T7: Afreeca Tekken League 2020 – Season1 Week 6 POOLS (Knee, ImYourFather, Sunchip, DoToRing + more)

The kind of 2020 Ace Season came on Africa TV Stock with sadness c’s last day Let’s say hello to the d-6’s game. What’s the performance? 4 Now Today, it becomes the decision of the protagonists who go back and forth to the final of the Agildefinite l Mr. Cube doesn’t want to go some April move and comes out 3 Last chance line Art Chan Tsura Without that name, today shouldn’t be, but it’s amazing physics me It seems like it’s lost and comes out twice We check this a little bit I will come. It seems that the settings are a little wrong I said a word Uh, people like this come and are in a rush Because I’m going to catch something that doesn’t work Oh yes I see Aso pain There is no normal vocabulary You have to correct this Okay, okay, now it’s important Ulsan of igo and cucumbers is unpredictable But now the problem is Yuk-Im 5 Mystery is ranked like this, so there are a lot of players under it If a lot of graded sauce goes up in Gaussian, you have to go aq Because they are taken straight away, the top players are still I want you to win This is the 12 to 5242 players who give me the biggest wishes It’s a very important day today, and I tried to spangle my fingers right now Thank you. Yes, I saw it for the first time. If you see Scud when Daejin comes, you are young I floated it to everyone, and I made the first match softly with Lo. The real civilization Joke Oh and I can’t recommend the Nakdong map Now, yesterday, I couldn’t sleep with that excitement Nakdongmin really has a sore throat today I wasn’t in a clear mood, but in the heart to make fun of myself, no matter how much Dad King Now, I have a snow disease and have to pay it back Also, unfortunately, I can’t compete in the future When I said yesterday I was coming with my child, put a stick on my lap It’s nice to show you in the language study Because there are many, so some Japanese broadcasts to what kind of example Dogs don’t have honey, but money to talk about is a bad private house Those in the neighborhood took medicine and looked a little short Yes ah, my heart hurts now, the first advent on the side Now, it’s the month of the ipl season, the month that followed the great religion to the whole school yesterday How does it go outside? Now, if you can see, today is the 15th. I came to Yangyang ensemble It seems to be the last day now I think this week is really giving the Tekken to Hull Phone The day after the dais is over, the day after tomorrow lc q hit the next day at this point final And in my opinion, on the 19th, I have a chance before the end I’m just doing something together this week. I’ve been waiting for Ald Ling on top It hasn’t been confirmed yet. The player who didn’t do it today or today You will be worried Again, there is one feature that I share with you I’m really worried about that decision I’m going to see some wonders today and have some fun with some medium Now we will check the flying thing and make it ambiguous From Airi to 12, please tell me before b. From Ulsan player I need to be tight, so if you see what 1 dead knee oi Until it’s confirmed, it’s confirmed, Ulsan is almost there, but Ulsan is also off guard But I got rid of the horse shell and went up the water in the car and won a lot When the squad is pushed back by 1 as a new championship squad appears, 4 Ulsan is not sure right now, it’s not confirmed Players between 12 put up their own score little by little, but 4 Now you can go down one step at a time so that the players below do not come up I have to hope for that, and since I am a loa, I use my knees, The players worked hard again today and after raising this super point, I If you can earn money again and get points, then you are becoming greedy So, because I finished in the season finals this Saturday I have to go Yes, this is the last addition to the players who do not participate I tried the momentum and got the plan of the condition check This ranking is being released now, and from 12 Sore They have to laugh or win first place in ncq today The player who wore the Mac was ranked in the top 20, and in the East, neither the script nor the 8 players In the second round, this momentum in the tate was tremendous, but after that, it was a bit sluggish While showing, the ranking went down a lot compared to the previous grade, but here The top 12 top 5 players are most afraid of it Well, last week, you’ve actually been the main character of Eat On the day when I really win the ship a6 as it comes up, Final Melting Yes Then you can go on again in the end The fans who gave a lot of support to the players in jdc as a character also I’ve seen it a lot, but it’s been up steadily for 100 years

I’m also holding the DC 1 player in check 4 So, the hand tool in today’s cancer t-ball epg is not number 1 I don’t have to be too good to float today or have to survive the lc cue So, it’s very important that today c still have a chance I’m all players now, but Ulsan’s job and I’m asking for 1 dead These are the main characters of this at season 5 that we are talking about It was famous for going far away until 2019, but in this ranking table It’s a bit far-fetched when you ask me if I have to argue The list wasn’t done. Yes, but now I’m feeling like a true hero While showing, I will be fighting with Ulsan players without Eulji confirming the finals It’s just that now that I played a lot, I’m going down to the losers To prove that there were so many First of all, the dead still give 80% win rate and the number is 81.8% It’s because the number of games is small The game management skills that are really great are great I only played a few games with sword and sword attack knee and shivering Even if the dead weren’t the only ones, the win rate of the real dead was almost 90% It’s also showing its involvement in the season as well So even the players in the 20th ranks, so the win rate was shown, showing more than 60% Oh, that’s great. Now, I’m ready for today, so I’m ready for my career I’ll lead you to the game. Round One’s game In fact, we broadcast comfortably in the first round, but in January of the matchup, Ara’s knees are on the side, this is almost salmon I’m ready to go if Olsu is so great in the industry, but these two teachers This is a situation where the tendency is shown. In the current season, the bonds have opened another club The radio was adopted as the other strategic weapon, and the plan was to be depilated Park the first volume as a night snack bowl or shine in 10 matches I’m here to show the strategy that society can deal with others I think this is what I think, so today I came back to play like this Tomorrow You guys last week, Nazis, last week, but you’re still showing other characters I used it to keep something variety Now today, I’ll show the difference as it feels But this purple ram has to be scraped a lot on the bottom anyway Because I eat a lot of bottom in the state You have to do a little bit that you can hit the counter a lot in a standing position First of all, I’m on my knees with Parktown It’s not possible to do this, so you have to get grounds to diagnose it hurts-open it up I think I’ll just say I’ll end it up The movement to check sponsorship was stopped when it was finished, but after blocking 900 degrees Look at it from the count Maybe it’s a picture that’s ahead. I’m still close and I’m going to pick it up soon How far do you have an advantage with writing Still, these players are coming in and talking about a hot a ride I-kicker girl If the number that shows a lot of movement is really high-ti count The history was erased and any animal movement appeared, but it was a little short now When using gerber outside of the weather, it hurts to go to the counter, but a little impregnation Minyul came. Reading passed, and a stick in front of it ah ah ah ah ah A word written in a 4 book, yes, it’s just gnawing at it 5 Laser Discovery Writing on the Cliff I don’t even kneel, so in a sitting position Now, Ma sea was one shot, and the game is over When holding on, eat 3 Well, there is no one because what did you do I made it Family knee source did not come up with that decision information in the first round, so I’ll live big So, after it comes out, the timing is coming when only the first class can be countered Yes Yesterday, when I kept going on the bottom, I gave it a lightly stomach after 10 won Sliding sister also sent ah, this is really tasty, even if you just close your eyes It’s a funky barrel tour I’m getting out of my back again through Nongshim Now conclusion Ao I don’t know I didn’t run Making this line twice is a good thing, all the same things dry up Lure 5 Oh why, but this time the knee is Yes, because this can be painted with a break No, you have to be careful about this The continuing mid- to mid-term Dongyeong dance is also with a dollar that restricted movement The Daehan Gori jack at the bottom is with the road so you can change it Swordsman and ah should I do this until it hurts Even if you don’t go to the floor, you have a lot of damage right now Because of that Nine bees had a little hamburger with a medium body It hurts all the time along the way It shouldn’t be dangerous, but I’ll follow it and tighten it Disappeared front yard sly 5 Here, too, a very unfair picture comes out, which leads to the sudden defeat of Villain Can this be in the middle of being Sophia I don’t know what to sleep, the kid at the end loosens it like that again, but this time the lower hair Even with the date, it was almost unfair. I did not have vocals to match the double signal All right, I had a lot of space, similar to Sue Elite Box, a pretty recent solo I came down after work

Currency exchanges that are so shallow should be planted and carefully put in each one It looks like a bridge, but it’s only with my family I have to finish, but there was such a scene with cancer That’s right Write one set and put the additional student number to finish here In the case, the government unleashed the game without smearing, I was hitting the wind, but I didn’t know this at the end In fact, if that was released a little earlier I don’t know, but once you’ve laid the opposite picture in advance, you’ll be important too Because of there As expected, was there a little difficulty with zero yt going? It’s true that the development power has spread like that, but it’s so diverse against knee players Thoughts have to be done and 4 have to get out If you think about improving it to the degree, the structure of the complex watermelon I came but are you already entering the finals Oh, that’s the degree of bait rejection, but now we’re So Floren Because I turn it more, uh, this is 2 leases up Because both kids for Amada are ranked, the score is not Fortunately, it must be that today the body stays buried and meets the liver stomach I’m trying to get rid of it, but one day, I know what happened on the 5th day for several seconds I met my first game, but I wasn’t afraid to lose. My mom was me too I don’t have it like this, I’m just crying, almost 100 people in this situation It comes out, but why is my knee? It can actually come out There were 10 multi-family members, but now I saw them and all the players lost Why is it like that Then, even when 88 people need to see it, it’s kind of met like that It’s flowing, so if it’s Anne Young’s mother, the relationship is like that There is nothing because it is really good to share 1 point and what percentage Uh, let’s meet this second setter. Actually, I’m the knee player I definitely wanted to meet once, but I have to die without a dragon. This is a big light 1 No Four brothers Oh oh oh year Taejo Even if it’s a beautiful death than something like this Now, it’s okay among those deaths, but I can do it well That’s why I’m sure you’ve been hit by Slex I didn’t even come out after giving Geopo why and commenting on the tip of my nose I just ended up getting 3 like this just because I hit it 7 I don’t play with imagination because it’s very intellectual, but I’m sorry for making this Field Let’s boil a slate. Now, this is the second class 4 Oh, this is because someone started conscious of the too high-key counter Then, it’s the ones that I said to reach at speed and hit the side now Then, if you don’t know the lip and do everything, it’s scary It’s work. Come out I did a lot in the last set, but I raised the bottom twice in a row So this time, we have a long way to go after being declared in today’s attack 4 It is a situation where it is turned bigger once more, and no one marked While taking the earth 5 Flower her way of worrying about this type of design This gives a lot of p at the top and then puts another foot on it Later, I wake up and get to know my things in advance, so I erase them when I choose I have to do that But, since the leg cartilage shoelaces are longer, there are three more Wyverns Poetry cell itself, then something I got and got 4 hits and it became a counter 10 It’s open. Even if I already eat this go2, this is the topography I can’t see it with the changed wall and put it in, it’s very red Real wheels are difficult Now then we got out of the field and now we can finish the drop game Wild hope wins, but you can shed more here 5 equals 3 times 1 Even though I put it up, the lower part will not be the leading 5 I pay but it has to be punished I took some medicine like this. I took the money and looked at it It’s also good to put a candle signal in here Among the functions of manufacturing situations, y more creepy now, absolutely shining I catch 4 Yes. Before that, Hassan continued to release the water, but Hassanro Gnawing and organizing and making In general, I think that it only needs to be hit once, but on the contrary, I also welcome If you say you can beat it, it’s dark Would you like to use it again in a year? Yes Now, gnaw one-two and have fun at the end of the kangaroo Ubin is in control, but the bear talks a little, Okay, right now, keep answering from the bottom line The name fits all the way to the bottom and just give it one I have an accident, but even if I spill this, I don’t It’s really not easy even if I came back earlier, I’m Park Han from the mouths of Welly’s players It doesn’t just come out that I went to y the best catch Stat 5 of the old Tekken With our eyebrows, it’s not possible to lose to others who have been admitted Because they gather and bow down Yes, when you come back, go ahead and believe Now, if this happens, it’s really an error like this, but I gave it 5 again All the problems will rest I keep getting a little ambiguous

