How to connect Sitecore to Salesforce

hi it’s cherry Humphreys this is a short demonstration of STS pretty informal so hopefully it’ll take you around about ten minutes I’ll try to get through very quickly so feel free to contact me afterwards so this for s connector and we’re gonna have a quick overview of it we’re going to look at webform for marketers saving a contact to Salesforce and then changing the psych office owner of that contact from Salesforce and pushing it back into soccor so the next time that contact visits the website they’ll get an experience that’s been driven out of SAS force now we’re also going to look at creating a so-called portal where a company’s internal people can access the public website and the whole idea there is that they can access a subset of salesforce data where without actually consuming a needing to have a sales force license it also could work for customers that you have privileged and they login to your site called portal and you can expose stuff out of SAS rules to them if they meet certain requirements we’re also going to show sales forces creating a site a campaign a sales force and sending emails by cycle and monitoring those emails as they’re sent from Salesforce so today we’re talking about justice for s but there we’ve got some other connectors in the space of course we support all the latest versions of so core and the other technologies as well the connector itself is installed all over the place probably American Express and Sandy Black & Decker our largest clients but all these red dots or red pins represent air kicked or somewhere the connector itself is installed into cycle and it connects to Salesforce using the sales partner API what it does is it enables bi-directional real-time connectivity and it makes it very easy for so-called developers to use the connection interface to talk to Salesforce so there’s a lot of out-of-the-box functionality but as well as that there’s the ability to programmatically xx so souls and when you do that these objects here in Salesforce appear in silent cycle a stronger strongly typed objects so just your cycle development team don’t really need to live in about Salesforce to use the connector so it could be just running through this power point to give you an idea I’m going to demo all this later so here it’s showing custom forms and webform for marketers and the ability to create anything in South source form those forms so here it’s showing an opportunity but it could be a lead or product campaign or any custom object that you wanted to create you can do that from a custom form or in fact from a web form of marketers form if you are actually using web for marketers you can map map that form to any object in Salesforce and if you’re using that form as a visitor to the website you can upload your CV and the likes or any documents that you want to and push them to any of these objects as attachments so you might for example be doing a job application on the website and you can attach your CV and it’ll automatically be added to a sales contact or lead depending on how you map the the form and the wizard so if you are doing web forms and you’re talking to a person object in Salesforce like a leader of contact then we’ve got the ability to pick up the analytics from cycle and push them through to Salesforce in addition to the form data so this means that everywhere that the new lead or new contact went to on the website is all visible all the goals they they hit then the points and pages and it includes pattern cards and profiles which is all related to personas cycle stones so if cycle is determined this person to be a particular persona that information is pushed through and of course we’re going to about it we’re going to modify this insight in Salesforce and push that information back so when they visit the site again anonymously later on they’ll get a a persona that’s been pushed from Salesforce there’s all other other stuff that’s also collected that we are able to see in samples the this stuff is a this information here is really reportable this additional information is viewable on demand so we don’t inundate your Salesforce instance with extraneous data like millions of pages visited when it’s not really important you can extrapolate this data using goals and the likes and report on it from here so the I mentioned before but the controlling of

the website from Salesforce is implicit control that’s because you might set up the persona to be a job etiquette on the website but in fact there if the person visits the website and goes to other areas of the website that so I called my team that person to be not a job applicant but might maybe it’s a a professional user or some other type of profile that you’ve set up on the website and it can change the profile so it’s implicit in terms of it can change now we’re going to show you explicit personalization in this case when someone logs into the site clintus i call and this is a portal situation i mentioned before so people are coming to the website wanting to see privileged information or see something at a sales force there and when they login that information is being authenticated out of Salesforce itself as well so in this case John Smith has visited the website he’s using them password historians in this contact record and when he logs in using the login control and site call everything he sees then after they’re after will become controllable