Marcus Olsson on Technological Evolution

so welcome to this singer the third singularity University evening this fall I’m hardware Bob I’m an ambassador for singularity University in Sweden it means that I arrange vents and just general preach the SU gospel which is sort of preparing humanity for accelerating technology change so that’s what we are about singularity University and tonight we have the pleasure to host Marcus own son and Marcus you are an alumni from Tsinghua University graduate summer program this summer and we also worked for a number of years at the nokia which recently became Microsoft its particular with imaging and another high-tech development projects and what are you going to share with us tonight Marcus yeah I’m going to talk about the technological evolution so I’m going to start off talking about different changes that happen in the society due to digitalization of different industries and then I’m going to give a basic briefing on or basic explanation on expert exponential and why that can be seen as a solution to see these changes and then I’m going to talk about some specifics around camera development that I’ve been involving and where you can see disruption in a very concrete way and then I’m gonna talk about future trends of exciting toys and so when backman is from in mobile so hard like under seven hard six years in the mobile industry and actually before that I worked for sony ericsson as well but that has given me a sort of a first-hand seat to the disruption mobile industry has disrupted a lot of industries like the navigation industry and the also the the compact cameras the street and of course I’m also a first time experience of seeing when a big company fails to sort of act 2 or C disruption coming upon them so that’s a little bit of what I’m going to talk about and first of all I’d like to square where are you from wearing this is startup pop so I guess you’re open startups or is there any specific industries sir WWE WWF greatly nice all right potential customer for singularity project all right anything else any medical how many hers in medical enough lip gloss is not something yeah anyone in the music media industry there we go any other industries science science next week great okay now that you’re here so let’s get started I was this year like I said I was a singular University I think you might know about it already so i won’t though too deep into it but essentially it’s a pink tank and an incubator for big thoughts and our network of thinkers and it’s located in Silicon Valley some are you might know this guy down there that’s give publicity there he was there in my same class we were the Nordic delegation so to say and yeah it’s an exciting place and my girlfriend was actually speculating of if I would come back from singularity university as a robot and uploaded my brain and then coming back as a robot but I have to sadly disappoint her by just showing that the only thing that happened with me was that I gained some weight and but actually there was also other things you in singularity you get very inspired and I’m very excited and you’re changing your way to see the world so they’re teaching you to see think exponentially and that’s a little bit of what I’m gonna try to talk about today as well and a lot of us from su comes out talking about like how robots go take world of artificial intelligence solution to all problems and and sort of space elevators and stuff like that and those forecasts has been with us for quite a long time so this is a book from 94 t4s the helicopters are coming so not already 1944 they were believing that the helicopters right to become people would drive their own helicopter and go shopping in choppers and so on well if you’re supposed to believe Jeff Bezos from amazon so they are actually coming now but actually not as personal vehicles but the drone is a big big thing of course drone delivery and sucky third or second pics are drawn yeah I’ve seen this beer drone that’s not like my father Don on through swarm I can pretty cool stuff so they are coming and the

future is coming it’s just a difficult to predict when it’s going to come and this is a quote from arthur c clarke that I found very suitable as well if you find a prediction reasonable that is probably wrong because the future is not feasible it is fantastic and that’s exactly what it is about so we think linear we think that the future will change in a linear place but actually it’s going faster than linear than I will show soon and it can also have a lot of impact on different businesses these kind of changes that we see in society if you’re not prepared for them they might come as a surprise and have devastating consequences and this is a point famous example with Kodak in 1996 a 140,000 employees and a market cap on 28 billions 16 years later in 2012 they were essentially bankruptcy and that was because they failed to see the digital ization of film that same year in April that year 2012 Instagram is actually acquired by Facebook for 1 billion dollar so 13 people employed by mr Broun and they might have to wipe out the whole industry I mean there were other parts as well Facebook wittman played a part in it as well but essentially like sharing of image the whole industry of photos has been digitalized and that means that you can share them with no cost and that means that the whole industry is tapping into this exponential growth and Spotify is another example the music industry was disrupted I mean that’s stabilized now but but for a while there that was like oh why can I can get it free online and then sort of like now Spotify has made a great great business there so the Instagram or music I would say and this is an example recently from this summer uber so these are demonstrations all over Europe for people are demonstrating for an appt an application so they’re actually going out than that at bandar that may make you were illegal so what’s going on here is an app so it’s a these are changes due to digitalization and one of the key and the key things to understand this is exponential growth so I’m going to talk a little bit about exponential growth now right now there’s some this is a triangle and if you divide that triangle in four triangles and take out a little one your three left so you’re just a triple the number of triangles you do it again you have nine and you do it again you have 27 now and if you do that one more time you have 81 so the number of triangles is increasing exponentially so you’re trickling every time so this is called a seer Pinsky triangle and I have actually I 3d printed version of one here it’s really nice it’s a sacred geometry it’s a been with us for many many thousands of years people have been drawing this on pinky some Indians way back but that’s besides the point the point is that this is a fractal pattern and it’s a natural occurring thing this is exponential the number of triangles are tripling every time so the function of this is 3 to the power X and if you double things you have F to the power 2 to the power so this is these are the functions for exponential growth and if we approach that so this is compared linear growth versus exponential the grid line here the colors only the top shape here but the red line here is essentially exponential that’s a doubling it starts at one and then 2 4 8 16 32 and the yellow line here is a linear explode with 200 times forever set you’re adding 200 to this so as you see it’s it’s a sort of the exponential I here is quite accepted into the game nothing is really happy it looks like it’s not moving if you compare to the linear growth but then eventually I’d step the level here compare then fell it’s double and then working it’s way beyond and then it just takes off so it’s a bit like that the kitchen perfect so your first nothing comes first nothing come and then all the sudden everything comes our brain is not really wired to think like this that is the problem like we think that something is going to come on an even pace the future is going to come evenly but actually it comes really really fast when it comes this is at one of the important fundamentals around what they’re teaching at singularity University as well and the knee here on curve here what it goes kind of goes over the top it’s called an infliction point so that’s when the verb really takes off yeah gimme a special yes in the environmental business you would say this is a hockey stick hockey stick you sir also now it’s a tip not tipping