But if you go somewhere in the season while losing this with us, the first time this momentum It’s better to feed it, why do it make it longer and shorter Will see Yangbang 21. Who is this right now? Is it a clan when it has never popped properly? It comes out in compressed words Uh, big earth guitar 0 5 I keep walking when I grow up I changed my mind that I wasn’t going to lose 2, but the Horde was violated and no phone calls It’s not easy The car is really spicy outside, the group wan op equipment is packed with pizza and it’s chilly g2 night, if you blanch it I’ll love you. We’re young I think the agent is going to do this right away Long y is all the losers in round 1, this is the draw event wed Oh, I can’t. It’s me that even Adam talked about. I should see it in a place like this no 4 Algorithm I think I said this, but I said come home Because you can come up to the end again when you are ahead of the early in the turn I need to see a little now, and even though there are many, we are talking about the times If the size becomes ruins with a lot of points even if you add the best, then will you go? I came in after being ambiguous in the season in which we were going to proceed A lot of standards will suddenly change in the middle And again, the money was amazing, but Rock Tommy came up Miller Tools I was at war Today, it’s like this. It means chicken I’m just in the liquid How do I try, but it went up yo So yes, I’m losing round 1, right? I tried down the wine with a glass and the very important thing is if it is in the neck There is a possibility that it can come back up, but how about this from the knee source? I’m sure it’s going to be an expert uh, because this can be a bit vague today I must have played in the future At first, I would have been offended when I hit the h arch So again, the movements of the players who keep putting them on the test are designed The fact that Joa is going to feel fear on the ground Well, so we sent it to the first match of the first round and when the second The stream of performance will be ready now Amuse’s career that he used to win second place in the battles of the nations There are 4 On the contrary, the short distance that foreign players are getting ridiculed I love it since the age where the player is a very glamorous layer Anyway, in the end, I have to be confused. I saw the Jericho Gallery It is not easy to stick first, but if you stick with spirituality like that, the patient I’m tired, but listen to it and pass it on to all of you I’ll give it to you. It’s a showdown between Leo Ki and the musician Since it’s Mayor Mary, there’s no time to get out of the way Rather, there is a picture where Ray Oolong hits damage and cannot escape May be It used to be like that, but it’s always spring, but should I lock it up with a wall so I can really guarantee it wr I did a lot of imprisonment* If I fall back and want to stay still Coming in and doing The most important thing is to put the tiger intestine. Ray that I will continue to make by investing like that Even when I come out more in the spring, Lee Je-ha, a lot of these writers, who have a larger notebook I have to put it in. Yes, I have to use the color because I belong to the station Will the land come when I go down the road? I’ve been in style Now, the technology of using life as a collateral has won, but in the end I asked if it would be easy, so please ask. Even if it is right, the guard glass is very large Tazza 2 Top while 8 9 about 1 week Eventually, catching plasticine or catching sister change, etc It’s difficult to wear a jacket when the sweet love puts on this flashy pressure Still anxious again, namely Millaudo loser, how to be cool 2 uh ah ah ah new teacher find out again Yes, should I return it with collateral? Ah, ah, because I learned the player yesterday Wow, let’s find out other cars Yes, it’s too bitter, communion in the ranks too bitter The first one I’ve been walking along with 4 Like this, the energy is also started and unconditionally goes in parallel I heard that it was hard to thumb up from Reray as a storehouse gallery with only me and my eyes Joon-cut to Muji is still the best player among Hwarang players Excellent, too low-cost average, so good Of course, the places are also well under attack. The terminal answer is a bit good for the fetus Even if you move, Mr. Yongseong is on, so you should see it first in the middle Eyes care, you can’t speak from the front, such as shaking as much as a braid Recalling The 3rd perfect debt player is good at doing this To go to the flamingo position, harden the glass to gather wrinkles and pull out I have to hit my butt hard and go to this year or watch it aggro I didn’t listen and there was a joke, but I’m not going to turn it off with an auto Except that you did a very good job. Yes, it’s the most important thing

I was arrested, but I abused it in the first round of the first round The third and fourth are all blocked and I’m going to get up, so I throw away my stamina To defend Daewoo Ki Sung-soo, put the hotel twice, and the server put it through the p It’s right to give, and it became wall bread. Why? Crocodile This buffer may not hurt so much if it hits the feather break I talked like this We also stopped it, but is it the same? It’s eating. It’s okay to wear it full of evil Since it’s for 1 set 3 times, it’s probably very bad for the player Yes, but the psychology that suddenly changes after the 2nd period with 2 sets It’s the most important thing to contain ulcers among the subsidiaries anymore Okay, the counter is 7 years intangible than the snake pose I spent that effort, so the counter didn’t come out and the counter didn’t come out Doing a mochi circle with a dragon pose to go to the posture or going like this Looks like it’s good, just yes In the middle for the destination, he mixes several, but the process is a bit Now that I can’t connect and the music is so persistent, even a set that is difficult to lose Okay, now the second set Let’s meet right away. Most of the jungle these days are characters if you just want to damage them It seems to come out regardless And if you think about losing in the first set, Ki player is also against the song below I had a conversation and came out Wow, the knee player once said that. The Rave Long It’s not that I’m playing my own game so that I don’t have to talk more It is possible, but a mistake was made. It is usually lifted. Connecting to the groove It’s not that the South Korean roles are goalless Now, you gave it to somewhere in the Middle East. You caught it well Change approval to disability I was eating but Because I saw it blatantly, I kept pressing innocent It will Now that’s it. When you run out of alcohol, you can catch 5 sala woody bugs if you go thinly There is also a hearing about it, but you know how to automatically dissociate your hand with gel every year Long 251 awake because it can be made into a state Now, I know the Tung Citizen’s Daily that is here and I think I was trying to break it I didn’t go out as a sticker 4 Now, I haven’t seen you anymore, but when you come down and enter like a week In the game, Carol’s unfortunate choice of a white bear is definitely a rouge I can’t come up It’s not that the Dang Gallery is so popular Where is your affection? That word comes out without 6 It’s good for the door, so I can’t Efforts started to laugh at the player park 4 Then once you arrive when you come in I don’t like it Oh, I think I’ll keep going. How do I put the crucian carp in a good condition? Self handjob oo in more caught 0 After that, it’s the enemy I chose to come in after avoiding Sue for a moment Now, then, I combined the Gomtang story Oh, I earned a job, I added a job linkage cow and turned it on again Yes, this is just a bonus as an overhead kick Because it flows, raise it up and grab it, take the walls and hit it late alone, tuxed up The choice is so good that the first occurrence factor scan In other words, it’s only going to be, but this time, the difference between people will be bigger Yes, and this can be the last one Because I see Because of that, the shop that summoned the magazine that was deliberately turned over, and the existing The structure is better But do it again I’m praying too much. I don’t even have a price for the medicine I think Now, I’ve put in about half of the diagnosed dogs Oh, there’s a Tama saying that it’s an important moment, and the problem will be cut down. There’s no clue Wow, the muse is great If you break through with a straight line technique, this will also avoid the Hwarang Sabbath You can avoid it again by giving it such strength as you do So, after that, the players who play roms would like to put it on the bottom or catch more I did not put it in, but fixed it, but the gallery first grabbed the article and round Should the gear go I can’t fill it up anymore. Well, the guard was good first And it’s used a lot in the lower part. It’s clogged up a lot I regretted the pack a little. I believe in these things and break the wall whenever it matters The aura object is confined in the opposite direction, and once a braid is perfectly connected, It’s me 5 It’s a little bit of proof with the unknown electricity of the budget There were a lot of them, and there wasn’t your answer in the Arc Africa Prix, so that stage From experience in the game, at that time, I caught the forest that shot my knees and played with a tuba player So let’s spread it properly He’s a player with that much guts, so if he goes up, he’s excited to go Seeing yesterday’s summary, it was because it was good as shown in the chart that day I almost became wealth 4 It was the day I almost fell down on a rock show, but like the performance of that day Even today, Yuju looks solid in the suburbs So the interesting thing about atl is that not only me and the player, but this place is also a macro

Hwarang players can see a lot of games in the world Now let’s play next game Oh, this is the buckwheat battle between the Breadman and Les Minseo Sue Even a baker keeps coming up these days, the feeling is coming up Suffered on stage, fell down, and in a nursing institution So now, the wrestler is looking for more characters than before Claudio Ah has been working as a maze, counter me and I guard again When you write, please always do the ferry once. The movements work well Yes, even if there are a lot of real poems at the end of the verse, When you have to come in like this, the flying job of the station is good and comes out quickly No, my friends, my hair felt quite a bit more, but that play was over Got caught Eventually, even if you roll the bread, you have to go outside the glass The voice actor came in Jacquard up, spill it again until the end, if you believe too much, it won’t happen Oh, how well do you know the timing of the girl card being shown 4 Oh, it’s not that there is not one chance on the page In this case, when it is up and sagging, use a cane generously in the first round I’ll give you 4 lots of things to throw away I know Bread’s sister is scared these days I’m sure of the dog Now, it’s even giving the feeling that the character has changed Even if Claudio was originally like Steve Me, he could express a lot of difficulties But after achieving that, she gets a female prisoner Example: Bread made by you and those who ride Samsung for equity is Oh, it’s also dustproof. When gathering in-time, the green is not twisted with a cane However, as it gets closer, if you strike a counter once, Because it’s over, just from afar, now with that explosion or something When I entered, something came out of the muffler And my kid is absolutely a gun slop, the two who used it a lot have now grown up Your lancer, he’s here, you need something like this If it goes into the top that doesn’t need to go in yet-even if it’s a frame It’s just padding, so if you don’t do this It spreads a lot with North Korea right now, and I’m sick of 5 anklets Ah, it’s good for cooking high-level Chinese characters Yes, it has a homing performance Now, give us enough horses to come out even those things 4 But I don’t know well in the corner of the article, so the number of torpedoes continues to be released I tried to help the city to get out of the direction, but I emptied it, but what I made is braided So no matter how It’s like a vote for the third round of the country I’ve really saved It’s inevitable, so it’s like that, it’s okay. Oh, I saw our dealer It’s not clogged up and it’s not even after just a lot in the sense of uh You got right like this, who is it? When I stopped turning Daara, Paul The room craftsman warm water is big when the crisis escaped calmly He’s good at aiming, but the level player is uh, and I got a hell out of the bottom Because I put it together, it exposes that point It’s easy, but this is the area around the rest period If you say it’s showing, it would be nice to change the bottom later It wasn’t like I was just following, and when I came out the third time, I took a breath at the end I took a lemon tree and sliced ​​it myself, but it was clogged up Audacity We have changed somehow difficult. If the theory adds more like this It’s a great welcome. If it’s wrong while filming, it’s also something like my general rule If it’s right, it will be a big deal, but if you have this phone again, just grab a guard It’s okay to be, and the part I choose is the initiative Thugs are a bit of an advantage, but I don’t need to do that right now A character that needs to be fulfilled I’m going to ep the home bar on. I put up with my teeth that I’m afraid of because of this I think that it will be a total of 7 times later with rotting When I came in, he introduced me to say that in the end there is no need to blow from the crowd Come in, something fits with the gun, then the boot is heavier, so it’s not fun saw Eventually, it was a bit difficult to be called a girl, and this second set also had any g I will tell you if it will continue I definitely felt that I was very nervous Yes, when I couldn’t run because I couldn’t hold my posture without forming a thin film If you run late and hit the floor once, silver damage will be used Even so, if you concentrate, you feel the possibility that you can win I’m a player. Subtitled assistant first room witness What’s perfectly procrastinating This new swing In advance to see, how different would have been after the set together I’ll see In the past, when the player wanted to not eat Flo Dior, try kissing Le The result was such a success, but now Ada Claudio is going to do it again Talking and talking on the agenda There were, but now, companies are doing so well behind the scenes Because they come here often, they only talk about a sense of stability together Yes I hold the open again like this and the computer starts to come out Wow That’s Lee, right now, this gold, too, was hit near the corner

