Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.76 : Trip to Nha Trang, Vietnam [ENG/THA/2017.01.28]

It’s time for Battle Trip where we give you great tips for trips It’s winter. The weather’s colder You tend not to leave the house at times like this But going on trips is like a treasure at times like this This can be the peak of the travel season – It is. / – Because of the holidays People tend to go away with their children on holidays Hwijae When you think of traveling with your kids, shouldn’t you be happy? – Of course. / – It makes me really happy But it’s also so hard Up till what age is it hard? How much do they need to grow It’s still getting harder Now that they can talk, they don’t listen It’s that time For the 2 week holiday, we traveled to Guam with the kids – Enjoy life. / – Yeah You went quickly I really like it when the airport and the hotel are close – Being close… / – I prefer that That’s a good thing That’s most convenient with kids With an evening flight, the kids go to sleep And I can drink then on the plane There are various conditions So I really prefer Guam and Saipan I favor Southeast Asia It’s warm there too – It’s good to travel. / – Sikyung When I call him on the weekends, he’s always in Japan I’m a rookie singer in Japan What are you doing over there? You are a rookie? I go on radio I’ve been on TV for 7 minutes I sing in front of the shopping mall – You’re back to being a rookie? / – Yes They announce me in front of the crowds It’s kind of my second life – As a rookie singer. / – In Japan? No one there knows who I am Didn’t you go on holiday, Kim Sook? I’m too busy to travel these days If I could sit in a warm room, watch Battle Trip and eat mandarins until my fingers go yellow – Right. / – Nothing would beat that Where will we go today? Let’s meet the person that requested the trip Let’s meet them now Hello, I live in Jinju I’m Gwon Minseong, 33 years old I’m planning a hot spring trip for the winter Please plan a unique hot spring trip that will refresh my mind and body on Battle Trip A hot spring trip is perfect Going to a hot spring when it’s cold Hot springs are like theme parks these days There are all sorts of varieties – It’d be fun to go to each one. / – In Korea There’s Paradise Spa Dogo in Chungcheon and Onyang Hot Spring So many nice places There’s Suanbo Hot Spring as well The greatest charm of the hot spring is in winter – And the ones that are outdoors. / – They’re so nice When you go in there and just have your head out, you start to sweat on your face – Then you step out and sit on the ice. / – After rest Then it starts steaming from your body – The metabolism kicks in. / – You go back when it’s cold The snow piles up, right? You leave the beer in there before you go in the water Just like when you go skiing After 10 minutes of being in the hot spring, the beer is really cold Like watermelon in the stream Right before it freezes – Wow, and you drink it? / – That’s right I’m starting to drool Who visited which hot spring today? Let’s meet them Let’s welcome this week’s trip planners Welcome A vacation spot like a hidden gem in Vietnam It’s good we came here Nha Trang Tour Let’s go! Check it out This is perfect We’ll bare Fukuoka Fukuoka Tour (Revealing the hidden hot springs) This week’s hot spring tour is an actress special Welcome! Hello Park Jungsoo – You hardly appear on variety shows. / – Right – I was shocked. / – I came for Hyunjoo – Because of Hyunjoo? / – Yes She likes me so much Are you normally close? We’re in the same agency Same agency With Hyunjoo Her hobby is traveling and so is mine So we said we should go together one day At first, it must’ve been You must’ve felt shy Wasn’t it embarrassing? She was so adamant about letting go She told me that She told me that we must let go So we didn’t put on makeup I said this She wore a bathing suit – Yeah, that photo… / – Even we don’t wear that There’s a difference in their makeup You’re right – Right. / – We were completely without makeup – Natural. / – I didn’t wear makeup With Kong Hyunjoo – You’ll see our bare faces. / – Okay You’ll see two different people Following on They traveled to Japan for their hot spring trip We have Yang Jungah and Yun Hyeyeong Hello We’re not in the same agency – But we’ve been close for a long time. / – We’re close – They’re really great actresses. / – Of course – And pretty. / – Are you saying we’re bad actresses? – And pretty. / – Are you saying we’re bad actresses? No, I mean all four of you No, the thing is – Oh, no. / – Sung Sikyung! – Serves you right! / – We got caught It feels like I’m watching a drama I’ve been in a drama with Sikyung In the past – You were in a drama together? / – Yes He was a cameo in my drama

