Make your own OtG | USB Flash Drive

other guys what’s up and welcome to more DIY mother and I need to forego my stamina but I showed you before in the CSB that I made and basically this one I just used one of these because to make simple for you guys this one you can get for a dollar or a pound from eBay or some other side and basically what I did instead up for you guys make if you guys want to you can guy I’m going to show you both ways using one of these to cut them down and connect the USB cables to this so you can guys make your own or if you guys have those adapters already you can get them for a pound like nearly 10 or 20 of them so you guys can just if you have a USB laying around you that yes being cable from mass or something like that that’s laying around you guys can use that just cut the cable in half and just connect the adapter and other white goes into the connectors right here and I’m going to be showing you that how you it’s very simple to make but the other thing is a lot of you guys might want to like this one you can good for a dollar or a pound from eBay and busy this is a card multi multi card reader and this one I’ve done in a long time ago and a support SD card and some other type of produce card now all of you guys might be asking okay so I need a card IDO why is that really important number for you if you ever take pictures with their DSLR cameras and other you guys might want you know take a picture and like if they have on a flash drive or not I mean on the SD the card SD cards or other cards and you can just plug it in connect this adapter to your phone and you will have a multiple card reader that is going to be in your bag anywhere you go with is very simple now instead of me getting the cable for you know the K will end this adapt okay Ghana if I lose this is kind of pretty pressure on that time when you need it so just you know converting the end to a USB kind of thing like the micro USB OTG and which makes it most simple now I have this is a bigger one now I try to make it as simple for you guys but this one is only card reader that it works perfectly but you could use one card at a time you cannot use multiple card and this one has cards multiple card readers so like a lot of them but they doesn’t have a small one and on the other side they have it has USB cables I mean yes being a female house so you can plug in your flash drives anything you want now the problem with this one it was perfect it it actually works with a computer perfectly now what I did this one is you guys have seen this kind of sorry my camera is not focusing is focusing on me but these kind of I’m going to put an image somewhere here so you guys can see oh there it goes and basically I couldn’t I got another one and I just converted from this port this one to a microUSB one and I’m when I connect to my phone would proof turn on through the LEDs it turn on it has around three LEDs or maybe two and any case it’s just let’s put as like four LEDs now it powers the LEDs but delivering anything you connect it needs more power but this one had them or another kind of the power adapter inside that you can give it more power and stuff now the problem is with this one mark a the power cable around and stuff like that so you just got a very big problem I’m going to show you it was perfectly and this is my Xperia S cable phone let me enter my password and there it goes now this one just focus on this one and I will connect it to my phone as you guys can see LED there LED there and on my phone it says sorry about that

USB damaged yes be storage damaged whatever you guys want to call it but it says removed and like it actually is not fully working and there turns off automatically it says USB damaged and if I put it back in it turns on and here is going to say to me USB damage and stuff like that because this will use more power and that’s the problem you can if you guys have an external powers Kadima the new guys can carry around those with yourself and you will have basically you couldn’t have USBs and the card readers so you can actually use one at a time and that’s the problem but but it’s just like for example if I have a produ here is a port for that and I can just plug in that and copy the images to my phone or copy from my phone to there and if I have another one I can put in here or that SD cards and stuff like that it just but it’s one at a time and but works perfectly and instead of me playing around every time this one’s simple adapter with myself and if I lose this then I that means I cannot do anything now I made this one using it cut out the end of the where you plug in your flash of anything you want just converted into this you know the OTG cable daddy come to my flash drive and I have done the solar array to the pins and basically works perfectly and I will show you it’s a is preparing USB storage yes USB store is connected so there’s a light coming out from that side so that’s the problem you guys might not see it click here clear okay and I use actually a fund manager this is the icon for it the one down here that one and basically I use that that’s a fastest one that I use and I can go to my USB and do not go into my SD card my internal storage as you guys can see it says USB storage and the internal sd card 0 and if I go to the USB disk I can find and everything what I have right here and that’s the base in the simplest way I can see this working perfectly and I’ve tried a few times using take some hard disk and base this is USB 3 and if I plug into this is going to be converted to USB 2 and this is a back compatible with USB 1 2 and 3 so let’s check this one and see what the result of this once I remove the flash the flash disc yo TJ plasters and just giving this message that USB storage unexpectedly removed doesn’t matter this one LED blinks on this but it doesn’t show anything right here on the phone it just it’s not going to work because this one needs more than the hard disk is the problem because this hardest going here who is about from it depends on the storage or and if it’s more storage it means needs more power and they go up to an amp or an amp and a half so that’s why it’s the hardest part the very bad one you know you cannot really use them if you want to use them you might need an external power for this and you might need to get another type of hard disk this one is from Seagate but I remove the hard disk because I was going to use that that hard drive into another another lap abortion because it was much more storage so that’s what I used for and but it’s not working is blinking the LED but is showing nothing on the phone

