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all right hi everyone thank you so much for joining us today to say the least it has been a wild couple of weeks we know many of you are juggling lots of uncertainties as well as probably a few children so we’re really overwhelmingly grateful that you’ve decided to spend an hour of your day with us today we’re going to be talking about eight marketing projects that we believe you can start today or perhaps more realistically to start on Monday to help you thrive both now and in the future so before we start a few housekeeping items the session is going to be recorded and then emailed out to you later today make sure you do open that email because we’re going to include some leave-behind resources that will touch on over the course of the webinar there is a chat feel free to say hello in the chat you might have to switch it sometimes you’re addressing just the panelists which is myself in Mitchell but you can open it up to address the panelists and the attendees however if you have questions we’re going to be using zooms Q&A feature for our question and answer period at the end finally it seems like we’re gonna have a fair number of people on the webinar today we had almost 500 registrants which is awesome I think there’s about a hundred and fifty people with us right now you are across a ton of different types of organizations and industries some of you are in survival mode some of you are in wait-and-see mode some of you are really stepping on the gas with that in mind we’ve tried to keep the projects that will be discussing pretty wide-ranging and hopefully industry agnostic if you do want some advice on specific subjects please raise them during the Q&A period as we get into introductions we’re gonna fire up a quick zoom poll which I’m gonna do this yeah I want to make sure you’re all awake and paying attention so just quickly kind of jump in there what’s your your work from home style Wow the work from home mullet outfit taking an early lead okay we’ll give it about give it about ten more seconds alright everybody should be able to see those so nice shirt on top sweatpants on the bottom a runaway victory okay introductions so I’m mild sellin on the president here at Major Tom I’m involved in a number of different areas across our agency including leading the initial stages of our client strategy engagements supporting our business development team and defining our own organizational strategy alongside our CEO Lynn I’ve been with the organization for just over six years my work from home style is constantly fending off my large ginger cat Tonka hey I’m Mitchell I’m VP operations I oversee our project teams in New York as well as here in Toronto which is where I’m broadcasting from it will be my three-year mark at Major Tom in about a month and I think I’m going on about 13 years in the marketing industry overall I work from home style is bottle of wine within an arm’s reach at all times so who’s Major Tom I saw a lot of familiar names in the registrant list as well as a ton I didn’t recognize but to be honest and vulnerable with everyone right now in many ways I don’t think our positioning statement is really very important to people right now what is important is that like you we are figuring this whole thing out a day at a time when we built our annual plans global pandemic was not on the roadmap so we’re really all in the same boat at this moment so to register for this webinar we asked everyone what is the biggest marketing question on your mind today so we ran your responses through a word cloud generator and everyone’s on mute but I can definitely tell you’re laughing what we actually heard was this there is a ton of uncertainty and honestly anxiety as well you’re wondering just how deep and enduring these changes will be same here everyone is fair game to adapt to whatever the new normal will be which is great some of you just want to make it through these next couple months but the most encouraging thing that we saw is that this group of marketers here is thinking and planning about how to come on the other side of this stronger and better than we were before someone also asked this question no mention of my facial hair for some reason and someone

else just asked how which we thought was very profound we also wanted to let you know a few of the things that are on our minds as we consider the state of marketing at the moment the first may seem really obvious but things are changed personally I am of the opinion that in many ways marketing and business will never be quite the same things like truly authentic connection with your audience what engagement means how audiences behave and how we define that behavior it’s all changed dramatically in the span of like two weeks and well the economy will definitely bounce back at some point some things might have just changed permanently the second thing on our minds is pace just two weeks ago I was considering driving down to Washington State for the weekend with my wife trying to reconcile in my mind the amount of things that have happened in that two weeks in is almost impossible things are happening at a just mind-boggling pace and as marketers our challenge is to keep up with the conversation and then finally we spent the last week thinking about action this situation is undeniably overwhelming I don’t think I’ve spoken to anyone in the last two weeks who is feeling underwhelmed when we’re overwhelmed we can feel paralyzed but if we can do anything today I hope it’s to inspire you to shake yourself out of that feeling pick something and then start it which leads me to this awesome quote that I saw in LinkedIn and forgot to top early source anyone knows who this is shouted out on the chat I thought it was really meaningful we can’t quit we’ve just got to pick a nail and start hammering so today what we’re gonna do is try to present eight different nails hopefully you can pick one and you can start hammering so with that in mind nail number one is to revisit your brand strategy so we often find that when we start to work with an organization and we ask them to define their brand strategy it’s hard to get a clear answer how and what does your brand communicate right now more than ever people are looking for brands to be authentic how can you be authentic if you don’t know who you are especially in marketing teams with multiple people if you don’t