You’re a good actor He’s no actor Hyeyeong, was there a special reason that you chose to go to Fukuoka with Yang Jungah? We chose Fukuoka because – It’s the closest place by plane. / – It’s close When it comes to Fukuoka – Beppu, Yufuin… / – Yufuin – They’re the focal areas. / – Lots of Koreans Instead of those places We chose places that aren’t must-visit We chose secret places – We love things like this. / – Really? That’s where we went Being a hot spring trip, I feel like we had a special experience I’m so curious You went to Nha Trang I’ve never heard of Nha Trang, Vietnam before – Are hot springs famous there? / – To be honest It’s the first time I’ve heard Nha Trang said like that – I always knew of Nha Trang. / – Oh, Nha Trang But I’ve never heard of it said the Korean way That’s what they call Nha Trang these days So you went to Nha Trang? Yes, Nha Trang I’ve heard of Nha Trang You’ll find out in a minute but I loved it – Really? / – Yes, yes You must’ve been to Japanese hot springs before – Right. / – Yes, yes Honestly, I had no idea there were hot springs – I know. / – In Nha Trang – Is there a unique hot spring? / – Because I said I like hot springs, Hyunjoo looked it up She didn’t want to get cursed out by me I wanted to visit a special hot spring with a theme – You must’ve been so nervous. / – So I searched – What if you took her and she’s like… / – I was – What is this? / – What’s this? What is this? That’s right – Like a mother-in-law. / – That’s right What is this place? On this trip You won’t see her act like that even for a second Not at all? What kind of hot spring is it? Tell us about it Nha Trang is a hidden gem of Vietnam It hasn’t been tainted yet – You can see beautiful views. / – How was the food? You can look forward to it Food – Vietnamese food is good. / – The best? In terms of cost-effectiveness – Best in terms of cost-effectiveness. / – Effective I wondered when I liked Vietnamese food so much That’s how impressed I was. I ate so much – We’ll have to check it out. / – It’s so different Japanese food is good too but Vietnamese is different – Right. / – Yes Let’s check it out now The Nha Trang, Vietnam trip Let’s check it out together (Nha Trang, Vietnam) You can’t leave out motorbikes with Vietnam That’s right It’s really humid over there The weather was so nice – What is this place? / – I thought it was Hawaii It was so nice (Experience both Mediterranean) (And Vietnamese culture) I need to go to Nha Trang (Who will plan the trip to Vietnam?) Hyunjoo suffered because of me Where is your partner? Right now She’s not in Korea She left everything to me like it was a given and left on a trip to Spain Amazing She’s a traveler We haven’t been in any dramas together But we’ve been to many events Events Together So I got close with her on a personal level She’s very young at heart Like a young girl And easy going Because she’s easy going and daring, she doesn’t like things to be stuffy So I I stressed a lot about this trip She’s anxious – Why? / – She looks really anxious But we have similar personalities (Who is her daring partner?) I’m trembling because I’m nervous She looks like she’s trembling a lot – I was really trembling. / – Does she hit you? – No. / – Why are you trembling so much? I don’t know what to do Where is she right now? Is she here? She must be here She’s here, right? Is she here? Where is she? Goodness Hello! She’s really running out to welcome her Goodness They’re like mother and daughter When did you arrive? Me? – Of course I came earlier… / – You’re wearing loafers? – Loafers! / – Why am I still so short? I feel even shorter I’m annoyed. Stand over there Let’s hold hands Hyunjoo is tall Should I sit? Thank you for calling me – Hyunjoo. / – Not at all. I’ve prepared something Ma’am Have you seen this? No. What is this? Is this that It’s the signature item on Battle Trip – You carry it around and film like this? / – Yes, like this Self-camera If you give this to us – It won’t be good. / – Still Okay. I’ll do my best (So much cuteness) She really liked that later on Ta-da

Goodness – What? / – Ta-da Goodness – Guide Kong. / – Guide Kong – That’s very cool. / – Yes Guide Kong’s Nha Trang Tour Welcome to the Kong Tour – That’s awkward. / – It’s so unnatural She must’ve studied a lot How many countries have you been? Which countries? For the show, I sat down and counted Around 24 to 25 countries And around 50 regions? Really? – 50 cities. / – Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau Vietnam, the Philippines, Mongolia, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa, Kenya, England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Monaco I have never been on a package tour From the airline to the hotel to the local destinations – I plan them all. / – She’s a master traveler It’s easy if you have – Someone like that. / – You need them – So good. / – It’s comfortable – You need to travel with her. / – I have to do it myself With language I can speak enough to travel without problems But with Vietnam or China It’s a bit – It’s not easy. / – There’s like this card For people who travel It has pictures and phrases So I prepare the picture cards She’s very meticulous She could be a travel guide I do want to be a travel guide I wanted to be a travel writer as well This is my debut as a guide Also I’ve prepared a schedule – Oh, schedule? / – Yes It has to be perfect when you go with a senior (Girly at times) This is nice Can’t we just stay here? The fact that they don’t give you napkins Argh Milk! Are you crazy? What do we do? (Two-faced customer, Park Jungsoo) In Vietnam There’s a legend that’s similar to one in Korea I’m really scared Please (Guide of misfortune, Kong Hyunjoo) It’s so nice here – Is that the hot spring? / – Yes – Hot spring. / – It’s a theme park Since everything costs so little – Order whatever you want. / – Food, food I’m going there no matter what All of the foods are like a dollar – Nha Trang Tour. / – Nha Trang Tour Let’s go! I really like Guide Kong (Korea to Nha Trang, Vietnam) Guide Kong (Is this how you use this?) What do we ride in? We can use an airport pickup service It’s $20, one-way Great job It’s good that I came with you Let’s go Let’s leave We’ve arrived at night and it’s so great. I love it – If you use the pickup service… / – Pickup service A local service will come and get you Wow, so nice It’s great that I came with you The swimming pool is so pretty It’s so pretty Tomorrow night Should we go for a swim? – It feels great just thinking about it. / – Great, right? That’s the swimming pool at our resort It was so sick – That hotel costs a little over $100? / – Yes – A little over $100? / – Yes It’s so big – Hyunjoo. / – Not at all – Guide Kong. / – We haven’t even begun yet – So far, I’m grateful. / – You’ve only seen the hotel We’ll have the buffet breakfast and head out quickly – Let’s walk around the beach. / – Beach? Okay Good night, good night – You’re right in front of the beach? / – Yes! The weather’s so nice (5 ways to enjoy Nha Trang) This beach is so nice This place is incredible – It’s like Hawaii. / – So incredible Vietnam It’s really clean from up close Ma’am We are currently at Nha Trang She really looks like a guide It’s called the Naples of Asia, the Mediterranean of Vietnam It’s the hidden gem of Vietnam What’s Nha Trang famous for? When it comes to Nha Trang The beach we’re walking along right now It’s 6km long It’s really It keeps going. I think this is pretty I think it’s prettier here than Naples It’s much more tranquil than I expected Nha Trang

