Blood Death Knight Preview – WoW Legion Class Change and Talents Overview – Alpha

hey there guys my friends call me metro you can too man let’s be friends and and today in our friendship we’re going to take a walk through the blood death knight okay we’ll talk about a you know what’s changed seven point O specifically on the Legion alpha but you know also for potentially when seven point O comes to the WOD servers on live it’s going to be it’s going to be a change for a lot of you guys and I know myself I’m already feeling that change so let’s talk about it man there’s no reason not to now blood definitely okay a guardian who manipulates and corrupts life energy to sustain himself in the face of an enemy onslaught as you can see already on that character specialization page there Maryland brand new ability will talk about that and about every single every single ability we have here so first thing we want to talk about is all the abilities all right then we’re going to go over how the class has changed right talking about runes talking about the presences and all this don’t forget and and then also we’re going to talk about the talents and synergistic cohesion okay so yeah let’s get right right to it talk a little bit about these abilities here anti-magic shell not change arguably the most overpowered mitigation in the video game in some cases and then the most useless and others but hey it’s good to still have it i’m really glad it feels like a staple so you know it’s still there a blood boil if you guys have played warlords of draenor death knight you probably use this ability hopefully once or twice that’s about fifty percent of my my my damage in five man that’s pretty good but yeah i don’t think it’s going to do as much damage this expansion but it still spreads the diseases which is very useful for very specific reason as you’ll see here blood strike right so this is now your your main male a filler right instead of just diseases and room to hold the way the rune system works this is basically a melee filler and it puts up blood plague alright so now you only have one disease and it is blood plague no more to diseases right it’s just this one but this is a little bit different alright it heals the caster for one percent of their maximum health every three seconds and lasts for 30 seconds so yeah if you’re fightin like 30 mobs like in a CM ah can it be healing a lot man you’re going to see this try like just exponentiate over the time we talk here really definitely are really there basically a healer there a healing tank now it’s pretty ridiculous but yeah so you know you would blood strike and then spread it to all those mobs blood plague is just going to carry you hopefully do a lot of healing so I breath sindragosa we’re skipping because that’s a town control undead you know it’s your typical i don’t know like situational fun RP type niche thing I’ve never really seen it used in a raid but I remember being used in mob cm’s and here and there so yeah it could be pretty cool dancing rune weapon has hasn’t changed significantly but there’s some synergistic stuff to talk about later on with it and then yeah it does grant an additional fifty percent Perry which yeah I mean this is a big big ability now since decays have lost a lot of their actual mitigation this is going to be one of your better ones and of course it can steal you know it doubles your attacks are like in WOD you would put up for like two sets of diseases spam blood boil you know like that and then you know that strikes yeah if you wanted to if you if you didn’t want a blood boil for one global somebody anyway yeah so then dork command obviously that’s the taunt no difference there really least not none that I’ve seen now dedicate this is where this is like it’s basically three main abilities and this is one of them all right death and decay is a 30 second cooldown still functions the exact same as it does on live while but the difference here is that while you remain within the targeted area your blood strike will hit all nearby enemies so I mean I guess that saves you a global first of all it saves you the blood boil global also makes me think that blood boil is going to fall even further down the DPS chart which completely understandable after seeing what happens in warlords of Draenor right but yeah so you put death in 2k down blood strike and now everything in death and decay has your disease on it you don’t have to blood boil game and it did you know let’s go back to blood strike I mean look at that number that’s a pretty high number 10 K physical damage it’s not bad right so yeah assuming this is going to be equate able to high damage and then there’s some synergistic stuff that will have to talk about here as well so and then of course death gate that’s how you’re going to get here which is the DK class Hall death grip doesn’t really change but still ridiculously overpowered in some cases and then deathstrike alright here’s here’s the this one’s like it’s not new right but it’s new alright this is this is I don’t know it’s hard to explain but the whole way the death knight plays now is all about healing so this ability goes it’s it’s it’s a little bit different now that runic power is the way it is alright so basically every