I was beaten while avoiding, so the flying job keeps going The date to ask and when your back is crazy, stop with a cane If it’s right in the app, it’s time to add floor damage again First of all, I saw it well. The first time I screamed, this was blocked No Oh, but because I know the computer, it’s a base, but it wasn’t even the government Now then, it would be okay if Guy has no end to earn, if I subtract 4 from now I was cruel with the thought of inserting Eunmi, so I pressed positivity Now, when it’s not beige yet, you can do it once assistant In such a situation where I could be empowered, I did not have a vote so when I finished like this I got a little calm. I got a number that broke the golden tile balcony If the balcony is broken, eat a little and the price of the high-ranking k5 snack is 4 points calmly The picture drawn on the bottom of knowing how to taste rather than taste is right once round Was Now, those things were, but it’s said that they can be changed through dancing What a good start ah, it’s pretty 4 Yes, I said that since I did it, I would have done almost nothing I can’t while thinking about it. Now, for now, the hell was constantly being blocked Like this, now I want to use a little bit of a break Because it’s me The fears are completely different. My players are definitely not shaking each other and I like the movement because I give it enough to fit in the game But I’m seeing a move right now. The owner is too expensive to break a junior high school balcony I went up to When I shout this on the film, I hit it a little bit wrong, and once it’s over, it comes out Now, this time, but once again, aspiring to the church I’m going back to the balcony, thinking that I’m just looking at it through the wall, It’s not being treated like a filming It is said that you should not listen aggressively, but this time 4 Woosung Chun Bread Jing Chongmyeongtang chin because I just went with him and went home I didn’t It was a picture that I could win by giving out these seminars quickly. Now Is that he is dead more aggressively Sleep Red That was missing and came in, and here this data type If the head falls, you can make a choice in this case Spray that can hit the air 6 first when weak or fast I’m going to cut the jab of the contract first, the main topic point, but the contrast is a bit late I’m eating it at 6, but I don’t cry with silk Off ha a real boy writing is a bit away, and the upper pick-up and apple at the bottom What it takes to record this reborn ID collapses to the sun and gives Until now, if the chicken coop conception is all right, even now And you can break the wall that touches you, and you have a choice It was additional study there, but it seems to be caught I’m giving it to you now Red beans are shot once and feel the second stage with the core officer I could gradually see the possibilities as endless Flying with her Young 2 2 2 Pants material came out at a very good time I’ve even been to the country, but I couldn’t solve it at the time Now, in the end it becomes In some ways, the cultural equipment that the Emirates would care for is distributed at the bottom I’ve been hit by that too much, so now I’m in a gold deal The gun case was also a problem, but you didn’t help with this Uh 1 If you hear the opinions of the players and the flying day comes out at a bad timing, I make it because of me unconditionally, so I try to avoid it as a box office I’m making it, but I know it’s a fixed state like that 4 characters spread As the soup became good, whether it was bread ash or the winner liked it, I decided to take it to defeat I missed my mother when the stubs, which were players with chat disorders, came out Names and translation names appear in case I wondered if the Hwarang players I mentioned earlier will continue to play I think that’s right, Iga Gallery, actually, we laughed next to the house Because it’s difficult to light up because it’s photographed, There is also a reason to try tradition Now, I’m going to introduce you to this kind of clothes, even if you’re emerging recently, It’s yellow after making a grade. Yes, this macro also takes the player out of the h error I can’t do it. I came out in the chat window and received it In last year’s twt that writes, a hoo shock player enters and shows I wrote it, I ask, know, is it possible Ah at, this season 2, 3 times this year has increased, so you Even if it’s just one day below, I’m sorry, the moment I want to see the day of the gallery The gwt history of swords has been going on for several years already Among those paintings, isn’t it a gallery on top that is difficult to climb even before the final of the district? But still, paradoxically speaking, the gallery The stage of punishment that can create a situation should also be created Now, then, first of all, the plan continues to appear We will introduce several changes every week and continue to the top round It is being maintained, but you can see the dream of Jaffa from the thunder hawk collet When it comes to Nara Falls, the Boo player named Jena consistently If you do not hesitate to play the classic game that you want to play, like this 4 I did it suddenly Come that way It’s a big deal so I’m so good. Oh and I have so much experience and that

With a terrier who knows how to lose even when he hears the truth It’s me, actually, in foreign countries, it’s a little bit burdensome for the top level That’s right, even today, I’m a little surviving that pro It appeared, but Macro Artiv, who has a high stock price these days, will be another good material As much as you can, roughly 4 has made purchase memories that cannot be vigilant Macro lt viewer Nara Otto that continues to grow little by little Actually, it’s okay to come out. Even though I wrote it, many people have to write carefully I was still welcoming with open arms like this, but with caution and Now you have that kind of fear of the contest, you can go to the buffer alone Let’s meet there. Boa macro tva confrontation First, the priority that flew down is infinite, so I put a combo in front of the wall In the past, where you get additional benefits from the catch combo, I’m struggling to shoot, but it’s not easy to make such a painful time Will Sleep Ruper again How long can you show that aggressive figure now? If there is a Riquelme Reef, so you can enjoy it Go Whenever a ticket is combined with any wooden player Isla Levo who cannot spill it I need to take it out 4 It’s not put on it. Now, the attack continues to be a framework. 4 Akabi shipyard I gave it very calmly and guarded it. If I didn’t do this, put me in The score goes first and does not wait for Donghae. Keep returning and full of 0 What’s the 5th sweat, now I’m going to make a mouse mp Now uh, did you look at this and write it? Wonsam hair loss, I was so lonely trying to see the upper table once Now, if the situation is wrong, like catching down, is voluntary and the current floating When the athlete is running in a right position on the weather side Here’s the 10 fairies, the goal 4 Made The visit also has a pitching counter that does not mix 40 items well, so one by one in the trap Depends Now coming out aggressive, Baekhyun’s TV is definitely confident Under the Gaorenja 3, the sky is better. Use it until before I guess I mixed it with the rice and the mouse was well bloomed. But now I showed a lot of 3 columns Ah, I have to spin it all over and finish it with the maze bone Perfect finish Like the sisters, the hellish fountain of Seonso rowing career and 4th episode ramen will graduate I’m a bit embarrassed to think that it’s Eames You Dao, so take the soup, not trash 4 tools Seeing this, it’s already Lee Dae-yong, so now the mother body is starting to burst It won’t be high, you’ve come and seen it, what are you guys crying like this It’s good, but why are you sick So, I waited within the range I knew, and then I just ran the web browser You can create an easy emptying situation where you don’t have to go to North Korea So I’m mainly trying to gnaw fast and fast I’m worried about this and only the name of a month ago is a lot of blurry Let’s take it, grab it and shave it I didn’t give 4 sides because this is my timing There is a macro la, all 3 shots of low pressure in question, and there is a hot avatar I skipped it and chose the cm, but don’t even do that Now, however, I brought the app along the limit round, making it less and less difficult Now, because of the difference, Rout has done so much releasing work The 5521 land is too planned, but it’s gone unconditionally And in the street that is not real right now, the five-prick watch hesitates and bounces today I tried stopping it a bit late, but I got hit a lot Until the air raid, then the group to be used is already low I’m devoted, but five I don’t sell more tea pottery I can’t do this In the end, some symbolic movement of yourself Strangely, the girl named Hwa got a second sky There’s a lot of talk that the game could end in two rooms, but why clas In the player’s game, very little blood remains even at a raise and If you get hit with technology, the wings are so utterly spoken? Through that symbolic technology Eventually, I played Marvel, and rather, from the standpoint of Goff, a country of increase But it felt like that Now, is that player’s pattern down? Uh, it’s been updated so many people keep looking back Giving me information j’adore I woke up my makeup but it’s a vote Ever Duck Dream 7 This player is showing such a great guy map The face of each area to ask for the great indicator I win and play Neo Uh, but all trim 7 players weren’t surprised a little recently I grabbed the players and showed a lot of equal fights even though you like Shan’s knees Because I’m not going to put it in and kill it

In fact, sometimes we rarely do this this year Because of this, we are making changes A scary underpants loser entered and is not a huge confusion It’s a lot of work. Yes, it’s been a while since we started It looks like it’s down So today it hurts to see the 5 Lister, this chapter even comes out to punch punch Will it be inside You can see a lot of memorable players I think I’m a giant, Rope hat, came out in the tournament we asked last year I did that, but now I don’t feel like a dedicated guest Right now A lot of players have been leveled upward to the extent that it is difficult to meet in the Sunja Group There is such an evaluation called It’s in the midst of macro TV’s leading tomorrow, etc I can show you how different games that fit your country So you can put in a little bit more so that i can also play musical instruments It’s also painful to receive and put in marriage There was quite a bit of a break even though some movement was coming out with a Java bear and a spoon I put in a lot of four three, so here it is a fake as a flamingo Give me a look here too I go often and continue to serve 5y, where I serve smooth, something, a little bit of a fellow or two hundred degrees Look at the ground like this Mainly, it was all burned and it took place. It’s a child game. It collapses every time It looks like a week I did it here Oh-what is it, look around here Oh Lydia Real macro I can’t get it right now. Why is the Velcro sheep’s tongue technology telling me Yes it’s almost finished That’s the bottom, that’s a lot of play Rather like this There is a pum-gye that just received the funds It leads to bright. These are probably better sources through Ben Prediction vases without sadness So, I don’t ask to use two pairs of knees I finally got it And even after the filming, you have to be careful of putting radish to sleep and giving out a lot of rooftops Now then, I was in a situation where I fell on the beach of Tsar Tsar In the end, the two sets of monsters are clear It goes well with the tank, and the problem here is Nara Open Air Hey, I’m coming to pick you up after I’m wearing it now This is the mode in front of the scenario that was drawn while receiving it in the air That’s why I’m holding it without saying anything Rinse it at the bottom of the day I’ll give you more, so I can say that many citizens Larch Song 1 I was so excited to catch a fight earlier, this is a hit with a book Eventually, if the dismissal is stopped longer and the gallery hits a lot, the deal difference and mouse free The number is overturned and I am annoyed, but why is he a bit embarrassed on his way to work It will be upper Well, the class of the app centering on Table 2 o 3 4 is early 4 Please turn it off once in admiration I like the appearance that came out Oh, it might be painful When it arrived, it merged into Star 2, I killed you but it broke up It’s all broken, I hit it, pull out the old, o walk the alarm nabe in front of the comment and go to Beckle I’m not going to keep writing again Yeah ah washable rice never goes down the road Rogers bracket from the country That’s either a joke or a flamingo in Utah Since coming, the psychology is diverse, so the mouth is really perfect Really, half of the liquor was taken out I went down with a drink and now it’s finished, but in the end I allowed a lot of total sky In the meantime, even if you only have children, I was caught in an unknown psychological battle It’s because every collet rain may rise a little more today The players are good, but why not put them in a clean and dynamic way Since the sky time is long, you can enter unless the original one-two meets the request It’s not easy, and even after that, let’s just spread 4c at all Later, I changed to flamingo and oi oh Then I thought I should jump once, but there were a lot of numbers and it appeared again 4 As such things eventually become, the culture has changed a little Before showing the body slings or anything else, And if you keep your head down, you will be patient, I haven’t been able to properly pass through anything, but the fact that it doesn’t work is that It’s scary, so the aggression to come and hit later as a second response Not higher than luther 3d But if you figure it out and go in late, dad is like this It’s not enough because the loudspeaker is narrow for the timing again Yes. So, in the end, I’m going to go down to the losers group The number of departments is now in the past, atl games or other competitions If you ignore that you don’t do it these days, you can throw that message within a month But now other players use the word baby up leveling Do you know

