Revolution, art and power – Black Panther Emory Douglas @ Marxism 2015

always did black peppercorns and how power to the people read on all power to the people first I want to give you a little historical background perhaps any of you may not know the history of the symbolism of the pamphlet the way comes from the Panther comes from the South during the civil rights movement in Mao’s County Alabama in 1965-66 around our section 465 1966 pre Black Panther Party for self-defense which I was initially a part of the symbolism was from the mouth County of accounting that was eight percent black 20 percent white but was being dictated and controlled by the white races the white twenty percent blacks have no control of anything in their lives in their County so when the voter read when the voter registration rights bill was passed in 1965 you had young max from sneak student for an undying Coordinating Committee went to the south and began to organize those blacks into a again so they can learn how to vote most of the people in the rural South or couldn’t read or write and so they had to be enlightened informed and you had those whites who were illiterate as well for races and they had the whites political party had a rooster for his image a crop that was an image of the white races so opening up the blacks to do the same thing in our view a political party you have to have I got an image for your party and so then what you had you had the blacks who seen these hats new mascots and they sing the sports teams and they chose the Panther so the path of the symbol comes from the south during the civil rights movement this is to show you in Mouse County pre Black Panther Party though November 8th and pull the lever for the back raptor and go home this is a mouse counting Alabama another thing I would like to move for into the images is also put some context to the self defense in the historical relevance of that and advocate in regards to the struggles in the United States he had Robin Williams and neighbor Williams who were two African Americans who lived in North Carolina who month Robert wings one time the leader of the n-double a-c-p the national associations thought that passing the color people but because he believed in self-defense and defended himself against the Klan in the races he was kind of the radical element in the n-double-a-cp he had done a lot of things to basket not going to the swimming pools not allowed to drink out of the water fountains all these things he demanded and he got a lot of conflict with the races and had to leave the country he was because of threats on his life he and his wife went to Cuba then they went to Tanzania and then they went to China and this is the early 1960s and when he was in China he used to we should see him up in front of Peking new review set with Mao Zedong he came back to the United States I believe in 1969 to Detroit Michigan where he stayed where they refused to extradite back to Monroe North Carolina but the racist deal wanted to live so he stayed there until our charges was dismissed as many years later this is the picture of Robin Williams city with mouth of town in the early 1960s it was one of his people one of the books that he wrote that we used to read or not copy grows with guns but also we used to have the red book because the students Huey Newton Bobby Seale used to sell the red book in the early days of the Black Panther Party because the students at University California still like to read

the red book and so they would say on a red book to make money in the background do the patrols in the community I wanted to show you one of the earlier images of the pig this was the first big coin that this is before they took off begin to act about that deep drawing was no focus but and this was the first one I did because I hadn’t thought about the other one yet and when I did this one had we were working on a paper in the out of a studio apartment we did this is a regular layout table the only hot table just cutting and pasting and he came in and said we want to put the badge number in this big drawing with the people on every week the police that were harassing people in the community so the first one was put in drawing that you see here with his badge number this badge 206 this was the Oakland Police that was shot and killed in Oakland California when Huey Newton gotten London in 1968 when the start of really moving he was known as a bad the community so therefore each week we were going to put the bass number of the police who were intimidating and harassing people in the community here in is what we begin to define what is the pig this is also a now this is when I began to have a vision and I thought about to keep dude snoring and keep the flags around them and that became the P when I did this drawing l just sleeper who was then Minister information that morning began to define what if he was a lonely should beast that has no regard for all justice or the right of people a creature that bites the hand that beaten a foul depraved producer you define masquerading as a victim of an unprovoked attack now some of these others are here again is another one as you can see this is the early history of any fun paintings of the back at the party of newspaper understand the background morning newspaper first the illustration the hard work the drawings they do one-on-one development solitary but people struggles around the world there’s artwork that was reflected in relationship to the social programs that we were involved in and so how those things were involved and they Black Panther Party artwork as we go along you’ll see a lot of that this image is dealing with human need got shot the police think I killed a nineteen early 1968 when human child he was exaggerating or killing