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LAVA KUSA 1948 Brother! I am consumed by sorrow without my knowledge, I don’t know the reason By seeing the king, who came to war, mourn over the death of his brothers, I feel miserable The pain we feel when we see sorrow in our mother’s face, that’s exactly how I am feeling seeing them To be precise, than the affection I feel towards our mother, I feel more affectionate towards this King No matter, how much I mentally prepare myself, I don’t have the courage to wage war against this King My hands are unable to shoot the arrow What do we do about this miserable condition? I have killed Pandian, Vanjipathran and the evil minister for killing my chief Apart from those elders residing in this town who know Vedas, the virtuous women, children, the learned and sincere people, the birds and animals, let the rest burn to ashes! Parasurama My dearest husband Once you go there, SATYATHI SAVITRI If you forget me because of your parents, or because of any other important reason, will it be possible for me to stay alive? I shouldn’t die, should I? If you’re fine with my death, then you go there My dear parrot in the cage! Please don’t suspect me I will go there as fast as possible, meet my parents, pay my respects and come back to you soon This is my promise Please let me go My Savitiri, please let me go [applauding] [audience whistling and applauding] Mr Shankara Murthy, you are so popular Why don’t you act in the films? All I know is just getting on to the stage and act in front of the audience We’ll receive both appreciation and criticism on the same stage Onto that, I am content, here INTERROGATION In the salary that has been given to you, you have fed others and also gave money From the salary I receive, I can feed whoever I want, I can give money to whoever I want I think no one has the right to question me Not even for the government? The money you’re receiving belongs to the government What I receive is my salary You are helping the opponents of the government Maybe, but those are the people I like They are not unlawful people They are part of a legit movement -Could -They are my friends! Could be, but you can’t favour them A government employee, should only favour to those who are liked by the government You shouldn’t favour to those who aren’t liked by the government Please explain again in a way I can understand [sighs] I am saying, that the citizens of a country, shouldn’t function against their government! -So you are saying -[coughs] So you are saying that we should be slaves Not possible! We can’t accept this! The government should function for me, for you and for the people But we shouldn’t function for the government. Am I right? [clapping] [whistling] SEETHAKAATHI THE FINAL STAGES OF AURANGZEB’S LIFE,

HE WHO HAD CONSIDERED ALL ART FORMS UNNECESSARY, HAD BANNED THEM DURING HIS REGIME [playing flute] Who is there? Come and play it in front of me! I will bury you and your music! [playing flute] [laughs] Abul Muzaffar Muhy-ud-Din Muhammad, Aurangzeb Bahadur Alamgir, Badshah Ghazi! [laughs] Soldiers! Soldiers! No one will come Alamgir! There won’t be any use calling them Who are you? I’ve presented melodious music to you since your childhood You chased me away! I’ve remained as lonely women and grieved Music! Music! [playing flute] You, who are existing as a voice, appear to me in a form I need to talk to you [anklets jingling] [laughs] Why are you laughing? When you approached me with the sword, I thought you were again trying to kill me A sword just to lift a veil! How can I not laugh by looking at your cruelty? Who are you? Tell the truth! Why? Are you doubting, whether music can be present at the core of your soul or not? You were mesmerized listening to the music a while ago Why is that? [scoffs] You can’t live without listening to music anymore If you have to kill me If I have to Why did you stop, say it! You will have to commit suicide Badshah! How dare you have the guts, to talk about suicide to a true Muslim! A true Muslim! A true Muslim, is what you keep saying often Badshah, do you keep doubting that? I have no doubts at all about that I live exactly the way, the holy Quran states a Muslim should! I am a true muslim! I have no doubts about that! I have killed those who had called themselves Muslims but disgraced Islam Tara! His father’s beloved Tara! He tried so much to crown Tara and hang me But But Tara’s head was slit and it fell rolling on the middle of the road! He is a fool who accepted in the end that what he said or did was wrong

I don’t know what love is! No one taught me about it either [scoffs] My dear Emperor! Are you experiencing sorrow by keep repeating this chant, with no companion in this vast kingdom and by standing alone? Loneliness… Loneliness Loneliness! Yes, it is true I agree that I have no companion and I trust no one I realised that my son is my enemy and my daughter is his ally -That is my loneliness! -Now, do you understand? This is what Shah Jahan would also have said But I did not hate my son like the way my father hated me! When that’s the case, why has my son become my enemy? I dreamt of one nation, one religion, one language for the welfare of everyone Everything has failed Like you said, I am experiencing loneliness From the top of my reign, I’m looking down All I see is just the emptiness! -[laughs] -Are my words funny to you? From the top of my reign, I’m looking down All I see is just emptiness! [scoffs] Wow! What beautiful poetry! Poetry is your another enemy just like the music It seems like you are being poetic by the way you’re talking [groans] You think I am not intelligent Please, leave Leave from here Leave Oh Allah, the almighty and compassionate! Everything belongs to you as you are ruling the universe Oh Almighty who pronounces justice on the judgement day! Show us the path of righteousness I came empty handed As I leave, I carry a heavy baggage of sin! To wash away the blood stains on my hands, the water flowing through the entire Yamuna river, won’t be enough Definitely it won’t be enough! Who is the reason for all this? Am I a religious fanatic? Is it the greed for the power? Or am I an orphan yearning for love? I am confused Apart from you, I have no one What motivated me to commit so many murders? What? It is not my responsibility to analyze reasons

History will have to tell! Incidents are appearing before my eyes I am a tired old man I have remained as history now! Aurangzeb [applauding] Mr. Ayya Bless you! Bless you! Bless you, son! Bless you! Bless you! You performed really well, Mohana Thanks, sister Is your son coming to pick you up? -No -Then let’s leave together The play is over, what are you still doing? Mr. Ayya [applauding] [whistling] It was brilliant If it continues like this, finally you will be the only one watching This won’t be enough, even to pay the auditorium rent What’s the point in being brilliant? [traffic] There is nothing like that People would definitely come Just that, in today’s times, we need to advertise To reach the people Like there are film advertisements in the newspapers Why don’t we also advertise our plays? No… No Don’t worry about the money Our boy who works at the Eenadu newspaper would take care of it Once the situation gets better we can return it

He only suggested it Okay, go ahead All of you performed well In unison: Thank you, sir Ranga Yes, Mr. Ayya Lakshmi said she saw you on TV I just went for a day, Mr. Ayya I was not comfortable Why? I cannot withstand there after being like a king here Mr. Ayya, it was him who took me there Oh, is it you! Sit down It’s okay, I will stand If you keep standing, my neck will pain. Sit down Will you perform well on stage tomorrow? I will do it, exactly the way you have taught me, Mr. Ayya There is no use of you if you’re going to do only what I taught you You should be individualistic Where is Urvasi? -There she is, Mr. Ayya -There she is Have they fixed the date? No, Mr. Ayya That didn’t work out Why? The recent groom-match I’ve got wanted me to stop acting after the marriage So I rejected, Mr. Ayya Did the family members ask you or the groom? It’s the family members, Mr. Ayya You talk to the groom once and then decide Okay, Mr. Ayya Okay, let’s meet tomorrow In unison: Okay, Mr. Ayya. Thank you [traffic] -Gopal, shall we leave -Okay Bye [honking] [traffic noises] [indistinct voices] [scoffs] Puneetha Yes Dad? When did you come? In the afternoon dad Why are you washing clothes at this hour? -I was a little late, dad -Is it? Has your husband come? He hasn’t come, dad Why are you looking so dull? There is nothing, dad Where is your son? -He is inside -Hmm Tarun -Grandpa! -Dear! Lakshmi, give me some water Come to me, my darling [indistinct voices] -Did you come in the afternoon itself? -Yes

