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Sir! Please don’t do anything! Leave me! Sign here! Sign here! – Sir! Sir! Please let us go! Don’t hurt us! What happened, sir? Was it an accident? Won’t you do as we say? Will you go against us? Sign it! Sign it! What is this atrocity?

You’re paying us just 40,000 rupees for our land worth one lakh? That’s more than enough for you! Hey, sign here! You better take what we give you Or else This is my forty years of hard work! And you’re grabbing it all illegally! I’m cursing you today That you will never live a good life You better leave Or else.. you will die! Grandpa, won’t the police punish these people? Only the God can Yes! Yes! Hey.. whether it is to threaten, bash up solve disputes, cut off body parts abduct or murder someone I am the only authority to do so! To end each one’s story is my Job! Whether it is to threaten, bash up, solve disputes, cut off body parts abduct or murder someone I am the only authority to do so! Me! And only me Why? Because I’m the villain Whether it is to threaten or bash up – Whether it is to threaten or bash up – solve disputes, cut off body parts – solve disputes, cut off body parts – abduct or murder someone – abduct or threaten – I’m the only authority to do so! – I’m the only authority to do so! – Because I’m the villain!! – Because I’m the villain!! What is this? His modulation sucks! He’s goofing up big time! Why can’t you deliver your dialogue right? There’s no emotion in it! Sir, I’ll do it right in the next take sir! Sorry sir! Such a goofy he is! How can you do half day, sir? Dude, I Just finished speaking those dialogues in three languages in my imagination Look at him struggling with one language! Hey, give me that! And.. we don’t get such roles!! Okay! Break! Shankar, don’t you think this is too much? Chill will you? Your younger brother is eating this instead of you! Why don’t you eat some curd rice with this ginger candy? Your digestion will be good! You gave me this ginger candy and ate all that’s mine huh? Hey Shankar, your plate looks full I see! Bro, both in life and lunch, we should be ‘piece-ful! ‘ Enjoy! Shankar, you seem to be in full flow with the dialogues!! Compliments for only my dialogues? What about my performance? No need! – Wait! – Sit I’m the villain!! Brother, you were too good! Superb! Bro, don’t stop with Just your praises! When you make your film, give me the villain’s role in it! It’s my dream to become a good villain! Sure! When I make my film, you’re the villain in it! Ok brother! Do we have shooting tomorrow? Not for you guys It’s the heroine’s introduction scene If you’re asked to vacate, do it and get lost. Alright? What’s the commotion about? Don’t make problem’s here It’s a ladies hostel Aren’t my words clear enough to you? Call the police.. fast! Don’t fight! Wait, sir! Are you creating a scene? – What problem You think you can threaten us by calling the police? And we’d get scared? You know who we are? We’re a part of Akka’s gang! Give us your hostel and leave else you’ll die! Even we know political heavy weights! Try scaring someone else.. go! Hey! Why’re you repeating yourself again and again? Give me that weapon! Action! I’m the villain man! Are we playing a scene for you to watch? I’m the co-director! Do you think I am a fool to believe if you say you co-director or side director? Do you know that director is Rajamouli? Co-director is bigger than action director! Are you lying to me? I’ll shove this in! Get lost from here!

You kids! Your mom and dad will be searching for you at home Hey! Go! Go! Go! See what I do to you! Hey.. start the car No! What are you guys doing here? Hey, we were standing right behind you You want to ditch us for the song sequence huh? Don’t we want to be in songs too? Don’t bug me! Get lost! We can dance too! I’ve lost my mood for the song! There’s no song here! My plight with you guys around Oh god!! Hey, look.. the oldie is right there! Get him guys Take him aside Hey.. what’s he doing? Kung-fu in mid air? Go and ask him to get down! You help him do it! That blacky got me into trouble! Ok.. I’ll handle it! Oh! No! Hey! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Just kidding my doll We’re Just playing!! Trident is not coming! – One minute!

Let us runaway! – Come! Let us runaway! I’ve known young boys abduct young girls why did they come for an old guy like you? Who are they? My son’s goons! In times where children disown their parents, here’s one hunting him down? I presume you’ve got all the property in your name? Yes My name is Dakshinamoorthy When I was young You started to narrate your flash back all of a sudden? Hang on Go on I was very young when I lost my mother My father was everything to me! I enjoyed life so much till I was 20! I was extremely happy! After my dad died, I was alone.. orphaned! My life was dull! It was then I met my Lakshmi at an orphanage! My life gained a purpose only after I married her! I started a jewellery store earned a lot of money! As per Lakshmi’s wishes, we built an orphanage about 20 years ago She had a beautiful heart! A helping hand too She used say that ‘no one is an orphan till there is another person in this world! ‘ After she died, as per her wishes, I buried her in our ashram premises The life I lived with her was full of happiness! I expected a sorrow filled flashback, but your story seems to be a happy one? Hang on.. at any given point distress somehow pierces a person And that came through my own son! Can you give me that property or no? Akka, I know why you’re asking for that one in particular The sub-urban city is going to be built near that area and once that’s done the value of my property will go up by a hundred folds! What’s your price for it? I don’t want any money! I’ve been struggling to make it big in politics for a while now Nothing has worked in my favour In the coming elections, on behalf of your party, if you give me a seat, I will become the MLA It is in your hands We can have the registration when you decide I don’t want a single penny! When can we see the place? How many acres is it? – 25 Acres Shall we go inside? That ashram is not some place It is my temple My Lakshmi still lives there The kids there are her life! I can’t part with that Ashram alone! You’re talking without understanding it’s value! To become an MLA is my fifteen year old dream! Why don’t you understand dad? Dad, it’s for your best that you listen to me.. or else He’s been chasing after me to sell that orphanage now Till your son finds you, there’s nothing he can do to the orphanage The kids will be safe too