point yes so if you have differences a good friends don’t know you yeah they’re all like this board from different this is another way of saying the Hokies think effects yeah so how many here knows about Moore’s law quite a long all right I’m gonna go through it quite quickly anyway so off of you haven’t known about it and time let’s go look at the people and talk about that anyway so first of all that there’s the tendency here Jose overestimation so if you’re having a if you have any technology coming on exponential pace you’re in the beginning you’re thinking that oh it’s going to solve everything it’s going to be great but then it actually doesn’t deliver because grow so slowly and then eventually it will over overwhelm you so if it will lead to cast and amazement sort of and this is a logarithmic plot so the plot here means that the exponential curve that you saw on the previous image that would correspond to a linear to a client so because it’s the proxy or like every step here is like 10 times figure and that’s just to make it easier to scale because you saw it grows out of the range so you need to use a lot everything here Porter and more salt is predicting that every two years amount of computing power you get four thousand dollars is gonna double so around 18 months that has been true for the last 40 years and we don’t know exactly why that’s true we do know that its correlates to its exponential and this mathematical phenomena of doubling and it could be something that I’m suggesting that it is when we’re creating these chips we’re using tools like chips to do them and then if you’re getting better at doing it you’re interacting over what you just learned so you’re interacting over your own system and that’s very similar to the triangle and I just described and what’s very interesting here what many people might not know is that Moore’s Law is not the first law it’s been through if you go back in time before the great circuit that was the transistor before the transistor that was vacuum tube people would do calculations using vacuum tubes so this is very early computing that has been true for 110 years so it’s like it looks like there’s something deeper to it than just like the fact of that it’s a marketing trends up they want to send more tubes or so so it seems like there’s something fundamental going on in this and as you see that the technology paradigm is changing and it might even be so that after the integrator is outdated that we have another kind of computer that could be a could be an optical computer or it could be a DNI computer for what I know or a quantum computer that we were they have one up at NASA actually but they’re they’re not there yet but it is it’s a possible that it might come another parody and keep on driving at this for so this is the point that i want to make also that exponential growth is something that is a phenomena in nature also like its wider than just computation and that’s what has been driving our evolution up until this point so if you look at evolution it starts with when life came to Planet we had a proteins and genes they were developing information and more and more complex structures so the natural selection makes one gene go further and chromosomes are are iterating and you have cells which consists of chromosomes which consists of proteins so you have kind of system built an system built on system just like with this seer Pinsky tribal and when you eat great enough every time you have a more of a bigger complexity so it’s like it evolution is a force in nature that strives towards more and more complex system so yeah you have a lot of several games and then you have a superpower organ is like colony or down it’s like an ant hill and then primate society where you can the evolution act on a whole group of individuals right so the fact you’re 18 28 ships when evolution shifts between these different stages it never goes back it’s always evolution always goes towards more complexity and more and more bigger structures and more complex information and that’s very similar to how what the Kevin Kelly describes in his book what technology wants he describes something called technium which is essentially all the technology that we have created on on this planet so it goes beyond like cameras and stuff it’s like it could be language could be things like tools like for cooking or or things like that so the Technium is a wider scope and the evolution of this is is also following the same pattern you’re creating oral language that was the biggest thing that for 50,000 years ago what find us as human folders that we started communicating with each other and then you have this oral language you’re iterating this with written language which makes it more powerful you can memorize longer you can create the information that lasts longer and you can transfer it over longer distances so ever more complex structures like printed language you have scientific method but you can reference the different importance of information mass production to scale things and then right now we’re in this case where it’s like global communication between one

planet connected with mobile phones and internet and where we can actually iterate over whole society and that is really powerful that is something that we see the effects of that and it’s following the same laws as the exponential growth any questions on that that was a little bit of theory Rhonda what’s the next step what’s the next step yeah it’s this is not a virus that then communication this is the most complex form of information or information right now but your next steps I don’t know like artificial intelligence will be very interesting like evolution of artificial intelligence like you already have that look at games but you have this player votes like you have these kind of to breathe different player BOTS be putting in one server and then they breed and then it’s like evolving information and then the best competitor in this gaming hub will win and that that player like these tables like artificial intelligence in games so that’s kind of an interesting like evolution that happens on like artificial information structures and genetic programming like you have already genetically algorithms like for programming that you can evolve them and make different algorithms compete with each other so yes what about politics I mean they kind of hinder or try to stop the the global communication so how do you work around that they’re minute let’s empower shift thing I mean how do you how do you make them not stop you yeah this is what is super important the channeling of this this is a power right evolution is a power and it kind of involves just like the Technium evolved but it’s just like natural selection it’s defined by different certain constraints so in evolution like with the how we became human evolution says that you have certain conditions like the certain kind of temperatures and certain conditions made us what we are right you can create that on technical as well you have to create boundaries like by a legal system I believe a legal system and you can also influence it by building structure technical structures built into the network that Twitter is very sort of decentralized in a way even though it’s like owned by a company and so it’s still kind of hard to stop it because it’s like ants really sensory thing about the same way as you could with with other more centralized system so like if you take things down the linkage with break so it’s built into the fabric of this technology so you can you can do it by building click on like open source is a great example which you hard to stop very hard to stop and then you can do drive regulations so technology will develop in developing it in the right way that’s that requires a lot of understanding like that’s why sort of this by sharing thing was very complicated right it you have to have legal like lawyers understanding if you don’t get a very very deep level to make the real regulations and so on and it’s really complicated and I think that’s what also singularity feature starts like understanding the technology is super important because it’s going to define how I think of it and think of an artificial intelligence but if you drive art and artificial intelligence as open source vs. are having it as a company owned you’d have completely different impact on it like how does it diagnose things and etc so so these are these are important by regulation i think is because technology acts in a certain way through the same laws as we act in a way out of this response to that actually like i said your life political science that’s a very big questions that we talk about a lot but the thing is that regulatory legislation stakes are always adaptable to humanity come on to advances so as you see like if you look it hard for whatever you always see that comedy is coming first and then legislations are coming afterwards so they will never be able to match up to the speed of the legislation towards technology so we will always be have two words like retain that afterwards let’s go partner like just a good one because when the part is same comment then you build structures just besides them all the time so it will still be around the system not in the system so yes hmm all right so this is a name is that I really like which I think describes this situation we’re in and this changes that we’re in right now this is a hokusai whole Japanese footprint after non-digital so the Great Wave this is essentially a framework that I want to talk about to think about these disruptive technologies it’s the 60s Oh Peter diamond is going this terms so I would know you goes through from the utilization becoming deceptive disruptive it starts demoralize and II monetize and democratize so I’ll go through these now so ticket I’ll ization it’s pretty obvious you already talked about how Kodak became outdated by not responding to the victimization on film analog film your video cassettes like I actually saw a story in Finland the other day when I was walking they’re

