2019 Serenity

Hey Dean from Leisure Travel Vans We’re in beautiful Lake Minnewasta in beautiful Morton campground Manitoba We’re very excited I’m gonna be doing a little fishing I’ve got my boat here and off we’re gonna go but first we’re gonna have a look at the brand-new 2019 Serenity and look behind me it is spectacular I think if you’re looking for a small motorhome 24 feet 6 inches in length 8 foot wide 10 feet 3 inches in height and you want to have 4 passengers you want to be able to sleep 4 you want to be incognito or stealth no slide outs the beautiful curved walls curved glass curved compartment doors brand-new on the 2019 we have a One Touch legless awning built-in lights which is great LED lights turn it on hit the button out it goes so as you can see it’s seven feet wide and almost thirteen feet long no more legs it’s wind censored so we get a big gust of wind that’s automatically gonna go up kind of a windy day here at Lake Minnewaska but the awnings out it’s a beautiful line I have lots of room underneath the awning I love it but let’s simulate this so let’s just say a big gust of wind comes up boom up it goes very smart this is one beautiful Motorhome if you’re looking for a small Motorhome this has got everything you could want but let’s start off with the mirrors they pop in place like this in case you’re in a tight area I love the doors we always use the mercedes-benz swivel bases look at this is there anything easier than that for turning a swivel? I don’t think so look how we contour the body into the chassis all the lines match up it looks great this is a fiberglass wall so it’s built like a Corvette or a boat so the walls are all fiberglass molded fiberglass we’re vertically integrated at our factory build all the fiberglass parts ourselves so we control the quality of and you can see the beautiful paint job we have three different exterior colors this is the Euro sport we have the champagne and the silver 16000 BTU furnace we’ve got our step here we’ve got our we have our capping mode in place so we can turn that off step will automatically go up don’t worry if you turn on the ignition the step is down automatically go up as well look at this curved door is that not beautiful? curved glass and I love this hidden screen built into the door very very nice we’re gonna work our way down great option to have is the optional stabilizer jacks stabilizes the coach makes it nice and stable so when you’re moving in and out of the motor home it’s not rocking so I like that little option one touch automatically goes down if you forget to bring them up the minute you turn on the ignition they automatically go up that’s very smart and they’re down underneath you always got to have storage right? even though we have a small motor home we have lots of storage aluminium compartment doors see how they drop down easy access into the compartments this is all galvanized sheet metal it’s all lined underneath we spray foam it also no rock damage can happen it’s beautiful love that look how it locks up in place locks down another nice option down below we have the optional aluminum rims we have dual wheels on the back of course on both sides so more stable when you’re going down the road 170 inch wheelbase you can check the inner and the outer tire pressure they are easy to clean and they got the dura bright finish on the four outsides and the aluminum rims on the inside so the option gives you six aluminum rims so no electrolysis very smart fiberglass fender skirts of course this is full body paint three coats of color each color is painted three times second colors painted three times two coats of clear looks spectacular but you can never have enough exterior storage how about some more exterior storage back here nice big storage area nice and deep quite high of course the aluminum handcrafted doors I love that I love how they lock in place seal up real tight underneath here we have the optional sofa bed you can also have a full time bed which gives you a little more storage but little storage underneath here as well and let’s talk about the frameless glass so this is curved frameless glass awning style so the window will open out so if it’s raining outside you can still have the windows open allow some ventilation going through the Motorhome you don’t have to worry about water going into the Motorhome comes out of California it’s a great product I love this feature on the serenity we’ve got a built-in barbecue Quick Connect so it runs off the main 15 gallon propane tank you can bring a little barbecue plug it in there you’d have to carry a separate propane tank now that is very smart we’re at the back of the motor home we’ve got our emergency escape window we got our integrated backup camera which is great LED lights we have more storage I love this place for my golf clubs

full water filtration here easy access there but look how deep this is a couple sets of golf clubs in there no problem at all I love the automotive style lighting you know we have a third brake light as well down below we’ve got our five thousand-pound receiver hitch and our seven pin connector for towing so the mercedes-benz chassis is a GCWR of fifteen thousand two hundred and fifty pounds – your wet weight is how much you can tow we’re over on the driver’s side of the motorhome now let’s have a look at the service center at the back of the coach here beautiful outside shower we’re at the beach right now so Cachous my dogs gonna be with us pretty soon and I want to clean his feet before he goes in the motor room I have hot and cold running water guys are doing a lot of fishing in the lake so if they catch some fish they might want to clean them outside great to have an outside water source and I love the fact that we’ve added a water pump switch right here so I can actually turn on the water pump in case I forgot to turn it on inside because we’re dry camping right now just