have a single source of truth your messaging can start to be inconsistent so authenticity and consistency are the goals now and always so typically undergoing a brand strategy engagement is a big project but if you’re starting for the first time or you’re revisiting your current brand strategy you can smart and you can start in doing a small reassessment and build from there so there’s lots of different ways to define brand strategy what goes into it and how to utilize it but for us the three most helpful pieces to get started with are the golden circle brand values and brand archetype so the golden circle is simon Sinek articulation of the purpose of an organization and it’s a really effective tool in defining pieces of a brand strategy it’s made up of three key statements what you do how you do and most importantly why you do it as a piece of messaging they can be expressed in conjunction so for example Major Tom solves marketing challenges by combining high-level strategic thinking with excellent tactical execution in order to unite our great people with great brands the second piece that we’d recommend you define is your branded values sometimes these are articulated as a single word sometimes at short phrases but they should always be supported by one to three defining behaviors so if one of your brand values is humble or hungry how do those behaviors show up for your team and how do they show up for your customers we have five but in my opinion less is definitely more so if you can keep that to a Type three can be pretty effective and then the third thing we would recommend is use a traditional brand archetypes to define your brand character these have been around for a long time shadow to Carl Jung but they’ve stood the test of time as being a great way to articulate your brand characteristics to your team well some brands might be a single archetype like Nike or harley-davidson some brands are a 50/50 split maybe even a 7525 split and it’s okay to experiment and kind of land on what feels right so for Major Tom we think of ourselves as a 50/50 split between the sage and the magician so the sage side of us has a deep appreciation of insight and knowledge and we want to be that advisor to our partners but the magician side we also want to surprise and delight it can be really helpful in terms of landing on the right tone to take this archetypal mix and to turn it into an avatar so sometimes it’s a celebrity or a character that helps you define your tone at major Tom we don’t have an explicit one but I like to think of us as being like Gandalf kind of magical wise but still here to have a good time so these three tools can give you a quick and dirty way to ensure your communication now and going forward is on brand so to get started with this project we’re gonna provide you with a few simple worksheets they’ll come out in an email afterwards one for the

Golden Circle one for Grand values and then an example archetype wheel and so what we’d recommend in terms of getting this project kick-started is to send these to your leadership team have them all complete it beforehand and come together for two three hours discuss really get out a consensus and then put it into action project number two is to either develop or redevelop your personas so chances are if you have well-defined personas they are completely out of the window at this point Nancy has two kids and loves fitness those things are also true but Nancy’s world and the way she is living are completely different now and likely will never be exactly the same the way you spoke to Nancy two weeks ago just doesn’t make sense anymore so man so now Nancy’s kids are at best climbing over her you know at least for the next week before they answer on or digital school again and it works she’s trying to figure out how to home-school them on the fly you know her love of fitness for sure still there but her habits have changed she’s working out from home she’s using online streaming services for those of you in the b2b space this is especially true remote work completely blurred a line of home time and work time so you have to be especially considered in terms of how your marketing and where your marketing but now more than ever and I would argue that when this passes we as marketers need to be more human people are not only sniffing out but calling out like in real time so who’s your customer what are they thinking right now what are they doing how are they feeling the more you can answer those questions the smarter your marketing decisions are gonna be so in terms of how you start we use templates we’ll be sharing these after the session as well for the most part a lot of a part of your personas will it remain the same and that’ll be this part up at the top here demographics and Geographics but what they think and feel and do those will almost certainly have changed so to get started with us you’d recommend sticking to three personas max and taking one of two approaches to completing them the first is to just get it out put yourself in your customers shoes get it on paper pass it around your team to get feedback and input revise it once and then start to put them into action the second which is much better but let me feel scary call them on the phone is great video is even better it’s quite possible that they might have some time on their hands or would love a break from the monotony of self isolation so to talk through would one what they’re up to you know how they’re feeling what they’re thinking about be honest and vulnerable you’re probably in the same situation that they’re in right now as you can really forge a genuine connection some of your customers and get this feedback either way you’re gonna have a much better perspective on how to empathize with them and pretty good understanding of what they’re going through now to help better inform your decisions when we come out on the other side all right so project number three do some SEO spring cleaning organic search William is way up and people are more hungry for content than ever also in our experience people tend to leave this for the last possible thing on their list even though it’s almost a really important so our first recommendation line up your toolkit make sure you have it make sure that it works Google Analytics first of all if you don’t have this or something similar this needs to be your Monday project this is absolutely foundational tool