Choose Love or Depression| Leon Fontaine 2019

it is so good to have you with us and we want to welcome all the other campuses that are joining us as well as YouTube in the other areas that we go around the world with welcome to Springs Church Father help us today your presence is here I pray as we focus on you and on your word that father the supernatural power of Jesus Christ that comes from your word in a relationship with you it’s gonna impact every person here I believe you for that right now in Jesus name Amen and amen and it claims ya steez chapter 1 verses 1 to 5 I want to start off with this this morning they’ll have it on the big screen and just pay attention to these words it’s hard to believe this is a book in the Bible but it has a profound purpose to be included in the Canon of Scripture it says these are the words of the teacher or preacher a son of David King in Jerusalem I’m reading from the expanded version it’s a great new Bible that’s out there and this is an allusion to Solomon and says the preacher says useless meaningless observed enigmatic transient vanity vapor bubble and so throughout this book useless completely useless everything is useless in the King James it says vanity vanity what do people really gain or profit from all the hard work and the toil they do here on earth under the Sun things never change people live a generation goes and people die a generation comes but the Earth continues indoors remains forever the Sun rises the Sun sets and then it hurries back pants to where it rises again the book of Ecclesiastes is really written for young people I believe to recognize that you can learn from experience but experience is not the best teacher and often experience is too late to really use the things you learn from experience in the areas that are really important to you how many of us wish that we could go back with what we know and redo entire sections of our lives so experience is a great teacher but experience is not the best teacher but if you do not get it from Holy Spirit who is the best teacher then you will get it maybe by experience or as a dog returns to his vomit proverbs says so a fool returns to his folly there’s no fool like an old fool in other words people who never learn but we’ve got to understand something if you will go to God’s Word proverbs says young man pay attention because you are going to go through life no different than people around the world if you succeed and become a king big deal there have been kings alive for thousands and thousands of years who have conquered the vendôme world had every pleasure known to man big deal you became a billionaire there been billionaires all over this world for as long as you can think and more prosperous and what you big deal that you’re respected and amazing there are people who lived thousands of years ago who were so respected their names are still alive in our culture today big deal it’s just vanity go ahead and work your fingers to the bone at the cost of your marriage your relationship with God your kids your next generation and big deal what are you doing and the book goes on to show the meaningless of wisdom the meaninglessness of prosperity how meaningless it is to pursue position how meaningless it is for pleasures and it’s trying to get the young man to recognize now to recognize now that all of these things that every he seems to go after generation after generation century after century for thousands of years people don’t seem to get it and at some point in their life usually too late to really bring a big difference to your entire giftedness and call you realize what in the world have I done pursuing that it’s meaningless vanity it’s talking about the futility of life without God’s love and

Thessalonians are second Thessalonians chapter 3 in verse 5 it says may the Lord lead guide direct your hearts into service into wisdom into doctrine into good works into becoming famous into becoming successful into making it direct may the Lord lead guide direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s patient his endurance his perseverance of all the things you could go after even when it comes to doctrine if I had o nickel for every leader in the Christian world I talked to who knows the scriptures who knows doctrine who has studied they’ve got doctrines of divinity and this and that and then I meet with them and and we’re working together on something I just see this sense of I’m gonna use an a word that we use all the time depression it’s when you get to vanity vanity everything’s meaningless what have I done what is my life accomplished where am i what if I pursued what’s going on and it literally begins to put this nothingness in your head that everywhere you look everywhere in your memory banks that you go you pull up the negative everywhere that you look in your future you superimpose a negative because you’ve come to a place where all of a sudden you’ve got wisdom on the fact that everything that is pursued outside the love of God is meaningless empty futile it’s like a bubble it’s transient it could be enigmatic meaning it can literally be all this mysterious thing about life no it’s about the love of God and 1st Thessalonians chapter 3 and verse 12 it says may the Lord make your love grow more and multiply abound overflow for each other and for all people so you will love others as we love you or just as our love abounds for you love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind love your neighbor as yourself you’re gonna discover if you’re not smart enough to learn something from Holy Spirit you will learn from experience there’s nobody alive you can marry that’s gonna meet that need no there’s no career that you can move to from the job that you have now that’s going to give you this fulfillment that comes out of the heart level there’s no task there’s no position there’s nothing take it from the wisest man quote unquote other than Jesus that ever lived Solomon