Tech Show #6: Gimbalarze

Tech Show #6: GIMBAL LOVERS I say ‘Eh!’ It’s cool, with a catchy name. I wonder what this is I’ve brought you here a massive machine It’s the GamePad Digital MicroPC Typing on the keyboard is quite uncomfortable Typing with the thumbs – just like you do on the smartphone – is more comfortable I’ve installed here the Mass Effect 2 video game Push any button Clap: space bar! The thing that irritates me is the alert: “Activate the Windows system” Cause there’s no Windows license here And you probably need to buy it extra For a start, you get pirate software Oh! The combat difficulty level: Veteran Can you make the screen paler? Unfortunately, it’s impossible anymore Well, the workmanship is generally quite mediocre Especially here. I don’t know what happened at this spot The paint probably spilled out a bit But this is just a petty defect The producer says that it can safely fall from 1.5 meter Do you think that it will keep its integrality? I think that it might be a problem with the screen If it drops while open, it will break terribly, in my opinion Shall we go? Yeah It has survived! Nothing happened to it. It’s just got scratched See? It kept its integrality So maybe let’s drop it from 4 meters now? Oh no, nonsense! C’mon, let’s go Mati, it hurt It hurt. But it’s gonna turn on in jig time. Believe me Now look! I think that the producer can definitely boost the integrality of this device Really, nothing happened to it! Ah, one more thing. I wanted to tell you about these buttons These are mouse buttons – the left, and the right And the easiest way to operate it is with the thumb, too Do you need to handle the mouse with both hands? Well, yes. This is the most convenient way to hold it And you race with the buttons here There’s a COM port here, which I don’t have any idea how to use There’s a HDMI. There’re 2 ports USB 3.0, and they are really 3.0 I thought that it was fake information An USB type C for charging And a LAN port for an RJ… probably the RJ-47 It’s probably RJ45. Or RJ47? RJ47? RJ48! Thirteen and a half Who can beat it? It’s RJ47 It’s RJ47 RJ49 45? And a lead. The lead is fabulous Jeez, it’s terribly hot 47, 48, 50 degrees Celsius So it’s warm Look: now I’m racing Look, how it’s speeding It’s really good. I’m shocked Look at those legs, look at those shadows, look at all of this Here is some fog Oh, it’s lagged a bit In fact, it’s lagging It slightly lagged as it’s warm Now I’ll show you what Mafia looks like on the device Once you turn on the Mafia, we’ll answer the question that we can answer even without turning on the Mafia Are the computer’s subassemblies too weak to make it play fluently? Yes It’s dreck, needless to say Can you create documents here? You can create everything here. It’s a computer. It’s Windows. Man, it’s life! Ah! Listen guys, it’s got backlit keyboard We don’t see it I’m showing it to you Come to the kitchen-bathroom Otherwise, I won’t see it How great that you’re passing by next to Piotr Hi! Who uses such a computer And he at least knows how to use it, unlike Mateusz does Yes Cool! Oh! Bud, it’s really a whiz! But why is it winking like this? Cause I’m turning it on and off To make the difference visible I can’t find any reason to use it This is a laptop designed rather for engineers, as far as I know It’s supposed to be better tailored to an environment with lots of dust and … Mine is silver colored Wow, it’s plastic-fantastic in comparison with this one Do you say that we got some trash? It’s terrible But is it so because this one is newer? Open your laptop What? Here is an alternative to a mouse Here is an alternative for a mouse It’s a touchpad! Yes, it’s a touchpad. Theoretically… Yes, it’s a touchpad OK. Now tell me what you use it for Well, in fact, I use this laptop mostly for gaming What do you use for connecting the monitor? An adapter I bought this one for myself. So I have an RJ, too What kind of an RJ is it? You may be the one to know it This is the RJ45 So I was right! So he’s an expert. He’s red-haired, but still an expert I’ll show you how it works Mati, what game would you like to watch? GTA 5 There is Cuphead Ah, this is the best platform game! Yeah And do you have a racing game, or…? I have the FlatOut 2 Oh, give it to me! This FlatOut 2? Eh, why aren’t you wearing your glasses? Well, right, I don’t wear them I see

