Chips & Bean Dip Recipe + Vegetarian Quesadilla Mukbang

hi guys welcome back to my channel today we’re making bean dip super simple super easy all you do is mix all these ingredients together and then pop it in the oven so what you’re gonna need is a can of refried beans 2 cups of any kind of cheese that you want chili powder cumin powder picante sauce it doesn’t have to be pace but pace is my favorite sour cream and cream cheese and I’m also gonna be making quesadillas I thought about not making these on camera because they’re so easy but maybe I’ll show you you need 1/2 an onion chopped bell pepper zucchini squash and mushroom and then you need cheddar cheese a little bit of olive oil some seasoning it’s not the recipe but I’m gonna put seasoning in it because you don’t want bland vegetables and then tortillas you can use any kind that you I just have the burrito sized ones today you’re gonna do is pre-heat your oven to 350 for the bean dip we’re gonna make that first since it’s gonna be in the oven for like 30 minutes ok first thing you’re gonna need is a can of refried beans so let’s get this out these five beans always remind me of dog food ok then you’re gonna need a cup of the Picante sauce gotta get it all 3/4 a cup of sour cream I’m not gonna measure the sour cream I’m just gonna put some in then you need 3 ounces of cream cheese I’m just gonna kind of guesstimate it it’s okay if you add a little bit more and then you need one tablespoon of chili powder this is a 2 tablespoon but I just did half of it 1 tablespoon and then 1/4 of a teaspoon of ground cumin I’m just gonna put some in I like cumin so and then 2 cups of cheddar cheese it give you whatever kind I just got the mild and Monterrey and then you’re gonna mix all of this together this is gonna be so freakin good inside you could put it in the microwave or in a crock pot or even in the oven I’m gonna do the oven method Jesus getting this everywhere um but yeah you can do whichever way you want I don’t think the microwave would be a good idea in my personal opinion I think I would rather have this in the crock-pot or the oven I just think my voice kind of doesn’t make it as good it doesn’t look like bean dip right now but once it’s in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes it’ll look more like bean dip once the cheese melts and everything on medium-high heat you’re gonna want to saute your vegetables and a little bit of olive oil and it doesn’t say anything about seasoning them but I see some mine with adobo I literally put this on everything but you can season it with whatever you want I think it’s where that they told you to leave it bland anyway I put like maybe 2 tablespoons in here and yeah um quesadillas are super easy to make so when this is done I’ll show you the next step okay once your veggies are done set them aside and then you’re gonna want to use the same pot that you used for the veggies just spray a little bit and then get it towards here lay it flat on the pan add a little bit of cheese on the bottom just to one half don’t put it on both and then you want to add a little bit of veggies not too much because you don’t want it to come out of the tortilla and then you want to sprinkle a little bit more cheese on top over it and then

fold it over and then once it’s done cooking on one side or once the cheese is done melting you’re gonna flip it over I guess I should get a new thing yeah once it’s done cooking on one side you’re gonna flip it over and then do the other side and voila booyah booyah voila how you say anyway my bean tips almost done and then I’ll finish cooking these and I’ll see you for the mukbang portion hi guys welcome back to my channel today I’m having chips and bean dip that I made in the beginning and I also have um a vegetarian quesadilla and it just has mix vegetables that I chopped up and I added some cheese and then I have sour cream right here it’s the the rest of my sour cream that I had left over the cream cheese and I have a little bit of taco seasoning so I mix that together and then I have a little thing of salsa for my quesadillas or chips if I want them and then my chips that I have today are these Pocky fiery chili lemon chips amoled if you guys on my back have the haunted ghost pepper version on one of my other dip videos and I don’t think I’ve had these before on a video but I’ve had these in real life and it’s jalapeno ranch ruffles these are super good so yeah if you ever see these two you should try them I haven’t tried these before so I’m going to try these first the bag is a little bit flimsy for these so I’m hoping the chips are not crushed and this is what they look like they come over your Dorito they’ll want a seasoning on them okay yummy I’m excited I’ve never made um I’ve never made a bean dip before mmm this is good I’m so cheap I only ever had the store bought version I like these chips I taste the chili but I don’t taste the lemon they’re really good yummy I was doing so well with not drinking soda I didn’t even drink soda on my trip I had just water but today i’m just like i’m feeling it. Let me have one more of these and we will try these Actually I kind of want a little bit of this salsa pace is the salsa I used to have when I was a kid let me know if you guys want me to try other brands of salsa and see which one is my favorite because I can do that for you or even every brand of ketchup if you guys want me to try every brand of ketchup and let you know which one I like the most I’ll be completely unbiased and let me know if you wanna see that too this is good it tastes like um have you ever had the bean dip on the chip aisle that is in the little tin can and you just pop the lid off it tastes exactly like that but obviously better

