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Hello friends welcome to edit a pop serviço both both so I got away way everyone good evening to all of you the fatah passageway is gamma rays session say bye if the audio is clear and video is clear Kylie tbs in the chat box if bar media buy Academy Awards Awards re-uploading attack our opposition party type in the chat box good evening if the audio is clear and video is clear kindly type in the air yes in the chat box the fatah forces are able to Judea by X Bar Z OK thank you Ron G the bajoran account logins are getting a RTG good evening upcoming both boats so I got a good evening but I course thank you very much Ron g tobacky Batangas question discuss Carnival ticket put some important questions object some web server which is art a warm look discuss carrying away have our case a about extreme a boot chilly thank you ESG both both Supriya okay sorry sorry top is start caring so as gamma rays are parallel questionable jail he apiece screenplay and voila jeetendra Margie hello Cassie energy technology total sum it up like or share Cardenas so first question up to this screen where those all these are blocks start getting real heavy Tama mythical donkey sauce a big exam date I agree energy but both the first question is on your screen potiphar Seoul Korea up a segment Samantha yeah Brooke try career was Chabad map over don’t want his console Guernica in tariqa cows at time TK a few questions of mr. Thomas University done amount of 13,900 divided into different schemes A and B at this simple interest rate of 14% per annum and 11% percent per annum if the total amount of simple interest earned in two years be rupees 350 a then then what was the amount invested in scheme be of Cortana take a tomato blowing into larvae and sergeant sergeant Teddy Dakota mr. yes Thomas Thomas because came a 14% below interest a two-year kind of 350 8 f+ simple interest of Allah knows nothing so simple interest to many other rare same at a horizontal Camille tag simply join trustable same same email that TK / Johnny cakes are the interest you have a katana or gemara 350 a 2 divided by 2 so that means means go to say divide of 1 to Exile Megatron trash 12,000 1754 contrast Milton and therefore simply another scheme ever 14% of Elegance Thomas Cole except only 11 percent plus 3% young keiki 11% the pasta dough oh yes avianna or be say we are at other total that they came 11% of 13,900 so you can scrub ohga 11 into 999 3042 to Oreo lack of 1529 camera our Dojo extra ex-army amount returned Amelia 1754 like an 11% a subsequent on

a military in 1529 so here’s your extra amount Arena 1529 I guess mr. – curving a aj5 oh Gabi or your pet to why I got here to to for you two to five rupees extra radius 3 % qh sa ra amount invested on scheme a a Pika All-Star three percent his camera to to 5K K2 under 3% over Ava had 225 gay the 1% of amount invested in ski makes cover our over 75k 3 simplify yoga to under percent ethanol giving 17500 you’re Nikki scheme a kitten up as language gasps 7,500 tobacky by Sabe mejor – Guru Gita is 64 6400 or yeah male questioner right answer is option a RTG her cetus energy or ESD observe enable could write and Sergey get a ticket to 6400 Joe Bill cool right and ceramic question come tell you a story at the next question guitar but I am I channel channel the next question for tougher soldier in here yep year 2017 archaic a question about 300 gonna take a while a question of our men exact RBA 2017 value May pursue time both low-calorie think about a goose quill paper of the school paper that 2017 RBI gotta but a modern elegant game of skill example he can grab bars are check on certain questions goes all Guernica Thomas killing three chili surely they could next question number two are on 25% faster than b and he’s able to allow be a lead of seven meter to and erasing dad hit the what is the length of the race so you’re a have a 25% faster IBC area can become key are be he just peed me ratio gonna walk away I gotta be a hundred and the a 125 Yaga I got a lead on experimentation 5 ratio for to upgrade go there time constant any those other log kiss erasing his salary or don’t know same same summer during the other time constant the speed or distance DOTA cover directly proportional to time TK yeah the Giant’s just speak about the way our contestants copy over our Gurkha have got time constraint and clear with you so you have baby time constant Adamas tomato broth Dana so just be decoration over here distance Horatio vo guitarist an escalation begins on August 5 ratio for any other be for unit though data a kitten or a five unit to be nay na Biko Tina ne7 Peter Kelly di Tito Jonas LED technology one to one unit his camera so a tornado discover Guiana to 5 into 7 e total duration the book is the name in Turkey 335 in Turkey so the answer over your pillow goes and E meter so anyhow Kumar Nissan listen Rose enable code right answer here Gonzo Kumari of coffee will collide answer yes G or Bucky Back To Nature HR 3535 meter is the right answer Kelly recipe go by Charlie Fenster next question guitar