Creating Recipes in iOS Switch Control

welcome to the webinar on creating recipes in iOS switch control this is Kristin Leslie and we’re going to be looking at how to create some custom gestures and how to control some app driven toys to allow our students that have physical disabilities who need to use switches to allow them to interact with more apps then they may be that then our switch accessible so we have some apps that are switch accessible and some that aren’t built that way but now that we have recipes we can create some custom gestures to allow access so recipes became available with iOS 9 so they’ve been around a while now and they allow the switch user to temporarily assign a specific action or behavior certain touches to the iPad instead of scanning through items or apps you’re actually creating a gesture so that when you hit that switch that gesture is performed so you’ll need an iPad or an iPhone you’ll need a Bluetooth interface or it could be a wired interface there are a few that would work and then switches or a switch depending on what you need to use or your student needs to use and then the app you want to access or the function that you want to do on the iPad that’s the gesture that you want to do you need to have that in mind or have the specific app you want to use also having tracing paper on hand if you’re going to kind of be outlining on that tracing paper what gestures need to happen that can be handy as well and we’ll see that later in the present presentation for my setup today I have the blue two Bluetooth switch from ablenet and you can plug in alternative switches to the this switch but it has the two switches on top that you can use for testing out as you’re setting things up and then when you’re working with a student you can plug in whatever switches they need to use the head switch different kind of switches they but need you’ll need some some kind of interface that’s communicating with those switches there’s a few things you want to do before using switch control and that’s not just related to recipes but in general there’s a few things you want to set up to be more successful specifically the first one to set up an accessibility shortcut I’m going to demonstrate that real quick for those of you who haven’t done that before let me share my screen and just show you where this is going to be so within settings and certainly give me feedback in the chat window those of you who can see the screen let me know if you’re not seeing the iPad screen I’ve just opened up settings and we’re going to show you how to set up an accessibility shortcut so I’m on general accessibility I’m gonna go all the way to the bottom of accessibility and you see accessibility shortcut if I click on that there’s many options I could choose you see that I have switch control selected there’s a check mark by switch control you want that shortcut set up so that you can quickly exit switch control and enter switch control so you can turn it on and turn it off by triple clicking the home button so that you don’t get stuck within switch control so all I would need to do to start switch access at this point would be triple click the home button so when I get to that point I’ll know that I have that so another helpful thing to setup when you’re going to be setting up recipes is within general and accessibility going to switch control which is towards the bottom let me move my mouse you’ll see tap behavior towards the bottom whenever you were working with a student that is using a recipe or are an early switch user you’re going to want it to be set at always tap I think by the default yeah the default will normally be selected but you’ll want always tap selected and that just prevents some complex menus from coming up so that it’s just selecting or doing the function that we want it to do when the switch is touched instead of going to some menus that the student has to you know go work their way through

that’s for higher-level switch users so we have those two things done I’m going to go back to the PowerPoint for a moment and I’ll be sending you this PowerPoint as well as a little handout with some links after the webinar okay so we once we’ve done that just want to mention that we are using bluetooth for the switch interface and I’m using Bluetooth also for a toy that I have today that I’m going to be showing you how to set up so definitely on the iPad you’re using the Bluetooth needs to be on and if you’re having trouble connecting to your switch interface I have some tips here on the screen to help you problem-solve that I thought I’d include that let me just for those who are new to this piece let me just quickly show you on the screen at the very top left hand side you see bluetooth and it’s off so I’m going to want to click on that and then turn it on when I do that it’s searching for my devices and saying they’re not connected but they’re there so I can click on the one that I want to be connected and then wait for that connecting to happen and if it doesn’t happen then we’ll go through some of the problem-solving steps and so that we can demonstrate what we want to demonstrate if bluetooth is unsuccessful I’ve only used it today about 10 successfully so you know that when you’re going to present it’s going to say that it’s not successful so let’s go back to the tips and I’m going to be doing these things right now to see if I can get this to connect so these are the items I’m going to forget the device I’m going to turn off the Bluetooth device turn it back on I might need to switch off my iPad which I hope not because that takes a little bit of time make sure my device is charged these kinds of things let’s go back to sharing and I’ll get going on some of these these things okay so I’m going to go to info forget this device and say okay so now you don’t see the blue two up there those of you viewing I’m looking at my device it’s on the light is showing so I’m going to go ahead and turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on again now one other thing that can be happening which I can you know check a few other devices I have around me and it’s good for you to know this as well make sure that your Bluetooth is not connected to another device so I’m going to go look at that and it looks like on my other iPad it’s not on thanks for your patience as I problem-solve through this I’m going to look on my iPhone and turn my Bluetooth off okay now I’m going to click on blue two again and see if I can get it to connect there it connected so I just had to go through some troubleshooting I would say I don’t have to do this very often but I’m glad we walked through it for you all usually they connect right away so our Bluetooth is connected let’s go back to our slide here okay before we set up a recipe you still need to set up your switches so you have still need to have switches available in order to set up the recipe so when we go to do that we’re going to general accessibility to switch control and we’re tapping on switches and we say choose an add a new switch and when we add a new switch it’s going to ask us if we’re using an external switch which would be the one with the Bluetooth or for using the screen as a switch you can even use the camera as a switch with a turning to the left or turn to the right so it asks you these questions and it will ask you to name the switch you need to go through that process to have switches available for use so I’ll show you on my iPad what that looks like as far as my switches that are already set up so that you can see where that is okay so I’m in general and accessibility and you see I press switch control and beside switches it says 3 which means I have three switches set up already using the full screen as a switch and I have a one for scan one for select and then I