It’s throwing away to cause the child Just looking at the permission that was the best two hottest people to show I keep getting excited about it It would be better to eat Yoo Jae-sung, come on today and now until macro 6 o’clock in the past again She showed me that she and the cow were going 4 I still talked about oppa ah, I’m too busy, so we 4 Oh, give me 1 win. 5 English and 1 win Please refrain from making the embarrassing sound Yes, this is a request. I was unable to attend 1 win and beautifully missed Give it to me, so give it to me, I will do my best because those 3 gold and silver It’s a good test, but the performance fee comes out the moment you sit down I didn’t like it because I’m not good at it Do something hard and use it at all I will walk a certain path rather than an unstable path How about myself today? It was difficult when I was chic and working on the 5th, so I showed you later ha-ah I heard the next game densely Now, even if you have Totori, it’s like a couple That’s why I thought I would do it again, but for a former Peruvian player, It’s salty so I’ll start eating like this when I’ve finished organizing In the new spring that I just put, this year’s seed is 2 tons Actually, when I read it last time, Cut at Okay because I’m here 1 Put some clams in and take me I got it, starting today, starting with my left hand, but it was warm without knowing I wrote it down to one and I didn’t know that it was damaged once for 10 seconds You can also use it when color mount, so when you have to worry about something oh 2 It’s good. They come and love friends It’s the same in the Japanese grape rules this time around See you for a long time The choice to continue changing here Now our store address Trot live system I heard the festival match well I knew this was something, and that’s 4 multi-words I know you’ll be okay, I know you know I wrote it right away because it doesn’t come out in general I look forward to going wild There are a lot of these too. There is a real bullshit of a mouse It’s too short to be in charge, and the anthem is missing to experience the pagoda 5 Even if I run and run severely, I’ll try again Oh it Ah ah ah ah ah once again 0 I don’t know much about this suburban boat How to determine how to mount, the more direct contact comes, the more the appeal is similar but different It’s really different than paying attention to free defense for a blast that I hurriedly say that I can hit the counter when I have to hit it correctly You can have it I always challenge myself There is It is judged to be inclined one to two, 5 5 If you pour the bottom one time at an important timing, it will rub, and the table is practical It is changing, and it is how it is like the Popoong Asian bandchangko in the agreement In the end, this is Kefir’s sincerity. Now, wake up and pit this m First 2 Now 3 If you want to use body care 8 overseas, it will continue to come true once more Because I can throw it, I push it with the power that really makes it climb I don’t get sick anyway Oh, it’s special, really show the figure and the Toto ring eventually street routing silver 2 I couldn’t design the counter only theme by stimulating the mount I’m not sure if I can shake the 8 rice bran today The mount word follows, and then explores like a quote, and the various patterns continue Because it changes little by little, there is another hearing at the deliberation committee to catch the apprentice mouse Yes, the man with the button to fire the mount missile put in an acorn Now, if the player who has been subjected to anti-aircraft missiles sees me and a few yo To catch it, you have to watch and receive or flinch, but keep going too quickly I see it The next step is to get a tree without actually being able to endure something in the end After all, Toto easily brought the set ready now Now, if you stand up in any era and protect difficult skills, Can create a situation 4 In the end, there was almost no situation that jumped the combo I think I can think that I went through a lot of catching psychology that is too hot 4 on land 3 And in the meantime, it was the last and third time, but the acorn stands When I think about it, I do it until I solve it, so the so-called big characters When you enter verse 12, just push the customer until something goes through Yes, well 2.5% shoot me here, your disability is aggressive From the standpoint, the other person has a word, but there is no need to use it Yang-seon stone how the second one in the middle really can show The financial preparation is almost finished In this case, neither me nor the hug player daringly jump 10 won I think it would be okay to scratch the bottom as well. The upbra player broke through hell Coming up

Because in every word we said earlier, this is the seed It’s very annoying Yes ah ah it’s like you don’t need a procedure ah Even if you know, I’m really improving the timing. I really came out It’s caught. Yes Now, this is the second set of training stew Childish Campbell Swing Suburbs Why do you keep hitting bed combo when pushing in position I think it’s good And now, I have to go by holding the clock counterclockwise Resources especially in and temporarily in today The timing of the process is also good, I can attach the loader empty and I can see more Once such a thing is stolen like this, if you select a part, I am afraid of any end I’m going to try Ah, I have to go in tremendously Let’s focus on the bizarre. The side short is now focused in the direction I have to do it, but I need to install it again situation When I read it while I read it, I put trick art in it and make it so that I don’t like around 4 I did a lot of Black Sea main things for 9 minutes, but now I’m going to double It would be the basics, but it’s a bright baby That’s how it connects and I can take full accountability It is also important that the bottom counter is better I used Gia Sla because I used it, but since I saw it twice, but everyone It’s also important for others to bring it out to the bottom, right? 2 Repair the impulse distance 4 You can break our money I have a ball. Yes, the distance was a bit dangerous, but the tumble signal is a word I didn’t 5 There is no terrorist attack to come The wall in Shilla has changed in front of it, so it’s always Irochi I could throw it away with rape. Now I have to show all of this It comes out aggro quickly. Now when entering, the last number of acorns in the raid Show me The panda that ended first was good, but I thought about receiving it through Mabang I fell down and grew up ah Uh, finish by hitting the trap The detector used a lot of grain, but this time, the so-called laundry mates worked together Because it was 7 days ago Dr. Lattice wear tens of thousands of particles Ants are now behind When I saw a friend like that, I thought of holding something on the wall at once Because there are too many twists to clap 4 It is a small mushroom Hepung closet can feed it per person and 8 Now, the end of the daisy is over Oh, just put in the evil and then let’s sleep Oh, the phone parts will die, and in fact, when I wake up, I just push my head Even if you stop, you can take it off There is a safe beginner, that is, how much is it? I could do it because What is that? I really like it, I said that I could just give it to the game tomorrow Hey, it really was my last life and I stopped it again with a mouse Now, I don’t use any more than I want to wake up now, It’s the first time I’m showing it, but now I’m just turning it around I thought it was difficult I got it from you and entered into an extraordinary psychology, now I can think of it Now, in the end, it became a talent training foil deal In the case of Otto Lean and Now Turbo, the last three teams will follow Certainly, when it’s important, Tony showed a lot of things At the end of the national treasure connection, around 5 o’clock, even today, these things work well when jumpers are important I was chased, but if I get lost in the back of the combo, what else can I do? I don’t wear it, so I get it and run away There are a lot of dangerous people right now at the union’s computer You have to put it on the middle while doing that p I’m awake and thinking Let’s take a look at what kind of pictures can we show this time? I did it on the clerk’s mound, but what catches things by the floor area ratio next to some play area Actually, what I want to be in the middle is because I feel pain. Right here I didn’t think that it was going to be cleaned Even if you pressurize it while entering the can, it will leak enough to eat It hurts right away because it hurts so much. Now, some of the virtues are just released 1 Citizens are enough to enter the city with what they have heard and seen Let’s see, Acorn I’ve seen some other performances this time Looking at that, I don’t think all the catches are the same in the down state Once at a time, I’m showing all of my auxiliary fingers thanks to almost something That’s why it’s like that. Now uh well, but after driving It’s the ceramic art homecoming marketing Now it’s starting to work well on the streets from the previous 5 Respond You have to sit or stand and believe the reaction and watch a lot Again, it’s not a lot. We can lift the waterfall together

After entering the god Fuxin, the Arab son and mother don’t communicate well I did this too Now I’m playing that a little bit I gave less part Now I have to take a little more there, but now it doesn’t fit again, The movement is very good. Real wow movement sound source Even if it’s about poetry, I’m showing the silver’s before entering Even if you say yes, 4 now make an order to get closer There are other things that I like to go into at waist level It was a big hit after 5 after the physical fitness mark. The situation continued mainly for full-time candidates It’s going back Oh, but let’s loosen it again Because of the more than an art book out of the collection, Almost damage Tata care once psychological report Even if I keep eating with a mouse, I like myself, but it works well, too It’s good to be the older brother of this after the heavy rain hit once It’s going to be the street first, and it’s going to be popular with the Isla counter again I’m going to run the bibe, but should I even sell it a bit earlier? It’s possible that I really got that hot foot, but I won’t take it twice with an acorn To mention this, the padding of the frame that is lacking is also good, but now it is diverse I gave it The bottom tab is good, but it’s not easy to spill anymore What I did again of resource sushi because what I am called does not change Little Utau 8 additional station interns Next time, Miryo will be able to use the red mount to make her daughter run out of stamina I was there, I lived on the weekend, and I took a break at once Oh, it’s going to be one bill again. I just wrote it down When the bottom dies, when the counter gets there, there’s no ready 4 I was aiming for the silver angle again, but waiting for it again And when it’s important, it’s too much to defend when you stack enough dots to fit Good Yes, nowadays, the first thing that is defense is a choke in the neighborhood I told him to change it to the timing again, and at that time, it’s a dot if it’s a card We believed it was yes. Then, if the players these days grasp all the movements Move it, more cool 0 game will come out As I overcame the crisis, I overcame myself, and the reason for the last reversal courtyard Has been And now, I left it as a vertical rival composition in the hall again One of the players came out with a lot of biography and a rival at that time The composition has a bigger voice, and the Sunchip Sun, who has to recognize his reputation from the past chb Actually, those knees frn right when I fall asleep and even at the same time There were many cases, and I started to shoot the sun I’ve done a lot. I’m here. Yes, I’m still soft Cut the amulet that hangs on a snake to make it move As soon as I see it, it’s amazing I can’t find my character That’s the problem. I’m doing the jockey and doing some good things The bottom line is that you have to find a color for yourself I’m back, but I’m still working on a certain character about my identity What choices will be laid to give you prayer Rather, I think the words are felt s Kurz players are also worth 2% news. Most of the professional players Even if I go on stage offline If you really think I should go to the bathroom, raise my hand The business talks and the arco electric issue is fast and half-burned Actually, this should also be opened. There is no escaping with the air Write a little on the small stage of The problem is that the first is the unification I just mentioned, and the second is that David The hungry little Allah requirement is a little bit old and in a relationship with me You need to know this and you’re starting to become a little older now If I wanna come to you From a certain moment, the church has the chocolate in the back pocket That’s it, I secretly burn when I fall, and I vomit every week Did you know that the Arch Jacques de Jong movie also has a pattern Like Member 2, the story has a grim pattern, but this is Yamada’s Write out You are met by me, too much today So it is I feel once again that self-management is important How about another number of self-rights? Concentration is also required Will it be ready with Jesse when the party runs out? One of the players lost the tuba, but when I fell with me at 4 They communicate the coping ability the most. Yes, before you have to exchange good footgus like this The player who made us prefer our chocolate drink is the leading sugar water and it’s difficult I didn’t have each credit among them, but we did it It seems to be 2 and this game is going to be the 3rd down I’ll give you a zerg Yes, if we don’t say it, please don’t do it until the third round Round 4 is now ready for the blackout economy

