Panel Discussion about Nagorno Karabakh Conflict

hello everyone I’ll keep it very start I think all of you know there is about Republic told a hard time for people in nagorno-karabakh Republic had to go through so we decided in my journey in society to co-sponsor this event we now sir so we can educate the Greater Boston audience about the company and what other people are doing you to fight for independence so you have great clear they have a great panel here we also have done a representative and punk rock republic on Scott right now so I hope you don’t have a great discussion today you already know that we also have a fundraiser so just to clarify because three options or poorer evening funds we have the ars dinner KTVU and they have the camera are in the society so you can sleep in a free booze at the end of the room so you can donate to help them all of the funds hundred percent of all the collected poems they’ll go to the families of wounded soldiers in nagorno-karabakh and we can donate donate online you can donate by a chance or a catch so that’s it mark thank you again so much work on people here yes okay well I would like now I asked so their comedy see on from the air at Boston Siddhartha no reason to please save you were 12 good evening my name is how I have an easy anna member the Arab boxes fell about going it I know we have a lot of speakers here today so my words short and hopefully sweet I’m so glad to see all of you out tonight this panel discussion discussion which with the most recent happenings in a soft seems more important than ever it’s imperative that we have a diester own communities stay up to date with the events and do our part here to support the citizens of odd stuff in their fight to securing an independent viable and peaceful homeland it’s no secret that the MTA along with ours even Americans across the nation have long expressed their concerns to the State Department regarding the numerous for each of the ceasefire along the odds economic region border and we’ve been more than willing to take steps in promoting a more peaceful region all along in fact just recently we work with a congressman ed Royce and congressman eliot angles come up with a voice angle peace proposals which outlined three concrete steps first the removal snipers from order second deployment of gunfire will clear systems and third an increase in OSCE monitors these three steps outlined above would hopefully create and promote lasting peace in the region and to no surprise while both are beyond our club along with a State Department aren’t agreement to touch our other vigil continues to repeat them the State Department knowing full write-up of a ton of the one to continue to be the aggressor and all lenses of ceasefire violation refuses to condemn alia and his government not only is it’s an insult to Armenians but the fault even-handedness created by the State Department encourages present albinog to continue breaking the ceasefire testing out the limited abilities and in the process putting our soldiers and civilians in harm’s way this proves evident with the most recent attack from other good job coming just hours after President allium that would Vice President Biden at the White House clearly the message she received from the US would not want a condemnation but rather a heightened sense of confidence in igniting a war with no repercussions which would go to harm both sides now what can we do what is our part here in the US first we need to step off the sidelines and start playing an active role in supporting the amca in their efforts on Capitol I heard all of those who have not already done so to visit the ayf use table in the back to send actual Ertz your congressmen and Representatives urging them to condemn observing job actions second we must send a strong message to our government that our meeting Americans as a whole are united on this front to support our toughest people by all means necessary we urge everyone to support all of them put together by the various army organization both financially and with your presence as our community prevailed not divided but another unified stream seeing as how turkey plays an active role in a debate on rocks off conflicts this year is more important than ever that we send a clear message to them as well the Turkish world in denial of genocide and now their blatant commitment to Azerbaijan in alium entire army rhetoric has reached new high good injustice and criminality weird you also joined the Boston ayf and the Arab at

the Turkish consulate in boston MA proporn not to mourn ingredients such as show them that we have reborn and rebuilt and our message is clearer than ever we demand justice we demand reparations every debate are right not just for the RDS in Armenia but Barbie you people everywhere thank you I’m going to try this microphone maybe’s works better good I feel like that an invite to our buddy ken head of a TV you doing oh thank you thank you Mark and everybody here thank you Mark first of all let me congratulate the MIT in society and Nasser putting this great evening together and for for all of you coming out on a Saturday night to hear this distinguished panel to enlighten us and guide us into what’s what’s happening it’s a great testament to our community that all those can be together in one place collectively working to help our brothers and sisters in our truck I was asked to speak briefly which so those of you who know me is very difficult but but I was basically asked to tell you as you all know a GPU is collecting funds like here like all the other organizations and where the money that a GPU is collecting is going and so I sent out an email and I asked specifically to get answers if we’re your contributions will go and there’s really four areas the first is that the a GPU is directly helping injured soldiers who need medical help including prosthetic devices and linds and so on they’re also helping families of soldiers their second is a great deal of support for the families that have been displaced and are now living in stephannie Gary many of them are in the 90 hotel there from what I understand 65 people in the hotel now how much 32 have our children how for the third rather the funds who’s hopefully when this is all over and after there’s a rebuilding that’s going to be needed and HPV is going to step in and help with not only funding construction but providing materials for the reconstruction and finally just generally interview is who always helped the government of the neurotic are not Republic in any way they can so I thank you all very much we also have our stand over there at the back and just as a GPU internationally work and still works to help the Syrian army is where we’ve raised over two and a half million dollars we like all the other organizations are very committed to making sure that be all of these only here do our part to help them thank you very much for your time the purpose of tonight’s event is twofold informational and fundraising for the former analytic knowledgeable experts has been assembled for the latter as I’ve already even described several options that are available to make contributions that will go to those most in need in our side as the PR for tonight has indicated the minimum donation of fifty dollars is suggested no one will be cashed up in the room who cannot do this but we ask you to give to your ability to the to your ability to do so and we thank you for your generosity nice program came together extremely quickly because of innocence of the crisis in nagorno-karabakh on our top a rose rapidly as well but in a different sense that this is not quite true since this this so-called frozen conflict has not exactly been pros despite more than 20 years of the condition that we can’t really call peace there are a lot of questions what exactly happened recently and why and why now and what happens next and what can we do what is the role of the United States or Kirk for Russia in either stoking or resolving the conflict how was the conflict viewed around the world and on and on so forth any questions I would like now to stop asking questions and in hand the program over to our speakers each of whom will talk for around 15 minutes after there will be time for questions from the audience our distinguished panelists and the order in which they will speak our professor silent I us Liam the Charles K Elizabeth M canossian chair modern Armenian history literature at Boston University ambassador proven true guardian of the Tufts University Fletcher School of Law

