Làm bánh cuốn bằng chảo chống dính made by Tây Balo – Vietnamse cuisine steamed rice pancake

Hello everyone! My name is Tài. Welcome to my channel Tai Kibo. Today I would like to introduce my assistant Hello my name is Sebastian. Today we will make one Vietnamese cuisine. We call it the steamed rice pancake, and in Vietnamese, we call it “Banh cuon” and now we will show you how we make it Let’s go!! They are the ingredients for “Banh cuon”. The first one is “Banh cuon” powder It is flour, fried onion. We have meat here and we have wood ear at of course you need a little oil and a pan with a cover And now we will make it For two persons, you can use 1 1/2 cup of flour You should use warm water to mix with flour Fomular: 1 cup of flour will be mixed with 3 cup of water Soak wood ear with warm water Fry dry onion with oil, duration: 1 minute Cut wood ear into small pieces Saute meat with wood ear and a pinch of salt This is the oil. We need to put a little oil on the pan We need to put a little oil on the plate also Okay we put a little, you need to be sure that’s the flour cover a be places in the pan and wait How long? about 10 seconds. Yes. After you don’t, you cannot see the white here. When it changed color yeah after 10 second you can see the color changed. and fast. yes and then you put a little meat. Like this? yes! okay. In the center? yes. And then they roll it. with finger? very sensitive so I need to be more careful Yes true. But I can try and for the next one you need to put oil here and be careful with the fire also not too big. Yes not too big. and now you can try okay yes then I will be a chef to a moment okay so how much like this okay and one more hole okay. and then you cover. And now wait 10 seconds

and you will see the steam. yes okay I think it’s done so like this? yep put yours fast [Laugh] a bit fail. okay that’s no problem. This is the first one. Maybe I keep trying to make second one okay so put a little oil here. okay now I can try. Much and fast. now just wait. yes. okay so okay you can try it should be enough yes yes yes every hole I need to cover it with this and now put and wait ten seconds. Wait it changes color into transparent one yes oh but this one I think look better I hope, I hope so oh I think it’s ready oh yes and hope yes it’s good. yes, I think it is better oh thanks God I supposed to make one more. yes. it’s ready and hope. oh. it’s perfect well done! thank you. it’s a little hot. You need to be careful. yes but it is better so much. Thanks A litle hole here. yes. no problem well done. thank you Making sauce Water (maybe warm) Sugar vinegar (mixed with chilis and garlic) Fish sauce hello. hello again. We’re coming back after finishing “Banh cuon” steam rice pancake. we have this. we have two plates and now we can enjoy it but you need to put the sauce. how much you want. of course. whatever you want. and dip it into

the sauce. yes. this one is very delicious because you made it. What ingredients inside this sauce? It has sugar, vinegar, fish sauce. yes. so easy and it’s so amazing taste. of course maybe I can put a little spicy sauce into. this with spicy sauce it can be even better for me. hmm. you can eat with spicy sauce. With some salad I can mix every salad with this. It’s a long time I didn’t make this one. Yes, I think you should make it often. hmm, yes and I sure will help you to them how to do that. yê, next time you will make better, I hope so today wasn’t my best. today is the first time you make. but we have to try some other part of Vietnamese kitchen. Oh, yes sure. what is your favorite meal from Vietnamese kitchen? I think most of foreigners, they prefer “Pho” mmm, exactly. I heard about this soup many time and we should try to make one my friend, for example, is a big fan of Pho. yes. In Vietnam, we can eat Pho in the morning, for lunch or dinner. Like Italian can eat spaghetti. Yes. When you eat meat with chopsticks difficultly, you can use spoon Oh, It’sreally nice to eat with chopsticks I can join Asia stuffs with chopsticks more I put more sauce. This sauce is easy to make, and it’s delicious. Easy, fast and delicious. Yes. Every meal supposed to be like that? Yes that is a litle crispy onion Yes, fried onion with oil should be crispy. it’s like my favorite kind of food crispy outside and soft inside hmm, and a bit spicy, just put new sauce

put some vegetable inside, salad Oh, my salad, I like everything from here and of course spicy sauce for me much I like spicy things this spicy sauce we can buy in any shops I think, in Germany it’s written in Vietnamese in Chinese and in Thailand I think, Actually, this one come from Thailand it’s also China I see many Chinese, this one doesn’t have meat. Banh cuon without meat is good. maybe, because when you take out from the pan. it is so hot and just fall down some where I will like this stuff so much thank you. You’re welcome One more not only one. mmm. I need to find with much. this one a little destroys, I need to help myself with spoon that’s no problem. I think this one yours. no, I’m kidding. hope so hmm It wasn’t the worst in my first time. yes. I still should be proud of myself I did. yeah. it’s something we will finish it so fast and it’s making you full. I thought you would say to make me fat. no, this meal is very healthy. really? Yes It’s very low calories are you gonna make me pull fast. No. In Vietnam, people eat steamed rice pancake are thin,yeah, they don’t have problem with belly most of people they want to eat in the morning like breakfast but some people they prefer to eat for lunch. Like we? Yes. We are having lunch with steamed cake. But I see in Vietnam many meat things, many meat meals they call cake. Yes. This is interesting

This is a common name I mean, cakes with mea, with me, are not so popular here, so. yes. it’s like pancake. in Vietnam the cake has the wider meaning, not only cake like sweet here, so which kind of product, which kind of meal you call cake? you have the regul or it just like. we have this but we call it ‘cake’ The special cake for New Year, we have ‘Chung cake’ and for other reagions, other seasons in country we have other kinds. We call many things like ‘cake’ but not like sweet here. I think, here, in Europe or in western countries they call cake like only sweet mmm-hmm, I think so, I cannot remind any any meal with meat which they call cake always only sweet things We eat the whole plate. Yes, because I’m hungry I’m too but I cannot eat so fast as you oh I hope we’ll have place, I would have place for next one I will take one more. Yes This one is the worst, for sure. It just look like someone eat it before. But it still looks nice for the first time A few moments later oh yes. I’m full. yeah, me too. I think I’m going to explode Thank you for watching our video and if you like our video please subcribe and click the like, the hands up, yes, and just support us, yes, and we will make more Yes, thank you very much. Thank you very much. Bye bye!!!!