Why Quinn is Broken Season 6 gameplay guide

hi there my name is don’t walk so Quinn’s broken I have been playing nothing but Quinn for the last two weeks and I can tell you with absolute confidence that she’s broken I’m going to explain to you all the reasons why Quinn is so good now how to play her efficiently all the goals of a Quinn player through roaming through team fights through laning and how you can effectively abuse her for your free loan so we start off here with me versus poppy Poppy’s pretty good top laner she’s in my opinion one of the best top laners all you want to do as a Quinn during the early game is harass and farm harass and farm that’s it most top laners these days are going to be tanks and even though you have a lot of harass and you have a lot of damage you’re you’re likely never going to be able to kill the opponent so if you look here poppy goes in on me and I can’t really trade back with her that well like look at my that’s how much damage my cute did to her like I could have gotten the auto off but she’s a little bit faster than me because of her because of her speed up but if you could see like she’s I can’t how damage her like she does so much damage to me I can’t like you can’t fight that well on Quinn you can only harass you’re not a very good duelist all right most top laners are going to out duel you so she’s looking for me here she already warded and so she’s not going to catch me and I just go back right he’s just playing Quinn early game it’s just it’s just respect you just have to respect your top laner all right Quinn is one of the squishiest champions in the game and top laners when you fall behind in the top lane top laners will continuously punish you like there there is very little comeback potential in the top lane so you have to be very careful not to fall too far behind so I come back to the lane I don’t miss too much because there was a cannon wave and it was already poppy was already mapped out of mana so she wasn’t really fast pushing to my tower so I didn’t need to burn my TP you want to save your TP as often as you can because Quinn is a fantastic TP ganker if you use your Eve for her ass you’ll be vulnerable for a pretty long period of time and also note on Quinn if people if you’re playing Quinn it’s likely that you’re going to be pushing so it’s also very likely that you’re going to be camped because you’re pretty much just gonna be always at their Tower so you need to have really good map awareness in order to be able to play Quinn so here bot Lane is in trouble and I try to get a TP off unfortunately I get cocooned and nothing really comes out of it I do hit level 6 which is pretty important because Quinn solo sex is extremely valuable because it just enables her to roam all over the map and now that I have level 6 I can get back up to top lane a lot easier nonetheless that was a pretty shitty TP if I had if I was if I would had tp’ed right then I likely would have gotten something out of it but unfortunately I was just a few seconds too late and it technically cost me a few kills so so I fly back into the lane and I see poppy she’s pushing I hit her with my passive I hit her with my Q and now that right there that was pretty much my full combo I the only thing that was really missing there was my E and that’s how much damage I’m doing at this poppy like I’m doing absolutely nothing and she just dashes to me and takes out half my home alright so this one I’m talking about like Quinn’s laning phase is not really that great alright I’m not vaulting back here because I’m going to die because it’s just gonna place me back here so I need to get in front of her so I can fall back to my tower right here I’m just I need to respect her you have to respect your opponent as quinn against tanky bruisers like this with like decent mobility like poppy you’re just not going to win you’re just you’re not combat champion you’re like you’re a no you’re a mobility assassin you have to play back play safe and you have to wait for your team’s help or you have to farm and then go help your team because you just generally aren’t going to be able to kill the top laner that often so here poppy is pushing into my tower I can see Nidalee is coming up she’s going to be here soon I know Poppy’s going to dive me because she’s been playing very aggressively so she starts to dive she knocks me up and then I eat her right in the middle of her auto your e cancels auto attacks it cancels dashes a cancels certain abilities if you use it properly like you can cancel Corki Valkyrie you can cancel it’s it’s a knock up its but it’s a knock up so you can cancel anything that other knock ups cancels so now poppy TV’s here so we have to get we have to get out now I know poppy is just tp’ed so that means I am free to roam to other lanes if I want to right I’m not I have no interest this is what you do is point you have no interest in top lane alright I just saw a lease on the mini-map she was she’s around this area there she is right she’s walking back I don’t know why she doesn’t clear