and Diplomacy Armenia’s first ambassador to the United States 1993 to 1959 ambassador are made by courts young PhD director of administration eastern diocese of the armenian church in armenia’s first ambassador to the union hall from sri lanka indonesia 2000 2004 and last week mr. robert ong sec on permanent representative of the nagorno-karabakh Republic to the United States who will be speaking by skype so i would now and it’s over to Professor fios down it’s a great pleasure to be here thanks for the competition this presentation from my task is to present a history of October cut above our top from ancient times to the 19 8 15 minutes so i will give it a try I this is really useful material for my lectures in classroom so there are way too many slides that I can actually cover straight from work really fast just happen so this is why we’re working with MIT on every budget so again from historical backdrop I’m not really going to discuss historiography arts are just different for different direction basically i want to show you we’re talking the mother of the egypt that’s been part of Asian Art in history for centuries and centuries and centuries regardless of some of the current who stole graphical today’s that they could take place under the regime that change hands are there were times where the Virgin took over and over time so when Arabs to color choice lets just hear an area where he was dominated or control or was under our billion rule for centuries and centuries and centuries but there was a large harmony population there for centuries and centuries regardless of who the rules work so you have Arab rulers or Persian rulers or shop there were large concentration of our building people this is little but generally period and that comes up right there for region during the matrimony your kingdom and then you have the face where there are the five Ellington’s of all we are familiar with film Ellington’s and Ravi novels and so on and then referred by the time you get to the 15 16 centuries with the rise of the Ottoman Empire there’s a major conflict between three umpires to take over as large territory as possible we have the Persian of hard to stop on the expand to the condo dynasty and the Russian Russian and increasingly what will be interesting in the region is the gradual decline of the Persian Empire and the gradual rise of the Russian Empire in beginning about 1800 mid-stage right around to the dead period where you beginning to see more more Russian interests in the region to the point where that actually get involved in military conflicts against the Persian Empire two major Rodriguez especially the Treaty of put my child that has any shape today’s issues related you not gonna cut up so that’s really very very important effect the bar very drawn between the Russian Empire and the persian empire under the Treaty of treatment I is the same boundary that we have between Iran and Armenia exact same exact same today and this is the modis police truck red and took my child who’s

what really does took major breaks in the Russian Empire gaining over territories of here around the corner karaka chihuahua suppose those territories by the time we get to the night late 19th century Tony 20th century oh you’re beginning to see the revival because they are familiar with this the revival of Armenian nationalism as a day Johnny nationalism very much like all the other nationalisms in the region each national is not aspiring with their aspiration to have their own independent sovereign country and all of course were critically their hostility was Thomas the Russian Empire is that because that’s where the Russian Empire so the point was to one way or another to get rid of the Russian Empire from that region and declare independence walks leader had in the 1830s 1840s 1850s and didn’t happen until the first world war as the silencer Romanov dynasty claps it created a window of opportunity for the three Republic to declare the big heavens and if we have the first Republic 1989 221 and then of course Soviet ization and the collapse of the collapse of the first and from there on that would require very much like cooking the case of the former Republic our villages that are involved or our targets forest organization has the stronger the entire need is to consolidate power Armenia and Georgia not a general all the other room former republics were very much part of this organization process I basically what that man was to the idea was that socket nationalities whether you in soviet armenia so because a million Soviet Georgia Kazakhstan based on whatever the idea was as part of Soviet ization our minions would have to transcend their national identities and embrace Soviet ization so there will no longer see themselves as our minions or as livings or George’s they are Venus noble nationalities will see themselves as so that was the grand plan Oh referred to as the new Soviet man coming from first lemon and then of course extolling the swamp of struggle well as my guess exfoliant was dinner and I guess I thought it was there there was really no opportunity for end of the nationalities to really press forward oh 440 independent but what you really see early on in the process of this effort to make sure that our leaders are defining their own territories and other visions are even if I need their own territories territorial companies that were rotating place after the First World War and this is really Mormonism what you in to see supra note thanks to cuddle becomes governor general supported with the British government and of course the British interest in the area included your politics spoiled ray would get worse my asses and so no struggle nation for two thousand a journey Oh government should over should Armenian government level the dead should you begin to see Wars of course massacres the most famous or infamous money the sushi massacred all 19 will imagine together let’s sure she usually after March mention when Thomas setting a constant doesn’t look different in the world how to make a change the major change that really develops in this process is the policies coming from Stalin and determining through that our magnet over kalabaw will remain under basel ii jhemini control and there was a major decision in 1921 or with the Caucasian Bureau of the Communist Party of created account Bureau and he refers to the head

up and the decision was that regardless of irrespective of argument enhance that the corner keratin be integrated into Soviet Armenia our stolen decided that back or incur upon will remain part of Oz nvidia even though being fully aware that our mean is constituted about ninety percent of the population in the region whatever said i guess to something that you can look at it as an old imperial the strategy of divide and conquer type of strategy and this is model this is what we really what the soviet republic of armenia inherited from from Valley Metro Karabakh became a region within soviet soviet azerbaijan but that issue Oh left over from the 1920s that Nicola Karabakh should be integrated United sir we are remaining from gardening a culture of clinical psychology literature if you’re familiar with home initiators words I just remained here the ideal that the corner car emotion he reunited with with heart it just never never to disappear now that whats double said what Khrushchev say what Regina said it just never never disappear from darpinian mind sense but it becomes a major major issue for the soviet soviet leader should idea that armenians and other nationalities are going to move mentally from in our weakness to becoming Soviet just not only didn’t happen now it is constant read assertion of Armenian national identity doing here especially after stalin’s death when Khrushchev came to power and cushion some of the main players here what macrocarpa was given for religion he became the first secretary of the central he plays key players in that decision and that sort of remainder and it wasn’t really until the crucial where armies were gradually beginning to reassert themselves because of Khrushchev reforms or so on and from the number of gradually began to gain more sort of more momentum so this is all of your and this is actually in from one of the first collection when you have our individual is 216 and 16 in the converse so that’s that’s that’s trash number a number that my guess is the Soviet leaders couldn’t really ignore but they get any way that you’ve just totaled this regard to the demographic composition composition of the beginning can you expect anything else from stop it what was the starting point 0 0 her name is there whatever and we an eclectic Arikara was clogged again that wasn’t gonna happen to it that’s and you’re killing with people but they are obviously circus and forget about the corner Karabakh I have this here just to remind the dog is about hajiya what happened to I have a mind superb diary was he was invited to keep his for discussion and he could be the Susa in was part of Stalin’s purges that’s basically what you know what you really want to mess with what you really care with the current counseling is I have given this example other places as well Oh magic 1918-19 1919-20 and other screen like this the Army has any conflict is just going on another nap and then Stalin comes the flour and the cockpit just freezes on the screen the movie just freezes and then you get to 1988 somebody comes and presses the play button and that conflict has been there on the screen someone just be used to move in G that’s the exactly what you have here and just basically from the fact that the Soviet Union was there a

