Dillypoo Shwayze Hikari vs Vellido Omnivore Adellah – Round 2 – Tournament #15

very first map of this best of three series is going to be played out on the one and only in a grand arena will be right back us shut up a little swag thank you so much about subscription alright guys welcome to the very first game of this best of three series armonk sucks balido Omni more Anna Dello going up against g-d g-d akari dili poo and shwayze and it’s nice to see someone discipline priest representation in GCE I must say it was a an extra g then I think you did did I GC the GG properly GDD dizzy to d pd pd i know i wouldn’t doubt it to be quite honest with you we’re not gonna hold it against you okay maybe sway is he gonna be pre powered shielding his whole team they do get offensive here on the ballito getting pounced on by hikari swayze already pre stacking shields on himself he’s get the feather right now trying to make a play may be on to Adela sprinting up here to the opposing pillar bash landed on to Adela safeguard actually coming out there full trap is gonna land not sure he didn’t I think he managed to intervene the women singing 100% sure about that but the traps gonna land on the less the lido down at fifty percent HP’s gonna use the MS a full fear landed immediately gonna be nibbled out by Adela here trying to heal through here without using the life again a dr maim stun coming out from her car now the swamp over to Swayze into the full x58 recklessness blades term as well as polara frost near the dr legs way if you did steal pain suppression he’s gonna throw that up onto himself and keep the pressure rolling onto Swayze here hikari popping the incarnation at the same time but that got counted really well by that stolen paints impression that paralyzed on the Swayze akari at fifty percent double charged on coming out from omni for the colossus smash on akari is being pretty greedy right now with his shield walls not going to be responding to this just yet only for tricking there offensively full bleeds are up on to Adela as they tried to make a swap over to him it’s not accomplishing too much she sells electric and available just cheat are pedo unfortunately to the center of the map he’s got the portal very soon he’s gonna portal right onto Swayze who’s waiting on it to fear and get silence with the murder of crows different low here is gonna get the lefty [ __ ] off dodgy neck or two actually its way sir model there is no kill shots but keeping himself alive for the time being it was overlapped however with the rallying cry yes and are they trying to get a lot of pressure dela dela no longer has his cocoon so you can be a bit he’s in a lot of danger for the swap age still does have trinket so he’ll be fine they’re probably be fun but economy going into the cyclone here which is probably stolen by ballito and dilly poo into the full leg sweep here they’re trying to stop the day over to Swayze so he’s taking a bit of damage from the clean hair but he’s trying to cut away hikari not was not a mini Cyclones he is coming back to pilfer his priest they’re their own Adela at the moment Adela or just it’s just as actually just Billy pulling the doll at the moment I leap onto the full cornea balido into the full route sway she’s just trying to dip away and kind of way from this uh to melee at the moment but his feral doing a very good job pilling for him at the moment and uh Adela taking some damage here the full fear comes out onto author the triple threat comes out all three of this a turbo rub th e and a delicious torpedo I’ll just rolling at torpedoing away and he’s meditating back he looks like he’s in hope you find this meadow cocoon coming up soon and I the display she’s taking a bit of damage yes Reapers up saved by saving grace already at three stacks as healings not going to do a lot he needs to be able to KY for a few more seconds Hikari getting swapped to in the meantime it’s gonna fade by Adela at the same time forty percent is gonna revival to get that trap unfortunately ami park on to a wyvern sting now Adela desperately trying to kite here murder of crows coming up in 28 seconds he doesn’t want to have to use that like cocoon prior to it he’s still trying to line aside fifty percent HP Swayze’s mana as well as it does both dipping low here going for some manatees folks succeed onto Swayze here trying to take him down very quickly a 50-percent HP remaining he’s got paint suppression available he’s just choosing not to use it that’s just staring this cleave in the face saying nope not gonna get me double freelance though on Hikari as well as Dilip ooh the pressure still coming out from bellido here Swayze’s mana getting tax even harder a full trap on the omnivore’s trinket adela not able to get it just yet three paralyzed on a car fear gonna land murder of crows comes out with the silence on to Adela here both healers feeling the heat life it can going to be used to answer that murder of crows immediately a cyclone on the omnivore out from her car appealing for Swayze for the time being he still has the paint suppression available he’s trying to save it as long as he can hopefully for that next on combination recklessness being blown here shockwave gonna connect on to paint suppression gets used ballito I believe stole the pain suppression again throwing the dr d68 now on to sway Z is going to have that available for Adele here shortly possibly on the next stunt rotation pink suppression thrown out onto Adela now Swayze almost completely tapped the mana into the dr light straight but thirty percent has to shrink in it using the feathers trying to cut it into a charged on however color Frost is up he’s a lot of siding valido pretty well right now finally pulido gonna connect back here so easy with not much left in the tank has to survive for