this pink chord a bit confusing to me but now she goes she heads over to rates and I know she’s there so I’m heading up with re re is about to engage her right and they think they’re fine because Natalie was just top right but I show up and we get one kill and now it’s just a to be one re does a good job here of dodging the shotguns but at this point it’s just it’s a free to kill right this is this is what you do is Quinn I don’t like I’m missing farm in my tower I’m it’s like I miss I think like seven ish minions or something right just to go back and check wait how many miss how many minions did I miss here I missed one two three four five six seven yeah I missed like seven minions right here okay so I just I don’t give a alright I don’t care about top lane I can’t beat poppy in a 1v1 because I’m Quinn all right Quinn is not a good her ultimate doesn’t do that much damage her ultimate is made for mobility not one V once right so what you do you take advantage of that mobility I don’t care about toppling this is how you play Quinn alright poppy cannot follow you no champion can follow Quinn because of her insane mobility so another part of roaming is also knowing when you can roam alright so I’ll pause it right here I’m looking bottling bot lane is pushed up so there’s no way I can really get anything here I could dive but that’s a little too risky because at least probably backups probably around here somewhere Zed just re just went back to base so she is not going to be there for at least another another 30 seconds so at this point even though what the the wave is pushing in Ward I want to go there I want to be there I want to push it all the way up to the tower because I can’t do anything anywhere else that’s also another important point of Quinn is knowing when you can roam you have to be able to you just look at the other lanes think about okay what’s going to happen next and what’s going to happen later and make your make your choice accordingly so here I push out the lane and I use my alts and I go mid all right Poppy’s up up top she’s clearing the minions okay I’m looking for a gank on Zed I don’t it doesn’t look like that’s gonna be there so bot Lane has just backed so I can’t really go down there and the only real option here is to farm out top so because I was afk from Lane what the enemy top laners will generally do is they’ll push the lane because they’ll assume that your roaming and the common response to roaming is to push so I farm these out and what do I do do I’m not gonna stay here alright I don’t want to 1v1 the poppy the poppy has a cinderhulk a BAM are sorry yes Bamie cinder cloth armor and swiftness boots there’s just I no interest in with this poppy there’s no way I’m ever going to win a duel so what do I do I see there’s three people mid and I also see Nitta Lee is kind of close by and Arie is there as well so what do I do I’m not gonna with this guy alright I have my ultimate I can get there in about five seconds so I head over to mid alright a teamfight teamfight starts to break out a skirmish luckily Nidalee is able to just 1v1 decide with the help of Alistar but I come in here and we pick up a second kill and poppy Poppy’s just I don’t care I don’t care about top lane this is what you do is Quinn I you don’t give a about your lane i you don’t you just you just you just don’t all right you help your teammates you get kills around the map each kill is worth around 15 creeps alright the experience flies creeps are a lot better but gold wise each kill is worth about 15 groups so I head back up top I saved the tower and poppy poppy looks like yeah she’s gonna dive me again here but I’m pretty confident in my ability to outplay she gets the stun again but I just have to vault back I still have flash here so I’m in no position to die right there there was no way she was ever gonna hit me with her ultimate which is what she needed in order to burst me down and she wasn’t gonna do that because I I stopped flash so mistake by her and just able to capitalize so now I’m three and zero and poppy is o2 I only have I’m down for TCS but that doesn’t really matter because I’m up three kills so this is this is what you do is point I you just use your alt you roam around the map I saw a thread on reddit saying something like the reason coin is so good is because of her blind her blind is nice but it’s not the main reason Queen as a threat quite as a threat because she can get all over the map twice as fast as any other champion and that’s a fact her ultimate gives her was it like 50 bonus movement speed like all of the time no champion can do that just get two lanes that fast so here I do make a mistake here in over-committing because I did time Poppy’s teleport

properly and even though we get Zed here poppy is able to get a nice position here like us and Ezreal is coming in another mistake that I made right here is going back another mistake I made here is as I’m coming up I should have lwed all right if I lwed here let’s see if I reveal vision if I lwed here I could have possibly I probably could have seen Elise now if I double you’d like right here or something I probably could have seen a lease and I probably wouldn’t have tunneled so hard so or at the very least I would not have gone out of my bird form because my bird form can help me escape through like here or through here but Ezreal is here so the only real option was here but nonetheless still a mistake to not double you right before you go for a kill because it does help you see if there’s like enemies around maybe someone’s hiding right here maybe someones hiding right here right just to note that you don’t tunnel as hard so here papi comes