Did you not go to school? Why? I went to the hospital Hospital? Why? I’ve got seizures again in the morning That’s why we both went there Doctor advised for an operation Have you eaten? Huh? Come, sleep You should always stay happy [indistinct voice] Puneetha Yes Dad? Did he have fits again this morning? Yes You shouldn’t do that. Okay? What did the doctor say? They took a scan The say there is a lump in his brain They said it has to be operated Hmm, okay Don’t worry Nowadays all this is not complicated We shall consult another doctor No, dad He is the specialist in this city He said the quicker we get him operated, there would be better chances of healing Hmm Okay Let me talk to your husband Even he is trying for a loan at the office It will cost around 4 to 5 lakhs I don’t how I am going to arrange for such a huge amount Okay The doctor said everything will be fine, right? Lakshmi Why didn’t you inform me even after all this? No, dear She came in the afternoon At that time you will be in the auditorium I did not want to come there and call you Have I told you not to call me? Not just that, we were asking a few people, for the money That’s why I forgot You go and change your clothes, we’ll have dinner [indistinct voices]

Mani Yes, Mr. Ayya -How is your health? -It is better If not, shall I ask someone to play your part? No, Mr. Ayya I will act -Is everyone ready? -Everyone is ready Okay So Did people turn up after the advertisement at least? That’s not wrong Lets go [traffic] SUJATHA’S “UNJAL” DIRECTED BY AYYA I heard that you want to postpone the wedding! -Is it funny for you? -Yes, Giri We have to postpone our wedding For how many days? Shall we arrange it next week? Days… Months It could even take years Come on! Don’t give me a shock I agree, that yesterday my mom was thinking about something else But that doesn’t mean she is not interested in the wedding! -Giri, your mother is not the reason -Then? My father wishes to conduct the wedding in an ideal manner, bearing the expenses on his own Don’t mistake me, something’s wrong with that old man Giri! You will never understand my father You haven’t left as yet? Welcome Giri When did you come? I came five minutes back She’s talking about postponing the wedding, ask her? She never told me anything -I decided only at night, mom -About what? First, let dad finish the prototype, only after that Money? I am going to give the money, which I saved for the wedding I think you’re making a mistake I am not making a mistake If you can’t wait, tell me Tell me now You please wait This looks like something new is happening between father and daughter Let him come, we can ask him I will leave and come later Giri Listen to this and then leave Kalyani You also listen to this Ask your mother to cry later on and to listen to me now I decided last night itself To take up the job offered by Madhusudhan -Dad! -Don’t interrupt! I asked you for money, but did you think I would take it? No I asked Just to see, how much trust you have in me The minute I asked, you immediately said, that you would withdraw the money you had saved for your wedding,

and give it to me tomorrow morning That’s when you proved you’re my daughter I’m aged person and instead of dismissing me as an useless old man, you trusted me And that’s enough! I don’t have to prove anything to anyone If there is one soul who believes in me, that’s enough Dad, that’s alright I will get the money You attempt it once more, dad Dad! Mr. Ayya Mr. Ayya “Did he reach the skies…” “as a star?” “The heart of theatre…” “…has broken today” “Can all the love,” “save someone’s life?” “Did you go alone…” “…on the journey to heaven?” “The glory will lighten up…” “…your path” “The shadow of sacrifices will follow…” “…you silently” “Your soul will never die” “The time has frozen for a minute” “The art itself has tears filled…” “…in its eyes” “The cries of the hearts of passionate art lovers,” “have soared to the sky” “His memories remained in the heart” “Life has become a drama” “Your role is done” “You’ve made your mark” “and remained alive in the hearts” “Art will never forget you” “Like a bright star,” “Did you reach the skies?” “Dear friend, is this the end?” [traffic]

[honking] NEXT FAMOUS ACTOR SURENKUMAR IS GOING TO REVEAL HIS NEW FILM’S TITLE TONIGHT AT 12 AM Legendary theatre actor Shankara Murthy, passed away today He was 73 years old He breathed his last as he was performing on stage His demise is an irreplaceable loss, for the arts community and the world of theatre, said the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu For more updates [traffic] ONE MONTH LATER [crow caws] No matter how many hardships he faced or whatever happened, Mr. Ayya performed on this stage 50 years ago After his demise, to just abandon it, is troubling my conscience Even if we aren’t able to perform theatrical play regularly, we should perform them occasionally and that’s my wish Even Mr. Ayya wish for the same Definitely After Mr. Ayya’s demise, us not performing on stage, feels like we have lost everything I am going for a job Yes, it’s for the sake of money, but I am not able to be without this Brother, why occasionally Let’s perform theatrical plays regularly We were wondering, how to approach this topic with you Thankfully, you called us Okay, then shall we perform the plays on the next Saturday and Sunday? In unison: Yes, let’s do it! Let’s start the rehearsals from tomorrow Okay [birds chirping] Bheema! Are you saying this with a conscience? What are you talking? Where and in front of whom! With such anger You’re talking with rage to the King of the three worlds! You are blindfolded with your anger and hence you are talking ill about the lord of the three worlds and hence you are talking ill about the lord of the three worlds! Come Paanchali, come sit on my thigh! You married five of them Where are the aides? Come here! Remove the Pandavas’ jewellery And remove Draupadi’s saree! [laughs] Lord Krishna…! Lord Krishna…! Save me Lord Krishna…! [weeps] I promise on the Gods in the skies! I promise on Almighty Goddess I swear This impotent and wicked Duryodhana, who shamelessly dared to ask our beloved Panchali, who is equal to the holy fire, to come and sit on his thigh, in front of all these disgraceful ministers, I will split his thighs and kill him all my strength! I will rip apart his disgusting brother Dushasana’s shoulders! I will drink the blood that oozes from there This is going to happen! These words are not spoken by me but by the Almighty Goddess! This will be fulfilled by the Goddess Parasakthi herself! This sinner Karna [applauding] Ranga, you were superb! Thank you, brother Brother, did you see Rangayya’s performance? Hmm [birds chirping] Ranga Fantastic! It’s awesome Mr. Ayya would’ve been so happy seeing this Okay, this is enough for today Let’s do a complete dress rehearsal tomorrow before the show [birds chirping]

[laughing] [weeping] You all don’t have the right to lose me after you lost yourself! After losing at a game of dice, on what grounds has he pledged me? I am Drupada’s daughter You, who have lost at gambling, do you still have the right to call me your wife? Is there no one here who is righteous? Is the justice dead at this holy place? Is justice dead? In the policies of gamblers, there will be maids to pledge Though it shouldn’t be played by pledging Brother! You brought great sorrow! Who have you pledged! Oh, Lord Krishna! Save me…! Almighty! Lord Gopala Krishna! Hari! Lord Krishna! I’m in trouble. Save me! I bow to you! Please, save me! Lord Krishna! Lord Krishna! Save me! Save me! I promise on Almighty Goddess! That the blood of Dushasana, and with the blood of that sinner Duryodana, I will mix the dirty blood of these both and apply it to my hair and only after I wash it clean, will I tie my hair! Till then I won’t! This is my promise [breathes heavily] Urvasi, this is the first time I have seen you act so well! You were even better than, Rangan’s performance of yesterday [honking] BHARATHIYAR’S ‘PAANCHALI SAPATHA’ (A MYTHOLOGICAL PLAY) DIRECTED BY AYYA [traffic] Drupada’s daughter and Dhrishtadyumna’s sister, how can she be equated to the roll of the dice! Oh no! I’m unable to tolerate! You have given her away as a slave to them…! Go and get a blazing torch Let us burn our brother’s hands for pledging our wife in gambling! Bheemasena! Are you saying this with a conscience? What are you talking? Where and in front of whom! As your anger blindfolded your wisdom, you are speaking so about the Lord of three realms Such actions would repeat Today, we are slaves Let’s be patient Time will definitely change Then the world will witness justice being victorious! My hands hold the bow, brother! It’s called as Gandiva! [breathes heavily] I will split his thighs and kill him with all my strength on the battlefield! I will rip apart, his shameless brother Dushasana’s shoulders!