stallion was there and then crucial of course was not willing to change any boundaries or if it definitely would not oh and others by the time i get you but you know much have made it very very clear that if we have the last post perestroika it does not necessarily mean changing into republic boundaries that was very very clear but what the crucial period did it really encouraged our range too so very slowly very quietly to Britain the colonel care about you there to Moscow’s the gender and if you’re familiar with people like silver come together or travel back and what we’ve been here about an Oscar tradition of the leadership in Moscow to address this issue and of course the answer coming from Moscow was not the temple they can take that and what it really lent you of the realization that you cannot really solve those types of problems within the Soviet system or through negotiation that ultimately you have to resort to some kind of armed resistance some kind of an armed revolutionary process and that those guys here the national unity you ask idea when there he met their demands for unification of Macotakara car with armenia unification of nigeria the unification of Western Western army it can be largely without unification but what was human when we had what really did it really inspired the next generation with the high deleted ok so the government’s are not really accommodating weather is crucial for anyone who ever even for watching that actually talks about restructuring he is not willing to accommodate well you necessarily have to press forward and bring back over God upon and you might if we are me that that I just didn’t disappear and it just gave more amor de strength in Parliament for the go through political culture so therefore you have you know 99 10 1988 the movements of the earth to earthquake earthquake speed up but also the military and December 1989 target declared the reunification of macro no car apart which Armenia and respect legacy removers familiar with that we just stood a good long for everybody I shall stop for a detective announcement that there is parked outside a black BMW with Jimmy Fong license plate 3076 this sounds familiar your lights are on you might want to go out and look to that and now I’d like to ask master rubén darío we could have a life first of all I would like to thank you am i clear in society and nothing come work with these wonderful initiative and all other organizations that helps to make this half it was two weeks ago that lewis foundation the MIT society hospet the earlier President on his visit to the United States day after we hospital at fletcher school and then at Harvard the thing is that we spoke about the future we spoke with the students we spoke with professors and also sent the message to the rest of the world where Amelia Solon’s future science culture technologies

and the future came sooner that we thought and we predicted and it came in the form of as a medallion aggression unprecedented aggression and on April a person we just woke up a different country in a different people this new border was not an ethnic conference like in the cast it was a war of the new generation of the young soldiers who were born in the independent early and were raised here as I said it was not an ethnic conflict anymore it never was actually was a word for self-determination for the right to leave freely and independently and to guarantee a physical security of the nation but this time it was also a board of proud Armenian citizens for their state for their statehood and for independence it was a war supported by the civil society a word that brought about a wonderful unity among the people a word that should be our past mistakes but they just think about the future way but let’s talk a little bit about international a situation at the international context of this new award one catalog comes to mind here eight years ago all people recover there was a work between Georgia and Oh Sofia a five-day war actually two wars one foot by Georgia against the cydia against a region that wanted independence and was ready to stand for its rights and another word but Russia fought against Georgia an independent state eight years after we had a full day more in Canada to worse again won the board waste by a thermogenic against what it considers the ESL students on the second word the war waged by Azerbaijan against the peace process against the co-chairs of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in charge of the messy process of the negotiation process it was also aboard a clash of civilizations not in the sense that Samuel Huntington was speaking about but again much more local sense in Orillia and in Karabakh we proved it to be recruit to actually that we go to the world but human life individual human life is not just a resource it’s the Hat it’s the highest value of a country of an independent country which really becomes a bearer of Western values of universal values at the time of crisis we proved that many times during hours we put that during the earthquake of

1988 we proved that during the first work in the morning that above and we proved that two weeks ago perhaps all been at a time in our history we failed to prove that in the 25 years of routine of relative peace of complacency of many other things that would need to address together all of us we would need to address the gasp mistakes a corruption we would need to address the reasons why were taken aback and which also probably address the irritation of our soldiers and the unity the answer gasps Trinity in our civil society between different political forces during those difficult days the outgoing military aggression against the Gordon care about as I said wasn’t president such levels of violence have not been seen since the ceasefire of 1994 the new offensive is poised to transgress into a full-fledged work which is actually quite a possibility today unless the international community puts a real good effort into establishing a durable peace not just the international community of course for the parties to the constant first of all as a question the excessive use of heavy artillery and military aircraft justified in a 10 while the clothes on all conflicting parties by the three quarters France United States and Russia of the oil seal is group have so far been entirely and almost understandable justified relevance justified probably by a robotic negotiations will take up an honest broker or whatever call it a much more resolute action and differentiating action is needed today the time for false Garrity is over you can’t hold o parties responsible if one party is responsible so there is no for artificial Kerrigan and actually this is the first time since the beginning of the country that one party as a budget openly admitted that it had started the offensive the unconcealed attacks against an indiscriminate targeting of the civilian population as well as the reported atrocities in the season villages have a purpose to undermine with his process and derail the negotiations from the OSC for gap then the current events it is directed not following as I said against caliber and Armenia but it is directed against the cultures of the USC misery I will try to explain why we won’t quite clearly inside both canepa and the Republic over being what the process remain within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group as we probably there as a pajama is making many attempts to move the process to either the United Nations or other international organizations to derail it why would they do that they think that within the framework of the United Nations they would have much more

support namely the Organization of Islamic Conference and if you follow the events route see that President deleted well actually participated in the organization of islamic conference a few days ago and well they worked to move the process the way that would suit them most advantageous lee well the arias I of course I’m not very happy with the way things open during the spheres is that these process Welland and when we say that France United States and Russia are permanent members of United Nations Security Council and they are in charge sometimes it says that should we have liechtenstein lots of work and some marido there as butchers the results would have been the same because the progress of the peace process was very very slow still this is not just a four-man a negotiation for me but this is also institutional memory accumulated experience and the basis on which we can build durable peace that’s why they’re inside is fully behind the Boise this process as I said parallels come to mind about the Georgian board and care about of last week’s the georgian court actually was the result of misinterpretation by President Saakashvili of the messages and signals he was getting from the United States and European countries he thought that’s who was given have been given the green light to attack it was a perceived message was actually a wrong interpretation of that message and we knew how dearly your turn April the other war Russia Georgia was different and we have to be very very careful when actually defining it but well the case of President in Hammadi if I think something similar happened not with the United States or Western countries but probably thoughts that fact that Russia was responsible for selling offensive arms were five billion dollars to the button was a signal that Russia would turn a blind eye to as a felony offenses he was probably right that well there was a tacit approval or maybe a tacit disapproval from Russia in this case it doesn’t matter because they are almost synonymous approval and disapproval boremont acid but both actually gave Ali of ground to starting offensive we have to understand that a real kiss foreign policy today Armenian diplomacy today should be redefined and diversify we can’t put all our eggs in one basket this is one of the most important lessons that we have learned through the clearance from this epidemic offensive we have to understand that Russia is our strategic partner but it has to behave correspondingly we need to understand that we should rely on ourselves only also we have to understand that welcome