in papi she gets a stun on me or she doesn’t really get a star anyone but her damage is just too much and we’ve already descended but we get one back still not really a great trade for us because we’re really ahead with 4k ahead and when you get yeah like they just got to shut down kills so mine is where flight I think like 500 I’m not actually sure how shut down to work anymore but I had I had a killing spree so it was worth I’m assuming quite a bit and Alistair had two kills as well so it was worth quite a bit so here they make a mistake by doing they did the exact same thing I did which is by over staying when someone still had teleports so I come in ITP I just destroy Israel I didn’t even need my bird form there I could just walked up and just kill them but they we pick up to here and we’re able to push in later on unfortunately Knittle II kind of over extends here and she gets punished but it’s not really a big deal we still have trade two-for-one so alright so fast forward looking at the map poppies top she’s farming out minions are at her tower Ezreal is down here and Ahri is pushing for the bot tower and it at least farming so seeing that Ezreal is here I know that more people are likely going to show up I know that Zed is not middling currently so I can assume that he’s around this area somewhere and with Jin Alistar re all over here I know that there’s going to be sort of a skirmish there and so again I don’t give a about top line all right you know I can’t fight papi again cannot fight top laners coins just her ultimate doesn’t do damage her ultimate doesn’t do really anything 1v1 so she she’s a mobile Romer so just go roam I don’t I don’t care about papi alright so that’s exactly what happens they start a skirmish it looks pretty even so far but let’s grant gets chomped Ari gets an ice pick on to Ezreal and I can come in oh look a free kill just for showing up in the bot lane I just had to right-click down to the bottling and I picked up a free kill alright I lost I think like I lost about two waves there but Blitzcrank was worth 270 so he’s worth about 12 minions and gold so still worth it for us us and I get to come in and I get to form out minions that’s another thing about Quinn is that the entire length the entire map is your oyster alright you can farm any lane you want so while someone is not there already because you can get around the map faster than anyone and you can apply pressure better than anyway alright your puppy just this is this is what you exactly don’t do against Quinn is she’s trying to follow me she’s trying to keep up with my pressure you can’t keep up with Quinn’s pressure like over the last two weeks that I’ve been playing Quinn people have been flaming my enemy top laner for saying like well why can’t you follow Quinn why can’t you roam like she roams like that’s the dumbest thing to ask yourself is why can’t you follow Quinn like you might as well ask why can’t my champion fly like Quinn like you’re you’re asking the exact same thing you can’t keep up with Quinn you can’t keep up with her pressure what you can do is you go top and you try to pressure toppling so at least either you get a tower or you force the jungler to go top because that’s usually what happens so we move forward zed is around here somewhere there is and sitting on top of award which is unfortunate for him but this is all you do is point is you just group with your team and look for facts that’s it during the laning phase this all you do is you just go with your team and you help them out all right I don’t care that how many meetings like how many minions am i down I’m an 87 CSS to Papi’s 134 but I have

I’m seven and six I have the most kill I have the highest kill participation on the team all right I missed 50 creeps in order to get those seven kills and six assists this it’s completely worth it this is exactly how you play Quinn you don’t care about farm all right you just unless you’re forced to farm like I said before like you don’t have great options to go in you just you don’t care alright okay so right here um there’s two people defending this tower Poppaea stop papi has teleport though but we have three people here and Zed is dead so Blitzcrank just went back to base so it’s guaranteed going to be a 4v2 right off the back so I just wait for my team to go in because we also have an Alistar and Alistar is really great for tired diving towers so if you can’t get Rome’s off you just go get dives so we pick up this we pick up that papi comes in I get really really lucky here by I live with nine HP here which is very lucky of me but even if I didn’t live there we still would have gotten a two-for-one trade nonetheless so it still would have been worth it so fast forward we just went back to base we picked up a few items so what I’m picking up here is instead of going for the traditional what you usually do on coin is you go use ghost blade you buy swiftness boots somewhere in between completing your use and then you go rapid firecannon into either infinity edge or hexdrinker and then you get a defensive item like sterak’s gage but I’m getting sterak’s gage first I’m buying the drones fist and I have the Ruby crystal because of their team comp all right you have to look at their team compass Quinn quite us one of those squishies champions in the game and if you’re against champions like Zed against