World of Warcraft – GLITCHED ENEMY – Part 8

oh my god I did it again ah damn it oops that’s the wrong button damn it if you were to take a world and put like battles and a bunch of missions like world’s fighting and stuff and then if you crafted some things you’d get World of Warcraft right that was uh as a joke I was trying to make that was just stupid and dumb I will punish yourself for that Jeff don’t even don’t be happy with it I’m not really nice but that’s what I opening for this one part time mmm at eight nine more bows and on possibly and this step I am going to get to level 10 I’m gonna get to the double digits and if you female that’s the last double digits I’ll have to do that’s the end cuz I there’s no triple digits I don’t think unless they uh they put out a patch where you got to get to level freakin a hundred and uh you know because that was the thing that was [ __ ] when I first started playing World of Warcraft they really don’t I mean I’m trying to get some doom wheat here I’m trying to get my doom weed all right just trying to get just trying to get my fixed don’t worry about it don’t worry about it doesn’t concern you alright rawhide Ginola rawhide no it doesn’t concern you right don’t judge me but I remember when I first started playing World of Warcraft the first one back in like 2005 or something there was no expansion and I finally it took me forever to get to level 40 or something and when I finally did I was like sweet I’m only twenty levels away from the top level from being a number sixty and then the freaking patch came out and they moved it up to like 70 and I was like seriously that’s [ __ ] and then they then I kept going with a different character and got to level 60 something and then they moved it up to 80 I was like god dammit stop doing this to me and then I finally got up to level 80 with my mage guy and now they moved it to Nevel 90 they just I feel like are watching me and be like let’s just make this idiot sucks let’s just piss him off and keep raising the the max level cap I wouldn’t be surprised I was happening cuz every single time we get closer like ah just kidding you got more to go buddy and I’m stupid enough to keep buying that hey now fan gorg don’t slow don’t slap me like that I’m your master alright if anything hit the freaking voodoo figurine guy he’s the one that’s just kind of being it gonna Bob a bit of Bob you could’ve Boogedy what do you say walk Ibaka buku buku I’m attacking the wrong guy sorry sorry voodoo sorry doo doo doo I didn’t mean to attack you but I’m thoroughly enjoying this warlock guy it’s very similar to a mage I like like the the DPS I tried to in a robe once and it was fun just going around being invisible and stuff and pissing people off but uh somehow whenever I did PvP they could always see me and I don’t know why and I kept ruining it somehow I just suck at PvP I’m gonna try it I’m gonna try to make these Let’s Plays entertaining but I’m guessing it’s going to involve my death a lot which every game I play usually does anyway so why the hell not right why not what is this one again drain life that’s right what does that sound is that in the game is outside that’s in the game that’s just scary music the music is frightening and piano-like and I’m gonna murder this fly this fly has been bothering me all goddamn day I swear to god fly I’m gonna pause this game I’m gonna get a goddamn fly swatter if you do not leave me the hell alone yeah I’m talking to you you son of a [ __ ] he landed on the wall just I know he could just staring at me laughing he knew I was angry flies are rude people they’re reading human beings but whatever how I’ll forgive him except if he lands on me again I’m gonna have to stop and I’m gonna murder him it’s gonna happen so you you’re listening to me right now these rawhide grave robbers they have nothing compared to what’s gonna happen to you all right I’m gonna use my I’m gonna send an gorg on you and then I’m going to corrupt you and cannibalize you let’s cannibalize I haven’t cannibalize in a wand this is the first I’ve ever cannibalized what does it do oh great so it was pointless I didn’t need to do that cuz uh I had full everything’s good all right so let’s just uh let’s kill some more Rada that hide rot hide grave robbers and mongrels and we’ll be on our merry liter away to go to uh we’re let supposed to go silver pine forest or actually let’s go to a watch Waystation in tears for grades to talk to lady still what’s-her-face talk to lady googan studen silver silver gordon Shire what’s her name Silvanus Silvanus that’s it ladies Silvanus the Dhokla matey we’re gonna talk to her and see what the hell her problem is cuz she seems to be key she keeps to sending us on missions but we have yet to actually talk to her anywhere guys around here rare dudes since there was a lot of rare dudes before and I’m not seeing many at Jim

