32 year old delivery try ask for her second episode of Bithynia reading she has come she leaves 45 minutes away from you and her husband is out of town she appears very

unsettled and worried about the bleeding episode but she wants to go home and demanding to have a cesarean section in four days the Asians will demand be sure huh tell her fetal heart rate is reassuring her demand is not reassuring for you right there and she said that her determining what will you do so you want to take a risk of sending her home so what is the protocol the president recommendation is each episode of bleeding with a complete previa the patient should be admitted to the hospital for observation in an expectant management is what you have to basically remember then thirty-two-year-old at nine weeks of gestation with fatigue sore throat a typical lymphocytosis then normal spot is negative so what is the worked up you want to do toxoplasmosis is what you have to basically suspect so thought you group up infections each of them five six points which will lead to cerebral calcification whose calcification is periventricular and everything you should be sure then doctor a 39 year old approximately eight hours after the delivery patients oxygen saturations are basically dropping down then the fine crackles bilaterally at the lung basis so what is she basically passing through her baby was 150 by eighty so a glance here leading to pondering edema is the presentation when i clams here how many edema is the giving IV fluid says foolish so it is not what you will basically do then doctor what are the risk factor for prophylactic antibiotics any prosthetic valve MVP valve dysfunction etc etcetera they’re all the important risk factors into the body cholestasis then popper or they pop come on doc Pupp what is the full form of it Trudeau a tick popular what else pregnancy may one of the three important differential diagnosis you must know inter hepatic cholestasis fatty liver of pregnancy the UPP purple right I’m not going to repeat already there is a discussion of it available in the online video library this is the view which are carrying first registered which occur in all try misters which are more troubling Petra instead which will recur which will not recur dr. life is off sadik’s means conquerable subject our critics 5055 topics if you choose and read nicely everything out of 30 marks 25 26 our arms are they that 50 60 topics you know no in the list given and so you know Habakkuk cholestasis typically will lead to jaundice in terms tinnitus which is very troublesome which can typically complicate any part of prime minister but most commonly in the third primes is what you have to basically understand there was a wrong statement order fridge even right SLE the lupus the lupus fluids during pregnancy are usually very mild see pregnancy itself is a autoimmune hyper situation or a immuno compromised situation pregnancy immune immunity will stamp down the body will tell fetus will tell why I’m staying here please for some period of time ask your lymphocytes everybody to not attack me is what the prairie fetus will do to the mother so when the immune system drink comes down autoimmune conditions like SLE also will be in good control so ferrets be milder not severe is what you have to remember where will you go go DOM is the very important question if the women is Rh positive Rosana consider cleaning it if the mother is are going to negative husband is Rh positive fetus is always positive

then you are worried about giving it and if men is Rh negative husband also her get to negative she got the hair to me seat husband adult physiology seat beautiful life honestly beautiful life higher clock both of them nice a small car will be there huh they can take the carrier and then sit together come back home by coming pick up the children I have got means here you can tell fetch waiting four o’clock 3:30 only I believe in the whole life husband cardiologist wife Dan ecologist are hardly they will meet in one near probably one day they get time to sit together in the club I’m talking with the French street not the back seat but the point is they really don’t get time that much so be very sure how busy you want to become in life before going to counseling our hitch negative women but the already positivity antibodies developed a bigger than they cake Kaka mother already she can’t even I saw sensitized where is the right women are way too negative woman and at 28 weeks of gestation D antibodies are not told that lluĂ­s antibodies are positive still she requests Rossum to be given which is immunoglobulin is what need to be remembered so what we to matter toxicity doctor interval really gentamicin one people in Darwin is that able now to enjoy grass terminal form factor McAfee mermaid let’s self talk antenna is more prominent not less problem then the fracture make a femur may internal fixation how will you do cancellous screws screws nuts of bolts the gadgets knock off the varix bulky there is a video in the inactivated medicine comm video library so please take a chance to review the bossing of the frontal and parietal bones in the rickets you will see it at six months of age in a little canary this dislocation hoda near already but anything with pain is an indication for hip replacement after reaching the adulthood so once more can I delete Percy Queen over this CD hitch inevitable topics in entrance exam further if the baby comes what will you do austere what will you do in CT Evie clubfoot newborn baby what will you do all these things you must I don’t know doctor when will you do at what date Alyssa Road technique of repair everything in canal dislocation the thigh is shortened when the knees and hips are flexed to 90 degrees what do you basically call it as Galia as this sign is what need to be remembered bone fracture is a unstable fractured not a stable fracture wave there is a wing diffraction of the first cervical vertebra is what need to be remember for the common side of TV spine curriculum ba is what need to be remember for timolol TV is generally parody skill where part of the upper upper part of the lower vertebrae have a common embryological origin with an intervening intervertebral disk and since T becomes through hematogenous spread so obviously lower in front of that preferred even after part is lowered vertebra including this para distal is the most common type of presentation of the Phoebe is watching it to remember in posture dislocation what is found out there are the flexion addiction in in del rotation other one you have cervix flexion abduction excellent rotation and then what a most common mechanism up into the affiant a dislocation follow me I was watching this Sriman to do movie every time he developed turn the handle I was thinking he is very good in courtships maneuver so typical Kirkland song they come so easily he will be twisting and it anybody jumps on him first he will twist the hand good nice slender how he was not not there I come on don’t tell you’re serious about entrance nobody serious hear about entrance be sure watch movies enjoy hip hop and have a fun endure hop the seat after you get the seat don’t forget to

bring a full already sweet packet huh so that’s the point dr. Paul an outstretched hand with a shoulder and ducted and externally rotated is watching it to basically remember