Pourquoi l'occident vient en Afrique chercher des cobayes ?

While COVID-19 threatens the whole planet, all governments are thinking about practical solutions to pull through, get out of this situation China has clearly succeeded in making itself get rid of the virus, South Korea has put in the means and its own strategies as we have seen in yesterday’s video to allow them today to clearly contain also the epidemic. In Europe, for example, Sweden has decided not to confine its population and other countries such as Australia has decided to put in the works a series of vaccines to be able to experiment with alternative treatments But what about Africa? What about our countries? What are they doing? Where do they put their energy? The statement is different, we don’t have the feeling that they are really trying to find solutions internally to resolve the crisis but rather that they are sometimes in wait-and-see mode, waiting for the help to come to them from abroad Besides, many of us have been shocked when we discovered that our states have massively applied to receive the experimental vaccines on our populations making them de facto guinea pigs, which of course is unacceptable The way things are going, beware I’m not saying that one should not experiment with vaccines, science as it is today requests that experiments be done. But given the fact that populations in the West are not even testing consistently vaccines on their own population and decide to take this to Africa is an evidence of contempt, of course, of arrogance and this is unacceptable I mean it’s unacceptable to a lot of of us but apparently not for our leaders Actually this crisis allows me to see very blatantly three basic elements on the African mindset and that unfortunately contributed to us being kept in an abject and unconscionable state of poverty nowadays In this video I also offer, of course through this analysis of the problems we have on the continent, to allow you to see also opportunities where there are flaws because an unholy sees problems, but an entrepreneur sees opportunities [Music playing] – Texts on screen: Entrepreneurship – Investment – on the African Continent – Invest – back – home –Investir au pays+ logo- Alone We Go Fast. Together we go further. – Hello to you and welcome to my channel! My name is Philippe Simo and I’m here to talk to you about entrepreneurship and investment because I am convinced that these are the two pillars on which blacks must rely to make their continent emerge So if you too want to be part of this beautiful adventure, two things to do The first one subscribe here and activate the notification to be informed of the availability of all our business videos as well as our live programs during which you can call, ask questions to get answers in relation to the issues by which you can go through related to your business. Invest Back Home is the first business channel dedicated to Africa and so this is where you’ll find the best information and the best interviews The second thing you have to do is go to the description bar to receive the free welcome gift that I offer you, it is a small booklet entitled “10 good reasons to become an entrepreneur”, it is a very small booklet that is quick to read and that will help you build a good mindset to help you get started and succeed in business Can we understand the African today without looking at his story? Of course not and the story of Africa is obviously full of glorious times, but also dark times. It’s true that we wanted to erase the glorious times, to say nothing of the dark times, but it’s true that dark times have left us a lot of trauma. Sometimes I discuss with westerners who are very shocked by the dictators in Africa (that’s how they like to call the heads of state in Africa), and they wondered “how do people as smart as you do to be able to bear with such leaders? Why don’t you get rid of them? “, and there of course the answer that I often give them “but you know these people that you’re call dictators haven’t always been in power, there has been several popular revolts just to do what you just asked which is how to bring to power an alternance but whenever Africans have managed to put at the head of their states people who really loved the people and who, for that matter, were going to embody a real alternative, a transparent management of the economy in order to move it forward, they were murdered, did you know by who?” And often “no by who? By the people, through rebellion, a coup d’etat?” I say to them, “not quite The culprit is much closer to you than you think. By the Westerners managers and leaders “. And so I take advantage of this usually to mention the example of Sylvanus Olympio, who has been murdered in 1963 because he dared to question the CFA Franc We’re here in the aftermath of the independencies. Sylvanus Olympio was the first unfortunately of a very long series of leaders, nationalists who have been murdered in cold blood, and today’s investigations have demonstrated that many times nations like France but only that were behind this I tell them about Thomas Sankara who for me has been so far the best president that we’ve ever known on the planet and I say to them, “Did you know that