the police the night that night we anticipated that they were making moves of concerns that the Oakland police would be very frustrated behind the murder that it might try to do something crazy so we had kids and young people in the office are bad things so we said we closed down early it showed up that night the Oakland police came back and shot up the office they sprayed the office with bullets the next day the chief of police men was Charles Gaines say well they were very frustrated because the Bertolini which is letting off a little steam they did not harm the police department they only suspended him for six months repaid this was called peace war after cool tempers cool Reagan attack skelter sleeper bringing Ronald Reagan who became the President of the United States was then the governor of the state of California the student body at the University California had requested that the elders Cleaver the photograph that you see at the town requested that he be can come and teach at the University of California but because Ronald Reagan did not like the Panthers we stood for Ronald Reagan put pressure on the Board of Regents at University of California not to allow eldest keeper to teach at the University of California so this is why we call Ron Reagan opinion and so we said speaking at is the races governor of California I don’t Kleber should teach that you see now also Ron Rifkin was the governor of state California when Black Panther Party went to the State Capitol in 1967 and contrary to what everybody believed

your back and neck repertoire and carry guns everybody who went to the State Capitol in attendance you may have seen on TV did not carry God there were men and women who acquired the delegation who were not just to Sacramento California when we went there to observe the legislation of the gun laws that they were trying to change because the Black Panther Party was carrying guns in the community patrolling the gifts the oppression patrolling is the ponies abused in the african-american community and here we knew Bobby Seale had studied the power and understood that we had a rank Bob Costas Constitution the Second Amendment of this second amendment of Constitution gave us right to bear arms within that context you knew the Bobby Seale get these patrols now when you went over patrols they understood about bender the ponies understood about it understood that you can stand ten feet away and you can observe a young man this young woman being arrested and not be an invariant with the duty of the police during that particular time so it was a very high levels of frustration on the police department because they didn’t understand so that was the concentration camps what you call today and then we go into the state capital we know we not violation Vietnam they let us into the state capital we walk through corners go up the stairs go up in the newsmen trying to tell where the where the chambers are what the laws are being passed when we get upstairs to chambers the newsmen open the door and go into the chamber the first thing about makers and representative saying was get those cameras out of there then we the council follow behind them they say get those guns out so we leave and we go back out onto the state capitol grounds we stay for about five or ten minutes we get in our cars and we need to go to a conversation about two or three blocks away then you see this motorcycle cop come back and he’s now he’s back there with his guns and he gets on his guests on inside his walkie talkie whatever it is and he calls for reinforcements and he come from everywhere and so when they arrest us they take the gun and because the fact that we will within our law but then but we were just within the city limits so we knew the law that you could not Yelp bullets in the chamber of the gods at that time they took the guns and they pump bullets into the chambers they did all of these things they’re arresting us to court we went to court to make a long story short they couldn’t they didn’t know who had because everybody have guns and it comes my loaded it was just get some power and so what happened was that this is what we’re gonna make a deal we said ok and Bobby Seale said that they want to 11 of us plead guilty to a misdemeanor a minor charge and I was one of those chosen to plead guilty they say that we would get nothing supervised probation and so we went to the court and we pleaded in the court to judge that’s why you plead we said well we plead guilty to them because we want to get back in our continuing organized on a daily basis and when we pleaded guilty and we thought we were going home just enough are to jail so in Ross himself and magazine one jail was out six months I think I did about three three or four weeks in jail and you had up Nathan was 15 16 years old also was incarcerated sounds one of the current version of experience of understanding but the system and I were if this is a picture of what we call community control employees if you see the firing a young man man this is dealing with the lil Bobby Hutton who was the very first founder of the Black Panther Party he

