US Xpress Pretrip Tutorial- Avoid CSA Points, Breakdown & Earn More

together let me introduce myself my name is Christopher Prince I’m a seven-year employee with us Express I’ve been a driver and I’ve been a mechanic and all told I’ve got another 30 years experience dealing with equipment today we’re going to be going over a pre-trip inspection on a tractor and a crater first thing I want to touch base on is importance of pre trip inspection with today’s csa points if you’re not out here pre trip of your equipment every day you’re going to wind up broke down on the side of road I’m leaking money sitting in a shop racking up CSA points so let’s get started first step to your pre trip is when you approach the vehicle you do a complete walk around on the tractor if you can hook to a trailer go ahead and do the walk around on your trailer as well you want to be looking for any type of damage under the tractor in the trailer look for leaking fluids any wires or anything hanging down under the piece of the foot let’s go ahead and do our walk around after you’ve done your walk-around your next step you want to raise the hood and start in the engine compartment all right first step we’re going to do is we’re gonna unlatch the hood for the purpose of this video I’ve already unlatch the other side depending on the model of your truck most of them unlatch here between the hood and the cap some of them do unlatch from inside the truck first steps you’re going to check your old gonna pull the dipstick lop it off reinsert it then you want to check it this will give you a proper old level reading and if you can see on this one this truck is low on oil at this time I would add oil to this truck to bring it up to the proper level on trucks it’s not like your car you don’t add a quart if it’s low you need to add at least a gallon and recheck it other things you want to look for you want to check your power steering fluid level you want to check your coolant level if your truck is equipped with a stick shift you want to check your clutch master fluid level make sure it’s full now is a good time to look at your fuel filter if your fuel filter level is full it’s time to change it other things you want to look for any loose air lines any loose hoses any old leaks any fuel leaks everything looks good you want to move down to your suspension alright the next step is we want to start checking the suspension components the first thing you want to look at is the pitman arm you want to make sure this is good and tight you want to look for rust streaks if you have any brush streaks on this that means this is loose if it is loose the truck needs to be serviced next thing is drag link make sure it’s good and tight check your shop make sure it’s tight it’s not damaged there’s no oil leaking down on the shop look at your leaf springs make sure you don’t have any rough streaks at the malian components if you do this is a sign of loose hardware you want to look at your brake chamber make sure it’s good and tight grab your slack adjuster there should be no movement on that slack adjuster you want to look at your air high air lines make sure they’re not dry rotted or chafed on the passenger side of the truck the first thing we want to look at is your air filter minder this clear band if it’s in the yellow or red that’s an indicator it’s time to change the air filter again you want to look for any kind of oil or fuel leaks you want to look at your hoses make sure they’re tight no leaks not cracked or split you

want to look at all your fan belts make sure they’re on tight not cracked or split inspect the fan hub inspect your fan look at your air to air hoses make sure the clamps are tight make sure all the clamps are tight on your turbo hoses we’ll check your windshield washer fluid and make sure it’s at proper level you want to check your starter make sure your tables are tight alternator connections check your shop same thing as a driver side you want to make sure it’s tight it’s not damaged and not leaking make sure your two hooks are intact make sure you brake chambers mounted good and tight same mr. slack adjuster no movement airlines aren’t chafed dry-rotted spring connections look for rust streaks u-bolts let’s talk about the steer tires you want to be sure inspect both of your steer tires you want to look for any cuts or damages to the sidewall you want to look for any bolts or nails in the tread you want to look for a bulging in the sidewall you we’ll check the air pressure on your tires steer tire still hunting 10 psi right on the money if you can find a tread depth gauge tread depth is measured in 30 seconds you find the lowest point on the tire and this one is at 18 30 seconds this time we’re going to shut secure the hood try again but it still keep trapping like to do da man together Oh look at Jeff HWH stick this is an annual inspection it’s good for 365 days if we do a p.m. service at one of our terminals it gets an inspection you go to the speed – and you have a p.m service your tractor may or may not get a deal – FHWA remember the month in the year that’s punched out on the sticker is when the d-o-t was preformed not when