5.4 MM Hunter PvP – Reigning Fire Down upon my enemy – Patch 5.4

what’s up guys by reviewed saving it’s more mmm action on my 19 hunts or a torn on to God’s just flying Cal actions of awesome last thing what is this file its that from the glider looks weird oh [ __ ] watch your yard paipo flare explosive trap get the flag I’m gonna fake it to fly and stuff cuz there’s no I’m we good there’s the oh hell he’s not get knocked off there I’ll have some [ __ ] about some [ __ ] right there now we got trying to find the healer I should probably turns you just because another going me and what is her healer every night is a guy here we got the back there get the guy at the back because I think he’s a healer and mint Q times an alliance have been [ __ ] [ __ ] died just ring it it a [ __ ] I get into it way too much sometimes I was completely I turn you the first thing that [ __ ] gets me let us don’t want to go on a sit and [ __ ] so I’m still drunk on used to playing p.m. cuz it’s all used to play and he’s never sat in anything and I’m used to just smacking that button like crazy mr. Roth bistra bistra cannot do that she’s mm all right here is dead you back over here said rutila oh yeah drew deal with us very nice very nice boys like some drew deals no I want to kill her more to kill him now ah son of a [ __ ] all right on the world I’m not this guy right that bit but but oh no I didn’t get it I didn’t get it we’re getting haunt [ __ ] my wife right here I’ll go on get him get him get him ahhh now people just don’t want to get the right positions for me to [ __ ] knock them off popping another deterrence here and kind of moving back a bit just because it’s a lot of [ __ ] going on I hope you another middle of anything I just don’t want to i want to be in there don’t be there too much god it’s just stuff gone son does it consider turning down my graphics is that so much my [ __ ] screen what is going on right now what is happening I get on that oh there yeah everybody get on it knocked off I should probably doing saying give it back you know the bag trying to target him it’s not working there is there it is I’m gonna stun now I don’t know who’s attacking me always just get on the ice accra fice myself for the greater good for the greater good oh the greater good but I still of stain the middle high style just not giving a [ __ ] [ __ ] everything else I’ll the mage I’m gonna sauce I made so he doesn’t kill me cuz he’s a [ __ ] inmate may just can just destroy your date if they they got their [ __ ] up the other [ __ ] set up then it’s like I’m gonna have me to shot you what’s that it’s you shed like a five-shot they doing two seconds sir that’s a two shot boom boom man I love watching people lie since I’m like an ice block is opening the [ __ ] heavens up and destroying them with like [ __ ] doors Thunderbolts why even talking about this one I likes it and I was blowing you just [ __ ] like aim shut chip shot rise they come out and they’re like what say what don’t [ __ ] cycling the garnets hacking come on come on man come out man Jim shot in three two one chimp oh it’s 94 k would you believe it i just sold a base cuz your base are belong to us ah let’s go meiji but some people of meiji get dry nice and people Adreno stove haha i’m a ninja you cannot see me i arranged me i hate when that happens Papa mais my boot so I’m walked so [ __ ] slow it’s unbelievable are here we are pumpkin pumpkin now don’t get it back stay still for [ __ ] christ sake he’s gonna come about us they are already real career aimshot chimp shut Oh what just happened i’m [ __ ] on half health no you’re not i should take it like a beast you think that to the face was like here was don’t fear me drink it odd aimshot couple of these he’s getting heels you see on him is it the dude paints the druid where’s that a guy at the back there he got the back the guy at the back it’s another druid man I wish that tree form because at least 24 and back in the day I didn’t tell the [ __ ] was healing nowadays oh this is bad this is bad so what we’re gonna do is hear what what whoa you guys [ __ ] out of there disengage in [ __ ] hangul oh we lost a base while he died [ __ ] try i try is ours for the taking it’s ripe for the picking but there’s also a flag in the middle and i cannot resist a fly cap that is something I cannot do put down a [ __ ] explosive trap to knock [ __ ] off if they try to get me look I want you to take this flag right the [ __ ] dry neither i’m not going to do it they’re all over