was he was mentored by Huey Newton about asylum he was 15 years old when the he didn’t happen when he joined the party human Duke DePalma still had to get commission from his mother and nobody was a very serious young man the a party initial phases of was between the ages of 15 16 17 18 19 years of age I was 21 years old when I came in going on 22 Huey Newton was 23 Bobby Seale even if you have those were 28 30 years old they were also the Black Panther Party so this was a youth movement this was not a know folks moment but we also welcome anybody who want to come and work with us but at the time within issue started this was a youth movement look mama Hymon on April 6 – 1968 two days after dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated in the Memphis Tennessee look Bobby Hutton was assassinated Oakland California he was shot over 17 times by the Oakland Police and the Oakland California this is Carl Peters run him up this is one evening when I had came back from organized a co-sleeper in Kathleen cleaver in San Francisco and we had been out organizing all day about midnight police came to us to the house knocked on the door El Sistema a salute they said Sam Cisco police is there do you have a tap worn if they have a warrant it was legal they can come in we have no problem like they say they don’t have a warrant so you say when you have to kick the [ __ ] door and they begin to kick the door in and so what happened though is that very fragmented places because there have been threats of Kathleen’s life and so they had got through our attorneys they got the right to have the gun within their house for their protection but eligible could not buy the gun in his name because he was an expanded on parole therefore he could went to prison so Kathleen was the one who was able to back down so it was obvious that the police were coming there hoping that they would find some illegal weapons and then never been shut up in that case young people could have been charged with possession I’m serving you got the other P with the question in the toilet with his destroyed in the commode he said we’re all guns and so there s there after they did then about two three weeks to a month later they went to buy the seals house and did the same thing it was there after we broke this executive man they never three that you see at the bottom of the paper we say we would no longer allow the police to come and kick it outdoors without a search warrant if they have a search warrant it was legal we had no problem they welcome to come and go we had nothing to hide but we’re just not gonna let them come and kick it out dirt no one’s brought a search one it referred to a situation that took place in the 1940s in Chicago with the game coming up the pong game who was the rival of another gang on another side of town and what happened then and that guess is is that the Al Capone gang has some of his members dressed up by police and it went across town and another gang thought they were real police and it’s not over so we say we won’t we would never allow that happen again so at this time is when you had begin to have the police infiltration into the Black Panther Party and you have agent provocateurs and in primitive element that they begin to infiltrate into the Black Panther Party to begin to start these shootouts of took place all across the country with the Black Panther Party you had over according to about the seal you had over 414 policemen were killed and over 28,000 killed and she does all across the country doing the early history based on the executive mandate you have young man named Bobby moon who wrote a coin that illustrate the point it says not not lose their beanies got a warrant don’t need one I’m coming and bang on time after being also going with 68 68 67 16 for many rebellions in the United States there are over 100 200

rebellions rise resistance movements across the country because of police abuse in the United States and you have the war in Vietnam going on at that time in 1960 so outside is hell inside nobody run that wouldn’t have America being spelled at 3k 50 KKK it was something that I’m in creeped I’ve got to think well in this bitching here gives another one with some Babylon is the bismuth lugar word the coin America which helps begin to use that word you have a being standing in the middle of the Pentagon ready for all the kill with mr. picking his toes lynching rope in the one hand he’s got a buzz sucking functional but on the gun is that drooling dollar bills out the eyeglasses and not the mouth got hand grenades in the upper hand and this is 1968 this is the Pentagon and you had in New Haven Connecticut you had Bobby Seale and – Panthers who had been framed for murder of a Black Panther was intended for the initiative I found not guilty and ASA provocateur was found guilty in certain you had Kent State Ohio University there or you have four white students who was spat shot and killed by the National Guard for protesting against the war in Vietnam and it does the Georgian justice in Mississippi you had black students who were in rebellion on the campuses and gun battles on the campuses in the United States and many more of the campuses during that time yet the Vietnam War yet Cambodia yet obviously have a struggle of Palestinians and many many other things taking place in 1968 yet John Carlos and Tommie Smith who gave you the up all power to the people said this there were many discussions about that a lot of people don’t know that history before it took place before they even went to the Olympics there were parameters there were people from student unions and others in the community who they had discussions with in regards to what they could do when they went to the Olympics in regards to showing the basic human rights violation African American community in the United States because they thought all of the Olympians could not come to a consensus this is what they decided to do when they went there in 1968 you have to understand when they went to those Olympics prior to the Olympics in Mexico setting there were over 63 students who were protesting who were massacred by the government and Mets go City during that time as weather this is say the Olympics he brothers when he gets down on the ground he runs the race he comes to the water’s line who stands up on the podium and he stands that we still hold up the American flag and when it’s over a [ __ ] is