The 2015 ESA Certification Corporation Business Meeting

now further ado I give you Laura enforced very good good afternoon to everyone and good morning to those of you calling in from other time zones we certainly want to welcome everyone to our very first ESA certification corporation business meeting webinar and while we’ve traditionally held this meeting during the ESA annual meeting last year the attendees of the business meeting voted to hold this virtual meeting in order to offer some different opportunities for participation so it looks like we’re going to have a great turnout today I just want to remind everybody that this will be recorded and will be made available at a later date on the ESA website giving yet another option for people who are interested in being able to participate to hear a playback of today’s meeting so once again thanks for joining and let’s get underway first thing I’d like to do is review the goals for 2015 and again I was the fitting director for 2015 of a certification board and forest is your current and 2016 certification board director and he’ll be joining the presentation a little later but for 2015 well we can kind of summarize what our main goals were in for big buckets essentially first we’d like to see continued growth of course in both our a/c II and BCE programs we had targets for the BCE program of 435 and in the a/c II program 966 and we’re going to see a slide missed a little bit that shows how he came out we also wanted to finalize the much anticipated and much needed a CG study guide we were also in the midst of investigating alternatives a CEM BCE models primarily certifications in conjunction with public health and turf and grass and ornamental again a little more on that in future slides and we also felt it really important to get on a more regular cadence on the review of our BCE core and specialty exams because we certainly want to make sure that the material that proves it represented in both the core and specialty exams it is current and relevant is possible so we’ve ish initiated some routine reviews of some of that and their task forces working that area right now which we will talk about so maybe you were wondering to yourself what does the certification board do all year long and Chris was nice enough to pull together a list of all the certification board motions that the board entertained in the past year and that it’s pretty comprehensive list all these past actually with the exception of the two at the bottom they actually passed but they’re asterisk because they go into effect pending final approval of the minutes from our last certification board meeting but just to give you a flavor for the types of things that we talked about and reviewed with a motion to allow a emeritus members to renew for a single year rather than for three years we amended the rules for a Support Committee to allow aces to serve on that committee therefore opening up opportunities for more participation for people who are really engaged in the ACE program we amended rules for the professional maintenance and certification report to allow junior authors of papers to have as much credit as primary authors for continuing education we accepted the newly edited manual and orientation guide as the official policy of the program those are available to review on the website we updated the certification corporation manual to document the procedures for CEU audit reports that happen to be rejected by the committee next we accepted draft content outlines for two different reviews the first one was content outline provided by the BCE core exam review committee and the second was the core content a line for the med vet specialty exam and both of those draft content outlines were excellent they were accepted as draft by the certification board and allowed to go to the next step of review which will open it up to a broader set of reviewers and continue to push that process through in 2016 there was a request to the certification board to continues discussions on reviewing the standards for continuing education unit awards at our certification board director meetings those discussions will also likely continue in 2016 and then finally as I mentioned in our last meeting the recommendation for Jim Frederick’s to be reappointed to serve as the ad hoc member to the certification board as well as an amendment made to the certification corporation manual to

state that abce ethics review committee appointee must be a sitting member of the certification board at the time of appointment so that in a nutshell covers kind of by and large most of the activities from a you know routine business meetings that we had in 2015 when we think about the highlights from 2015 we’ve already mentioned a study guide and we’re going to take a look at that and a little bit more depth here in a fight or two but certainly the a study guide was I think one of the highlights of 2015 it was indeed piece of material that was again highly anticipated much needed I think will be extraordinarily useful as folks prepare themselves for certification we also had our first ace international passed their exam for certification I don’t know how many of you saw but the certification corporation actually developed a press release back on in mid-february of 2015 to announce the recipient of the first international version of this associate certified entomologist certification so I don’t know if Kenneth is on the line but if he is I know it’s very very early in the morning but I’ll februari 11th