Bloomington City Council, June 17, 2020

this meeting will come to order this is a regular session of the Bloomington Common Council for Wednesday the 17th of June 2020 will the clerk please call the roll council member roli yeah skin blurry yep raisin burger here Sims yeah bullying here Piedmont Smith here Flaherty yeah Smith your Sandburg I think she’s still on her way in but okay well we have a quorum this is a summation of the agenda for this evening we will here approval of minutes actually we have note mints for approval we’ll go to reports from Council members followed by from the mayor and city offices from council committees and members of the public there will be a 20-minute period for comment we will have appointments to boards and commissions followed by legislation for second reading and resolutions which include ordinance 2011 an ordinance recommending that portions of the Bloomington miss will code be temporarily suspended due to the ongoing public health emergency and resolution 2009 authorizing the allocation of the Jack Hopkins social service program funds for the year 2020 and related matters there is no legislation for first reading we will have a second period public comment 25 minutes for items on the agenda we will hear Madison council schedule and we will adjourn for what will be a long looked forward to council recess with that let’s go to reports from Council members I’m going to start with the person who is last on my screen councilmember Sandburg I’m glad to see you made it back in yes you have a report please go ahead hi I do not thank you all right councilmember Rallo you’re muted ma’am no no thank you okay see brief items one is I wish to go on record in supporting Randi Paul’s suggestion or request some weeks back to continue zooming our meetings for the public particularly those who have physical challenges I think it is an excellent idea despite some concerns of security and disruption I think those can be overcome and I hope we can do this maintain zooming when this body assembles in place again and the council chambers my second comment is just a general comment to say that I’m quite distressed I think a number a lot of people are according to polls for our country hoping that we will address challenges particularly regarding race and inequality including the grotesque economic disparities that exist in ER in our country what makes me worried is that we have a very polarized country and this is made worse by various media that caters to polarities and probably made worse by social media and results in echo chambers that it creates I think this conversation is very much needed I fear that if it doesn’t occur and we can’t come to agreement then violence will probably continue and I would suggest that this conversation needs to be based on objectivity needs to be based on the ability for people to speak

without being bullied it needs to be based upon statistical data and other types of data that we can we can all agree on and to move on public policy that works in in everyone’s interest so that concludes my comment thank you Thank You councilmember Smith I have no comment Thank You councilmember Flaherty now report tonight Thank You councilmember rosenberger no report thank you mm-hmm councilmember sins thank you I don’t make unmute myself I have a couple brief comments first I’d like to join my colleague councilmember Rallo with regard to maintaining virtual platforms for meeting soon as we move forward for the reasons that he stated but I would also like to to throw my head in there that and many of us has talked about this to keep the AFL people the American sign language people in order to translate in that regard and I hope we can work that out and make that so even in virtual meetings the second brief comment is just something I would like for the public to think about and many of us have been thinking a lot about on our social situation but another thought for the for the folks out there and for my colleagues if in fact we can view a police officer kneeling on a man’s neck in broad daylight to the point of death I want everyone to think about what could possibly be happening across in America in our Human Resources offices in our hospitals and our doctors offices in our classrooms in our banks there are many other areas that we can have this discussion obviously we’re going to start at least in this area with local law enforcement which is the same way but I’d like everyone to think about those other examples that I just gave lastly tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. the City Council’s Public Safety Standing Committee will have a hearing starts at 7 o’clock we are hoping for it to last for a couple hours and get as much public comments that we can I would like to mention that on those standing committees are my colleagues councilmember Susan Sandburg councilmember Zeus Campbell Larry and councilmember Isabel Piedmont Smith formidable groups and I’m proud to be working with now our meeting tomorrow night we are only intent is to receive information from the public I hope there’s been a little bit of misinformation so hope no one is expecting as I’ve seen before a robust dialogue that will not occur at least tomorrow we will have it in the future but I don’t think tomorrow there will not be a question-and-answer period we just simply want to receive and hear what the public thinks with regard to local law enforcement and we have not invited any city staff to join us so we want to keep this as generic as we can in order to get information from the public and I want everyone to understand that once we compile that and analyze it a little bit or transcribe it as a better word it is our hope that we can use this information as a basis for considering or possibly making changes in the future moving forward and we’ll talk a little bit more about that tomorrow when we start but those are my comments for the evening and thanks for asking mr. president thank you council members Campbell Larry Thank You councilmember Piedmont Smith yes I just wanted to remind the public that black lives matter Bloomington is having a Juneteenth celebration on Friday June 19th Juneteenth is actually tomorrow but June 19th at Reverend Butler Park from 4 to 8 p.m. with social distancing and mask requirements recommendations of the CDC in place and you can find out more about that and they do ask that you register so they can have enough food and masks available at black lives matter Bloomington on

Facebook so if you just search black lives matter Bloomington you’ll see their Juneteenth celebration should be some some great artists and speakers involved so hope to see some of you there thank you thank you just to clarify the 19th is a Friday welcome right you said that it was to is the event tomorrow or Friday it’s Friday okay thank you I’m sure T’s is actually on the 18th but their event is going to be all those the 19th okay my bad mm-hmm I want to echo canceller Sims announcement I want to thank the Public Safety Committee for beginning the process of taking up the complicated issue of policing tomorrow night I want to urge everyone to attend we do go on recess after this meeting tonight although there will be committee meetings such as Public Safety and such through the recess but our next regular session will not be until July 22nd it is my intent that we find a way to integrate zoom or the equivalent meeting protocol of remote meeting protocol into our meeting procedures as soon as we can after recess questions of accessibility such as zoom ASL have already begun we’ve already been discussing those items internally between leadership and council staff we are actively looking for ways to make that to keep the council as accessible as it has been and to make it as accessible as possible so if anyone has thoughts on those issues we welcome them I certainly do please set email bolon s at Bloomington da da and echo so with that now go to reports from the mayor and city offices I see Mayor John Hamilton is here mr. mayor would you like to take it away thanks very much it’s good to see you all I’ll try to last through a few things tonight and then hand it off to Beverly Calendar Anderson who’s gonna provide an update on the social services working group first some updates on kovat related coronavirus related issues you all know the County Health Department ordered last Friday that we would shift into stage four basically the state’s suits Tablas stages that means according to that order bars are allowed to open now as a Friday up to 50% capacity playgrounds courts sports leagues allowed to function restaurants back to 75% capacity retail stores a hundred percent we did from the county they did choose to keep the social gathering level below a hundred people or fewer as what’s approved for private social gatherings we have at a recent modest bump in cases and fatalities in the county it is important to note that the county death rate is still about one half of that of the state average as well as the national average but I am still very concerned and in particular we have the big fact of thousands and thousands tens of thousands of students likely to come back in August as they come back from around the country in the world we’re gonna need to be very vigilant I want to let you know that there is discussions going on about potentially particular rules or approaches that may be different from what we have right now kind of for that August to November period when we’re going to have a fairly different kind of environment for the disease and for our community so we will be in more in touch on that as we look at those possibilities effective Monday this coming Monday the city is going to implement a mandatory masks policy for all of our employees we’ve had a very strong lien aged policy and provided free masks and had a lot of compliance but not a hundred percent compliance and we’ve decided with all the expectations we really need to move to a mandatory policy for all of our employees whenever they are within six feet of each other or the public or may likely be that way we’ll be providing those masks and that will be effective starting Monday just you know our Parks Department did extraordinary yeoman’s work to get all the playgrounds sanitized clean – couple dozen playgrounds and fitness stations in record time for Friday opening there are public restrooms now open since Monday at 3:00 Parks alcot Bryan and lower Cascades 13 hours a day we plan to open two more public restrooms and building and trades in Butler Park at Stage five those have been a little more difficult we don’t have the staffing to cover