It’s not a well known vacation spot So compared to other areas – I love that. / – You can relax and enjoy it Why didn’t you wear your bathing suit? – Huh? / – Bathing suit – Forget it. / – What? You need to swim No, no, no Also, I Prepared this especially for you A course to conquer the hot springs in Nha Trang There are hot springs here? They’re no ordinary hot springs. There are mud ones There are natural open air hot springs – That’s so good. / – Look forward to it Thank you. You thought of my skin care We’re going to eat pho now – It’ll be boring to just go… / – Great So we’ll head there on a cyclo – Great. / – Shall we head off? Seeing Hyunjoo like this You seem like a Vietnamese person Yeah A Vietnamese beauty This is quite fun Cyclos You must haggle How much? 20,000 VND One? One? Hey, Hyunjoo Just ride this even if it’s expensive. Save elsewhere – Just get on. / – Ma’am It’s only $1 – Really? / – Yes It’s only $1 – Really? / – Yes Is that okay? Wow, get on already Okay – Okay. / – Yes, okay The good thing about Vietnam About Nha Trang is that you can enjoy so much with so little It’s the best Goodness When you calculate the exchange rates Remove a zero and divide by half I went to Vietnam as well and I was told to haggle But it’s only like 20, 30 cents – So you just end up paying. / – I know – Let’s go. / – Go Okay I wish we could ride around all day in this cyclo This is so nice. It’s cool The pho place we’re going to is really famous so all the drivers know where it is – Really? / – Yes The place we’re going to is extremely famous – Is this it? / – Yes Here This place Is a hidden pho eatery (The deep aroma and flavor of beef pho) It’s so good Vietnamese pho is the best It’s refreshing The broth is extremely refreshing At this place The menu is just like that Large or small – Not much to choose? / – They only have one menu That’s usually the case with famous places Hey – The large one is 50,000 VND. / – Yes, 50,000 The small one is 45,000 VND To calculate into dollars Remove a zero – Then divide by two, right? / – Yes – That means… / – You divide by half Is that $2.50 then? – The large one is $2.50. / – 25 cents? – $2.25, $2.50. / – That’s right It’s extremely cheap Isn’t it better to eat the large then? – It’s only $2.50? / – Yes The two of us can eat our fill for $4.50 That’s two bowls of pho Okay, pho I like pho – Let’s eat it. / – Okay Lots of coriander for you? You can ask for it if you can say it in Vietnamese – Just a little coriander for me. / – Okay then – What I’ll do is… / – You ask for a lot Ta-da. I’ve prepared this Ta-da. I’ve prepared this If you prepare pictures in advance, it’s easy to communicate No Are you saying hello? No, that is – Hello, coriander. / – She understood – She understood. / – She understood – Lots for me. / – No A lot Okay? It’s so convenient to have this – You brought that for me, right? / – Yes Wow, looks delicious Oh, that looks so good It was so good – Try it. / – The visuals It’s so well presented and looks delicious You’re right (Ah) – How is it? / – It’s so good – Really? / – It’s so good Seriously – I just want one spoonful of the broth. / – No – You need the hot sauce. / – You need it What is it? – Lime? / – The chili peppers Squeeze in some lime and add plenty of peppers I’m drooling again That looks so good It really makes you salivate It’s really like The pho you have at the place of origin

It tastes lighter than the pho in Korea Yes, it’s clean Right, it tastes clean. It’s not greasy It tastes lighter (What is this?) Is this the thing we add in? The spicy thing? – For me… / – Just add it all! – For me… / – Just add it all! Just add everything That’s really spicy – Add it all. / – You like spicy food, right? Yeah, I like spicy food I didn’t add any coriander (Did it succeed in captivating her taste bud?) It’s not overbearing It’s so good It’s kind of like rib soup in Korea I’d like mine to be spicier You’re adding more? She wants it spicier It wasn’t that spicy. It was really good It was so good If you really like spicy food I’m starting to sweat here Ma’am, the broth It’s starting to look like instant noodle broth Is it good? Isn’t that too spicy? Isn’t there more sauce than broth now? I’d like to ask for more broth That looks good – You’d drool watching that… / – It was really good The viewers must be cooking instant noodles now Isn’t it spicy? – I like it. / – You like it? In my throat – With this… / – Milk! Milk! It’s spicy It is spicy for her Milk! Milk! It’s too spicy! So spicy Don’t my eyes look weird because it’s too spicy? She’s really daring with food too It’s a charming kind of spiciness It felt like she was eating a punishment meal – She really likes pungent foods. / – She likes it strong It’s too spicy How will you eat this? But it’s nice that I’m sweating. It’s refreshing This is the first restaurant you’ve taken me to – After we arrived in Nha Trang. / – Yes Do you like it? I do like it and it’s having a huge impact – Really? / – Yes – From now… / – The spiciness You’re the one who made it spicy We’re going to a hot spring later – Okay. / – So eat up Then we shouldn’t eat too much – Since we’re going into hot water. / – Yes She’s sweating before she reaches the hot spring On the first day We’re going to hot spring with a special theme Recently with my mom, I visited the Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch She loved it It was like going back to her childhood Enjoying the animals and nature I thought she’d really like it It’d be nice to see rare animals and when you get tired, it’d be nice to hit the hot springs So I’ll take her there for the hot springs Since I’ve traveled with my mom before – I had an idea of what mothers like. / – You’d know (5 ways to enjoy Nha Trang, Yang Bay Eco Park) Yang Bay is really charming Where is this place? It’s called Yang Bay You can enjoy hot springs and there are various themes – It’s a theme park. / – Yang Bay So this is Yang Bay Eco Park. / – Yes, yes For $40, they pick you up and you can enjoy – Everything in here without further pay. / – $40? That’s expensive – That’s… / – The entrance fee? Yes, it includes lunch and a pickup service Everything The entrance fee is $7.50 – Guide Kong. / – Yes What is that tree? That tree – It looks special. / – It’s a special tree You can make a wish and hang it Since it’s the end of year, how about we make a new year’s wish? The fun thing is, you use a slingshot to hang the wishes – Let’s try it. / – Slingshot? Yes You hit the tree with a slingshot? Yes, that’s how you hang it Try it That’s interesting. Okay Okay (The wish tree that will grant the new year’s wish) (They write their wishes on the ribbon) You have to hang it high (With the hope that their wishes will come true) (Jungsoo fails) – Goodness. / – Oh, my. Oh, my It’s not easy (Jungsoo fails) – Will it work? / – This isn’t so easy You didn’t trick me, did you? You didn’t trick me, did you? How do you hang this? It won’t work