moment but are you where are you there you are grave robber kicked out of my life and into your grave that you are trying to rob that’s right there’s a creative necessary creative name that I got for you yes son of a [ __ ] give me your linen cloths so is it gonna get these two that’s cool I like that that was a neat little uh little addition that they did so where’s the monde rules we have the monk Roz they’re around here somewhere alright alright read names where are you popping up around here I’m gonna find you you don’t have to don’t test me don’t tell me I’m gonna find you someone just get mad at me the rat did you you can live right I was going to murder you but I would have felt that cuz you’re just a little cute little right you’re is a cute little Carly Carly Mouse hey what’s who’s this guy s : skeleton it’s the Spanish guy I’m guessing SK Don where are the mongrels mongrels make a noise Mong for me will ya where the hell the mongrels should I actually read the quest like I never do mind it let’s read it let’s check it out the mask race and then forced to the west of us we’re made to accommodate the impressive number of death still far below the top rocker by that Peppa tippet audacity to fold slay the rod hides at the mass grave and garin’s hunt and Cather from the embalming liquor that gives him life garin’s hunt where would that be garrets hunt aha good let’s go that way shall we let’s go towards the hunt I’ve said again so I earlier today I was beating all sorts of lazy right I decided that I was gonna order Chinese food which I haven’t done in a long time and Chinese food is freakin delicious but it’s also awful terrible for you but is they just I feel like the Chinese food you are starving if you’re starting when you need you’ll get full in about 15 seconds and then you’ll be starving in an hour but uh it was delicious but I came to it was this guy I was a rabbit I thought that was like a gopher or something but I came realization that I get overly excited like really really excited for things that are just stupid for instance instead of using a fork like you know I normally do because I’m an American who doesn’t know how to use chopsticks very well I started using the chopstick and I ate that I ate the whole meal with the chopsticks and I thought that was the greatest you know the greatest thing of that day up today that was that was the mic that was my comment accomplishment for the day that I played him happy wheels Warcraft and here we are and that’s that’s been my day that was oh I’ll save you I’ll save you woman come in sister nesco Carver garish nest good nest good Coase or nests Koko’s that’s my thing thanks for the help I appreciate your good friend are you priest ‘hey look like you’re a priest so yeah if you order Chinese food or you know if you’re in China if you order food then use the chopsticks then you’ll be as happy as I was I was a happy little camper on a Sunday I don’t know why he’s on a Sunday or a camper but he’s happy and that’s where I was that was my day yeah it was good oh my god he did it the fly landed the flight landed I got it I’m gonna finish his question I’m gonna murder him you son of a [ __ ] go away I swear to god I’m gonna murder you I’m gonna find out where you live and I’m gonna bug bomb the [ __ ] out of it with a freaking rat trap that wouldn’t work I’m not gonna I’m gonna do something I’m gonna spray it with def juice with fly death juice and your whole family’s gonna die I know it’s morbid but fly suck peeta peeta don’t get on my case all right I don’t need your shenanigans PETA is this gonna be better than shoes I got hell yeah it is sorry flex boots you are no longer needed yeah look at me still wish I had a what about you boo boo Mooji Baba that’s what I thought I agree what is this little thing mean but what hey all right maggot I I need to kill you for something is that what this is this Emma this means another Lord of Lord Allah our but uh does that mean I have the quest or does that mean I need to get the quest somewhere that means I need to get the quest isn’t it great good I was just kill I was just testing just test to see if I could kill you a rod I you crazy man what the hell are you you’ve walking bear slash I don’t know seal panda Michael Jordan what are you I don’t even know you could be Michael Jordan he’s retired now who knows what he’s doing with his life alright Appa pop apothecary Jared and you short guy what do you want no I’m listening as well weed mutters to himself they brought me gloom weed gloom weed thought about you doom weed are there you go these will come in quite handy you’ve done me the lady a fine service today due to death duty cubed as promised here’s the word that you deserve I’m ready to start getting some gold though you know five vile fiend scales Carlton gloves my god I’m getting rid of