those that we do in the other three parks to continue to sanitize those throughout the day like we will in the currently open restrooms let me turn just to some very other brief updates before I hand it over to – Beverly calendar Anderson just very quick updates on a few items one the Waldron we have asked a internal team an internal team to focus on some short-term questions and opportunities short term meaning kind of the next 12 months probably ish to identify what it means to have that building back what kind of uses it might be offered for used for over the next six twelve months we appreciate councilmember Sandburg serving on that internal team at your direction to just kind of identify in the short term what we can do I would expect it in a few months in a few weeks or months we will ask a longer-term group community focused group community-based group to really help analyze the longer-term uses of that building which we expect to come into possession a repossession of in in August and thinking more broadly longer-term what’s the right use of that so just wanted to let you know that of course take questions on all these a quick Convention Center update you all know the revenues food and beverage have been dramatically declining in since the closures to have cut and of course the convention industry is upside down right now so collaborating with our County colleagues and you and all we expect to kind of take a pause on any activities related to planning for that Convention Center until the end of the year and we’ll come back to revisit look at revenue look at the industry and such but I just wanted to let you and the public know we’ll take a 6 or 6 or 7 month break on that right up the street from that the hospital reuse committee met last night with a public session about 200 people joined that with dozens of questions asked and answered including online that is a big conversation that has begun about that that location I would encourage anybody interested in that go to Bloomington Hospital site all one word SI te at the end they’re calm to look at the tons of material please give feedback on that a similar big conversation is starting tomorrow night about the seven-line that was one of the four major trails invested and funded through the Bicentennial bond that we did in 2018 that seven-line the plan for a protected bike lane enhanced bus service enhanced pedestrian access from the b-line east on 7th Street all the way to campus at Woodlawn and eventually a couple miles farther than that all the way to the far east side of town that begins with a public meeting tomorrow night as well I think that’s at 6 o’clock and please jump on line with that too on the city I want to thank the council for your consideration of the signage changes to help our retail businesses in particular pick back up and get where they’re going and the exciting Kirkwood pilot project this weekend which I hope many of you will enjoy and I finally want to thank and appreciate the consideration of the discussion and the consideration of all of our public safety efforts councilmember Simms referred to his meeting the that will be happening tomorrow it is always a good thing as a community to review what we are doing how we are doing in all ways and especially around racial justice yes around Public Safety and beyond as councilmember Sims stated these are key issues for all of us to welcome and and and support conversations reviews questions suggestions changes in and I look forward to that besides the council committee meeting tomorrow there will be a public safety review board meeting early next week some of you know that got disrupted last evening technologically and so that will take place again next week and I look forward to working with all of you to keep getting our city better I’m gonna hand it over to Beverly calendar Anderson for an update and then happy to take questions on that or any other matters thank you Thank You mayor Hamilton I am Beverly calendar Anderson I am the director of community Family Resources Department and I’m just going to give you a brief update before you all leave out on your break of what the social services working group has been up to so I’m going to share my screen okay and so some of this is a repeat of what the

committee talked about two weeks ago but I think it was about two weeks but I will go through that part very quickly as you know these are the members of the group they have been a great group to work with just very proactive in doing everything and so we had John Barrett a Diane bozell Ephrathah firm and Tina Peterson and Dan Smith when we prioritize the areas of emergency food provision an isolation shelter for persons experiencing homelessness childcare for essential workers and personal health and safety and in the areas of food provision we have been meeting with each of these affirm provision child care and isolation shelter we have been meeting with providers of these services sometimes weekly sometimes every two weeks get the shelter isolation shelter we meet daily well now we’re down to three days a week but we were meeting daily the Community Foundation is serving as a navigator for child care has been helping those those essential workers who are needing childcare find the appropriate services also has helped with some funding in that area the isolation shelter is serving a six County area they have averaged about one guest a week there was one week where there were like three guests in the shelter at one time but of in all the weeks that they have been open there you’ve only seen two positive cases one of those got through Cova just fine the other ended up going to Indianapolis to the isolation shelter in Indianapolis and that was at the very beginning so I think that our shelters good job with Education masking thinking face coverings hand-washing so we have not had the spread that was expected our emergency food providers had a problem with the food chain at the beginning they’ve sort of stabilized but their goal is to stay at least with with at least a two-week inventory as we continue to move through this with personal health and safety we were really looking at things like mental health services domestic violence and some other services and so again those priorities are continuing to develop that one was a little more difficult to work through there has been several grant funds related to coated and these this is a list of the grant funding some of them are pending and they haven’t quite been completed some of them have been completed but through all of these funds there is three million two hundred forty seven thousand nine hundred sixty three dollars and change that has been awarded or will be awarded direct to social service agencies to deal with Newport either new programming supplies need whatever changes they needed related to Cove at 19 and like I said a couple of those are pending some of them are complete but that’s the amount of money from throughout not just the city of Bloomington but city small C so the needs that we’re seeing coming up I don’t know how many people know but right now wheeler women’s shelter is scheduled to close July 5th it’s purely a financial issue they have been running a deficit for all the time that they’ve been here so in speaking to them it’s basically about three hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year to keep them open we will lose thirty five to fifty women’s beds if the shelter closes they suspect that seven to ten women will go to Indianapolis but that also I mean if ten go they have thirty five right now that’s twenty five women that will be without shelter they hope to continue to run some of the case management through the men’s shelter but the men’s shelter won’t be able to take on any new women and the yeah so that that will leave a big loss in our community for beds for women the men’s shelter is current at wheeler is currently rushing the completion of their remodel they bought the Tri State bearings building and they they’re trying to rush that with the expectancy of another kovat surge in the fall which will allow for social distancing they had to dispatch this season this part of the phase of the pandemic really used some space that should have been remodeled for a day room and they were able but they were able to use it to spread people out and so they’re hoping while their numbers are a little lower they can finish their remodel in case there’s a surge in the