there a blood elf looking blood off yeah we’re blood of back and kept flag and win the game and then everyone else is gonna be cheering ah popular you’re amazing papa yay you won the game for us Piper I what they’re like kids like 12 year old kids all right oh Jesus imagine seeing this dad dad dr. the threat there I smell falling I’m out but um was it Oh what’s his name Baron Baron drops I’m out of a strat strat strat stop saying stretch stretch one of those things so you say strada left since i’m [ __ ] weird strat strat stop saying i don’t know why i said it’s ian sound where than I kept saying it because I’m [ __ ] [ __ ] he just walked up here just rocked up I’d recognize the helos of no I’m gonna kill him in the face got [ __ ] in the middle so I’m not gonna cap like just yet sauces God making shoes pants a little bit it was like as a healer down the bottom there as well there man when yet two healers it’s [ __ ] hard to go on because you got he loved it you saanson and like keeping them from doing anything in yet another healers [ __ ] yelling like to switch it up get on the true would get on the drew would something [ __ ] droids up his arm it’s like switching a lot because they have their huts how do i drop target there is that like I’m sitting as shooting and just rob target as with all its stealth the [ __ ] night up stuff that’s what it was son of a [ __ ] you crafty little son of a [ __ ] what I do is pretend he’s supposed to try right the [ __ ] there try and knock him off Oh goodbye just get some dizzy I’m pretty sure he’s already back but it made made me feel like a special a special little boy special little boy all right onto the DK she’s like the DPS are down in the hills aren’t so [ __ ] this give the DBS and negates dead on to the big move move move it I want my boot me back with me back with me like I love my boo me back man I must keep looking in mid to see like some align service so I can count this [ __ ] fly I don’t even want the flag oh I see tarded burnt cake for a few seconds I’d scared me i was like that up not that part cake not bad Thank You Santa [ __ ] I want to cap the flag but there in min there’s a fight going on in mid I’ll let’s get a meaning in this guy’s immune again you great like the ice block ok I don’t blame him use the ice block but just use it these are like use alcohol this consecutive consecutively what’s the word I’ve no idea what the word is uh how many they got mid we got we got a warlock another warlock and a DJ is getting raped and then let’s get healing sham yeah I’m not gonna count flags because yeah that’s a consume it’s just giving them points then giving them points for you neither Catholic at flag Wow flag cap cap bloke but i’m getting immediately bored by the situation so much i’m data entry and kills people mr. oflight way unless they get men I just want i really want to cast a name shot and so on come here true Oh Oh anyone kill you steady shot wave to us he backs the [ __ ] off immediately get on the Warlock that was like raining hell down upon these [ __ ] [ __ ] they don’t even know what’s happening it’s biblical if some straight out of the Bible straight up and pipe owed us rain fire down the ball in his enemy and smash them with God’s you’re a what am I [ __ ] talking about this tomorrow so I right here that man right there looks [ __ ] good and it’s kind of rare it’s like one is one percenters you have to form a lot I don’t see many people with it but then I got my like my fire horses it look they look better than it but because it’s [ __ ] so one is called Madonna that means he’s getting mid [ __ ] out a cat the fly fly cap my boots just failed my boots just failed my boots just failed ever failed boots just failed to fulfilled boots just failed to fulfill somebody got the fly it’s worth it do we get the flag ah did we get the flag did we get the oh this guy’s jumping the [ __ ] off you want nothing to do with any of this [ __ ] oh god oh god I just rape your face with so much Oh killshot g uh oh man I hate this season leave you on one percent so ya know you’re still gonna die stop stop being a [ __ ] tits two studies chim shot Jim shut ok kill shot boom kill shy should hit for more