The best thing is for you to come along with me! Come what may, I’ll take care of you! Why should I burden you with my weight? Hey! You weigh so much huh? Ok, I’ll come.. happy now? Superb! Sir, if you tell us about the constituency allotments We’ll talk about that after three days. Any more questions? Can you tell me the area under which this township falls? That’s right sir. The opposition party has been asking about it too! Ranganayaki, why has there been a delay? We’ll announce it by next week Do it fast Let’s go Did Damodaram? He’s not answering his phone at all! Give me his number 801.. – Oh! Bro, why’re you getting tensed? I’d promised the registration would happen today! Ask her for a week’s time We’ll find him by then! You found him and let him escape.. and now what? What if you can’t? – End of your story then! Is brother in there? – Yes, sir! Bro, Akka is here You won’t answer your phone? The property is in my dad’s name We need his signature to proceed legally Is this your father? Take a xerox of this photo I don’t know if you’ll mail or courier it By tomorrow morning all our land brokers should have this man’s photo Ask them to search every lodge, house, temples etc The registration has to be completed by this week You saved that old guy from getting assaulted, alright But letting him stay with you is Just not done! When I was young, if anyone fed me, I’d look up to them like the God himself! His plight is quite sad He’s providing education food and shelter to many kids for the last 25 years! If he signs the agreement, they’ll make all those kids homeless! Only till the guy is safe with me, the kids can live peacefully. – Phone Yes, brother. Tell me Yeah, we’re close to the shooting spot At the tea shop We’ll be there in five minutes Okay, brother You know the kidnap scene in our story? We’ll lift it from this We’ll shoot it differently Old man, you’ve the habit of drinking coffee? But we do! Old man, do you have the habit of drinking? It’s been 10-15 years since I gave it up! You’re turn has come today! Stop! Where did you go? Stepped out for a while Stepped out for a while!!! You think I’d get scared if you scream? Take this. Dry the clothes Only fit only to sit and gulp down food! Stop, Shankar What’s up bro? Why did you come? – I came long back Shankar, I called your mobile, it was switched off! Oh! I’ve lost charge! Do you have shoot tomorrow? No. Why? There is a meeting tomorrow They’ve asked for hundred security guys! Bring your guys and come Bro, to stand as an extra behind a villain is my job We do it with a content heart!

I can’t stand behind these politicians like extras! Hey, you’ll get good money! If I become a thug in real life, I’d earn in millions, Just like that! Did we come to cinema to earn money? It’s a small dream Like the city should have our posters stuck all over! The minute we come on screen everyone should go berserk, clap, whistle.. and that’s it! My dream is to be a big villain! Please understand brother! At least, you don’t treat me like a thug! And henceforth, don’t call me for such things! Hey, Pandu! Hey, get everything ready I’ll xome. – Okay, brother You should listen to him narrate his story.. like poetry!! Come on dude One day, my love was waiting for her bus, with henna on her feet She boarded the bus and left Leaving behind the jasmine flowers fallen from her head When I saw those jasmine flowers A poem came to my mind grandpa “From the footprint of your henna dyed feet Grew a beautiful Jasmine flower!” I went to see her the next day with the poem but she never came grandpa I even went the day after But she never came Till the very end.. grandpa I don’t care if she’d gotten married But I didn’t get to recite this poem to her! You fool! Wasted a beautiful piece of poetry! If it were me, I would’ve wooed at least five girls with that kind of poetry! Five.. yeah Dakshina when you were young? The girls I’ve wooed It’s impossible to do the math! Innumerable? When India was under the rule of British there was a British girl under my rule! British girl? She fell for my personality my first love Mary Margret! In 1942! Don’t ask Sattupandu about what I’d asked you yesterday Dakshina, get going I’ll see you soon! If I don’t sleep till even 11 o’ clock, how would I become a director? What a devastating job I’ve got! Brother! – Yes my younger brother! I hear you torture Dakshina a lot! Yeah I did If you bring home a guy who’s supposed to be in the old age home how can I write my romantic script? Creators like me have to be alone to trigger our creativity! That is only if you have any! What was that? – Nothing Don’t I have to write a story? My film? Get married? Run a family and have kids? Listen, take this oldie and go elsewhere. Otherwise I’ll torture him!! Very good! That’s how you should be! You think I’m a fool to feed a man for free? That old man is worth 300 crores of rupees! 300 crores of rupees? I almost missed a good producer! We’re chalking a good plan so we can settle in life! So continue to torture him, alright? So our lives can be good! If you sentimentally flatter him and try to take a share He’d never dare to torture him anymore! Share huh? I’ll pocket the entire 300 crores! What is it sir? Yeah, Mahesh Babu’s film Solo fight with him and me Yuck! These rouges come here with one dirty purpose! Man, things seem rough here, hang up now! She actually spat on you!!! Forget about it buddy! It happens Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? What do I do grandpa? Mom’s accompany their daughter If I glance at the girl, the mother gets angry! I can’t even glance at the girl with freedom! There’s a trick for all that, you idiot! Look there Both of them are walking there The girl’s hot too Idiot! Don’t look at the girl Iook at her mother Mother? – Look at her I say! Gaze at her! Grandpa, looks like the mother will fall into my trap! Now turn your look towards the girl! His hairstyle looks so different! May be he’s a rock singer? Grandpa!!!! This is Just the beginning! There’s so much more to learn! Are you taking classes Dakshina? Does he have a girl in his life Or is he single? Oh cut that! Love is not meant for me.. I’m happy with simple glances! Ask me to bash up a hundred guys and I’d do that in a flash!