fall the I think we talked about two weeks ago that the isolation shelter moved to a new location and reduced the number of deaths they had because they weren’t seeing as many guests as expected so hopefully the cost savings of that move will allow them to say open through the fall in case there is a second surge in kovat and I want to mention in the shelter area although this is not a shelter many of you know that salom closed for a while to having anyone in their shelter because they didn’t have the space and so they have reopened at 50% capacity and are seeing people but they’re only seeing people who are homeless people who are not homeless but who come there for food only they’re serving on a carryout basis so they’re still getting food but they’re getting it on a carryout basis but they do have the shelter open now for people to come in but at 50% capacity so people can come in and get their walk and do laundry eat and the other services that they offer in the childcare area that is still being monitored our registrations on childcare were low because so many people were we believe working from home or had other ways to do childcare but there is the suspicion that this will be a bigger issue once all the workplaces are reopened and when school begins in the fall right now we don’t know what the format for school opening will be so we don’t know if kids will be going five days a week two days a week three days a week and so the childcare group is really monitoring that and working closely with MCC SC to keep tabs on that right now the food supply is is pretty stable and but the providers are reporting that they’re continuing to see an increase over last year so a lot of those new clients that were coming because of the pandemic who either have not gone back to work or whose hours have not got back up to their regular power hours that they worked are still getting food through the emergency food supply providers and so they are still seeing that increase but right now they say they’re pretty stable things are being delivered on time and that kind of thing in personal health and safety just wanted to report that the better day Club is permanently closing that is a it’s really an effective Colvin better day Club was a day center for people experiencing dementia and Alzheimer’s they did a wonderful job in this community but most of the people that they saw were much older very high-risk and so they closed during kovat and it just doesn’t look like they will be able to reopen and so when that it doesn’t look like they won’t be able to reopen the other piece of this is that we looked at which would be an emerging need would be technology and thinking about if a lot of class work is being done remotely if they’re doing distance learning just making sure that all children have not only the equipment but also the services to access their their lessons and so I know that at least MCC SC provides iPads and I could not find out if that’s to every student or that’s one per family so that I don’t know but they do provide iPads to students but if a family doesn’t have Internet services then that becomes an issue and so that’s another issue that that we’re looking to try and resolve the work for the work group in the future they are pursuing the creation of a funders collaborative and this is this is strictly funders that will meet probably quarterly to start to discuss priorities and initiatives and to also that agencies informed about upcoming funding opportunities and that will be something that would be ongoing and they will continue to meet with the shelter child care and emergency food service providers and monitor ongoing needs and one of the things that the group wanted me to say to council members was to thank you so much for your support and and and thank you for anything you know all of you just support to the agency support to them for your time at the meeting a couple of weeks ago to explain all that had been done so in personally I thank you as well and that’s the end of my report unless you have questions thank

you miss calendar Anderson are there questions rather than mayor or director of community and resources from council members please let me know councilmember Simms thank you and this may not be a mr. calendar Anderson’s specific area but hearing this report what I was thinking about I’ve heard I’m not in town but I’ve heard that the mass making process in Banneker is coming to an end and of course are very appreciative of all the work and master they provided but does anyone know how we are said or more specifically how I you is set up with mass suppliers for when students return I know it might be a little bit early but has that been part of the discussion it’s not been part of any discussion I’ve had councilmember Sims yeah I don’t so I don’t know I don’t know I I can add a little bit first the volunteer mask makers because Banneker is now being used for additional services in the summer we found another place for them to go I think even yet today that group because well I think IU is in good shape from what they report for their own needs from asks the IU Health and others who are using the surgical masks are really supportive of these homemade masks continuing to be offered to the community so that group of volunteer heroic mask makers will be relocating to another place I’m not sure I can announce where yet but so they’re going to keep going because people feel like that will be very helpful to the community thank you yeah any further questions from members customers gambler II yes thank you miss calendar Anderson I am especially excited to hear about the notion of a funders collaborative there’s a finite amount of money and the more we didn’t coordinate I think the more we can stretch it so thank you for that who is likely to be part of that I’m assuming Jack Hopkins United Way yeah so right now I think it’s all all the folks that were on this team for sure but the city so the city whether it’s Jack Hopkins CDBG whatever those those funding sources are United Way IU Health Foundation Hospital Foundation you may have said United Way Community Foundation yeah great thank you you’re welcome thank you further questions for members Rallo Pigman Smith afterwards thank thank you thank you Beverly regarding the women’s shelter yes are those beds currently all occupied and I’m trying to get an idea of how many women will be in need and then other than those going to Indies do you know where clients main may go as of today they have 35 beds that are occupied they estimate that ten maybe twelve might go to nd if we say ten they’ll leave 25 that makes the math easy and we don’t know where they will go there’s a there’s a possibility that they can go to New Hope services for families but New Hope has had a waiting list throughout the pandemic and so they would be put on a waiting list if there is a domestic violence factor in there they may be able to go to middle way but both of those are iffy mm-hmm okay so that’s distressing yes very much so potentially people have no recourse but be on the street okay I have another question for the mayor yeah go ahead please Mary Hamilton I just wondered about the seventh Street trail project have residents and business has been notified of the meeting we’re gonna be affected by the project yes we’ve had direct notice to residents and businesses along there in fact and a number of meetings individually with some of them already this is beginning the wider public engagement of that they’ll certainly be welcome to be part of that too but they’ve been contacted directly anybody along that route or me thank you for them mm-hmm good to know thank you consumer customer team on Smith I was going to ask the same questions about the Wailord women’s shelter that councilmember Rallo asked so okay I guess I can just ask one more wishful thinking question are there any

