University of Iowa Graduate College Masters Commencement – Spring 2020

(“Pomp and Circumstance” by Edward Elgar) – Welcome to the University of Iowa’s 2020 Spring Commencement I offer my heartiest congratulations to all the graduates at this very special moment in your lives And I also want to extend a special thanks to all the family, friends, teachers, and mentors who have played a crucial role in your achievements and your success And graduates, please remember to thank them And as you go through your lives, graduates, please remember all those that helped you get to this very special day, and please, pay it back to the next generation Now, graduates, we’re recognizing you, in a unique way this year, but our pride in your accomplishments remains as strong and bright as at any Iowa commencement And as always, we stand together as Hawkeyes, together with strength, purpose, and pride And as you move on to your own new pursuits, we thank you, our graduate students, for the years you have devoted to us, giving us your best not only in your areas of expertise, but also in your lives We thank you You have contributed significantly to our research enterprise as well as to your own Many of you have taught classes here, contributing to our students’ education with fresh and unique perspectives and the latest knowledge Your work here at the University of Iowa will always remain a part of our foundation of excellence And your work in the future will always reflect positively on your Iowa education We will always welcome you back to our campus, and we hope you will be able to join us for an in-person graduation ceremony in the coming year Once again, congratulations, good luck, and best wishes for great success in the wonderful years ahead of you We are very, very proud of you – Greetings, graduating students, family, and friends We are all heartbroken that we can’t be together in-person on this special day, and that you are not enjoying the grand celebration you deserve, surrounded by your peers, family, friends, and the faculty and staff who have cheered you along the way and who are all so proud of you I am personally deeply disappointed that I will not be able to shake your hand as you walk across the stage, and congratulate you in person But even if I can only do so virtually, it is no less of a privilege and a joy for me to celebrate the dedicated endeavor, accomplishments, and unique qualities of the very fine members of our graduating class for Spring 2020 Graduates, you should be so proud of what you have achieved Please know that we could not be more proud of you, and we are honored to have traveled with you on your academic journey I hope you will also remember that what you have accomplished and what you have gained during your time with us cannot be conveyed with a transcript or summarized in a diploma For in addition to receiving the highest quality education inside and outside the classroom, you have received an education in life from each other You have formed irreplaceable friendships with your peers and with your mentors, relationships formed during good times and bad You have faced daunting challenges, including this unprecedented spring semester, and you have navigated them with resilience and determination Those qualities and those relationships will serve you well no matter where your journey takes you next As you leave this university, your university, you are carrying on a long tradition of excellence Go forward with confidence Do great things, large and small I know you will always be proud to call the University of Iowa your alma mater, just as we will always be proud to claim you

as a member of the Hawkeye family Congratulations, class of 2020! – My name is John Keller, and I am Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Education, and Dean of the Graduate College here All of us who celebrate you today know that this virtual commencement is far from ideal We’d prefer to applaud your accomplishments and shake your hand in person, but these are extraordinary times I have been incredibly impressed with how resilient all of our graduate students have been during this pandemic, and how you took all of the disruptions thrown at you in stride I speak for my colleagues when I say that we are extremely proud of your hard work and your dedication During your time at Iowa, you have created new knowledge through your research, through scholarship, and your creative work And we hope that the valuable research and insightful experiences you had on campus stay