Talking to a woman makes me shiver! That’s why I stick to Just giving them soft glances! And I carry on that way Is it this girl? Hey girl!! Yeah.. you! Dakshina, what are you doing? Why did you look at him? Wait, I will see you! – Dakshina.. – Stop! Don’t deny that you looked at him! You’ll give him such glances and make him fall for you And then marry someone else citing your parents as the reason and that he’s not the one for you And these guys become hopeless in life and die! Isn’t that your plan? Tell me the truth, did you see him or no? Dakshina! – Stop I say! I didn’t! Don’t say the same thing again and again.. and provoke me! I noticed you saw him You’re talking a bit too much yes, she saw him Whom are you raising your voice at? Ask her to admit it Go! All of you go! Admit it!! Now! Admit it! Yes I did look at him There she goes! She did look at you! Wait and see what I do! Ok, come now Sorry Why’d you have to do that? You don’t seem to understand There’s no use hiding things It’s better to ask them on their face. – Like this? What will people around think of me? Why do you care? Be transparent that’s how you will win! Leave it, Dakshina Ok you go.. I’ll come I’ll come along too Go, Dakshina I will come, you go. Go! – Okay I’m feeling very sorry It’s okay.. no problem It’s not okay The old man was wrong! How can he? It’s okay.. he’s an elderly person I’m sorry too You’re not feeling bad, are you? I know you’re angry with me! I wasn’t really angry that was just for fun! This leg Yeah.. I’ll do it There’s a scene in my film I’ll tell you what it is How would the emotions of elders be if they’re shouted at and abused all the time? I was putting up an act! Do you know the title of my film? “Granfather’s words are precious!” He doesn’t seem impressed!! Shall I describe my film in one line? Mother comes first and then grandfather! Get lost you! Don’t judge it half way through 300 crores! That’s as simple as a chicken catch for me! I’ll tell you the story now Stay in a meditative mood The opening Dakshina? He ended my story with his entry!! Don’t leak my story! You think you can flatter him by narrating your story huh? No use to it! – Where did you go? To have a cup of tea! Don’t lie. You must’ve gone to apologize to that girl! Dakshina? I’m sure she said sorry too? How did you know? You both would’ve kept apologizing to each other for no reason! Dakshina! My Almighty!!! – Get up!! You’re acting in front of me huh? I was the one who taught Kamal Hassan how to act! Too bad, he doesn’t realize it himself So, you’ve been in love for what six months now? No. I’ve Just been glancing at her from a distance for three years now What? Three years? And Just glances? Sit When she crosses by you tomorrow morning Watch her.. she’ll give you a smile and cross by You think so? – Yeah! Let’s see tomorrow! – See! Is she coming? Sorry bro! I will remove the air! Is she coming? – No! Shankar, bye. – Okay, buddy! Okay

Yeah.. there she is! Is she looking at you? Is she looking at you? – No! Don’t look elsewhere! Keep looking at her! Dakshina! She did look at me and smile! What happened to you? I feel this new sensation within me! So what you’ve got to do with it is Give you a treat right? Sure! Grandpa, the snacks are on me! Shut up! Idiot! Ask her for a date to a movie this sunday, go! Movie? No way! After three whole years, only today she looked at me and smiled So who made this happen today? That hasn’t happened in three years? Who? This lover boy! Don’t show off too much! In life Hey.. come here.. come Don’t forget! Go! Go! In life.. there are things In life.. there are things you shouldn’t delay If you’re hungry, you should eat Otherwise, the food is wasted and so is your stomach! Sounds good, but your dialogue doesn’t rhyme! You should only expect good timing with me, not rhyming! The formula of love is very simple To wait endlessly for that good moment to arrive has only led to failure! Those who’ve been spontaneous have been winners! What do you want now? I should go talk to that girl? Yeah.. yeah Look me!! Hey.. walk like you’re approaching your lady love Not as if you’re going to rape her! It looks disgusting! I’ve gotten used to it because of my villain roles Alright! Loosen your body! Loosen your buttocks! Don’t embarrass me!! Why’re they coming here? – I don’t know. I have no idea! Look at me.. imitate me! Ok? Hi – Hi They’re coming closer They’re coming to see you I’m sure Once you’re close enough, ask her “Darling, can we go for a movie?” Careful! All the best, Dakshina! Hi. – Hi I’ve got two tickets for MayaJaal this sunday. See you there! Why? – Why?!! For a movie Movie? I can’t come Why not? I’ll whack you! Didn’t you admit you looked at him the other day? You’d look at him but not go for a movie? What do we look like to you? Fools? You better come! If you don’t I’ll whack you! Dakshina, what I am saying is You wait! Now listen! You’re coming!! You come! Come! You are coming Sorry What is this, Dakshina? Why did you have to be so rude to her? That’s how you get what you want! You better come!! She would at least look at me every now and then Now that’s come to an end too huh? You deserve this! You deserve this! If he suggested a stupid plan, where was your brains? What happened uncle? Hey.. come I’m talking to myself like a lunatic! Sir, do you have tickets for ‘Darling’ movie? Yeah How much is it? 120 bucks! Why? I want two tickets sir. I came with my fiancee but didn’t get tickets I want good corner seats Please give me if you have them sir I’ll pay you an extra hundred bucks! Do I look like a guy selling tickets in black? Not at all sir! Sorry sir!