he was African? ” And of course they’re just shocked “But what do you mean an African?” And when I start talking about the story of Thomas Sankara, of his achievements, of his struggle, his ideology and his involvement with his people, they’re just “wow.” I end saying “unfortunately he was murdered in 1983 in a coup d’etat led by his best friend Blaise Compaoré but obviously with hindsight we know very well that he was supported by western nations And besides I like to recall the last case of Gaddafi, 2011. Love him or not he has been clearly murdered in cold blood in the eyes and for the whole world to see also to give a message to all other leader who would play not to bow to orders Because yes Gaddafi of course we liked to introduce him in the West as a dictator. We forgot that he was a dictator when we wanted his money, we forgot that he was a dictator when they sold him weapons, we forgot he was a dictator when he would come to the Elysée Palace and he would have a tent built for him or while he was going around all the Western nations, no in those cases he wasn’t a dictator. He just became a dictator when he didn’t want to do what the others asked from him, when the West couldn’t get him to do what they wanted now he’s become a dictator. As it turns out, they used all the international structures to be able to make up, disguise his murder. Of course we don’t say it’s an individual who killed him, but all those who follow the news, who have been following this issue you too, unless your source is BFM TV, I’m not sure what kind of media, normally you know who’s behind his murder and so when I present this context it already allows people to realize that the truth may be much more complex to understand in relation to this than what is showed to us But it’s true that this context with all these killings, because there I talked only about a few but there are many many others, we can add Lumumba and so on, this context is certainly one that has also contributed to traumatizing the black man and that’s exactly what I want us to see right away, the implications At the time of independence, General De Gaulle accompanied by Jacques Foccart put a system, a mechanism that is called Françafrique in which they made sure to maintain African states subjugated Those who dared to rebel like Sékou Touré in Guinea were immediately rounded up. He was clearly assaulted, he was threatened, and most importantly, everything was made so to sink his economy Again, it was not just a matter of giving him a chance to show that he could handle it on his own, it was about sending out a very clear message so that no one else would have the idea, the intention of wanting to do the same thing. In fact, every time an African leader wanted to behave as equals to the West he suffered from it I’m going to still bring a nuance because here I talk a lot about this that is happening in French-speaking Africa It’s true that English-speaking countries have different realities, we see leaders like Nana Akufo-Addo today in Ghana who can express himself quite freely on a lot of subjects, what his French-speaking companions of course do not do and can’t do. Well, they can but it would require courage So the goal of Françafrique was to to be able to make sure that they would control the economic and political in Africa that are of course the two fundamentals of a nation. So they put as the head states docile leaders who would come report to Paris, some of the manipulatable leaders who for many of them would be tempted by easy money and would be easily corruptible and therefore would lead to forfeit their own states And in order to succeed in their attempt to do just that, they made sure that the newborn countries can’t manage their own economy It started off as a good intention, technical assistance i.e. you are a country that before was living under guardianship or were colonized. These are two totally different statuses, Cameroon by example has never been colonized It wasn’t a French colony at all, it was a guardianship, that has nothing to do with a colony but the fact is that the Cameroonian administration was still a lot but really a lot led by French And so what happened at the time of independence, it was that obvious that they had to give way little by little so that locals and nationals take over the positions, hold the positions and there’s still a accompaniment to ensure that they will be able to take the files and manage them well. I remind that at the time of independence we didn’t have many people in our countries who have done great studies because of course before it wasn’t possible and therefore who can manage administrations as it should be, so there had to be a small period of latency to ensure this recovery Well, you can imagine that during that time what France-Africa was doing was rather establish a mobster system in which they were going to make sure precisely that these states never succeed Economically speaking, they have assured that they produce almost nothing they really need, they made sure that most of their production is either purchased from abroad, be produced in the country but by foreign companies. And so in fact these countries just become artificial countries but really don’t own their economy. Let’s take the very simple case of what would happen in a house for you to understand the relevance of what was made. When you’re in a family home, your father, your mother, the children in general, the rules are enacted by the parents i.e if parents say that after 7pm nobody’s out you have to