with you for a lifetime As you leave campus to begin or to resume your professional career, your contributions will not be forgotten Today marks the end of your graduate work, but the beginning of the next phase of your personal and professional lives, and we wish you well moving forward Congratulations, again, to all of you Please enjoy the rest of this virtual celebration and the conferring of the degrees I hope that you are soon able to celebrate with your family and friends And welcome, newest cohort of Graduate alumni! – My name is Andre Perry, and I’m very honored to deliver these notes for the Masters’ Commencement this year Graduates, I congratulate you, we congratulate you, the University of Iowa congratulates you for arriving at this day We’re so proud of all the accomplishments that you’ve made here and everything you’re gonna do once you leave this place We offer you support, we offer you our spirit, as you embark upon the world during an uncertain time No one could’ve really planned to enter the world in the current atmosphere in which we’re living, but truly, it is what it is, and there are so many challenges we must face We have to hit them head-on, and at the same time, crisis can also bring unflinching clarity Now is the time to pursue and embrace the passion and the goals and the values that drive you as a person Whether you came here to be a researcher, an educator, an academic, an artist, the core reason for your time here, as you hone your skills, and you developed your mind was to really evolve your citizenship and think deeply and develop deeply how you will encounter and move through this world And so, as you move into this uncertain world, we do encourage you to embrace your citizenship, and to push forward the values that drive you, and we know that if you do that, your contributions to communities near and far will be so meaningful, and we can’t wait to see what you do, to celebrate what you do, and to ultimately welcome you back to this campus, to hug you when we can hug again, and just thank you for what you’ve contributed to the world around you, and what you’ve done for the heart and soul of the University of Iowa, and for the heart and the soul of our global community Thank you, good luck We have so much love and so much pride in everything you’ve done Thank you – My name is Melissa Airy, and I’m graduating with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art Three years, I walked onto the University of Iowa campus to start my graduate career I was eager, nervous, and completely unaware of how this place and these people would transform me Within these three years that I’ve called the University of Iowa my home, I not only received a top-notch education, but I have been woven into the threads of the identity of this university Class of 2020, we are Hawkeyes, and because of the work we have done here, we have paved the way for future learners, and academics to come So how does such profound growth occur throughout the career of a graduate student? Well, first, we were surrounded by creative, innovative and highly motivated peers whose research has carved new paths for a lifetime’s worth of work to come We learned from the best in our field, faculty mentors and university staff encouraged and propelled us forward, thinking and engaging

in a way that, at times, seemed outside of the realms of our possibilities But they raised the bar, and we continued to exceed those expectations We engaged on a campus that was bustling with never-ending opportunities We learned in state of the art facilities, new processes and contemporary methodologies We learned in collaborative environments that always placed student success at the forefront of its mission Our academic careers were always supported at the University of Iowa Countless fellowships, grants, conferences, exhibitions, and research opportunities were provided to make sure we are at the leading edge of our fields But most importantly, the University of Iowa gave us the confidence to go out into the world, as engaged scholars, compassionate citizens, and fervent advocates for the betterment of the world we live in Our achievements are endless, and we are entering the world at a time when we are needed now more than ever As we overcome this global pandemic, we have the ability to reshape the world as we know it During this time of transition, the world needs our resourcefulness, our drive, and our innovative work to bring us back together stronger than ever before And we are ready We will