for your website Google search console is a dashboard to make sure that your site looks good to Google and then big web big webmaster tools is the same thing but for being a couple tools like Simran or Moz and there are many others our search marketing tools that cover both SEO and paid and a big advantage here is that they do excellent competitor insights Yoast is a wordpress plugin that makes it really easy to update different on-page elements like your title tags and your meta descriptions directly into WordPress and we kind of call this SEO for dummies screaming frog is a tool which is it has a single function and that’s to crawl every single page on your site and spit out a bunch of different details about those pages and then finally Chrome extensions not to be ignored there’s a ton that we could go down the rabbit hole with Facebook pixel Google tag manager Moz or a lot of these plugins and extensions will make your job easier next keep an eye on your competitors you may think you know your true competitors by manually searching for some of your top terms but you could have hundreds or even thousands of terms on your page and on your site so a tool like semrush or Moz will help automate this process for you we want to encourage you to conduct a keyword gap analysis to identify valuable terms that you could and should be ranking for website performance covers things like usability page load

and overall user experience and then a content analysis is one of the oldest and most reliable tactics so discover your competitors talk content then create your own that significantly improves on it and finally who is driving traffic to their pages and how can you get a piece of that now finally tighten up your own SEO so there’s a ton of different things you could do here for a full complex SEO audit or overhaul but we chose four quick wins that we really think that you can work on pretty much immediately so take stock of all the multiple websites are competing domains that you might have do you need them all and are their own evil ones a word of caution here if you do plan to sunset any make sure you have a really firm migration strategy in place and firm like Major Tom can certainly help with something like that for your on-page content keep an eye on your missing title tags missing the descriptions missing each one’s and local here we’re talking about things like Google my business so you don’t need to be a brick-and-mortar store but being active on here really helps to increase search ability your bare minimum here be your name your address and your phone number and also keep in mind if there’s any things that are different for your business for example operating hours that have been affected by Coe bid and finally broken links so again some rush or screaming frog these will identify your broken links now is a great time to get in there and fix them okay so project number four focus on your content as a marketer this is personally where I have the most fun in general this is a great time for you to step back and look at the big picture some of the earlier products that we talked about will help lay the foundation of revisiting your content strategy overall when we look at these content strategy fundamentals here and then of course we pair them with today’s uncertain environment certainly some budget restrictions then the fact that we don’t really know what the next few months are gonna look like we’re gonna find the channel selection it’s gonna be difficult to lock in budget is gonna be difficult to lock in measurement is going to be difficult to lock in but these are still really worthy of discussion activities like audits and brainstorms though are perfect for these times we also don’t want to let this remote working environment stop you from collaborating with your team so a major Tom we’ve had some really great rewarding workshops internally and with clients using the mural app which is a screenshot that you see here on the right so as great as strategy is to work on we also want to emphasize a good balance of planning in action and what this action looks like is beefing up your content library so these here are going to power your content marketing engine into the future helping to chart you through some uncertain times but how do we take advantage of these when we have a real working environment and reduce resources and a really uncertain path in the next few months the short answer honestly is just to get crafty so with written content honestly right now there’s a huge amount of information at our fingertips and for most of us there’s fewer distractions distractions while we’re working from home this is a really great time to dig into research create some new insights create some thought leadership for interviews I suspect you’ll find that more people are available to speak to you like Miles mentions so get on a zoom with them dig deep extract some meaningful information I also take a look at some of your high-performing past content figure out how you can innovate on that to make it better so for photos and graphics I know everyone here has hundreds and hundreds of images tucked away into old folders we want to encourage you to revisit them to see if anything was overlooked or maybe something has some new nostalgic value if you’ve got some really great 4k video I bet you’ll find that you can pull some stills from it and of course graphics can be a really simple and cost effective way to create new content without the need for new photography so you could for example explore new graphic treatment on your social channels it’s a really great time to scour user-generated content – I’ll be honest I couldn’t bear writing stock photography on this slide but to be honest I think we can acknowledge that there is a lot of really good stock photography out there a lot better than it will used to be and there’s probably something on there that can help so for rich media we want to again encourage you to revisit your existing content library to see what you can repurpose there could be a lot of value in some of your older b-roll but one of the biggest takeaways that I want for everyone today is to lean into lightweight motion graphics so let’s be real there’s no new video that’s going to be shot in the next couple months but using existing videos and photography you can make some really compelling motion graphics Facebook just share study with us earlier this week that said brands using motion graphic ads saw a 17 percent higher rate of conversion than ads using only still photos so some really good food for thought there and a final note on content the economic