Kenneth Liang of Christian environmental health limited in Hong Kong earn the first passing score on the 8th international exam and I’m sure everyone is clapping in silent mode right now for you tena that is a great you know professional milestone to me we’re really proud of you and I believe we’ve had four others joined tennis so far in 2015 at page international folks who pastor certification so again great to see this program kicked off and moving forward other highlights from 2015 included the fourth year of consecutive growth for BCE program the 11th consecutive year of growth for the AC program and also the development of new tools for m-80s to market themselves professionally as depicted by some of the new handouts that are shown on this slide for we get any further I do want to recognize the leaders of the certification board these are the folks that are representing you with their expertise and bringing their knowledge to the certification board to help keep this program what it is today with great integrity and I really want to stop and thank the folks who are dedicating their time but free time is so precious and so scarce I want to thank everyone for the time that they do spend to dedicate their there you know professional time for the certification program so first one a recognized Pat cops who is our past director for bringing his experience and continued continuity to the certification board really appreciate path excellent input all year long to the certification board forest saint-aubin who you’ll hear from in a little bit is you’re sitting acting director for 2016 it’s not on this list but I also want to recognize dr. Zia siddiqui who is the new certification board director elect and that was the result of the 2015 elections he will assume office near the end of 2016 once Forest has finished his term in office so I also want to recognize all of our branch representatives we’ve got juan rodriguez at the international branch and one if you’re on the line i see that this slide says your term and november of 2015 that’s actually not correct you are still actually sitting on the certification board for another year I hope you weren’t thinking is that you were done but we will get that fixed so that is represented correctly on the website also one recognized Andrew sehgal in from the Pacific branch Molly tech from the south western branch Robin Todd from Eastern branch all three were re-elected for second terms on the certification board so thank them very much for their time and their willingness to run again to serve on the certification board from the north central branch we have doc Mitchell serving and to the south eastern Branch Dennis ring our eighth representative is Robert and we have two ad hoc members Sri Popcaan blaze and Jim Frederick’s we also have governing board representation on the certification board and 2015 from Starbase parks and great support as always from the esa staff through crystal zig match ism others who helped us do what we need to get done done in an organized and timely fashion so big thanks to all of you now we have certification board members for sure but we also have numerous committees and I know a lot of folks spend time on behalf of your work to get done to a

certification board it is absolutely true that many hands make light work so do want to recognize these committees and their leadership starting first with Stuart Mitchell and the eighth support committee also doubling as the ACE exam committee in his group zia siddiqui on the 8th international support committee again great job bringing that to its present state got to give a big shout out to Sri pot kambli for all of his energy around so many things related to the certification board shrewpaw is instrumental in the BCE examining committee the BCE awards committee and also the continuing education committee so true pot thanks so much for all your energy on behalf of the certification board arun sin is our rock and foundation on the PM and c review committee we’ve also had really really a lot of great effort on the ravine exam review committees and that in the writing task force for the reviews of our core examine our specialty exams so a big shout out to harold harlan and the rest of the group who has agreed to sit on the vce core exam review committee and also jorge soler for the med vet specialty exam task force great work there we’re stopping to boom on the 8th Public Health exploratory task force and nick ellis and shannon get on the 8th turfgrass and ornamental task force these folks are exploring options for certification models in conjunction with other professional associations and I think course we’ll talk a little bit about that in a second so again big thanks to everyone who serves on committees a lot of work getting done on behalf of the certification corporation and it is much appreciated some of the next slide let’s take a look at our current counts of our membership so as of the end of the third quarter which was October thirty-first 2015 we had a total of eight hundred and eighty aces total five in the international category one emeritus so there were a hundred and two new a CES and 2015 over a quarter of those folks are also members of the entomological Society of America which is great to see at the growth rate of almost six percent from december of last year and our year-end 2015 projection is to end up with about 910 so just under ten percent growth it is a little bit below or target we’ve had very very steep growth in the eighth program over the past