actually selling VHS cassettes they were only open on Sundays between two and four I think it’s money laundering for me but yeah so a newspaper also like paper industry is affected quite a lot by not having enough sales on paper books obviously CD industry was already negative but like it’s become screaming out so it’s not a physical object anymore and now journals is for like digital system of healthcare so it’s a really big deal so what happens when it turns digital when industries become negative it’s like they’re tapping into the more salt that you saw it becomes cheap to distribute you can dispute the innovation you can have one developer doing a code that scratch all over the planet so that’s why these big changes are occurring and transferring that it’s free right and their health care I want to talk about that so if you think about the sort of all the wearable like watch now from from like we just also wash up much Microsoft we’re measuring you can make sure different things on your body right so healthcare become digital eyes now all the sudden you have data or your body work so that’s digitalized and then you can do completely different things DNA sequences another example like we can sequence our genes and get completely new kind of research on on our genes next step is why is deceptive like why don’t we see why I don’t every industry understand this why can’t you just say well we know that that’s going to come so now we’re going to invent it so if you look at this both fear of performance versus time so performance those up on edge technology and also the consumers that need for technology goes up so you have a high end user is a little more need than a little end user so it means that maybe some of us really like into kamus eez up here right using the camera technology and a low end users now here it he doesn’t need so many megapixel it doesn’t need so much good quality but traditional technology development has seen like saying it’s called sustaining innovations they are widespread their existing already it goes up all the time is a small step like a little bit of a bigger screen a little better like power a longer battery life and etc right and what’s happening is that a traditional businesses like camera business for example by pink nikon or canon they they think like every user wants to have these to learn better more and sort of like they want this phone factor we got to sell that that’s what customer wants that’s what reviewers are are reviewing and so but then all the sudden something disrupt it comes like a completely different in different shapes like the mobile phone with a built-in camera so canon and nikon could not really respond to that because they didn’t do phones right so then comes here first it’s down here and i’m going to show some examples on this later it goes here and all you think steaks for free do remember first camera mechanical like what’s not going through the food it was like an external camera then you snap to your mobile phone before the phones have cameras so you slept on and then you can take picture but no one really want those look like they were down here right and then it becomes here when it touches the lower then it becomes interesting people can start using it it’s cheaper it’s there for free I can have it and then it just goes goes goes disruptive it’s this is kind of a good enough point like it the technology is good enough and then it’s gonna and then it’s too late to switch like because then someone else is doing that right electric car is another example I do I have the traditional car industry without the electric cars because there it’s going to completely disrupt their own business so it’s like and now you have tests not with 400 kilometres range and you charge it every once a week and then it drives in hundred ten more than that so it’s actually good enough I mean and then this is a quote that I think is important I true destruction is threatening your existing product line and your class in business breakthrough products disrupt current last business and that’s why that’s why it’s very challenging for big companies to do disruptive disruption and that isn’t our trend that i’ve been working at lock yard with business incubation so you have your setting up a small start-up or you’re probably already and knows about this the big companies are working in a quite different way so there’d be this small starter can ended up much faster and if you put that outside of the big company you can actually do disruption inside a big companies go like intrapreneurs so if we go back to this town so that’s why it’s deceptive and disrupted with my buds up he might realize so this is kind of like in 2010 total compton have his personal navigation devices that you had any car and think 2010 that was actually in the mobile phones didn’t have turn by turn navigation so it wasn’t for free because it was the mobile phones were not good enough they didn’t have the screen and they didn’t have the power they were not there they didn’t even have gps at the time they did have details but that was just coming and what we did in

