Catalogues – 7 ways to increase your ROI

through all the kind of basics there’s stuff that if you’ve been imprinted for quite some time but you need to have a think about ways of reducing costs and then looking at ways of increasing the value of print because then you buy it by common consent Brittany’s not going anywhere but it is part of an integrated marketing a hybrid marketing of online and offline and so rather like your investment you making all the social media sites and all of the kind of data services of you you’ve got and of course the service that your feet but and riri looking at Prince rather than being a cost out type thing to try and just trim costs we’re looking at the value inside of it as well so moving on swiftly into it it’s the inside story of what we’ve got seven when I mean there’s loads so just kind of like 10 more doubt that you can download it off a website there’s a link at the enzian either assiduously scribble not be able to read it at the other end of the other side of the presentation or simply download it and and of course ask questions at the end I understand you’re really really quiet so if you don’t ask a good question i’m going to pick on somebody so please feel free to ask ask questions with alacrity towards the end righty-ho so very quick kind of position statement i think they call it and this is web mart we are print management company come other printing industry and so we absolutely love pretty there are just under 50 people and we have in total six hundred and eighty eight years of print experience and yes we do measure everything and we have a huge amount of expertise over the wide gamut that is printing because obviously in imagine our online lesson angels 318 million prices instantly for different formats and stuff but there are billions of different prices so we have 380 suppliers each key if you like category that we sell from point of sale through to ironman through the little has specialists within it i’ll show you one of them later young projects fantastic blog so got three officers barnsley my hometown very proud of my concentration mr. near the shopping center for anybody who wants to come to the yellow shirt and wonderment to have an experience of a juicing cratic world and east kilbride because Scottish people like to buy of Scottish people know the reason and there’s some very nice people there who know a lot about Prince as well so moving on gah dealt with me brother did this and he does it as a spite this presentation and that’s me when I first started well mart still at vestiges with the corporate world inside me we go 17 years now and no it doesn’t feel ate too much we’ve all been in the print industry since Maxwell if any of you are all going off to on the Sun Musti good and that’s what brought me into the industry and for that I’m eternally grateful so I’ve been doing it for 25 years and we do a whole range of things we have started developer and software to project managing to procure all around the world and we would lotsa Wars one of which being the SU directors Awards so we do it in it innovative where I think it’s fair to say completely contrary into everybody else in the print version marketplace so what I’m going to be banging on about here the basics of cost avoiders obviously very important to make sure that you don’t waste money but then looking slightly more creatively at ways you can spend more money on print and of course the only way in to spend more money on printers if you get a disproportionate return on that investment so then we move into there and then other stuff with different ways to reach your customers bit creativity bit of lateral thinking going on in the way that you approach your print spend and your marketing cons and then the latest print marketing techniques and I’ve only got a little period of time so I saw one strength through so back to basics obviously I don’t know if you have any brand guidelines and but if you haven’t given to your printers it’s very 101 but most people don’t I’ve had them in my entire life three times proactively given to me and you’ve got another set of eyes people looking at you and the they won’t booger on your brand if they know what you want it to look at life so if you have got anything that you would share with any other agency please share it with your printers a world making that they can give you the opportunity to not have things going wrong straightaway is it fit for purpose obviously the pre pre questions that is what do you want to do with it so have a think about what you’re trying that they feel like the persona think of it as a living central being what is the persona of this piece of print that you’re doing because it does touch quite a lot of sensors does print and so just have a visualization of it and think about it a dummy dog I mean you see it you’ve all got your gold paper and will hate me forever for suggesting it but they do to a dummy service and so if you if you

want to come up with a few ideas or whatever you just just just play around with a few for months before you actually go into manufacturing it and the customer values that again a very important part print is different from your online it gives you much greater latitude latitude to have a perception of your marketplace your your position in that marketplace so make sure that it’s consistent and make sure that it really does live your brand again one of the things that many people do and this is from the very largest companies and this isn’t you know in mail order exclusively far from it is that they have a plethora of former so no bleedin reason whatsoever and it cost money so if you can keep if there is a reason to have different form us are different sectors that you’re trying to do them a few days because there will be a return investment very reason if there isn’t then to look at ways that you can come out and bring it together and to eliminate unnecessary waste because my mate readies on the press don’t give you any customers in the rent revenue as if you reduce them or eliminate and then it would make an awful lot of sense of kind of straight for cost avoidance thing obviously paper is a massive part of the