armenia has a future based on its state and national reaches a future that should be supported by democratic values by the civil society and we see waking up the awakening of the civil society and waking of eating and we see that her vm should send a message to the rest of the world but it is coming back to the international community probably and as a freaking thank you very much from the outset of black to express my profound gratitude to the organizers of this function they want to say that I’m really honored I will I structured my brief presentation in a way to touch upon to draw a picture of the impact or the four days war on the different levels first of all on the nation in its entirety in arguing a car bomb and also quality what impact have also on diaspora also to present to you internationally what changed it’s very much apparent in our when my colleagues work we’re talking about this it’s very much apparent that not just the situation changed but we we are in a different place will reach the completely different point when future developments are going to be different we are on a new planet so what changed all change and also internationally locally militarily and also what are the projections what can be expected and once can be done I’ll try very quickly to address those matters on different dimensions so first it is an amazing fact that in this situation of war and the consequences of the war our nation manifested here it really this task was arriving and not only of our soldiers and officers those young and not very young who were defending the borders of nagorno-karabakh we’re defending the borders of our bands but at the same time will the entire nation we witnessed his heroism everywhere everywhere not only in Karabakh and Armenia but also worldwide we talked about unification consolidation this is a very important factor but here is my coming back to this it’s very important for any nation for the spirit of any nation and for manifestation of the wheelie compressive way so it proves that we are able not only to to manifest this he worries and Max and also our will and mass at specific times specific period in the history when there is a danger but always feel that we have this quality not danger or threat or this situation just brings these qualities to the surface it’s not just one time action or to transaction that all the effort are consolidated to make it happen no it’s a continuous quality that our nation

carries this is my interpretation and I believe that’s very much true and this consolidation also is a message to to the entire community world community international community but also it’s a message to the main actors and play from the regional scale and i’ll be telling me to that how it is development what consequences implication can have but also very briefly i want to touch upon another major change in development that happened with all of us it is you know if i can make an excursion history very quick one always we were guided upon the principle that as our 5th century steroid refer forces one as he was telling Evie shabbat amici partially drunk in grandma which means that basically the philosophy that we are surrounded by hostile powers and we should our life is a survival so and also when we come to the level of try to define what does it mean in terms of lateral diplomacy Oh traction turn that using level of policy manifestation then we see that it was evolving during centuries and centuries of our history I will not be going into the details even though it’s a very interesting topic but i just want to tell that we develop as people as nation we develop a concept that we can get our independence we can survive only if we rely on a power there are again very many examples of this one of them is russia’s to government of concord which was written in the 13th century but probably if a crippled but allegedly what presented as a document of the fourth century that the example is that an agreement was signed between st. Gregory the illuminator our first católico and Roman Pope Sylvester the first and in witnesses of two and the King etc etc but a power it doesn’t matter what power in this specific case a power this power will come to save us will come to help us establish our independence and we always thought planes our generation were thinking that we can enough on our own to to achieve our independence and way our national national liberation thought was developed dollar house national liberation movement started in the sixteenth seventeenth centuries again his approach was the prevailing one on one hand is set a bit Iran on another Ottoman Turkey and then how you begin your independence where you are under your cookies mighty powers so you should rely on this or that power that comes to help and he both in the 19th century where / when our national liberation thought movement reached another level much higher level but the King we were guided by the same principle more reliance on our own power but at the same time normal again we needed the power from abroad to to get independence now of course we any nation needs support aviation needs support of external power alliance with is the extent of powers but I am talking about all the different feminine when you rely on your power and then you build your external relations as my colleague professor i was telling diversify these is external partnership and another thing that and but you rely on your own power is you understand that is a necessity to build alliances with different power dis is enormously depending on which one is more appropriate where which ones are more appropriate or useful in this order part

of our development and stages of history 1988 was another important a book for us when this feeling of this understanding come creational relies on our own power again was manifested very strong and now i see the same it’s not just a matter of disappointment of alliance with russia that expectations were completely different that russia as an ally was supposed to support our union and I’m gonna carve off strongly Armenian strongly that it was discussed they were doubt that if situation like this like this will happen what will happen how Russia would be the behave it was there but everyone still believe that Russia will support Russia will know haha allow but my point is not that my point is that now I see again this change in man and mass in our mid house in our code in our political I will say how further it will develop we’ll see how further it will go we’ll see what future political thought it will shake we will see but I see this change I see this transformation that’s very very important for a heroic nation and we are deriving am I want to say that loud all of us all of us hearing all of us and you that are here today extending your support from Massachusetts good to those who are in this is also a manifestation eldest of this unity of this hero not just soldiers who defend with their life our land but it it’s common everyone does that in different ways not necessarily on the board in different ways let me talk also very quickly about the impact about impact of the situation in general on the corner card on our here what is our future now what’s next it’s not the same as I thought already what change the change is that the conflict was forced there are different interpretations or does it mean false and conflict etc conflict is not frozen anymore armenia a born in Karabakh is in conflict open conflict it’s not a full-fledged war there is a ceasefire in place but not the ceasefire that was signed in mid-1990 for two documents at a time I don’t want to go into details but basically with signature of nagorno-karabakh as a party to the cover and today we have a ceasefire which is not holding not holding there were violations but this ceasefire is not holding it’s an open conflict with different intensification levels and anytime it can be r up the game the conflict we can turn into what is this the major change not only another thing is that if we try to respond the question why azerbaijan started on this is apparent that as a virgin started why start the answer who can come up with several officers and that will also help us to understand how the situation changed first answer is that azerbaijan was trying to change the status quo stainless call meaning peace in the region meaning having negotiating process co-chairs and then what countries coaches we are talking about we are talking about the united states of america which is interested vital interest in the peace in the region we are talking about of Russia which is a key player which is interest vested interest in this region when we talk about France another very important country and the countries that are half wave but more importantly the countries that through dialogue they were helping to preserve