2010 in a Nokia Maps was that we made it for free on the mobile that’s completely set Bertha garmin and tomtom the the sort of the sox went down dramatically and okay so people still using using navigation they like to have a permanent like fame but but of course there’s this disruption it’s like it’s a little bit smaller and it’s like not so perfect that you can understand you can actually work with so this is this is a typical significant for for disruption like the the screen we’re just good enough and the data came and then you have extra services and so and that disrupted did the personal navigation devices d monetization like that means that exponential peccatis takes the money out of things think about the skype why would you pay for international calls when you can get them for free right so you go online and you just call for free so it’s very hard for operators right now to charge for international telephone calls and the same thing is now i think going to happen with bitcoin know obviously become brings money into sort of the system but the bank says traditional down the bank transfers from country to country right but we big point now transfer from country to country with almost no fees right so it takes the money out of these kind of services because why would you pay for it i can get it on using bitcoin I mean it’s not quite here I not many people are using it yet but i guess like it’s coming by trapping it there you can even incorporate comp companies on typical currents it’s none of this forum is doing that like that the stock and itself like stock exchange it’s gonna be kind of interesting to see what happens with that when you’re incorporating on a digital currency instead of incorporating on a stock so like these these are big changes ahead second who is doing the I think there’s there’s a company called the swarm it’s a co-founding mechanism on a digital currencies or you can have a co found something on a digital furnace and I also heard that there’s talk about reddit going on ready and going public on a digital currency like the user in Sweden we spoon not as far as in Palo Alto yeah in secondary and it’s a kind of a response to Kickstarter where you have co-founding but the people who co-founded didn’t get anything in the company right so who’s Rick being the famous example when they ever back were paid a lot of money for these first sets and backed them early and gave them the money to develop it and then all of a sudden Mark Zuckerberg came and just snap them up and then like the people who bought the first hopeless riff didn’t actually get the units until the HD version was out so they got kind of pissed than that so now co-founding is going to happen for me on digital currencies and so I’m like that’s something coming at least so the last one is to democratize so it also has the power democratize it’s a picture from demonstrations to in China for the pure gasoline in Hong Kong they’re using the phone here just to show that we have the power right so it’s a power simple the mobile phone is not saying that the power structure is done because we can call we can do we can coordinate like Arab Spring was also kind of also coordinated digitally and actually record so I’ll be forecasted the the fall of Soviet Union already due to the emergence of fax machines and shallower phone so if you get ahead because he looked at exponential curve and said these technologies are going to come in and that technology will impact the society obviously you can regulate the way things like North Korea I still not demo the tasks but because they don’t have technology they’re like a diamond so you can actually do that but it’s like very hard to stain when you have this technology the Technium working against you right so I want to look at the exxon like show an example now of how this looks like in real life like it my first hand example so do you have any questions so far so the first compact camera I had was in 1998 it San Lucas had a standard quality on 320 pixels time 240 sounds like really cute when you think about it but it also had a high quality mode which was six working right like 0 3 megapixel insane but it was like it was digging thought so it was cool like that’s why I bought it and then in 2001 just after that like a few years three years later you had you take pictures that were decent quality like this is a now the projector is actually hard to show a resolution on this projector but but i think this projector is still kind of vga or so but but the the code here in 2001 was to mega besides these decent enough i use that for a long time and then in 2003 i got my first phone with the camera just encountered p 610 i took this picture on my mother in 0 to 1 megapixel and I felt like yeah it’s decent picture but nothing pranked you can really like sort of life I took it because I was a tech nerd right and I didn’t have anything else to take I didn’t have my camera with me so now we are essentially now we

are here so this is in 2002 a summer here is this disruption here with the mobile phone is coming over taking the traditional compact camera and if you look at the protons I thought to be this is also logarithmic closer this is the compact now I’m here my first 103 here’s the first mobile phone and they’re working here and I coming in parallel here and then somewhere around here 2009 something happen I think people started using that k800 from sony ericsson which really started to be sort of decent quality this is like i started using that the holidays and then in 2011 then it was really like now it’s we’re up on filming it’s all and I don’t need a compact camera really not now it’s really really good quality so i don’t know when did you change when when did you start using mobile phones as your primary cameras if you remember her 2010 10 yeah it’s somewhere around there iphone yeah so around there now in 2013 of course i have to do some marketing your arm so I was part of I was proper managed for this phone a 41 megapixel camera vp revenue actually compared the 1020 with the thumb that its own pair with a digital SLR which is three years old so like we’re catching up so much that the phones the quality of the phone cameras are on para with a camera digital ass off for two thousand euros three years old so that’s disrupting business and that’s the resolution that’s your sister bun and flower student really that we should be ready so something’s fishy it’s not due to the camera I promise but so the yakult also the big toes are here increasingly steady steady steady going out that’s a little bit different business here but you can see that’s due to Moore’s law as well like the digital slrs are also increasing year but eventually mobile phones are almost over KT I mean obviously with the dictum that snore you get better lenses and you get and get not looking so you can’t really compare but but sensor wise the they are really there now and also that the actually this corresponds very well do the same figure 44 sort of if you look at the sales figures for compact cameras they really dropped in and that business is pretty much gone now it runs because in 11 they were starting to phone down very dramatically all over the world but yeah so now i’m going to go ahead and talk about the future some trends of what i believe is going to come in the future so now global connectivity is a big theme 1 million people will come online in the next number six years it’s all you two are close so this is a graph showing that right now we have three billion people online and two out of three has a smartphone which is online but in six years all of them will be online due to the mobile phones because so many smartphones do the soul so we have four billion people with fit smartphone and this is a big thing because like when i talked about before that you’ve iterating on a whole society and hold an advisor the this is not just an incremental increase like it’s not just like twice as many people going online it’s like oh it’s a whole new countries coming online and it’s like very very many new services can be built there and new kind of systems and this is a great opportunity for them to leave for the whole internet era and go straight to the fully connected society a cpu power like i showed before the the more song this is a prediction that you can see like this this red line here was supposed to be red it’s the power of desktop from 2013 that’s how many giga hertz you can do any forgiveness computing so it’s like how fast the computer race attention you can see in 2015 around here now if you’re going to have game consoles approaching that same so you can do same thing on your TV as you could do on your desktop and there in 2018 you have a smartphone and tablet like in 45 years the smartphone and tablet will have the same powers we have right now on our desktops and then what’s interesting is here the future wearable if you just interpolate and look at the exponential curve the variables will be sort of in these ten years they might have the same powers we have on our desktop so could be that you’re walking around with the pc on on your on your wrist or or in your glasses or something like that in just ten years so it’s really a pickable like you could use this thinking and what’s that course you want to have it inside your losses discussing whether it would be as a wearable or inside inside the body yeah i’m on my yeah yeah yeah that could be a lens its argument to reality with lenses that’s pretty cool this is an example of the sort of like we just income just released this USB flash drive that runs