all this flax slumber sand put see any time to sleep for up to 20 seconds any damage caused or awakened the target only one target can be sleep at a time unreliable on targets above level 30 good thing I only a level I’m good how are you oh you just sound really happy planting the seed of fear it seems that Jarrett has you hunting the Murdochs to the north that’s good we can use their pots for poisons in a world with a little worried sometimes what happened my brain there I said like a panic attack or something the file thin spawning grounds are not far from all right she chased chase until they pass out in fear and that one looks fun grave robbers what can i buy it women to sell some stuff alright let’s uh the shop is open for business I can’t use either they scan leather and mail so which one can I sale for more zombies skin boots that sounds awesome I wish I could use that killed Maggie doc there it is alright maggot I know I’m coming back for you did I had a warm I had my warmup round but now it’s time once I sell some [ __ ] then then it’s death to you since braces donate you healing potion I’m gonna keep zombie skin boots I wish I could use you cuz that’s a really cool name but I can’t uh yeah that looks like you were good to go herd pouch I don’t think I’m going to uh what did I say last time I was gonna choose my professions it was gonna be a miner and a skinner I think a Lynyrd Skynyrd huh but I think it was a miner in a Lynyrd Skynyrd possibly I don’t know I do you get more if you played World of Warcraft and you watch these episodes let’s see if there’s people out there look what the hell who’s who’s attacking me what there’s no one here what do I do who’s who is it are you serious this sucks where are you where are you you son of a [ __ ] is this why is he invisible why is this happening what the hell what is happening how are you evading me you invisible bastard how is this how do they do such a thing is he in the in the ground what’s going on yeah what the hell everyone’s invisible why is everyone turning invisible come out of there come out of there okay seriously um I want to find out what the hell is going on here why is an invisible man trying to murder me alright glitchy glitchy McGee here good thing I’ve been having a lot of problems with games recently I was playing em seriously what are you how are you doing this can i attack you right here cuz it’s gonna is this gonna work are you gonna invade it again you are a cheater you know that you’re a cheater can you come out of that please can you come out can you get out of the ground please you little alright fine [ __ ] you you go ahead you hang out there you just keep being a little in the ground invisible dude and I’m gonna murder your friends that are actually visible yeah I was playing amnesia a machine for pigs and and it was like freaking out I got my game my all my games are glitchy right now no no any of my computers just angry it’s just ornery at me alright maggot had time for you to come back now I’m at the way I’ll come for you I’ll be back for you later let’s go this way let’s get some off the scales and let’s plant some seats huh are you serious is it maggot I know yeah I’m getting there everyone’s attacking me ah don’t die don’t you do it where you going where you going guy why is everyone like what’s happening why is everyone attacking and then leaving and then being invisible and don’t you die on me fan gorg don’t you die on me all right hurrah hide mongrel you’re gonna you’re gonna kill fan gorg aren’t you ten cork I’ll let you live buddy there you go heal up you’ve done good chap you done good gorg you give that you gives it hard so are you still an angry panda at me yes no no I’m gonna leave you be you can keep doing whatever the hell you do and you know I guess you just hang out in your little cave of invisible miss it’s actually pretty nifty power if you ask me I love fighting the merlocks cuz every single time they did up it’s awesome do I have a warlock pet for my pets wait be my pets don’t have one of those warlock guys cuz that’d be cool uh speedy a turtle nice Cornish Rex Kratts what do you do it’s rare done come on o’clock working on let’s do this huh I have never getting any of these guys but it’s pretty uh do you talk what the hell did you just say to me mostly oh you are adorable yeah that way cord oh that’s nice that’s what I like about the Morlocks