have add a new switch so if you have no switches there you would use your Bluetooth and you’d add a switch and you’d give them a name as I’ve named mine scan and select so just make sure they could be called switch 1 and switch 2 or white switch or orange switch whatever you want to call it they just need a name and you give it a function and that adjusts it so that you have a switch when you’re setting up the recipe that you have something to select from it wants to know what switch you’re using so all that is set up so I put some recipe cards with some different recipes once per turning pages and there’s another for accessing something like sensory lightbox or fireworks and then I have one thing I one of the in for playing music so I’m just going to show you on the iPad how you would activate the recipe for turning pages I’ll share my screen again alright so again I’m under general accessibility and then switch control and right under switches where have my three switches there’s recipes and it says five which means I have five recipes created the iPad comes with at least two of these already set up one is tap the middle of the screen that can be useful for pausing and playing video so if you open up YouTube full screen and there’s a YouTube kids video they’re watching they can pause and play if you set up the recipe tap tap the middle of the screen so you see these recipes I have here turning pages is also one that comes with on your iPad then these others I’ve created a monster the fireworks stars and then I have I can create a new recipe if I wanted to launch a recipe which right now I want to launch turning pages to show you then I would just go to launch recipe and I would choose turning pages all right so now we’re going to open up an iBook and see how our switches would work so our blue chip is already connected we know that that’s working we already have our switches set up now I’m going to be launching this turning pages because we set up the shortcut to triple click and switch control comes on and we can just navigate right now by hitting the home button navigate to iBooks and hope I have Pete the cat already opened up here so that works out nicely and so now I can try to launch by triple clicking the home button when I do that watch the screen and you should see it launched the turning pages recipe so your switches are configured to turning pages so now I have my white and orange switch that you saw earlier and I can touch one to go back and one to go forward I’m going to go ahead and have it start reading and now I’m going to touch my switch turn the page touching the switch again and again okay so you’re probably seeing the words highlight as it’s reading when I plug my iPad in to display my screen the volume does not go with it so the volume doesn’t play but it doesn’t go through the computer so for with this particular book the Pete the cat story would be reading and then I could go back by touching the the other switch and it turns the page back or forward alright so then if I turn the page again with a switch now we’re all going to be stuck on that today I got the volume to work