This is definitely going to happen! This world would witness it! These words are not spoken by me but by the Almighty Goddess! This will be fulfilled by the Almighty Goddess herself! I will kill this sinner Karna in the battlefield! I promise on Lord Krishna’s holy feet! I promise on my wife’s eyes and my bow, the Gandiva Oh! You earthly World! You are going to witness my extraordinary weaponry skills during the war! [applauding] [birds chirping] Dear Puneetha Come inside for a minute Mr. Ayya has not left us He is here with us Yesterday he came in the form of Ranga He came in the form of Urvasi in the afternoon And now, you saw Arjuna’s portrayal, didn’t you? That’s no one else but our Mr. Ayya! Brother, what are you saying? He has lived on this stage for fifty years Will he just go away like that! He has not gone away from us His soul is still here He is acting in the form of someone I am noticing that for the past two days For my sake, watch the play once more Then you will understand [door knocks] Who’s that? Brother, a film director has come He wants to speak to you Tell them that I’m coming [indistinct voices] Just a minute, I will be back Greetings to you, sir Greetings -My name is Thyagu -Tell me I am looking out for a hero for my next film I saw your play today The actor who played Arjun’s character was fantastic He will be perfect for my story I spoke to him, he asked me to meet you Just give us a minute Sir, is this the first time you’re watching this play? Yes, sir Can you do me a small favour? Tell me, sir For my sake, just watch the play once more and then decide Once more…? There’s a reason for it Okay, sir Mr Shankara Murthy has directed this play On stage, Raghavan as Dharmaraju, Ranga as Bheema, Sharath as Arjuna, Urvasi as Paanchali and Venkat as Vikarna

[laughs] Oh my husbands! You married me by following every ritual and the sacred fire being a witness Is it to see me get destroyed by these rogues? How could you disrespect me in a court? Go and get a torch burning in flames! Let us burn our brother’s hands for pledging our wife in gambling! Let’s turn it into ashes! Bheemasena! Are you saying this with a conscience? Whom are you blaming? Where and in front of whom! As your anger blindfolded your wisdom, you are speaking so about the Lord of three realms This will repeat frequently Today, we are their slaves Let’s be patient Time will definitely change Then we will witness justice being victorious! My hands hold the bow, brother! It’s called the Gandiva! Oh Kings! Answer to Draupadi’s questions! If we don’t answer her questions, hell will burn us Have our fathers ever sold their wives? Have we ever heard, of something as bizarre as losing our queens at gambling? But, our emperor Dharmaraju, after losing himself and becoming a slave, later he doesn’t have a wife or a house! He lost everything What will he place as a wager to gamble? Draupadi is questioning them regarding this! I believe it, sir! It is Mr. Ayya who has acted My father died before I made my first film After that, I never prayed to any God wherever I go I pray to my father’s photograph and then, leave I still believe that my father is with me and taking care of me When my father can be with me, why can’t Mr. Ayya be with all of you? I don’t have any intentions of looking for another actor, sir I will come with the advance tomorrow I will take Sharath and go I have a feeling that Mr. Ayya will come and act in my film There isn’t any mistake of mine in taking this decision If Ayya acts in my film, I will see that you’d get the remuneration amount that is equal to that of a hero If Mr. Ayya doesn’t act, let the advance be with you I will come tomorrow Farewell Take grandfather’s blessings [phone rings] Sir Is it? The news is that Mr. Ayya has arrived “Are you the entirety of him?”

“Are you a spark of him?” “Are you his shadow or are you himself?” “Are you the entirety of him?” “Are you a spark of him?” “Are you his shadow or are you himself?” Let’s not delay Tarun’s operation anymore Let no one else know about this They will talk something without knowledge “He burns like a blazing fire in your eyes” “He exists in his every movement” “Lord Shiva was known as ‘Garala Kanta’ after consuming the poison” “Lord Shri Krishna who ate mud is in you” “Your smile is him!” “Your vision is him!” “Your life is him!” “He is the definition of your life!” “Your path is him!” “He is the flowers in your garden” “It’s him in the fragrance of flowers!” “The air you breathe is him and only him!” “He burns like a blazing fire in your eyes” Greetings, he is Sharath He’s the new face, being introduced as the hero in my film “He exists in his every movement” “Lord Shiva was known as ‘Garala Kanta’ after consuming the poison” “Lord Shri Krishna who ate mud is in you” How dare you insult me before everyone in the court! You’ll undergo a terrible situation for this humiliation “Or are you himself?” “Are you the entirety of him?” “Are you a spark of him?” “Are you his shadow or are you himself?” Sir, a friend of mine wants to narrate a story to you for Sharath Just listen to the story. If you like it, we’ll discuss further details later Okay, I will listen Hello, sir -Hi -Hello I heard it. It was nice -Okay, sir -Okay Okay, then shall I talk to sir and let you know? -Thanks a lot, sir -Hmm Thank you Please come, sir [traffic] First, let Mr. Ayya come and act as I told you earlier The rest can be spoken later Okay, sir Mr. Ayya is acting in Puri’s film Mr. Ayya will keep acting in the films if good stories keep coming Sir, the feel continues, then Mr. Ayya arrives and No, not this story Oh! This story is nice “You are a play…” “A very small play, he is the one who conducts it” “You are a puppet” [cheering] “A live puppet” “And he is the soul!” “You are a dream but he is the birthplace of those dreams” “You are the music but he is the melody behind it” “Don’t you ruin the fame earned because of him” Please tell us something as you received the National award in your debut film I am very happy as I got the National award But I doubt my eligibility to receive the great award No, we don’t want huge amount First let’s listen to the story If we like that then we can discuss the rest “Your entire body oozes his language!” Even without the kingdoms, those kings

-Our Sharath is here -Welcome, Sharath “Lord Shri Krishna who ate mud is in you” “Your smile is him!” “Your vision is him!” “Your life is him!” “He is the definition of your life!” “Your path is him!” “He is the flowers in your garden” “It’s him in the fragrance of flowers!” “The air you breathe is him and only him!” “Are you the entirety of him?” “Are you a spark of him?” “Are you his shadow or are you himself?” There’s a saying that the origin of cinema is the stage drama Sharath is an actor with such experienced stage drama background I saw Sharath’s earlier film And I also saw the film ‘Mahanatudu,’ for which he won the award His acting is fresh, great and devoid of any imitation I pray to God for his extensive growth, and conveying my best wishes “Are you the entirety of him?” “Are you a spark of him?” “Are you his shadow or are you himself?” No, as of now I am not interested in politics “Are you his shadow or are you himself?” Okay, sir You ask the producer to come and I’ll discuss the other details with him -Okay, sir. Thank you -Okay -Thanks -Thank you [door creaking] Sharath, who is he? He is our director for the next film Next film? Which film is that? I am committing to a new film I heard the story, it’s very good You can’t do that I haven’t heard it! Why can’t I do it? How are you affected by this? I will make the decisions from now onwards Sharath, Mr. Ayya will not act in just any kind of story Why do you always keep chanting Mr. Ayya’s name? I am working day and night. People are coming to the theatres to watch me Why do you keep bragging about him? You give me a small amount from my hard-earned money Look, I have gratitude for you After all, I came from your theatre group From now on, I will decide and give you something You need not do anything That’s what feels right to me [birds chirping] -Sir… I just want one picture -Move aside…! -Wait… Wait -Hold on! Give it Come [indistinct voices] [camera clicks] Okay? Thank you Good morning Good morning Good morning -Good morning, sir -Sir, good morning -Take out the mirror -Sir, have you had your breakfast? -Yes, I had. What about you? -I’ve eaten What’s the scene, sir? Sir, in today’s scene, you will be seated alone on the park bench After many days, you end up meeting your teenage love Yeah, okay After seeing her, you’re shocked -She is also looking at you -Yeah, shock! [phone ringing] After she turns Sir, you continue Sir, she turns at you and you look at her as well, with mixed feelings of anxiety, surprise, happiness, love, joy -That’s it, sir -[inhales] Is it not very hot, sir? Hey! Get me a juice Okay, sir. I am ready Where is the position? -Sir, there on the bench -Okay Sir, what about the girls? The girls will be behind the tree Oh, okay -Sir -Huh? They will only be there You have to be here Oh! Okay, sir Okay, sir I am ready Sir, your first look is onto your right As you turn, the girls will be on your left You should give those reactions only after seeing them Sir, that’s for you to fix your look! Shall we roll, sir? Clap in Camera [camera beeps] Out