about it ciao so next question question number power another question total visible Nieto is Casa is about had a 10 I’m sad because I was a vehicle a fruit seller by some oranges and by selling 40 percent of them for Tots is all carrying a he realizes the course price of all the oranges as the Orange is being to grow overripe ripe he reduces the price price and sales 60% of the remaining oranges and one-third of the previous rate of profit the rest of the Orange is being or 10 are thrown away the overall percentage of profit each year year cover tonight wait for us is this a previous year Tonica grr question so yeah say be mabuse Agatha yes a bigger question take care surely the best sauce sake satellite course he has guilty as charged a fruit seller by has some oranges and by selling 40 percent of them he realized the coast price of all the oranges when it comes out of a walk if 40% of selling price is equal to P Square hundred percent of cost price way ticket to Yonce to see pure as p ratio Omega C pure SP

Makita Naga hundred divide 40 potentially the Naga five days show to Unique way article 2 Corinthians 10:5 Cassell chaldea the other Prophet key Barker of a tree profit of three for profit you know some people to 3 by 2 into a hundred progeny keys to the appropriate type of Internet percent capacity 150 percent car Calera so yah dr. Keaton taka 115 percent tell your really nuts together what career and as the Orange is being to grow over ripe he reduces the price and sale 60% of the remaining the 60% of the remaining cake or vodka rain the remaining Katana I get 40 percent silk Evolution into 40 which gave the for Pika sorry 60 bucks get to 60 cars 60% kitayama rapist 36 the Lira or income or sell cars one-third of the previous rate of profit to top a non-profit katana table 50% of its despair 50% pay one third of one fifty fifty percent you’re ganna to selling price of remaining guitar away guy selling price of remaining kitayama say 150 percent of 36 to 150 percent of 36 category 150 by a hundred into 3650 simplify yoga 322 say team took it on August 54 thick care or job Bachata up Navas price to pay sugar overall percentage set out to be a make one section IV PSPs you set up for me last year to both the GTR 2019 give us another point about the the Giada are beaming sir please Total light comes easy light light throw a Scalia to Sanger number is Giacomo deliver some low Thunder King A Pup Named skip phone give brightness come girl EJ I better a problem no problem at all all sir if your next question is there a button by turn over the next question question number four AB subkey screen pair for top versus old career when Kittredge e54 is the right answer Yahoo cheering you 50 for casaya Kasia charu next question Echo by a board running Upstream takes for a tower 48-minute to cover a certain distance while it takes for our to cover the same distance running Downstream again we Market a new key keyboard key just speeder speed of boat in Stillwater Water boarding Stillwater Stillwater other accent or rate of current a girl a boy by normally for example guys have some Genera of Korea rate of current cap why to appease the downstream speed oginam Downstream War musacchio don’t know custom or Upstream down oh no difference so weathering so yeah people will get bored running Upstream take eight hours 48 minutes though other distance equal are too many upstream or Downstream courage to open ananya the time Karis sugar bad career Upstream make it another time like her away a tower 48 the 40 advice 60 or Downstream Allegra for our the yet 12 seconds ago before EF5 the yoga 44 four by five ratio for to force a few cancel our Jaga 11 ratio kotonoha 5 Mega so yeah Nicki don’t know Kate time marriage together get an 11-5 to other distance same ho yo ho distance can dispense constant hair distance and Hoka BV V2 time or speed egg do Sarah Kay countin apology to Tamara TK don’t yell is sold out a trash or three c28 – 350 yellow red + 3 occur 11 Yaga ticket to your boho TG power in say be the difficulty

level is same as ibps yes Tonica G same hotel and book precalc about correcto take a ibps pre Gary Barker yoga vasistha he’s a bigger level OTA career as a big of a question question the MPEG hello KSA up option C is the right answer yes Charlie after next question question what’s the number five for deferred deferred Sasol carrying away question number five up Sokka scream pair what about the whole career for some of those artists at the like or share got HIV hav take a double question number five mcara a b and c jointly thought of engaging themselves in a business venture it was agreed that occur visible near Thomas Coto De Caza but had a tongue pika in a business venture it was agreed that a boot in verse 65 under for 6 month take a 2 a or b or c t log X our business start cultivating top businessmen cowboy hat investment doggy boots it time get investigated or the profit Corporation profit investment into timing clearer but they Co are negative numbers 6,500 K tournament Kelly a six-month Kelly agar V Ki baat Karu to be near you for a tournament months