because it’s homemade and this one’s really warm these chips are so good I’m actually glad that they kept them they look like sour cream and onion they look like every other ruffles chip they’re really good this is probably my top three favorite chip for ruffles let’s try this quesadilla this quesadilla turned out so freakin good might I add I don’t have any spoon for this so mmm oh my god this is so good yeah this is super simple – I’ve never had a quesadilla like that I made myself if I had to rate this these are 10 out of 10 I would I’m literally gonna make these again these are really good this is a good 9 out of 10 maybe an eight and a half I feel like it needs some spice if you like your dip a little bit spicy I would probably add jalapenos to this or even get like really hot salsa so that way I feel like it would add a little bit of heat to it because this is good but I feel like it’s missing something or even I would add onions to this I didn’t have anything to top it with so shame on me but I would add onions to this and I would add jalapenos and super hot salsa and this would be like a 10 out of 10 I’m so happy with this what’s your favorite part of the quesadilla I like the middle but some people like the ends of it I’m really happy i season this to the vegetables because I feel like it would be bland if I didn’t I think I mean I like this even more than like a chicken quesadilla you can even add a sauce to it if you wanted I like a chipotle sauce like kind of like Taco Bell does that would be good yeah this entire meal is relatively cheap – like this is I think the serving says is eight people so it’s like fourth a cup you can make this for a party if you wanted to put it in a crock pot and then cook it on low heat for four hours or something and just keep stirring it that’d be good for a party I really like these chips by the way and then the case of use are good for your kids if you have kids to get them to eat their vegetables maybe not put as much vegetables and put a little bit of chicken and I feel like

I kids will like it I have a case of recipe that I was gonna make with the bean dip but the grocery store that I want to they didn’t have any Velveeta which I’m really sad about but my next dip video I’m gonna make this cheese dip I’ve been making and I actually really loved it anyway I shared my story on the community table of YouTube about my hand and how when I was younger I used to hide my hand up until I was 23 basically when I started YouTube and you guys were so loving and supportive and I appreciate it obviously there are a couple of jerks but you know whatever there is something that would mean comment all of my videos and I’m a couple people saying don’t respond to it shame on you for like outing like this kid but this kid left a public comment on one of my videos so I’m not outing anyone if you leave a trolli comment on one of my videos I have the right to call you out on it what am I supposed to stay silent I’ve seen people when they say stuff like that I’m like you’ve obviously never been on the Internet or you’ve never had a hateful comment toward you you’re not just gonna like be quiet and shut up that’s how old people win you guys stand up for yourself I don’t follow every hateful comment that I see without common kind of Murphy so I called it out and people don’t matter meat for it not a lot of people there were just a couple of comments that said why would you even call this kid out and I’m just like wow wow anyway after that I felt the need to like share my story I shared like what happened my hand and everything it was just I was born with it like my umbilical cord got wrapped around my fingers and it cut off the growth to my fingers but I’ve never shared what I really went through especially in the last end of a mentor schools when I started hiding my hand because I got made Sano’s by a little girl in my class and I’ll never forget her comment it really hurt me so the end of elementary school all through middle school all through high school I hid in my hand because I was living in fear that people were to make fun of me and kids did but like when you hide your hand people don’t even notice our urge so like the first day of school people aren’t gonna really notice but they’ll start picking up on it especially in the summer time when I started wearing sweaters and like thick sweaters and I’d be like why are you wearing sweaters and summer and I’m just like oh my god they’re gonna find out and that’s really it I don’t know I feel like I became super super super insecure and that’s when I struggled the most but that’s also when I found running – especially in high school I started running every day after school and that helped me not only get away from my mom’s obviously the ex-boyfriend but also uh take out some of my frustrations that I had on myself and I would just run them out and it helped me so much but because of your loving comments and I’m seeing this like 100% you guys have helped me so much without you I would still be hiding my hand without you I would still be living in fear like I would see someone from high school and they would be like oh my god what’s wrong with her hand and it’s just like it’s this thing that consumes my mind all the time like what would people think when they found out and then when people did find out about my hand I would always shut it down I’d be like no there’s nothing wrong with me even though there was something wrong with me like absolutely nothing wrong with my hand but I knew there was and they knew it too they shouldn’t say anything after I had a best friend in middle school she was so sweet and she’s like I know you