a [ __ ] is a [ __ ] it don’t make a different if you’re living don’t make a different if you adopt don’t mean if you come back or people of color you gonna be profiled in the United States of America yeah over 600,000 young African American brown people United States in New York City who profile only because the company’s skin differently than you had they said less than 1% of those who they stopped and less than 1% enemy contraband but when you did the research they found before the opposite of the way they didn’t search some kind of institutional racism get them get out of Africa get out of Asia get out of Latin America u.s. imperialism get out of the ghetto America get out of Asia get out of yes it’s all the same local police National Guard Marines I mean we know today is all the same the military said they are militarizing the local police departments all across the country all the military equipment is coming from and all the locations where they didn’t happen they are now ended to the local police departments hahaha good of America peace that was Henry Kissinger t secretary that blew some to your right and Richard Nixon who was the president of the United States both over criminals running the government this is in Vietnam Vietnamese day is and I quote beginning me refused to get out

and now again this is the you look right now more caricature as US imperialists windup off some little toys and above the war and they become conscious of over there and they come back they turn on us that I joined the mac-10 party many of those who were in military didn’t join the back at 40 this is showing what war does to human beings the psychological him that award today you got XE dad reckons that you don’t hear about every day you got vendors come into the Memphis Vietnam every skin today yeah those were in war committing suicide all across America today our fight is not a Vietnam 3dg is a fact that Vietnam Vietnamese wasn’t caused by the product the Vietnamese were the cost at least now Vietnamese for the collarbone is murder the Vietnamese would mention us so our fight was not Vietnam how faithful friend in the USA this is the capacity yeah these were las tiendas de la raza the seventh this is the same paper these are Latino brothers who were charged with the murder of a San Francisco policeman they weren’t even to defend himself had the money they have no lawyer so we have to get a lawyer and we have to get money and we shared our paper with them before for five issues so they complete their case to the public and they were our comrades and eventually they were found not guilty of killing the San Francisco policeman this is nurse house level appearances all these countries that the u.s. is nursing you are directly or indirectly involved and the colonization of other people in the third world that particular image ideas when I was in when I was in North Africa and now here in 1969 when after you had the real progressive government we had liberation looping staff there and people payable in exile this is called The Sands comfortable zan is a public statement of imperialism US imperialists and associates this was done about nineteen’s 1968 this is when you’re sending me those immense public’s up into space and we said what it was good for the person has got to be bad for us and after here you haven’t ended up in this up in here but you guards and he handles lasers with care we’re gonna meet up for Mars in tow and all those other planets then you can persuade in Vietnam the slave takes you up seven I knew we should have stopped this [ __ ] before it got off the ground then you got an empirical me here with a pick and shovel said nope don’t take 400 years of standing nothing relationship to peeling up America one only at last is the space we want decent houses disposition of human beings you have the sister protecting trying to protect your baby against the Romans shooting up the hole and here you have the rats coming around attacking the baby here you have another interpretation of that but maybe she had was born about politically with the signs at the back death to the fascist beings save the children again save the children this was about freedom a little more Bobby and Ericka Huggins who I talked about him to make the Connecticut were incarcerated playing off of that the badges but also playing out the conditions with the word oppression Alabama California Mississippi Louisiana Chicago New York America freedom is a constant struggle when I talked about the young men in the bowels of one of the campuses in the United States earlier this next she was actually photographed one of those young people with all the campuses I thought mirror this image that I had done in 1967 complex tennis I just want justified I’m not gonna sit around a bit longer I got freedom of my mind we shall survive without a doubt those are little cat the colors basic babies and Papas

these that we had how turned to schools 200 kids in our schools that had on the waiting list of over 2,000 we’re the best school is difficult on you HSN gift for our students they were encouraging them and we said our we have to assure them tender loving care the young kids in high school used to have their home disciplinary committee called method of Correction when young people mess up in the school they come in front of their papers and their peers would determine what’s the what what do you have judgment would be in regards to their a violation of not speaking out of school that be a musician to the to the teachers of what happened a lot of people don’t know that Rosa Parks we’re all civil rights leader came a state with us the two least at our school at the school this is all power to the people we had many social programs we have three uplands we have free medical clinics