out of Salesforce and again this is explicitly controlling it so because he’s now I’m logged in using the contact record we can then push roles and profiles out there so we can control his experience by roles and profiles there’s a difference differs from the personas so once we’ve done that we’ll talk about that in the demo now this next section is all about these is the email experience manager this is a paid for module and this is where we we can have Salesforce contacts and leads we compile them into a sales campaign and then we can push that campaign marketing list into cycle and cycles in will send out the emails to the various recipients so here we go his psyche or sending them out and what happens with those emails in terms the recipient whether they open it ignore it or open it and click on a link in the email all that information then is pushed back into cycle and so call in push it back through it’s pressed into our source and this information appears against the campaign member record which is the part of the campaign and we can track that got opt outs and all this same information that we saw before with the wave form for marketers form so for round trip I’ll show you this shortly again it’s all affordable so you can compile Sarsour supports two before them exactly what you want to know about that particular campaign there’s a whole of technical features that these 4s connector allows you to do a lot of these programming related but it it’s been sort of in development since 2009 a long time in terms of products and over that period of time it’s been constantly improved and tracking effectively so Gore and South Austin versions and releases we do like to sort of guarantee success because we’ve know so much about social technologies we’ve we’re in that space permanently and we’ve seen pretty much what all the problems that have customers have encountered in the past and we’ll resolve them and where they’re not resolved we could certainly provide all the details to work around them so here’s some details about contacting me I materiality calm and now I’ll just was into the demo so I’ll close it off and show you won’t show you that I’ll show you the office core website this is a standard site called demo site that’s particularly used in the UK in Australia and we’ve chosen to use it because it fits here Patera needs at the moment I’m not logged in I’m flea anonymous if I look at my pages I’ve got a little thing here to tell me yeah I’ve gone to two pages this is the second and my first visit so I’m completely anonymous so I’ll just go to some places that I know I’ve got goals he is a cycle UK he’s got a goal and it’s going to soak or Germany so there’s two goals I’ve hit and before we go any further I’ll just show you that there’s personalization section here three ads and all three sections and this is what happens when cycle hasn’t figured out who I am yet yeah this particular websites been configured for personalization around holiday products or holiday buyers home buyers and office buyers so these are three personalizations that sort with as we set up so I cause trying to figure out which one of these I am and we’re going to that cycle think we’re a holiday products fire by clicking around a lot

of their products and letting so-called no and no uncertain terms that we are a holiday buyer and so now when we never get out of this we go back home you can see cycle as implicitly decided that we’re a a holiday buyer and we’re starting to render advertisements and the likes around there and why I’m showing this is that we’re going to push this information through to Salesforce and then we’re going to change it to Salesforce and we’re going to change the experience from Salesforce for just for this user so before we do that let’s go and look at some other stuff here I’ve created a list forest tab and this is kind of representing the portal we haven’t logged in yet so you might want to hide this these sort of sections behind a login I only show them when someone’s logged in but you can look at Salesforce documents so I could go and look at those opportunities counts I could create read update or delete any of these objects or you can do all this from from a portal that you can create here very simple so I’ve got time to show all that so I’ll just jump straight to here a webform focus page and create a new a new contact and Salesforce from this so if I go and create John here I’ve done this before so it’s telling me no he’s about me look at that we really make my job easy and hope it’s John better take care because I’m gonna log in as John so this is a standard web for our live for Marcus page I’ve taken the opportunity to clicked a username and password because we’re going to log in with these credentials later on but at the moment I’m not anonymous so when I submit this that’s gonna go push this and you create a new contact in Salesforce but before we go there I’ll just jump through to look at this form in the back into cycle so that form like filled out was sustained and web marketers form and you can see here that it’s here it is and the only difference really being is that I’ve met fit to a mistress or one of our own save actions and if I do that then and I click on the mething was it which is in here in the menu history as mething was it you’ll see that because I’ve selected one of our is fresh mething some addictions that appears here in this list so at this point