peace people were other projects were telling okay Dada nothing happens no result all these years there is negotiating process no result but dialect itself kicking open communication channels itself an achievement when you keep both or all sides talk to each other so this is an achievement already and miss group was doing that very well and otherwise I wanted to change office and if we try to understand why Azerbaijan also tried through these violations frequent biometric not just for from April second grade protein situation or but violations intelligent was using this as a leverage to show to international community and his book for children that they can they have leverage to change the status port they have leverage and now it was a full attempt to change completely the situation to change complete and to showcase the world power that it is impossible to keep up with the same path there is need for change and 100 shape of change prevention iron pass the sugar and explain what kind of a change they are opting to change the format of Jewish this is one one goal that they are important will they are perceived but also trying to show that they they can change the format they can also manage hardly even though did what they were not able to achieve do anything anything but militarily they can’t pursue their goal but as a result of curious Meganium the Armenians I showed that military it’s very very important because as a budget for long I was working on this especially on not just getting arms and munitions related but also improve on improving interoperability of its troops it’s very very important important component of military advancement but this water showed that our Myanmar is very strong it’s very firm on its position and militarily they were not able in spite of all these years to get any advantage and one more thing time is very limited I couldn’t if I was not able to touch defense topics that I wanted to discuss today but one more thing going back to resolution 822 of april nineteen engine tree when the legal basis by that her legal basis if the legal basis of the international community’s approach to the conflict that what a power bottom of the kool-aid and today when I was watching during the war period CNN Oh CNN was covering i was watching look on the CNN at all possible use the hotness but skin and was showing foreign minister azerbaijan and foreign minister of alberta karma for me to the chief for his an achievement from nineteen ninety two three what was there that the conflict is between aboard a car bomb azerbaijan and now Gordon thought about people fight for realization of the right source information today on CNN covers and CNN is not just yet we all realize so this is another achievement that were able to to have thank you for you while the engineers get Robert I’m addision on skype I’d like to make one announcement that the outset professor Levin Tobias from universes whoa as a informational talk on the nagorno-karabakh situation on youtube google his name our searches name youtube turbo jam and garba and zaria will thank you to it and will be available in video form as well a couple of weeks thank you Ewing oil Thank You hi everyone I also understand the emergence of this event you might relations thank you for keeping us up in the process of your attention is

important for us Thank You the dependability listen to all your spectacles you have to share about situation and of course I’m trying to learn more about surfing this is one of the release how you show your support to world to all your competitors such as a goddess in English and believe me it’s very much appreciated he doesn’t go unnoticed and we’re very much inspired by what we see the opening a movement around the world maybe the speakers mentioned that unity which is very would let me do bring to go to eat main development would be solved during the hot your waist is probably all most of you know of the recurrent attack the latest attack study for a group true and now an unprecedented scale using artillery tanks aviation large infantry forces special troops who are specially trained to query venture into and across the line of contact for the frontline many to the only job there okay and thus if you’re fighting a las four days and anything again just like in the first time ended with the Badgers requesting for a station on fire they’re fairly new tournament again and they didn’t reach any goal early cooking enormous adventure be material particularly we can now say that the festivities were marked by serious war crimes and this process of assessing the entire kitchen and away contrary to the proper instructions and organizations are article to make sure that that they were job doesn’t get along with this what’s the crime situation if we compare it with the situation of april two thousand five in the five weeks probably eaten cigarettes or burn also is TVC infringement of disease while Jamie still see attend to of influence the Armenian media arena important single either contact or the international community and another attempt to blackmail on his very first fellow very first stage after what we see as another round book on world once aspiring negotiations the mediators the United States Russia has the ability to region there is be able to manage it and parfum and doing their best to make sure that they don’t see any those of a surprising info on the verge on and remain a notice to all the savage on as a predictable at least punished for the negotiation of course week 11 is dopee about how constructively will be the International reaction it was very active between again you solve the same pattern like we can see before this major escalation we didn’t see any point in hanging unambiguous mentioning of other pajama the destabilizing country which we see and unfortunately we were right it leads to the forces sense of impunity mother Linda John dutchess community college they plan to do because climate contact always with anything of meaning basically so we still again we haven’t seen that we haven’t seen all the major guys who took the responsibility to do in this country or the new organization was formed and cold to particular abilities and dignity we haven’t seen that we have seen taken by old friends from trenton video in the united states Torre also around the world but we haven’t seen teenager invite criticism hosting the question and actually that was the during the hostilities when one of the genuine real output growth at rotiform our president has visited all the capitals only major texts in pavement use all the major players on name arena we are waging this war newport knew the track begins latona Karabakh and we’re not seeing they need sharp criticism in our in our actual of our

actions it means that somehow probably were supported by my those political posts of course that’s our expectation and the fellas in cereal that they say they didn’t see anyone stylish couldn’t be regarded as we okay to do that new situation but these sentiments are present in other the general will be complete and the mother of the journey society very briefly what word for a condition for errors in my opinion of the realm of internally in the hatred which is beneath dated appropriate under the regime society and the month or exhibited commitments Emil assumed when the energy is position with the president of the country from his brother has already began to howl without purpose or control and in the eastern direction indeed in the direction which is dangerous for the country or the but the unattended for the entire region first of all you can use for all peoples where the standing but looks like of the virgin playing too much we stated apparently in hatred everything seems to be meant for the society to do something if you are feeling your correlation between years with promises that you are going to spend this money for military force rather than associate problem because you have unsolved problems loser linking the time comes willingly into hospira and handyman work especially and he will come to the second personal precondition in the domestic situation in other venture people look at the oil prices you could be economic downturn the country scene for quite a while now and in particular three situation is not going to be any better for them because this country is based on its economy and we see notions of social be sent only the another version we see began a continuation of a type of Human Rights which is also making the domestic disturbance and all we needed just like any other dictator around the world is to find another reason to distract attention from the political problems or economic problems at all which you can repeat it is time to start a war he failed in whatever intentions here but the state-controlled media which is the only medium vijana began to appraise the great victory and I don’t know what their sovereign equality but it’s been wildly speaking all over the world and other the journeys are celebrating to be three over armenia’s there there are media reports that a very very army has hope they say liberated several villages and the refugees began to compact homes and these are the things which originates utilizing to legitimize its own grip on power for several more years if they celebrate if you I don’t know what we can do to make them understand that it was a tragic of decision given for their people the for asylum did you let off the lack of international condemnation of the attacks and intelligence as will be seen from raw image on the last several years the lack of a complete combination of those this is exactly what we feared when I say that suppose Armenian sighs we’ll be trying to read international attention toward despair that if you know don’t say you don’t call a spade a spade you we are also tempted to see the situation which will be easily going out of everyone’s control in any way through great two great regional disaster unfortunate people combinations make a very high price to once again group that we were right and the world should not stay silent when it comes to an aggression or an open declaration of intention progression and the massive seconds we have similar Magellan through the massive of welcome welcome acquisitions throughout the and everybody to suddenly began disregarding that the other edition is open to saying what they’re going to do is that she won’t leave the country doesn’t have to do with the Armenian interest or even even if the major player doesn’t really care about us but if they care about me was community between the easier and much over beautiful if the major players work Sam the attack where compliments on the score they would attack you because everyone knew things were purchasing

