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and save Ducati very good night very good night to all the chartists the Brazil makes the brand is now starting another live streaming of box product do brasil bye marcão good night alright all good good night guys all very welcome to the official youtube of Ducati do brasil thank you for your presence, it’s starting now another live of products as you come must have followed our social networks since the beginning of this pandemic we have been bringing a lot of information quite new and we found this way to bring us closer to you talking a little bit about our products and even during all these live that we saw leading we even made some launches was the scrambler ai with 803 cylinders also the most recent planigale v4 s2020 an exceptional product for those who did not follow is on the social networks of Caixa do Brasil on our own youtube wants know more the other products follow with and enjoy that you will always be receive the new content first hand ok i’m matheus amaral after-sales and marketing network of Ducati product and next to me I have ear mark marks okay mark a all right another I said all right again is Marcos is one of our responsible technicians not only have to train our entire dealer network but it is also responsible for technical matters, warranty matters and to whom is always supporting our dealership network so he’s here for me help drive this one and talk now about this exceptional product that is Monster 1200 s a product that has been on the road for almost 30 years in the world a little bit less in Brazil obviously Ducati is officially installed in Brazil since 2012 and today we are going to talk about all their resources the attributes the differentials of this bike that make it a reference in the make segment or send your questions today we will start to interact much more early with you so send your questions your doubts but first I ask a favor for you if you still don’t follow Ducati do brasil on youtube for please do not follow that it strengthens a lot we got to know our channel and more and more generate content that you like content so you can always admire it and is closer to we’re fine so enjoy sharing life with your friends and family and go let’s talk about hands is marcio well ah i’ll ask yuri to take a sweep on this wonderful facade here before we start talking but it is important say that this product that this product it has evolved a lot over these 30 years a is a product that is now much more agile it is much more aerodynamics is also not milestones well great time more powerful including and this reference, so the sample was born in the early 90’s, no three 93 is in borgo panigale a and this one was a maximum board challenge or else head of engineering sector at 14g of Ducati at the time that launched this challenge for whom for the chief designer miguel galuccio the italian argentine miguel galos and they wanted what back then to develop a product that fought in the world of crosses but not those things that you know of this category so famous today of motorcycles one that landmarks that I had to be able to worry about could go on long long trips at the same time that goes down to be used in the city I’m moving from can use in the city or whatever it was not a sport for the exclusive use of racetrack or some such trips but also sailed there of this segment and always having that racing core of Ducati that has always been a reference meaning they wanted it to be a product unmistakably Ducati everything that has the hashtag today huh is over

the monster and just that he wanted the development of a motorbike here navigated this gap between this gap between a super sport and a cross from the time but that was in the standard of the unmistakably Ducati cat and from there this challenge was launched for another maximum challenge it was me but as pernambuco galluzzi this how does he how does the board ‘ thought of a motorcycle with a strong engine but it wasn’t a sports one, right? was it that your eDucative identity descends at the same time that it was the as minimalist as possible and nobody wants to say this is a simple bike, right? has a two-wheeled frame the tank the seat and gives me a simpler possible and that it would be easy to drive right what is the idea he had at the time that he thought what if that and the savage was made in 1993 the bike that marlon bland rode would be a Monster right if you didn’t watch it watch your side juggling it marvin is very cool the wild the wide one word very good ie he wanted the motorcycle reference to be used there as the protagonist of the film were the lunch a monster be at the time there is no name young man even more if it were a bike is with this Ducati reference right and I suggest wanted a minimalist taking advantage of motorcycle parts pre-existing, right? After reducing the course yes it is important to say that in the motorcycle industry and automobiles trucks and order there is the so-called kell and egg i be parts that you use other motorcycles this is common in all industries and it wasn’t just for you to have a project cheap but if you have a project and efficiently good so that you develop if it launched a product more accessible to the market, right and that’s when it it was launched then even with an exposed frame the engine ok and sports frames without that lot of fairing parts and i won’t say what remains but what pieces he wouldn’t need to use at that moment as fairings for motorcycles that you could be a simple and powerful motorcycle your schoolchild identity I understood then that was when it was launched this was found gap between these models that we spoke to cruiser but do not cross as you know today logically you already so that you could fulfill these long journeys and also not a super sport but with the standard of patio and there it was born if then this Italian wonder that is the showcase in time it was launched I think it was presented by the cock without 93 a hall