solutions being investigated or any possibilities so I mean we’re looking but wheeler has wheeler has not found any yet and so I have said to them that you know I will try to help and see if I can find some funding sources for them which I have been doing but I’ve not been able to pull it together it quite yet so it’s a matter of them continuing to pay rent at that facility or well it’s all it’s all of their services so basically the men’s shelter has been supporting the women’s shelter and and so the women’s shelter has been running a deficit and so in order to keep the men’s shelter at the level where that it is now which is probably a hundred they’ve just had to make a decision and that three hundred and fifty thousand dollar figure that I named us for in a year so that’s salaries that’s whatever services they provide at the shelter that’s everything for you know 35 to 50 women thank you any further questions president Boland are you there look if mi even can anybody hear me what’s happened all right you’re back you’re all back let’s go now to members of the public – is there a member of the public would like to speak on an item not on tonight’s agenda please raise your hand I see two people who raise their hand should Lucas if you would call them off if well before we do that is there only – oh I see three if we have more than four we’ll reduce the amount of time per person otherwise it’ll be five minutes per person last call for can we just go ahead I’m sorry yes I will I will be going over the rules for public comment here well and how to raise one’s hand ends it sorry in the zoom menu there is a function that says raised hand I think it’s different depending on what device you’re using if you cannot find it please type into the chat mr. Lucas will recognize you so far I see three people since seeing that and limited to five minutes per person people may make general comments either now or at the end under purports in the public you may not comment more than once tonight whether it’s beginning or the end of the meeting I please do state your name for the record we are going to keep audio and video disabled until public comment is called for during the rest of the meeting those people who wish to speak during public comment at any point during the meeting will will have will enable audio only during that comment then disable audio when the comment is over video is going to be disabled for all speakers during making public comment with that mr Lucas who would like to speak first I believe I saw mr. Greg Alexander’s hand go up first they were all pretty close so I apologize if I if I call on folks out of order but I will unmute him first and he should be ready to comment mr Alexander you’ll have five minutes please go ahead hi I’m Greg Alexander I just thinking about all the problems that that we face with inequalities in our society I I simply I I want to understand how we’re gonna fix disparities and how police treat people without fixing the underlying economic disparities that drive personal behavior and I don’t know how we’re gonna fix economic disparities without addressing educational disparities that really lie at the root of that and I don’t know how we’re gonna address educational disparities without addressing neighborhood segregation and I don’t know how we’re going to desegregate our neighborhoods as long as neighbors are allowed to demand of the city that every house in their neighborhood is essentially of the same economic background as they are and this is just a really hard problem because people are rational when they say I don’t want to live with poor people that’s a rational desire but it’s segregation and if we if we don’t do anything about segregation in our neighborhoods and in our housing then I simply don’t see how we’re going to progress if the only time people from

different backgrounds interact with each others through the windshield of a car while they’re commuting I simply don’t know how we’re gonna build the kind of community and opportunities that actually make change possible thanks for your time thank you mr. Lucas who’s next up we’ve got Randy Paul who should be unmuted and ready to comment mr. Paul you’ll have five minutes please go ahead okay can you get me yes I won’t need near five minutes the last time I’ll be commenting on the zoom meetings just to thank the council for your efforts you try to make it continue I think it’s gonna be a huge benefit to the community but especially those with disabilities this is gonna be a landmark kind of change for many of us to participate in government so I appreciate everybody and you know thanks a lot thank you all right who’s next mr Lucas next up is mr. Jim Shelton who should be unmuted ready to go mr Shelton you’ll have five minutes go ahead good evening Council I want to agree with mr. Paul but I want to expand that and I appreciate that you guys are talking about somehow involving tell a video communication link that it into your meetings but I want you to think about and especially administration to think about doing this for more than the council because of the zip code in nineteen and everybody being behind I’ve been able to participate in community on Aging Committee on Commission on Aging meetings the CCA transportation and mobility committee where Michael Shermer spotted me and grabbed me and drafted me into being representing the chamber on a focus group that’s looking into wheelchair accessible vehicles I’ve been able to watch the environmental Commission which is only covered by cats you I would be able to and later to watch the MPO Technical Advisory Committee the MPO Citizens Advisory Commission Committee so there are lots of opportunities to watch things that aren’t covered by cats and to participate in just about everything so I think you need a broader horizon than just your meetings I certainly think yours are very important but I think it would be something to think about to have these other meetings covered that cats doesn’t cover and to be able to participate in them so I hope you’ll think about that I certainly agree with mr. Paul that these kinds of meetings needs to be accessible to people who are disabled but they also need to be accessible to people who’ve got children and can’t leave them or can’t cut don’t want to come downtown and go through the hassle of parking and getting anything meeting same with the county meetings this way they don’t just watch among cats they can actually have input so thank you very much for and I hope you’ll think about that thank you thank you mr. Shelton and that seems to conclude the public comment is for this evening first round we have no appointments to boards and commissions so we will now move to legislation for second reading and resolutions Madame parliamentarian yeah mute did it again mr. president I moved that ordinance 2011 she introduced in read by the clerk by title and synopsis only second we have a motion a second with a clerk please call the roll on the motion to introduce councilmember Vella yes skin blurry yeah rosenberger yeah Sims yes Bolin yes piedmont snip yes flirty yes Smit yes and Sandberg yes okay will the clerk please read by title and synopsis ordinance 2011 an ordinance recommending that portions of the Bloomington Municipal Code be temporarily suspended due to the ongoing public health emergency and the synopsis is this ordinance is a request from the Common Council to waive certain formalities contained in the Bloomington Municipal Code related to science and sidewalk eating and merchandising encroachments the ordinance allows temporary suspension of these formalities in order to assist the local business community with its recovery following ordered closures due to the

Cova 19 pandemic these temporary measures will last until September 30th 2020 but may be extended as needed beyond that date Thank You mr. president I moved that ordinance 2011 I adopted second we have a motion in a second is there someone for the administration here to make the presentation on this item to the full council I see Alex Crowley yes I’m here if I may make a quick presentation this has been reviewed by the sustainable development committee and so I wanted to summarize what we presented to them and and open it up for questions go right ahead okay I got to share my screen okay can you see that’s coming up maybe others can see it but go ahead don’t wait price well let me start before I get into the couple of slides I have here very quickly putting this in the context of the economic stabilization of recovery effort that’s been underway what we’re talking about are two different elements one is easing signing signage regulations and the other is allowing for a Kirkwood closure this weekend in the context of what we’ve been doing we as you may know have been looking at Rapid Response first and we had the fund and thank you for your support of that we’ve been looking at reopening and this falls in the context of reopening commercial activities in the downtown and then and then we also look at the longer term revitalization of Bloomington the feedback we’re getting from the reopening effort and which has been led primarily by the Chamber has been that you know any effort that we can make as a city to aid that would be helpful they are reopening slowly they’re doing it very carefully they’re focused on health and safety and they’re also trying to find ways to innovate and reopen in ways that they can get some commercial activity going without really putting themselves and their customers at risks so what we see this as as doing is really helping that effort and supporting them in that effort I’ll take you through a couple of slides that summarize very quickly what the ordinance is asking for you should know though as as we go through this that multiple groups have been involved in the due diligence on what we’re proposing through the ordinance the plan Commission has been involved the Board of Public Works has been involved planning to transportation and and city staff across multiple departments have looked at this and so we we’ve had a very intentional process and we intend to do this carefully and let me take you through very quickly what that looks like and then I’ll answer any questions and my coworker from city legal is also available to answer questions so basically the goals of easing the signage regulation program is our number one to help businesses communicate their safety protocols to potential customers and visitors during the reopening to move barriers and the sign process during economically challenging times and to allow for a smooth transition back to whatever normal is going to be and normal sign requirements when the adjustments expire so what we’re proposing in signage is to suspend fees for temporary sign permits which currently cost $75 and also for a permanent sign permits which cost $125 we are asking to simplify and streamline the application and permitting processes for temporary sign permits and then to relax certain restrictions on temporary signs and sandwich boards in the mixed-use downtown district from the perspective of the Kirkwood closure which is tentatively scheduled with your approval to happen this weekend what we’re hoping to do is to help the Kirkwood Association by closing portions of Kirkwood Avenue to pedestrian traffic to expand seating availability in the public right-of-way so what this means is we are not enabling them to increase their capacity we’re allowing them to distribute that capacity across a broader spectrum including the outside which allows for people to make perhaps to feel more comfortable and we’ll be monitoring that very very carefully we are planning with your approval to have the first test of this from June 19th which is Friday through the 21st starting at around five o’clock on Friday the closures are tentatively scheduled to be allowed through