– It won’t hit. It pops out. / – It won’t It’s supposed to latch on That’s right Argh! Was that Vietnamese? Argh? Did you get it? – I think it’ll work… / – It stuck to the top – Doesn’t it work? / – It’s a tree You have to shoot it where it’ll hang It wasn’t easy – Shoot it high. / – Why you Hey! This tree This tree Mine wouldn’t stick but Hyunjoo’s did You’d feel so sorry – Mine worked first so… / – I know The guide made a mistake Why did you do that? – Mine caught on. / – So tactless You should’ve done it later – Really? / – Ma’am – Failed again? / – Oh, no This program, today We won’t be moving on until I get this Just so you know It’d be so funny if she did it until sunset – Just keeps going? / – I told you If you fire it this way from up close Guide Kong, don’t excite me. Stay still I’ve put everything on the line for this Next year – If she shot with more power. / – Why won’t it work? I’m getting really angry now I went right up to the tree and it still didn’t work – Isn’t that cheating? / – Want me to do it for you? – It still didn’t work. / – Please! I climbed the tree I actually hung it myself – Hey. / – Yes? This is the best I can do I’m so angry – So long as you hang it. / – That’s right (We hope your wish comes true) (1. Wish tree) Come here. It’s over here Oh, there Oh, no! What’s going on? There we go, there we go Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my – Oh, carp! / – They’re carp – Here, here, here. / – Over there The carp are fed with bottles That looks scary That’s cute They suck on it? I’m so scared – Nice, right? / – I’m scared Oh, no I normally don’t get scared like this (Meanwhile, Madam Jungsoo) (Is giving out love evenly to all) There you go, there you go There, there (So many fish) There you go – They eating so well. / – They’re sucking on it My goodness – Goodness. / – That’s fascinating They’re not scared of people They’re – What was that? / – It jumped out Are you insane? Did you just get mad at a carp? – Are you insane? / – Are you insane? Thing is That sounded like a line from a drama Are you insane? They ate it all All done They ate it all What’s wrong with you? This is the difference between a mother and a single lady That was fun We’ll go in there Do you want to feed a crocodile? Yes, let’s try it (1. Wish tree, 2. Feeding carp) (3. Feeding crocodiles) Oh, this That was scary. It’s alive (A tough leather back) (Sharp teeth and exceptional hunting skills) (Welcome) Over there, over there Do you see the crocodile? It’s here There are so many It’s too expensive to feed the crocodiles It’s 50 cents Are these crocodiles grown for eating? They look so tender and delicious They didn’t look very tough, they looked really tender Are these crocodiles grown for eating? They look so tender and delicious No (They attempt to feed the crocodiles) Goodness They look like floating logs They stay still

then just bite out of nowhere It looks scary I’m going to faint because of your screams (Chomp) (Steal) Darn, it ate it! I was trying to hoist it and they cut it off – Goodness. / – Oh, my They ate it (Only Guide Kong is left with feed) It bit it It bit it. Pull, pull Lift it up It bit it It bit it. Pull, pull Lift it up Lift Good, good It’s scarier when you lift it up It’s better when they’re in the water Can’t we try one more time? Guide Kong? Are you trying to catch one? I want to catch just one – One more time? / – Yeah Once more? It’s such a shame Not yet – Jungsoo is really competitive. / – Yes I’m so scared It’s really thrilling (A battle with the crocodiles) She keeps snatching it to try and catch them I think that day was the day the crocodiles were the angriest (All eyes on the feed) Their eyes look closed but they’re all watching Bite it That’d be more fun than fishing It’s going to break a tooth Who’s faster? You or me? Darn it! Darn it! Hey! Fine, I lose. I give up You can eat it all – Ma’am… / – Happy, right? Bye (Thanks for the food) Crocodile, are you insane? When I raised it, its teeth That sound (What did Guide Kong see?) Is that a real crocodile? – It must be real. / – Don’t be like that – It’s real. / – It’s alive? Is that a real crocodile? – It must be real. / – Don’t be like that – It’s real. / – It’s alive? Darn it Hey! Aren’t they being raised to be eaten? They look so tender and tasty (She’s face to face with a crocodile) What will we do? Please – She has no fear. / – She’s fearless She’s touching the crocodile It’s fine It’s alive – It’s for taking photos. / – Please, please It’s really warm Hey Its claws are digging into your skin. Are you okay? (Grabs) I’m so scared This guy His neck is moving – He’s breathing. / – I was completely frozen Ma’am 1, 2, 3 That’s not a genuine smile She’s frozen with fear – That’s not a genuine smile. / – Nice photo though What are we going to do now? Now – Let’s climb up. / – Shall we go to the hot spring? Okay. Let’s go So you’ve enjoyed the park before the hot spring, with all the animals, right? (5 ways to enjoy Nha Trang, Yang Bay hot spring) – It’s a forest. / – It’s a natural Open air hot spring – This place is called Yang Bay, right? / – Yeah Yang means heaven And bay means water So it’s heavenly water The people of Nha Trang believe this water is very sacred Really? Wow, check out that water I was scared when we crossed that bridge She’s scared of everything So you weren’t holding on for Jungsoo’s sake You were holding on to her back, right? I was holding on tight Is hot spring water good for you? It doesn’t feel soft It doesn’t seem to have any sulfur This hot spring water is close to the sea It’s high in salinity and minerals Good for skin recovery, circulation, and skin beauty But we sweat it out doing activities earlier so it’s really nice being in warm water