Oh, you’re wearing your glasses Do I look better, smarter? Quite better I didn’t see any difference this subtle difference? Bud, it’s speeding And it’s very nice And it’s very nice From which year is the game? Oh my! 2010? Show it to me! Jeez! It isn’t very comfortable My Peugeot turns better Jeez Your verdict? Cause we can’t wait to hear it It’s possible to play old games Why don’t you want to do it on the sofa? What do you want to see? I’ll do it softly, not to fall down This is quite a nice speed You don’t have to ride any faster To feel the wind in your hair Look out while braking, cause it’s also sharp Finally, it’s nice to ride pleasantly and comfortably As it’s flexible and cushions any surface holes So this is its plus And it also has 3 driving modes They are: slow, medium-speed and fast We’re riding in the fast mode now So if I develop the maximum speed, I should reach 40km/h But I didn’t do it, cause I was afraid This is a top-class rider I’m top-class, too I know, and this is why you’re the next to ride No, I’m not going! I want the premium version I’m not taking it at all Man, there are such deep holes that I’ll lose my teeth You’ll cope You can do it. You’ve got strongly rooted teeth I don’t recommend it How can I reduce the speed here? With this button? You need to push it forward I see Here’s a hole! What’s your opinion? It’s cool to ride The producer says it’s 22km range And the board rides from 12 kilometers, to 14 kilometers maximally We need to say one thing: the board simply isn’t good Ow! It’s terrible But you’re a bit like a Persian cat accustomed to the Boosted Board Are Persian cats accustomed to Boosted Board? I mean, if you’re nuts, and if you’ve got too little emotions in your life Nothing more to say about it “OK Google” “Turn off the light in the garage” “Turn off the garage” “Turn off the light” “Turn off the Mi Led for the studio” The situation is serious as we have a smart light bulb from Xiaomi Which obviously shines with various colors You can steer it Are you watching videos on YouTube, to check how to do it? To make these gadgets cool, they should be understandable a few minutes taking them out from the box And poor Mati has been struggling against it for about 40 minutes Damn! Who turned it off? You did it, just by saying it in English This lamp cooperates with the Google assistant… Yes And with what else? And with the Google Home Super! And you can subdue, and brighten the light in a very easy way You can change the color We are being in warm colors right here We’re in the sunlight But when we turn into a colored light You can choose a proper color of the bulb, moving your finger And the up and down move makes it lighter or darker There is a super cool thing about this light bulb Cause we can enter the sunrise very fast, in this particular case Here you are Or you can make a romantic night Here it is And if you want to watch a broadcast, or movie, then you click “Movie”, and here you are Is there a mode for work? There isn’t I recommend it to the parents, who must get up to look for children at night And to turn on the light You can do it using the smartphone Then you come into the kitchen, and there’s no flash onto your eyes There’s just a delicate light. And if you need… Still, you see everything you eat Well, I don’t eat at night SPONSORED FRAGMENT There’s such a story about your new phone number That you either pay a visit to your telecom to get a new SIM card Or you wait for the courier to visit you [WRONG ADDRESS ] The Orange Flex telecom has the eSIM So if you have a smartphone that handles the eSIM In the app, you can click “Activate your eSIM card” Although scarce smartphones handle the eSIM for now This is the future This is a set for studying the programming skills For kids from the age of 8

Igor is… 8 years old Igor has selected two things. Do you remember which ones they are? Yes. It’s this and that So you’ll be making the wheel of fortune Yes And this one? Yes, and this one What is it? A cable car So what do you think about it? About this? It’s mega-cool! A fabulous option I’d play with it myself You’d like assemble such bricks, wouldn’t you? I’d be happy to do it It’s not true Nope Does it go here? Yes Ow! Where have I put it? Now the next one Something doesn’t work here, as usual What are your first impressions, Igor? Is it interesting, or not very much? Not very much What will be next? This is the wheel of fortune The wheel of fortune? Isn’t it a little crocodile? Why do you always hold the camera so close to me? Can we do it this way: if the wheel stops here, Krzysiek will do 10 press-up? Yes Oh, no. Let’s make it 1, 2, or 3 press-ups OK Cause I can’t do any more of them No! 10, 20 or 30 press-ups Well, probably just for Mateusz OK. Are you ready to push the button? Yes OK. Once again What has come up? Pizza? So let’s stick to it Oh no Everything is OK 3 press-ups Look, how lucky you are. I’ll hold the camera for you Yes To make the face red Igor, watch if he is doing it properly Is that all? There were 3! You’re so red! Did he do the press-ups correctly? Or does he have to repeat them? Repeat! Sorry, you did the press-ups wrong OK. Now make the car And what are we doing? This is an irritating thing about this guitar That it doesn’t emit any sounds if it’s not connected You need to pair it with the computer So buy yourself a normal guitar I don’t have that much cash I save the money for something else I’m sorry For these couple of days, I learnt a few new cords It costs … a lot A lot? The max price? It’s over PLN1,000 ($260) I mean, this is nonsense Cause I learn all those guitar grips at the beginning But I’d like to play something at last But people go to school for years to learn it I