Because of the story of Kwon, it’s time to be filmed right now I have to go up high and build up the score safety so I can still go up It’s a team that fought because there are a lot of shows day and night It’s weak. Yes, but the anthologist’s testimony of Pokhara Mi Mi to Scourge Somewhat in a motel Now, Park Han-nam is being divided with disgusting hearts, who have grasped the popular type That’s why it’s important because it’s the same as the high-end type I have to study room I hit something like before, I got a little bit into design 5 but Even now, I felt so blessed to go in connection 4 However, when I sent it to you, I finally abandoned 5 people I know it Oh, I almost still went, but I answered the building location to the school consulate. So this ground I’m going up and down and I’m going to spill it out Ah, let me know, the hull is fast, even though it’s Corey Gangnam said the way he asked was that it was easy to hit the counter Now, use this to do some hemp counter There are also grid-sending applications, and they prefer a different connection to deal with these days It’s better, but it’s stable Drive tearing and running, damage will be blocked afterwards Is the bus on the thumb side still disabled? 4 Isn’t that right? The music that was made after this It’s a little bit far, but it’s a bit far, but I’m eating too quickly If you give it to me, I don’t take it later Hmm, it’s the perfect product to burn something out from the beginning Well, this is the younger Nahee, then Baba has a harder cold and gets bigger like this You can keep it now More than that, weeding the canvas, what kind of finish it is, is it? It is supposed to exist at once I’m thinking that I can feel the formation of the player in the house Now, first case, it’s 8l us I’m sure, but the technology always stops in the hot water It’s obvious that I went to the como It’s born and it’s growing to be used originally And now that I put a hold in front of the room to finish Han Man-hee, Did it Also, it’s a room, it’s a tag or t Let’s wait Waiting for the sweetened plan, beaten, beaten, beaten, beaten, no names added now 2 Once my knee is wrong, as soon as the storm brightens, it is over I’m going So now, the web is going to be fast I heard it. If you keep going in, I fold it and bring the streets in prayer This huge solo enjoys the fair and reads it home like that After all the work in the handyman has been laid out, stretch out I saw it coming out, but it’s Chihuahua Give me a fatal mistake, so is the squad player just now * As the Google hitting transition I made the atmosphere well at the beginning. One set of red blood cells is the old TV Show me first, show me later It seemed to show all the sins first and then bring out the desired menu Now, in the end, then Sun gb is a little too important to go around the early gospel He told me that he had a feeling of overusing technology at first After seeing the resurgence and sticking, it made me draw 300 supplies and I couldn’t get it It’s good to mix these things well to lose It’s long, so I see a lot of tips, but the hull player uses good technique to dig into it and get close I tried to win by fight. Yes 4 When I think of the class leader, why does Scourge speak well anyway? If you drop the second rain, if you hit the upper together I gave you 7 days that you can go with size and high damage Then the drill set was a sun chip 8 It’s not obvious that I didn’t have a chance during the scoring There are many things in the Ad Foret powerful raise while inserting damage I did show it Eventually I was beaten to old and couldn’t open it So the black skirt player in the back is going to be a little offended I think I went out with a dragon Wasn’t it almost over after hitting the hammerhead gun properly? And have a quality cam And the hold machine comes out, and you take out the upper from there or it will hit the counter Because there is no choice but to solve that problem, Kurtz It’s a variety of bags. Now it’s all out of Leroy So in the end, this is Lilo. Scourge put the gun down What basic skills to do with that bridge No. 1 I think it’s a good fight to attract. Come in, not position And why the buffer linkage hold device comes out like this, so I spill it okay Let’s do Sperry, think about this and speak English You may know the reason for this to some extent It moves so fast, it’s different in that respect. The player says this is good enough I felt it. It never decreased by using upload. 2 Come to see this when it is long. 4 It’s so regretful that the height is weak, but the gunman learned the last horror of its gunman world If we responded more than humans, it would be Han Narae, spanking 5 trembling

In the end, it was rather a heavy bottle of the main character, and I used the opponent’s attack time Oh, I’ll make it It’s a distant view. If it’s not Episode 5, I’ve drank it all down This is an evaluation fish species in Kyeong The side is filled together. It is the one that is collected and restored to a right angle Then The total damage hurts, but it’s like this new Since no one is, the real Miru’s earnestly earned money Or just sit and wait, and it’s hot like before If your shooting angle is right like this I’ll be aiming for that when I come in while I’m in Tokyo I hit you in pain If you come to the car shop while sleeping on the street, it hurts when the compass is low Even though the anthology temple is making so much profit and loss, I’m not putting the ring in. When you look at this like medicine, this one can be put on by Perry again So huh challenge style, I just put it in English and write it in English I won’t take it this time There was no kill, and I just used it I wonder if it would have been more painful to eat because I said red, but for now Because the cane is missing and it’s a herbal medicine How do I write this one drop ah Oh, but Mad will hit him while avoiding Scourge player knew it as well It wasn’t a party and the country of the circle really wrote only 2 guys which I hit the country for the last time, and I thought it would be caught this time I would have thought that it’s because it’s so bright, but I wish I had a surprise over there You may not use it through 4 If you enter something, you can block the chart Dutch soju is too sweet I like medicine gold It’s a weak person, but if you go into it, use it Bar is Lee these days When I do research with a counter pick on the side, the cafe ring that I will shed No. 1 when Would you like to hit it If you study this, the other side knows better, so I’m afraid Because I can’t, my turn continues to open After thinking about this, soju is not afraid, just keep putting some water I’m using it at the risk of my cute life. It’s a 4 match I went down a little, and above all, there was almost no repetition of the field, and the total alarm several times mysterious I went well when I moved, so from the beginning of the first round, why am I playing my second base? I can see if I chose it It’s also the fertilizer 2 map. It’s not there, but it’s also buggy Nowadays, the reason I’m going to talk about the spread and high-end is on the wall Killed by hold psychology, saying that it was a Kaname fashion 4 Now, by moving on the field, he just picks an infinite map I understand it If you say I have confidence, I will fall out and cover it with movement That’s right Oh, 10 minutes rest, it wasn’t the color that made me breathe r It was originally time to rest Yes Oh, the question on my performance is that I’m the topic I want to do Still, I’m 1 1 2 1 Stan is a little bit like that Baek Jong-won feels good I ate bullshit now ic has failed I’ve seen 0 for a long time, so now this Gyeonggi high post is a nice case of name Of course, it’s all about taking a break But do it like you get an egg amc Tita Fare 100 Star Balloons Thank you, last time we were young Live in the middle of the night Thank you for giving me a star balloon again in the composition of the uh-heo Oh, only pictures, the star wind does not come to us. Yes I’ll take my heart No, I’m not sure I’ve news of Elite Amo 4 Yes, I will meet you at the price. Still, it is selected that it is the same with the Viola system The player also thinks this is too good to make me miss the gombo on the wall Seems to be Now, if you look at the sun chip, if the opponent pulls out 1st and 2nd base, I should have used it, but there was a hole in the part that was a bit disappointing Once exhausted, gentle wakes up The mandarin duck is off. It’s a gun. Fast technique. I’m between 10 and 12 plans I’m just going to beat it. I keep falling with the counter Right It’s a problem that comes to mind after being guarded by the whole line, but the dangerous moment of bedding fantasy continues Yes, this time I’m good at playing in a new time Because the soil continues to grow Why is this overlapping, the timing is different later, until the wallet is extended I’m getting a butt on the fly, but I’m taking the initiative to walk on the hip I sent it perfectly and added it at the pace. Just an absolute gaze moon It took me one of the l go to or work country I uploaded it like this, so I think about it once even if it’s okay with the fellow initiate Now, I kept pressing and biting the rice cake like that, but this caused the loa Then it goes back painfully Now this is 4, of course, in the end, it’s Eames If you go, it will be over Uh, I think I paid so much right now, I waited It’s not 60,000 won as soon as I hold something more with dogs I waited for the product, but the sponsor The number was too one-sided and emptied

Oh, I stopped by lately because this is light in the corners and it doesn’t fall over Now, chin and 5 keep getting on knees I can meet this Lloyd in the future, so I have to protect it Sun gv The hair is finished like this. Oh, I’m not too conscious of the shake When using microforet, it is cut with one two, but now you can hit the counter I thought that there was, and water again, so the sun chips The player did not move based on the experience. Now, in the end, what At once, I changed the atmosphere by selecting above, but without the last set Wear it, measure all the streets, eat, and simply write something great It wasn’t. Yes. So, at the beginning, I did Weber fakes After showing it, later ah, this is the existence ring Why do I put your Putt Wen Herbert on, so you can take the counter and lie down and look at your head It’s like this. That’s scary. In the end, we’re the winners until the third round I’ve sent you some paths, and we’ve got the festival Dean and Silverlight Round 4 is getting ready, but we rest for about 10 minutes and come back In that case, I’ll run it all the time For all d6 economists who came to season 2t in 2002 The winners round 4 game is currently being prepared, but we have a break Even in time, now that I see the ragweed, I’m still going up to the player who can go up the second game And I met my knees like this. Oh, but the matchup that has become a hot topic recently Arthur Muller is a little more important, but the water player I think I found the answer through a bit of defeat recently In the end, the player wins the victory by asking again 2-1, and the winner is continuing Join the group like this and join the group up to work. Ah, I have to use the music industry ADC I know there is also a loser inquiry There are a lot of phrases on tv players going up 4 Gura is going up and the apostle who announced the gray color is now going up, so what 1 The chances of meeting have increased Yes, I’m afraid I’ll just fold now and play with the muzzle player It seems like this, because the famous Joe players were losers and played a lot of golf first It’s a painful memory that repeats every week that I don’t want to go down to the talk group Well, if it turns out, of course, everyone comes down and what is the city? With that money, the outcome of the game is unpredictable First of all, we’re going to send you business management. Before round 4 It’s a silver light level 4 The number of silver light books keeps raising its name these days I know, but because I got a chance as Julia Can you feel it? It’s a little so important Hit and come up, Jim is currently in the youth ranking 10 Previously, if the body today modulates the ranking of the lip fur, it is determined l Should be I’m worried a lot, so I’m a little bit of this drug These days, I have a lot of concentration, fun playing games, and a good grade as Julia I said, but with great interest, I once again thought about ad Dragon So, as we checked today, Eddie is ready in the game window Being Gango Wright and I need to be spaced so we can meet However, as Jia became a new patch, the stance was good for the bottom damage Now that I’m in, even if I press it, I’m just poised You can create a situation where you can react quickly and quickly Just like when you stock up on self-movement interest and come in The top object comes out, but if this is the case, I ran away and didn’t land all How can I teach you to study and tell the truth? Did not This is because b can be opened immediately later Method c Pavilion 3 b If it comes up right away, it will take a lot of damage and then it looks like a clean matchless thing Then 5 41 cases, if the modem was a little bit more, it was a deal and I was lying down It goes well this time, and a round baur It can go wrong right now It was finally finished 5 It’s good that Superlight players are semi-emotional, but in a game like this, both ends It was because there were a lot of languages ​​that I was suddenly reversed due to the difference The player can also talk about where the hint could be if it was solved It’s not easy to flip from that difference with Dia If you leave, you can change even if you lose I hit the first bowl when it was short, but when it came out again, it hurt exactly 4 because it stood again in October hitting a combo If you pop it together like this, it’s good to hit combo and curse Mix la 105 to the ambiguous country without being overwhelmed Turning the bottom and freezing should be written so that it doesn’t hurt in the end You can do 5 Jaja Razon like this Wow, I walked scaredly. If it goes faster, just do it now The timing came out 4 But, I added Lina a little and answered that it wasn’t. It’s a bit small When you open the streets and make what you picked when you shoot, go and run Even though the output is a little invested, the counter keeps coming out, I don’t care about the temperature I made it Is this an opponent? To counterattack something, the two will resolve r2 3