respect the rules, these are the rules of the house If you don’t respect them, your daddy’s going to say to you “listen here at my house there is this rule if you don’t like it you go away, go live in your own place” What is the idea here? The concept is to say that the one who has the economy clearly leads because he is the one who has the power of money and therefore this is what these companies do in our economy , since they are the ones who economically own a great deal in the national economy, even if every once in a while we have a few national champions, well, these are the companies that actually dictate their wants in our country They managed to own the key sectors: education If you look at the textbooks that are in our countries most of them are published abroad and in these textbooks besides what is taught is not fully consistent with what we need in our countries In some cases it’s blatant that we copy school programs from other Western countries especially France, and then in others we study authors who don’t ring a bell to us at all Many Africans have studied Victor Hugo and many many other French authors without studying the African authors and thus today we obviously have a large part of the population that is uprooted, who lacks culture and knowledge in relation to its history and what’s going on in its country because all this has been emptied from school curricula Because of course if you want to manipulate people, take away their education Of course they have kept us subject through weaponry. Our countries don’t manufacture weapons, our countries buy with what little money they have more weapons for what if it’s not just bullying the population Because as Sankara said “it’s not with our little guns that we will be able to wage war against a Western nation ” We’re not in the game at all at this point yet you see that our countries buy a lot of weapons to unfortunately still contain their own people But it is not just the weapons industry, there is also the technology. Today it’s all done so that Africans depend on the West. That’s why even our ID documents in many of our countries are not made on site, not even made by local companies They are encrypted by foreign companies Imagine a company that makes IDs in another country, it is all the data from that country! That’s how far the weakness of our states today economically manifests itself So these are actually so many sectors in which we could actually pretend to get started In fact, if we wanted to do things an intelligent and strategic way, Africans should come to Europe, not to study not what they like but to study what can have a real impact in their country Why? Because today there are people who come to Africa with diplomas that one could have here in the western countries and which make so much money because they provide consulting services to provide advice in areas in which you and I could have been studying But in this area unfortunately as we are not strategic, as our states do not fund enough education, as we don’t really have a global logic like it could have been in Asia because the Asians have been sending massively, really massively young students in the United States in the best and most prestigious American schools and then they brought them back to Asia, Japan, Korea, China. There’s plenty of Harvard and MIT graduates who returned to China and who teach now in their country. So they went to train with the best and now they’re coming home, readapt, readjust this knowledge and spread it around the country And we see the consequences, we see the results of course in the dynamism of these economies and all that that they can bring in terms of technology around the world We in Africa today, we are completely absent in the field of technology, and it’s clearly also due unfortunately to this lack of strategy and when an african even alone by his own efforts, manages to get himself training in a field that is cutting-edge, when he turns back to his country to to be able to bring his knowledge and as there’s no strategy behind it, there’s nothing that’s offered to him. He finds himself alone and therefore many are discouraged because even when they try to get back in there and they realize that they’re out of place between the knowledge they will have and where the country is still at at this point. But of all the consequences that I told you about, it’s not the political one or the one that is economical which in my opinion is the most serious. The most serious consequence in my opinion is the one that occurred in the interior, in the mindset, in the head of the black man, of the African man Why is that? Because all these difficulties finally convinced him of an absurd thing to say which is “the white man is strong.” The black man has internalize his inferiority and and actually ends up thinking that his skin colour defined his identity and therefore a lesser identity, less important than the white one I’m going to see with you quickly three of the great after-effects that justify what we are seeing now see in the coronavirus crisis. The first is that a lot of black people have integrated the fact that they’re unable to succeed by themselves Yes the problem in Africa is that today unfortunately as soon as there’s a small problem a lot of people’s reflex is to call France for help, to call the United Nations, to call help I’m not sure from who else. When there’s the yellow jackets in France, do people have the feeling or the reflex to call whoever it is? No because in France people know that they’re going to fix the problems by themselves When there are problems in Italy, in Spain or wherever else