turn on the water pump right here so when I want to hook up my shore water you run the shore water hose up through here hook it up into here and then you would close this so nobody can tamper with your water system so once I hook up my water source I have a switch right here so I can fill up my water tank don’t worry if you overfill it we have an overflow valve it’ll come on to the ground or you can switch it over to pressure water as well propane fill right there so you take that to a propane fill station they would fill up your propane tank nice little LED light which we switch from in and out at nighttime when you’re hooking in propane disconnect switch so I can turn off my propane if I’m going on a ferry or I’m going underneath tunnels I’ve also got my cable connection for campgrounds that have cable and also if you have a portable satellite dish you can hook up to here we also pre-wired for a satellite dish up on the roof and we also have an option on the t4 Winegard satellite dish for 2019 so you can do direct dish or bell off of one satellite dish on the roof it’s called the Winegard t4 a great little option to have if you love watching TV nice option to have on a serenity is the optional macerator pump so I can actually dump uphill if I want if I have a small 1 inch line I can actually I have one in my home and I can actually dump it home make sure you take this off or you’ll have an RV experience from the movie RV yes make sure you take that off first so very simple put that into the sewer area open your black first turn on the pump once it’s all been pumped out then you open up the gray and wash out the line so big question I always get is what happens if the macerator pump fails we always include the 3-inch dump you would just disconnect the motor put in the 3-inch dump and dump manual like you would on off of gravity simple to hook up your campground should take you 5 minutes to hook up and five minutes to disconnect and be on your way you work her way down we’ve got our generator exhaust pipe and then we have our batteries right here so two deep cycle six volt batteries about 220 amp hours in there so that’s easy to access check your battery work our way down we have our optional generator spot right here so you can have a three point six propane generator or a 3.2 diesel generator a lot of people ask you which one should I get well if you’re doing a lot of dry camp the diesel is going to give you more time off of 26 gallons of diesel fuel we have 15 gallons of propane so that runs off the propane generator as well so depends on how you RV to which generator that you want to get so you look up above here of course we’ve got our sexy frameless glass window and I love the big glass window here that looks into the living room area once again awning style opens up Truma aqua go comfort plus hot water heater standard on the 2019 serenity model I’m gonna tell you why this is the best hot water heater on the marketplace simply because when you put it on comfort plus you turn it on here there’s a switch inside it heats this 1 litre of hot water keeps it hot all the time we have three different water lines hot water lines going to each faucet we have the one in the kitchen one in the bathroom of course the shower when I turn that on it uses up that one liter of hot water by that time the heat exchangers are hot and then I have continuous hot water nothing like having cold water and you’re trying to have a shower hot water all the time Truma aqua go comfort plus hot water heater the best hot water heater in the industry we’ve got our 30 amp shore power I keep the electrical cord right here nice and easy to connect it on put it back in this place nice little storage area for a little toolbox also standard on the 2019 serenity is a 1,000 watt pure sine wave inverter that’s very important that it’s pure sine-wave clean power coming off the batteries when you run the inverter all of our iPads and computers need clean so we don’t damage anything inside them and they’re very expensive so pure sine wave inverter if you don’t got it you have to have one you can see how beautiful the body contours into the chassis I like this feature we’ve got our diesel fill so you open it up fill it up no fumes go to the motorhome when the doors close and lock nobody can tamper with your diesel fuel fiberglass running board and of course our mirrors slide into place right here incase you’re in a tight area let’s have a look at the front of the motorhome of course we mentioned earlier we’re powered by the 3500 series mercedes-benz Sprinter cutaway chassis but look at the

aerodynamics look how beautiful the lines all tie in and of course we’ve got a fiberglass flex roof up on top so everything is streamline you’re like a rocket ship going down the road and 188 horsepower 325 foot-pounds of torque three liter v6 turbo engine has a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty from mercedes-benz on this engine also we’ll do b20 diesel for all of the states that have the b20 diesel so this is a beautiful quiet running diesel and it’s a clean running diesel so it’s collecting all the carbs and burning them off with the de F solution that you fill right in here this is your filter for your cabin air oil goes in here it’s a synthetic oil so at Leisure Travel Vans we order a lot of options from mercedes-benz for our customers that we think are really great safety features you want to make sure you see that triangle or the pyramid up there that is front closure impact assist and lane assist we ordered the bi-xenon headlamps of course we have the chrome grill we’ve got the fog lamps we also have auto lights and auto wipers when it starts to rain also great safety features to have I also like the fact that mercedes-benz puts a little step here so I have an easy way to clean my window you want to make sure that camera stays nice and clean because that’s an information to