it’s due I’m gonna check your de F tank and your fuel tank it’s hard to see with a sturdy on these trucks but you want to make sure the straps are tight lids are secure very important never put de F fluid in the fuel tank or diesel fuel and the de F tank this will result in major engine damage which you’ve got downtime downtime no money and our fleet we have quite a few trucks that do not require diesel exhaust fluid these are pre 2010 emission vehicles if you don’t have a def tank doesn’t use the air fluid don’t add it to the fuel next step we’re going to get up in the cab remember always use three points of contact and always face the interior the cab whenever you’re either getting in or exiting the vehicle the first if you want to do is put the key in the ignition and turn the key to the on position when you do this you will hear six distinctive clicks this is the ABS brake system running a self-diagnostic on that tie lock brakes after you’ve done this you want to check your windshield wipers you never want to climb on the steer tire or the frame or any component under the hood to check your windshield wipers to properly check your windshield wipers you want to turn on your windshield washer if the windshield wipers wipe the windshield clean your windshield wipers are good if they leave streaks or patchy spots on the windshield you need to see about having windshield wiper blades replaced on the truck next step we want to start the truck you want to put the truck in

neutral and depress the clutch all the way to the floor once you’ve got the truck started you want to start your air system check your truck will be there quick with one or two gauges all air brake systems have a primary and a secondary air system the secondary is a backup some trucks will have one gauge with two needles the needles will be two different colors or two gauges this one has two gauges and what you want to watch for are the gauges to rise up to a hundred approximately 120 psi once it’s reached 120 psi the air governor should kick in and it should stop producing air alright we’ve reached 120 psi now you won’t text your air system you want to turn the truck off when you check the braking system the truck has to be not running to properly test the brake system the truck has to be off but the ignition switch needs to be owned to check the system you want to apply the brake release your parking brake and you want to watch your day you shouldn’t lose more than three psi on both gauges within one minute if you’re hooked a trailer you shouldn’t lose more than four psi in one minute okay we haven’t dropped any real air pressure so now we’re going to check our low air pressure warning and our spring brakes you want to apply pressure to the foot brake and release your parking brake once you’ve done this you want to feather your brake pedal your low air alarm should come on at approximately 60 psi once this comes on you keep feathering the brakes between twenty to forty psi your parking brake valve should pop out after you checked your brake system you want to check the rest of your gauges your fuel gauge you always want to make sure you filled up before your trip same your de F tank it needs to be filled and never trip also check your old pressure your water temperature your tachometer make sure they’re working properly of course your speedometer you’ll check it as you run down the highway you want to look at your windshield make sure there’s no visible chips or cracks if you have a chip or a crack that’s in the path of the windshield wiper this needs to be addressed you want to check your horns these trucks are equipped with two you’ve got a CD horn and an air horn you want to check your defroster make sure the defroster is working check your turn signal indicator lights on the dash check your high beam lock you also want to check your fire extinguisher make sure that the needle is in the green you want to check your triangles to make sure you have three safety triangles in the cap you now we’re gonna get out of the truck raise your arm wrist tilt your steering wheel forward always take the keys with you never leave them in the truck when you exit the trunk you want to be sure and facing the interior and use three points of contact with all time you we basted the truck now we want to look at our drive tires pretty much the same as the stairs you want to look for any damaged sidewall damage any bulging any objects foreign objects in the tread would be repaired I’m going to look in between your dual wheels to make sure that you don’t have any foreign objects in between the tires if your truck is equipped with duals you won’t check on the outside of your wheels to make sure your hubcap gasket or axle flange gasket didn’t leak in and you don’t have any oil inside the wheel look at your lug nuts to make sure you don’t have any rust streaks or any miss and hardware check your air pressure off tires and