September 30th that the KCA which is the Kirkwood Association would be allowed to submit a single application for additional seating and Merchandising encroachment and that is about basically being able to have tables and other encroachments on the sidewalk and on the inn and in the parking spaces of the street and then we would have the street lanes become the new sidewalk which would allow us to maintain a DA accessibility city staff would place bollards to close the streets between grant and Indiana so two blocks grant and done and done and Indiana we would put no parking signage on blocks we would communicate and have communicated with the food trucks so that they stay out of the area because the parking spots they usually use are those same spots that would be used for tables and that we would put signage at both ends of the block to redirect pedestrian traffic both into the traffic lanes and the closed blocks and back to the crosswalks at the end of the blocks to maintain maximum safety we are also on those signs we’re putting QR codes to get real-time feedback from people and we’ll be monitoring very closely what happens is the first weekend and have a report back to you so that we can make a decision about whether or not we felt this would be something that would be worth continuing past the initial trial weekend so that’s a summary of it again I’m Alex Crowley director of economic sustainable development that’s my contact information and I’ll turn it back to you for questions thank you before we go to questions we’ll hear a report from the sustainable development committee which heard this last week Council Bruce Campbell Larry which like to report thank you very much first begin me thanks to you mr. Crowley for the very good work done by economically sustainable development in moving this process forward I think somebody was very and I think the updates are going to be very helpful going forward to I don’t also want to thank the members of sustainable development committee councilmembers Boland clarity Stanford and myself we met on Wednesday the 10th to hear more details and field questions on this particular proposal no one no members of the court spoke in opposition to the ordinance I do want to acknowledge to worship topic of downtown Bloomington and Mike Mac the visit Bloomington and Mary morning the greater rid of Bloomington Chambers who offered an enthusiastic support for this pilot and I particularly want to acknowledge the Kirkwood Community Association as well where they’re working putting this bowl finding ways that might help us throw it was pretty remarkable times with that the committee is very supportive we send it back to the council with an invitation to support it the recommendation of four zero zero thank you thank you alright questions from members for either mr. Crowley or the committee I see councillor Rallo raised his hand first then come for a few months Smith Thank You mr. president mr. Crowley my on can you hear me yes yes I was curious about between grant and Indiana is there and I realized that this is a pilot but of course our restaurants between wash walnuts and Washington and I wondered you know was it was it the idea that it was two owners for traffic there wasn’t you know it couldn’t be accommodated for that reason or well you know why is it circumscribe to grant from Grant Indiana so we we took the lead of the Kirkwood Community Association and what they did as a process was to basically assign a block captain for each block from walnut all the way through to Indiana and the block captain basically was charged with determining whether or not there was enough critical mass of interest on their particular block to warrant a closure and there was frankly some contentions there some some businesses wanted it some did not it was determined that the blocks these two blocks were the ones with the greatest amount of of approval and so we decided as a result of that limited to these initial blocks for this first trial we believe that there is potential if it’s successful and it helps helps the commercial activities that that could expand on Kirkwood and also for you know beyond that potentially I should say that Kirkwood and this is a tribute to the to the work of Public Works has done a you know with the remodel of the Kirkwood or the the work that was done there this

summer the ability to close Kirkwood is a lot easier than it is they’re streets and so it makes sense for us to limit the initial look to Kirkwood just for implementation and execution purposes but it could expand beyond that and we have to regroup and determine that following the first weekend I see so this is on a trial basis obviously and we’ll take take stock and see how to proceed after some period some weeks perhaps well in fact we’re gonna be so we will be collecting real-time feedback from pedestrians and and consumers during the weekend so we have a QR code that goes into a you know a survey basically will also be issuing a very quick Monday morning survey to the merchants both inside the closure and adjacent to the closure so we can understand what the feedback from them and then in the first couple of days next week we’ll want to make a decision based on that feedback and based on the assessment we also will be monitoring from a city perspective and we’re gonna be asking the Health Department to do the same to get all the feedback we can and make it a decision about how was it did it work is it worth continuing and if so and we can potentially expand the footprint if if that’s what the merchants would like I see one other thing briefly is the suspension is just don’t have any effect on on revenue I would assume it’s probably very minimal it’s not a significant effect but it is an effect thank you for your answers Thank You councilmember Piedmont Smith yes um I was interested in what you said mr. Crowley about the fact that this does not I want to make sure I understood it correctly you said that this does not increase the capacity of the businesses even though they’ll have more space did I understand that right yeah so one of the things we learned from the health department is let’s say that you are at 75 percent capacity and that’s the rule that applies you are not allowed to expand your capacity by expanding outdoor space so you have a set pasady that is not allowed to be expanded as a result of having incremental you know sidewalk or footprints to be able to grow into so we are essentially the hypothesis here is that that people may or may not be comfortable going inside a restaurant but they may be more comfortable going outside of a restaurant and so the allowance here is for is for flexibility and in locale dot flexibility in capacity if that makes sense yes and what are what is the capacity allowed currently I believe it’s 75% and that’s for restaurants as well as retail stores I believe that the retail may be at a hundred percent capacity oh okay that was that leads me to my next question which was if you have a retail store and you have stuff I’ve merchandise on the sidewalk how do you count your capacity at that point when people are just you know walking by or walking through your displays but maybe that’s not so important if it’s a hundred percent anyway this is not a perfect science but I you know I would imagine that there’s going to be probably a self-monitoring among crowds perhaps and and then we’ll just have to keep it all right you know but but if we’re if we’re watching what’s going on which we intend to do al have a pretty good idea of these types of problems that might exist that we’re not totally anticipating so will the city have staffs that are that will be out to sea yes we’ll be out there over the course of the weekend and then also we have a meeting tomorrow over the Kirkwood Association to their credit they are very focused on safety as well and so they you know they’ve been concerned about inadvertently creating a festival atmosphere and they don’t want to do that you know there was talk early on of hey should there be bands out there and they and that was quashed immediately so I think the idea is let’s try to keep this thing controllable let’s make it successful let’s allow it to potentially expand and and you know I think it’ll come down to whether or not it may not be immediately apparent in the first weekend what the commercial value of it is but if it does continue and if we do build it as a program and it goes through the currently proposed September 30th we might be able to see some incremental benefit for commerce downtown thank you Thank You councilmember Smith Thank You president Boland mr. crowley is a great