with the rain falling on us That day – It rained a lot. / – Isn’t it warm? – Isn’t it warm? / – It’s not warm – It was around 35℃. / – That day – The rained cooled the spring. / – The rain In the rain Sitting in warm water in the rain You know that feeling? – Being warm in the rain. / – It’s so nice – That’d be so nice. / – I was worried by the rain She’s learned how to swim. She looks professional – She’s learned it properly. / – That’s true Are you happy? (This is the best) You can enter the stream and swim in there as well This is so nice This is great This is really nice – I was worried. / – You can stop filming now We’ll hang out a bit more here By ourselves There must be a variety of pools Yes, there were round springs and ones over there. There were a few The important thing about hot spring water is that it gets tiring when you take a hot bath – Yes. / – Right But when you go in a hot spring filled with minerals, even though it’s hot, your body – That’s right. / – It relaxes – The fatigue drains away. / – It feels different To the tap water It’s all absorbed into your body If we just go where everyone goes, it’d be boring So there’s a really famous restaurant loved by the locals It doesn’t even have an English menu. It’s local I wanted to show Jungsoo what the locals enjoy So I chose a special place for the first dinner (5 ways to enjoy Nha Trang, bo lac) (A popular restaurant among locals) This is a famous place? They don’t even have an English menu The tourists don’t know about it It’s a Vietnamese local eatery What’s good here? The best dish here is this bo lac Bo means beef And lac means shake They shake the beef in a pot If you eat it with banh mi, it’s really delicious They call baguettes banh mi over there That’s because of their colonization influence – France. / – The French They needed their baguettes but they didn’t have any so they made it with local ingredients – Oh, really? / – Yes Vietnamese food has less calories than you’d think – Really? / – Yes I ate so much – Over there. / – But you didn’t gain much weight? I really stuffed myself over there But then – I didn’t gain that much weight. / – Right? How about this corn? – Okay. / – This corn looks good It’s called bap xao tom Bap means corn and tom means shrimp – I think it’d be good. / – Really? – Is this that shaken thing? / – Yes That looks so good The bread looks delicious Looks good! For 20 cents, you can keep ordering more bread The bread is 20 cents The food here It suits the Korean palate They use refreshing Vietnamese spices but it tastes similar to our braised ribs It’s a flavor that everyone can enjoy Yeah, it’s good I normally like coriander – It’s good with coriander. / – Because you sweat – Of course. / – In hot countries – The food is salty and stimulating. / – Right – The coriander tasted so good. / – That looks good This isn’t eaten often here in Vietnam They eat it at parties and on special days Really? Let me try this in a wrap (How does bo lac taste with vegetables?) This tastes better with bread This tastes better with bread Does it not go with the lettuce? Like this? – With the bread. / – They’re like mother and daughter – Right. / – Yeah You get really hungry after a bath You do (I pair well with leafy vegetables) This is so – In the wrap… / – That has to be good That looks so good It looks like stir-fried pork The bo lac That looks similar to lettuce Let’s see if you eat it like that, you don’t get tired of it It’s really good This tastes different to this one This seems more Korean It’s not refreshing

It’s a little spicy You can’t stop eating it Like Korean stir-fried pork – If you had to compare. / – Made of beef If you had to compare For me I like it better with this lettuce I thought only Koreans ate meat wrapped in vegetables – But they do this Vietnam too. / – Yeah From what I see Bo lac is more delicious than this dish More than this one Yes, bo lac is better This is the dish you chose They must’ve fried the corn Is this dried shrimp? That one! – I’d like them to sell it in Korea. / – Stir-fried corn The price is amazing. It’s $1.50 – It’s too expensive. How would you eat it? / – $1.50 (Bap xao tom, $1.50) How is it? (Thumbs up) For me (A whole new world) You made an excellent choice This is so good This is something I haven’t tasted before – It’s savory and salty. / – It’s so cheap – Perfect with beer. / – Yes, perfect with beer – With beer. / – It’s perfect with beer – It’s very crunchy. / – Oh, you ordered the beer – Hyunjoo, thank you. / – You worked hard Not at all. Traveling with you I’m able to experience things I wouldn’t on my own I got to eat good food thanks to you Things I like Look forward to tomorrow as well Okay. Thank you The hot spring we’ll be visiting today It’s mud hot spring with an egg theme This is nice What is that? – Mud hot spring. / – Okay If you look here This is so nice It’s great that she’s having fun – She eats well. / – Hyunjoo must’ve been real happy It’s good This is my favorite This is nice It’s good we came to Nha Trang This is nice – Yang Bay… / – Is ours over already? For now – It ended too soon. / – That theme park You paid for a tour package, right? You can apply for it You can pay a $7.50 entry fee and enter the park If you use a tour package, they pick you up, provide the meal, and even give you an English guide – $7.50 for just the entry? / – Yes I shouldn’t say this but the Fukuoka Tour team just said, “Let’s go to Nha Trang next time.” Jungah, are you on our side now? No, that’s not it It’s so affordable – I love eating. / – Really? – It’s awesome there. / – To be honest It’s definitely cheaper than Japan and seems delicious – I was a tiny bit jealous. / – I hesitated at first But it was so good So good I want to applaud Guide Kong Well done, Guide Kong she enjoyed the trip way more than I thought She really liked it So from the first day, I was able to let go of my concerns – She’s so energetic. / – Very nice If she was tired and couldn’t be bothered – It’s really exhausting. / – Of course – But you really enjoyed it. / – The idea of traveling – Is to enjoy the local food. / – Right That’s the point of traveling – It’s to have fun. / – Right If you have time, would you like to be an MC on our show? – How about being a regular? / – We need one more How about becoming a regular member? – You’re so fun. / – That’s a bit I’ll think about it Yes, thank you Nha Trang, Vietnam Let’s see what kind of fun they have now Guide Kong’s Nha Trang Tour Let’s check out the second half (Guide Kong’s Nha Trang Tour, day 2) The people are all so polite They’re very polite – It’s so good. / – They’re all nice (What are the plans for day 2?) (6 ways to enjoy Nha Trang, Po Nagar) Guide Kong Where are we starting off today? What you see here is a place that existed for 1,300 years in Vietnam It’s a Hindu temple raised by the Champa Kingdom Entry is $1.10 Really? – That’s amazing. / – It’s so good – Champa Kingdom? / – Yes There are many minority groups in Vietnam And the oldest group, the Champa Kingdom, built this historic site It’s called Po Nagar Cham tower As you can see, it’s built on high grounds so if you look down from there, you can see all of Nha Trang city It was unique that the temple was in the city That was really charming – The fact that you don’t have to go far… / – In the city To see a historic site. It’s very convenient I guess it’s a must to see this in Nha Trang