It’s our way. Now, this time, we’ve been increasing and going to experience Orphan Silverlight’s long distance, there’s one of the third yawns because of that I’m continuing to change jobs. Let’s put in savings But, should I go again after this kind of compass comes out? I ate the turntable like this. I could reverse d0 with my nose and backlight There is only Wake up, Stott Marble would have missed that sanctuary Doban and grow the wall I ran once more to do it, but even if it turns into a falling wall, the combo I didn’t go in as I thought, and I couldn’t even get up If I didn’t win, I almost had a salt battle. Reporter Apocato In order to enjoy this situation, I put a gag at the bottom and ran away, and now It’s starting to communicate. It’s frustrating to play. Audi I’m Ting Oh, really the strongest I feel that the expectations are very good When Eddie Robo is dry, he overtakes him, changing his ability from round to round I’m making the page I found The counter of Hongbeom Kim left a new look, but I didn’t have it Eocho salmon doesn’t work like this. It’s straight to the side. 4 I don’t have pickpocket abe On the way, it spilled, and the wave came out and the runtime was one by one Because of this, when the war player comes ah yes, so that you can stand out from the bottom and When I get ready, I say this Shows the real solid look of the four-party war When I put it in the first round, there was definitely a feeling of being dragged around In the end, I take the lead in raising the streets and always listen to me, not the evil executive level I couldn’t connect the technology itself Yes, I thought that the choice with the bug is not bad anyway Talking can’t be beaten, and Ka Jia, who is vulnerable to that kind of silver, You can put in Lee Ji-seon moon and then the cheeks, so all 17 ahsan Thank you It’s okay, Anne’s pd has decreased Oh, I fall in love 337 times so that you can reach and attend gossip Oh, thank you for chatting with the Yokai Mansam Hajinare building in our field I understand why I didn’t see it The purpose is now, but mh manners chat is only 4 Bezier Thank you without knowing anyway. I know everything, but you’re done. Yes Now that you are manifesting, that’s it, how difficult it is for an African father to work together If not It’s awesome. 4 characters In the end, the first game is with the back of the hand. Now The torment set is ready If you do this, you can choose a total map. Lee Ji-sun Dan-nae can hang it I’m a little upset that I’m running away and I’m hitting a market like this You can go to Dragon Nest 4 Then I keep playing all sorts of facts, and the plan is If you feel like you’re being dragged around, let’s say something like Titan You can choose to run the game Still, it looks like they are aiming at apps that can continue to break down He said he would bring additional gains, but in this case, the former Ting player I gnawed and ran away. I lost and got 200 of the p Please give me a hungry contact to die Yes anyway, we are waiting for your hot interest Rotating team leader can’t use schedule and silver line I wrote page 4, call me up Yes Luther 2 Article 3 is still cute at the bottom, depending on the model, but the heart is It means I’ll look at the way until I play the game once more Then Dax blossomed, the villain got a job Yes, ahhh, you can stand up and the fight can continue When I sleep, my ears keep trying to walk at the end Oh, this is the effect of this change, change the standard In the end, I don’t know it’s too gnawing, but it’s the former side that gets the big score Even if I show up, I’ve never been aiming at the counter. Oh, but this didn’t work Then Ah, it’s a little hot. First, it’s better to cure your worries I did it, but I am hesitated about how to grill red or hell, then g A few making chats are the fastest. Yes, let’s plant the Fungshin plan I do, but I can’t play it for the first time There is Oh, but it’s still a lot of waste, so at this time the lion It’s like coming out. Thought in the universe is stable The manager’s opinions were divided, and the introduction was followed by a bell I’ll do this much and eventually fry it like jumping again It was a stable time, but if you run away and ask to try it, the most It’s not easy. In the end, when it’s like this, my son wins everything I bet and saw a fine horse Uh, it’s about taking judgment and putting it on, but there’s no subtitles No Oh sure, this is your fat payment Ah, I eat this hamdan and the end of the beginning reaches I want to draw a twosome, and the Aite player can’t find the payment direction Please move away. When I see the cook guard in your country, the atmosphere at the beginning of the server rolls badly Now that it’s all happening, it’s scary to drink and maggie, there’s one round left Thing During the civil war, Lee is also good. The movement is here, and now Julia is more complete

Because I did, how can I see the 2nd 2g ancestor when I meet anyone? Yes When you meet a very difficult Sangseong like Dojin, It’s important and you can just make an attack for now Oh go in here If the question is light, if you don’t see a good dad, you can write something new in a hurry to the ending After handing over, he couldn’t come out with such remarkable performance There were so many rounds right now. The 55 White player came up smoothly It’s not, but my hangout is harder than at work in the past Because you run away more silently with anti-government blood shaved Super hit players Park Bom and Cho Pung have to be installed to match them Pim can’t feel rot It’s because Manoa gives me what to buy To go to a halt and make the situation something, my stamina is already low again I took it in and got hit at the bottom and got Lee Tae-geun Now, we’re going to be the winner of the round Structure what cherry mango in the room game If there’s only one part that’s more and more regretful as you go to bed and go behind this jta The big indicators are really cut, saying that there are many players who are difficult due to the network The first match with the Justice player who came out as a highlight last time is also the same Tears have so many matchups that if it’s been up to this level now, it’s a broadcast acting It’s still a winners’ group If you don’t keep going up because you’re a winner, why don’t you take the losers again like this? There was a big fight where stories could come out, but as you can see now, The situation is just fine, with restraint in volume 21 right now, the chap aspiration today So I have to win the least full won. To know what really nc vomited, today If you win the game and do not hit it at once, The fact that people have come means that they are still in circulation And Junseo Mogu is a very valuable player I was wondering if I would choose to fit the trend I’m a player It may be regrettable that it’s not a shame. Depending on the nursing home, the combo It’s very painful and you’re hairy, Katarina is in the current season You have to tell me not to get weak evaluation Alas, even if I have eggs in my heart, paradoxically If you go up and talk about it, see the excursion oil kills the honey hidden again Let me drink again, let me drink, because if you look at me like that last year, you won’t be able to pop The family may be unfamiliar with the malicious state and the high-key computer You can suddenly forget your basic mind I know it was aired, but it’s small, but it’s a bit of a consensus good Yes, it’s better to have a foot with a Haikyuu It’s possible. Besides, I don’t know other planets, but Harrier’s slightly better Harrier continues to be dark because it is being evaluated That’s right, what has been steadily up until now, there is such a balance in the existing weeks Because yes Rainy season computer only architecture This is good for Como, but if it is not Jindo wall It’s easy Now, even if you connect the body ball, the group home faster I hate this 7 anyway It can be ambiguous even though the culture continues What happens in Perino Logic? Even if you finally take the kick like this, if you just scream, the effect will be I can’t see it, and when I go to my side, it’s like I’m holding it right and left And it was finally finished But the front line player is still loading to hit the big ones I wonder if the timing is hiring, so it works counterclockwise Even I can’t do this from afar I will design a product name for sweat and making I keep showing you after packing. There are no packing pirate hacks I have this 4 Now, when I come in, I keep reading books from the end If you put it in, the blood goes into the top of the silver and the 5th party is already It was blocked. It was not used. It was not used. It was during the nomination Poke me Then, the neck rescuer who will be able to play well until the top of this round When responding, it’s really tough, but it’s really tough If you are funny to eat away from the enemy’s physical strength, I heard about making a street later and riding 3 tablets Now, this is the setting of the gray hair of the hell. If you do this now, you will walk until you get further away I have to see it again, why is the lid getting farther away now and the g Street hair removal ah way up 1 It’s thin and heavy, then it’s going to happen Even if I try and when I sang it, it’s usually 4 Moonlit The sleepy pearl keeps throwing away before paralysis The bottom is flowing and I can’t get the last chance The verse is 1st to man Now, but this Hya to beat red Sleeve concentrated batan to Zumba book to finish? Chap’s aspiration is a wish Dill koe ta pe ling, do you really do this for just two days When preparing for the character, not anywhere, move the character

