Food For Good #431: Hội An| Mì quảng nửa thế kỷ Ông Hai phải đổi tên là Hai Tô mới đúng !

Hello everyone! The big family of Color Man is about to have lunch at a place which is said to be kinda famous in Hoi An It’s called “Hai Restaurant” It serves Mi Quang and Cao Lau It’s at 6A Truong Minh Luong street, Hoi An City This is my mother-in-law Today, we’re gonna sit outside? Sit outside! Sit outside, honey! Boy, can you turn on the fan please? Wow, that place is dazzlingly bright! I sit there and you sit here And today we have a guest of honor This is Huynh Phuong Do – the owner of a Bamboo Stump Sculpture shop After shopping at his place, I was invited to have lunch by him – May I have the menu? – I’d like to have Mi Quang – with shrimps, eggs, and meat – I’d like to have a bowl of Mi Quang How many people in total? 7 people What would you like to have? Mi Quang Turn on the fan Tien! – Sit down! – Wanna sit here? Sit next to Mr. Dien! Welcome! He’s a review expert! – Cu Ti! – What would you like to drink? I’d like to have – I’d like to have iced tea and soft drinks – We run out of iced tea Really? – Soft drink! – What kind of soft drinks do you like? – I like Coca Cola – Okay How about you? You like 7UP? – You like 7UP? – 7UP? This place is at 6A 6A Truong Minh Luong Street, Hoi An City – This is like a family restaurant. The kitchen is so nice – What do you drink, girl? – They’ll share the drink – Coke and Look! This is the Cao Lau dish! Let’s look around the kitchen Hello! Oh, this is a family kitchen So nice! They have Cao Lau and Mi Quang And quail eggs – You have Mi Quang or Cao Lau? – What? I’ve already ordered – Are you the chef? – Yes! – Are you Mr. Hai? – Yes! This is Mr. Hai! There are beef sausage and meat – 1 Cao Lau! – Does a combo include all this? There! A combo includes – beef sausage, meat, quail eggs and everything – These are the ingredients for Mi Quang I see It’s sunny Many people recommend this place so I come here to try and to meet Mr. Hai – How long has this restaurant been open? – For decades – For decades? – Yes – How old are you? -I’m almost 65 years old 65? You look healthy The old living in Hoi An are so healthy Here’s my favorite speciality A tub full of chili How many bowls of Mi Quang did you order? The first bowl is being prepared Look at that!

– Do you sell all day? – From 11 a.m – Ah! Wow! – Till 10 p.m It opens from 11 a.m, everyone Don’t come early It’s lucky that I got here at noon That sauce is fantastic There! Look at the sauce! That is black sauce – Here you are – 2 kinds of sauce. Thanks There’s another sauce for Cao Lau – Is that Cao Lau? – Yes, it is Is this for me? I just prepare dishes by orders There’s a small crab in every bowl – A small crab? – Wait, I’ll add some spices Some spices? Oh! So appealing! It’s such a nice family kitchen Not that one! No peanuts in Cao Lau Do you have a pedestal fan? Have a seat, please Don’t worry! I’m okay! – May I have some water? – Sure Oh! That’s why the chef prepared a bowl of Cao Lau earlier Turns out Cu Ti ordered it I wonder how it tastes Here is veggie! Chili, please Here is your Cao Lau Sit over there, Dad! Pass them, please I’m clearing the table for the review – Can I borrow it to take some photos? – Yes – Okay? – Okay Cao Lau is all strange to me I wanted to know how it looks and finally – Finally – It looks like this It’s so delicious Don’t judge it by its look! – It’s scrumptious – I’m the only one who ordered Cao Lau Alone I’d also like to try Cao Lau But I think I can’t Let’s dig in! Okay. Dig in! Invite him to eat – Enjoy your meal! – Would you like to have some salad? No, thanks Can you get me a spoon? Let’s eat, mom! Let’s eat, brother! You’re still waiting? I’ll try my sauce first – Cu Ti’s sauce is different – Is everyone served? One more bowl! One more bowl? – Tasty? Excellent? – Extremely tasty! – Is everyone served? – Yes! One 7UP, please One more bowl here – Is everyone served? – 8 bowls are enough – Everyone is served – Okay! It goes with prawn chips instead of rice paper Why don’t you add some soy sauce to enhance the taste? You should add some soy sauce For me, I’ll add – Chili! – Some chili first – Your bowl is always full of chili – That’s right! That’s the kind of rice paper I talked about!