– At least once… / – How did they build that back then? There were 8 in total but only 4 are left (Entrance fee for Po Nagar, $1.10) Also Are you okay to climb the steps? I’m okay Why? Are you short of breath? No, I’m This is I feel like you’re more fit than me I’m so embarrassed No, no My goodness How did they stack the stones like that? How they delicately stacked the stones is still a mystery like the Pyramids Yeah, yeah Those stones How did they stack them so neatly like steamed rice cakes? Like steamed rice cakes? Rice cakes – It does seem like rice cakes. / – It does This is the Po Nagar temple so there’s a place that houses the goddess Po Nagar defines the goddess with 10 arms They come and pray here to have sons They have this In every country – Should we go further in? / – Okay You can go there in shorts, right? You can’t – They give you a gown to rent. / – Lengthy clothes (They’re praying right now) Did you pray? I did I asked for lots of work next year I’m healthy now but – For good health? / – Yes, for good health I prayed for family health and happiness And that I’d get lots of work – Health… / – Health is most important Our episode of Battle Trip High viewer ratings She even thought of our ratings Thank you, ma’am Please be a regular I think the ratings will be too high Great ratings thanks to you Don’t you think we’ll win? Done Nem nuong That was delicious Nem nuong? (Po Nagar to nem nuong, 6 minutes) – Hyunjoo. / – Yes Where are we headed right now? Oh, here It’s nem nuong It’s a place with grilled meat restaurants – Really? / – Yes (A street filled with nem nuong places) Nem – Nem nuong. / – Nem nuong They’re all nem nuong – It’s like pork hocks street in Korea. / – That’s right – Famous places. / – Which one’s the original? That one is really famous The place with the stacked chairs Apparently, there’s nowhere to sit in the evening (The nem nuong restaurant chosen by Guide Kong) Nem nuong? – Yes. / – Nem nuong? If you look here – Oh, I see it. / – It’s unique, right? It’s minced pork Cooked on charcoal They look like hotdogs They look like sausages, right? Yes, sausages Is nem nuong commonly eaten in Vietnam? It’s like our charcoal meat It’s a dish enjoyed by Vietnamese – A native dish? / – Native dish Sikyung, you must want some I want to eat that When you shake your legs, it means you want it – Hyunjoo, nem nuong? / – Yes We saw the meat being cooked earlier Do we eat the cooked meat as is, dipped in sauce? Just as we have Vietnamese wraps in Korea You get dry rice paper and just wrap it and eat it – It’s a bit… / – But then it’d be too dry How do you eat that? It’s different to in Korea It’s prepared in a more local way That’s a famous place even there, right? It’s a really famous place It’s packed even when it’s not lunch time Nice (A table full of Vietnamese cuisine) (Fried rice paper) (Nem nuong) (Nem nuong meal, $2,30 per person) What is this? What’s this? Mango – Mango? / – Yes – An unripe mango. / – No mango! So sour What kind of mango is this? They served unripe mango How do we eat this? He would’ve washed his hands, right? Your hands clean? Your hands clean? Your hands clean? Just like with Vietnamese wraps Like this Isn’t everything so fresh? This is nem nuong – Nem nuong. / – Nem nuong So you do this Wrap it up Dip it? This a special sauce That looks so good – It’s so good. / – So good That looks so good – That looks really good. / – So good

Let’s see (Crunch) How is it? How does it taste? (Mmm) It’s not as refreshing as spring rolls in Korea Rather It’d taste better With these chilies and garlic I’ll try it I’ll try it – That’s really spicy! / – It’s really spicy That pepper is too spicy Oh, no No! – Whole… / – It tastes good with it – So daring. / – What? That There’s pleasure in that intense heat coming and leaving – That’s… / – That’d be so spicy You eat that for punishments Isn’t it spicy? It’s too spicy Are you okay? – Oh, my. / – Oh, my God Are you okay? (Oh, no) It’s spicy but good This nem nuong needs pepper and raw garlic For my personal tastes With that nem nuong, you can’t stop eating – Look so good. / – You keep wrapping them – You keep wrapping. With beer. / – Order more – It’s not fattening and it’s low calories. / – Also That meat has the flavor that kids like It’s perfect for them – I’ll try it. / – Try some – First. / – Lettuce and chives I think it’d taste good with this in it (Will Guide Kong like it too?) (Crunch) How is it? Is it good? It’s so crunchy and nice The texture Vietnamese wraps have that chewy texture But since you don’t wet the paper, it’s crunchy and the flavor of the meat mixes well with the vegetables It’s really savory I don’t prefer strong flavors I preferred it without the chili I wrapped it with the sauce inside Really? – I found it easier to eat that way. / – Was it? (They try the meat on its own) This is perfect for kids – Tastes like sausages. / – Sausages? It has a sweet seasoning (Crunchy fried rice paper) I think this provides the savory flavor (I am the reason for savory flavor) I like vegetables so I’ll add a lot (A lot of veggies) Add lots Nice Goodness Aren’t you being too greedy? (Let’s try this) (Thumbs up) The way you eat it It makes you want to pick up the phone and order It feels like it’ll be sold out on home shopping She eats better than the people on “Delicious Guys.” Sold out Now The theme of this trip is conquering the hot springs, right? There’s a special hot spring I’ve prepared for today The hot spring you’ll visit today It’s a mud hot spring Can we eat some more first? – Next up is the mud hot spring. / – Okay – Do you like it? / – Yes I love it She’s healthy because she eats well I think that’s why I’m healthy – Because I eat well. / – Nem nuong is a must (Nem nuong to egg mud hot spring, 30 minutes) It’s called Tram Trung? – Egg? / – Oh, here It’s a mud hot spring with an egg theme You see the eggs there? – That was so funny. / – Why? They’ve decorated with eggs and chickens It was so cute – It’d be good to go there with kids. / – It’s the concept It’s chickens everywhere With lots of chickens and eggs 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 Since I love eggs, I feel like eating Boiled eggs That hot spring is fairly new so it’s really clean This is the hot spring swimming pool If you just pay the entry fee, you can swim and enjoy the hot spring It’s really big