always be a community that was united through the University of Iowa Wherever we go, and whatever we do, let us always take with us our memories, our achievements, and our dreams It’s our turn to be sent out to change the world Congratulations, class of 2020! – President Harreld, these candidates have completed all of the requirements for the degrees, Specialist in Education, Masters of Arts, Master of Accountancy, Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Computer Science, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Health Administration, Master of Public Health, Master of Science, Master of Science in Nursing, and Master of Social Work and are recommended to you by the faculty of the Graduate College for the conferring of these degrees – On recommendation of the Faculty of the Graduate College and by the authority vested in me by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, I confer on each of you the degree Specialist in Education, Master of Arts, Master of Accountancy, Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Computer Science, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Health Administration, Master of Public Health, Master of Science, Master of Science in Nursing, and Master of Social Work as qualified and designated Congratulations – [Narrator] Chamini Nirosha Abesiriwardhane Kulathunga, MFA, Comparative Literature, Translation Mofesola Olaoluwa Adeola, MSW, Social Work Emily Marcia Airhart, MA, Music Melissa Jo Airy, MFA, Art Huda Thamer A. Alaithan, MFA, Art Tunazzina Binte Alam, MS, Urban and Regional Planning Alshimaa Musfer A Alghamdi, MS, Oral Science Amal Ali A. Aljeshi, MS, Oral Science Ashley Marie Anderson, MSW, Social Work Brady Anderson, MS, Statistics Rachael Jean Anderson, MA, Rehabilitation and Counselor Education Kathleen Archer, MFA, Comparative Literature, Translation Ali Asgher, MCS, Computer Science Denys Azpeitia, MSW, Social Work Justin Balvanz, MS, Business Analytics William Riley Bamber, MAC, Accounting Alyssa Marie Barnes, MSW, Social Work Sherry Lynn Beard, MSW, Social Work Carly Danielle Beastrom, MHA, Health Management and Policy

Alexandra Beckwith, MA, Educational Policy and Leadership Studies Alana Grace Bendler, MHA, Health Management and Policy Mark Biangmano, MA, Rehabilitation and Counselor Education Marcelina Bixler, MA, Teaching and Learning Kevin Janusz Blicharski, MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering Lakyn Elizabeth Boltz, MA, Sport and Recreation Management Hailey Rose Boudreau, MPH, MPH Program Elisabeth LeeAnn Boulund, MA, Teaching and Learning Alex L. Bradshaw, MS, Urban and Regional Planning Bhupinder Singh Brar, MS, Business Analytics Morgan John Brittain, MA, Art History Maddie Marie Bro, MA, Strategic Communication Mackenzie Kaye Busch, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Cathryn Carney, MS, Teaching and Learning McKyla Carson, MPH, MPH Program Walter Carter, MA, Rehabilitation and Counselor Education Juan Pablo Castro Cuellar, MS, Oral Science Julia T. Chaloupka, MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering Juliette Chamberlain, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Ranessa Marie Chase, MSW, Social Work Raemi Jo Chavez, MPH, MPH Program Camera Q. Chen, MCS, Computer Science Jiyun Angelique Chong, MAC, Accounting Vijay Chowdhry, MS, Business Analytics Kaitlan Marie Christensen, MHA, Health Management and Policy Kelly Lynn Clare, MA, Art Sarah Rose Corcoran, MSW, Social Work Andrea Lynn Courtney, MA, Rehabilitation and Counselor Education Justin Marshall Covert, MS, Business Analytics Nick Crnic, MS, Business Analytics Eliza Rose Daly, MPH, MPH Program Matthew Louis Davis, MS, Biostatistics Brandon DeGroot, MSW, Social Work Avanti Harish Deshmukh, MCS, Computer Science Louisa Ann Margaret Dewey, MFA, English Madeline May Dohleman, MS, Health and Human Physiology Megan Donahoe, MAC, Accounting Yeabsira Taye Doornink, MSW, Social Work Matthew Thomas Doyle, MA, Strategic Communication Zachary Lane Doyle, MS, Business Analytics Joseph Daniel Duffy, MFA, English Madison Marcyn Farrey, MA, Teaching and Learning Isaac Webster Fisher, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Jessie Foote, MSW, Social Work Tarryn Ashley Sue Ford, MS, Teaching and Learning Amanda Ann Freese, MA, Teaching and Learning Harrison Liam Freund, MS, Urban and Regional Planning