of germany and 92 pardon the following year it started to be produced with engine 900 cylinders and not the years passed, right milestones and it was because it has a product very well accepted by the public and a nice thing too and here at the time in the 90s it was what you could accessorize a motorcycle the way it has never been done before, right, because you didn’t have so many pieces it’s a is a naked a naked motorcycle let’s go say so right then not after sales you could the networks the dealer network could promote a lot more business in there, right? I’m putting a series of m & a staff look at me I could customize it the way you want very well and then people there by the early 2000s the hand you started to get electronic injection In other words, there have been practically eight years on the market, right, a series of engines a number of features and it can gain electronic injection a little bit more on the skinny girl she was a bike so accepted in the market that she started to be half of Ducati sales at the time and they were that on the back of the monster be a monster thus represented more than fifty percent of Ducati’s worldwide sales so you can see how it it was so successful you know that even it brings reference to it brings it brings a little bit of that classic contains contemporary right for those who are more for this even for us to show I will ask him to come here he has to this tank lock gives an explanation please mark the tank lock that today it is made of metal original lunch this is a kind of rubber that you pulled here, she kept it to remove the button that the tank will you have access to air pants this lock came back a little more elaborate than that rubber from that time since today in very good aluminum good for them so they make a difference, right, even easy for them technicians from our own network to remove the robert tank the white you unlock here and lippi comes back here in the middle and then jesus from the canister on the other side of the breathe from the bad lid you can raise your day okay still had a parade in 2005 in belgium and it was the parade

in the world that brought together more models more bikes of the same model are on guinness book they go here on the screen of these and five monsters in a stop should is a bike with a lot of history, a lot of journey, right? almost 30 years 30 years in the market so people are going start answering some questions from you i will ask for production keep interacting with you obviously have a lot of questions here that our monitoring team will already be available to answer you quickly but ask her what you want, we will explain about each of these features throughout our live question what production come on so let’s start here diego’s question noble hermione exhausts are homologated brazil and we have mione and we will go there in a little while when we enter the block to explain about the right engine then hold a a little bit of one we have for me the nissim we at Ducati are not just any have mione out there so just for us to complete this part here before start talking about the engine these n variants that we had over the years for Monster made it a reference in naked is and it gave a new meaning in milestones why that is a naked motorcycle in the world so that’s it accepted this she sat this sportsmanship these characteristics of over the years and even bringing elapsed brakes and adjustable suspension + front wheel black people soon to get today at what she is on that wonderful reference and today we have here a version of the cat ad but also we we recently launched a new color black on black you must have seen in this initial video which is a totally different color is very aligned with the Ducati design and if you want to know this version is look for your dealer by a nearest dealer i’m sure many of our dealerships must be here interacting in the chat so if you interested in black on black you can search our social networks on our website on our instagram or simply talk to our dealers that he will bring all the information about this product let’s see couple on the road ricardo disguised say hi bye act had couple shown ricardo simulate the presence always perennial here very good have you lawyers for our brand well renata martins I just bought in moema Monster 1200 s for very happy to know that renata hope you like ba is your Monster 1200s is a product exceptional and finally your comment is very well including the profession I ask women where are the women of what stirs and pilots to interact more with us here that we will talk a lot about the product so women well with us talk to interact with us and send your questions because this bike here is not only for men this bike is very versatile is a motorcycle for all types of motorcyclists including for height that in a little while we’ll talk too ok I’ll take a break from questions let’s start the technical characteristics she then engine only, right, the name is to let those narrow 11th young people known every mapmaker right there are steps there 1200 cc engine saw 198 cubic cm 147 horsepower and 128 newton by meter of stock of this recipe 11 ° 11 ° what is that angle that we explained in the first the first live wow that the crossing angle will not give me the one shown if you don’t you can see it on our igtv is available there and max spoke a lot about that there but come on let’s turn the is relative to the crossing angle that angle of the valves are open at the same time both intake exhaust tip with half increasing power and improving gas flow that gets inside the cylinder so she’s not that traditional driver with that rank link that everyone already knows Ducati that noise well aggressive, you know, that very high touch from the low revs up to the until the last turning pass maximum torque 128 newton-metro a7750 ie a very low rotation we talk a lot about it here in the short look what a dough and not in higher rotation is not quite flat curve here or anywhere right why you feel that push in voting until the end of the river and it comes in an explosive way only linear does not give that exact header too thank you also that electronics which is well complete we will talk in a little while