climate has made for a huge amount of available labor on the market and there are gonna be more contractors than ever that can help you out if you need assistance with your content production number five so this one’s about reimagining your delivery so obviously many industries are facing the impact of having their regular channel or vehicle for delivering their product or service either made temporarily impossible or at least severely limited so many of you are likely thinking you know how can I change things out to get me through this little rap patch and well that’s a normal first reaction I would really challenge all of you to push that thinking even a little bit further so when you’re reimagining your service delivery how can you make changes now that are going to open up new avenues and new opportunities both now and in the future these changes might be about survival or brand-building in the short-term but it’s also an opportunity to think about the future a great example of an industry that has leaned into this right away is real estate the market is likely going to be tighter because of everything going on but properties still being listed and thus needs to be shown individual Realtors like my friend Jeff Appleby who I think might actually be on this webinar right now Jeff if you’re here say hi in the chat and I doing awesome Instagram tours both live and recorded doing open houses so not only helps them get by in the short term but the you know the potential opportunity to really expand his reach and do open houses with people that you might not have access to in the first case there’s awesome the are companies like Stan Bowl studios here in Vancouver that are making VR tours to advertise presale units so both of these techniques allow them to show properties at scale and globally so well it’s really really useful now it’s going to be just as useful later I am NOT going to say that we put this together in response to our current situation it was something we’ve been experimenting with and tinkering on for a while but we built our own e-commerce store called tinkin originally the idea was to sell swag but we’ve pivoted into selling small introductory style services that are more transactional but as a way for us to start relationships with new clients at a lower price point this website actually isn’t gonna go live publicly until this Wednesday but we’d love for you to check it out give us your thoughts give us your feedback on the new concept we’re also gonna be sharing a promo code and the email follow-up so you can check it out to see if anything can provide some immediate low-cost value to you is this gonna work I don’t but we knew that with tighter budgets and potentially smaller projects on the horizon that we could take a swing at providing value in a really different way for us you know if we’re not experimenting and innovating we’re not doing our jobs properly another great example we’ve seen is wet science centers and museums we’re doing science world is taking their popular interactive sessions and making them available on YouTube so by focusing on engagement with kids which is their audience in the short term they’re gonna keep those kids interested in science over the long term so that when we do get back to some normalcy and you can go to science world again those kids are really going to have stayed engage with the topic so a couple of tips or hints for thinking through this type of project the first thing is to focus on how can you deliver value to your audience you know what’s going to be useful to them right now a good hint is to go talk to them ask they’ll probably tell you next I would weigh the short-term and long-term value of the idea putting in tons of effort and time on something that only has a really narrow window of short-term value may not be worth it but instead to kind of think about investing more effort in something that kind of is going to benefit you now and later in order to make the idea more usable pare down your offering like we did with ten can you know that’s probably 5% of the total service but allows people to get started on something really quick and then finally experiment a bra semi unpolished offering right now is better than letting that opportunity pass so make sure that you jump in if you have an idea so our six project is one that lots of people push off and that’s finally powering through those website updates everyone here probably has a laundry list of website updates that we thought about or noticed once and never actually taking the time to do but when we come out on the other side of this it’s gonna be gangbusters everyone’s going to be going full speed ramping up every aspect of their marketing to compete in this you know reinvigorated market and you will not have time to do website updates and what’s going to be a pretty saturated market at that point every little competitive edge that you can have at that point is going to be crucial so here’s a couple like big buckets of tasks for you to consider the first is tracking so whether that be updating GTM or GA implementations as mitchell mentioned or if you want to put

on more advanced tools like heat mapping or user recording tools like hot char or creamy egg a slower period is great time to reassess what you’re tracking and why if you still have a fair bit of traffic coming to your site especially when everyone’s at home and online what are you learning from you know what insights can you really discover from that traffic and then when website store traffic really starts to flow with a high volume again and becomes more transactional are you going to have the right tracking in place to know the details of it and be able to pivot if you need to as that market picks back up these in bucket is security and speed so as someone who works in the industry it boggles my mind how many sites I land on that are not secure it’s really easy to check if yours is just click in the browser right next to your domain to the left is either a lock where there’s not and basically I won’t interact with a non secure website especially if there’s any form of information capture on it we’ve actually seen like a huge spike in sort of like Ovid related cyber