trailer tires are 100 psi where stairs or 110 psi next we want to look at our gladhands and our pigtail well move your glad hands check the glad-hand seals make sure they’re not driver audit or crack check the pigtail make sure the killer gives attractive roofing wires secure it’s not frayed or damaged always return these back to their proper holder if you’re not going to a trailer never let them dangle they’ll get caught in the tires they’ll get wrapped up the driveshaft they’ll get ripped out and you’re on the side of the road waiting for road service check their air bags on the bleep you check your shocks to make sure they’re not damaged or leaking check your driveshaft make sure it’s not damaged make sure you don’t have any missing or loose bolts look for rust streaks you have rust streaks that’s an indication you’ve got loose hardware and this needs to be addressed you want to check your exhaust system it’s hard to see on these newer trucks you want to make sure that it’s tight secure it’s not damaged or broken you don’t have any black streaks anywhere that would indicate an exhaust leak check your airlines electrical lines make sure everything is secured nothing’s dangling or hanging under the truck this is also a good time to recheck your fuel tanks to make sure they’re secure and you don’t have any leaks under the back of the truck look for any damage or excessive wear on the fifth-wheel you want to make sure it’s greased these fifth wheels don’t require a lot of grease all they require is What’s in these tracks you want to take a look at your brakes use you want to make sure that the actual pad is thicker than a number two pencil you want to make sure that they’re not cracked or any big chunks missing this goes for every wheel position on the truck and the trailer again you want to look at your rear driveshaft make sure you don’t have any missing hardware or any rust streaks check your air hoses for safety make sure everything’s secure make sure your brake chambers are secure no missing hardware no leaks or check your air bags make sure they don’t have any cuts or any damage on the outside check your shop same thing no damage no leaks everything’s good tight and secure now we’re going to go turn on our lights you want to check tail lights four ways and check your luck flaps make sure their own secure again just look look the late anything that doesn’t look right to make the attention here though make sure your hubcaps aren’t leaking on the outside and start up the passenger side of the tractor to check the rest of our lives all right welcome passenger side check your midship turn signal check your visor or clearance lights also some of our trucks are mounted with a side tracker camera system some of them are mounted with a spot mirror whichever your truck has these need to operate around the front you want check your headlights check your turn signals all of our 2012 and newer Road tractors are equipped with a radar system it’s real important that you keep the face of this claim you don’t have any snow mud dead birds taped up around this this will give you false readings inside the cab you do not hook the tractor to the trailer yet this will be part of your trailer pre trip inspect all right we Biggs need the truck got our keys remember never leave the keys in the cab this is not

only a safety issue this will ensure you do not lock your keys in the truck as you approach the trailer you want to look down the sides of the trailer look at the top of the trailer you’re looking for any obvious damage at the nose of the trailer I’m going to check your permit box there should be a copy of the registration in the box you want to inspect your gladhands and the seals you want to make sure that the glad-hand seals aren’t broken missing check your 7-way make sure the lid is in place all the pins are in place you want to look at your d-o-t sticker same as the truck make sure it is in date next thing we’re going to inspect is the kingpin when you inspect your kingpin you want to look for any damage or wear on the kingpin if this kingpin is egg shaped that’s a sure sign of where there’s three pieces to this kingpin you’ve got the top collar this is what writes in the fifth wheel and keeps the trailer in the proper position the narrow neck is where your fifth wheel jaw locks around the button on the bottom is what keeps the trailer from jumping up out of the fifth wheel this piece actually rides on the bottom of the fifth wheel plate under the job alright this time you want to look at your dolly legs you want to make sure the legs are straight not pull down and pushed out you want to look at your K brace make sure the paper ace isn’t bent or damaged you want to look for missing bolts any loose hardware check your dolly leg bands to make sure they’re welded securely to the dog lays these dolly legs are equipped with a two speed transmission there’s a high side and a low side if the trailer is loaded you always want to put it in low gear when you crank the dolly legs up if it’s empty you can put it in high range or once you have the weight off the legs and the legs will come up twice as fast with less effort to change the gears it depends on the manufacturer of the leg pull out or push in you walk down the side of the trailer you want to be looking for any damage to the fender skirts if it’s with the cleaner skirts you’ll be looking for these bottom