idea and I’m think thinking this is gonna be a nice reopening to some extent for the merchants and hopefully really successful my question is the bollards yeah and the new Street some of the improvements of Street is that they will prevent any anyone from inadvertently turning a car down those roads that will now be made into pedestrian walkways yes they’ve been set up and I don’t remember the exact count but I think they’re six across the intersections so they are set up to do that they’re set up to be inserted and extracted easily our fire and police and iam EMS workers or have been trained on on that process so if there’s a need to get in there quickly they can do that there they’re easily placed by Public Works so that makes it easier than closing another Street and we will have signage on those bollards that allow for people to recognize they’ve come to the end of a protected walkway we don’t want them to cross the intersection in the middle of the street we want them back on to the crosswalk and so we’ll have signage saying time to go back to this essentially to the crosswalk when you cross the street great I’m happy that all these safety concerns are addressed and thank you very much thank you further questions from my colleagues on ordinance 2011 if not I have one question mr. Crowley will Dunn Street continue to go through or will it be closed in other word well will cars be able to continue to go through via Dunn Street yeah all Northwest north-south access will be continuing so Dunn and grant and Indiana will both all three of them will have north-south very good thank you any further questions before we go to the public councilmember Piedmont Smith yes so um what happens if we would like to extend the program beyond September 30th either the signage component or the right-of-way component or both can I defer to mr. Walker on that one yes I’m happy to address that question Michael Rooker City Attorney so we would go back to all three of the bodies that we had discussed this with previously the plan Commission the Board of Public Works and we would come back to this council to discuss extending this if this is a program that we believe is successful and worthwhile to continue beyond September 30th thank you further questions seeing none will to the public for a comment on ordinance 2011 if you are a member of the public would like to address this ordinance please raise your hand now and mr. Lucas will call on you I see one taker mr Lucas mr. Alexander should be unmuted and ready to comment hi I’m Greg Alexander again I mean his plans awesome I the last time this council discussed closing Kirkwood to cars it was brought up that other cities had tried closing their main streets to cars like in the 70s and 80s other cities in the US and in Indiana and that they had had challenges I want to just give a short little bit about the history of that that is true they tried that and it was it was almost University of failure in the US and that’s because the way that they did it is they did the same thing that the Bloomington did they they emptied out their core neighborhoods because of the the rapid construction of suburbs and they bulldozed about half of the commercial properties in their downtown’s to build parking which we did that too and they also turned their their main streets in our case college and walnut they turned those into highways and we did that too and so they kind of built a moat of parking and highways around downtown and so then when you take your main street and you pedestrian eyes it it it it’s kind of a catch-22 you know that the you’re only happy there if you drove to get there because you have to cross such a major highway in terms of college and Walnut to get there and there’s so much parking that there’s less destinations for you less diversity of destinations especially but then on the flip side now

you’ve banned cars on the on the Main Street and so of course it didn’t work but the good news is that our downtown is filling up again with residences and in the last decade or two decades Kirkwood has really seen a lot of people have been digging up old parking lots and turning them into businesses again and census and so we’ve seen a reversal of the mistakes that made it so impossible at the desk Unitas Kirkwood and we still have this problem of college and walnut those are still highways and you see as as close as like eighth and walnut you know the it’s switch your switch yard brewing right now but we know Mars and axis and Jake’s there were a whole series of businesses that have failed in that location it’s because of walnut and college pedestrian oriented businesses simply can’t survive that close to college and walnut and so we have this opportunity that if we fix college in walnut everything else is lined up and we can repossess tyrannize our downtown so that’s just something to think about because this really could be something that would be permanent that would be successful over a long time span thanks for your time thank you mr. Alexander next mr. Lucas next up is mr. Jim Shelton should be unmuted and ready to go speaking for the chamber at this time we obviously we support this we want to really appreciate mr. Crowley and the rest of the administration is working with the business community in order to make this happen we really I think it’s smart to do it as an experiment and see what works and what doesn’t so we encourage you to approve this thank you thank you any other public comment please speak up in the chat or raise hand you use the zoom function to raise your hand seeing no further public comment we’ll come back to the council for debate is there any final comment on ordinance 2011 councilman Bruce Campbell Larry just one minor detail I want to acknowledge to you in report submitted by this committee that came out in the packet I don’t believe councilmember Flaherty’s electronic signature was included just because it came a little later but I could you confirm that don’t remember clarity that you’ve added your signature since I did sign-off in artwork yes it might have come in too late today my apologies thank you that’s all I need thank you and he he did Adon ordinance 2011 cats Morello nothing to debate just to credit really the Department of Economic and sustainable development and mr. Crowley his team when clearly we’ve had challenges economically with the with source code co2 and we’ve stepped up in terms of assistance and now we’re stepping up in terms of adaptation and I think he mr probably and his department deserve a lot of credit for this and for implementing it and I’m excited to see it happen thank you thank you mister Allah please don’t mistake debate for a rancor it’s simply a term of a term of parliamentary art any further comments from Council members if not I’ll just say that I have studied a couple of cities that did in fact try to create pedestrian streets Iowa City and Charles field of them around the mid 70s tried to block off several streets of their downtown shopping district from cars and indeed they were failures at least for a decade while whatever mr. Alexander said is notwithstanding the problem was also that it was too much of a shock to the system because people were in fact still using cars what we have right now is situation where no one’s using their car and this request to close came from the merchants of those streets themselves was not imposed upon them from above but the city I think has been very ready to accommodate them it’s an eye for an unusual set of reasons whose time seems to have come I am looking forward to being there as masked as I as unmask as I can be while still keeping other people safe but I’m looking forward to visiting Kirkwood this weekend to see how people are received I do want to to be careful when they go out I know that my colleagues and I have seen a number of people who have decided that masks are no longer important and you know they they are they continue to be so but with that I do hope that