we had to free food giveaways free breakfast the schoolchildren in the morning progresses from future the money came the internal never one return that to a security man States at what time we talked about simple cell mainly due to these that predominant affecting African Americans in inner states that knowing after disease till they departed again to do a cross-country to the testing you have a young man who had the disease and the Panthers who wrote his book later say when he took two tests and may you back up the party then you found out why he must be able to kill all the time was because if I said which there is no queue for to this day germ warfare McLaren declared against blacks you have hundreds of black men who were put in his testicles in Tuskegee Experiment in 1929 1929 1930s and we’re running to 1940 and was cause it was regarded syphilis and it didn’t have no cure for but in 1947 the government found a cure for syphilis which was in them but the sharecropper they will continue to have sex yes no the family members go blind how do these things happen it was in 1972 when they this experiment with expose because he had some progressive reporters who could not get it published in a mainstream papers so they gave it to the alternative papers and the bank at the party newspaper and we began to put this information out in our papers and that’s when the tests stopped in 1972 but none of these African American men ever got the penicillin what was available in 1947 they also did the same thing in what Obama in the 1940s this just came out recently in regards to where they did same things day and they injected the the women the street workers wouldn’t he did but to cut these symptoms and the gonorrhea and passed it on to soldiers and they also did the two young Arthur kids so and they can hole who or what how they could test this experiment this study in relationship to the city may be trying to do it in a way that would be under the radar so nobody would understand what was going on this one’s even kind of senior proceeded we had a senior program cost a distinguished guest appear from Anatomy what we should take me shopping take them to the bank stochastic checks they just coming out the social apparently come together and you have it in Oakland California at that time it would talk about spinning I think was $54,000 for my helicopter to patrol right and what we said is that if they really want to deal with crime it wouldn’t miss them invest into the young people to take two senior shopping to take them to cash their checks that way you cut into crime but you’re not investing for survival free food program this is one of our free food program that began hypertension kills down with exploitation now all right gang there’s nothing reasons messed up psychological warfare oh my god is

nothing here’s where my images that were released about the Cuban artists and Cuba a small bomb national basketball organized society would be from Asia Africa Latin America they used to make sweetness about an item issues a set amount around the world which is fine or that particular time guarantee but a lot of people used over who went to keep to work in the sugarcane season the cropping and stuff back in the United States they used to think that I was copying the chicken heart for many years images that a custodian that’s the other dimmers and I’ll go back again as you see those two images then invest one of them that’s the other what he put them both together and made an amazing beautiful poster here again is another one of the images that they used of mine and then it in cover and then the solid red with the African American people August 18 1968 and the four different languages that’s the original heartburn for that book which was a small drawing this out of the newspaper sell this one afro-american solidarity with the oppressed people of the world this is also one image apoptosis of a South Africa at the time I didn’t have any other book but I’ll call the book called a house the bondage that was dignity with the oppression or oppressive conditions of South Africa so I tried to take a photos out there and to illustrate and the collage kind of banged up the repression that briefs resistance and is like the spark that lit the prairie fire is the question that goes on and I’ve been playing – are mister peres fire out of the flames comes a freedom fighter and it says repression breeds resistance here again is just a little simple one in 1987 this is after the backdrop for himself down with apartheid or the backpack of the young men and they playing with you dope cutie pies this one says we we have to find although we have to back we have to hold at the blood-stained we got to hold it up until we die my mother she was the soldier she had her hand the freedom plow well she got old couldn’t fight the ball she simply got to get up and fight me huh my father he was a soldier he had his hand the freedom power but he got over the fact he said we got to get up and fight anyhow now without all my soldiers we have in our hand the freedom when we get all the King back the boat we got to get up right in you know this is one brother self-determination appreciate subs termination device to this young young one are 0-4 to the xxx puppet of the United States President States a palpable animal control corporation control and everything this is indictment that happens wanted for conspiracy of expose in America and that the rats was then Richard Nixon and Mitchell John Michigan’s Attorney General this is this was on Halloween and instead traditionally you get we got recent mix it through the President and Spiro Agnew with the Vice President Bush criminals disgrace over kidnap government class brothers I wonder if Nixon is bucking us now I wonder if Obama is – that cost surviving is criminal defendant – black men’s lives drums ass why this is prison camps us they the unknown slaves today it’s called the prison industrial complex it’s about profit it’s about making money and when you privatize prisons you gotta have a product because you’re a private business and your product is human beings if you don’t have enough product on your shelf to make money then you not gonna make a profit so that means that there have to be a certain amount of people that’s gonna be in prison for a private prison to make money political