windows 8 of one so it’s like you can already run it on home on this size the the disco so reality that’s where the things a guy come from so I gather the t-shirt that said that once on a hacker its reality that’s where the pizza guy it’s like yeah that’s scary so but but think about what I said about Google nothing good enough right right now if you put on a pair of oculus rift you will think that it’s kind of like HD quality now and I’m so but if you think of the curve rice and then more sensors will be added audio interface and things like that it might become reality soon it might be so that you think like what yeah well it’s okay it’s like reality and even though I think this is pretty interesting as well like I just this was actually released today oh my god the Samsung just released these 3 360 camera that are its project beyond it’s good it’s just on the news today they are stringing it to their virtual reality gear so you have a kind of a camera that takes 360 and then you can really Vic with your with your goggle he said it’s pretty cool you can actually don’t just go around from place to place and just look around right you more let’s just travel and you can zoom in and zoom out and move around anything it’s going to be may be pretty cool I don’t that this is just a trend I don’t know something doesn’t really convincing when it comes to English quality though so I think probably product prices okay such anyway but so maybe not everybody wants to put a face sucker on your face so like you might want to have something that you can kind of socialized it’s so organized reality is super interesting day yeah they look got a funky little book think about the exponential curve they’re gonna be smaller and I’ve gotta be nimble these are a company called meta space glasses their home they have this place inside of them which projects things and they have a kinect sensor so they can sense where your hands are so you project things that are in three dimensions and then you can interact them so you can grab things and drag them and i can kind of take this photo send it to you and I can do that I you can interact with it so I’m serious have a conversation with your between four eyes like this is an a picture of game of chess they’re banging game of chess they are on a virtual chessboard so the whole world are now kind of your display there’s also quite interesting stuff coming with maggie glee this is small company that is the only thing they have as a product is essentially this video of an elephant and it’s kind of silly because they’re like being founded by google map for 500 million so there are more or less and during that the unicorn club which means they don’t have a product but they’re like so what they’re speculating about this is repping a projection so you have a system that projects straight into your eyes and it means that you’d be able to walk around and just similar to the meta like things but but of course veteran and like not so intrusive or so but if you have I tracking it’s very good kind of if you look around and you can see different things up pretty trippy stuff but it would be a whole different new kind of gaming and a whole new I mean computing as well I think organized reality why would you need a display like you could just hold up your hand and read the text from your hand right so it’s like everything changes this is what it’s going to disrupt the mobile industry our virtual reality scroll yep sure it’s to be good I engage in an activity yup the darkness in the same class so you’ll be busy no you see nothing so it’s a little bit like people walking around with headsets today I’m talking so people would sit and just like this what game are they playing Chester so you wouldn’t see if Nolan and that’s kind of pretty cool for a business as well like if you have security privacy issues you don’t need to protect it like on the screen and someone outside of the window to see if you could just have the white board here and then you have glasses on and then we see what you see with everybody wearing those glasses and sharing the information or maybe you don’t share information maybe my graph is better than someone else’s grab you be so different it completely renders what realities like you have that what kind of reality are you looking at so most people since these glasses are just displays so these are prototypes right now meta classics is not try them and they were using just display technology like LCD displays and then also they’re using to catch the interaction they’re using like Kinect got the product yes but it’s the chess players deliberately go on to invite their party yeah possible that’s queer be a good space to go into the story

yeah now the axis management and shared space I mean that you have to have a login to kind of a like second life or like some kind of shared virtual world right so you have to have some kind of that sharing things like Facebook boy at bought oculus so I think that’s why they want to be able to have shared space of the information I like this information sharing I’m going to be like where do you need to have the glasses so yeah a few of the spaces that much I do want to get into is magical so in terms of surgery so if you’re training somebody or you getting feedback from somebody we’ve seen the surgery being hurried out okay you should do this and this is done so that’s one of the space of matters and what they want to do is basically clear like everyone else cream platform where others can produce apps and they are basically allow others to use that hardware for different now one of them is the medical field so that you can actually share that I get feedback continuously from another surgeon or professional who’s giving me feedback in a complicated yeah occidental sit in this and laugh these are much higher resolution and the google glass if you’ve tried and they’re essentially just a little information they’re not you can interact with it except touching on the glass this is sort of you have a young glass which also see where you are so it can combine your district so you can grab things you kind of takes the king and move it and so but yeah it’s it’s revolution of google glass but you only asked was more like a research project on yes so I and it was quite low resolution and so and it will be gas also films which is kind of annoying if you’re sort of privacy sensitive so hello Dave decide for you to those who have seen 2001 a Space Odyssey this is kind of the artificial intelligence in in the movie it’s a was made in 1968 so all the time since that we’ve been going on thinking that these artificial intelligences that’s a good thing it’s gonna be like talking to you man it’s gonna say I’m afraid I can’t let you do that Dave it’s going to be a super scary right but so this is kind of the the the the legacy of this AI and artificial intelligence this kind of conscious AI is called now strong AI that’s the term that we’re using right now strong artificial intelligence or artificial general intelligence that’s when this kind of consciousness becomes so like and films like transcendence doesn’t really do it better people are scared about it of course but let’s so I think AI when i’m talking about a i’m going to talk about smartness artificial smartness that was a super interesting article by my favorite author or kevin kelly on in the latest wire in addition he talks about kind of artificial smartness instead of artificial intelligence but if you think think of the history of AI so this is a graphical Gardner’s hype cycle so most technologies when they come they go through these stages so first you have authority trigger and i can you some madman invented something and you go on the peak of inflated expectations well method us we can use them for everything I like AI so it’s going to solve everything it’s got to be the spaceships controller and external make things then it doesn’t really perform because as you saw before their the graph of x prime so goes like this right and then it delivers so right now you’re a I scan been through this kind of what is called a I winter which is I turned like 10 years like in the 90s 2000s still being so thoughtful dissolutions people they’ve hasn’t really delivered right so and then novels I’m slope on in life and nothing’s are actually happening and we were keeping your saying oh that’s not too tempted so chess player like yes power was beaten in 1975 by big blue he blew and we said like no he that was just not our mission college that’s just just some kind of algorithm and then IBM Watson in 2011 I was beating the world championship in jeopardy and we said no no that’s just really intelligence that’s not conscious it’s not conscious right but so there’s a lot of things happening in artificial intelligence right now these are really big impact right now it’s really coming and what they’ve done in the IBM’s Watson is that they’ve made natural language processing so they can actually interpret corpus of data on Wikipedia so you throw Wikipedia to it then you can ask them what what year was this person born and it will spit it back out so it’s kind of like interactive you can talk to it and you can write questions together that isn’t the Turing test like this oh yeah true and that was beeping now but they actually they kind of some people said that they fooled so it’s again which I know that something so it has dislike the test to see some thing is intended so we have a jury of humans trying to ask asking questions and then you can respond and see if you’re it’s intelligent one of it and it was exactly on the margin so by saying that it was a