who with all of this wisdom made you see people think that if you have a ton of knowledge and a ton of wisdom that you’re going to do things right but I know people who have a ton of knowledge and a ton of wisdom who do not use it for the things of God they’ll use all of this and it’s your beliefs it’s your core beliefs that uses this acumen that you have in wrong directions or in good directions God wants this love to grow to multiply to abound to overflow look at first Corinthians 16:22 if anyone does not love the Lord let him be separated from God lost forever anathema come o Lord maranatha Arabic phrase meaning either our Lord come our Lord has come this word anathema where it says separated from God lost forever it’s also means cursed you know there is a curse and a blessing that is on the planet so many people struggle with this and you know why you know is God a good God has got a bad God in the Old Testament whenever it says something like and God put this on people it literally is talking about this and I’ve got time to get down into the Hebrew but it’s literally saying because God put curses and blessings into the world every time there says well God has blessed me know you’ve just met all of the qualifications to be blessed see well God cursed me know you’ve just met all of the qualifications to be curse curses and blessings are here and they say God brought it because God placed into this planet a way to live in a way not to live and so we’ve got to understand that we are made in the likeness and the image of God we are literally in in the god class we’re not

in the animal class we’re in the god class we don’t think we’re equal to God but to think for a minute we’re just because we are one or two whatever chromosomes off of an ape that were just another animal not a chance made in the likeness and the image of God is very clear in the Bible and so you cannot pursue things on this planet except first in fact every life is about firsts what do you do first it’s very important first you seek the kingdom of God in other words the kingdom of God is the way God does things and when you seek first the kingdom you begin to recognize that it’s God recognizing and believing he loves me we love him first John says because he first loved us to you young people because the old people they could get this whatever you consider old don’t waste your youth on thinking that using your skills will make you happy Solomon used every gift and skill he had and was absolutely depressed well if I could just use my gift I’m gonna be happy the world doesn’t got a clue about what life is like and what to pursue seek first the kingdom of God recognize that God loves you that as he loves you and you believe that that you begin to love him and you should love him not with this we have this word that we use in our world called all in all in you ever watch somebody play a sport you can tell the ones who are all in and the ones who are just running patterns in church it’s easy to look at people and to see as they come and sit in blue chairs and watch screens and all that people have built and financed over the years it’s so easy when you meet them to meet someone who’s a consumer they just consume all that’s good but they’re not all in they’re not labouring volunteering giving tithing believing saying here and there’s a marked difference in the lives that I have observed over the 40 years I’ve pastored marked difference with generations when parents are all in when grandparents are all in or they just a consumer of all that is kind of helping them out from counsellors to doctors to churches to Dairy Queen to Walmart to everything is just here and again and Jesus never said that that we’re gonna just church is gonna be just something we kind of pop in and do know it’s God’s family coming together and when you recognize the incredible power and the necessity that you will not function unless you pursue love in the way the Bible outlines it for us Luke chapter 10 verse 27 it’s one of the most well known portions of Scripture around the world Muslims know this Jews have heard this story remember it I mean and it’s the story of the Good Samaritan and the Luke 10:27 the man answered the question from Jesus instead of love the Lord your God with all your heart all your soul all your strength and all your mind and love your neighbor as you love yourself in this verse is packed all the joy all of the fulfillment all every for the meeting – life is packed in this one verse love God love yourself love your neighbor and then as you pursue this the biblical godly way you will live this fulfilled life and on your deathbed go happily to this place called heaven because you’ve left behind the greatest legacy you could ever leave behind relationships people and and how you’ve lived your life Jesus said to this guy your answer is right do this and you will live he didn’t say no this and you will live today we have a huge discrepancy with the word no KN o W because we think because we know something that we experienced something and in the Hebrew and in the Greek it is so different when you talk about knowing something knowing something literally means to experience it with every capacity you have to experience something that you’re experiencing you know you’re participating you are acting this out but today we have this cerebral thinking that I know the doctrine and it’s not working for me and Jesus is saying to this guy he’s addressing this very issue because this guy knows the secret to life and he says do it and you will live and the man wanted to show the importance of his question or justify his question justify himself his own actions says to Jesus so who is my neighbor and we get into this teaching which I’m not gonna read it is so