at least against poppy you’re gonna just you’re gonna blow up before you actually do anything useful so you need that germs fist the germs fist are not the German so start the sterak’s gage because sterak’s gage the sterak’s gage will help you survive against a lot of their burst like zed q SS q SS q SS is nice but it’s just not going to give me the value you usually get with like their team comp because most of their team comp um it’s made of a D champion so the mr isn’t really doing too much for me sterak’s gage is always going to be a useful anti burst item because it gives you that nice HP gives you that nice chunky shield so you have to also evaluate the team comp before you just go full damage on Quinn because usually if you do just buy full damage on Quinn even if you’re ahead you’re going to be use useless if you’re against a bunch of burst champions here’s how you teamfight on Quinn you have to remember that you are still an assassin and against the frontline you still don’t do that much alright so what you do with your ultimate is you don’t just just charge in and try to carry kill there carries because you’re gonna get peeled off and you’re gonna die instantly what you do is you sit back you play extremely selfishly you don’t help your teammates with anything all right Jin is getting attacked by poppy but I don’t care I’m just waiting for that Ezreal and I killed the Ezreal and I’m looking for the Elise that’s it that’s all you do on Quinn is you just go for the backline you get a nice flank off and you kill their carries that’s that’s it you don’t I don’t care about my carries at this point I just care about killing their carries if you are extremely behind on Quinn and you can’t you don’t feel like you can confidently kill their carries then at that point what you want to do is you do want to just kite back with your ad carry because if you I mean if you can’t assassinate anyone just there’s no really point in trying so so we take down the tower most of them have respawned by now so we’re not gonna keep pushing it anymore zed is bot lane and that’s that’s what I’m gonna do this is main reason why Quinn is so good just gets around the map look how fast I’m going compared that Alistar like he can’t there’s no way he can keep up right so I’m just flying down and that’s dead he can’t you can’t outrun Quinn you just unless you’re I think oh dear is the only real one that can give her a run for her money but most people are just going to you either fight Quinn or you die – Quinn that’s it so here gin is one be winning poppy I don’t know why but I thought maybe gin could get it but he doesn’t so I decided you know I’m gonna Stevie look at that look at that speed look at how fast I I just blindsided she couldn’t she could barely even touch me alright with homeguards Quinn travels at 1,300 units per second at least how fast does she travel she travels at 400 so I’m probably three times as fast as a normal champion when I have Home Guards in my birth born so during the mid to late game this is still kind of mid game what you do is Quinn you just look for picks that’s all you’re doing is you’re kind of trying to predict where people will be and you’re looking for picks in Italy is pegging with me and look how we just destroy that Ezreal no chance whatsoever

that’s all you do is you look for picks and you don’t you don’t try to teamfight win is not a great team fighter you’re just looking for picks if you don’t think you can get pics you go for the split bush so here a tea a small sort of like a skirmish breaks out I go in for the lease because I know I can knock her up for the gin ultimate but she flashes away which is unfortunate but we still get poppy here poppies pretty much dead Natalie gets pretty lucky here living with I think 42 HP which is pretty close but at this point we are really really ahead there is little to no chance of them actually mounting a comeback we’re 10k gold up and this is what this is what you do on coin you just as real as farming this is if the game hasn’t ended at this point this is all you do because usually 80 carries and squishy champions will be farming in a sideline and all you do is you wait you make sure that no one else is there and then you just go in just go in and you try to kill them all right now Ezreal had both the Sumner’s so I wasn’t able to really get him but I burned both the Sumner’s I thought they cost me my own flash this is a mistake that I made here is that I’m still farming all right I should you should not be farming okay they surrender like a few seconds after which is so it didn’t really matter after that but still a mistake nonetheless if you go for an assassination attempt you don’t you don’t stick around for farm if I’m trying to if I’m trying to kill Donald Trump I don’t stick around and try to his daughter this that that’s dumb all right you just you stay away from the tempting and you focus on the objective and if you fail the objective you get the out as fast as possible so that’s pretty much all you really need to know about Quinn the top lane early game go roam help your team get them fed teamfights don’t give a about your team kill the carries late-game mid game Dover picks roam around trying to predict where the enemy will be going if you can’t go for picks you go for split push instead you just try to pressure pressure pressure you’re