Xiaomi Mi A1 Unboxing & Hands On! [Eng Subs]

Hello guys i’m vangelis minas and today i’ve received this package let’s open it to see what is inside as you can see is the Xiaomi Mi A1 the gearbest has sent me this unit for review i have told you in previous videos that i will inform you when i get a free product but that doesn’t mean that my review will be biased so my review will be honest as always by the way, they don’t expect something like that from me let’s take a look at the box we read that the device equipped with dual camera with 2X optical zoom like mi 6 runs pure android Cpu snapdragon 625, GPU: Adreno 506 5.5 inch Full HD screen, with gorilla glass 3 protection although there isn’t a mention it here it’s the rose gold version, with 4GB Ram And 64GB of internal storage the phone will be sold globally, so all the info is in English the b20 band included this time i don’t think that there is anything important here, only what is inside the box an adaptor, usb type-c cable, manual the retail box is redesigned i’m really excited the past years I prayed for a Xiaomi phone with pure Android many users choose custom near to stock android roms for their xiaomi phones and finally our prayers were heard and the company released the A1 let’s open the box my mistake guys, the box opens in this way I was used to previous retail boxes and this box remind us the retail boxes of the previous models let’s open it so this is the device, we’ll put it aside for now to see what else included inside all the stuff are in this little box here is the sim ejection tool and the micro sd the maual is in English of course as you can see the sim slot is hybrid, so we can use two sim cards or one sim and one microsd card there is inf about the SAR here all the necessary infos are here let’s open it from the other side here we have the charger some specs here i believe that is a simple charger, not fast charger 5V/2A so it’s not a fast charger i dont know if the devices support quick charge technology and a quality, thick type-c usb cable

we put it aside it’s time to boot our device i hope to have enough battery while it’s booting, let’s se the outside of the device all the back is metalic this is the rose gold color it’s very pinkie so is not recomented for us the men it’s more pinkie than other rose gold phones that you have seen, so don’t choose it if you are men so this one i’ll give it as a gift to my mother, because she doesn’t have a smartphone yet it reminds me a bit the iphone design to be honest, it has great feeling in hands let’s look around the dev at the bottom we find the type-c port the griles of the speaker and the microphone hole and good thing is that they didn’t removed the audio jack port unlike other devices of the company like the mi 6 here which has only type-c port by the way i don’t know which is thinner because the mi6 is in case we’ll check it later The right side of the P10 hosts the Power and the volume buttons on the top we find the IR blaster and the noice canceling microphone While on the left, we find the slot for the nano-SIM and microSD at the back we see the fingerprint scaner the metallic unibody is interrupted only by the distinct Antenna lines and adorned by diamond-cut edges all over dual tone led flash the dual camera as you can see slightly protrudes from the body it’s time to move on i’ll keep the english language good skip for now skip skip lets add a fingerprint requires a pin nice let’s place our finger nice we feel a vibration, we release our finger, we place it again at slightly different angle and so on yes nice i think we must remove the protective film at least from the screen i don’t see any sign to remove it nice we also put it aside you can see how different is the device menu maybe will dissatisfied the old xiaomi users but the users that is familiar with near to stock android, will be happy i see that there is not the classic app drawer button but we swipe up so this is the new user interface by google it reminds me a bit the Samsung’s implementation on s8 an so on