only 7,000 rpm for those who know to whoever rides a motorcycle knows the seventh is a penis is a call of the hand you’re already there right, at idle three lines they can kind of there and finally good if you want to know more technically more in depth about the engine I recommend you visit the previous lives mainly from the one shown to us even talked about the dvt engine and it’s not the cars here but the engine has the its being so thick that even the engine at the milestones that has already disputed the superbike world and was already a winner in 2008 in 2011 with trojan well they and many other pilots and of course if it has a face and it has always been very reference already talking about the very traditional Ducati I’m already talking about the superbike world has a question here that I found let me see which is the front brake and suspensions ricardo cimo’s questions rare a hug to the top rare a hug to doc campinas a hug to doc são paulo prodoxo has I serves an interaction of the square docs yours here and the big hug to you for all the docs from all over the country i will not mention one by one more hug to you all the presidents to the members are always advocating for our brand always promoting our products making endless trip always by our side so a big hug for everyone you members the doc if you don’t know the doc desmo owners club is a club artists that where you are has a lot of advantages of being part of that club in addition to having a relationship with people who have this passion very much for our products you can also do a series of tours a series of travel and events with them is very nice people and it is very worthwhile you know the doc want to know more about the doc looking at our official website Ducati.com.br that you will buy the information there but she asks from our rare friend is that I already pulled this hook to speak about competition spray we have to have a brembo m50 and until recently time ago even used in superboy a fully adjustable ohlins suspension on preload and return in the world right manually mechanically yes and the all-white brake caliper radial incidentally radial boba and Mongolian forceps and the radial fixation forceps are also not appreciated here is the brembo bomb the whole set is breno neves author how beautiful this this type of bomb and this type of pizza it is because it is radial every effort that you put goes against or when fertilizing it with cotton so there is no mechanical training practically all the power you put here all the power you put here it will to the wheel at the same time as the pump being the clamp being monobloc it does not form one so all the energy that you put here is the energy that pinches it apply 330 330mm nudism I mean it’s an excellent brake on morale 147 horses of the motorcycle whereas the people in the rear also continue with brembo also managed to buy the exact 240mm risk is right in the middle too monoblock very well guys keep sending your questions that we already already answering here for you, we are going to continue here let’s talk of the electronics I saw there are people who want her to know about the panel show the panel of this tft panel of this beautiful machine very well good in a little while we will call I will ask yuri it’s a close here we’ll talk about the features but it’s like you should already have accompanied to be more goes to us passes on to talk about each of them here and now we will talk about dtc of the traction control max cactus it tends going down has traction control has traction control that works basically like those others that we explained on the other bikes one he eliminates some of the torque as he feels that he perceives that he reads from the sensors that the rear wheel is driving, eliminate that touch maintaining the grip of the rear wheel with the floor and there are 8 levels of eight levels regulation switched off you can also turn off the traction control stop 1 to the eye to the most intrusive oitão and the one that acts more is not the less among the living alright I’m more free very well and we have had by ie electronic accelerator without the need for the correct cable you have a potentiometer here that communicates with the potentiometer of the body of butterfly nobody and the butterflies open and the expense comes in to power the bell this is from an electronic command and accommodated it looked very good then it came out which is the electronic management mode and the potentiometer is an electronic

device also that as you the opening here is he does the reading already informs the module and so he will give the command for the accelerator to open or close and go admitting the air next to the fuel that is injected into the combustion and there is done with the exact combustion is we know commanded for the kind of emoji hero you put in the maranhão very well we will stay there and she has how many chips the correct tassel because shift on the pedal and also pedal or off we’re going to turn it on there too I’m going to turn it off I know you there is no need to use the clutch if you want, obviously we recommend forever be on the road in the city it is not so necessary right that oil then you need to follow a little of the engine turning but I admire the rpm is used the type of not below that cool very well who else she has max she has anti william control the prancing cylinder participate nothing she contrasted with the touch you apply to the rear wheel and with reading the exam that is positioned here in the middle that module is another module that belongs to the cat have your pleasure what are the inclines of the bike on that axis in that axis and this one and then it decreases me or decreased this touch as the front of the levanto bike understands putting the bike is a bike on