Gary I can see keep our current a scene investigation 10,000 K tournament kill you three month you are they Co are wants to be the working member for which he was to receive 5% of the Prophet five percent of school – Carnegie milta take a over the prophet and was 7400 the What is the Cerro be in the prophet the biggest are up over Donna of their go so total profit Olga 7400 Husker 95% Heath in Omega divided by Omega Q key 5 % OA already already let’s go bye-bye five percent so LAX is commenced garnica total 9,500 over by Manitoba to though your house without 0 they go calculations about sinigalia told us our paper map or some allegation eight or yeah I got to for two seconds and caring at the age of 14 or even Jagger 10 so the profit ratio of iboga 13 ratio 14 ratio 10 Lira Katana August 13 ratio 14 ratio then we answer become part of ho being apart Katana 14 out of Eternity no 13 plus 14 plus 10 that is another 37 or a his sake tanabata away from our body 74 in 295 is summation of subtract Nova the 74 into 295 their go yet and slow garam see how we squish the multiply the row get the 40 million to one ninety terms of do I got 14 so then you make such a big bar and so Tobias are taught to double six gyro Topsail Beach I have a bill cool right answer over and Kittredge e-bill cool right half got a third 2 doubles 6 0 is the right answer answer I think think serving or sometimes even I get away is your boy problem or you have to wait a year I can’t see you later Bobby the next question get the rubber thing the next equation number six for top versus all caring yes we’ll go light on Sarika be to double 6 0 R TG of coffee bill collector possible involvement go Odessa I gotta be circus answer questions questions Bagel next question an embankment dams to read three green and two blue bones the two balls are drawn at random what is the probability that none of the boys down his blue other balloon he have or will you get in here go here to Warrior three out of five measure mojito Auggie the yawning a manga five seed to or divided by cos Theta 7 C 2q probability of any experiment is equal to to and now of e / and not as and of a scoundrel about that simple sorry total disk on Lobos the sample space take care a set of all possible outcome take an Oreo with a favorable number of event

Oreo the probability of experiment clear way to experiment the ambika work path to measure though you both linear me so it was all very near the formula of that and CR is equal to Theta theta n factorial right R factorial into n minus r factorial thicken the young fella here base coat directly solar system is going to return back although to 5 into 4 divided by 2 factorial into or / 7 C 2 comma 3 / 7 into 6 divided by 2 so you can see why to say a category three here too the 2 files that and / 21 to answer or gasca option option key ten by twenty one option A is the the right answer kissing me back Kissimmee ten by Twenty One will go right clear away so big oh sorry for next question with our mobile thing thing the next question number seven for the forces all going away the difference between the area of circular field and the area of a square field agent 168 meter and kitra G Bilko right right answering side of the square field is equal to the diameter of the circular field so what is the cost of fencing fencing egg were Fierce assume that they are teaching Casa Manana Matthias me they call your table is Tariq has a possibility but not a certainty I don’t know why yeah don’t know green Hoagie yeah a the writer and a green on blue he can but but in the middle of a procedure like is on his as root of T DT balloon initiated or anything green economy the five seed to to or two sample space total bull Catania seven the seven situ or a pro-rata solo yoga take a Charlie next dou x square filter or a doctor circular filter don’t know Gary mm and difference of 168 6 square meter the side of the square field is equal to the diameter of the circular field I can my mom gets a loopy a circular filter or EF cos Square I am taken those circles diameter are quality here to a 2 square case I dip into a yogi Square key side we can give to it it also come to diameter to are the radius continues Jackie ha both you have up with another guy a difference the square that area Delta by H Square you only get to a square by 4 minus Pi R square the a square is equal to a 1 68 square meter thickened by your 4 S Square minus Pi a square is equal to 168 so a squared are commonly a toe under Vijaya for – Pikeville who buys but Assad is equal to 168 yamazaki by a square or a 168th or Smith has come – curricular 6×7 by 7 which is 7 by 6 Omega plus 6 is for cutting into yoga Che Guevara 28 Prescott except M14 into 2 into 7 two other square root canal a key value 83-14 Tamil urvashi dholakia 14 so Side Square get 300 key to into 14 14 johnny key T 8 meter taken a walk Iraqi what is the coast of fencing the square field at the rate of 20 per meter so financing took out the parameter language Sarah squared cos Square beta parameter for a a kitten for for into Twenty Eight or 8 meter culture given a visual way by two multiplied Guru K xor Acuna dodo so Tobias uniquely by socialists Charlie’s Charlie’s the option Jody have question right answer answer over set our is equal to a Organa Ghana to R is equal to AE to Liam a cancer gene radius of Nay Helio I like in diameter of need to Elia or diameter major radius cut a tie take 2 pie R square my are Square Cafe pie R square the pie is squared idea sorry Circle the area of the circle the area pie on scary Toyota or a America a and to a square square root or Ghana later revised Nikki a perennial coffee some essay or eh easy example to open a concept called police career next question question number 8 for fortified save a