is shown nothing and that’s the problem but you need if you want you know you can guy guys can get an external power source that has USB connection and external power source and you will have you this one will be working for you make sure that’s like around am you know because if it’s lower than if your hard disk needs more lower than an amp then you will be fined because you know you have announced or powers like five or ten one amp and you will have you would be fun with it and if you have like a terabyte or something like that hard disk you guys can still use that one because that’s actually using amp or sometimes it goes up both that but it’s pretty much fast and hard disk on your for your phone and you can guys can probably this fast from your hair from your phone to the hardest and from the hardest to your laptop or anything you want I know this video is going to be a bit long but I just want you guys to explain I was going to explain everything to you guys what can we possibly what cannot be possible but I’m going to be starting right now with showing you how you guys can make this and let’s go into the table so I can show you how you can make that flashy OTG flash disk this I would decide they got for I got this idea from the crosshair Vantage I don’t know Vantage go something like that I don’t know that’s basically the OTG flash drive kristen has made their own Sun disk as made their own but I had a guess big flash disk or a laying around this one has been in the washing machine for over ten times and still works and basically it has connected right here and I was using going to remove a chip from another flash disk and put it on this one but needs a heat blower so like a heat gun so you can guys can swirl you know those joints to the to that and actually it didn’t work so I think I might have put it the wrong way or so but I said the other side was working but that I wasn’t working this one is 16 gig is USB 2 I’m going to show you later on in another video how can you do it four USB 3 and that’s going to do it no let’s go into that bench and show you guys how you can make this but this is my bench that is my computer source to that I have 32 inch in front of me and here it goes I was just gonna put some music on for you guys so you guys can not get bored too much now here’s the yes beat that I’ve been taking outside so in my stupid the out layer apart and this one as you guys can see if you get a USB cable that connects your phone and your and your computer or anything or a tablet so and it has the same pin in the same pin name but the only thing is different if you guys can see closely here from here to here to this one this pin if you guys can see on yours if you guys have a hard shell like for this one a hard shell for this is iPhone 5s cable or iPhone 5 cable or anything belongs to in that category and it’s the same you guys can trigger apart and then you guys can do the the only thing you got you need to do is have a jumper from this pin to that pin which is empty on which is empty on every on every USB cable that you guys going to be connecting from your computer to your tablet or your phone so just need a jumper from this side from this out shell that you guys will find the cable half is going right here the only thing you need to do is put a jumper from this to this empty pin and you will have a OTG cable that is you can just take out the pins that is going to be running to anything you want that’s the simplest thing it’s very fast in much reliable if you guys that’s how I did with my own connection that pin I got because I won’t have a look inside the first one you know the original cable that goes from your phone to you two

to the computer and found out you know the tone difference is that you need a jumper from the outer shell that is this one and that that pin and it’s kind of like a jumper jumper lead to have anything stories that disconnected to as in output if I connect I have a if I take out this jumper lid and connect anything it’s not going to work it’s not going to say any stories or any type of thing it is going to it just might even blink the LEDs on that storage device but it’s not going to say what it is and is it a storage or is it another thing that’s a that’s the only thing that I can think of but this jumper lead only explains that this one is the ground and that’s kind of the phone ground not to Grand Funk coming from the from the USB source and and that’s a jump and that open pin just to know to as like a temple lead you know on your on your motherboard or any other connector on other devices to and that’s only the jump elite that you need to make a USB storage like this then I’m going to have image right here that wherever the input for this pin and the female and the male connection for this so that you guys will know where every pin is you know I will have the pin number and you know the pin was number it like number one is it what’s called it negative positive like source of power red blue green yellow white sometimes the green is kind of yellowish color and the white is kind of light clear color like this one where he is kind of it’s this one is a different kind of cable it usually used for audios but in this case it was used in this and the green kind of looks very light green they this one looks like you can see through the copper the copper cable through this and it looks like kind of brownish and that’s basically it and I didn’t have my soldering iron right here because I was it was very simple to explain and how to make it if you guys want for more details if you guys want me to make a video of how to make this and I will be very delightful to make your video and how to do this and thumbs up for the video if you like it thumbs up if you did select it dislike it and if you want more information on how to make this just leave me comment in the description the common list and I will find out if it’s over 10 comments you know how to make this and I will beat left foot to make your video on this and that’s going to be it and it goes with the same storage that if it has for connection and you like flash drive or card reader or so on and that’s the only connection that you need I will have the yesterday the Cape with a picture right here and this area so you guys can see where every pin goes or I will have a link in the description for the exact image and a very high resolution so you guys will know wait everything goes on and that’s going to be it if you guys want me to make a short video of connect those pin nation and the jumpers if you guys didn’t fully understand and I will make a video on that based on that only if you guys want to make like that or if you guys want me if you guys want just to use this OTG adapter and I’m and that’s what I did toward a on that video and explaining how you can just take it the cable of Parker from here and those every connection they go on the USB and that’s going to be it and if you guys want me to make an actual video on only the pin connection and you all guys want to understand how it was and definitely is going to be not a problem for me I

can make a video on that based on that so you guys will be actually really working out okay how okay this is how it was and that’s going to be it ten-to-one much for watching subscribe like form or dislike it’s up to you guys and subscribe if for any new video that comes up to my channel then I’m going to be posting it and so you guys will get more information on that too and thank you very much