One And Another Him – Cap 19 [SUB ESPAÑOL/ENG]

[One and Another Him] [Episode 19] [Love Teaches Us to Be Against Our Will First] Xiao En, Lin Yuan was shy, so she wanted me to tell you that she also likes you Hi, Lamb, this is a present from Lin Yuan She said she was waiting for your confession This is her gift to acknowledge your love for each other Here you go What is going on? Lin Yuan said she liked you already I always thought Zhou Yang was my love rival Turns out it is you One… two… three Lin Yuan, I like you When you’ve finished considering this, let me know I won’t take any “sorry” or ” thank you.” Lin Yuan Goodbye Zhou Yang, I admit defeat Then let the obvious winner chase Lin Yuan 11:40 p.m. at night The 67th time Just to be with Ma Dengdeng, is this worth it?

You won’t be able to return to your birth place or be reincarnated after death if you commit suicide in this foreign country And you’ll be a traveling ghost. Do you know that, Na Mu? I wasn’t trying to commit suicide! I was changing the light bulb What is the story with the noose then? The switch is broken, so I was adding a cord switch Lin Yuan, I used Chinese fortune telling today The reason why Ma Dengdeng and I are always fighting is that this house is too bright Stop After trying our dynasty’s good food, Tai-chi, and calligraphy, you are now aiming your sensors at our backward superstitions Chinese fortune-telling is not superstition It is science Also, I’ve calculated one for you today There will be a man confessing to you in a place near water at 10:00 p.m. tonight That man is… is Xiao En, right? I must change the subject now How did you get the idea to do this fortune-telling? You and Ma Dengdeng He and I just broke up again two hours ago ♪ I won’t change regardless of what has happened Bottoms up! You are welcome to request whatever song you like Dengdeng will accompany you, singing all the way Little Handsome One, I want “Fine Wine With Coffee.” All right. Let’s start! Cross-cup drink! – Cheers – Cross-cup drink! ♪ I recall the past so I’ll have another drink ♪ Who cares who she loves ♪ I want fine wine with coffee ♪ One drink after another Cross-cup! Cross-cup! What is this situation? You come outside with me! Come on. Come on. Let’s not ruin the atmosphere I will treat everyone tonight. Waiter, give every table half a case of beer Let’s do it! Where is your guitar? What is it? Want to hear me play guitar All right. Next song is ♪ I start to play on my dombra, dombra Ma Dengdeng! Why are you so serious? Do you plan on singing these kinds of songs for your future competitions? I need a place to sing in order to make money Ma Dengdeng, do you know the way you are right now is like a gigolo? (T/N: Cowherd and gigolo are the same word in Chinese.) Great, then you are the Weaver Girl (T/N: The Weaver Girl is the Cowherd’s lover.) I know what you are trying to say No one here wants to hear songs for competitions They only want to hear karaoke songs Since I am the singer here, I have to serve the customers Go to Thailand! Foreign gigolos get better tips over there I am clear on what I want to do I don’t need you to go over the encyclopedia of life This is the path I need to take Do you see? Tips After a few days, I will have my entire year’s tuition Dengdeng, my parents recently sent me money and it was quite a lot You can take some and use that first You are doing it again!