quite some time here at delegating trap I might have eaten it for his team there is gonna activate the shield while trying to keep this team offensive here a double figure in a land under the dps unfortunately sitting through that I found fortitude forced onto ballito in the meantime dela gonna paralyze swayze here on his penance trying to give his team a little bit more time to catch up and kill him because he’s down to six or seven mana valido in the meantime murder of crows is gonna get tossed out onto them he’s gonna trick it activate the AMS adela desperately spelling out the soothing miss the drink is gonna get stopped i believe by that it’s not in range he got thirty percent mana so he might just be back in this game yeah and valido and only for trying to get a lot of pressure on Swizzy but he’s doing a really good job cutting him off and the pills from hikari are also helping a bunch of dulla fully tapped on mana hair and looks like he’s gonna be in full a lot of trouble to dr chop this come up but if he does get swapped to here and he isn’t able to get away from this jungle if he’s gonna be in big trouble of twenty percent they are twenty percent ippolito he does use this antenna anti-magic said he also gets up bubble by bella by delegates goes into the full batch daily pool and a car turns to not a lot of damage della no longer has his bubble he does have a trinket wasting through his fear of Alito I 55-percent taking a lot of damage from this junk leave he’s gonna be a very a lot of trouble as adela is losing a lot of men and he’s only a six percent matter he doesn’t need to manage tab somehow some way but the full Chuck coming out he does not trendy sitting on a trinket though the 4d are moving onto omnivore and I’m people trying to put a lot of pressure on her carry but so he’s doing a really good job keeping his teammates up in a china / serviceman a bit because it is dipping a little bit low valido I 56% here adela also dipping here I carry at fifteen opposite dileep who goes into full life sweet 23 pieces thirty-five percent of a car here sweet are trying desperately to keep its pero up but the damage from his from this tsg is just too much adela fully tapped on mana he does have to drink in that chapter of Alito a 65-percent to fulfil Adela he has no nimble for that and uh boletos a big big big trouble here but hikari and le pieu getting cleaned here a lot and it looks like she’s gonna be able to talk more you’re swapping over to Adela right now penance is coming in her car is dipping low dampening now at sixty percent or six percent sorry double chocolate gonna light it could be the game execute connects recklessness and pillar frost too much for a little Swayze to deal with running on no mana and our monks talks gonna be thinking the first game in this best of three Wow what I was really swab man for some reason I couldn’t see a Swizz iza interface I didn’t know yeah and he was at about three percent men at the very end there qari dipping lower and lower at the very end inch ways he just didn’t have the mana to deal with this crazy amount of damage coming out Acharya was in a in human form actually when he actually went down there which is a big deal you do lose a quite a bit of static defence when you get caught in human form like that I was a big reason to why you went down there but this is the best of three series and DGD is still in it I’m gonna go ahead and ask them what map they want next if uh if she’s um interface isn’t popping it what do I have to do that’s like all Z and riddles you escaped so you can see your interface again and then type / reload okay i was doing reload UI which is the wrong one so it’s really what’s doing she missing the hill it’s like though sometimes like it doesn’t work right away so you have to slash do it you have to do it a few times ok so our monk sucks is going to be continuing to play the same composition they’re going to stick with that DK warrior miss Weaver monkeys I don’t think they actually have another composition available to them but they’re gonna bring the map to dollar and sewers all right alright guys are going to be jumping into the second game of this best of three series and this isn’t been intense so far I must say both of these teams looking quite good I like seeing the discipline briefs I hope they do well but at the same time we have a miss Weaver month and I feel like it’s just as unrepresented so it’s like the Battle of the two upper a rare healers very interesting it’s hard to say that without telling me goodbye don’t ya I tried my very best man alright so we’re going to be jumping into a dollar and sewers here it’s like both teams are actually going to be opting to stick with their same compositions all right here here we go i’ll see you guys in one hot minute it seemed like the side of BBT RDG be done mr. now I just say letters words are much easier I your cut they caught between two different strategies they want to go for Lolita then they want to go for Adela I feel like if they’re gonna go for either they need to commit to it or they’re just gonna be cool down rotated over and over and you’re never gonna get through that cool down barrier