I’m also waiting for my fiancee! Ok sir! – Get lost! That’s enough.. buzz off!! Are you happy now? You and your age old ideas!! They are – Movie will start. Go and ask Go fast! The film would’ve started She won’t make it Sir? I think so too! It’s getting delayed And it’s our first time too. Please! No! Get lost Dakshina Money for the tickets sir? – Enjoy Thank you! What are you thinking? She won’t come today She won’t? Then why did you suggest this idea? Otherwise you wouldn’t have proposed to her! When did I propose? To say “I love you” is old fashioned.. Trend of my era To call her out for a movie is the current trend! That’s ok But she hasn’t come Yeah.. she hasn’t come! Why didn’t she? You chalk out the plan and ask me questions!? Shankaram! Non hesitant girls are a certain kind. There is another kind When you call them, to brood over it for being judged is another kind Such a kind would think about what a good opportunity they missed and her mind will be filled with thoughts about you the whole day! Watch out tomorrow when she crosses you she’ll definitely come and talk to you! Your love will take off And so will the music! Mam, Just one question

Mam, we hear you asked for 85 seats with your allied parties That’s your presumption! What’s your connection with Mustafa of G. R. Builders? I’ve never met him! Madam, you said no party can form government without your party’s support? Is it true? That is true! How about you becoming the CM, mam? Who doesn’t want to? Madam, there are charges against you for land grabbing all over the state That’s a rumour! Don’t deny them by saying rumours! You’ve procured thousands of acres in Bheemali There is evidence, madam Anticipating the real estate hike you used your political powers to procure it and announced you’d construct a bus station there two months ago Is this true or not? Not just that we know why you’re delaying the commencement of sub-urban city project Shall we go, Dakshina? You go! I’m not coming What happened, Dakshina? I’m feeling a bit upset If temples cannot remove your misery then it’s time we call for a beer! Instead of asking him what’s wrong Oh, come on you crazy girl! Forget about that! What happened? Nothing Shankaram! By saying nothing, if you start your flash back.. then let’s get going Tomorrow is my wife’s death anniversary Okay, okay. Tell me I always visit the ashram on this day The kids too will be anticipating my arrival with so much joy! But I can’t go Why? My son would know that I’d come for sure To go there and come back without his knowledge is very tough To love and take charge of troubles is what I’m here for! Is this a problem even? We’re going there tomorrow! Hello? Who’s this? I’m calling from your dearest mistress’ house! Don’t act smart now! You’re reaching here in the next ten minutes from wherever you are if you don’t You are coming Hello? – Is this Mallesh? Who’s this? – Don’t ask me questions! We’ve kidnapped your son Come to Kanyaka Parameshwari temple right away Whom are you trying to frighten? Yeah.. so get some of it now Hey! Shout out to your dad! – Dad You heard that? Hey, don’t do anything to him Tell me dear This is not your dear Who’re you calling from my sister’s phone?

If you want your sister then immediately go to to your house Hello? Who’s this? Hey! Do you know whom you’re talking to? If anything happens to him Hello? Who? Hello Hello? Your dad’s in our custody now What? You dad.. we’ve got him Come to where we ask you to We’re having problems in the family because of that old bloke You can finish him up there! Put the phone down! Alert!!! Come on guys!! Hello sir! How’re you? You came for madam’s death anniversary? Yeah Okay, sir Bro, are you doing fine? So.. How about you? So far so good I never expected you here! Is that so? Why didn’t you tell us and come? This old man and you have been together since then huh? Yup! Since then! – Very good! What’s this for? The boys asked for mangoes no.. tender coconuts! I have a soft heart.. so I’m going to cut some for them! Bro, do you want a tender coconut? Lt’ll be really good. Hang on What is this? Sweet huh? Give it, grandpa Pasupathi uncle, I’ve told you not to give him any sweets! I didn’t.. someone else did! If you eat it I was just holding it She’s always like that Just for fun! Tell me! What? With Anil? Don’t you have sense? You think he’s hero material? It’s a good script bro This is not just about your life, but mine too Hey, will I get this villain role any other time? I understand what you’re saying But don’t rush into it Just be patient for a few days Only now things seem to change It’s in process Give me a month’s time I’ll come not with 5 crores, but 10 crores and we’ll make a massive film! What say? There you smile finally! Ok then Who was it? A friend of mine. Works with Mohankrishna as a co-director He’s got an awesome script He’s compromised it to work with that Anil With him? Who’d come to watch the film? That’s exactly what I said! Asked him to hang on My ex-room mate is living in Malaysia He didn’t get movie offers here, so he went to Malaysia and settled there He is doing well there! He’s coming here next month I’m sure he’ll agree to make a film with me Super! Villain sir, when you make a film don’t forget this heroine please! Let’s see! Let’s see huh? Only you come along – Okay You too – Coming Brother Why is he calling me? He’s calling you right? Go Shut up! I brought him here and you want me to get beaten up? Go there and signal me if he isn’t there.. and I’ll come