I do not need your money! I don’t want to speak these useless words with you anymore. We see things differently If we see things differently, then why do we stay together? We can not be together anymore either This couple is having a quarrel. Yes? Let me tell you. We have a goddess singer here who especially likes Dengdeng My goodness! She likes him very much What to do? You give me some good stuff I will then help you watch your boyfriend closely Dengdeng, your Thai girlfriend is really sharp She is not my girlfriend “She is not my girlfriend?” Did you hear that? “She is not my girlfriend.” That is what happened What he said was probably spoken in anger I’m like a soldier standing between Chu and Han From now on, no more partners or dependents If you ask when the returning date will be, whether being together or apart, I can only… sigh I seem to be hearing the rattling from the coffins of the Eight Great Prose Masters of Tang and Song Lin Yuan, your worries from before were correct Ma Dengdeng and I are not like how he was with Mai Tian Because of love, we hurt our friendship I already thought this over If we can not be lovers, then we will be good friends. Right? Because I don’t want you to be sad and be put in a difficult position Ma Dengdeng is a dummy Lin Yuan, let me tell you Your astrological signs are showing that in your romantic life, you will meet two men that you will find hard to choose between Or is it you already made a choice between these two men? I will no longer pine over Zhou Yang On Xiao En’s side, we are only good friends I didn’t even say which two men Little Steamed Bun Na Mu, everything I said before was just angry talk I already thought about this carefully How about we temporarily separate for a short period of time? Think about it. This is my special time period You don’t understand me, therefore therefore… How should I say this? I’ll help you say it Are you sick? Scaring people in the middle of the night I’ve waited for you all night What for? A confession? I can’t accept it I need a favor from you Starting from tomorrow, set your alarm for 6:30 a.m. every morning Then come over and help me take a picture first thing in the morning Don’t you do selfies every night? Today… I officially confessed to Lin Yuan Result? Little kid, why are you asking so much bullshit? What bullshit? Are you Xiao En? Come to think of it, I feel something is not right That’s correct I am not the same Xiao En from the past I am the Xiao En who has officially confessed to Lin Yuan So, starting from tomorrow, I’ve sworn to myself that every morning I’ll face Lin Yuan with a brand new Xiao En Remember, be right on time at 6:30 a.m At the moment of awakening, rush in and take a picture for me I want new ones All brand new Good morning

This is the all-new you? Almost becoming like an old uncle Can you tidy up? Tell me. Is there a feeling of a gracious old spirit taking up residence inside a lively, fresh body? Call me “Uncle.” Now you look like a very emotional retard Let me give you a reminder Don’t keep rushing to give Lin Yuan a ride to school. You are scaring her Also, chasing girls is about style and method You need to learn to play cat and mouse with her I have no time to play cat and mouse Morning All right Let’s talk it through this morning What are all of these things? Didn’t you tell me back then, that your car would still be like new when you sell it ten years from now? Have you… Have you gone crazy? Did you like his obsessive cleanliness or my casualness? Who is he? I mean, do you like the original me or the now me? I This is the reason I got in your mini-bus to talk to you Xiao En, last time I didn’t answer you It’s actually because – It’s actually – Rejection? I know your heart is very sincere Is it? Maybe it was just impulsive Maybe just at that moment, I wanted to beat Zhou Yang That’s good then Lin Yuan, can I defeat Zhou Yang? Can he lose to me? Red light! Will Zhou Yang lose to me? – I… I… I – Answer me My stomach is not feeling well. I need to get out Will Zhou Yang lose to me? Answer me Green light. Green light. Look. You look

Only after you answer this question will all the future green lights always be smooth In the future, you are not allowed to touch me Also, let me ask you. You answered all the questions correctly yesterday Did you steal the answer key from me again? Green… Green light It’s green light now. Green light, Uncle. Let’s go It’s a green light, so what? We must clarify this matter today. All the future green lights will then always be smooth You Where did you hear that phrase from? I will not admit defeat Lin Yuan, go think of more ways to avoid me; or else, I will not let you go Which Mary Sue drama did you copy this script from? (T/N: Mary Sue – a super perfect fictional character with no flaws) I will not let you go What is the situation, Bro? For this test, did you have a fever or have you been studying in your cave? You know your grades are similar to mine We are 51st, counting from the bottom up, in our class We are tied Get out of here Peng Yilun! You explain to me your grade this time Normal level Normal level. Okay then, tell me about your grade on the last test Abnormal achievement Teacher, didn’t you tell us that we should be self-aware? – My score this time perfectly represents this idea – You– You have no sense of shame! Huh? Can you face your parents again who have paid so much money for you to study? Can you face that little Aunt, Auntie, or that someone who comes to defend you during parents’ conference? W-What are you doing? Don’t. Don’t. Don’t Don’t mention her to me I didn’t do anything wrong to her – You – Peng Yilun, what is the matter? Don’t be angry, Teacher Peng Yilun, was the person who Teacher was talking about, the lady who came to the KTV last time? Get away from me I also don’t like classes This time I was 76th from the bottom Let’s go play together All right ♪ When I woke up this early morning, my older sister said she’s starving ♪ She doesn’t want any gourmet dishes but insists that she wants to eat stir-fry cabbage ♪ Cabbage, oh cabbage, why must it be cabbage? ♪ It’s not sold in Lanxiang so I can only go and dig up cabbage ♪ Napa, Bok Choy Hello, Mom Hi, Xiaoti, long story short. Next week, is your cousin’s wedding Your dad and I have to take care of the hot pot restaurant so we can’t go You go and represent our whole family Remember to give a thick red envelope. Okay? Did the new postdoctoral list come out yet? How is it this time? Mom, I can’t hear you well I’ll call you back later ♪ Stir-fry to create a delicious mouth-watering dish ♪ Wonderful, I’m surrounded by this delicious smell Are you still worried about the post-doctorate quota? No This time, your chances are pretty big I heard Professor Wang from the committee say that he peeked at the list one day He said that for our major, it’s someone with a Zhang surname Zhang Qiao got hired last time Look at our major, is there any other Zhang? Is that true? I have the lowest chance Didn’t you notice that the director kept singing in your direction today? That is a signal Hurry up to take over. Show your stuff Hurry. Hurry. Go ♪ Delicious. Delicious