several years and it still grow up with ten percent growth not bad but it may be leveling out a little bit due to maturation but it’s still a pretty good growth trajectory with there’s a real strong pipeline there’s 20 applicants in progress 57 awaiting their first exam attempt and 124 in the retesting phase so a good strong pipeline of folks for for continued growth in 2016 when we look at the current status of the BCE program we have four hundred and forty nine BCE total eight in interim status seventy-five emeritus status three administrative status 29 newbie CES in 2015 almost all of those folks ninety-four percent of them are also esa members that’s a growth of about just a little over two percent from december of last year your own projection is just adds a couple of more 451 which is a little bit of buzz target the growth line 4 BCE is a little flatter than for the AC program but it’s good to see if you’re over your continuing to increase and again with the BCG program we have us again a strong pipeline there’s ten in progress for certification 12 awaiting their first exam attempt and eight are in the retesting face and again that’s these numbers are as a end of 3rd quarter 2015 if we take a look at the composition of the BCE program we can see by and large we are heavily weighted to urban and industrial entomology which I think makes perfect sense and then it’s pretty evenly distributed over three other categories in general entomology med vet and plant related entomology as well so just gives you an idea of kind of the balance of the composition that the BCE members with is a program no the thing we’re most excited about from 2050 only one of them anyway is the a study guide hopefully you folks have had a chance to take a look at it if not get a hold of a copy because it’s a very very nice publication again a huge shout out and saying to the authors dr. Mike merchant BCE and ESA staff member Richard Levine for driving this across the finish line but there were contributions by so many

people and reviewers by dozens of BC ease and other professionals to bring this thing to fruition as of December first we had about 600 of copies of the ACG study guides sold and i do want to point out that there is introductory pricing through december 31st of 2015 and you can see the prices listed in the table on this slide there are volume discounts so it pays to order in bulk and there’s also significant discounts for AC e bt e or esa members or AIDS applicant so membership does have its privileges and we have hooked up a link on the next slide to a little overview that gives you a kind of a view of what the a study guide is and with any luck we’ll get this to play for you so you can take a look back in the old days if you wanted to study to become an associate certified entomologist you had to read a whole lot of books including the ESA handbook of household and structural insect pests truman scientific guide to pest management operation the malleus handbook of pest control the general household pest control applicator training- the national pesticide applicators certification core manual the pesticide book the PCT field guide for the management of structure infesting ants the PCT field guide for the management of structure and Festing beetles till she feels bound for those instructions but not anymore I p.m. for the urban professional a study guide for the associate certified entomologist turns material that used to be a back breaker into an ice maker written in everyday language that is easy to understand the a study guide covers introductory concepts of integrated pest management insect classification and biology an outline of pesticide concepts and an overview of important safety and regulatory issues designed to be used with the MPN a field guide to structural pests the ACE study guide covers everything you need to know to adequately prepare for the ace exam and the ace international exam order your copy today at WWNT org slash a study guide so this is a reminder everyone we’re going to talk a little bit on this next slide about the AC e option updates that were envisioned and discussed in 2015 as a reminder to everyone the official name for the 8th program is the 8th pest control title it has always been envisioned to expand to other categories and some of the other categories that have been discussed or in the areas of public health amca approved working with ESA in principle to investigate a partnership models after the MPN a partnership that helps support our ace program and so that’s the American Mosquito Control Association if i’m not mistaken and so am CA at esa are working on a survey at the market to include focus groups as the at the AMC a meeting and i think a member of that sorry excuse me continued work on a memorandum of understanding ism is underway to help drive a collaborative effort forward in this area of certification around the public health area same is true for turf and ornamental though it’s probably not quite as mature we don’t have a long-term partner found so far we are considering however in the interim you know maybe this market isn’t quite mature enough yet to have a full-fledged certification program but perhaps we could consider a series of webinars based on the handbook of turfgrass insect pests that you see depicted on the right hand side of the slide with a certificate of completion at the end so it’s a little different model than the current aid program but there are different ways that we can help offer you know education and some certification or a credentialing program that allows people to show that they have attained a certain level of professionalism in a certain area to help them professionally in their careers we mentioned earlier that we’ve had some a couple of review committees again we want to keep our content current current is possible so we’ll start first with how some of that is progressing we’ve had two exams being currently review of course we’ve mentioned already the quarry Sam and the med vet specialty exam both groups have followed a very similar path on the development first is probably one of the most important areas is developing the content outline and that has been written and it’s been reviewed by committee it has also the content outline has been approved by the