people to defending with them they attack acquisition of the tactic was inspired by John by oil petrol dollars is the significant component created this again false impression of utopia anything a comprehensive an overwhelming advantage over their union forces and they were blinded by their military capacities what are the great power is of course I I that soon as they’re convenient but you can be piloted by Lieutenant and another planet visit the apron situation we’re happy now yes it is well sort of yes and no in terms of novi still have the unpredictability is unpredictable other image on and we know that the only can tell Paula security is not the paper signed by a little Johnny leader but they are maintenance which is currently on the line on that and the source which you have in the face of our huge Armenian writers around the globe what can we do we each other take steps to immediately cool down situation respondent between people that the consistent international efforts to stabilize the situation in one of the knees of course the resumption of negotiations just that it was up until nineteen idea when the article published was an innie didn’t suit which are due to the company and all those of you who know the usual developments in that religion see natural immunity to master taught me that all the most effective papers that were signed and that does feel more as imports were signed by the participation team of the article those a period of time when Elyse you were the father of the incoming president of alienating people to negotiate here to directivity area not because it was weaker than becoming president not to acquire a politician he understood terrorism and utilization is possibilities any and how to move forward towards stability which also is a very important for the agenda state economies people in whatsoever resumption of negotiations is Carlos participation and implementation of the urgent major is commonly occurs mainly you’ve been trying to reach out to other the genocide interest since 2001 even up to being subject of the equation first division 90 want a 90 for interest and the piracy spire again as I said co-signed by being here we extended our we know that trust is a must for the fear it comes to conflict resolution no matter how strong you are on the house from utilizes are you still need people trust each other you that you need to make sure that whatever me companies in the supported body but by the people because people are basically issues will be truly there is even arrows came back and he is up to us to live in a neighborhood we should be seeing no search coming from each other unfortunately other bajan was detected on the new years and knew that we were not suggesting anything which could apply any recognition of angel I know that’s a sensitive issue prosper together their last already not yet rated for that so we were suggesting the joint usage of water resources five ways containing some all climate contact people in the daily life or for people who need more deliveries but they say no well I’m you can say one hand on crack but we’re still a patient you ready until they become more open to that number three of course and more as possible are safe to turn a job they all should be sending a clear signal that whatever they have done is not is not the right way to me or the golden was and his negotiations and we really hope that other the janitor this regular tent in return Congress are to be more receptive and after what the odds are depends on this as imposed on them would be more suited to the international represented to the Karabakh IES which are supported also lucky initial community by rivini and everything I wanted to briefly mention also a couple of interesting things the legends we will be hearing from a thermogenic of academicians or main occasion that the first warmest thoughts not between Armenians and other pajama little spot between onions and Russia right that’s why how they they were trying to explain the military failure that’s why that’s

how we tried to try to a major soldiers to bring or that this under the Russian you do this is just Armenians into the craft and operational changes gone now they’ve learned a painful lesson that they cannot fight with the are no difference of energy are just like English nice warm the second girl was very painful to portfolio surgeon but especially for formation in the second building is that he believes it is possible that there is very uneasy from today’s them occasionally she volunteer in couple of days this game proved to be wrong a game we that’s that’s really tragic that had to suffer his enormous sacrifices once again to prove that they cannot cover I force that the only way to move forward is to negotiations and that they should be more humble when it comes to their possibilities as a nation capacities as an army and the resources as the economy now if you don’t mind this is probably be me me please I wanted to show you before going to be accumulated I’ll be happy to take any purchase mija thank you before we open for questions I’d like to ask the sponsors strength you are saying I mean assembly will then open the floor for questions every freshman stand ready and have the opportunity Lee Robert thank you bachelors dark apparel time up so four days ago i was in washington and i met with the osc us mediator and also the White House the situation as you know is very serious you’re going to hear as you heard tonight that our Nia needs to come to the table and negotiate Army is been very solid about where we stood on this issue horrible has been very solid where they stand on this issue and I have to commend the early president very measured very direct and karlov leadership Arnie it’s e to tell the world point blank that you’re going to negotiate with carbon that they need to be at the table this is their wives their land they need to be apart this process secondly we call for monitors repeatedly we will put monitors in the region there’s only six monitors on the line we need more monomers secondly we need technical support in the region which will bring to the region to keep everyone honest what are Mia in the world of Armenians need to do is shed the light on what’s happening in the region our mistake as ambassador Shigar Ian said is we became a little bit complacent cease fire things seem to be okay people are talking we cannot be complacent frankly we need to get our message out ourselves because no one else put that message out there he also has got their message out because that Pete log is a lot of money that that message out I have to stop there but i’m going to share with you a general and crisis management once said to me and it’s on my phone as i keep it with me never panic don’t be you for be slightly paranoid there’s no silver bullet be suspicious be suspicious of what you’re reading in the headlines in the newspaper and be resilient we will never again be put our problem into someone else’s hands we alone can only deal with our problem exactly so here’s how it works we don’t have a wireless microphone so we’re going to ask people to come forward speak into the microphone ask your question and address it to a person or persons and receive and we are not thinking about the

content of the cornea we’re not asking devoted attorneys with wanting to be properties which required involving and recreational you cannot even are about you cannot decide this type of person what’s going on there it’s impossible to imagine that any degree me which has been developed resolve cara de imminent participation from a jersey would be implemented forum post manatsu can’t shake the associates of republic of armenia of course well the reason / graphic showed that whenever Patty and I want to share with you a couple of these military things because it will go up to heaven compass right and it’s one of them was taken down by biting a flop anti-aircraft weapon because the soldier exactly did you didn’t panic he used whatever he had any youtuber effectively the couple drawers were taken down by shepherds were working there and then using the right way the user might take down the sheriff of it we’re not scared as artists have you living in this situation not only for 20 years but for 70 years before that you sold another body on a scottish comedian and for hundreds of years before that and those are you know the history probably know that even in conditions when the rest of you a corporeal and you have to accept Azerbaijan because it was all in reach and because it had power although as I said no he said no nobody 88 believe that survival up until the moment when we’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of npr’s our independence but we are and today stand i can i want to assure you that we are not committed in our top and we are not getting appreciated when you see this strong support by our competitors which is which is very very inspiring and wish you the strength thank you so again to reiterate if you want to ask a question you must come up to the microphone here thank you if you want to question he must come up to the microphone here on facebook they were going on and you know they were talking about an Armenian using 19 their equipment it wasn’t stable they are even though we in hurt that you know of money to Russia to get this up so that’s one question right there and the other one there were pictures of the border being monitored the border to a lot of opportunity of the job we’re one survived wires and you have pots and pans hanging from it rather than professional cement camera and I would like to know what is being done to make better surveillance on the border so we don’t have surprises my transfer yes please thank you I don’t hear what I’m sorry i I’m a happy positive question but I got me a general idea well the weapons exactly the women maybe not maybe 2016 body still very effective weapon and recruited right and it is just not that we change your egg the without a little business and we don’t have the possibilities to buy the purchase the most state-of-the-art will give me that department even use a customs 24-7 process and there is no end point that you always have to do it you read your policy you learn your modify approaches and if it is being done then sure that after the recent developments we’re going to have gonna have conclusions that will from our defensive capacities and any necessary counter-offensive to and that cause also to the control of the border