other one of your abilities do they build runic power and then this spends runic power and as you see there it’s 40 meaning that you could only ever use it back to back twice you know so all these people complaining about the play style changing it’s still the exact same you could only ever have used this back to back twice unless you know you were doing certain things but but in general this is how it’s going to work but you see there if you are below thirty five percent health all runic power is consumed increasing the potency of the healing effect I’m not going to lie to you guys obviously this is a little bit bugged maybe still on tuned properly but I’m healing myself a lot with disability and especially since you know it’s basically to you know to fillers deathstrike if you need yeah it’s it’s really good and there’s no more resolved so I’m I’m really surprised to see how much it heals foreign and how much the DK heels for in general now there’s deaths caress alright this is basically this is now your range filler all right long story short it also puts up blood play so here you’ll run into a pack you’ll hit them with a desk caress hit another one with the desk caress and then a we grip them together and start building you know full damage and everything else but you know whatever you got to do but yeah it’s basically just death coil only now it also you know gives the Blood Plague out to the target that you hit with it that’s a talent we’re not going to do that but here’s here’s then the third new ability ok marrow rent it’s two rooms alright so once again as you see up top there I have seven we’ll discuss that why why that is in a bit but this is a lot of damage 20k physical damage and generates three charged of bone chips so this is kind of your antithesis to you know death strikes mitigation this is more a actual mitigation the other one’s a heel basically this one’s more an actual mitigation so it’s going to grant bone shield now which bone shield is completely changed bone shield is now like this passive ability that gets granted in this way and 12 other ways but it’s going to surround you with the barrier that reduces damage you take by twenty-five percent it’s a lot each time you get hit with it it consumes one so if you’re you’re playing at a high level Maryland is going to be something to use often trying to keep at least one to two stacks of bone shield on at all times and you could always generate two runes in those two stacks usually I mean usually but we’ll talk about what that does for the rotation a bit mine fries not it’s not a different path of frost same deal Ray’s allies same deal that’s a talent strangly talent also really you know I mean like it’s the same the same abilities these haven’t changed okay but this has vampiric blood well I mean it hasn’t changed but let’s talk about why vampiric blood is something to discuss here okay so we’ve lost icebound fortitude okay meaning we no longer have that shield wall type ability but that doesn’t actually affect this at all I’ve done a lot of stuff so far on this alpha and vamp blood is more than Nessa because the amount of healing you do it’s absurd it’s absurd it’s unbelievable and I’m sure it’s going to be tweaked and tuned but it doesn’t matter if this is the model okay so if you’re watching this a year from now you’re still the soda so reliant on vampiric blood because it also increases all healing received right so from outside sources as well it’s just super useful and in my opinion this is the ability that we want anyway so I’m happy that it stayed icebound r.i.p but it’s completely fine because this is what we wanted anyway okay so yeah let’s uh let’s see what else we got here yeah so Crimson scourge your successful auto attacks yeah twenty-five percent chance to use death indicate not any different right that’s the same blood shield mastery each time you heal yourself a Death Strike you gain fifty one percent of the base amount healed us a physical damage of gypsum also increases your attack power so yeah this is the mastery not really any different but yeah if you can stack mastery with the amount of healing Deathstrike does yeah I think you’re going to be unkillable I might have more grain so yeah that’s the I don’t know what you’d call that but increases the magnitude of Death Strike critical heels by fifty percent I think that’s already in and yeah all this other stuff is pretty much the same there’s like the tank maybe call that I don’t know but anyway alright so that’s that so we’ve seen all the spells nine as you can see can pretty much count them on two pages which a lot of people are probably like ah they bro I’m so hardcore they ruin the game they took all these spells out but they didn’t actually alright so let’s talk about where what how spells are operating now so now we’re going to look at the talents all right to segue into that so as you’ll see here at least on my UI right so let’s take a look at this here

room tap room tab is an ability that is on it’s a talent okay and when I select it I can use it when I don’t select it it’s not there but it’s still on my bars so when you put it in perspective like this you come to realize that they have removed abilities in a way but they’ve actually added a ton more abilities because of these talents so you should be switching right this is no longer like in wrath of the lich king where you were the spec you were and you had to go to great lengths to change I can change right now I now have room tap understand I had blood worms again okay so that being said that’s very very important and you can do this in dungeons and raids like you can literally I could literally change right before trash pull trash change back to blood worms for the next trash back to room tab for the next trash stuff like that obviously if it encouraged the CD I assume you know things go a little bit differently there but the fact that you could constantly switch talents is the reason they removed a lot of abilities because they want you to do this all right and I know people aren’t going to do this and there to complain that they have no abilities to use but if you play your class properly you will be switching talent somewhat often I guarantee that it may not be all the time and certainly a