– May I have a bowl of broth? – So appetizing! No personal broth! There’s only shared broth – That’s right – Don’t add much seasoning into the dish Yes Don’t add much seasoning – Just add some veggie and it will taste good – Listen? – Much seasoning isn’t good – Mr. Hai is right Must eat in the right way, right? This kinda tastes of soy sauce – Mi Quang must go with green chili – Right! – It can’t go with red chili – Right! If someone likes spiciness, they should eat green chilies Not red ones Red chilies aren’t spicy This is the one Good? Pretty good – Very good, right? – Yes It tastes of soy sauce – This kind of veggie – Yes? The veggie served with Mi Quang is from Tra Que vegetable village – All veggie here comes from Tra Que? – Famous restaurants use veggie grown there The soil there has some characteristics that make veggie become aromatic, peppery, and sweet So special! It’s not like any other kind of veggie! All kinds of vegetables grown in Tra Que village are more aromatic and sweeter as well Please look at this kind of tiny green vegetable! – It comes from Tra Que village – Right! Like Mr. Do said all famous restaurants in Hoi An serve vegetables from Tra Que village Cao Lau looks appetizing I have to try it This is so crispy This dish must go with veggie We should have it with veggie The smell of veggie together with the broth creates a good aroma – Do we eat Cao Lau with veggie? – Yes The vegetables here are different from others Should I have a bowl of Cao Lau? Ti’s bowl looks appealing You wanna try Cao Lau? Hey, miss! – I’d like to have 1 Mi Quang and 1 Cao Lau – 1 Mi Quang and 1 Cao Lau, please! And raw veggie! – 1 Mi Quang and 1 Cao Lau – And raw veggie! – Sorry, son! – That’s okay This piece is crispy. Extremely crispy! The rice noodles used in Cao Lau once they’re processed properly they will have a chewy and springy texture We can feel that when taking a bite People use the water taken from Ba Le well – Ba Le fountain? – Ancient Ba Le well to soak the rice and boil the noodles Only water from Ba Le well makes the noodles chewy Water taken from taps or other wells can’t do that Only water taken from that well is qualified? – That’s right! – It makes the noodles chewy I’ve also met a water carrier – A man whose name is – Please wait a minute! – Mr. Noi – Right! He’s 85

No. 89! 1 Cao Lau here! Please don’t rush us cause we have to add and mix the ingredients together It takes time to boil the noodles or they’ll be tough In the past this restaurant didn’t exist When he started his business, he didn’t sell here but on the sidewalk of a street Oh, really? After many years of selling his Mi Quang dish had been recognized by many customers When he earned a reputation, he moved here and opened this restaurant More than 10 years ago he sold on the sidewalk This is the story told by a Hoianese So Mr. Hai was a street food vendor After a period of time when he earned a reputation he opened this restaurant at his house Soy sauce should be added into Cao Lau You should add some soy sauce into your Cao Lau Now I try Cao Lau I’ve never eaten this much Look at the broth, Mr. Dien! – Did you add some lemon juice? – No – You should add soy sauce – Uh Let me taste the broth There’s little broth in Cao Lau and Mi Quang dishes You shouldn’t ask for more Oh! Thank you That will make the broth weak – Weak broth makes Mi Quang less delicious – Yes Weak broth isn’t good Right, Mr. Do? Look at the bowl. You just need to add some raw veggie and mix it up Cuisine is art You must eat those pieces They’re yummy Please try this vegetable – Spearmint? – It’s ubiquitous – That’s right – But this one is grown in Tra Que village The Tra Que spearmint is tiny but aromatic It smells good! It’s strangely aromatic – You’re not eating veggie? – No You should add veggie It’s a perfect match! – Veggie? – No! No? Okay, fine – Try this one. It’s good – Let me try it Dip it in the broth I did! Take a photo for me Ti, hold your chopsticks like this! Oh boy! Mine is full of mung bean sprouts! Oh, poor you A chili is gone I’ll add some soy sauce as you did This is char siu-style pork – It’s very tough – So fresh! It’s not tough – It’s good, right? – Yup! This is what Miss Oc Tieu said She’s just good at cooking, not at eating like us – Right? – Yes!

– The broth is so good! – I agree! The broth is delectable 1 can of soft drink! Coke! Oh! Why is there a noodle strand in my bowl? A noodle strand was found in Cu Ti’s bowl Cao Lau’s broth can be added into Mi Quang This is good, huh? Yup! It’s super crispy! Dear everyone! I’ve had 2 bowls! This place is at 6A Truong Minh Luong It’s hard to remember the street’s name 6A Truong Minh Luong, Hoi An City Mi Quang and Cao Lau restaurant of Mr. Hai If you are to travel to Hoi An, come here to try these dishes There are so many Cao Lau and Mi Quang restaurants here Most of them are okay – But this one is – Great! Great! Good bye! Thank you, Mr. Khanh!