rail or top rail damage any side panel damage make sure your reflective tape the zone side placard the bottom rail and top rail is the majority of the structural integrity of this trailer and these are damaged there’s a good chance that this trailer fits collapse in place gonna look at your belly lines belly line Springs the majority of our csa points that we receive are due to belly lines either bad springs and the lines hanging or improperly secured and the airlines are shaped this is real important to save csa points for you and the company to make sure that these airlines are secure and properly painted while you’re down here you want to look at your slider rails make sure they’re not better twisted make sure your slider rail clips are in place there’s four of these each corner of the subframe after you take your belly lines you want to look at a few other things you want to check your air bags they should look like a black book make sure they’re not damaged look at your crates chambers make sure they’re properly attached look at your Airlines make sure they’re separated they’re not chained or dry right look at your shop make sure it’s not damaged missing for loops or leave it alone inspect your slider pins there’s four slider pins two per side and they’ll be just either forward or behind the tires you want to make sure all four lock down securely you want to check your slider pip handles make sure it’s not better damaged upper control arm bushings these are very hard to inspect without being under the trailer on a creeper you’re not going to see them but what you can look for these big washers on each side of the a-frame if you see shiny metal or rust streaks or where these have been moving back and forth or up and down that is a sure sign that this trailer needs upper control arm bushings alright you want check your tires you’ll either have duals or super singles just like on the tractor you want to check them for tread depth you want to check for any sidewall damage or bulging any missing tread sections air pressure 100 psi you want to look at your lug nuts make sure they’re all attached everything is tight if you see any rough streets that means you’ve got loose lug nuts these need to be addressed check your hub caps for any oil leaks or missing bolts

after you check your tires we will check your mud flap make sure that the brackets not better damaged and that the mud clamp is secured it’s not damaged all right at the rear of the trailer you want to do the same thing you just want to look for any type of damage to the trailer damage to the d-o-t bumper any broken hinges make sure your placards there check your door latches check your door chains if your trailer does not have door chains or door latches on the drop this that customer you need to stop in Ralph and have this addressed most customers will reject the trailer if it doesn’t have door chains or door latches check your do t bunker for damage make sure the do tape tape is on the buffer make sure the tags on the trailer you want to open the door you want to inspect the donor make sure the door seals are intact if the door seals aren’t there the trailer will be rejected sure you whenever you open the doors on the trailer you want to make sure they are secure this is the purpose of the door chain you want to make sure that it is hooked properly and the door won’t close if this door isn’t hooked this is a good way for the door to be torn off the trailer customer won’t load it with the door torn off okay see hoping the doors if the trailer is easy and not see you never want to break the seal on a trailer and I will commit to inspect the interior if you see this one’s hit you need to get up in the trailer pay close attention to the roof boughs make sure none of those are damaged missing your hanging down you want to look at the roof make sure you don’t see the obvious others remain inspect the floor make sure there’s no holes in the folder no big gouges out of the floor jiggery gentle make sure it’s all intact spit rails make sure there are properly fastened to the wall you want to pay particular attention to any roof repairs and make sure you don’t see any type of leaks coming from these repairs leaks can show up as black Street’s down the wall on the trailer or wet spots in the floor one gender cover plate to make sure that it’s fair to even with cold if this is pushed up most customers will not load this trailer make sure the thread is relatively clean don’t lean big oil stains are left over frayed or pallets or anything like that look at the floor for males make sure there’s no males in the floor a lot of our customers will not load a trailer if there’s nails in the floor these need to be pulled out you’ll need to call it wrap and stop somewhere to get this taken care of there you close the doors make sure they secure at the bottom and at the top if they don’t secure at the top or the bottom this is an easy way for somebody to break into the trailer by private or is it always lined up through the web British woke up dry side of the trailer like the left side you want to be looking for any obvious bottom rail and top rail damage any side panel damage you want to check your tires and wheels remember 100 psi look for loose lug nuts rough streets check your control our fishing washers check your side skirts if equip to make sure that they are in place check your placard make sure it’s there and all the clips are present look at your outside dolly leg make sure you don’t have any bolts of damage to this on this side now we’ve pretty much finished the pre-trip on the trailer with the exception of the lights and the few items we’re gonna go ahead and hook the tractor to the trailer before you back under the trailer one thing you want to check and make sure you want to make sure your trailer is not too high if it is too high what will happen is you’ll high center the