security attacks as well which is awful and people are the worst but definitely something to consider it’s not a hard fix so making sure that if you if you aren’t insecure like at the you take care of that from a performance standpoint tools like GT metrics and Google PageSpeed insights will spit out a list of recommendations that you or your web developer can start to tackle there’s little things that can sometimes slip like optimization they’re really time-consuming potentially but you have the time and the opportunity to go in now and clean those up and a third area for you to consider is the actual experience of the site when was the last time you sat down and walked through a full user journey on both desktop and then on mobile are those experiences consistent were there any problems as you’re going through it just write a list and then see what you can address on the accessibility side of things that may require professional help the rules of regulations surrounding WCAG compliance can be a little bit complex but it’s definitely an increasing area of importance for government and regulatory bodies depending on where you’re located and how large your business is there are potentially like huge fines for it as well so while you might get a big laundry list of accessibility issues to address coming out of that starting to work on them and demonstrating improvement is sometimes enough to push a potential legal action down the road not to mention the fact that there are you know millions of people who live with different types of disabilities so if you can really put the effort into making your site highly accessible goes a long way to show that large demographic that you are trying to craft the user experience for them finding a fun little activity to do or maybe not fun depending on the results is to pop your this site and then your domain into Google and start browsing the search results so this will just show everything that Google has indexed for your domain and you really want to start looking for types of pages that have been cached by search engines that are maybe no longer relevant are the things that you shouldn’t be able to see that you do see pages from a development site or like old potentially internal PDF these are things that you’ll run through and clean up with with pretty minimal effort great project seven of eight sustain your brand presence so a lot of marketers are concerned about whether it’s appropriate to advertise right now or not there was a study that was released earlier this week by Cantor media and 90% of an audience of consumers said that brands basically have the green light to advertise amid the coronavirus crisis and that business must go on my another compelling thigh here it can take up to five years for a brand to recover from going dark so our recommendation is to implement a brand awareness campaign that supported with paid media this will ensure that you marine top-of-mind when you resume normal programming and it’s especially important if your competitors are active in this space and if they’re smart they are also pausing all ads is gonna prevent you from building valuable remarketing lists and look like audiences so despite instincts it just not the time to go dark we do have some channels that we want you to consider as well and the first is search so stay top of mind when users are actively searching for you owning a shore a voice against your competitors is super key here unsocial we’re seeing sea pcs in CPMs decrease and it’s a really great time for efficient brand awareness on those channels video consumption is up more than ever no surprise google estimates in the last two weeks there’s been a 60% increase in content being streamed so here YouTube news sites and connected TV or key channels for video the most engaged content for video has been around news food and entertainment and gaming so in a google study forty-seven percent reported playing more video games compared to before the outbreak miles I bet that’s true for you finally news and Finance sites have seen the

biggest increase in traffic so whether direct buys are programmatic these are excellent sites to target and we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the delicate topic of brand messaging during this crisis so first and foremost be cautious now is not the time to take creative risks a great brand pain will tell a story and now we have an audience that’s more captive than ever to tell that to if you are struggling for a message one of the safest things to do right now is to highlight your community involvement as long as this is authentic and as always we suggest tailoring your message to your audience so your existing existing customers our clients should be receiving a different message than your prospects and a brand campaign is not the place for important communications related to this crisis please ensure that that’s handled on a separate channel and finally if you are advertising on social be sure that you are ready to respond and engage and be sure that you have your key messages ready as they relate to the current crisis great so the last project we would recommend is to start to build your relaunch plan you know no recession lasts forever and this one will also pass so what can you start to do now in order to be ready for when the market really starts to restart so this again is from our friends at Facebook and it outlines the three main phases of responding to a crisis or a recession right now obviously we are all just trying to make through it through that kind of immediate section just focusing on maintaining continuity for in communication with our audience and our customers as we start to transition into the short term over the next few weeks and months we want to make sure that we’re keeping top of mind as a brand and be ready to capture that initial bounce back of consumer engagement and then when we start to get into the third phase of tree you know demand rebound and business as usual we’ve got to be ready to spring into action so when you’re building a relaunch plan you really want to be able to and ready to execute a plan like right here but when should you be planning for that is right here so if you’re planning when the demand starts to rebound you’re already going to too late someone recently described to me that navigating a recession is like taking a sharp corner in a racecar Mitchell and I are not