Action Cut! Is it okay, sir…? [cuckoo coos] Sir, this look seems as if you knew them Sir, I didn’t know Yes, you know her but you don’t know that she’s there -Oh, okay -Sir, turn around casually -Casually? -Yes, sir Okay Also Sir, do you require these flowers? They are very disturbing Hey! Let’s avoid the flowers Sir, we can create all these in graphics these days, can’t we? Clap in! Camera [camera beeps] Action Cut! Is it okay, sir? Shall we go to the next shot? Sir, I’ll just take a look at the playback I will also see, sir [indistinct voices] [mic squeals] Sir, it’s all that you’ve said, shock, surprise, happiness love and yearning Okay Sir, are you being emotional? Everything is like what you’ve told me, isn’t it? Sir, that’s just a mood It’s not necessary to do everything rigorously Sir, I am a director’s artist I will do whatever the director asks me to do That’s alright, sir Just give one look for all of these emotions How do you want me to excel it? Now, when you were in school I am going to rock Just watch it Action Cut! Sir, is it okay? Sir, this doesn’t mean the mixing the emotions How else should I mix it, sir? Okay, just forget everything what I’ve told you till now Forget and…? You have been in love with a girl during your school days, isn’t it? Yes You’re seeing that girl now after many days Okay How will you look at a girl you loved? Sir, that’s so simple Leave it to me. I’ll take care Clap in Cut! Sir, is it okay? Sir, it’s like a stage play Yes, basically I’m a play actor Sir, I don’t mean that. Just do whatever you did now in a subtle way

Subtle? Sir, please tell me everything earlier Okay, sir Ah… Just look while all of these are running in your mind Don’t show too many facial expressions Action Sir, why did you got up? It’s done, isn’t it? Sir, it was nothing but blank Sir, it was lifeless Why not? Now it will be there Action Cut! Sir, don’t show your teeth If I do it so well, you’re saying that it’s like a theatrical play If I do it subtly, you’re saying it’s blank How can I laugh, without showing my teeth? Sir, you did all of these earlier But don’t show all your teeth It isn’t looking good Okay, sir Sir, let’s do a final take without showing the teeth Camera Action Sir, you don’t even have to turn Just give us the look you are giving now. Let’s try it for one last time Sir, let’s try it Sir, I am feeling uneasy Shall I have tea and come? Okay, sir Go and come Sir, what happened to him? That’s what I don’t know He performed the interval scene so well last week He is so confused today -Sir -Huh? -Here is the tea -I don’t want it Brother! There was an elderly man inside, did you see him? -Is it Mr Parasuram? -Yes He left long back Sir -Yes, sir. Tell me -Shall we start? Yeah, let’s start Is everybody ready? Shall we start the shooting? Silence everyone! I don’t want it now Leave Action

Action! Cut! Sir? Sir, act as if you are thinking of something Sir, should I act as if I’m thinking something? Action Cut! Cut! Sir, this looks like you’re in fear Does that look like I’m scared? Action Cut! Sir, this looks like you’re nervous Does that look like I’m nervous? Action [glass shatters] [electricity crackling] What happened? The fuse has gone, sir Sir, just a minute Tell me Sir, I am not feeling well Shall we do it tomorrow? Sir, you could have told me this earlier -Go -Thank you, sir [clears throat] Hey AD! What are the other shots without him? -Where is the heroine? -Sir, I just dropped her and came Break! Sir Please forgive my rude talk on that day You listen to the stories and decide If you say no, then it’s a no Please ask Mr. Ayya to come and act You, please leave Sir Sharath [indistinct voices] [metal tool clunks] -Sharath -Yes, sir What’s the problem? Tell me, Sharath Aren’t you feeling well? No, sir Are you having any family problem? Sir, there is nothing as such Then why are you so nervous? No, sir Let’s finish it today Let’s finish it today Are you sure, you can do it? Sure? Your face is filled with fear

Sharath, consider me like your brother Please, tell me whatever it is Sir I confess I wasn’t acting all these days It was Mr. Ayya, who was in my body What do you mean by Mr. Ayya? He is Mr. Ayya, sir There used to be a person named Mr Shankara Murthy in our theatrical drama group He used to act through me That Thyagu sir has asked me to act in his film Mr Parasuram has sent me It was me physically in that film but it was Mr. Ayya who has actually acted I saw it today with my own eyes Now, Mr. Ayya is not coming That’s why I am very confused from yesterday Sir, I am very new to the theatrical play No matter how many takes you go for, I am not sure whether I will deliver what you want Sir, there is only one way out What is it? It happens only when Mr. Ayya comes Hey! Is your hero into any drugs? Nothing like that, sir Tell me, Sundar Sharath has performed very well till now Now, he’s not even able to give a simple expression When I asked him, he’s saying that there is someone called Ayya from his theatre group And he was possessed by him and was acting Now for the past two days Ayya is not coming it seems and is blabbering non sense [birds chirping] Has he disclosed everything? What does that mean? Sundar, you have seen my film, didn’t you? You think he acted in it? If he didn’t? He’s telling the truth He didn’t perform Mr. Ayya has acted I have seen him acting when Mr. Ayya was in him and I’ve seen his acting too It’s up to you to believe it or not But this is what happened in my film Okay, let what you’re saying be the truth Then why can’t he just come and act in my film too? That’s what I am not being able to understand You wouldn’t have done anything wrong Did he do anything wrong? Thyagu, I am really losing it There is no other way even if you are tensed There is just one solution for this What is it? Just like he said, it’s possible only when Mr. Ayya comes and acts What is this? This story seems to be more fictitious than your movie’s story What do you think of me? Do you want to ruin me with this film? Why? What you’ve shot came out bad? It’s not that, sir Till date, I have not liked any of your films Everything looks very dark Do you know why I signed you in spite of that? It’s because you got his dates But how can you reject him now? Sir, why would I lie? Sir, I even called director Thyagu by not being able to believe him Hey! Don’t tell me all these stories I have borrowed money on interest and producing the film Ten days of shooting has been completed so far I have taken a lot of money on the business of this film I don’t know what and how you’re going to do it Take time till the festival holidays get over Train him properly and complete the film -We can’t change the hero now -Sir Training him is not as easy as you think You may leave Sir You may leave We’ve received news that Actor Sharath didn’t really act in all the films that he featured in It was the legendary theatre artiste Mr Shankara Murthy who acted in them, instead When enquired about this, Actor Sharath and his debut director have confirmed the news and it is very surprising When Mr Shankara Murthy’s associate, Parasuraman spoke about this

Acting was Mr. Ayya’s life That life still haven’t gone anywhere He’s been still acting as long as he is here He died while he was acting After his death, he is still acting through someone We’re still living because of our Ayya When senior film director Bharathiraja spoke about this, he said Look here You may or may not believe this As far as I am concerned, artistes just don’t perish They’d be definitely living through someone Ayya-Shankara Murthy I have seen many of his plays I am a very big fan of his Once, I had asked him to act in one of my films He had refused The reason he gave for that was ‘As long as I’m alive…’ ‘Until I die’ ‘I wish to act only in front of a live audience.’ Tsk! But he has passed away I have heard a lot about all these films, but haven’t seen them yet I am eager to watch them [traffic] He is the one -Greetings sir -Greetings… Greetings Sit down Sir, I am Ravi from Sai Productions I have come to ask for Mr. Ayya’s dates for my next film Brilliant story Female character The story revolves around the girl We have even found the girl But the acting Mr. Ayya had acted as a female character in one of his stage plays If Ayya can act like that, it would be very good Without knowing the story We will tell you the whole story All we want is Mr. Ayya taking up the role, only if he likes the story What more do we need if Mr Ayya takes up the role and act? Sir, I am Ramesh from Kaalika Maatha Film Company I want Mr. Ayya to act in my film too It’s a story about a father and son Mr. Ayya would be playing both the father and the son It’s a dual role Sir, it’s a five year old child’s character for Mr. Ayya in my film! [music mutes voice] “He swings in his forever immense admiration and celebrations of his movies” “Ayya Shankara is unparalleled and unmatched” “His fame touched the sky” [audience cheering] “His reputation crossed the oceans” ” Claps and Milk anointations everywhere with joy filled in his fan’s hearts” Why so delay? Make it fast That’s not the case, sir Mr. Ayya has a play on that day. He can’t come there Please understand Are you ready? -Yes, sir -Your music That Tara… What happened to Tara? It went to some distant place I am experiencing loneliness, now From the top of my reign, I look down I’m getting to know what’s happening in front of my eyes “Come, O’king Come, O’emperor” “Throw a challenge and jump into it, O’warrior” That scene will be shot like a dream No. We don’t want this story “Jump into it, O’warrior” “Be it screen or in real life, he is the legend” “Be it a trend or brand, he is the creator” “Nothing can stop the path of this sunlight” “Be it screen or in real life, he is the legend” “Be it a trend or brand, he is the creator” “Nothing can stop the path of this sunlight” Sir, I’ve been producing films for the last fifty years

