Disney Infintiy 2.0 TinkerBell Spends 1.5 Million Sparks Pt.1 By DisneyToyCollector

wait what is up YouTube to help I station Raptor nation Jay Brandon back on the youtubes thinking what I got for you today is some purchasing we’re gonna use approximately as much as we can maybe 1.5 million sparks 1 million sparks whatever but this is one thing I forgot to show you guys in the the FN escape is you climb up to the buildings and you release these things like here and releases all these paint guns but what’s cool about them you see how the paint the buildings are painted you could paint the top and anything is pretty cool pretty sick pretty sick and you could go pretty far than lunch let’s see out which one that will get sway over their day and pretty far it can’t go outside the map Doha can’t can I go to the to the volcanoes let’s see that’s attractive no oh it does that’s so sick can I get the top I think I hit it that looks like it’s that’s a hit if it’s good if it could get that far there we go boom bing bang all right guys we’re gonna go into the toy store and we’re just gonna buy a boat load of stuff let’s see uh playsets let’s go to Avengers cuz we did beat that game so let’s just start buying stuff female a townsperson how is that law you got it you ain’t good puffy call townsperson we get a blue car we could put in their sensor switch okay vertical laser fence horizontal laser fence which is pretty cool a vehicle summoner all right oh that is locked gotta get this first should have really spent any of my money on just people buy whatever I got all that so I’ll be pretty cool to get the stunt stuff on party on who are you got that s cool and you could unlock most of this stuff throughout the game if you get the guide i’ll tell you how to unlock everything if you don’t got the money or so like that but it’s pretty easy if you watched a video on how to do a spark generator like i did that you’ll be good small electrical electrical box come on bike stand chest table avengers open shipping container dakota play like I didn’t seeking or something oh that’s what they were using actually just on this road right here this construction browse that’s pretty sick okay corner air duct it doesn’t take much to suspend I’ll tell you that for sure we will probably like how you spending all your money on just just weak stuff city water tank ding there’s only two pages on each one we’re about to get all this stuff really easy cab driver who else is going to transport me a construction worker hazard plate to unlock this I play spider we unlocked almost all these people so it’s not a bad thing we’re not spending too much money this ain’t even the most expensive stuff though this is pretty basic when we start going into all the things for the actual toy box is when it’s going to get expensive oh we get a thug Thug one 253 its

own tombout get the green car a black car the spider waited taxi police car green Goblin’s impact grenade sweet that’s actually pretty sick page two goodbye you have earned a trophy that means I probably bought a lot of stuff so we actually hey you don’t got a letter from this one small system building scaffolding construction wheelbarrow business was one two three city sister telephone booth all right a barrier fence fence is always because I’m always looking for like eternity to barricade something off when I was building my worlds before my lid ah no I got that one before my little kid I saved overall rooftop fan pretty cool wall air ducts stacking bricks I got a gold shopping spree so I’m talking about I’m trying to get a platinum shopping sri if they got one so far we’ve wasted about 20,000 sparks and we got 120 48 million left daily bulge wow they’re getting a again a little little crazy with that talk huh that’s a mailbox so you guys can send me some fan mail let’s just set one of those up but then I left people really interact with the channel at even don’t you think I would need one let me know in the comments down below though guardians of the galaxy a power elites car and a powerful arms Goren from the grazing out of place it unlock this and guardians of the galaxy place it oh I haven’t beat the guy that’s only one I haven’t beat yet so maybe that’s why I can’t buy any of that but we’ll get all this fuel tank less nowhere floor plan bristol critter Rome critter purple blue spotted critter that’s actually a pretty tight looking one right there like that actually really cool boy these ones constant a lot okay these are some pretty cool looking character just like pretty sweet yeah sure do got a lot of people here waste of my money place it almost 10 grand increase in cost a lot now scientists that’s so stuffy should turn the fan on all right we got everything there so we got everything from the place that’s the place us are complete so now we’re going to go to toy box twice little mother who tells you special toys this where it’s going to start getting expensive health capsule done seven Finn and the reindeer from frozen enchanted bed 25,000 holy

craps whoa 50,000 50,000 oh my goodness is crazy all right we got to get it 25 grand the diffusion ater add a splash of color to your toy box your st. infusion shoot whatever hits ice we’re getting that we just used it we got that this is a thousand ones firework tower oh man I was crazy money too how much more is there okay so these are the most expensive ones what is that we’re gonna go find out hero’s duty bridge use this toy to create hologram platforms that last a short time all right that’d be pretty cool pretty cool we’re going to get that because a scope alright we’re down we wasted at to about a quarter million dollars more than the quarter million dollars already on stuff gravity falls total gravity falls building peace what was that gravity falls building peace all right Aladdin’s oasis sweet these are all special toys that’s why they cost a lot the Darlene house space mountain I love it small world folk a nice know how do you get that I gotta look at it cuz I want it 500 for that gravity falls golf cart it’s rooms tinks treasure Flynn squirrel I like my knees because I like being able to change watch your step okay I’ll blow you up if you touch it customize your toy box with Atlantis theme sky suites have that possible tron themes guy that’s dope cuz when two planes sick thank you loving all these things I oh pixee a lesson I’m talking about okay yoked our large unlock this toy in my interior unlock this door and the toy box games I explosion survivable okay this holding mine will seek out and destroy flying at least wow ok that’s sick with it that’s everything from there now we’re going to go to creative toys let’s see how that is what its gonna get expensive far do you know it ready up checker all right no text us player ballot box and these are you know things that I actually wanted to learn how to do that’s pretty sick of color changing block it changes colors us really dope that’d be dope to build a whole world in something like that team scoreboard logic gate ability terminal which allows you to which use this care of your shoes which character types and participates ring critical first-place podium this second place podium third do not have a fourth oh now they know what’s toy box game maker this lets you just save current I rises to its game you can also set the rules as a magical one and camera controls editor more sweet should be a lot more than that targhee camera can be used follow friends throughout the game or keep or watch on locations precinct friendly wave generator locator Roland