the ground back in front of the bike on the ground around and I wake with the type of adjustment you put in the captive’s dw he also found eight months I don’t just remember this bike here it’s very complete ok there is even the enium and emil that the inertial unit here she can achieve understand that the bike is fulfilling is the moment of a curve, that is the moment where is the exact form beyond it informs this one connected there way to all the others this is one which are this is a lot which are the slopes of this bike very well what are the angles that even it lays 46 degrees, that is to say one of the most inclined in our segment that occurs for you to cover an owl’s trajectory a delightful way for anyone like adventures and with the abs code be the abs of curves you can stay peaceful that we already explained in other variations for those who arrived now click for us to mark the bsd bend well a bid gives the brake during the bend during the curve it starts from the iml reading informs to appear which which is to look like world to bosch and the unity of the harsh whatever inclination you have the bike and remove the brake power preventing the wheel from locking and you fall into the curve then it makes the vehicle as safe as possible and the cool thing about these here people unlike those who are used to using the abs of a car that gives that step very hard a brake you feel and the module modulating ie distributing the pressure between the valves there so that the braking is distributed on the four wheels here you don’t feel your acting for you she passes you to me already transparent right or be you can brake hard it will perform its function I have particularly been through a situation like that where I was very strong wasn’t a needle it was a straight line but I I saw dexterity as she does this distribution of fenaj, that it is not braking at once and is able to modulate so that tidying up the bike also doesn’t drag, that is, it doesn’t give you the effect of bouncing and walter and pull the people to select that I I don’t have an incredible bosch brake and the Pirelli tires make it a hand to be a very seconds bike holds another very important information from the Her electronics are the beacons on led, these are also led, right there, webfarol and the daytime driving light ie going to bed it’s fine okay it’s got three driving modes three driving modes strong sport turan touring and urban ok we will explain it is important you knowing here each of these modes yours in a different way on the bike for a different need as well, that is to say unhappiness one of them for example is the touring that reduces the power of the engine it maintains engine power at 147 horsepower but delivers it thanks to system goes neighborhood there it is softer i said in turin forgiveness but it is a way urban not touring that urban between two horses in which we preach from the soft power means the butterfly of the butterfly body opens in shape smooth then this delivery of the between two horses effect of a band and like a boat ie falls from 147 to 102 or if you will not step on the artists in the city and a curiosity here I also participated because 102 so specific the approval data are always made in the hp horse power unit when Ducati develops this and she wants to talk if hey no horses

100hp forgiveness are enough for that is when it is approved we bring it here to Brazil that we use a another system another unit measured hear be see then so converted by this thing that is broken is here she decrypt speaks very well okay not there will be more questions here a man show the panel ok I’ll get more questions here but let’s turn on the panel here already show details mode driving mark ii oh so ok you talked about the driving modes yuri is put there for us show come on so this one is the panel must have tft people click fast a sport mode appears if I want to switch to the and the father is already in the sport is already in the store, he entered the train and holds the button good sort the selected turbo mode touring selected turi passed cool culture ok again you want to change your new between the urban changes the colors alice is seeing and here and this suite it shows what the levels are for both traction control abs or during william them in each of these ways each each back there for the staff each tree power so i have i have a factory standard um which is according with that mode that I chose I got it I can walk in all of them modify all of them I can change the mode to call the mode urban and change it to the sport’s characteristics if it doesn’t work ok so let’s take a look at this way of doing this come on and then you leave right you already made the selection this I press and hold I go on the radio the other one here is the menu where he has all then we’ll come back but let’s go to the furniture we have sport mode to win ok and where i have and all the controls that I can change in this sport mode if I go strolling on it I have to either go there or go there put it off top learn it I can turn it on and off just up or to do it down very well, but one click, I go out, I go to the engine that I sent the control the engine power safe I enter your power 102 average horses that are 147 delivered slowly or high which are the 147 of quick files let’s pause here i’ll ask for open camera come back is that kind of delivery it’s important to know that if you put a delivery soon or be low as I lend a lot of strength here he doesn’t will answer just like my call, it’s just transmitting the movement to stop my cpf we open the butterfly you can choose but you can eat very well very well according to the way that you selected the traction control also eight levels or off is less intrusive or even up to 8 alberto that i have he can shut off the abs or it’s about three months a three from less intrusive to more inclusive let’s get out of here very well if I don’t that I changed it and I didn’t like it. I go to the factory’s standard oven and click there and it goes back to the original pattern that way we have a display that is the type of panel that we are selecting according to the module with the type of driving we are choosing and I have a pin code that password you enter you turn on the motorcycle without key you turn the bike on without an important key you put this pin code on dealership because he also uses the equipment