We were advised by our family oracle not to produce films for the last seven years Now that that time was over, I’ve come here to produce a film Mr. Ayya should definitely act in this film That’s the current trend, isn’t it? Story? It’s a nice family subject about a middle aged man The director will tell you the entire story Sir, the story would happen in Hyderabad [music mutes voice] The story is nice. We’ll do it Thank you, sir Who is the hero? Mr. Ayya needs just a body to perform. Consider it mine [audience cheering] It is the Mr. Ayya-Shankara Murthy Oh, that day? Mr. Ayya is not free on that date Listen… He can’t be acting in one film during the day, and another at night You can do something, he is free on the 20th and 21st, will you schedule on those dates? That advertisement is wrong Mr. Ayya didn’t act in that film They’ve put it on their own Please don’t believe fake publicity “The whistles of the audience will sound like conch” “The cheers of the audience will rise like a tide” “Your are the dear child of the Goddess of Art” “You are the Kohinoor diamond of this movie industry” “The whistles of the audience will sound like conch” “The cheers of the audience will rise like a tide” “Your are the dear child of the Goddess of Art” “You are the Kohinoor diamond of this movie industry” “The whistles of the audience will sound like conch” “The cheers of the audience will rise like a tide” “Your are the dear child of the Goddess of Art” “You are the Kohinoor diamond of this movie industry” “Be it screen or in real life, he is the legend” “Be it a trend or brand, he is the creator” “Nothing can stop the path of this sunlight” “Be it screen or in real life, he is the legend” “Be it a trend or brand, he is the creator” “Nothing can stop the path of this sunlight” [people cheering and celebratory percussions] Elder brother, is this the story they’ve narrated to you? -Isn’t the shooting going on here? -Yes, sir. Inside this factory [screams] [electricity buzzes] [groans] [groans]

Whoa! “May you live for a complete hundred years” “In complete bodily health and happiness” “Throughout your life, may god grant you with this!” “May you live for a complete hundred years” “In complete bodily health and happiness” “Throughout your life…” Cut it -You were superb, sir -Was it okay, sir? You have outdone yourself, sir! You’ve gone to a very high position -Don’t forget me, sir -I’ll remember you for sure -We’ll meet again, master -Pack up! Did the romance come out, like the way you wanted? It was perfect, sir All the romantic sequences? -They were superb, sir! -Everything came perfectly, right? It was good -Okay -Thank you very much, sir Okay. All the best Hi sir, when did you come? A while ago Please sit Production I heard, today’s film released with fantastic openings? Ours is going to beat this and reach great heights Sir Hey, can’t you serve him some coffee or tea? I don’t want -Leave it -Okay, sir What’s the film in which you were acting? What are you asking in that way? It’s our film They tried to rape the second heroine It was me who saved her She got emotional. So, she came to me running and hugged me From there, we’d cut it to a song in Mauritius We are going there next week You didn’t narrate any of these scenes when you’ve narrated this story to me We have to do certain things, keeping the gallery-audience in mind That’s why, we’re doing these fights and song Look, you have to film the story which you have narrated it to me This is the story I’ve narrated Can we show the fight and the song while narrating Just film only what you’ve narrated to me All these are not needed Listen, if there are no songs and fights for the kind of market value Mr. Ayya has today, they will question me No one will question you. Understood? No, everything is going wrong What? What is going wrong? We are filming the story which we’ve told you Do you want us shoot a raw film? We have to add certain elements for the sake of the audience That’s the very reason Mr. Ayya didn’t enter movie industry Anyhow, people are watching movies without all those elements! Tsk! Oh man! Look sir, how do I make you understand? Mr. Ayya has clicked with the upmarket audience He is slowly reaching the gallery audience nowadays Shouldn’t we make him further famous? Is it enough for him to be in Telugu industry alone? Don’t you want him to act in other languages? Wait and watch, he’s going to be a national star No… no need all this What is this? Why are you going on saying the same thing? The growth of such talented people, is always stopped by people with him, like you You don’t unnecessarily interfere in this Mind your own business I’ve already paid you to make Mr. Ayya act in this film And he is acting in this film Now it’s between me and Mr. Ayya What’s your problem? Greeting sir. tomorrow the shooting is at our Kalpana’s house At what time? -Tomorrow at 7 am, sir -Okay. I will be there I’ll call you you later

Ahem! -When you are arriving in that scene -Hi -Hi -Good morning Good morning -Hi Raj -Hi Hi Sid Sir Sir How it is done is You’re ready to go to office, you’re walking down the stairs You’re looking everywhere for your wife She’s in the kitchen You call out to her affectionately, “Dear…”, We cut to, her saying, “what dear?”, and running towards you After that… No sir, first, lets film till this point -Dear -That’s right, sir Okay We’ll take it now Take Ready Roll camera [camera blips] Action Dear Cut… Cut Sir, it sounded very rude It has to be affectionate Wasn’t it affectionate? No, sir Let it sound very affectionate, sir Okay, sir Okay, sir. Take Roll camera Take 2 Action Dear Cut… Cut… Cut Sir, that sounds like you’re calling your mother, not your wife Is that so? Yes, sir Just explain that scene once more Sir, you’re madly in love with your wife In fact, you and your wife have had a nice romantic moment yesterday In that same mood, you come down and, call her “dear…” in an affectionate way Oh! The previous scene was that? You never told me that Sorry, sir -Go. Take -Take, sir One more Ready Roll camera Take 3 Action Dear Sir Cut… Cut Sir, this is sounding different What do you mean different? You only said it has to be romantic Sir, this is… kind of… other manner Please sir, let’s do one more Okay, sir One more Roll camera Take 4 Action Dear Sir Cut… Cut Sir, there are no emotions in this There wasn’t emotion in it, isn’t it? Yes, sir You think I didn’t know that Emotions won’t come Hey! Kumar! Come here Sir -What are Mr. Ayya’s call sheet timings? -9 am, sir How will he come at 7 am when you have given him 9 am call sheet? Call for a break Okay, sir -Let’s make it after the break -Yeah, it’s okay Break Serve the madam Enough. I’m good Please eat It’s made out of Ghee You won’t put on weight -Serve her -Just a little… a little Enough… enough Serve cashew Serve me too Now explain clearly That’s what sir, you will come downstairs walking, and affectionately Hey! Why are you telling me? Tell him, clearly Is it? That’s what… you’ll come down you look around You’ll call your wife saying ‘dear’ very affectionately, sir