Don’t I care about my body too? Which room is it? – That’s the one You too are unable to narrate the scene I am unable to think of any scene How should I go ahead with the story? I’m going mad!!! Only my smoking expenses keep mounting! What are you writing continuously? Sir? – Yes? What do you want? There was an old man who was here.. Where’s he? Don’t call him an old man He’s my future producer you know By the way, who’re you? – His very close associate Where has he gone? He’s gone with our guy for his shoot Okay! – Okay. Thanks

Come on! Come on! Yes! Bro, he’s the one.. on the bike Dakshina, you go the room I will come It’s raining! That’s alright! It’s Just the rain! Take the umbrella at least! – I’ll back Hello? The old man’s son has come to your house to dupe his dad and seize his property in the name of the jewellery shop! How do you know it? I’m his accounts person and I’m the one who prepared the document Please don’t tell anyone that I informed you Grandpa, I guess you don’t like that grandfather story I narrated the other day! I’ve made another story Based on young people! The budget is 80 crores Full of computer graphics! It will out-do ‘Robot’! There’s no one to produce it here Except you.. who has the resources! If you allocate Just 80 crores from the 300 crores of yours I will make sure the amount triples in number! Where do I have that much cash? It’s Shankaram who funds my food even! Comedy! I know it all! I know you have assets worth 300 crores! Food it seems! You think he’s doing it for free? He’d provide you with food today and ask for your assets later But I’m being frank about it today! Don’t bad mouth about Shankaram! – Who me? Tell me how would I know you’re worth 300 crores? He was the one who said “You think I’m a fool to provide for an old man like him?” He said he’s chalking out a plan to settle in life by acquiring your assets!! Hey give me a month’s time I’ll come not with 5 crores, but 10 crores and we’ll make a massive film! I swear on my mom he said it! Bro, he left the house because of you You think he’ll come back now? It’s very easy to dupe fathers If he see’s his son weeping, his heart will melt! Check out my act now! Dad!! Get up! Get up! Why’re you crying like a small child? Dad, I know I shouldn’t have asked for the ashram. Forgive me!

I’ve got this MLA seat with great difficulty Only if I spend money can I win Please give me the Jewellery store alone. That’s enough! I won’t ask you for anything more! When strangers can eye on my assets, it’s in your birthright to ask Except for the ashram, I’ll transfer all the assets to your name tomorrow Dad.. thank you! Careful, dad Tell me We’re leaving with the old man now We can have the registration tomorrow Okay. Call me once it’s done Stop that! Who’re you to raise your hand on my son? He’s trying to dupe you! Shut up! Unlike you, he only asked for his own dad’s assets, not on someone else’s! What? I wanted your assets? Sattipandu told me everything! You could’ve asked me straight away if you wanted money You backstabbed me by buttering so much love! Hey, Dakshina. I am Don’t mince words now.. I feel ashamed to stand in front of you! Please listen to me first! – Get Lost! Dakshina, he will take away the ashram from you Dakshina, don’t go with him Dakshina, listen to me! Dakshina! How did you know that I am taking ashram? I knew it some how You’re right I am going to dupe him Don’t act smart Yes, they’re all going to be homeless, once the registration is done Come and fetch them then It’s not your father who’s going to come to the road.. but you! There is no man who’s lived a full life by cheating his own parents! This registration won’t happen Poor you! You know who’s buying the property? Who? Pagati Chukka Party Leader Akka! You can’t do a thing! Look.. leave alone your Akka Even if it’s God himself I won’t let this happen! Brother, one minute – Yeah? I wasn’t aware of Grandpa’s full story, forgive me! It’s okay! If I’d known it involved kids, I wouldn’t have opened my mouth! It’s my fault too I shouldn’t have said that to you! I know you’re all heading out for Grandpa’s sake If you don’t mind, please utilize my brains too for this operation! Please Shankar Sure. You come for operation But please keep your brains to yourself!! Please bro!! Please! Come on guys.. let’s go It’s okay.. I’ll come Lets go boys! You’re not embarrassed are you? – Then how would I get an award? Yes, I am in registrar’s office I am getting married Come fast! Shall we go? Akka’s guy Bhairavamurthy isn’t here yet I’ve spoken to him He should be here in ten minutes Dad, you stay in the car I’ll call you when we’re ready Okay Will Akka come here? No, she won’t. She’d send across some third hand dealer Why isn’t she answering the phone? Bro, her man is here! He is not her man, but a Tsunami!!! Why is he coming here? To thrash! Not me! Why has he come here?