here is all google apps together grouped here google photos play store, of course i don’t have connection right now we will check the camera in a while i want to go in settings you can see the different layout of the settings of course we have stock android about languages of course all the languages are available so do not worry about it let’s check the android version it runs the adroid version 7.12 as you can see let’s click here at android Nougat what is this kitty icon here? let’s go back we don’t want to see anything else from here now i want to check the camera of the device i want to remind you that this is just an unboxing, not a review many people confuse these videos they think that an unboxing and a review video are the same but no, itsn’t the same i don’t have previeous expirience with the device so all these are just my first impressions do not take them very seriously do not take them very seriously for example if i take a few shoots here in my desk and i tell that the camera is bad, with only two samples I can just get caught up and say it So, do not take them very seriously neither if i tell that the camera is super soon, actually today,i’m planing to start the camera comparison vs the Mi 6 and right now i’ll take some shots with both phones side by side some youtubers and site says that the phone has the same camera as the mi 6 i don’t know why they told that but for sure it’s not the same camera because it dual camera with same resolution, does not mean that the camera is the same the A1 has different sensors for example the wide angle is by Omnivision it has f/2.2 aperture while the wide angle in Mi 6 is the Sony IMX386 with f/1.8 so it’s very different sensors also the telephoto sensor in A1 is by Omnivision with f/2.6 while the telephoto sensor in Mi 6 is Isocell with f/2.6 but it’s different sensor the front camera is 5MP by Samsung with f/2.0 while the mi 6 equipped by the Sony 8MP IMX268 Sensor sensor for the front camera So the only common is the resolution of the dual camera setups wide angle and telephoto So all these people that say that the A1 has the same camera with the Mi 6 or they don’t even had read the specs of the phones or they have their purposes but i don’y know why let’s try the camera it give us some tips i will reduce the brightness to look better to you all ok with the brightness i ll try to shoot at the same angle, as much as possible this shot is shaked, i’ll try again

let’s focus here at least the capture speed is very fast as you can see it’s shaked again let’s try again to shot i’ll try to be stable let’s see now the shot is better as you can see the lighting conditions in my room isn’t so good as first impression the quality seems to be good to be honest but i’ll test extensively at the camera comparison it seems good guys specially for the price that asks lot of details low noise level just a bit more noise level than Mi 6 good sharpness too for sure the color reproduction is different but sure for his money, for just $230 and camera with this performance, at least from my first impressions is great deal let’s check the selfie nice let’s take a picture but i’ll dissable the beautification first i’ll take a pic with Mi6 maybe the pic in Mi 6 is a bit shaked but the selfie it’s actually seems to be good too and my lighting conditions are bad, the one side of the room is very bright the other is a lot darker at least for this test shot, as you can see the quality on A1 is better than Mi 6 but these are just the first impressions we’ll have the chance to test them in next video i’ll make a speed test too and if have the opportunity i’ll make or against Redmi Note 4 in order to see the performance of the stock adroid and Miui in devices with same specs i think we covered all hmm, i think we forgot the sound quality, so give me a minute to connect it in my wi-fi i’m back and with wifi connection let’s take a look at the speaker music i ‘ll set the volume at the highest level i think that is enough

let’s compare it with the Mi 6 i think that the speaker of A1 is louder is louder for sure yes it has difference, and as you can see the level is at the high on Mi 6 too maybe the sound is clearer on Mi 6, which have stereo speakers don’t imagine something amazing, just to hear it but maybe if i low the sound level on A1, the sound will be clearer so the speaker is fine so my final thoughts for the device are positive the camera seems to me good the selfie is even better than i’ve expected, at my first look, to be honest the top and bottom bezels are big for my taste it reminds the Iphone design the rounded shape and the big bezels but i guess that the iphone has even bigger bezels 😛 good build quality, metal unibody this color is only for girls in my opinion we have seen so many black and grey devices I had to show something for the female audience but if you are men don’t make the mistake and buy this rose gold color it’s more pinkie than other rose gold phones that you have seen it’s more pinkie my camera can’t really capture it as it really is very nice guys, many of you waited this phone hm. one thing that we didn’t test it i thnik we didn’t test the fingerprint sensor let’s test it it’s fast but not the fastest in the world it’s accurate but not so fast, in comparison to flagship devices keep this on your mind i ‘ll try later to set my fingerprint again. but i believe that is irelevant because is acurate, just not so fast watch it, or better listen it the vibration first and after how much time the screen opens so that’s all guys So, that was the Xiaomi A1 Unboxing That’s all from me, bye! and of course if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to like, subscribe and click the notification bell so that you don’t miss any of my new videos