Hello everyone. Welcome back to my channel!!! Today, I’m going to make roasted lobster with tamarind sauce dish for my husband I will stir fry the garlic first After garlic has a brown color I’m going to stir fry the lobsters Next, I will add the tamarind sauce and cook these lobsters until the tamarind sauce has fully penetrated them I has already added salt, sugar and monosodium glutamate to the tamarind sauce When the lobsters are well-cooked, I will add mint leaves and saw leaf later Now I’m going to harvest some mint leaves and green onion as well It’s time to add the flour mixed with water so that the sauce can become thick and sticky Oh, the food smells so good My husband said he can smell the food from the second floor Now I will sprinkle mint leaves and green onion on the lobsters Everyone, let’s enjoy the food with us !!! Today, my husband has finished his work earlier than usual so I decided to make this dish for him Many of you said that in my mukbang, I always cook instant noodles for my husband That why today I will treat him with lobsters Oppa, eat as much as you can Thank you, I will eat the food well He starts the meal with a sip of beer Oh we have found eggs of this lobster I can not control my food craving, everyone The sauce tastes so great Oh it’s so hot We need to dip the lobster into the sauce to make it more delicious My husband is trembling as the food is so delicious It’s for you,oppa!!! The lobster meat is very fresh and delicious because these lobsters were still alive when they were delivered to my house The sauce is sour, salty and sweet The weather in Korea is now a little bit cold The autumn has came

the end of the autumn It’s perfect time for us to enjoy this dish What is the season in Vietnam now? The weather there is cold or warm???? I think, it must be cold in Hanoi I bought these lobsters to roast with tamarind sauce so both of them are small-sized one, about a half of kilogram per each The bigger lobster weights one kilogram Oh it tastes so good!!! How can Koreans cook this dish? The lobster meat is soft and sweet while the tamarind sauce is so yummy Oh, I gave up eating this part of the lobster, it’s very hot Such a perfect combination, everyone The lobster is so hot Can I eat this part of the lobster? Yes, you can. It tastes so good What a waste if you don’t eat this part I can not eat this part of the lobster now Oh my goodness. It is so yummy Do you want to know the prices of these lobsters? Each one costs 400,000 Vietnam đồng You made this sauce by yourself, did you???? Yes, I did Where did you learn to make this sauce? I learnt to make the sauce on Internet This part of the lobster tastes fatty My husband is more open now, right??? I only ate fried lobsters without adding any kind of sauce Where did the sauce come from? Vietnam Oh, that is the way this dish is made in Vietnam You must be surprised, right??? There are many good foods in Vietnam This dish must be expensive, right??? I’m not sure about its price I think this dish must be expensive in Vietnam But I don’t know how much it is So hot!!! Today, my husband forgot to shave his beard once again Look at his beard, everyone!! His beard will appear only one day after he shaved it His beard grows so fast What did you say??? What are you afraid of? He is afraid that I’m saying the bad things about him I think I need to learn Vietnamese as soon as possible You should try, oppa Yesterday, I ordered these lobsters at 6pm They were delivered to my house today at 11pm How fast this delivery service is!!!! I learnt some Vietnamese before I met you But I forgot all of them When we first met He knew some Vietnamese. But now when we are married, he does not want to continue learning Vietnamese That why people say that

men all will change after marriage These lobsters can live for a long time These lobsters can be alive after two or three days since they have been put into the fridge Because they live in cold water This dish tastes so delicious but it may make our clothes dirty I bought eight lobsters for this dish We will eat five of them the rest is left for our parents My mother-in-law is so busy at her restaurant. She is not staying at home at the moment My father-in-law is also working on his filed. So we will keep some lobster for them My cup of beer remains the same while my husband has drunk the second one Let’s me try a lobster pincer What’s a Yomost feeling if you drink a cup of beer and eat roasted lobster with tamarind sauce I’m going to tell you a sad story Few days ago, Some Vietnamese people were caught playing card game in a house which locates in a city which takes about 50 minutes drive from where I live My sister-in-law is now living in this city and my husband used to live there for ten years The lady who introduced me to my husband also lives in this city That city was once considered as my second hometown when I first came to Korea So the name of this city is so familiar to me Coming back to my story These Vietnamese people were playing a Vietnamese card game Koreans have never played this game So they did not know how to call it by name Finally, the police had arrived to this house These Vietnamese had made a lot of noise so Koreans near this house had called the police Two Vietnamese people including one woman and one man were so frightened so that they tried to escape by jumping from the third floor of the house to the ground The woman was dead immediately while the man had his leg broken I feel so sorry for them This woman has the Korean nationality already so in her case, if she was found playing cards the police would only make a record and would release her later She must have felt so frightened so that she had lost her live. I feel sorry that it had happened to her The lobster has cooled down So it’s easier for us to eat. Previously, the lobster was so hot but I have to say that the lobster tastes more delicious when it is still hot You cannot have everything you want, right??? The weather in Korea is cold recently so it’s easy to get nose and throat diseases Korea also records the arrival of African cholera In Korea, over past days

there was a scandal of a man working in parliament He was so authoritative so his scandal was in a spotlight on TV news everyday and on Youtube channels as welll I was heard that he allowed his daughter do something wrong He is demoted In Korea, if you did something wrong you would be punished Once they wanted to investigate your violations they would do it until the end There is also a scandal about the divorce between Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun There are some people who always say bad things about you But they don’t give you any money So I think you should forget about bad comments about you cause people who said bad things about you in some case they even forgot what they had said But in the showbiz celebrities are often criticized Such as the case of Sulli (Fx) I also feel sorry for her What if she could be stronger and did not care about criticism of anti-fans. The tragedy might not happen I’m sure that she would be famous again only by acting in a movie I feel that I’m eating alone everyone You have eaten so well so have you, oppa Oppa, say something You are so talkative, what should I say now??? If my husband joins my mukbang show Let him focus on eating, don’t ask him to say anything What do you want to do at the year-end?? I want to come back to Vietnam At the end of this December??? I will stay at home, eating and sleeping What’s about you, oppa??? I want to go out with our family Do you want to go skiing??? It would be fun The kids must like to go skiing We should give them good memories On December, my family will go skiing I will make a video about our trip My kids must like go skiing We planned to go skiing last year but we failed to go This year, we must go skiing I only have some days off at the year-end Oh this lobster tastes so good but I feel so tired after eating it Are you full??? I’m nearly full What’s about you, oppa??? I’m not

You should eat what I feed you I don’t know why you are so shy??? My husband said I should eat more This lobster tastes so great that I want to eat the whole shell I will purchase a crab eating tool My hands are so painful My clothes will be dirty because of the food The flies are trying to eat our food, everyone This pan is so heavy, everyone!!! In the past, Koreans used this pan to cook their foods The meat grilled on this pan will taste so good There is a trend among Korean famous Youtubers that they will use this pan to cook the food You can cook any types of dish on this iron pan Especially for grilling the meat Its taste will be the best There is a famous Korean Youtuber He was selected to host a famous singer from China when she was invited to come to Korea The Youtuber then invited this singer to visit his home in the countryside Even though he has earned a lot of money from his Youtube channel He then used this iron pan to grill the meat for this singer What are you talking about???? You don’t have to care about what I’m talking about You should focus on enjoying the food We are kidding What a pity!!! Why???? Our mukbang show ends now. We are so full We will save these lobster pincers so that my husband can eat them later when he watch a football match or do something else Thanks for watching my video Don’t forget to subscribe my channel, thumbs-up if you like this video and leave your comments below Bye everyone!!!!