She too will come running, and say lovingly, ‘what dear?’ That’s all, sir Now, it is okay. Go Ready? Action Dear Hey… Cut… Cut Sir, there isn’t any problem, right? I ate a bit excess Now you’re okay, right sir? Shall we do it once more? Sure Take One more Dear Sir, you went out of the frame I went out of the frame? Sir, that’s the position I was doing it right until now, aren’t I? Yes, sir. But you went out of the frame for this shot Hey! Mark it I think I’ve got it more emotional Okay Shall we go for one more shot? One more Action -Cut -Dear Sir, you looked at the mark How can I stand on the mark without looking at it? Sir, the mark will be there, but you shouldn’t look at it What? The mark will be there I shouldn’t see it, but I have to stand on it? Yes, sir Action Dear Cut… Cut… Cut What? Did I look at the mark? Sir… I am coming, sir Sir, You looked at the mark, at me and everyone else Is it? Yes, sir Show me Come, sir Hey, playback Dear [laughs] Sorry Alright, let’s do it again I’m sorry Why can’t you go little backwards? No, sir. This shot should be in close up Dear Super sir Let’s immediately go for a take What was this? This was just a rehearsal The camera wasn’t rolling You weren’t rolling? What nonsense! What were you doing behind the camera, without rolling? I wasn’t asked to roll, sir Sir, there is no problem. we can roll it now, sir. Let’s go for a take Roll camera Roll camera! Dear [laughs] Sir, this sounds like something else I know When it came out well, this guy did not roll I’ll do one more Sir,

You have become very dull Let this shot be energetic Energetic? Yes, sir Okay, okay Take, sir Roll camera Wait! Don’t I have to get ready? How can I do it immediately? Sorry, sir Okay, sir Are you ready? Roll camera [camera blips] Action Dear [laughs] You have come out of the mark again, sir Sir, a small thing This sounds very childish Let it be more matured -Matured? -Yes, sir Hmm Roll camera Hey! Wait! Ready, sir? Sir, just take a look at the mark properly Ready Roll camera Action Dear -[laughs] -Sir, this was too much Bro! He went out of the frame again Any problem, sir? Shoot something else today. We will do this later What happened, bro? Did he get injured? That’s what I think Sir, you called for me? Let’s have no one else in our crew Only you and the cameraman should come I will come Shoot something with me and see Why, sir? Nothing Let’s meet tomorrow -Go -Okay [knocking on door] Greetings! Are you going out? Thank God Mr. Ayya! Can I pray to him? Nothing much Parasuraman, I was passing by, so I thought of seeing you Sit down Yesterday, I sat and thought for a long while after you left What you said was correct All these businessmen confused me That’s why I was a little lost Mr. Ayya has carved a particular path Why is Ayya required to do the regular thing? Ayya’s path is unique That’s the reason for which Mr. Ayya has come People like everything Can we sell Arrack just because people like it? We can only do what is correct Let’s not use the fights we shot I’ve also asked them to cancel the song shoot After the way I spoke to you yesterday, I felt really bad That’s why I came to apologise to you I just spoke something out of anxiousness at the shoot Please don’t take it to heart. Huh! I couldn’t sleep at all last night Mr. Ayya has been scheduled today for our film, isn’t it? Yes I don’t think so. He didn’t come Have you given dates to any other film? You said there was some patchwork No, sir. Today it is your film Is it? Generally, he will come, if he gives his word, isn’t he? He has never disappeared on the dates you promised till date No, he will come Just once Yes, I was told

He didn’t come during Sharath’s shooting He didn’t misunderstand in that way, did he? I don’t know? I did it by mistake I am a human too Isn’t it natural to make mistakes? I did it by mistake And I realized that and have apologized to you as well Keeping that in mind Why aren’t you saying anything? What can I say? Please forgive me if I have made any mistake I will film only the story that I’ve narrated to him Please don’t test me I won’t be able to bear it Parasuram sir I don’t believe in God I believe only Mr. Ayya He’s like my God He will definitely come. I have faith Please take care “Get ready to watch moves of the rooster which is about dance lifting its limbs” “Get ready to watch the snake leave it’s lair and dance on a hillock” “Do we have to witness the low life just like a cut off kite?” “It’s just the bad time that’s folowing him!” “Just because you don a character,” “you can’t become what you aren’t” “Try to change your colours like a chameleon” What should I do now? Just walk straight into the ocean, sir “Get ready to watch moves of the rooster which is about dance lifting its limbs” Sir “Get ready to watch the snake leave it’s lair and dance on a hillock” Okay, sir? “Do we have to witness the low life just like a cut off kite?” “It’s just the bad time that’s folowing him!” Sir, we should see anger in your action Ready, sir? Roll camera [camera blips] Action! “A paper flower can never be fragrant on it’s own” “Even a golden swing can’t swing without a rope” Sir Nothing is coming out properly, sir Over Everything’s over Sir… What happened? Mr. Ayya hasn’t been coming since the past two days Oh! What do we do now, sir? What to do Lets put the faith in God. I’ll do it myself Huh! “A cheating mind always suffers” [blower whizzes] “Your face is ugly without an expression” [blower whizzes] “A vessel without water is not worth it” “You can’t sell grass without the grain” “You can’t be yourself anymore” Sir, action “You can’t have rotten food” Sir, let’s not do all this Just simply stand and keep looking, that’s enough “Get ready to watch moves of the rooster which is about dance lifting its limbs” “Get ready to watch the snake leave it’s lair and dance on a hillock” “Do we have to witness the low life just like a cut off kite?” “It’s just the bad time that’s folowing him!” Just sit here, and look at the sea. That’s enough, sir Okay, sir? Thank you, sir Roll camera Sir, move a little forward and sit Ow… Oh! Damn!

Sir Enough, sir This is really a serious problem Somehow try to make him come. Please Give me my phone [phone rings] Hello Look here, Parasuraman sir This is wrong. After this, this problem will get into different level You will have to face it What do you think of yourself? Listen, sir I have spoken to you about this before All of you say one thing, and then do some other thing You did not film the story which you’ve narrated Why do you keep repeating the same? What’s the solution to this now? We will return your token amount, sir What? Return the token amount? Would returning the token amount make up for everything? Do you know how much money I’ve spent so far on this film? Half of the film is shot till now How will I complete the film if he doesn’t come now? I don’t care about anything I am going to fix a schedule after Diwali He has to come and act If he doesn’t come, just watch, what I’d do to all of you! He thinks movie is some kind cheap thing to him Where did he first act after he died? -In that auditorium, isn’t it? -Yes, sir -One of you go there and sit -Okay, sir -No, you itself go -Okay, sir If anyone acts very well over there, or you hear them, talking about something like that, call me immediately Sure sir I want to question that person, right, left and centre! Okay, sir When have you scheduled Ayya’s patchwork? Today, we are shooting the patchwork How is he acting? He hasn’t come to act at all! That’s why I had called Parasuraman, to find out He says he doesn’t know! Hasn’t he come there too? Then what are you doing? What are we doing? We had to finish yesterday itself It’s just patchwork We are somehow managing it Is it? Okay, I will call later [phone rings] Tell me, sir When is your photo shoot? Tomorrow, sir Tomorrow Where is it scheduled? At Jubilee hills, sir Oh! You have kept it there? Why, sir? Nothing… nothing go ahead and do it Is it a big set? Yes, sir Are you spending a huge amount? Yes Yes, sir Go ahead… go ahead [phone rings] Hello That boy has applied his makeup and is waiting since two hours The heroine is getting worried When will the Mr. Ayya arrive? We didn’t know What? You didn’t know? [chatter] All the politicians joined movie industry to learn acting And all the actors have entered the politics Excuse me What’s the solution to this problem? Ayya has not been coming to the shoot since many days How long can I keep going to shoot hoping he would come? I have tried everything But why did he stop coming? Not just in my film He hasn’t turned up in either of their films as well [chomps] Hey! Did you come to eat these snacks? His thing is just a patchwork His movie got shelved before it went on floors There’s been already a movie that got shelved All this is fine, sir More than half of my film’s shoot has already been finished What can I do when he stopped attending the shoot all of a sudden, sir? Hey! How can you consider this as an issue, and bring it to the council? Why shouldn’t I bring it? Then, how can I complete my film? One guy is dead, apparently his soul is acting, and with that soul all of you will keep on making films, and all those films will become big hits! And now that soul has run away, while acting in a film! Hey! We’re going through a lot of toil to make a film with a living actor Now, where do you want us search for the soul that has left? Why, didn’t you believe it? Didn’t you go to him and ask for his dates? I was lucky. He didn’t like my story I’ve got escaped but you’re trapped! [laughs] He liked only your story To add to that, you found it apt for you and acted as the hero! Tsk! I wonder who cast their evil eyes! Look Rajagopal That man was very stubborn when he was alive During my father’s days when he asked him, he refused to come and act I don’t think it’s possible to call that soul and complete your film What can we do with a dead man! No one in the council knows any such magic