Practice about the skills that 2TA Perry can do and how much gk is that Unlike the panning, the frames are different for each road and A few examples that do a lot of research Yes I brought the most of the first set, but what consistently 1 The first one comes out, but here is the round where I kept gnawing and having fun There was a boom, but from then on, it’s perfect under I wonder if Miku John will show you something Grab the player and come up. Now that I see, there is also at le special I always say, but I’m resembled, so I’m finally here with Katarina Because I don’t have to lose weight because I saw it I think this cherry is fun because it feels like we are constantly hitting the new continent Also, it was the taste we knew before, but whatever the blessed taste for a long time It’s a 4 run-style character that is good for some people with disabilities Show the game and even take the 4th volume down with a rising sauce Came up That’s right, the second sweet won’t just collapse Still, in this Africa, we can broadcast a lot of Katarina In the past, even if a general player was seen in the battle of destruction, he played an active part again It is a character with a steady history, but in this season, When you show it when you receive it, it shines again Let’s take a look at the real thing of Gatari and hope The book room looks very good today because the padding timing was the same Well, I don’t do it when I have the original runny nose of the cultivation king, but the goal is something perfect I gave play writing as well. And even if it’s this big right now, It means that he’s good at entering the livestock, but he keeps helping the anti-watch now You’re showing the movement you’re trying to do This fluff, you too It’s the feeling of opening your head like that. If you attach it too much now, caulking I’m afraid I’m right I’m trying to kill it slowly by trapping it while keeping ul. 4 How many more shots should I do Action angle comes out It might be good for everyone, it was when Dumbo came out, and it was when I was in the beginning What came in is strangely more important Then I was like this, so ah ah, I studied the murals to kill with this and found it ah ah Oh, until that moment, in order not to be hit by the way that you see the wages and laugh Wake up quickly and the sea is that oh today, I went to that house for the fourth time White hair And it was the first time I got out of a can I just went in I came back countless times and the packing used this ride, but I don’t have a chance to sell all this The movements are based on this, and you can see it as a wall Metallurgical metallurgy, the last 2nd consecutive 2pas, the max After a holiday and break up, avoid Jebble and Terry can’t be short It was something that was made and pushed with stronger technology Now, both the hard and European samples are in a better shape, and they are also very sensitive to stimulation Because it’s timing, Chap Rottweiler When I went in and went to the wall, I had crutches again, but this is poor Oh oh yeah oh lord can come out oh oh yeah oh yeah Burr Each pair eats well, and when we raise another person, we get tight I’m thinking of flowers Even though I couldn’t sleep with a message, it’s over even though I was a wife with a leash I see why I didn’t use it Climbing with that markri, we were a little embarrassed How can I not get it? It’s also a trap. It’s okay to spread that much The maximum net material cost is difficult, so it’s like gold for other shoppap, then with this set of brows Match 1 ends. 5 Ready-to-wear Bang Bo goes to satirical round 5 Oh, it went up a lot. It’s the day of the road The maximum room has a lot of duplicates of the day, and the ranking changes are enormous It was done and said that the grades were good in everything except html Evaluated I’m a Mining player, so I’m finally showing my results and I’m going to shorten this fight In short, the baebang player wasn’t light and the ermap’s consistent seniority was bad I kept getting beaten, but if it’s a m-bitten eye-jjim, you’ll get a full foot now I did it, but I can’t keep coming. I can’t get 100% of the hell that I don’t have I hit the rock directly, sonic care about 6 times You don’t even have to put this for 40 long periods Even though I have to use it, it means that none of the pictures came out Now, is this correct for the winners’ round 5 conversation? Being a baker and taking your breath away Your knees are awesome Round 5 Future dude Players Now that most of the players in the maze are eating, even expensive players I think that the panning that comes out once is reversed and that this is nothing to buy not It’s a battle of fire where only numbers are in love. It means that it’s Ulsan, the second generation of bread gong It seems to be, and if the product has a hell flavor consistently, the winner will be lost It was followed, but the knees that come are At the level of the previous level, that is, there are 10 kinds of scolds that are not open now

It’s worth it. Now, the movement of the players trying to break the knee stamp It’s all been hardly driven by a foul, because until the side winner love In the game, answer my hand and meet almost all of the contents 1 Right now, it’s a word, like this Hold everyone loi and meet the 4 oi players There must be a part that I was worried about, but I continued to overcome even 1 player First of all, bread is selected as one of the 100 very good players Now, in this map, when you use the umbrella sauce on the wall, you can put a combo in pain But In the process of attaching 4, it can not be entered incorrectly, so it is to be installed Whats i see now so i’m sure why i lose about 5 seconds on applicator Lying down. Then the total of 5 people was good, and the mother of various audiences Recently, Ulsan Special is looking for Power Classic 4 I use it really well. I believe in the park and gd, but most of them are right It’s really a genius to know and use those things It’s a difference. Utah wants an adventure Four players are starting to hunt the sheepdog When Sangwoo is too much like this, the gap between eating and eating apps is just empty by batch 4 Good night calmly even if something isn’t very flashy If you say that it’s weird to see 4, if 5 players also rush to express Why do you keep playing with Ruby at the headquarters of that memory? I am waiting for you to make it If I push anything on this, it’s always mine. Why won’t you accept this? I can’t I think I like the iHerb and I’m going to raise it higher Take it and hit it against 4 The chances of my student’s class stop Win yugane spool old uh In the days of osn or in the early days of this, I used a dandruff stick There’s a thing that says, it’s very lame Speedy Abe is led by a player who is using it almost quickly now Because I do Newton doesn’t actually do much, but in the end, I used it really well this time After subtracting like that, the consciousness of silver hell spreads to the side So, when I squeeze it out, I put too 3 fly That’s why it’s like this It’s a bread jung that can only make fun of a child on that street Thirdly, if I think that my share of sesame seeds is harm, I can’t get it I can put it in the flying like this It’s mixed up to the smallest chord, let’s follow it and follow it When you can’t enter the country and you can’t, Because Uh, if I just went into the dash, something like this I was able to fly, but the captain was stubborn and fell into the beat Slap 4 I ended up like that and look at Eliza oh so now sleep But mixing mate But it’s empty, but everyone’s going to use it Done We work together and work together, and it was right 3 so it doesn’t come out much If you push it wrong, you may be shot now Yes, because of this thought, I go into my body more The Old Testament says that there is no guilty of distribution Ah 1 It was so much to me, so I saved a lot from 50 minutes When I got 3 4, there were some other loyalists and I just wanted to use all the mids there When I go to those who believe, I’ll be patient with this, next time When the month of profit, these people broke away It wasn’t easy to think that I’d use all that side, so when I close it, I saw it. In the end, it’s time to grab a set of 1 cry The number of people for disaster prevention, so now the last time in the house, the neck felt His skills have grown tremendously, but now he shows very good results for Ulsan players Show expectations. We have to protect our country At the top, a pictorial Chanel came up. I went up to catch Iran’s late jumping If the knee catches scraps for the knees and elves, it is a backward battle Yes, energy is also slow 3 Enter such a regime that wants to feel relieved I was in my childhood, but now the bottom is Now this is the biggest manga pew what’s wrong The player goes up. When it comes to this, it’s the 3rd person in charge The winner of the match on top of it now and the match is growing Now 1 If you often see the sun chip, the water of the ambiguity and gold and the dead water Gold de ah oh oh, the dead took one more time as if it were a thing Two representative players who hate players came to the million charity and write them when The bed is energetic, and it’s five times over When your man fills it, it’s ranked 2nd in the ranks, but the game that fell is one knee The rest will be shut down In the past, every discharge tag was released by shaking hands on each other’s sky That’s why I did, but now I cry and Junsu says I’m going to go up

It’s becoming 20 more clearly Yes, it’s important in the end Winner of two matches Round 5 How many of your players have been uploaded 9 Those players who have been uploaded every time come on Now when I give something I put in a lot of hell at all. It’s a waste and it’s a waste It also shows the cafe, so the shock of all this is the country stamp, give me a counter I used it again like that. The most tense players right now are Chanel Group It’s a car and it’s getting treatment. Until the times, we’re especially Yo so first You will want to go to that semi-final If you’re 5 people and you start to beat the way by playing counterclockwise right now, you’ll be a manner force It is burdensome to me Rather, I’m trying to check the situation right now while spreading it out Loose good seaweed flying 1 5 Lose Bag Phone Seiya It’s just another school year. Originally, 3 is not good 3 Even if I try too much, that There were a lot of match results that cheered for the opponent’s rhythm, but we know each other now Even now, the land was not made with a bond or a bond Is that the idea of ​​letting you know more in front of you and killing you? Will If I do it far with my passport, I prepare to run and I want it later You can get 3 or 2 tablets into the screaming opponent, Marvel is playing the universe dance on the bus I put 3 tablets and push them at the timing that I can’t do It’s amazing. It’s not the best jjigae wall When it’s high and important, the essay is published and the development is also under pressure But why is the buffer pool r on the field, so the players are a little distorted Duel 9 Look at the dealer flipped it over and stacked up pain after the rock Is there a tropical night 4 3 2 It’s time to see Asuna in her arms Oh, even the whitening paper is done and the content is not cheap Try it from one example After gnawing, now oo float or drive it to the wall and grind it Seiya Then, in the second set, watch the player’s movement as much as possible rather than a doctor sword And it was pointing in the direction of the counter tooth Coming out I think they are saying why I am afraid of support Now, in the end, it became two sets that were too different from the feeling of the first set In this way, Ulsan is under the conditions of 1 Gyeonggi Now, through this set, one person I’m going to round 6 of my winners, and I fell in a loser by one While Chanel’s knee player is doing well, Ulsan’s latest I remember losing a lot to players, so I want to go up to Paju I want to go up to Ulsan and Ulsan is currently in fifth place The regime is It seems like it’s more like about a burn, but it’s almost influential, but at home now something can be ambiguous So when I meet the bizarre people above and build a living thing and go up I’m sure, until you’re sure of that, you’ll want to go up the chart Because in Ulsan’s worst-case scenario, Chanel Water Gold is even a cougar Ranked at the top la top During the ambush payment, the sun fell What did you say Even now, the players who are on the TV stand above their share, so these players are now at the top Even though there was little rack matchup, it was installed, so the team It can be a variable of cancellation. In the end, this game was so important Match between Breadman and Ulsan The Hwarang players we explained earlier are also coming up now 4 If I can keep stabbing in various matchups, I am worried and Because this 3rd shows so good moves, there is no next thing Oh yes, hello everyone, share it on the page Nice to meet you, I dare to offer you one time on board Even if there is no energy, the feeling that I gnawed the beetroot liquid Either it goes off in case of doing this, or boldly stops mixing hands and distribution How is it It’s self-interested, but Seiya is nursing. It’s right and painful Oh, I made a little mistake with the salty hand Still, it’s good to have a Korean language Oh, I got it for a while. This is the folk that I’m looking for In response, the screaming is passing, but Ulsan’s original, that is, basic It’s because of the card-based attack power all the time It’s a good handcraft Then don’t ask again, I became a high-kick dad 4 at and turned around It’s very good, too Turn off Mongni as inspector The ambassador is coming out again. Proactively open up a deal Suddenly, Seiya may come out. Oh, I put this in the shadow of a mole Haven’t been going so far Umbrella training is on the wall and how to kill it I saw a lot of stars and removed them again So I didn’t have this in the play that burst, but I looked for bread Gary Oh, then, while I’m doing it now, I wake up this time while I wake up I believe it will be, but it doesn’t happen, so I rolled it up and earned it now Then 8 or 9 days later