and the TSD ends up winning later in the stage of the game because I just innately more tanky and more self sustained than on the side of DGD so we’re going to see if they decide to commit to one target or not but it’s gonna be on dollar in that we done down the last ed DGD fighting this day in the winner’s bracket here can they pull it back our monk Sox leading 10 and I already on the DMV is getting thrown down here charged on to dilly blue Swayze pre shield himself getting ready for that swap and the tsg is actually going to leave I’m not sure what’s going on I’m gonna go ahead and get in contact with the scene and see what’s going on that one’s welcome no no no technical difficulties please just ring the stream give them your energy quick please give our bunks sucks your energy man all right it was just to add on it’s just an add on everyone calm down everyone calm down we’re good all right so while we have a little bit of down time I am gonna take this opportunity to shout out all the new subscribers so right away shout out the metaphor under bog veterans juicer 83 don’t know notes tkl Thank You dota skyguy 248 I recognize that name you’ve been in chat quite a bit shy guy MP state staton state am for the thrall if you don’t know who that is he is one of the biggest GCD cv supporters shout out to for the thrall always hanging out in chat sin okis cenovus thank you so much so no kiss and welcome to the GC family and drow ski shout out to dowski the 1v2 destro dream he’s the new dream he’s the destro dream you’re unfamiliar with him go and follow a stream he’s always dreaming destro warlock pvp and that is a rarity now this and also another shoutouts a little swaggy welcome to the gcd family thank you guys so much for the new subscriptions and the support we also did get a five dollar donation from rip dog as well thank you so much rip dog and he did not leave a note so he just wants to support us because he’s a hero and that’s who rip dog is it’s the kind of guy rip dog is alright looks like both teams already we are going to queue up so currently it is zero to one in favor of our monk sucks and the next map is going to be on a dollar and sewers here we go I’m gonna put you guys through the intro again please eat my spiders you guys scamp all right everybody welcome to dollar and sewers armonk stuff’s going up against DGD the jungle Cleve with the discipline priests going up against the tsg with a miss Weaver monk it’s gonna be intense man it’s a good series so far it definitely go either way I’m excited to see what happens oh man tell you in chat feeling pretty confident saying that they just didn’t play up to parse let’s see if that is proven true here in dollar an arena the second match of the series currently 10 lead for our monks sucks hopefully no technical problems I’m pursuing through this Adela has switched over to know mum I’ll actually a little bit unsure if he’s been playing known the entire time it’s gonna give him a little bit more mobility and slipperiness as he is a little time you know he’s harder to see the foul dude already gonna be bashing a dull looking to land a wyvern our trap that we’ve been on to omni boy just triggered that mast reflect the trap good play by omnivore early on here now landing the shockwave onto her car with an exciton a Shwayze a car I feeling some pressure he’s gonna use a survival instincts to tank through these big cooldowns and pop incarnation himself to try and they could turn around on to Adela he’s gonna simply portal to the center of the map in line of sight the murder of crows is used there as well valido is gonna be able to get topped off at la tren alana side still has to deal with the skull bash as well as counter shot out here surely from deloitte boo who is rooting valido up in the center of the map Adela gonna be getting connected to here shortly shockwave gonna land on to her car is berserk trying to reduce that incoming damage as omnivore starts putting the pressure on a Shwayze ballito connecting as well Adela trying to cut away with these cheat torpedoes he does manage to get out of the line of sight finally here if you’re gonna land on to her car he’s actually gonna choose to trick it that delegating caught up so he’s gonna get knocked on his sous they missed here the DGD trying to find their target the lido appears to be the target of choice death pact still available as he’s dipping fairly low here at forty percent charge turn onto hikari a full fear landed on to Adela botanics fixie onda swayze trying to steal that pain suppression swayze holding on to it not going to be donating that this time around here delic onto a woman’s thing now into a rout out of line of sight he’s not able to get the heels off

murder of crows comes out boletos low age for your delegates silence you had to drink it oh one second Silas to get the life cocoon up and they’re still cutting through it thirty percent HP they’re just going to swap over to Adele a car gets gripped on his feral leap here adele is gonna be able to jump down and portal up here shortly just get knocked into the eyes gonna nimble out of the stunt is both people connect here she torpedoes to the other side of the platform here the pets gonna connect your trap on Omni Lord valido gonna lichport out of the fear Adela getting connected to for the time being murder of crows coming up in 30 seconds to half bash gonna come on to Adela here the passive full bleeds are up Hikari caught into a leg sweep however well played by della to try and keep these men sorry this hunter and feral off of themself cheaper Vito’s down to the side now extinct he on his way to trying to steal that paint suppression once again so easy not giving it to him once again Akane at fifty percent now Swayze playing catch-up Adela has recovered murder pros them up in 10 seconds yes and Adela is a big trouble hey he doesn’t