To do a secret wedding Why should he come here for that? Secret wedding are usually done in some place else We’ll do the registration once he’s done. – Okay, dad Follow them Okay brother! Tell me, brother Keep an eye on what’s happening inside. – Okay Come along Sorry, has it got late? Not at all This is our auditor Shall we go inside? Give me a few minutes My boys have gone inside on some work let them come back and we’ll proceed Come! See! See! What? Dad’s here. We’ll complete all the formalities with him around Hey! – Brother Hey, what were they doing at the back? They just came around What did they do? That’s all they did! What they must have done? Brother What is this? Sweets, brother Something seems strange I ate it, seems fine! I have a feeling he’s got some plan! Please keep the money inside Don’t you understand when I tell you? There’s a lot of risk involved What is more risky than marriage itself? Madam.. Next! – Please, madam Madam, please look into this Don’t you understand when I tell you? Please listen to me, sir It creates unncessary problem, sir Madam, it is secret marriage madam I know it’s wrong to not carry the family card. Please adjust How much do you offer finally? Bro, give me that! Madam, there’s ten thousand in this Your sincerity is appreciated! This is way too less! Don’t leak the news that I accepted such a small amount! Okay Of course not! But we’ll click a photograph though! Sir! Sir! What is it? Why are you clicking photos? We’re from the vigilance department We’re arresting you on charges of bribery Sir, I’m really sorry Forgive me, sir. Sir! Sir! Get going, madam Go! Sir, we’ve arrested the registrar Hey fools! We wore prison uniforms before we wore our school uniforms! We don’t know what fear is! Get going! Let some breeze come in Come on darling! So you went to prison when you were a kid? Oh my! I was trying to give a good finish to this scene! Shankar, I didn’t expect such a twist in this scene! I have a small obligation, can I use this scene for my script? Please! – Thanks! Didn’t I tell you guys to be alert? Didn’t I tell you? – Brother Didn’t I tell you? – I am sorry, brother! Don’t you eat your damn biriyani thrice a day? I talked rubbish by savoring sweets Will they thrash me inside? When they went around that’s all they did is it? Hey, stop! – Brother, leave me! Hey, you’re running away so you can escape some thumps? Hang on, bro I’ll bring him back And you follow him to escape too? Trust me Akka, I had everything sorted to trick my dad But this guy intruded and goofed it up! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? When you enter politics, you need to be cautious even with a child! Is this the guy you were talking about? You’re Shankar, right? Your screen name is Fire Shankar and you make a living by doing roles for 500 and 1000’s! To become a villain is your dream And.. you’re in love with this girl from that close-by hostel Is that right? This is my issue! One more time I see you interfere with this land dealing do your job alone! Get lost! He won’t mess with us anymore! Mustafa is on the line Tell me, Mustafa Only the ashram’s land is pending No, Mustafa. It will be sealed in the next two days Damodaram, we can’t trust him Abduct his girl friend

and let him know about it You go along too While he searches for her, seal the registration Tell me, brother Even if you give him directions to get here, he can’t find out this place Drink! – Where are you? Hello? – Which area are you in? I don’t know Check your phone display and tell me Sitamma Daari! What do you see outside? I can only see the street lamp through the window That’s enough! I’ll be there! Hello Hey.. one minute Tell me if the power goes off? Yes, it is off. – Superb! Darshini, don’t panic I found out the area I’ll look for the street Stay on the line Did it go off? – No Now? – No Now? – Yeah. It went off! Is it on now? – Yeah Okay, this is the street Hello? One minute! Did it go off? – No Now? – No Yeah.. now it did I will tell when I go next time – Didn’t you hear something? Why do you fret? He can’t get here! Ask one of them to go and check Why’re you so scared? I’ll go and check myself! He began his style! Now thrashing! Why’re you hiding here? Aren’t you ashamed of doing this? If we think of shame, we can’t escape from him Wrap yourself with a cloth! How come I didn’t think of this? That’s it now! Oh god! Be careful!

Did you faint? – No! Only if I act, could I hug you!! Why did you move? Sorry brother! What if he finds us? Who’s there? He didn’t spot us!!! Is anybody there? Careful! He spotted us but let us free! He’s a good guy! You Shankar, four cars have started Grandpa is in the third vehicle

Master, is our fighter okay? Don’t worry. He’s a sport! That’s why we brought you But you He’s right. You’re about to transfer the ashram not the store I was forced to write that agreement for the fear of your son Sir! Sir! Sir! Grandpa! What happened Dakshina? Dakshina What? Tell me, Dakshina Tell me what happened? He took my signature at the temple itself before we reached the register office Shankar, I misunderstood you Forgive me, son. Forgive me Shankaram! Forget about it! This is no big deal You just signed it, right? Okay. Get up! This is no big deal! We’ll take care of it Help him get up Don’t cry! Leave it! Nothing will happen. I am there What’s up? Fire, akka’s guys are bringing down the Ashram! Greetings, sir!