certification board so the next step will be to survey BCE than the broader market to ensure that the content outline meets the needs of the marketplace and so you know that will happen in 2016 and we’ll continue to drive that once it’s approved we the next you know big big task is to review the current questions and you slot them into the appropriate area of the content outline and then we supplement that with the writing of new exam questions where they’re needed or to represent areas of kind of more recent content perhaps that we hadn’t had represented in the current versions of those exams so really good progress being made here the content outline is great at comprehensive extremely well done again a big thank you to the committees and task force you’ve been working in this area as well further educational sessions are concerned we had a great symposium at the ESA meeting it was called state-of-the-art insect monitoring approaches and we were the happy happy recipients of some nice sponsorship by the Rollins company as big big thanks to Rollins for sponsoring the reception that followed the state of the art in Sec monitoring approaches symposium all who attended the BCE symposium hopefully signed in and that enables you to double your CEU credits for a PE or BCE recertification we’re currently with Sri pots excellent help working on the BCE symposium for the 2016 ice meeting the Congress entomology just as a reminder to everyone that is also princess it sponsored by esa to csa meeting annual meeting as well so in addition adds the ice conference which i believe is in orlando florida there will be 11 urban entomology symposia 25 medvetz symposia 27 I p.m. and sustainable agriculture symposia and and those are don’t even include any sort of late breaking symposia that may be added yet to the agenda so definitely check out the ice agenda see there’s just an enormous amount of opportunity for continuing education and networking at that meeting so I hope everyone has a chance to participate part of what the esa staff does of course and forth to some extent as well is to travel and represent the certification program at various venues in 2015 we were well-represented had a booth at Purdue booth and session at the Wisconsin Pest Control Association attended the AAP CEO meeting we were present at petro canada I p.m. symposium the AMC a meeting we were in attendance pest world East we had a booth in session pest world we had a booth and of course at the esa annual meeting we also had a good session as well in 2016 we will plan on repeat visits to many of those venues but we have the MPN a regional conference the spm AO conference pest world canada n CU e pest world east these are mouthful acronyms fao PMA and a PM a pest world the international congress of entomology that we’ve already discussed but i think the important thing on this slide is you know these may or may not be of interest in part to many of you but if you do think that there are some venues that would be beneficial for the AC e or BCE probe certification programs to be represented at then i think could we absolutely to hear about that so send your ideas to Chris and we would certainly entertain you know opportunities to get engaged with different groups where we can see beneficial benefit from being represented so with that brings us very very close to the kind of more organized part of the business meeting there’s a couple things i think i want to just round back to point out one thing I may have missed on on the highlights and and that is that we did have a new certification administrator hired at the on the ESA staff and that is mr. Matt Chisholm matt is awesome he is scheduling most of the AC ebc exams at this point he’s working with many of the certification committees so many of us who are working on committee or with the board directly are getting help from Matthew so I just wanted to acknowledge Matt joining the team and recognize his great work and looking forward to