because I played it on my iPhone so I’m kind of Jerry rigging things today I’ve got it sound on my iPhone and the visual on my iPad so that was turning pages and that was very simple I didn’t really need to set anything up let’s go back to recipes so settings and general and accessibility and switch control and I’m going to go back to my recipes so the middle of the screen I mentioned could be for pausing and playing videos turning the pages turning the pages of a book basically swipes left and right for turning page forward or going back and you use two switches and for that in this then the monster one is one I created but let’s do the fireworks one so say there’s an app like fireworks where typically a child would run their finger all around the iPad and have the fireworks go off some of you may have seen sensory light box same kind of thing so I’ll open up one of those and we’ll be launching the fireworks recipe and all that means is I set up a gesture where my finger ran all around the screen all right so maybe maybe I’ll just show you how I created that so that you know how to create a recipe right now because this is what this is about so if if I wanted something where a student would typically have to run their finger all around the screen to make the fireworks go off but whenever you’re talking about a switch user that’s going to touch one switch I’m going to say create a recipe and I have to name the recipe and I’m going to call this one sensory lightbox so that I already had the firewalk works one okay and then I need to assign a switch so that could be the full screen if the child’s motivated to touch the screen and watch those fireworks if they want to look at it but not touch the screen and touch their switch you could choose one of these other other switches again or select okay so you just select whatever switch you want and then you say that you want to custom gesture okay so you see right towards the the third one from the bottom is custom gesture and now I’m going to go all over the screen and then say stop and that’ll that’s what gesture it will happen if you don’t like what you did you can record again and say stop and then save so anytime I launch this recipe um you can also have a timeout you see at the bottom if you want it to only happen a few times and then stop after a certain amount of time so that recipe doesn’t keep going you can do that but I’m going to leave that alone so now you see sensory lightbox created and so I could either now choose the fireworks or the sensory lightbox to run this via switch so let’s we already launched the fireworks one so we’ll go ahead with that one and I’m going to swipe down and I have the fireworks app right there I’m just gonna say resume show and now I remember after triple click my home button to get this started and touch my switch oh let’s go back and see what I did okay there we go now that I closed it out okay what’s nice is you can also use the screen to touch so if you’re supporting something went wrong and you need to fix something you can do that so now I touch it and it goes all over the screen that a custom gesture you can see that dot I’m not sure if you can but there’s a on my end I can see a dot moving around with the firework so I’m going to touch the switch one more time and if somebody’s not seeing the fireworks let me know I’m seeing it on both my screen so I think you should be seeing it so each time I test a switch the fireworks go off sensory light box I’m going to turn off the switch 1 2 3 sensory light box can be kind of nice because you have lots of choices of different things so if they want the volcano or those different the bubbles different things they can choose but the

action will still be the same the switch is still set up so really within one activity you can have multiple things happening within just this one app I mean they can choose multiple things ok so let’s get to some more complex activities that you can do with a recipe and that would be let’s go back to the PowerPoint we did the fire so I’m hoping you guys can still hear me and see my screen I just switched to the sensory light box and fireworks slide I just got a message on my computer that there was an error and it might not be displaying so I’m hoping you can see the screen ok so before we get to the app driven toys that I want to talk what about an app that is a book app but maybe has some more activities going on so I did this for one student where it was kind of partner some shared reading with another student and so one student who was able to use her finger to touch the iPad actually did some of the turning pages that the other student was able to do some of the activities by me creating one recipe that worked well on multiple pages of this app so that was kind of fun so I’m going to show you on my iPad the monster let’s see the monster at the end of the book is the app and I think there’s two books like this and show you the easy custom gesture I created that worked well for partnered reading all right I’m going to share my screen and we’re still within the settings because I want to show you how I’m going to launch monster all right so we’ve got that launched we’re going to go to our app another monster at the end of this book I am NOT going to the end of this book if there is a monster there monsters are not to be troubled with I am going to stay right here on the first page alright and when those arrows light up that means they can turn the page I promise I’ll just take you through maybe to two or three pages just to remind you that we are not going to the end of this book okay so I would have launched my recipe right at the beginning I could have but I’m launching it right now okay here we go launching the recipe the monster recipe so when I touch my switch see what happens okay the sound is gonna be off so now the child would touch their switch so did you guys see some dust coming up where the blocks are being knocked down okay so there are about three pages that worked well for this one motion it was basically tapping all over the screen because that’s what this needed to happen but this student we could have set it up where they turn the page or

they interacted with the story typically a recipe works well when you’re going to have kind of similar things happening on each page but this was one where we could do a lot of different touches all over the screen and still have things happening that we wanted to happen okay so there’s we have a new toy in the lending library at SETC we have two of these and they’re an afternoon toy that is very cool Lightning McQueen and typically our students who are switch users would not be able to access this but because of recipes you can create some recipes where the student can access it really quite well I was practicing it again this weekend with my six-year-old and his friend and it was a lot of fun and again the thing about recipes is that you can also partner so that a partner could do some functions and then the switch user could do some as well so a student could be holding the iPad with the app control and then the student the other student could have their switch and also be controlling some functions so how I set this up I’m going to first let’s take a look at a little video of me at home just trying out what I need to touch on the iPad in order to make things happen for this car and we can see what the car does I’m hoping it’s oriented correctly if not you might need to turn sideways to see this video it should be coming the sound should be coming through your computer screen or may your computer speakers so I’m going to turn my volume down so I’m going to take a look at the screen for the Spiro Lightning McQueen app and just figure out how to control the car yeah so when I push here oh so that the movie is the little video is sideways so you can see I’m coming from this the left hand side at least on my screen and normally that would be right in front of you so here we go when I push the reverse and go he’s gonna start to reverse and when I come back and say I want to do a donut I think I push I’m pushing here here so I know there are three recipes I could make that would be pretty cool to go by pushing here to reverse by having by pushing both in the circle and the reverse and then done by pushing in the circle reverse so when we make recipes we are going to create recipes that okay for those of you who were unable to hear the video I was basically exploring how let me use my little pointer here or my little arrow I was exploring how if I touched in the circle the car would go if I touched the reverse and in the circle the car would reverse if I touched in the circle and the donut it would then do a donut and so those are some of the functions that I recipes I need to create with some custom custom gestures so I had my tracing paper that I put over my iPad and now I just have a little video of how I created that so hopefully the sound is OK for you guys to hear I’m gonna try to turn it up a little more for those of you who are having trouble hearing through your own speakers and we’ll see if this works in order to create the three functions that I talked about and hops which is controlled on I need to use some tracing paper so I have my tracing paper here and I put it over this way and I can still see through it so I can see those controls and then I could go ahead and so I could put a dot start and put number one