honestly when my normal shots are hitting from what on a kill shot like this kill shot should [ __ ] kill [ __ ] that’s what it’s called kill shot I know it isn’t my bars where is it cuz I tequila and she I don’t know where actually there’s there’s kill shot you attempt to finish a Minotaur it shouldn’t be a tent it just be you finish him on the killing FK mage because uh although he’s not AFK abort abort mission uh silence you because your poo and you will look into I don’t saying put that I’m supposed to trap right on me Oh goodbye mr. warlock nice seeing you this guy’s running now he just realized that I am Piper the almighty man [ __ ] off did libelous libellous what cousin there was at avoid its offended 17 people my name’s Lavin us you [ __ ] Jew I’ve I’d you know Oh golly myself into you I’m not even Jewish all right all right let’s go get this base back because it’s getting take it for no reason we have the flag here as well all right we gotta hear it back and they have like 17 healers actually we have [ __ ] three hills ourselves I thought I was just some reason thing we have none that like all y’all have to have all the heels and all the heels all the healers come on foxy roxy roxy roxy roxy foxy alright time for an explosive trap a well-placed explosive trap wasn’t very well-placed anything in today anything and we just getting the bodies here to count the Flies I mean just [ __ ] off and taking out the base I shall like do that time to go cap dreadknight put some pressure on SMUD the [ __ ] us mother [ __ ] sup mage what’s up mage with something mr. made you are now trapped you are now trapped year a trap mage get my mage cuz he’s sitting in a truck we have our like he’s looking at me I don’t know he if he’s AFK send in the burnt cake send in the burnt cake silence get my two studies another setting there oh noes oh man that Australian that pissed me off so much I just [ __ ] feign death like a sport but instead of me faint deafening I just kind of like fell down slowly and it didn’t work ah [ __ ] me in the anus let’s get the [ __ ] out of here out of here let’s get the [ __ ] out of there I say you just evacuate that’s if there’s a fire you’re building this poppy rocket boots I should be assured if there’s a fire your sub drop and roll just pop your rocket boots some eye on the baby on the booming sounds tunic is [ __ ] you baby that’s why I don’t even want to kill you I just want to annoy them but science is like disarms and [ __ ] that’s why one of the libraries that’s when annoy people I can really start early and runnin off what the [ __ ] that’s why one that’s what I want it’s cause the most aggravation in the history of aggregations it’s like getting knocked off its without a trap on the priest here because he’s probably gonna try and fear and he’s a healer and he’s a healer well goodbye mr. Briggs I didn’t he didn’t follow his death let’s stay on him I’m gonna stay on this [ __ ] oh God thank you my two studies up get away from so he came out very pushy no papa scattering I’m just to stop him from doing anything again aimshot oh no there’s an aim shot to the face he should be dead here he’s doing well to keep himself alive here there’s another song shot they seemed oh that is just unfortunate that is just unfortunate I shouldn’t be just watching people fall off which probably killing the Horde I mean they wanted to run from me lava los I see down there lava los you son of a [ __ ] what are you doing I Shan since one of your splits just one of his butts just bruise I messiest a dairy I [ __ ] it there’s shoot people go behind him just sneak attacks so playing playing with the mind of your enemy that’s what’s about I leave this is on i cannot i cannot do it cannot do it i was gonna try the shot I can’t blast me he wasn’t even facing meet its then what the [ __ ] is arcane mage that’s that’s odd I’ve lost your heart burn your hard bro let’s get the [ __ ] out of here let’s