don’t want to talk about it but just know that I accept you for who you are and I’ll never bring this up again but you have a friend of me and I’ll never tell anyone and I remember that comment too and that was there meant so much to me unfortunately I ended up moving after that so I never really saw her but it’s friends like that that you really appreciate them like no matter what’s wrong with you they’re always there for you I still have that I saw this fear that I’m gonna find someone and of course I’m not a hundred percent secure within myself I’m still afraid that I’m gonna find a guy or girl and they’re gonna find out that I’m different and they’re gonna dump me which is like literally the biggest fear and it’s so dumb because a lot of people are really accepting but I still have that parent in the back of my mind where I’m gonna find someone and they’re gonna be like oh that’s a deal breaker she’s different like I can’t be with her or they’re not gonna want to touch me because of my hand I don’t know you know how when you hold hands with people like when I was younger I used to do leg shaking people’s hands because obviously my right hand is not the same as my left hand so when people would do this I’d be like oh my god I have to shake their hand and it was something to where I would be like in the lip why are you giving me your left hand and in middle school I’ve done that before and they’re like no give me your right hand and I’m like oh my god oh my god oh my gosh I’m like oh my god don’t make me do this in front of everyone so I would like whisper I really I can’t do this and then the teacher would kind of understand they’d be like okay but I’m afraid that when I meet someone that I’m gonna like it they’re gonna want to shake right in and they’re just gonna be like oh my god this girl’s a freak and it scares the crap out of me and it still scares the crap out of me and I tried talking when I did have a therapist I tried talking to them about this and the first therapist thought I had she’s like there’s nothing wrong and I’m just like I don’t know I just can’t get over this fear and she’s like she gave you exercise where she said go up to someone and greet them and put your right hand out and try to shake their hand and I’m like I couldn’t do it I literally did not do it and I told my therapist that I said I just feel so uncomfortable doing that I would rather give people hugs and it’s something I really need to get over because I feel like it’s gonna affect me the rest of my life if I don’t just suck it up and do it and put myself out there without having fear that a significant other would hate me or feel disgusted toward me because I am different and it sucks out I wish I didn’t have like this fear of people hating me for who I am I think goddamnit I think I’m I think once I find someone that loves me for who I am I feel like I’ll be more able to figure out ways to love myself but I haven’t found someone yet so it’s a little bit harder for me because I have what if instead of I dated someone and they love me for who I was so I don’t know does this make sense really like this if anywhere I’m not least 25 I’m sure I’ll find someone hey I’ve been putting myself out there lately so and it’s funny because my mom said she wants to start dating too and I was

telling her which I think I’m gonna try this too of and basically it’s a place where you can meet up with people that have similar things that they like that you like so let’s say you’re into brunching which I’m not I’m not your typical white girl that likes to brunch I don’t get up early I don’t branch which is why I didn’t like bumble because every girl’s like oh like what a branch in or like I’ll branch right I just don’t like crunching I don’t do it I don’t like it I don’t enjoy it no but is like if you’re into art there’s people that are into art like you and they have events and you like attend the event you meet all these different people I’m thinking about doing that and I was telling my mom about it and she’s like boom I think I’m gonna do that too so if you guys ever want to meet new people like me you should try not sponsored I think I’m gonna start doing it because I didn’t poop herself out there meeting people and I got to get over some of my fears that I still have I bet this would be good cold too I love you cold being the let me know if you ever make any of my recipes I really like hearing what you guys think about it I like knowing if you guys liked it or if you tweet the recipe makes me happy obviously none of these recipes are mine okay I never claimed any of them are mine I wish they were but they’re not I always leave the recipe in the description I’ll never take credit for any recipe that’s not mine because I don’t believe you’re not I feel like you should give credit where credit’s due maybe once I get more into cooking and I’ve tried a lot of recipes and I can try to create my own stuff but for now I just follow other people’s recipes I’m literally always googling recipes and just looking at different websites and see what I can find Lee Emmerich’s their time I’m like what can I make for you two no joke I look like a psycho because all of my bookmarks on my computer are just recipes and then I’ll just pick from recipes today this sounded good so I was like let’s make this I have recipes like buffalo dip smother pork chops I have a rice dish recipe hmm I have a shrimp smother in a baked potato which looks so good oh my god I need to make that shrimp is just really expensive and I want to get the fresh thyme and I’m gonna give the frozen kind so hopefully coming up I can make that because that RISP you Wow so delectable on the Wonder quesadilla I don’t have to make more quesadillas I saved the rest of the mix of veggies and I think I’m gonna add it I’m gonna add some chicken because I have some frozen chicken and I’m gonna make like a stir-fry with it for tomorrow anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope you tried this recipe if you don’t tried this please try the quesadillas they’re so good great anyway I really appreciate you guys coming back to my videos every time I post one YouTube isn’t like we sometimes said they don’t give you a notification if you sign up for that so just be able to look out for my videos I’m very like all over the place I don’t have a specific upload date I just

upload whatever I want to it gives me freedom to upload more if I wanted to or less and it doesn’t trust me out so if you want to you can subscribe to my channel or you can just watch whenever I post a new video then I really appreciate you guys so I’ll see you in the next video peace