Now, a lot of tools are being shown Because of this, get stuck on tops as a joke I’m thinking like this. The first part is missing Oh, I think it will take because I keep losing something At that time, there is a gang written on it Once I’m short of my legs, I just showed that I hate falling, but if only this tower is guarded 15 frames -4 color Hoo eggs have more structure and Cherokee 4 This is what I used to home This posture is still full There is a little limit Let’s think about it, let’s look at it small 2 Oh ah, it would have been nice to get this out of red It looks like they’re really telling them that they’re referenced, but I know that they should be portable No, even the traditional streets are more than the longest Daewoo sey food It’s strange and frustrating that if I squeeze it out, it’ll be nothing That’s it, Hench goes out far away In the end, you can cut it with the wall on the other side of the catch Stay away from what you put in a report Now it’s not over yet. The size I used earlier But the good name for this is that it flies It’s still full, there’s nothing anyway, it’s okay Anyway, please give me the name of Proud below me It’s different, even if it suits your preferences, you’ll come with a cante, and there’s 1 node with bread such as flan I put up with it, endure it, and then fight back 5 First of all, don’t eat the cane. We have to catch 1.1 billion games I will outline the same cartoon circles 1 But now, with my feet, I suddenly squeezed and I’m sleeping, four clowns How many If you have entered the extra shot, please return it to me It’s a bit sweet and what’s going on with the bear? It’s made right now I have to look at healing There were a lot of times when I went, and once it was over, I pressed it next to the flying nucleus closer to the order It’s like Julie. Oh, sometimes games come from the attic I just don’t know what shoes that go into wine Yes, I thought I was going to eat more, and I knew I was running right now I won’t be beaten anyway, why is it not blood that dies and beats anyway, fly Damage while in charge of accounting Shouldn’t that be the case in the dead of evil? Grab 4, climb up the umbrella, actually, the back is almost now stable 4 4 There are a lot of going to the big finals of Season 5 Securing the low car now, I get down through the knee and the pel of the ride Nowadays, I take care of various characters, but I have other talents before Including the players with weak body, everyone shows tremendous growth as Julia It freezes for me so I’ll come to Marz, I’ll be good, but I can’t be seen again I have to try to get in a little bit like this Just do it, Help Meadows, the score is unstable right now Actually, it’s not in the arms of 22 1l right now It’s far If you don’t want to go through the cpu for the result even if the unit price is low, at least the final Now, what else should I win? I saw it if I used it I saw it and thank you to the player The information was not shown on, and the number of players also increased Ting Puma should be decided I’m still happy to play Wagner as I’m happy If the flavor to play is beyond the knees, if it works such a miracle, I do not know That last 7th protagonist could suddenly vote It’s really Ghana, but my arms are in high season It’s called “I’m like a woman” So, am I not a legend and a genius? Came up That’s true, from the past, that seasonal flower Migcho has been around since its founding Get two In the past, we met a lot of really important battles as captains 4 Oh, the first strike in the tag two days, the finalist come on Even if used as a runner, the fact that they opened up each other next to the industry In the end, when you pray like this, you have to hold on to the knee player and aim for steel once Because it works Now grab it as a snack today and see my ass First of all, Woo Jinju shows the moving first, so once the knee sauce is like this You’ve come to the New Year’s feet using what you screamed like It’s a hard one because there’s a lot of borim at the timing Ahhae Bongseon, you have to be aware of this, you are hurting your body right now I recognized and tried what 4minutes did, but in the end, when it was important, the cool knee was air I kept matching it with socks and I liked it so much I keep getting beaten 4 We’re not good at the bottom of the car I think I’ll hit you Now Earl 9 stamina just didn’t do it

Joo Kwang I was able to shoot at the bottom of the child’s just me today mid I had a transfer fight to say I’ll try Now, the proportion of the dressing table was increased, but it was stopped during the start A lot of things are open now. Ah, the tongs have spilled a little Are you looking to save it like this? Even if it’s thick How can I contain more dignity Does he get hit and slap basically like that And when I enter Japanese books humanly, Still, I showed it on the moving bond too much, so it feels like it’s a plus job Bring out the troubles and a little My degree, that is, there are currently 100 people who have been evaluated, and it’s late, so it’s the organization Now that the genius is still alive, it was good to do a short solution So when it hits the wall, the battle continues When this happens, it also comes out. Drain the blood during the damage I saw all the ground here Twist Then it became an antenna passport that I learned with it By the way, it will get worse. Ah, I throw it away Answer I don’t really like this because it’s a good technique for walking It’s Zayed’s job. Both feet are almost absolutely essential Sea breeze is not easy when the player enters first If it gets caught or floats, it comes out a lot On the contrary, when I showed Joan the line, and now it’s like this, the erection goes through Now I have to get out of the clock Oh, it was so good to see episode 10 more, and this was already at Rail Gia Wallmount It’s better to fill the bird, but it’s a job The Amor player started eating a lot before Julia was delonged When I went, I was confident to bet boldly Go over the tower a’s yo Because it’s an Ata Bay winner’s team, there’s a chance even if you lose almost once The winner who occupied the high ground for the sake of becoming the winner is the first in Chatan The buoy is that I have to create points that can get a lot of points Still, by doing the number, little by little, the reviews of 2 Because not Yes ah, I like it again now The release doesn’t last too long You love it so much Wrong uh ah know when I write it reflectively Yes 4 But now I still have sex 1 It’s particularly good, because it won’t last long with one sheet in January, so I have to pretend to be hot Well, I’ve become like this too. It can be good Dear child, I’m sorry for Paso, a child who looks like you Oh, but try this somewhat more Aika, it’ll get better step by step I like the best times when the beat is hard Now all preparations are over I think it will be a set Now, in the second set, you can create a different picture here Those knees are called Takamura, so I’m just going to break all today because they’re funny The feeling and the option are the most stable among these waves I think I changed it and I’m going that way But if you look at a first-up psychic, you have to be held for another 10 years as before Now, when this game is over, will the first act be gathered to become Ulsan? We’ll send you a showdown between the winner and Chanel As the winner 2 leads to more and more classic professional players, the recovery is You might want to say that I’m not dead yet when I join that rank. 4 First of all, the character itself has no choice but to be a Julia customer. I have to go through before The character lineup that I used to gather and work for Burger King I feel like it can work harder So, today, Amal’s dignity is better than the flat cap I think I’m going mainly All the states that came with the word see you more at the bottom are being guarded Because The secret condon is ours to the next level of darkness Ah ah ah, I heard this or I heard it. If it gets stuck like this, I want to put what I thought of Will The 3rd team that I ate all before, I took too many doubles, but this time I guard I’m still on top. I’m still losing 1 stamina Talk to me But when I crossed the room where I was wearing red timing, my feelings of self-confidence last Even if the f player who can put out a single shot, the game is still okay That year, I have to choose a lot of things to use as a keeper It’s a stable order now. There’s still a standing or something like this I’m not doing it, but I’m trying to take a real time Take the blowfish to throw and start over here Wow, the business was all over, and the staff that contained it was two times in total saw It wasn’t another hot thing for Harley in the accessory hole What couldn’t have There are a lot of children, just get vinegar and run away Absolute guard came out. He and I raised the situation after that I wanted to be What I hated for war is that I have no intention of letting go of the wall What was pushed into the room, there were so many interruptions

So, that’s great and the creator is Tongcheon Posing Counter How do I get it right now? Oh, so in the first round, Han Ji-min Lake is now attacking what is right More than that, the documents are mainly trimmed and the key is the main focus Well done, this is this one I’m selling at the time of the counter It kills the flavor of just such a timing The player is giving out a hinge and the rest When it’s done, keep attaching it to the doctor I hit this. I think it would have been nice to have rain as an auto policy. Come on In office Dog came in abnormal and the representative content hurts. I want to add Ted at once I put up with foreign transactions Dread Kadak Well, I just said that cutting board was cute. May But this is a combo while playing food when you have a really big happy smile I think the calculation is wrong Oh, you can put this up and you can fit it well If it’s round, it’s a big difference I have to finish it now Wow, take it, break up Tumi, we’re finally saving the last set After all, the genius bond is only a breakdown now, the knee player continues to stop listening Gives out an attack Other consecutive attacks are likely to be deck fakes, so tying them is also a counter It’s like this, so if I go to an honest game, I’m I can tell you to give I thought so, yes how did it get mixed up well 4 Some good guard enemies appeared on the face, and I waited for the gap, but I caught the delay Now, starting from a few scenes I didn’t go into, something in my ear I adjusted the gradual level to get a good harvest What to do according to kero When I was rough because I was convinced that I could hit it unconditionally Ringer So let’s go, it’s finally one-on-one Choosing the tones to sacrifice the shoals will change the map to change the per But usually, the plane that often hurts the character in one jig game these days I don’t even do a lot of goods. Yes, even if there are cases where the other party changes, The combination of matching the character and trying to change is optimized for the player It may not come out, but it’s like that It’s scary, so I’m just taking an infinite map here and If you do, you can win the dull fight. Inclusions are becoming a problem I conclude that it was because I was hurt in pain Yes If I change the map or rise, I think it is high, but if it is a free book Which map to choose is not available for a while The budget for stv is also possible. Dash instead of going into the dealership Push It is possible to pay less or something like this when returning home, but here is more than Steve’s I guess Steve can go into the bottom a bit weakly like this Because 1 But yes, this map may be favored by others who have limited the infinite map This oriental business map itself is also very often when the knee player is purest The map that came out is 4 Let’s look at the proverb, what kind of play will come? However, the knee player is now king enough to play without his own I was vomiting in the basin of an improvised stone and some kind of map These days, we don’t change the gap very well. When we meet a player, we almost always It seems difficult to say that I didn’t hear to keep that teacher until the end What do you see But, since I received the soy sauce for my feet earlier, put it in the sashimi Because gombo goes in. When you come out of this street, come out to the store right away Pact # Too much. It’s good to have a lower level guard at the bottom Big technology is not connected and becomes Mikey Moon Jung-hee or Pizza Rio, look carefully In slippers or something like this, the bishop The number of models from 10 items to the finish of the jacket and then the model round Let’s put the bottom in front of the wall But as if I didn’t use it, it was just as much as the price Wow, this is a genius demolition Why do you still have this mouse-down this year? Because the coup is confirmed, so sing a bit like that at the Black Butterfly Sucrose Party now The gap is large and I have a lot of quality reports, and there are still a lot of them If it doesn’t come after drawing, I’ll go into Self-defense State When I entered Osaka during the day, the timing at the bottom was okay too Because even on the wall, there’s no telling at the station As of now, I have predicted most of the 3 light movements I use it boldly to enter and smoke Is it possible for Psy to learn culture? Bucheon from a very waiting task to the end The technologies that have come in don’t have a very spicy self distance I was going to go in too boldly because I got the school rules, and then I fell out again I think it’s written, I’ll catch it, let’s see if I can come out Abidjan Buddhism was raised and eventually evaluated, so it did not give up It’s a look and bring a curler, so be more careful Waiting for your dream Oh, I just had to get the fusion correctly and the subject is camp ah throughout the road I couldn’t do it until I got this, it’s gone again

Morgan writes, but if you say you hit it, then the whole product will continue in the document for a year Lee Ji-sun has to catch everything. Now what? So I think I’m going to go, but oo Oh, it’s small but there were no extra shots as they crossed each other Tree man go for 15 seconds Example 1 It blooms with a flow of only words I’m in a hurry. This building had sauce and could have called a restaurant once He made the land he received and made it a synapse that he felt as the next psychologist I could Right now, at this time 2, but confusion is also open here Ah, get the floor ability and go from Pyeongtaek to dance tea Oh, so even if you make yourself precious, put it in about the module 5 It’s all done THAAD Ah, so far, give 2 pieces 02 and play the second round Write it along and put it in the perfect damn socks, get up and put Yongshin once in parking 3 But look at Josie after self-defense The development of the new generation of Lee Jeho is coming out It must have been salty 5 But this is the most immediate death 4 in the best ket division Typhoons are convenient for seafarers Now, only the continuation of this miscellaneous revision is still continuing Because in the end, it is more independent than I thought After 2, which was placed on the pre-beam Is done as an appropriate case within Come next to Jana Bob and Corsair PR VIXX led has come to a premium Firepower, here, Redbee’s defense work Far lucy is 15 seconds Jesse is blinking and falling asleep Uh, I’m glad to see the product. Yes, I’m a genius Tekken I have to If you think more easily at the end, you will think that I should get out Can But because there is a man, I’m afraid that I’ll leave with him If you wait here, if you make it work one more time, I think I’ll be there It’s 12th place, so today’s game is a really good missionary fair