Kathryn Rose Gabel, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Mackenzie Bennett Gill, MA, Library and Information Science, MFA, Comparative Literature, Translation Suzanne Taylor Ashley Glemot, MFA, Book Arts Dexter Ralph Golinghorst, MHA, Health Management and Policy Caitlin Elise Grant, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Andrea Paulette Greathouse, MHA, Health Management and Policy Mikkisha Sharae Greene, MSW, Social Work Jessica Anne Gribble, MAT, Teaching and Learning Jolene Rae Griffith, MS, Business Analytics Anna Louise Gudjonsdottir, MS, Biostatistics Kelsey Nicole Guyette, MSW, Social Work Michael John Hadacek, MS, Mechanical Engineering Beth Marie Hahn, MA, Educational Policy and Leadership Studies Victoria Lynn Halloran, MS, Urban and Regional Planning Joshua C. Harris, MS, Urban and Regional Planning Cheryl Denice Hayes, MSW, Social Work Abigail Louise Graham Heaton, MSW, Social Work Matthew Joseph Helm, MA, English Nicholas Hemming, MA, Strategic Communication Mary Carolyn Hepburn, MSW, Social Work Javier Hernandez, MFA, Spanish Creative Writing Ethan Heusser, MFA, English Sean Kenneth Hilton, MS, Urban and Regional Planning Karen Marie Holmen, MSW, Social Work Carli Marie Holub, MA, Rehabilitation and Counselor Education Julia Maxine Howard, MA, Sport and Recreation Management Damien David Ihrig, MA, Library and Information Science Christopher A. Iverson, MPH, MPH Program Kayla Lynn Jackson, MA, Psychological and Quantitative Foundations Rebekah Washington Jalilian-Nosraty, MAC, Accounting Gaurav Singh Jawla, MCS, Computer Science Kacie Jensen, MSW, Social Work Marissa Lyn Johnson, MSN, Nursing Amber Charisse Jointer, MSW, Social Work Cassandra Leigh Joyce, MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering Anna Mae Kane, MPH, MPH Program Siddarth Kannan, MCS, Computer Science Wafaa Waddah Y. Kattan, MS, Oral Science Paige Joslyn Kehrli, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Madeline Elizabeth Kemp, MPH, MPH Program Michael Joseph Kiraly, MAC, Accounting Elizabeth Marie Kneeskern, MA, Strategic Communication Jessica Mae Kokesh, MSW, Social Work Anne Kate Kollasch, MHA, Health Management and Policy

Zachary Stephen Kollasch, MAC, Accounting Benjamin James Kost, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Timothy John Krueger, MA, Strategic Communication Katie Krusen, MSW, Social Work Liebana Kuennen, MSW, Social Work Emily Hope Kuhlmann, MA, Rehabilitation and Counselor Education Purna Chandra Reddy Kuntla, MS, Business Analytics Madison Marie Kyle, MSW, Social Work Gaylene Diane Lambson, MA, Strategic Communication Mark Thomas Lanning, Jr., MFA, Art Dana Helen Larson, MA, Strategic Communication Dale Lavine, MA, Strategic Communication Abigail Anne Lee, MPH, MPH Program Camille Lemieux, MA, Psychological and Quantitative Foundations Andrea Peirce Lenartz, MPH, MPH Program Melvin Zhiyue Li, MFA, English Yunyi Li, MS, Informatics Kristy L. Liechti, MSW, Social Work Junxia Lin, MS, Finance, MS, Business Analytics Jesse Noah Liszewski, MS, Biomedical Engineering Seth Robert Livingston, MAC, Accounting Michael Albert Loewen, MS, Business Analytics Angela Janine Looney, MA, Strategic Communication Daniel Ali Machlab, MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering Carla Mahler, MHA, Health Management and Policy Steven Mann, MA, Strategic Communication Mahmoud Manouchehri Amoli, MS, Health Policy Maureen Elizabeth Martin, MPH, MPH Program Logan Alexis Mayo, MA, Strategic Communication Grace Carolyn McCombs, MA, Teaching and Learning Joshua Patrick McCoy, MS, Business Analytics Edward Russell Howland McDavid, MS, Finance Emma Catherine McIntire, MHA, Health Management and Policy Joshua Alexander McKinney, MA, Anthropology Elisabeth Meade, MAC, Accounting Brittany LeeAnn Means, MFA, English Jordyn Lynne Meyer, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Laura Elizabeth Michelson, MA, Library and Information Science Alecs Ignatius Mickunas, MA, Library and Information Science Tristan James Miedema, MA, Music Holly Miller, MA, Educational Policy and Leadership Studies Scott Alan Miller, MS, Business Analytics Catherine Anne Moghram, MSW, Social Work Kathleen Elizabeth Moorman, MS, Chemistry Taryn Kathleen Mottet, MA, Educational Policy and Leadership Studies