Dad, please forgive me! I’ve paid a big price for cheating you After the ashram documents were transferred I went in Joy to Akka’s office to talk about the MLA seat But her goons didn’t let me in, they quarreled with me That’s when I realized she’d betrayed me She put false charges and got me arrested too! Dad, I don’t want this politics! Please bail me out! You’ve cut off from your evil compay then this is no big deal! I’ll take care of it Come, Dakshina One minute, brother Brother.. brother Hello, brother! – Hello Yes.. – How’re you? Good! And you? Not any good! I live with a compact family As per government rules My boss has turned into a good guy now Who’ll give us our daily allowances? Who’ll take care of my family? You have to find me a solution! Nice performance! Looks like you already have a plan, suggest what you want Make me a gym-boy in cinema! You know I get bashed up pretty well! You? Capable of getting bashed up? Cinema needs fake actors like you! And you qualify for it! I will help you Thanks! – Welcome! I’ve qualified as a gym-boy without going to the gym! It’s Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Hollywood in that order! But you don’t now any english, brother! You haven’t heard me speak english? Going still! – What? What is it? Go! Take my snaps!! The person who sacrificed her life for the welfare of the state – Akka! On behalf of the numerous followers here I welcome the one and only woman Akka! Akka! Hey, Chilaka Rani! Akka, I need to talk to you Isn’t your real name Chilaka Rani? Weren’t you involved with a brothel at Chilakaluripeta when you were 15? You got hold of a counselor who came for your service Later got hold of an MLA through him and settled as his mistress safely! After which your MLA became a minister And.. your tricks turned into politics! You pushed him to start his own party and seeing it’s growth you killed him and acquired his place today! Poor him! You’re one heavy weight throwing around your weight in politics! You know how many of them are homeless because of you? Poor kids of that ashram how did they harm you? The ashram was their parent in the absence of their real parents! You ruined that too huh? You will.. someday.. lay lifeless on those same streets! Are you trying to threaten me? Challenging you! What’d you say that day? Do what you’re supposed to! I came to play a villain in cinema But I’m your villain in real life! Watch my ‘film’ from now! Who’re you guys? What’s happening there? If you shout, I’ll stab you You’re mistaken if you think you can stop your property from being sold if you attack me You saw my house right? I’m a dummy! There’s no use if you kill me Akka does the execution. Only Mustafa is the deciding authority If there’s anyone you have to attack, it’s only Mustafa

Mustafa.. who’s he? Mustafa is Akka’s shadow The minute we third hand dealers get the property, its under his control He takes care of land dealing, transferring money to Swiss banks expenses during elections and murders who behave rough with Akka! Only the sea has count of the number of people he’s killed Try attacking him If you do, you’ll get your asshram But it isn’t easy He portrays a good-man-image and has strong support for himself! Hunter in the hands of ring master is enough to tame the lion I am the hunter and ring master to tame Mustafa! I will see him! You think you can walk about freely after you’ve killed my father? Mustafa, I won’t spare you anymore! If you have the guts, face me by yourself Greetings, bhai I don’t think we can kidnap him here I’ll take care of it The AC is very low in the caravan! – Come, sir Come soon sir Wow! What a crowd! There’s no one up there sir! Is this crowd for me? The market is usually very crowded! I will see you later Give me your hand! I’m the hero of this film! You want my autograph? It’s my school notes! Please let me go. I gotta go for class He escaped! That boy is pretty strong! And you’re very weak! I’m shooting all my sequences in this market! Why? At least I get some crowd here, unlike my empty theatre shows! Superb, sir! We have a passionate scene in our film I don’t think we can shoot that in here! If this crowd is born out of that passion it’s not wrong to film it here! He seems to be a fool – Greetings, sir God evening – Sir, the situation is such that I’m the one and only man behind the story, screenplay, dialogues music direction, lyrics, cinematography and production of this film I’ve come to this goon’s place, who killed my mother and I fight with him shooting my usual punch dialogues! Isn’t it? – Correct, sir You know, I’m producing this film from the money I earned by selling mangoes at Malaysia I should either go back with my money or least.. with the mangoes Or else Else he’d go with the seed of a mango! Who’s that now? What are you looking at me for? Sir, it’s getting late Please start! So.. the mango seed.. gosh!! What to do now, master? Sir, you drive fast and stop the car Opened the door.. got down You come running in slow motion And you see your mother dead You are angry.. furious You look up and see the villain and 20 of his thugs! The fight starts from there Who’s he? With a sickle in mid air?

What’s he doing? Where’s he going? Isn’t the lift working? Cut! Cut! Cut! What are you doing, sir? Sorry master we’ll move on to the close up now! Sir, take a close shot What’s happening there? That’s a plan to bump off Mustafa Why? Did he fall down or something? They’re gonna kill him!!! Ask them to do it after I leave If we tell them, they’ll kill you too Okay.. ready! One more Sir, please smile and turn Some more sir Oh You killed my mother I will chase you on roads – I will kill you Cut! Cut! Cut! Am I the director or are you? You can’t deliver a dialogue but you question me? Who’s that? Buddy, I couldn’t utter dialogue after seeing you Do as I say! One more! Why is he acting smart? What are standing there for? Stand here Give me some spray You don’t need any! Start camera! – Rolling, sir! Pass this take at least! Sorry mommy! Please bear with me! Don’t see here! See the camera and say! Catch him! Good plan! Yeah, the plan worked out good! Take it! They are coming! Run!