its height of Roland below you and your friends are that’s pretty seen a remote controller be tight to have this into battle arena just a lot of those going around you have to you know work your way around everything loot chest with the loot chest you can make treasure chest with great toys inside for your friends that’s sick money manager yet right as you can see that’s not that doesn’t help right now all right I think that’s everything for the creative toys take character townspeople we already got all those Disney townspeople alright let’s go ahead and get all these fuzzy bear costume some of these you might not be able to get ship love Chippendale Duffy costume Dumbo Alice she’s tired cat costume which Israel goofy Gus so far we have spent 300 k this will give you guys basically a good idea on how much you need ooh woah woah 100,000 sparks holy crap a toy in a traveler hitchhiking ghost costume from Disney’s park haunted mansion by it boo yow traveler hitchhiking ghost costume alright 100,000 sparks guys that was insane I was thinking we’re gonna buy all these for something cheap but that just definitely did not happen and where can we unlock Darkwing Duck come on unlock this in my interior Terrier I want darkwing duck for sure that’s one of my favorite characters when I was growing up to townspeople to hopefully we don’t got a hundred-thousand-dollar one in here to pull the costume Pluto Oh yuse always get pluto and goofy mixed up 1000 for an oz wold what’s the most expensive funny things going to be in here lilo like that in my interior too okay I’m gonna make me work hard for money oh whoa ice cream man costume 100k folks please don’t put no more though we might not even get any of these a toy in the ice cream man costume from lilo and Stitch 100k buy it and we already used over half a million guys is it go gone crazy so the ice cream man and the hitchhiking ghost costume both 100,000 100k sparks Minnie Mouse all right you have it she got something so good money 1,000 for the Mickey Mouse costume of course she’s on top all know why minnie mouse isn’t blower no that’s not what I meant all right so we got to get all these guys from the my interior marvel townspeople we may run out of we may run out of money folks cuz we’re definitely gonna be using like 400 more k all right let’s see Jonah jammer cosmo 1004 SHIELD agent destroyer armor costume will I have

enough money left is the question you gotta lock him and one inch here you’re too all right so we’re just gonna have to that’s going to be my next objective is to beat the my interior portion of this games like you know everybody else lector costume who is going to be 100 k and this one who do you think Oh Hydra agent oh is it gonna be is it no what right there the potted group costume oh I love this love group the product group is awesome know especially in the game when just come back and he’s all dancing it runs like not running that track so so yeah I’m gonna buy him a hundred K bye y’all it’s gonna get expensive gonna get expensive got to get all my race track stuff though let’s go get that 2020 box white stunt track greater ye yeah let’s do that all thinking in this stuff will cost 100 k but we got all the the super elite people so far Superman whole wonderful car could fall into that I’d be pretty cool I had over 1.5 million sparks not no more all right that whole one is done oh man none of this stuff all right let’s get in vertical one slide hang not too expensive in there hey Chad this stuff costs too much well spiral that’s the one I like to okay so that’s the target point which is pretty cool rail builder toy box rail builder which is sick that’s one you’re gonna pay for the most alright so the ledge hangs and rails done terrain challenge and destruction toys all right large mining Blokland is this minecraft actually I think it’s better than mine craft but that’s just my opinion maybe it’s because I’ll not and play minecraft I good anybody willing to show me we can work something out let’s get that gold armor green armor norm blue o-rings right this is gonna be a long video I wonder it cool if you just go they just had a purchase all one but they don’t all these are only 100 others

quarks which ain’t that bad they really make you pay for the group how to group the ice cream man and it was the ghost hitchhiker huh invisible walls oh nice love it’s lovin it how about the i think i’m going to make another spark spark one with them visible walls that would be sick with it only 150 bucks and that’s just because I’m invisible better fit the sparks so far we’re at about 750,000 sparks we’ve used to get to where we’re at right now templates a lot was choir so we haven’t got all those all right so we can’t do that you can’t buy any of these because you just got to acquire them but we can get marker toys so that’s pretty cool helps people out if they don’t know where it going and you’re building something they got sure dude you got a lot holy moly this is actually taking a lot longer than expected and its Foss expensive Phelps are actually pretty cool some pretty cool stuff that you can make some walls temporarily invisible with one of the guns you can change the fuse your gun which is pretty cool you can change any color like anything you shoot will change the color that it is shooting out of the gun all right is that everything that is everything guys this one where is it well that’s just the character townspeople huh yeah was traveler hitch hiking and then it was this guy the ice cream man costume and then it was where are you at right there i’m actually on them door pot a group plan 100k each so I all right that’s it i purchased everything you can purchase creative toys let’s get out of that so I did everything I can do inside of the toys and then go to building set us a lot of stuff let’s go to my interior decorations and then that’s a lot of stuff that is a lot of stuff holy moly then it’s that’s really expensive guys if you want to see me spend the last eight hundred and fifty thousand sparks on stuff from my interior decorations and the building sets leave me a comment down below as always guys treads videos a little longer inspected and you know how much longer the other one’s going to be if you want to see it if you want to

see me spend my last 850,000 sparks which I should get back up to me and if we go by everything let me know to come to symbolize always do you boy Jay by the PlayStation reclamation and I am out guys peace