well-known about a man who falls amongst thieves and people walk by who know the law who know God’s Word better than anyone else but they despise a group of people called Samaritans because these Samaritans they don’t they haven’t done things right they haven’t they don’t and so there is just this antagonistic relationship between the two and the Samaritans what does Jesus do he makes the Samaritan look good just bugs them irritates them the Samaritan bound up the wounds poured in the oil put him on his own animal brought him to the inn says here’s some more money to look after him in your life if you’re not careful everything about life is self focused so you succeed you have money you pursue pleasures you get married you have kids you are respected you are appreciated you pursue pleasures and so this thing about you is all through the Bible and and it’s showing us that that you are the most depressing topic you will ever have on your mind if you don’t believe me ask yourself for a solid week this week I wouldn’t do this am I happy ask yourself that five times a day it’s the fastest trip to depression you’ll ever have because your brain automatically looks for the negative interesting that loving people is valuing people sometimes we don’t get love like I used to struggle when I was a young man because I knew I had this passion for God and I would sing songs about loving God and knew that I did not love him you didn’t know not with my definition of love because my definition of love was it’s emotion it’s my heart beating fast it’s a tear in my arm and I recognize this word love it’s not talking about emotions but emotions follow love it’s talking about value and when I begin to bank this I begin to realize how much I value God and it this very definition of correcting this love made me realize I’ve always valued him I’ve always pursued him why have I lived in such guilt and condemnation that I don’t love God enough and so many gets stuck in us who were raised in religion it says we love him because he first loved us and as you begin to recognize this love is to value I value dim and I value him deeper and deeper and it has absolutely impacted my emotions my focus and everything about my life faith pissed us in the Greek literally means to trust and it says faith worketh by love you try to live a life of faith so many people struggle with their faith because their faith is how you get everything in life without faith it’s impossible to walk out God’s promises to please him and so we were just focused on faith and we’ve forgotten this little line faith worketh by love when you begin to know how much God values you loves you cares about you what he’s put in place for you what he’s done for you it changes everything you believe for because now as you recognize that the cross to the throne what Jesus has done he qualifies you for every promise it’s a gift of righteousness it is literally this grace is undeserved favor is how you get it but grace is God’s ability that comes to you when you begin to recognize this life just changes you know most people don’t stray too far from their parents worldview and life experiences that’s what a lot of people have noticed you know if your family’s kind of has a house and kind of this general area you know life might increase that you might have more modern conveniences and the amount of money changes that we make but if you really look at your parents few people okay move just completely further better greater than kind of the culture of the family they grew up in the culture of the town the culture whatever however you want to put it together maybe it’s your nationality but there’s a culture that we adhere to and people just gonna live within a certain amount of that little bubble and then there are others that just absolutely refuse to live within a worldview a belief system that has been taught to them a ram down their throat it’s been literally it’s the core of their self-worth and who they are on the inside and they live their whole lives rather than pursue truth for the selves it’s interesting to me how few people actually pursue wisdom actually pursue God a lot of people ask me um you know LeeAnn what he’s got any answers for this and they’ll ask me a question

and I’ll say yeah but I think me about two hours I can give you a book that’ll cover that oh yeah no it’s okay you read it it just tell me what you think I hear that a lot but that’s cute and funny as it seems to be and has shown me that you have time to explode on all fronts but not pursue truth not pursue things that are real not be a person who thinks for yourself I refuse to allow somebody else to tell me who you are when they kind of hint that you’re a bit of a troublemaker and you’re not a person of your word and you hear both so and so I made a decision years ago but I’m never gonna let somebody else think for me when it comes to who you are I want to learn I want to grow I just don’t want to be this little parrot that parrots everybody’s view thinking about others or about life Galatians 5:6 number six to the CG when we are in Christ it is not important if we are circumcised or not because neither circumcision nor uncircumcision accomplishes anything the important thing is faith the kind of faith that works through love this faith this trust in God this believing then if you trust God you trust what he says you trust his word the promises he’s put there the way he’s made for you to walk in his best from the cross to the throne you know what happened his death is burial his resurrection his ascension to the throne these truths are what determine what is ahead of you or you just go back and you just kind of live out just like the preacher in the book of Ecclesiastes pursuing all the wrong things if you want to change something in your life listen to this deep deep deep deep deep deep thought you have to make a decision the problem with today’s world is nobody makes a decision about anything nobody is all-in about anything that they’re just kind of like well let’s try it try is not even in Jesus vocabulary it doesn’t say he tried to find the coin it says he swept and told him to clean till they