prisoners of us a fascism that was Bobby Seale and Huey Newton back in the day during that period they were political prisoners some of the person the Black Panther Party you got then you gotta breathe immediately 100 political prisoners this is 1969 – pops ISIL are you sure cause mom was a member of the Black Panther Party and she was one of the New York 21 who were charged with on behind the fifty seven charges but eventually went to court within four hours all the charges were dismissed I was healed called kidnap this one was called kept down I want you to office one day we can tell that something was going on but we couldn’t tell but address the strange thing that was observed that evening left we went to the Turner station about two blocks away all of a sudden was two or three cars all said he had the federal marshal swooped down on us with machine guns they smashed our sail out the car took him off we had parents of poverty he took into San Francisco we got in touch with our lawyers at ticket to the gonna live in San Francisco and they were taking him back to Chicago because this is 1968 and I believe he has spoke at a Democratic convention I guess it’s a war in Vietnam with all the other activists and radicals outside of the convention and so there they were charging him with excitement to ride and this is why they snatched him up like that and took him back to Chicago we said hello back matters we were so making possible all of you to be with your chairman the art of kidnapping by the FBI during the court proceedings I didn’t want to do just a court illustration but coming interpret what went on in the courtroom during the court proceedings in Chicago Bobby Seale Lauren Charles Gary well known after this long some years back I had an operation and by the once event himself in the court but they refused to allow you to do that every time the admission is made in the court he went into the court room they changing gagging in the courtroom and kicked him over in the chair never any history has ever happened before only other time was weaken the angle of three three other backpackers who also were chained this is a picture of the New Haven when this is what you’re really trying to do in New Haven Connecticut when Bobbie and Erica were on trial they were trying to listen to the electrician that time here we knew didn’t like the fidgets it was too real but by the seal said he liked it because it brought a lot of attention to what really was trying to go on at that particular time this is when the Huey in fact when the Erica Navabi were released from the layman Connecticut this is how we move you the maid in the power of the people’s beginning to show this is about justice this is ready you can go YouTube and you can look up the murder of Fred Hampton if you haven’t you go there you see the story of a teenage of provocative who stole the car took across the state bans in Chicago they told him if he worked his way up into a back at the party infiltrated it make a deal with him he did just that and he set up the whole herb we got documents we’re now shown that this whole whole rains came down from the White House the first initial rains in 1969 was to take place in Seattle Washington but you had the outcome Panthers there who can get these collars mother’s black FBI and he finally said let’s go see what this guy’s talking about and he told them to watch out for these rays out to kill him but they thought it was like psychological game they were playing and sure enough it was true because what happened become documents now show that they had went to the local authorities the mayor and the local politicians and because they refused to go on with the race that they had to disband it and they went and did it in Chicago there so he killed Fred Hampton four days later in Los Angeles California after the murder of Greg happened there was a 16 hours she’d out and a 16 hour standoff and about our she talked with the LAPD Carl Hampton not milk and afraid young black down the Houston Texas cleaned up the community seniors to go out houses

no prostitutes you know drugs in the neighborhoods got the complication with the police there to ease later the ponies come back somehow details of Carl Hampton that the police will help him you had to church who let the Tony Stark into the church tower and when the car went out into the street you have a pony sniper than the church tower who shot a kid over Hampton and same thing happened in New Orleans you had the ponies come dressed as nuns and priests young lady come Panther comes through the door the door a common criminal became political in the black and joined Black Panther Party and we started the first chapter collective party inside prison it’s a quick prison was our first chapter of the Black Panther Party this is called homecoming some news NGOs well-known going this was the first couple of her poetry book and this is image also in the exhibit this is a show about solidarity 20 the first people of Aboriginal takes the land America American Indians and they were they are ain’t American anyone was in that period season this is boycott let us see share this and the farmworkers its are very with them this is all showing that