car people when we talk to do this a bunch and have tried to understand the analogy but so what great racecar drivers do is as they’re going into a corner they slow down they look around they reassess the situation and you want to do the same all the various pieces of information figure out what matter is reduced what doesn’t but as they round the corner they turn really hard for us as marketers that means pivoting into a short list of projects that we want to execute really really well that are gonna set us up for success when we get into that straightaway and once those best drivers hit that straightaway they’re gone they’re put their plan into place they pump on the gas and they’re accelerating fast past those who weren’t properly prepared if you’re still deciding on the plan as you come out of the corner you’re going to get left in the dust so a few kind of key things for you to consider as you start to formulate your plan probably the most important one is what’s the trigger that means go is it going to be search volume foot traffic defining when you need to put the plan into place is going to be key to know that you know when you should slam on the gas from a messaging perspective your messaging has likely changed and will continue to change over the next few months but when you need to start going fast again what is your new messaging going to be you want to make sure that when you are ready to go that you have it ready and then in terms of both budgets and channels you want to consider the pace with which you’re going to scale both of those things up are you going to start small to determine ROI for you know a specific channel in the new environment or are you going to bet big on one specific channel by making sure that you figure that stuff out beforehand you’re going to be able to pivot faster if and when the time comes so there you go that’s eight projects for you to potentially tackle hopefully at least one resonated with you before we get into Q&A I want to do another quick poll which I’m going to be good at cool so curious to know out of these eight which one of them you are kind of most likely to dive into on Monday SEO in the lead well okay there’s 200 of us so we’ll wait I’m really curious and interested to share

this with everyone and who will hit 150 okay we’re slowing down so I’m gonna cut it awesome so what’s really really interesting as we share this a relatively even split you know no clear runaway winner so that’s great it’s exciting to know that there’s gonna be lots of different things that different people are gonna be working on I do have fun how’s that focus on content which was my slide technically number one often so as we jump into Q&A we’re gonna turn this off so we can see each other a little bit better and as we get into this really quickly just wanted to acknowledge Vicki and Victoria on our team as well we’ve done so much work behind the scenes in terms of making this possible setting up everything being much more organized than Mitchell in myself so a huge thank you to Vicki here in Victoria mmm so let’s jump into maybe we’ll take a quick look at the chat first yeah I’ve got a couple questions lined out here that are pretty good sure so let’s start with the first one year what’s your best advice for acquiring clients online during these weird times so I hear the word clients I’m hearing b2b my take on it and then I’ll let you go models is content first maybe that’s reason that content I was a bit of a winner today b2b is an excellent space for thought leadership and a great place for content that’s typically more in depth than we see with some other b2c brands and companies so this is a great time to invest in thought leadership of your own so taking some downtime to do that research do those interviews and really dig in yeah I think my advice would really just to be kind of focused on what’s important to that client at this time it’s going to be you know even what we’re seeing across particular industries is that what some businesses are doing is different than what other businesses are doing in in that specific industry so you know try to reach out to you need clients if you see people scaling up their marketing things like that that might be a good way to realize that that business is doubling down go try to find out what that person is specifically interested in and what that business is trying to do and then see if your organization can provide value there hmm okay miles you’re great at these sorts of questions what advice would you give to an upcoming grad student seeking to pursue a digital marketing career based on the uncertain employment environment yeah honestly it’s gonna be tough for a little bit um I think it’s few and far between the organizations that are really going to be hiring right now especially considering the saturation of the job market as you mentioned I spoke with some students from red Academy earlier this week as well if it’s feasible for you and you have the opportunity to do work for organizations that really need it right now not-for-profit organizations community-based initiatives some of those are really really going to be struggling right now and they can use all the help they can get so go you know put your skills to work go show them demonstrate build out your portfolio and that when you come out of this you’ll have a nice narrative to tell employers about yourself that you didn’t just sit on your button play video games you went out there and did something productive you could do both to add to that I would say that we’re seeing an evolution in the job market toward the gig economy and there are gonna be more opportunities for freelancers and contractors than there were before you might be really excited to have your first full-time job right out of the gate but if you can lean into some smaller one-off or project-based engagements just like what miles mentioned it will help to build your portfolio give you experience and then when the right full-time job comes along perhaps and things are a bit more stabilized and then you’ve got better portfolio to jump on it or you might find that the freelancer lifestyle is for you okay another question here this is from Roman how are you communicating with clients that want to pause their campaigns because they are worried about cash flow what do you think Myles yeah I’ll get my quick take on it I think obviously you’ve got to be respectful about that situation cash is the most important part of running a business so as someone who runs a business I really by with that it’s gonna be really different for every business right for businesses that do have the cash flow to potentially continue advertising and there’s a lot of value in doing that right now we definitely believe that as Mitchell mentioned and not allowing the brand to go dark and potentially you’re scaling back really just focusing on brand awareness pieces and not necessarily bottle at bottom of funnel metrics or a bottle of bottom of funnel