Center when you’re driving down the road and if you think this is good looking wait till we go inside and we have a look at the solid wood cabinets inside and all the great features come on in let’s have a look this is gonna be hard for you to believe if you haven’t seen this Serenity in person I have two separate living areas I have a bed area up front and a living area I have a bed area in the back and a living area I have a dry bathroom stand-up shower separate bathroom separate sink so I’m sitting in the back here look how much room I have TV in the back I can actually swivel the TV and face it forward as well so you can have two sets of conversations going on one up front one in the back I’ve got built-in reading lights I have inverted plugs back here I have USB plugs for charging my phone plus look at all these upper cabinets for storage that I have in the back of the Serenity once again we’re only 24 feet six inches it’s seriously hard to believe brand-new for 2019 we have two different options on the Fenix glamour package we can do the gray uppers or the white uppers or you can just leave it so the serenity wood – it’s either solid cherry wood or maple wood and then of course we have the espresso stain and we have two interior fabric colors on the valence Mirage and Wheat but look at this beautiful awning style window you can see how the windows open up screens on them and also on the windows we have daytime shades and nighttime shades LED lights and rope lighting up through the cabinets look at this big back storage area back here lots of cabinet European hidden hinges look at the beautiful curve of the doors all marked with the stain number of the stain as well but look at this soft close locks in place so these are solid wood cabinet doors if you put your fingers in here you can feel that pre-drilling of the wood screwed together super strong love the Serenity, look at this hello! so the Serenity comes standard with a full-time corner bed or you can have the optional power electric sofa bed which is a nice little feature to have you want to have two separate living areas and new for 2019 our table moves from front to back so we lock it in place and we can take our dining room table but move it back here lock it in place and now I’ve got a little computer desk back here to work on or I can have dinner so you can see how versatile the table is front table back table beautiful I love the versatility on the serenity for 2019 what a beautiful design this table is I can put my feet up I can relax I can bring this up for a little Ottoman as well watch TV hang out of course with the table moving front to back I’ve got a computer desk got a little place here to put my phone charging area inverted plug as well now we’re gonna make it into a bed because we have two separate sleeping areas on the Serenity look how easy this is so beautiful power sofa bed look at that so once again you can happen with a full time bed with a corner bed or you can have the beautiful electric sofa bed so look how much room I have here I’m well over 6 foot 1 tall even though I am shrinking it look the white pants still fit look at this I can even take these cushions off if I want but look at much room I’m have well over 80 inches lots of room this way but 54 inches and width so great little use of space while being able to watch TV in bed or working on my computer or above the TV area we have our electronic area right here we have it some USB charging ports here we also have a new standard feature in all 2019 Serenitys the Winegard 2.0 Wi-Fi

booster with 4G capabilities it’s also a TV antenna radio antenna you turn that on right here and I’ve got a Wi-Fi booster it’ll come up on your smart phone it’ll say Winegard or you can buy 4G and you can have your own private hotspot as well we also have our digital TV you turn that on right here so we also have a new option for 2019 it’s called the Winegard t4 satellite dish this one has that option so it’ll do Bell, direct, and dish all off of one satellite dish you’d put your receiver in here we have an inverted plug so you can connect into it and right here we’ve got an HDMI plugged very nice for my playstation coax connections right here as well so anything electronic right there plug in run it off your TV LED lights in the back we have two speakers in the back two speakers in the front and I like this ducted air conditioning it’s like 90 degrees today it’s hot in here you can see me sweating but air conditioning ducts running through the entire motorhome keeps it cool front bathroom front living area that’s really important 15,000 BTU air conditioner up on the roof with a heat pump we’ve also got LED lights with dimmable switches that’s new on the Serenity as well for 2019 I love the private dry bathroom look at the beautiful curved or LED lights here in the bathroom look at the size of this shower I’m well over 6 foot 1 you can see I fit in here quite nicely I love how we have the shower head and everything integrated we have an on/off switch on the showerhead for turning off the water conserve water smart when you’re dry camping put all my soaps and shampoos built right into the shower LED light we’ve got a vent right here as you can see we’ve got our China toilet we’ve got our built-in washer it’s not up a bidet but some people have used it as one not me I love this little area here storage we’ve also got solid countertops we have two different countertops we have Antarctica white and brand-new Carbon for 2019 medicine cabinet place here for your towels chrome faucet we also have a water switch right here for turning your water off and on and we have a GFI plug right here so if you ever have the power goes off always check your GFI plug in the bathroom mirror here for getting the clothes on in the morning you can see we’ve got the Leisure shirts on we also have a really great little Leisure Store on our website get Leisure