if you if you know deterring is very complicated and I on parts were the difference distance between the positions of delivery alamosa Stooges some of some of pilchards not naughty but 200 or 300 right seven dollars of meters difficult to control that four hundred percent to be sure that he’s safe and society but again these approaches and we are after the major attack by others vaginas in 2014 focus of 2014 it has been significantly improve the situation on the spot and now have more secure border they’re having income if you consider the statistics wishes which is suicide because where I responded but if you look at the numbers mersin decrease numbers o.o incursions big not because they may bring them to the Western novel The Temper because they fail to do so and now we have pretty much of the equipment which is necessary to control the point but again it doesn’t mean that we have to stop and we can write who have the right to stop nowhere two three yeah I think familiarity the trick is a very essential part if you look at different revolutions and Wars if start drunk the American Revolution versus the British military familiarity with the train was a major major advantage more recent war to look at for example that we account for the fact that the Vietnamese were familiar with the train them to defeat a major superpower like the United States if you look at the Cuban Revolution the criminality with the train was a major hundred vantage for them or in Equatorial Salvador Honduras oh that’s really very very important factor oh and even if the weapons are manually the most advanced the most sophisticated weapons oh it does not necessarily mean that are you we go the other problem like you mentioned so many changes and influences of the work but I think right everybody will agree that one of the one of the changes like nation who understood that they cannot tolerate the corrupt government that we have now unfortunately we don’t have well but we have forgotten and I am connected very much to our me when I speak of every day to three times and would I hear the society is lost they don’t have leadership they have questions which are unanswered and they don’t know they don’t trust the government they don’t trust the government is doing rightly that our diplomacy is working correctly and they know that like their government would rather support themselves they’re clannish system rather than national interest and there is a rhetoric question here like a why the boat America are above can be great paeonia so far secondly why like elimination doesn’t help somebody who could blow or at least from the air or I don’t know from somewhere and we the nation because they are lost now they and why on the border of the soldiers from socially vulnerable poor family are there and fighting and all those questions like it’s a pain for us hey just we don’t know what to do we were here we can support my fund rating by sending messages everywhere but this is not the solution of the May issue who shoot at regular yet causes of let me let me start with the international

recognition of the gorda Karabakh and especially wiring it hasn’t recognized it I think it was a right decision so far not to recognize it because had we done that that would have been the end to the negotiations that went in attempts to predetermine the status of nagorno-karabakh avoids outcome of the negotiations now the situation is slightly to enter recent aggression did you know it was the early at present and also the opposition well they were talking about possibility second stances on the widget region be impossible to recognize the board economic but I would try to be very specific here we need to be Gary as here and we need to calculate well and quite well as you know so far it’s been a question between territorial integrity and the right of people to self-determination today self-determination for the Gordon kenapa is not self-seeking goal anymore it’s pierre necessity the recent attack show not just to Kalibak more to the rest of the world but also to the rest of the world that well there is no way that can about would be on under any circumstances under sub accounts jurisdiction Mel waiting so well the question is not as much that the self-determination as a goal but the self-determination has amazed to physical security to provide to measure actually guarantee physical security but here we need to draw parallel with Kosovo well the cost of liberation army was not up to the task but it couldn’t defend Kosovo but the result was that the international community recognized the Kosovo’s independence and that was called remedial recognition the only way out that not guarantee cuz of as physical security remedial recognition Clara path actually during the first floor and during the second one also shouldn’t took everybody and that he can really win and in one the first work upon the second for the four day one but the price internationally evil is well organized self-defense is the lack of international recognition today armenia at carabar needs to work very hard to the limit of recognition from the legal aspect to the humanitarian way it has to be a remedial recognition because at some point not now but at some point should we not do that that would be a clear and present danger to care about physical security now about your question regarding to you corruption it or other things I understand this question very well and we definite Squire clearly we need to clean the house yeah we need to clean the house but today the government’s the most of the officers the civil society more important they are all together against this imminent threat against the state we meet this unity now and we need to address the issues you raised after we have a more or less stable and peaceful situation that’s how I think that having said that of course we need to look into the issues you raised very very careful how that just took your words to that so there is an issue of concern for all of us which is you in Armenia you state of

the night whines and it’s the future of the nation future of the nation and what we witnessed just some time back especially at the president’s meeting in MIT so that was very inspiring for it and until general so because of my teaching at yerevan state university at other universities so I had a per tunity to interact with youth with young people on daily basis and when were we discussing with everyone in Armenia in the United States in Europe wherever so the point was that like when we when we talk about impact of geopolitical G economic factors on situations of people but you the most precious part and these four Great War and this would happen food that we have brilliant you those are not just words brilliant in irrespective social fabric irrespective social fabric we have brilliant youth and we have future that’s a very clear conclusion message that we can make we have future because we have those younger people may vary menu of them are here I but to ask the odds are representative following question Russia and Armenia have a mutual defense treaty and yet Azerbaijan has been attacking not just Arzo but Armenia proper I mean you’re itself I mean you Lance we’re in Russia Russia is breaking the mutual defense treaty and yet I don’t see Armenian officials talking about this would you comment please thank you andrew talati I able to very comfortable commenting or position or orange if I durmiendo i justjust say that we don’t have that treaty and we rely on our strength will allow just you’ve just heard the deposited makes it useful for more method is that there’s an excellent used between devils excellent soldiers will just keep living our life and doing a lot and essentially know in common the alliances and all that will come in the history of oz’ has shown that it raised alliance is there an innovation and the best a peacekeeper is earning a soldier which which protects on I just want to say on that comment that you said it’s basically cut about it okay slow there’s map is the best allies of our nation on that note I’m honor to just say that job I am not watching it watching this youtube videos how other organizations using sophisticated drawn weapons which was clogging our mini position behind the more than life meaning the Warwick they would shoot their Rockets order wrong distant weapons and destroy our position in our territory what can we do or make sure that this air position clean up that we cannot use this kamikaze Jones Dome Israel or many other things that our defense in the lemonade is threat which comes from the air from utilize view that is the most dangerous on that one these are the question to me again yes I would be welcome sorry I didn’t hear but Creek me by one but you have to learn how to make sure that we don’t have misael the door lining no no how can we eliminate these drones that are using a service and throw drums yes because of the chemicals drones the other drones that they are monitoring at their life they are targeting to the high-tech weaponry entered and actually killing our soldiers no thank you but that’s