Guadalupe Munoz Rocha, MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering Pradeep Narasimhamurthy, MS, Business Analytics Krista Marie Narciso, MFA, Book Arts Mallory Nath, MSW, Social Work Hannah Quinn Neel, MS, Urban and Regional Planning Taylar Anne Neighbour, MSW, Social Work Barbara A. Newhall, MS, Teaching and Learning Brooke Neyen, MSN, Nursing Yueru Ni, MA, Asian Civilizations Matthew J. Nicholas, MS, Business Analytics Annie Nimtz, MSN, Nursing Daniel Meir Niv, MS, Actuarial Science Alyssa Jo Noble, MS, Health and Human Physiology Neva Nadine Nobles-Alder, MFA, Art Felipe Nor, MS, Oral Science Amy Catherine Ogilvie, MS, Epidemiology Meredith Ruth Olson, MA, Teaching and Learning Lindsay Danielle Otto, MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering Karan Pahlani, MCS, Computer Science Camden Palmisano, MA, Sport and Recreation Management Onae Grace Parker, MA, Linguistics Kimber Sue Patterson, MSW, Social Work Journey Penney, MS, Biostatistics Tylor Dean Petty, MA, Rehabilitation and Counselor Education Jennifer Lee Plathe, MSW, Social Work Yvonne Christine Potter, MA, Strategic Communication Keyu Qiu, MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering Hemalatha Ramachandran, MCS, Computer Science Meghan Dorothy Randig, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Colton Rathe, MS, Business Analytics Jordan Ratz, MS, Business Analytics Samantha Rose Reed, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Ellen Theresa Reynolds, MA, Library and Information Science Melisa Ribikawskis, MS, Urban and Regional Planning Eva Henrietta Richards, MA, Music Kelsey Nicole Rodgers, MSW, Social Work Lyndi Roecker, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Megan Margaret Roome, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Amy Sarow, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology John Bradley Schetzsle, MS, Business Analytics Megan Marie Nolte Schmitt, MS, Business Analytics Trent W. Schneider, MA, Sport and Recreation Management Megan Ann Schott, MS, Urban and Regional Planning Anna Kathryn Schuchert, MAC, Accounting Noah Segal, MPH, MPH Program Casey Rae Semos, MPH, MPH Program

Jay Shah, MHA, Health Management and Policy Ayman Mahmoud Sharif, MS, Urban and Regional Planning Moamen Esmat Ahmed Mohamed Sheba, MS, Oral Science SuYeong Shin, MS, Informatics Virag Vishnukumar Shukla, MS, Business Analytics Tobi Coleman Simmons, MSW, Social Work Zamora Atasha Simmons, MFA, Theatre Arts Michael L. Sims, MS, Business Analytics Clayton Slack, MAC, Accounting Jason Ramon Smith V, MA, Rehabilitation and Counselor Education Jillian Nicole Smith, MA, Teaching and Learning Alexandra Myers Smolik, MHA, Health Management and Policy Valerie Patricia Soemadi, MA, Teaching and Learning Rebecca Caryl Sorsen, MS, Mathematics Dawn Elizabeth Spiess, MSW, Social Work Sriram Srinivasan, MCS, Computer Science Shalini Srivastava, MS, Informatics Sydney Marilynne Stankee, MSW, Social Work Shannon Rose Stargardt, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Darius Antwan Stewart, MFA, English Jessica Marie Swiser, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Erin Kristine Taber, MPH, MPH Program Mariana Tejeda, MFA, Theatre Arts Jian Teng, MS, Mechanical Engineering Rachel Cecilia Thain, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Rachel Elizabeth Thies, MHA, Health Management and Policy Hannah Marie Timmerman, MA, Strategic Communication Mary Kate Marie Titus, MHA, Health Management and Policy James Tran, MA, Art Alexandra Marie Trannel, MS, Epidemiology Kaylee Jo Tritle, MA, Strategic Communication Laura Marie Tvedte, MS, Occupational and Environmental Health Kristen Renee Van Scoyoc, MSN, Nursing Leah Mae Vance, MSW, Social Work Derek Scott Vanino, MA, Strategic Communication Alison Jeanine Vavra, MA, Rehabilitation and Counselor Education Zachary P. Veigulis, MS, Business Analytics Jennifer Gayle Vess, MFA, Art Austin Joseph Ralston Vincent, MA, Strategic Communication Peterson Wambuu, MS, Urban and Regional Planning Robin Less Wassef, MSN, Nursing Zoe Paulos Webb, MA, Library and Information Science Lora Raye Wegener, MA, Library and Information Science Alexa Lynn Welch, MS, Health and Human Physiology Alexis Deanna West, MSW, Social Work