may suffice to just keep one tree the same way and play that way all the time but I promise you that the between the artifacts and now the PvP talents as well and then you know these the regular talents there’s a lot of variation and you’re going to need to be able to play your class in a few different ways but anyway let’s look at the talents real quick so the first here is blood worms all right this is back basically same deal you know whenever you you Deathstrike that would heal you pass full health you get a bloodworm and it explodes it does a lot all right I like that talent feeding frenzy says not yet implemented but excess runic power consumed by Death Strike increases the potency of the heel by an additional fifteen percent so that’s some we talked about already you know the whole um yeah that like new new like extra runic power used kind of thing and then of course there’s room tap which is completely different than what it is now it consumes a room to restore twenty percent of your health you may recast as recast this ability within three seconds so yeah I’ve kind of waffle between blood worms and this but either way the point is that you have a lot of ways to heal yourself so that’s great the next here is pretty interesting you’re defiling our death and decay deals twenty five percent more damage to players targeted by blood plague or two targets right now players you gain fifty percent increased healing from blood plague while standing in your death in decay so yeah so remember that situation we talked about before yeah well welcome back to it death Knights still I mean at least based on this sounds like they’re going to be the gods of a we and the gods of self-healing all at the same time air so you’re basically going to round up thirty mobs together you know pop your active mitigation which is the which is now the rune weapon and it’s going to increase your parry by fifty percent you’re going to build up blood plague on every all the 30 of those targets and then throw it on death and decay and guess what ethnic a is going to do a ton of damage and you are going to heal even more alright so I’m really liking this talent so far rapid decomposition is number one for me but there’s also ossuary standing in the death in decay causes your marrow in to hit multiple targets and if it hits at least two targets an additional bone shield charge has a chance to be generated this is a cool talent it basically just increases the synergy but I don’t like it because of a talent on the 75 tier all right but either way it’s pretty cool and I guess you know if there’s a situation where you’re fighting at least two targets constantly then this is probably going to be the one you’d want then there’s consume vitality drains the life of all nearby enemies damaging them for all that and restoring twenty-five percent of your missing health so that sounds good as well right I haven’t really had a chance to test all these but all of these tears all of these talents on this tier are really really useful especially rapid decomposition and I’d imagine consumed by tality as well and then that’s the best thing and ipad now I have consumed by tau look at it looks pretty cool doesn’t it I so anyway let’s keep moving here this one is a very boring too but you gain a seventh room with runic longevity and increases the region right I think this is a no-brainer I think these ones would have to be buffed for them to be up to competitive level but maybe I’m wrong yeah this is really you know this is the same deal here have a one-percent chance / runic power spent to activate a random fully depleted room I don’t I mean that’s literally yeah these are the same as they are on live I have been pretty sure so yeah I’m going to go rounin longevity there I’d imagine that will be changing march of the Damned we have this already it’s you know I can’t remember the name of it but anyway it looks the same and yeah you no longer get stuck by crowd by control of your character which is good because that you know that’s that’s pretty needed I’d say

another spell breaker this is kind of like a I think paladin’s and monks have towns like this currently just an increase to magic reduction and anti-magic shell specifically which is obviously very nice there’s a lot of magic damage in the dungeons I’ve done so far and then desecrated ground of course same deal as it is on live now the 75 tier is the one I was talking about previously these are all really good abilities you know having to choose between purgatory and death back on live would be a tough choice death back is really good and of course you know these are the same abilities basically as they but I don’t know which is better of the two but I’m going to go ahead and take eggs oom because what exhume does is allows you to focus way more on healing yourself every one minute you’ll get ten basically you get guaranteed a bunch of bone shield stacks all right which is twenty-five percent reduction this is much needed if you don’t have this ability you’re probably not going to be able to keep bone shield up often and especially in the beginning of boss fight it would be tough so this ability gives you a nice little buffer window and it’s only a one minute CD I think this lines up really well with death Knights new place now and I’m pretty excited for it then of course we have these you know the 90 talents here we go gorfeins grasp hard to argue that that’s not one of the most impactful abilities in the game but of course you have remorseless winter which is the same now I heard some things about remorseless winter becoming a different type of ability for frosty case so i don’t know maybe this is going to go away but currently this is how it is and then it’s fixed e8 as well of course you know