overall cost of princess they do look you know it is an innovative kind of part of the marketplaces 4 a’s paper and it does come up with new finish what have you neither you can get them direct from paper people or through your printer or 3d print management company and if there’s areas that you want to improve a new paper then proactively outs a look when something like this comes up please bring it to me and then you’ve got somebody looking on your behalf it doesn’t cost you money to to come up with the new way of doing things quite often I was doing I don’t anybody saw the apprentice yesterday god help me but there’s a there is the worst program in the entire TV listings but but the agency that was their karma karma armor i did a speech at yesterday and they charge a stupid amount of money for consultancy very nice people and i said we in the print industry and the management industry are the doggies of the consulting world we’re ever so humble we just like to be asked you know just that’s what we don’t charge you we don’t charge you for it just ask us for any advice you don’t have to go to these big expensive london agencies to get create our ideas everybody downstream of you in the print industry is desperate to try and help you out and and they’ll do it for free so why not give it give it your best and saying that its aspect right these are this just a list and the reason what would that list is there because of obviously you can you may want to download it later but sighs pagination paper weight paper finishes quite a lot of time people to let’s stick with the same paper that they’ve done forever for no particular reason there’s lots of different types of paper again it’s perception print used to be the lowest cost media but what most cost way of getting to your customers of course it’ll never be that again it is now of premium products is a premium web getting your branding to p into p boy so as I’ll show later how you can make it even more over an important product for your for your customers but even even with a conventional print job you can change things to give a high perceived value because people are looking for that in the print and then there’s also some new different types of finishing we did one for a for a bicycle manufacturer which had a rubber grip finish on it you know really did have that kind of reception area too and they got better much better customer feedback from it and by looking at and there are lots of people out there that can advise you or not so what we’re going to talk about now is choosing your perfect print pattern we are all unusual people aren’t we let’s be honest we are or it is increases but it’s getting the alignment between your idiosyncrasies another person who provides the print to you that’s the most important thing and broadly there are two types of print provider there are unashamedly printers who enjoy doing that and if you’ve got print a print required which is quite narrow and repeat repeats frequently then the chances are that you don’t need any anything other than to make sure that you’ve got the right fit the right capability and capacity and supplied up and deal with printers if however you need a broad range of print and through a variety of different things then there are and variety of print service providers there from print manages to our advertising agencies to you know and a number of different number of different guises but the key thing that everybody else to do once you’ve understood what you want which is obviously number one and you’ve got the right specification which we run through is find the right price press at the right time because the average range of prices you will get back if you don’t know anything about print is huge there was one survey done by the Swiss print Federation of inexperienced buyers the average range of prices they got from one specification going out to their printers that they used was two hundred percent we within web mar even if we’re experts we get an average range of

prices of forty-eight percent huge diversity and it’s not because people trying to rip you off on all that color so he’s simply because it changes rapidly every minute of every day it’s a commodity market to the broth if you want to think of it in those same way and so you need to make sure that you you have the relationship there or of course get some of you do it as a job but to find the right place at the right time really critical stuff and of course we have changes in the marketplace on mates gone down from 30,000 printers to 9000 printers now and it’s probably going to settle down about 5,000 printers in the UK there’s a lot of shake out going on there and then decide whether you’re honest planning on spot by there are different advantages to either and their location obviously you can send it on the ftp or mail big file anywhere in the world without any problem these days obviously logistics getting buckets quite heavy and what have you but you’ve now got a range of different options that you can look at you don’t have to go within a local geographical area despite the fact that most people who don’t have print as a core part they’re often generally do this is one of the things that we’re moving on to now this has gone out and the kind of cost outside of it into the cost inside of it the reason you you go costing so if you remember when I set up web part in 1996 I am now seen as a guru of insight because i called the company web not because clearly is to do with the web offset market what else are your web marketplace in term of words well obviously that in those days it was actually somewhere in california and for those who obviously when natives net you can’t imagine a time without the internet but it was object for me to web offset marketplace the type of printing high-volume magazine catalog tithing we’ve now got a similar kind of thing going on with something called big data and our big data is this kind of ethereal beast that everybody’s talking about but nobody actually knows quite what to do with it what it’s about but as a person each one of you in this room are creating enough data just bits and bytes without touching any bit of your computers