Street Food MASTERS | Over 30+ Years Of Delicious Street Food Experience In Da Lat, Vietnam

it’s cold here y’all welcome to the left a city of half a million people tucked in the mountains of vietnam famous for its cooler temperatures and its lush vegetation and this is going to be the first of an extensive series we got coming from the lab and we’re going to do more than just show you the iconic eats and deep dive in the markets we’re going to take you out later on in the series and show you where it all starts and comes from in the farms for this first one we’re gonna take it and show you some street food jedi’s i’ve been feeding the local people of the lab for over 30 years so let’s get the first one started to start to peel away at the secrets of the lat to get to the core of why so many people fall in love with this city now even though the lat has no cases we’re still going to play it safe and wear the mask today we’re here right now at a lady that sets up super early in the morning she’s selling the soy montiel so it’s going to be the sticky rice stuffed inside the fried up sesame seed buns so you got the old lady and ma’am working as a team right here absolutely cranking these out they got two types here i got the purple sticky rice stuffing it in there with some coconut chopped peanuts and sugar and they got another which is the sticky rice with the dao bong which is going to be the actual peanut in that and then again hitting it with the sugar and crushed peanut mixture okay these super tiny ones i still have trouble with and this is it we are right here in a tiny little intersection well i say tiny but this is actually one of the busier areas in the lab and she sets up right here in the morning sets up as early as 5 30 a.m and i purchase sells out as early as nine so check us out i got both kinds you can’t wake up this early and come out here and not try bo and look at her fried sesame seed ball it is loaded with the sesame seeds you see how sticky rice it looks ooey gooey shredded coconut peanuts on peanuts and sugar i guess it’s just a coloring agent i actually don’t know if it’s going to give flavor or not but you know when you get coconut the peanut and sugar in that fried up sesame seed bun yeah i mean you can put really anything else with it wow that sticky rice is absolutely perfect it’s warm it’s ooey it’s gooey it’s still light then you get into the shredded coconut the crushed peanut for the texture and then that little sprinkle of sugar she put on is the perfect surge of sweetness yeah you definitely got to get two of these when you come here wow and i can’t really get any flavor coming from that purple sticky rice maybe it’s there and i’m just not noticing it because i don’t know what it is but for me it’s nothing just overwhelming it’s predominantly just the peanut the sugar and the coconut but only one way to find out let’s get after this other one which it looks like it’s going to be a peanut overload this one’s what you want if you want that play on salty sweet and you’re maybe not missing a little more depth of flavor after biting this one it feels like it’s mixing the extra layer of flavor so i do think that purple may have some maybe it’s just a placebo effect i don’t know i feel like there’s just a little something more there it’s still pretty darn good though i mean that’s really the perfect way to start the day for me that will make a morning person out of anybody because you’ll want to wake up early and make sure you get here and get some of these so i’ve been sitting here doing research because i’m so curious about the purple one and it is la cam which is some type of flower they use to color it purple we’ve been here 35 years selling this and i hope she’s here for a lot longer because i’m going to be here every single morning and just a quick little ride we were at the next spot you see right here just another corner of the street maybe the theme today is corners of the street but we’re right here going for the famous shumaiban me which you gotta try here in dalat i’m really excited to show you because it’s really like no other chumai i’ve ever had in my life and we are going to have to uh squeeze in here which is going to be a little bit harder after all that soy and buntiole