Bloomington will support its local businesses downtown this weekend this experiment is very important I want to thank the committee for its work want to thank economical development and I wish the merchants luck and I will hope to see you all downtown this weekend is there any other comment if not I will call well the clerk please call the roll on ordinance 2011 your skin Valerie yes rosenberger yeah sins yes Boland yes Piedmont Smith yes Flaherty yes Smith yes Sandburg yes and roll oh yes by 9 OV oat ordinance 2011 is adopted Thank You mr. Crowley thank you everyone thank you for now to the next item Adam parliamentarian mr. president I move that resolution 2009 be read by the clerk by title and synopsis only second we have a motion a second will the clerk please call the roll of emotion to introduce and read by title and synopsis that’s a member of rosenberger yeah Sims yes Valen yes Iman Smith yes Blaire D yes Smith yes Sandburg yes Rolo yes skin Valerie yes all right we have that’s a adopted will the clerk please read by title and synopsis resolution 2009 authorizing the allocation of the jack can Social Services program funds for the year 2020 and related matters the synopsis is this resolution brings forward the recommendations of the 2020 Jack Hopkins social services funding program committee the principle task of the committee is to recommend funding for local social services agency proposals that best meet program criteria and best meet the needs of the community this resolution allocates a total of three hundred and nineteen thousand seven hundred and ninety five dollars to twenty four different agency programs the resolution also approves the funding agreements with these agencies accepts the report of the committee authorizes the chair of the committee to resolve any questions regarding the interpretation of the agreements and adjusts the committee membership to include four members from the council assigned by the President of the Council and three City residents appointed by the committee chair with experience in social services thank you I move that resolution 2009 be adopted second all right I think here to present would be council member and chair of the Jack Hopkins serve social services funding committee Susan Sandburg councillor Sandberg would you please go ahead yes proudly this is the 28th year for the Jack Hopkins social services fund and we are very proud to be able to allocate the my records say three hundred eighteen thousand seven hundred ninety five dollars that was distributed distributed among 24 outstanding agencies and programs that support individuals in our community that are in low-income categories this was definitely a code 19 driven focus as we worked very collaboratively with Beverly calendar Anderson and her social services workgroup who had been diligently taking a look at the most pressing community need as a result of the Cova crisis and so the members of the committee I let me just introduce them briefly they are Matt Flay Hardy Ron Smith soos Campbell Lauri and my selfish and then we were joined by two community members Tim Maher and Mark Fraley one of the recommendations that will be coming forward from this this committee is that in next year’s round we actually add one more to the committee and that would be a community member as opposed to the traditional five council members and two community members so again that’s for your consideration as of tonight’s report a lot of information is already in at the resolution itself and a very comprehensive report that walks you through the process this is a very time-consuming and long process it was made even more complicated by the fact that we had to conduct all the meetings virtually we did not have that same

ability to do the public round of hearings as the agencies came forward to make their presentations in addition to the the grants that all of us on the committee read through and used as the basis for our considerations this year I clearly want to thank our staff Stephen Lucas Dan Sherman and Becky Boustany as the public probably knows I hope you know council members are not full time staff we many of us if not the majority of us have full-time jobs in addition to our work on council and the amount of work the preparation the transparency the the the careful administration of this particular grant program does require a lot of assistance from our from our very outstanding staff and we had new members of the staff who had not done this before as well as we’re going to be welcoming from the hand staff and of course now that the recommendations are coming forward and this body will hopefully approve them tonight the hand staff will then work with the agencies in executing their fits grant and making sure everything’s going well and we’ll have a new member of the hand staff joining that team and that’s Cody tooth men who’ve joined dort stands with Eric Sater and sitting in on our meetings and in guiding us through much of the deliberations this is a smooth-running machine having been in operation since 1993 there have been some significant changes made over the years in most recent years we are recognizing that many social service agencies have a growing need for operational funds and so we have become a lot more flexible in granting some of that at the request of the agencies themselves we do carefully survey them at the end of each round to get feedback on what their what their needs are in serving low-income individuals in this community Jack Hopkins has always prioritized food shelter and health care and that was primarily the theme this year again in addressing the emergent needs from the Kovan crisis and so I will say kudos to this committee they did an outstanding job of allocating the dollars in a way that the agencies will benefit and be able to do some significant things with the dollars that we’ve had available so I believe that is it for just a brief summary and happy to answer any questions if we have any but hopefully you have read through the allocations they are in your packet as to the 24 agencies that were granted and for what their requests were granted for thank you thank you guys for Sandburg with that I will open the floor to questions from members so anyone who has a question about resolution to 2009 going once going twice will go out to the public if there’s a member of the public would like to speak on resolution 2009 please raise your hand and zoom or type into the chat mr. Lucas will call on you is there anyone who would like to speak to resolution 2009 I see one hand mr. Lucas I see Carol Canfield who should be unmuted and ready to comment miss can’t really about five minutes go ahead I just like to voice my objection to plan in all options receiving funds this is not an old argument that I have made it’s one I’ve posted for many years but particularly with Planned Parenthood this year when they refused to stop doing their abortions at a time when non-emergency and non necessary surgeries for us to be halted and they continued to do them this is just not acceptable and they are also now being supported by Planned Parenthood of Northwest the Northwest region including Hawaii and I can’t remember the proper name of it I’m sorry but in the northwest Planned Parenthood region they’re being supported with by them now they don’t need these funds from us and I would just ask that either you both is down or to isolate them so that they can be voted on separately and as far as the all options goes it’s basically a front for referring abortions and for

supporting the Hoosier abortion fund which they started there are other groups in town which provide diapers not the diapers aren’t needed and can be used you know from any source they get them but that’s not the main focus thank you thank you so any further public comment on resolution 2009 mr. Lucas this is a in true I’ve got Chris Connell here mr. Lucas that has private message me so if they sure I believe mr. Connell is now unmuted and ready to comment I ask go ahead you’ll have five minutes thanks I just like to second what mrs. Canfield has said here and point out that yeah they they receive just Indiana and Kentucky alone Planned Parenthood which we all know I hope is really the main provider of abortions in the US and its really that is the primary function here I mean there’s other services they offer but they’re not unique to those services they took in like nineteen million dollars just that part of Planned Parenthood you know the they’re part of a greater organization I think mrs. Canfield was speaking out that took in fifty eight million in 2018 they don’t need this local support and it’s extremely partisan you know and from our point of view from my point of view they are killing babies and this is a really people thing many people agree with me there’s a maybe a majority feel this way and believe this way I think you know technically when the face of it it’s clear that obviously but whether you agree with it or not this is not a local local organization I would highly recommend there are so many good causes that can be the recipients of this money that are truly local and reaching the poor and doing actual good service to poor developing businesses and really improving the lives of many of the people in our community directly I highly just hope you will consider not funding them this year taking them off the list or at least isolating for supper photos Canfield said thank you thank you any further public comment mr Lucas not that I seen I don’t know if anybody else is requested last call if you’d like to make comment on resolution 2009 please use the raise hand function and zoom or type into the chat – mr krabs or mr. Lucas going once going twice and public comment period has ended we’ll come back now for debate to the counselor there any final comment on resolution 2009 councilmember Sims thank you I just want to add my appreciation to the Jack Hopkins social services committee and this as council members Sandberg said this is tedious it was long and it wasn’t easy and there’s always a greater need throughout the community even with the the organizations that have been funded so I just want to thank the committee for their hard work it’s just one of the programs that are throughout the community that helps a very vulnerable community and I’m grateful thank you very much thank you further comment from members cots members Campbell Larry and then counselor Piedmont Smith thank you and I appreciate the opportunity to serve on this group and participate the recommendation as perhaps other council members not to have received a number of messages in the last few days opposing funding for Planned Parenthood and for all options and I want to take a minute and acknowledge those and let them know that those arguments are heard they fell into two categories as I went back and looked at all the messages earlier today one very violent concern and was the notion that any funding from Jack Hopkins would be commingled with other funds that would provide abortion services I’m a fundraiser by trade then you know that I care deeply about donor intent when it’s a gift and I care deeply about the use of these grants so