that you actually do yourself you’re creating half of cds worth of data every day that data is about geo data is about William your usage of utilities it’s about all these things because there’s this internet of things out there that are capturing data about you which can be repurpose and reuse well I just as I kind of slight dungeon and every time about Boeing 747 sets off there is a roundabout a terabyte of data created on that flight for its huge massive data going on in the background now that can be used to your benefit in the printed side as well that is a press that press there is a weapon especially or like a web offset printing press but what that does is print 1.5 million lies pages per hour a full color variable data an hour were you imagine how many servers me to feed that beastie every hour every day and it could be done now if you remember back again those who’ve been or what Randall I’m Viking did a variable data thing a few years ago you think think of Tesco’s before the club card came about I mean it was if you don’t like it now it was really bad then but it now at least it’s successful in bad rather than one of those kind of companies that have gone by a quick saves in the world that disappeared now leveraging data in your marketplace will give you a comparative advantage has to has to house house it’s not more relevant kind of offer then other people can do we got a couple of examples later on with what we’ve tried and this is the personalized case study which my friend at the bucket is going to press what the first one is for the printer graphics recently partnered with web water to produce five thousand personalized catalog covers for craghoppers we were asked to take it dear cells and produce a fully variable cover that would then be used to perfect bind onto the investment being produced she fed for the main catalog room then we specified with it their cells there’s a psl then merged with a piece of software called Vipp basically what we do is we put a tag in each database nodes all of the data together and then that tag drives the variable content when it comes to printing the job one it also means is we can get milling discounts for the client by merging all of the dss together I’m real sorting so that we can the best be able price what we ended up with on this particular job was VIP customers and VIP laps customers each of those was then split down into four groups the first group in men’s outdoors and this this creative that you can see here was the men’s outdoors the main thing that changes is the front cover image as well as the recipients name being printed onto the front cover some variable components on the inside and that was merely that text however using this kind of dinner driven process we can have as many variable components within a product as

you want the job was produced very very quickly we got the spec from web mark eyes on the 19th of arch the job was puts in there all of the data was merged we printed it on the 20th and shifted out to the company that were doing the biting on the 20th so all in all it was produced very very could be the job was produced on xerox I gen3 technology but could go up to any digital print engine as long as the front end software is in place to do the merge it was printed on a 140 gram uncool and and obviously then sent on be perfect bound we do lots and lots of this kind of work and obviously the key driver to produce this kind of thing is to me the color start down to the recipient sort of the more likely to log into the website and redeem any offers that you may have been waiting with the covers this is probably the simplest form of personalization as I said only others a huge amount more could be done with it so for instance they saying this offer on the back page his static at moment that could be fully variable pulling in multiple products products from their product range of course the only what reason that you’d go through all the hustle and grief and putting it together a complex campaign like that and spending investing the money in it and to do that is to get a better response so the next slide is the client that we did for craghoppers and telling us about the response that she got from us a brief video for that thank you add crackers we needed a way of increasing our response rates on our catalog and so we decided to do personalized covers the personalized covers we did were across men’s and women’s we did four covers and based on purchasing habits so they were targeted to specific segments on the database and the personalized covers have worked really well for crack open some received really well by the customer and we will definitely do personalized covers again and we’re thinking of rolling it out for autumn/winter across some other pieces of the catalogs maybe smaller print runs and to our VIP customers and our catalogs tend to sit around on the coffee table because they’re large catalogs with a lot of content so they last for about six weeks and people go back and refer to them and use them to browse while they might be having a cup of tea and then we still get orders six weeks later and from the catalogs so people are really enjoying looking at them as a travel book as well as a catalog with producten we target offers with our catalogs and we segment the data with specific buying habits so we might target people that have ordered travel we’re through the catalogs and then they can go online and order a bundle offer part of the personalization project that we’ve done we’ve also put a pearl on the back of the catalog which is personalized to that person they can then go online they have dynamic content that comes in and to the pearl based on previous buying habits and this is trying to encourage them to order based on what they’ve ordered in previous years from as this content changes every time they go into and the pearl and and if they purchase it will change again based on their buying behavior personalized covers have increased our response rates by fifty percent and across the segment that we use them on and we’ve had up to fifteen percent response rate on the personalized catalogs which is fantastic compared to our normal