curing anything speak so good English and it kind of was in the 13 years old and in that case you think that it was actually real but but so these these things are happening and what son is quite interesting because it’s possible potentially in the diagnosis of healthcare so if you give it the whole corpus of what’s what’s been diagnosed is it will kind of help you freak and diagnose oh yeah if familiar if there’s any open source version of Watson or so there is anyone working on something like doesn’t a key i know they’re encouraging a third party at the system to fill apps on I think they’re take their cut of your revenue but then you can access it if I have a big funding also for companies build on what so so they have like it was 1 billion dollars fund or something for startups they look quite a lot of money for for for for that and it’s super interesting because I think there’s one they’re using it’s like I stole a guy though just it’s a part of it okay but it’s pretty cool so yeah yeah have you tried it yes okay cool great how did you get access to it I they had some idle football it was a tiny test okay great yeah we have it also i think you know what universe do they can cables to try on it so you right up so you so you give it a corpus of data or text and then you can ask questions around that and it’s it’s been used for very successful in diagnosing lung cancer so they’re trying it out now and the medical personal says that ninety percent of the cases it’s right that’s pretty impressive I mean and that has big implications for how health care is that I’m look in the future right and it’s going to become a big opportunity right now for doing knowledge transfer like knowledge management so like to transfer this knowledge that we have inside the companies and so into artificial intelligence so that you can skate so companies that already have a knowledge management culture that writes down the learnings in some kind of data form or something if you can transport that and transfer that into a are you you can scale the organization quite quite well you can you can make better decisions so there’s there’s a whole blue water there i would say blue ocean there to to dive into so why is this happening right now so part of that is because we have cheap access to parallel processing like GPU is essentially a cpus are doing things in and sequentially but we’ve now developing new architectures of hardware which is highly paralyzed so they can do things like more similar to want to break our brain us so this is an RPG from IBM which is inspired by the brain so it’s a it’s a highly paralyzed system it can essentially set up like neurons in the brain and it can do like kind of connective tasks and then so but don’t worry it’s still just 1 million neurons so it’s essentially the same on the level of the cockroach so factors has about 1,000,000 Bureau so not eventually it’s going to take off I guess this is an example an EP you a new kind of processor for imaging V Pugh is a new concept called it’s a visual processing unit it can take input like images and produce a lot of data up to that and do image recognition in real so these kind of things are happening and then the second part of the why artificial intelligence will happen now is that we get a lot of big data everything becomes intelligence so everything will have an RFID chip and you can track it so that means you can do new things and Johannes already has fun in his arm so he’s now in Finnegan I was episode he said his part of the Internet of Things and you have big area which is like a corpus of knowledge that people have been already writing right so you give that to an AI and it already has a basic set of knowledge now and this helps for schooling and training they and the third part of why I is only right now is that it’s better algorithms we have learning networks like networks that are stacked that can understand things more like Brandon so there’s also software module on the brain and this is kind of a on the pictures right search you out that’s the memory of a cat that’s an AIS memory of a cat that’s how if you scan the whole internet to find these now not happen is the memories of the day so it’s kind of like recognizes that there’s a lot of cats on online that’s it nothing some member of the human i guess yeah and i smite oh we are also developing yeah something like hey I wouldn’t yeah it’s like personal assistant right we’re starting to speak with our mobile phones like fertilize this voice assistance their narrow personal assistant they are narrow on to in the sense that they’re they’re doing a specific task they can look at a book you travel or they can kind of do you something and then this is a whole new wave of application so and this one of the differential there’s a lot of a ice