we we’re going to map that form it into an object in Salesforce at this point it could be any object and I can pick anything alike and so these are all the objects in our a person in our own source instance of course it’s a create context I’m gonna pick a contact once I’ve done that I can pick any field here and map individually one each go through each fields and each field in the form and method to a sauce across funding field this has already been done I’m just showing you here it is done here we go also if this is a contact or lead record there’s a small section occurs here or appears here then and you can see a mething this particular form to a top purchases campaign and Salesforce so anybody visiting the website filling out this form this particular web for markers form will will automatically be added to this top purchases campaign so let’s just jump into the Salesforce and do that straight away so here’s the top feature suspect campaign and I’ve lured John has just been added as a new entry so we’ll see if he’s here there is here he’s John has already been added to campaign automatically by virtue of that May thing that we just just did if I go and look at John’s contact record so this is him here you can see the details I collected from the webform his email address and you’ll also see down here that ignore this for a section for a second because this is the authentication part let’s look at it spacious tree and we go in here and it’s going to cite quarters point it’s wise little slow it’s gone to collect it and you can see that they went to the UK and Germany got no leads contact us goals and looking around the GoPros and amici I filled out the contact form so we want some more detail we can go on the view details here and this information on this page is entirely reportable in Salesforce so we can go down and run reports against any of these items and see who who and our website went to see I had a value greater than thirty or four holiday for a holiday buyer or who was a holiday bias or who went to the most goals or who accrued the most values so this is all entirely reportable so you can determine your hot leads on a day-by-day

basis so if I call John and as a marketer or as a sales person and Salesforce and determine that John actually is not a holiday boy I might want to change those days so I can then say John you’re not really a holiday boy at all you’ve fooled so according to thinking you were in fact you are a luxury buyer will make heaps of values there and we’ll give him a unique experience on the website next time he comes back even as anonymous visitor so we’ll save that and so we’ve given him a lot of value here for a luxury so when he comes back he’s gonna be a luxury buyer we’ve saved it and that’s we push back to site core at this point and so when I go back to psycho would never get around I’ll be a luxury buyer before we do that it’s going to look at some other things that we can do look at John’s record we can with the total got a crude gold points are seventy at this play at this point so we can run a report against that and we can run a point against who visited this most web pages and of course at any point in the future John could come back and these values will increment that pushed out of sight corner on a regular basis up to you and you do that or you can explicitly go and just get the analytics by clicking this button in real time so very useful very powerful for lead qualification now in regarding the cycle portal this is where the information stored there and so John if he if he’s a privileged customer will want to show him other information we can we can collect as emphasises information collected from the width of Magnus form before that we just filled out at the moment he’s a junior we don’t like that we’re going to give him some senior or some him and some admin woman skimming senior some senior roles and we’ll upgrade his member status to a gold member and we’ll lend him on the what we call a my office products page well then he was office products page anyway and save that so we’ll go back to the website and we’ll login before login I shouldn’t British yet I’ll go to the home page and because what before we log in just confused cells near this sometimes cycle takes a while to do the personalization ego had to click on the extra page but you can see now this this originally was a three section and then it was a GoPro and now we’ve now able to see that John as an anonymous that are not logged in yet we can see that he’s getting an experience has been driven out of Salesforce based on the settings we main push them back into cycle so if we do login so that’s what what you’re looking at now is implicit personalization where if we win enough pages we could probably tell Sitecore that we weren’t an office products buyer at all we’re in fact them something else so so it’s not fixed in mud fix in freaking water so with login they’re here as John now we’re now we’re actually logging and getting privileged content so again we’ll just jump in and see what’s going to happen we’re gonna we’ve logged in with John John this is one my hash so it’s very strongly encrypted can’t be decrypted from Salesforce we’re going to gonna have an extra tab appear for John because he’s now a senior a senior role and he’s gonna have a cycle profile which lets us explicitly render experience for him and he’s going to land on the office products page so if we go back we