know. I feel a bit embarrassed now It’s probably better to go to school The website is so … so poorly optimized Jeez, people call you a crab not without a cause It doesn’t work. Look! Oops! Something … Connecting These are next lessons OK. But you’ve already got through them. Play something for us! OK. Play! “D”. Now I know, for example, that the “D” goes this way The thing is that my fingers … I know! Indeed. Pati said that I have thick fingers So they’re totally inapt for it Not thick, but big “Golden chrysanthemums” I’m disappointed The point is to… At last! OK. What would you say if we invited a real guitar player? Great idea! Let him play it The telescopic gimbal Because when its unfolded Because when its unfolded… I mean the standard gimbal is usually like this And everything is movable, so you need to keep it all in a case And here it’s folded, and you can put it into a pocket How come! Will I carry it this way? Well, OK. It’s fine It fits Man, look! Oh my! So it’s proven. It’s got such a functionality that it can charge smartphones wirelessly Such things are happening You can use it for making time lapses, hyper lapses And shits like that But here you can charge a smartphone It wireless charging is unavailable For example, Patrycja’s smartphone doesn’t have wireless charging Connect the cable to the USB type C on this side Kuba, why are we doing this horizontally? Here you are. You’ve got the answer. Maybe it’s the reason why It works smartly. Look! What did you do? Why did you do it this way Why are you rummaging in my phone? I’m not rummaging anywhere Once in the ear, next time in the phone Should we put it farther? Now… What’s the problem? Didn’t it get started? Nope Oh! Wait We must cope with it Now it’s become a question of honor How did you do it? For now I don’t know it. But it’s still not connected with Bluetooth, so … But it’s getting connected So how do you assess it on the basis of your experience? Very good! So maybe let’s give it to Krzysiek, shall we? He’s the king of gimbals He’s the king of gimbals He’s a gimbus You were right to say that he’s a good gimbal user That’s right. Recording! Oh, it’s already getting crazy Go ahead! Show it. Record something cool Faster up there! But it’s hard to steer. Again, it’s lagging terribly

But do these buttons work, to turn it on and off? Snap! Super! And what is this one for? What about this one? Super! You can switch into the slow mo Yeah. This is what I wanna do Oh, face track! OK, but you know, in such a broad style Oh, it has already lost your track Now hold your face up to the light It sees you Look how great it’s doing with my walk A bit faster now And now… Very fast? Sort of running to catch a bus Is there any other functionality that drew you interest? I’d like very much to see time lapses from this Forget the time lapse. This is important. Motion time lapse I just don’t know why it’s … Damn, it’s terribly uneven OK, the frame will be more interesting Oh no, it isn’t a more interesting frame. It’s just terribly uneven This is modern It needs calibration Oh yes OK. Now, returning to what I earlier began to say Actually, you should be the one to do it, cause you’re the image operator You set this first frame You go to the second one But now it’s slightly carrying you away I don’t know why you’re making so many points Cause I’m curious how it works I also wonder how many points make the maximum And look what is happening Look how nice it is! It’s super! Please welcome Ms. and Mr Do you remember the quiz on speakers? “If anyone of you, dear viewers, can do something like this …” No! Yes! No! But will you do it together, or individually? A few applications came. Among the applicants that made the pose correctly, Karolina was the first one to send her application And now Karolina will make the pose, and Patrycja will record all of this on the gimbal Mati, it will be so strange! She succeeded! Unfortunately, sorry to say that You win the speakers! Here you are! Thank you very much Congrats! Karolina has won something else This is the thing that nobody else will have Cause this is a test hat, whose copy we’ll never make Just a single model of it was made How super! It has the writing “Tech Week”. This is a slightly worse broadcast that appears on the channel, too Now envy her! This is the only hat like this in Poland, there’s no other one Thanks for coming here. Respect! Thank you very much She’s so good, isn’t she? Look! I did it! Give me those speakers! Where is the wheel? Show me the lights PLN2,000 ($520) I’ll be collecting the money for it for a year Cause this is very expensive If it cost less, I’d buy it It’s hard to construct But it’s also great fun Thank you very much for the review OK. Alco-goggles! What are the alco-goggles about? They say that if you get slightly boozed You’re sort of… you know … supple. It’s easier to… You said yourself that you skateboard better after a glass of lager You mustn’t do it! I never said it to anyone. He just invented it to discredit me You can check now if wearing the