here’s where the assembly goes on right here you see they’ve got the actual sumai one of them ready to go in that bra it’s slowly bubbling staying warm over that charcoal and he’s going to hit it with the fried up pork fat and get it straight to your table oh and of course you can’t forget the helping keeping of scallions and this location’s actually been here for over 30 years and you can kind of see it the way they kind of work you can tell this is just another day for them no matter how busy it is they’re all working they’re weaving they’re in sync no problems at all busy high pack already here let’s just sat down so i would never be able to find this spot by myself actually my friend who was born here in dallas recommend this place that you’ve got to come here this is the best way you can find in the lat and i’ve eaten this before i’ve been here and i think he dang right because it is absolutely delicious love their chili old big kick of heat just so much flavor coming from this broth get that by me in it and everything is right in the world and they doing the drinks perfect here too this is absolutely the best down then i’ve had in the lab perfect in between those spicy savory bites of the chew my bun made always let me check one two one two i can’t even get it in here i can’t even dunk it because there’s so much stuff in here you got the sumai you got the fried up pieces of pork fat rich fat meaty from the pork but you get the actual flavor of just a fried up pork skin in there a big kick of scallions it’s garlicky even after dunking that bun me in there it’s still got that crunch to it what i would love to know is actually how this got the name shumai because this is like no shimano which i’ve ever had before the only resemblance it has it’s just going to be soft meaty fall apart tender it tastes super lean but still has this almost just decadent melt in your mouth properties to it the way it just kind of almost crumbles into ground pork meat now you get the stuff the fun way and dunk it you want to dunk the bum meat every single time it’s the right move [Applause] fried up pork fat after being submerged in broth it just melts like butter and your mouth coats everything [Applause] just hits the spot all the time sixty percent of the time i tell you about this one the quietest places i’ve been all you hear is the clinking of the spoon on the bowl the tearing of the bunnies and the munching on this dish everybody’s too busy to talk here i don’t know what they’re doing in the lab but they’re bombay’s here like i said a little bit more of intense of a crunch and chewiness than cyclone but there’s also just this buttery component to it which i’m pro butter i don’t know if you know but i’m always pro butter that may not look like much broth but you don’t need much that is pork fat heavy scallions the fried up shallots with that meat mixture if you obama you’re gonna be one happy person wow yes yes yes i know i do ban me so often but i tell y’all what i had this bun made the other day and it is absolutely delicious we’re over here at banmi by yui and i’ll tell you what they are only a year old but they are doing everything right we’re about to get in here they’re opening up for their second opening of the day they have a morning shift and an afternoon shift they’re about to be the first customers for the afternoon trip let’s get in here okay now one of the reasons i love this place so much is because as you can tell this is just a home down alley is a living quarter it’s just somebody’s home they decide to open a business in it for some fun way and they’ve been doing it dang well oh it’s mid-afternoon is right they got

a couple of types you can get i got the shumai which is going to be the actual shumai kind of like we had this morning and they’re going to stuff a salted egg in it which is what we’re going to get we’re going to get it we’re going to get the 25k version the big decked out version but they also have a yanto which is a i guess like a type of that cam is how you could explain it and then what they do is kind of like what we had this morning the shumai with the bun me and the sauce but again doing it with the chiang mai which is going to be that salted egg in the shumai uh y’all my heart hurts a little bit i thought getting here being mohang in the afternoon i’d be able to say dim butt day but he’s out of pat he must run out of cupcake in the early morning so i guess if you really just want to get everything yeah come super early in the morning this feels like watching water boil it’s gonna be so crispy so delicious look at this i can’t even move it without that crunching and cracking i get excited when this comes out because when you look at that bun meat i tell you it’s reason it’s got that glisten is because they got a little butter on there they put a little butter coating on their bunway absolutely clutch this southern boy approves of that so you got the actual shuma again with that salted egg yolk on top hitting with that sweet chili and then you see you got the cooked down scallions i’m sure a little bit of oil they got the cilantro the cucumber but the key for me is i put basil in here as well you’d be amazed what that basil does that just does everything for me that chill my is pork meaty it is tender it is oh just enough fat to melt in your mouth but not too much enough black pepper in there to combat the fattiness and then the salted egg intensifies all the flavor you get to snap the crunch through the cucumber and then you get the buttery cracker-like doughy baguette the cooling and depth of flavor from adding that basil one ingredient that completely changes this fun way the only thing that does need though you know a little chili heat i’m just going to go complete savage mode here use my fingers a little bit now that is absolute perfection the heat not overbearing heat just enough to sit on your mouth and feel it burn and remind you that it’s there the saltiness the enhanced flavor from all the aromatics packed into that bomb me with everything else that’s why they’ve seen great success here even though they’ve only been open for one year this is almost as addicting as the bun me itself i probably need to pay a little extra i use a lot nah i told chad chilio got some kick it’s one of the few things that make you sweat here in the lab so when you come here to dalat one thing they’re really famous for is their chicken so a must eat when you come here is the hot pot chicken and how we picked this place right here is easy i talked to my hotel i said hey where’s the best hot pot chicken and they led me to this place right here so we’re gonna get in here and try it out oh sorry y’all sorry sorry i know you’re wondering why is nobody here i’ll tell you what it is a weird time of day it’s kind of during that time where everybody takes their little siesta little afternoon nap this place is actually open all the time so i want to come here eat now i feel bad for bothering her but i feel a lot better getting here and eating before it gets packed full of people i don’t want to be taking up spot all that room i’d rather get in here while nobody’s here be able to stretch out relax and take my time this is going to be a no for me no i think she remembered me would you look at all that green chili oh yeah she know i’m back now this is all the stuff that’s going to go with the actual hot pot you see you can do a boom noodle or a me when in doubt just you can be like me a little half and half like we did right here