fifth wheel what this actually is is the kingpin does not catch the groove it sits on top of the fifth wheel as you back under it’ll drop off the front and in the cab it feels like you’re hooked to the trailer you’re not as you drive off and make a turn that he’d been with slide off one side of the other to the trailer of the fifth wheel excuse me drop the trailer on the ground you’ll damage the fifth wheel the kingpin tires frame dolly leg shout and make sure that the trailer is not too high or too low before you back up you’re backing up under the trainer raela the trailer shouldn’t skim on to the fifth wheel you should fill the trainer push the truck now that’ll also help guide the fifth wheel pin into the fifth wheel all right this trailer is now too low to hook to the fifth wheel if you’ll notice the dents and the lower notes rail that’s where the fifth wheel plate is actually stripped front of the track this can damage the hitch we’ll and of course it will damage the nose of the truck this is about the perfect height to hook the tractor to the truck at this time you want to turn off the truck get out of the cab and you want to check the king pin lock to make sure the jaw is securely around the kingpin all right next to the truck Abra Keys when the important thing to do is you never want to rely on a tug test to make sure that you’re locked to the fifth wheel it’ll feel like it’s hooked up but as soon as you make a turn it’ll slide off that fifth wheel and the trailer will be on the ground you want to take a look you want to make sure that there’s no gap between the fifth wheel plate and the fifth wheel if there’s a gap between that that means that kingpin is not locked in the fifth wheel also look and make sure your kingpin is not in front of the fifth wheel like I said if it is the first time you make a turn this trailer is gonna slide off the truck okay you’ve climbed under the trailer got your flashlight you shine it up in the fifth wheel plate you should see where the jaw has come around and locked around the kingpin if it’s not completely locked around it this trailer will come off the tractor you got my chips can still be tracking while you’re under here checking your kingpin to make sure it’s locked in place you want to turn around and you want to do a visual inspection down the trailer with the side skirts that we’re installing on the trailers it’s real hard to see the cross members unless you’re under the trailer you want to look for damaged cross members sagging cross members loose or broken brackets on your side skirts now we know the trailer is securely locked to the tractor you want to hook up your airlines and your pigtail the ready mergency line goes to the red flat hand blue blue this is your supply or service line there is a notch on the pigtail it goes to the top the flap on the 7-way box locks behind it this secures the pigtail to keep it from coming out and you lose in your lights and your ABS brake system you’re back in the cab with the truck in gear the tractor parking brake scent you want to let you on charge your trailer air system your gauges will drop some shouldn’t drop a lot with the ignition switch ON step on

the brake watch your gauges they shouldn’t drop more than 4 psi within 1 minute while hooked to the trailer turn the switch off remove the key turn on your lights turn on your flashers we’re ready to get out and check our life it’s your top marker and clearance lights get turn signal light side marker lights and I want to point out your abs lock when you hook up to the trailer and you air up the system this light should come on and go out this is a directional light with most of it shining towards the mirror you need to watch your mirror for this to operate this light comes on and stays on needs to be addressed you want to take your tail lights four ways clearance lights at the top of the trailer we’ll check the tagline make sure they’re all operating properly but the right hand side of the trailer rare marker light your midship marker and turn signal and your amber clearance slide at the top now be sure to secure your handle finish the pre-trip our Dali legs we’re in the truck ready to go there’s one more thing we need to do before we set off fasten your seat belt it is very very important that you wear your seat belt at all times while operating a commercial vehicle this is ADOT regulation all right we’re ready be careful and be safe you you