get the [ __ ] out of here how can we just do a lot of damage at anything which probably slightly more careful than I am being see the [ __ ] oh god I just realized there’s just Alliance [ __ ] all over oh dear Lord oh dear Lord yeah this is huh hey oh no he’s a flying dead cow I’m just [ __ ] around this one I don’t give a [ __ ] I don’t give a [ __ ] that’s why [ __ ] kill some people out some fun I know like make it like a joke spec why I just do stuff to [ __ ] with people but I know how I do I’m hunter I’m that had a definitely take power shot I don’t know varied are beasts as well so not people often like stun them driving it’s done trap people in stealth is that a thing I can’t remember if it breaks stealth or not lets you may charge and test it we’re going to test the westie the mage tower strategies of the pipe and puss hyphen plus holy [ __ ] all right arm so the game plan is stealth and trap GAD rule 17 times until your rage quits and then once you rage quits we’re gonna take the tower that’s a step up stealth up there we go we go here we go there he is put our trap but don’t ah [ __ ] she moved her to exploit explosive trap suppose the trap explicit wrap explosive trap X plus F trap I was like an inch oh you’re an edge [ __ ] um alright alright wait wait wait where’s it here oh you’re back up get back up due to the back I don’t even reach him yeah he cannot reach him you old god this get some oil for it in a world hair buddy in a world hair buddy that are we running there was from us made them on the other ball on the ball of that mage Meiji ball made evolved into ball come on bro I got to be like this I have to be like this i was sleep shot there too sir it’s on the photo god oh dear lord I don’t nothing to do that did you see the amount of [ __ ] just that holy [ __ ] let’s just get the [ __ ] power I don’t want anything Jesus I lay it carpal tunnel knocked over time tunnel vision carpal tunnel maybe I’ve caught with an eye on [ __ ] man handouts or but I have carpal tunnel I’ll he was sneaky [ __ ] up in this [ __ ] he’s off [ __ ] I would be a ninja come on mr. dka I’m standing inside a hot house oh no all this is bad news bears Bad News Bears bad news bears it’s bears with bad news I’m [ __ ] and running the [ __ ] away the whole BTW i don’t want none of this [ __ ] they could come back they have the flag in two bases I there would need another to fly caps let’s skip mid let’s go wants to chit you want to chase me boy you want to [ __ ] go you shizznizzle you made a mistake here son you came to the wrong [ __ ] neighborhood boy the wrong [ __ ] neighborhood boy what do you think you’re doing what do you think you’re doing son of a [ __ ] all right let’s go mid let’s have some fun and mid middle fun it’s always fun in the middle that’s what that’s what she said only she ever said that that’s why would she say that makes no sense all right I’m going to kill there’s not much action in the middle i know that just kind of like a Mexican standoff going on tell me our horde know they’re gonna win now so it’s like whatever I lied snow in Toulouse it’s like whatever so now she’s gonna become a kill fest the meeting is to unstoppable forces and the immutable object man I wouldn’t miss those weapons those weapons are [ __ ] sick little 60 weapons ever seen a [ __ ] with that unstoppable object that’s all unstoppable what does I forget exactly what they’re called a movable object an unstoppable force as it was an unmovable object was like a [ __ ] shield unstoppable force was a big 200 mace it was just like the sickest thing you saw people with it you’re like holy [ __ ] this [ __ ] plays some wow he plays way too much wow when you get this titles back then you lost it if you can play so feeling like level 60 would [ __ ] play

every day like sickos woke up tired they were different every day for six hours to keep that title and it’s like what the [ __ ] man yeah there’s a lot slow while you playing their son just to keep a title and like bill to get gear by the way happy birthday wow I was ninth anniversary I should be panicking about it when I just completely I think um I think what am i doing this game not top and some mages top that’s actually impressive because maids tiny tub because I do a bunch of [ __ ] all right all right all right all right all right we’ve won we got rid of ten points off at ten points off we’ve pretty much one mazal try and kill locke for [ __ ] lulz same like to try to get him before he’s now dead I feel kind of a sorrowful lock is Deva that good wising demonology otherwise even Andrei I thought was [ __ ] tier why not be [ __ ] there I just may not something that huh man why don’t why doesn’t hold music player i just lost a BG like an hour ago and [ __ ] alliance music played hold me you didn’t play it with the [ __ ] alright thanks for watching guys how good a beloved year hoping to the video I’ll see the next one see what is