Please try to understand Hey Rajagopal You have so many years of experience in cinema Why don’t you complete this film? Being confident that Mr. Ayya would act, I had borrowed a lot of money Since I am acting as a hero for the first time, I’ve spent a lot on the film If anything goes wrong, the loan sharks will be at my neck Even if the King’s rule doesn’t exist, the desire to be a King still exists! Even now, we can see, they’re presenting a grand sword and a floral crown Greed ruins one’s life Kings Is this a deserted land? Is there no one to hear my anguish? Amidst the thick bushes, I can hear the hissing of the snake In this desolate place, I’m unable to understand what’s happening I am not scared of anything that I see Huh! I don’t have any other life left to lose! Elder brother We made a mistake He would have at least stayed around this auditorium To me Did money become more important to me, elder brother? No… no… nothing like that [phone vibrates] Hello, sir Hey! What happenend? Sir, everyone’s acting very well It’s superb! We can use any of them in our films in the future, sir Are you praising them? Idiot! Did Ayya come there or not? Sir, I don’t know that Even Parasuraman sir, is seated here, looking sad He would have been happy if Mr. Ayya had arrived Okay I stood there shivering I came here walking in the stealthy path hiding from foxes Actor Shankara Murthy who has been acting in films since few days, has not been attending any of his recent film shootings Therefore, the producers have lodged a complaint in the Producers council All the films, that he had agreed to do have been stalled This comes as a rude shock to his fans Greetings sir. I am Thyagu speaking Is all what I heard, true? Is Mr. Ayya coming on to the stage at least? Okay sir, I will come and see you AYYA-SHANKARA MURTHY’S SOUL HAS DISAPPEARED THE LATE AYYA-SHANKARA MURTHY PASSES AWAY AGAIN AYYA-SHANKARA MURTHY’S SOUL HAS SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED AYYA-SHANKARA MURTHY’S SOUL DISAPPEARED ONCE AGAIN THE DEATH OF AYYA-SHANKARA MURTHY How are you so sure that Ayya’s soul has disappeared? [cameras click] For the past two to three months, Mr. Ayya has not attended in any of the films Not just in films, he has not come in any of the plays that we have staged We are slowly losing hope It’s frightening I’ll consider that Mr. Ayya has left us and gone forever What is the reason for his disappearance? Please. Lets not talk about all that now [knocking on door]

Who is it? Sir, it’s me Kumar What is it, Kumar? Sir, it’s an important issue. Open the door I am having bath Wait, I’ll come Sir, it’s very urgent Hey! Because of that can I just walk out like this? Go, I’ll come Watch the TV immediately, sir All the news channels are carrying news on you About me? As per the latest news, a person named Mahesh, has accused, well known film producer and debutant actor, Rajagopal, as the man who has killed Mr Shankara Murthy’s soul He has filed a case against him, in the court Rajagopal’s film ‘Nannu Vadili Vellaku’ was the last film in which Mr Shankara Murthy’s soul has acted Hey! Sir… sir… I’m slipping Sir… Sir [pants] Get up What injustice is this? When did I kill him? That man was already dead Yes, sir. His life left But his soul was alive, right? They are saying, you have killed that Go down and wait in my office Hello, Mr Rajagopal. How are you? I thought of calling you myself I just heard the news Then, how can I be fine? Sir What now? Sir, all the people from the media, are waiting outside, to meet you -What? Media? -Yes, sir Sir, the people from the media are here What should I do now? Is it? You go and face the media, sir I am coming there now We can discuss everything else Okay Sir, if you don’t go and address the media, you’ll be framed for the murder Hey! Sir, you’re innocent! Why should you get scared? Hey! Court wouldn’t accept such a case Sir, we’re no way related to that. Why should we be scared? But still we shall face them, sir Sir, not only that, this is free publicity for you Wait… Wait… All of you just wait there. Just wait there I have no answers for any questions All of you know that this is a stupid case The court will not accept the case in the first place You come and question me if it does I will answer you And don’t disturb me anymore than this We’re getting news that the producer and the hero Rajagopal is the reason behind the disappearance of Mr Shankara Murthy’s soul This news has been worrying his fans The court must accept this case All these days we’ve been believing this. What’s the answer to our belief? If the court doesn’t accept this case we’ll handle him The court has to punish the man responsible for Mr. Ayya’s death Otherwise, we will punish him There would be a huge protest if they don’t accept the case He did the crime and he should accept it If he doesn’t, we will break into his house and beat him up What is happening over there? We won’t keep mum if he sits at home after doing the damage. [phone rings] We won’t spare him -We won’t leave until he gets punished -Hello What is it? There is a lot of crowd at our door step. Come down soon Even the cops are here [indistinct thud sound] [indistinct crowd protesting]

[crowd protesting] Sir, the situation is very bad You can’t go out anywhere in this situation It’s safe for you to stay inside They are very aggressive, sir They will damage your property This will keep getting worse, day by day The media is fully supporting them They will make use of this situation, and the media will keep blowing it up Let’s deal with this case differently Let’s go to court, and file a defamation suit Let’s plead for your safety, and ask for police protection If this case gets heard in court, we’ll get the judgment in our favour of us Don’t worry. I’m here Okay, sir Elder brother, Rajagopal has asked for police protection citing threat from Mr. Ayya’s fans Not just that, he has accused us of spreading false news about him, and filed a defamation suit in court against us The court will be hearing a case for a soul for the first time in the history The details of this news will be out in a while… [car honks] I told you all that day itself All of you already know the answer How can I kill a dead person? They are cheating people, with this soul nonsense! How many actors were there at that time? How many artistes were there at that time? Aren’t they true artistes? Where have all those souls gone? That’s okay sir. Heard that you’ve narrated a certain story, but filmed a different story? Look here, my family is a very respected family From my father’s time, we are producing films for the past fifty years We’ve made several good films such as Karthika Deepam, Maangalya Sapadham, Naa Chellelu etc and won awards too You shouldn’t be talking badly about us! Sir, don’t get angry I am not getting angry. I am just clarifying Anyway, in sometime, the truth will be out Let me go inside and talk I have to tell you something If there is any danger to my life, late Shankara Murthy and his family are responsible No one should ever undergo this miserable condition which I’m going through Sir… Sir… Sir Sir Who is that guy wearing glasses over there? Sir, he’s the guy who had filed the case against you I have seen him somewhere He’s come to our office many times to narrate stories, sir You have sent him away citing some reasons OS1264 of 2017 Mr Ravichandra, is the witness ready? Rajagopal Your honour, we have filed the suit for damages and injunction They are falsely accusing my client