You could spend an entire day there – So we go up this way? / – Yes There are so many eggs here We did spend some money – And we got individual springs. / – Oh, really? It’s one egg per person – Private? / – Yeah – So we go in here? / – Yes It’s mud They have numbers like hotel rooms Oh, my goodness (So beautiful) (She enters the egg mud with a great body) It’s deep Is it deeper than it looks? – So deep. / – What’s deep? – Hyunjoo’s just… / – It’s not deep Okay She’s already inside It feels like my skin is getting sleek I can stay in here for 40 minutes I don’t want to leave Was it warm? How was it? It’s warm That’d be so nice then – Ma’am. / – Yes Through here? She’s so cute Hey, this is nice – So cute. / – The theme is fun In this forest – It’s like we’re in the jungle. / – Exactly So nice The private tubs are good Nice, nice. With all those trees It’s so nice like this It’d be nice here with kids Mothers and daughters It’d be nice to come together I think that’d be nice The minerals in the mud will make your skin better It’s not coarse mud It’s very soft, like flour It’s really fine And this place There are 3 mud hot springs in Nha Trang It’s the newest one of the three It’s the newest facility – That’s why it must have a theme. / – Yes – I like it. / – You do? I like things like this – Put the mud on your face. / – Okay (She’s already doing it) You need to put the mud on your face Make sure you don’t get any in your eyes (Massaging for prettier skin) (How actresses take care of their skin) (Hehehe) – Ma’am. / – Yes Vietnam is known for pho – But it’s also known for coffee. / – Yes, coffee It’s like she’s got a beard – I’ve reserved a cafe. / – Okay Let’s wash up and go Let’s have a cold cup of coffee there But don’t call me too soon I’m going to use up all of my time here (She actually filled up all of her time) I really didn’t want to leave It’d be nice if you could relocate in the egg There’s a time limit? – Fly! / – Yes, there is – How many hours? / – You can’t stay longer I think Nha Trang was a good choice (6 ways to enjoy Nha Trang) (Vietnamese coffee) – Vietnamese coffee is famous. / – Time for coffee Vietnamese coffee is really good Vietnamese coffee is famous, right? – It’s a cafe district. / – Yes, coffee – This entire area is a cafe district? / – Yes (This tranquil street) (Is a Vietnamese coffee street) (We have coffee) That’s the cafe we’re heading to – Here? / – No, this way That looks like some primeval forest Doesn’t it seem real fresh? It’s a rainforest theme It’s unique (How will it look inside?) (It looks like they’re in a forest) (You can relax in the middle of the city) Such a wonderful spot has been reserved for us It suits the title, rainforest Rainforest It’s so cool – Rainforest? / – Yes – It’s must be a popular place. / – It is For me, in Vietnam – I have to try coffee with condensed milk. / – Right – Coffee with condensed milk. / – I want to have that Sua nong is hot coffee Sua da is cold coffee – I want sua da. / – Sua da no matter what? That’s right. Of course You need cold drinks in Vietnam I only found out this time round that Vietnamese coffee tastes so good People buy lots of coffee in Vietnam It was good This is sweet like a mocha Their handmade yogurt is famous – Okay, good. / – It’s refreshing and has fruit in it

I’ll order one each for us Isn’t it so nice with the trees here? It’s so nice I like this place best out of all the places in Nha Trang But Is the chair uncomfortable? So pretty (Strong espresso and condensed milk with espresso ice) – I want coffee. / – That was good – That ice is so pretty, right? / – It’s round Jungah, stop falling for them Jungah, just sit over here (Bac xiu is coffee made with milk) That yogurt was so tasty I really wanted to buy some and bring it home Coffee is $2.10 I like this cup The cameraman drank this so I was wondering why he placed it so it leans But it was the cup that’s crooked This is just like me – This has my personality. / – Why? I’m always crooked (I’m crooked) (She enjoys the crooked coffee) My pupils are trembling It really opens up your eyes It’s very sweet, isn’t it? You crave sugar at times like that – That’s right. / – It has the right amount of sugar – It’s good, right? / – Yes There’s cocoa powder at the bottom The coffee’s good here Good! The unique thing is You drip the coffee here (Drip coffee from grounded beans) (Stir to melt and mix in the condensed milk) (Pour it onto the espresso ice) – It’s so good. / – It really was good It looks so good The espresso is good too Does it make your eyes open wide? It’s a new taste It’s good Right? – Right? It’s good, right? / – Yes It’s good I don’t really like espresso that much It’s too strong – But with the condensed milk… / – With strong Mixed in, and drinking it cold – It’s good. / – Yeah Let’s try the yogurt now It’s $3 for yogurt They have so much fruit (How does fruit yoghurt taste?) It’s good Vietnamese food is good It’s really good Plus, the fruit in Vietnam are delicious – That’s right. / – They give you so much fruit – Good level of sweetness. / – It’s good That looks so good I got greedy and ordered two It’s good (She got some yoghurt on her) (Where’s my napkin?) – The thing about Vietnam… / – Yes? Everything is good but they don’t give you napkins – Napkin… Hurry! / – This is a concern They would’ve had them ready in Korea It’s good You’ve had Vietnamese street food and local food too I prepared a really fancy restaurant for our next meal Nice Thank you. I’ll look forward to it You can look forward to it You must adore her A junior preparing all this for you She could become your travel partner Yes, after this trip, I’m certain about it Sikyung, you should take a senior too – Someone like Kim Heungkook. / – What? Take Kim Heungkook on a trip Why won’t you go with your senior? (6 ways to enjoy Nha Trang, traditional food) (Vietnamese coffee to traditional restaurant, 5 minutes) (The sun goes down) Are they eating again? Of course Since it’s cheap, you can eat lots How many meals are you eating? With Vietnamese food – Nothing tastes bad. / – That’s right – It’s perfect for Korean palate. / – It’s perfect If we had looked for good places in the side alleys so far Since today’s the last day, we’ve come a slightly fancy Vietnamese restaurant Why didn’t you take me here earlier? If we had started with places like this – You’d be dissatisfied with the others. / – True This is a really famous place many locals and tourists come here (A table full of food) (Food looks as good as the restaurant)