in other countries, do you feel like people are shouting for Help from the international community? No because people have learned and they’ve had that education from the fact that we are able by ourselves to manage, settle, find solutions to our problems And just these little changes in mentality there produces really different results Take a very simple case that was very humiliating for many of us from a journalist who, in this instance asked Emmanuel Macron: ” Mr. Macron, how do you think France can help Africa to develop? ». Even Macron was surprised that such a question came from a journalist Because a journalist is actually in a country among the intellectuals, it’s someone who does research and someone who reads, it’s someone who’s really knows the news and when you realize that even a journalist can asking these type of questions to the French President because when the French president comes in reality we take the crème de la crème among the best journalists When you realize that among the Best of our journalists we have people who are still out there thinking that for Africa to develop, it is necessary that France is helps So obviously there is a problem here I would have expected him to ask “Mr. Macron, when are you going to let go of Africa, when are you going to cut the cords so that Africa develops”? That would have been a real question for which Macron might have been embarrassed, but the one to ask him “what is it I can do to help you”, It was borderline ridiculous, but you see that translates very clearly this mentality that even when you have diplomas, even when you have important job positions, well we still have that mentality of saying “it is necessary for the help to come to us from outside” And yet it’s absolutely wrong and we’ve had some examples let’s take the case of the Burkina Faso who showed us again recently through his revolt that it was possible with organization for a population to even go as far as toppling a dictator in power for over 30 years Blaise Compaoré that’s what happened to him, and after he had coldly murdered Thomas Sankara, he remained in power for many many long years maintained by who could you guess? Well the day he had to go, the people came through on its own, and this this is the most obvious example because that was done in black Africa by black people without the need for anyone’s help, to lay bare and undermine a dictatorial regime that had already over 30 years old of experience in power And this is clearly one of the means by which we can lean on to tell us in reality we can do anything, we can do anything because together we are very strong. But unfortunately the current psychosis made people forget that they were powerful, they have forgotten that power belongs to them and that they should be able to take it. Unfortunately today of course leaders are taking advantage of it, but it is also the case of being able to remind here in this video precisely, the power belongs to the people Second thing that this coronavirus shows us is that unfortunately in addition to having integrated the fact that we couldn’t succeed on our own we have integrated a lot the aid mentality We are very often expecting help from others, we are very often reaching out hands for others to help us But put yourself a little bit in the shoes of a westerner, put yourself in the shoes of a random French person who sees that all these years we take his money, because I remind you that when France sends aid to African countries it’s not taking that money in a secret bank or something, it takes the French taxpayer’s money, French people’s taxes and use that to help people in Africa. So what happens, it happens that it will create in us this beggar mentality But if I am a Frenchman, and that I see that every year they take a part of my money to come and help the poor people in Africa what do you think it will happen in my head? Pity for them, it can even create revolt by telling myself that they are lazy, they don’t want to to do anything, in every case it will certainly create a spirit of superiority over the other, because the hand that gives is above the one that receives. And thus also a way we can fight this is to put a definitive end to this notion of aid, it is to a really serious and definitive end to this to this story in which Africans are reaching out waiting for a messiah to come to them from I don’t know where in the world. Look for example at what happened when Ghana decided to withdraw from the IMF, the International Monetary Fund with its famous structural adjustment programs measures that have never helped any country in the world to develop, never never never and well the African countries are always the first to run to take the IMF funds When Ghana said that they are cutting the bridges with the IMF, that they will no longer take IMF money, that they are now mature enough to be able to self-manage, who has risen up to say that it was very dangerous to do this? Well, African economists, African journalists to say “no, what Ghana is doing is very foolish and they may be wanting to leave way too soon”, with what arguments? The fact that once again Ghana needed to stay dependent until somebody gives it the right to think that it was ready to leave. But the Ghanaian president has taken that bet and time is proving him right, but it’s also a hope, a message of hope for others so that they will understand that it’s possible really when you want to be able to access the very things that yesterday we may have thought inaccessible Nana Akufo-Addo is doing a remarkable job from this point of view there breathes, fortunately for us, a new category of leader that Africa really needs And then the third thing that we can see through this crisis, it is the fact that unfortunately