meeting him are working with him on future acee BCE activities so with that this last slide you have email addresses if you’re interested in gaining more information throughout the year or have specific questions as a follow-up that perhaps you don’t think of asking right away then you can see that you’ve got email addresses for forest your current certification board chair and Matthews email address is on there as well as as Chris’s so lots of ways to interact with the certification board or the certification corporation through Twitter Facebook or the insert websites so jot those things down and you’ll have access to those but any questions they have feel free to be brutal to ask either today at today’s meeting or send in questions later before we open it up for further questions there’s just one thing I guess I would like to add and that is you know it’s great to see a large number of people who had signed up to of today’s webinar it looks like there’s quite a few folks on the phone right now if this is a format that you like gives you better access or better flexibility or if you have comments about having the annual business meeting in a webinar versus a face-to-face at the esa annual meeting we certainly appreciate your feedback on that so I would encourage you to attend an email format or Chris or to forest or talk to your branch representative to the certification board and give them that feedback so that we can better serve you through this business meeting it’s really great to see you know as many people as possible participating in this business meeting so with that I will take a pause and take a drink of water and let you gather your thoughts and I know that Matt and Chris and Steve are all on the phone from ESA staff and sure forest ever was able to join us but we’d be certainly happy to try to entertain any questions that you folks have or anything that you feel like you’d like to bring up to the certification board right now well thank you so much law it’s clearly been a very productive and very successful year for the certification program we do have a couple of questions that have already come in and again we encourage you to continue asking them ask whatever is on your mind the first we have for either Laura or Chris who’s here with us is we collected data that supports that a certified professionals provide service superior to non a certified professional what a great question and Chris I don’t know the answer to it I’ve got a bed of government has a question and I might actually give it a little bit instead of answering directly because that’s not really what we’re trying to do certification program and its goal is set a benchmark of professionalism but we don’t really want to get into a bifurcation of the marketplace and try to determine versus death instead what the certification the certification does is to credential and certify that you earned it at the time of a district exam met the minimum standard of educational criteria to to pass the exam and they met the code of ethics requirement that the experience requirements did met the reference letter requirements and since they earned it they’ve been able to maintain CPUs we’ve never done search for data like that and I’ve to be honest with you I’m a little unsure about how we would actually quantify that but it is something i’d be willing to look into further as well yeah is something the certification board can also discuss if we wanted to bring it up as I’d be interested in knowing how many people would find out information useful but I also agree with you Chris you that you don’t want to kind of get into a divisive type situation with certification either but the flip side of that is there could be a tremendous value in showing a you know kind of it if there was monetary benefit from being certified in the in the field it would be interesting to know I will thank you guys the next question we have is from Kenneth that famous eight international and he was wondering for the potential eighth turf program did you try to contact the international society of our border culture if that’s possibly a suitable organization because in Hong Kong many arborist want to know more

about tree and insect pests others create and I’ll take that one do we and there’s one what we’ve done so far on developing the turtle or another program is to put more domestically and we’re using the same model that we use to build a stock control program which is to build result about the big person and expand to an international audience as the market is able to bear and sustain it so we didn’t derive is looking into the society yet but as we build it and expand is probably what I really think it’s going to be more likely to be a certificate program rather than a certification program and for those who mayor is different a certification program is going to carry on going CEU and certificate program is going to be when will you do what other requirements are and then receive your degree or certificate at the end of it and there are no more ongoing require so the both time will still sell to allows but that’s sort of where I expect that to go and we’ll be at that point looking for all interested partners to sign off with us thanks Chris that was great and the other questions out there oh we got another one that just popped up is there a way that cases and or btes can get extra hard copies of the a study guide to sell at their local pest control conference it’s easier to sell these if they’re in hand and to give something to show off a conference boots yeah I job right now I do yeah that could definitely happen we could definitely work on that he just wait rather than putting on a blanket answer for everybody it just contact me send me an email and I will figure out what I want either myself or Matthew Matthew handle supposed to sail for the books but any special arrangements would want to talk about that not video kebab will resume in that’s a great idea though to have them in hand to right Phil tionships always easier when you have the product in hand alright well thank you again Laura I think that all the questions we have time for today but just to remind everybody this will be available in the near future on the certification website and you can email any further questions to either a sec and sock org or BCE at and socks org