Andrew Robert West, MCS, Computer Science Bailey James Westfall, MS, Finance, MS, Business Analytics Marit Westrich, MSW, Social Work Sarah Christine Wikum, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Joseph Buckner Wilensky, MS, Urban and Regional Planning Erin Elizabeth Willits, MHA, Health Management and Policy Andrew Aaron Wirtz, MA, Teaching and Learning Addison Wayne Woll, MA, Educational Policy and Leadership Studies Audrey Lee Wood, MA, Speech Pathology and Audiology Brooke Jean Woods, MSW, Social Work Ge Wu, MA, Asian Civilizations Xiaoyu Xing, MCS, Computer Science Daniel John Yaeger, MS, Business Analytics Matthew Yoder, MSW, Social Work Kwang-Hyuk Yoo, MA, Library and Information Science Alithea Nell Charlson Zorn, MS, Biostatics (“Pomp and Circumstance” by Edward Elgar) – On behalf of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, I congratulate each and every one of you graduating today The most essential mission of Iowa’s Public Universities is the education of our citizens for lives of prosperity and service Today, we celebrate the successful completion of that mission Iowans have known from the beginning of statehood, that knowledge, critical thinking and cultural understanding are essential to student success, and happiness and to the well-being of the state and our larger society We celebrate the value of education in our state by honoring you today, our wonderful graduates of the University of Iowa Today, you embark on an exciting new chapter of your life You will enjoy many personal and professional successes You will share your talents to create a better future for us all And as you do, take pride in being the shining example of how support from all of the people of Iowa and our public representatives in government is essential to the foundation in education that underscores the strength of the state of Iowa, as well as our entire state Once again, congratulations to you all The Board of Regents, State of Iowa, is very proud now to call you alumni of the University of Iowa – It is now my pleasure to share with you a few happy memories of your time at Iowa (inspirational music) – Greetings, fellow graduates!

I know what a momentous day and occasion this is for all of you I also know that the degree you’ve earned will take you places that you never dreamed possible That is what happened to me It allowed me to have a great career in corporate America, co-author two books, and start a successful executive search practice in New York City My University of Iowa education opened doors for me I never thought possible You’ve most likely heard the expression, “Once a Hawkeye, always a Hawkeye,” and it is true As you stand on the brink of a multitude of possibilities, ready to begin a new adventure, I hope you will hold that mantra close to your heart 20 years ago, I gave a commencement speech at the Henry B. Tippie College of Business, and the three messages I shared then still hold true today Reflect, connect, and stretch I hope that as you go through life, you will reflect on your days at Iowa Make it a priority to connect to people you know, and all over the globe will get to know And always stretch yourself beyond what you believe is possible I know that Iowa graduates across the globe are ready to support you on whatever path you choose They’re waiting to share their success stories, to hire you, and to mentor you They’re opening their doors of their alumni clubs, and inviting you to join them in supporting your alma mater that launched your life’s journey, the University of Iowa No matter where we are on the map, Iowa alumni stay connected We get involved We give back, and we’re always better when we work together Please make it a priority to come back to campus as often as you can I’m a New Yorker, but I did that I came back to Iowa to serve on the University of Iowa Center for Advancement Board, a true honor to be at that table And being connected to my fellow graduates has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible So as you celebrate this momentous day, and rite of passage, and embark on a new relationship with the university, remember that you’re a Hawkeye for life and that Hawkeyes change the world, as I know all of you will Congratulations on your University of Iowa graduation, and welcome to the alumni family Go Hawks! – Hi, my name Kevin Washburn, Dean of the University of Iowa College of Law Congratulations graduates on this extraordinary achievement Good job! – This is Alec Scranton, Dean of the College of Engineering Congratulations to the Engineering Masters and Ph.D. graduates! We are proud of your accomplishments and wish you happiness and success in your future endeavors The world needs your skills and expertise So go out and make a difference! – Greetings graduates, my name is Amanda Thein, and I’m Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs in the College of Education On behalf of Dean Clay and all of the faculty and staff in the College of Education, I wanna offer you a heartfelt congratulations Each of you has worked hard and has so much to be proud of Take what you have learned and accomplished, carve your own path and do good in the world – Hi, I’m Christine Getz, Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Outreach and Engagement in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences On behalf of our faculty and staff, I wish to recognize your invaluable contributions to research, creative work, and teaching during your tenure here at Iowa, and I look forward to hearing of your many accomplishments in the next phase of your professional career Congratulations on this important milestone