not really any different if you like the single target stun you take that if you prefer the a we stun the shorter AoE stun that doesn’t silence as well and you’d have to take that now 100 is where the interesting ideas come in ok we have a new one here called bone storm a whirl of bones and gore batters nearby enemies three times per to deal 5,000 shadow damage healing you for one percent of your maximum health / strike so this is pretty good this heals a decent amount and does a decent amount damage then of course there’s the file which is the exact same as it is on life grows a lot does a lot of damage and reduces damage they deal to you and then there’s breaths to send your go so I think everybody knows this one as well but there’s a difference breath of sindragosa now healed you for twenty five percent of all damage taken in the last six seconds which is apparently a minimum of three percent and then it triggers blood shield as well okay so that’s interesting i mean i like this i’ve been using this for a little bit here and now with the way runes work you could keep this up even easier you pretty much guaranteed at least yeah you can keep it up for a decent period of time it’s hard to quantify really but yeah i do like it so let’s talk a little bit about how things have changed rotationally and of course you know the class in general so if you guys haven’t been able to tell by now okay there is no longer you know the rooms the room thing is completely different right they removed runes quang quote and now they’re all deaf rooms and everything just costs a room now people say they don’t like this idea on paper but I like it already I was skeptical of it on paper but in in actuality it works perfect basically you’re not dealing between blood strike you’re dealing between marrow rend and blood boil as well and then of course if you need a ranged ability you’re using debts caress it just feels better currently I’m live I mean I feel like as a tank you don’t even worry about your wounds anyway you just spam blood boil every global like literally for Global’s in a row plague leech get two more uses and then use empowered rune weapon use it two more times you know like it’s just I don’t feel like I’m actually mastering the room system so this is fine by me I like this a lot the the presents thing that has changed obviously as you see above my toolbar there there is no presence and that’s fine too the only time I ever use unholy is because of speed and yeah it’s just it was nice to have but I don’t know it wasn’t really needed it didn’t really do anything in fact I think I messed up more times and I did use it properly like I’d use it for speed in a cm and then I’d miss click and not actually change it so I’d be doing the boss with unholy and we’d wipe you know stuff like that it’s just obviously that’s poor plate but I don’t feel like that levels a complexity in that actually matters it’s just like I don’t know it’s just stupid it doesn’t really make you a good player if you can use abilities like that so I’m gonna stick with that anyway I like the way it is currently but yeah the play style itself has dramatically shifted and a lot of it is because of this here okay so this let’s take a look at the artifact itself so that’s the artifact there ma of the Damned I’ve made videos on that you should check it out but the ability that it grants is why this class is now ridiculous okay yeah you’re harmful attacks have a chance to deal 75

70 almost 75 k blood damage 7.5 k blood damage and increase your health by fifteen percent for ten seconds okay yeah that’s pretty nuts but that’s that’s not really like it’s not too far of a stretch and then you combine it with the on use all right which you’re going to get from the talent let’s go ahead and take a look at that real quick it’s right over here and yeah i’ll show you guys all about how this class has evolved into basically a healing machine right so here’s what the mob the dams talent tree looks like all right and in the center of it we have consumption all right this focuses dark power into a strike that deals 55k physical damage and heals you for a hundred percent of all damage taken note the cooldown 45 second cooldown minimum fourteen percent of maximum health like oh my god this is so unbelievable and then it has that same deal there that we talked about with earlier Deathstrike right thirty-five percent health you gain extra healing but all ruined power is consumed and it doesn’t actually can sit doesn’t actually use your new power currently right so yeah disability is unbelievable it’s I’m literally able to solo halls of valor I can solo the dungeon that’s out currently it’s unfathomable how good this is and then you know these other ones here a lot of these you know aren’t actually ready not yet implemented and yeah so it’s going to be interesting but either way as soon as you hit a hundred and you know the seven point 0 is out now and you’re ready to go I’m thinking that you’re going to like your blood death knight it’s very very healing responsive very little active actual mitigation not active very little actual mitigation it’s all about being able to heal up a larger health pool then you’re normally used to sustaining with sort of a mix between how it was in mop and wad and I like it a lot man I really do so if you guys have any questions about the death knight let me know I think I’ve covered everything but hey maybe I missed something that you want to see or know I’d be happy to do that but otherwise get ready man because blood death Knights they’re looking like they’re still going to be Kings having that type of healing in a situation you know in a five min especially now with the new Challenge model I think I think they’re gonna be pretty good man