African American also share promise it won’t end this is Malcolm X the warning Matheny’s necessary was spoken that Malcolm X talked about this was dr. King who got he began to talk about the greatest purveyors arm and he was talking about the United States government when you thought you got to doing this to his speech why I am opposed to the war Vietnam that was a species that one species began he was asked me because he said he cried it will try to sell him to stay on the path of civil rights but he wasn’t the beginning to deal with human rights so he was not staying on the path and given that what they thought he should have been afore when he just began to talk about the war in Vietnam and racism the founders of united states in solidarity and a revolution in relationship to trying to pay is upside-down in the united states that was the things that began to trickle in relationships of him that they have to get rid of the most pop one of the burgers chicken break communication particularly this is all power to the people these more recent images I’ll be that you seen more recent images here again that was in the exhibit as well it’s a damn shame how the government won’t give us a meaty a helping hand another interpretation both of us about the free food programs here we are living in the land of plenty while we the people’s don’t here’s the many social programs that I talked about the three buses prison program the 300 letters program that we have in our first chapter in the South because the evidence wouldn’t come in to the south so the back counsel we got certified mms drivers and the community bottom of eminence we had free food giveaways senior programs schools our turn to schools here we get us a remix of nth root of the remix that’s called a clueless attic this is based on a book back Toni Morrison about a young woman I’ll be a pretty she went prettiest baby does not walk behind but in essence she did she was frightened covering racism and all those other things on the last page 20 horas to say that she could have been assassinated and for me that meant that you didn’t have to be assassinated by bullet you could be semantically assassinated this is about reparations red white and blue this is a exhibit with japanese-american requested reparation african-americans requesting reparations here again how I’m dealing with the figures that the word reparations chained together this this

is simple here is a dugong settler from West Africa which means you are slaves handcuffs where this is also what I’m getting a small book company they want you to do that same thing as a small book this was a popular Rodriguez of a young amazing Chicago issues of justice power to the people just as now exploitation this is again simple Africa and the work piece eras again piece the struggle continues from one generation to the next piece heels worn heels the New World on the same old man made money money grown man man in the election in 2012 yeah the same out of the corporate on the jacket and solo corporate home already and both of them spent over being in Dallas Obama’s gonna take the billion dollars difference your promise to me until being honest I can’t pay that kind of money don’t come from $25 donation from the baby at all period mention a name oh that’s a new bank our magazine on the question where black politics of snoring and you see I’m both insane trying to explain this computer with Barack Obama sadly been where they got sick you should kill him when they get together he discovered behind closed door and it is I don’t wanna go SAS men in the world but he went to get two Nobel Prize he give them peace of speech he gave no more speech so that makes him and OPI from commander in chief he can’t throw them down one type of obey but he met them do it this is called real Tom not President Obama show Kim Coppola yes waiting yes sweetie is his job to make us believe things will be okay and do those thing now see and even in the because they deported cursor will give us a statement this is fails and it’s dealing with drunk warfare intended collateral damage Pakistan Afghanistan Africa every problem and so-called charity camera wrong they killed 20 people this is what war does to human beings and young people over 30% of the people I believe in Africa you guys never wear uranium and wind up with two eyes no eyes go home little show us then piece that was captivating piece it’s relative the word peace peace give me peace peace can be attacked peace can be bloody private military contractors making soup out of business we don’t know if military contractors beside the killing of a large group of people or nation guilty of genocide and Muslim Islam us

is only word for terrorists hate discrimination blackmail us cover the quarry word for Haiti discriminate kill me ponies tell us a much as things change let such things may change something’s dead the same grotty to get to Google eyes and kill us and we get the brain that’s where it’s about collaboration where Isabelle collaboration for Isabelle collaboration ritchie valens collaboration with his artistís and Chiapas when he took my images interpretive into embroideries with man Embleton being recruited by the Mayan Zapatista collectives the six of the Aurora’s on exhibit now in Brisbane at Minami gallery this is when we went into the chalice and the artistic community to do some painting in this building we stepped up on their platform they can’t afford to money on anything to give you so you bring your own and was best when I was that night it’s open at the top all over here but it was an amazing experience but that have been there three this is after we were there for two days this is what we’ve done with that particular time with the painting and this time doesn’t be standing in the