the equipment car in a remaining laptop right pressure and like race track proves we can also put here count the number back faster back all information already opa units system if you want to put it in the English one very well is the cause here in Brazil if the hours o watch and the date very well here you have it in a little bit here bluetooth because it has as an option you buy a bluetooth unit in it ok it has whip already adapted for this is already there where science wiring only buys the afterwards you will be able to download the program on your cell phone tim and configure your panel to interface with your intercom this is the dns of the cat multimedia system ok it’s an accessory available also for Monster ok here are some service that is where you are warned revisions it is important for staff to know many sometimes the person gets confused posting not seeing in mine in the owner’s manual but that shows right is the annual review the tenth review and how much is missing in this case a zero kilometer bike so it doesn’t show how much time to get in in the next review exalts that by the way the first 1000km review the second revision 15 thousand km of thousand and after 15 in 15 adhesive with 30 thousand other than that, the annual review is also there in the manual, also very clean that would be the lottery’s attention and the engine rotation very well and thor 7 if you change the tire for a non-original one you have the possibility to we will see that this measurement the tire profile is different from this than we there is none here so then the speed you keep the shape it would mark a speed and incorrect on me this one is a shape you put a tire different from the original with a different profile and calibrate the speedometer for this new tire very well just to make it clear non-original tire personnel does not mean non-original approved by the factory is a tire that maybe is not in the specification that we talk about, right? example we are very well dressed here, you know, as the pirelli power says it’s nothing without control off we’re here very well put on for a pair of diablo rosso is 33 with for example in the front we have 120 mm of bandwidth tread by 70 mm high and with these 17 inch wheels at the rear has 190 for 55 so suddenly you bought a diablo rosso 60 tire you do in this 7 in which Marcos spoke to you and he will understand and the engine rotation he has one and when you put it right here it already tells you what covers speed you have to maintain and what gears that you can walk so that the speedometer is calibrated with your new a good tire is that we go out and very well okay my panel you saw the super complete bikes it just doesn’t have electronic suspension which is the suspension it is today but with mechanical adjustment the rest it has practically everything another sports one is not is not electronic but it is not beautiful but I look is the best on the market in the world suspension market so we have compression adjustment on one side and return on the other mechanical this understanding of the left side a right and rebellious return on right side return and adjustment of spring preload on both suspensions need this door the streets here are in the rear in the rear it also has oil we have oil too we have here the regulation of the preload and the adjustment of return that is back here you can manipulate here that is a little hidden I wasn’t even for black here very well come on a little more question here question from fernando kipper how is Monster’s behavior in driving sporting fernando is exceptional you can customize to make it more loose a little bit more stuck as marcus explained here about the nuances of there are also variations in abs levels of traction control and anti willy but she is not a risk ok I already walked a lot in her sport mode

it’s delicious on this floor and you can configure it and a way that it doesn’t interfere with your pleasure of riding which is what is what makes the difference, right? Exactly, then she is very well what is one of our three and dealerships in brazil is to make a test rider I’m sure you will go out with a closed deal ok well the question from adilson filho marcos is it possible to make the bike softer in adjustment yes you take some of the autorun preload you increase the springs course it’s more like a simple watch it’s young with its mouth here 17 protect it here with the ribbon do not ruin the analyzed screw it cool google she’s question from diego noble we have how to put bluetooth on as in the multistrada you already showed here look at you so he is ready to have the Ducati multimedia system renata martins asked I want to know about the settings good is the bedpan spoke are manual adjustments to the front and rear suspension but if you have been doing on the willi abs adjustments and everything else were these were the steps that Marcos gave to show how you can adjust and set up your way ok renata eduardo massaro hello doc ribeirão preto a personal hug from Ducati four ribeirão preto and also of the ribeirão preto doc was worth edu for the presence of talita alves the seat is friendly to rump this is this is super cool question come on before talking of the seat I’m going to ask him to focus here this bench here factory it is a single seat ie you can see that here you cannot sit and but it already comes with the pedalboards for you to support your croup you can easily remove it I’ll see it from here so let’s first start by the single seat remove the seat so we can have a look, please, magal and here the bank comes out and then we have the screw here screw remove them