can see here we go here’s John he’s logged in by John Goldmember I think this next tab up here and you can see he’s landed on the office products page that we set from Salesforce so this is powerful stuff and every we and there we go it’s going to get explicitly and at a experience that according to a cycle role that set from Salesforce so that’s that’s kind of the basis of personalization from stars from driven Elvis very powerful implicit in explicit if we jump now back into Salesforce I’ll show you the sort of things we can do around emailing so let’s go back to the top features campaign and consider that we’ve got all these members of the skin pain of which John is one of them and I am another so this is a standard site called campaign SRS various a saucer source campaign and you can see that it’s got a button here seen to cycle so if we’ve took on this button obviously we’re going to see in that these these campaign members a

campaign in certain cycle so some of this is a marketing this for building up I’ve got 17 members so far but we can also add more members to this marketing list by by adding in their aerosols report the output from that we can add some extra members by campaign and of course because we’re adding stuff here we want to make sure that we don’t have duplicate email so would leave that unchecked and that would eliminate any duplicate emails that were potentially arising from by adding multiple campaigns and multiple reports of course we can also exclude so we might have competitors that we don’t want to see the office that we’re making and so we can add them as report or campaign we can also for the body of the email we can choose how we want to what body we want to have we can pick a site core email template or we can go back into Salesforce and pick a is what’s called a communication template in Salesforce and either of those those whether it’s from psyche water source we can view the body here of the chosen templates to make sure we’ve got the right one we can do something like create a campaign some of the details are in there I’m our email campaign with some something obscure so I can recognize myself and again we can do we can just send it to cycle we can send it later or in just seen it now in but much time so we’ll just send it now at this point cycle is now starting to think about sending this campaign and we can monitor this process it’s a little slow because cycle just does it does it’s does things at his own speed and I will know when cycles sending these emails out because I’ll get some some stuff happening here so we’ll just refresh the page and see if we’ve got cycles doing anything yet it is so this point so course given us given us some numbers we can go and look at the delivery status and we can see here in Salesforce we haven’t got into sight court at this point we can see the progress of this email campaign going out probably not a good idea really you don’t really need to do it so we’re in the in the game that you can see at the moment none none have actually been sent so but we can refresh this page and see them being sent and as they go out here we go we’ve got one just arrived in my inbox let’s see what else is there and here we go there’s the inbox and we need to download these images so and let’s kill off all the birds with one stone and we’ll go and visit the site as well and here it is it’s now it’s a little bit of a deceptive thing because I’ve just done a demo of some of the other functionality and we’ve seen a a email campaign to ourselves so we’re getting rid of this experience we just saw before but if we go somewhere here now and we look at references and wow I’m really impressed that’s good and we look at this page I will see this come come through in these reporting in a few minutes so this is a notice that it’s Janet Jones up here so we’ll see that back in Salesforce so if we go back into Salesforce now and refresh this we expect to see that someone that’s me is over the email and we’ve clicked through because we went to the website on that link so hopefully this will be there yes it’s there am I’ve tucked through and it’s showing up here now there’s only yeah actually there’s a bit of a fake campaign there’s only five recipients because they’re all the same email address it does so I called did its magic and didn’t send off a thousand of these identified that some are difficult and didn’t seen them all do you forget emails so if we now go back and we’ll see what this looks like top now we have to explicitly get an update of the analytics and this can be done on a time basis by the cycle scheduler and if we go down there and have a look at me and you can see that I did the stuff I did earlier on I’ve cooked through the cook sir I just did and just to prove that it is me you’ll see here that there’s the Janet Jones reference that I just clicked on and some of the stuff that I went to before when I was demoing the earlier piece and it does that because it knows it’s picked up my cookies and the likes from the earlier core but it shows you that it is tracking everything I do in in

Salesforce and again it honors all the opted out so it’ll rest it’ll it’ll shows off the apps here for that campaign and if it’s a global opt-out little saves it to the to the contact record that’s back here as a global opt-out so that’s all there is for this quick demo and call me or email me at periodic aam if you have any more questions thank you