door when I was invited there – please don’t do this Zak Easter stole and we went back a year later and this is what we did with the stove collector these are collective artworks 15 artists together I hear there’s a little symbols that I contribute you have the reigning spirit to it that you see a lot of some of the work that I’ve done as you see the stories behind that he was the other one I did this was a collaboration and he herbs of Manchester was some young kids who exhibit whose work was in the in Manchester England in 2008 this is the exhibit itself or the most powerful exhibits we had we had guest books connected to the desk that we required reading in the background the party they can also sit down and listen to history for the exhibit over 43,000 people this is looking tomorrow a collaboration with the Maori uses a twist of them where you show or a number the essence that people don’t get the path and do what I would step back together this was a single twist and so this is what I came up overcoming depression is our path to unity and that’s what it represents in the Maori language also if you were to live here and when I looked on the internet the British plan was always get the top the other plan is going to beat you rank or below the British flag so what I did was I put the Maori flag at the top but the British flag at the bottom to turn it upside down this is the most recent service coming in new zealand auckland new zealand this is the first visit for I was there for 45 days and they had published images our cross streets this is a business of Argentina and March are marked Atlanta tram Archie for young people over 5,000 people over 5,000 young people who attended and he come from all the countries around Brazil or Paraguay to hope it and it were it was overwhelming support in relationship and respond to the presentation I gave and I wondered why was it and when I began to realize and see the biggest see in those images that I was presenting some of the same challenges that they were confronted with in their countries this is a toxic waste doesn’t deal with immigration vice in in the United States and that went to the border with 50 other writers artists and photographers and things to learn more about what was going on and what happens is that this is the illustration I come up with unfortunately don’t have enough time this was called freedom and babies

necessary or content that gets down with apartheid this is an image that in in in congested with nine other artists dealing with de struggle and in the dream this is free the land and it was yeah nine different artists who participate in this particularly that was the hardest woman from came from Palestine it was one Gooden who was but there was another who was in Gaza who couldn’t get out so that image was interpreted you have an Arab mayor of Palestine American yeah a Japanese American Jewish American artist who interpret you had Native American artists and you have Chicago bus helping as well I like to sing yes not a see this is solidarity rotations struggle oh yes you know the UN troops yearning it and the water thesis in the one and you have the cover epidemic where you have over 8,000 patients back from the cholera epidemic mama said hiv/aids is an act of genocide in Africa and this is an epidemic in our community why because you can’t get the generic jobs for long life because no profit in the generic drugs pharmaceuticals like ass never because I will has never I use is an app or III think that’s because with the families whose in Mexico or the 43 students who murdered by the government and the military recently that’s a kind of inspired by the hopefully of school that the pebbles and this is the 1% justice who type the gang banging and kill each other mental they don’t realize that they’re becoming an endangered species but the government don’t care this is the kappa kill each other I don’t care when the others get inside these prison institutions you don’t realize it’s like modern-day slavery a lot of us about profit making money then you got the prison industrial complex targeting people come it’s about profit freedom Amida butsu mom young knows especially those where he is consumer talk a little bit orgy in New Orleans 1971 yeah Sam Cisco felicity oh the years our shoes and go to LA please go to New Orleans once of course these mouse about a San Francisco police precinct that hit me shout out but the police implicated in the first thing and it took them in the room and he put them in to strip them down and they started asking a question that they couldn’t answer because they didn’t know that we in New Orleans they started beat them it took plastic bags over the here it took out Kappa Prize or what I’m saying lived on a farm so he knew what it was and he started talking about the answers and the testicles and they say we say okay what she wants to say you say don’t worry about it we have to right if you just saying they sank and when you took them out they tried to bring the charges up in New Orleans and the judge said well it was done so they they anyway

USA released just released six months ago three things over three three campus one got out about ten years ago one got out and died two days later after his conviction interpreter sometimes and it reduced about the third cousin convictions if they’re now conviction has been overturned three times and they’re still fighting not to let him out of prison this is another interpretation of all one just as a combination together and this says in support of our comrades political prisoners USA freedom fighters fighters for peace justice freedom particularly this problem against recognize cruel and oppressive conditions government’s inhumane policies and the last one is free political prisoners USA Oh