not a good team fighter keep that in mind this is your build path on coin you start either their Dorn’s blade in a pot or you start corrupting potion usually in tanky match so you can have pretty much just a free lane you start dorans blade in matchups where there’s a lot more her ass like lissandra gangplank her like just champions with ranged harass you usually get corrupting potion after that you want to get serrated dirt first this usually will deal more damage than the coalfields Warhammer in between somewhere there you want to get your boots of swiftness because once you get serrated Dirk you’re gonna be around level 5 once you finish the boots of swiftness you’ll be around level 6 so you can get around the map a little bit easier and then you want to finish you moves as fast as possible and then this is where the options sort of spread out you definitely want the rapid firecannon first it’s um it does a lot more damage than getting infinity-edge first so you get rapid firecannon if you want like I said in the video if you’re against a lot of squish or a lot of burst champions you want to get sterak’s gage first if you’re against a lot of AP burst you want to get the hexdrinker first not the March is the hexdrinker and then you definitely want to just go rapid firecannon into infinity edge into either this or this version of last whisper or the other version of last whisper usually this one’s a little bit better items that you never buy on Quinn you usually don’t buy essence reaver I know a lot of people like frozen stuff they do buy essence reaver essence reaver isn’t actually that good in regular games usually like I said Quinn has mana problems from level 6 until around level 14 because once you hit level 16 your alt costs nothing at level 16 at rank 3 Quinn’s ultimate has no cost her queue cost I believe 70 her W costs nothing and her vault costs 50 all right and around then you’ll have about 600 mana so essence reaver the only real value it’s getting for you is the attack damage and the crit chance and of course the cooldown reduction so it’s generally much better to get infinity edge because you’re doing just a lot more damage that way trinity force not really necessary way too expensive way to slow ga not very good just get sterak’s gage stairs gage does everything that G does just in my opinion much better helps you survive a lot easier ruins on Quinn you go quintessences of attack speed ad marks scaling or flat magic resist and armor yellows few variances you can either get you can get armor penetration here if you want I personally like this version better I’m makes it that makes things easier to blow up masteries on Quinn this is pretty much just what you go this is the pretty much the universal standard for

Quinn you can go for fervor battle or you can go for grasp of the undying both have worked fairly well in my opinion but thunderlord’s is just way too good simply for the fact that when you do go for those assassination attempts in the later game thunderlord’s will help you much better than the other two mastery so in a way thunderlord scales better than these two on Quinn so yeah hope you enjoyed that I hope you have luck in your games ahead even if you don’t play Quinn Quinn has very obvious weaknesses in the fact that she’s extremely squishy she’s not very good 1v1 ER she has trouble clearing she has mana problems in the early game but if you take advantage of her insane mobility if you take advantage of the way that she can just apply pressure to all three lanes so efficiently you can just get your team so fed that it doesn’t matter a lot of people will criticize you for playing Quinn even people like in my yellow and diamond diamond yellow people have been criticizing me playing this telling me like Oh Quinn is such so bad for our team cop we have no tank we have no CC we have no this or that it doesn’t matter when you play Quinn because if you can play it properly if you can properly snowball and get pressure in all of the lanes it won’t matter how bad your team comp is because again this is solo queue people alright this it doesn’t matter just get your team ahead then that’s what Quinn does Quinn is kind of like kind of like rengar in a sense in that that you’re just hunting alright that’s that’s all you’re really doing you’re just hunting for kills you’re hunting for squishies you’re just going bottling and you’re killing their ad carry that’s pretty much it so thanks for watching guys I’ll see you guys next time you if you’re wondering why I’m not playing on my main account anymore its family because it doesn’t happen often but it happens enough that I don’t want to play on my main account so like every other game I will get recognized in my elo and you know it’s nice to get recognized get some appreciation in-game as well but every now and again someone on the enemy team will recognize me and they have I don’t know why but they have this burning desire to just camp the out of my lane and make my life a misery just I remember one game I was playing Rumble and I was against a Pantheon jungle and he be I was like oh and eight and he was still diving me under double towers and I was why are you killing me I’m I’m less than a cannon minion at this point and you know what he said to me he said I’m only you because I like you so that that’s why I don’t play on my main account anymore