you got the actual sesame seed cracker and then all that chili love it that’s a green chili so much flavor more than just heat this is so special look in here it’s more than just chicken you got a plethora of mushrooms you got the bamboo shoots you got all that vegetation in there you can see how thick and rich the stalk is that they’re using when you put flavor with flavor with flavor you know what it’s going to be triple the flavor and you don’t even have to ask here they know they’re gonna hook you up you get the extra bowl with even more they know how delicious it is they know you’re gonna eat too much ah just enough reach and now we wait that’s probably the most barbaric way i could have done it anyways sesame seed cracker just like a pre-meal snack for me crunchy so we’re here at tao goal and then the actual hot pot we’re going for is the lao cat which is the chicken and then i think i said that right it’s actually gonna be a type of basil i do believe the aroma from it is intense it’s just so lemony so intense i don’t think it’s a lemon basil maybe it’s a little different breed i’m not the person to be talking on this main story is it’s absolutely delicious it pairs with this chicken hot pot beautifully and i am craving it so badly right now so when you actually put some of this in here because it’s starting to bubble i almost don’t want to put hot pot such an intoxicating smell down go the noodles getting close it’s like a kid waiting for christmas i am ready to go looks like i pulled out a wing to start us off for today cheers y’all practically hainanese chicken the way it melts in your mouth the way it’s got this gelatinous property to you it’s so soft it’s so creamy and it’s flavor packed even the fatty pieces right here the actual skin it’s just still got so much flavor just a simple sucking motion all that meat all that skin all that fat just completely falls off the bone i just like to load mine i don’t even like the dip i actually like to load it and rock it let’s go the salt intensifies the chicken flavor you get all that black pepper which just gives it a different dynamic and then you get that green chili i cannot stress to y’all enough how important it is that it’s the green chili so much more flavor than the red chili gives you this earthiness the smokiness this herbaceous gorgeous with that chicken now let’s get after these noodles while they still in here starting off oh with some of these instant noodles it looks a little too hot but when you’re hungry sometimes you just gotta sacrifice the mouth and this is where the really flavorful chicken comes in handy not only when you’re biting in that chicken but when you’re creating this broth right here next time i’m sick that is the broth i want flavor packed light on the stomach feels like it’s giving me the nutrition the life the energy a little bit salty some good stuff one of my favorite ways to get my greens in for the day i don’t think you could have picked a more perfect herb to put in here than this lemony basil what i figure out every time i eat this i do not eat enough bamboo shoots in my life who loves rice nose so much they can just eat them so refreshing bamboo mushroom basil broth little sauce toss and go man i love rice noodles so much but i

feel like with this i really like the instant ramen more than the rice noodle i surprised myself she’s about halfway gone i think it’s time to call for reinforcements here y’all look at this bowl let’s go second wave same game let it cook down let it all meld mary come together get after it y’all i don’t know what they do in those chickens where are they getting from but they dang delicious i didn’t talk about the mushrooms enough but they’re actually using an oyster mushroom perfect i love that they got a heavy hand when they add them because i just love me some fungi overall they’re perfect for a hot pot they’re thin so they’re going to kind of cook through all the way through and just give you more of the natural sweetness which you’re known for anyways you will definitely overeat if you come here delicious wow just so flavorful you can just continue to eat and eat and eat it evolves as you eat it good to the last little drop for sure that’s going to do it for the first day y’all a lot of places which i truly love besides the first place i’ve never been everything else was uh taste tested for sure i knew it’s gonna be delicious going forward got so many more dishes i need to show you here in the lat places i’ve never been things i’ve never tried so it’s gonna be our first time together hope y’all enjoyed it it’s coming out hanging today i’m about to go relax i think i need my siesta now y’all so max peace