(How will the food taste?) – Shall we try it? / – Okay Let’s dig in – This is the spring roll? / – Yes – These are like the spring rolls in Korea? / – Yes This is called goi cuon It’s a traditional Vietnamese dish We normally have it with peanut sauce But it’s a different peanut sauce here I want to try this first That’s really good This isn’t right This is just It’s a spring roll It’s a bit different to Korea It’s a wrap – That isn’t fattening at all. / – It’s a spring roll But it’s different to spring rolls in Korea The previous place we went to They just put meat and vegetables But here they add seafood and wrap it in rice paper Even I think we’re eating way too much here When we travel overseas, the most important thing is a good restaurant You just introduce the places and I’m doing all the eating here You won’t get fat but I’ll gain tons of weight Is she a rapper? Show me the money I’m eating a lot too You don’t like coriander as much as me It tastes good no matter how much weight I’d gain (She eats the last bite) – Shrimp. / – Fried shrimp – Shrimp cha gio. / – It’s good My favorite Vietnamese dish is cha gio – Shall we have a taste? / – Yes (Thumbs up) It’s good It has shrimps and minced meat It’s good (Simultaneously) I’ll be thinking of this in Korea I’ll crave it Vietnam is famous for pho, right? For today, I ordered a famous mixed noodles in Vietnam At Vietnamese restaurants in Korea, they sell this as bun cha It’s popular among Koreans too Try some They eat like there’s no tomorrow It was just so good Like this Dip it in the sauce (How does local bun cha taste?) – It’s good, right? / – It’s good The basic taste of Southeast Asian cuisine They have a special sauce of this region that’s different to coriander It’s sweet yet salty It has a sweeter taste That tastes like pork ribs – The sauce… / – It’s stimulating – Yes, with veggies… / – Jungah is on our side No I’m just concentrating I’d better try it Since it’s so cheap here, it’s great that we can order everything we want How much was all this? This is a fancy restaurant We ordered so many dishes but – How much? I wouldn’t know. / – $11? Hyunjoo paid If you come as a family I think this is a tourist spot where you can eat everything – You and your kids want. / – Nha Trang? – It’s expensive in Japan. / – It is I think it’s great for an eating trip here Yes, very cost-effective (It’s already the final night) (The beautiful night view of Nha Trang) Even young kids can go in there – There? / – Yes The club only opens late at night If you avoid those times – You can go there with family. / – That’s good We went up there and the cool breeze Since it gets cooler in the evening The cool air was nice You can see a 360 degree view of the night If you go there – Oh, yes. / – Yes

I see a stage over there After 10 o’clock, it’s a club I have to see Guide Kong’s dance skills Okay She’s so funny You can feel our groove, right? – What’s wrong with me? / – She was too good for me – She really knows how to have fun. / – What’s wrong? Are you insane, Jungsoo? There she goes again (She wants to dance some more) You need to groove Oh, yeah It seems like you’ve been to lots of clubs I only studied (A cocktail for the studious Jungsoo) – It’s $7.50 for entry. / – Free drinks? – With a free drink. / – For real? That’s part of the entry fee? That drink was nice too Thank you Our final night – Let’s end on a high. / – Yes It’s good It’s so good – It’s refreshing, right? / – Yeah – Let me try yours. / – Yeah (She takes out the mint) (Pick) (To her mouth) This Why do I like herbs so much? – When I see these… / – It’s for decoration Try it – It’s mint. / – Yeah, mint is delicious Isn’t it good? (While she’s busy with the cocktail) (Spits it out) – Don’t you like mint? / – No, it’s too strong I like it Let me just live in Vietnam Being here on a rooftop Listening to music and having a drink… How is it? I love it When you first suggested we come here, I don’t really like being up on high places But if you visit Nha Trang, make sure you go to a rooftop It’s so cool here With incredible music And a cocktail It’s nice How was the tour? First, I never knew that I liked Vietnamese food this much I realized it for the first time When I don’t have an appetite, sometimes I had Vietnamese food But I really had no idea that I’d enjoy local Vietnamese food this much With my loving junior It was great to share special moments I liked that the best It felt like I was traveling with a friend my age You had more fun than me When I saw that The things I hesitated with, you enjoyed without fear It was embarrassing I was supposed to be the guide (The final part of the memorable Nha Trang Tour) – Nha Trang Tour. / – Nha Trang Tour – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! Isn’t that Gangbyeonbuk-ro in Korea? That was Such an energetic trip despite being in Spain not long ago It was so nice to watch again I want to go again I think this tour was so perfect You should make a travel package named Kong Tour I really like that idea – Kong Hyunjoo… / – It was perfect I’m asking as a father How long from the airport to hotel? From the airport to hotel Was it 50 minutes? – How long? 50 minutes? / – It’s far The hotel is too far from the airport He’s doing that on purpose We’ll attack one more time Let’s check the travel expenses of Kong Tour, excluding the airfare For 3 days and 2 nights, you ate so much – Enjoyed hot springs to the fullest. / – Yes – You stayed at a 5 star hotel? / – Of course – For 3 days on the Kong Tour… / – You’ll be shocked – The expenses at Nha Trang… / – Total costs – Per person… / – Per person? Please tell them $225.90 This is so $225.90 – The cost-effectiveness… / – $220 Isn’t that the cost of one meal in Fukuoka? It’s not that expensive That’s going too far If you have proper sashimi – It’d cost more. / – With drinks We didn’t eat sashimi – For me, Vietnam… / – We ate cheap food

I knew it was cheap – But I didn’t think it was this cheap. / – The hotel It cost $57 per person We accept that – Including breakfast. / – We accept it Nha Trang was good How long did the flight take? The flight took some time – That’s a bit… / – 5 hours and 20 minutes – It’s a direct flight. / – Direct flight? – There’s a direct flight. / – There is! – To Nha Trang? / – Yes They’re going to make another direct flight We took a direct flight Great. Now we’ll head to Fukuoka – Next week. / – Are you confident? – Us? / – Yes Jungah is already on our side No, I’m She’s completely into our trip The food looked so delicious and it cost so little That was pretty good – We accept it. / – We do – But Fukuoka is close. / – Right – You can go there fast. / – It’s 15 minutes from the airport A cheap trip doesn’t mean – It’s good. / – That’s right That’s obvious Don’t compare the costs Let’s check out your trip first – Should we? / – Good The hot springs were so good – Our skin got better. / – Good I look younger now No? It’d be hard to believe but she’s my age and she’s 1 year older This is how young they became – I know. / – It’s because of Fukuoka Next week, Fukuoka Look forward to our hot springs (Next episode) Fukuoka This is our secret course So pretty I didn’t know such a place existed They have over 28 hot springs This is awesome It’s getting hot, isn’t it? We’re becoming skin beauties Hot springs are so nice Nice! (Battle Trip) (“Tell Me” by INFINITE)