I actually spent time on the phone with Planned Parenthood and with all options yesterday asking about their accounting and their audit procedures and the independent audits that happen of their funds I am satisfied that these funds are not used to provide abortion services some of the messages are you as fungible but I want people to know that this committee has thought about that and and put in place questions and processes to ensure that these funds are kept separate the second major category of objections I heard suggested that even though this particular grant was for colposcopy equipment that essentially tests for HPV the human papilloma virus and infection with that is tied to that behavior basically this was the argument you need and I will lead to others judgment around that particular issue but the argument was that Planned Parenthood is essentially encouraging that behavior by providing services related to this and the logic of that to the Aerie honest respectively fell apart for me that seems a kin to faulting an oncologist who treats people with lung cancer and saying that that doctor is encouraging smoking by virtue of treating lung cancer so that analogy and that train of logic didn’t resonate with me so I just want to acknowledge that those are deeply held feelings and that feedback is important and I encourage in all the messages I responded to I encourage people to consider applying to be a citizen participant in the Japanese City next year and I provided links to that this is a public process and I’d like to keep some of that so those are the comments I thank Thank You councilmember piedmon Smith yes I’m I’d also like to thank the committee very much I know this is a time intensive process and it’s very difficult to allocate insufficient funds when there are so much need in the community I do want to ask my council colleagues as we go into future years of the Jack Hopkins social funding committee to consider having at least one person of color on the committee the committee many years is is all whites and I think it would be a good added perspective to have a person of color or a person of the ethnic minority group to join the committee so I just encourage us to consider that next year in the future thank you thank you further comment from Council members looking at both screens consumers Sandberg then counsel for Smith council member Smith bingo first all right she will defer to councilmember Smith I just wanted to say it was an honor to be on the Jack Hopkins committee it was really a challenging to allocate the funds and I want to thank the city staff and the chair Susan Sandberg who did a fantastic job keeping herding cats keeping us all kind of going in the right direction and that’s why I got into public service was to do good things so I made me feel good to participate so thank you very much and that’s all I had to say thank you summer Sandberg thank you this year was the largest amount of requests that we’ve ever had what made the committee decisions so difficult this year as we had to first round we had to eliminate our agencies that would not even be heard would not even be considered and then those that we did consider we had to cut it in half in order to fit the amount of dollars that we have available now social services fund here at the city of Bloomington is a real source of pride because not all cities designate this kind of they don’t earmark this kind of money for social services so we’ve been ahead of this curve since 1993 and that is something the city of Bloomington can be proud of the other thing is this is a very strong community for social services now social services are under tremendous strain right now because they’re not able to conduct their fundraising activities in ways they normally can their major events their signature events had to be canceled they’re having to appeal to people online and that is having a significant impact on a lot of our social services agencies which is why these funds are more important than ever

this combined with the CDBG dollars and we did have some additional funding this year that that came about because of the kovat crisis that again the hand Department is overseeing but this committee did have a big lift and the decisions they made were not unwise in terms of keeping the priorities in front of us as to what was needed and so I feel very comfortable in the recommendations that you see before you and I hope the rest of the council will see your way to approve them thank you thank you consumer Sandberg any final final comments from other members who have not yet spoken council member Flaherty yes I’ll keep it brief I echo many of the sentiments my colleagues already shared I just wanted to express my thanks to chair Sandberg for chairing the committee this year and express that it was a pleasure to take part in that process and acknowledge that yes it was a very difficult decision allocating these funds among groups but I feel very confident in the final recommendations we came up with thank you thank you customer Sandburg if I could just make one last comment because I absolutely agree with councilmember Piedmont Smith’s comment about diversity and that was something that we considered there was a little instability we weren’t sure who that that last member of the committee was going to be as chair I picked this year some experience that kind of was the diversity I was looking for given that there were so many newcomers to the process this year but next year if you would accept our recommendation to add that third community member you can absolutely guarantee that the committee will be extremely mindful of adding diverse members of the community who also have experience and and knowledge about local nonprofit organizations Thanks thank you I’ll just say in conclusion that I’ve never the task of the ha it’s difficult every year I am grateful for the vision that our predecessors had almost 30 years ago in creating this fund which I’m happy to say has been nurtured by every council since and I think that we’re a fillable even though we really can’t do enough to help these not-for-profits provide the crucial services they provide to our community with that I will accept a motion I sure there’s no need to I’m just I can call the question all the roll on resolution 2009 council member Simms yes Boland yes Iman Smith yes flirty yes snip yes Sandburg yes Lulu yes skin Valerie yes in Rosenberger yeah fine I know vote resolution 2009 is adopted thank you to everyone we will now go to additional public comment if there is someone who has not yet spoken this evening on a matter that was not on the agenda here is a second opportunity for you to make public comment if you would like to do so please raise your hand in zoom or type into the zoom chat is there anyone who would like to speak to items that are of not we’re not on tonight’s agenda and who has not already spoken seeing then we’ll go to matters of the council schedule who will take this mr. chairman or mr. Lucas I can jump in there aren’t aren’t many items for your consideration just a few reminders that after tonight’s meeting the council does begin its annual summer recess it’s not actually that long the council will pick up its first legislative cycle in July with the work best work session on July the 10th the first regular session of the council will be July 22nd and as noted earlier in this meeting there are standing committees that may meet over recess one such committee meeting is happening tomorrow that’s a meeting of the council’s public safety committee as opposed to the board of Public Safety which will have to reschedule their meeting from yesterday so that meeting of the council standing committee will take place tomorrow at 7 p.m

over zoom and those are all of the reminders thank you if there are are there any other announcements or closing comments you’re all frozen so I don’t know if you can even hear me but I’ll entertain a motion to adjourn second Oh second all in favor please say aye all right we are adjourned thank you all it’s been a hell of a first half of the year we’ll see you in July please have a good recess and stay safe you