out here I guess so now in our katana you can actually teach it so you can tell it what kind of person you are and what you like to do any and so and that’s pretty cool because then that gives it basic set of how it could be more personal with you so most other companies like Microsoft Apple Google has their Google now and Amazon just launched their Amazon echo which is a thing that we puts in your home and then your speech it’s a really funny viral video around that one so are you seeing it done so obviously a lot on this day is going to be done and then it’s it’s it’s a little bit like if you think about the good enough curve again like it’s kind of like yeah if you’re a native English speaker maybe it’s easier yeah in Finland I think it’s never gonna be sort of naked finish but but but it’s very difficult language to learn my way but it’s like it’s coming it and and if you interpolate it’s probably one very interesting way of interacting and artificial intelligence is also interesting to consider driving by and by a network effect so that you will have probably two or three players that can can do this in the world hopefully one of them will be open source for some art I don’t know but this is also example of a smartest foursquare like knows me knows that I like vegetarian food and Japanese food and then it recommends me places around so these we already know we’ve seen this a lot like Spotify has recommendations etc but we don’t think of it as a i but but essentially it is like when you’re when you start looking into it amazon has this 8 a-9 which is pretty good at guessing that I’m like saving and the Chocolate so it’s pretty amazing actually like the more in the more death I guess the more more better it would be at this time a joke yet singularity University was like if you don’t have a good product just sprinkle it a little day I all right so that’s kind of like essentially that’s where it’s going right so you could see a whole new wave of 10,000 you start up becoming like we do this but with AI and actually like it’s true it’s probably going to be like that because it’s gonna be me everywhere and the technology is there for it now you can think of an insurance company is being disrupted by this you think of grocery shopping or things like that being having big impact on robots I’m not going to talk too much about robots but like in health care that’s going to be probably a lot of stuff happening and with robots and to help patients and so on and this is a fellow robot it’s a company from cigarette university that that’s a robot that kind of drives around and helps you in there in that rehab situations it’s called an OSHA book so yes they’re robots are coming but don’t worry they just have the intelligence of a cockroach so that’s it pretty much I’ve talked about the changing due to the utilization Exponential’s how you can spot any different different changes and we have specifically looked at cameras and then we also looked at some future trends so do you have any questions I was that was it yes oh there no just for the day I forget ization space on my life see everywhere yeah I’m just thinking about the fastest time for your choices and how do i why do I like our life it’s kind of based also not on any sometimes forced to try Jesus he means I didn’t pee yes how does that work the AF and how do you think about this in the future so you don’t get like it oh yeah exactly my people isn’t it kind of different directions are being very narrow-minded I can see that coming an art form like that’s an artistic thing almost like an anthropologist would do that right sort of like how do you how do you form this kind of like what what is the what’s the significance of when a person music at a store like what about like how do you get recommendations that are relevant nothing netflix had a competition that it doesn’t have a competition where you hack the like create an algorithm like if you give you a better recommendations on TV series and they they increase that with the X percent and then so this is algorithms right but it’s like I think it needs it probably needs curation like it I think it means you migration to the thing is i dinnae I is good to a certain degree but it’sit’s um for something beats cast all of it yes but when cast our own place together with an AI it will beat the AI so you would always have a situation problem where you have an AI and a human and if you can cure a food playlist on Spotify for example based on your recommendation but with some curation of a human that it like if you get maybe kind of come in and help you out or earn it because it kind of feels like you want to get this kind of a joker okay okay because that’s how i came to develop and like I wasn’t supposed to be here

I find it super interesting but I think sometimes you know just end up with nothing the same yeah in life you have some people you know they only do the same things and this is it safe yeah and I think it’s quite far away to get that right I mean we see the real it’s still very challenging and I think that’s not because of technology I think it’s like party data yeah like if you have full knowledge of where you have been there like previously about us maybe if you could measure what you really like when something random hand that happen and so like maybe there are algorithms for that but we are to find out I don’t know maybe there’s still a kind of a mystery of our brain that we cannot solve maybe something that humans will always curators like it but we need to be kind of a rare about those questions build it into the system of algorithms so don’t wait like something that will make us too stupid hmm am I personally feeling from this recommendation is that a lot of algorithm can recommend you very good things but it’s also like when you get a personal recommendation it’s also sort of the place you were in that situation down alien environment when that person gave you the idea of going to somewhere like this kind of feeling of wow what is that or like maybe the metadata around the pointer to your information that is sometimes lacking because it could just be if you think about music if you sleep ladies a big music but if you don’t have the kind of situation awareness of like if you have that someone recommended to you when you are in an valley then you would probably take it to you an associate to that and I think it’s very very difficult and get it right negatory yep you have met besides from singularity University about the exponential growth in the food industry and basically alternative for the meat and dairy industry yeah I was one company last year that kid they’re called invito I think that’s enough so we’re an amazing actually met with I’m super interested in that myself it’s this company called modern meadow which are quite far calm but they pivoted from doing in vitro meat to doing actually lever because they felt that the market is difficult to go in in meat because there’s a lot of tabular super no taboos personal tastes and some difficult people when you’re eating something it’s very strong staying up eating something and so they actually wanted to sort of said you know we’re going to do they did what Tesla was doing the same with it with the car I think it’s very interesting test 17 and I get many many many car produced I try to do something electric car and I mean they were always little bit worse so people wouldn’t really switch because they were no that’s good bite and then test 17 said we’re going to do something that is better and that’s why people are switching out to the electric car to the test off because they have this kind of association of that it’s a good thing same with what they are doing now with with the leather that they’re doing a superior product of leather an artificially produced letter are likely grown leather known as its animal but it’s not growing on a living V but once a superior product also reaches who products yeah that’s when you can convince operations managers yeah absolutely and I think they first want to proof cases with leather and get get sort of stable there I they have had they have chips like they are I didn’t try them but they have this artificially individual grown me that they arguing into a kind of chips they’re like like beef jerky or something about that with barbecue flavor and different flavors and stuff so again in with no real need yes it’s the census and going on here I don’t know if it stem cells yeah they make burgers out yeah they have made Burgesses well there’s another company that is telling a real burger I wasn’t on the new steak steak yeah he’s coming to Sweden next me my friends are organizing a scientific conference and nothing came and like I’m our closest coming from non a marrow from the not from the season touch ha guest and he made the prototype that had the burger basically cool 250,000 yeah yeah you’re yeah food in that environmental sense because it is sustainable living world if I’m working a lot I mean they read your name is since I mean people want to eat meat basically but it’s it you know