dying away cancer over a can contain a mixture of to liquid A and B in the ratio is the ratio of 7 ratio of 5 liter mixture is drawn off and the camera is filled with be the ratio of a and B becomes 7 ratio 9 the how many liters of liquid a was contained by the can initially you have a Madonna the Quahog Army initial Ki baat Karu the initial key so initially A or B Karishma Tanna by seven ratio five together era of their nine liter mixture draw Carlita hi your beacon and sugar mixture mixture Horatio five yoga let you know gareki that can is filled with be the ratio of A and B become 7-9 lick another is May 9 liter and girl think is male-female ratio Magnotta 7 ratio none clear up there for you have a turnover Master is this for saving difficulty is high how couid be shown in a mixer saving about or our vehicle a certain approach agency a gap see how they go Issa mr. mayor is make you still can’t away Yani is ratio of be calm any be I do later to a key quantity thousand Yuan each eena hootenanny Italy to be much is the kogatana were Katana change plus 4 the for give a look at the new yoga change Katana were nine liter the four is equal to nine liter to a key value kit three I jt9 buyer for tagoma spool a mixture give Elena Carlos 7 plus 5/12 is 12 12 into nine wire for so yoga kitten editor by 27 litre per unique in nine little body above the 27 who got the initial Katana ogre 27 plus 9 Yani 36 litre or 36 litre go 7-5 any white girl though so total August 7 plus 5/12 is 12 which is equal to 36 to 1 give a look at the new giveaway in three two three Co 770 play occurring at the initial a katana 21 or be key to 950 to a boojum say Thompson sees sees the right right answer dope 7co gamma ray burst of anger will cool right answer Vallarta obtained earlier Giada difficult Ikea XXX Adalia blog sad is really a thoracentesis next question question number 9 the covert about see yes series got questionnaire a question mark mark 12 13 2013 9 82 which enables hello Gigi was overall very happy up a of logical you have to identify colonel my other mother control of zika use or adapt or 12 into one take a year into two minus 11 the katana one you have to verse 13 film khaki are 14 into two get on August 26 – Six yearning is now going 2038 romaji or fill 20 into 2 udara – 5 -5 2 minus y -1 1 Peter Nahum 39 39 into two / – 5 5 over 2 plus 4 okay get another job I got 80 8250 82 into two or plus 5 9 ticket by a kitten Agha plus 5 Authority cocoa into 2 plus 5 into 2 plus 5 S Series but it is re take Anna so yoga 160 64 plus 9 Daniel Saratoga 173 tops and of 5f walk a questionable cold right answer yes 173 is the right answer Artesia Gan jjajang Kittredge Bill cool items so the next question is is property visible here hair Escobar Escobar male or female or Institute yet be have Beaver ratio R 5 ratio

4:3 cement ratio R 3 ratio 1 D ratio R 3 ratio for Orica ratio R 3 ratio for the EK diagram on the canopy on p 0 P Sullivan ecology idea series mythology practice crores geography calculation of gog to hide the canoe he’s a yeah Emily deity ratio for taken to the number of female student from Institute e so e mail Echoes of several Italian handmade by email and 22% the answer they ke make it another 20 to topple a 22% language even a total to 22 by a hundred into five six triple zero ticket 2000 together be solved of female total I gotta be some sap female they cope email get a nearby female ratio male-female ratio 3 by 4 the youngest of the female owe me workout will be 4 by 7 the female kiss barangay for of this 22 into 2560 or havoc on our total 32 percent total guitar of 4 by 7 into 22 20 2 into Phi 560 divided by total given a 56,000 56,000 calculations a person era Podium map the becomes a method of questions all girl power and happy calculation achieve their goal by 100 approximately approx approximately Thirteen Cents yoga 13th why right answer no girl no sectional Cordova and Katrina body appear question we go sorry Sally fair so yeah Maria asked an important question their job longer crying Kirk a bell notification on Carlota key size and Perugia calcio Mill by organic or coaching information check www.hsn.com can talk something about bhattacarya paramilitary organization may trigger a shower upstairs cuando reasoning Donaghey glasses is only proper time peony sorry are unclean thank you yes Jim you very much Artesia copy both parts of Korea take away sorry you too thank you oppa knockout lucky