– ♪ My older sister wants to eat – ♪ My older sister wants to eat ♪ Very hungry. Very hungry ♪ – ♪ My older sister is very hungry – ♪ My older sister is very hungry – ♪ Very full. Very full – ♪ Very full. Very full ♪ My older sister is very full Gr-Gr-Great D-During this time of casting aside the old and receiving the new I want to announce some good news to everyone The post-doctorate candidate for the Library Science major next year is Zhang… Xiao Ting… Zhang Xiaoting! Give a welcome to Zhang Xiaoting! Zhang Xiaoting, please come over here to give your speech Hello, everyone, I am Zhang Xiaoting; a new post-doctorate graduate majoring in Library Science from Peking University Applause, please. Raise your glass and have a drink Let’s have some music Let’s drink. Come on. Come on Drink. Drink up Come. Xiao… Xiaoting Let’s drink Don’t go Let’s go back Go away You are smoking? What is it? Do you have a lighter? Here’s a kind suggestion Getting into college is for yourself That’s correct, but is that any of your business? I don’t have any other meaning Even if you do have another meaning, I need to be listening to it for it to count That’s also true Even if you ever get to the Ph.D. degree level, you may be in my situation now Good luck to you Zhang Xiaoti, if there’s a path in the future, go around me I don’t want to see you Do you guys feel that Xiao En has changed recently? I also noticed that Becoming… Becoming – More charismatic! – Liu Len, I must remind you It’s because of him, that our school raised the requirements to take advanced math That’s why I have to retake my advanced math class So that I dare not send my resume to any Fortune 500 companies Have you noticed even his clothing style is different recently? His whole person exudes a… mature male’s charisma You are already dumb If you don’t add more nutrition, how you can get into college? Considering how busy Lin Fang is, but still makes you eggs every day You must eat them, okay? Listen to me Xiao En

Hurry and eat it Junior Brother, I want to warn you in advance I will ask you a new historically difficult question in advanced math class this Friday Please be sure to be well prepared What advanced math class? Don’t pretend Because of you, all my classmates are like they were injected with an advanced math stimulant so they cannot stop at all We all made a promise to beat you down, or else they will never stop the class Damn, I forgot all my college advanced math material [L’Hopital] L’Hopital – Isn’t this an advanced math class? – That’s right – That’s right – What is he teaching? – I don’t know – What is this? Are you going to lecture or not? Right. Are you going to lecture or not? What is this? – What is that? – He is not telling L’Hopital’s rule refers to evaluating the derivative of numerator and denominator individually under a certain condition and then evaluate the limit to determine the result of an indeterminate form So, I want everyone to know today the artistic side of math’s effect on life philosophy Letting you know what your own numerator and denominator are Then trying to find out what their limits are Then calculate everyone’s unpredictable future Did you understand that? No [Job search] Job search Did you think I was going to talk about L’Hopital’s rule? No, what I want to talk about today is the summary of a job search by using L’Hopital’s rule So you believe that the amount of money he can make is limited? How about you? My dream is that I don’t need to work but relax Little Steamed Bun, do you feel like he aged 20 years lately? Look at his mature expression We should gift him with a Zhong San suit (T/N: Older generation fashion) Aren’t you so enthralled? No, I’m not. I still liked him better before You finally admitted you like him No, I don’t mean that – Its not – You are embarrassed – Embarrassed? – I’m not – I don’t mean that – So? How about advanced math? [Career Adviser] When a woman is 22 years old and still hasn’t found the suitable clothes to wear, she’ll fail the moment she opens the door for her interview Remember to wear a white top with a silver accessory Navy dress pants are the most suitable for you During the management trainee interview, you must not be the first one to speak up Go apply as the time manager When Human Resources lets you ask questions, you are halfway to success Besides the life quest questions, go for all others When HR starts questioning their life’s choice, you’ve already won Don’t say another word, you are not suitable to work for others Are you cursing me that I will never get a job? You are more suitable for being an entrepreneur Throw away your major Start with a small visual entertainment company How did you know I enjoy watching commercials? I will refer you to a technology company Start by shooting some instructional videos for their devices Can you handle that? As a recipient of the First Quality prize for three consecutive years, even though you have to retake advanced math, it won’t stop you from applying and you’ll become a self-supporting student Fill this out in detail and the school will lend you the equipment for free for one year You really are my elder brother! Yes! Being young feels great A young body, plus an old soul It’s greater than great My 19th birthday Nineteen years old