open here this plastic cover comes out got it you have the seat croup very well and thats the talita asked if he would be friendly to rump right you are in a high position here it is very wide I will ask for the yuri there until the until a focus is obviously not the same as the pilot but he is wide enough for you to have a nice trip because the concept of this bike despite being a naked sport is a concept for a bike that she can travel long paths, right? the beauty in relation to the seat being friendly so they will already enjoy that we are here I went through some other questions here that concern up to this is it is cool to talk, right, milestones, we have bank regulation certain adjustment of the bank and it gives a touch here for us we will give but let’s show the people at the bank that there are two adjustment levels you here in my hand with adjustment by bank get higher or lower ie 820 here 795 here or 795 here 79 cm and a half in relation to ground or 832 72cm to the ground the manual adjustment that you do on your own no tool needed and you can adjust the height of the seat the bank is good to buy accessories without doing anything just change it here position and remove and this calcium here it fits here where you lower it when you raise the seat you reset the case very well but but we will promise that he is already out of a bank I will ask him to show me more an item since we removed the bank to show we have to see if the our side right yuri the tool kit and also this usb socket protected against the ingress of water and inside here you can put a device to be loaded here okay good great let’s go to pro let’s continue with the questions here and what more do we have quite a question today huh with paty oliveira today has enough woman not interacting, it was good for us to comment, so girls continue and even this question of height not only for women is tall but standard of Latin being a little bit lower than man but for man you too we make all the difference is an exceptional bike regardless of gender a to the pati question is what is this red fairing i imagine it either saying this here, right, Marlon and it’s

the transmission radiator and there’s the radiator of oil here is helping the engine oil and here for the water radiator this one is a fairing that increases flow was dynamic into oil to improve optimizing this engine oil cooling is good and speaking that it is easy to be piloted by regardless of whoever it is she has a tea if what other muscle marx it there on Ducati’s traditional lattice since it’s fixed on the engine block, its heads are colored in the heads so that this the weight right hugo the engine assembly heads and blocks it is a unit structural too and with that you don’t need a big tea here that only increases the weight of the potengi already talking about frame chassis if you come to look here you don’t see the scale, you know, it’s a monoblock scale that’s on the side left side of the pilot and the sensation of floating wheel including very detailed details beautiful very beautiful here on both front and rear wheels her tank is for 16 liters and a half comes out of this is because you play before quite on your thousand throne very well let’s go to the questions and ademir reis explains about the cultivation of please have a Monster a and have some doubts such as the functioning of the intestine both upwards and forwards low milestones technically how does it work right down when you moreover when you’re shifting gears he does he cuts the ignition an engine right at that moment it has a sensor here that with the pressure of the your foot up it provides this this it appeared that you want to change gears up right increasing the gears it cuts off ignition at that moment so it takes off the torque of the gears and that is the coupling of the gears inside the the gear becomes very smooth without the need to use the clutch and hence how do you do that same move down again a pressure of your foot on and on the horn of the gear it informs appear what you’re saying giving it doesn’t mean the opposite with that through the electronic butterfly management system it slightly increases the engine rotation matching the speed of secondary education with that primary to that you engage these masses and smoothly without requiring that there is it careful tied can not drain the stops make a commanded way totally electronic ok is there is a question that just for us to know from emerson oliveira is sure that the full led headlight is not it is not full led it is I will show that max he has the light and condition of an urn and conduction of a lot well and they will ruin h7 that your halogen lamps if you can see here this is a halogen lamp and the led in the daytime driving light and also on the satellite arrow it can show very well people had commented some of that at the beginning, but don’t forget the lighthouse and daylight you don’t open his eye it’s exactly okay let’s go a lot of questions here and let’s see and here the couple’s question show if it is possible is the bank we showed is not very well indicated for women certainly not only on show but the show is a motorcycle due to the height and seat adjustment for those who have a little lower stature was well indicated yes the question is good than tifty which lubricant is used in the hand cm 210 question from guilherme takamine is the same giant used in all Ducatis is the sky she 15w 50 empty audio other 15w 50 very well ok from the review of geography intexi bad very well and ricardo tavares asked the passenger seat cover and accessory or comes with death in fact this here comes on the bike right and you can just take it out and stop being a hand at the health care station more questions there for us come on come here come on samuel rede do not talk about the tilt control stability of the dead that are talking about the abs of corneal curves is all this control of inclination what we said he controls the information seeing him which is an accelerometer either placed here