yeah that’s what I like when they say it is so adorable it kind of feels bad to kill him right especially since now I have to like chase their little babies and till they pass out in fear yeah what the hell that is I just kid a class specialization you now have a pet action bar for more control over your demon you’ll be able to summon different eyes of demons for different jobs alright cool alright how do I do that oh it’s right here neat Oh so this is like this is what I was talking about last time with the hunter and stuff all right cool so let’s let’s see we choose a specialization let’s do it a Matt affliction a master of shadow magic who specializes in drains and damage over time spells so that’s going the corruption unstable affliction shadow energy 112 damage over 14 seconds malefic grasp blinds our target in Twilight okay this is the most you send a ghostly Sloan the target dealing 141 shadow damage that sounds pretty cool so a master of demonic magic of the transforms into a demon and compels two monk that’s kind of cool this one is I got it it’s right destruction that sounds awesome temporarily transform into a demon creasing damaged up by 24% metaphor metamorphosis prevents the use of corruption in hand of Gordon wild imps every 20 seconds again I gotta find out I’m gonna I’m gonna read all of these so sorry alright forgive me each it will cast 10 fire bolts before departing that’s pretty cool I like that someone fell guard that’s the yeah I’ve seen that before neat yeah molten core when shadowflame while dip deals damage you but a miss a chance to trigger molten core alright emulate incinerate chaotic energy oh this is pretty cool I gotta do this one right you know I’m gonna put those on hold I’m gonna put those on alright if anyone actually watches these all the way through let me know what a good a good idea is cuz I don’t know what’s gonna be the best I don’t know what’ll be the the most fun I like damage but however the demonology looks pretty sweet the fact that you can turn into demons and send out little imps to shoot for you that sounds pretty cool what do you think gnome guy yeah I agree yeah I agree right it is kinda it’s a little funny isn’t it okay so how do I am how do I scare these little bastards it seems a Chad has vomited Badu spawning grounds are not far off the tip deck if these impressible young merlocks were to plated a bear that could room a goat chase them and show that the forsaken hold are not to be trifled with alright little guys let’s get chase shall we yeah pass out and fear fools through Newark uh yeah fear it up go away pass out fear it nice all right this is easy as hell this is always gonna be no problem I’m just gonna murder people and walk and gun range how far is this ranch that’s pretty far right forty yards that’s a pretty good distance that’s almost half a football field plus ten yards – ten yards I mean who me and math we go we go hand-in-hand like we’re two peas in a pod if the pod hated each other and no one was friends at all but you know I’ll forgive math for being an [ __ ] so do I am water looks better than it normally does that I turn off the water graphics for something because usually it just looks kind of yeah it looks alright it looks it looks pretty neat alright vile fan top off course five fin tadpoles run away in fear fear your lives fear your souls your soul is mine that was from the first Mortal Kombat everybody was i watch that again the other day and I actually thought that was really good I don’t think it got that good or abused but I thought it was awesome just seeing the game that I grew up with in live-action for the first time when I was eight or nine would that come out I come out in 2019 96 or something that came out pretty early no damn it came out later than that in it 1998 yeah but seeing that and it was awesome and then Mortal Kombat to annihilation came out and it was just a stinking pile of anal dog poop and it was just a festering anal work but it was there’s a line that I still think is the I think there’s actually a small really quick YouTube video that’s titled like the worst line in movie history or something like that give it that biopic scale and it’s just don’t you disconnect me you son of a [ __ ] but it’s just uh it’s Sindel I think it’s a it’s indiv it’s Sindel and like the girl it’s Jane or someone of their sin Dale’s daughter I haven’t played moral combat in a while and forgot the storyline but she thinks sin Dells dead it’s like mother you’re alive and she points as a too bad you shall die it is just tear but it’s funny I mean it’s a