found the coin he didn’t try to find the treasure you searched till you go by the field and get the treasure it doesn’t say he tried fishing he fished till he caught try isn’t even in but try is such a a word in our vocabulary know what are you all in for well I’m all in in my marriage I mean if she treats me good I’m all into the church well until something better comes along that listen this all in is so foreign to our world all in means I’m here laboring rolling up my sleeves are you all in when it comes to God I’m all in with the Bible now you can do whatever you want okay you know however you’re gonna have sex at home we’re not going to put movie cameras in there make laws on it people are gonna live the way people want to live and there’s consequences to everything we do say think and believe but but your free will being go do what you want but don’t start telling me how to believe how to teach my kids or what I think is right or wrong because you have note there’s a freedom to Canada that I am glad I’m here for and I’m gonna talk about freedom I don’t need to get out quote verses that somebody and as to why they’re wrong or bad but I know what I believe and you don’t mess with what I believe because there’s a freedom here so you gotta be all-in what are you all in for in Psalms chapter hundred nineteen verse 113 number seven it says I hate disloyal double minded people as David talking but I love your teachings your instructions your laws David was all in what is double minded it’s not all in it’s well I’ll take this but you know I might find something better it’s like when you invite someone over they say well you know I’m pretty sure we can make it what does that mean they might get a better offer something more important than being at your place might come up to even get someone to commit I’ll be there we live in a world where all in what in the world does that mean James one verse six to eight another portion of scripture that teaches us that a double minded man cannot receive anything they are unstable if God’s Word is teaching us that to be double minded to not be all-in for something is an unstable way to think if you’re gonna pursue something you business people no did you if you’re gonna get a business going that you own run and start yeah there is no way to make it trying it there’ll be too many sleepless nights too many gut wrenching problems too many people against you too many valleys you got to go through to be all-in is going to throw up my sleeves and whatever it costs me I’m all-in if you do not have that kind of perspective for the things of God your family is gonna find something else your kids will find something else isn’t that

amazing but Christian kids are being attracted to other religions where people are all in they’ll blow themselves up I want to find truth in reality rather than well betrothed Jesus and you know we’ve got the liberal Christians over here that everything is now fine God loves you anyway which isn’t even the point it’s not the point that God just loves you it’s now can you live in His wisdom are you all in all through God’s Word James chapter 4 verses 4 to 8 again talks about being double-minded we hear about Lot’s wife where the Angels come into Sodom and Gomorrah and the angels say follow us we’re leading you out before brimstone and hail destroys this city as they’re walking out the angel gives them the last instructions don’t look back don’t look back one person looked back and died instantly was Lot’s wife and she’s referred to in doctrine when God is trying to say be all-in be all-in for the things of God Canada needs a group of people who walk in love and respect and love others and value others but they’re all in for what they believe we’re not double minded well I could try a little bit of a let’s try a little bit about this ya know all yeah remember Lot’s wife is first in the Bible in Hebrews chapter 11 verse 7 from Old Testament it says Noah was another who trusted God when he heard God’s warning about the future Noah believed him even though there was then no sign of a flood and wasted no time he built the ark and saved his family you need to build an ark father don’t be this half-baked never all in anything-goes kind of daddy because your kids won’t serve God you need to be all-in mama because there need to be a praying mama the only difference we know praying mama and a pitbull is lipstick you need to make a decision I’m all-in because if we’re not all in the next generation is not going to be all-in and in one generation you can lose the beauty and the relationship of God one generation it’s a teaching of a generation about the goodness and about God Noah built an ark what does that mean for you do I build an ark it means obey God is building an ark just obey Him just serve Him just be all-in you know they say that it probably took him from start to finish a hundred and twenty years he planted the trees for the ark that he built all in are you all in your whole life or does it go up and down are we all in that there is a God we under even do we even understand how good it feels my dad told me one time Leon we were looking at like a bunch of partiers driving down the street screaming and laugh and hang in there heads up the door and here’s what he told me he said Leon your worst day you will feel better than they do loaded drunk or high all that does is numb the lack of love and purpose that they have in their lives build an ark obey God live your life and obedience to Christ put his principles into work obey his word and you are going to find that this all in the next generation will do the same people have often asked me Leon I know your family’s not perfect but I love watching your kids what did you do I was all in I was all and I obeyed what God told me to do he said come in here and build a spirit contemporary church and we did that and we’re pursuing God in our life and and there’s no perfection anywhere but it’s wonderful to see