I could put a dot here and a dot here that’s gonna go to switch two at the same time touching those two areas and that’s gonna reverse okay so this is just a picture of ended up with my dots switch one is going to just press within the circle switch two is going to press reverse and within the circle and then switch three would be set up to do a doughnut so in the circle and on the done’ and so that’s basically how you would set that up so if i go let me see if i can display i mean using another ipad now just to show you that i set those up but i need to go ahead and launch this video again so you’re gonna see my I think you’re going to see my face first and then I’m going to start the iPad okay hold on one minute share okay there we go okay so I’m within general within accessibility under switch control I go to my recipes and you can see how I have go reverse and donut and so basically as I showed you how to create a recipe I just touched the screen in those areas that I needed to in order to make that action happen and the iPads recording that gesture storing it undergo reverse and donut and so I have those now I have been told that you can launch multiple recipes at a time I haven’t been able to do that so I’m still looking for some good information on on how I launch more than one recipe but still it was a lot of fun for the kids if I just launched the donut recipe that was so fun to do over and over again because the car just sped forward did a donut and ended up in a different place we touched it again did it again so it didn’t feel like the same action go might have been a little hard because you get stuck and then someone might have to reverse if you’re just going forward and then and then you eventually hit something so that’s something to consider the donut is by far the funnest one to set up and I should have taken video of the kids doing that so I could show you but this shows you where it’s set up within switch control do you guys have any questions about how to set that up or is this making sense let me know in the chat if if there’s any questions now if you decide to check this out from the special ed tech Center I need to make a little list and I’ll add it to the PowerPoint before I send it out because we don’t have this packaged with the car the interface the switch altogether and the iPad you need to ask for all of those items because we don’t want to hold up an iPad just here with lightning if he’s not checked out so I will make sure to make a slide if you want to check out Lightning McQueen and set this up for your student what things that you would need in order to do that and then you can either call me to for help setting up or I’m going to be having some of videos on YouTube on how to set it up and use it okay so it doesn’t look like there’s any questions it is very cool and fun you know we’ve used the switch toys with our students over and over again the walking dog and the penguin game but it’s fun to have different kinds of toys for our students to use that others are using and things that they can partner with others to do and another one would be the Sphero ball and so I’ve used this one before as well what you’re really looking for is a very simple app interface and sometimes these app driven toys they’ll even let you get

into the into the app itself until you have the device so you can’t even see what the screen is going to look like and that’s very critical because some are harder than others there’s some drones that have a very simple interface and I’ve seen folks set up switches with drones using recipes but you have to know what that the screen is going to look like so you can look up like I usually go to Google Images and I’m looking up the app and you see screenshots of what it’s going to look like you don’t want something that’s a dynamic display and that you touch one thing and it goes to a different screen you want something that’s a static screen like the Lightning McQueen screen or this Sphero screen stays the same it’s just you know directionality a little toggle there so here I’ve just set mention some things about selecting apps in that so static screen also repeat gestures so like the must earth into the book there’s a few pages where recipe would not have worked and so the partner reading what the student might have to do some of the functions on some of the pages but it’s nice if you have repeated gestures so that you can set up the recipe and then use that same switch over and over to interact with other different things let’s see so I have just one more bonus recipe on pausing and playing music some of you might have an interface that’s already set up to do that on its own but here you can set up pausing playing music if your interface does not have that function so that’s pretty much it let’s see I’ll just show you the resource if I can find it then I’m going to send you just have some links for you to explore recipes here and how to create them step-by-step for those of you who would like that here’s some step-by-step kind of directions and I learned this from Laurel Buell she’s the one that had the lightning McQueen car and the the drone at posing the gaff last year and so she kind of introduced us to this Luis Perez has a nice tutorial on recipes and then some other resources there well if there are no other questions we can end a little early today and I will send out this resource thanks for joining and feel free to email if you have any questions on this