Fast! Fast! Fast! Fast! – Come! Come! – They are coming! Go! Come on guys! He abducted Mustafa in his own area.. how could he? If Mustafa opens his mouth, I’m finished He’s showing me his tricks huh? Cinematic fool! Search thoroughly Get going Shankar, we’ve bundled up all these guys as you said What do we do with them? Show them around and bring them when I tell you Okay, we will do that. – Okay, bye

Sir, why have you brought me here? CBI Enquiry Why did you bring me for inquiry? What mistake did I commit? Land mafia, land grabbing, your association with Akka and the murders you’ve committed for her Yes? Come on.. we’re all ears! Whatever it is, call my lawyer He fled the city once we arrested you The search the on! Co-operate with us! What’s your name? Where are you from? Where’s your family? What’s your connection with Akka(Older sister? I don’t have an older sister Only younger! Joke huh? Nice! What’s the connection between Pagati Chukka party’s Akka and you? I am sorry I am sorry.. I am sorry Any physical.. pain? Akka? I don’t know who she is! Abdul.. I’m a Muslim Just like you are This is for your own good Spill out the truth! No!! Did he come up with something bro? I don’t think he’d say a word even if the actual CBI was here Ok, I gotta leave I’m doing a cop’s role in Rajamouli’s film My car’s waiting.. I’ll push off! Thanks brother! Brother, what shall we do now? What else, we’ll call for the special officer then! Good morning I’m Unnikrishnan Who are you? 7299026293 Who’s number is this? It’s mine 9848944339 Did you get a call from this number this month? No Good memory! Sure not! Because it’s my number! 9848393458 – You’ve got a call from this number very often It’s an unknown number But you don’t have this number on your phone memory But you do have it in this memory! This is Akka’s number First time correct answer Morning. My name is Robert! There is a property in Sitamma Dara that belongs to you? Why do you torture us by saying you know nothing? You claim that you don’t know who Akka is What.. is this some plan of both of you? No! No! No! No! – So you agree that you know her? God! No! No! Sir, I hear you haven’t uttered a word to any of the officers earlier? You think you’re being smart? Police officers handle an enquiry pretty rough

Where as CBI officers Lights off! Switch off the lights Rascal! Speak out! Don’t hit me! Speak out! – Thrash him! Lights on! CBI Officers don’t hit We are supposed to handle the case softly So please co-operate with us Don’t trust him He put off the lights and hit me!! He’s acting! He hit me! Only the lights came on, not the camera If you are ready to talk the truth, the camera will be turned on Or else, lights will go off Just like how it did now! What do you prefer? I know Akka There you go!! She came to me to sell a piece of land 10 years ago I know her since then I’ve committed various crimes for her From land grabbing to quarrels to disputes, murders many such similar crimes I even killed that journalist recently because she asked me to What? Hello and good morning! Today’s flash news: Mustafa, head of G. R Developers has surrendered to police He testified against Pagati Chukka party leader Akka I’ve said it many times before I don’t have anything to do with Mustafa Sir, Akka claims she doesn’t have anything to do with Mustafa Is she pure enough to admit the truth? I have evidences for everything What does it look like, brother? Will Akka get arrested? In spite of these evidences, they haven’t arrested her yet She will definitely get life imprisonment Akka seems to be trapped I hear there’s some connection between Akka and Mustafa Don’t spread rumors! Wait and watch she’s got rulling party’s support She will definitely escape The victims of the land grabbing case are participating in this hunger strike. – Greetings Akka will get punished When we spoke to the CM about this: “We’re not hiding anything If she has done wrong, she will face the repercussions of it.” With the evidence of the videotape provided by Mustafa a.k. A Abdul Khader it has been proved that land grabbing has taken place Hence, the court demands Rangakayaki a.k. A Akka to appear this friday Hello? Madam asked me to call Can you pass on the phone to her? It’s been so long When are you going to release me? We’re not releasing you anywhere! Are you going to kill me? Does Akka know that I am here? Madam is on the line. Talk to her! Hello? – Didn’t they kill you yet? Akka? I can come out of this only if you die, Mustafa That’s why you better die! Akka.. I didn’t tell them anything I didn’t No, Akka. I will not die Sir, you die I will not die You have to I will not die! There’s no other choice. – I will not die! If you harm my family If you don’t want us to.. then I deserve this and more for trusting Akka! G. R. Builders head Mustafa dies a mysterious death in prison

Investigations are on if it’s a suicide or murder When we asked Fire Shankar about it: I don’t think it’s suicide It’s a planned murder When has the corrupt politician got caught? Only his associates face such trouble Akka’s target this time was Mustafa Protestors against Akka crowded outside the court today Akka! Down! Down! Akka! Down! Down! Akka! Down! Down! Grandpa, when can we go home? – Very soon! Akka! Down! Down! Akka! Down! Down! Move! Move, sir! Move! Move aside! Akka When I come out, create a ruckus and kill him This seems to me like an obvious attempt against Ms. Rangakayaki I request the court to investigate and punish the accused responsible for this That’s all you’re honour Bearing in mind the death of the key witness Mustafa a.k. A Abdul Kadar And based on the evidence provided in his videotape witnesses of people and their protest against Ranganayaki the court orders her to be remanded for 15 days for further investigations The court promises to replace the land of the people that have been compromised earlier You’ll lay on the same road, Lifeless.. one day! After few months What is it? Where is uncle Shankar? Shankar sir is really busy these days! Sir, that was his remuneration when he was a villain He’s become a hero now I’m in charge of everything! 2C is the payment Tell me if you are okay