tactics rather and yeah I would talk to them about you know what is the available budget how much are they really willing to commit I would preach and advocate for the value of not letting the brand go dark and then just have honest transparent conversations with them right yeah I would agree it’s a conversation not directive so we have of course received emails from clients who are slightly panicked and the best thing to do is to talk it out there are also clients who have increased their ad spend an e-commerce space and some b2b spaces as well so we’re definitely seeing a variety but everyone needs to take a step back and consider what channels are working what ones can be paused where we can redistribute media budget and certainly where we can move to more top funnel tactics great maybe it’s to build on that miles tomorrow asks how do you talk to senior management to secure marketing budget during this time how do you justify that yeah I would really focus on kind of talking about what the organizational goals are at that point and you know understanding you know and then it ties into the cash flow question a little bit as well and you know organizations right now are really planning at a organization level not necessarily a marketing level so for some organizations they might be pivoting really hard into corporate social responsibility initiatives or they you know might be pivoting their business model to a certain degree so once as a marketer you understand what those pivots and decisions are you can recommend better marketing strategies and then you can recommend marketing budgets based off that but you’ve really got to understand that high-level view first yeah I would totally agree that’s something we’ve always done at major tom is going as far upstream as possible and relating marketing to business not just marketing goals great um let’s see here it was scrolling through a bunch more um Daniel asks if my brand has gone dark what is the best strategy to take when we reignite for example do we knowledge acknowledge the time away or do we plow on without sorry I’m using myself um so I think generally you have to acknowledge the time away I don’t know exactly what business you’re in Daniel I don’t know if you want to pop in the chat I think it’s gonna depend a little bit on what your industry is and you know for something if you’re in you know hospitality or tourism or something like that everyone is gonna be extremely aware of what is happening and I think we’ve seen a big movement in lots of different cities to really try to support those businesses as much as possible so I think if you’re coming back and reigniting the brand just be you know authentic about the challenge that you’ve gone through and and the people you’re trying to support and the lively that you’re trying to push forward and and be honest about that I think people will come back to support in a big way awesome I agree more someone asks where do you get your ideas from hang out with more people yeah I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever sifted through such a huge volume of marketing perspectives and research and data than we did for this because there was so much being published and it was overwhelming and not all sources were as relevant as others that’s for sure but there was a lot of different takes and perspectives on it and we were certainly all just figuring it out one day at a time yeah here’s another one from Noemi when a budget has become very tight and cash flow is limited what advertising platforms remain the most important in terms of keeping them going similar to quite a few of the questions that we saw budgets one of the most difficult things for us to strike when it comes to media plans at the best of times there’s a lot of different activities and research that has to be determined even before we can make recommendations there and then channel selection is is really difficult to so again going back to your business objectives understanding what your objectives are today and how they might change two months from now and then taking a step back and looking at overall media mix your priorities and as recommended here this is a really good time for brand awareness and brand building we’re getting quite a few people that are using the raise your hand function which we can’t actually tap into through this webinar functionality so if those people have questions please type them into the Q&A button that’s just right beside there do

you expect when things calm down but people remain corentinĀ“s that ecommerce activity will increase or due to financial crisis will we see a continuous decline interesting what’s your take on that – I think ecommerce will continue to increase I think this is going to be a pretty pivotal and this is just personal perspective obviously and I think that people’s reliance on e-commerce especially over the course of the next year as we sort of all deals from the fall out of this is definitely going to continue to increase and continue to be a larger channel for lots of businesses my general recommendation which take with a grain of salt because it depends on your business and industry but if you have the opportunity to start to dive into e-commerce in in a particular type of way I would definitely be experimenting with that it’s kind of no harm no foul there’s lots of ways to get started quite quickly and easily and so I would definitely explore it if it’s an option brands that are excelling in the e-commerce right now also have an ability to win a lot of customer loyalty over brands that are not during this time and on the other side of this crisis a lot of that loyalty will remain so that will be a really interesting thing to see as preferences and loyalty but I certainly believe that there will be a lot of buying habits that resonate on the other side of this