true military push a lecture that to women the world into severe but lemme tell me what I wanted now why should I know the trolls there are some type of your wonderful i’m very high altar which i consider educate teachers they follow the movement of troops under the truth which were used by the junior celebration where the so-called can capture those were the throne which had a special TNT multi drones which word is hitting the subjective object and monitor the way and don’t are very much easy to take down and as i said one of the most asian bye bye Chevy using the more you can say so right muscle nothing special but that that that’s not a systemized for our kind of need effective way to approach is of course the only way what would you say to strengthening their entire defense capacities which means everything and I know I don’t even point five percent of what is being done but do we need even with the resources we have to use only troubles we have the country which is Lando and in this coupling route with Rick and the significant amount of assoc to make sure that army has what they need and that also implies the entire everything and you want to decide that we are effective in that apart from the dogs is that the theory covers were taken down similar and that there was no one use of military airpower by a dispersion which that you have but they know that we have a solid ice where someone’s entire draft other than that 3d if they don’t use their own drones of their five you already know that that’s not a difference and you think so use their own rules that we can fight every day from from companies not going with other more intelligence related companies study now and everybody’s vocational education very very busy that other question yes flower Easter is our precious treasure we take pride our culture and heritage some peace to is very important for us and it’s ready to do it now I get asked a lot of questions and that we know that what should you have a version accosted by doing so this burning question I always have so otherwise 945 experience you know what can we actually mean in the contact that you just presented to us and more importantly how successful are they in their tent especially in international contact among governments amongst both scholars because as a student again I get asked questions you know like resides right in terms of a student like best probably like the future what are you doing it and I know that I if I can actively sponsoring research and try to meet up the street so is that really true then we going on and how can we try to deal with your powerful story very there is no among everyone in the world fashion is fun take a look to this question well I’ll tell you what you’re looking at contending historiography that’s holding you in you could have our different government’s proposing the advancing advocating circuit point review then you should but we should not be shocked to learn that other the Judge Advocate certain type of history and historiography it just actually nothing surprising about there I mean ultimately Arminius have our own sense of our own history of other they understand their audience of their own and my guess and we won’t be able to teach them but we would like to teach them and by guessing they will be able to teach us what we would like to teach us I thought we see a new resolution there will propose

advanced their theories in major major major capitals of the country they’re going to do their PR David Ayer geography the work yard and i think is really any kind of a resolution there per se ultimately there are you has been it really boils down to probably very silly question in terms of who was who was in those territories back about 5,000 years ago who were the aliens that just goes on back and forth back and forth back for it really has nothing to do with history / say is history it really has more to do with the current confidence really current conflict that’s driving history argument get your advocate that really becomes PR strategy as Peralta mately how do we solve that problem resolution problem governments was government officials who see themselves as allies with Azerbaijan they’re going to believe what about the visions government officials who see themselves as allies retirement community regardless they’re going to listen to what nominees are saying in what our communities the resolution in conclusion I want to thank again with the panelists can I ask a question you mentioned possible now I think the mistake that we have made was encouraging independence impossible because possible had no right to be independent since the 8th century here were part of the Serbian Empire and there were no Albanians living there at all when the church in the arm encircled in the ship what the only group is a thought leader was asserted and they had because of that the church on the Turks allowed Albanians the movement it possible still even during the Second World War the majority of the population of Serbia on the possible was still served it wasn’t until Tito who was a boy and a communist whereas the shirts were nationalists then he allowed Albanians come in until wifey by the time he passed away the possible was 90% sure albanian ten percent sir what now what happened the que ella que la you mentioned that was actually being a terrorist organization a terrorist organization that was given syrup Felicia that’s why the shirts velocipede static eliminating trying to move the Albanians up and that was he it came up with the brown delayed agreement they were trying to get that through and that was going to be completely against the things of Serbia so that’s one the problems happening on the other hand yeah on the other hand shut up I was always populated with a majority of Armenians so that these are the things that should be proud of it we should have been against we should not agree with these possible the only reason that happens caught the church one possible to be Albanian and America went along with the church that’s been our problem now what you have to do at this point you have to bring up the differences the white cut up op desserts here in the tennis they got their only dependence they did not use any military means in the beginning to try and separate out they tried using the legal way it didn’t work then they were going to be implemented by the aldehyde me by the absolute then they react attending at their own these are the things you have to bring out let me Rican clued with by thanking all the participants in the discussion the panelists the organization’s this whole evening was organized in less than

a week so thank you all for your hard work and making this successful we have a very brief video to conclude the evening and then we would occur you to enjoy some refreshments and make a contribution to support this very worthwhile cause thank you all so much I’m our country like when I was six in 1995 I lost my eyesight as a result of a Mayan explosion in answer my mother looked to send me to the special school for people in her children in German in the beginning I thought that idea because I didn’t want to be far from my family I was already six the gym actually persuading me saying that I would learn there lots of things including reading playing woodworking etc I got excited and said I will attend that school I will learn with warning and will come to restore a broad consult on wardrobe do you think that it was a childish motivation I received great education at that school later on at universities in Armenian increase in the UK and the US and the returning to my hometown currently I’m serving as the sportsman of the artists writers I am NOT learn reporting but every day I do my best who is both sofas and wardrobes myself that kind of vegetation maybe finds the empirical mom power many people had doubts type of doing because of my blindness but I successfully feeding yes I needed I put the Armenian stripes on the volta para because it for the personal growth and I had enough real oil that way as for national dreams I cannot do it the law you cannot do in the law but we can do it together let’s create together let’s put the flag up on national dreams of Bailey piece together that came the future will be around our zebra so again I wanted to say thank you long for watching it I people let me know that the most important as the for Armenians is are meaner than some of the people of Armenia navegar Taj is like a to the person education of nagorno-karabakh and appeal that depends I have an exciting news to share with you just tonight across all three different organization it grazed 13,000 hundred thirty thousand dollars and all of this money now all of this money will go to the families of all these soldiers in Auburn and powerful so if you haven’t gone 80 yet there’s the chance you can donate again Peter to ARs a TV or in my job thank you very much for coming to the radio