response rates on a main season book and so we’re really pleased with the project and we’ll definitely be rolling out for two winter lovely and they say you know and it’s rare for a customer to share the good luck on the data it’s important that you you understand clearly what you were going in from the buying baby is that you were trying to get out of your customer and then an understanding segmentation in your database and all of the kind of things that you outlined in there but they could be opportunity from this is really taking print to the next level away from dog print of the same stuff going out of everybody and just personalize the the address to smart bring where you use if you’re like dynamically created content to bespoke the offer to the customers needs and it’s a possibility now that is a cost-effective possibility now usually rather light with it they’re doing the personalized the outer and keep the economies of scale in the text session in the center which is obviously a very expensive for you won’t want to personalize 96 pages of it you wouldn’t have really become a design defect and it would cost an inordinate amount of time earth money at untimed to bring but taking to the next level is understanding your customer base better than ever before leveraging and using the technology that is no other that press wasn’t available at 18 months ago this is all brand new technology that’s out there so pretty far from being a

dying art it is absolutely key part of an ongoing interaction that you’ve got with your customer base but it’s very different type of printing the traditional in a directory kind of nonsense that you used to gain male audio those years ago that worked at the time but obviously a customer’s movie on the interview there’s not another example where fitness first wanted to make the getting to the gym and getting back from the gym an interactive part of the gym experience so what they did was they worked out way lift and where the nearest Fitness verse was and then worked out how many calories you burn either cycling or running to it and back from it and working out how you could make it an actual you know an interesting button also worked at the safest route that you could go on so into working all that for you they sent that through as a mailer and then they ended up with again another fifty percent give it a rise in response rate to that it’s a really interesting kind of dynamic you’ve got on there but of course you need to be one that you know you need to be leading on this because if you’re not leaving on this then it gets commoditized very very quickly so you need to look at what how you come in your marketplace your second or whatever to what make sure that you have used innovation as quickly as possible another example it won’t must get some point making and another example is where the Royal Mail wanted people to use the post box as more of a local facilities they put it on a piece of mailing that went through or where your local post boxes quite a lot of people actually retained that people that piece of print is sucking on their notice for their homes they know where the nearest one is on the way to wherever they’re going and that had a hundred and seventy-six percent uplifting the amount of letters that went through went into the letterbox in that area so then obviously measured before after or not because same people living there so seventy-six percent uplifting use of their facilities over there and then another way of doing it is piggybacking together multiple offers on the same piece of personalized print so you’ve got one love one view of the customer in vain here but you’ve got three different people sharing the cost of that and having a complementary way of getting customer leveraging their customer base by doing that by you know why would somebody go past there being queue to get to home base well then you know they’ve got an offer here which would make make them take that little bit extra dry to get to a mystical to get an extra a thousand nectar points cousin see they know their nectar collector so you can you can keep them together that keeps the cost down but in fact enhancers the response rate become so it’s one of the things we kind of site at the end is about collaboration it’s a good thing not a bad thing and this was one of the ideas that they’ve got where you have something like an Amazon locker and you can you point people to they may not know where it is and so when you drop off things and also on the returns you’ve got a single point of contact for people to to look at ways of interacting with them in a much more creative way to make that you mail order buying experience as pain-free as possible for four people and we’re out of time I’ll just give one minute poof oh right this was warm on broadband he tells you when the person next to you has got faster broadband than you knows you do to make some these are gods these are not 20 so you all get this kind of envy this download mb they do did and that drove in response and I’m mindful of that mailing a person’s at this is where proud comes into it loads of stuff on mailing and bhosle we’ve got one minute or nautical early but we eat changes rather I print it changes so many times there are lots of providers in lots of offers and and you know so we’ve got our own specialist who does nothing but look at all of these things you’re proud that I would zoom into about God I’ll do this with this to book company but these are all the areas that you need to look at and of course it ties back into the initial spec there’s no point having all these clever savings and advertising male sustainable male ass off menu spec use and right at the back any old could have we could have saved a fortune on that so in summary you’ll be relieved to feed and get the basics right find the right print partner whatever shape or look that is for you and then match the job to the right distribution and that’s a closed loop all the way through and then as you get the basics right drive up the return on investment that you can get by using data the data already hold just in a more creative way they even before that’s the checklist and thank you you you