for the long-term all right let me see a couple more questions here I will shout out a IV because when did ask about ten cans so how do we can fill the services after you make them purchase from tin can it’s really really automated we give you a bunch of information or a bunch of questions you provide us with a bunch of information and so you don’t actually have a contact with some of the major Tom until we’re coming back with the outcome of one of those services in which case we you know present the deliverable things like that we’re really trying to sort of automate and productize the initial part of that service as much as possible Raymond wants to know if we have any specific recommendations for companies in the tourism industry that’s a really tough one that’s been hit really hard and it’s a very experiential industry as well but one of your examples I think resonates here miles which one going virtual science for yeah yeah totally so if you can and obviously tourism is pretty wide-ranging and you know first and foremost I feel for you then we have tourism clients and totally understand that this is a really tough time and it’s also you know really uncertain the level of bounce back and when we’re going to bounce back when consumers are going to be comfortable with travel and sort of large gatherings things like that is a big unknown and so if you do have the opportunity to virtualize your destinations to a certain degree and give people a little bit of surprise and delight for for tourism I would really just focus on that kind of brand building piece as much as possible because outside of that unfortunately you know there are some limitations to your options someone is curious about advice for nonprofits in terms of marketing strategies at the best of times those paid budgets are really non-existent I would hit home around the brown messaging thing about how strong of a story community engagement is right now and if you’re not for-profit has some sort of tangible outreach that you can highlight this is a really one full time to make that emotional connection until that story as always with not-for-profits want to make sure you explore your grant options we work with a lot of not-for-profits in Google Grants which can be really powerful so if you have not explored that that’s a great place to start a small yeah and I would also think about if there are ways you know I think financially right now it might be a bit of a challenge obviously from a donations perspective but if there are ways that people can volunteer time in some way despite not being able to be in the same physical location but I can’t member the name of the charity but I saw a children’s charity that was having people volunteer time to come on zoom’ calls and read books to kids and so which is so in Kathleen cute obviously to them so figuring out ways that you can really engage a community and and have people volunteer I think could be an effective strategy in the short term another question the rapidly changing nature of the news in the state of the world makes it challenging to plant even a month ahead should we still be prepping for campaigns launching more than one month out personally unless it’s part of sort of your relaunch plan I would be focused on tighter windows than that and you know a lot of the businesses we’re talking to are going from month planning cycles and 90-day planning cycles so monthly and quarterly to going to two-week and then four week planning

cycles and I mean again think of what two weeks ago was and stuff is changing so incredibly quickly that it’s really about you know as we mentioned before that that piece and so I would I would expedite those planning cycles and make them sort of smaller sprint style windows yes prints tile for sure I know the major Tom’s social media team is doing their content calendars a day at a time instead of a month at a time and checking for the latest before posting anything because things can change so quickly and messaging can become really irrelevant or offensive potentially if it’s not looked at really closely a big challenge on the creative side of things with planning campaign creative lines with seasonality is tough are we going to need spring creative are we going to even get to use an leverage or summer creative if we haven’t shot it already when do we do that so that’s a time to get crafty and yeah take it a day at a time for sure alright a lot of the questions that are still coming in we’ve kind of touched on in other themes or groups so I think we might be ready to wind it down miles what do you think yeah I think well we’ll wrap up obviously if you do have some more questions reach out to us on social Mitchell and I are also going to be providing strategy strategy consultations at a discounted price through tin-can if you want to check those out so if you have really specific things through for your business we’d be happy to try to dig into those as well you know outside of that as we’re wrapping up we really just wanted to share a final thought with you you know Mitchell and I and I think most people at Major Tom are incessant optimist and we’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what the silver linings of this unquestionably shitty situation aren’t and one of them is that this is an extremely rare shared experience we are all going through this together and we were like 250 almost 300 people on this call at one point and although we all probably feel overwhelmed by the present and definitely uncertain about the future we all feel that you know I want you to succeed Mitchell wants you to succeed everyone else in this call here wants you to succeed so well you may feel alone you’ve got a couple hundred other cheerleaders as you start a project on Monday we’re going to throw up a LinkedIn post on Monday asking what project that you were starting at 8:00 a.m. on Monday to get ready for the future we would really love it if you could all chime in and let us know how you’re starting it let is let us know how it’s going and take another marketer that you know encourage them to get started as well so like let’s all pick a nail let’s get hammering because that’s the way that we’re gonna get through this so from from Mitchell and myself thank you so much for joining us it’s been an honor we wish you and your families all the health and happiness in the world and have a great weekend thank you everyone okay