in the middle of the motorcycle that informs others and their inclinations that the motorcycle has at that bad time if it frame modulates various electronic functions of the motorcycle both anti william when the abs brake runs very well the clix chips can be used at low speed you said there is no rotation can be used at low speed only above 1,500 rpm but 1500rpm for motorcycle is not nothing is good guys marcelo carneiro she is very powerful and the shimada she doesn’t curse you can see that she doesn’t have a steering damper she is very powerful 147 flying horses of strong good the law that smoking make of almost 13 kg is but she doesn’t do that, it’s a bike that used in our piloting courses that dr eDucatil spears we already said at other times and if you want to do is train learn to fly with more security and more reliability look for the on the trf has not yet come out the calendar because of this pandemic that we have been through, right? soon news will reach all of you and it is a bike widely used at the race track and people like it a lot and marcelo he talks talk about the tyler 737 in combat explained that when you replace the tire with a color a dimension not originally configured by Ducati you have to do this configuration is here inside the panel you will have this feature and it will tell you to ride the bike take a certain turn and a determined speed and then it will do this reading will get liberal speedometer for the in the tire profile you put a brand preference you changed and my son was not the original 55/60 cell phone defending I understood very well that even we already talked about but these diablo gum are gum rosso da l-dopa is very good for both for urban centers as well as for race tracks does he road after hot is staying it transforms your riding makes all the difference advancing to have as much resource of the bike does not have well tire shoes started there, right, it should be done very well, there are more questions profession so getting to the end of the live folks i’m going to ask your kindness I will reinforce this request that we placed at the beginning of the live subscribe to our youtube channel follow our social networks on facebook on instagram on linkedin itself the news will always get there ok but lives saw it so we ask that you keep us strong in this one and I I’m looking like a blogger, right Marcos asking to subscribe to the channel, right good fabiana was there already combined the front and rear combined is not combine a combined stuck independents very well so ok the questions are over production ok we are reaching the end of the live we are very thankful for you continue with us more news will arrive we have inside Ducati not all of the employees a line is going to and accessories and clothing as you can see behind us seeing up to a beta it charges right milestones a battery maintainer new model very finally you can visit our dealer as we have said despite this pandemic moment the Ducati has implemented catechesis, which is a safety project within all dealers in the world ie all of our dealers is respect this hygiene and safety distancing protocol so you can come and do a test will bring your bike to do maintenance review you want to change your bike anyway you will be fine received and important to say that with certainty worse than you spoke of battery charger in is was to explain a little what it’s for you use your bike for once every 15 days over time the battery voltage will drop and electronic systems modern they are made for and to work as the minimum tension of 12.7 volts ok so it’s to go this’s what it’s for, it helps you that he does he keeps that battery voltage always around 12.7 volts when he’s charging and that attention has passed that point he automatically it turns off your genius is floating ok so this is why if you you don’t use a motorcycle very often it’s important you read a charger battery a battery maintainer as in extending the life of your battery and we have this model for traditional rain batteries the iguaçu and also to go an elite one what I can give to call is not connected g4 very well ours that can only

acquire accessories in ours in any one of our dealerships right exact is important you don’t if your battery is a link use the lithium battery charger charger is different lead-acid battery a good so if you’re not running much pants anymore and then you keep it in the maintainer battery if possible circulate a little bit so as not to leave the tire always in the same position and whenever possible in an open environment start the bike talking call nobody asked to call your asked to start the bike I will not ask you want to call so let’s call there neutral here mark let’s see come on call there please let’s see the tithing noise and and then there was a characteristic noise from Ducati strong loud noise whoever thick who almost bike knows i send it to you that is to say, it leaves the front very well, another important message comes with a 2-year factory warranty if you want to extend the warranty seek information but with your dealer or our own website is about the is it true that the warranty extension program where you have the opportunity to extend your motorcycle warranty for up to five years there are two that you can understand + 3 years warranty giving all the security reliability that we at the brand believe and that we want you are prolong your bike quite usual at a time when you are going to replace it it will certainly have much higher added value there actually good a the questions are over, we thank you once again for the time you willing to receive it at your home or wherever you are very thankful for accompanying us much more will max with sure comes more live comes more launch this year yet so again subscribe to our channel follow our social networks that in soon Ducati will come back with more news with more launches so thank you all so much and take care bye tutti stay so everything understood thank you guys a hug