a lot of black people have embraced the idea really that white is better than black and that you can see it on so many levels When you do something as Black, when you’re even an African from the diaspora, that you want to bring back home a project sometimes it’s not taken well and yet if a white brings back the same project the doors are totally open to him That’s why, by the way, when you go to Europe, people back home often tend to think that you must be rich because you are now in contact with the white people so you’re coming a little bit part of a higher aura than those who are in the country Someone who’s in the diaspora and comes home comes back with honours, returns with a sense of superiority which sometimes even validates itself when you see how people at home welcome him with respect and curtsy, unfortunately Which is more unfortunate is that well many of us take advantage of and even abuse it This notion of saying that what the white makes is better leads to huge misconceptions, we’re not working where we should because we’re waiting for the others who do it Let’s take the case of sport and football. Many countries in Africa today do not work on structuring themselves to have really competitive football teams. What they count on is the binationals that are people who have been trained in others countries that may not have had the level to integrate the selections of 21: 09 these western countries, and therefore now that they are in a mess, now the African federations became specialists in hunting for that kind of person to tell them “come and play for the country of your grandfather, your grandmother, your father, your mother, it’s going to give you visibility”. And as the guys are in trouble, they’ve got nothing nor anyone they think “why not let’s go anyway”. So you see it really really creates a state of mind which is becoming more widespread When a black coach, for example still in football Many of our national teams have white coaches leading When a white man fails, they say, “This wasn’t the right one we change let’s take another white coach”, but when it’s a black man who fails, they say “you see we told you that it’s not right to take black coaches, we’re gonna go find a white coach.” In fact white actually has an individual failure but when black fails, it’s a collective failure When a black man fails, he failed for all black people and all black people are bad, but when It’s a white guy, “Okay, it was the wrong white man, we have to take another one” You see how that greatly influences even the way in which we are able to interact inside the country itself, this feeling of always saying “we have to go looking for a white man” so much that we called some coaches the white sorcerers I end in this video by talking about the corona, look how we’ve been dealing with this corona crisis in our countries There are many things to say, we went to manage this crisis and today in Africa we have several scientists working with rudimentary means but they do exploits with the small means they have. And they’re not supported by anyone, the states aren’t really there and yet our own states have paid fortunes to pay to have AIDS vaccines, the anti retrovirals, to get doctors, drugs against cancers. Anyway, they pay a fortune and as simdat (?) in tomorrow’s video I will tell you about the tests and the vaccines, how, how is it that we do these tests here and you’re going to see why what is being done in our countries is a righteous scandal Well, to end this video, I was telling you that you see there’s really some repercussions of this state of mind there from our leaders unfortunately to the people. There are problems but behind it I hope you have understood that there are opportunities Let’s invest in science, let’s invest in education, let’s invest to be autonomous when it comes to food, because he that feeds thee, and he that heals you actually rules your life in reality We make kids swallow pills, well obviously I mean today we’re saying don’t take the BCG or whatever, that is good, but let’s work so this type of situation does not happen ever again. We’re not trying to send the BCG to Korea, we’re not we’re not trying to send it I don’t know where else The governments that have understood the game and who have clearly positioned themselves do not suffer that kind of situation anymore and it’s shameful, clearly that we are still at that point but the good news is that you and I are part of the generation that will make things change I really believe that we are a hardworking generation that can make real triggers happen on the continent. So see the problems but see the opportunities lying beneath is how an entrepreneur sees it. The unholy sees the problems, the entrepreneur sees wealth Our leaders today invest a lot in weapons but not in a good way We could invest in science and in technology to be able to create apps like WhatsApp, like Facebook but from Africa We have the population, we have the population and yet I say we give all our data to the whole world it doesn’t make sense, it’s not normal We should be able to create international champions in several technology fields and if they are not from the mainland it’s okay WeChat in China is not from China but it’s enough for them for what they want to do with it So clearly think about it there is a lot more opportunities that this cluster of problems generates And then the last thing that I wanted to discuss with you was the United Nations In the name of what, in the name of what has Africa has got no seat in the security council of the United Nations? We are a continent which has over 54 countries and we don’t even have a veto power at the United Nations, in fact they can decide everything on our backs in this organization, we’re just going to suffer from it That’s unacceptable! Clearly I’m telling you like I think, this is unacceptable We should

have a veto but it’s also one of the ways in which we’re shown how much the black man, the african at least is despised greatly, but really greatly So the idea of this video is not, it’s to give you a healthy revolt, the revolt of telling yourself “it has to change and I can be at my level an actor of change” At least that’s what I wish for you Thank you very much for listening to this video and I’ll see you tomorrow because tomorrow I’ll tell you about the vaccination Vaccination, we’re really going to talk about that so you can see why stories of coming to vaccinate children in Africa is first and foremost a matter in pennies before being a a question of skin colour See you tomorrow then. Ciao [Music playing]