unintentionally funny just like that at the movie um oh god what’s it called Legion with what’s that deeds name he’s the angel guy in it he also plays the the he plays geoffrey chaucer in a knight’s tale oh I forgot his name damn it I can’t remember it but anyways the movie is terribly awesome it’s one of the worst movies ever seen but it’s just funny it’s so bad that it’s hilarious and the other guy in at Dennis Quaid Dennis Rodman this Robin Oh Dennis Quaid I’m pretty sure is the name and it just seems like he’s struggling so hard to act in it he’s just he’s he was going for the Oscar you good he was definitely going for the Oscar in that one have you haven’t seen Legion I’m pretty sure it’s on Netflix it’s the one with the poster looks like oh I almost had his name Paul Bettany there you go it’s fair Paul Bettany’s on the cover and it’s an obvious like Photoshop app six-pack and a Photoshop machine gun and it just looks awful but it’s a really funny movie it’s got to say the best part of the movie is the ending where every movie you know usually needs to have a one-liner at the end just to kind of kick the audience in the pants and just be like this is our movie hope you liked it and that moment was set up you know decently well in Legion there’s a woman that the bad angels like why do you do content why do you continue to fight when you know that all hope is lost and where Lucas black the quarterback from Friday Night Lights he has a chance to just say an awesome one-liner but instead all he says is [ __ ] you it’s terrible it’s awful it’s the worst god it was funny it’s actually really funny and then of course if you wanted to know if you’ve never seen this movie none of this makes any sense but if you have you’ll know what I’m talking about but just watch it it’s hilarious then if you want to find out why God gets tired of a humanity you just one day said you got tired of all the [ __ ] that’s the opening line of the movie it’s so dumb all right Maggie now you better be back but yeah that’s right Legion legions funny as hell III think you should watch it it’s a it’s an alaria Slee terrible movie alright alright Gord did you enjoy that dude ins did you enjoy my Legion story I hope you did alright well frightening little tadpoles I was telling about the freaking Legion oh my god I’m crying because of it just thinking about it is so funny it’s really a damn funny movie but it’s not supposed to be I mean it’s not a comedy or anything specific action movie all right maggot I I’m gonna come and get your plot [ __ ] someone else kill them are you back alive yeah all right come here you little maggot come here you I full of maggots I need your paw probably also full of maggots I didn’t actually read the quest so I don’t know why I need your paw but it probably is something to do with your maggot infested Idol give me it give me that maggot eyes paw done all right don’t worry citizens of Garen’s hunt you shall no longer be feared you should never have I ruined it what victory said that’s what I’m gonna do take that coax yep ooh yummy that’s some tasty Jack coca-cola I’m tired of those pictures on the inner by the way where people like go to a fast-food joint and it’s like I’ll have a large pizza and then french fries and then a diet coke because I want to watch my way uh-huh it’s like I [ __ ] love diet coke diet coke is delicious I’m gonna order probably gross disgusting food and a diet coke because it’s good all right so just shut your stupid mouth will that get what are that kick so the diet coke good give me them cauldron gloves and that found no belt look at me I got it I’m looking the exact same as I did five seconds ago okay well let’s sell let’s sell some stuff and then I’m gonna call it a good day yeah whoa watch your horse mister you blood up paladin get out of here with your loud and obnoxious horse I don’t need you don’t care about your slumber sand no the Murdock Finn I’m gonna keep these in case I want to be a tailor or something let’s uh let’s open these bad boys let’s get some pearls gimme some pearls huh yeah I actually did Wow I usually don’t neat Oh what can I do with that I’m gonna keep it in case I can I don’t know do something with it like make a potion or make something rather okay do I need flecks gloves no all right good I’m gonna check to see what time it is so you just sit right there I’ll be right back you have a great day apprentice Chrisman holy [ __ ] I’ve only gone for 30 minutes I didn’t realize that took me this long all right well I’m gonna stop it here this has been one long episode so I’m gonna go to a silver pine forest and also do all this stuff next time next week next time and in the meantime you go watch Legion all right because you’ll enjoy it what do you want horse yeah you better right away fool