hats and shirts and anything that you want for camping is quite a great little site go check it out you can actually block off the two sleeping areas I love that little feature to have just hides out of the way look at the storage space that you have big hanging closet over here look back over here we’ve got our solar controller so we have two different options for solar 200 watts or 300 watts they’re a flex panel they lay flat on the roof so the controllers right here got a place for our table locks in place but nice big hanging closet I love how we’ve hidden the service center behind the doors very smart we’ve got our optional stabilizer jacks here’s our controllers for our electric sofa in the back our Aqua Go comfort plus hot water heater control system is right here we also have our controller for knowing what our tanks are full or empty so our batteries are fully charged 13.8 Freshwater’s empty gray is empty black is empty propane has 16% propane, we also have a water pump switch here for turning on our water pump optional generator we have the three point six kilowatt propane and or 3.2 kilowatt diesel you always turn it this way you’ll see it light up that’s the prime then turn it on and we also have an hour meter that’s very important because oil changes are based on the amount of hours that you use we’re dry camping which we are right now so I would then turn that on if I wanted to watch a movie or charge a phone charge a computer that’s my inverter so that switches my batteries over to 110 power and that turn off switches right there down below we need some more storage to get this full drawer extension glides look at the solid wood three big drawers putting your clothes in I love how they lock in the place hey let’s have a look at the galley what a big beautiful galley area solid surface countertops Corian we have two different colors we have the Antarctica white and the carbon two burner spark ignition stove with a backsplash I love the deep stainless steel sink chrome faucet I’ve got a garbage can area back here a lot of people will use this as a put ice in it use it to cool down and drinks and stuff or you can use it as a garbage can flush mount stainless steel backsplash we also have a built in accessory channel I really like this so you can hang things up on here this is our controller for our air conditioner and for our furnace in our heat pump so 16,000 BTU furnace 15,000 BTU air conditioner with a heat pump it also controls the fan so just like at home you would just set the temperature always leave the fans on auto you can see the air conditioner the heat the heat pump and simply turns off set the temperature just like at home and so under the cabinet’s we’ve got LED lights we’ve also got an inverted plug right there if you want to have a small coffee maker when the inverter is on under a thousand Watts look at the cabinets beautiful big deep cabinets I like this full size plate right very important right fits in the cabinet we double stack so you can put stuff up on

top and stuff down below so great use of space man look how big there of course European hidden hinges solid wood this is our cherry wood stain with the expresso we have the Phoenix offers it’s just beautiful love the big pitcher window and of course we’ve got our daytime shades and our nighttime shades lining style windows once again open up if it’s pouring rain out side you have to worry about the rain coming in so below the galley we need some storage space look at this pot and pan drawer more storage we have full water filtration on all of our units we talked about that charcoal filter cutlery drawer look at that nice I love this this is one of my favorite the reverse curve doors will you see it here in the serenity look at this I love this too a little pull out pot & pan drawer that’s very smart use of space I love it look at this curved door beautiful solid wood on the other side of the galley we’ve got pull out pantry of course yes I love that another little storage area down below convection microwave so standard microwave it also does baking as well and of course our Dometic 6.7 cubic foot three-way refrigerator separate freezer separate fridge runs shore power so 110 power runs 12-volt power and propane so for our dry cameras that 15 gallons of propane is gonna run that fridge and keep it cold for a long long time we’ve got our filters for our air conditioner are easy to clean right there LED lighting throughout and another hanging closet and I like this a place to put my shoes I don’t put them in the step well I’m not gonna fall over here you can see our ultra leather area here. A place here to hang your jackets when you come in we’ve also got a light built-in right here – all done an ultra leather wrap we also have all of our light switches right here so this is your outside service center turn that off and on here we’ve got our beautiful rope lighting going through the cabinets very nice this is our on and off for our step so camp mode driving mode and then here we’ve got our switch for our light and the outside light above the kitchen galley we’ve got our fantastic fan with built-in rain sensor nice little feature to have if you’re outside walking it starts to rain will automatically close and I love this we have of course our opening skylight look at that beautiful blue sky and that Sun here in Manitoba once in a while we have to put this across so we can have the fresh air when no mosquitoes and then if you’re down in the hot Sun like it is today it’s kind of cool to have some fresh air and not heat up the motorhome so very smart or you can go half and half we have some more storage up here once again European hidden hinges soft closed doors and storage up here we all place here for magazines – that’s very very smart up above here push they open up we have our Leisure Travel Vans owners manuals all in here including the second set of keys very nice