that when you’re all in for the things of God you’re gonna thrive in politics thrive they’re looking for somebody who’s all-in with not just looking after themselves and their next getting in they’re looking for people people are just looking is there anyone out there that has some kind of a greater interest in themselves build an ark save your family get all in the first Timothy chapter 6 and verse 11 and 12 it says but you man of God run away from flee all these things instead chase after pursue a right relationship with God a godly life faith love patience endurance gentleness fight the good fight of faith you know what some of you need to do you pick a fight you know some people here are the ones are gonna walked around the playground their whole life mehmed’s others went around looking for a fight you come to your to a time in life where it’s time to pick a fight or you’re gonna get pickled by the world system it’s time to pick a fight to believe what you’re gonna believe it’s time to pick a fight and I don’t mean with people I mean with this onslaught of worldview and teaching and and all the things the world brings at us trying to get us to compromise to not believe to

become wishy-washy to kind of have a foot in the world and a foot in the kingdom of God ah gosh golly gee listen we can love and change the world but we need to maintain the culture of God’s kingdom it’s what the whole world’s looking for they can talk about the things that they want to pursue they can talk about the things that they think are important which is always which pleasure they’re focused on but those pleasures never last it’s time to pick a fight I just mean get up and be that person that will fight for what they believe I don’t mean fight people I don’t mean fight me I don’t mean fight the government there’s lots of wisdom we can use in our outer lives I’m talking about your inner world you’ve you become this person maybe they’re just kind of well I don’t know let’s just think about this let’s just talk about this everything is up for grabs everything can be changed and something is missing inside of us this incredible faith this trust that God his word is real and I’m banking my you know one of the things that you can trust about me is this everything I preach my kids are listening to and they’re living it it scares the hell out of me cuz there better not be any phony in me because I’m literally causing my kids to follow fol eNOS then there better be no you know fakes that there better be genuine off then because what I’m preaching my grandkids are not listening to you have some kids it’ll yank the slack out of you and you know I need to find real truth I need to make sure that I’m on I know I’m not perfect I’ve told them long ago they all know but we better know truth and we better be going in the right direction are you all in this is a passionate message but I’m telling you you’re not going to make it through the pitfalls you’re not going to make it through the incredible push and onslaught of believing other things because science says so psychology says so you better be all-in to God’s love and you bear life better be about people relationships when you seek first the kingdom you’re seeking first relationships with God your family with the people everywhere you go and when you pursue that you’re not gonna be backwards or slack in any of the other areas read Matthew 6 your career will do better than ever your finances will do better than ever everything you desire and everything that you want for pleasure at God’s right hand are pleasures forevermore doesn’t mean not till heaven it means now for eternity people struggle with that love if you’re dealing with something just love your spouse more well I know that person so stop love your spouse love your kids show it love the people around you everywhere you go value people reach out and love them help people out of predicaments make sure you’re laying down your life not just for a career because they’re gonna hand off your chair and the vice presidents often somebody else when you die get all in do it God’s Way find out and believe the love that God has for you and then take that love and when you know I did a funeral the other day and I told them about some of the funerals I’ve led I led a funeral with three people at it the funeral director the hired organist and I don’t know who the other person was when you go is it your car your position what is it you’re so proud about better be relationships number one your relationship with God and then everywhere you go take this love that you’ve learned to grow in an experience everyday and focus it on your marriage focus it on your kids focus it on everything around you because if you don’t you will get self focused but if you do as others are navel-gazing at a certain point in life and vanity vanity nothingness nothing is my life and all these things they go through you will sail through those areas of life because you found the key you found the entire purpose it’s a relationship with God through Jesus Christ this love will give you a purpose for the rest of your life that everywhere you go whether you’re on holidays or at work you’re gonna reach out and you’re gonna value people in love people you’re gonna reach out with mercy and pick that man up off the ground who’s been hurt and afflicted this loving is to be like Jesus father I pray today that every one of us would be all in that we would choose love because if we don’t we get depression we would choose to act on it we would choose to do it God’s Way and father the deepest core beliefs of our heart they’re those

subconscious beliefs will be so in tune with your word but all that rises up out of the deepest part of us is peace and joy and a sense of purpose and fulfillment I pray this message will be burnt into the minds and the hearts of every person listening and father we would do life your way in Jesus name and everybody in agreement said a man and a man you