Thirty-seven years old [Lin Fang] I’m Xiao En Can you help me with something? What’s wrong? Hi What if you wake someone? Don’t worry I won’t wake anyone I used four regular dorm spots in exchange for a Ph.D. student’s single room What do you think? Are you satisfied? It’s a romantic and sweet dorm room. Right? Don’t give up on it But I really want to ask you something Why won’t you live with Lin Yuan? Of course, if you don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to I got kicked out What? They kicked you out?! That’s unacceptable! Gu Yang, don’t be mad. Sit down over here In an hour, I’ll drag those three over here to see you Come back! It’s because… because I did something wrong I understand Really. I really can understand I just can’t accept it Why did Xiao En make our coolest lady on the earth become an un-cool person now? Gu Yang, actually, I don’t feel the things that you have done are so… unpardonable On the contrary, I… I still feel sad for you You’re not really… yourself these days You’re not cool anymore I’m going to sleep now Gu Yang, I, Zhao Taizu, am not boasting, but you are the coolest woman I know I hope you won’t change yourself for anybody else No matter who Hello. You are…? I only moved out a few days ago and you’re pretending not to know me Looks like you know everything now I don’t have anything else to explain Goodbye Gu Yang Wait! Gu Yang, I haven’t been sleeping very well lately So my mind was a bit confused I came because I wanted to make a confession to you Whether or not you know everything already or not, I should tell you personally About that math formula with the heart symbol that you gave to Lin Yuan back then, none of them could solve it, so they asked for my help Out of jealousy, I altered the answer which led Lin Yuan to misunderstand you I’m sorry I’m confessing because I hope you can forgive me But if you can’t forgive me, I have nothing more I can say, either Don’t worry. On his behalf, I’ll– I forgive you Thank you Continue, continue Anything else? I… have another presumptuous request I want to start a science and technology club at school I hope you can be an adviser Okay Goodnight

Goodnight You’re already 19 years old Don’t be too hard on yourself I… I suddenly remembered that I didn’t tighten the trash bag… Well, you know I just want to remind you that there might be a bad smell by the stairs tomorrow I’m going. Goodnight Goodnight Goodnight That– No one’s here You going back and forth like that, are you trying to overhear what they’re saying or overhear what we’re saying? I… I had some spare time Back to the subject at hand I’ll record everything we say today That way, later if we back out, we’ll have the evidence for punishment So, you insist our love has to be put on hold You’re the one who said it first No. What I said was that we should temporarily put our feelings into a refrigerator so they can cool off a bit That means the same thing But it’s not the same meaning Your Chinese is so bad that you can’t understand what I’m saying Ma Dengdeng, you’re such a You still dare touch me? We’ve broken up. Can we good friends maintain some distance? In short, we can’t be together There. There! Say that again into the camera We do not suit each other! In order to protect the three swordsmen of friendship, (T/N: The three swordsmen are Lin Yuan and them.) we pledge our lives to become good friends What you say, you should do I promise if I date you again, I’ll streak around this whole building one time I promise if I date you again, I’ll post a video of me eating my socks She’ll eat her socks! D-Dr. Zhang, our school can’t keep you here a-any longer D-Due to your contribution to our s-school, we have referred you to a college independent recruitment training center to be a receptionist You need to help the school identify talents, okay? Are you responsible for checking the sign-up sheets? My application clearly says I want to be in the Chinese Department When did it change to a Life Science major? I’m sorry, student. Wait a minute Wait? You have put me in the wrong training class Training is about to start. How can you ask me to wait? Don’t you know how important this is to me? If you do this wrong, I’ll end up like you. Just sitting and stapling things in here and in the future (Student Information) [Older Brother] – Hello – Girl, my girlfriend is Dr. Zhang at your school Dr. Zhang and I had a little mishap on the path to a normal adult romantic relationship I’m a little nervous, worried, and nervous I just want you to come to the hospital with me As a female, you can comfort Dr. Zhang Little Steam Bun You have to come with me for an abortion – Whose? – My older brother’s You and your older brother?! Why do you have a whole head full of dumpling filling? No, it’s my older brother and Zhang Xiaoti’s fetus What’s the matter? Let’s go