have his life lacuna for about 20 seconds of 28 seconds and sweetie just sitting back playing the little aggressive does a left grip dodi li pou there and uh her car you putting out a lot of damage on tell Adela just doing a really good job trying to cut away the murder of crows does come off so he’s gonna be taken a lot of damage the suit that missed an easy to sue the missing backache but his many is dipping pretty low he’s at thirty percent you’re gonna need to get some mana tau matters have manatee suit of the light of the paint suppress does come off onto some hikari Dilip Lou into the lake sweetie sweetie do a really much better on man in this game here he’s in that seventy-six percent the hoof it comes out to hikari adela taking a lot of damage but he looks like he’ll be fine he does get silence there he’s managing during the silence he’s at forty-three percent mallet but he’s dipping age there might might have to let me come soon he does porn upstairs and torpedoes to the other side of the map which is a really good maneuver to use on this my paramedic are you and the pool try to get some damage out but it doesn’t seem it looks like this thg doesn’t seem to it just isn’t able to get much damage out onto this jungle cleave while this john cave is putting so much pressure on to Adela hair Adela doing a really good job cutting but his time is limited because the ink on is going to be up pretty soon and I was gonna be a big trouble for him he’s at twenty percent here taking a lot of damage from his junk Lee trying to kind of way he could kites upstairs he does port away and uh the murder of crows does come out onto him akari doing a bunch of damage and Adela does have to like become native fulfill me he berserks out of that this lets people to carry the excruciating onto sweetie they’re trying to swap the damage onto him into a dr socks shockwave the cephalic re but it looks like straight is getting font enough yeah berserk is still up for hikari right now Swayze though getting connected too hard no pain suppression available at fifty percent trying to go for a pendency area does fake cast the pummel I believe double root canal and up from dilly into a full cycle enough from Akari Swayze should be able to top himself off here as hikari reconnects on to Adela who doesn’t have a lot of cool downs available he does get silenced here at fifty percent a tree the damage is rolling in women sting comes out from dilly poo on the omnivore’s can be dr to dallas county for his life Swayze into a full stun the dark sim up as well paint suppression not available those of a premature darksome they’re not gonna be able to see oh my what you just got punted it at that’s the first time I’ve seen a gnome get pumped it and died at the same time that was actually the most hilarious death I’ve ever subpoenaed Wow is he a little double get to punt it and die at the same time I want to see what happens i saw it delat and we just see I don’t get punted again I think I just slowly died I think I got it keep an eye on Adela that is a silence going out on them as well he’s dipping down to twenty percent health care how many more in the word and sing can’t peel for just a few more seconds here adele is going to port back up but he’s still at low health and a dilly foots still on them and you just see him get punted and died and that’s going to be a win for DGD and all of a sudden this a jungle cleave is back in it and we have a tide series boys now taking a quick look at this bracket we are in round two so DGD going up against our mug songs are in that winner’s bracket fighting for their spot in the semi-final so this is going to be an intense when both of these teams really really want it even though Adela had a pretty good cutting path on a map they are still able to take him down but they are gonna be able to pick probably blades edge arena which is going to be more well suited for Adela yep i’m assuming dilly poo is going to be playing his the same composition yeah I’m not sure to be honestly you’re going to go ahead and shout out my buddy bad wreck for creating this add-on though I think there might be an update coming shortly thank you emeco 0408 thank you so much for that man really do appreciate it the next map that we’re going to is blades

edge arena here we go alright guys we’re going to be jumping in here here we go the last map last map of the day serving it up the blades edge way alright guys I’ll see you guys in just one hot minute all right here we go guys this is the very last round of this best of three series we have our monk sucks going up again dgt we have the miss Weaver tsg going up against the disc priest jungle six seconds remain this is the map this is the match to decide who’s going through the semi-finals that’s going to happen tomorrow right here at GCT TV number 15 at nine p.m. eastern 6pm specific here we go already oh this is already can get already connecting with a double shock wave on to dilly pooh and hikari hikari trying to go for a cyclone here possibly on to a deli does get grip back stampeding roar let’s uncover the distance very quickly he’s gonna pop the incarnation on to Adela stuns him up with the murder of crows he’s gonna nimble grew out of that immediately here down below on the pillar waiting for a better time to portal up here as a double shock wave lands once again he does portal up top gonna be able to heal through those cooldowns very well only trading the shield wall still has this trinket as well as life freakin available for the next well yeah and I hikari taking a bunch of damage so he be tossing off the bubble on Tim as