lots of storage space up here we have our optional safe right there keep all your passports in there more storage up above here for 2019 we have our brand new Jensen stereo system very excited about that so we’ve got four speakers in this unit which we can control front and back CD player DVD player it’s also streaming Bluetooth off your smart phones so everything is right here it’s easy to use it has an HDMI plug and a USB charging plug I think you’re gonna absolutely love this Serenity for the versatility of sleeping versatility of space can have four or five people in the back area we can have four or five people up in the front area you can see the two chairs turn in so that’s what I love with our mercedes-benz swivel, you can see they become part of the living room area but this also becomes a beautiful double bed forty eight inches wide by almost eighty two inches long so if you have guests over you need to sleep two more people it’s beautiful plus it has two seatbelts so I can drive four people belted when I’m going down the highway so very simple to make into a bed we have a little instruction diagram for the cushions right there we just pull this out this pulls a cross for the base very smart this slides over here and this pulls up and over and look at this I’ve got a base for a bed so put all the cushions in place according to the diagram and look at this forty eight inches wide over eighty inches long all done in ultra leather super comfortable oh I really like it look at this lots of room can sleep here I can sleep here I think I could turn my chairs like this I could actually sleep like this this is actually pretty cool so a nice big front living bed area if you need a second space to sleep you’ve got it on a Serenity so from a bed area back into a dining room area the brand-new table mount for 2019 on the Serenity, fabulous the Mount can go at the back or I can come up front for dinner put the bar in place lock it in place then our beautiful Serenity table just locks in place right like this and I can lock it in tighter or I can leave it swiveling and look at this has the Leafs I can also drop it down lower which is quite simple to do any position

that I want great for playing cards having dinner if I want to walk around the motorhome look lots of room get stuff from the fridge can also leave it in slide it over here if I want to work on a laptop or a computer and it’s very versatile I love it it gets out of the way too and then I have all of this living space great design for 2019 on the story of the brand-new table design as far as having dinner or playing cards having friends over look how much room you have two chairs turn and swivel, face into the motorhome one two three four five people and these seats are so comfortable all done in ultra leather once again we have three different colors of ultra this is the coal we also have the fog and the pebble all French stitched together and as we swivel back across we can have a look at the mercedes-benz chassis and of course we only use the Mercedes-Benz swivels look how simple they are to turn and swivel around see what a great Chassis, look at much room I have built-in map lights lights in the front area here lots of little storage areas here cup holders here down below up in the dash, lots of cup holders when you’re driving I love the smart wheel we got all the controls right on the string wheel I can see what’s going on miles per gallon how far I’ve traveled where I’m going how much fuel I have left everything is right here at my fingertips I can control my radio, we have streaming Bluetooth and it goes down the highway 188 horsepower, 325 foot-pounds of torque, 170 inch wheelbase you can tow up to 5,000 pounds 5-speed automatic transmission you can gear it up and down right here on the controller tilt steering, telescopic steering navigation system for Mercedes-Benz nav system right here you can also watch your backup camera when you’re parked or when you’re driving down the road if you want to see it when you put it in reverse it will automatically go in or you can leave it on all the time you can even bring music with you on an SD card plug it in we have roadside assist benefits so you’ve got technical support RV support you got lockout you’ve got fuel tire repair all one 800-number they’ll come and do it for you another little feature of course we have MyLTV on our website for all of our owners, they can sign in online we have great photo contests and we have lots of product resources on our website, walkthrough videos, service centers, and you can also join one of our Travelers Clubs MyLTV; great little service to have lots of fun too we’ve got air conditioning power windows power locks all the conveniences that you’d want to have in your motorhome well you’re gonna love the ergonomics of this chassis look I can move from front to back and I’m six foot one and I’m not bumping my head I love that chassis if you’re looking for a small Motorhome I think this is the one private bathroom, stand-up shower, dry bath, two sleeping areas, four seatbelts, big galley, big fridge, I mean look at the space that we have I mean it is hot hey, thank you very much for watching the 2019 Serenity video we do appreciate everybody that watches all of our videos you gotta take one out for a test drive go to your local Leisure Travel Vans dealer, take out the mercedes-benz chassis for a drive on the Serenity pin quiet when you’re driving it you’re absolutely gonna love it I can’t wait to see you go out there and start enjoying this life does not have an expiry date, it just happens Go get yourself a Leisure Travel Vans Serenity and go start enjoying the great outdoors! Dean from Leisure Travel Vans See you next time you can configure your Leisure Travel Van today with all the options and colors that you may want and you can price it out and know exactly what you’re getting in your Leisure Travel Van