Get inside. Let’s go Wishing Xiao En a “Happy 19th Birthday!” How was it? You guys fell for it, right? Older ginger is still spicier, right? Welcoming two beauties to Xiao En’s 19th birthday trip The door is locked What you– you… you two have done is scamming Do you know kidnapping and scamming! Na Mu, are you their accomplice? If so, I’ll break ties with you No, no, I am not But I am very happy No, you are a bunch of liars Even opening champagne. That’s is so outdated, Older Brother Xiao En, let me tell you, you will only live to have a 19th birthday Going out for fun! Going out for fun What is this? Lying to me Little Steam Bun, go! ♫ What kind of speed do I need to catch up with my dream after all ♫ ♫ I tell myself not to fear as long as we can be together ♫ ♫ In the daytime, the night time, or the sleepless early morning, ♫ ♫ My mind is full of the pictures of you alone or me being with you ♫ ♫ You are my special right now regardless what others say ♫ ♫ Let you feel safe and take you to fly ♫ ♫ The dream will come true one day eventually ♫ ♫ Forever one ♫ ♫ Even if I close my eyes and face the burning light of sun, ♫ ♫ it cannot stop us ♫ ♫ You are my special right now regardless of what others say ♫ ♫ Let you feel safe and take you to fly ♫ ♫ The dream will come true one day eventually ♫ ♫ Forever one ♫ – Later, do we go to the overpass or take the side road? – Huh? I think they are dying Lamb, you have water in the back If you need to throw up, let me know I will pull over, don’t hold it in Younger Sister, get me some water Uncle, who are you? Shut off that awful music How about us sending him to a nursing home? Lin Yuan, are you more caring about people than when you were younger? What I meant was Lin Yuan is all grown up No Lin Yuan is more mature than before I think we shouldn’t listen to them, Lin Yuan We will get lost if we listen to them So, let’s use the GPS Get ready to go. Total distance is 6.8 km It’ll take about 15 minutes Please buckle your seat belt. Drive carefully Left turn up ahead If you still can’t get into college, will you try again?

No matter if you try again or go overseas, I am still willing to be with you Look at that lady She is too funny Are you okay? Peng Yilun! – Zhang Xiaoti – What are you doing? Zhang Xiaoti Zhang Xiaoti Zhang Xiaoti Hello We met by chance, she drank too much. Don’t misunderstand Hold her Be careful Her hand is hurt The band-aid couldn’t cover it, so use iodine Apply a little iodine Now, we are not even friends anymore I am going in first Wishing you a happy birthday The birthday present, I will make it up another time Did you have fun today? It was pretty good I will go back first Are you not going to wait until I make my birthday wishes? Write three wishes so I can satisfy you Isn’t it supposed to be your birthday wish? That is my birthday wish But I also don’t have any wishes You will [First wish.] Lin Yuan, I almost forgot There’s a physical examination tomorrow at school Don’t eat breakfast. Need an empty stomach to check your stool If I don’t eat breakfast, how can I have any stools? What kind of silly rule is that? [First Wish] Timing and Subtitles brought to you by 1+1 Team @ Viki “My Special” by UNIQ ♫ What kind of speed do I need to catch up with my dream after all ♫ ♫ Hide my secrets in splendid fireworks ♫ ♫ A brand new day has arrived again ♫ ♫ Yet I still stay at the same spot ♫ ♫ I tell myself not to fear as long as we can be together ♫ ♫ In the daytime, the night time, or the sleepless early morning, ♫ ♫ My mind is full of the pictures of you alone or me being with you ♫