soon as he going into the full expects a here they trying to get some damage out on to carry the fair comes out but I think they actually trying to cleave down a Shwayze head for Lido taking a bunch of damn you just have to get the life cocoon before the check goes out on Todd Ella and he’s going to be in big trouble here because they’re doing a bunch of this jungle Cleaves doing by a bunch of damage only for also taking a bit of damage but he’s getting routed up doing very good pills on him right now they were trying to keep them up he is at full manage so he’s going to be able to talk to my full of it but the full fair does come out he doesn’t nimble that body that does break from the AoE damage i guess and out of a little as sixty percent Kerry and I billy Pugh trying to pop off some damage on to him and looks like both team will be fun yeah murder of crows is now available Adela realizes that he’s going to abandon ship jump off the bridge here now running back up top murder of crows actually being used on to valido Adela’s gonna answer that with his or mastery wyvern sting being thrown out there I’m not sure on to who just yeah dela was doubted up so I believe it wasn’t broken valido getting rid of here the trap landed on omnivore unfortunately is half duration the shock wave on to hikari at fifty percent but a full batch on to adeles choosing to sit through this thirty-nine percent is gonna live for khun that to absorb all this incoming damage or once again laughing not timed with the murder of crows so when that comes up in 27 seconds it could look grim for our monks sucks the Lido in the meantime using the AMS reduce whatever magic down she can from dilly poo well i sleep on the Swayze’s trinket though at 50 percentage people you know trying to keep the pressure rolling but he’s dipping low he activates an icebound fortitude here heels getting pounded out by Adela gonna activate all this big even doing miss as well as soothing miss I just get maimed up here dilly poo looking to try and land a trap is gonna lend the full trap here Adela has to trigger that it gets knocked down below a car gonna use the survival instincts to reduce the incoming damage Carrie does feel like kill on to ballina the murder of crows coming outs weighs about the same time in a full shockwave how hard would shield comes out into the half D Arctic 6830 percentage fee remaining the paint’s the pressure gonna come out Peller frost getting blown omnivore getting cloned up on is the unused trigger here Tracy’s gonna be able to stabilize his man is starting to hurt though thrown out a defensive fear it’s not going to connect on to anyone though getting the pennants out now at sixty percent let’s get the master’s call timed with the stampeding roar trying hideaway adela into a full trap the lido has the Deaf back to you up south back up here you might have to use it at thirty percent HP the explosive shots blowing up and boletos face right now cross DC on how many more he’s gonna trinket that valido down to twenty percent shockwave on to the car he trinkets that activates the survival instinct life you can thrown out onto valido now and he’s 58 onto swayze omnivore valido trying to put out the pressure put out the heat omnivore into a trap does get to spell the gel it’s gonna cheat our Peter hideaway cycles coming out just get charged up Shwayze had forty percent here with not a lot of cool downs remaining yes lazy trying to cut away from these maybe but he does have to stay in line of sight because the idea his teammates are susceptible to a swap hair they carry not having the trinket from not having a trinket but the car he goes into shock way I forty-four percent so as you have fifty percent both of them getting cleave down a bit valido also taking a bunch of damage fifty to fifty percent here dulles being out trying to keep them up but the full chap will be coming out very soon della has 40 seconds on the shop he doesn’t have his life bekhoon up right now to put um incarnation comes out for the car there’s gonna be a lot of damage on tellers at dulles us pull away from that any tries to that you say staying safe upstairs but valido getting

the damage lock onto him adela does have to torpedo back towards his DK DK taking a bunch of damage at forty percent sweetie trying to keep his team of offensive hick telling him up vinilo does have to AMS and get the left cool nail it looks like he’s gonna be fine for a little bit but this in our car taking a lot of damage I twenty percent swayze into a full SAP hey it doesn’t have a trinket is looking like a lot of time for only two percent twenty percent you look are taking a bunch of damage if I go down grace Akari and this dsg is header play that damage is so much peril Jew do you get yourself a grip that kind of literally a yo-yo from valina all right arm Alisa yes our mom sucks they are in it there in the semi-final shout out to these guys if you aren’t familiar with them yeah I’m playing the rear yeah I agree please oh yeah but uh just to reiterate these guys did come all the way from the qualifiers they had to qualify for this tournament they weren’t invited and then after they qualified for the tournament they’re made their way all the way to the semi-final so shout out to those guys but we’re not seeing the end of the GD no sir dil e pouche wasting the car either dipping down to that lower bracket and they will continue to compete there so this is not the end for dil e pouche raising Akari not even a little bit is the updated version for that because it like a lot of the players so like their interfaces are like disappearing I was on