alco-goggles, you can … Cause it’s supposed to simulate the 3 per mill drunkenness If you… Oh, how strange my hands look like! If you walk with a phone, and if you want to record something Your hands should work as a stabilizer Well, it’s a much far-fetched hypothesis And without the goggles, you should walk with the gimbal, And without the goggles, you should walk with the gimbal, to check if your body works as a gimbal OK What? Do you fail to see clearly? Well, I’m drunk after all OK. Attention, I’m recording. I’m walking now Should I walk straight, or somewhere else as well? Well, go wherever you want to This place here slightly scares me. OK But you aren’t pretending, are you? What? Aren’t you pretending? I don’t pretend anything He’s walking quite normally Here you are. Stop! Now I should get the same effect with the gimbal, right? Right OK. I’m going Then I was going this way And this way Here I bumped onto the table. And this is the end So what do you think? I think that my test is excellent, super! And what are the results of the test? Well The conclusion is that you just need to eat well for PLN500 ($130) Concluding, since nobody else wants to talk about it, I’ll tell you this, cause I’ve had several gimbals in my life I used them a little A very good thing is that it charges smartphones wirelessly

A cool thing is that you can plug in a microphone here You can charge a smartphone The motors are so-so The price is quite good It’s made decently The Redmi Note 7. The general review is: The fingerprint scanner works OK As for the face blocking, there is just a camera And it doesn’t work very well And we enter the pro mode, cause only in the pro mode Is there the possibility of taking 48MP photos And the effect is as you see Additionally, we’ve got fast charging here Unfortunately, the charger available in the set doesn’t perform fast charging It works quite fluently At this price level, it’s generally hard to get a better phone The lack of an NFC, a poor camera as for the 48MP feature It must be some kind of a joke The mono speaker. There’s no stereo speaker. It doesn’t play very well Wojtek, come here, you’ll be twirling the ribbon What is it for? I can’t do it Have you turned on the slow mo? OK. Here it is: Slow mo Can I start? Attention. Go ahead! A more serious face, please. You smile too much Wait a second Slow motion is unimpressive Slow motion is standard, isn’t it? No. It’s a faster slow motion Yeah, a bit faster Photo Well, everything is OK C’mon, come here, my little duck A choo-choo train now! Image stabilization I think that it might compete with the iPhone in terms of shakiness And it’s even worse No, I think that it’s a bit like the HTC. Look what’s happening here All right. It’s hardcore poor OK. We’re dropping it No! Maybe it isn’t hurt No, it’s just slightly jagged It’s a pity OK, now. I’m pulling it up Well, there will be much crying, cause everybody loves Xiaomi Big deal! Eh, such a small crash! I’ll tell you that it’s generally a lucky phone And I bet that it will remain totally safe after falling from 4 meters I think so, too This is what cheap phones are all about It worries me but … You’ve spent little And you have little stress later on C’mon, if it falls, it falls Go ahead, drop it! No, it’s nothing in my opinion Nothing… No, it’s finally broken Jeez, but it is … I’d say that in terms of strength … Quite a poor crumbliness Very poor I’d say But the back is intact We face the truth We have a broken screen here In fact This is a very small crack of the screen But still you rub your ear, your earlobe with this glass This isn’t nice Here you’ve got the back broken The back is shattered but the smartphone doesn’t have to be replaced at all So despite theoretically, that one broke deeper, Still, this one cracked more seriously Although that one was more crashed – in theory Anyway, this one broke more seriously in fact But maybe let’s start from coolness Who thinks that this smartphone is cool? Is it cooler than the HTC? No, I mean yes. Yes, yes It is, guys As for the guts and things inside it, it’s cooler OK, it’s cooler No, sorry. HTC is cooler HTC is cooler HTC has the NFC HTC has other cool details A better sound A better camera Oh yes, right here Let me remind that cool doesn’t mean … It’s cool because it’s cheap, and it’s neat for the cash I’d put it even a bit higher But I certainly wouldn’t compare it to the HTC, or rank it higher I think that without any major disputes, this is the right place for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 which is super popular at stores, for some reason Thank you very much, OleOle! for giving us such a cheap smartphone All right. We wanted it ourselves

Once we had learnt how well it had been selling To allow you to learn more on it, and to take the right purchase decision The next smartphone will be more expensive Probably 3 or 4 times more expensive How many times? The next smartphone will be more expensive Is this the right time to say goodbye? Yes Bye See you guys Bye-bye! See you! Sayonara!