it’s not very healthy and sausage this other products coming made of soy that will be much more sustainable and energy efficient and cheap which is basically will taste except this evening it’s already on the market it’s just need a you know the tipping point I was talking about before so it’s kind of we’re working in the same comedy or something as I walked out said we were working the different types of AdWords is though it’s not technologies is gonna be good to state visit me we have a lot of similar are you working with upper yeah yeah I’m going to keep get words here you go yeah I never been oxford and I mean everybody’s talking about how we can meet the you know the Rotarians next thing everybody working with data equipment is going super much here in Sweden or so and not on meat consumption policy cervinia I’m doing a project 04 if he wants a growing exponentially you should go for that which reproduces exponentially about this company called beach food for progress and they’re making this is the hybrid car of whom which is if they have a momentum Abby meat mix with actual meat to make people actually they are loving the meat lovers trying to make them each piece percent return or vegan actually and they don’t make my that sausage already just to make people chips is that the same dude they’re hard lovers right you need to have the hybrid car before detection to go into the Tesla’s yeah yeah we wrote a report that’s called Sicilian food for all and that’s about stability and what we were supposed to in the future to me that it’s all my house of course cool you know I’m very interested in my Syrian proton myself like corn is pretty yes but I have excellent the other through Thursday visits they have a really like those crickets okay doesn’t work okay this is more of a personal question but what do you personally think is going to be the next disruptive technology free printing where are we going to have 3d printer and whatever we want printed at home like all technology and everything or something else I think hey guys like the things that I talked about now I think the combination of AI or if you mean mobile industry zone so if i take that one like augmented reality together with voice months and the sort of like it better in phases so i think it’s interesting that will make the phone where the pcs now maybe you have one that may be late at all because you can do most of the things it sort of without it so with variables otherwise so I mean that area so I’m kind of so I think think a lot about that I think 3d printing is cool I don’t know exactly how it’s going to look like it’s hard to say i mean i’ve seen some really convincing examples or so and i think that the whole idea about it is amazing i mean it’s totally he monetizes things and I’m cherries so I don’t know eventually maybe things become verra virtual anyway so like yeah maybe you don’t need to print some sort of like dig it so i don’t know i think electric car is pretty cool is go like the super disruptive as well solar panels solar panels are really coming super exciting for for saving the power problems the thing you’re saying is really interesting because I decided we’re not cooking linearly with me exponentially and I was at liked it jri the Japanese Research Institute and they have like just big rooms of all of these not ease in one and those the things are doing there are not preclude looking at like how they say to use the Japanese yeah yeah yeah yamaha like the whole room you can just wear a fleet of about men and augment ryokan like take things in the air just by having they are we having like a pro street closet or augmented girl without them and you can use it you can write in the air and in fact that will disrupt much more than we think yeah and I and that’s why so hard to get exactly what you think is going to happen there because one way point when we look at those things that that’s not what the typical or the consensus is we’re going right now so it’s going to

be very different but you know they say you can’t act in this way to get go to take somehow there’s not one future as many many musical but i think it’s uh yeah i think this is super interesting the whole thing of this place and then things where where things are going if it’s like or like actually I on one thing that I haven’t talked about because last time I did it people thought about supreme so ya know but like the brain interfaces that yeah it’s a very nice thing so um are you try to eat even if the easy and like if you like you have the electronic mantle on your arms or not the big so you have it in you have it like he’s suddenly somehow it connects in I introduced to the brain of the information I’m scared so if you just read your arm you can build things yeah and like that guy goes to cringes and you can just feel things and like in in midair yeah and just leave it there because we congratulate her children yeah Tilda copy that rooms and rooms that we produce room yeah so that’s why I is a superstar the things that are coming or not people like the consensus is right now yeah it will be and this whole thing of life esta I mean when you think the extension of like brain interfaces it’s like personnel there are in EG state kind of like are like you could also have some interface which kind of reads what you’re about to say like it’s connected to your voice but I wheelchair but but in the end that they started arguing really cool stuff with mice like they’re connecting mouse brains with each other so you can actually have Mouse’s solve a thing over the internet so they they can they have a quest for getting food and they have like eight my mice mouse mouse is my sis it sort of mice so they sold it together by sending brain waves to each other over internet there directly operated in their brain so but it is quite intrusive so like I know how much will be the first one to do that okay there’s also this one thing that I found super exciting is this optogenetics yeah hope the genetics is technology which is like genetic things that you eat appeal essentially I can transform your DNA and go in and change your neurons so the neurons on your brain becomes assess if you like which means that you stimulate actually non-intrusive you can you can actually get light through your skull like like without going into the brain so you can light it through and then you have my stimulating event pulses we have essentially like the eyes in your brain like that a photon sensitivity of your in your brain that means you could write straight into the brain it’s like the next level virtual reality yeah okay see I was just wondering because i think is so interesting with a singularity university thing a bajillion you had a graph with a linear growth and the exponential growth would you do you have circular shark or do you think in a circular way because as a s’sinn of sustainability whose futures i was thinking graph mathematic you talk about software so that’s right but when you talking about hardware it’s not sustainable to have like exponential growth because you have to have a circular way of recycling things up cycling or but it’s good very sustainable way community when things are virtual you have probably virtual environment of these things they don’t want you to flutter down there beautiful and digital meta but that’s pretty stable or like like 3d printers you have to you know way to design things into a ecosystem basic so you’re actually you know put it in the design phase that you don’t have to use the product again I don’t you throw it away and burnet you have to make it interview thing is it that local author project or is it the Tyrells mix them up one of their research projects is building a modular phone which you can snap on magnetically you take out pieces in a putting another as I upgrade the cowboy and you can come out and they just published we going like a first prototype from it so it’s pretty cool that’s that’s really i think is sustainable in a way that you don’t have to upgrade the whole you can just change the cpu and then you keep on updating your memories and so like you did with the pieces and like yeah but but you’re still doing with the same TV yeah oh yeah they also have this kind of motive area now I think the sustainability aspect in dyckman on your development is definitely hiding behind a lot just I’m using with new continues is one of the example because now we’re democratizing envelopes me that were purchasing a sword or plastic then we would have otherwise probably at the same time it’s

coming for example one of the one of these companies 3d system is where is working on a recycle more so they’re using filaments that’s recycled plastic but that’s still 25 years I knew that was has to do with the materials integrity but it’s the phone is that is sliding mind a lot is it’s catching up but very much ride alright alright so we’re thanks not good this was a very interesting conversation wonderful speech I have a lot of things to think about let’s continue and hang out here for a few more minutes if you like you have some water or a cider or whatever suits you and we can stick around in this have a smaller plant conversation those who need to go please go buddy