that he has killed the soul of a dead person All these accusations are baseless and illogical, your honour The media is spreading these rumours without a proof and a proper enquiry Your honour, my client is an educated person, honest and has high social status in society He has cheated many producers by borrowing huge sum of money by saying that dead man’s soul is acting Your honour, they tried to dupe my client but my client clearly did not acknowledge it Your honour, they tried to blackmail my client He asked for a huge sum of money and they’ve spread the ruthless kind of rumours all over the state, your honour Your honour, we are asking for an injunction that, media should not publish this kind of rumours anywhere That’s all, your honour Sir, everyone’s trying to kill me All the people of Andhra Pradesh are supporting them, sir This is similar to the story, of how Lord Ganesha drank the milk No one will believe me now, sir My time is not good now, sir My stars are in bad alignment now I shouldn’t have made this film In spite of all that I’ve made it, so I deserve this There never used to be anyone around my house It’s a very private space But now, there are always groups standing there, shouting slogans It’s really frightening to come out There are women at home What can we do sir in a situation like this? Your honour, no one tried to kill him A dead person’s soul, which was alive, is no more now He is the reason for that That’s why people are showing their anger on him For the past three years they have loved and been amazed by a person’s performance After the shoot of this man’s film That was the 22nd of October, That soul has not been seen anywhere And he is the main reason for it Sir, firstly, he has passed away long ago It’s been four years since he has passed away They were rubbishing that the deadman’s is acting Hey Silence Mr Rajagopal, Please don’t use unnecessary words Please forgive me, sir Despite being how famous he is, I’ve been hearing about him since my father’s time But I’ve not seen any of his plays, sir Saying that a dead man is acting in all the films, not just you but no one here would believe it There is no proof for it By claiming there is a soul, this group has earned a lot Someone should have filed a case on them at that time How long would they survive by keep on telling the same lie? This fraudulent gang, now wants to just swindle my money Wait and watch, they will say someday tell us that Mr. Ayya has returned Where does he stay, sir? When did he act, sir? Where has he gone now? Don’t you know they are lying, sir? So, he did not act in your film? He didn’t It’s just me who has acted in my film Then, what about the payment you gave them? Huh? Ask them if there are any cheque transactions? So was the entire payment in cash then? I’ve not given them any money If I had given them, ask them to show the proof They have definitely given the amount in cash, your honour They have destroyed all the vouchers signed by them Your honour, again and again he is accusing my client Without any proof, your honour You’ve published advertisement that Mr. Ayya is acting in your film What do you say about this? Give that here Sir, take a look at it Look at 4 to 5 places of that poster It states ‘Ayya is acting.’ Sometimes, they publicize saying ‘this is based on true story.’ Does that mean all those are true? It’s just a trend Likewise, stating that ‘Ayya is acting’ is a trend too That’s why we’ve put it Not just me, sir everyone has published that because people like it Who has got the copyrights for this, sir? Who has got the patent, sir? I don’t know about the others But, I haven’t given them any cash So, Mr. Ayya’s soul hasn’t acted in your film? I don’t believe that a soul can act But, they are saying that Mr. Ayya has acted through you, in your film! Definitely not! There is no soul… no ghost nothing inside me! Firstly, nothing can possess me Because, I am wearing the holy thread which I got it made from my family temple

Your honour, There is a scene from his film in this pen drive You take a look at that If he performs that scene now, it means that Mr. Ayya didn’t act in his film -It would be him who has acted as he said -Sir… Sir… you don’t look at that -Tell them to give it to me -Your honour, In the written statement, they have not mentioned this as an exhibit -They cannot mark this today, your honour -The shooting of my film is not yet over We’ve done only half of the film till now How is my film’s footage available here? They have stolen it I wonder, what more atrocities are going to happen I am going to file a case right now, sir These people have stolen my film What is this? How is the footage of his unreleased film in your hands? Okay, but why presenting it now? Let him file a case on us But we have just one intention sir But please allow this Yes, that footage has come from his film unit I’ll explain it later how it came to us We are ready to face the consequences We did that knowingly, your honour All we want to know, is just one thing He advertised saying, that Mr Ayya was acting through him Now, he’s claiming that he himself has acted in it Just take a look at the scene he has acted Let him perform the same scene here If he does perform it, it will be proved that Mr. Ayya’s soul did not act, but it was him Then we will accept both the defamation suit, and the case for illegally procuring the footage It will be proved that Mr Ayya’s soul was never there, people have been fooled, and they have been frauds, as he said Hey! I am saying, stealing the footage itself is wrong! Give me that pen drive! Why are you screaming? This is a court, and I’m present here The pendrive will reach you It will not go out anywhere You’re worried that the footage is out, before the release The appropriate course of action, will be taken Mr Rajagopal, they are advertising, that Ayya’s soul is acting through others People are also coming and watching And you are claiming that Ayya’s didn’t act and these are false accusations If that gets proved, this case would be closed If you just act that scene out, we’ll get answers for all the questions Put that pendrive in my laptop Sir, what is this? They have stolen my film I have already told you that action will be taken for that Sir, you’re a big intellectual You’re a judge! You’re the God who delivers justice! You’re like God! How can you give such a judgement? Mr Rajagopal, I haven’t yet announced the judgement It’s my order It’s the scene which you have acted What is your problem to act again? [door creaks open] Ramya Ramya You too take a look at this scene Take your time

The court will continue after ten minutes break They have requested Rajagopal to enact a scene which he has already done before He is going to act in a while If Rajagopal performs just like the scene, it will confirm that that there is no such thing as Ayya’s soul It will be proved that it was Rajagopal who acted in his film Other actors have acted by themselves All these days, it’s we, the people, who have been cheated If Rajagopal is not able to act then the fact that Ayya’s soul acted, will be proved If that’s the case, why is Ayya’s soul not coming now? Who and what are the reasons for the demise? Answers for all these questions will be known in a short while Sir, for fifty years… you’ve been in the industry since your father’s period Luckily, you weren’t given any other scene They have made it easy for us, by giving us a scene with no dialogues This is a cake walk, just go nail it, sir Sir, you used to keep saying, that in school, you’ve acted in a play as Alluri Sitaramaraju, and the entire school was shocked You have performed like the great actor Krishna, won’t you be able to act like Mr. Ayya? You are going to act And the whole world is going to be shocked! We are going to win this case, sir We are winning, sir -Yes! -Hey! I was asking for water Call Rajagopal Rajagopal Mr Rajagopal, are you ready? Honorable Judge, is this fair? Do you think this is right? Has this kind of injustice, happened anywhere? They are saying I’ve killed a dead man Screening my unreleased film to me and asking me to enact it, What is this, sir? Mr Rajagopal, why are you repeating the same old thing? This court exists for you to prove your side of the truth I’m giving you a chance to prove Prove it Now are you going to act or are you going to disobey the court’s order? If you disobey the court’s order, the case can turn against you You need not do the entire thing Just perform the last portion of that scene, which you have acted Mr. Rajagopal

Come on, act What happened sir? Mr. Rajagopal It’s getting late You’ve already taken a lot of time Don’t waste the court’s time Sir, do something Start it, sir I will beat you, rascal! How dare you ask me to act by screening my film to me! Mr Rajagopal, I will start contempt of court proceedings against you Behave yourself in court -Mr Council -Sir Haven’t you told your client how to behave in court? Sorry, your honour He apologises, your honour! You have just ten seconds time What happened, sir? Hey! I will see to that you don’t exist in the film industry! Just see what I do to all of you! Rajagopal! I won’t act, sir! I won’t act even if I have to die! I won’t act even I have to lose my life! Do whatever you want Consider that I’ve killed him as they claim, and sentence me death penalty But I will never act! Do you think this is funny? Should I act now? Why should I? Silence! Your time is over I will go to the supreme court As Rajagopal wasn’t able to prove his innocence, the defamation suit he has filed, against Parasuraman and the Mr. Ayya-Shankara Murthy’s family, has been dismissed Moreover, no one should spread such baseless, and meaningless rumours The court is directing the media not to show any news associating with Rajagopal’s name Moreover, the court orders the police department to take necessary action against Rajagopal for disrespecting the court while it was on the trial I think, no court has taken up this kind of case The existence and non-existence of soul cannot be proved in any court This is similar to the belief in God But, someone who knows how to act well, was unable to act today! There is no answer for this as well We can never approach everything logically Especially, art is beyond logic Even before civilization came into existence, there was art in humans Art is one amongst the basic things that can’t be separated from us Maybe because some miracles exist with us, we don’t realize the value of them I don’t know whether such miracles happen Even if they do, I don’t know whether we will allow it to sustain I just have one thing to say to all the fans of Mr. Ayya Let’s not have all these, confusions and problems There is no end for artistes and art As long as this universe exists, those things will exist! AYYA(master)-SHANKARA MURTHY BORN : 01. 05. 1939 DIED : 22. 10. 2017