– Hello, I’m Mike Duffel, and I serve as Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs in the College of Pharmacy I want to send my heartiest congratulations and best wishes to all the graduates In these uncertain times, more than ever before, it’s your education, creativity, and compassion for others that are the keys to both your future, and the future of all us Our future is in good hands Congratulations, again – Hi, I’m Edith Parker, Dean of the College of Public Health, and I wanna congratulate you today on your amazing accomplishment of graduating from the University of Iowa Graduate College I know these are difficult times, but I think when you look back you’ll be proud of the resilience you showed I hope that you continue forward and be as successful as you have been, and I wish you the best of luck Thank you – Hi, graduates This is Amy Kristof-Brown, Interim Dean in the Henry B. Tippie College of Business I just wanted to extend to you today my heartfelt congratulations You’ve made it to the finish line Whether you’ve just achieved your doctorate degree, your Masters in Accounting, Masters of Science in Finance or Masters of Science in Business Analytics, you’ve taken a hard road, and you’ve done well You successfully completed all the coursework, all the activities that were expected of you, and we’re so proud of you We’ve had a great time having you in our classes, and we look forward to seeing the wonderful things you do wherever you’re going next, whether that’s to a large corporation, a university, or even your own small business, we look forward to seeing you around campus again soon Thank you for being a part of the Tippie community Congratulations – Congratulations on your advanced degree from the University of Iowa! You are now alums of a world-class university, and you will never have to explain your University of Iowa degree anywhere in the world It will speak for itself Thank you, as a dean of a professional school for the academic depth and pride you bring to all of us Your collective performances raises all of us, large programs and small And with all of your sacrifice, take moments to enjoy the people and the activities most important to you You are ready to begin your journey Very best, thank you – Good morning This is Dan Tranel I’m the Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in the College of Medicine, and I want to congratulate you on your graduation, and your degree I also wanna say that this is obviously a time unlike any we’ve ever seen before, but I think that you should keep in mind that it’s a time of great opportunity I think that all of the challenges that we’re facing now are going to turn into many job opportunities down the road I think, in the decades ahead, having the education and the skill sets that you have, and that you’ve obtained during your time in study, studies here at the University of Iowa are going to serve you very well in the years ahead, and there will be lots of opportunities I wish you the best of luck in your career, and congratulations, again, on your degree, thank you – Congratulations graduates! I am Julie Zerwic, Dean of the College of Nursing I am very proud of the nursing graduates who are earning a Doctorate of Philosophy, a Doctorate of Nursing Practice or a Master of Science in Nursing degree This commencement is a celebration of all that you have accomplished You have chosen to obtain a graduate degree because of your desire to continue to advance your education Now, more than ever, we have need of your skill, your commitment and your compassion Go Hawks! – Like my fellow deans, it is, again, my pleasure to celebrate our Urban and Regional Planning Center for the Book and Library and Information Sciences students on your graduation today We are thrilled to welcome you to the University of Iowa family ♪ Come all alums of Iowa ♪ ♪ And blend your voices true ♪ ♪ Sing praises to our Alma Mater ♪ ♪ As good Hawkeyes do ♪

♪ Oh, Iowa ♪ ♪ Iowa ♪ ♪ We drink a toast to you ♪ ♪ We pledge our everlasting love ♪ ♪ For dear old Iowa U ♪ ♪ Alma Mater, Iowa ♪